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Posts: 8,680
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Posts: 8,680
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October 7, 2015 | Edward Curtin
Why Americans Should Closely Watch Unfolding Events in Guatemala, Part 2

This is the backstory to the recent arrest of Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina on corruption charges. It details the US involvement in the training of Molina and many others in the most effective techniques of torture and killing at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

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Disgraced head of BPD Narcotics set for release

October 26, 2015 - 12:00am
The sheer size of the seized cocaine was such that it was locked in the old jail in the basement of the police station in downtown Beaumont.Michael Siebe (inset) somehow obtained a key.

Michael R. Siebe, the central figure in the worst scandal in the history of the Beaumont Police Department, is scheduled to be released from federal custody Nov. 1. Siebe, 65, has spent the past 21 years in various federal prisons and currently resides in a halfway house in Houston. He will reportedly move in with his former in-laws near Vidor where he will be under federal supervision for five years.


Interstate 10 is the southernmost transcontinental highway in the United States. It stretches from the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California, to I-95 in Jacksonville, Florida – and it runs right through the middle of Beaumont. When a massive federal effort targeted Florida smugglers, the Colombian cartels changed tactics and started bringing their dope across the border from Mexico. Like before, the main narcotics corridor was I-10, but now the contraband was traveling east – through Beaumont.

Lt. Mike Siebe was commander of the BPD narcotics division in 1992 when two Colombian men driving a U-Haul truck were stopped on Interstate 10 by Beaumont officers Don Froman and Gerald LaChance, who were working in narcotics interdiction – and their beat was I-10. A search of the truck turned up 350 pounds of cocaine worth $13 million. At the time it was the largest highway drug bust in Southeast Texas history. The sheer size of the seized cocaine was such that it overwhelmed the police evidence vault, so it was locked in the old jail in the basement of the police station in downtown Beaumont.

Unbeknownst to officials, Siebe had somehow obtained a key to the cell where it was stored. Apparently the temptation of the money and the cocaine proved too much for Siebe, and hundreds of pounds of cocaine disa

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Sunday, November 8, 2015
Oregon County Passes Initiative Allowing Sheriff to Void Gun Control Laws If He Thinks They’re Unconstitutional
Coos County residents smoothly approved the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance Tuesday with more than 60 percent voting for its passage. The ordinance bars public employees from using county funds to enforce any laws the sheriff deems unconstitutional. It also prohibits enforcement of Oregon’s recent law requiring background checks on private gun transfers, including transactions between friends. County employees who violate the measure could face a $2,000 fine.

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Harvard 'black tape' vandalism brings law school's controversial past to fore

Tape placed over portraits of tenured black faculty comes after ‘art-action’ by black students attempting to draw attention to school seal’s slavery roots
The Harvard Law School’s seal is derived from the crest of Isaac Royall Jr, a wealthy and ruthless slaveholder whose endowment founded the school.
The Harvard Law School’s seal is derived from the crest of Isaac Royall Jr, a wealthy and ruthless slaveholder whose endowment founded the school. Photograph: Chitose Suzuki/AP

Saturday 21 November 2015 07.00 EST
Last modified on Saturday 21 November 2015 16.45 EST

Derecka Purnell was one of the first Harvard law students to see the black tape placed over about six portraits of Harvard Law School’s tenured black faculty Wednesday morning. “I was surprised to see it ...” Purnell said, before reconsidering: “Actually, I wasn’t surprised at all.”

The incident comes at a moment when, nationwide, college students are demanding action against the entrenched white supremacy and racism they say still pervades campus life. Even at elite liberal universities such as Harvard – places where some might believe that racist symbols and behavior are a relic of the past – these discussions and protests persist.

And it’s working. In response to student demands, administrators at Princeton University announced Friday that they would consider renaming a dormitory currently named for former US president Woodrow Wilson, based on his well-documented racist views.

At Harvard, the tape that was pasted across the faces of black professors appears to have been taken from an “art-action” in which student activists placed black gaffer tape over the law school seal in several locations of the school’s main hub, Wasserstein hall. The action was carried out by members of the campus group Royall Must Fall (RMF) and was intended to draw attention to the seal’s history as the family crest of the wealthy and ruthless slaveholder Isaac Royall Jr.
The Harvard Law School seal.
The Harvard Law School seal. Photograph: Wikimedia

Royall, whose endowment founded the law school in 1817, gained his immense wealth by way of his family’s Antigua plantation, where in the mid-1730s “seventy-seven enslaved people were burned alive, six were hanged, and five were broken on the wheel” in retaliation for a slave uprising, according to an open letter from RMF to the school’s dean, Martha Minow. The school adopted his family crest in 1936 as a part of a fundraising campaign.

Alexander Clayborne, a spokesperson for RMF, told the Guardian that the art-action was meant to be educational. “It was purely meant to call attention to the fact that the Harvard seal is the seal of a slaver and should be removed.”

He called the response of taking that tape and placing it on the faces of black professors “an act of blatant racial intimidation”.

“I think it’s part and parcel of the backlash that black students have seen around the country,” Clayborne said, referencing threats like those made against black students at the University of Missouri and Howard University last week.

Clayborne said that while the campus protest movements around the country have catalyzed RMF’s efforts, they drew their inspiration from student protests in South Africa which successfully organized to force the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town campus. Rhodes was one of the architects of South African apartheid and the Royall Must Fall movement is part of a larger effort to decolonize the campus.

Eve Ewing, a doctoral candidate at Harvard’s school of education said that the incident had meaning for black students throughout Harvard’s campus, not just at the law school. “The act of putting the tape over the crest is a symbolic act that’s meant to say the legacy of slavery is not going to encompass what we want this institution to stand for.

“To take that tape and say, ‘Actually, we’re going to erase the legacy of important scholars who have paved the way for black scholars in higher ed’ makes it even more insulting.”

This is not the first time controversy has bubbled up around Royall’s legacy at the school. In 2003, when now supreme court justice Elena Kagan was named dean of Harvard Law School, she declined the endowed Royall professorship and instead chose a new chair in the name of Charles Hamilton Houston, the first black American on the Harvard Law Review.

Dr Ronald Sullivan, one of the black professors whose face was vandalized by the tape, said: “I’ve learned more

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Bonus read

Homeland Security Committee Chief Calls for More Funding for FBI, DHS


Following the Paris terror attacks, the chairman of the House Homeland
Security Committee is calling for “an increase in funding” to protect
the U.S. from a similar attack, CNSNEws.com reports.

