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Barrie Zwicker 2002 "The Great Deception
Published on Jan 18, 2016Broadcaster and writer Barrie Zwicker has specialized in media criticism since 1970. He was the media critic for Canada's Vision TV (available in 8-million homes) from the channel's inception in 1988.

With this series of seven commentaries "What Really Happened on September 11th," Zwicker was the first person in the world to suggest on mainstream television that elements of the U.S. Government were complicit in the events of 9/11.

The series generated the largest (and 99% positive) response of any programming in the channel's history:

January 14, 2002: Faked Events
January 21, 2002: What Really Happened
January 28, 2002: Stand Down
February 4, 2002: Who is bin Laden?
February 11, 2002: The Oiligarchy
February 18, 2002: George W. Bush
February 25, 2002: Moral and Spiritual Challenges
Produced: 2002, Episode: BZ-TGD, 45:03, Category: Education
Phone your local public TV station and ask them to broadcast this film to your local community. Your station can download the film in TV broadcast format from PEGMedia.org .

This film is available for any Public TV station in the country - and world - to broadcast.

Stations that use Telvue, DVDs or other media can contact 911TV1@gmail.com for instructions.
This PEGMedia Episode: http://www.pegmedia.org/index.php?q=m...
More 911TV Films On PEGMedia
View This Show On YouTube:

More 911TV Films On YouTube: http://youtube.com/911TVorg
911TV’s Blog
911TV's Website

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jack flash
April 6, 2017 Uncategorized Africa, alt-media, Anonymous on I-85 Bridge event, ATM’s, Bannon, building castles, chemical attacks, Clinton, CrowdStrike, food, guns, Harvard, intel, ninjas, North Korea, nukes, political surveillance, propaganda, Psy-Ops, Susan Rice, Syria, the Fed, UN, Venezuela, water
jack flash

Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US Lies at Security Council

Russia just called out the West for using the UN to promote regime change — but no one reported it

By Richard Brandt

Twitter was flooded with commentary about Nikki Haley’s call to arms against Russia during the Security Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon. But no one bothered to report what Russia had to say.

Russia’s deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said that the West’s “obsession with regime change is what hinders this Security Council.”






[&&]{**}[##] [&&]{**}[##]

@ https://t-room.us


“… According to Russian airspace monitoring systems, yesterday between 11.30 and 12.30 local time the Syrian aviation carried out an airstrike on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhun, targeting a major ammunition storage facility of terrorists and a cluster of military hardware. The territory of this storage facility housed workshops to produce projectiles stuffed with toxic agents,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.


Syrian Defense Ministry blames Idlib chemical attacks on terrorists

Syrian government troops destroy terrorists’ chemical weapons depot in Idlib — media

Russian Defense Ministry denies conducting air strikes in Syria’s Idlib

Syrian army dismisses charges of chemical weapons use in Idlib

“From this major arsenal, chemical-laden weapons were delivered by militants to Iraq. Their use by terrorists was confirmed on numerous occasions by international organizations and official authorities of the country,” he said.

The spokesman added that these projectiles were similar to those used by militants in Syria’s Aleppo, where their use was recorded by Russian military specialists.

“Video footage from social networks shows that those affected in Khan Sheikhun demonstrate the same symptoms of poisoning as the victims of the Aleppo attack had last fall,” he added.

More: http://tass.com/world/939417


“… One might have thought that the evidence of one staged attack would have increased skepticism about the other incidents, but the U.N. investigators apparently understood what was good for their careers, so they endorsed a couple of other alleged cases despite their inability to conduct a field investigation. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “ UN Team Heard Claims of Staged Chemical Attacks .”]

Now, that dubious U.N. report is being leveraged into this new incident, one opportunistic finding used to justify another. But the pressing question now is: Have the American people come to understand enough about “psychological operations” and “strategic communications” that they will finally show the skepticism that no longer exists in the major U.S. news media?”


[Robert Parry]


President Trump Has It Wrong on Syria – Assad Did NOT Use Chemical Weapons – Deep State Neo Cons Misleading the President…

Posted on April 4, 2017 by sundance






ISIS is Obama’s Legacy: Strip Him of His Nobel

By Scott Stockdale

April 03, 2017 “Information Clearing House”


[&&]{**}[##] [&&]{**}[##]

Reviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria




For the first time since his election, president Trump is set for a direct collision course with Vladimir Putin after Russia said on Wednesday it stands by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad despite widespread popular outrage over a chemical weapons attack which the media was quick to pin on the Syrian president, in a carbon-copy of events from 2013 which nearly launched a US invasion of the middle-eastern nation , when a YouTube clip – subsequently shown to be a hoax – served as proof that Assad had used sarin gas on rebels in a Damascus neighborhood. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE





Did Assad sign his own death warrant with such an attack…or does some other entity benefit? SOURCE: THE DURAN



The alleged horrific gas attack in the Idlib Governorate of Syria has now been fully debunked as fake news. This has not stopped CNN and many (if not all) mainstream media outlets to push the “Assad gassed his own people” lie once again. SOURCE: THE DURAN


April 5-6, 2017 — North Korea wasn’t first to pursue nuke weapons on the Korean peninsula


Apr 4, 2017

North Korea problem is too complicated for an ignorant bully like Trump.


