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----Forwarded message----
From: bulletin@ae911truth.org
Sent: Mon, Mar 23, 2015 5:26 PM EDT
Subject: Niels Harrit Wows Danish Courtroom – Decision Expected April 9th

March 23, 2015

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Dr. Niels Harrit Performs a Master Class in
Danish High Court

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[ http://bit.ly/LibelUpdate ]Riding a wave of support from 9/11 activists around the world, Dr. Niels Harrit went to Danish High Court on Thursday, March 12, 2015 to appeal his libel suit against Danish newspaper Weekendavisen.

During the four-hour hearing, Dr. Harrit performed a master class for the three judges and 20 onlookers in the packed courtroom – both with his legal reasoning and with his presentation of the WTC evidence. For a detailed account of the hearing, we invite you to read our just-published article [ http://bit.ly/LibelUpdate ] by Danish 9/11 activist Josef Hanji. A decision from the judges is expected on April 9, 2015.

The hearing generated at least two mainstream media reports. One was a relatively balanced profile [ https://politiken.dk/indland/ECE2584245/portraet-911-skeptikeren-der-naegter-at-blive-kaldt-en-tosse/%23!ditpolitiken-1 ] of Dr. Harrit from the widely-read Politiken (an English translation can be read here [ http://www.ae911truth.org/images/PDFs/Politiken-03-15-15-ENG.pdf ]); the other was an eight-minute appearance on DR3 TV [ http://www.dr.dk/tv/se/monte-carlo-pa-dr3/monte-carlo-pa-dr3-57#!/20:02 ], one of Denmark's national public television channels, starting at the 11:45 mark (a version with subtitles is forthcoming). We hope more coverage will follow when the decision is issued on April 9.

Lastly, you can watch an interview with Dr. Harrit himself [
], conducted an hour after the hearing.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed toward Niels Harrit's legal fund. Your generosity made it possible for Dr. Harrit to show in a court of law that the science supporting the WTC controlled demolition theory is not only sound, but is overwhelming.

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Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers, calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice.

Learn more [ http://www.ae911truth.org/en/about-us.html ] about us. Contact us [ http://www.ae911truth.org/en/contact.html ] if you have questions or comments. Please forward and distribute widely!

Thank you, Richard Gage, AIA

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House Revives Bill To Completely Repeal The Patriot Act, Dismantle NSA Spying

Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan and Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie announced in a press release their intention to reintroduce the Surveillance State Repeal Act — a bill first introduced following the Snowden leaks in 2013 that would completely repeal the Patriot Act and the 2008 FISA Amendments Act, as well as introduce reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The bill would legally dismantle the National Security Agency’s most aggressive surveillance programs, including the bulk collection and retention of virtually all Americans’ landline phone records justified under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. The repeal of the 2008 FISA Amendments Act would also prevent the agency from tapping the physical infrastructure of the Internet, such as undersea fiber cables, to intercept “upstream” data in bulk, which critics including the ACLU claim the NSA uses to collect data on Americans.

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Sent: Sat, Mar 28, 2015 4:06 PM EDT
Subject: WTC 7 Resolution to Spark Major Dialogue at AIA Convention!

March 28, 2015

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55 Architects Submit Resolution to be Voted on at the AIA National Convention

Resolution Calls Upon the AIA to Support a New WTC 7 Investigation

Help Us Win the Vote!

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Should the American Institute of Architects support a new investigation into the complete collapse of WTC 7?

[ http://convention.aia.org/event/homepage.aspx?utm_campaign=AIA0081&utm_source=tk&utm_medium=promo ]That's the question hundreds of AIA delegates will be voting on at this year's National Convention [ http://convention.aia.org/event/homepage.aspx?utm_campaign=AIA0081&utm_source=tk&utm_medium=promo ] in Atlanta, thanks to the 55 courageous AIA members who co-sponsored our resolution [ https://gallery.mailchimp.com/d03bf3ffcac549c7dc7888ef5/files/AIA_WTC_7_Resolution.pdf ] calling upon the AIA to adopt an official "Position Statement" in support of a new investigation.

After submitting the resolution two weeks ago, we received word earlier this week that the AIA's Resolutions Committee had accepted it for consideration at the convention. Now begins the work of educating thousands of architects about why the AIA should support a new WTC 7 investigation.

If we prevail in this historic vote - and the AIA Board of Directors then ratifies the resolution - it will mean that the nation's largest association of architects officially supports a new WTC 7 investigation. This statement will resonate loudly throughout the architecture profession and beyond, bringing an unprecedented level of awareness about the need for a new investigation. But even if it doesn't pass, our campaign and the debate surrounding the resolution will advance the dialogue among our fellow architects further than ever before.

Now It's Time to Win the Vote!

Each year, we travel to the AIA Convention and speak with thousands of architects at our booth. But this year, we'll be going all out to make sure that every delegate, and as many members as possible, learn about WTC 7 before the votes are cast.

Will you help us mount the kind of campaign that will be necessary to take full advantage of this historic opportunity?

Donate TODAY! [ https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R7EPYWFAB947Q ]

Normally, our costs to rent a booth and send staff to the convention are around $15,000. But this year we're upping the ante to $25,000 so that we can expand our activities to match the importance of this opportunity. That includes:
* An expo booth twice the normal size and stationed near the entrance, which alone, with accessories, will cost over $10,000;

* Covering airfare and lodging for five amazing AIA members - all of them co-sponsors of the resolution - to lead our on-the-floor educational efforts; and

* A full-scale multi-media campaign both prior to and at the convention, which will include mailing this handsome WTC 7 AIA Convention pamphlet [ http://bit.ly/AIAresPDF ] to all 300 local AIA chapters, and a special online landing page devoted to educating AIA members about the resolution.
With your help, we can reach thousands of AIA members with the powerful message that it is our ethical responsibility as architects to call for a new investigation into the destruction of WTC 7.

Please stand behind us as we work to make it the AIA's official position to support a new WTC 7 investigation - and help us raise the required $25,000 by next week so that we can mount our most comprehensive educational campaign ever.

Support Our Resolution [ https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R7EPYWFAB947Q ]

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date as our efforts progress. Thank you for your generous support.

Very truly yours,

Richard Gage, AIA
and the AE911Truth Team

[ https://gallery.mailchimp.com/d03bf3ffcac549c7dc7888ef5/files/AIA_WTC_7_Resolution.pdf ]

Read [ https://gallery.mailchimp.com/d03bf3ffcac549c7dc7888ef5/files/AIA_WTC_7_Resolution.pdf ] the Resolution

[ http://bit.ly/AIAresPDF ]

See [ http://bit.ly/AIAresPDF ] the WTC 7 AIA Convention Pamphlet

[ http://bit.ly/AIAresATL ]

Truth and Shadows Blog: Major Coup for AE911Truth – AIA Green Lights Building 7 Vote [ http://bit.ly/AIAresATL ]

Support Our Resolution CLICK NOW [ https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R7EPYWFAB947Q ]

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Our work at AE911Truth is dedicated to the victims, families and all others throughout the world affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath.

Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers, calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice.

Learn more [ http://www.ae911truth.org/en/about-us.html ] about us. Contact us [ http://www.ae911truth.org/en/contact.html ] if you have questions or comments. Please forward and distribute widely!

Thank you, Richard Gage, AIA

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AE911Truth is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are deductible per codes and regulations.

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Our mailing address is:

2342 Shattuck Ave.
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The FBI Releases Final Report of the 9/11 Review Commission

Published on Saturday, 28 March 2015 09:23 Written by FBI
View Comments

911 review reportReport Details the FBI’s Implementation of the 2004 9/11 Commission Recommendations

On March 25th , the FBI released The FBI: Protecting the Homeland in the 21st Century, the final report of the 9/11 Review Commission. This congressionally mandated review focused on the FBI’s implementation

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2 stories



February 22, 2007 - In a declaration filed in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, Nichols accuses Larry Potts, an FBI official, of having taken part in the 1995 bombing.

November 2007 - A Utah lawyer, Jesse Trentadue, interviews Nichols in regards to the death of Trentadue's brother while in federal custody in 1995. Trentadue believes his brother Kenneth Trentadue died during an FBI interrogation when agents confused him for a suspect connected to the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing.

September 27, 2008 - A judge upholds the approval of a taped interview with Nichols in the death of Trentadue's brother.

November 6, 2008 - The FBI appeals an order allowing Jesse Trentadue to interview Nichols on video tape. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals later overturns the ruling and bars the taped deposition.


Judge to FBI: Go probe yourself on OKC bombing
WND.com-Aug 28, 2014
... has instructed the FBI to investigate itself over allegations of witness tampering in the case brought by Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue.


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As the trial of the century comes to a close, we are left with few answers to nagging questions about the FBI and the Tsarnaevs
Submitted by sosadmin on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 17:10

FBI officials release images of the Tsarnaev brothers to the public in a press conference at 5:30PM on Thursday, April 18, 2013, four days after the bombings. This screencap was introduced into evidence by the DOJ in US v. Tsarnaev.

Nearly two years after two bombs detonated minutes apart at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the lone person accused in the crime stands trial in federal court on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction charges. The jury is all but certain to convict, not least because his defense attorneys opened their arguments by pointing at their client and saying, “He did it.”

During the week of March 31, 2015, the DOJ and public defenders representing the defendant rested their cases. The defense and prosecution are slated to make their closing statements on Monday, April 6. Then, after jurors deliver what is certain to be a guilty verdict, the sentencing phase of the trial will begin. The only truly contentious portion of the trial will come during these sentencing arguments, where the defense will be allowed to present much more information about Tamerlan Tsarnaev than they could during the guilt phase. The stakes couldn’t be higher, for Dzhokhar ‘Jahar’ Tsarnaev faces the possibility of death by government execution.

But although this case and the circumstances around it have attracted unprecedented media attention, shocking government reversals and gaping holes in the official narrative of events have gone largely undiscussed. That’s a tragedy.

The bombings the FBI blames squarely on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s younger brother, 21 year-old Cambridge resident Jahar, set off a chain of events in my city that are hard, even now, to reconcile with the quiet university town I’ve known my entire life. The peculiar circumstances surrounding the attacks and what amounted to the declaration of martial law in the Boston area four days after them raise substantial civil liberties questions that strike at the heart of current debates about the proper role of the FBI, the Bureau’s aggressive actions in Muslim communities, limits on surveillance in a democratic society, and transparency and accountability in the so-called “War on Terror.”

It’s hard to know what civil liberties lessons to draw from the Boston Marathon bombings and the myriad mysteries surrounding them, however, because there are so many known unknowns. Like many Bostonians, I’m still grappling with what happened in the days, weeks, and months after the bombings.

I have lots of questions.

The first series interrogates the story about what happened in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, focusing in on when the FBI first positively identified the Tsarnaev brothers as their suspects, and what they did next.
How could the FBI have forgotten about Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

What was the FBI doing in the days following the Monday, April 15, 2013 bombings? The Bureau claims that, while it first found images of their suspects on Wednesday morning, it didn’t identify Tamerlan Tsarnaev by name until his dead body was fingerprinted at about 1 AM on Friday. If that's true, why didn’t officials recognize Tamerlan Tsarnaev in the surveillance footage they reportedly first found Wednesday morning? After all, in 2011 the Boston FBI office investigated Tamerlan for at least three months. Agents allegedly asked him to become an informant. How could the FBI officials who spent three months investigating Tamerlan, and maybe even cultivated him as an informant, forget about him less than two years later, when he was the FBI’s most wanted person in the world?

The claim that the FBI and police couldn’t identify Tamerlan from the surveillance footage they found on Wednesday is even more difficult to stomach given that the elder Tsarnaev was a relatively famous boxer in the region. Is it really possible that not a single cop in the Boston area, where even the FBI admits the photo of the brothers was probably widely disseminated among police prior to its public release, recognized Tamerlan, a man who was clearly known to the Boston FBI office and who won the 2009 and 2010 heavyweight New England Golden Gloves boxing championships? The idea that not one cop recognized Tamerlan is even more difficult to accept in light of the fact that Boston Police Officer Sean Gannon trained at Tamerlan’s gym, Wai Kru. Gannon was employed by the BPD in 2013, and according to a mixed martial arts website, served at the Department of Homeland Security-funded “counterterrorism” fusion center, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), where he worked on gang, intelligence, and homeland security issues.

Screenshot from MMA website identifying Sean Gannon as a BRIC employee and Wai Kru instructor.

In order to believe the FBI’s story about when it first positively identified Tamerlan by name, you therefore have to also believe that FBI officials decided to share the surveillance images of the brothers with the entire world before sharing them with the Boston FBI agents who had investigated Tamerlan in 2011 and police officers like Sean Gannon, who almost certainly knew him. Was this rank incompetence? Or is there something more to the story?

And given that releasing the photos set off a confounding series of events leading to a full on military-style lockdown of the city, why did the FBI decide to blast to the world pictures of Tamerlan and his little brother on Thursday at 5:30 PM? An FBI-endorsed ‘documentary’ about the Boston Marathon investigation contains interviews with FBI agents who said they decided to release the photographs because someone inside the FBI had leaked the images to the press, and a journalist was threatening to publish them. The decision to publish the photographs was a move to assert FBI control over public perceptions, the agents said.

Elsewhere the Feds told a totally different story, namely that they decided to release the photos to quiet down reddit users and press outlets like the New York Post, which were spreading photos of people the FBI did not consider suspects. In this rendition, the Feds released the images to protect innocent people from being smeared by well-meaning fools on the internet.

Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis put forward a third explanation. According to Davis, the photos were released to protect Bostonians from further attacks. “It forced them out of their hideout and they decided to commit further violent acts. But it’s my belief that they were already manufacturing explosive devices. Further violent acts were inevitable,” Davis said.

Regardless of which officials or what you believe about why the FBI released the photographs of the Tsarnaevs, it’s clear that their decision to do so had huge, disastrous consequences. But was that inevitable, as Davis asserted?

Reports from associates and classmates of the Tsarnaevs indicate that almost immediately after posting the images the Bureau received a slew of calls from people who identified the brothers. The FBI has testified in the Tsarnaev trial that both brothers were at home—Dzhokhar at Umass Dartmouth and Tamerlan in Cambridge—all week up to Thursday afternoon. On Thursday evening, Dzhokhar apparently left campus and drove to his brother’s house in Cambridge. All of that begs the question: Why didn’t officials apprehend the Tsarnaevs after people called the FBI hotline to identify them?

If it’s true, as the FBI claims, that no one inside the Bureau knew their names until after they had killed a cop, carjacked a man, and engaged in a firefight wherein they threw bombs at police, why isn’t there an investigation into the gross incompetence that produced this massive failure? We know that as of April 2013 the FBI had—at the very least—investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It’s hard to believe that those agents and other law enforcement officials didn’t recognize the locally-famous boxer. And the public release of the photos didn’t appear to do anything but cause an unholy mess that led to the death of one police officer and the serious wounding of another. An FBI official answering phones at the FBI’s hotline would only have had to do a quick Google image search to confirm that the man callers said was Tamerlan Tsarnaev was in fact the Chechen immigrant. Was it gross incompetence? Why hasn’t there been an investigation into the FBI’s conduct that night? Why hasn’t anyone been held accountable for this series of catastrophes?

An investigation might reveal answers to other questions—questions apparently posed by local police officers themselves, who were, it seems, so alarmed by the FBI’s actions on Thursday night that they alerted a senior Republican Senator known for his whistleblower advocacy.

Sean Collier's police cruiser, where he was found dead on MIT campus at about 10:30 on Thursday night. This image was entered into evidence in US v. Tsarnaev.

Primary among those questions is this: What, exactly, was the FBI doing in Cambridge on that Thursday evening, just days after the bombings, swarming an area a short drive from where MIT police officer Sean Collier was killed that very night? Why were local law enforcement officials so upset with the FBI about what happened in Cambridge that night that at least one of them apparently blew the whistle to Senator Chuck Grassley, who publicly questioned James Comey about the Bureau’s activities in Cambridge on April 18?

According to Grassley’s October 2013 letter to the FBI, Cambridge police officers assigned to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force operation were kept in the dark about the FBI’s activities in Cambridge on Thursday night, just before all hell broke loose. Why weren’t those officers informed of the “multiple teams of FBI employees conducting surveillance” in Cambridge that fateful night? What were those surveillance teams doing? And why did one MIT police officer tell reporters that he and other local police thought the FBI knew who the brothers were—and was staking out their Cambridge apartment—before Officer Collier was killed?

Thursday night’s events are hardly the only mysteries yet to be unlocked in the strange Tsarnaev affair. These are mysteries that the trial will almost certainly not solve, due to the defense’s strategy not to contest Jahar’s guilt and instead focus laser-like on sentencing. But after almost two years of closely studying this case, I have come to believe that in order to understand the Boston Marathon attacks and subsequent events, we must understand what happened way back in September 2011, when three friends of Tamerlan Tsarnaev were nearly decapitated in a bizarre, still-unsolved murder in the quiet Boston suburb of Waltham.
Did Tamerlan Tsarnaev kill his best friend and two other men in that grisly triple murder on September 11, 2011?

On April 22, 2013, just a week after the bombings and only days after militarized police and federal agencies shut down the Boston metropolitan area for a full workday, ABC news published a shocking report by Boston based journalist Michelle McPhee. “Boston Bomb Suspect Eyed in Connection to 2011 Triple Murder,” the headline screamed. Citing unnamed “investigators in the Boston suburbs” and a spokesperson for the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, McPhee reported that “the bomb attack prompt[ed] a fresh look into Tsarnaev's alleged penchant for violence,” and his possible role in the Waltham killings.

Reporters—locals and out-of-towners who had descended on the city to cover the attacks—were suddenly hot on the trail of a juicy new story. Buzzfeed reporter Rosie Gray interviewed a friend of the late Brendan Mess, identified as Ray, who said Tamerlan and the deceased martial artist were close friends. Gray’s was one of many reports that week featuring jaw-dropping comments from friends and family of the victims of the Waltham murders who recalled with suspicion Tamerlan’s absence from Mess’ funeral. If Tamerlan, who once introduced Brendan to a fellow fighter as his “best friend,” was so close with Mess, why didn’t he show up to mourn with other friends and family? Mess’ friend Ray told Buzzfeed’s Gray that “following the murder, [Ray] was questioned by detectives who told him Tsarnaev may have been with Mess either the day of or the night before” the killings. Despite all of this, authorities investigating the murders reportedly never even interviewed Tamerlan about the killings. It was the first among many bombshells that raised troubling questions about the government’s competence in the strange case of the brothers Tsarnaev.

Massachusetts District Attorney for Middlesex County Gerry Leone speaks with reporters outside the house where Brendan Mess and his friends were murdered. The bodies were discovered on 9/12/11, when Leone gave this impromptu press conference. It was the last time the public would hear any substantial information about the murders—that is, until the Boston Marathon bombings. Strangely enough, Gerry Leone was a Golden Gloves referee at the Lowell auditorium where Tamerlan won the 2009 and 2010 championships.

(Please note that by playing this clip, YouTube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer.)

Weeks later, another Michelle McPhee report provided more information from unnamed law enforcement sources: In May 2013, officials told ABC they had forensic and cell phone location evidence tying Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the crime scene nearly two years prior.

All of this news was stunning. A horrific murder case that had been cold for nearly two years—a case that detectives had, years before, literally told victims’ families would solve itself—was suddenly in the news again, with anonymous officials pinning the crime on a man who just weeks before had been gunned down by police in a bizarre shoot-out, a man who just months before the murders had been the subject of a federal terrorism investigation. Despite Tamerlan’s connection to Mess, police never interviewed him. Law enforcement leaks in 2013 revealed that investigators had phone records and forensics tying him to the crime scene. Why did they sit on that evidence for almost two years, waiting to release it until he was dead?

But the case only got stranger. A year later, in court in 2014, the Department of Justice claimed it had no evidence that Tsarnaev was involved in the Waltham killings. Why has the FBI said contradictory things about his role in those murders? What really happened? Did Tamerlan Tsarnaev kill those three men in 2011, or not? And why has the government’s story about these murders changed? The conflicting stories the government has told the public about Tamerlan’s role in the Waltham murders raise troubling questions about the FBI’s narrative related to another violent incident: The killing of Ibragim Todashev at the hands of a Boston FBI agent.
What really happened in Orlando, Florida in May 2013, when the FBI killed Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate Ibragim Todashev by shooting him seven times—including three times in the back and once in the top of the head?

Initially, the FBI said Todashev lunged at officers as he was writing a confession, implicating himself and the deceased Tsarnaev in the 2011 Waltham killings. But later, after the Tsarnaev defense team asked the court to compel the government to hand over investigatory records related to those murders, the feds threw up their hands and said they had “no evidence” of Tsarnaev’s involvement in the crime.

The circumstances surrounding Todashev’s death are still opaque, despite the publication of numerous government reports about the incident. The Feds say they rushed down to Florida to interrogate Todashev for what they promised would be his “last interview.” After watching him for a month, following him around with teams of agents on the ground and via aerial surveillance, they claim they were worried he would try to flee the country. Todashev had booked a ticket to leave the country, we are told, and that’s why the Massachusetts Troopers and Boston FBI official rushed down to Florida to question him in his apartment in the middle of the night, even though officials knew the mixed martial arts fighter could kill someone with his bare hands.

We still don’t have a full window into the Massachusetts State Police troopers’ involvement in the interrogation that resulted in Todashev’s killing. Former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley refused to investigate the role of those troopers, in effect rendering any hope for an external investigation dead. But there’s a lot to investigate.

Why did the officials really feel so compelled to rush down to Florida to interrogate Todashev in his apartment, in light of the federal government’s near authoritarian power to stop and detain people at the border? Why did one officer text the others “well done men we all got through it” the next day, given that they had killed a man they then claimed was the lone surviving witness to an open triple murder case?

And if Todashev and Tsarnaev did kill those three men in Waltham, as police once said, could a competent murder investigation in the wake of the homicides have prevented the Boston Marathon attacks two years later? What is the current status of that murder investigation? Why, if the two primary suspects in the murders are dead, does the government continue to refuse to release any information about the case, claiming that the investigation is ongoing?

In October 2014, Ibragim Todashev’s mother in law, a former US Army employee who says she was fired without cause after the FBI killed him, stood outside Boston’s federal court house holding a sign bearing Todashev’s image that read: “I am dead because I knew Tsarnaevs. I knew the truth.” Todashev is dead, and most of the people who knew him in Florida have vanished from within interview range of all but the most tireless and well-resourced US reporters, chased out of the country by federal agents. What’s the story behind the federal government’s harassment and deportation of people close to the Orlando MMA fighter, dead at the end of FBI agent Aaron McFarlane’s gun?

If Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev did kill the three Waltham men, why is the investigation still open? And if they didn’t, why did the government claim to possess forensics evidence saying they did? How could Todashev have been killed while confessing to a crime he didn’t commit?

That’s all alarming in it’s own right. But perhaps the most troubling line of questioning for the US government relates to the possibility that Tamerlan was working in some capacity for the FBI, or had at the very least been approached to become an informant.
What was the true nature of the FBI’s relationship with Tamerlan dating back to at least four years ago?

Did the FBI approach Tamerlan to become an informant, as the Tsarnaev defense team alleges? If not, why not, as Senator Chuck Grassley asked FBI director James Comey in October 2013? After all, the FBI routinely leans on Muslims to inform on their community members. Tamerlan was a Russian speaking Muslim, presumably a big asset to the Boston FBI office.

Look at this timeline and then draw your own conclusions. Recall that, by their own reluctant admission, the FBI investigated Tamerlan in the spring and summer of 2011. Just months later, his best friend and two other men were murdered in a grisly, never-to-be-solved crime. The police claim they never even talked to Tamerlan about the murders, despite the urgings of victims’ friends and families. Months after those murders, Tamerlan left the United States for Dagestan.

After the FBI investigated Tamerlan in the winter and spring of 2011, they added his name to various terror lists. One of those alert systems was designed to notify the people in Boston who investigated Tsarnaev if he should ever try to leave the country. When he bought a plane ticket to go to Dagestan in January 2012, the system worked as intended: DHS officials sent an alert to the Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) office. But the FBI in Boston did nothing. Why didn’t the Boston JTTF ask officials at Logan airport to hold Tamerlan Tsarnaev for questioning? Why did those officials again do nothing when Tamerlan came back into the country in July 2012, even though once more, according to congressional investigators, DHS officials alerted them?

As these many unresolved issues show, the timeline of known events relating to Tamerlan raises significant questions about the FBI’s competence as the law enforcement agency primarily responsible for counterterrorism in the United States.

Who will hold the FBI accountable for its failures in the wake of the Marathon explosions? Why does congress insist—contra its own evidence—that more information sharing among local, state, and federal agencies will solve the problem? Why has law enforcement been leaking stories to the press and then turning around in court and saying the exact opposite of what they’ve previously told the public?

And finally, who built the bombs that exploded at the finish line of the beloved Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013? The FBI and DOJ both admitted in open court that they don’t know for certain who built the bombs. Despite having leaked to the press that the brothers learned how to build bombs from the English language al Qaeda magazine Inspire, the federal government repeatedly acknowledged in federal court that it cannot be sure who built the bombs, or where they were built. How could that be?

Like with the 9/11 attacks, the intelligence failures leading up to the Boston attacks appear to revolve around mismanagement and incompetence, not a lack of power or resources. How can the FBI continue to demand more freedom-destroying authorities and money when the post-9/11 “gloves off,” blank check approach has yielded such a tragic failure? At what point will Congress recognize what spy agency insiders have said publicly, namely that the bloated national security state harms public safety, instead of advancing it? Will the Boston Marathon bombings, allegedly executed by someone the FBI had investigated for months and possibly cultivated as an informant, be used to pressure congress to fork over more precious tax dollars to fund this insatiable, counterproductive, and dystopian counterterrorism beast?

These questions are at the front of my mind as the substantive portion of the Tsarnaev trial nears its end. Unfortunately, unprecedented secrecy and the defense’s decision to focus only on sentencing have meant that the courtroom drama yielded few answers. When opening arguments began, about 60% of the trial had been kept secret from the public in sealed motions. The defense has barely contested the government’s evidence, and provided little of its own. Answers to the questions I’ve raised here about the FBI’s conduct in the Tsarnaev drama will likely not come from this court.

Today, during the final week of arguments in US v. Tsarnaev, my city is once again a media circus. Reporters from around the world have gathered to report on the trial, the victims, and a region that boasts it is Boston Strong, Watertown Strong, and Massachusetts Strong.

In many ways, we are strong. Despite the horrors unleashed at the race that fateful April 2013 day, the majority of my fellow Bostonians reject death by execution for the accused. Tragically, the Department of Justice, represented locally by none other than US Attorney Carmen Ortiz—infamous for her office’s controversial prosecutions of now deceased computer whiz Aaron Swartz and Muslim-American pharmacist Tarek Mehanna—is pressing for execution anyway, the people of Boston’s wishes be damned.

We here in Boston are strong enough to see that justice does not mean vengeance. We must also be strong enough to ask tough questions of the FBI and state and local police about how we got here, what went wrong, and how to fix it. When we start pulling on loose threads in the Todashev and Tsarnaev cases, uncomfortable issues emerge. Those issues should be front and center in the national conversation today, as the trial of the century comes to a close.

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see link for full story

Our View: FBI’s suspicious behavior


Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 10:23 AM.

At best, a new report about terrorism asserts that an FBI agent inexplicably linked a Saudi family and its abrupt departure from Sarasota, before the 9/11 attacks, to the hijackers who crashed airplanes into the Twin Towers. The two hijackers took flight lessons in Venice, not far from the prestigious development where the Saudi family lived in 2001, in a home owned by a prominent relative.

At worst, information contained in the report — “The FBI: Protecting the Homeland in the 21st Century” — is part of the bureau’s continuing efforts to hide or discredit evidence concerning the Saudi family that lived in the Prestancia development and conceal connections between the family, or other Saudis, and the hijackers.

We are not inclined to believe in, or write about, wild conspiracy theories.