Asked on ABC’s “This Week” what needs to be done to protect the
homeland, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, responded:

“Well, it’s — it’s very difficult and



GOP rep wants non-FBI official to lead hostage recovery team
- 11/30/15 01:36 PM EST

A Republican congressman is expressing concern about an interagency
office known as the hostage recovery fusion cell created this year to
better respond when Americans are held hostage.

“My concern with the existing structure of the fusion cell is that the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) remains in primary control,”
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) wrote in a letter to President Obama on
Monday. “Given that the FBI is chiefly a law enforcement organization,
it remains my belief [that the] FBI--despite its best intentions and
efforts--is neither organized nor developed to lead hostage recovery
in hostile areas.”

Hunter’s letter comes on the heels of Obama signing into law this
year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision
that requires Obama to appoint an interagency hostage recovery
coordinator within 60 days.

To address his concerns, Hunter is requesting Obama appoint a
coordinator from outside the FBI.

“My strong recommendation is to appoint a hostage recovery coordinator
with direct control and oversight of the fusion cell--and someone
without a direct relationship to the FBI,” Hunter wrote.

“Doing so will dramatically improve our long-term hostage recovery
efforts in the post-9/11 world and provide the consistency and
coherency that is needed,” he added.

In June, the fusion cell was created as part of policy changes that
followed a wave of executions of American hostages by the Islamic
State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Chief among the changes was to allow
families of American hostages to offer ransom payments to their
captors without the threat of prosecution.

In addition to the FBI, the fusion cell includes officials from the
State Department, the Pentagon and the CIA.

In his letter, Hunter expressed concern that the FBI does not have the
resources or experiences in hostile areas that other government
agencies have.

“Retaining the FBI as the lead government entity in hostage recovery
(in areas of conflict) is a disservice to those in captivity and their
families, and it takes away from other issues of focus that demand the
FBI’s expertise and resources,” he wrote.

“I was shocked,” he added, “to learn that a lead agent in one case had
never stepped foot in Afghanistan.”



Today in State Secrets: The FBI Wants Both Your Day and Evening Phone

—By Kevin Drum
| Mon Nov. 30, 2015 2:20 PM EST

Back in 2004, the FBI served Nicholas Merrill with a National Security
Letter. Merrill owned Calyx Internet Access, and the FBI wanted him to
turn over transactional records about his clients. As usual with NSLs,
this was done without a subpoena or a court order. Merrill was
forbidden from revealing the contents of the NSL or even publicly
acknowledging that he had received an NSL.

Merrill went to court, and US District Judge Victor Marrero initially
ruled against him. Merrill subsequently reached an agreement with the
government that allowed him to discuss the NSL but not to reveal which
records the FBI had requested. Merrill continued to fight, and today,
in Merrill v. Lynch,1 Marrero finally ruled definitively in his favor.
In cases like this, the government has to demonstrate that disclosure
would cause specific harm, and Marrero found that they hadn't done so.
Among other things, he points out that the Department of Justice
itself already publishes a manual that includes sample language for
NSLs. It includes most of the transactional data the the FBI requested
from Merrill, and the remaining items would hardly be difficult for a
potential target to figure out.

Still, the FBI argued that there were some differences, and those
should be kept secret. Marrero provides an example that he finds
singularly unimpressive:

Many of the remaining redactions in the Attachment are even harder
to justify than the categories discussed thus far. For example, the
Government seeks to prevent Merrill from disclosing that the
Attachment requested "Subscriber day/evening telephone numbers" even
though the Government now concedes that the phrase "telephone number"
can be disclosed. The Court is not persuaded that there is a "good
reason" to believe that disclosure of the fact that the Government can
use NSLs to seek both day and evening telephone numbers could result
in an enumerated harm, especially if it is already publicly known that
the Government can use NSLs to obtain a telephone number, more

Thanks to Marcy Wheeler for pointing this out. You may consider it
your entertainment for the day. That is, you could consider it in that
light if it weren't a pretty important subject. And unfortunately, the
court's ruling is quite narrow: the only reason Marrero changed his
mind is because the investigation has been closed, the target has been
revealed, and virtually everything else about the NSL is already
public. In other words, this will have very little impact on the
government's future power to issue tens of thousands of NSLs with
virtually no oversight. We now know what information the FBI wanted in
2004, but we're no closer to knowing what they routinely ask for



Young Greek women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich as six
years of painful austerity have pushed the European country to the
financial brink, a new study showed Friday.

The study, which compiled data on more than 17,000 sex workers
operating in Greece, found that Greek women now dominate the country’s
prostitution industry, replacing Eastern European women, and that the
sex on sale in Greece is some of the cheapest on offer in Europe.

“Some women just do it for a cheese pie, or a sandwich they need to
eat because they are hungry,” Gregory Laxos, a sociology professor at
the Panteion University in Athens, told the London Times



Here is all the information the FBI can ask for without a warrant and
without you even knowing

November 30 2015

Thanks to court documents released today (Nov. 30) Americans can for
the first time glimpse one of the US government’s powerful
surveillance tools: the National Security Letter, or NSL.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation sends out tens of thousands of
these letters every year to financial institutions, travel agencies,
telecommunications companies, and credit-reporting agencies demanding
a wide range of information on the individual it is investigating,
without a warrant from a judge. The Patriot Act, signed into law in
2001, drastically increased the FBI’s mandate to issue NSLs.

Nicholas Merrill filed a First Amendment lawsuit after receiving an
NSL in 2004 regarding one of the customers of his New York internet
and consulting business, Calyx Internet Access. A federal judge has
now ordered the release of Merrill’s NSL, which was handed to him by
an FBI agent along with an order not to discuss it with anyone.

Here is some of the information on his client that Merrill was ordered
to hand over, per the unredacted document:

DSL account information
Subscriber name and related subscriber information
Addresses associated with the account
Subscriber day/evening telephone numbers
Screen names or other online names associated with the account
Order forms
Records relating to merchandise orders/shipping information for
the last 180 days
All billing related to account
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
All email addresses associated with account
Internet Protocol (IP address) assigned to the account
All website information registered to the account
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) address assigned to the account
Any other information which you consider to be electronic
communication transactional reco


NASA satellites reveal something startling about the future of food on
Business Insider By Tanya Lewis
Nov 30, 2015 12:10 PM

As world leaders convene in Paris this week at the United Nations
Climate Summit (COP21) to discuss solutions to the growing threat of
climate change, we could all use a little perspective.

And what better perspective than from space?

