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Important information to stay safe

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#DrGreer #CE5 #COVID19

Dr. Steven Greer Explains The Corona Virus & Current Events



Very Important.   Video


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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Here is the Chinese guidebook for clinical care of COVID-19


Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment--a 68 page guide

Zhejiang University School of Medicine


Thanks to Jack Ma/ Alibaba for the web creation and English translation of the Chinese guidelines found to be most useful in clinical care of COVID-19! 


Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 1:06 PM 0 comments 



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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Early report: ARB and ACE inhibitor blood pressure drugs, which target receptor used by Coronavirus, may increase virus' mortality rate


This is a preliminary report from a Scottish doctor, and may turn out to be wrong later.  He has analyzed data from Italy on deaths, and concluded that those patients on ACE inhibitors or ARBs (which target ACE receptors, which are also used by coronavirus) had significantly higher death rates.


Because coronavirus disease is currently causing mortality rates upwards of 10% in Italy, I personally would switch to another BP medication if I were taking an ACE inhibitor (lisinopril, enalopril, captopril) or an ARB (losartan, valsartan, olmesartan, etc.)


Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 10:03 PM 0 comments 






They could work’: Coronavirus drug trials to begin in N.Y. state, Cuomo says/ NY Daily News


Newest on a chloroquine drug trial, to start 3/24: 

New York State is about to begin testing drugs for treatment of coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo said Sunday. 

The feds have given the state 70,000 doses of hydroxychloroquine, 10,000 doses of zithromax and 750,000 doses of chloroquine. Testing will kick off Tuesday, Cuomo said. 

“The president is optimistic about these drugs and we are all optimistic that it could work,” the governor said at a press conference. “I’ve spoken with a number of health officials and there is a good basis to believe that they could work.”


Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 8:55 PM 0 comments 




WHO launches global megatrial of the four most promising coronavirus treatments/ Science mag


Here's the story.


Oddly, the WHO was initially going to omit studying the cheapest drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, despite support for them by Chinese doctors here and here and French doctors.  But now both have been added to WHO's mega COVID-19 trial.


Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 7:42 PM 0 comments 





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9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference


Renee Parsons joins McKinney to discuss coronavirus on tomorrow’s teleconference

March 24, 2020

Greetings all,
We have an update about the agenda for tomorrow night’s teleconference (March 25). In addition to our first speaker, Cynthia McKinney, we will have Renee Parsons, a frequent contributor to Global Research. Her most recent article is titled “More than just a virus.” In the article, she addresses, among other things, how odd it is that Iran and Italy would be so badly hit after the virus got its start in Wuhan, China. (https://www.globalresearch.ca/more-than-just-virus/5706476j)
Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.  She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth, and staff member in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Renee is also a student of the Quantum Field. She is a frequent contributor to Global Research.
So join us to hear these two excellent speakers give us their impressions of coronavirus situation.
Cheryl Curtiss
Craig McKee

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Gov. Abbott seeks to block Harris County effort to release inmates to slow coronavirus spread


Gabrielle Banks March 29, 2020 Updated: March 29, 2020 8:58 








School officials and law enforcement were aware of sexual harassment by a principal, lawsuit claims







Caribou Maine musher delivers groceries and medication to people vulnerable to coronavirus






Wife-killer cop will leave jail with £375k payout in the bank

Retired inspector Keith Farquharson has an index-linked pension of £25,000 a year and will pocket the cash after he serves his time for








Campus Cops Need Closer Scrutiny: Paper says







Howard Wooldridge: Cops Say Legalize Heroin







9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference


Correction to time of special teleconference, April 1, 2020


CORRECTION: In the notice sent out earlier today, the Pacific time was incorrectly listed as 4 p.m. Since Pacific time remains three hours earlier, that should have been 10 a.m. PST and 1 p.m. EST.


1 p.m. (ET) / 10 a.m. (PT) teleconference dial-in # 

(605) 313-4118    Access code: 464958#


[Note: Some telephone service providers block access to this teleconference service, or require additional charges. If you encounter any of these difficulties, please try calling this alternative number: (425) 535-9195. You will then be required to key in the original phone number above before entering the access code. Please inform of us of any technical difficulties you encounter in accessing the teleconference.]


Join us for special teleconference about the coronavirus Wednesday afternoon with John Whitehead 


Greetings all,


To follow up on our excellent discussion of the coronavirus last Wednesday, we have a special call this week with author John Whitehead. To accommodate Mr. Whitehead’s schedule, this special call will take place this Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST and 10 a.m. PST at the usual teleconference number. If you can’t make this call, the recording will be posted on Truth and Shadows on the same page where all our recordings and minutes are posted.