To that end, if the FBI had not repeatedly tried to prevent judicial, media and public review of key documents involving the family and its departure two weeks before 9/11 — leaving behind cars, furniture, clothes and a refrigerator loaded with food — we would reluctantly accept the latest, best-case account as complete, accurate and embarrassing. The same goes for a report that asserted phone registers and video evidence linked the family and the terrorists.
But, as written previously, a federal judge has found that — instead of following the law and producing documents that could show whether or not the Sarasota

Saudis provided assistance to the 9/11 terrorists — the FBI:

• Provided him records with “apparent” and unexplained chronological “gaps.”
• Presented to the court documents that “seem incomplete.”
• Submitted “summary documents” that “do in fact seem to contradict each other.”

A month later, the FBI proposed to send more hard-copy records to an unidentified location in Virginia for transformation into a digital format. However, U.S. District Court Judge William Zloch wisely required the agency to provide him copies of the originals — perhaps, we suspect, to ensure that all of them were included in the digitized format. In other words, the judge took a prudent step to ensure that seemingly “incomplete” records didn’t become even less complete in digital format.

Judge Zloch also found that a records search conducted by the FBI “yielded no documentation” of an investigation into the Sarasota Saudis.
Yet, now, after insisting for years that the April 2002 FBI report should be kept secret, the bureau acknowledges the communication — in electronic form — but dismisses it as “poorly written and unsubstantiated.”

Furthermore, the FBI’s “Protecting the Homeland” report states: “When questioned later by others in the FBI, the special agent who wrote the was unable to provide any basis for the contents of the document or explain why he wrote it as he did.”

So, the unnamed agent — working locally on one of the worst crimes committed on American soil — just made stuff up? Or the agent accepted unsubstantiated information and put it in official communications?

And no supervisors questioned the credibility of the report at that time or for a decade afterward?

If such a scenario had occurred, FBI officials would have indeed been embarrassed, providing some reason to conceal the 2002 electronic communication.
The latest FBI assessment rejects the accuracy of media reports that said the bureau had found a connection between the family and either the hijackers or the plot. The FBI specifically rebutted news reports by an online news organization that went to court for documents related to this case.

Yet neither the FBI nor anyone else has explained why the family, closely related to a prominent Saudi financier, left Sarasota under strange circumstances shortly before 9/11. It was just happenstance?

Given the involvement of Saudi terrorists in the attacks, and evidence cited by former U.S. Sen. Bob Graham — who served on the Intelligence Committee — that points to Saudi Arabia as a prime source of funding for the terrorists, ther

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the two FBI agents who died in this accidentwere involved in arrest -?killing the
suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing


Medical examiner confirms fall killed 2 FBI agents - May. 30, 2013
Two FBI agents killed in accident off Va. Beach coast - May. 20, 2013

April 3, 2015        

Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw were hanging out of a helicopter off the coast of Virginia Beach in 2013 when their helo began to pitch.

Without warning, it dropped toward the Atlantic Ocean. The pilot regained control, but not before Lorek and Shaw fell 150 feet to their deaths.

The FBI changed its training procedures because of the May 17, 2013, incident. But documents obtained this week by The Virginian-Pilot following a nearly two-year fight through the Freedom of Information Act and a lawsuit do not reveal what changes the agency made.

The 64 pages of heavily redacted documents also do not reveal the conclusions of the investigators on what caused the incident. It happened as Lorek and Shaw practiced sliding down a thick rope from a hovering helicopter, without harnesses or other tethers.

The FBI said that, among other reasons, the deletions were justified because the information would disclose law enforcement techniques and procedures.

"The FBI is committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of its operations, in particular safety," said Special Agent Ann Todd, an FBI spokeswoman, in a prepared statement after the release of the redacted documents. "The missions we train for carry a degree of unavoidable risk and danger, and we are constantly taking measures to improve the level of safety for all of our personnel."

The Pilot continues to pursue its lawsuit in an effort to learn what the accident investigators determined.

According to the unredacted portions of the documents, the training exercise in question involved members of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team and members of the Tactical Helicopter Unit, both of which are based in Quantico. Several Hostage Rescue agents - so-called operators - were practicing how to "fast rope" to a waiting ship.

A July 19, 2013, report noted that the maneuver - which lets operators quickly disembark from a hovering helicopter - is different from rappelling. It explained that the operators do not wear harnesses and cannot stop themselves mid-descent. The operators descend as quickly as possible with "their hands and feet only loosely gripping the rope."

Lorek and Shaw were wearing tactical gear, safety equipment and weapons when they fell.

The documents make repeated reference to the helicopter's weight and balance. They also note where operators could stand inside the helicopter while others descended the ropes.

One document listed the following as the accident's probable cause: "[REDACTED] in a position over the left skid while the first HRT operator was descending on the rope resulting in the [REDACTED]."

According to the report, the helicopter was in good working order the day of the training exercise and had no history of accidents. It also indicated Lorek, Shaw and the helicopter's pilots were qualified to participate in the training exercise. Both pilots passed voluntary drug tests.

Rescue boats were in the area at the time of the accident, the report said.

Shaw, who had no pulse when he was pulled from the water, was transported first by helicopter to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Lorek initially had a pulse but was dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The state Medical Examiner's Office determined both men died from "blunt-force trauma due to a fall." It deemed the fall an accident.

Investigators with the FBI's Serious Accident Review Team examined the Hostage Rescue Team's fast-roping lesson plan. They determined the team's standard operating procedures "validated, both expressly and by inference, movement and practices determined to be contrary to prescribed [REDACTED]," the July 19, 2013, report said.

A separate document - dated March 20, 2014 - indicated a new training program had been created. Information regarding that program was redacted, though.

Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI who started the team 30 years ago and served as its first commander, described fast-roping as one of the most dangerous maneuvers a Hostage Rescue Team operator must master.

"You are never going to make it entirely safe," he said Thursday, noting that helicopters are always subject to the elements. "It's inherently dangerous."

But, Coulson said, there is no way the FBI can do away with it.

"It's absolutely essential," he said, arguing that when agents need to use a helicopter to get to a site, they need to do it as quickly as possible.

A helicopter door washed ashore the day after the deaths. Todd said at the time that the door came from a second helicopter "that was acting in a medevac capacity" during the training.

The unredacted portion of the report does not reference the door.

The Hostage Rescue Team is a domestic counterterrorism unit designed to handle hostage situations and criminal apprehensions. Team members are trained to descend from helicopters, scuba dive and use explosives to break down doors and walls. The team can deploy within four hours to anywhere in the United States.

Unlike the SWAT teams that operate out of the FBI's field offices, agents assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team have no collateral duties.

Lorek, 41, and Shaw, 40, were described in profiles posted on the FBI's website as loving, honorable men who had strived since childhood to join the FBI.

The names of both men were enshrined last year in the FBI's Hall of Honor during National Police Week.

"Chris and Stephen chose to be part of a team that assumes the greatest risk as part of their everyday job, a team that says, 'Yes, we will,' without any hesitation," former FBI Director Robert Mueller said during a memorial service, according to the website. "And though that kind of motivation - of service over self, even at the greatest cost - is difficult for some to comprehend, it is who they were, and it was in their very DNA, as it is with every member of HRT."

Lorek's wife, Jennifer, was quoted in her husband's profile as saying he tried "to take everything to the next level."

Voicing the way he thought, she said: "Okay, I got in the FBI, now what do I need to do? I need to be a special agent. Okay, now I'm a special agent, what do I need to do? I need to be on the SWAT team. Okay, now I'm on the SWAT team, what do I do next? I need to be on HRT. Now I'm on HRT, I need to be a sniper. I need to be the best shooter on HRT."

Shaw's wife, Stella, praised her husband for always putting her and their kids first. In his profile, she said she "never really thought about him as being part of an elite unit even though he was."

"More than anything, to me he was just Steve. He was just my husband, the father of my kids, my partner, and best friend," she said.

The FBI released little information about the incident following the deaths of Lorek and Shaw, prompting The Pilot to submit a FOIA request on May 30, 2013, for "any reports or memos regarding the training accident."

The FBI responded 13 months later with a blanket denial. A letter indicated that there were 29 pages of documents related to the incident in their files, but that none of them had to be released.

The Pilot filed an appeal in July with the Department of Justice. It was denied in October, prompting the newspaper to file its lawsuit.

In January, federal lawyers told The Pilot's attorney that the initial report of 29 documents was incorrect: There were actually more than 900 pages of documents involving the incident.


Two FBI Agents Involved in Arrest of Boston Bombing Suspect ...
May 23, 2013 - FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Virginia Coast ... The man supposedly linked to deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect ...
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boston marathon bombings - Did the FBI agents responsible for ...
May 24, 2013 - A viral image is being passed around Facebook claiming that two FBI agents who fell from a helicopter to their deaths during a training accident ...
Two FBI Agents “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die? - NODISINFO
May 24, 2013 - FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Virginia Coast .... in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. =-.
Penny for your thoughts: More curious deaths!? The two FBI agents ...
May 23, 2013 - I can only say...fall out from the Boston Marathon bombing is still falling ... while FBI agents connected to Boston were falling out of helicopters.
2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL ... - 12160
May 22, 2013 - Irvin Wells, a former FBI special agent who retired in 1990 after leading the ... FBI: Elite agents died fast-roping from helicopter that had "difficulties" ... of the team investigating the Boston Marathon bombings in mid-April.
2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of ...
May 23, 2013 - 20 posts - ‎11 authors
Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. And in February, it rescued ...
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2 FBI Agents Involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's Arrest "FALL" Out of ...
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May 22, 2013 - 21 posts - ‎18 authors
Irvin Wells, a former FBI special agent who retired in 1990 after ... On another note, I think they did learn "how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship .... the accused Boston Marathon bomber, have again asked a federal ...


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Sent: Sun, Apr 5, 2015 7:01 PM EDT
Subject: America's Longest War, Hillary's Doom & The 9/11 Cover-Up

The WhoWhatWhy Weekly

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RadioWHO: The Longest-Running War in America’s History—Rebecca Gordon (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/05/radiowho-the-longest-running-war-in-americas-history-rebecca-gordon/)
April 5, 2015 by Guillermo Jimenez (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/guillermo-jimenez/)
The War on Drugs has caused just as much damage, destruction, and loss of life as any war in the traditional sense. University of San Francisco professor and author of the book Mainstreaming Torture: Ethical Approaches in the Post-9/11 United States Rebecca Gordon joins us to discuss.

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On Monday: What’s Not Being Revealed in the Tsarnaev Courtroom (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/03/30/whats-not-being-revealed-in-the-tsarnaev-courtroom/)
by James Henry and Lara Turner (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/james-henry-and-lara-turner/)
A series of serious discrepancies in the prosecution’s case against Tsarnaev should be raising the eyebrows of the mainstream media.

On Tuesday: Tsarnaev Trial Playing False Religion Card? (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/03/31/religious-discrimination-in-tsarnaev-trial/)
by Jill Vaglica (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/jill-vaglica/)
The narrative of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a radicalized religious zealot isn’t necessarily in keeping with case evidence.

On Tuesday: Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Live Updates and Unvarnished Analysis (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/03/31/boston-marathon-bombing-trial-live-updates-and-unvarnished-analysis/)
by The WhoWhatWhy Team (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/the-whowhatwhy-team/)
The latest from the defense in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from the federal courthouse in Boston.

On Wednesday: Why the Boring Factor Might Doom Hillary (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/01/why-the-boring-factor-might-doom-hillary/)
April 1, 2015 by Klaus Marre (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/klaus-marre/)
The GOP has lit a fire under its base that’s burning much brighter than their Democratic counterparts. What does this mean for the 2016 elections?

On Thursday: New FBI Tactic Hints at Big DC Cover-up of Saudi 9/11 Funding (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/02/new-fbi-tactic-hints-at-big-dc-cover-up-of-saudi-911-funding/)
by Russ Baker (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/russ-baker/)
The FBI is disowning an explosive internal report—which ties the 9/11 hijackers to some highly connected Saudis. Just what is going on here? Russ Baker looks at the Deep Politics in play as Cover-up Central goes into overdrive.

On Friday: RadioWHO: The Surprising Changes to Come in Cuba—Tom Hayden (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/03/radiowho-ep-10-listen-yankee-tom-hayden/)
by Jeff Schechtman (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/jeff-schechtman/)
Sixty-two years after the Cuban Revolution began and 53 years after they were severed, diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba have been restored. Tom Hayden, a leader in the student, antiwar, and civil rights protests throughout the 1960s talks to WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman about what this new opening might mean.

On Saturday: Where in Afghanistan Did $35 Billion Go? (http://whowhatwhy.org/2015/04/04/where-in-afghanistan-did-35-billion-go/)
by Klaus Marre (http://whowhatwhy.org/author/klaus-marre/)
$35 billion of the Department of Defense’s Afghanistan reconstruction budget can’t be accounted for. That’s $10 billion more than Afghanistan’s entire GDP in 2013.

** Sunday Round-up

To commemorate Easter (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/white-house-easter-egg-roll-kids-killing-south/story?id=30091445) andPassover (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4644173,00.html) , the Sunday Shows chatted with an Archbishop and two Cardinals… and pondered the political fallout of Indiana’s religious freedom law. Here are some of the other eggs they peeled:

Bibi Netanyahu made the rounds to attack the Iran “Framework” Deal. On Meet the Press he unveiled a new level of histrionics (http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/iran-nuclear-talks/senate-democrat-netanyahus-version-iran-deal-unrealistic-n336041) by calling Iran the "preeminent terrorist state of our time," claiming it is "openly plotting world domination" and will use an influx of post-sanctions cash to fuel its "worldwide terror machine (http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/iran-nuclear-talks/netanyahu-iran-im-trying-kill-bad-deal-n335961) ." He also predicted a “nuclear arms race (http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/iran-nuclear-talks/netanyahu-iran-deal-may-provoke-arms-race-n335956) ,” which is funny… because Israel is the only nuclear power in the region and Iran’s Supreme Leader issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons (http://www.juancole.com/2012/04/yes-memri-there-is-a-fatwa-from-khamenei-forbidding-nukes.html) .

This Week with George Stephanopoulos also hosted Bibi and Martha Raddatz challenged (http://www.mediaite.com/tv/raddatz-to-netanyahu-why-would-obama-want-a-deal-that-threatened-israels-survival/) his claim that Obama would even “threaten Israel’s survival” with a bad deal. Raddatz also interviewed California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) about the drought and new restrictions on water use that exempt the agriculture industry. Gov. Brown was steadfast in his defense of the Golden State’s farmers (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/california-gov-jerry-brown-defends-farms-water-warns/story?id=30106594) , despite the fact that they consume 80% of the state’s water. He did close the interview with a strong admonition to climate change deniers, stating that “climate change is not a hoax… we're dealing with it and it's damn serious."

There is something odd about Face the Nation. Each week you can bank that either Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) or Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will join host Bob Schieffer and belligerently bloviate about the Middle East or Russia. Sen. McCain was on last week, so it was Sen. Graham’s turn. Surprise! He thinks the Iran Nuke deal is the diplomatic equivalent of killing puppies. And he dissed the President and Sen. Rand Paul (http://www.mediaite.com/tv/sen-graham-everybody-except-rand-paul-could-have-gotten-better-iran-deal/) in one fell swoop.

Yup, Bibi also went on CNN's State of the Union (http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2015/04/05/exp-sotu-pm-netanyahu-israel-iran-deal-usa-obama.cnn) , but his bloated arguments werepunctured by national security enthusiast Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) (http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2015/04/05/sotu-sen-dianne-feinstein-jim-acosta-iran-deal.cnn) . She suggested that Bibi should “contain himself.”

Chris Wallace had to take time on Fox News Sunday to apologize to singer Kelly Clarkson (http://www.mediaite.com/tv/chris-wallace-apologizes-to-kelly-clarkson-for-weight-comment/) for fat shaming her during an interview with conservative radio personality Mike Gallagher. No, that is not a belated April Fool’s joke.


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see link for photos of dead corpse

http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2015/05 ... blows.html


TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2015

THEY DIDN'T DO IT! Maret Tsarnaev blows apart the Boston Show Trial
by Jim Fetzer (with Maret Tsarnaeva)

As a retired university professor, former Marine Corps officer and journalist for veteranstoday.com, I have published several articles about the Boston bombing. Given my understanding that defense attorneys have an ethical obligation to provide clients with a vigorous defense, I have been stunned that Judy Clarke, the attorney of record for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has said that Dzhokhar did it, when there is a superabundance of evidence that this was a drill and that neither he nor his brother were involved.

Here is an update of the evidence in the case, including police on bullhorns announcing, "This is a drill! This is a drill!", tweets from The Boston Globe explaining that a demonstration bomb will be set of as part of bomb squad activities and a second announcing one will be set off in one minute in front of the library (where it goes of as predicted), an absence of blood which only shows up on a delayed basis (and is not real blood but Hollywood blood) and much more. But I have learned from Maret Tsarnaeva, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan's aunt, that even the footage from the scene of the crime, the Boston marathon footage, was faked: Tamerlan had a beard before and after, but is shown clean shaven in those videos.

The proof she adduced is compelling: We have photos of Tamerlan lying in bed with his cat, where his beard is apparent. We have footage of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar working out at the Wai Kru gym on April 12th, three days before the event, where he has a well-trimmed beard. We have what purport to be photos of him at the Marathon on April 15th, where he is clean shaven. We have photos of him on April 18th, where he again has a beard. Even the photos of his arrest and of his body after he has been killed show that he was still sporting the well-trimmed beard. The corruption of local, state and federal officials in this case is overwhelming: everyone knows they are innocent except the American public!
The Arrest of Tamerlan
Maret has sent me a video she saved on my computer, which shows Tamerlan being arrested alive at 1:04ish a.m. on April 19, 2013 on Mt Auburn Street (at the intersection with Adams Street). Tamerlan is on the ground handcuffed, surrounded by Boston police agents. No gun, or explosives are seen taken from him, while the police searched him. After his pockets have been emptied, a policeman takes his wallet from his pocket, reviews it using a flashlight, then announces, "Tt's him". From the reaction of police agents on the scene, it looks as if they had been searching for Tamerlan in Watertown, but they had no description, where the fact that the police had to review his document to identify him confirms her suspicion, that the police were looking exactly for Tamerlan Tsarnaev, under orders from the FBI, but they (the police) had no independent description of Tamerlan to use in their search of the city:

Maret comments on that video: "This guy lives here, but he doesn't know who he is." These words are said by the policeman, who checked the other guy, who is laying on the ground, next to Tamerlan on his right, also handcuffed, but awfully quiet all the time. And nobody is searching him or the pockets of that other guy. After the policeman is heard saying, "This guy lives here, but he doesn't know who he (referring to Tamerlan) is", and from the distance is heard a shout (whom Merat believes is Dzhokhar) "We didn't do it!", and Tamerlan shouts back, "Podstava!", in Russian, which means, "It is a set up!"
Maret's analysis (in her own words)
Anzor [who is their father] and I believed from the first moment we saw and heard that video (that showed up on youtube in May of 2013), that Tamerlan was shouting "podstava" in Russian (it's a set up" out of frustration and anger, when realised, that he and Dzhokhar were lured out from their home to Watertown at that night under some kind of disguise by that person (must be Russian speaking person), who is laying on the ground handcuffed next to Tamerlan's right. Tamerlan realised that that man, who brought them there, to Mt Auburn Street (intersection with Adams Street) by him, to set Tsarnaev brothers in a plot, organised by the LE and the FBI.

That is exactly why, we, the family, believe, that Tamerlan shouted out "podstava" (Russian speakers use of "podstava" in case, when someone uses you in some criminal deed, without your knowledge, to put blame and suspicion on you, as if you committed a wrongful deed or a crime), that is why Tamerlan is out of rage, anger and frustration (as we read it in his voice) shouted "it is a set up" in Russian, to let that guy, who had Tamerlan's trust for some reason, brought the brothers to Watertown, know that Tamerlan just realised that "that man, next to him" betrayed him and set him and Dzhokhar up. Otherwise, why would Tamerlan shout "podstava" in Russian, if there are only English speaking police man around him.

Then, after that, Tamerlan is heard shouting in English directing his requests to police officers: "Officer, can I call my wife?" None, other than Tamerlan would have known that there is only his wife, that Tamerlan can call to seek for assistance in the situation he is in (as seen and heard on that video). Tamerlan knows that there are no parents around; he knows that Dzhokhar was with him, when they both got arrested right there on Mt Auburn and Adams Streets. Tamerlan is shouting then "Officer, read me my rights", "you have to read me my rights officer". "Nope" is heard from one policeman. "Yes", Tamerlan is shouting back to him. Then, Tamerlan shouts, lifting his heavy upper body, while handcuffed to one side, addressing a bunch of officers surrounding him, demanding for his legal rights to be observed: "officers, why aren't you calling me my rights".

Tamerlan wants to know, what he is suspected of, what he is accused of. While Tamerlan is shouting, demanding for his rights to be read to him, it is seen on that video, how one of the police man, standing behind the tree, on the left from Tamerlan, by putting his boot on the left upper body, pushing Tamerlan's body to the ground, to stop him from shouting. Then, at the very end of that short video, when, Tamerlan realised, that his legal rights are not going to be read or observed by any of those police agents around him, feeling very concerned for his younger brother, he shouts with all his might in his body, while his body pushed face down to the ground, Tamerlan shouts out for his little brother's name "Dzhokhaaaar".

There is a shout heard back on that same video "Tamerlan" (we, the family, believe this is Dzhokhar calling his older brother's name, while he is also in custody at the police hands, not far from where Tamerlan is held on the ground on Mt Auburn). Then, again, Tamerlan's voice is heard even harder "Dzhokhaaar". We know that it is Tamerlan's voice, we recognise his voice, we have no doubts it is his voice. We know, how Tamerlan sounds, when he speaks in Russian. We know, how Tamerlan sounds, when he speaks in English. We know, how Tamerlan's voice sounds, when he is angry, frustrated, and here worried for the safety of his younger brother, Dzhokhar.
More on the arrest video
The time of the events, documented on this video had taken place, as derived from the transcripts of the police scanner and correlated with the events of recorded video, to be at 1:04ish on April 19, 2013. The place of Tamerlan, recorded on this video, to be arrested is on the corner of Mt Auburn and Adams Street. Tamerlan on that video is seen wearing light-colored pens, and dark colored shoes. Later, recorded by the same author ("Bigheadphones", as the name of the author of the video on YouTube), there is a black cruiser, surrounded by 8 or 9 LE agents, and inside that police cruiser is seen a person, stripped off his clothes, which is Tamerlan, taken from the ground, stripped off his clothes, and put in that cruiser. It is not known from that video what the LE agents did to Dzhokhar, even though, we believe, it was Dzhokhar's voice shouting "we didn't do it" and then, at the end of that video calling for the name of his older brother "Tamerlan".

If Dzhokhar was not there with Tamerlan, at the time, when they both were arrested in Watertown, at Mt Auburn and Adams Street (Tamerlan), and Dzhokhar was somewhere, not far from the place, where Tamerlan was on the ground, WHY ELSE WOULD TAMERLAN BE SHOUTING OUT DZHOKHAR'S NAME, UNLESS HE KNEW THEY BOTH WERE TOGETHER, WHEN THEY WERE ARRESTED AND THEN SEPARATED AT THE SPOT. Tamerlan, handcuffed, stripped off his clothes, led by the police to place him in police cruiser, was seen on CNN video afterwards. As the CNN reporter commented, Tamerlan was later "very intensively questioned by the FBI for 10-15 minutes", and after that all we have seen of Tamerlan is his dead corpse. Here is a photograph:

These events, and recordings (police scanner) have a direct relation to Dzhokhar's case, since they all prove beyond reasonable doubt that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were not shooting at the police or throwing improvised explosives on Laurel and Dexter Streets, in Watertown; that Dzhokhar did not flee from the police, after that so-called shoot out, which the brothers never been part of; that the brothers did not kill anybody at that night. Dzhokhar was in the hands of LE forces all along, since 1:04ish April 19, 2013, as this video proves, as Tamerlan shouts for his name, and Dzhokhar shouts back for Tamerlan's name. There was no manhunt after "fled from the police" Dzhokhar. It has been fabricated by people in power. While, the false manhunt was on the way, army of 9,000 was trying marshall law on American residents. The Tsarnaev brothers are not guilty of any crimes. They are innocent.
Three proofs "They didn't do it!"
Let me close by pointing out three blatant demonstrations that the brothers were innocent and that Maret, who is herself a lawyer, is right when she asserts, "They didn't do it!" The they included that the footage of the boys at the marathon was faked, that Tamerlan was killed in police custody, and that the backpacks they were wearing (in the faked footage) were not the backpacks that exploded in Boston:
Proof 1: The footage at the marathon was faked

If you return to the second of the videos I present above, you will see that, while Tamerlan is shown as clean shaven in the marathon footage, he had been sporting a beard, which can be seen in the photos of him lying with his cat, working out at the gym, and even in the arrest video and (most stunning of all) in the photograph of his corpse! Here is a comparison of Tamerlan with his cat and in the fake footage:

Proof 2: Tamerlan was killed while in police custody

Notice that Tamerlan's death occurs after he has been taken into police custody. There is a witness who reported observing the police drive over him repeatedly in an SUV, which was probably his own car. He was not killed by Dzhokhar but was murdered after he had been arrested. Bear in mind: his brother Dzhokhar cannot have killed him while he was in police custody! Yet Tamerlan was killed!

Proof 3: The brothers were wearing the wrong backpacks

Not only is Maret Tsaraev herself is a lawyer, but I had previously solicited the opinion of another attorney at law, John Remington Graham, who made the astute observation that the backpacks are not the backpacks that exploded. In the FBI report and the formal indictment, the backpacks are described as made of black nylon. But neither Tamerlan nor Dzhokar is shown wearing black nylon backpacks:

As Jack Graham observes, because the backpacks do not match, there was not even sufficient evidence to establish probably cause for an arrest and indictment, much less a conviction. Yet the defense team for Dzhokhar has ignored all the proof of his innocence and the jury is now deliberating whether or not to sentence him for a crime that he did not commit. This is American justice on display in Boston today.
APPENDIX: Formal Legal Opinion of John Remington Graham, Minnesota Bar (#3664)

I write to express my views while the trial in Boston is underway. Federal jurisdiction cannot be extended to the prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in light of United States v. Lopez, 514 U. S. 549 (1995), and views of Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist. Congress has broad power to regulate commerce, but domestic crimes and use of weapons are generally reserved to the States. If there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Dzhokhar for murder and mayhem, he should and can be prosecuted exclusively by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. But lay this point of law aside. Available evidence against Dzhokhar is insufficient in reason or law to prove that he committed the offenses charged. Such evidence actually proves that Dzhokhar is not guilty.

The formal indictment against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (No. 13-CR-10200-GAO on the docket of the United States District Court for Massachusetts) was returned on June 27, 2013. The document is 74 pages long, and accuses Mr. Tsarnaev of heinous crimes, including many counts carrying the death penalty, on Boylston Street, in front of the Forum Restaurant, near the finish line of the Boston marathon on April 15, 2013. The most important portions of the indictment are paragraphs 6 and 7 which, read in themselves and in context, positively and unequivocally state that, acting in concert with his (now deceased) brother, Dzhokhar set down on the sidewalk one of two “black backpacks” which contained “improvised explosive devices,” these “constructed from pressure cookers, low explosive power, shrapnel, adhesive, and other materials.” The indictment goes on to say that, after distancing himself, Dzhokhar detonated one of two bombs at about 2:49 in the afternoon, and that the bombs he and his brother placed and detonated each killed at least one person, and wounded scores of others.

Facts impossible for any informed and diligent observer to overlook show that this accusation, as framed with required specificity, cannot be true. I refer to what public surveillance videos recorded on the day of these crimes, what crime lab photos on the FBI website revealed shortly after these crimes were committed, what was disseminated by a key television report on the day after the event, and what was announced by the FBI chief in Boston shortly after the event. I am not here discussing material which has been hidden from anybody or is subject to genuine dispute. I point to facts which the government and the mainstream news media of the United States have passed over in stony silence. The mainstream media have aided this prosecution by misleading omission of material facts and slanted reporting.

