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Before you say, "what's is wrong with snitching?"

Cops, Feds, ATF and the FBI hate other cops and government agents that snitch in their fraternal brotherhood.
If you live a clean life and your hard working and maybe go to church, this ant about you.

Let's see, when the knew college school year roll-around were they are?
They could be in PA for the moment
Don't scem through this.
Excuse, the bad grammer. Before I start, I would like to say.
Most, Prince Hall, The Order of the Eastern Stars, International Masons,
Master of the Royal Secret lodges, Officers of the law and black & white Greeks are honorable organizations and peolple.
Most members go to church most members or Christians or Baptist.
But these agents or not honorable some look like underwear models and and some are women some are old, they use there brother and sisterhood to spread their rumors. The majority wins. And when their case is not working because real honorable law inforcement agents don't buy their story than they put that gay are bisexual loser rumor out there.

In 2000 Keith Bomber aka "Darail" aka "Chilly" "B" and his cousin Shanton Cassell aka "Shan" was SPEEDING "Not Allegedly Speeding," But, 'Speeding' down a highway with over 300 pounds of Marijuana...."Stupid ass," between Cleveland, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio.
Everyone thought they were serving 5 years in prison.
They are really working as "PAID DRUG INFORMANTS,"
The Justice Dept. should make all drug informants take a polygraph test.
They may have served 2 years.
This is what they do.
Their playing broke and acting like they came-up hustling the FED's can even put paid drug informants in the county jail or State for a short time.
They will hang at the strip club or play video games in the hood & college dorms, gamble to meet people and try and set-up people.
They rent cars you see in videos put out of town plates on them, or they use limos.
ALSO, they will use other paid drug informants men & women, that will vouch them.

Keith Bomber aka Chilly "B" is from Cleveland, Hts. a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio
Keith is a wannabe rapper, a high school drop out back in the 90's.
Keith paid someone to take his GED. Keith like to hang in Texas.
Keith got paid from a bike accident, put his money in a barbershop.
Keith changed his name to Darail after moving to Columbus, Ohio in the 90's because he know bro's from Cleveland, Ohio ant scared of the name Keith Bomber.

Snitch number 2
Shanton Cassell aka "Shan," could use the last name Smith, also lived in Cleveland, Hts.
Shan also lived in East. Cleveland also a high school drop out, and a crack & weed smoker. Shan a suppose to be a "GD" "Gangsta Disciple," more like "HomoThug."
Shan like to act like a Blood.
Shan got dough from insurance from a gay cousin who died of cancer.
Shanton is the kind of snitch that will try to make other people responsible everytime he fuck-up.
Shan has been rushed to the hospital several times, for getting his ass kicked!
They real gangsters right?. "The streets still laughing!"
Keith and Shan both moved to Columbus, Ohio back in the 90's.
They all are living with STD. "Now, that's real."
Thay talk "Big Shit!" like they kicken somebody ass!!
When it's been no fight.
They don't do nothing, but call the local police to set-up people.
The local police should be pissed off!!! paid drug informants make more than they do.
This is what they do.
They try and spread rumors to provoke people to fall for the secret indictment trap.
OOHH! "His a nickel bag dealer small time," They want to talk to somebody real.

Their following Anthony Smith "Tone" without him knowing it.
Anthony is a researcher who like to travel have not spoken to them in over 4 years
Anthony don't think about them, is not jealous of them or nobody for that matter.
Anthony can take a polygraph test with any rap mag.
Anthony was set-up by the Feds and the U.S. Marshals.
Anthony never was a snitch.
Never worked for the goverment, or with any [drug informant] snitch.
Anthony does not have nothing to do with Juan, Keith, or Shan.
Anthony is not on the run from nobody.
Anthony never used any drug but pot, use to smoke pot, that's it, no other drug.
Anthony is not gay or a bisexual and never have been.
Anthony does not have STD or HIV.
Anthony has no! kids.
They don't want people speaking to Anthony, expecally the ladies.
Anthony has a gift to write lyrics, "it's really a gift."
The government helped them stalk this man.
They like to show off guns like they put in work.
Their guns are virgins, they shoot in the air.
The Feds will have the local police arrest people, their snitches don't like
"No Matter How Innocent that Person Maybe," the Feds will have the local police pick them up on a false warrent.
When they not at the strip clubs there hanging around Ivey League places, were it's all about the 'Money,' "women got bills," the women they hang around are young white, asians, indian & blackwomen, who can careless, as long as their spending dough.
The FEDs work their "White" brother & sisterhood "Master of the Royal Secret," to spread lies.
"If you know a women who was fooled by their lies tell'em get checked for STD,"
Spelman, Clark, Morehouse, UCLA & USC,
University of Texas, Ohio State, Florida State, Howard, Penn, Harvard, Temple University, LSU, University Tenn, UNC, University of Cincinnati, and other schools and some black colleges.
I shouldn't name colleges because they meet women at the clubs like every other man.
They snitches will work with other paid drug informants men & women that will vouch them.