Whitehead will be talking about his book Battle Field America: The War on the American People. And in particular, he will discuss his thoughts on how the U.S. Constitution is faring in light of lockdowns and other measures taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus.


Whitehead is a Constitutional attorney and founder and president of The Rutherford Institute. His book Battlefield America: The War on the American People is available at http://www.amazon.com.Whitehead can be contacted at johnw@rutherford.org.


We hope you can join us for this important call. If not, the recording will be posted the same day at http://www.truthandshadows.com/about.


Cheryl Curtiss

Craig McKe






Straight Talk MD











Monday, March 30, 2020

Battelle has had an (unused) method to decontaminate N95 masks aka respirators for years!

Unbelievable.  4 years ago, the FDA gave contractor Battelle half a million dollars to study the use of commercial decontamination equipment, using hydrogen peroxide gas, on N95 masks.  Battelle said the method worked in 2016.  But we are only just hearing about it, as thousands of healthcare workers get infected due, in part, to lack of these masks. WTF??!!

From FiercePharma:

Battelle received an emergency go-ahead from the FDA over the weekend to deploy its decontamination system for personal protective equipment (PPE), allowing healthcare workers to clean and reuse scarce N95 respirator masks.

The system is currently operating at Battelle’s Ohio facility—capable of processing up to 80,000 masks per machine, per day, within what looks like a large metal shipping container—and has been working to help stretch supplies for the OhioHealth system based in Columbus.


Using concentrated hydrogen peroxide vapor, the filters are gassed for two and a half hours to destroy bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, including the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. According to the company, the system can clean the same N95 mask up to 20 times without degrading its performance. 

The FDA had first OK’d the use of the system on Saturday but initially limited its use to 10,000 masks per day, according to Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who called on the agency to unlock the system’s full decontamination capacity. DeWine also said this would have limited Battelle’s plans to deploy machines to the hard-hit New York metro area as well as Washington state and Washington, D.C.

Within hours, and after President Donald Trump also urged the FDA to approve the equipment on Twitter, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn tweeted late Sunday evening that the agency had issued an amended authorization. 






Why is the World's Richest County Short of Medical Masks?/ NYT

From  the NY Times:


Few in the protective equipment industry are surprised by the shortages, because they’ve been predicted for years. In 2005, the George W. Bush administration called for the coordination of domestic production and stockpiling of protective gear in preparation for pandemic influenza. In 2006, Congress approved funds to add protective gear to a national strategic stockpile — among other things, the stockpile collected 52 million surgical face masks and 104 million N95 respirator masks.

But about 100 million masks in the stockpile were deployed in 2009 in the fight against the H1N1 flu pandemic, and the government never bothered to replace them. This month, Alex Azar, secretary of health and human services, testified that there are only about 40 million masks in the stockpile — around 1 percent of the projected national need.

As the coronavirus began to spread in China early this year, a global shortage of protective equipment began to look inevitable. But by then it was too late for the American government to do much about the problem. Two decades ago, most hospital protective gear was made domestically. But like much of the rest of the apparel and consumer products business, face mask manufacturing has since shifted nearly entirely overseas. “China is a producer of 80 percent of masks worldwide,” Laverdure said.

Hospitals began to run out of masks for the same reason that supermarkets ran out of toilet paper — because their “just-in-time” supply chains, which call for holding as little inventory as possible to meet demand, are built to optimize efficiency, not resiliency.

“You’re talking about a commodity item,” said Michael J. Alkire, president of Premier, a company that purchases medical supplies for hospitals and health systems. In the supply chain, he said, “by definition, there’s not going to be a lot of redundancy, because everyone wants the low cost.”

In January, the brittle supply chain began to crack under pressure. To deal with its own outbreak, China began to restrict exports of protective equipment. Then other countries did as well — Taiwan, Germany, France and India took steps to stop exports of medical equipment. That left American hospitals to seek more and more masks from fewer and fewer producers...

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 8:30 PM 











MARCH 30, 2020

Washington Uses the Pandemic to Create a $2 Trillion Slush Fund for Its Cronies







When historians look back on our current government’s response to a public health emergency







Beware of Trump Using the Coronavirus as a Cover for War With Iran

Mehdi Hasan

March 30 2020, 1:13 p.m.

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