The Saker



[Ed.: Aside from trying to analyze all the nuances, the players and questions of just exactly who is in command, the idea that the US would drop a nuclear weapon (unless it’s a very, very small one*) on North Korea is simply preposterous.

Didn’t we drop one of those* in China previously?

Perhaps it was not a nuke, or it wasn’t the US. Maybe they did it to themselves, no?

I could foresee a complex covert op against NORK involving a couple of teams of our best ninja-like operatives acting in concert with small, discrete military units for a rapid insertion and extraction (though those kinds of things are notorious for going badly), and I can see an even-more-likely covert cyber attack if our desk jockeys are competent enough to pull it off without identifying themselves (I don’t think they are), but I just can’t see that folks inside the upper circles of military-political strategy — no matter who in hell is really in charge — would go nuclear or risk a major counter-attack of any proportion.

Are they that stupid? Or cocky Or arrogant?]


JULY 2, 2014

On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes



@ http://www.blacklistednews.com


Venezuela security forces on Tuesday clashed with anti-government protesters seeking, in part, to remove justices from the Supreme Court accused of unconstitutionally favoring the ruling party, while supporting lawmakers locked in a bitter dispute with the administration of President Nicolas Maduro and the Supreme Court. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE


US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire) claims RT and Sputnik are “designed to undermine our democracy” and even compared them to Nazi propaganda while promoting her bill, a reaction to alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 election. Shaheen took to the Senate floor on Tuesday to promote her bill, entitled “Foreign Agents Registration Modernization and Enforcement Act,” which she says would provide the Justice Department with “new and necessary authority to investigate potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act by RT America.” SOURCE: RT


Despite the relative secrecy, the general outlines of Trump’s Africa policy can nevertheless be deduced from his administration’s opening moves on the continent, when these are understood as the outgrowth of the crisis of American imperialism and the worldwide militarist offensive it has waged since the dissolution of the Soviet Union more than a quarter century ago. SOURCE: TRUE PUBLICA


Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker has just admitted he leaked confidential Fed monetary policy information to Medley Global Advisers, a publisher of macroeconomic analysis for institutions such as hedge funds and asset managers. It is owned by The Financial Times. He has resigned effective immediately. He had planned on retiring in October. There is no immediate indication if Lacker will face criminal prosecution. The FBI has been probing the Fed’s 2012 leak to Medley since 2015. SOURCE: EPJ


The cyber firm Crowdstrike has been one of the main proponents of allegations that Russia interfered in the 2016 American presidential elections using their cyber capabilities. The analysis performed by Crowdstrike was relied on almost exclusively by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to establish their claims of “Russian hacking.” SOURCE: DISOBEDIENT MEDIA



As part of its daily wrap of the Susan Rice newsflow, which focused on her first media appearance since she was “outed” as the persona responsible for “unmasking” members of team Trump, the WSJ provides two new pieces of incremental information: i) in addition to Michael Flynn, at least one more member of the Trump transition team was “unmasked” in intelligence reports due to multiple foreign conversations that weren’t related to Russia; and ii) Rice wasn’t the administration official who instigated Mr. Flynn’s unmasking, confirming there is at least one more high-level official giving “unmasking” orders. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE


Covert surveillance of politicians on Obama’s Nixon-like “Enemies List” has been going on for many years, but is only now being unmasked as a result of the failure of Obama’s cover story–“We weren’t spying on political opponents; only on Russians to protect America.” The presstitute media has passed on the cover story authored by former Obama-administration officials led by CIA director John Brennan, FBI director James Comey, the DNC, and Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. The loose ends in this cover-up have now been so widely exposed as hearsay and political that only 13% of Republicans believe the fact-free story – but 67% of Democrats cling to it. SOURCE: PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS [who leads with a link to Mike Whitney]


The German government has approved a new bill on combating hate speech and fake news, under which social networks could face hefty fines if they fail to remove offensive content promptly. Critics denounced the bill as a violation of free speech. The bill, introduced by German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, is aimed at forcing social network giants such as Facebook or Twitter to take more responsibility for the content posted by users and to make it compliant with German law. SOURCE: RT


These companies — Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Associated British Foods, and Mondelez — each employ thousands and make billions of dollars in revenue every year. In an effort to push these companies to make positive changes — and for customers to realize who controls the brands they’re buying — Oxfam created a mind-boggling infographic that shows how interconnected consumer brands really are. SOURCE: THE INDEPENDENT


See realtime coverage

Stephen Bannon removed from National Security Council

Washington Post

– circa 1500 hours GMT-5 4/5/17

President Trump on Wednesday removed controversial White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council, part of a sweeping staff reshuffling that elevated key military and intelligence officials to greater roles on the …


Stephen K. Bannon »

Donald Trump »

President of the United States »