Snitch number 3
Juan aka "Magic Juan" wannabe rapper from Warrensville, Hts. a suburb in Cleveland, Ohio. It took Juan 6 years to grad. from high school.
Juan also dressed in drag in high school.
Juan caught a case back in the 90's.
Juan would have only spent a couple of months in the county jail, but became a drug informant the Malons & others shortly after went to the Pen.
Juan was a Bally's Total Fitness G.M. out in the suburbs.
Since Juan was a salesmen he think he can run his mouth with the ladies
[OES & college girls] find out who hustling play video games and kiss they ass.
Juan like to talk about the bible and good health but, smoke weed, sniff coke, pop pills and drink like a fish.
Juan is a funny guy who really is a people's person.
Juan like to turn the other cheek.
Juan let somebody spit! on him, he never moved, "more like scared to get out the car."
Juan like to act conservative to get out of beefs.
Juan deal with problems by getting other people mad at that person.
Juan will say funny shit, and hope it don't get back to that person. He will spread it around so that person don't know were the rumor came from.
I'm not spreading rumors this is fact. I'm only worried about the FEDs not the snitches.
Juan back in the 90's kissed somebody ass to be raised in a International Masons lodge.
[It was a small lodge] Juan took memory pills to remember the ritual and the bible to impress other members, a ritual book that suppose to be secret, that you can find at some muslim book stores.
Juan went out and got his old high school friends & Bally's members at the gym to join that lodge, they all moved up to 32 degree.
Than Juan kissed someone ass!! to join the Prince Hall Masons.
Juan has a skinner nose know from plastic surgery.
The sad thing is, the people that's suppose to read this are the ones that don't use computers.

Shan get help from alot of people from his father, Shanton "Toby" Smith a funeral driver. Tobey have two more kids, Skooter and Shavon Smith from Cleveland hts.
And Shan has a cousin Dione "Goldie" Smith from Warrinsville Hts in Cleveland, Ohio
Dione have a uncle that's a cop, but she dated nothing but hustlers growing-up
Goldie may have moved to Georgia, were her sista moved mack in 2000.
Delicia Smalls or Smith and a lil brother Larry Smith, and relatives that belong to BGL black greek letters. Their parents are Prince Hall and Eastern Star Masons.

Tobey is married to Kathey Smith a aunt to Keith Bomber, the other snitch.
Tobey also has a sista Tawana Smith, Tawana she have two daughters Shanon and Shanda Smith from Warrensville Hts. in Cleveland, Ohio who may have moved to Georgia.
They also have relatives that live in Chattanooga Tenn. and, don't think we don't know about the coke stuffed you know were from a trip to Mexico.
Shan alos have a cousin Andrea AKA Orlette Dent or Smith
Andrea had felonies Andrea has a cousin Ronnett "Ronnie" Burks who work for the government also a BGL [Black Greek Letter] 1993 Akron U. grad. Ronnett have Prince Hall & Eastern Star relatives.
If Ronnett brother Ro Burks who worked at every fastfood chain in Cleveland, Ohio the one women in Cleveland, Ohio called the biggest liar in the state of Ohio, do not like it "Man-Up" .
Shan also has another half sister Precila Cassell .

The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Keeps 'em guessing, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
One may smile and smile and be a villain."

Posts: 8,382
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the narcosphere
Bogotá Connection ’Informant’ Baruch Vega Sues U.S. Government
By Bill Conroy,
Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2007 at 12:06:27 AM EST
A key figure in exposing alleged U.S. law enforcement corruption in Colombia has just filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit that promises to be quite embarrassing for the U.S. government — and revealing to those of us who don’t quite buy our aloof leadership’s Plan Colombia vision.

