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There was a question asked on this site about how to block the tracking from a tom-tom GPS fleet tracking device that was installed by a company. There are a couple of ways you can do it. Some ways will depend upon where you live because the are not legal to purchase in some places of the world. I will share it anyway because you may be from that place in the world where it is legal.

The first way to avoid tracking is if the wires are easily accessible, then you can cover the wires with foil. That will stop the incoming GPS signal as metal is not friendly to GPS.

The second method is to Get a GPS Jammer. This method depends upon where you live because some jurisdictions don't allow these jammers legally (kind of like some types of speed detectors.) If you get a GPS jammer, you want something that is small enough to be powered by the cigarette lighter so it stays on when you park the vehicle so you don't get caught. Here is a place you can buy a GPS J Jammer http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.php/pName/portable-gps-mobile-phone-jammer-10-meter-range/

This is how their tracking Anthony Smith mentioned in the thread http://www.websitetoolbox.com/tool/post/whosarat/vpost?id=3194544
Anthony always carry a backpack because of his laptop that also could have been used to track him after he was released. All for their government informant.

Real time GPS Tracker is a device that allows you to track a person or vehicle in realtime. This is usually done via the internet, but many real time trackers are capable of sending the information to a cell phone via sms message (text). When tracking via the internet you simply go to a website and log into your account where you can view where the person is right now and also the history of the locations that they have been.

Software Description:
Keylogger software records your home and office laptop PC activities. Keyboard keystrokes recording software secretly trace all user activities including email id, login, password, chat conversation and all types of documents and also capture entire desktop screen shot at regular interval of time in stealth mode and encrypted log file. Utility track all information related to the application and monitors kids, family members, and organization staff as recording their activities. Safe and highly secure password protected software prevents unauthorized user to change its configuration settings automatically sends report to specified email address. Program is not removing or detectable in ADD/ REMOVE programs, start menu, task manager, hence no one can uninstall it. Software is optimum solution for the parents who observe their children activities performed on the computer in their absence and similarly helps the corporate sector to keep track their employee’s daily work. The highly secure application invisibly logs and systematically records all keystrokes on your machine and the time they were made or the application where they were entered.
* Software supports all major web browsers including Internet Explore, Netscape navigator and more.
* Tool records all keyboard character including special keys (Alt, Shift, Ctrl and Tab).
* Works on win 98, win 2000, win XP, win NT, win ME and Vista operating system.
* Fast installation, convenient and easy understandable user interface, various set of features, flexible configuration system.
* Records drive location, date and time, session, application status save them in text format in log file runs in hidden mode.
* Send Computer user’s log of activities to you automatically by Email.
* Application is not detectable in start menu, add remove programs and task manager, hence no one can uninstall or remove it.
* Keylogger can work in stealth mode not visible to anyone.

GPS Tracking Cell Phone - Surveillance Uses and Issues

With advances in technology, there is always the tendency to relinquish more and more of our privacy. GPS tracking cell phone technology is no different. It is now easier than ever for consumers and civilians to track each other without the knowledge of the tracked. This article discusses just how easy it is and how significant others, employers, and law enforcement to track our whereabouts. It is definitely the gold fish bowl society that we are moving towards. Read on for more about the article.

Boyfriends are using it to stalk their girlfriends, employers are using it to track their employees and parents are using it to control their kids. But, is it legal? The cell phone GPS surveillance industry is exploding. In the next few years it is expected to be a 20 billion dollar a year industry.

For a relatively small fee you can contact a cell phone provider and turn a portable phone into a surveillance and tracking device. But in most countries surveillance of an individual without their explicit consent is against the law. Whether it be monitoring whom you call, the contents of the conversation or your location it is a violation of privacy laws in just about all civilized countries around the world. You either need a law court's permission or that person's documented consent to use a cell phone GPS surveillance device to monitor them. Unfortunately the new technology is being used illegally far to often.

A terrifying example of abuse of cell phone GPS surveillance occurred recently in Oregon in the USA. A wife divorced her husband because he was trying to control everything she did. This type of situation is not unusual. Often the ex-husband will continue to stalk and try to control his ex-wife long after the divorce. In this case everywhere she went he would follow. There was nothing she could do to shake him off night or day. She was justifiably afraid he would kill her. If you look through the history of murders this situation often ends up being the motive. An excessively controlling man feels that he is losing his wife or ex-wife and in a fit of rage murders her as the ultimate act of control. She complained to the police but there was not much they could do. After several months of this going on the police checked her vehicle and found a cell phone behind the dashboard. The ex-husband had purchased a cell phone with GPS surveillance, hooked it up so that it's battery was charged by the car's battery and set the cell phone to silent answer. At any time he could call the cell phone and unless she was out for a long walk he would know exactly where she was and could even listen in on conversations going on in the car.

Unfortunately, your own cell phone can be used against you in a similar fashion if you are not careful. All it takes is for someone else to get a hold of your portable phone for about 5 minutes without you knowing about it. They can go on the Internet, register your phone with a cell phone GPS surveillance service and pay for it with their own credit card. All of this can happen without you knowing about it. The service will send several messages to your phone right away notifying you that you are being tracked but if the person erases those messages you will never know they set up GPS surveillance on you.

This GPS surveillance technology is not just for cell phones. It is showing up in a variety of portable electronic devices. It appears that watches will be the next big item to integrate GPS surveillance and tracking. Even today you can buy any of a dozen or more Timex watches that have integrated GPS tracking and surveillance. But along with this incredible micro technology goes a huge legal problem. Currently the software for these GPS surveillance devices does not contain significant safeguards against legal and privacy abuses but hopefully that will change before things get out of control.

The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Keeps 'em guessing, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who? One may smile and smile and be a villain."
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