Bannon removed from National Security Council role CNN

Bannon ousted from National Security Council Politico

Highly Cited:Trump Removes Stephen Bannon From National Security Council PostNew York Times

Featured:What to Make of Bannon’s Exit From the NSCThe Atlantic

Opinion[redface]p-Ed: Even Trump supporters are relieved that Bannon is out at the National Security CouncilCNBC



“Clinton Foundation biggest organized crime family I know of”





New Cold War

The Sovietization of the American Political-Media Establishment? TruthDig

Senate’s Russia Hearings Will Lead Nowhere Real News Network. A talk with Michael Hudson

U.S. Car Demand Collapse Jeopardizes Trump’s Auto Factory Push Bloomberg (resilc)

Martin Luther King’s Warning of America’s Spiritual Death Consortium News

Fifty Years On: MLK’s Giant Triplets Still Plague Us, Including Militarism. Counterpunch (Judy B)


New Cold War

UPDATE “Graham: Rice Has History of ‘Political Manipulation’ of Nat’l Security Informatio share this” [Fox News]. I’m linking to this because Lindsay Graham is both an Establishment figure and an opportunist, so if he’s swinging toward Trump on this, it’s an interesting indicator. I mean, Graham’s not getting all huffy about process, or the patriots who work in our national security apparatus, or anything like that.

Trump Transition

UPDATE “Window closing for Republican stealth assault on U.S. regulations” [Reuters]. Last Friday was the deadline for introducing any new [Congressional Review Act] resolutions on regulations enacted by Obama’s administration. Now Republicans must complete voting on resolutions already in the legislative pipeline by mid-May.

“President Donald Trump reorganized his National Security Council on Wednesday, removing chief strategist Stephen Bannon from a key committee and restoring the roles of top intelligence and defense officials, according to a person familiar with the decision and a notice published in the Federal Register” [Bloomberg]. “The realignment increases the influence of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, whose public stances were sometimes at odds of those of Bannon. In addition to gaining greater control over the NSC, McMaster will have the Homeland Security Council under his authority.” McMcaster being the guy The Blob wanted, rather than Flynn.

“Senate Republicans are preparing to abolish the final vestige of power that the minority has to block Supreme Court nominations through a filibuster. Many senators in both parties now worry that the final and biggest domino — the power to filibuster legislation — will be next” [New York Times]. Well, if the Republicans get rid of it, at least the Democrats won’t be able to whine about it any more.

“Gorsuch merits confirmation: Our view” [USA Today]. “Overall, Gorsuch is about the best choice the country can expect from this president; in fact, the nomination was one of the least objectionable things Trump has done since taking office.”

“Neil Gorsuch’s 11th-hour plagiarism scare” [WaPo]. Two words: Joe Biden.

UPDATE “Many of us were wrong, myself included, about Donald Trump. We saw in the jut-jawed, brow-furrowed Mussolini-like posturing, in the blatant narcissism, in the reckless disregard for truth, the anger and incitement to hatred, the declamations that he would fix everything single-handedly on Day One of his presidency, his disdain for democracy and hints that he would lock up his opponents — we saw in all of these things incipient fascism” [Todd Gitlin , Moyers and Company]. “And then, last Friday, with the demise of the Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it with… well, with a massive tax giveaway to the rich, we discovered — I discovered — that I was fearing the wrong thing. It’s not Trump’s ability to marshal the forces of repression that should terrify us. It’s his inability to marshal forces to conduct even the most basic governance.” Gitlin’s pivot is a fine example, amazingly enough, of the schema outlined by Scott Adams here.

UPDATE “Against Chelsea Clinton” [Matt Bruenig, Jacobin]. “Rumors are that Chelsea Clinton is gearing up to run for office. This is troubling news insofar as it might keep the Clinton machine and its hangers-on in politics. It also seems like a questionable idea insofar as Clinton is a nepotist legacy case whose whole career to this point has been hopping from one dodgy patronage job to another, not exactly the ideal image for the Democratic Party.” Oh, Matt. Neera’s gonna get you fired again!


“Since her stunning election loss, Clinton has been taking the time to figure out what she wants to do next. ‘ She’s taking a look at her life and wants to try some different things,’ said one ally who has spoken to Clinton in recent weeks. ‘She’s not tying herself to something that’s always been an option. She wants to figure out what she wants to do’” [The Hill]. “One thing the former presidential nominee wants to do is figure out how she can best use her voice for the benefit of the Democratic Party, sources say.” Oddly, or not, retiring from public life isn’t an option.




We all need to be asking ourselves that question periodically

“WSJ reports that Susan Rice Was Not Alone In “Unmasking” Team Trump”.

More than one unmasker. Unmasker of Flynn may not have been Rice. Leaker – where we get into illegal territory – still unknown. Rice appears to be the tip of the iceberg.

“Susan Rice Ordered “Detailed Spreadsheets Of Intercepted Phone Calls” With Trump Team”.

