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contact Mayor Brennan
and the City Manager
tell them to fire the Police Chief

City Manager's Office

City Manager's Office
389 Congress St.
Room 208
Portland, ME 04101
Phone: 207-874-8685
Fax: 207-874-8669


Maine couple sues Portland officer after May arrest

PORTLAND, Maine - The American Civil Liberties Union of Maine filed a lawsuit Tuesday on behalf of a Bar Harbor couple who were arrested after trying to film police officers in Portland. The group filed the lawsuit in Hancock County Superior Court against Sgt. Benjamin Noyes, Jr. of the Portland Police Department claiming the couple's arrest was illegal and unconstitutional.

The ACLU said that Jill Walker and Sabatino Scattoloni tried to film an interaction between five police officers and a woman on May 24, 2014 when they were told to leave or they would be arrested. The ACLU said the two were arrested after they asked the officer "why" and "what they were doing wrong?" They were charged with obstructing government administration, but the charges were later dropped.

"It was shocking and surreal and very disturbing that something like this could happen in Portland, Maine," said Walker. "You hear about things like this that happen in bigger cities and bigger states. You know, I was born and raised and have lived in Maine my entire life, and it is sad, a sad day to think that citizens are going to be arrested for observing police officers."

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Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support

September 3, 2014

PHOENIX — Nick Olivas became a father at 14, a fact he wouldn't learn for eight years.

While in high school, Olivas had sex with a 20-year-old woman. As he sees it now, she took advantage of a lonely kid going through a rough patch at home.

State law says a child younger than 15 cannot consent with an adult under any circumstance, making Olivas a rape victim. But Olivas didn't press charges and says he didn't realize at the time that it was even something to consider.

The two went their separate ways. Olivas, now 24 and living in Phoenix, graduated from high school, went to college and became a medical assistant.

Then two years ago, the state served him with papers demanding child support. That's how he found out he had a then-6-year-old daughter.

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Woman beaten by CHP officer settles, but activists 'want him in prison'a

September 23. 2014

Civil rights activists plan to launch a new campaign Thursday for the criminal prosecution of a California Highway Patrol officer caught on video repeatedly punching a woman on the 10 Freeway in Los Angeles, saying the officer's resignation and a $1.5-million settlement do not go far enough.

The CHP announced Wednesday that Officer Daniel Andrew was stepping down and that the agency had agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit brought by the woman, Marlene Pinnock, 51.
CHP officer altercation
Caption CHP officer altercation
David Diaz
In this image made from video provided by motorist David Diaz, a California Highway Patrol officer straddles a woman while punching her in the head on the side of the 10 Freeway.
Caption Maisha Allums
Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times
Maisha Allums, daughter of Marlene Pinnock, left, becomes emotional as attorney Caree Harper, right, talks about how Marlene was repeatedly punched by a CHP officer recently at a press conference in the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles on July 10.
Lawyer speaks

Maisha Allums, daughter of Marlene Pinnock, sixth from right, wipes a tear from her eye as attorney Caree Harper, third from right, talks about how Marlene was repeatedly punched by a CHP officer recently at a press conference in the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles on July 10.
Robert Pinnock
Caption Robert Pinnock
Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times
Robert Pinnock, center, husband of Marlene Pinnock, listens as attorney Caree Harper talk about how Marlene was repeatedly punched by a CHP officer recently at a press conference in the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles on July 10.

The settlement will establish a special-needs trust for Pinnock to "provide a mechanism for her long-term care," according to a statement released by CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow.

But the CHP announcement did little to quell civil rights activists, who have called the incident a horrifying case of excessive force.
lRelated CHP agrees to settle, officer resigns in beating case

CHP agrees to settle, officer resigns in beating case

See all related

"Our call has always been for L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to prosecute Andrew for beating Pinnock," Project Islamic Hope Director Najee Ali said in a statement. “The settlement with her changes nothing. If anything it makes a prosecution more urgent now than ever."

Pinnock's attorney, Caree Harper, said there were two conditions that were key to the negotiations: That her client be taken care of "for life," and that the officer who hit her lose his job.

"If they did not do that, the case was not going to settle yesterday," Harper said. "It's important that the community be protected against that officer."

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Done Resister Led from Court in Chains

http://www.defendingdissent.org/now/new ... in-chains/

Sue Udry , October 3, 2014, In : Dispatches

Jack Gilroy, 79, was led from the courtroom in cuffs and chains on October 1, after being sentenced to 90 days in the county jail for trespass and obstructing governmental administration during an anti-drone protest. The prosecutor had asked the judge to lo ck Gilroy up for a full year.

Gilroy’s trial was part of a series of events we’re monitoring in upstate DeWitt Town Court, near Syracuse. MQ9 Reaper drones flying missions in Afghanistan are piloted fromHancock Air National Guard Base. It’s been the site of dozens of protests during which scores of activists have been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience actions involving sitting or standing in the driveway to block traffic. While charges of trespass and obstruction are expected as a result of civil disobedience, several years ago Judge Gideon began imposing Orders of Protection (usually used to keep abusers or stalkers away from people who fear for their safety) on protesters in a clear attempt to vilify them and keep them from protesting. The person they are ordered to stay away from is a commander at the base.

Two activists have been convicted of violating their Orders of Protection: Maryanne Grady Flores for standing across the street from the Air Base photographing a protest; Mark Colville for arriving outside the base to deliver a “People’s Order of Protection for the children of Afghanistan and their families”. Grady Flores was sentenced to a year in jail, but is out on bail, pending appeal. Colville will be sentenced on December 3. Gilroy is appealing his conviction also.

See local coverage here.

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Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US
Thursday, 02 October 2014 10:13
By Candice Bernd, Truthout | Report

Police on duty in New York City (Photo: Jamie Kenny)

When communities attempt to police the police, they often get, well... policed.
In several states, organized groups that use police scanners and knowledge of checkpoints to collectively monitor police activities by legally and peacefully filming cops on duty have said they've experienced retaliation, including unjustified detainment and arrests as well as police intimidation.
The groups operate under many decentralized organizations, most notably CopWatch and Cop Block, and have proliferated across the United States in the last decade - and especially in the aftermath of the events that continue to unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, after officer Darren Wilson fatally shot unarmed, black teenager Michael Brown.
Many such groups have begun proactively patrolling their communities with cameras at various times during the week, rather than reactively turning on their cameras when police enter into their neighborhoods or when they happen to be around police activity.
Across the nation, local police departments are responding to organized cop watching patrols by targeting perceived leaders, making arrests, threatening arrests, yanking cameras out of hands and even labeling particular groups "domestic extremist" organizations and part of the sovereign citizens movement - the activities of which the FBI classifies as domestic terrorism.
Courts across the nation at all levels have upheld the right to film police activity. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and photographer's assocications have taken many similar incidents to court, consistently winning cases over the years. The Supreme Court has ruled police can't search an individual's cellphone data without a warrant. Police also can't legally delete an individual's photos or video images under any circumstances.
"Yet, a continuing stream of these incidents (often driven by police who have been fed 'nonsense' about links between photography and terrorism) makes it clear that the problem is not going away," writes Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst at the ACLU's Speech, Privacy & Technology Project.
Sources who have participated in various organized cop watching groups in cities such as New York; Chicago; Cleveland; Las Vegas; Oakland; Arlington, Texas; Austin and lastly Ferguson, Missouri, told Truthout they have experienced a range of police intimidation tactics, some of which have been caught on film. Cop watchers told Truthout they have been arrested in several states, including Texas, New York, Ohio and California in retaliation for their filming activity.
More recently, in September, three cop watchers were arrested while monitoring police activity during a traffic stop in Arlington, Texas. A group of about 20 people, a few of them associated with the Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project, gathered at the intersection of South Cooper Street and Lynda Lane during a Saturday night on September 6 to film police as they conducted a traffic stop. A video of what happened next was posted at YouTube.
Arlington police charged Janie Lucero, her husband, Kory Watkins, and Joseph Tye with interference of public duties. Lucero and Watkins were charged with obstructing a highway while Tye was arrested on charges of refusing to identify himself.
Arlington police have defended the arrests of the three cop watchers, but the watchers say they weren't interfering with police work, and were told to move 150 feet away from the officers - around the corner of a building where they couldn't film the officers.
"When we first started [cop watching, the police] seemed kind of bothered a little bit," Watkins told Truthout. "There was a change somewhere where [the police] started becoming a little bit more offended, and we started having more cop watchers so I guess they felt like they needed to start bringing more officers to traffic stops."
On the night of Watkin's arrest, his group had previously monitored two other traffic stops without any confrontation with Arlington police officers before the incident that led to the arrests.
Sometimes, though, retaliation against cop watching groups goes far beyond arresting cop watchers on patrol.
Cops Label Cop Watch Groups Domestic Terrorists

On New Year's Day in 2012, Antonio Buehler, a West Point graduate and former military officer, witnessed two Austin police officers assaulting a woman. He pulled out his phone.
As he began photographing the officers and asking questions about their activities, the cops assaulted and arrested him. He was charged with spitting in a cop's face - a felony crime.
However, two witness videos of the incident surfaced and neither of them showed that Buehler spit in Officer Patrick Oborski's face. A grand jury was finally convened in March 2013 and concluded there was not enough evidence to indict Buehler on any of the crimes he was charged with.
A few months after the New Year's Day incident, Buehler and other Austin-based activists started the Peaceful Streets Project (PSP), an all-volunteer organization dedicated to stopping police abuse. The group has held "Know Your Rights" trainings and a Police Accountability Summit. The group also regularly organizes cop watch patrols in Austin.
Since the PSP was launched, the movement has grown, with local chapters popping up in other cities and states across the United States, including Texas' Tarrant County chapter, which the three cop watchers arrested in Arlington were affiliated with.
But as the Peaceful Streets movement spread, police retaliation against the groups, and particularly Buehler himself, also escalated.
"[The Austin Police Department (APD)] sees us as a threat primarily because we shine a spotlight on their crimes," Buehler said.
The group recently obtained documents from the APD through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that reveal Austin police colluded to arrest Buehler and other cop watchers affiliated with the Peaceful Streets Project. Since the New Year's Day incident, Buehler has been arrested three more times by APD officers. At least four other members of PSP have been arrested on charges of interference or failing to identify themselves during their cop watching activities.
The emails indicate APD officers monitored Buehler's social media posts and attempted to justify arresting him for another felony crime of online impersonation over an obviously satirical post he made on Facebook, as well as reveal that some APD officers coordinated efforts to stop PSP members' legal and peaceful activities, even suggesting reaching out to the District Attorney's office to see if anything could be done to incarcerate members of the group.
Another internal email from APD senior officer Justin Berry identifies PSP as a "domestic extremist" organization. Berry writes that he believes police accountability groups including PSP, CopWatch and Cop Block are part of a "national domestic extremism trend." He believes he found "mirror warning signs" in "FBI intel." Berry makes a strange attempt to lump police accountability activists and the hacker-collective Anonymous in with sovereign citizens groups as a collective revolutionary movement.
"Sovereign citizens" groups generally believe federal, state and local governments are illegitimate and operate illegally. Some self-described sovereign citizens create fake license plates, identification and forms of currency to circumvent official government institutions. The FBI classifies the activities of sovereign citizens groups as domestic terrorism, considering the groups a growing "domestic threat" to law enforcement.
Buehler told Truthout the APD is working with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fusion center to attempt to identify PSP as a sovereign citizens group to associate its members with domestic terrorism with state and federal authorities. DHS fusion centers are designed to gather, analyze and promote the sharing of intelligence information between federal and state agencies.
"They have spent a fair amount of resources tracking us, spying on us and infiltrating our group, and we are just peaceful activists who are demanding accountability for the police," Buehler told Truthout. "They have absolutely no evidence that we've engaged in any criminal activity or that we've tried to engage in criminal activity."
APD officials did not respond to a request for comment.
"They've pushed us; they've assaulted us for filming them; they've used their horses against us and tried to run us into walls; they've driven their cars up on us; they illegally detained us and searched us; they get in our face and they yell at us; they threaten to use violent force against us," Buehler said. "But we didn't realize until these emails just how deep this intimidation, how deep these efforts were to harm us for trying to hold them accountable."
Buehler also said the group has additional internal emails which have not been released yet that reveal the APD attempted to take another charge to the District Attorney against him for felony child endangerment over the activities of a teenaged member of PSP.
He said he and other members of PSP were interested in pursuing a joint civil action against the APD over their attempts to frame and arrest them for their First Amendment activities.
This is not the first time a municipal police department has labeled a local cop watching group as an extremist organization.
In 2002, internal files from the Denver Police Department's (DPD) Intelligence Unit were leaked to the ACLU, revealing the unit had been spying on several activist groups in the city, and keeping extensive records about members of the activist groups. Many of these groups were branded as "criminal extremist" organizations in what later became a full-scale controversy widely known as the Denver police's "spy files." Some of the groups falsely branded as "criminal extremist" groups included three police accountability organizations: Denver CopWatch, End the Politics of Cruelty and Justice for Mena.
Again, from October 2003 through the Republican National Convention (RNC) in August 2004, intelligence digests produced by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) on dozens of activist groups, including several police accountability organizations, were made public under a federal court order. The NYPD labeled participants of the "Operation CopWatch" effort as criminal extremists.
Those who participated in "Operation CopWatch" during the RNC hoped to identify undercover cops who might attempt to provoke violence during demonstrations and document police violence or misconduct against protesters.
Communities Benefiting From Cop Watch Patrols Resist Police Retaliation Against Watchers

In some major urban areas, rates of police harassment of individuals drop considerably after cop watchers take to the streets - and communities band together to defend cop watch patrols that experience police retaliation, say veteran cop watchers.
Veteran police accountability activist José Martín has trained and organized with several organizations that participate in cop watch activities. Martín has been detained and arrested several times while cop watching with organized patrols in New York and Chicago.
His arrests in New York are part of a widely documented problem in the city. In fact, retaliation in New York against cop watchers has been so widespread that the NYPD had to send out an official memo to remind officers that it is perfectly legal for civilians to film cops on duty.
Martín described an experience in Chicago in which he felt police unjustly retaliated against him after a local CopWatch group formed and began regularly patrolling Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. After the group became well-known by the Pilsen community, residents gathered around an officer who had detained Martín after a patrol one night in 2009, calling for his release. The officer let him go shortly after.
"When cop watchers are retaliated against, if the community is organized, if there is a strong relationship between cop watch patrols and the community, but most importantly, if the cop watchers are people of the community, that community has the power to push back against retaliation and prevent its escalation," Martín said. "Retaliation doesn't work if you stand together."
Another veteran cop watcher, Jacob Crawford, co-founder of Oakland's We Copwatch, is helping the community of Ferguson, Missouri, organize cop watch patrols and prepare the community for the potential of police retaliation. His group raised $6,000 to pass out 110 cameras to organizers and residents in Ferguson, and train them to monitor police activity in the aftermath of the upheavals that rocked the city after Wilson killed Brown.
"I do expect retaliation, I do expect that these things won't be easy, but these folks are in it," Crawford told Truthout. "This is something that makes more sense to them than not standing up for themselves."
Copyright, Truthout. May not be reprinted without permission.


