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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board

I was just wondering How many of you like the site. I have recieved 99.9% positive feedback to date. Please post your reply good or bad

Thank You,
WAR: Webmaster
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You are incredible! Thank You sincerely, and what took you so long? All of us working hard in the legal field and dreaming of the day, or if the day would ever come where someone like you would do what you have done to preserve our Justice system! Kudo's to you, keep up the fight and don't back down because of negative mail, or press, like the Oklahoma story. Their just afraid they'll get caught using unjust tactics like lieing for whatever their agenda might be, and hopefully they will get caught in thier lies and Justice will prevail, as should be! Thank-You again, and if need be don't hesitate to mail me if you need any help or support!
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What agreat idea. How do images and profiles make it to your agents and informants column?
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Very Easy to post picture, just click on the add a informant or add a agent button fill out form click the button that says do you have this informants or agents picture this will open upload box ,choose picture and upload thats it works the same for documents
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This site is just fantastic....Its only going to get better....Keep it up
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This site is great,Although it would be nice if you could seperate the people whom are rats and have paperwork from the ones that are rats without paperwork.Im not saying a person is or isnt a rat because he does or doesnt have paperwork on him.I just think it would make things easier when this site really gets going to seperate them because whats in black in white pretty much speaks for itself and it would be easier if we didnt have to weed through tons of people to sort them out.I think if you had the city come up beside the name instead of the zip it would also help.but I still love the site and think you have alot of balls for not being afraid of such a crooked government and I dont say crooked lightly Ive seen it and been thier.I live in south boston mass were the government pretends to hunt down thier number one rat "James"whitey bulger" thats if the government didnt kill him already because he could bring a ton of them down unless you live in a cage you know what im talking about.you can read about some of it in the book black mass in the true crimes section of your library but the truth is far from out agent john connelly got 10years one month thanks to the rifleman flemmi and "two week"kevin weeks"the grave digger who recieved four years and martorano who killed over twenty on record,he recieved 10 years thanks to our government so I really think highly of you for putting out a site like this when the big guys could put you away for anything they please.best of luck
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This site is fantastic.. I have looked for sites with the availability of info like this one for years. I work as a Political Activist for my boss who is being targeted by many for standing on his beliefs and is willing to spend every dime he has to speak out on government corruption. He has gazillions of dimes to say the least. This site gives me the extra info I need to assist him in a bogus criminal trial in which he is Pro Per. He is listening to my own experience with the Sonoma County Corruption to prosecute those who are willing to speak up against the corrupt Court system and fight back in court. They have gone as far as having him examined for mental competency to stand trial as well as defend himself in calm fashion without creating havoc in the court room. He is brilliant but doesn't quite understand the rules and finer points of working the system to a small extent. He is learning how to write Writs of Mandate and Prohibition that can be reviewed by the Appellate Court without being tossed immediately. I am thrilled there are others concerned with the legitimate Law using underhanded tactics to now win court cases at all costs, even if it means manipulating all aspects of a case to win. I am not anti Lawyer, and have a very high respect for Law Enforcement personnel. I see them doing a very dangerous job that has become more physically dangerous in the past 20 years. I also personally have experienced what it is to have a detective write an amazing piece of fiction as the actual case report. The actual reporting Officers Report is totally different and not a piece of fiction. I have not at this point taken legal action against the detective as of yet. I am trying to fight for the return of my four children taken into dependency by the county and after two years in traffic court for a misdemeanor the was recently dismissed "In the interest of Justice" Has me researching daily to find what action I can legally take to fight the total corruption of the Dependency court system, which starts with the County Counsel, CPS, CASA workers, Public Defender of the original Petition, the newly contracted law firm that has done less the what we call the Public Surrenders Office and Attorneys, to no one will follow the Orders of the Court. While my children have for a year now been denied meaningful or even any contact with their Mom, who is the only parent they have around. I have a good working relationship with my one 14 year old in a wonderful group home, but he is the only one who I talk to and see. I call my 151/2 year old on the cell my dad gave him, but haven't seen him or the baby 11 since December 18, 2003 when I was given a two hour visit at the CPS office for Christmas. My daughter was denied the visit since the false criminal case was against her. Even though for the previous year I had unsupervised visits during all the going to trial court settings from day one. I lost visiting with her last Oct. when the only way my PD on the case could get removed was to speak to my oldest son during a weekend visit at my dad's. Not realizing that since I refused to Plea to full charges they retaliated and without counsel removed all visitation and phone contact from the kids. I have not been able to participate any form of their lives since. My PD could not afford to loss his job over a case that should never have gone to court, but had the Commissioner disqualify him and replace him with a pro-bono atty who is next in line to become the assistant DA. Gee isn't it amazing how the system really works. It has to do with Money and who has it.. Also having an understanding of actual law and trial procedures, which includes realizing the politics behind the system and how it works. I tried to blame all the lies and failings of the system on the good ol'boy network, but in reality it is knowing and understanding procedures, rules of the court and when to refuse to accept what your attorney does on your behalf without explaining what the ramifications can truly be in the end. So if any one is interested in learning of other wonderful sites and reading material that have given me an amazing legal education in a very short time I will give all my info and personal experience as an actual defendant and not just another member of the legal system. I am willing to aide others when comes to fighting in the courts against a biased system and will show you how to use the law to benefit your own case without actually practicing law without a license. I only show you the info and strategy used by all members of the bar!!!!And its freer,,,,,,
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I'm new to the site so I haven't had much time to check it out.From what I've seen it looks great and the idea for the site I gotta say is Dynamite!.
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