“If What Susan Rice Did Wasn’t Illegal, It Should Be”. “The Real Russiagate: Obama’s Stasi State — Michael Hudson and Paul Craig Roberts”. Barry appears to have had a Nixonian obsession with using tools available to him to gather dirt on his political enemies. This conflicts with the Barry narrative, explaining the near mania in Democrat operatives on this issue.

Meanwhile, another false flag gas attack in Syria: “Ghouta redux? Was this attack real?”. “ Idlib ‘Gas Attack’ is same old BS as before”. “Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack”. Boring, except Trump took uncharacteristic notice of it: “Trump Blames Obama For Syrian Chemical Attack”.

“Rebel warehouse with chemical weapons hit by Syrian airstrike in Idlib – Russian MOD”.

Curious, if clumsy, Rothschild machinations about the slumlord’s visit to Iraq: “Social Media Cries ‘Fake News’ After Reuters Pulls Story About Jared Kushner in Iraq [Updated: Reuters Confirms Kushner in Iraq]”. Note, Haim owns Gizmondo, so the machinations are some kind of partisan inter-Jew thing.

“Toronto’s Jewish Defence League Fascists”. Canadian mainstream terrorists.

“Chelsea Clinton Answers If She Will Run Against Trump In 2020″: “Right now, the answer is no, but I think we all need to be asking ourselves that question periodically”.

An example of why the bad guys like to collect metadata – it scares off sources who could reveal other wrongdoing: “‘Sources have stopped talking to us’: Witnesses testify at Day 1 of police-spying commission”. Again, metadata collection is 100% incompatible with functioning democracy. If you add blackmail of politicians, you can see that any Panopticon is a pure dictatorship run by and for the purposes of the IC.

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Friday, April 7, 2017
Syria's 2013 gas attacks were all false flags. Why would Assad in 2017, nearly winning his war, use gas and incite a US response?
I wrote about Syria's earlier gas attacks, in 2013. There was never any evidence linking Syrian government troops or the Assad government to the attacks then. No proof in the document given to the UN. And the US report making the case to Congress admittedly was full of unsubstantiated claims and guesswork. After initially pushing for action, France did a U-turn when the lack of evidence became obvious. UK Prime Minister David Cameron was halted by a vote in Parliament from going to war over the gas attacks. From the Aug 29, 2013 Guardian:
David Cameron indicated on Thursday evening that Britain would not take part in military action against Syria after the British government lost a crucial vote on an already watered-down amendment that was designed to pave the way to intervention in the war-torn country.
Even 'fake news' CNN pointed out the inconsistencies, back then. I and others noted that (just like today) Assad had no motive for such an attack, which could only hurt him. See 2013 coverage by the AP and the Atlantic.

Putin then brokered a deal in which Assad agreed to give up all his chemical weapons (the same ones the US and Russia still have). Portable factories that destroy chemical weapons were brought in, and all chemical weapons were turned over and destroyed.

Secretary of State Kerry confirmed the complete removal of chemical weapons from Syria on NBC's "Meet the Press" on July 20, 2014. He said,
Russia has been constructive in helping to remove 100% of the declared chemical weapons from Syria. In fact, that was an agreement we made months ago. And it never faltered, even during these moments of conflict.
Fast forward 3 years, and we are again alleging that Assad used his (destroyed in 2014) chemical weapons on his own people. Oops, no. That was yesterday.

Alleging Assad's use of chemical weapons is over; the claims have morphed into pounding Syria with Tomahawk cruise missiles and plenty more.

The Deep State apparatchiks (Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, etc.) are celebrating. But the Congressmembers also want a piece of this war action. For example:
“This week’s unspeakable chemical weapons attack is only the latest in a long series of horrors perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad on innocent men, women and children,” Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement issued on the attacks in Syria. “Tonight’s strike in Syria appears to be a proportional response to the the regime’s use of chemical weapons. If the President intends to escalate the U.S. military’s involvement in Syria, he must to come to Congress for an Authorization for Use of Military Force which is tailored to meet the threat and prevent another open-ended war in the Middle East.”
Arrangements that helped avoid clashes between US and Russian planes/missiles/troops have now been shredded. This is not good.

Gold, the dollar, and oil prices are up. Tillerson should be pleased.

Meanwhile, Trump's base believes it has been double-crossed. Candidate Trump promised less war. Pundit Trump criticized Obama for even considering war in Syria, back in 2013.

Whether Trump continues to obey the will of the shadow government/deep state remains to be seen. But today he has lost his supporters, those in the 99% who know the cost of war falls on their shoulders... while some of those in the 1% reap the spoils.


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Unanswered Questions About Tamerlan Tsarnaev
June 15, 2017Updated 6/15/2017

The Medical Examination for Immigrant or Refugee Applicant form, from Tamerlan Tsarnaev's redacted immigration file, from the U.S. Department of State. The top photo depicts Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The bottom photo is an unknown entity.closemore
Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a federal informant?

On April 15, 2013, Tamerlan and his younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, attacked the Boston Marathon. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11.