Public surveillance videos show Dzhokhar and his brother walking eastward on Boylston Street in the early afternoon on April 15, 2013. They are shown carrying backsacks typical of what American high school or college students use for carrying books and clothing. There are no unusual bulging, heaviness, or protrusions apparent. Dzhokhar’s brother is shown with straps over both shoulders. Dzhokhar is shown with a strap only over his right shoulder. Dzhokhar’s backsack is fairly flat, not heavy laden, and light colored. Neither backsack carried by the Tsarnaev brothers is pictured as carrying a “black backpack” mentioned in the indictment. These public surveillance videos and still frames taken from them have been used by the FBI in order to identify the suspects in these crimes.

The FBI also published two crime lab photos of critical importance:

One shows a bomb fragment after the explosions at around 2:49 in the afternoon on April 15, 2013.

The other shows a blown out backpack which was said to have contained one of the bombs, -- a black nylon bag with a characteristic white rectangle marking which is not even remotely similar to the backsacks carried by the Tsarnaev brothers as identified by the FBI in film from the public surveillance videos or still frames taken from them. This is the “dark colored bag or backpack” which the FBI chief in Boston described in his press conference on the day after the explosions when he described what was carried by the guilty parties.

From public surveillance videos used by the FBI to identify suspects, it is obvious that the backsacks carried by Dzhokhar and his brother shortly before the explosions could not have contained pressure-cooker bombs of this size. And, if such a device would have been squeezed into either backsack, it would have caused bulging or protrusions not observed in public surveillance videos which were used by the FBI to identify the suspects.

This much, without more, shows as conclusively as circumstantial evidence can prove anything in criminal litigation that the accused could not have placed and detonated a pressure-cooker bomb as alleged in the indictment.

There are also available and known public surveillance videos and still frames made from such videos, these widely published, showing that paramilitary agents in uniforms of Craft International, near the crime scene and at the time of the explosions, were carrying large black backpacks including characteristic white rectangle marking, and plainly large enough to carry pressure-cooker bombs which the FBI identified as having exploded and caused injury and death at the Boston marathon. Pubic authority has not investigated these obvious suspects. From the foregoing we may infer:

That there is no probable cause to support the indictment. From my knowledge of the evidence of this case, and from my general learning and experience, I am unable to understand how federal prosecutors could not be aware of this want of probable cause.

And that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not guilty as charged in the indictment. From my knowledge of the evidence of this case, and from my general learning and experience, I am unable to understand how counsel for the accused could not be aware of the innocence of Mr. Tsarnaev. -- John Remington Graham of the Minnesota Bar (#3664X), March 25, 2015.

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* FBI not only is concealing evidence exculpatory of Ivins (according to former lead investigator Lambert), but it took key lab notebooks from USAMRIID that it has refused to give back!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 14, 2015

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* The FBI will release “the 2006 whistle blower report of former Head of the Amerithrax investigation Richard Lambert” if Mr. Lambert consents — does he?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 14, 2015

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* Bruce Ivins February 28, 2000 email on multi-agent vaccine study

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 11, 2015

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* FBI fights release of exculpatory information regarding 2001 anthrax attacks

Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2015

Richard Lambert

In this FOX News interview, former agent Lambert claims the FBI is concealing evidence in anthrax case. It is a powerful statement …


In this interview, the former lead Amerithrax investigator says there’s been no means of vetting the FBI’s representations — none of the exculpatory evidence was produced. Former Agent Lambert says that the FBI’s claims were highly selective and that a “staggering” amount of clearly exculpatory evidence was not disclosed.

On the other hand, FBI’s Dave Hardy claims that there nothing was withheld and that there is no public interest in disclosure. Mr. Hardy could not be more wrong.

Former lead Amerithrax investigator Lambert says the Amerithrax case was most certainly not “solved.”


This year, Kenneth Dillon requested a copy of the 2000 page “Interim Major Case Summary.” The FBI refused, on friviolous grounds, the requested waiver of fees — ignoring the historic importance of the Amerithrax investigation. Here is the rejection letter …


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Sudanese-American boy handcuffed for bringing homemade clock to school
Ahmed Mohamed was handcuffed after his school called police over the digital clock which ‘looked like a bomb’ to a teacher


Wednesday 16 September 2015 06.14 EDT
Police and school authorities in Irving, Texas are under fire after arresting a 14-year-old boy for bringing a homemade clock into school.

Ahmed Mohamed, an engineering hobbyist, made the timepiece and brought it to school in the hope of impressing teachers and fellow students in his first few weeks at MacArthur High School. But when he showed it to an English teacher after it beeped during her lesson, she told him it looked like a bomb.

Later in the day, the school’s principal and a police officer came to pull him out of class, and again the principal told Ahmed that “it looks like a movie bomb to me”. Throughout, the student says, he told everyone who would listen that the device was a clock, but police still led him out of school at 3pm, according to local reports, “his hands cuffed behind his back and an officer on each arm”.

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Couple of stories


FBI Hosts 16th Annual International Bomb Data Center Working Group Conference


Published: 15 September 2015
Atlanta, Georgia - On September 14-18, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will host the Annual International Bomb Data Center Working Group (IBDCWG) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The IBDCWG is a collaborative body of bomb data centers and recognized government agencies focused on the efficient and effective sharing of technical intelligence on explosives, as well as other information related to the unlawful use of explosives.

The IBDCWG was formed in 2005 by bomb data centers from 12 countries, including the United States. Since then, the group has more than doubled and today includes bomb data centers from 40 member nations, with 12 other countries participating with observer status. According to protocols adopted by the group, the roles and functions of international bomb data centers vary considerably. However, all members must be legitimate government agencies responsible for the management of technical intelligence and information related to the unlawful use of explosives.

The annual conference will include separate presentations from member nations regarding major incidents, emerging trends, and other topics of interest. A range day is scheduled where new tools and techniques will be demonstrated, followed later in the week by focused discussions with governmental and business entities in order to learn their best practices which bomb data centers may employ in any future attack where explosives are used.

The FBI serves as the secretary on the IBDCWG board and as a co-chair for the Americas.



Paper Says FBI Blocked Plan to Foil N.Y. Blast

Los Angeles Times (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Los Angeles, Calif.
Date:         Oct 28, 1993

Abstract (Document Summary)
Tape recordings secretly made by an FBI informer reveal that authorities were in a far better position than previously known to foil the Feb. 26 bombing of New York's tallest towers, the New York Times reported.

The New York Times published conversations the informer, a 43-year-old former Egyptian army officer, Emad Ali Salem, taped with his FBI handlers.

Emad Salem's website
Emad Salem: The Man Who Risked His Life for America by Peter Lance, 2003
"Tapes in Bombing Plot Show Informer and F.B.I. at Odds," Ralph Blumenthal, The New York Times, October 27, 1993, Section A; Page 1; Column 4
"Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast," Ralph Blumenthal, The New York Times, October 28, 1993, Section A; Page 1; Column 4
"Paper Says FBI Blocked Plan to Foil N.Y. Blast," Reuters, Los Angeles Times, October 28, 1993, Page 21; Section Part-A; National Desk
CBS News report about FBI foreknowledge of the World Trade Center bombing, Windows Media Video: video clip
"Bomb Informer's Tapes Give Rare Glimpse of F.B.I. Dealings," Richard Bernstein with Ralph Blumenthal, The New York Times, October 31, 1993
"FBI's Tipster Said He Built N.Y. Bomb," Chicago Tribune, December 15, 1993, Page 7; Section NEWS
"Who Bombed The World Trade Center? FBI Bomb Builders Exposed," Paul DeRienzo, Frank Morales and Chris Flash, The Shadow, October 1994/January 1995 Issue
WBAI Radio broadcast in the city of New York which aired part of a taped conversation between FBI undercover agent Emad A. Salem and FBI Special Agent John Anticev, MP3: short clip, longer clip
Profile: Emad Salem, History Commons
"Tracing terror's roots: How the first World Trade Center plot sowed the seeds for 9/11," Chitra Ragavan, U.S. News & World Report, February 16, 2003
"FBI Blunders and the First World Trade Center Bombing," James Bovard, Freedom Daily, August 2004


Rare TV NEWS Dan Rather reports on WTC bombing FBI ... - YouTube
Video for dan rather emad salem fbi anti cav la times▶ 2:11
YouTube app
Jan 14, 2013 - Uploaded by kevin chambers
In the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, a former Egyptian army ...
Missing: anti ‎cav ‎la
‎Open on youtube.com

Evidence FBI Involvement in 1993 World Trade Center Bombing ...
Video for dan rather emad salem fbi anti cav la times▶ 2:11
YouTube app
Sep 27, 2008 - Uploaded by Michael Latham
Dan Rather gives evidence that the FBI was involved in the World Trade Center Bombing. Of ...
Missing: anti ‎cav ‎la
‎Open on youtube.com


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An F.B.I. Inquiry Fed by Informer Emerges in Analysis of Documents

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's sweeping inquiry into a group opposed to United States policy in Central America was largely fueled by an undercover informer who has said he invented much of his information.

The informer, Frank Varelli, a former evangelist from El Salvador, told a Congressional subcommittee last year that the investigation of supposed terrorist links had simply been an excuse for the F.B.I. to intimidate opponents of American foreign policy.

Although his credibility was questioned at the time and the hearings were quickly dropped, recently released F.B.I. documents show that the thrust of his account was essentially correct. Furthermore, the files suggest, Mr. Varelli helped keep the inquiry going with information that a key Congressman describes as ''laughable.''

How this all came about will be the subject of new Congressional hearings scheduled for later this month.

The F.B.I.'s investigation, which first gained wide attention through release of bureau files late last month, lasted nearly five years and involved thousands of hours of work in at least 52 of the agency's 59 bureaus. It officially ended in 1985 with no indictments, but the consequences promise continuing embarrassment for the Government. Car Burglary and a Lawsuit

Documents show, for example, that Mr. Varelli's cover in the investigation was blown when his supervising F.B.I. agent reported losing everything -gun, badge, files - in a car burglary. Because the files contained information on Mr. Varelli's undercover role and it was not known whose hands they had fallen into, the bureau considered his identity compromised and ended his role in the inquiry.

Now, in another twist, Mr. Varelli is suing the bureau for $65,000 in pay that he says in a court document was ''stolen'' from him.

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, William S. Sessions, conceded at a news conference last week that the target of the investigation, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, ''was involved in political activities involving First Amendment rights - and not international terrorism.''

Mr. Sessions, supported by President Reagan, vigorously defended the investigation, which was conducted while William H. Webster, now Director of Central Intelligence, was the F.B.I. Director. But neither has explained how the investigation became so large and longlasting. 'Just Got Out of Hand

Putting together the entire picture of the inquiry from the newly released documents alone is a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle with two-thirds of the pieces missing. The documents represent only about a third of the 3,756 pages the F.B.I. has concerning the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, or Cispes.

However, information is available from other sources, including the Congressional inquiry at which Mr. Varelli testified at length about his role in the Cispes inquiry, F.B.I. corroboration of key parts of that role in court documents in response to Mr. Varelli's suit for back pay, other Congressional inquiries and information, and an analysis of the disclosed documents themselves.

Together, they provide a rare look into a clandestine Federal investigation that Representative Don Edwards of California, who is planning the Congressional inquiry, said had a legitimate basis at first ''but just got out of hand.'' An Inquiry In Two Phases

The bureau began investigating Cispes in 1981 for possible violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. That act requires that individuals or agencies acting on behalf of any foreign entity register with the Federal Government.

It was also in 1981, in March, that Frank Varelli became a paid informer for the bureau's Dallas office.

The investigation took 18 months and ended with no indictments or other action against Cispes. But the newly disclosed documents show that the inquiry was renewed a few months later, on March 30, 1983, under the far more sweeping authority of an inquiry into international terrorism.

Such inquiries are allowed under Executive Order 12333, signed by President Reagan in December 1981. The order provides that, unlike other criminal inquiries, no specific suspicion of crime need exist to justify domestic surveillance if there was probable cause to suspect a terrorist threat.

The precise guidelines for such inquiries remain secret. But in a court document, George V. Van Balen, Unit Chief of the F.B.I.'s International Terrorism-Global Unit in Washington, stated that the inquiries covered ''groups and individuals who could possibly represent a terrorist threat within the United States, or aid and abet others who would undertake violent terrorist activities.'' Varied Responses in the Field

When the investigation began to spread from Cispes to a long list of purported ''front'' organizations, including unions and religious groups, some F.B.I. offices were confused, others were lukewarm and still others were eager to pursue the quarry, the files show.

The Denver office observed that ''in spite of attempts by the bureau to clarify guidelines and goals for this investigation,'' the field office is ''not sure of how much seemingly legitimate political activity can be monitored.''

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http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=d20c7b46bd&e=91763ac8799/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

** wtc7 pentagon

** Draft minutes for August 26, 2015

September 22, 2015
Craig McKee, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call


Draft minutes for the Wed., August 26, 2015 regular conference call

Present were:

Ken Freeland, Teleconference facilitator, Houston 9/11 Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference secretary, Truth and Shadows
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Ned Delaney, 9/11 Grassroots
James Hufferd, 9/11 Grassroots
Cheryl Curtiss, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
Dave Schlesinger, 9/11 activist
Dan Hennan, AE911Truth
Betty Jennings, Houston 9/11 Truth
Paul Zarembka, The Hidden History of 9-11
Greg Longo, 9/11 activist
Rich Aucoin, Worchester, Mass. 9/11 activist
Nita Renfrew, New York 9/11 activist
Jack Graham, lawyer in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev case
Sue Serpa, Worchester 9/11 Truth
Frank Tolopko, Berkshire 9/11 Truth
Barbara Honegger, 9/11 researcher
Barton Bruce, Boston 9/11 Truth
Mark McKertich, 9/11 activist
Lynn Bradbury, 9/11 activist
Susan McLucas, 9/11 activist
Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11
Dwain Deets, 9/11 researcher
Kevin Barrett, We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11

The minutes of the July 2015 conference call were APPROVED

The agenda was APPROVED.

* Pursuing the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Lawyer Jack Graham, acting on behalf of the aunt of supposed Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, provided an update on legal attempts to get Tsarnaev a new trial. Graham points out that the very evidence used by the state to convict Tsarnaev, a video that shows him at the scene, actually exonerates him because his backpack does not match the color described in the indictment.

Graham says he is looking for help raising funds for the court action. Anyone interested in helping or in getting copies of documents in the case can contact Graham by email at jrgraham@novicomfusion.com (mailto:jrgraham@novicomfusion.com) .

* Concern over hr14.orgweb site

Cheryl Curtiss described the efforts of a number of truthers to get changes to the web site http://www.hr14.org(http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=19828b114a&e=91763ac879 on the grounds that it accepts too many elements of the 9/11 official story. Included below is a letter by the group to Les Jamieson, the main organizer behind the hr14.orgsite.

Dear Les,

We, your undersigned colleagues in the search for truth, support all efforts to release all information, classified or not, relating to the events of September 11, 2001. While we do not oppose the declassification of the 28 pages from the 2002 Joint Congressional Inquiry, we have serious concerns about the hr14.org(http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=83a5d1b87e&e=91763ac879 website and its omission of any facts documented by the 9/11 Truth Movement over the last 14 years.

While all of us support in principle the efforts to obtain the release of the 28 redacted pages contained in the Joint Inquiry report, we do not know what information of substance, if any, will be revealed with their release. We believe that it is misleading, at best, to imply that it will lead to an investigation and the ultimate disclosure of the real 9/11 perpetrators and their activities.

We are concerned that the message displayed on the HR14 campaign website does not support the facts as the 9/11 Truth Movement has come to understand them. Instead, it assumes the official story is true, with the slight twist that the Saudis were culpable because they financed the putative hijackers. In addition, the site ignores all the hard evidence that debunks the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT). To cite just two examples: a number of alleged hijackers, Saudi or otherwise, have been located and were well and alive when contacted subsequent to the events of 9/11; and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has made an incontrovertible case that three World Trade Center buildings were destroyed as the result of controlled demolitions.

As you know from past correspondence, published and recognized leaders of the 9/11 truth movement, such as Kevin Ryan and Michel Chossudovsky, have raised serious questions about the purpose and intent of the 28-pages release campaign. Moreover, the Joint Inquiry Report was a flawed, incomplete, cover-up investigation in the first place. In addition, there is no guarantee that if and when the 28 pages are released, they will be the authentic, full and unredacted 28 pages, and that they will not have been written specifically for the purpose of deflecting blame away from the actual perpetrators.

By way of analogy, ...

suppose someone claimed that certain classified documents could prove that known patsy Lee Harvey Oswald was secretly financed by the Soviet Union, and that this would conclusively reveal who was truly behind JFK’s assassination. Would anyone among the serious researchers uncritically accept this information? Would they not label such a claim a red herring, which undermines the fruit of years of painstaking research?

By the same logic, whereas we all agree it is critical to expose the real 9/11 perpetrators, since the 9/11 Truth Movement has forcefully established that 19 alleged hijackers could not have been responsible for the complete destruction of 3 of New York’s tallest skyscrapers (not to mention the Pentagon event), why should the question of who financially supported these known (by definition, falsely blamed) patsies be considered so momentous?

Do we not then have good reason to question the purpose of the website’s message which falsely assumes that revealing Saudi financial support will finally, conclusively, reveal who perpetrated 9/11? It flies in the face of everything the 9/11 Truth community has struggled for years to publicly demonstrate!

We do not make such serious assertions lightly. Several of us have carefully scrutinized the hr14.orgwebsite and have unexceptionally discovered what can only be called a regurgitation of the OCT. (Our detailed analysis is available upon your request.) We therefore regard hr14.orgas, at best, a hindrance to the aims of the 9/11 Truth Movement, which, on the basis of hard evidence, has solidly debunked the false narrative that your website appears to openly advocate.

We would also like to ask you how the statements of people with clear but undisclosed conflicts of interest can be featured on your website as though they were somehow heroic? Porter Goss and Bob Graham have well established CIA connections, and litigants in a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, such as Terry Strada (whose case and opportunity for financial award hinges on essential confirmation of the OCT), can hardly be considered disinterested on this question either!

The current popularity of the 28 pages issue provides a unique opportunity for the 9/11 truth movement to educate our Congress and the public about the evidence we have gathered over the last fourteen years. We are dismayed that you have ignored this research on your website, and instead have included only content which actively and uncritically promulgates the OCT.

We are requesting some specific changes to the website as a sign of good faith: the inclusion of additional facts such as those mentioned below, and the removal of all statements by parties with known conflicts of interest (such as the three mentioned above). The specific evidence (with relevant url links for each point which we would be happy to provide) we request be added to the website includes the following:

* That a number of alleged hijackers were alive after 9/11.
* Saudi involvement, no matter the scale, has already been documented.
* The Joint Inquiry and 9/11 Commission Report have many omissions and distortions.(http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=18ef764bc6&e=91763ac879
* There is at least as much need to release other withheld information, such as NIST’s refusal to provide the raw data they used to reach their flawed conclusions, and all Pentagon and surrounding videos including those still withheld from the Pentagon Sheraton.
* There are many 9/11 family members that do not support the OCT, evidenced by their statements in the following videos: ‘9/11 Press for Truth’ http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=a03e053689&e=91763ac879 and ‘In Their Own Words’ http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=251802f9b6&e=91763ac879.
* Include links to research sites that have established their 9/11 truth bona fides over the years, such as: ae911truth.org(http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=97f852026d&e=91763ac879 , consensus911.org(http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=fbc294d391&e=91763ac879 , http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=8db3dd096d&e=91763ac879 http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=75d067d1a0&e=91763ac879‘9/11 Museum Virtual WalkingTour,’ http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=abb6a04ec1&e=91763ac879 http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=9d191f2933&e=91763ac879‘Behind the Smoke Curtain,’ http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=58d1e6c237&e=91763ac879* Removal of all statements that reinforce the OCT.

We look forward to a positive respon

rom you to these specific requests. If we have not received your e-mailed commitment by Tuesday, 25 August to act by a date certain on these
specific requests, we will honor our moral obligation to bring these concerns to the larger 9/11 truth community.

Please ‘Reply All’ with your response.

Gregory Longo, Ken Freeland, Nita Renfrew, Dick Atlee, Lynn Ertell, Lynn Bradbury, Bill Wilt, Lou Wolf, Tim Michel, Frank Tolopko, Cheryl Curtiss

* Kevin Barrett on Charlie Hebdo

Radio host Kevin Barrett gave a presentation on his recent book We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

Call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 9:50 p.m. EST/5 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. PST

Audio of the August call can be heard here: http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=ffd1bb428c&e=91763ac879 The next monthly teleconference will take place on September 30 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Please email agenda items for next call to facilitator Ken Freeland (diogenesquest@gmail.com) by September 26. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.”

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Circuit court remands terrorism case on grounds FBI withheld info of al-Awlaki investigation


Published September 26, 2015

American Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, seen in this 2008 file photo, was killed by a U.S. drone strike in Yemen in 2011. (AP)

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has remanded a post 9/11 terrorism case on the grounds that the FBI withheld evidence of its 2002 investigation into the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as into a northern Virginia Islamic scholar, according to recently released federal court document.

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Panel speaks about human rights, government secrecy

Ray McGovern speaks Sunday at a Quad-Cities New Ideas Forum at the Rogalski Center, St. Ambrose University, Davenport.

September 28 2015

A representative of Veterans for Peace, a former FBI agent and a retired CIA analyst spoke Sunday about government secrecy, war and human rights at the Rogalski Center, St. Ambrose University, Davenport.

Sixty people attended the Quad-Cities New Ideas Forum, which was held to raise the level of Iowans’ understanding of current national security issues. The presentation was sponsored by the Quad-City Times, St. Ambrose University and the Quad-Cities Chamber of Commerce.

“The goal of the tour is to encourage Iowans to seize the opportunity they have with the early caucus to ask the hard questions,” said Air Force veteran John Ivens of DeWitt, secretary of the Iowa City Chapter of Veterans for Peace. “Are we to elect a new president who will wage war, or work for peace?” he asked the 60 people in attendance.

He introduced Coleen Rowley, a whistle blower who accuses the FBI of interfering with information. She said the FBI had information that an attack using airplanes was being planned before Sept. 11, 2001.

After the attacks, Rowley wrote a paper for then-FBI Director Robert Mueller. In it, she accused FBI personnel for failing to act on information provided by the agency's Minneapolis field office about suspected terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. Moussaoui, she said, had been suspected of being involved in preparations for a suicide-hijacking.

Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst turned political activist, was with the CIA from 1963 to 1990. In the 1980s, he prepared daily briefs for the president.

McGovern said it is important to question whether leaders are telling the truth and “what to believe about the president.”

McGovern quoted the Rev. Peter Storey, who said, “You have to unwrap your culture from years of red, white and blue myth."

He said it's hard to convince people who really believe their country does nothing but good. "You have to help good people see how they have let their institutions do their sinning for them," he said.

McGovern and Rowley both said they want to raise the level of understanding of national security issues. They focused on issues that Iowans can raise in the February caucuses and provided “score cards” about candidates’ stand on issues such as the use of drones, domestic surveillance and interrogation using torture.

Quad-City Times Opinion Editorial Page Editor Mark Ridolfi also spoke and asked questions.

The McGovern/Rowley Iowa speaking tour, called "The Truth Shall Make You Free," is Ray Mcgovern, Political Activist, Magna Carta, King John Of England, Fourth Estate, Peter Storey, Mark Ridolfi, The Truth Shall Make You Free, Veterans For Peace


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Filmmaker - Kristina Borjesson - TWA Filght 800 - HT2FF - YouTube
Video for bjorsson kristina TWA 800 youtube▶ 24:28

Dec 9, 2014 - Uploaded by HT2FF
http://www.ht2ff.com Bonnie Grice speaks with filmmaker Kristina Borjesson after her film "TWA ...
TWA Flight 800 Trailer - YouTube
Video for bjorsson kristina TWA 800 youtube▶ 1:13

Jun 19, 2013 - Uploaded by Red Pill Pusher
TWA Flight 800 Premieres Monday, July 17, 2013 at 8PM ET EPIX ... and produced by Emmy ...
Did US Gov't Lie About TWA Flight 800? Ex-Investigators ... - YouTube
Video for bjorsson kristina TWA 800 youtube▶ 10:32

Jun 20, 2013 - Uploaded by Democracy Now!
We speak to the filmmakers behind a new documentary on the crash, "TWA Flight 800," former ...

Hillary and Bill Clinton own the FBI.

The Clintons covered up the FBI coverup of
the FBI Mass Murder at Waco.

The FBI covered up their murder of Vince Foster
for the Clinton's.

The Clinton's covered up the 1993 FBI bombing of
World Trade Center.

The Clinton's cover up the 1995 FBI Oklahoma City

The Clinton's coverup of the FBI coverup
of TWA Flight 800 downed by a US Military missile
over Long Island.

New book offers more evidence of Clinton criminality
Ed Klein's 'Unlikeable' unpacks 'the problem with Hillary'

Oct 3 2015

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff writer. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers "The Obama Nation" and "Unfit for Command." Corsi's latest book is "Who Really Killed Kennedy?"        

hillary-bookNEW YORK – The Clinton Foundation scandals form a centerpiece of investigative journalist Ed Klein’s new book on Hillary Clinton, “Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary,” providing additional support to the series of articles published by WND reporting Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel’s research alleging the Clinton Foundation is a “vast criminal conspiracy.”

Klein discloses that an FBI investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state also includes a probe into conflicts of interest in the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of foreign donations while she was secretary of state.

Klein believes Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett were behind Obama’s decision to launch the FBI investigation.

“Both Michelle and Val thought that the FBI and the Justice Department should be ordered by the president to investigate the Clintons’ conflict of interest,” Klein wrote. “Valerie argued that Hillary had deliberately lied to the president about not taking foreign donations for the foundation while she was secretary of state, and that she had ignored warnings about the use of her private email account.”

Klein reported that Obama “flinched at the idea of an official investigation,” worried it could cost the Democrats the 2016 presidential elections.

“It was awkward, but the two women got what they wanted,” Klein concluded. “At least some investigation of the Clinton Foundation would move forward.”

‘Embarrassment of riches’

“Like everything else that Bill and Hillary touched, the foundation was a sketchy operation that skirted legality and often fell over the edge,” Klein wrote, noting that for every $10 the Clinton Foundation collected, only $1 actually went to charitable causes.

The other $9, he said, were spent on “euphemisms like ‘office supplies’ and ‘travel.’”

“With its embarrassment of riches – [the Clinton Foundation] had collected $2 billion since its creation – it was able to do a smattering of good work, especially in the areas of healthcare, AIDs, and addressing poverty in America,” Klein noted. “But it spend money indiscriminately, and mostly on itself.”

In May, WND reported Ortel called for the Clinton Foundation to be “shut down” for having violated stat


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FBI informants Amad Salem, Timothy McVeigh,David Headley,Whitey Bulger
were working for taxpayer funded FBI agents when they helped create
the 1993 1st World Trade Center, the Mumbai attack in India,,the Oklahoma City bombing.
the Omargh bombing

The is also evidence to suggest one or more of the Boston Marathon bombers was a FBI informant.

Now India wants to copy the FBI model.

couple of reads.

You do know what to do?

nah didn't think so.

Oct 12 2015


NIA to get FBI like powers: Can probe terror cases outside India
Oneindia-8 hours ago
The power to probe cases outside the country where their citizens are concerned is currently there with the FBI. This power gives the agency to launch a parallel ...


Nichols says bombing was FBI op | Deseret News
Trentadue claims his brother was killed during an interrogation ... he was taking instruction from former FBI official Larry Potts. ... Potts' name, Nichols ...


Headley an FBI informer? - The Times of India
timesofindia.indiatimes.com › World
Dec 15, 2009 · WASHINGTON: Pakistani-American David Coleman Headley, a LeT operative charged with criminal conspiracy in the 26/11 terror attacks, was arrested twice ...
Terror suspect was drug dealer, then informant David Headley ...
Terror suspect was drug dealer, then informant David Headley, who has local roots, grew up in two worlds. He is charged in the Mumbai killings.
Snitching.org: David Headley: another drug/terrorism ...
According to the New York Times, David Headley, drug-dealer-turned-informant-turned-terrorist, was working for the DEA while collaborating with Pakistani terrorists ...


Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev an FBI Informant? Odds Say it's Possible ...
Apr 9, 2015 - The entire defense of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar ... had been encouraged to become an FBI informant and report on the ...
The Boston Bombing: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev an FBI Informant ...
Apr 10, 2015 - The Boston Bombing: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev an FBI Informant? ... The entire defense of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar ...
FBI asked Tsarnaev to work as informant before Boston bombing - RT
Mar 29, 2014 - Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspected bombers behind the Boston Marathon bombing last year, was approached by the FBI because of his ...
Lawyers: FBI tried to recruit Boston Marathon bomb suspect's brother
Apr 1, 2014 - Lawyers say FBI tried to recruit brother of Boston Marathon bombing ... his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, to be an FBI informant and report ...
Defense Says FBI Wanted Marathon Bombing Suspect As Informant ...
Mar 28, 2014 - Defense attorneys for suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar ... was approached by the FBI and was asked to be an informant.


The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen
Oct 28, 1993 - The FBI Allowed the 1993 ... an F.B.I. supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad Salem, should be used, the informer said.
Former undercover FBI informant Emad Salem alleges that the ...
Sep 12, 2012 - Former undercover FBI informant Emad Salem alleges that the imprisoned Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman is still an influential voice in ...


Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI Informant. No Other Conclusion Can ...
Jun 15, 2015 - The manner in which the FBI acted after the bombing made no ..... Omargh bombing in Ireland used C4 explosives provided by Whitey Bulger
Revealed: Warning signs that could have stopped the Omagh ...
http://www.independent.co.uk › News › UK › Crime
Aug 5, 2013 - Emails from FBI agent said to show that services had detailed ... Market Street in Omagh after the bombing in 1998, for which no one has been convicted ... David Rupert – an American trucker-turned-informant who infiltrated ...
FBI could have stopped the 1993 World Trade Center bombing ...
Video for omargh bombing FBI informant▶ 2:11

Apr 18, 2013 - Uploaded by 911operationgladio
In Northern Ireland the Omagh bomb of 1998 was also allowed to "walk" because Irish Police ...

Revealed: Warning signs that could have stopped the Omagh ...
http://www.independent.co.uk › News › UK › Crime
Aug 5, 2013 - Emails from FBI agent said to show that services had detailed ... Market Street in Omagh after the bombing in 1998, for which no one has been convicted ... David Rupert – an American trucker-turned-informant who infiltrated ...

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a couple of stories

about taxpayer funded FBI agents coverup of the Lockerbie airline bombing



Campaigning father of Lockerbie victim offers qualified welcome to latest development
October 16th, 2015 - 12:15 am Kirsteen Paterson
No comments

LOCKERBIE campaigner Dr Jim Swire last night called on investigators to reveal the evidence levelled at two new suspects.

Swire, whose daughter Flora was killed in the 1988 bombing, has repeatedly criticised the handling of the enquiry over the years, maintaining the innocence of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi and insisting that Scottish authorities bungled the investigation.


DOD Whistleblower & Lockerbie Bombing - YouTube
Video for russo maltese lockerbie fbi youtube▶ 3:04

Dec 21, 2014 - Uploaded by Sharyn Bovat
DOD Whistleblower & Lockerbie Bombing ... Allan Francovich: The Maltese Double-Cross ...
The Truth About the Lockerbie Bombing—And the Censored Film ...


Dec 15, 2014 - The Maltese Double Cross was never screened or aired in the United States. ... The full-length version of the film is now available on YouTube. .... minute was the son of Oliver Revell, head of the FBI's Lockerbie investigation.



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* Was Flask 1030 (Notebook 3655) the source of the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings rather than Flask 1029 (Notebook 4010)?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 15, 2015
flask - RMR 1029

flask – RMR 1029


Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged: *** 2001 anthrax attacks, *** Amerithrax, *** Dr. Bruce Ivins, *** FBI anthrax investigation, flask 1030, notebook 3655, USAMRIID RMR records - flask 1029 | 9 Comments »

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http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=76486a65f6&e=91763ac8799/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

** wtc7 pentagon

** Draft minutes for
Sept. 30, 2015

October 22, 2015
Craig McKee, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call


Draft minutes for the Wed., September 30, 2015 regular conference call

Present were:

Ken Freeland, Teleconference facilitator, Houston 9/11 Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference secretary, Truth and Shadows
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Bill Wilt, Congressional candidate in Massachusetts
Ned Delaney, 9/11 Grassroots
Adam Syed, 9/11 researcher
Adam Ruff, 9/11 researcher
Cheryl Curtiss, Connecticut 9/11 Truth
Mike Cook, AE911Truth
Barton Bruce, Massachusetts 9/11 Truth
Dwain Deets, SD911Truth
Paul Zarembka, The Hidden History of 9-11

The minutes of the August 2015 conference call were APPROVED

The agenda was APPROVED.

* Update on 28 pages and New York Symposium

Ken Freeland filled in for Cheryl Curtiss by providing an update on the latest efforts by a group now calling itself “The Truth Team,” which recently published a critique of the 28 pages campaign and which has raised objections to the content on the hr14.orgweb site. Freeland mentioned that he, Curtiss, and David Atlee have published an article on the subject of the 28 pages, which was published on Global Research and Truth and Shadows. In the absence of Barbara Honegger, Ken Freeland also provided a few details about the recent New York Symposium, which dealt in large part with the 28 pages and which featured Bob McIlvaine as a speaker.

The teleconference returned to the symposium later when Curtiss joined the call and gave a report, offering a number of criticisms of the event

* Analysis of Chandler presentation

Craig McKee made a presentation critiquing the Pentagon presentation given by David Chandler at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival on Sept. 10 in Oakland CA. He reported that almost all of the talk was devoted to supporting important elements of the official story.

* Announcements

1. Bill Wilt informed the teleconference about the Massachusetts 9/11 Fall Foliage Tour. This involves visiting 14 locations that have 9/11 connections. He also commented that the book by Rebekah Roth, mentions many sites in Massachusetts.
2. Cheryl Curtiss pointed out that Paul Craig Roberts has a new book out called The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.
3. Curtiss also mentioned that her group attended the Maine organics farmers fair and was given 20 copies of the new AE911Truth booklet Beyond Misinformation for the group to pass out.

Call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 9:30 p.m. EST/5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PST

Audio of the July call can be heard here: http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=755c4b7494&e=91763ac879The next monthly teleconference will take place on October 28 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Please email agenda items for next call to facilitator Ken Freeland (diogenesquest@gmail.com) by October 24. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.”

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How to Spy the 9/11 Lie
Posted on October 4, 2015         by Kevin Ryan

Spy-the-Lie-2785550A recent book written by veteran CIA officers describes how deception can be identified by simple observational techniques. In Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception, authors Philip Houston, Michael Floyd, and Susan Carnicero outline a number of verbal and visual behavioral clues that are demonstrated by people who lie in response to questioning. These proven techniques for recognizing deception can be easily applied to see that U.S. leaders have lied repeatedly about the attacks of 9/11.

The authors make clear that there are two important guidelines to employ when analyzing these verbal and visual clues. First, timing is important. Due to the fact that people think ten times faster than they speak, the behaviors are more important when the first one occurs within five seconds of the question. Secondly, when the behavioral clues occur in groups of two or more, called clusters, they are more indicative of deception on the part of the person being questioned. The more clues exhibited, the more clear the deception becomes.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

In a December 15, 2001 press conference, President George W. Bush was asked an unexpected question about 9/11. In a remarkably delayed response, Bush exhibited both a verbal clue for deception, the failure to answer, and a visual clue called an anchor-point movement. The latter is when the anxiety raised by the question causes the person questioned to shift his body to relieve physical instability. As Bush replied, he shook his head, moved his hands, and seemed to be shuffling his feet uncomfortably.

Reporter: Do you agree or disagree with the RNC that [a question of your advanced knowledge of 9/11] borders on political hate speech?

Bush: Uh, yeah, there’s time for politics and, uh, you know… time for politics and, uh… I, uh, it’s an absurd insinuation.”

If the reporter had been a CIA interrogator, like any of the three authors of the book, this response would have raised an immediate red flag that the issue needed further examination.

In April 2004, Bush was asked a question about why he could only meet with the 9/11 Commission if Vice President Cheney was with him. He responded in a stuttering, repetitive fashion that demonstrated the “failure to answer” clue as well as something called non-specific denial, in which the question is refuted with unrelated verbiage. As Bush repeated his diversionary answer, he also smiled—another indication of deception when dealing with any serious subject matter.

Reporter: “Why are you and the vice president insisting on appearing together before the 9/11 Commission?”

Bush: “Because the 9/11 Commission wants to ask us questions. That’s why we’re meeting and I look forward to meeting with them and answering their questions.”

Reporter: “My question was why are you appearing together, rather than separately, which was their request?”

Bush: “Because it’s a good chance for both of us to answer questions, that the 9/11 Commission is, uh, looking forward to asking us, and I’m looking forward to answering them.”

Not long after Bush and Cheney finally agreed to their unrecorded, secretive interview with 9/11 Commission members, Bush’s national security advisor Condoleezza Rice gave testimony under oath. In that testimony, she demonstrated at least six of the CIA’s verbal clues to deception including isolated denial, selective memory, an overly specific answer, and a process or procedural response. Rice was also seen going into attack mode, responding to Commissioner Ri

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couple of reads about terrorists

you know who the real terrorists are



Agroterrorism: Preparing for intruders

Oct. 30, 2015

Agroterrorism is a word that is just beginning to pop up in conversations around farms and government agencies.

Agroterrorism, by definition, is the deliberate introduction or use or threatened use of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive agent against one or more components of the food and agriculture sector.

While it has not been an issue, Dr. Stephen Goldsmith, a veterinarian who is also the director of Biological Countermeasures Unit in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said in today's world it could very well be a possibility, and it is important to be alert and conscious of threats.

He said if a problem does occur, it would most likely be a biological agent of some sort. It could be the introduction of a foreign animal disease or exotic plant disease, or it could be accidental or intentional. The FBI gets involved when there is the possibility that it could be intentional.
Human and animal health

Humans are having more and more contact with animals, Goldsmith said, and 75 percent of emerging diseases that are now showing up are zoonic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and humans.

In response to this, he said there are currently efforts to combine human health and animal health disease records with agencies working together to monitor what is happening.

"There are dangerous people


The American Behind India's 9/11—And How US Botched - ProPublica
Jan 24, 2013 - Officials say David Coleman Headley slipped through the cracks despite ... the ex-informant's activities before the 2008 siege that killed 166 people, including six U.S. citizens. ... The CIA, FBI and DEA deny such allegations.
FBI Was Warned Years in Advance of Mumbai Attacker's Terror Ties ...
Oct 15, 2010 - Courtroom drawing of David Coleman Headley, left. Dec. 9, 2009. .... Federal officials say Gilani was never an FBI informant, however. The DEA ...
American Terrorist | FRONTLINE | PBS
Apr 21, 2015 - Inside David Coleman Headley's journey from heroin smuggler to DEA informant to terrorist. .... Headly was an FBI informant the entire time.
When Whitey Bulger Was an F.B.I. Informant - The New Yorker
Sep 21, 2015 - The mobster Whitey Bulger secretly worked for the F.B.I. Or was it the .... worked closely with a confidential informant named David Headley, ...
DEA Deployed Mumbai Plotter Despite Warning - The New York Times
Nov 7, 2010 - The U.S. sent an informant to Pakistan after the 9/11 attacks, despite a ... sent David C. Headley, a small-time drug dealer and sometime informant, ... They disclosed that the F.B.I. actually talked to Mr. Headley about the ...
DEA's Dragnet and David Headley | emptywheel
Apr 13, 2015 - The existence of the DEA dragnet — and FBI's use of it in previous ... former DEA informant David Headley, one of the key planners of the 2008 ...
Terror suspect was drug dealer, then informant David Headley, who ...
Dec 13, 2009 - Terror suspect was drug dealer, then informant David Headley, who has local ... This time, the FBI had questions about terrorism, not heroin.
The Case of David Headley: Pakistani American DEA Informant at ...
Nov 8, 2010 - "FBI Was Warned Years in Advance of Mumbai Attacker's Terror Ties. ... David Headley was still a DEA informant when he began training with ...
Tactical Implications of the Headley Case | Stratfor
Dec 16, 2009 - A week after he was arrested in Chicago on Oct. 3, David Coleman Headley ... Headley reportedly became an informant for the U.S. Drug ... Following the 9/11 attacks, he allegedly worked for the FBI as a terrorism informant.

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The FBI, the taxpayer. funded organization that created the 1993
1st World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing,
the Mumbai attack and the Omargh bombing has developed new
tool to detect violent extremism.

Beam me up Scotty.....


The FBI Wants to Use This New Tool to Profile for Violent Extremism
By Alain Stephens • 19 hours ago
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The FBI has come under fire for a new tool they want communities to use to identify potential extremists.
The FBI has come under fire for a new tool they want communities to use to identify potential extremists.
Image via Flickr/cliff1066 (CC BY 2.0)

From Texas Standard:

Almost 200 Americans have tried to leave the U.S. to join Islamic extremists in Iraq and Syria.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations made that claim this summer at a Senate intelligence committee hearing. Texas has a seen its fair share of individuals attempting to join ISIS; in the last year, the federal government sentenced two men from Austin who were caught trying to join the group.

In another case, a 20-year-old from a suburb near Houston currently faces up to 30 years in prison after he attempted to join, and later returned home. It’s a situation that so concerns the FBI that they’ve decided to roll out a new program designed to help teachers and students identify those who they feel are most vulnerable to extremism.

The tool has received significant backlash from critics who see it as ineffective and a borderline racist program.

Arjun Sethi, adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University, specializes in counterterrorism and law enforcement. He says the program is actually a web portal to help teachers identify students who are at risk of becoming violent extremists. The site includes over a hundred slides, questions and pop questions.

"The program is based on what the FBI considers to be early indicators of violent extremism," Sethi says. "[This includes] students who become angry, students who express an interest in visiting a conflict zone, students who increasingly become isolated, things like that."

Critics have pointed to a variety of issues, particularly the idea that teachers should profile students. Sethi says teachers in classrooms should not be an extension of law enforcement.

"On the most basic level, if the FBI and local law enforcement are not able to identify violent extremists, what makes them think that students and teachers can identify violent extremists?" Sethi says.

"I would also say that the program is another example of misplaced priorities," Sethi adds. "So the factor means that the greatest threat facing America’s schoolchildren today is gun violence, not Muslim extremism, yet there is no web portal regarding gun violence or gang violence. There’s only a web portal regarding students who might one day, in the distant future, perhaps, become violent extremists."

Sethi says the FBI's job description does not include profiling potential criminals.

"The FBI shouldn’t be profiling anyone," Sethi says. "The FBI should only be investigating individuals for whom there is evidence of wrongdoing.... Furthermore, if the U.S. was serious about helping children who were at risk of becoming violent extremists, that should be a program handled not by law enforcement, but by the Department of Education."

Sethi says after advocates spoke out against the program on Monday, the FBI temporarily suspended it.

"My understanding is that it has not been permanently suspended, and that they are still looking to rule it out later this year," Sethi says. "I’m optimistic that they are taking our criticisms to heart and will significantly change the program, if not altogether abandon it.

"It overwhelmingly targets the phenomena of violent extremists in the Muslim-American community. [Yet] there is little to no focus on violent extremists that arise from the Neo Nazi community or the White supremacy community. As a consequence, the program in its current form is disc

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fabricating fixing impunity
November 9, 2015 Uncategorized 9/11, alternate universes, aluminum, Ash Carter and the world order, Bush biography, cyberthreat, Hemingway and the FBI, Hilary, ISIS coloring book, Kunduz, launch games, roundtable II on pedophilia, The New York Times on 9/11        

fabricating fixing impunity

“ First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day’s most important political stories and why they matter.”

[Ed.: Andrea Mitchell, who is privileged enough to know things others can’t by dint of her marriage to Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan, leads off this sharpening of an already powerfully-blunt propaganda sword with a re-telling of the “fallout” from the new Bush 41 biography.

Her Wikipedia entry tells a funny story about Andrea and freedom of the press in Sudan, as if she was free or willing to bludgeon any of the people (41, 43, Rumsfeld and Cheney) noted in her schadenfreudian tamping-down of the earth at the burial site of the Bush dynasty.

For a different look, visit Pottersville where he underlines and emphasizes the same parts of Ray McGovern’s take on the matter that I would have, and then takes a nice 3rd-to-second gear downshift through the double chicane of 9/11 before entering a long straight-away on that new Trudeau fellow up north. ]


The featured image is from





Seven Downing Street Memos on “Fixing Intelligence”



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couple of innuendos....

don't know what to do,eh?


Russia, Egypt Refuse to Accept FBI's Help Investigating Plane Crash
November 11
By James Hoffman




New Evidence Points to TWA-800 Coverup

By Jim Fetzer on May 1, 2015
By William Boardman

New evidence contradicts the U.S. government’s official story and supports the conclusion that an American 747 jet passenger liner was brought down by an explosion outside the airplane, likely a missile, which caused fuel tanks to explode destroying the aircraft, according to a group that includes credible professionals in aviation, investigation, media, and physics.

On June 19, this group formally petitioned the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to reopen its long but inconclusive investigation of the strange mid-air explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996, killing everyone aboard, 230 people from 13 countries. NTSB chair Deborah Hersman declined to discuss the petition. Board spokesperson Kelly Nantel issued a statement indicating that the board would probably respond “within about 60 days.”

The newest challenge to the long-distrusted official story of TWA Flight 800 comes from a group led by six experienced crash investigators, all of whom worked on the original TWA Flight 800 investigation from 1996 to 2000. The nameless group also includes a physicist, a documentary film producer, and a CBS News producer whose coverage of the 1996 story was suppressed by the network at the time. Also supporting the petition to re-open the investigation are a number of eyewitnesses to the explosions and several family members of the victims.

Epix Film Charges Cover-up, Evidence Suppression, Witness Intimidation

The petition to the NTSB is timed to help promote, and directly supported by, a new documentary, “TWA FLIGHT 800,” that tells the story of how, “17 years later, inside investigators finally break their silence.” The documentary premieres on July 17 on Epix, the premium cable channel started in 2009 by Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Documentary co-producer Tom Stalcup is a physicist and co-founded the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization in 1999 (www.flight800.org) to assure the integrity of the NSTB crash investigation, based on the belief that “the FBI unlawfully denied the National Transportation Safety Board access to forensic results and eyewitness interview documents” and continues to do so.

Focusing on whether TWA Flight 800 was brought down by an internal (i.e., gas tank malfunction or bomb) or external (i.e., missile) explosion, physicist Stalcup told Democracy NOW!:

The most significant piece of evidence that we have analyzed, that the NTSB has not analyzed, is the initial detonation that caused the crash. This was recorded by multiple FAA radar sites. And it was consistent [with] and corroborates the eyewitness reports. The eyewitnesses reported something going up, heading out down towards that airplane, a long distance, colliding with it in a perpendicular fashion, detonating near or at the aircraft….

And, yes, in fact, the radar evidence— the radar sites along Long Island picked up that exact event – supersonic debris exiting the right side of the— right side of the aircraft, consistent with the trajectory of that object.

Almost Everyone’s First Thought in July 1996 Was Possible Terrorism

From the start, investigators and witnesses alike suspected the explosion was a terrorist attack, by missile or a bomb aboard the plane. As the CIA summed it up in 2008, “Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) almost immediately focused on three possible causes: a bomb, a missile, or a mechanical failure.”

Because of these suspicions, the FBI took the lead in the investigation, assisted by the CIA, operating on the assumption that it was a criminal investigation. Officially, the FBI came to categorize its investigation as “Re: UNKNOWN SUBJECT(S); EXPLOSION OF TWA FLIGHT #800; JULY 17, 1996; ACTS OF TERRORISM – INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS – EXPLOSIVE AND INCENDIARY DEVICES.”

The NTSB, an independent federal agency established by Congress to investigate every civil aviation accident in the U.S., found itself in the unusual position of having to defer to the FBI. The FBI/NTSB working relationship quickly deteriorated, becoming less a collaboration than a culture clash. This failure of cooperation in 1996 contributed directly to widespread skepticism about official narratives, including the present challenge to the reliability of the investigation.

After more than a year, the FBI decided that there were no terrorists involved in bringing down TWA Flight 800. In a nationally televised news conference on November 18, 1997, the agency announced it was suspending its investigation. That news conference featured a CIA-produced animation of the end of Flight 800, “explaining” what the witnesses had seen, whether they thought they’d seen it or not.

You Didn’t See What You Saw, You Saw What the CIA Says You Saw

Titled “What Did the Eyewitnesses See?,” the CIA animation begins with a quick summary of the takeoff, explosion, and crash “into the Atlantic Ocean, nine miles off the coast of Long Island.” Dozens of witnesses saw what looked to them like a missile. “Was it a missile? Did foreign terrorists destroy the aircraft?” the CIA narrator asks ominously. “CIA weapons analysts looked into this possibility.”

“The CIA’s conclusion: the eyewitnesses did not see a missile,” the narrator states. He goes on to describe what different witnesses really saw, according to agency experts. [Excerpts of this animation are on YouTube, “TWA 800: CIA animation: ‘What did the witnesses see?'”] The narrator finally concludes, falsely, “To date, there is no evidence that anyone saw a missile shoot down TWA Flight 800.” [Emphasis in the original.]

What makes the narrator’s statement false is the evidence he himself had just acknowledged – the accounts of witnesses. Those accounts, and the CIA’s analysis of them, are all evidence, none of which has been tested in court or any other adversarial proceeding. There were at least 736 witnesses to at least part of the event and 258 of those witnesses saw something broadly consistent with a missile; of these, 38 described seeing something that closely resembled a missile rising from the ocean and looping down on the plane.

What If the Only Officially Sanctioned Conclusion Can’t Be Proved?

With the FBI and CIA determining that there was no missile and no bomb, the last remaining possibility on the investigators’ list was a mechanical failure of some sort, for which there was no immediately obvious evidence. Although the FBI slowly turned over much of its evidence to the NTSB, the air safety board still took more than four years to issue its report on TWA Flight 800. Even though that was one of the longest investigations the NSTB ever conducted, at a cost of about $40 million, it still could not reach a definitive conclusion.

Regarding the mid-air explosion that killed 230 people on TWA Flight 800, the NTSB concluded: “The source of ignition energy for the explosion could not be determined with certainty….”

Despite years of unofficial challenges to the NTSB’s final report on August 23, 2000, the safety board has not improved on its inconclusive conclusion. Officially, the board never closes an investigation, but the TWA Flight 800 investigation has apparently been inactive for 13 years. The 425-page final report is on the NTSB.gov web site. More than 17,000 supporting documents are available by request.

Almost Nobody Talks About the Navy’s Role in the TWA 800 Crash

On July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was flying over an area of the Atlantic Ocean where the U.S. Navy was conducting a live-fire exercise and had closed part of the airspace to commercial traffic, according to Kelly O’Meara, who was then a congressional aide to N.Y. Republican Rep. Michael Forbes.

Among the naval vessels taking part in the exercise were a number of surface ships and three submarines – USS Trepang, USS Wyoming, and USS Albuquerque. In the immediate aftermath of the crash, the nearest Navy surface ship did not attempt any rescue operation, but steamed rapidly away from the crash site. For the next two days, Navy divers worked the crash site while keeping others, including NTSB divers, from joining recovery operations.

According to Jack Cashill of WND (formerly World Net Daily), an anonymous crew member of the USS Albuquerque, whom he calls Mack, said he had loaded secret, “experimental missiles” on his submarine for that exercise. After TWA Flight 800 exploded, Mack told his wife that he hoped it had been a terrorist attack, since the most likely alternative seemed to be a Navy accident.

Cashill and James Sanders co-wrote the 2003 book, “First Strike: TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America,” in which they argue that the Clinton White House orchestrated the multi-agency cover-up in order to protect his 1996 re-election. The authors conclude that “TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a Navy missile, whose intended target was a terrorist plane on a collision course with the passenger aircraft,” according to Publishers Weekly.

Despite Conspiracy Theories, Legitimate Questions Remains Unanswered

The terrorist kamikaze plane is hardly the only conspiracy theory tied to TWA Flight 800, but the makers of the new Epix documentary don’t theorize – they lay out what they consider to be the critical evidence as the basis for their call for an investigation that will address open questions.

“We are not speculating in the least,” co-producer Stalcup told the N.Y. Daily News. “Based on the evidence, we can push [the NTSB’s] conclusions aside. I think the whole world should listen.”

The NSTB’s inconclusive conclusion is only one issue that Stalcup and his collaborators want to see addressed. Others include:

What was the Navy doing out there that night? Why wasn’t that investigated, or the results of any investigation made public?
Why did the FBI fail to record a single witness interview, preferring to have agents summarize what was said in their own words?
Why did the NSTB choose not to take testimony from any of the 700-plus witnesses to the explosion and crash?
Why did the NTSB choose not to take testimony from the helicopter pilot who was the closest witness to the explosion? Why did they avoid Major Fred Meyer, then an on-duty Major in the National Guard, a Viet-Nam helicopter veteran, who saw the takedown of TWA Flight 800 as a missile strike? “I’m a combat vet, I know what missiles look like. And I know what I saw,” he told McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.
Why did the NTSB consider only a missile that actually hit the plane, and not one that exploded in close proximity, even though the latter hypothesis fits more closely with the evidence?
Why did the NTSB consider only a missile fired by terrorists? Why did an NTSB spokesman tell Business Insurance magazine in October 1996 that “friendly fire has never been something we’ve considered, or believed?

How Welcome Would Whistleblowers Have Been in the FBI or NTSB in 1996?

The original investigators who are now breaking their silence want to explain that silence and the intimidation that enforced it. And they want to expose what they see as the investigation’s incompetence and wrong doing:

Hank Hughes was an NTSB investigator for 42 years. “TWA 800 was a one-of-a-kind event. There was no instance in my entire career that was like it, from the standpoint of the manipulation of the investigation, lack of coordination, and for that matter, the willful denial of information,” he told McClatchy.
Bob Young was an accident investigator for TWA and says the FBI manipulated the investigators and forced th

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Now that you know FBI agents and their informants created the 1993 1st World Trade Center bombing; the Oklahoma City bombing; the Omargh bombing; the Mumbai attack, did I forget 911, TWA Flight 800, , the Lockerbie bomb; and lest we forget the Boston Marathon bombing

The following stories exemplify why FBI agents create terrorist events.
Can you name the FBI agent perps behind these terrorist attacks?

two stories 40 years apart


November 13, 2015
NYPD: the New Red Squad

Are you being illegally surveilled by the New York Police Department (NYPD)?

The Gothamist website recently exposed a NYPD undercover officer, “Melike Ser,” who had been spying on Muslim students at Brooklyn College. As it reported, three college graduates had “intimate ties” with the officer, with “her presence during some of the most private moments of their lives, and the fear they endured when they learned her true identity.” No charges were brought against anyone the agent supposedly investigated.

The NYPD dismissed the story. “There’s truth in the Gothamist story, if you pick out certain facts you can say, ‘Well, this is true,’ or ‘That’s true’,” claimed John Miller, Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. “But it’s wrapped around this narrative that there was this over-arching blanket surveillance, which is not the case,” he claimed. He also suggested that the undercover agent had, in April, exposed the role of two Queens women as Islamic State terrorists by building and planning to deploy a home-made bomb.

The Brooklyn College episode is but the latest example of how the NYPD uses undercover officers, really secret police, to investigate — and sometimes provoke through agents provocateurs — illegal actions. This practice dates back more than a half-century and is part of the establishment of a new Red Squad and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

* * *

In 2012, the Associated Press (AP) broke the Pulitzer-Prize winning esposé on the NYPD surveillance of Muslim throughout the Northeast. It reported that the NYPD’s Intelligence Division Cyber Unit surveilled students throughout the City University of New York (CUNY) system including Brooklyn and Baruch Colleges as well as using “secondary” undercovers operatives Hunter, CCNY, Queens and LaGuardia colleges during at least from 2003 to 2006.

The NYPD surveillance activities raised a host of questions as to their legality. The AP found that some CUNY personnel may have shared student records with the police in violation of the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); if convicted, a school could lose federal funding. In addition, undercover cops may have violated a 1992 agreement between CUNY and the NYPD that restricted police “to CUNY campuses, buildings and other property only upon the request or approval of a CUNY official.”