Candice Bernd is an assistant editor/reporter with Truthout. With her partner, Garrett Graham, she is co-writing "Don't Frack With Denton," a documentary chronicling the anti-fracking movement in Denton. Follow her on Twitter @CandiceBernd.
Spying on Campus: New York Police Caught Monitoring Muslim Student Groups Throughout Northeast
By Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW! | Video Report
Police on Playback - Copwatch in New York City
By The New York Video League, Waging Nonviolence | Video
American Police Reform and Consent Decrees
By Ali Winston, Truthout | News
Truthout Interviews Featuring Aaron Cantu on TV Cop Shows and Police Violence
By Ted Asregadoo, Truthout | Video Interview
Police Continue to Violate Press Freedom in Ferguson
By Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network | Video Report

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see link for full story


By CoinWeek November 13, 2014 0 Comments
Read More →
Bernard von NotHaus, “Architect” of the Liberty Dollar to be Sentenced

Liberty Dollar creator and self proclaimed “monetary architect” Bernard von NotHaus, who was found guilty in US federal court in North Carolina on March 2011 of Counterfeiting and Fraud, is scheduled to appear on December 2nd before U.S. District Court Judge Richard L. Voorhees. The now 70 year old von NotHaus has been awaiting sentencing for over 3 1/2 years.

NotHaus liberty dollars sm Bernard von NotHaus, Architect of the Liberty Dollar to be Sentenced The Justice Department asserted that von NotHaus was placing gold, and silver coins, along with precious metals currency into circulation with the purpose of mixing them “into the current money of the United States.”. In short, the government accused von NotHaus of counterfeiting.

Von NotHaus did appeal his conviction stating….[1]

“…if anything is clear from the evidence presented at trial, it is that the last thing Mr. von NotHaus wanted was for Liberty Dollars [to] be confused with coins issued by the United States government…His intention – to protest the Federal Reserve system – has always been plain. The jury’s verdict conflates a program created to function as an alternative to the Federal Reserve system with one designed to [deceive] people into believing it was the very thing Mr. von NotHaus was protesting in the first place…the Liberty Dollars was not a counterfeit and was not intended to function as such. The verdict is a perversion of the counterfeiting statutes and should be set aside.”
030416 Voorhees Bernard von NotHaus, Architect of the Liberty Dollar to be Sentenced
Richard Lesley Voorhees – United States federal judge
Judge Voorhees rejected von NotHaus’s appeal.

Mr. von NotHaus developed the Liberty Dollar in 1998. as an “inflation-proof” alternative currency to the U.S. Dollar, which he has claimed has devalued since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913. The silver and gold “coins” were produced by the Sunshine mint in Idaho on behalf of the Evansville, Illinois-based Liberty Services, which also issued paper notes which the group says are backed by silver reserves.

In November of 2007, federal officials raided the group’s headquarters, located in a strip mall and seized all documents and the gold and silver that backed up the paper certificates and digital currency being distributed thought Liberty Services website. In addition all coins, bullion

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also see

see link for full story



Dispatches from the War on Terror: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Speaks
John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee to go to prison in connection with the agency’s torture program. Not because he tortured anyone, but because he revealed information on torture to a reporter.

Kiriakou is the Central Intelligence Agency officer who told ABC News in 2007 that the CIA waterboarded suspected al-Qaeda prisoners after the September 11 attacks, namely Abu Zubaydah, thought to be a key al Qaeda official. Although he felt at the time that waterboarding probably saved lives, Kiriakou nevertheless came to view the practice as torture and later claimed he unwittingly understated how many times Zubaydah was subjected to waterboarding.

In January 2012, Kiriakou was charged by the Justice Department for allegedly and repeatedly disclosing classified information to journalists. The Justice Department accused Kiriakou of disclosing the identity of a CIA officer involved in Zubaydah’s capture to a freelance reporter. The reporter did not publicly reveal the official’s name, but his name did appear on a website in October 2012. Kiriakou also allegedly provided New York Times reporter Scott Shane information on CIA employee Deuce Martinez, who was involved in Zubaydah’s capture and interrogation.

After agreeing to a plea deal in October 2012, Kiriakou was sentenced in January 2013 to 30 months in prison. That sentence made him the second CIA employee ever to be locked up under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which bars the release of the name of a covert agent; the first was Sharon Scranage, who in 1985 pled guilty to disclosing the identities of intelligence agents in Ghana after giving classified information to a Ghanaian, reportedly her lover.

Kiriakou is not without support from former colleagues. His friend and former boss, Bruce Riedel, sent a letter to President Obama, signed by other CIA officers, urging him to commute Kiriakou’s prison sentence. That did not happen.

A father of five children, Kiriakou says the CIA asked his wife to resign from her job at the agency immediately following his arrest, and he is in major debt from his legal fees.

Kiriakou is is scheduled for early transfer out of federal prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania on February 3. In a wide-ranging phone interview with The Intercept, Kiriakou, 50, shared his thoughts on the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA interrogation techniques, on his incarceration, and on his future after prison.

You don’t have access to the internet in prison, so have you been able to see just one page of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report?

Well, my cousin ended up printing the entire thing and sent it to me. Yeah, he sent it to me in five different envelopes.

So was there anything in the report that surprised you? Did you feel even more despair at being the only CIA officer jailed since the program came into existence?

One thing that I think most everybody has missed is, we knew about the waterboarding, we knew about the cold cells, we knew about the loud music and the sleep deprivation. We knew about all the things that have been ‘approved’ by the Justice Department. But what we didn’t know was what individual CIA officers were doing on their own without any authorization. And I would like to know why those officers aren’t being prosecuted when clearly they’ve committed crimes and those crimes were well documented by both the CIA and the Senate Committee of Intelligence.

One thing that certainly was an eye opener, even to close observers of this program, was the brutal treatment of these prisoners. The tragic death of Gul Rahman, an Afghan, comes to mind.

Gul Rahman is probably the best example. The man was murdered in cold blood, so where’s the prosecution? You come home, you murder somebody in cold blood, you get a promotion and a $2,500 bonus. That is not the message we ought to be sending.

There have been some who have tried to exempt George W. Bush from any blame from the program. They claim that he knew about the specifics in 2006, as the report mentions. Do you agree with that assessment from those defending him?

That’s just simply not true. They knew about it all the way up to the top. I remember sitting at a meeting with one of the top three officials at the CIA when the program was approved. And throughout the conversation, he kept on saying, “I can’t believe the president signed off on that program. I can’t believe it.” He kept saying it. Because it was so radical and violent that even internally we didn’t think there would be permission forthcoming. And there was. And it got out of hand, and it was a slippery slope and the ball kept rolling down the hill. And the next thing you know, we’re killing people.

As a CIA agent for 18 years, what is your summary of this program from both an operating perspective and a moral one?

When I was in the counter terrorism center, an official came up to me and asked me if I wanted to be certified in the enhanced interrogation techniques. And I said, “Look, I have a moral problem with this. I think there’s a slippery slope, I think somebody is going to get killed. There’s going to be an investigation. And a bunch of people are going to go to prison, and I don’t want any part of it.” And ironically, I was the only one who went to prison.

After almost two decades of service, can you talk about the most stressful situation you have been in?

I came within a quarter of a mile of being killed. Twice, twice, I have survived assassination attempts. Once in the Middle East, I wrote about it in my book. And then in Greece. And in Greece, instead of killing me, they killed [British military attaché] Stephen Saunders because he was a quarter of a mile ahead of me [in June 2000]. And they said in their communiqué that they saw me in my car but they knew it was armored and that I was armed. And Stephen Saunders was just in his vehicle he shipped from London and he didn’t have a gun on him. And they killed him instead.

I’ve devoted my whole entire, adult life to the national security. And I’ll go to my grave knowing that I did the right thing.

Now that you have seen the report, did the “rectal hydration” shock you as another detail you didn’t know?

Sickening. I can’t imagine under any circumstances a justification for something like that. There are ways to hydrate prisoners, there are ways to provide nourishment for prisoners who are on hunger strikes. It’s not by shoving hummus up their asses. That’s not how you provide nutrition for somebody that’s in your custody. That was shocking to me.

Another startling detail was the $81 million dollars given to a company set up by two psychologists, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. Did you know anything about these two figures?

I remember those guys very well. They had two little offices in the back. The counter terrorism center is a very, very enormous office. It’s a cubicle farm. Everyone else is in a cubicle. But there are private offices around the edges, along the walls. And those guys just sort of showed up one day and got private offices. And yeah, we were like, who were these guys? They’re not even blue badgers, they’re not even staff employees. They’re green badgers, they’re contractors. And we were told, don’t ask questions about those guys.

Did the gruesome conditions at the Salt Pit and other torture sites surprise you?

I had no idea. That was a revelation. I actually took a tour of the new Bagram prison when I was with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Man, that was a nice place. It was great. In many ways, it’s better than what we have here [in Loretto]. But the fact of the matter is that we weren’t housing prisoners in that prison. We were housing them in a dungeon on the other side of the base that has been called a ‘salt pit.’ There were atrocities taking place at the ‘salt pit.’

That fancy prison that we spent millions and millions of tax payer dollars on is completely empty.

Editor’s note: The Bagram detention center was closed in December 2014. It remains unclear what the balance of prisoners was between that facility and the so-called “Salt Pit,” a CIA black site, when both were operational.

Jose Rodriguez, the former director of the CIA’S National Clandestine Service, apparently went against the wishes of his own agency’s lawyers over adequately screening potential interrogators. When they expressed concern over his selection process, he replied, ‘It is simply not your job.’ What are your thoughts on this?

He’s the worst of the worst. With Jose Rodriguez especially, here you have a guy who made the decision to make the tapes… He’s the one who ordered the tapes be made of CIA officers torturing first Abu Zubaydah and others after him. And then he gets promoted to deputy director for operations and he makes the decision to destroy the tapes after being specifically told by (then Senior Deputy General Counsel) John Rizzo don’t destroy the tapes. And he did it anyway. There’s no fallout or punishment. There’s no nothing.

Editor’s note: It’s been reported that the decision to tape the CIA interrogations “was made in the field.” The tapings began taking place roughly around the time Rodriguez became director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. Rodriguez said in a 60 Minutes interview, “The reason why we taped Abu Zubaydah was because….we wanted to show the world that we actually had nothing to do with his death.” It’s not clear if he personally decided to make the tapes.

After the House Intelligence Committee heard closed testimony from Rizzo, the committee’s senior Republican member, Peter Hoekstra, stated of Rodriguez, “it appears that he got direction to make sure the tapes were not destroyed.” At the time, Rodriguez’s lawyer disputed that account, saying that “nobody, to our knowledge, ever instructed him not to destroy the tapes.”

Advocates of the detention and interrogation program, like Dick Cheney, continue to publicly defend the CIA programs, and have labeled the torture report as a partisan witch hunt. He has also said they would still implement the program if they had to do everything all over again.

The reason why these guys are on TV all the time, aside from the fact that the corporate media allows them to be, is that torture is their legacy. When their obituaries are written, their obituaries are going to be about torture and their role in it. And they’re desperately trying to spin the story to make it seem like they were patriots and not criminals. It’s utterly nonpartisan. The Senate Committee on Intelligence used primary source information. They used the original CIA cables to come up with this report. Those cables are not partisan, those cables don’t tell one side of the story. The cables are the actual information written as it was happening. So to call it partisan is just simply untrue. It’s not partisan. What’s partisan is that a certain group of political leaders doesn’t want the organization, the agency, to take responsibility for their actions.

You told the RT network in 2013 that you would lose a lot of friends inside the CIA for your actions. Has that still been the case?

I was wrong in what I said to [RT host] Abby Martin. It turned out that the number of CIA friends who walked away from me, I can count on one hand. I’m going to say three dozen CIA officers have written to me here and almost all of them are regular correspondents. My former colleagues at the CIA have rallied for me. It’s been wonderful. Now a lot of them can’t use their names. Some of them are undercover, some of them just don’t want the heat. But they’ve been wonderful. I just have no complaints at all. And some of them are senior CIA officials.

How are your children doing? Do they have the main idea about the decisions you’ve made and what has happened to you as their father?

