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Prostitute adderall dealer Camden Nj area. Has snitched her boyfriend/pimp into an 80 year sentence (Brian Moore human trafficking, cherry hill nj). Snitched her way out a murder in 2014. 5'5" white, 135#s, face has craters from picking, trampled stamps "Candice". Photos available, centurykem@aol.com. Total thief, con artist, blackmailer, auto thief. Tricks under name Sara. DOB 8/12/1984. Resident washington TWP(Sewell) Nj. Drives 1997 Suzuki silver x90 (odd 2 seater) and has small dog "Winston" . Beyond ratting at every chance to Camden county prosecutors office, she is a master thief. 2 of her games are (1) clean your house, she ransacks and pawns everything of value (2) steals your shit and when you notice it, she will "help " you find it. She presents a very sorry picture and if you try and help her you will be fucked over. Everyone she has been around in last 12 years has been robbed and or put away. She is toxic, she is purely evil, she has no soul, expose her to everyone! Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_0038.JPG, Views: 168, Size: 321.37 KB
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Nasty woman. She will steal from you and when you catch her she will look you in the eye and swear she didn't touch your stuff. No one is safe from her. Her lover who saved her from dying of pneumonia was ratted by this piece of shit and he will spend rest of his life in jail. Whatever agreement you wring out of this viscous mongrel bitch she will break. There is absolutely no upside to helping her other than being maybe the 10000th fool to screw her. I saved her life as well, and she lied, stole, prostituted right in front of my eyes. She is beyond grimey and if it is possible she is even grimier when she uses dope or speed. I am not kidding this is one horrible rotten cunt
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Ishman Bracey... it was Christmas Eve and she got tossed from her parents house for attacking her mother. I gave her money so that she could get her car registered and we were gonna be together Christmas Eve. She went o a dope/xanax bender and didn't show even though I had driven an hour to get there. Same thing the next day, Christmas, promised to meet fucked my holiday, she was off tricking and getting high. So when she finally did show up she was so high she attacked me publicly in a parking lot. This woman is really not even human garbage, even mold has more morals. It's a shame because her parents are such decent people. How horrible to be such a shameful lying bitch. Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_0037.JPG, Views: 100, Size: 478.37 KB
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