More troubling, on Octoer 12th, the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Philadelphia, ruled to reinstate a lawsuit, Hassan v. City of New York, originally brought by a group of 11 Muslim people, businesses and organizations that were allegedly the subject of NYPD surveillance by its now-disbanded Demographics Unit.

The Muslim Advocates and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed the original lawsuit in June 2012; it was dismissed in 2014. According to CCR, “the NYPD’s goal under this program – both ambitious and chilling – was to create a human mapping system that monitored Muslims all along the Eastern Seaboard and beyond. No Muslim individual or entity appears to have been beyond suspicion.” The NYPD targeted adherents of the Muslim faith from 28 “ancestries of interest” including Egyptian, Pakistani, Somali, Sudanese and an array of other Asian, Middle Eastern and African ancestries along with “American Black Muslim.”

In its reversal, the Third Circuit judges noted in their 60-page opinion that the NYPD’s practices recalled now-condemned government actions from the past, “We have been down similar roads before. Jewish-Americans during the Red Scare, African-Americans during the civil-rights movement and Japanese-Americans during World War II are examples that readily spring to mind.”

* * *

In the wake of the colossal federal intelligence failures that culminated in the September 11, 2001, attacks, the NYPD both “federalized” and “militarized” its counter-terrorism operations. It began working closely with the CIA, FBI and DHS, among others federal agencies, and received a considerable amount of military gear, including machine guns, ammunition and armored personnel carriers, from the Pentagon and DHS.

Following 9/11, four CIA operatives were embedded in the NYPD and, in 2002, it launched a clandestine surveillance campaign of regional Muslims and Muslim organizations through its Demographics Unit that led to the recent Third Circuit decision. (These activities were in violation of National Security Act of 1947 and the 1981 Executive Order 12333 that barred the CIA from engaging in domestic spying.) Also in 2002, it marshaled its forces against protesters of the World Economic Forum (WEF), infiltrated various anti-globalization organizations, including the NYC Independent Media Center, and arrested 500 people. Nevertheless, a half-million people came out to voice their rage, the largest protest in the city’s history.

In 2004, the NYPD employed an aggressive counter-terrorism strategy to suppress popular protest against the Republican National Convention (RNC). It deployed its “RNC Intelligence Squad” to conduct massive surveillance of political groups and to arrest (some preemptively), detain and fingerprinting over 1,800 protesters, journalists, legal observers and bystanders; in 2014, the city paid out nearly $18 million for the unlawful arrests.

In 2011, the NYPD lead a massive campaign against Occupy Wall Street that was distinguishing by the active collaboration of the police and a host of national security agencies and corporate representatives. The NYPD’s worked with DHS, including ICE, the Coast Guard, the TSA’s Federal Air Marshals, as well as the FBI, the Secret Service and U.S. Marshals Service. According to a DHS memo, its officials were “actively engaged with local law enforcement and trade partners to establish contingency plans.”

* * *

The NYPD has a long history as an undercover security service. In 1955, it established the Bureau of Special Services (BOSS), popularly known as the “Red Squad.” Like similar groups operating in Los Angeles, Detroit and other cities during the Cold War, its goal was, in the words of New York State’s chiefs of police, “to drive the pinks out of the country.” Two undercover female police officers and numerous FBI agents infiltrated the Communist Party (CP) and various municipal agencies, including the schools; it even kept a file on Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker from 1955 to 1968.

From 1957 to ’71, the NYPD actively collaborated with the FBI’s COINTELPRO (i.e., Counter Intelligence Program) and, initially, targeted the CP and Puerto Rican nationalists. In July 1959, HUAC held hearings held in New York and San Juan on “Communist activities among Puerto Ricans in New York City and Puerto Rico.” More then a dozen witnesses were subpoenaed; most of the alleged communist witnesses refused to testify. One of those who testified was Mildred Blauvelt, an undercover BOSS officer. “I became a member of the New York City Police Department in December of 1942, and upon entrance into the department was assigned by them to infiltrate the Communist Party as an undercover agent,” she revealed. Her actual infiltration of the party is a bit unclear: “I succeeded in doing so by becoming a member of the Communist Party in April of 1948. I was expelled from the Communist Party in September 1943, but gained reentrance into the party once again in April of 1944, and stayed in the Communist Party until my expulsion in November of 1951.”

In the ’60s, a BOSS undercover cop, Gene Roberts, served as Malcolm X’s chief of security and was at the Audubon Ballroom when Malcolm was assassinated. During the ‘60s and ‘70s, the Red Squad targeted political groups like the Black Panthers, Yippies, Young Lords, antiwar activists and “white hate groups.” In the mid-‘60s, it began to deploy video surveillance that is now ubiquitous. In the wake of the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, the NYPD joined forces with the FBI and the CIA to fight terrorism.

Deeply troubling, the NYPD has violated legal agreements limiting its surveillance powers. Over the last three decades, it has circumvented what is known as the Handschu Consent Decree. It is named for Barbara Handschu, an attorney defending the Black Panthers and Abbie Hoffman, who filed suit against the Red Squad in 1971. After nine years of litigation, the NYPD agreed to cease investigating any individual or group without specific information of criminal intent; it also agreed to release secret files it kept on 250,000 New Yorkers. In 2002, the Decree was modified in the wake of 9/11, but in 2007 the NYPD was found in violation of the agreement due to its videotaping of public demonstrations.

* * *

The attacks of 9/11 introduced the era of “war on terror” and paramilitary policing. Now, a decade-and-a-half later, a potential national security threat can include any disturbance, whether political protest, civil uprising, publicity spectacle like the pope’s visit or simply being “Muslim,” a very ill-defined category. Mass preventive arrests are common; undercover agents and agents provocateurs are assumed to infiltrate local activist groups; isolated incidents can rapidly metastasize; and nonviolent actions can quickly be turned into criminal activities.

NYPD conducts surveillance operation using both undercover operatives and high-tech equipment. One of its surveillance “toys” is a sophisticated Bell 412EP helicopter costing $10 million and acquired through a Justice Department grant. It operates through a shell company and maintains a special FAA “undercover” registration so it can’t be tracked. It is equipped with sophisticated photo- and video-surveillance capabilities that Wired magazine says can capture “clear images of license plates—or the faces of individuals—from 1,000 feet away.” The story noted that it could even “pick up the catcher’s signals at Yankee Stadium.” John Diazo, crew chief for the aircraft, replied, “Obviously, we’re not looking into apartments. We don’t invade the privacy of individuals. We only want to observe anything that’s going on in public.” And who would know if they did?

Another NYPD device is known as the StingRay, an IMSI catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) that is a cell site simulator. It appears as a cellphone tower and services as a mobile wiretapping device and is used to capture metadata, record the content of phone conversations and SMS text messages.

And then there is the Z Backscatter Van, a mobile fortress used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to scan for drugs and explosives costing between $729,000 and $825,000. Two were reportedly deployed at the 2004 Republican convention, one on each side of streets near Madison Square Garden, to X-rayed every vehicle that passed for explosives.

Over the last century, New York has witnessed innumerable civil disturbances that can be divided into four categories: (i) race riots (i.e, whites attacking blacks) like the 1900 riot; (ii) urban riots (i.e., blacks uprising against racist conditions) like the 1935 Harlem riot and those in 1964, 1991 and 2013; (iii) civil disorders like the 1977 blackout that witnessed widespread arson and the looting of over 1,500 stores (the 1965 Blackout did not result in disorder); and (iv) mass political protests like the 2002 mobilization against the WEF and the 2011 Occupy mobilization.

A violent militant protest by political activists or a riot by African-American or other people-of-color in New York in the near future seems unlikely. If economic conditions get significantly worse, a relatively inconsequential act, like the ones that sparked the riots or protests of the past, could precipitate a very violent civil disturbance. In the face of such a disruption, one can expect the coordinated might of the integrated security state – with its army of undercover secret police — rain down mercilessly.

Be prepared for the worst.

David Rosen is the author of the forthcoming, Sex, Sin & Subversion: The Transformation of 1950s New York’s Forbidden into America’s New Normal (Skyhorse, 2015). He can be reached at drosennyc@verizon.net; check out http://www.DavidRosenWrites.com.


Big Brother in Blue : PROTECTORS OF PRIVILEGE: Red Squads ...
Jan 20, 1991 - Big Brother in Blue : PROTECTORS OF PRIVILEGE: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban America, By Frank Donner (University of ...
Book review: Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police ...
Book review: Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban America. By Frank Donner. Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Oxford: University of ...

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What government organization created these multiple terrorist events in France today.
The level of sophistication reminded me of the 911,and the Mumbai attacks.

Multiple events and high casualties.

Will these events take away attention from the Paris Climate Summit next

Did big oil fund these terrorists?

The Del Charro - LBJ Killed JFK... American History and Politics
The Del Charro was quid pro quo and provided a social atmosphere where organized crime, the FBI chief, big oil money and political power could mingle.

Were the CIA or FBI involved creating these events because FBI agents want access to encryption?

Was this terrorist event also created to divert attention
away from. http://www.ae911truth.org and the release of their
new film?

Was it also done to divert attention away from the anniversary of the JFK
New book by Wayne Madsen:
The Star and the Sword
This book, for the first time, suggests that both Israel and Saudi Arabia were intimately involved in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attack on the United States. Both countries, while seemingly enemies, have been longtime secret allies. They share a number of common enemies, including Iran, Shi'a Islam, pan-Arab nationalism, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their intelligence chiefs often meet and conspire in utmost secrecy. The Saudis and Israelis had the motive and the means to cooperate in launching a "false flag" terrorist attack on the United States in order to plunge America into endless conflicts to bolster the positions of Israel and Saudi Arabia. This book tells that story.

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Patrick Pelloux, EMT and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explains on France Info radio that Paris EMTs were prepared because, "as luck would have it", they'd planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on the morning of Nov 13,2015.

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For the uneducated and uneducable



Patrick Pelloux, EMT and chronicler at Charlie Hebdo, explains on France Info radio that Paris EMTs were prepared because, "as luck would have it", they'd planned an exercise to train for multi-site attacks on the morning of Nov 13,2015


DHS Admits Boston Training Drill Involving Backpack Explosives ..
Jun 11, 2013 - Was this training exercise part of Operation Urban Shield? ... and spotters on the roofs were at start, finish lines for roof drill at Boston Marathon bombing · Boston Globe: Police response training planned, but bombs hit first ...


9/11 Training Exercise Planned for Simulated Plane Crash Five ...
Sep 7, 2009 - Five minutes before the Pentagon was hit on September 11, 2001, a training exercise being run by a US intelligence agency just over 20 miles from the Pentagon was set to include the scenario of a small private jet plane crashing into a building. ... The NRO exercise, which had been ...

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couple of reads....

We know who is creating terror.....



Editorial: Fighting ISIS in NYC
Editorials NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 11/16/2015 7:45 PM ET

NYPD Steps Up Security
CBS New York

Unveiling the NYPD’s new anti-terror Critical Response Command, Commissioner Bill Bratton said the department is developing the capability to respond to “two dozen multiple events occurring in the city” at a single time.

Two dozen simultaneous attacks. That’s how terrifying the world now is.


The atrocity in Paris vividly confirmed that a small group of suicidal killers armed with readily available weaponry can inflict enormous death and bloodshed — and that such a band can escape detection by even a top anti-terror force like France’s.

Or, God forbid, by the NYPD, home to



Utah OKC Bombing Trial: Missing Videos, FBI/ATF Prior Knowledge, Undercover Gov’t Operative Threatened to Not Testify
In Archive, ATF, False Flag, FBI, OKC Bombing on August 3, 2014 at 3:57 AM


Barry Donegan/BenSwann:

At the US District Court in Salt Lake City, almost twenty years after the Oklahoma City bombing, a trial is underway pitting Utah lawyer Jesse Trentadue against the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a dispute over alleged missing videos from the case’s evidence log.

Trentadue believes that the FBI is hiding videos that will help prove that his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, was killed by guards in an interrogation-gone-wrong after he was mistaken for a “John Doe Number Two” that was allegedly being investigated as an Oklahoma City bombing suspect. Authorities eventually abandoned the theory that such a suspect participated in the bombing.

Kenneth Trentadue bore an uncanny resemblance, including similar tattoos, to both the police sketch of John Doe Number Two and suspect Richard Lee Guthrie Jr., an Aryan Republican Army member and bank robber who some believe to have been a co-conspirator in the 1995 attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Kenneth Trentadue allegedly committed suicide while in federal custody in August of ’95, but Oklahoma City’s top medical examiner stated, based on the condition of Trentadue’s severely wounded and beaten corpse, that it was likely that he had been murdered. Trentadue’s family also believes foul play took place and that the government might be covering up its involvement.

In this week’s trial, Jesse Trentadue is suing (lawsuit/pdf) to force the FBI to allow him to look through the government’s massive Oklahoma City bombing evidence lockers to find missing videos that have been mentioned in official documents and press reports, allegedly showing Timothy McVeigh carrying out the attack with the help of a co-conspirator bearing a resemblance to John Doe Number Two. Trentadue previously filed a Freedom of Information Act request and was given copies of 30 videos related to the case, but he believes that the FBI is hiding additional videos that support his theory as to what happened to his brother. The FBI claims to have given Trentadue everything he has requested.

On Monday, according to The Washington Post, US District Judge Clark Waddoups ordered the FBI to explain why it has failed to produce videos that are mentioned in case documents. One surveillance video in particular, mentioned in Secret Service logs, allegedly shows two suspects leaving the truck used in the attack, just minutes before the explosion. Waddoups also questioned why FBI agents failed to send Trentadue documents that mentioned additional videos that were not included among the 30 that were sent to him. The Judge also compelled agents to explain why they took no action when Trentadue sent a letter asking why one of the videos he received appeared to be incomplete.

FOX-13 Salt Lake City is reporting that, during the trial, Trentadue produced a document that allegedly shows that the ATF and FBI had prior knowledge of the attack but did not take it seriously.


According to ABC News, three witnesses pointed to videos that should have been available to investigators at the time of the incident. Don Browning, an Oklahoma City police officer who was on-scene the day of the attack, testified that he noticed FBI agents seizing cameras from the besieged building. Jannie Coverdale, grandmother to two bombing victims, testified that the FBI seized surveillance tapes from her apartment building that could have recorded the attack. Another witness, Joe Cooley, a contractor who examined the building prior to the bombing, claimed that he saw several cameras affixed to the outside of the structure.

The Star Tribune notes that FBI witness Richard Williams, the assistant building manager for General Services Administration at the time of the attack, testified that the cameras on the building were not operational and had not been since two years prior to the bombing. Also, a retired FBI agent named Stephen Brannan claimed that he investigated an incident where FBI agents allegedly attempted to sell videos of the attack to the media for $1 million and found it to be a hoax. Another FBI witness, Charles Hanger, then an Oklahoma highway patrolman, took the stand to explain what happened to the dash cam video of Timothy McVeigh’s arrest, which he claims was rendered useless by a recording error.

The trial is expected to wrap up this week, though the Judge’s ruling is likely to come at a later date.


A trial over evidence and conspiracy theories from the Oklahoma City bombing wrapped up here, with a shocking twist.

As a trial over documents and videotape the FBI had from the 1995 bombing that killed 168 ended on Thursday, the man suing the federal government claimed one of his witnesses had been told not to show up — or else.

Jesse Trentadue said John Matthews, whom he claimed worked as an undercover government operative in the militia movement in the 1990s, had been contacted by an FBI agent and told “it would be best if he didn’t show up to testify.”

“He was told he should take a vacation and that if he did testify he should suffer from a case of the ‘I don’t remembers,’” Trentadue told U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups.

Trentadue told FOX 13 that Matthews had known convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh and worked for the government in an operation targeting the patriot militia movement known as “PATCON.”

“He was part of an operation the FBI ran for a decade during the ’90s where they would infiltrate, and it’s questionable whether they incited the right wing,” he told FOX 13.

Lawyers for the FBI denied the allegation and said it was Matthews who had contacted them asking how he could get out of testifying. Matthews could not be located to testify, they told the judge.

“This is a serious accusation,” Judge Waddoups said.

He ordered the FBI agent who spoke with Matthews to appear before him next month in a hearing to ferret out the truth.

Related Link: A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995


Attorney: Sealed Documents Indicate OKC Inside Job
Feb 23, 2007 - Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones ... Declaration of David Paul Hammer ... declaration from Terry Nichols fingering an FBI agent as directing Timothy McVeigh ... Trentadue said he believes Guthrie was John Doe 2, McVeigh's ...
Utah lawyer loses right to interview Terry Nichols | NewsOK.com
Jul 2, 2009 - ... a lower court order allowing Jesse Trentadue to interview Nichols and David Paul Hammer, a death row acquaintance of Timothy McVeigh's.
Salt Lake Attorney Can Question Terry Nichols on Videotape | KSL ...
Sep 22, 2007 - ... can also question and videotape convicted killer David Paul Hammer, ... He contends authorities mistook his brother for McVeigh's "John Doe 2" ... Nichols and Hammer already have given Trentadue written declarations.
Kenneth Michael Trentadue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Timothy McVeigh stated that he believed Trentadue was mistaken for Richard .... of Terry Nichols and death-row inmate David Paul Hammer on the subject of ...
Did the FBI Bury Oklahoma City Bombing Evidence? | Mother Jones
Jul 21, 2011 - It was then that Trentadue, a Salt Lake City lawyer, learned that his brother, ... was declared the lone bomber and executed for his crime; Terry Nichols, ... David Paul Hammer, who said he had talked with McVeigh at length ...
Deadly Secrets (Of the Oklahoma City Bombing and Tim McVeigh ...
ORRIN HATCH on the Kenneth Trentadue mystery: "Somebody has not told the truth ... to have somehow escaped the dragnet that caught McVeigh and Nichols. .... David Paul Hammer Federal Death Row Terre Haute, Indiana April 2010 XIX ...

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How The FBI Invents Terror Plots To Catch Wannabe Jihadis

Terrorism prosecutions are rife with signs of entrapment by law enforcement, according to a new study provided to BuzzFeed News. FBI critics say the bureau is trampling civil liberties based on flawed ideas about radicalization.
posted on Nov. 17, 2015, at 8:46 p.m.


From left, Stories Seldom Seen LLC, New York Daily News via Getty Images, courtesy Marlene Jenkins

Nobody would describe James Cromitie as a terrorist mastermind. Certainly not U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon, who in June 2011 sentenced him to 25 years for his part in a plot to attack Jewish targets and shoot down military aircraft.

Cromitie was “bigoted and suggestible,” with a profound hatred of Jews, McMahon told the court in New York City. But she believed that he would have posed no serious threat if left to his own devices: “Only the government could have made a terrorist out of Mr. Cromitie, a man whose buffoonery is positively Shakespearian in its scope.”

By the time they were arrested in May 2009, Cromitie and his three fellow plotters from Newburgh, New York, thought they had planted car bombs outside two synagogues in the Bronx, and were in possession of what they had been told were Stinger surface-to-air missiles.

But the bombs and missiles were fake, provided by the FBI. The entire plot was driven by Cromitie’s accomplice, Shahed Hussain, a criminal-turned-informant who went to great lengths to entice the four others — all impoverished black Muslim converts — to take part. Among other inducements, Hussain offered Cromitie $250,000 and a BMW.

It sounds like a classic case of cunning entrapment by law enforcement. But under federal law, it’s a legitimate strategy so long as a suspect is already “predisposed” to commit a similar crime — which means that courts must judge suspects’ intentions. And since 9/11, juries have seemed unwilling to accept that anyone could get involved with a terrorist plot if they were not already motivated to do so. Cromitie’s lawyers mounted an entrapment defense, to no avail — despite the judge’s comments about the way in which the FBI had acted.

The front page of the Daily News on May 22, 2009 showing Onta Williams, David Williams, Laguerre Payon and James Cromitie. New York Daily News / Getty Images

The Newburgh Four case is just one of several high-profile prosecutions that critics claim involve entrapment of Muslims who posed little independent threat. In his 2011 book The Terror Factory, journalist Trevor Aaronson accused the FBI of waging a “manufactured” war on terror using some 15,000 paid informants. Among 158 defendants charged after FBI sting operations, Aaronson found that 49 were snared in plots instigated by an agent provocateur controlled by the FBI.

Now a new study has quantified signs of entrapment in a database of post-9/11 terror prosecutions. Out of 580 cases, 317 involved an informant or undercover agent, and most of those showed signs of entrapment, the study found.

The leader of the study, Jesse Norris, a legal scholar at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia, told BuzzFeed News that he was disturbed at how often questionable tactics were employed.

“I didn’t know if I’d find it was a small handful of what you might call bad apples,” he said. “But instead what I found was that facts supporting an entrapment defense were pretty widespread.”

What’s more, Norris and Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk, a sociologist at the University at Buffalo, found that these methods have been deployed more often to target jihadi and left-wing extremists than to ensnare those on the extreme right. Their study will be published in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology.

The FBI rejects the study’s findings. “This is a topic that’s been well reviewed by the courts and there’s not been a single case where the court has said the FBI has entrapped an individual,” Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, told BuzzFeed News. “We don’t put into somebody’s head the intent.”

Steinbach justifies the agency’s approach, saying that it’s the best way to stop terrorists before they can cause harm. “It would be irresponsible of us to just sit back and wait. I don’t have the time or the resources to follow that individual and let him act at a time and place of his choosing.”

Although critics have been complaining about the FBI’s tactics for years, Norris wanted to produce a detailed, quantitative description of how the government has pursued terrorism prosecutions since 2001.

He coded each case for 20 signs of entrapment. These included six “core” indicators: The defendant had no previous involvement with terrorism; the government proposed the crime; the defendant had to be pressured or persuaded to take part; cash or other incentives were offered; the defendant was reluctant to become involved; and the government directed the criminal acts, rather than letting matters take their course once the ball was rolling.

Cromitie checked all six of these boxes. So, too, did Tarik Shah. And in his case, there were no bombs, and no missiles.

Shah is a jazz bassist who honed his skills with the Duke Ellington Orchestra and once toured Europe with the singer Betty Carter. He is also a master of karate who taught martial arts. In May 2005, he was arrested for conspiring to provide material support for terrorism.

Tarik Shah is seen performing in this undated handout photo. Courtesy Marlene Jenkins

Prosecutors charged that Shah had pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda and agreed to provide martial arts training to terrorists for $1,000 a week. Shah pleaded guilty in 2007, and is currently held in the Petersburg Low federal prison in Virginia. He’s due for release in 2018.

Mohamed Alanssi, the first FBI informant sent after Shah, made little progress. But in 2003, Theodore Shelby, aka Saeed Torres, befriended Shah, asking for bass lessons. At the time of Shah’s arrest, Shelby was in the process of moving into a building in the Bronx owned by Shah’s mother, where Shah was the live-in building manager. Over more than two years, Shelby recorded their conversations and introduced Shah to someone he said was an al-Qaeda recruiter — but who was actually an FBI agent, Ali Soufan.

Shah’s guilty plea meant the case against him was never argued in court, but details of what he said emerged in the 2007 trial of his friend Rafiq Sabir, a doctor charged with offering medical assistance to al-Qaeda. Shah came across as a “boastful, albeit somewhat bumbling, man,” the New York Times reported, adding that the plot “was almost entirely talk.” No martial arts training was ever provided, the newspaper noted.

Shah’s mother, Marlene Jenkins, who converted to Islam in the 1950s after studying under Malcolm X, is adamant that her son is not a terrorist. “He’s never been violent. He’s never been in a fight,” Jenkins told BuzzFeed News.

But the FBI agent Soufan, who now runs a security and intelligence company based in New York, argues that Shah and Sabir were targeted with good reason. “There was intelligence that these individuals were trying to reach al-Qaeda,” Soufan told BuzzFeed News. “I feel very confident that we did the right thing, and it’s better for them to be stopped.”

While Cromitie’s and Shah’s cases stand out for their high number of entrapment indicators, Norris’s study found that at least some of these indicators showed up in most of the prosecutions he examined. Just 53 of the 317 prosecutions involving an informant or undercover agent were free of any signs of entrapment. The remainder averaged 5.3 of the 20 indicators per case, including 2.5 of Norris’s six core signs.

What’s more, these indicators were more common in cases involving jidahis than in cases involving defendants from the extreme right.
Indicators of Entrapment in Terrorism Prosecutions

Table shows the average number of indicators in cases of each type. / Via Peter Aldhous for BuzzFeed News / Data via Jesse Norris

The threat from Islamic terrorism is real, but the far right is arguably just as dangerous. A 2012 report from the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point described “a dramatic rise” since 2007 in attacks and plots from the extreme right. The New America think tank, meanwhile, is keeping a tally of killings by violent extremists since 9/11. So far it has recorded 48 killings by right-wingers and 26 by jihadis.

Norris’s findings reinforce criticisms of the FBI made by a former insider. Michael German, now at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, served as an FBI agent until 2004, often working undercover to infiltrate extremist groups. German argues that the FBI has engaged in fishing expeditions within Muslim communities since 9/11, while neglecting the threat from the political right.

FBI assistant director Steinbach denied this accusation. “When we decide how to prioritize the threats, it is based on a yearly review of what the intelligence is telling us,” he said.

German also questions the wisdom of relying on confidential informants with checkered pasts. “I’m concerned about the use of informants who have lengthy criminal records, particularly criminal records for fraud, which demonstrates an ability to manipulate people,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“I think the new study is extremely helpful,” German said. “It helps make the discussion much more objective and fact-based, rather than just pointing at particular cases.”

German believes that the FBI’s pursuit of Islamic terrorists is based on the flawed assumption that once someone starts to express radical Islamic views — such as supporting the application of Sharia law — they are on an inevitable path toward committing acts of violence. “So once those ideas have been expressed, it’s incumbent on the government to push them along that pathway,” German said.

However, a 2010 study from the British think tank Demos, which compiled profiles of 58 Islamic terrorists and conducted interviews with 20 radical Muslims from across Europe and Canada, painted a more complex picture.

The study found some differences between violent and nonviolent extremists. Among those who went to college, for instance, violent extremists were more likely to have studied technical subjects than arts or humanities. But the Demos researchers could find no simple predictors of violence, and they warned against assuming that all Islamic radicals are terrorists-in-waiting.

“What is clear is that there is no such thing as a typical terrorist, and no such thing as a typical journey into terrorism,” the Demos report concluded. “[T]argeting the wrong people can breed resentment and alienation, and erode the very freedoms Western governments want to preserve.”

Other critics contend that entrapment is just part of a wider problem. In May 2014, Project Salam, which provides legal representation to Muslims charged with terrorism-related offenses, released the report Inventing Terrorists. It argued that the vast majority of recent terrorism cases were “pre-emptive prosecutions,” directed at Islamic radicals based on their ideology.

FBI Special Agents and members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force prepare to arrest a suspect in Pittsburgh on March 15, 2012 in this still from the documentary (T)ERROR. Stories Seldom Seen LLC

Some of these cases involved entrapment in FBI-directed plots, Stephen Downs, an attorney in Albany, New York, and a founding member of Project Salam, told BuzzFeed News. “But a larger group had to do with criminalization of things no one thought were illegal before, including things like free speech,” Downs said.

Soufan, the ex-FBI agent, argues that if we want to avoid incidents like the 2013 Boston marathon bombing, the FBI has little choice but to target people who seem to be on the road to violence and see how far they are prepared to go. “This is a debatable issue and I understand these concerns, but this is the only tool that’s available.”

That said, Soufan would like to see greater efforts to rehabilitate radicals ensnared in FBI-directed plots, rather than simply imposing long prison sentences. “We should provide some kind of an off ramp,” Soufan said.

Jenkins, meanwhile, worries that after her son gets out of prison in a few years, he will remain a marked man. “He’s a musician. He still

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Manufacturing Terror
An FBI Informant Seduced Eric McDavid Into a Bomb Plot. Then the Government Lied About It


Nov. 19 2015, 1:04 p.m.

IT WAS A SWELTERING DAY in the summer of 2004, and Eric McDavid, then 26 years old, was in Des Moines, Iowa, for an annual gathering of self-described anarchists.

McDavid had come from his parents’ home outside Sacramento, train-hopping the 1,700-mile journey and scavenging for food where he could, including in dumpsters. An idealistic young man with a shaved head and a thick red beard, McDavid had been drawn to activism following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when his parents gave him a copy of Michael Moore’s book Dude, Where’s My Country? McDavid began to attend protests in the San Francisco area, eventually gravitating toward anti-government views.