In that lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C., Baruch Vega claims that the U.S. government owes him $28.5 million for services he provided in an operation that helped the U.S. government net 114 Colombian narco-trafficking targets.

From Vega’s lawsuit, filed on Sept. 21:

In or about 1996 and 1997, [Vega] became a documented confidential informant for the United States of America, specifically, two federal law enforcement agencies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) and later, for the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”). … Mr. Vega was not a traditional informant and his methodology was anything but parochial. Mr. Vega engineered a plan/program that proved to be innovative and very successful.

Mr. Vega would play and later, in fact did play, the role of an intermediary (or broker) between Colombian drug traffickers, some then unknown (and thus, unidentified) to U.S. law enforcement, others already identified (by their real names or nicknames as “suspects”) by U.S. law enforcement and, others already indicted, for drug trafficking and/or money laundering charges in various federal districts across the United States of America.

Vega’s plan, as explained in his pleadings, involved what might best be described as an elaborate, U.S. government-sanctioned extortion scheme. Vega, “at great danger to himself,” approached Colombian narco-traffickers and convinced them to “negotiate their criminal exposure” with the U.S. government rather than waiting to be indicted, arrested and extradited,” Vega claims in his litigation.

More from Vega’s lawsuit:

Once Mr. Vega introduced … American lawyers to the Colombian targets [the narco-traffickers], the lawyers would then get retained and then take over as legal representatives for the Colombian targets and further deal with a group of United States law enforcement agents and prosecutors, hand-picked to work out deals for the Colombian targets. A particular United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida became the coordinator of this “recruiting effort.”

Vega claims in the litigation that as part of this extortion scheme, FBI and DEA agents would initially meet with the Colombian narco-trafficking targets in Panama for introductions, eventual debriefings and finally to work out the details of proposed plea agreements.

“There were many of these types of meetings in Panama over a period of several years,” Vega alleges in the lawsuit. “… The plan/program was extremely successful. All in all, Mr. Vega convinced and successfully recruited about 114 Colombian targets to enter this plan/program, about 25 of which were fugitives at the time of negotiating the deals.

”Within the past seven years alone, there were 35 such Colombian targets who reached deals with the United States.” [A list of names can be found at the end of this story.]

Big Picture

Vega’s remarkable claims in his litigation must be set against the larger context of corruption allegations that have been exposed in Narco News’ prior reporting about U.S. law enforcement operations in Colombia.

This Bogotá Connection was revealed in a series of government documents uncovered by Narco News, including an internal U.S. Justice Department document known as the Kent memo, which advances detailed allegations of a criminal conspiracy involving corrupt U.S. law enforcers who operated in league with key Colombian narco-traffickers.

Vega was very involved with some of the U.S. law enforcement operations referenced in the Kent memo. Those particular operations played out between 1997 and 2000 and sought to snare narco-traffickers with Colombia’s infamous North Valley Cartel.

Vega claims that corrupt U.S. agents that are part of the Bogotá Connection seriously compromised his role as a government asset and that a number of his informants within Colombia’s narco-trafficking underworld were assassinated as a result.

Vega also contends that he has intimate knowledge of the alleged corruption outlined in the Kent memo.

Justice Department attorney Thomas M. Kent wrote the memo in late 2004 in an effort to draw attention to alleged serious corruption within the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. In the memo, Kent alleges that DEA agents in Bogotá assisted narco-traffickers, engaged in money laundering, and conspired to murder informants.

The first of the major allegations in Kent’s memo centers on a DEA undercover operation launched in Colombia in 1997 called Cali-Man, which made use of Vega as an asset. The operation was overseen by David Tinsley, a DEA group supervisor in Miami.

As part of that operation, Tinsley and the agents working under him uncovered evidence that DEA agents in Bogotá appeared to be assisting narco-traffickers in Colombia.

But in late January 2000, Bogotá DEA chief Leo Arreguin shot off a memo to DEA headquarters. The charges raised in that memo led to Tinsley’s operations being shut down that same year, including Cali-Man and another investigation called Rainmaker — which was zeroing in on the alleged DEA corruption in Bogotá.

Arreguin’s memo, which was addressed to the DEA’s chief of international operations, questioned the integrity of Vega and his so-called “extortion scheme.”