Climate change due to human activity is causing visible shifts on our
planet, and NASA is uniquely positioned to observe these effects.

"If we continue on our current course, it's going to be hard to feed
this planet because it's so hot," Ellen Stofan, NASA's chief
scientist, told Business Insider.

In fact, photosynthesis — the process all plants use to convert carbon
dioxide into carbohydrates — declines rapidly at temperatures above
about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, Stofan explained during a talk October 16
at The James Beard Foundation Food Conference, a meeting to discuss
the future of food.

And the evidence suggests that we could reach too-high temperatures
too soon.
An alarming trend

Stofan has spent most of her career studying Venus, a planet with a
major greenhouse effect — a fancy term for a planet's atmosphere
trapping the sun's heat and warming its surface.

Here on Earth, NASA satellites are seeing a similar trend, and it's
veering toward dangerous levels. This warming trend is bad news for
our ability to grow food.

Here's an animation of global surface temperature anomalies from 1880
to 2013. Higher-than-normal temperatures are in red and
lower-than-normal temps are in blue:

As you can see, the number of hotter-than-average patches has
drastically increased in the last few decades.

This is actual data — "this is not a model," Stofan said.

This wouldn't be the first time human-caused climate change has
affected our ability to grow food, Stofan pointed out. The Dust Bowl
of the 1930s, which had a devastating effect on agriculture in the US
and Canada, can be traced to poor farming practices and severe drought
brought on by climate change.

The difference today is that NASA has the tools to help farmers on
Earth cope with climate change and become more resilient.

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The CIA and the State Department conspired to exploit a bureaucratic loophole to keep records hidden

by Emma Best

October 10, 2018

In 1955, the Central Intelligence Agency’s Psychological and Paramilitary Operations Staff made some inquiries through their point of contact at the State Department about the storage and accessibility of records concerning CIA operations. When they didn’t receive the answer they wanted, an informal suggestion led to a formal policy to circumvent those requirements by manipulating technicalities and appearances, and in some cases ignoring the records even existed.

Read More






The postcard that pitted the ACLU against the FBI

by JPat BrownCarolyn Komatsoulis

October 11, 2018

The recently released Federal Bureau of Investigation file for former head of the American Civil Liberties Union Roger Baldwin document numerous times the groups came into conflict with each other. One notable incident, related to the Bureau’s wartime “Postal Censorship” program, led to a testy exchange between Baldwin and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover after the Bureau investigated the writer and pioneering Libertarian Rose Wilder Lane over her comments on a postcard.

Read More






SRCCON 2018 • June 28 & 29 in Minneapolis








Eoin Higgins

October 9 2018

ONE OF BARACK Obama’s first decisions after being elected president continued to haunt the country over the weekend, as Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the fifth hard-line conservative on the Supreme Court.In January 2009, George W. Bush left office with an abysmal 22 percent approval rating, the lowest ever recorded. Almost everyone with anything to do with his administration was considered politically






The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital

Global Research › ca



Apr 6, 2018 · Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. ... The hospital story was told to Pepper by a man named Johnton Shelby, whose mother, Lula Mae ...







7 Traits of the Modern Sociopath and Psychopath ( working in Law Enforcement )

7 signs of the ruthless and the heartless.

Posted Oct 07, 2018


— Robert Hare

Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes identified interchangeably as sociopathy or psychopathy, is defined by the Mayo Clinic as: “A mental condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People with antisocial personality disorder tend to antagonize, manipulate or treat others harshly or with callous indifference. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior.”






Assessment of Police Officers & Others in Dangerous Jobs

Assessment of police officers can reduce risk of errors in judgement on the job.

Posted Jun 30, 2015






FBI refuses to tell US Senate if Trump’s phones are tapped: ‘Is NSA or FBI listening in on our President?’

October 10, 2018 | Tom Tillison |  Print Article






David Wise, author and CIA expert who exposed 'invisible government,' dies at 88







 Nassau cop charged with exposing himself to two women










FBI's Wray confirms White House limited Kavanaugh probe


By JOSH GERSTEIN 10/10/2018 11:05 AM EDT Updated 10/10/2018 01:33 PM EDT






State Police tried to destroy payroll records during investigations 

The department sought to destroy boxes filled with potential evidence in the department’s ongoing internal audit, as well as federal and state criminal probes, into alleged overtime fraud. 10:46 am






L.A. County watchdog investigating team of deputies that stopped thousands of innocent Latinos on 5 Freeway




We're Watching the Slow Poisoning of the Supreme Court


Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was unusually contentious and bitter, but it wasn't an aberration.







Judge gives Dzokhar Tsarnaev team time to study FBI interview on Waltham slays

Laurel J. Sweet Monday





DNC Lawyers Met With Top FBI Official Before Spy Warrant Targeting Trump Campaign Was Doled Out


Matt Vespa




Posted: Oct 08, 2018 1:45 




FBI informant in terror stings owned limo in deadly crash, state source confirms


By Brendan J. Lyons and Larry Rulison Updated 10:27 pm EDT, Monday, October 8, 2018


NYPD detective son of two retired high-ranking cops busted on drunken driving charges after Harlem crash







Treasure hunters challenge FBI over dig for legendary gold


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Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement

By Mehring Books 

21 January 2019

The World Socialist Web Site and Mehring Books are pleased to announce the publication of Agents: The FBI and GPU Infiltration of the Trotskyist Movement, by Eric London.










Judge claims FBI refused information on police corruption probe after pressure from LVMPD

JANUARY 21, 2019 · 

LAS VEGAS — Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson told the Baltimore Post-Examiner that in 2017  FBI agent Kevin White told her he was ordered not to talk to her about Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police corruption.

The judge was providing information on dirty cops and prostitution.

White said Special Agent-in-Charge Patrick Brodsky ordered him not to take the information, she said.

The FBI agent said Brodsky claimed Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff, Todd Fasulo, contacted Brodsky and wanted the agent to stop talking to her, she said.

Brodsky was the second in command of the FBI Las Vegas Division at the time. His boss was Aaron Rouse, the Special Agent-In-Charge.

Fasulo retired from the LVMPD in December of 2017 and went to work for Wynn Resorts Las Vegas, as an executive in security. Brodsky retired in April 2018 and he also went to work at Wynn Resorts as an executive in security.