In all, the Tsarnaevs killed four people and injured hundreds more. One of the most intense manhunts in recent history culminated in a violent shootout with police in Watertown, on April 19. Tamerlan was killed in that shootout. Dzhokhar was arrested. Two years later, Dzhokhar was tried on federal terrorism charges. He was found guilty of the bombing and formally sentenced to death.

However, four years after the bombing, after a high-profile federal terrorism trial and multiple government investigations, there are still many unanswered questions, particularly about Tamerlan.

In this special report, we'll investigate some of the most controversial unanswered questions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev:

Was he a federal informant?
How does the federal informant program work?
How do federal agencies recruit Muslims and other immigrants to become informants?
And did Tamerlan Tsarnaev receive special treatment through this program for his application to become a U.S. citizen?
Part 1: The Theory

In 2014, as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev prepared his defense, his lawyers filed a motion seeking all documents relating to FBI contact with Tamerlan. Why? They believed Tamerlan had been a federal informant.

They wrote: "We base this on information from our client’s family and other sources that the FBI made more than one visit to talk with ... Tamerlan ... and asked him to be an informant, reporting on the Chechen and Muslim community."

Excerpt of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev defense motion, filed March 28, 2014
Excerpt of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev defense motion, filed March 28, 2014
It was the first time that claim had entered the official record.

The government denied then, as it does today, that Tamerlan was ever a federal informant. An FBI spokesperson referred us back to an Oct. 18, 2013 statement the FBI issued along with Boston police and Massachusetts state police. The statement says law enforcement officials did not know the identities of the Tsarnaev brothers before the Watertown shootout, and that they "were never sources for the FBI nor did the FBI attempt to recruit them as sources."

The theory was most recently picked up by investigative reporter Michele McPhee in her new book, "Maximum Harm: The Tsarnaev Brothers, The FBI, and the Road to the Marathon Bombing."

"Tamerlan Tsarnaev was the perfect recruit," says McPhee. "He had tentacles in the drug world. He spoke multiple languages. He could mix in anywhere. He was tall and handsome. He had an American wife. Here was a guy that really was the perfect recruit."


JUNE 15, 2017 AT 5:21 AM
FBI asks Miami judge to reconsider, keep secret ‘sensitive details’ about 9/11

The 9/11 hijackers
The FBI is pushing back against a federal judge’s findings that certain classified details about the funding of the 9/11 attacks and the 19 al Qaeda suicide hijackers should be made public.

Specifically, the government is asking Miami U.S. District Judge Cecilia Altonaga to reconsider her May 16 ruling that would largely open for public inspection a 60-page FBI slide show titled “Overview of the 9/11 Investigation.” The FBI showed the overview to the 9/11 Review Commission in secret on April 25, 2014.

The FBI released some of the overview’s pages in full earlier this year, but many more were either partially blanked out or withheld completely for privacy or other reasons. The overview and numerous other FBI records are the focus of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit brought by Florida Bulldog one year ago.

Here’s what an FBI official told the court last week about four blanked-out PowerPoint slides regarding “the transfer of money prior to and funding of the attacks”:

“The release of this information would reveal sensitive details about how much money was being moved around, when it was being moved, how it was being moved, the mode of transfer and locations the FBI had detected movements in. Disclosure of this information would provide a playbook to future subjects on how much money one can move around in certain forms without attracting attention,” FBI record chief David M. Hardy said in his sixth declaration in the case,

Questions about who financed the 9/11 attacks are at the heart of sprawling civil litigation brought against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and others by survivors and relatives of the nearly 3,000 people who died that day. The plaintiffs and their lawyers contend that the kingdom, its official charities and others were responsible. Saudi Arabia has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

Florida Bulldog’s Miami FOIA case seeks records of the 9/11 Review Commission. The Bulldog also sued the FBI in 2012 in federal court in Fort Lauderdale seeking records about its 2001-2002 Sarasota investigation of a Saudi family who moved abruptly out of their upscale home two weeks before 9/11 – leaving behind cars, clothes, furniture and other personal possessions. The probe was triggered by neighbors’ calls to authorities, but the FBI never disclosed its existence to Congress or the original 9/11 Commission.

Six months after that initial FOIA case was filed, the FBI released a small batch of records, including an April 2002 report that said agents found “many connections” between the Sarasota Saudis and the hijackers. In 2014, the FBI told the 9/11 Review Commission in closed session that the agent who wrote the 2002 report had no basis for doing so, but did not further explain or identify the agent.

Also in 2014, Fort Lauderdale U.S. District Judge William Zloch ordered the FBI to produce its records about the matter. The FBI turned over all classified records about 9/11 maintained in its Tampa field office — 80,000 pages. The judge continues to review those documents for possible public release.

Trial date sought

Judge Altonaga’s order last month granted in part and denied in part an FBI motion for summary judgment, notably on the lawfulness of the FBI’s redactions of certain information from several records that it has produced. The FBI, however, has not restored any of those redactions, and attorneys for the Bulldog have asked the judge to set a date for trial this summer.