In Iowa, McDavid was staying with other activists in a farm house with a large porch. They were attending CrimethInc, which was described, in the gathering’s literature, as an event for anarchists “in pursuit of a freer and more joyous world.” Activists would come and go from the house, talking and smoking cigarettes or pot on the porch.

“Hey, anybody want to go for a ride?” someone shouted. “I’ve got to pick up somebody out on [Interstate] 80 at a truck stop.”

McDavid, in an interview with The Intercept, recalled hopping into the car with another activist. A few minutes later, McDavid spotted her, short and petite, no more than 120 pounds, with pink hair and a camouflage miniskirt. She said her name was Anna. He was quiet on the ride back, impressed and slightly intimidated by the story she told of hitchhiking from Florida with truckers.

McDavid recalled that Anna sidled up to him on the porch.

“So when are we going to bed?” she asked.

McDavid looked at his friend, whose eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“As soon as I get done with this cigarette?” he responded.

McDavid went upstairs and unfurled his sleep sack, offering to share it with Anna. She demurred, which confused McDavid, but she was flirtatious for the rest of the CrimethInc gathering and McDavid became enamored. She told him that she was 24 years old and had spent time in Iraq in the National Guard, which turned her against the government.

“If you’re asking if it made me angry and wanna, you know, destroy it,” she’d say later to one of McDavid’s friends, “then the answer would be yes.”

None of it was true. Anna wasn’t an activist. That wasn’t even her real name, which at the time was Zoe Elizabeth Voss. She was a paid FBI informant.


Watch Eric & “Anna,” a film about an FBI informant and the environmental activist she helped entrap.

Anna would go on to lead McDavid and two other activists in their 20s in a loose plot to bomb targets in Northern California. Maybe in the name of the Earth Liberation Front. Or maybe not. Fitting for the muddied plot, their motivation was as unclear as their targets. Anna, at the direction of the FBI, made the entire plot possible — providing the transportation, money, and a cabin in the woods that the FBI had wired up with hidden cameras. Anna even provided the recipe for homemade explosives, drawn up by FBI bomb experts. Members of the group suggested, in conversations with her, that they regarded her as their leader.

At trial, McDavid’s lawyer, Mark Reichel, argued that the FBI had used Anna to lure McDavid into a terrorism conspiracy through the promise of a sexual relationship once the mission was complete. “That’s inducement,” Reichel told the federal jury. “That’s entrapment.” The jurors weren’t persuaded, however. In 2007, McDavid was convicted of conspiring to use fire or explosives to damage corporate and government property, and he was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison, one of the longest sentences given to an alleged eco-terrorist in the United States. At the time of his conviction, the FBI had built a network of more than 15,000 informants like Anna and the government had classified eco-terrorism as the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat — even though so-called eco-terrorism crimes in the United States were rare and never fatal.

Seven years after his conviction, the government’s deceit was finally revealed. Last November, federal prosecutors admitted they had potentially violated rules of evidence by withholding approximately 2,500 pages of documents from McDavid. Among the belatedly disclosed documents were love letters between Anna and McDavid and evidence that Anna’s handler, Special Agent Ricardo Torres, had quashed the FBI’s request to put Anna through a polygraph test, commonly used by the FBI to ensure informants aren’t lying to agents as they collect evidence. The new documents also revealed which of the letters and emails the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit had reviewed before offering instructions on how to manipulate McDavid and guide him toward a terrorist conspiracy.

FILE - In this Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015 file photo, Eric McDavid, 37, walks out of the Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., with his attorneys Ben Rosenfeld and Mark R. Vermeulen, right, after being released from prison after serving nearly nine years in federal custody for what FBI agents alleged was as an eco-terrorist plot in the name of the Earth Liberation Front. McDavid was ordered released when a judge ruled that at his trial the government had never turned over to his defense attorney thousands of pages of documents they were entitled to see. (AP Photo/Sacramento Bee, Jose Luis Villegas, File) MAGS OUT; LOCAL TELEVISION OUT (KCRA3, KXTV10, KOVR13, KUVS19, KMAZ31, KTXL40); MANDATORY CREDIT

Eric McDavid, 37, walks out of the federal courthouse with his attorneys, Jan. 8, 2015, Sacramento, Calif.

Photo: Jose Luis Villegas/Sacramento Bee/AP
McDavid was released earlier this year as part of an unusual settlement: He agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of general conspiracy in exchange for his immediate release. Yet when his lawyers demanded to know why the government had withheld evidence that had been specifically requested before trial, the government made a veiled threat to throw McDavid back into prison for violating the terms of his plea agreement.

“The United States is currently reviewing its potential remedies for McDavid’s breach and whether to pursue those remedies,” federal prosecutors warned in their formal response.

The extent to which the crime was manufactured by the government can be fully measured now, thanks to the release of the hidden documents that became public earlier this year and hours of undercover recordings that were obtained exclusively by The Intercept and Field of Vision, which are releasing a documentary about the case, Eric & “Anna,” directed by one of the authors of this story, Katie Galloway, along with Kelly Duane de la Vega.

“To me, there are big American themes here,” said Ben Rosenfeld, a lawyer who was among those representing McDavid after his conviction. “Man entrapped by FBI and their informant — and railroaded by prosecutors who withhold and distort evidence at trial — is released after serving nine years of an outrageous 20-year sentence. He then dares to ask for an explanation, and the U.S. attorney’s office threatens him with re-prosecution just for asking. The court then runs cover for all of them and refuses even to probe who was responsible. That’s the opposite of accountability.”

IN THE FALL of 2003, Anna was 17 years old and a sophomore at a South Florida community college. Eager to impress her professor, she proposed an extra credit assignment: infiltrating protests at the upcoming Free Trade Agreement of the Americas summit in Miami.

“I wanted to figure out what they were doing and why they were interested in doing what they were doing,” Anna said at McDavid’s trial. “So I went to Goodwill, and I got some ratty clothes, because I knew the protestors were more into a grunge lifestyle than your average Old Navy or Gap lifestyle.”

She wasn’t a natural spy. Protest organizers suspected a plant and shut her out of their meetings. The next day, she showed up again, this time in a mask, and managed to attend a meeting where organizers discussed their plans.

After Anna presented the report to her class, a classmate who was a state law enforcement agent asked if he could share the paper with his bosses. Anna agreed. She soon received a call from the Miami Police Department, the lead agency during the protest.

“We have some questions about what you did, what you saw,” Anna recalled them saying. “Would you mind coming in this afternoon?”

When Anna arrived, she was greeted by two police officers and an FBI agent who asked if she’d be willing to monitor protestors at the upcoming G8 forum in Sea Island, Georgia, as well as the 2004 Democratic and Republican national conventions. She’d be undercover, they made clear. She signed up immediately.

For the FBI, Anna was a great find — an informant young enough to look the part of the environmental and animal-rights activists she would be infiltrating. As in Muslim communities after 9/11, the FBI created undercover stings that provided the means and opportunity for left-wing activists to cross the line into violent action. While far fewer in number than the stings against Muslims, the stings on left-wing activists have been just as egregious. For example, an FBI informant led five members of the Occupy movement — at least one of whom had been treated for mental health issues — in a plot to bomb a bridge in Ohio. The FBI came up with the plot and financed it. An undercover informant provided the purported bomb.

The government’s interest in McDavid appears to have begun in February 2005, when the FBI arrested a man named Ryan Lewis for his role in planting five incendiary devices in Auburn, California, near Sacramento. Lewis, who pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison, was a friend of McDavid’s. After Lewis’ arrest, FBI agents went to McDavid’s parents’ house — but McDavid, something of a drifter at the time, wasn’t there.

Anna provided the FBI with a way to gather information about him. Anna and McDavid exchanged emails after meeting at CrimethInc in Iowa. In one email Anna sent — which was among the newly released documents — Anna explicitly suggests the promise of a relationship. “I think you and I could be great,” she wrote on June 27, 2005, weeks before the next CrimethInc in Indiana. “But we have a LOTS of little kinks to work out … I hope in Indiana we can spend more quality time together, and really chat about life and our things.”

In his reply, McDavid didn’t miss the “our things” cue:

hey cheeka, so far as us B’n great, that i think is an understatement … along w/the ‘LOTS of little kinks 2 wk out’ … but if u aint learning, u aint live’n … & I do think we could learn a lot from eachother … ido think that indiana will B a good space 2 start some of that but i’d like 2 look N2 do’n some independently from the scene N the future 2, i think that it’d throw a different light on the subject wich could B helpful … but that’s 4 a future discussion : ) … now so far as plans, u know I don’t have those things anymore, only ideas …

In another email leading up to their Indiana meeting, McDavid made his feelings clear: “Totally miss you. You’re never far from my thoughts or heart. Guess I’ve been fighting that last part a bit. Okay, a lot.” He signed it, “Much love, me.”


Eric McDavid’s handwritten note to “Anna,” the FBI informant.

Photo: FBI
By then, Anna was working with Special Agent Torres, who was based in the FBI’s Philadelphia office. In October 2005, a collection of McDavid’s electronic and handwritten messages were provided to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia, for “behavioral insight into Eric McDavid,” according to an FBI memo. The unit’s analysis and the fact that Anna received such specific guidance — key pieces of evidence that the defense had been seeking before the trial — were made public only in January of this year. At trial, Anna testified that the Behavioral Analysis Unit had offered advice, but it was not disclosed that FBI psychologists had actually reviewed McDavid’s messages.

“They said if he makes another advance at you, what you need to say to him to calm him, to mollify him,” Anna testified. She was instructed not to “shoot him down outright.” Instead, she was advised to tell him, “We need to put the mission first. There’s time for romance later.”

Anna and McDavid saw each other again in 2005 at the next CrimethInc. Anna told her FBI handler, and later said on the witness stand, that McDavid expressed his interest in violence then. “He said that he had gotten a bomb recipe for C4 from an individual in West Virginia. And his plan was to make little C4 bombs,” Anna testified.

But this alleged conversation was not recorded. Anna was the only source. McDavid has denied he said it.

Could Anna be trusted?

Among the documents released years after McDavid’s conviction were FBI reports that requested a polygraph examination for Anna, to make sure she was telling the truth. It’s unclear why the FBI scuttled Anna’s polygraph. The bureau declined to comment for this story. Anna also told her handler that McDavid had two co-conspirators in his supposed bomb plot. Anna claimed that Lauren Weiner, a Philadelphia art student who was 20 years old and went by the nickname Ren, told her that McDavid invited her and Zach Jenson, a 20-year-old sometime travel companion of McDavid’s who went by the nickname Ollie, to join the plot.

Yet the plot, or whatever it really was, was going nowhere by the time Anna told the FBI about it. McDavid had returned to the West Coast and dropped out of contact with her. The FBI decided to jumpstart the plot. “We formulated a plan to get me out to the West Coast under the guise of a sick aunt that I was visiting,” Anna recounted at trial.

USING FBI MONEY, Anna bought a plane ticket for Weiner to fly to Sacramento in the fall of 2005. They met up with Jenson and drove to McDavid’s parents’ house outside Sacramento. It was November 18, 2005. As they arrived, McDavid told them: “Just so everybody’s on the same page, you’re walking into a house of a known anarchist.” He was joking about his friendship with Ryan Lewis and how FBI agents had come to his parents’ house after Lewis’ arrest. They hung around McDavid’s house, smoking marijuana, talking and eating dinner, before finally moving into the backyard to sit around a fire pit, where they discussed the alleged plot. Anna led the conversation, pressuring the group to come up with a concrete plan.

“We could practice shooting, we could do reconnaissance, we could even test something tomorrow and Sunday,” Anna said.

“Hm-hm,” McDavid mumbled, not committing to any ideas.

If McDavid had told Anna that he was planning a C4 bomb attack, as she reported to the FBI, his conversation at the fire pit suggested that his dedication had been momentary at best.

“What do we need to do over winter? What do we need to improve? What do we need to train more on?” Anna badgered.

They spoke vaguely about targets. McDavid talked about pouring sugar into the underground tanks at gas stations. They wondered aloud if dropping a lit cigarette into those tanks would cause

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geared up
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‘She said she thought it was a drill:’ Starting last year, center’s staff began completing active shooter drills | 02 Dec 2015 | Today, we read: San Bernardino mass shooting leaves multiple dead, authorities say – At least 14 people were killed and up to three suspects were being sought in a mass shooting Wednesday on the grounds of a social services facility in Southern California, authorities said. San Bernardino County sheriff spokeswoman Coral Castro told Newsday that San Bernardino police are still searching for the trio of suspects. Authorities said 14 people were killed and at least 14 more were at area hospitals, some with “significant injuries.” … A witness told CNN his daughter was evacuated from the building. “She said she thought it was a drill,” he said. Starting last year, the staff began completing active shooter drills. [San Bernardino County participated in an active shooter exercise YESTERDAY. ‘It looks the three actors have been caught.’ Wow, blatant. (MSNBC) See also, for historical perspective: Active shooter drills held in Rancho Cucamonga | 01 Aug 2013 | Various law enforcement agencies in San Bernardino County worked together Thursday for hands-on drills simulating an active shooter inside a movie theater. They gathered at the Victoria Gardens Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga. During an early-morning drill, girls came out screaming for help, and the sheriff’s department went into the movie theater in full tactical gear and guns drawn as if it were a real event. Officials have been practicing the drill all week. The Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department was one of the agencies participating in the event… Members of the fire department will go in with a team of armed law enforcement officers before the scene has been deemed completely safe to treat the seriously wounded. It’s a technique modeled after what combat soldiers do to treat the wounded in a war zone. Also, see: Active-shooter drills held in Rancho Cucamonga by KABC – Los Angeles – Law enforcement agencies in San Bernardino County worked together for drills simulating an active shooter inside a theater. (Video)]


Kristin Myricks, IRC employee not at work on 12/2, tells CNN at 3:50PM EST that mass shooting drills regularly taking place on the IRC campus since 2014.

“SWAT Team already geared up and in area [before shooting.” -FOX Business, 4:35PM EST

Much much more at










“… Whether mass shootings are approached as the mainstream reports them, or as false flags, staged scenarios, or outright hoaxes, there is a common thread which runs through some of them: official training exercises held just prior to, or at the same time as, the shootings.”

Eight such events are detailed here:






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SEE Link for full story


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Readers, this is an almost-impossibly-long edition of Occurrences , given the San Bernadino event on top of other news in world crises, national events, etc.

Several things must happen soon, none of which seem probable: I must publish at least twice a day; I must hire a small staff to assist and allow proper expansion and improved quality; I must find and work with others; or you have to start taking time off to read more and grapple with a series of events.

I don’t have the time and resources to do more than what I am doing; no one is going to send me significant sums of money; no one is going to align with me. People fall into three categories: They think I’m a kook or a spook; they are kooks or spooks; or they insist that only they can see things corrrectly and have a clear idea of what the hell is going on.

You, given the decaying state of the economy, probably have enough time and can scramble together enough resources to figure it out for yourself. There are enough people writing clear-enough, well-researched material to help you. I speak here more of publishers and authors than bloggers or large alternative media sites, most of whom are gradually discrediting themselves in my eyes and probably yours. Even the best of those make errors, or miss something, or have an agenda. We all have a view of the world. Mine seems to have changed radically in the last two decades, based on the increased number of events in which the murderous perps screw up enough to allow their story to break down under analysis, but also based on the fact that I have had increasing amounts of free time with which to pursue research via the Internet and the library. [Frankly, it’s the library that has provided me the most value. Deep reading of well-footnoted history, and the time to cross-reference things or find confirmation for them elsewhere, tells the story.] I’ve published and written articles on my other two web sites; I have a major one about 70 years of past history in the works now.

For today, I’m going to start with Jim Stone, who introduced recently the term “situational artificial intelligence” noted below. Jim always has some really good coverage and insights, sometimes seemingly off the wall. I include him not because I regard him as an immaculate source: he’s not. He makes errors, he’s sloppy, and in some ways he lacks insight. The same could be said for most of us, as he points out. I’ve called before for a simple structured database that tracks and scores Internet and mainstream media outlets for quality, validity, veracity and value. We live in a soup tureen filled with battling world-views and battleing egos.

Stone’s work underlines what I’ve said before; our movement needs to begin to work together to find specialized talent (e.g., photo-analysis, IT expertise, et al) and it needs to work in loose formations that are task-oriented, or time-oriented, or focused in certained ways around skills.

We can’t all be great writers, video techs, etc. and stay on top of what is happening 24/7 on a revolving planet.

If we don’t change how we do what we do, we’re going to be relegated to history as a “loose-knit marching and chowder society”.

I agree that we ought not to and cannot afford to publish or forward BS; we need to help each other get clear on what is BS, and why , and what is not.

Some of what I post in Occurrences is MSM or government-sourced; I expect my readers to be smart enough to know that, and to know why it is being posted (for example, SecDef Carter’s announcement that women are now welcome applicants for all military combat jobs and ranks). [Send me a pitcher of Molly.] Some of it is designed to allow you to see what others are saying. Some of it is to provoke your thought and further inquiry; for example, who is Putin? and what is he about? are recurring questions.

Start here with Jim Stone, and then move on.


“… CBS reports that one of the shooting suspects passed the Department of Homeland Security’s “counterterrorism screening as part of her vetting” for a visa. Federal officials maintain that they have a rigorous and effective screening process in place for people from countries such as Syria that have significant jihadist movements, making the immigration records of the San Bernardino shooters a potentially significant piece of the debate over refugee policy. “We are dealing with an enemy that has shown it is not only capable of bypassing U.S. screening, but of recruiting and radicalizing Muslim migrants after their entry to the United States,” Cruz and Sessions wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch…..”

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/427990/san-bernardino-shooting-refugee-crisis-ted-cruz-jeff-sessions








of which



Why is the name Sirhan Sirhan bouncing around in my mind?


“… The purpose of this article is to break down false flag events into their parts, deconstruct them. In so doing then create a template on how to study an event and determine if it is a false flag. Normally when one thinks or speaks of a false flag event they are referring to the Main Event. This presentation is about the entire operation or plan of which the Main Event is but one part. …”


[Ed.: A quick scan of this long guest article by Kevin Scott King shows it to be outstanding and deserving of study and use. I made a pdf of it fore my own use. It leads right to the same place I am, which is halfway through Daniel Estulin’s book “Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering The Masses”.]


Authorities are not ruling out terrorism as a possible motive in Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. Fourteen people died and more than dozen others were injured at a county public health department Wednesday when a heavily armed male employee and a female companion opened fire for roughly five minutes at a Christmas party before dying in a gun battle with police hours later.

Possible motives right now include workplace violence or terrorism, authorities said.

The now-dead male suspect, 28-year-old Syed Rizwan Farook, was born in Illinois to parents hailing from Pakistan. He worked at the health department as an environmental inspector for five years before Wednesday’s shooting. Authorities said Farook traveled to Saudi Arabia earlier in the year and returned with a wife, Tashfeen Malik, the second deceased suspect in Wednesday’s rampage.

The couple reportedly had a child together six months ago, and dropped the infant off with the man’s mother before the attack, which the San Bernardino police chief said did not seem to be a “spur-of-the-moment thing,” the New York Times reports.

For what it’s worth, extremists online gave no indication of involvement, according to the terror monitor SITE Intelligence Group, which was unable to find early evidence on jihadist accounts suggesting motivation or inspiration for the attack.



“situational artificial intelligence”








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French police want to ban public WiFi during emergencies
The 'Gendarmes' also want to ban the Tor network outright.
December 7 2015

The FBI isn't the only law enforcement agency that wants to restrict privacy for the sake of national security. Following the Paris attacks of November 13th, French police and gendarmes have submitted a wish list of security measures for a new bill, according to a document discovered by LeMonde. Among other things, police want to ban public WiFi during states of emergency, "because of the difficulty of identifying people connected to it," according to LeMonde. French law enforcement also wants the Tor network banned completely and would force companies like Microsoft to hand the encryption keys for apps like Skype to police.

The bill could go up for a vote as early as January 2016, but there's no guarantee that the proposed measures will be in the final draft, let alone passed into law. In the US, the FBI has also requested that companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft give it backdoor access to encrypted voice, video and chat messages. However, companies have pointed out that such measures would make such applications less secure for everybody, or drive users to other apps.

The idea of banning Tor also seems unrealistic, given that it is a loose, volunteer-run network with servers located around the world. It's also used by journalists and other groups with legitimate needs for privacy, and not just terrorists and drug dealers. The French police proposal seems like it would be difficult to implement, and also be problematic given that privacy is a huge concern across Europe. With recent events, however, security has obviously become

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2 stories



French police want to ban public WiFi during emergencies
The 'Gendarmes' also want to ban the Tor network outright.
December 7 2015

The FBI isn't the only law enforcement agency that wants to restrict privacy for the sake of national security. Following the Paris attacks of November 13th, French police and gendarmes have submitted a wish list of security measures for a new bill, according to a document discovered by LeMonde. Among other things, police want to ban public WiFi during states of emergency, "because of the difficulty of identifying people connected to it," according to LeMonde. French law enforcement also wants the Tor network banned completely and would force companies like Microsoft to hand the encryption keys for apps like Skype to police.

The bill could go up for a vote as early as January 2016, but there's no guarantee that the proposed measures will be in the final draft, let alone passed into law. In the US, the FBI has also requested that companies like Facebook, Apple and Microsoft give it backdoor access to encrypted voice, video and chat messages. However, companies have pointed out that such measures would make such applications less secure for everybody, or drive users to other apps.

The idea of banning Tor also seems unrealistic, given that it is a loose, volunteer-run network with servers located around the world. It's also used by journalists and other groups with legitimate needs for privacy, and not just terrorists and drug dealers. The French police proposal seems like it would be difficult to implement, and also be problematic given that privacy is a huge concern across Europe. With recent events, however, security has obviously become


for the uneducated and the uneducable

high school dropout can't find work so he joins the Marines to Semper Fi
and collect some money.
High school dropout is sent to Paris Island to be all he can be. He is trained to kill women and children and a occasional freedom fighter trying to protect his wife from being raped by Mr Semper Fi.
High school dropout ships out to invade Iraq for USEmpire and US oil companies.
American oil companies are struggling with the problem of Peak Oil.
Peak oil means we no longer have a infinite supply of oil.Maybe you saw the documentary film END OF SUBURBIA see

high school drop out didn't because his high school teachers were too busy DUMBING him down

High School dropout manages to kill a couple hundred women and children while throwing in a occasional rape. Mr Sempi Fi has now been transformed into Mr serial killer.
Mr high school dropout/serial killer now begins to experience extreme depression from his actions. Mental Wealth workers call it Post Traumatic
Stress Syndrome. But the only people who experience traumatic stress in Iraq are the Iraqi women being raped by Semper Fi's before they shot and killed them.
Good thing serial killer/high school dropout has never read the research
of Ian Stevenson MD whose groundbreaking study of 3,000 children who remember previous lives provides the science for the existence of reincarnation. see

What this means for high school dropout is that he will be coming back
again for another life . Of course so will the people he murdered , so for practical purposes he has another couple hundred lives he has to live getting "wacked" by the life forms he semper fi'd.

The difference this time is the raped and murdered have had some time to ponder while they wait for him to pass over, how they will "do" Mr Semper Fi- the high school drop out serial killer.

Mr high school dropout comes back from Iraq out of work unless he re-enlists. There are not to many job openings for serial killers until he lands a job working with his be all you can be buddies at the local police department or the FBI.


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two different stories

two different FBI False Flag Ops


Unknown DNA sample obtained, but not provided during Oklahoma City bombing investigation


Monday, December 7th 2015

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building following the April 19, 1995 bombing. (KOKH/FILE)

OKLAHOMA CITY — Has Oklahoma failed to honor one of the victims in the Oklahoma City Bombing? Or did investigators sit on the crucial clue to the identity of another conspirator for nearly two decades? These are questions about the bombing case many thought was closed years ago.

Read more on the investigation from our partners at The Washington Times.

Fox 25, working with The Washington Times, has confirmed that Oklahoma officials have a DNA profile that was never identified from the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. That DNA sample came from an unmatched left leg found at the scene of the bombing.

Oklahomans will likely remember the controversy surrounding the leg back in the late 1990s. Originally an unmatched leg was identified as a misidentified body part that actually belonged to the known bombing victim, Airman First Class Lakesha Levy. Levy's body was exhumed to replace the leg and officials discovered she had been buried with the wrong left leg. That leg was never identified.

The government argued the leg was not identified because of a paperwork error. In testimony and reports filed for the multiple trials of both Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols investigators said it was not possible to obtain DNA from the sample. At McVeigh's trial, his attorney Stephen Jones argued the leg was proof of a third conspirator.

"We had no DNA evidence at the trial and the government didn't test for DNA evidence or if they did test for it they didn't tell us the result they didn't let us know," Stephen Jones, the attorney for McVeigh, told Fox 25.

It turns out the state did have a DNA profile. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's office confirms it is in possession of a DNA profile, along with tissue samples from the leg. Amy Elliott, the Chief Administrative Officer, told Fox 25 the sample was compared to 10 known victims but it did not match any of those people. Elliott, who was not with the office in 1995, said she does not know what process was used to determine which victims were compared to the sample.

Fox 25 also contacted attorneys who represented Terry Nichols for his state trial. Those attorneys say they do not recall ever being provided at DNA sample from that unmatched leg.

Lou Keel, one of the Oklahoma County district attorneys who prosecuted Nichols, said he was unware if a DNA test was every performed on the leg; or if was even possible to run a DNA test on the leg.

How did the existence of an unknown DNA sample not emerge in the 20 years since the bombing? There may not be an answer to that question, but Jeffrey Scott Shapiro with The Washington Times told Fox 25 "It is my understanding that the relationship between Oklahoma City and federal authorities was quite contentious during the Oklahoma City bombing investigation and the trials."

"We have here, people that today still walk unaccountable for the crimes committed in Oklahoma City," Jones said. He believes the DNA profile does not belong to victim 169, but rather to the man multiple witnesses saw with McVeigh before the bombing.

"The government was not able, despite the most expensive FBI investigation on record then, could find anyone that claimed to have seen just Tim McVeigh downtown," Jones said, "But there are probably two dozen people who claimed to see Tim McVeigh and at least one other person."

Once secret FBI documents obtained as part of a Freedom of Information request by a Utah attorney,- and part of his on-going lawsuit against the government related to the bombing, reveal the potential of a video showing another man with McVeigh when he delivered the truck bomb.

The records show national media outlets were approached in 1995 about purchasing the video from an FBI source. The FBI memo states the video being offered for sale showed McVeigh driving up and walking away. After McVeigh exits, another man is seen "exiting the passenger side of the Ryder truck and walking to the back of the truck." That man walks out of the camera's view before the blast happens.

"There is no reported disappearance of someone that hasn't been found that was in or around Oklahoma City at that time," Jones said of his theory the leg belongs to the third conspirator.

However, government investigators have insisted McVeigh and Nichols acted alone in the bombing.

The Oklahoma City field office for the FBI told Fox 25 the national office would have to respond to our questions about the unknown DNA profile. In a statement, Special Agent Ann Todd confirmed the last known tests on the leg, identified as P-71 (for "part-71") was performed in 1997.

"Without reviewing the investigative case file---which is not readily available---the Laboratory has no way of knowing if additional DNA analysis was conducted after 1997," Agent Todd wrote, "It is the mission of the FBI Laboratory to apply scientific capabilities and technical services to the collection, processing, and exploitation of evidence in support of investigative and intelligence priorities. When a request is received by the FBI Laboratory to analyze cold case evidence---or evidence from older cases---with current scientific capabilities, communication occurs between the investigators and FBI scientists to evaluate whether current technologies can be applied. Exhaustive efforts were made by the FBI to identify the left leg known as P-71. Investigators will follow-up with officials from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to obtain a copy of the DNA analysis, conducted by the private lab, and determine its validity to the case."

Jones believes this newly revealed unknown DNA profile proves there was no paperwork error or mix up with the remains. Jones wants the government to re-open the investigation to solve the mystery.

"If the government were to reopen the investigation and actively pursue it, it doesn't negate what the government did with Mr. McVeigh or Mr. Nichols or for that matter with the Fortiers, you don't re-try McVeigh after he's been executed," Jones said.

