CBS 11 News Exclusive

His life is so secret, he's been called a "mystery man." Now, Robert Kane, the man at the center of the Security Aviation case, is speaking exclusively to CBS 11 News.

Kane is a controversial figure. Some have even made him out to be a con man. Kane says he's a covert operative who was outed in a frivolous trial involving rocket pods.

You feel betrayed at this point?

"Very much so. Beyond betrayed. Disavowed and betrayed," said Kane.

Kane believes the FBI sold him out, arresting him on a frivolous charge of having illegal airplane rocket pods at Security Aviation.

The pods were advertised as being "de-militarized."

A federal jury in Anchorage found Kane not guilty nearly a year ago.

He never testified at the trial.
He's sharing his story for the first time, and only, with CBS 11 News.

"So you know what the government has done? I won the trial. I'm supposed to

be free. Am I free? Absolutely not. I'm a marked man. And they marked me out of malicious to get to somebody else. I have a problem with that," said Kane.

He believes the trial and hearings over those rocket pods exposed him and his sources to danger. CBS 11 News has confirmed through court documents that Kane was an FBI informant until mid-2005.

And CBS 11 News has learned, through a previously sealed court document, that at least two intelligence community agencies have

classified information on Kane.

"My description was an infiltrator, developer. And I did this not only for the FBI. Um, you infiltrate an organization. Which I have a knack for, I don't know why, just do. So you would infiltrate, develop a source. Develop that source, hand him off to a case agent. And that case agent would obviously run the case. And if there was issues, you would go back in and maintain," said Kane.

But Kane's ego has not endeared him with a lot of people. He's allegedly claimed that he was a Navy Seal and at Security Aviation, liked to be called "commander."

"Half the guys called me 'Rob' or 'get your butt over here.' You know, that was common. It wasn't like, 'Oh I command this. I command that,'" said Kane.

But why use the title at a private company like Security Aviation?

"Well, it was pretty much everybody there was military. And the more military guys were brought in, it was kind of the thing," said Kane.

As for his work for the government:

Kane says he spent a lot of time in the Philippines, where he eventually met his wife. What could Kane offer government agents?

"I could do things that they could never do. Rules wouldn't allow them. I can talk to anybody I want. They can't. So I was useful. I had a lot of sources within other intelligence agencies. Not in this country. And it worked out very well. And things got done," said Kane.

As for whether he still works in some capacity for the government, this mystery man won't say.

"I'm not at liberty to say. I will let you take that however you want," said Kane.

CBS 11 News has learned that Kane is still a target of an FBI investigation and is still in legal jeopardy.

So why did he decide to talk with us?
In his view, the government turned its back on a man who had provided valuable information to them in the past. And he says he wants to expose, what he views, as an abuse of power.

And what does he want to happen next?
By speaking out, he hopes to get the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington. He believes Congress needs to investigate what happened.