The Arreguin memo prompted an internal agency investigation targeting Tinsley and one of the agents under his watch (Lawrence Castillo) who was Vega’s in-the-field handler.

As a result of the investigation prompted by Arreguin’s memo, Tinsley was suspended and eventual dismissed from his job.

The DEA Bogota chief’s memo also put into motion a major criminal investigation targeting Vega, Tinsley and Castillo. The investigation was undertaken by two green FBI agents initially in coordination with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami. The agents, according to sources, thought they were onto something big, but had no idea that their own agency was operating Vega as an asset and had authorized the extortion scheme — without making Tinsley and the Cali-man undercover operation aware of that fact.

Vega was never criminally prosecuted for engaging in the extortion scheme, however. Instead, he was convicted on a misdemeanor charge for not paying taxes on some of the money he allegedly earned from the scheme (which he claims was conducted with the approval of and in coordination with the U.S. government) and received a four-month jail sentence.

In addition, Tinsley and Castillo were cleared of all criminal charges with respect to Vega’s use of the so-called extortion scheme. Tinsley also brought a claim of wrongful termination before a U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) judge, who, in April 2004, ruled in his favor and ordered the DEA to reinstate him — with back pay, plus interest.

Sources tell Narco News those facts demonstrate that the extortion scheme was sanctioned by the government, which Vega also now asserts in his litigation.

The judge’s ruling in Tinsley’s MSPB case includes some very specific details about the activities of Vega, who in his other life was a high-profile fashion photographer. Those details confirm that the DEA, FBI as well as the CIA all were utilizing Vega in operations targeting narco-traffickers in Colombia.

From the MSPB judge’s ruling:

… The appellant [Tinsley] testified that, at the request of the FBI, he wanted the bare minimum of a paper trail for Mr. Vega. Both the DEA and FBI used Vega as a confidential source. The FBI specified that Vega would be a "non-testifier.” That is, he would never be used to testify in criminal trials. This status was necessary because Vega was called a “FCI-CI” or Foreign Counterintelligence Service Confidential Informant, who had been brought in by the CIA. As the appellant [Tinsley] put it, “I'm having my agents cut him out every chance they can. I don't want him documented. I don't want him in our Case File any more than we have to."

The trips to Panama at issue here were confidential source recruiting trips. The plan was for Mr. Vega to “introduce” SA Castillo [a DEA agent working under Tinsley] to drug traffickers and then to get out of there, so he would be in no position to have to testify regarding what conversations, if any, took place. For that reason, it was the appellant's [Tinsley's] judgment that few DEA-6s [reports] were required regarding Mr. Vega because Vega was a non-testifier, and, moreover, his activities did not yield investigative leads. And, as stated previously, at least one classified DEA-6 was prepared and was kept under lock and key in the Miami SAC's [special agent in charge’s] safe in order to safeguard the information contained therein….

The Cover-up

After Narco News exposed the Kent memo in a story published on Jan. 9, 2006, DEA reacted by describing the corruption allegations in that memo as “extremely serious.”

However, some nine days later, after Semana, a popular weekly magazine in Colombia, published a story about the Kent memo, DEA issued another public statement describing the corruption allegations as “unfounded.”

The U.S. mainstream media has been silent about the Kent memo, and the Bogotá Connection, since that time.

But Vega now appears to be forcing both the government and the compliant agenda-setting media to confront the Bogotá Connection through the U.S. court system.

From Vega’s lawsuit:

The economic (and non-economic) benefits to the United States in bringing all of the Colombian targets to justice is mind boggling. The United States obtained over a hundred federal drug convictions. Much of the cooperation of the Colombian targets itself resulted in other investigations, prosecutions and convictions — something akin to a “domino effect.” In varying degrees, these targets forfeited cash, real estate, jewelry and art in an estimated total amount somewhere between $250 million and $500 million.

… Accordingly, Mr. Vega seeks a $250,000 payment for each of the 114 cases he made for the United States and therefore, seeks a total sum of $28,500,000.

That’s a lot of money on the line for the U.S. government — in reality, the U.S. taxpayers’ money collected via the so-called war on drugs.

U.S. government attorneys can always choose to duke it out in court with Vega and prove that his allegations are “unfounded.”

However, by engaging Vega in that legal battle, the U.S. government also takes the risk that his “extremely serious” allegations are, in fact, true and that even more of the Bogotá Connection will be exposed to the sanitizing heat of sunlight.