My two older boys are in college. One’s finishing his senior year at Ohio State and the other is at Cleveland State as a freshman. So they saw all of this, the whole process, and they understood what was happening. But even my little kids (as well). I have a ten-year-old boy, and eight year old girl and a three year old boy. The ten year old and eight year old have very hard felt opinions on things like the FBI and torture. They saw the FBI completely surrounding our house 24 hours a day just like I did. They aren’t blind. They saw the FBI come into the house and take all of our electronics. Had the FBI following us to Target, Applebees and to church.

So what does a former CIA agent do after getting out of prison and no longer being able to work for the agency?

As part of this conviction, I lost my pension. I had $770,000 saved in that pension. And it’s just gone. So, I’ve got to start rebuilding. And I still owe my lawyers almost a million dollars.

I have a temporary job when I get out, doing some business development work for a medical group. But it’s just a temporary position. What I’d like to do is go to a think tank. I like to

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Two reads



Anti-Muslim cast to St. Mary’s forum prompts FBI speaker to cancel

January 30, 2015 Updated: January 30, 2015 9:00pm
John Guandolo has been criticized for saying the CIA director is a secret Muslim agent. John Guandolo has been criticized for saying the CIA director is a secret Muslim agent.
The FBI has canceled its participation in an upcoming St. Mary’s University forum on “domestic jihad” after a Muslim civil rights group criticized the school’s Center for Terrorism Law for inviting a speaker it called “an anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist.”

CAIR sent out a news release Wednesday asking the FBI to pull Special Agent Andrew Bringuel II from the Feb. 13 program because it also featured John Guandolo, a former FBI agent.

Guandolo has been criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for saying the CIA director is a secret Muslim agent and that American Muslims have no First Amendment rights and are attempting to subvert the Constitution and subjugate Americans.

CAIR also took issue with the Center for Terrorism Law’s acceptance of a sponsorship for the event by a group called ACT for America!, whose founder, the SPLC says, “has repeatedly made statements that conflate all Muslims with terrorists.”


Nichols says bombing was FBI op | Deseret News
Feb 22, 2007 - Potts was no stranger to anti-government confrontations, having been the ... Trentadue said he plans to seek that deposition of Nichols, but "I ...
Attorney: Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From Exposing McVeigh's OKC ...
Feb 22, 2007 - Trentadue drops new bombshell on Alex Jones Show ... the Deseret Morning News identified the accused FBI provocateur as Larry Potts.
Feb 23, 2007 - Trentadue's death a few months after the April 19, 1995, bombing ... The agent Nichols refers to is none other than the notorious Larry Potts, ...
Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing Alex Jones ...
Feb 8, 2011 - The feds' attempt to make Nichols accept responsibility for the phone call ... “ Trentadue believes the government was desperate to reach the box before ... declaration from Nichols in which he fingered FBI agent Larry Potts as ...
Terry Nichols Fast Facts - CNN.com
Mar 25, 2013 - The FBI accused Nichols of helping build the bomb and arranging a ... Lake City, Nichols accuses Larry Potts, an FBI official, of having taken part in the ... A Utah lawyer, Jesse Trentadue, interviews Nichols in regards to the ...
trentadue - definition and meaning - Wordnik
... McVeigh had a FBI handler prior to the Oklahoma City bombing. google nichols potts trentadue ... Lists. These user-created lists contain the word ' trentadue'.
Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing
Feb 14, 2011 - The feds' attempt to make Nichols accept responsibility for the phone call ... “ Trentadue believes the government was desperate to reach the box before ... declaration from Nichols in which he fingered FBI agent Larry Potts as ...
Jack Cashill - Terry Nichols Talks And Much of What He Says Is True
Feb 26, 2007 - Attorney Jesse Trentadue secured Nichols' signed and sealed declaration as ... As Nichols recounts his conversation with McVeigh, “Potts had ...
Did Eric Holder Cover Up FBI's Role In '95 OKC Bomb Plot ...
Dec 31, 2011 - An affidavit from Oklahoma City conspirator Nichols about the explosives ... Both were handled by FBI agent Larry Potts, a senior FBI official who had ... and I think they planned to catch them in the act,” stated Jesse Trentadue, ...
Terry Nichols Alleges FBI Played Role In Oklahoma City Bombing ...
Feb 22, 2007 - Nichols named gun dealer Roger Moore and Potts as ... Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney, has been involved in litigation against the U.S. ...


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Protest over Pasco police shooting death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes remains peaceful
Protesters link unarmed man to Michael Brown and Eric Garner
Cousin: ‘We are angry but we know getting violent is wrong
Video of the incident appears to show Zambrano-Montes running away from officers and raising his hands momentarily before he is shot.

Saturday 14 February 2015 18.01 EST

Protesters in Pasco, Washington heeded police and community calls for calm on Saturday, following the fatal shooting by officers of Antonio Zambrano-Montes, an unarmed 35-year-old Mexican national, earlier this week.

Around 1,000 people gathered in Volunteer Park, outside Franklin County Hall and about nine blocks away from where Zambrano-Montes died, for what organisers claimed was one of the largest

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see link for full story


RABBLE ROUSER: Peace activists give food for thought

February 20, 2015

The morning keynote speaker was Ray McGovern, who was a CIA analyst for 27 years, "routinely presenting the morning intelligence briefings at the White House." His CIA career began under President John F. Kennedy, and lasted until the presidency of George H.W. Bush. At his retirement in 1990, he received the CIA's Intelligence Commendation Medal.
McGovern has been an outspoken commentator on intelligence-related issues since the late 1990s. In 2002, he was publicly critical of President George W. Bush's use of government intelligence in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. In January 2006, McGovern began speaking out on behalf of the anti-war group Not in Our Name. In 2006, McGovern returned his Intelligence Commendation Medal in protest of the CIA's involvement in torture.
He reminded us that in Nazi Germany, many people had to look the other way to allow for the horrendous atrocities while others risked their lives and paid a high price. He also pointed to the historical reality of the FBI illegally spying on both blacks and Peace Groups during the Vietnam era.
He reminded us that it was courageous whistle-blowers and good investigative journalists who brought to light the Pentagon Papers and the Watergate break-in. Where are today's courageous whistle-blowers? Chelsea Manning is in jail and Edward Snowden is in exile.
After McGovern's informative talk, people broke into discussion groups. He provided the groups with some thought-provoking questions for discussion. The first question — "What did "obedient Germans" and the German church do in similar circumstances? — provided much thought-provoking discussion. Another — "What might we be called to do; what risks should we be taking?" — forced participants to explore their responsibilities as peacemakers.
After a break for a free lunch, we got to hear Bonnie and John Raines, who on March 8, 1971, were part of an eight-member ring of anti-Vietnam War protesters who — while much of the country was gripped by the so-called "Fight of the Century" in New York between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier — broke into the FBI's headquarters in Media, Pennsylvania.
At the time of the break-in, they were a young couple with three young children. Members of the burglary team, armed with little more than a crowbar and wearing suits and ties, walked off undetected with suitcases stuffed with sensitive bureau files that revealed a domestic FBI spying operation known as COINTELPRO. The bureau's legendary director, J. Edgar Hoover, launched a massive but ultimately futile manhunt.
The Raineses shared their story and credited The Washington Post for having the courage to release the information in the documents when two other prominent newspapers turned the documents over to the FBI. They also credited Carl Stern, a legal affairs reporter for NBC, for his persistence that led to the files being exposed. All this eventually led to better oversight of the FBI.
The day ended with the three speakers answering questions. One important question that keeps coming up at these events is "Where are the young people in the peace movement?"
Ray, John, and Bonnie continue as prominent members of the anti-war and peace movement. It was a thrill to see John and Bonnie of the Media 8 break bread with Michael Doyle of the Camden 28. The FBI never caught any of the burglars and the story was finally told in 2014 by Betty Medsger in her book "The Burglary."
I helped organize this as a member of the Peace Community at Sacred Heart. The Peace Community has been hosting these events every February for the past 10 years. Our keynote speakers donated their time and efforts. The success of this event was made possible with the help of our supporters and co-sponsors, Brandywine Peace Community, Catholic Peace Fellowship, Coalition for Peace Action, and Pax Christi New Jersey.
The writer lives in Hainesport.

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Activist Sharon Rice Vaughan remembered
By Sarah Martin |
March 29, 2015

Minneapolis, MN - Sharon Rice Vaughan, a longtime and respected member of Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) and the Twin Cities peace and justice movements, died in a car crash in Havana, Cuba on March 24. Her sudden and untimely death leaves a big hole in our community.

Sharon was an early member of WAMM. She joined over 30 years ago and has been an active and important member. Board member Marie Braun said, “She was an enthusiastic supporter of WAMM and the issues we work on.” Braun, organizer of the weekly vigil on the Lake Street Bridge, said that when Sharon retired she made a commitment to come to the vigil every Wednesday. She rarely missed, and never because of weather.

Sharon was key in the founding of the movement to end domestic violence against women. Mary Beaudoin, former director of WAMM and current editor of the newsletter said, “Sharon's advocacy for nonviolence extended to resisting war. She recognized that women and their children were often victims of war and among the most deeply affected by the violence of war. As a committed anti-war activist, she participated in marches, rallies and other events against war. In the last few decades, she frequently participated in the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge vigil, opposing U.S. wars and U.S. threats of war. She was an active member of Women Against Military Madness and held the position of co-chair of WAMM.”

Sharon understood the importance of standing up against political repression. Without hesitation she drove with me to Canada for the trial of a local Central America and Cuba solidarity activist accused of helping a couple seeking political asylum to cross the U.S.-Canadian border. Her presence along with others who filled the court room, impressed the judge and resulted in no further jail time for the brother.

In 2010, after many years on the WAMM board, she intended to take a very deserved break. However, I, along with 22 other anti-war and solidarity activists, had just become targets of the FBI and a federal grand jury in Chicago. Without hesitation she decided she needed to stay on the board and support me. Since then she became a very good friend of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.

Several years ago Sharon answered a call to go to Alaska and stand in solidarity with a young woman going on trial. She did not know her but responded to the woman’s need for support. She traveled to Alaska several times to be with her through the trial. After the woman was convicted and sent to prison, Sharon continued to visit her. She was transferred to the Carswell Federal Medical Center prison in Fort Worth, Texas. During one of those visits, Sharon spotted imprisoned people’s lawyer, Lynne Stewart in the visiting room with her husband. Sharon was eager to introduce herself as one of many Minnesotans following Lynne’s case. Lynne still remembers that encounter.

We really miss Sharon. She was warm, generous, compassionate, a great story teller and solid activist who really walked the talk.

A memorial celebration will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 2, at Unity Church-Unitarian, 733 Portland Avenue, St. Paul, MN.

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NYPD Strips Badge from Joint Terrorism Task Force Cop Who Bullied Uber Driver

The NYPD cop who was caught on video berating an Uber driver with a profanity-laden, xenophobic rant has been identified as Detective Patrick Cherry of NYPD's Joint Terrorism Task Force. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has subsequently stripped Detective Cherry of his badge and gun, placed him on desk duty, and announced that he will be kicked off of the elite Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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Shire Society Forum


The Shire Society forum is intended for discussion of liberty activism and community in the Shire. If you are looking for general liberty discussion, you've come to ...

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        J o u r n a l o f P r i s o n e r s o n P r i s o n s
Journal Content
Back Issues
Order and Subscribe
Board Members
Authors' Guild
Artists' Guild
Call For Papers
Contact us
"...allowing our experiences and analysis to be added to the forum that will constitute public opinion could help halt the disastrous trend toward building more fortresses of fear which will become in the 21st century this generation's monuments to failure."
-Jo-Ann Mayhew, from JPP Vol. 1:1 (1988)
        General Information
For 25 years, the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (JPP) has been a prisoner written, academically oriented and peer reviewed, non-profit journal, based on the tradition of the penal press. It brings the knowledge produced by prison writers together with academic arguments to enlighten public discourse about the current state of carceral institutions. This is particularly important because with few exceptions, definitions of deviance and constructions of those participating in these defined acts are incompletely created by social scientists, media representatives, politicians and those in the legal community. These analyses most often promote self-serving interests, omit the voices of those most affected, and facilitate repressive and reactionary penal policies and practices. As a result, the JPP attempts to acknowledge the accounts, experiences, and criticisms of the criminalized by providing an educational forum that allows women and men to participate in the development of research that concerns them directly. In an age where `crime` has become lucrative and exploitable, the JPP exists as an important alternate source of information that competes with popularly held stereotypes and misconceptions about those who are currently, or those who have in the past, faced the deprivation of liberty.
Current and Forthcoming Issues

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The Fortune Society
Staffed primarily by ex-offenders, the society is a not-for-profit community-based organization dedicated to educating the public about prisons, criminal justice ...

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Committee to
Stop FBI Repression
Organizing to stop FBI repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists

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Students protest injustice in Million Student March
November 13, 2015

At 2:30 p.m., Nov. 12, approximately 100 students gathered from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania for a Million Student March, sparked by the recent protests at the University of Missouri and Yale universities.

The original purpose of this wave of protests was to fight for free tuition to public colleges and universities, but has spread to encompass related systemic oppression against women and people of color.
Becquerel Dalton: The Triangle

Becquerel Dalton: The Triangle

“We just want to get out there. There’s using your voice and then there’s action, and marching is kind of like doing both,” said one protester. “We’re not here to keep people from going to work and waste gas, we’re here to make people aware of what’s going on,” she continued.

The students, predominantly women of color, met at the intersection between Market and 33rd streets. They marched toward Center City with a police escort at 3:00 p.m., chanting slogans including “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose schools? Our schools!” and “Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”

At each intersection, the crowd stopped for a few minutes and one or two individuals stepped forward to share their experiences with oppression.