"I don't think it is ever time to put any investigation to rest when it remains unsolved and the information could be important to the American public," said Shapiro, who uncovered the existence of the unknown DNA sample, " This was probably the single most significant domestic act of terrorism in the United States history. If there is a possibility that there was a broader conspiracy; if there is a possibility there were other terrorists involved, I think it is crucial the American public kn

also see

Image for the news result
Oklahoma City bombing: Medical examiner has partial DNA extracted from unknown, unmatched leg
Tulsa World‎ - 13 hours ago
According to a story from The Washington Times, the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner has ...
Okla. officials go quiet in response to questions about unidentified DNA from OKC bombing
KOKH FOX25‎ - 1 day ago
Fox Investigates: What will Oklahoma do with knowledge of unidentified DNA from bombing?
KOKH FOX25‎ - 2 days ago
More news for dna okc bombing
Unknown DNA sample obtained, but not provided during Oklahoma ...
3 days ago - OKLAHOMA CITY — Has Oklahoma failed to honor one of the victims in the Oklahoma City Bombing? ... That DNA sample came from an unmatched left leg found at the scene of the bombing. ... How did the existence of an unknown DNA sample not emerge in the 20 years since the bombing?
Oklahoma City Bombing Secret: DNA Extracted From Unknown Leg
2 days ago - The Oklahoma City Medical Examiner has partial DNA from an unmatched left leg collected from the ruins, reviving the possibility of a 169th ...



Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack
December 9, 2015 12:05 pm·


“It’s not him,” a third San Bernardino shooting witness proclaimed about Sayd Farook and his wife.

The so-called “terror couple” have been accused of masterminding an ISIS terror attack on a Christmas office party where Sayd worked.

Earlier this month, the attorneys for the Farook family maintained that they do not believe the suspects are the ones who carried out the attacksin question.

Several eyewitnesses and family of witnesses and victims initially said that three athletic Caucasian men had been responsible for carrying out the attacks. Police immediately banned them from speaking with the media.

Just days ago, another eye-witness in the office came forward and said that in spite of what the law enforcement and mainstream media narrative is saying, the people who carried out the attack where very athletic, large, Caucasian men, who were three – not two – in number. Farook’s wife, it should be remembered weighed approximately 90lbs.

Now, a third prominent eye-witness, Chirs Nwadike, has stepped up to challenge the mainstream narrative. He recently told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person around 7 p.m., on the evening of the shooting, who told him that he must say that Sayd Farook was the shooter.

You read that right, he says that he was called and told to change his story and say that Farook carried out the attacks with his wife, even though that is very different than what he witnessed.

Nwadike told reporters:

“No it’s not him [Sayd]. I told them about it. He’s quiet. He doesn’t make any trouble.”

“He was just spraying bullets everywhere,” Nwadike said. But the gunman was not Sayd, or his wife.

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I recently tried to contact Steven Greer MD through a mutual friend named Tom Valone.

Tom is a PhD who works at the US Patent Office in DC.
Tom has been trying to develop zero point energy for the last 20 years.
Dr Steven Greer just made a film called Sirius.
Tom Valone appears in the film.

Closer to home in Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue
has sued the FBI agents involved in creating the Oklahoma City bombing trying to force them to turn over the videotapes they took from survelliance cameras after the bombing.

Trentadue has solid evidence the videotapes will show other bombers.
FBI agents refuses to turn over the videotapes.
Salt Lake City FBI agent Quirk has threatened a witness who was to testify.
see story
Did the FBI tamper with a witness in OKC bombing evidence case?


FBI agents decided to release the following information yesterday through their public relations firms called the US Media or Main Stream Media
In FBI speak this is called plausible denial.
The FBI agents can now turn over the survelliance videotapes to attorney Trentadue
from the Oklahoma City bombing and claim the bomber died in the blast

also see below for breaking story about 911

Unknown DNA sample obtained, but not provided during Oklahoma City bombing investigation


Monday, December 7th 2015

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building following the April 19, 1995 bombing. (KOKH/FILE)

OKLAHOMA CITY — Has Oklahoma failed to honor one of the victims in the Oklahoma City Bombing? Or did investigators sit on the crucial clue to the identity of another conspirator for nearly two decades? These are questions about the bombing case many thought was closed years ago.

Read more on the investigation from our partners at The Washington Times.

Fox 25, working with The Washington Times, has confirmed that Oklahoma officials have a DNA profile that was never identified from the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. That DNA sample came from an unmatched left leg found at the scene of the bombing.

Oklahomans will likely remember the controversy surrounding the leg back in the late 1990s. Originally an unmatched leg was identified as a misidentified body part that actually belonged to the known bombing victim, Airman First Class Lakesha Levy. Levy's body was exhumed to replace the leg and officials discovered she had been buried with the wrong left leg. That leg was never identified.

The government argued the leg was not identified because of a paperwork error. In testimony and reports filed for the multiple trials of both Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols investigators said it was not possible to obtain DNA from the sample. At McVeigh's trial, his attorney Stephen Jones argued the leg was proof of a third conspirator.

"We had no DNA evidence at the trial and the government didn't test for DNA evidence or if they did test for it they didn't tell us the result they didn't let us know," Stephen Jones, the attorney for McVeigh, told Fox 25.

It turns out the state did have a DNA profile. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's office confirms it is in possession of a DNA profile, along with tissue samples from the leg. Amy Elliott, the Chief Administrative Officer, told Fox 25 the sample was compared to 10 known victims but it did not match any of those people. Elliott, who was not with the office in 1995, said she does not know what process was used to determine which victims were compared to the sample.

Fox 25 also contacted attorneys who represented Terry Nichols for his state trial. Those attorneys say they do not recall ever being provided at DNA sample from that unmatched leg.

Lou Keel, one of the Oklahoma County district attorneys who prosecuted Nichols, said he was unware if a DNA test was every performed on the leg; or if was even possible to run a DNA test on the leg.

How did the existence of an unknown DNA sample not emerge in the 20 years since the bombing? There may not be an answer to that question, but Jeffrey Scott Shapiro with The Washington Times told Fox 25 "It is my understanding that the relationship between Oklahoma City and federal authorities was quite contentious during the Oklahoma City bombing investigation and the trials."

"We have here, people that today still walk unaccountable for the crimes committed in Oklahoma City," Jones said. He believes the DNA profile does not belong to victim 169, but rather to the man multiple witnesses saw with McVeigh before the bombing.

"The government was not able, despite the most expensive FBI investigation on record then, could find anyone that claimed to have seen just Tim McVeigh downtown," Jones said, "But there are probably two dozen people who claimed to see Tim McVeigh and at least one other person."

Once secret FBI documents obtained as part of a Freedom of Information request by a Utah attorney,- and part of his on-going lawsuit against the government related to the bombing, reveal the potential of a video showing another man with McVeigh when he delivered the truck bomb.

The records show national media outlets were approached in 1995 about purchasing the video from an FBI source. The FBI memo states the video being offered for sale showed McVeigh driving up and walking away. After McVeigh exits, another man is seen "exiting the passenger side of the Ryder truck and walking to the back of the truck." That man walks out of the camera's view before the blast happens.

"There is no reported disappearance of someone that hasn't been found that was in or around Oklahoma City at that time," Jones said of his theory the leg belongs to the third conspirator.

However, government investigators have insisted McVeigh and Nichols acted alone in the bombing.

The Oklahoma City field office for the FBI told Fox 25 the national office would have to respond to our questions about the unknown DNA profile. In a statement, Special Agent Ann Todd confirmed the last known tests on the leg, identified as P-71 (for "part-71") was performed in 1997.

"Without reviewing the investigative case file---which is not readily available---the Laboratory has no way of knowing if additional DNA analysis was conducted after 1997," Agent Todd wrote, "It is the mission of the FBI Laboratory to apply scientific capabilities and technical services to the collection, processing, and exploitation of evidence in support of investigative and intelligence priorities. When a request is received by the FBI Laboratory to analyze cold case evidence---or evidence from older cases---with current scientific capabilities, communication occurs between the investigators and FBI scientists to evaluate whether current technologies can be applied. Exhaustive efforts were made by the FBI to identify the left leg known as P-71. Investigators will follow-up with officials from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to obtain a copy of the DNA analysis, conducted by the private lab, and determine its validity to the case."

Jones believes this newly revealed unknown DNA profile proves there was no paperwork error or mix up with the remains. Jones wants the government to re-open the investigation to solve the mystery.

"If the government were to reopen the investigation and actively pursue it, it doesn't negate what the government did with Mr. McVeigh or Mr. Nichols or for that matter with the Fortiers, you don't re-try McVeigh after he's been executed," Jones said.

"I don't think it is ever time to put any investigation to rest when it remains unsolved and the information could be important to the American public," said Shapiro, who uncovered the existence of the unknown DNA sample, " This was probably the single most significant domestic act of terrorism in the United States history. If there is a possibility that there was a broader conspiracy; if there is a possibility there were other terrorists involved, I think it is crucial the American public kn

also see

Image for the news result
Oklahoma City bombing: Medical examiner has partial DNA extracted from unknown, unmatched leg
Tulsa World‎ - 13 hours ago
According to a story from The Washington Times, the Oklahoma City Medical Examiner has ...
Okla. officials go quiet in response to questions about unidentified DNA from OKC bombing
KOKH FOX25‎ - 1 day ago
Fox Investigates: What will Oklahoma do with knowledge of unidentified DNA from bombing?
KOKH FOX25‎ - 2 days ago
More news for dna okc bombing
Unknown DNA sample obtained, but not provided during Oklahoma ...
3 days ago - OKLAHOMA CITY — Has Oklahoma failed to honor one of the victims in the Oklahoma City Bombing? ... That DNA sample came from an unmatched left leg found at the scene of the bombing. ... How did the existence of an unknown DNA sample not emerge in the 20 years since the bombing?
Oklahoma City Bombing Secret: DNA Extracted From Unknown Leg
2 days ago - The Oklahoma City Medical Examiner has partial DNA from an unmatched left leg collected from the ruins, reviving the possibility of a 169th ...


My name is Niels Harrit.

I wish to say a few words about the new project Professor Leroy Hulsey has launched at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. (You may listen to my statement here [

Many of you may have wondered why all the universities and high schools have been silent about the collapse of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11th, 2001. At our universities, we have a constant flow of seminars, conferences, symposia, presentations, defenses, lectures, etc., where everything is discussed in assemblies of peers.

Everything is discussed - except 9/11.

I will not go into details about the mechanisms by which this has happened. But you may take a look down the list of the scientists who actually have spoken out. And you will notice that a majority are retired - like myself.

Of course, the university is not dead. Just silent. Expertise and integrity are still abundant. One very living example of this is Professor Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has undertaken the exciting project of modeling the collapse of World Trade Center 7.

I urge you to see Professor Hulsey's presentations on this project [ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9So6OTuw7TdYwZYRIWnuCLek8EwtkA7Y ]. This is a scientist of the very highest competence and integrity.

Professor Hulsey's project is unique in three respects. As already emphasized, it is the first independent, university-based modeling of the collapse of World Trade Center 7. This should have happened many years ago. But late is far better than never.

Secondly, it is transparent. Usually, scientists don't like to be looked over their shoulder while they work. But in this case the public will be informed and invited to interact as the project proceeds.

Thirdly, this project is crowd-funded. University research like this must be funded because scientists have to eat on a regular basis. Normally, university research is funded by grants. But this research may be the first case of crowd-funding a university project.

The duration of this project is from now until April 2017. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has asked us to be sustaining supporters through that date. So, if you can spare a modest amount each month, please sign up for this option, though a one-time donation will also help [ https://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50694/donate_page/wtc7-evaluation ].

We don't know where Professor Hulsey's research ...

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* USAMRIID can find no record that the large quantity of virulent Ames sent from Dugway to USAMRIID Special Pathogens Branch (to the FBI’s scientist at USAMRIID) in August 2000 and June 2001 was ever irradiated. Was record at least kept where the Ames was sent out?

Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 15, 2015

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19 Responses to “* USAMRIID can find no record that the large quantity of virulent Ames sent from Dugway to USAMRIID Special Pathogens Branch (to the FBI’s scientist at USAMRIID) in August 2000 and June 2001 was ever irradiated. Was record at least kept where the Ames was sent out?”

DXer said
December 1, 2015 at 4:56 pm

The wonderful and efficient USAMRMC FOIA officer produced quite a few Forms 11s.

An example of what the FBI didn’t tell you: The lab doing its work in Richmond, Virginia was sent virulent Ames on July 25, 2001.
DXer said
December 1, 2015 at 7:02 am

An imminent attack is threatened in Kabul and yet USAMRMC has not yet produced the Form 11s showing where the genetically matching virulent Ames was sent prior to the murder of the 5 people in 2001.

US military says it mistakenly shipped live anthrax samples
ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer
Published: May 28, 2015, 9:05 am

“A bottle of anthrax spore concentrate sits in a Ministry of Agriculture laboratory in Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2001. The laboratory, which was under Taliban control for five years, produced anthrax vaccine for animals. The now defeated Taliban regime has long denied being involved in chemical or biological weapons research, but it seems to have taken an interest in the work being done at the lab, according to scientists there, and it was repeatedly hit by U.S. bombers. (AP Photo/Marco Di Lauro)”
DXer said
December 1, 2015 at 1:50 pm

OTOH, for Exhibit A of how demonstrably wonderful she has been, see the USAMRMC Electronic Reading Room.


The digital documents uploaded embody good faith and the spirit of FOIA in action.
DXer said
December 1, 2015 at 1:59 pm

The head of the anthrax vaccine lab in Kabul says just about everyone took off and disappeared in June 2001.

CIA and FBI Knew Rauf Ahmad harvested “anthrax spore concentrate” for Al Qaeda for experiment on guinea pigs on “7-4-001” – handwriting on anthrax spore concentrate is same as handwriting of Rauf Ahmad in correspondence planning anthrax lab with Ayman Zawahiri
Posted by Lew Weinstein on November 26, 2014

DXer said
December 1, 2015 at 3:19 pm

USAMRMC reports today that there are some documents to produce — “working on it.”

DXer said
November 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm

Feds still won’t say which labs received Dugway’s live anthrax shipments
By Amy Joi O’Donoghue, Deseret News

Published: Monday, Nov. 30 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — A pair of military watchdog groups are blistering mad over what they say is a lack of accountability regarding the shipment of live anthrax spores from the Dugway Proving Ground to more than 180 labs, asserting that recipients should be identified in the interest of public safety.

“I think our system is in need of some overhaul,” said Steve Erickson with Citizens Education Project and Downwinders. “We just end up taking the Army’s word for it again and again. It is possible that one of these days we will have something catastrophic happen.”

Erickson, joined by Downwinders founder Preston J. Truman, have submitted multiple open records requests to determine the

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Boo! Did FBI agents scare you?

couple of boo boos coming your way



Attorney: Sealed Documents Indicate OKC Inside Job
FBI, defense team files identify government informants directing McVeigh

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, February 23, 2007


Declaration of Terry Lynn Nichols

Declaration of David Paul Hammer

Motion for an order allowing the videotaped depositions of David Paul Hammer and Terry Lynn Nichols

The attached exhibits to the declarations mainly consist of FBI source materials and have been placed under seal by the court and are not part of the public record.


The attorney who was able to obtain a declaration from Terry Nichols fingering an FBI agent as directing Timothy McVeigh says that the documents attached to the affidavit indicate that the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job.

"I didn't start out to solve the Oklahoma City bombing, I started out to find out who killed my brother and why," Jesse Trentadue told the Alex Jones Show.

In January 1996, Trentadue received an anonymous phone call telling him that his brother Kenneth had been murdered by the FBI in a case of mistaken identity because his brother had fit the profile of a member of a group called the Midwest Bank Robbery Gang that had been robbing banks to fund an attack on the federal government.

"Of course I dismissed it, I thought it was far fetched, unbelievable," said Trentadue, who said he ignored it until months later when he read a story in the L.A. Times about a man named Richard Lee Guthrie, also a member of the robbery gang, who was found hanging in his cell while in federal custody a day before he was due to give a confessional interview about the Oklahoma City bombing.

"Shortly before he was executed I received a message from Timothy McVeigh who told me that when he saw my brother's photograph and heard what happened to him, he knew the FBI had killed my brother because they mistook him from Richard Lee Guthrie."

Trentadue said he believes Guthrie was John Doe 2, McVeigh's accomplice in carrying out the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah building and an individual seen by multiple eyewitnesses yet omitted from the official story by the authorities. Guthrie and Kenneth Trentadue's physical description and movements were exactly the same, right down to the dragon tattoo on each's left forearm.

Jesse Trentadue stands in front of a portrait of his brother Kenneth who Trentadue claims was murdered by the FBI because he was mistaken with OKC bombing conspirator Richard Lee Guthrie.

Kenneth Trentadue's autopsy photos clearly betray a violent beating and torture as the cause of his death. The official explanation of suicide is completely inconsistent with the physical evidence.

"I didn't start out to solve the bombing, I started out to find the men who killed my brother," said Trentadue, "but every trail has taken me back to the bombing."

This is what led Trentadue to file a lawsuit in Utah ordering the FBI to release all documents relating to a failed sting operation they were running at a white supremacist paramilitary training camp in Elohim City, eastern Oklahoma, and its connection to the bombing on April 19 1995.

The Internet leader in activist media - Prison Planet.tv. Thousands of special reports, videos, MP3's, interviews, conferences, speeches, events, documentary films, books and more - all for just 15 cents a day! Click here to subscribe!

In being given unprecedented access to speak to McVeigh's accused co-conspirator Terry Nichols, Trentadue was able to discover that, according to Nichols, Attorney General's Ashcroft's office gagged Nichols from speaking to the media after it became apparent that McVeigh's accomplices and government ties to the bombing were in danger of leaking.

"Apparently before he had contacted me several years ago he had written to Attorney General Ashcroft, volunteering to tell everything about the bombing and the others involved," said Trentadue.

"Not only did no one from Attorney General Ashcroft's office follow up with Nichols, they actually apparently issued an order barring him from all contact with the media - it was thereafter that he reached out to me and I was able to get in to see him to spend a day and half with him."

During the process of his lawsuit, Trentadue was able to receive documents with names blacked out that show the FBI's OKC bombing informants were conducting armed robberies with Timothy McVeigh in order to fund the construction of the fertilizer bomb used in the attack on the federal building.

"One of the foreign informants was actually the explosives instructor who taught him how to make the bomb," said Trentadue, confirming that Nichols told him the criminal activities were part of a process of creating a ledger or a storyboard to which the government's version of events could later be pinned to.

The documents also show that McVeigh called Elohim City two days before the bombing asking for help. Four months before the bombing, an FBI informant told his superiors of the attack plan and said that the Alfred P. Murrah building had been scouted.

Trentadue said that Nichols is desperate to tell his story, but cannot yet go into full detail because of the court order that sealed the affidavit. He stated that he is surprised Nichols is still alive considering the amount of suspicious deaths that have occurred as a result of the cover-up. Trentadue's own insurance policy was that he immediately went public with any information he uncovered.

Terry Nichols

Trentadue said that the only way Nichols' story will ever get out is if a videotaped deposition is allowed.

"You cannot tell that whole story in a declaration," said Trentadue, adding that the more important information was contained in documents attached to the affidavit, most of which were from the FBI and Tim McVeigh's defense team.

When asked if the documents detail the fact that the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job, Trentadue responded, "I read them that way, I read them that there's others involved."

"My feeling is that the FBI fumbled the ball so badly at Waco and Ruby Ridge that I do remember this - they were under constant pressure and criticism from Congress and from the media and from the public."

"I think they put together this harebrained idea at Elohim City to lure in all these militia groups under the pretense of teaching them how to rob banks in armored cars and attack the federal government and I think they planned to catch them in the act," said Trentadue.

"The accusations that I have made against the FBI are that they set up this operation, that they had informants who robbed banks with McVeigh to fund the attacks, that they had an informant who was the explosives instructor who taught them how to make the bomb and it got away from them - they have not once denied those accusations, they have just begged this federal judge not to order the release of the documents," the attorney concluded.


MP3: Jesse Trentadue on The Alex Jones Show

Nichols Fingers FBI Agent Directing McVeigh in OKC Bombing By Name

New OKC Revelations Spotlight FBI Involvement In Bombing

Ashcroft Gagged Nichols From Exposing McVeigh's OKC Bombing Conspirators

Letter from Terry Nichols

The Trentadue Files: New documents offer details of the FBI's secret OKC investigation

FLASHBACK: In the matter of Kenneth Michael Trentadue

FLASHBACK: McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Stor




Patrick Briley
November 4, 2006

Federal inmate Paul Hammer wrote a book "Secrets Worth Dying For: Timothy James McVeigh And The Oklahoma City Bombing" that was published in 2004. While Timothy McVeigh was awaiting execution in a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, Hammer says McVeigh told Hammer about 3 men connected to the US military who helped McVeigh in the OKC bombing plot. But Hammer also says that McVeigh claimed McVeigh never knew the men’s real names and instead worked with them using their code names. According to what McVeigh is alleged to have told Hammer, one of these men known as the “major” approached McVeigh after McVeigh failed to be accepted into the US Special Forces program at Ft. Bragg. McVeigh asserted to Hammer that the “major” wanted McVeigh to collect intelligence for the government on white supremacist extremist organizations in the US including the Aryan Nations.

Attorney Jesse Trentadue filed a legal motion on September 26, 2006 with the Salt Lake City US Federal Court of Judge Dale Kimbal concerning Hammer’s alleged conversations with McVeigh in prison. In his new filing, Trentadue is now acting on behalf of Federal inmate Paul Hammer. Trentadue asserts in his filing that the FBI and Bureau of Prisons (BOP) recorded both Hammer and McVeigh discussing who else helped McVeigh do the OKC bombing. Those that McVeigh described as helping him, including the 3 military men described in Hammer’s book, may be FBI informants and provocateurs some of whom are revealed in the FBI documents already obtained by Trentadue that show FBI prior knowledge of the OKC bombing.

Trentadue is asking Judge Kimbal to force the FBI and BOP to comply with FOIA requests for the FBI and BOP recordings and or transcripts of the recordings. The new filing asserts that the FBI and BOP have been in violation of FOIA laws by stonewalling and ignoring Trentadue’s latest FOIA requests in this area.


The “major” that Hammer says McVeigh described to him might be none other than the mysterious and elusive “Robert Jacques” described in a Time magazine article in 1997 WHO IS ROBERT JACQUES?: THE FBI WANTS TO TALK TO A MISSING ASSOCIATE OF MCVEIGH'S.

A sketch of Robert Jacques is shown in the Time magazine article.

Jacques came with Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh to a Cassville, Missouri real estate office in November 1994 to inquire about some land. The real estate office agents William Maloney and Joe Davidson told the FBI in detail of the encounter. The FBI worked on the lead for over a year and strongly believed the real estate agents because they had identified some dental work on McVeigh’s front teeth that the FBI did not know about but later confirmed.

But what was NOT in the Time magazine account was the fact that the man they called Robert Jacques who accompanied McVeigh and Nichols may well have been the “major” described by McVeigh to Hammer. Robert Jacques had a military bearing, demeanor and style of dress, and could read topographical maps very well. The rest of the story is described in my September 22, 2000 article Three John Does in the OKC Bombing Were Protected FBI Informants.

The John Doe, Robert Jacques, was clearly in charge, could read topographic maps very well, had a military bearing and wore special military boots with small suctions cups on his soles according to Maloney. Maloney also said that the John Doe was driving McVeigh and Nichols in a green Marquee with Oklahoma plates. He said that the group was inquiring about property that had a cave on it and was immediately adjacent to a Davidian compound nearby.

It is believed that FBI agent Weldon Kennedy, at one time FBI Director Freeh’s Deputy, shutdown the FBI investigation of John Doe III [Jacques]. Kevin Flynn of the Rocky Mountain News publicly reported conversations Flynn had with Weldon Kennedy concerning the investigation of the John Doe (Jacques) reported to the FBI by Davidson and Maloney. Kennedy rebuffed Flynn’s information that the name of John Doe III, Robert Jacques, had been written down six times in a notebook by Terry Nichol’s wife

Davidson claimed that the FBI agent investigating the John Doe III first told him that the description of the John Doe’s appearance and demeanor fit precisely that of another FBI (or other law enforcement or military agent or operative) agent known to the FBI agent. The FBI agent said to Davidson about Jacques, “He is one of ours”.

If John Doe III was in fact an FBI agent or military operative (“one of ours”) as stated by the FBI agent, then Weldon Kennedy may have shut down the investigation to prevent the public from learning that the John Doe III was an FBI operative or agent (law enforcement or military agent).

Incidentally, Senator Charles Grassley, formally accused Kennedy of lying to Grassley and Congress and of covering up the FBI crime lab falsification of evidence as revealed by an FBI agent, Fredrick Whitehurst, who had worked at the lab. Kennedy resigned shortly thereafter and went to work at a security position in St. Louis.

Joe Davidson also said that the FBI told him and William Maloney that a FBI check of phone records revealed that a “JD Cash” had called their real estate office about the same land McVeigh, Jacques and Nichols also inquired about only a few days earlier. It is not known whether or not this JD Cash is the same JD Cash who has written about the OKC bombing for over 11 years for the McCurtain Gazette. The JD Cash writer for the McCurtain Gazette had ties to White supremacist groups, individuals and magazines such as Christian Identity, Paul Hall, and Jubilee magazine. The same writer has lived in southeast Oklahoma on land in a cabin near Battiest, Oklahoma since 1992 with some similarities to the land inquired about in Cassville, Missouri. According to William Jasper of the New American magazine and Craig Roberts, an Tulsa police officer, a check of national crime database computers showed that the writer, JD Cash, had his record expunged around the time of the OKC bombing.

Another one of the 3 military men described to Hammer by McVeigh likely is a man described by FBI sketch artist Jeanne Boylan in her book "Portraits of Guilt" that I wrote about also on September 20, 2000: “Others Known” to the FBI in the OKC Bombing Case.

In her book, Boylan states that the FBI Deputy Director Danny Coulson decided not to have a sketch made of a John Doe from the US military seen with McVeigh by a reliable witness at a post office near the Murrah Building because doing so “would help the defense case”.

Boylan says the witness, a postal worker gave descriptions of the John Doe that were very consistent with descriptions given Boylan by another postal worker, Debbie Nakanashi. Boylan says she made a sketch of Nakanashi’s John Doe after a six-hour interview. But the FBI and Boylan have not released the sketch to this very day and it is not included in her book with her other sketches.

Yet, Boylan states she saw a military photograph of McVeigh with a John Doe she says had the same height, weight, age, build, and facial characteristics as described to Boylan and shown in the sketch she made with Naganoshi. Boylan relates that she saw the military photo at an FBI command post in Kansas and was strongly discouraged from pursuing the matter by the FBI.

Naganoshi was threatened with loss of her job by the postal service and others in the Federal government if she testified too fully about her knowledge to the Oklahoma County Jury investigating the bombing in 1998. Naganoshi’s account of the threats was broadcast by KTOK radio news in Oklahoma City within a few days after the threats were made.

McVeigh started to try out for the elite Special Forces at Ft. Bragg after McVeigh returned from the first Gulf War. After 4-5 days, McVeigh, quit, resigned. But when McVeigh resigned so did another Army Specialist Mitchell Whitmire who knew McVeigh and started and quit exactly at the same times McVeigh did. Neil Hartley, an attorney investigator for McVeigh defense attorney Stephen Jones, located and attempted to interview Mitchell Whitmire. When contacted, Whitmore told Hartley that the FBI had told Whitmire not to talk with defense attorneys or the news media.

Recall that according to what McVeigh is alleged to have told Hammer, a man known as the “major” approached McVeigh after McVeigh failed to be accepted into the US Special Forces program at Ft. Bragg. The “major” wanted McVeigh to collect intelligence for the government on White supremacist extremist organizations in the US.

It is believed McVeigh and Whitmire remained in contact after being together at Ft Bragg. Whitmire’s testimony could be crucial because of Whitmire’s involvement and possible knowledge of “the major”, the alleged recruiter of McVeigh at Ft Bragg. In fact it is conceivable that Whitmire could have also been recruited by “the major” along with McVeigh.. It is also possible that Whitmire is one of the men or knew one of the men that McVeigh told inmate Paul Hammer about and perhaps the man Neganoshi and her postal coworker described to FBI sketch artist Jeanne Boylan.