DOC official allegedly misled City Council on statistics about inmates' missed medical appointments: source





JAN 20, 2019 | 8:34 PM 





N.Y. parole commissioners travel the state to conduct video hearings and rarely step inside prisons, Daily News analysis shows







NYPD grills cops over leaving suspect's firearm on sidewalk for someone else to grab











#Resistance heroes? Ex-FBI official says bureau tried to keep ‘progressives out of office’ (VIDEO




For liberals swept away by Russiagate mania, the FBI is worshipped as a fearless protector of democracy. According to a former FBI official, however, the bureau has actively worked to keep “progressives” out of office.

Terry Turchie, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, appeared on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s program to discuss congressional investigations into Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Criticizing the Democrat-controlled House for seizing on factually dubious news reports about Trump’s alleged Kremlin collusion, Turchie nonchalantly disclosed that part of his “mission” at the FBI was to try to keep “progressives” and “socialists”out of office.

“The electorate in some places is putting more and progressives and self-described socialists in positions,” Turchie told Carlson. “And, ironically, years ago – when I first got into the FBI – one of the missions of the FBI in its counterintelligence efforts was to try to keep these people out of office.”









Federal agents blamed Martin Luther King's nonviolent movement for violence in cities across the country

By Doug Donovan


The Baltimore Sun

POSTED:   01/20/2019 02:45:37 PM MST














DOJ official Bruce Ohr shared intel from file creator in 2016 with prosecutors now on Mueller staff

by Denis Bedoya | Jan 20, 2019 | News Summary




ANYONE WISHING TO CONTACT GARY CAN DO SO AT   http://www.garypowers.com  




Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 5:58 PM

To: 'Ed'

Subject: Spy Pilot, Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy




Hope all is well. I have a new book coming out January 22.


The title of my book is: Spy Pilot, Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 Incident, and a Controversial Cold War Legacy.


This link will take you to an overview of my new bookhttp://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/576973/spy-pilot-by-francis-gary-powers-jr-and-keith-dunnavant/9781633884687/


This link will provide you with video and my remarks from my father's posthumous Silver Star Ceremony in June 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9BwCKfSKk.


Below is a list of my current speaking venues for 2019.


Anything you can do to help spread the word would be appreciated.




Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

PO Box 1356

Midlothian, VA 23113


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January 31 – The Little Book Store, Midlothian, VA


February 2 – Private Organization, Henrico, VA 


February 4 – Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, TX


March 5 – George H. W. Bush Presidential Library, College Station, TX


March 6 – Westminster, Austin, TX March 7


March 7 – The Headliners Club, Austin, TX


March 13 – Central Intelligence Retirees Association, Ashburn, VA


March 13 – Georgetown Clinical Society, Washington, DC


April 1 – Historical Society, Amelia Island, FL 


April 4 – Bay Village, Sarasota, FL 


April 4 – St. Mark’s Church, St Petersburg, FL 


April 5 – Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College, St Petersburg, FL


April 8-11 – The Benjamin School, West Palm Beach, FL (Visiting Scholar)


April 12 – Treasure Coast CIRA, Jensen Beach, FL 


April 14 – The Villages, FL 


April 15 – Live Oak Public Library, Live Oak, FL 


April 18 – LULU, Morrisville, NC 


May 1 – Private Cold War Tour of Washington, DC


May 23 – George C. Marshall Foundation, Lexington, VA


June 13 – South East Pennsylvania Cold War Historical Society, Warminster, PA


July 22 - 28 – EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI (Tentative)


October 5 – San Juan Air Show, San Juan, PR (Tentative)


October 30 – Private Pentagon Tour and Old Guard Tour


Nov 13 – Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, WI











MWN Episode 107 – Douglas Horne on the Zapruder Film Alteration Debate

7 January 2019 by S.T. Patrick 19 Comments





From: Denton, David <dentond@iecc.edu>

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2019 4:52 PM

To: Ed Tatro

Subject: Updated JFK Conference Information - April 4th - 8th - Olney Central College





One of our many, excellent speakers that will be presenting at our conference entitled “Political Assassinations of the 1960s,” is Lisa Pease, who is an outstanding JFK and RFK assassination researcher. Lisa has just released an important, ground-breaking book on the RFK assassination, “A Lie too Big to Fail.” She will be one of our keynote speakers at our banquet Saturday night, and will be giving presentations on Friday and Saturday, as well.


Our conference will be held in an academic setting at Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois and features an outstanding array of authors, researchers, historians, and college professors. Please consider joining us! For more information about the conference, including information about registration, travel, and lodging please visit our website;https://www.jfkhistorical.com/.


David Denton 

Olney Central College 

JFK Historical Group






MWN Episode 107 – Douglas Horne on the Zapruder Film Alteration Debate

7 January 2019 












Douglas Horne joins S.T. Patrick on the first episode of 2019 to discuss the debate over Zapruder Film alteration. Horne is the author of the five-volume Inside the Assassination Records Review Board: The U.S. Government’s Final Attempt to Reconcile the Conflicting Medical Evidence in the Assassination of JFKJFK’s War with the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated, and the two-volume Deception, Intrigue, and the Road to War, which discusses FDR’s actions leading up to Pearl Harbor. This was the subject of episode 007 of the Midnight Writer News Show. Mr. Horne’s article for the first issue of Deep Truth Journal is entitled “August 1941: The Key to Understanding FDR’s Design for American Entry into World War II.” It can be purchased at the Alibris website.

The following outline and supporting evidence have been supplied by Mr. Horne for this presentation:

Douglas Horne’s Zapruder Film Presentation Outline:

I.    The REAL Chain-of-Custody of the Zapruder Film

II.   The Zapruder Film Research of Sydney Wilkinson and Thom Whitehead

III.  The False Claims Made by Robert Groden about their work, and the rebuttals of those false claims.

IV.  More (Indirect) Evidence of Alteration: the Physical Appearance of Today’s First Generation Copies

V.   Other Possible Evidence of Alteration

VI.  Perfidy and Deceit


“Zapruder film 2K and 6K scans courtesy of Sydney Wilkinson and Thom Whitehead, for private research purposes only.”




The link to the documentary short subject “The Zapruder Film Mystery” is in the public domain free of charge, and was placed there by the film maker, Shane O’Sullivan.



The link to the Hany Farid article (in which he attempts to debunk frame 317 as a normal shadow), which is in the public domain.



Transcript of Sworn Testimony of Robert Groden at the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial in Dec of 1996



The Cronkite-Clark Audio Clip (Note: This is only the Cronkite-Clark clip. The full interview with Mr. Horne is at the bottom of this page)



Douglas Horne can be followed at his “Inside the ARRB” blog:









Audio Player









Podcast: Play in new window | Download









Off-duty Adams County sheriff’s deputy shot by police has died

Deputy Jesse Jenson was removed from life support Friday afternoon.