“We’re representing all the minorities who go through this every day. We are very tired,” a student said. “It really annoys me when you hear people complaining about stuff like these marches. There’s a reason people are yelling: people are angry, people are mad and we want to get our voices out there, because being polite isn’t going to really do anything,” she finished.

The march stopped at the intersection between Market Street and Schuylkill Ave., where the participants sat in a massive circle that covered the entire intersection for 19 minutes and 50 seconds in representation of the year African American student were first admitted to the University

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66 arrested at McCormick Place in protests at police conference
written by Mitchell Armentrout posted:

Sixty-six people were arrested Saturday while demonstrating outside the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference at McCormick Place, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel and police Supt. Garry McCarthy had spoke

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Carol Doda, Big-Boobed Bombshell Pioneer of Topless Entertainment, Dies at 78
An Elegy on the Passing of a Great Ecdysiast

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r Vigil 2015: Building a Culture of Justice and Peace         PDF                


Saturday morning, 11/21 in Lumpkin, GA

#ShutDownStewart Livestream!

Friday, 11/20 in Columbus, GA (See More Photos Here)

Activists arrived from Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, Venezuela, Panama and around the US to gather for the first workshops in the 2015 Vigil, exploring resistance to US empire. Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition presented Why We Must #ShutDownStewart to get us ready for Saturday’s march to the Stewart Detention Center, discussing the intersections of racism, militarism, and mass incarceration that are embodied at Stewart and other detention centers throughout the US.

National Religious Campaign Against Torture screened Breaking Down the Box, exposing the torture of solitary confinement in the context of mass incarceration in the US. Two of the victims of the right-wing extremist violent attempts to overthrow the democratically-elected government discussed the Struggle Against Impunity in Venezuela. Pax Christi USA hosted a discussion led by youth organizers for the Dream Act in NJ, and SOA Watch activante Jonathan González Quiel spoke on human rights and militarism in Panama.

Two members of the jury of the International Tribunal of Conscience on Mexico on the anniversary of the disappearance of the students from the rural teacher’s school in Ayotzinapa were featured in a workshop on Mexico’s Crimes Against Humanity and the Complicity of the US. And SOA Watch LA screened Testimony: The Maria Guardado Story, shared personal remembrances and also poetry from Maria’s newly released (bilingual) book of poems, Quisiera Escribir Cosas Bellas.

We heard a report-back on the Colombian Peace Process from Witness for Peace, and from organizers in Costa Rica and Mexico about mining, militarization and the disappeared. NETWORK Lobby shared an analysis of 2015 congressional legislation, and another workshop discussed how early Christianity was co-opted and transformed into a violent, patriarchal tool of empire. SOA Watch leaders also led Peacemaker, Legal Observer, Nonviolent Direct Action and Legislative trainings, and packed the house for an exciting opening plenary that closed out the transformative evening.

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17 Senate Democrats, including Senator Angus S. King Jr., joined Senate Republicans to advance a bill that would rollback oversight of big banks and eliminate consumer protections.


The "Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection" Act is now headed to the floor for a vote. Supporters claim it will help community banks but it will also put us at risk of another financial crisis, allow racial discrimination in mortgage lending to go unchecked, and erode consumer protections. 


This bill is a bank lobbyist's dream. It will benefit the Wall Street giants that devastated our economy in 2008 way more than community banks. Help us stop it.


Call Senator Angus S. King Jr. at (202) 224-5344. Tell them that you strongly oppose any weakening of Wall Street regulations.






IRS agent indicted on charges of rape and strangulation of summer intern







Winchester murder suspect had two dozen encounters with police in 6 years









Republicans Call for New Special Counsel to Probe FBI’s Surveillance of Trump Aide



Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before the House Judiciary Committee in November 2017.


By Steve Neavling



Two prominent House Republicans are urging Attorney General Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether the FBI improperly obtained a warrant to spy on former Trump aide Carter Page.


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy pressured Sessions in a letter to appoint a special











FBI Coverup for Cleveland Cop


Cleveland cop charged in prostitution case was investigated by FBI task force


Updated 6:13 AM; Posted Mar 7, 8:02 AM









Border Patrol agent accused of lying about ties to Mexican drug traffickers

David Hernandez      David HernandezContact Reporter


A San Diego federal grand jury has indicted a Border Patrol agent on charges that he lied — twice — about his ties to two Mexican drug traffickers, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Monday.







Book Excerpt: ‘Hollywood Confidential: A True Story of Wiretapping, Friendship, and Betrayal’


A specialist on organized-crime investigations since 1974, best-selling author and independent investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea has published seven nonfiction books including, “The Hoffa Wars: Teamsters, Rebels, Politicians and the Mob.” This excerpt is being published with permission.









March 7, 2018, 4:29 PM

FBI agent, estranged wife found dead in apparent murder-suicide



An FBI agent and a woman were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide outside a home in Crownsville, Maryland, on Wednesday. The Anne Arundel County Police department said officers arrived at the scene after 8 a.m. in response to a 911 call about a domestic assault. The caller said a woman was being threatened by her recently estranged husband, police say.







Prosecutors release list of problem cops to keep off stand


— The Philadelphia district attorney’s office has released a list of current and former police officers whom prosecutors have tried to keep off the witness stand because of a wide range of wrongdoing, including lying, racial bias and brutality.


The names of 29 officers were included among a roster of 66 provided to the Philadelphia Defender Association, and obtained by The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News. The list was in two groups: 29 officers whose serious misconduct rendered them problematic as witnesses and 37 others whose offenses were less serious. Those 37 could still testify, but their legal issues had to be shared with defense attorneys.



A judge last week ordered that the names, badge numbers, and background information of the officers to be turned over to the public defenders’ office. The defenders demanded the list from District Attorney Larry Krasner after the Inquirer and Daily News revealed its existence last month.


In a detailed fact summary about each officer on the “Do Not Call” list , prosecutors said that the 29 former and current officers had engaged in a wide range of wrongdoing and had faced criminal charges or been found guilty by the department’s internal board. The offenses included cases of lying to police investigators, filing false police reports, use of excessive force, drunken driving and burglary, among other issues.


About half of those on the list appear to be still on the force, including a lieutenant, four sergeants, one corporal and one detective.










Texas police chief arrested on sexual assault charge

police chief in Central Texas has been arrested on allegations that he forced a woman to have sex with him by warning that he would have her jailed if she didn’t comply.


Thirty-nine-year-old Quincy Deon Lee of Chilton was arrested Wednesday on a charge of sexual assault. He was the police chief in Rosebud, east of Temple, before resigning in August.








FBI Director Addresses Internet Privacy at BC Conference on Cyber ...

The Heights-

On Wednesday, Boston College held the Boston Conference on Cyber Security (BCCS), where keynote speaker FBI Director Christopher A. Wray addressed how the bureau can serve this need by evolving with the ever-changing internet landscape. His remarks centered around changes in cyber security since he left ...






FBI paid Best Buy Geek Squad techs to be informants, documents for 10 years


Documents obtained by the nonprofit reveal that Best Buy officials have been helping the FBI for at least 10 years. An FBI memo showed that Best Buy hosted a meeting at its Kentucky repair facility in 2008 for the FBI's "Cyber Working Group." The memo revealed that Geek Squad employees gave FBI officials a tour of the ...






More Confirmation of Nunes Memo: Steele Was Source of Yahoo ...

The New American

Another claim of the House Intelligence Committee's FISA abuse memo authored by Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has been confirmed to be true. That claim is that when the FBI and DOJ cited a Yahoo News article as part of the warrant application to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page,







St. Mary’s County Health Officer Receives FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award

March 7, 2018


The FBI Baltimore Field Office is pleased to announce St. Mary’s County Health Officer, Dr. Meenakshi G. Brewster, MD has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA).


The DCLA award was formally created in 1990 as a way to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating terrorism, cybercrime, illegal drugs, gangs, and other crimes leading to violence in America








Branding Hoover's FBI

How the Boss's PR Men Sold the Bureau to America


Matthew Cecil


Hunting down America’s public enemies was just one of the FBI’s jobs. Another—perhaps more vital and certainly more covert—was the job of promoting the importance and power of the FBI, a process that Matthew Cecil unfolds clearly for the first time in this eye-opening book. The story of the PR men who fashioned the Hoover era, Branding Hoover’s FBI reveals precisely how the Bureau became a monolithic organization of thousands of agents who lived and breathed a well-crafted public relations message, image, and worldview. Accordingly, the book shows how the public was persuaded—some would say conned—into buying and even bolstering that image.


Just fifteen years after a theater impresario coined the term “public relations,” the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover began practicing a sophisticated version of the activity. Cecil introduces those agency PR men in Washington who put their singular talents to work by enforcing and amplifying Hoover's message. Louis B. Nichols, overseer of the Crime Records Section for more than twenty years, was a master of bend-your-ear networking. Milton A. Jones brought meticulous analysis to bear on the mission; Fern Stukenbroeker, a gift for eloquence; and Cartha “Deke” DeLoach, a singular charm and ambition. Branding Hoover’s FBI examines key moments when this dedicated cadre, all working under the protective wing of Associate Director Clyde Tolson, manipulated public perceptions of the Bureau (was the Dillinger triumph really what it seemed?). In these critical moments, the book allows us to understand as never before how America came to see the FBI’s law enforcement successes and overlook the dubious accomplishments, such as domestic surveillance, that truly defined the Hoover era.


“A tour de force of scholarship, organization, and story-telling centered, as good stories must be, on colorful personalities rendered in coherent outline and satisfying detail.”


—Journal of American History


“A valuable addition to our understanding of the internal workings of the FBI.”


—H-Net Reviews






FBI now investigating North Carolina officer in jaywalking beating


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2018, 6:31 AM






Secret Service employee arrested on child porn charges


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, March 8, 2018, 2:44 PM







Search warrant executed on Oklahoma police pension system











— Washington lawmakers have voted to make it easier to prosecute police who commit bad shootings, updating a law that made it uniquely difficult to hold officerst criminally liable.


Gov. Jay Inslee signed the measure, ending years of wrestling over the existing law, which forces prosecutors to prove the officers acted with malice — a hurdle no other state has.


Activists had gathered enough signatures to force a vote on the measure on the November ballot, but instead, they worked with police organizations on the compromise version lawmakers approved as the legislative session drew to a close Thursday. Lawmakers had to pass two measures — the original initiative, as well as the compromise that amended it and was signed by Inslee.









Protesters sue Portland over clashes with police










three years after a police shooting that sparked protests in Los Angeles, prosecutors said Thursday they will not file charges against the officer who killed an unarmed homeless man, despite a recommendation for charges from the police chief.


Prosecutors declined to bring charges because they couldn’t prove Officer Clifford Proctor acted unlawfully when he shot Brendon Glenn in the back in 2015 in Venice, Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said.


“We have concluded that there’s insufficient evidence to overcome a claim at trial by Officer Proctor that he did that in defense of his partner or himself,” Lacey said.



Glenn, 29, of Troy, New York, was on his stomach and trying to push himself up when Proctor shot him, according to police.


Glenn wasn’t trying to take a gun from Proctor or his partner when he was shot, and Proctor’s partner told investigators that he didn’t know why the officer opened fire, police have said.


Police Chief Charlie Beck had recommended that prosecutors charge Proctor. In addition, a civilian oversight panel found the officer violated department policy when he shot Glenn twice in the back.






new 2018 Book

Voices from the Shadows


also see


Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?: The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover Hardcover – April 17, 2018
by Phillip F. Nelson (Author)

One of the most infamous and devastating assassinations in American history, the murder of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., was also one of the most quickly resolved by authorities: James Earl Ray was convicted of the crime less than a year after it occurred. Yet, did they catch the right person? Or was Ray framed by President Lyndon B Johnson and FBI Director J Edgar Hoover?

In Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?, Phillip F. Nelson explores the tactics used by the FBI to portray Ray as a southern racist and stalker of King. He shows that early books on King’s death were written for the very purpose of “dis-informing” the American public, at the behest of the FBI and CIA, and are filled with proven lies and distortions.

As Nelson methodically exposes the original constructed false narrative as the massive deceit that it was, he presents a revised and corrected account in its place, based upon proven facts that exonerate James Earl Ray. Nelson’s account is supplemented by several authors, including Harold Weisberg, Mark Lane, Dick Gregory, John Avery Emison, Philip Melanson, and William F. Pepper. Nelson also posits numerous instances of how government investigatorsthe FBI originally, then the Department of Justice in 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigators in 1978 and the DOJ again in 2000deliberately avoided pursuing any and all leads which pointed toward Ray’s innocence.






 police officer has been sentenced to a year in prison for making false claims about body armor he sold to law enforcement, military and defense clients.



Test from IT

Page 2


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Former Alton police officer charged with criminal sexual abuse — again


York pediatrician says he was victim of police brutality


Who’s afraid of William Blake? Art lovers vexed Tate Britain felt 200-year-old paintings needed ‘violence & suffering’ warning
Published time: 2 Oct, 2019 11:17


March of anger’: Thousands of cops protest in Paris over working conditions, pension reforms & suicides
Published time: 2 Oct, 2019 15:47


‘Not racist but …’: White police officer who killed innocent black man in his home sent offensive texts


Exceptional heat wave topples October records across much of the U.S.