The government has until Nov. 23 to file an answer to Vega’s legal complaint.

Vega, for his part, appears quite ready to play this game of roulette with the U.S. government. As he told Narco News previously: “It’s all a wheel … eventually my side will be up.”

Oh, and here’s that promised list — filed as an exhibit in Vega’s lawsuit, which can be found at this link:

List of Drug traffickers surrendered and cooperating sources recruited between 1997 to 2000


1. Arturo Piza
2. Oscar Grisales
3. Julio Fierro
4. John Castro (Jimmy Aloja “Mijares”)
5. Jairo
6. Luz Stella Ossa
7. Armando Ballestas


1. Herman Arboleda
2. Gustavo Gallego
3. Nelly Gallego
4. Attorney Enrique Mancera
5. Jose Guillermo Gallon
6. Pedro Gallon
7. Nicolas Bergonzoli
8. Orlando Sanchez-Christancho
9. Milton Perlaza aka “Javier Valencia” aka “Pele” — for Jorge Eliecer Asprilla Perea
10. Carlos Ramon-Zapata
11. Oscar Campuzano
12. Gustavo Usuga
13. Juan Gabriel Usuga
14. Bernardo Sanchez-Norena
15. Maria Elena Londono for Hector Mario Londono-Vasquez “Negro Yuca”
16. Jorge Orrego for Yvonne Maria Scaff de Saldarriaga
17. The Tascon sisters for Alfredo Tascon-Aguirre
18. Bernal’s wife for Alejandro Bernal-Madrigal “Juvenal”
19. Attorney Roberto Uribe

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Originally Posted by onelove
Before you say, "what's is wrong with snitching?"

If you live a clean life and your hard working and maybe go to church, this ant about you. 

It is easy for you to reach this conclusion, living here hidden in the safety of the U.S. probably in your lilly white home, from the stupid assed name you chose.  And I'm probably risking my life by addressing you, but I'm fed up with running from people who have no right to threaten me and hearing jack asses like you run their mouths on computers. People who never faced death! And I stopped being afraid of anyone about seven months ago, when I realized that I could either live in fear or go on with my life.  Now I'm just pisssed off at pussies like you!

Especially, since I'm a woman out here trying to survive ALONE, as the DHS tortures my husband and tells me and American citizen, that they may come for me any day.  FACE that asshole!

But this stupid "stop fucking snitching" shit is a slap in the face of any decent person who has been victimized and then threatened if they seek justice.  And I'm going to make myself clear...I hate little pimply faced little white boys, who sit on computers and theorize about the fate of minorities, inside the safety of their homes.  I ESPECIALLY hate them when they are talking out of the side of their ass, like you! 

I'd love to send someone after you and watch you crap your pants!  I'm confident that faced with what I faced, you'd run to the cops like the little pussy you are with this stupid assed theory, even though you could NOT be deported to death squads.

We left Mexico last year.  We WERE living a clean and hard working life.  But my husband had gang tattoos from his previous affiliations OVER TWELVE YEARS AGO.  So a very well-known drug cartel decided to enslave him, knowing he can not return to his Central American country, since they have death squads there who kill men with tattoos like his, paid for and financed by our government and theirs.

And by all rights, we should have been safe.  We weren't doing drugs or affiliated with drugs, living there.  We didn't hang around with gangs, but we knew gang members who were reaching the conclusion it was time to change their lives.  My husband had aged out of all that and was finally discovering that life could be something he'd never known - peaceful.

As a matter of fact, he was about as sympathetic to other gang members as they come, having lived the life - without going back to it.  And he wasn't a SNITCH, we both offered them shelter when they were homeless after being deported and helped some of their families, so they could get their lives right.  As a matter of fact, he was respected by the members of his past gang as a man with REAL cajones in his time, who aged out, moved on, and cared! None of the gang members deported to Mexico we knew were snitches, and that is why this cartel was enslaving members of Mara Salvatrucha.  Most of these people were also trying to change their lives.  They were married, had kids, and wanted the safe life assholes like you have.  They should have snitched.  It would have saved countless lives.

But the cartels are enslaving Central American gang members or ex gang members to join as enforcers, paying them virtually nothing so they can't run, and then murdering them and leaving their bodies in a trail throughout Mexico.  Any member of Mara Salvatrucha that reads this and is serious, should be furious about this.