Home » News » Local

Former FBI agent faints while testifying at Christensen hearing


Fri, 01/18/2019 - 12:29pm | Ben Zigterman







Their view: FBI, investigate thyself









Trump’s FBI Problem Is a Character Problem


January 18, 2019 3:14 PM







AN 18, 2019

Nixon’s Personal Lawyer Paid Hush Money to Watergate Burglars







Transcripts of Former Top FBI Lawyer Detail Pervasive Abnormalities in Trump Probe





Right-Wing Media Gets Whackier, Calling for Abolishment of FBI











26,813 viewsJan 16, 2019, 09:10am

Massive Oklahoma Government Data Leak Exposes 7 Years of FBI Investigations



Thomas Brewster

Forbes Staff


The strangest thing we’ve found in the CIA’s declassified archives (so far)

by JPat Brown

January 17, 2019

Today is the second anniversary of the Central Intelligence Agency’s declassified archives being published online after a lengthy legal battle. While we’ll be examine some of the larger impact the release has had in a little bit, we also wanted to share what’s hands down the weirdest thing we’ve found so far.

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Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy to plead guilty in robbery of marijuana warehouse





JAN 17, 2019 | 6:35 PM 




Brooklyn DA wants special prosecutor in case of two cops accused of rape





JAN 17, 2019 | 9:45 PM 





Arizona Activists Face Jail Time for Providing Life-Saving Aid to Migrants Crossing Sonoran Desert

Staff, Democracy Now!

Despite denials, documents reveal U.S. training UAE forces for combat in Yemen

Nick Turse, Yahoo

Experts: Alabama's Mask Law is Outdated

 Janae Pierre. WBHM

Free Expression, Free Assembly and Free Association Aren't Just Rights; They're Tools

Sue Udry, Dissent NewsWire


Attorney general nominee William Barr doesn't reject the possibility of jailing journalis

 Li Zhou, Vox  

Booker presses Barr on impact of mass incarceration on black Americans

Jacqueline Thomsen, The Hill

William Barr's 'Deep State' resume: Cover-ups, covert ops, and pardons

Jefferson Morley, AlterNet  

The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute's Insult to Angela Davis Has Boomeranged

Mairav Zonszein, The Nation

Court Decision Likely Win for Mumia, Says his Former Lawyer

Staff, The Real News Network  


Defending Rights & Dissent Raises Troubling Issues with William Barr's Views on War Powers

Chip Gibbons, Dissent NewsWire

6 Questions William Barr Must Answer Before the Senate Weighs Confirming Him as Attorney General

John Nichols, The Nation 

William Barr May Be Worse on Immigration Than Jeff Sessions

John Washington, The Intercept 

Groups to Tech Companies: Don't Sell Face Surveillance Tech to Government

Staff, Dissent NewsWire

The FBI's Investigation of Trump as a "National Security Threat" is Itself a Serious Danger. But J. Edgar Hoover Pioneered the Tactic

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept 


Activists decry abuse at Guantanamo, 10 years after Obama ordered it shut

Ali Harbd, Middle East Eye 

Americans Have a Right to Boycott, Even If It's Wrong

Senator Rand Paul, The American Conservative   

If Trump Declares a National Emergency, He'll Be Breaking the Law

Majorie Cohen, Truthout

Judge Recommends Overturning California Terror Conviction

Don Thompson, Associated Press






Moodymann: police aim rifles at Detroit DJ in encounter caught on video

In Instagram post from inside car, house music pioneer says police confronted him in his own backyard







Right-Wing Media Gets Whackier, Calling for Abolishment of FBI


Never mind that most of the top FBI officials who have been accused of a running a rogue bureau are lifelong Republicans. Or that fired FBI Director James Comey may have cost Hillary Clinton the presidency by suggesting he was reopening the investigation into her email server just days before the election.







14 year old Arizona teen toting airsoft gun shot dead by Tempe cop




JAN 16, 2019 | 7:07 PM


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JUNE 27, 2019
Syrian Refugee Terror Plot or Latest in Pattern of FBI-Manufactured Terrorism Cases?


A Son’s Memoir of His Father’s Radical Beliefs, Pursuit by the F.B.I. and Ardent Love for America


FBI Works to Counter the Effects of Virgin Island PD Hack
The April ransomware attack targeted the police department’s servers that house internal affairs records and citizen complaints, leaving many files corrupted. Experts with the FBI are working to unencrypt these files.


The FBI vs. Antiwar.com
Secret documents reveal government spy-and-smear campaign

by Justin Raimondo
Posted on
August 22, 2011
The phone rang.
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and it was my day off. Sitting in my rather neglected garden, as the late afternoon light sparkled golden on the tops of the plum trees, I put down my book – the 1995 edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois – with more than a little annoyance. I was smack dab in the middle of a short story, “Asylum,” by Katharine Kerr, a tale about a future military coup in the US, written from the point of view of a particularly earnest liberal with faintly radical leanings. The main character is a woman writer who is abroad when the generals take over, and is marked as an enemy of the state


FBI summer academy teaches teens about agency, life skills
Posted: 3:23 PM, Jun 26, 2019 Updated: 8:36 PM, Jun 26, 2019

By: Brandon Marshall


Fighting for the Dogs

June 25, 2019
Civil Forfeiture Speeds Recovery for

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Deputy in Georgia shoots and kills canine, not realizing it was his police dog

JUL 24, 2019 | 7:24 PM


Subject: Arizona Public Records Law Request: Extreme Heat Plan (Department of Emergency and Military Affairs)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Arizona Public Records Law, I hereby request the following records:
All documents pertaining to the state’s emergency plans for a heat wave or for extreme heat.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days.


Agents feared riots, armed themselves because of dire conditions at migrant facility, DHS report says


Mueller Tells Congress: FBI ‘Currently’ Looking Into Issues of Trump Team Blackmail
“Yes, that was news,” Rep. Krishnamoorthi, whose question provoked the answer, told The Daily Beast. “I didn’t anticipate that.”


Jordan asks Mueller why he didn’t charge an FBI informant with lying. He already explained why.


AG Barr orders reinstatement of the federal death penalty
Barr also directed the federal government to schedule the executions of five death-row inmates convicted of murder.