Jared Golden walks fine line on impeachment inquiry, saying Trump’s intent matters most


Bronx cop accused of sleeping with 15-year-old prostitute acquitted of sex abuse charges; convicted of tampering with a witness


WSU student leaders demand retrial of former Pullman cop accused of sexual misconduct
Oct. 2, 2019 at 9:22 am Updated Oct. 2, 2019 at 10:05 am


Black police deputy says he was forced to quit after 20 years of service because he 'disgraced' his uniform by wearing an afro wig while directing traffic – on his last week on the job
* Atlanta cop Antonio Perryman said he had wanted to 'make p


Ex-cop on trial for rape admits porn addiction
October 1, 2019 5:19 pm


Minneapolis cops told not to wear uniforms to political events, comes ahead of Trump rally


Discover the Maine camp that attracts people who say they can talk to the dead


Don’t you do it’: Reports detail shooting by FBI agent
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 at 10:36pm


He applied for a green card. Then the FBI came calling
A shadowy federal program is ensnaring thousands of Muslim immigrants


Tea Party of Portage County protests for government accountability outside of Cleveland FBI Office


'This looks so bad,' says white Texas cop on horseback, leading black man on a rope


Self-defense or excessive force? Jurors will decide cop's fate in naked vet's killing
By: Christian Boone and Bill Rankin with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Updated: Oct 3, 2019 - 5:34 PM

FOR SUBSCRIBERSNJ cops might need license, new physical test after USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey investigation



Judge Slams Secret Psych Test for Neptune Cop
Sarah Wallace has the new twist in the saga of a police sergeant benched for 18 months over a battle involving psychological tests.
(Published Thursday, Oct 3, 2019)


Ex-cop who just cost Syracuse $500,000 for sex on job ducks behind umbrella at court


Deputy left with Concussion after Cop Arrests him for Cursing in own Yard


African Americans ‘Disproportionate’ Victims of South Carolina Cop Shootings
By Daniel Gross/Greenville News | 12 hours ago

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Kirk, I just emailed your email below to our people throughout the country. Charlie


PS. Kirk was the first person on death row found innocent by DNA.


---------- Forwarded message ---------

From: Kirk Bloodsworth <info@witnesstoinnocence.org>

Date: Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 10:19 PM

Subject: Tonight, Rodney will hear the voice of a death row survivor.

To: <cure@curenational.org>



Dear friends,

Twenty-four hours ago, I was standing in front of the Supreme Court with my death row exoneree brother, Shujaa Graham, and the family of Rodney Reed. We were praying for a stay of execution. We were telling the nation why the death penalty must be abolished.

Then, as I was preparing to fly to the Texas capitol to continue to fight for Rodney's life, I received the news that today the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the execution and instructed the district court to review Rodney's innocence claims.

The entire Witness to Innocence family breathed a huge sigh of relief. We have sat on death row. We have had our innocence denied. We have faced execution dates. The fight for Rodney's life is a continuation of our own battles to survive death row.

Before the stay of execution, I recorded this video:


Watch the Video

Even as I write this, our work continues. Juan Melendez is on his way to do a radio show that will air inside Texas prisons. Rodney will be able to hear Juan's voice and know that the death row exonerees of Witness to Innocence are with him.

Thank you for standing with us and with Rodney Reed. The death penalty is a torturous weight upon anyone sitting in that cell, innocent or guilty. Together, we can, and we must, bring it to an end. 


Kirk Bloodsworth

Executive Director


Witness to Innocence is the only national organization in the United States composed of and led by exonerated death row survivors and their family members. Our mission is to abolish the death penalty by empowering our members to become effective leaders in the abolition movement. We actively challenge political leaders and the public to grapple with the reality of a fatally flawed criminal justice system that sends innocent people to death row. We also seek ways to support death row survivors and their loved ones as they confront the challenges of life after exoneration.






Maine moves forward with Canadian drug importation plan absent federal guidance







A baby died after an officer crashed his Corvette at 94 mph, investigators say. He won’t face charges.


Investigators say the officer was driving his orange Corvette 94 miles an hour, nearly twice the speed limit, when he collided off-duty with a family’s SUV.

The crash killed a 1-year-old girl who went flying out of the vehicle, according to police. But the Baton Rouge Police Department’s Christopher Manuel will face no criminal charges — not even for speeding, prosecutors said this week.








Deval Patrick pushed out officials who wanted to put his brother-in-law on sex offender registry





An economist quantifies how valuable whales are to fighting climate change









Here are 14 of the week’s best photos


















Maine Voices Live with Brother Arnold

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, hear from one of the few members of Sabbathday Lake's Shaker Village, the only active Shaker community in the U.S. with just three members.








LOCAL & STATE Posted 4:00 AM


Kelp, the forests of the sea, vanishing from southern Maine as Gulf warms

Fish don’t much like the scrubby invasive seaweeds that are replacing them, researchers find.





Commentary: Speak up now to protect Atlantic puffins and the fish they rely on

Herring conservation measures will also benefit cod, salmon and many other predatory marine species.


As a seabird lover and scientist, I am lucky enough to migrate every summer to coastal Maine to study the local seabirds. I get to watch firsthand as Atlantic puffins nest and forage for fish all summer long. Every time I boat out to one of the puffin islands, I see firsthand why they need a steady supply of forage fish. As the boat pulls up and the fog clears, streams of puffins zoom past us. Each bird departs the island many times per day with just one goal: to find enough forage fish to feed themselves and their chicks.

Atlantic puffins do best when they can find and catch a species of forage fish called Atlantic herring, which are small, schooling fish commercially harvested for lobster bait, vitamins, fertilizer and more. Puffins prefer this tiny but mighty fish because they are the right size to slide down their small beaks, an






Choose from two dozen Maine apple orchards

These orchards in southern, western and central Maine have more than just apple-picking.






Investigation into Boston police overtime fraud focused on three officers in evidence unit


By Matt Rocheleau and Shelley Murphy Globe Staff,Updated November 15, 2019, 9:41 p.m.





Far-right ‘Proud Boys’ taunt Cuomo with banners hung at NYC highway tunnels and Manhattan Bridge





NOV 17, 2019 | 7:56 PM





Former police clerk gets six years in jail for filming many co-workers in bathroom





NOV 17, 2019 | 7:57 PM





For first time, Mr. Universe bodybuilding title goes to man from India





NOV 18, 2019 | 8:48 AM








World's most outrageous mug shots









13 Pennsylvania prison employees suspended after inmate killed during assault





NOV 17, 2019 | 9:28 AM










These prison inmates are getting a seat at the decision-making table


Maine Public

On a recent Tuesday morning, a group of Maine State Prison inmates, along with prison administrators, corrections officers and state legislators, gathered around tables in the facility’s visitation room. An agenda was passed out, an inmate set up a laptop to take minutes of the meeting, then a strangely democratic process got underway.  READ MORE





Wake Correctional Center part of pilot program using ankle monitors to track work-release inmates



Almost every day, 87 men walk out of the gates of the Wake Correctional Center and head off to work. And state prison officials say the work release program they take part in is all about public safety. "If they come out and are gainfully employed they are less likely to go out and commit additional crimes," said Sarah Cobb, the director of Rehabilitative Services for the NC Prison Division. "So that makes it safer for my family and for your family."  READ MORE


New screening tool developed for Larimer County Community Corrections


Loveland Reporter-Herald

Larimer County Community Corrections is implementing a new screening tool at the behest of the state legislature that will guide the decision-making process of the community corrections board. House bill 1251, passed on May 29, 2018, requires community corrections boards to use a research-based decision-making process to determine whether offenders will transition into corrections programs.  READ MORE


Research finds benefits of correctional education programs on incarcerated individuals


Diverse Education

New research highlights the positive impact of rehabilitative and correctional education programs on the societal reentry process of an incarcerated individual. The report, “Equipping Individuals for Life Beyond Bars” was carried out by the Washington D.C. based think-tank New America.  READ MORE


Nebraska Corrections Director Frakes: Reentry programs critical in easing prison overcrowding


Lincoln Journal Star

Corrections Director Scott Frakes oversees a crowded prison system that has grown significantly over the past two years, despite reforms intended to reduce the inmate population. Frakes went to the Capitol recently to talk to the Legislature's Judiciary Committee about how the Department of Correctional Services goes about preparing inmates to reenter society.  READ MORE







Lawmakers go to prison to hear from guards, inmates on corrections conditions


VT Digger

A panel of state lawmakers who help develop prison policies in Vermont hit the road recently and heard from those directly impacted by their decisions: the corrections officers and prisoners working and living behind bars. The Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee met Friday in the visiting room of the Northwest State Correctional Facility in Swanton.  READ MORE


Early intervention programs can link incarcerated individuals to HIV care prior to release



Linking incarcerated individuals living with HIV to community-care and treatment services upon release from jail is an important element of stopping HIV transmission. In a poster presented at the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care Conference (ANAC 2019) a team of investigators from Cooper University Medical Center highlighted their work in providing linkage to community care to inmates with HIV in the Camden County Correctional Facility.  READ MORE



These prison inmates are getting a seat at the decision-making table


Wake Correctional Center part of pilot program using ankle monitors to track work-release inmates


New screening tool developed for Larimer County Community Corrections


Research finds benefits of correctional education programs on incarcerated individuals


Nebraska Corrections Director Frakes: Reentry programs critical in easing prison overcrowding




Lawmakers go to prison to hear from guards, inmates on corrections conditions


Early intervention programs can link incarcerated individuals to HIV care prior to release




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Corrections officers who gave Nazi salute punished, 3 fired and 34 suspended








DEC 06, 2019 | 10:31 PM






Save the Earth, because there’s no escape, Nobel winner says at climate conference





DEC 07, 2019 | 3:15 PM








Posted Yesterday at 12:51 PM Updated December 6 2019

Former Cumberland County corrections officer sentenced on drug charges

Davis Glazener will serve 10 1/2 months in prison, and his conviction has prompted the sheriff's department to change its hiring policy as it pertains to a candidate's former drug use.






Why Are Cops Around the World Using This Outlandish Mind-Reading Tool?

The creator of Scientific Content Analysis, or SCAN, says the tool can identify deception. Law enforcement has used his method for decades, even though there’s no reliable science behind it. Even the CIA and FBI have bought in.

by Ken Armstrong, ProPublica, and Christian Sheckler, South Bend Tribune Dec. 7, 6 a.m. EST










Top cop told her deputy to act like a ‘white supremacist cop.’ It was caught on tape


DECEMBER 07, 2019 04:12 PM






Harrisburg cop suspended with pay during investigation of harassment claim: mayor









Ex-cop accused of robbing hotel guests while in uniform appears in court
By: Chris Jose 
Updated: Dec 6, 2019 - 6:12 P








Former officer involved in undercover cop's beating has sentencing delayed







Philly DA Asks Judge To Retroactively Change Law To Help Convict Cop Of Murder






Video: Army vet accuses Norwalk cops of excessive force during arrest

Pat Tomlinson Dec. 7, 2019 Updated: Dec. 7, 2019 2:32 p.m.







NewsdayCops: High school guard sexually assaulted teenA former Sewanhaka High School security guard has been charged with 

sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl, Nassau County police said.20 hours ago






Cops boot media from State House before handcuffing climate protesters










John F. Kennedy assassination bullets preserved as detailed 3D models

Digital versions of the bullets fired from Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle will be available for the public to inspect online.


Amanda Kooser


December 6, 2019 1:29 PM








Outrage After Cops Use Bystanders As “Human Shields” In Florida UPS Truck Shootout

By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

December 7, 2019






Humans Are Being Exposed to 44 Times More Infertility-Causing and Cancer-Linked ‘Gender Bending’ Chemicals Than Thought

Daily Mail

December 7, 2019








The Road to Ground Zero, Part Five: A Trail of Missed Opportunities






Ten More Things You Never Knew about Mohamed Atta









Wednesday, December 4, 2019

My testimony on legislation to remove vaccine exemptions in Massachusetts, Dec. 3, 2019




My name is Dr. Meryl Nass. 


  • I am an internal medicine physician in Ellsworth, Maine.
  • I graduated from MIT and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine.
  • I have testified to 6 Congressional committees, primarily on anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome, and the permanent injuries suffered by service-members who received military vaccines of poor quality.
  • I have also spoken on the issue of vaccine exemptions to legislative committees in Maine, Vermont and New Brunswick.  I saw firsthand how pharmaceutical industry lobbyists patrolled legislative halls, provided talking points, schooled public servants, and helped constrain the terms of this debate.


1.  The elephant in the auditorium today is Pharma profits.  Dare I say out loud that our children's arms and bodies are the delivery system for transferring money from the citizens of the Commonwealth to the pharmaceutical industry?


The pharmaceutical industry has undertaken a very ambitious campaign to legislate away vaccine exemptions in the United States and Canada.  France, Italy and Germany have rescinded vaccine exemptions too, suggesting the campaign is worldwide.

The pharmaceutical industry exerts enormous influence on government regulators,[1] their advisors,[2] [3] professional medical organizations,[4] key opinion leaders[5] and medical journals[6] as well as the mass media and lawmakers.[7]  This is not debatable[8]--there are dozens of studies proving it. Merck has a list on its website of over 1,000 candidates for state and federal offices to whom they gave money in 2018[9]. Merck also lists payments to hundreds of professional medical organizations, patient organizations, Pharma lobbying groups, and scores of Republican and Democratic PACs and committees.[10] Julie Gerberding, the former CDC Director, became president of Merck Vaccines as soon as she was allowed.[11] The last FDA Commissioner just left for Pfizer.[12]  The revolving door is slamming Americans. 


Pharmaceutical manufacturers spent $6.4 billion on direct-to-consumer advertising in the US in 2016, and $29.9 billion total on medical marketing.[13] Pharma money purchases the allegiance of our major media corporations, in addition to buying advertising.  And it's tax deductible.


The pharmaceutical industry does not play by the rules you and I must follow.  Instead, the industry makes it a rule to break the law, regularly paying civil and criminal penalties in the billions of dollars.  Big Pharma CEOs have not been sent to jail in decades, and paying settlements for their illegal behaviors has become simply the cost of doing business. 