“At trial, the FBI will be required to offer admissible evidence through witnesses – not through inadmissible hearsay by declaration – to attempt to sustain the redactions,” wrote attorney Thomas Julin in a June 2 “Joint Status Report” to the court. “The Bulldog will have the opportunity, in accordance with due process, to cross-examine any FBI witnesses presented.”

The government asked Judge Altonaga to reconsider her prior ruling the same day. The judge has not yet decided whether an FOIA trial is needed, but if one does happen it would be highly unusual.

Hardy, who heads the FBI’s Records/Information Dissemination Section (RIDS), went on in his most recent declaration to discuss other redacted pages in the 9/11 Overview. He said they were withheld to protect FBI “techniques and procedures not well-known to the public as well as non-public details about the use of well-known techniques and procedures.” Hardy’s descriptions shed some light on what’s in those records.

One page, withheld in full, “is a photo taken by a security camera.” The FBI does not identify the photo’s subject, the date it was taken or its general location.

“This was withheld because the release of this picture would disclose the location of the security camera at the site where the photo was taken. The disclosure would allow future subjects to know where to find the security camera so as to avoid the area in which the camera points, thereby circumventing detection or the ability for the FBI and law enforcement to try to obtain an image of the subject.”

Two more pages from the overview section about the FBI’s “ongoing investigation,” also completely withheld, contain “information about a conspirator and his actions taken in preparation for the attacks. This is sensitive information, which if revealed, would put at risk the collection techniques used to obtain such information. It also reveals sensitivities that future subjects could exploit in the future while planning and performing an attack.”

‘Under the radar’

Another page the FBI wants to remain hidden “contains specific factors deemed pertinent in the analysis of the actions of the hijackers’ concerning financial transactions before September 11, 2001. Disclosure of this information would reveal what the FBI already knows about the [sic] hijacker’s financial actions and how they were able to stay ‘under the radar.’”

The FBI’s Hardy similarly advocates for secrecy regarding:

The kinds of weapons and identification the conspirators carried.
Information about the arrival of the pilots, intended pilots and conspirators in the U.S.
Information about when the conspirators moved to their respective departure cities and the timing of their plane ticket purchases.
“A timeline of telephone records and money transfers between conspirators.”
Information about “previous flights the conspirators took before the attacks to include the collection and timing and locations of flights.”
Finally, Hardy said that information about “investigative leads derived from forensic analysis” and “leads and the sources of data the FBI finds useful to or significant in its analysis” should also remain veiled.

“The places the FBI does not look for information can be just as telling as the places it does look for information,” Hardy wrote.

In responding to Hardy’s assertions in court papers filed Monday, attorneys for Florida Bulldog noted that the “referenced techniques apparently are those techniques that the 9/11 hijackers evaded on September 11, 2001. One would hope that different techniques are in place today.”

“If anything, the PowerPoint slides might reveal outdated, failed law enforcement acts or omissions,” wrote attorney Julin. “The 9/11 attacks on the United States are a consequence, at least in part, of the failure of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to detect and halt them.”

The government has until Monday, June 19 to file a reply. The judge will then decide whether the case will go to trial.

Trial looms as judge denies FBI request to keep 9/11 records secret for privacy reasons
Miami federal judge denies FBI motion to postpone trial on secret 9-11 records
U.S. judge cites ‘shameful’ FBI delays in making 9/11 records public
More secret 9/11 documents identified, but FBI has yet to turn them over to judge
Judge awaits FBI’s Sarasota Saudi documents; Justice Department wants more time

Trial looms as judge denies FBI request to keep 9/11 records secret for privacy reasons
Miami federal judge denies FBI motion to postpone trial on secret 9-11 records
U.S. judge cites ‘shameful’ FBI delays in making 9/11 records public
More secret 9/11 documents identified, but FBI has yet to turn them over to judge
Judge awaits FBI’s Sarasota Saudi documents; Justice Department wants more time

How do We Work with Power?
Posted June 1, 2017

When I was in India, this very powerful Shiva swami took me at four in the morning and lead me down the street.

He took me up to a little temple at the top of the street, and he whispered a mantra into my ear. He did puja (prayer) over me for two hours, and I went out of my consciousness, I went out somewhere, I don’t know where I went, and later they came and whispered in my ear and brought me back. I couldn’t stop doing this mantra, and I said to him, “What’s that mantra Baba-ji?” He said, “It will give you vast wealth and vast power.” So I said, “But I don’t want that wealth and vast power unless you will promise me an equal amount of love and compassion.” It’s a nice thing to have said, and he said to me… “Just do the mantra.”

So we get back to his ashram, we had been on pilgrimage, and he puts me in a special suite with special sadhus waiting on me. I’m not to meditate where anybody else meditates, so I go into the inner, special chambers of the building. I get in at 2 in the morning and it’s hot in there, so I am lying on the floor with my arms out, doing this mantra, and I get taken to an astral plane. I get taken out of my body, and I come into a room, and there is sitting this swami, and he looks directly in my eyes, and I start to fly. I start to do astral flight which is a power, and I thought “Wow, I’m flying!” and then I tilted a bit, and as I went to right myself, I thought, “Why am I lying on my back?” …Then I was back in the physical plane. I walked out of the room that morning, and the swami walks over to me, and he says, “Enjoy flying?”

