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100% positive without a doubt Robert Torres is a fucking snitching g piece of shit. I honestly do not even know the dude except he is a girlfriend's ex. He shows up at my house walking g around 930 at night and starts shit with my friend Chris who told he's never seen him a day in his life. Robert tells Chris "u know me u remember me we use to be real close....get out the fucking car....get back I your car...etc then as Chris tries to leave Robert kicks his car door and tries to assault him through window. My bf was at the front door watching this occur and Chris drives off. So my bf shuts the door N for what ever reason unknown to all of us Robert then goes on a rampage yelling and banging on the door and yelling THERES DOPE INSIDE AND KIDS ...then he calls the cops . Meanwhile I'm hauling ass home and I call the cops thinking they will help us with this crazy guy. But guess what. THE COPS NEVER TALK TO ME AND ONLY LISTEN TO HIM and I CAN HEAR HIM SAYING THERES DOPE IN THERE BIG DOPE OVER N OVER AND THEY BABY HIM THEN LET HIM GO AND 3 DAYS LATER MY HOUSE GETS RAIDED. NOW MIND U ALSO THAT ROBERT APPARENTLY KICKED MY NEIGHBORS DOOR IN A MONTH OR SO AGO AGAIN WE HAVE NO IDEA WHY. WHEN WE TELL THEM HE IS THE ONE WHO DID IT AND THE NEIGHBORS CONFIRM IT THEY STILL LET HIM GO. WHATS FUCKED UP MOST IS I DONT KNOW HIM. I DONT KNOW WHY HE CAME TO MY HOUSE STARTING SHIT BUT NOW MY FUCKIMG LIFE IS BEYO D FUCKED UP AND I DIDNT DESERVE THIS SHIT AT ALL. HES A FUCKING SNITCHING LITTLE BITCH AND KARMAS GONNA GET HIM ALL ON HER OWN I VE NO DOUBT. HE ALSO MADE VERY LOUD AND VOISTUROUS CLAIMS TO BE MEXICAN MAFIA AFFILIATED AND ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE IS THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE WOULD BE INVOLVED WITH SUCH AN INSANE, LOOSE CANON and snitch so isnt that false claiming in case anyone's interested. ROBERT TORRES SAN ANTONIO TEXAS

Included is all his info n FB page. Those innocent were marked off to protect their identity in photos

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