This is an industry that has thrived by taking big risks--even when manufacturers knew in advance that their products killed. Merck paid out $4.85 billion to settle 27,000 Vioxx injury claims, after it was estimated the drug caused 38,000 deaths from heart attacks.[14]  But annual sales had topped $2.5 billion/year, likely leading them to at least break even.


According to Public Citizen:


"From 1991 through 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, for a total of $35.7 billion."


Pharma's latest risky strategy is trying to rid the world of vaccine exemptions, to prevent vaccine opt-outs--before a new crop of vaccines, with inadequate safety and efficacy testing,[15]and for which they will have no liability once placed on the childhood schedule, are approved. 


I doubt this is what you have been told. But the industry moves deliberately, one step at a time.  First it got the 21st Century Cures Act passed, in December 2016. This Act:


  • directed the FDA to more readily license vaccines, using "real world evidence" in place of controlled clinical trials.  
  • directed CDC to immediately place each newly licensed vaccine before its advisory committee, to be considered for inclusion in the childhood vaccine schedule.  Inclusion in the schedule is the criterion needed to get a vaccine its waiver of manufacturer liability. 
  • directed that all vaccines recommended for use in pregnant women (currently influenza and Tdap, but many more are in the pipeline) were granted liability waivers.


Getting a vaccine approved for use during pregnancy is the newest Pharma gold rush. This despite evidence[16] [17] (which CDC disputes) that flu vaccine is associated with a doubling of miscarriage rates, and evidence that anthrax vaccine increases the miscarriage rate.[18] Neither flu nor Tdap vaccines were tested and approved by FDA for use in pregnancy.  According to the WHO[19]:


"...pre-licensing clinical trials of vaccines do not usually include pregnant and lactating women. Reports available also provide limited post-licensing data, as once again, pregnant women are usually not included in clinical trials. This in turn has limited the ability to make evidence-based decisions and provide optimal guidance on the use of vaccines in this population."


Despite this, pregnant women are being told to receive both flu and Tdap vaccines during every pregnancy.  Don't you see something sick in this?


The year-long media blitz over measles didn't only usher in bills to remove vaccine exemptions.  It was also a bonanza for sales.  Merck, which makes the only measles vaccines in the US, saw sales of its MMRV vaccine increase 58% in 2019.[20]


It has been claimed that vaccines are, by nature, extremely safe. Yet vaccines are usually injected, bypassing all the body's natural barriers. Even minute contamination or inadequate microbial inactivation can maim or kill.  Contaminated batches of vaccine do occur.[21] Usually contaminated lots are discarded, but in the case of anthrax, polio and other vaccines, millions of doses were used.[22] [23]

Vaccines have caused many autoimmune disorders, from Guillain-Barre syndrome to narcolepsy. (Both were side effects of swine flu vaccines used in the 2009 pandemic.)


Vaccines appear safe because the immediate side effects are usually mild and temporary.  Serious vaccine side effects often take weeks or months to surface, and by then it is difficult to know what caused them.  Only when vaccinated individuals have rates of illness 10 times higher than the unvaccinated, is the side effect likely to be linked to the vaccine.


A 2009 European swine flu vaccine (GSK's Pandemrix) caused over 1300 cases of narcolepsy, mostly in adolescents.[24]  This vaccine was linked to narcolepsy only because approximately 15 times the usual number of narcolepsy cases suddenly appeared.  Countries that bought the swine flu vaccines, through WHO, were required to waive manufacturer liability as a condition of purchase. Litigation by those injured continues to be active in the UK, where both the manufacturer and the UK government deny any responsibility for injuries.


ü  It should be apparent, but











DPA SB 1421 Police Misconduct Records - Immediate Disclosure Request and 67.21(c) request


Paul Henderson and DPA,

** Note that all of your responses (including disclosed records) may be automatically and instantly available to the public on the MuckRock.com FOIA web service used to issue this request (though I am not a MuckRock representative). Redact your responses correctly - once you send them to us there is no going back. Nothing herein is legal, IT, or professional advice of any kind. The author disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall the author be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or any other damages whatsoever. The digital signature, if any, in this email is not an indication of a binding agreement or offer; it merely authenticates the sender. Please do not include any confidential information, as I intend that these communications with the City all be public records.**

This is a new Immediate Disclosure Request under the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance and the CPRA, made on November 27, 2019, to Paul Henderson as an individual custodian of public records and to the Department of Police Accountability as a public agency.

This is also an SFAC 67.21(c) request for statements of quantity, nature, existence, and form (even if content is exempt) of records responsive to each of 1 and 2 -- you must provide these statements within 7 days without any form extension.

All records must be provided in a rolling fashion (SFAC 67.25).  If you use a web portal, you must publish all records openly without login or terms and conditions; or you may provide records as attachments to emails.  You may not impose any conditions on me beyond than those of the CPRA (including any conditions that I must use a private entity's website which imposes terms and conditions).

A warning: every record you release to this publicly viewable email mailbox may become automatically visible to the public via the Muckrock.com FOIA service, and via other journalistic services that publish FOIA and public records documents for searching and indexing online. Please be absolutely certain you have correctly redacted all records prior to transmitting them to us, because there is no going back.

Please read carefully the exact wording of my request. Please follow the Sunshine Ordinance and CPRA precisely as I am auditing your agency's public records regimen. As the City is aware, every violation of the Sunshine Ordinance or CPRA will be appealed immediately, including:

- any untimely or incomplete response, failure to provide records in a rolling fashion as soon as they are available, or failing to indicate whether you have responsive records or not for each request and whether you withheld any records for each request (SFAC 67.21, 67.25, Gov Code 6253(c)),

- withholding more than the minimum exempt portion of any record (SFAC 67.26), 

- failure to justify with "clear reference" to an exemption statute or case law for each and every redaction or withholding, including any so-called 'metadata' (SFAC 67.26, 67.27),

- failure to provide "exact copies" of records (Gov Code 6253(b)),

- failure to provide the "electronic format in which [you] hold[] the information" (Gov Code 6253.9),

- failure to provide any "easily generated" format that we requested (SFAC 67.21(l)),

- refusing to provide the quantity of exempt records (SFAC 67.21(c)),

- unlawful use of the exemptions prohibited by SFAC 67.24, including but not limited to GC 6255, any public interest balancing test, 

- redacting or withholding information whose exemption you have already waived by producing it to the public before (Gov Code 6254.5).

Please provide:

1) IMMEDIATE DISCLOSURE: all responsive records DPA has already provided under SB 1421 to any other requestor. Since you should not redact more information for me than you have provided any other member of the public (Gov Code 6254.5), you should be able to immediately provide these.

2) REGULAR DISCLOSURE: every record retained, owned, prepared, or used by DPA of: all records of officer's discharge of a firearm at a person, all records of an officer's use of force that results in death or great bodily injury, sustained findings of officer's sexual assault of a member of the public, sustained findings of officer's dishonesty that are disclosable under DB 1421. This is of course a very large request, and you may provide rolling responses. You stated in a letter (https://sfgov.org/sunshine/sites/default/files/sotf_120419_item12.pdf, page 12) that others have made similar expansive requests and I expect you to treat me with no less priority than anyone else. Please note, I expect you to redact these records in accordance with the Sunshine Ordinance - and you must justify each and every redaction or withholding with a clear reference, such as a footnote (SFAC 67.26), to a statute or case law (SFAC 67.27). If you provide only a general list of justifications, I will appeal, and you will eventually have to do all of the redaction work again as other City agencies have had to do. (For example, consider the functionality of Adobe Acrobat that allows you to put a redaction code in every redaction.) Please do not destroy any records during the pendency of my request or appeals. All records must be provided in their original electronic record, or .EML/.MSG formats, and with all metadata and headers. Please perform record production correctly the first time, as appeals and Orders from Court, SOTF, or Sup. of Records, will be quite time-consuming to have to re do.

For the sake of building a good record for any appeals I would ask that you issue formal letters detailing your expected timelines and a notice if you would like to negotiate any part of this request, if you need to.

Please provide only those copies of records available without any fees. If you determine certain records would require fees, please instead provide the required notice of which of those records are available and non-exempt for inspection in-person if we so choose.

I look forward to your immediate disclosure.










Nancy Pelosi is bungling the impeachment inquiry into Trump

Moira Donegan

By rushing the impeachment process – and keeping the focus narrow – Pelosi may be making a grave political miscalculation






Austria struggles with marauding Krampus demons gone rogue

Police record rising violence and drunkenness in relation to traditional folkloric festivities





Kochland review: how the Kochs bought America – and trashed it

Christopher Leonard has produced a relentless accounting of the brothers grim which somehow concludes with sympathy











DECEMBER 6, 2019




Permafrost Hits a Grim Threshold





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Evangelical magazine Christianity Today says it’s time to dump Trump





DEC 19, 2019 | 7:31 P








State Police barracks commander indicted in fraud scheme


By Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff,Updated December 19, 2019, 3:41 p.m.

Email to a Friend







World's oldest known fossil forest found in New York quarry

Trees would have been home to primitive insects about 150m years before dinosaurs evolved








To make a deaf child feel welcome, this neighborhood learned sign language

An outpouring of support in the suburbs can serve as an inspiration for all of us.

By Thomas Farragher Globe Columnist,Updated December 11, 2019, 8






Jared Golden on splitting his impeachment vote: ‘I voted my heart’

Maine's 2nd District congressman had explained his reasons before Wednesday's vote





Lewiston artist wins $25,000 fellowship

Reggie Burrows Hodges is named the Ellis-Beauregard Foundation resident.








The ducks united by a Blue Hill man’s singles ad have hit it off






Act Out

Hunters Cliff Trail leads to stunning ocean views and a cobblestone beach on MDIc








Is DHS the ‘Worst Place to Work’? Employees Think So

December 19, 2019 Kylie Bielby









Target shooting enthusiast, loner, ex-security guard: What media has dug up about FSB HQ shooter so far



A man was killed after opening fire at the FSB headquarters in Moscow. Some Russian media identified the perpetrator, who turned out to be a firearms enthusiast without any obvious signs of radicalism.

The gun attack on Thursday evening left one FSB officer dead, while five people were injured, one of them a civilian. The shooter was killed in an intense firefight, which came as a shock for people in Moscow’s center. The authorities would not immediately identify the perpetrator, saying only that the incident is being investigated as attempted murder of law enforcement officers.

However, some Russian media say the gunman was Evgeny Manyurov, a 39-year-old man from Podolsk, a small satellite city located about 16km







The Denver PostDenver school board member says he’ll sit during Pledge of Allegiance to 

protest shootings of black peopleNew Denver Public Schools board member Tay Anderson released a statement 

Thursday saying he will stay seated during the Pledge of ...17 hours ago







Vigil honors 275 homeless and poor people who died in SF this year


Kevin Fagan Dec. 19, 2019 Updated: Dec. 19, 2019 9:36 p.m.








Running free

For inmates, the San Quentin Marathon offers 26.2 miles of life beyond bars

By By Rachel Levin | Dec. 20, 2019 | San Francisco Chronicle





WATCH: Cops Arrest Man for Recording from own Driveway, asking for Badge Numbers








Published on

Friday, December 20, 2019

byCommon Dreams

'Monstrous': Docs Show Canadian Mounties Wanted Snipers Ready to Shoot Indigenous Land Defenders Blockading Pipeline

In response to the exclusive Guardian report, critics called the actions of Canadian authorities "abhorrent and unconscionable."

byJessica Corbett, staff writer






Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Leader of Grossly Immoral Character: The Chosen One Gets Unchosen

byAbby Zimet, Further columnist



Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Remember how everyone said President* Impeachment would never lose the support of see-no-evil evangelicals? Praise God, he just did. After hearings that "illuminated (his) moral deficiencies for all to see," a scathing editorial in the Billy-Graham-founded Christianity Today has called for Trump's removal due to his "blackened moral record." To those who still support the unholy one, it warns, "Remember who you are and whom you serve."







Trump's Christmas Gift to Big Oil: Killing Hopes of Electric Car Tax Credit Extension

Read time: 3 mins

By Dana Drugmand • Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 13:


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July 11, 2017

During the Vietnam War, FBI used the press as a cover to “avoid embarrassment” while surveilling protests

Files on Howard Zinn show the Bureau hiring a freelance photographer to capture Selective Service protest on Boston Common

Written by JPat Brown

Edited by Beryl Lipton

A memo from Howard Zinn’s FBI file shows how the Bureau relied on third-party contractors and press coverage to avoid scrutiny of its surveillance of Vietnam protestors.

Near the end of the first section of Zinn’s file, released after a FOIA request by Chris Caesar, is an April 1968 memo from the FBI’s Boston office regarding a coordinated nationwide protest against the draft.





FBI file documents Chef Paul Prudhomme’s history of accidentally bringing loaded guns to airports

“Believe me, the only ‘heat’ I wanted to bring to Baltimore was my seasoning line.”


























JANUARY 24, 2020

Biden’s Shameful Foreign Policy Record Extends Well Beyond Iraq


Presidential contender Joe Biden has come under fire for his support for the 2003 Iraq War, but continues








Your Chance Of Developing Symptoms Or Dying From The Menacing Coronavirus That Now Threatens Global Human Populations Is 0.0000017482% Symptoms/ 0.0000001137% Death

By Bill Sardi

January 25, 2020







To Protect and Serve Means Only to Maim, Murder, and Control: The Empire’s Lie That is National Security

By Gary D. Barnett

January 25, 2020






Ghislaine Maxwell had special access to Buckingham Palace, former cop claims

By Lee Brown

January 26, 2020 | 12





Benicia cop faces legal proceedings in DUI-related arrest






9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference


Draft agenda for January 29, 2020


8 p.m. (ET) / 5 p.m. (PT) teleconference dial-in # 

(605) 313-4118    Access code: 464958#


[Note: Some telephone service providers block access to this teleconference service, or require additional charges. If you encounter any of these difficulties, please try calling this alternative number: (425) 535-9195. You will then be required to key in the original phone number above before entering the access code. Please inform of us of any technical difficulties you encounter in accessing the teleconference.]


