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Anyone here from Massachusetts ? What do you think about the Whitman police chief ? I think the man is so corrupt it isn't even funny....He has won the RMV lottery for special low number plates 11 times he also has made some if not all plates UNTRACEABLE....How do you do that? And now he has a level 1 pedophile living in one of his houses for the past ten years.....Which brings us to the attention of why he didn't, of all people, notify the neighbors/neighborhood and shouldn't he be required to ?

This may not be serious enough for one and all but my point is corrupt police from the highest in government to the, state police to the local flatfoot. Every story I read here has an underlying of corrupt cops.....

Posts: 25
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Check out Whitman Massachusetts police......Being sued...a 10 count federal civil rights suit claiming that he was falsely arrested.....In Boston Globe and Boston Herald newspapers.....Charged with receiving stolen property but there was nothing found on him or in his vehicle....The arresting officers were laughing and telling jokes while they handcuffed and processed William Norton of Braintree, MA. The suit is filed against seven cops and the corrupt police chief. Within 30 seconds of parking at a convenience store the night of June 5th he was accused of stealing 2 Sentry strong boxes and a charm bracelet. The items were on the gound. They found no fingerprints and they could not prove that these items were stolen. Norton alleges that addition to his rights being violated the police chief and his officers have engaged in a " pattern and practice of the Town of Whitman to arrest individuals, without probable cause, whom officers indiscriminately consider problematic or suspicious. Here is another example of a town or city police force implementing a "police state behavior" within the community that they are to protect and serve.

Earlier this month this power hungry police officers of Whitman arrested two juveniles for skateboarding on their own street in front of their homes. They state there's a law on the books in the town for skateboarding. These juveniles (12 yrs old) were handcuffed and shackel and brought to court to be charged. Now come on. We don't need this show of force and power demonstrated on our children.

This police force and many others are out of control and need to be exposed. Some of these polices forces we haven't even scratched the service yet....we need to continue supporting this site and expressing our views about the run away police and their tatics. God Bless America

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What about the fact that he was banging 14 year old girls too? They can't get him on that because the statute of limitations has run out. This guy is a pig in every sense of the word. Nasty nasty scumbag. Fat, ugly, dirty, corrupt, soul-less scumbag!

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