About a month later I’m meditating in seclusion in a cave, where they lock you in and bring you food. And I was doing this mantra the swami had given me. I couldn’t stop and I hated it, and I’m doing it and get taken to another plane, out of my body, and I come into a room, and my guru is there. He looks at me, puts his blanket up over his face, breathes three times, expanding my body like I’m at a pump, and then I am back in my physical body. And I’ve forgotten that mantra. It’s gone. I mean, I remember it, but there’s no desire to say it. A few weeks later I go to visit him and tell him, “Swami gave me a mantra for power, should I use it?” He said, “Listen to your heart, listen to your heart.”

That’s the way in which I’m being worked with about power. This is part of power, and the interesting thing is when you don’t desire power, you just keep letting the energy go through you, you don’t collect it. You don’t keep trying to build off of it. See the tradition is that when you have a certain kind of power, you parlay it into more power. However, when you have no attachment, you just keep letting it go. You just keep dissipating, you don’t keep collecting.

To the extent that I denied my desire of power, I had to keep being confronted with this stuff. Only when finally I was willing to do the mantra, say, “Ok, I’ll get it all,” was I freed from it. As long as you deny death, you’ll keep dying. Just one moment in that realization is enough, if you only get that.

The only thing that ever dies is the model you have in your mind of who you think you are. That’s what dies ".

Harvard Professor Richard  Alpert aka Ram Dass

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“Thomas Henry Horan joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his research on the notorious “Zodiac Killer” murders. We talk about the evidence that Zodiac was a hoax perpetrated by corrupt police officials and sensationalist newspapers. Later we discuss why perhaps the serial killer meme was used to obstruct justice and cover up systemic political corruption that extends from the Napa Valley in California to the halls of imperial power in Washington DC*. Horan draws a disturbing picture that connects the events in the Bay Area in late 1960’s to the July 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich and the current Pedogate scandal”


* The Podesta Brothers get mentioned at about the 36-minute mark.


Police officer released on $100,000 bond


Jerry “Jay” Lynn Gragg Jr., 40, of rural McAlester, is charged with four felonies in connection with a January 21, 2017, traffic stop in Savanna, according to information filed at the Pittsburg County Courthouse by District 18 District Attorney Chuck Sullivan.

Jones said the woman who is the victim in this case told him and FBI Agent Rich Davis that she was stopped for a traffic violation, she thought, about 90 miles from her home in Texas. During the stop, the officer later identified as Gragg informed her she was driving with a suspended driver’s license and that she was going to jail unless she could pay the fine in full, according to allegations in the affidavit.

The woman didn’t have enough money to pay the fine in full, but offered to pay the officer what she had, the affidavit states, but the officer didn’t agree with that.

During her interaction with the officer, he began making sexual advances toward her, Jones’ affidavit alleges. The woman refused several times and was told to take off her clothes, the affidavit continues.

The two ended up in the officer’s vehicle together, according to investigators. She told investigators she was scared and thought she was going to be raped, the affidavit states. The affidavit accuses the officer of cupping the woman’s breasts and forcing her to commit sexual acts.


EXCLUSIVE: In 2016, the FBI allowed 300,000 gun sales before completing a background check
New data from the FBI reveals the problem is only getting worse.

Dylann Storm Roof was flush with cash from his 21st birthday when he walked into Shooter’s Choice, a gun store in the small town of West Columbia, South Carolina, on April 11, 2015. He was there to buy himself a handgun.
The FBI delayed the sale, saying it needed more time to complete a background check after seeing his arrest for drug possession. Roof had admitted to the charge, which should have kept him from purchasing a firearm.
But the FBI examiner doing Roof’s background check couldn’t get records on that case’s final disposition within three business days. That triggered a loophole in the Brady Bill that allows dealers to sell a firearm without a completed background check, if they choose to — a “default proceed” sale.
The agency calls these sales “default proceeds,” but many gun-safety advocates call it the “Charleston loophole.”
And so, a few days later, Roof walked out of Shooter’s Choice with a .45-caliber Glock 41 Gen4 handgun. Two months later, he used it to shoot and kill nine black churchgoers after a Bible study at a historic black church in Charleston.

FBI Octopus

Hays native graduates from FBI National Academy
Hays Daily News
MANHATTAN — The Kansas State University Police Department's Lt. Jessica Brooks is one of 228 law enforcement officers to graduate from the FBI National ...

This Morning With Ray Dunaway June 15, 2017
CBS Connecticut
8:50- Kenneth Gray, former special agent of the FBI who worked counterterrorism, is now a lecturer at the University of New Haven. Gray discusses the shooting ...


NYPD cop busted after she's accused of helping move cocaine
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 5:19 PM

An NYPD cop who also worked as a drug transporter — moving marijuana and cocaine onto the streets — faces a minimum of eight years in prison for her alleged crimes, Manhattan prosecutors said Tuesday.