FBI wants public, law enforcement to identify signs someone is planning act of extremist violence
Posted: 9:00 PM, Jul 24, 2019


FBI Abandons Use of Term ‘Black Identity Extremism’
Bureau has reorganized domestic terrorism categorization in favor of ‘racially motivated violent extremism’ category
By Byron Tau
Updated July 23, 2019 10:33 pm ET


Mueller Did Not Know Strozk Said FBI Had No Case for Collusion 10 Months into Investigation

By Melanie Arter | July 24, 2019 | 3:


Christopher Wray
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Statement Before the Senate Judiciary Committee
Washington, D.C.
July 23, 2019
Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation


The FBI Is Still So White: raceAhead
By Ellen McGirt
July 24, 2019


It Looks Like Former FBI Chief Had A Spy Within The Trump White House


FBI director lavishes praise on DOJ inspector general
by Jerry Dunleavy
| July 23, 2019 10:50 P


Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?: The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover Paperback – January 14, 2020
by Phillip F. Nelson (Author), Edgar F. Tatro (Contributor)
4.3 out of 5 stars

Mueller Refused To Deny His Team Leaked Roger Stone’s FBI Raid To CNN

JULY 24, 2019 By Tristan Justice
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller refused


Colorado Reps Ask FBI How Sol Pais Could Purchase a Shotgun Here
A bipartisan Colorado congressional delegation has sent a letter to the FBI asking how a Columbine-obsessed eighteen-year-old was able to unlawfully purchase a shotgun in April.
"We must ensure that our state's background checks are as effective as they can be and that the proper steps are being taken to stop this from happening again," said Congressman Joe Neguse in a statement released July 23.
Neguse is leading the charge for an inquiry to determine how Sol Pais was able to purchase a shotgun in Colorado, even though laws in her home state of Florida call for a multi-day waiting period before a purchase and require that a purchaser be at least 21 years of age. Federal law dictates that gun purchases by out-of-staters must fall in line with both the laws of the person's home state and the state where the purchase is happening.

        Jason Crow Introduces Gun Bill to Close Loophole Used by Columbine-Obsessed Woman
        Why It Was So Easy for Columbine Threat Suspect to Buy a Shotgun
        What We Know About Columbine Threat Suspect Sol Pais
Representatives Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Jason Crow (all Democrats, like Neguse) and Scott Tipton (Republican) have all signed on to the request, which notes that the presence of Pais in the Denver area led to the closing of multiple school districts along the Front Range three days before the twentieth anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School, which killed twelve students and a teacher. (The two shooters, both students themselves, committed suicide.)
"The reports that a system failure within the FBI allowed this individual to purchase a firearm they should never have been able to possess are extremely troubling," Tipton says in that same statement. "We must get to the bottom of what happened."


Grassley Pressures DOD For More Information On FBI Spy Stephan Halper


Not Mueller Time – At Last!

by David Stockman
Posted on
July 25, 2019
At his wrap-up press conference in May, Robert Mueller sternly underscored what he called "the central allegation" of the two-year Russia probe. Namely, that the Russian government engaged in
"multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election, and th


Coleen Rowley on Muller Testimony. Puerto Rico Update.


July 24, 2019
CIA archives contain the Air Force’s SECRET sales pitch for getting stationed at Area 51
To deal with chronic staff retention issues, the USAF put together a situational report that reads like a tourism brochure
Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy
News that over a million people are planning on breaking into the infamous government facility known as Area 51 would doubtlessly come as a surprise to those who were actually stationed there, which according to this formerly classified report in the Central Intelligence Agency archives. According to the files, the secretive Air Base employees there were all too eager to leave.


Nearly 30 kids removed from Montana youth treatment center after allegations that staff ‘hit, kicked, body slammed and spit on’ children


JUL 25, 2019 | 10:37 AM


Lewiston police officer who died from fentanyl overdose seen pocketing drugs during arrest


Retired FBI Special Agent to Lead Mississippi Department
Christopher Freeze
By Steve Neavling
Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Freeze has been appointed head the Mississippi Department of Human Services.
“I am confident Christopher Freeze will do a great job leading MDHS,” Gov. Phil Bryant said in a statement. “His intellect and leadership experience as a Special Agent in Charge at the FBI makes him an excellent fit to guide the agency during this period of


Subject: Nevada Public Records Act Request: Fusion Center MOUs + MOAs (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Nevada Public Records Act, I hereby request the following records:
Copies of the current or most recent memorandum of agreement (MOA) or memorandum of understanding (MOU) between your law enforcement agency and any fusion centers.
I am a member of the news media and request classification as such. I have previously written about the government and its activities, with some reaching over 100,000 readers. As such, as I have a reasonable expectation of publication and my editorial and writing skills are well established. In addition, I discuss and comment on the files online and make them available through non-profits such as the Internet Archive and MuckRock, disseminating them to a large audience. While my research is not limited to this, a great deal of it, including this, focuses on the activities and attitudes of the government itself. As such, it is not necessary for me to demonstrate the relevance of this particular subject in advance.
As my primary purpose is to inform about government activities by reporting on it and making the raw data available, I request that fees be waived.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 5 business days, as the statute requires.


J. Edgar Hoover Was a pedophile, Blackmailed by Mob, Book Says - Los Angeles Times
Feb 6, 1993 · Author Anthony Summers writes in his book, “Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover,” that top organized crime figures Meyer Lansky and Frank Costello obtained ...

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Discipline for Manhattan cops accused of doing nothing for assault victim


SEP 16, 2019 | 4:27 PM


The FBI probe into Kavanaugh turns out to be more of a sham than it seemed

New reporting details how FBI limited investigation of Kavanaugh allegations


Justice Department Awards Kavanaugh Team One of Its Highest Honors
Previously, the award has been given to terrorism, human trafficking and other criminal prosecution teams.
*                 ETHICS

The Justice Department is giving its second-highest award for employee performance to the attorneys involved in Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court last year. In contrast, previous recipients worked on terrorism, human trafficking and other criminal prosecutions.
Attorney General William Barr next month will present the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service


Russia Carried Out ‘Stunning’ Hack of Encrypted FBI Communications: Report
Jamie Ross
Updated 09.16.19 6:36AM ET / 
Published 09.16.19 6:14AM ET 


Ex-cop accused of stealing tires while on disability pleads not guilty
Updated Sep 16, 1:33 PM; Posted Sep 16, 1:14 PM


Cop punched man 12 times
in back of the head, and a jury just found it wasn’t excessive force
Updated Sep 16, 5:35 PM; Posted Sep 16, 2:44 PM


Former Springfield cop Daniel Cintron takes the stand and denies allegations of child rape