And on the day we left, they found two more bodies.  Bodies of people we knew.  And the leader of this particular cartel stood outside my house the day before and stared me down, as I drove my car out of my garage. He was seeing who I was and my habits so he could kidnap me, I later learned.  And there was a kidnapping attempt on me.  Six men in a van.  I escaped.  Through an intricate set of codes we'd set up to protect ourselves from these cartel members, we outsmarted them and got away.  And I won't share how with someone as dull as you, because I hope it helps others save their lives.

We did not have an arsenal of AK47s.  We did not have the police paid off.  We weren't Mexican.  We did not have a caravan of new SUVs to cruise around and terrorize people.  We were two people trying to exist and if but for the fact we could have afforded to remove his tattoos, we might have had that opportunity, without them bothering us. 

We were dealing with campesinos who had gotten jobs as federales, and then were making millions in the cartel.  They were Mexican pendejo hicks, who were too stupid to even know how to fix a gun that jammed, so they dropped them at crime scenes.  The main one was a hick with a lot of money, a Mexican cowboy type, who lacked so much sophistication that he flaunted gaudy jewelry, threatened people by placing guns to their heads, and had a bevy of silicone bimbos surrounding him.  Even Scarface in his Cuban days made this pig look as though he had barely wiped the pig shit off his boots. 

We learned they were coming for us.  (I had never even met a gang member in my life before my husband.  I have an education, I have a well paid career, and I am the biggest homebody you'll meet...or I used to be).  We were planning on leaving a month later, but we picked up and left that night.

If you want to call me a rat for turning those stupid assed narco-terrorist bastards in then FUCK YOU!  Americans are so gutless the way they label people when they are ohhhh so safe inside the confines of their lilly white homes.  I'm a Latina.  No police are going to protect me.  They want to deport my culture to death squads.  They prefer genocide of an entire culture.  Do you even KNOW what the police in places like El Salvador and Guatemala do to gang members?  Or are you as stupid as you sound here for real?  They don't even have the balls to do it in broad daylight.  They drive around in vans with darkened windows at night an pick up people who are alone.  That's how gutless they are.

I gave information I knew about these Mexican bastards.  My husband did too, so we could receive a visa to allow him entry into this country, instead of deporting him to certain death for having tattoos.  The ICE agents we spoke to tried to force him to rejoin the gang he left 12 years before, wearing a wire.  He refused to give information on a gang that he had left.  There was no reason to do that.  They weren't bothering us and we knew nothing about them.  But some weak little punks in the gang wanted to say he's a snitch.  We BOTH told what we knew about this Mexican pig and his cartel, not only to save the lives of Mara Salvatruch, but because we wanted this bastard to pay for what he'd done, and it got him and seven other arrested and saved two kidnapping victims' lives.  I'm sure the families who saw their loved ones returned are glad we didn't buy this stupid assed saying, "Stop fucking snitching"

I also "snitched" on the two corrupt ICE agents that tried to send him back to Mexico after they got their information.  He's not from Mexico and that's illegal.  And I "snitched" on the fact they held my  husband in isolation for over eight months, until he was insane, and then tried to send him to deportation hearings, with breaks every part of the rules of the Geneva Convention.  I also "snitched" on the Immigration officer that told us they had purposely lost his passport so they could deport him with a "passport provisional" which is a death sentence in his country, because he would have been branded a criminal.  My husband hadn't committed a crime for over 12 years.  I wasn't about to let him go down like that.

And I'm proud of what I did, so add me to your stupid assed list.  Because if anyone deserved to live, it was my husband for changing his life and still honoring the people he left in the gang.  And if a few campesinos went down, the decent people of Mexico can thank us.  Maybe they won't have to see as many severed heads roll across dance floors, or hear about their relatives being found stacked in the back of abandoned SUVs. 

I often wonder if punks like you are closet child molesters.  Because only such a person would lack the balls to admit they did a crime.  In my husband's gang days, he didn't hide from cops like a pussy.  He lived his life and did his time and stood up to anyone that came after him.  Only the faggots and child molesters told people, "Shhh, don't tell or I'll hurt you or your family," and they lived in PC because what they do is so disgusting that even the inmates want to kill them. 