*Welcome to the first teleconference of 2020! After our break at Christmas, we’re back on a regular schedule of calls on the last Wednesday of every month.


Greetings all,


After some wonderful teleconferences over the past few months, we’re very excited to start again in 2020! And our first call, this Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST, will feature more fascinating guests.


Our first speaker will be Philip Farruggio, who will talk to us about the military industrial empire and obscene military spending. Philip is a contributing editor to The Greanville Post and has contributed to Global Research, Nation of Change, World News Trust and Off Guardian sites. He is also the host of the radio show It’s the Empire…Stupid.


We’re also very excited to have Dylan Avery, one of the creators of the Loose Change series, to tell us about the new documentary film he is making about Building 7 and the Hulsey Report for Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth. The film is still in production with shooting having taken place in Alaska and San Francisco so far. Since his Loose Change days, Dylan has continued to hone his filmmaking skills, producing quality documentaries on important topics, including his most recent film, Black and Blue, about police brutality. This film won best documentary at the Catalina Film Festival


Following the talks by these two guests, we’ll have our regular time for announcements and suggestions for future speakers.


We think this will be a terrific all, and we hope you can all join us!


Cheryl Curtiss

Craig McKee


DRAFT AGENDA for Wednesday January 29, 2020 teleconference


I Roll call/minutes approval (copied below)/agenda approval (5 min)


II The military industrial empire [Philip Farruggio] (20 min. + 15 min. Q&A,)


III New doc on Hulsey Report [Dylan Avery] (20 min. + 15 min. Q&A)


IV Announcements


VI Updates on 9/11 topics (as needed)

New articles, books, films, or recent news about 9/11 or other Deep State crimes

9/11 and the Deep State on the legal front, including current adjudicatory efforts by Lawyers for 9/11Inquiry, JASTA, 28 pages, William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce

Censorship and cognitive infiltration: new examples of censorship or harassment of members of the Truth community;  MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth

Google (et al.) censorship

9/11 Truth political candidates










Emergency surgery required to remove sex toy from Arizona woman’s bladder





JAN 27, 2020 | 1:37 PM











Michigan priest gets 60 days in jail for bubble-wrapping teenage boy





JAN 27, 2020 | 1:03 PM









Lounging at Sundance, in an Indigenous way






Published on

Sunday, January 26, 2020

by Zinn Education Project

Ten Years After Howard Zinn’s Death — Lessons from the People’s Historian

Now is an especially good time to remember some of Howard Zinn’s wisdom.








Law Professor: Trump Could Also Have Been Impeached for War Crimes, Assassinations & Corruption



Watch Full Show









Edward Snowden: Trump has created a global playbook to attack those revealing uncomfortable truths 








JANUARY 27, 2020


Adani and the Purpose of Education






Recently, Survival International, the organization









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UFOpen for business: Britain’s Royal Air Force to declassify X-Files kept in secret for years

27 Jan, 2020 09:52






Subject: USA TODAY: Survivors want alternatives to prison for violent crimes




This is an outstanding piece making a positive case for continuing justice reform! 


Check out this story from USA TODAY: Survivors want alternatives to prison for violent crimes


More than half of those incarcerated in the USA are convicted of violent crimes. System should not be about punishment but about making victims whole.








Ronald Reagan’s “October Surprise” Plot Was Real After All








Highspire cop, wife sentenced to prison for ‘extreme abuse’ of their malnourished dog








Trial Begins for Ex Miami-Dade Cop Accused of Striking Cuffed Suspect








For this ex-cop, the drive to get homeless, addicts, and mentally ill out of the criminal justice system is personal

By Joe Eskenazi | Jan 27, 2020 | FeaturedFront PageInstagramMobileNewsletterToday'





Virginia Cops Arrest Man for Refusing to Show ID after Photographing Cop Cars








State fights attempt to reconsider ex-cop's 25-year sentence






Supreme Court Asked To Tell Cops That Consenting To A Search Is Not Consenting To Having Your Home Destroyed





Colorado Cops Defend License Plate Readers as Tech Spreads








Federal prosecutors drop two cases involving same now-transferred FBI agent Lucas

for giving false testimony








Baker’s Mass State Police reforms must pass

His proposed legislation could help change the culture of the scandal-plagued agency.

By The Editorial Board,Updated January 27, 2020, 4:00 a








State Police commander was allegedly cruising in Bermuda when he claimed to be working


By Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff,Updated January 27, 2020, 10:56 a.m.






Former Greenfield police sergeant found guilty of vehicular homicide









Retired State Police Lieutenant Pleads Not Guilty


Associated Press

January 26, 2020


Read More: Retired State Police Lieutenant Pleads Not Guilty | https://wbsm.com/retired-state-police-lieutenant-pleads-not-guilty/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral









FBI withholds internal data of crimes prosecuted from arrests made  by FBI agents


Figure 1. Monthly Trends in Prosecutions

The increase from the levels five years ago in prosecutions for these matters is shown more clearly in Figure 1. The vertical bars in Figure 1 represent the number of prosecutions of this type recorded on a month-to-month basis. Where a prosecution was initially filed in U.S. Magistrate Court and then transferred to the U.S. District Court, the magistrate filing date was used since this provides an earlier indicator of actual trends. The superimposed line on the bars plots the six-month moving average so that natural fluctuations are smoothed out. The one and five-year rates of change in Table 1 and in the sections that follow are all based upon this six-month moving average. To view trends year-by-year rather than month-by-month, see TRAC's annual report series for a broader picture.

Cases were classified by prosecutors into more specific types.

The largest number of prosecutions of these matters in September 2019 was for "Withheld by Govt from TRAC (FOIA challen", accounting for 25.2 percent of prosecutions. Prosecutions were also filed for "Drugs-Drug Trafficking" (12.6%), "Weapons-Operation Triggerlock Major" (10.8%), "Drugs-Organized Crime Task Force" (9.8%), "Project Safe Childhood" (7.2%), "Violence-Other" (5.3%), "Fraud-Health Care" (4.3%), "Bank Robbery" (3.2%), "Violence-Indian Country" (3.1%), "Other Criminal Prosecutions" (2.8%), "Fraud-Computer" (2.2%), "Fraud-Other" (2%). See Figure 2.











Donald Cabana, Warden Who Loathed Death Penalty, Dies at 67





Death At Midnight: The Confession of an Executioner


While an increasingly outspoken American public is quick to endorse the death penalty, the voices of those who experience the chilling reality of executing another human being are seldom heard. Donald A. Cabana chronicles a personal journey through the nation's prison system that culminated in giving the order to execute two death row inmates. Cabana's compelling account brings the reader inside the "secretive, mysterious world of the execution chamber" to witness the process of an execution and to experience the emotions of the executioner and the man strapped in the chair known as "black death."


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Former inmate now advocates for prisoners in Nevada


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Dear Friends, any comments NOW by email would be most appreciated. I will be bringing the below to Congress tomorrow. Charlie
Whistleblowing in federal prisons has been in existence since 1989. It should be a conditional requirement for a state and a local entity to receive a Byrne Grant. 
Below are excerpts from emails by three retired wardens that show this is strongly needed.
      It truly is a closed system. I had a terrible experience with a young officer who worked for me - and I was the Superintendent!  She reported inappropriate actions by a Sergeant toward a female inmate. 
We contacted the Inspector General's Office that was in charge of investigations immediately. When this became known, she was ostracized, and then intimidated. This was a young Officer who had a bright future in corrections - or at least I thought so.  The Sergeant was suspended and the investigation continued.  
The reaction by that "blue line" was embarrassing and terrible. Her car was vandalized, staff made clear to her that they did not want to work with her. This goes way back to early in my career, but I really never found a good way to solve this problem. 
In the end, she transferred to another facility at the other end of the State, but that did not help much.  She was injured in the male facility where she was working and ended up disabled. I agree with her assessment that her fellow officers did not come to her aid expeditiously.
 I worked very hard during my whole career to address these issues. The Sergeant was given a slap on the wrist by an arbitrator and he was sent back to work at my place. I was livid and one of my Deputies did pull him aside and said that if he wanted any career that he should immediately ask for a transfer. The Sergeant never came back another day.
     I think it was better at the end of my career and I am very proud of so many of my staff but I do think that the closed nature of our prisons allows this mentality to proliferate.
     I am not sure how a whistleblower reaction would be created but I sure want to remain in the talks.  This line of thought that outsiders don't belong is at the root of much of this behavior.
There was a time when I was warden and trying to change a prison that I had just arrived at, the word got out that no Correctional Officer had better be seen initiating a conversation with me.  We had to meet off site. 
It took years to get them to understand that working “with” the inmates was ultimately in their best interest. I would be happy to speak to the issue and support it.  You are accustomed to long battles and this as you know will be no different.  Let me know if there is something specific that I could do to help.

Blessings, Jack






Hi Charlie, 
As former Chief of Internal Affairs and Warden for the BOP, I have the following thoughts:
  • I strongly support the use and protection of whistleblowers in corrections and all workplaces
  • BOP staff are covered under the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989.
  • Office of Special Counsel investigates all federal whistleblower complaints
  • Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is the only court empowered to hear appeals of whistleblower cases decided by Merit Boards
  • Correctional staff need to use appropriate channels provided to whistleblowers (going outside of the authorized procedures may violate policy and sustain charges of misconduct)
  • Union officials would support your interest in including a whistle-blowing provision in the Byrne Grants
  • Federal BOP staff (36,000) would support protection for whistleblowers at local, state, and federal levels

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Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Attorney for Shoplifting at the United States Marine Corps Base Quantico Exchange

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated an investigation of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) attorney based on information that the attorney was arrested in February 2018 for shoplifting at the United States Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico Exchange.

The OIG substantiated and the FBI attorney admitted to placing numerous cosmetic items, valued at $257.99 and belonging to the MCB Quantico Exchange, into her purse without the intention to pay for them and did not pay for them before leaving the store. The FBI attorney further admitted that between February 2016 and her arrest in February 2018 she had shoplifted at the MCB Quantico Exchange one to two additional times, and at other private retailers in the area on two to three occasions.

The OIG concluded that the FBI attorney had violated federal criminal law and FBI policy regarding unprofessional conduct. Criminal prosecution was deferred pending the FBI attorney’s completion of 125 hours of community service, after which all charges were dismissed.

The OIG has completed its investigation and has provided its report to the FBI and the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility for action they deem appropriate.






Video shows cop trailing two black men after asking them to leave Walmart for wearing surgical masks



Published 14 mins ago on March 25, 2020





Wednesday, March 25

Julian Assange's lawyers to apply for bail, citing virus risk

Andy Bruce, Reuters

Those who intentionally spread coronavirus could be charged as terrorists

Josh Gerstein, POLITICO

Chicago Mayor Pressures Judge To Release Fewer Detainees As Coronavirus Spreads In Cook County Jail

Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof

Face Surveillance Is Not the Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis

Matthew Guariglia, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Empty the Jails Now

Jonah Walters, Jacobi









Coal Industry Group Asks Federal Lawmakers to Cut Funding for Black Lung Program, Citing COVID-19

Read time: 5 mins

By Sharon Kelly • Friday, March 20, 2020 - 16:17






Judge Overturns Verdict Against Man Who Flipped Off Cop

March 25, 2020








Workers Comp

High court rules death of cop while off duty compensable

Louise Esola

March 25, 2020









March 25, 2020






Delhi top cop admits to misconduct by police during lockdown; harassment reported from across country

A large amount of milk, and fresh produce items were thrown away as the police thrashed and harassed the delivery persons, even some of the warehouses of on line delivery platforms were asked to shut





Essays on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

By David Denton








Maine Focus

Inside Maine’s largest prison, inmates watch coronavirus inch closer with sense of ‘pending doom’






Actress Lori Loughlin, other defendants allege government misconduct in college admissions scandal


By Jeremy C. Fox Globe Correspondent,Updated March 25, 2020, 3 hours









Man under investigation for plotting an attack at a hospital believed to be treating Covid-19 patients was killed during an FBI investigation



Updated 11:01 PM ET, Wed March 25, 2020







The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings







Why the FBI Shouldn't Be Trusted to Investigate the Death of Ibragim Todashev

For at least 20 years, its inquiries have never found fault with a fatal shot taken by an agent.









documentcloud.org › documents › 2902671-Savage-NYT-FOI...

http://www.documentcloud.org › documents › 2902671-Savage-NYT-FOI...


  1. Cached

They include both Shooting Incident Review Team (SIRT) reports ... based on these documents, including The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings.








FBI Discloses 700 Pages of Internal Shooting Incident Review Reports

June 21, 2016 Charlie Savage


loses 700 Pages of Internal Shooting Incident Review ...

charliesavage.com › ...

charliesavage.com › ...


  1. Cached

Jun 21, 2016 - 22, 2015; Charlie Savage and Michael Schmidt, “The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultlessin 150 Shootings,”New York Times, June 19, 2013.