Mount Vernon cop charged with menacing in Brooklyn

Jonathan Bandler, Rockland/Westchester Journal News Published 6:30 p.m. ET Sept. 16, 2019



Published on
Monday, September 16, 2019
by Truthdig
Our Invisible Government
The most powerful and important organs in the invisible government are the nation’s bloated and unaccountable intelligence agencies.
byChris Hedges


Will NPR Now Officially Change Its Name to National Propaganda Radio?
September 6, 2019 ejcurtin 16 Comments


With guns drawn, FBI agents raid wrong house in Atlanta, lawsuit says


UMKC FBI Student Academy kicks off new year
By Henry Gamber on September 16, 2019

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“Orders to Kill” Dr. Martin Luther King: The Government that Honors MLK with a National Holiday Killed Him

A Review of The Plot to Kill King by William Pepper

By Edward Curtin 


November 30, 2016







FBI Tweets Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., the Man It Tried to Destroy








The Martin Luther King Conspiracy Exposed in Memphis

By Jim Douglass




The Kings and Pepper were in effect charging U.S. intelligence agencies – particularly the FBI and Army intelligence – with organizing, subcontracting, and covering up the assassination. Such a charge guarantees almost insuperable obstacles to its being argued in a court within the United States. Judicially it is an unwelcome beast.


According to a Memphis jury’s verdict on December 8, 1999, in the wrongful death lawsuit of the King family versus Loyd Jowers "and other unknown co-conspirators," Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by a conspiracy that included agencies of his own government. Almost 32 years after King’s murder at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis on April 4, 1968, a court extended the circle of responsibility for the assassination beyond the late scapegoat James Earl Ray to the United States government.

I can hardly believe the fact that, apart from the courtroom participants, only Memphis TV reporter Wendell Stacy and I attended from beginning to end this historic three-and-one-half week trial. Because of journalistic neglect scarcely anyone else in this land of ours even knows what went on in it. After critical testimony was given in the trial’s second week before an almost empty gallery, Barbara Reis, U.S. correspondent for the Lisbon daily Publico who was there several days, turned to me and said, "Everything in the U.S. is the trial of the century. O.J. Simpson’s trial was the trial of the century. Clinton’s trial was the trial of the century. But this is the trial of the century, and who’s here?"




Couple dies on same day, 65 years after meeting





JAN 19, 2020 | 10:36 PM





WATCH: Car windows SMASHED by epic hailstones as storms lash eastern Australia

20 Jan, 2020 14:03






FOIA Litigation Reveals $344,008.28 in Taxpayer Money Spent at Trump Properties













Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA 



by Terry Reed (Author), John Cummings (Author)


Argues that Presidents Clinton and Bush are under the influence of the CIA and that the agency worked to insure Clinton's election

Argues that Presidents Clinton and Bush are under the influence of the CIA and that the agency worked to insure Clinton's election








Maine policymakers are proposing a jail funding fix. Criminal justice reform is an end goal.









JAMES DWIGHT SANDERS                   

14501 John Tyler Highway               

Charles City, Virginia  23030,         

and ELIZABETH ANN SANDERS  14501 John Tyler Highway ) Charles City, Virginia 23030,    Plaintiffs, 










President Trump’s Third Homeland Security And Counter-Terrorism Adviser Leaves Job








New Jersey cop fatally shoots himself after wrecking car

By Craig McCarthy and Yaron Steinbuch

January 20, 2020 





Denver Cop's Sex-Crime Bust Isn't as Rare as You Think




The announcement over the weekend that Johnny Leon-Alvarez, a Denver police officer, had been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault was unsettling in and of itself. That such incidents aren't as uncommon as they might seem is even more disturbing.

Our May 2019 post highlighting 365 police officers banned by Colorado law-enforcement agencies includes a slew of former cops who wound up on this particular blacklist because of sex-crime allegations.









Addressing Sexual Offenses and Misconduct by Law Enforcement:






The Police Violence We Aren’t Talking About

Sexual assault is a persistent problem within police departments





Key Architect of 2003 Iraq War Is Now a Key Architect of Trump Iran Policy

By Jon Schwarz 

The Intercept

January 20, 2020


DAVID WURMSER WAS a longtime advocate of war with Iraq in the Bush administration. Eventually, he got what he wanted, and it was a total disaster. Now, Wurmser again has the ear of a president — this time, Donald Trump — and his sights are set firmly on Iran.

An influential neoconservative in President George W. Bush’s White House who became a significant force behind the push for war with Iraq in 2003, Wurmser has rece











In the Face of Rising White Supremacist Violence, Police Continue to Investigate Victims and

Alice Speri

January 20 2020, 7:00






Many seeds in the U.S. come precoated with neonicotinoids, one of the most common insecticides in the world.






Alleen BrownAlice Speri












Sharon Lerner

January 18 2020, 7:30 a.m. 









Five years ago, I was in my living room in New Jersey, finishing up a dissertation on chastity in 19th century Russian literature when I got a call from the CIA. As the recruiter went through the details about why he wanted me to work in clandestine affairs, I found myself impressed by his timing. He had known precisely when to call; at any other time in my life, nothing about this offer would have been attractive. I grew up being told the CIA was why we couldn’t have nice things (like democratically elected leaders in South America). But I was at a low point. I had no job prospects, was about to lose my health insurance once I finished my PhD, and was planning to move back in with my parents at the age of 28. I had become depressed and was behaving extremely out of character—I stole someone’s sushi from my university department’s re





Cop charged with DUI after highway crash that killed off-duty cop passenger in Illinois





JAN 20, 2020 | 1:28 PM





Undercover Houston Cop Shoots Black Man Approaching His Vehicle, Then Charges Him with Making ‘Terroristic Threat’

By Tanasia Kenney -

January 20, 2020





Vic cop says pensioner's beating justified







Underpants 'clock-in cheat' cop cleared








Cop-turned-militant among three Hizbul Mujahideen ultras killed in Kashmir


Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/national/north-and-central/cop-turned-militant-among-three-hizbul-mujahideen-ultras-killed-in-kashmir-796471.html








New top cop says community councils should have 'equal priority' with social media








Officer shoots and kills man after mistaking a bicycle part for a gun, L.A. cops say


JANUARY 19, 2020 02:37 PM






Bangladesh court sentences 5 ex-cops to death for killing


JANUARY 20, 2020 AT 3:56 AM





Alleged spouse-killing singer’s bombshell suit: Cops stole my jewelry, sheet music, recordings









By Oil City Staff on January 20, 2020





Rhode Island man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while in bed: cops















The FBI Scandal










The Fight to Save an Innocent Refugee from Almost Certain Death

Omar Ameen came to the U.S. to escape the violence in Iraq. Now he’s accused of being a member of an isis hit squad.