And that is exactly what this faggot campaign reminds me of.  Gutless closeted homos trying to hide behind things they are too ashamed to admit they've done. 

After what I've been through I say this.  If you don't have the balls to stand proud and walk tall, then don't do anything that will cause you to live in fear.  I'll walk wherever I damned well please, proud that we got rid of a bunch of stupid assed rancheros who are using police to help them enslave others. 

If that makes me a SNITCH, then I'm proud of that too.  When you can say you've done something to help others, then you can stand in my shadow.  Until then, you are just as much of a little bitch as that child molester who tells the poor child he molests to "Shhh, don't tell."

Go FUCK your "Stop fucking snitching" campaign.  If you can't stand up and be a man, then don't break the fucking LAWS.

And you can spare me the race talk about this.  People who don't get criminals arrested are only destroying minority communities, because my grandmother and mother shouldn't have to walk in fear in ANY fucking community in this country because some punk assed bitch wants to play tough guy with a group of assholes to "have his back." 

Now give me some stitches motherfucker.  I outdid a cartel.  Do you think I'm afraid of a bitch like you on his little computer?


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Quoterginally Posted by airesflora
Go FUCK your "Stop fucking snitching" campaign.  If you can't stand up and be a man, then don't break the fucking LAWS.

My response:
I dont' have a stop snitching campaign.
This is about Snitching in many cases reward the guiltiest and punishing the less guilty.
There is nothing wrong if your a hard working person that live a clean lifestyle, But you live in a drug-infested community, and you report someone selling drugs in your community. 
These are drug dealers who tried to save there soul after being arrested and they will trap even innocent people with lies, innocent people have spent years some life in prison based on testimony of informants. That's not the same as telling on someone.
The people I'm talking about, did not go to to church, were not in school or trying to help the community.
They were selling drugs using drugs living that lifestyle acting like they in the mafia or a "Boss."
There is a long list of informants who still commit crimes convicted of impersonating a DEA agent and soliciting a prostitute. Arrested, but not convicted, for assault, forgery and felony theft and selling guns. The DEA will intervene to get them out of legal trouble. One defense attorney says some are still wanted men, with an outstanding fugitive arrest warrant.
These men are proven liar, as two federal appellate courts have ruled about  repeated denials of the arrests and convictions in their background. Testifying for the government in drug trials, the DEA swore again and again that their informants had a clean record -- making his testimony seem more credible in the eyes of jurors.
When paid drug informants sell enough drugs, or helps convict a major drug dealer, the government pays him money. A lot of money. One case alone can get you more than $200,000. Police officers don't make this amount and we are talking about high school drop-out.
And I don't hide behinde no internet, the snitches I talk about know me.


The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Keeps 'em guessing, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
One may smile and smile and be a villain."

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And here's my response to that.  ANYONE who uses drugs, sells them, or profits off them in any way is responsible for what happened to us. 

I'm talking about the idiotic pot smoker who simply uses what he buys too.  Because this money is being used to kidnap innocent people, destroy lives, murder and torture people in third world countries and the politicos that run those countries are paid off and allowing this. 
So next time you light up a joint, think about how many people are dying because of your weak mind, that can't function without retarding it with some substance!  People should be stronger than having a need to dilute their brain with a substance because someone broke their little heart, or they didn't get a grade they wanted. 

The laws of supply and demand control the destiny of people like us, who simply wanted to have a decent life, but were forced to be caught up in something we wanted no part of.  We couldn't move to the U.S. legally, because my husband was deported, even though I'm an American citizen.  So the potsmokers brought their weakness to our world through financing a dispicable group of people, purchasing their products.

This site is an insult to people like me, who have narrowly escaped torture and death, lost everything we owned, and had our lives destroyed so a bunch of loser fuckheads can escape life by smoking a joint.  How dare you create a site like this to harrass us further! 

Anyone who condones this attitude of "Stop fucking snitches" can go to Mexico and join a cartel.  Be a REAL man if you feel telling cops about a holocaust is snitching.  Join the people you feel are doing such great work, or else shut the fuck UP!

And don't backpeddle and say, "Oh, we were just targeting A, B, C, and D, not your kind."  BULLSHIT!  This very premise of this site is to inhibit information.  The psychology behind this site is to tell people that "snitches get stitches."  It's an effort to shut down communication and as a Latina, I feel it's another form of genocide on my community by enabling people to destroy other decent people's lives, in our community. 