LaVoy Finicum shooting: FBI agent indicted for alleged false statements

Updated Jan 09, 2019; Posted Jun 27, 2017






Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Unauthorized Contacts with the Media, Disclosing Law Enforcement and Other Sensitive Information to the Media, and Accepting a Gift from the Media

The Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation upon the receipt of information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), alleging that a then FBI Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) had numerous contacts with members of the media in violation of FBI policy. Additionally, it was alleged that the DAD may have disclosed law enforcement or other sensitive information to the media without authorization. This matter is among the OIG investigations referenced on page 430 of the OIG’s Review of Allegations Regarding Various Actions by the Department and the Federal Bur







Investigative Findings in Cases Involving Administrative Misconduct

This page contains links to summaries of our investigative findings in cases involving administrative misconduct that meet either of the following criteria: (1) cases involving as subjects members of the Senior Executive Service and employees at the GS-15 grade level or above, and Assistant U.S. Attorneys, in which the OIG found misconduct and no prosecution resulted; or (2) cases involving high profile investigations, or in which there may otherwise be significant public interest in the outcome of the investigation. A summary of investigative findings is posted following issuance to the component of our final report of investigation, after the Department, the affected component, and the subject (when appropriate) have been provided with the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed summary.

2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | Prior to April 2015


March 16, 2020

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Warden for Acting Unprofessionally Toward a Subordinate, Abusing the BOP Awards Program, Violating BOP Alcohol Policy, and Directing a Subordinate Not to Follow BOP Policy on the Timely Reporting of Misconduct to BOP’s Office of Internal Affairs

March 10, 2020

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a then Assistant United States Attorney for Conduct Prejudicial to the Government and Attempted Misuse of Position

January 6, 2020

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Federal Bureau of Prisons Supervisor for Engaging in an Inappropriate Sexual Relationship with a Subordinate and Related Misconduct



December 19, 2019

Investigative Summary: Finding of Misconduct by a Senior Official in the Executive Office for Immigration Review for Engaging in a Prohibited Personnel Practice

November 26, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings that an Employee of a Contractor for the Federal Bureau of Prisons Suffered Reprisal for Making a Protected Disclosure in Violation of Federal Law Protecting Contractor Whistleblowers

November 18, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Then DEA Section Chief for Misusing His Position

October 17, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Senior Official for Failing to Report an Intimate Relationship with a Subordinate and for Failing to Avoid Creating the Appearance of Preferential Treatment

October 15, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a United States Marshal for Entering into a Restricted Area of a Sheriff's Office and a County Jail Without Authorization

October 2, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a then Assistant United States Attorney for Improperly Disclosing Grand Jury Materials to an Unauthorized Individual

October 2, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a then DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Failing to Report Misconduct Allegations

September 24, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a BOP Assistant Director for Engaging in Inappropriate Personal Relationships with a BOP Contractor and with a BOP Union Executive, for Misusing a BOP-issued Cell Phone, and for Lack of Candor; and by a BOP Union Executive for Engaging in an Inappropriate Personal Relationship with a BOP Assistant Director

September 17, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a FBI Special Agent in Charge for Failing to Report an Intimate Relationship with a Subordinate and for Taking Actions that Lacked Impartiality, Demonstrated Favoritism Toward the Subordinate, and Contributed to the Decline in Staff Morale

August 29, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Then Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Misuse of DOJ-Issued Computers and for False Statements

August 5, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by Two DEA Special Agents and a DEA Supervisory Special Agent for Violations of the DEA’s Confidential Source Policy

July 8, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a DEA Group Supervisor for Actions Related to a Confidential Source Including Approving Payments to the Source without Proper Justification and Engaging in an Improper Personal Relationship; and by a DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Failing to Properly Supervise the Group Supervisor

June 11, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Special Agent in Charge for Using the Office for Private Gain and Dereliction of Supervisory Responsibility

June 10, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Senior DEA Official for Violating Ethics Regulations, DEA Standards of Conduct, and the Federal Acquisition Regulation, and for Lack of Candor; by a Member of the DEA Senior Executive Service for Aiding and Abetting the Senior DEA Official’s Misconduct; and by a JMD Senior IT Manager for Violating DOJ Contractor Security Policy

June 6, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Unit Chief for Misusing her Position by Attempting to Ensure her Daughter Received an FBI Offer of Employment

June 6, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a DOJ Trial Attorney for Misuse of DOJ Issued Computer and Cellular Telephone

June 5, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a United States Marshal for Making an Inappropriate Comment about Shooting a Judge and for Lack of Candor

May 30, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an Assistant U.S. Attorney for Possessing, Transporting, and Consuming Marijuana Edibles; Falsely Denying Controlled Substance Use on a Security Form; and Lack of Candor

May 29, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Unauthorized Contacts with the Media, Disclosing Law Enforcement and Other Sensitive Information to the Media, and Accepting a Gift from the Media

May 14, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Attorney for Shoplifting at the United States Marine Corps Base Quantico Exchange

May 1, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Falsely Representing that the Former DAAG was a High-Level DOJ Official

April 30, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Special Agent in Charge and Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Failing to Ensure Contact with a Known Drug Trafficker was Handled According to FBI Policy for Confidential Human Sources, and for Failing to Report and Preventing the Reporting of Misconduct Allegations

April 29, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Failure to Act in a Professional Manner, and by a DEA Special Agent in Charge for Favoritism and Providing False Statements to the OIG Concerning the Allegations Involving the ASAC

March 11, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a Bureau of Prisons Warden for Directing a Prison Renovation Project Without Acquiring Required Approvals or Involving Proper Personnel

February 19, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by a U.S. Marshal and Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal for Harassing and Making Retaliatory Statements About a Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal, Retaliating Against Another Deputy U.S. Marshal for Filing a Grievance, and Lack of Candor

February 5, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Supervisory Special Agent for Making False Representations, Working for an FBI Contractor, Accepting Gifts from an FBI Applicant, Assisting the FBI Applicant in the Employment Selection Process, and Misusing a Government Vehicle and Cell Phone

January 29, 2019

Investigative Summary: Findings of Misconduct by Two Current Senior FBI Officials and One Retired FBI Official While Providing Oversight on an FBI Contract


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The Maine Farmer Saving the World’s Rarest Heirloom Seeds

Will Bonsall has spent a lifetime scattering seeds across the country. But will his efforts fall among the thorns?







The administration official overseeing coronavirus testing efforts was pushed out of his vaccine development role at Texas A&M University over performance issues, according to a report from the Washington Post.

The Post reports:


[A]fter eight years of work on several vaccine projects, [Brett] Giroir was told in 2015 he had 30 minutes to resign or he would be fired. His annual performance evaluation at Texas A&M, the local newspaper reported, said he was ‘more interested in promoting yourself’ than the health science center where he worked. He got low marks on being a ‘team player.’

Now President Trump has given Giroir the crucial task of ending the massive shortfall of tests for the novel coronavirus. Some governors have blasted the lack of federal help on testing, which they say is necessary to enact Trump’s plan for reopening the economy.

That criticism has focused attention on Giroir and whether he can deliver results under pressure. His years as director of the Texas vaccine project illustrate his operating style, which includes sweeping statements about the impact of his work, not all of which turned out as some had hoped.

During two recent interviews with The Washington Post, Giroir blamed his ouster on internal politics at the university, not on any problems with the project.

Many public health experts have said that the economy cannot fully reopen until coronavirus testing becomes widely available; otherwise the country will risk seeing a surge in cases once stay-at-home orders are relaxed. 









Trump Bungles Hit on Cuomo and Shatters Own Wrongness Record on “1917” Pandemic

Robert Mackey

April 20 2020, 6:23 a.m.











Akela Lacy

April 19 2020, 12:49 p.m.










Lee Fang

April 19 2020, 6:30 a.m.








If Trump Thinks It’s Safe for His Followers to Gather at Protests, Why Doesn’t He Attend One?

Robert Mackey

April 18 2020, 1:50 a.m.









Correcting History . . .

Truth is often the first casualty in the aftermath of conflict. The creation of mythological stories about real-life historical figures has become entrenched in every facet of American culture for a very long time.

In the case of mid-twentieth-century leaders, it has taken nearly five decades for truth-seekers to sift out the myths—composed of subtle deceits and brazen lies—from the basest pure truths.


President Lyndon Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover are the clearest examples of how the tension between myths 






Sunday, April 19, 2020

Fauci the Hypocrite. Do NIAID royalties cloud his thinking?


Dr. Tony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) does well.  According to the NY Times, "He is among the most highly paid federal employees, earning about $400,000 a year, more than the vice president or the chief justice of the United States. He oversees a budget of $5.89 billion for the 2020 fiscal year."


Based on reporting by the Associated Press and British Medical Journal, in addition to his salary, he has patented IL2 as a treatment for AIDS, while directing NIAID.  He receives an unknown amount of royalties for that, which according to NIH rules may reach a maximum of $150,000 per year.  Queried about this, he said he gives the money to charity.


I mention Fauci and royalties because his institute collects royalties on a number of patents. NIAID has a patent for therapeutic drug products to treat MERS, and  seeks collaborators for commercial development. NIAID collaborated on a vaccine for MERS. And NIAID developed the use of a previously licensed, two drug combination to treat Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS.  MERS is caused by a deadly coronavirus, a cousin to SARS-CoV-2.



In an interview with USA Today seven years ago, Fauci discussed MERS, which was causing an outbreak in Qatar and Saudi Arabia with over 30% mortality.  Fauci sang an entirely different song than he is singing now about hydroxychloroquine.  Back then, he suggested using a licensed and available drug combination to treat MERS, even though the treatment had not gone through definitive trials. (And even though the treatment is dangerous, see below.) Might this be because his institute had discovered the MERS treatment and stood to benefit, while hydroxychloroquine, at a cost of about $1.00 for a full treatment course, might save lives but would make nobody rich?

Scientists found that a combination of the antiviral drugs ribavirin and interferon-alpha 2b can stop the virus from reproducing in lab-grown cells, says lead author Darryl Falzarano of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID)'s lab in Hamilton, Mont.


That's particularly encouraging, because these drugs, now used to treat hepatitis C, are widely available, says Anthony Fauci, director of the infectious-disease institute, which financed the research.

"We don't have to start designing new drugs," a process that takes years, Fauci says. "The next time someone comes into an emergency room in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, you would have drugs that are readily available. And at least you would have some data."

Even though the treatment hasn't gone through definitive trials, Fauci says, "if I were a physician in a hospital and someone were dying, rather than do nothing, you can see if these work."

But what makes him more of a hypocrite is that the drug combination he recommended using is known to be exceptionally dangerous.  It contains a Black Box warning, and its FDA label says the following:

"Alpha interferons, including PEG-Intron, cause or aggravate fatal or life-threatening neuropsychiatric, autoimmune, ischemic, and infectious disorders. Patients should be monitored closely with periodic clinical and laboratory evaluations. Patients with persistently severe or worsening signs or symptoms of these conditions should be withdrawn from therapy. In many but not all cases these disorders resolve after stopping PEG-Intron therapy. See WARNINGSADVERSE REACTIONS.Use with Ribavirin. Ribavirin may cause birth defects and/or death of the unborn child. Extreme care must be taken to avoid pregnancy in female patients and in female partners of male patients. Ribavirin causes hemolytic anemia. The anemia associated with REBETOL therapy may result in a worsening of cardiac disease. Ribavirin is genotoxic and mutagenic and should be considered a potential carcinogen. (See REBETOL package insert for additional information and other warnings)."

Fauci's NIH colleagues provided this warning regarding the drug combination Fauci thought should be used in the absence of clinical trials, in a 2006 NEJM review:

"Side effects of peginterferon and ribavirin affect virtually all patients who receive treatment. The most common side effect of ribavirin is hemolysis, and anemia is the major reason for dose reduction. The stress of the sudden onset of anemia can induce myocardial infarction in persons with preexisting coronary artery disease or stroke in those with cerebrovascular disease. Ribavirin is also teratogenic, and strict adherence to an effective means of birth control is mandatory for both women and men who receive this drug. Serious side effects of combination therapy occur in 1 to 2% of patients, and permanent injury and death can occur. 

Yet Fauci continues to claim hydroxychloroquine is inappropriate to use for Covid-19...


Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 12:59 PM 0 comments 







APRIL 20, 2020

A Universal Basic Income is Essential and Will Work



Photograph Source: Generation Grundeinkommen – CC BY 2.0

According to an April 6 article on CNBC.com, Spain is slated to become the first country in Europe to introduce a universal basic income (UBI) on a long-term basis. Spain’s Minister for Economic Affairs has announced plans to roll out a UBI “as soon as possible,” with the goal of providing a nationwide basic wage










APRIL 20, 2020

De-Funding the World Health Organization: Unethical, Cruel, and Dangerous for the World



Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse than a global pandemic that has reached all corners of the earth, infecting over 2 million people and killing over 140,000 — over 31,500 so far in the U.S. — President Trump has announced that the U.S. will suspend all funding to the World Health Organization.

Trump’s reasoning — supported by such Republican Senators such as Tom Cotton and Todd Young — is that China has too much influence over the WHO, that the WHO failed disseminate accurate information to governments in the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis, and that the U.S. is best positioned to address the crisis on its own without global cooperation. This is wrong and dangerous not only for the U.S., but for the entire world. For countries whose COVID-19








Trump Is Scapegoating the WHO — But Failed to Confirm a U.S. Representative for 3 Years

Trump and the Senate GOP ignored the World Health Organization. Then came the new coronavirus pandemic.










There's One Guy Policing Trump's $2.2 Trillion Bailout, and He's Working From Home On a Laptop

Three more nominees were named to the Congressional Oversight Commission on Friday, but right now, Bharat Ramamurti says, "it's me and my laptop." 








Corona Quotes

Most memorable comments from the pandemic.

By Steve Brodner









The Devastating Emotional Toll of Suspending Prison Visits







U.S. Supreme Court takes up former cop's computer fraud appeal









Police officer shot dead by fellow cop









Utah Cop not Wearing Face Mask Stands Inches from Man Yelling about his Attitude








UK cop filmed threatening to "make something up" to arrest man








Little Rock cop says he’s been mistreated since reinstatement

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