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FEBRUARY 20, 2020

The CIA’s Role in Operation Condor


The Washington Post reported that top secret documents confirm the role that the CIA played in Operation Condor, the international state-sponsored assassination, kidnapping, torture, and murder ring run by U.S.-supported military dictatorships in South America in the late 1970s. The documents confirm that the CIA’s role in the operation was to provide communications equipment to the ring, which enabled them to coordinate cross-border efforts to kidnap, torture, and kill suspected communists, which, of course, were nothing more than people who believed in




FEBRUARY 20, 2020

How the Military is Raiding Public Lands and Civilian Spaces Across the Western Front



Upper West Little Owyhee Wild and Scenic River, Oregon.

Military public land grabs and intrusions into civilian spaces are raging in the West. Wild landscapes are targeted for huge seizures of public land, increases in hideously loud war plane overflight impacts, or development of facilities like threat emitters. The military already has seized vast areas of the American West for use as ground and air ranges. The Nellis Range in Nevada spans 2.9 million acres, but the Air Force now wants to seize 300,000 more acres of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. The Navy finalized a giga





Police officer detained after shooting girlfriend






Red-state Utah embraces plan to tackle climate crisis in surprising shift







California Lagged in Capping Century-old Oil Wells Leaking Under Homes of LA Residents Plagued by Illness and Odors

Read time: 15 mins

By Marissa Pianko • Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 17:12






EU Plans to Measure True Climate Impacts of LNG Imports From US Fracked Gas

Read time: 5 mins

By Justin Mikulka • Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 12:13






Two-Fisted Storm System Pummels Iceland, British Isles

Bob Henson  ·  February 17, 2020, 4:11 PM EST






How deniers maintain the consensus gap

Posted on 18 February 2020 by John Cook

An excerpt from the book Cranky Uncle vs. Climate Change, released Feb 25. First posted here.

A number of studies have quantified the level of scientific agreement on climate change. In 2009, a survey by Peter Doran found that 97.4% of publishing climate scientists agreed that humans were changing global temperature. In 2010, Bill Anderegg analyzed public statements about climate change. He found 97–98% agreement among the most actively publishing climate scientists that humans are causing global warming.








Science News

from research organizations



Warming, acidic oceans may nearly eliminate coral reef habitats by 2100


February 18, 2020


American Geophysical Union


Rising sea surface temperatures and acidic waters could eliminate nearly all existing coral reef habitats by 2100, suggesting restoration projects in these areas will likely meet serious challenges, according to new research.





FEBRUARY 20, 2020

Freedom for $5.30…and This Time Mexico Really is Paying for It



Photograph Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Public Domain

Back in 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his proposed border wall. Turns out Mexico wasn’t interested, so Trump eventually resorted to declaring fake emergencies and illegally misappropriating money







Artificial intelligence finds disease-related genes


February 13, 2020


Linköping University


An artificial neural network can reveal patterns in huge amounts of gene expression data, and discover groups of disease-related genes. Scientists hope that the new method can eventually be applied within precision medicine and individualized treatment.














Science News

from research organizations



ESO telescope sees surface of dim Betelgeuse


February 14, 2020




Using ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT), astronomers have captured the unprecedented dimming of Betelgeuse, a red supergiant star in the constellation of Orion. The stunning new images of the star's surface show not only the fading red supergiant but also how its apparent shape is changing.






Artworks of the Dark Zone



Since the 1980s, archaeologist Jan Simek and his colleagues have surveyed prehistoric artwork decorating the deepest reaches of caves, including the so-called “Unnamed Caves,” of Tennessee and Alabama. (To read in-depth about this work go to, "Artists of the Dark Zone.") Many of the artworks were incised on the mud walls of these caves. In recent years, Simek and Beau Carroll, lead archaeologist of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Tribal Historic Preservation Office, have also studied inscriptions Cherokee left behind in the caves using their own writing system. Below are images of some of these artworks and an insc






The first Australian plant foods at Madjedbebe, 65,000–53,000 years ago

  • S. Anna Florin, Andrew S. Fairbairn, May Nango, Djaykuk Djandjomerr, Ben Marwick, Richard Fullagar, Mike Smith, Lynley A. Wallis & Chris Clarkson 

Nature Communications




There is little evidence for the role of plant foods in the dispersal of early modern humans into new habitats globally. Researchers have hypothesised that early movements of human populations through Island Southeast Asia and into Sahul were driven by the lure of high-calorie, low-handling-cost foods, and that the use of plant foods requiring processing was not common in Sahul until the Holocene. Here we present the analysis of charred plant food remains from Madjedbebe rockshelter in northern Australia, dated to between 65 kya and 53 kya. We demonstrate that Australia’s earliest known human population exploited a range of plant foods, including those requiring processing. Our finds predate existing evidence for such subsistence practices in Sahul by at least 23ky. Thes






Maine  regulators say Firm did ‘independent study’ of electric line while working for energy giant that could make billions from it











With the failures of the Iowa caucus, the movement for mobile voting hit yet another setback. Now, election security advocates are raising concerns about the ability of right-wing internet trolls and hackers to exploit voting machine issues — and whether states are capable of recovering when something goes wrong.

In Iowa, Democrats blamed a “human coding error” when a mobile a







Proposed Waldoboro solar farm could become largest in the county





Julian Assange and Roger Stone Are Perfect Examples of How Trump Uses His Pardon Power

Remember: Roger Stone worked to secure a pardon for Assange.






New England

Chief strips to his underwear and walks into storm after NH town eliminates police force






HomeUSA News


Spielberg’s daughter chooses career in PORN & says her director dad approves

19 Feb, 2020 21:22 / Updated 7 hours ago








Act Out

Mount Desert Island is great for winter birding. Here’s what you can see.






Brazilian senator SHOT after driving BULLDOZER into military police protest (VIDEOS)

20 Feb, 2020 07:23 / Updated 8 hours ago










You can grow eco-friendly sponges in your own garden







Newly discovered SECRET CHAMBER beside King Tut’s tomb may be burial site of Egypt’s long-lost Queen Nefertiti

20 Feb, 2020 14:08







Monster brook trout are spawning along Moosehead Lake’s shore









Trump Defies AG Barr, Continues Tweeting about Justice Department

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