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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board

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Ok I just returned back to good ole east texas and along with my I brought roughly 1500 pages of rats at work. I will just start off by saying I'd never throw information like this out there without proof. That's something you just don't do..anyway let's list these bitches

Christopher Eric Waltrip,
Cory Benjamin Youngblood,
Nathan Painter,
Shawn Jeffery Walton,
Emily Cain, (Cain Hardware)
Mary Yaws,
Bradley Barnett,
More to come, pics if needed

Posts: 502
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If you are a http://www.whosarat.com member with full database access, you should really post these informants in the police informant/Rat database along with their pictures and a couple pages of paperwork per Rat. Its pretty easy to post just make sure that you have their pictures saved in your computer and like up to 15 pages of paperwork (saved in one file) on your computer per Informant/Rat prior to posting in the police informant/Rat database. It is necessary to save each rats paperwork in one file per rat for easy uploading purposes. We have temporarily pinned your post to the top of the message board so it does not get lost but please think about posting these rats in the database with all the others. Thank you for your post!
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