The FBI instructions to Whitmire are similar to FBI and Army threats to Army recruiters in the Murrah building who saw McVeigh with other men in the Murrah building. The recruiters, Marilyn Travis and Arlene Blanchard, were warned (72-74 hours after the OKC bombing) of court martial if they talked about the men they saw with McVeigh in the Murrah building. Did the recruiters see military men with McVeigh in the Murrah building that may have been used by the FBI as informants or provocateurs?

Another FBI provocateur and US Army member, Sean Kenny, has already been identified in FBI memos and teletypes obtained under Federal court order by attorney Jesse Trentadue. Kenny helped McVeigh commit Midwest bank robberies and lived at the white supremacist compound, Elohim City in far Eastern OK that was connected directly to the OKC bombing.

While in prison Timothy McVeigh had accurately disclosed to inmate Paul Hammer McVeigh’s ties to Kenny and the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), a group of right-wing bank robbers operating out of Cincinnati. Kenny was an active FBI informant while Kenny also served as a member of the Army that Kenny joined on February 3, 1995.

Because Hammer was proven correct about Kenny, there is more confidence that Hammer is also correct about the other 2 military connected men Hammer says McVeigh told him about. These other two men could well be Robert Jacques and the man who is KNOWN to the FBI and whom Jeanne Boylan was told not to sketch by the FBI.

The recordings and transcripts of Hammer’s conversations with McVeigh requested by Trentadue in Salt Lake City Federal court may shed even more light on the identity and role of these two other military connected men used as FBI provocateurs in the OKC bombing case.

See FBI Files, Actions Conceal 17 Federal OKC Bombing Provocateurs

Patrick Briley is a Navy Viet Nam era veteran who served on a Polaris ballistic missile nuclear submarine patrol in the Pacific. His Polaris submarine patrol in far East Asia near China was historically significant and exceptionally dangerous.

His Naval service was from 1968 to 1976 during the Viet Nam era. He was a battalion commander of his Naval ROTC unit and a Midshipman on board the ballistic missile submarine, SSBN 624, the Woodrow Wilson. He was chosen to serve under Admiral Rickover as a project engineer at Naval



San Bernardino Shooting Witnesses Claim 3 White Men, Not The Muslim ‘Terror Couple’, Carried Out The Attacks
December 10th, 2015 | by Vandita
San Bernardino Shooting Witnesses Claim 3 White Men, Not The Muslim ‘Terror Couple’, Carried Out The Attacks        

What do you know about the San Bernardino shooting? That a married couple – Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29 – on December 2, shot and killed 14 people at the Inland Regional Center, and that hours later the American Muslim duo died in a shootout about 3.5 miles away? Well, the fact is, you only know what the investigators, the FBI and the mainstream media want you to know.

The FBI Director, James Comey wants you to believe:

They [the ‘terror couple’] were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online, and online as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the United States. We also believe they were inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. We’re working very hard to understand exactly their association and the source of their inspiration.

What the investigators want you to believe:

Police have discovered a potential link to Islamic extremism, saying they believe Malik posted a pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook. While there was no evidence ISIS had directed the couple to stage the attack, the FBI claims there was enough evidence of “extensive planning”, and the case was being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The New York Times wants you to believe:

About 11 am, Farook and Malik, dressed in combat gear, entered the building’s east side and sprayed 65 to 7



BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire

By Kevin Barrett on December 7, 2015

Official story is "dead on arrival"

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Where is the 3rd San Bernardino shooter?

December13 2015

Police in San Bernardino respond to a mass shooting. (Credit: CNN)Police in San Bernardino respond to a mass shooting.

Like many shocked and horrified Americans, I watched the events of the San Bernardino jihad massacre unfolding in real time. Several eyewitnesses were certain: There were, from the very first, three shooters. Police scanner broadcasts and news reports all said the same thing.

Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News interviewed one eyewitness, Sara Abdelmageed. She said: “I heard shots fired and it was from – you know – an automatic weapon. … As we looked out the window, a second set of shots goes off … and we saw a man fall to the floor. Then we just looked and we saw three men dressed in all black, military attire, with vests on. They were holding assault rifles. As soon as they opened up the doors to building three, one of them started to shoot into the room.”

Abdelmageed added that she “couldn’t see a face, he had a black hat on – black cargo pants, the kind with the big puffy pockets on the side, long sleeve shirt, gloves, huge assault rifle six magazines I just saw three dressed exactly the same.”

Pelley picked up on the number of shooters, asking her: “You are certain you saw three men?” Abdelmageed answered: “Yes. It looked like their skin color was white. They look like they were athletic build, and they appeared to be tall.”

Juan Hernandez, another eyewitness, saw the same thing: three men. He said the shooters were “three white men in military fatigues” who “took off” in a “black Impala or SUV.”

CBS Evening News titled one of its early reports: “Officials: 2 of 3 suspects dead in San Bernardino shooting.”

And then the third man disappeared. Media reports stop mentioning him. No law enforcement officials appear to be searching for him. He is gone without a trace, and no on

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3 stories



December 17, 2015 Uncategorized 9/11, extremism, John R. Hall, ‘War Department Retroperistalsis’, American Ignorance, San Bernadino, soulless suits, deep state horror, peak predators        

“… simply buying the love and devotion of foreign presidents, kings, and prime ministers was less expensive, messy, and labor-intensive than sending in the troops to bomb every country into oblivion. If bribery didn’t work, assassination or fomenting a coup d ‘etat most likely would. Missiles, bombs, and bullets became a contingency plan of last resort, but a contingency plan used all too often…. According to journalist extraordinaire John Pilger, since the end of World War II, The United States has exercised control over the resources of no fewer than 69 foreign countries. Methods have included land invasion, bombing, coup d ‘etat, subverted elections, and economic sanctions, with a death toll in the millions.”

War Department Retroperistalsis

by John R. Hall / September 3rd, 2015


John R. Hall is a street-trained agnotologist with an advanced degree in American Ignorance. Other hats include: photojournalist, novelist, restaurateur, mountaineer, grocer, nurseryman, and janitor. He’s written three novels which have been read by almost nobody: ‘Embracing Darwin’, ‘Last Dance in Lubberland’, and ‘Atlas fumbled’. An untrained writer and college drop-out, he began his short career in journalism writing the ‘Excursion’ column for The Jackson Hole News & Guide. More recently he penned the ‘Left Column’ for The Molokai Island Times; appropriately on the island once known as a leper colony.

This article was posted on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 at 7:38pm and is filed under CIA , Crimes against Humanity , Culture , Empire , Fascism , Imperialism , Iraq , Libya , Militarism.

The above should serve to introduce you to a writer about whom I just became aware and with whom I struck up a correspondence based on his op-ed piece on the Chipotle business.



and especially


The introduction is necessary because the rest of this space is devoted to the publication of his previously-unpublished piece “Hail Amerika; Reichstag Burning”, which follows below.

Amerika has gone far beyond its tipping point. When I refer to the United States as “Amerika”, I’m talking about the racist/fascist aspects of my country of origin. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the first usage was in 1968, and the use of a “k” instead of a “c” likened the good ol’ U.S.A. to Nazi Germany, where the “k” sound could never be performed by a lowly “c”. If you have even the slightest idea of Amerika’s history, you already understand that “A-m-e-r-i-k-a” should have been the proper spelling from the beginning. Just ask the hundred million or so victims of The Great Amerikan Holocaust, during which European invaders mercilessly decimated the original inhabitants of this continent. Then ask the uncounted hundreds of millions of victims who paid the ultimate price to the Amerikan Empire during the next five centuries. But then, that would be an exercise in futility since dead people don’t usually have much to say.

Today in Amerika, the Reichstag is burning. Adolph Trump… Ted Goring… Ben Himmler…

sorry, did I leave out the democrats?…

Eva Braun Clinton… play upon xenophobic fears of the minions of little people who look to them for comfort and protection from “the other”.

For those who lived through the Nazi years in Deutschland, it must be deja vu all over again.

“Deutschland Uberalles” has morphed into “Make Amerika Great Again”. Jews are now Muslims. Good Germans are now Exceptional Amerikans. Same shit, different “homeland” and century. The fascist playbook seems to be always in play somewhere.

The exceptional gullibility of Amerikans never ceases to amaze. Dumber than rocks and too poor to pay attention. Idiots who walk into the same wall over and over again, damaging themselves each time until they’re too broken to move. They’re fooled by their masters in the deep state again and again, and by the same tricks.

The Amerikan Flag is a false flag, flying high over the land of the incarcerated and home of the fearful.

Amerikans tremble, losing control of their bladders as they salute the red, white, and blue symbol of death and destruction with one hand, while embracing their Glocks and AK-47s in the other.

Whenever the deep state deems it neccessary, Amerikans and their brethren in every corner of Empire get to choke on the smoke of yet another Reichstag.

The Reichstag du jour took place recently in San Bernadino, in an especially bloody and well orchestrated event which followed the usual deep state script to perfection. 14 dead bodies, 17 wounded, two dead Muslim extremist terrorists, one a female weighing barely 100 pounds, both shot dead by police in a firefight which the perpetrators of the crime allegedly initiated through the rolled-up windows of their vehicle, and ended up shot dead with their hands cuffed behind them. This nice young couple who’d just dropped their baby off at Grandma’s house. What’s not to believe about this whole scenario? All the major news networks reported the same schtick and spiel…must be true. Lester Holt wouldn’t lie.

Add the two “Muslim extremist” attacks in Paris and the Boston Marathon bombing to the carnage of San Bernadino, factor in the billions of video cameras in our surveillance society and another couple billion smart phones, and you’d think that there might be some actual video evidence of who dunnit. It was widely reported by witnesses of the recent bloodbath that the shooters were three tall Caucasian-appearing males, armed to the teeth, but that rumor was quickly squelched and forgotten.

I’ve got to throw the Osama bin Laden assassination fiasco to this inferno of deception. None of our fine young Marines or CIA goons even considered the possibility of an iota of photographic proof of the death of the guy who actually passed away in late 2001 in Pakistan…as was widely reported at that time.

You’d also think that occasionally one of these radical Muslim killers might survive and be allowed to tell the world why he did what he did. A single Tsarnaev brother is about the only one I can think of. Oh, they tried to shut him up, but he somehow managed to survive the barrage of bullets which only killed the boat in which he hid. His final bullet was delivered by a media which somehow forgot to print a word he ever said in his defense.

I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall when the soulless suits from the banking/political/military/media/industrial-establishment get together for barbeques or fondue parties to plan the next Reichstag for our fear and bewilderment. But then, that would ruin the surprise. After they snuffed the Kennedy brothers, Malcom, Martin, Wellstone, young John Kennedy, and countless foreign leaders…after they lied us into a nearly seamless series of wars for profit, I thought they’d have trouble coming up with anything bigger or bloodier. 9-11-01 was certainly their crowning achievement, and will be nearly impossible to beat for sheer horror and impact. If Hollywood put on an Apex Predators’ Academy Awards Event, 9-11-01 would surely take home a buttload of little gold statues. Special effects were spectacular. Directing, casting, acting, screenplay… I’ve always wondered whether they got Steve Spielberg or Ron Howard involved in the production.

So what’s up with the latest barrage of deep state fascist horror productions? I can picture the apex predators getting together with their Cuban cigars and bottles of 25 year old Macallan Scotch in the cathedral-like mahogany library of a hand-hewn log 40,000 sq. ft. mansion…maybe in Teton County, Wyoming, discussing their plans for our future.

Banker dude: Gentlemen, we need to talk about our agenda for the next fiscal year. The San Bernadino production, although successful, was not without its share of fuck-ups. I don’t think I need to emphasize the importance of seamless precision in these matters. No more mistakes.

Political dude: In all fairness, San Bernadino did achieve the desired results. Trump picked up the Islamophobia ball, and his clueless followers are running with it. The agenda of The Project for a New American Century is rolling along. Amerika hates and fears all Muslims now, and the complete annexation of the oil lands of the Mideast and North Africa is within our grasp. Nobody’s going to dare complain when we start stoking the fires of war.

Military dude: Nukes this time maybe?

Wall Street dude: Initial figures support our theory that the gun industry is in for a banner year. Not to mention the folks who supply our military with it’s toys. This just in; now there are more guns in Amerika than there are Amerikans, and the Pentagon is headed for a two trillion buck annual budget in the foreseeable future.

Military dude: Wahoo! That means more nukes.

Media dude: What the hell are we going to do about the Russian situation? Can’t we maybe drug Putin and photograph him in compromising positions with a male prostitute? How about a Muslim male prostitute! Gotta do something to discredit him before he bombs all our ISIS boys into oblivion. Otherwise we’ll never be able to snuff Assad and get Syria under our thumbs where it belongs.

Banker dude: Easy fix. An encore performance. One airliner. A 747 this time. Prime time television at One World Trade Center. Prepare pictures of a few Russian Muslim terrorists for the media, and get ready to scatter a few singed passports over the debris. Get the night crew started on planting the appropriate explosives for demolition.

Military dude: Can we arm the plane with a nuke this time? I’d really like to bring back the phrase “freedom fries”. What do you say we call it Operation Freedom Fry? Wahoo! Let the missiles fly and the bombs drop. Damn…look who’s awake. I’m not going to need my Viagra tonight.

[N.B.: The featured graphic at the top includes the infamous Otpor fist, emblematic of the Gene Sharp-like, George Soros-funded Hegelian tactical ‘controlled opposition’ forces widely used on the Eurasian land mass and occasionally here in the US. As it was selected very late at night by a very tired proprietor of “The Sullen Bell”, its use implies no endorsement of George Soros or the Otpor movements or philosophies by either Sullen Bell or John Hall.]



December 17, 2015 Uncategorized Gladio, Fiorina HelP, Saudis in Yemen, psywar, Kremlin, secret armies, NATO’s jihadists, horse out of barn, of hijabs and such, gun games, war with Russia, the catalyst of ISIS, the news game, the science behind Star Wars, Ashton Carter’s e-mail        


See realtime coverage

Report: Ash Carter used personal email for some government business


circa 0500 hours GMT-5

(CNN) The use of personal email to conduct government business has yet another Obama administration official making headlines. The New York Times reported that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter did so for part of his official work in the first months …


Defense Secretary Ash Carter Used Personal Email for Work: Pentagon NBCNews.com

Pentagon chief used personal email account for some official business Washington Post

/>entagon Memo: U.S. Weapons Open to Cyber AttacksDaily Beast

Defense Secretary Conducted Some Official Business on a Personal Email Account


Amerikan Reich

A Guest Post by John R. Hall



deep theta brain wave playlist (Stephen Halpern)




“…. gun sales set a single-day record on the Friday after Thanksgiving…. 65% of Americans think the purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure that people are able to protect themselves from tyranny….”

http://www.blacklistednews.com/What_America_Thinks: Is_the_Government_After_Your_Guns?










San Bernardino Jihadists Inspired by "Moderate" Muslim Leader
"A Muslim leader who could help build bridges between Islam and the West"
December 18, 2015
Daniel Greenfield

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see link for FULL STORY


Ashton Carter
December 18, 2015 Uncategorized 9/11, globalism, Syria, international bankers, Oxford, Rhodes, defense budget, Deutch, Zelikow, eminent terror, Kurdistan, Montenegro, Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group        


Ashton Carter – The Rothschild Agent Running the Pentagon

October 30, 2015

The American military has become the enforcer and muscle that the globalists have been using to keep uncooperative nations in line with the international financial system… The three policies that are critical to the goals of the international bankers are free trade, mass immigration, and American interventionism abroad. Brian O’Brien, “What do the Bankers Want?”, The Tyranny of the Federal Reserve (2015)

Americans are likely to be confused by the actions being taken by the U.S. military in Syria. Why has the United States waged a covert and illegal war against the government of Syria for more than four years, a war that has resulted in 250,000 deaths and 11 million people forced to leave their homes? What American national interest is being served by arming and supporting anti-government rebels and mercenary forces trying to overthrow the elected leader of Syria? Who is behind the U.S. military intervention in Syria?


Ashton Baldwin Carter is the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, since February 17, 2015. Prior to being appointed head of the U.S. military, Carter was Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics from April 2009 to October 2011, with responsibility for procurement of all technology, systems, services, and supplies, bases and infrastructure, energy, and environment, and more than $50 billion annually in R&D. He was then promoted to Deputy Secretary of Defense from October 2011 to December 2013, serving as the chief operating officer of the Department of Defense, overseeing more than $600 billion per year and 2.4 million civilian and military personnel, and managing global 24/7 operations.

Ashton Carter is a hawk. Carter supported the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and is an advocate of preventive wars against North Korea and Iran. In response to the situation in Ukraine, Carter considered proposing deployment of ground-launched cruise missiles in Europe that could pre-emptively destroy Russian weapons. Carter is certainly a hawk, but whose hawk is he?


It is certainly not America’s national interest that motivates Ashton Carter. If Carter were truly a supporter of American values and interests he would not have supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003. This war is now recognized as having been a strategic blunder and a war crime, a war of aggression based on false claims and lies. Furthermore, if Carter’s actions were based on U.S. national interests would he engage the U.S. military in Syria in an illegal war against the government of that country? It is primarily because of the involvement and support of the U.S. and other outside forces, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, that the war in Syria has dragged on for more than four years and caused a massive flow of refugees from the war-torn nation.

Ashton Carter has been cultivated for decades by the Rothschild banking family to serve their interests, which is what he is doing as U.S. Secretary of Defense. After graduating from Yale University in 1976, Carter went to study at Oxford, England, as a Rhodes Scholar for three years. Rhodes Scholarships are awarded by the Rhodes Trust, which is funded by his estate under the administration of Nathan Rothschild.


Carter taught at Harvard University from 1984 and became a professor and associate director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1988. He served as director of the Belfer Center from 1990 to 1993. Carter is currently a member of the board (on leave) of the Belfer Center.

Nathaniel Rothschild is on the Advisory Board at the Belfer Center, along with his Russian business partner Oleg Deripaska. Rothschild is a non-executive director of Genel Energy plc, the largest oil producer in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. He is also a non-executive director of Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold company.

Oleg Deripaska is also the chief executive officer and chairman of United Company RUSAL, the world’s largest producer of aluminium. Deripaska is the president and a director of his holding company, En+, where the chairman of the board is Nathaniel Rothschild.



Carter was a Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners LLC, a firm focused on advising investment firms in technology and defense. In 2000, when Carter was a senior partner, GTP LLC was acquired by Rothschild North America.

When Rothschild acquired GTP, Gerald Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer of Rothschild North America, said, “We believe the combination of Rothschild’s global relationships and Global Technology Partner’s access to and knowledge of the international defense and aerospace industry will create high level strategic advisory and investment opportunities.”

The following year, 2001, the U.S. defense budget doubled from $300 billion to $600 billion per year as a result of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The Rothschilds were very well placed to profit from the immense flows of money pouring into the Pentagon.

In 1998, as a senior partner at GTP, Carter co-authored an article with John Deutch and Philip Zelikow entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger.” The first section of the article is subtitled “Imagining the Transforming Event.” This article lays out the blueprint for how the authors think the U.S. government should respond to an act of “catastrophic terrorism”, which, the authors said, “poses an eminent threat to America’s future.”



Catastrophic terrorism poses an eminent threat to America’s future. But the United States can fight back only if it sets the right goals.
– “Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger” by Ashton Carter, John Deutch, and Philip Zelikow, Foreign Affairs, November/December 1998

The words ’eminent’ and ‘imminent’ are often confused.

Eminent means outstanding; of very high rank or status.

Imminent means immediate; impending; soon to happen.

Why did these scholars use the wrong word in this key sentence of their article? Were they confused or were they reluctant to use the word, “imminent,” fearing that such uncanny prescience might look suspicious when the “transforming event” of catastrophic terrorism they predicted came to pass two years later?

Amazingly, two of the three authors who wrote the article on catastrophic terrorism went on to play key roles in the interpretation of and response to the events of 9-11. Philip Zelikow was the executive director of the 9-11 Commission, which created the official myth of what happened on September 11, 2001, while Ashton Carter has served in the three highest level positions at the Pentagon for much of the Zionist fraud known as the “War on Terror.”


It is certainly no coincidence that the people who predicted the catastrophic terrorism of 9-11 were appointed to these key positions in this massive and murderous fraud. Nor is it a coincidence that the Rothschild family is connected to all the positions held by Ashton Carter since he graduated from Yale in 1976.

As Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics from April 2009 to October 2011, Carter was responsible for Pentagon procurement for all technology, systems, services, and supplies, bases and infrastructure – and more than $50 billion annually in R&D. He went on to become Deputy Secretary of Defense, serving as the chief operating officer of the Department of Defense, overseeing more than $600 billion and 2.4 million civilian and military personnel, and managing global 24/7 operations from October 2011 to December 2013.

The U.S. defense budget is the biggest and richest gravy train in the world and for the Rothschilds to have their agents placed in such key positions allows them to profit from the massive defense spending that is now close to six hundred billion dollars per year.


To have one of their agents serving as the Secretary of Defense also gives the Rothschilds the advantage of being able to influence U.S. military policy. In early October, for example, the U.S. dropped 120 tons of weapons and ammunition into the northeastern province of Syria called Al Hasakah. There are only two forces active in Hasakah, the Kurds and Islamic State. The U.S. weapons were dropped in the Kurdish-controlled part, called West Kurdistan. Nathan Rothschild, Carter’s associate, is co-founder and director of Genel Energy plc, the largest oil producer in the neighboring Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The U.S. military intervention in Iraq and Syria have done a great deal to break up these nations into ethnic statelets, like the Kurdish region in the north. Nathan Rothschild will profit from the Balkanization of Iraq and Syria, just as he did when Yugoslavia was broken into pieces. Rothschild and Deripaska took many of the key assets of Montenegro, including its Bay of Kotor, where they have built a yacht harbor and casino enterprise.


THE BAY OF KOTOR – When Yugoslavia was broken into pieces, Nathan Rothschild got a piece of the Bay of Kotor, the pearl of Montenegro, along with other valuable assets.

Porto Montenegro is the Rothschild-owned yacht harbor and resort on the Bay of Kotor.

Apart from his oil company in the Kurdish region of Iraq, Rothschild is also invested in an oil and gas company in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. By waging war against the government of Syria, the Rothschilds hope to break up that nation so they can fully exploit the mineral wealth of the Golan Heights.

The strategy of breaking up the secular Arab states into ethnic statelets has long been the Zionist strategy to divide and conquer the Middle East. This strategy, known as the Oded Yinon plan, was articulated in a paper published in English in 1982. In 2015, we see that it seems to be the Yinon plan the U.S. military is working from, despite what officials say about preserving the territorial integrity of the nations it invades.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

Ash Carter, Wikipedia


Nathaniel Rothschild, International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

“Rothschild Forms Strategic Alliance with Global Technology Partners,” PRNewswire, May 31, 2000


“Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothschild: The Oil Barons of Occupied Syria” by Christopher Bollyn, September 2, 2013


“The Zionist Network behind 9-11” by Christopher Bollyn, December 7, 2006


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9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

** wtc7 pentagon

** Draft Agenda for 12/30/15 Teleconference

(ET)/5pm (PT) Teleconference # 1-218-895-6835 Access code: 9112001#

Greetings and happy holidays to all of you!

We're excited to announce that our upcoming teleconference this Wednesday evening will host the first of what we anticipate to be a series of formal debates on matters of controversy within the Truth Movement. The question to be thrashed out in our first forensic exercise is: Did a large plane impact the Pentagon? Taking the affirmativeslogan
position is Wayne Coste, PE, coordinator of 9/11 Truth Outreach (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=97c7fc64ca&e=91763ac879) , who introduced the
controversy at our last teleconference with a detailed presentation on the subject. The negative position will be defended by Barbara Honegger, no stranger to our Teleconference, producer of a number of 9/11 Truth classics, including Behind the Smoke Curtain -- the 9/11 Pentagon Attack (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=b8f35c7358&e=91763ac879) .

Both sides have submitted illustrated position summaries to which reference will be made in the course of the debate. Teleconferencers are urged to download these for advance reading, as well as for following the opponents' arguments as presented. Wayne's can be downloaded or read here (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=ab51f97a39&e=91763ac879) and Barbara's here (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=71540dc383&e=91763ac879) . Here's the format for this debate, with the affirmative going first and the negative closing in each segment. Each side will have:


4 minutes REBUTTAL
2.5 minutes SUMMARY

We'll reserve 20 minutes following the debate for Q & A/ comment from other teleconference participants -- responses or replies will be limited to 1 minute each to assure full participation. After listening to the entire debate, you are asked to vote on which (if any) side prevailed at this site (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=405ba0a928&e=91763ac879) . Hopefully the audio recording of the debate will be availableat this link (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=5df3f635e5&e=91763ac879) for those unable to join us on Wednesday evening, or for anyone who would like to review the event. Responses to the survey will be collected for one week after the teleconference.

Following the debate we'll resume the discussion from last month to determine the topic and participants in the next debate in the series. Craig McKee's report on how he has been targeted online, postponed from last week, will conclude the teleconference, followed by the usual opportunity to share announcements.

We hope you'll join us on Wednesday for what promises to be a very edifying evening!

Ken Freeland, facilitator


I Roll call/minutes approval (draft minutes copied below)/agenda approval (5 min)

IIA Formal Debate: "Proposed: A large plane impacted the Pentagon" [Wayne Coste, PE] (affirmative) vs. [Barbara Honegger] (negative) (40 min)

IIB Q & A / Comment (questions and responses limited to 1 minute each) (20 min)

III Second round debate challenge (discussion continued from 30 November Teleconference) [Craig McKee] (15-20 min)

IV Targeting of 9/11 Truth activists -- case in point [Craig McKee] / Q & A / discussion (10-15 min)

V Announcements

VI Any available updates on issues of identified ongoing concern (if any remaining time):

* 28 pages campaign
* New articles, books, and films
* The 9/11 Crash Test
* Cass Sunstein and cognitive infiltration, official statements on “conspiracy theorists”
* The MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth
* The 9/11 Consensus Panel
* William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce
* Deep State crimes in the news

ADJOURNMENT no later than 9:30 p EST.

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Will FBI agents create another terrorist event?


couple of reads



NYC Officials, FBI to Discuss New Year's Eve Security in Times Square

The FBI's assistant director will join Mayor de Blasio and the NYPD's top cop Tuesday afternoon to discuss security measures being taken ahead of the yearly New Year's Eve festivities in Times Square.

De Blasio, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and FBI Assistant Director Diego Rodriguez are set to outline the plan to keep the more than 1 million people expected to cram into the Crossroads of the World on Thursday



Omagh Bombers Appeal; Evidence Suggests Prior Knowledge ...
Jan 10, 2011 - The 1998 bombing of Omagh, Northern Ireland, was the largest single ... David Rupert was a double agent for the FBI and MI5, who was only recruited after ... terrorists was a British double-agent whose cover would have been blown ... And the very systems they built up are now involved in the middle-east.


Intelligence on Omagh bomb 'withheld from police' | UK news |

The ...
http://www.theguardian.com › World › UK News › Omagh bombing
Aug 7, 2013 - MI5, the FBI and Garda special branch "starved" police in Northern Ireland ... In the case of the events running up to the Omagh bomb, it is now ...

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Questions surround items bought at Walmart by Lutchman and undercover agent


Friday, January 1st 2016

Rochester, N.Y. - Questions are swirling around the products Emanuel Lutchman, the suspect in a terror plot, and the undercover FBI agent reportedly bought at a local Walmart.

The criminal complaint stated Lutchman and the undercover FBI agent bought a machete, knives, zip-ties, duct tape, ammonia and latex gloves at the Hudson Avenue Walmart.

The undercover agent purchased the items because Lutchman did not have enough money to do so.

Some people believe this purchase should have raised red flags straight away.

When 13WHAM reached out to Walmart, the company only told us authorities have contacted

If you need more info about the FBI google
FBI agent in the news

click on news at top of page then click on search tools and
click on anytime
click on last 24 hours
then click on sorted by relevance
click on sort by date
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