How racist of you to broadcast this crap!  We have enough death in our culture, we don't need you to bring this racist agenda to our communities as well.  If you must practice your little counter revolutionary Walter Mitty "make-a-difference campaigns, then would you please go use it on the KKK members, the right winged politicos who generate laws to deport us, the Department of Homeland Security who tries to falsify our documents to make deportation easier, or the religious right who feels we are less than deserving of equality? 

Or maybe you can focus this crap on the Tancredos, the Pat Robertsons, the John Birch Society members who pose as upstanding citizens and shit all over minorities in their corporate holdings, giving us the shit jobs and holding that glass ceiling over our heads so we can't quite get to the top.

Do you know what it's like to live out of your car for fear if you rent a hotel room, someone will bust the door in and kidnap you and know that not ONE law enforcement person will do a thing to protect you?  Have you a clue what it's like to sit for two weeks wondering if your spouse will return, as he's forced to ride around with six others watching the spoiled son of some pissant, who races through town with an utter disregard for anyone because papa can pay off the cops?  Especially knowing that the father and son are pieces of shit you wouldn't even wipe your shoes on, much less socialize with. 

Do you have any idea what it is like to not only fight these bastards, but take on the entire Department of Homeland Defense to save your loved one's life, seeing him delivered to visitations bleeding from the shackles being too tight and wondering if they were last on the ankles of an AIDS victim?

Or can you even imagine fighting all of this as your loved one who has been isolated and psychologically tortured for eight months, finally falls from sanity and blames YOU for bringing him to the border? 

This is the reality of a person like me.  This is what I live with day to day, and I have to pretend I have a normal life when I go to my corporate gig and smile as if all is well.  And then I see a site like this, with the words, "Who's a rat, largest online database of informants and agents!"

Who's the rat?  The person who tries to inhibit justice, that's who!  The person who tries to initimidate people like me, so potsmokers and narco terrorists profiteer off the lives of innocent people.  The rat is the person who tries to dictate to another human being, what they should do when facing criminals who aren't even brave enough to go mano a mano with my husband, instead of threatening him with a gun to his head while they have hundreds of gutless wimps watching and doing nothing.

My husband is ten times the man you are.  He's faced a civil war in his country where an entire military wanted to put a bullet in his head at the age of 14.  He's been a part of one of the toughest gangs in the world, and left so he could do the right things in the world and make a difference.  He's stood alone among people who threatened him and then stood alone against an entire corrupt autonomous agency, plotting his murder.  And all of that couldn't break him, so he withstood physical and psychological torture for eight months, like the prisoner of war he is.  That's when he broke.  And if you could withstand HALF of that, then pat yourself on the back and call yourself a brave man.  I'm ten times the woman you are.  I've faced all of this alone, fought for my husband's right to remain in the U.S., fought the DHS, and helped others in their fight along the way.  Through all of this and completely alone, I survived and even recovered my life, even after my so-called "friends" abandoned me out of fear.

I've looked through your site.  It encourages turning people's names in who've tried to provide information.  Who made you GOD?  What positive benefit is it to you to enable drugs in our communities?  Drugs are killing Latinos and Blacks.  It's the government's best tool for controlling the races.  And when you endorse a site like this, you've just been pimped by the government. 

How much does it cost to buy you off?  I'm assuming it's cheap...as cheap as this effort to shut up decent people. 


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First of all, this is not my website, second the thread was not about Mexico, and third you don't know what kind of man I am, I never used drugs, I served my country.
As for my character did you read one time in my repley me call you out your name.
Because I don't know you, you could be anybody.
Look, you don't like this website right!
I don't log onto a G.L.A.D. website because I'm not gay or a bisexual.
I don't go on there forums.
I'm sure there are other websites out there for you.
And if you so concerned about Mexico drug cartel.

The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Keeps 'em guessing, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
One may smile and smile and be a villain."

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Raul Salinas?  LOL  Try Jorge Hank Rhon!  And not only is the DEA involved, so is the Department of Homeland Security and at least two ICE agents there.

Americans have no idea how vast this corruption goes. 

I have no problem with you highlighting this.  I do too.  But to frighten people from giving information that can save lives?  That is over the top.  And if you place a web site on the internet, EXPECT people to be offended and respond!
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