Nysia Stroud, 29, who has been a cop for six years, awkwardly bent her body in half and waddled through the courtroom to hide her face from photographers.


N.J. cop who killed 2 passengers in drunken Staten Island crash sentenced to jail

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 9:15 PM


City must pay $19M to end suits by wrongly convicted pair over 1993 Brooklyn kidnapping

Tuesday, June 13, 2017, 11:32 AM

The city must pay out $19 million to end the wrongful conviction suits of two men who spent decades in prison because of police misconduct.

Everton Wagstaffe, 48, and Reginald Connor, 49, said their 1993 kidnapping convictions were the product of a shoddy corner-cutting frame-up, done to keep up the crush of cases during the early 1990s in Brooklyn.

The men sued the city after a state appeals court tossed their convictions in 2014.

Brooklyn federal court records show Wagstaffe and Connor told the court about the deal with the city last week.

Brooklyn men suing over wrongful convictions in 1992 kidnap
Wagstaffe will receive $11.4 million for his 23 years of incarceration; Connor will get $7.95 million for the 16 years he was locked up, according to the city’s Law Department.

Police found a dead, partially dressed 16-year-old girl in an industrial area of East New York early on New Year's Day in 1992. She was stabbed, strangled and beaten. Although a rape kit was destroyed within weeks, DNA analysis of hairs on the girl's body in 2009 excluded Wagstaffe and Connor.

Police arrested Wagstaffe and Connor on the word of a now-dead woman who was drunk and high when she said she saw the girl getting forced into a car.

Police never revealed the witness’s identity or that she was a regular and "often unreliable" informant, the suit said.

Men convicted in Brooklyn kidnapping see verdicts overturned
Everton WagstaffeMen convicted in Brooklyn kidnapping see verdicts overturned ()
The men were convicted of kidnapping, but the trial judge threw out the murder charge. The pair said they were innocent and kept fighting their convictions over the years.

The 2014 appeals decision said the defense didn't have any good way to take a look at key documents that could've made a difference at trial. The documents showed police were looking at the men even before they talked to the purported eyewitness - but that contradicted testimony from a detective who said the woman led them to Wagstaffe and Connor.

Prosecutors turned over the documents within a heap of other papers, while jurors were getting picked for trial, the appeals court said, noting that didn't give the men a fair chance to defend themselves.

"Based upon our evaluation of the criminal trial record and the decision by an appeals court overturning the convictions, we have determined that settlement was in the best interest of the city," a Law Department spokesman said.

Men wrongly jailed in '93 kidnapping fully exonerated
Emma Freudenberger, an attorney for Connor, declined to comment, citing her client's privacy.

State court documents showed last year that Connor settled a separate lawsuit against New York State for $3 million.

Jonathan Moore, an attorney for Wagstaffe, said there was "overwhelming evidence he was wrongly convicted" and it was clear from the case's start.

Reginald Connor will receive $7.95 million for the 16 years he was locked up.
Reginald Connor will receive $7.95 million for the 16 years he was locked up. (COURTESY REGINALD CONNOR)
Moore said Wagstaffe spent an extra seven years in prison because he refused to tell the parole board he did anything wrong.

Gala honoring ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes draws outrage
"It is testament to the man's belief system that he was unwilling to admit he did something wrong when he didn't do something wrong," Moore said.

He noted that Wagstaffe had also reached a settlement on a separate lawsuit against New York State for $3.15 million.

The settlement adds to a string of pay outs on old Brooklyn cases.

For example, three months ago, the city agreed to a $26 million settlement in another Brooklyn wrongful conviction case.



Jury re-watches 2 key videos in police shooting of black motorist

STEVE KARNOWSKI, ASSOCIATED PRESSJune 12, 2017 Updated: June 13, 2017 3:15pm


Black community wants answers on ATF’s Albuquerque sting, says it was ‘punch in the face’

June 13, 2017, 3:40 pm

Black community leaders and citizens want to know who invited out-of-town federal agents and informants into Albuquerque and how the decision was made to focus an undercover sting operation on an impoverished, largely minority section of the city, netting a highly disproportionate number of black defendants.

They plan to put those and other questions into a letter to the federal bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“We want to know exactly what happened and why,” said Patrick Barrett, a member of the two organizations drafting the letter — the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Sankofa Men’s Leadership Exchange, a grassroots organization of black men.

Barrett and others interviewed for this story were reacting to a NMID investigation of the sting published last month. NMID found 28 of the 103 people arrested — or 27 percent — were black in Albuquerque, whose black population is 3 percent. Blacks composed just 5 percent of drug and gun defendants in federal court in New Mexico from 2006 through 2015. Hispanics also were overrepresented among those arrested, while whites were heavily underrepresented compared to Albuquerque’s population.

Additionally, ATF appears to have arrested few if any of the high-level gun and drug runners the bureau says it sought, NMID found. Many swept up were homeless, living in cars and drug addicted. Many lacked the lengthy violent criminal histories agents say they used as a prerequisite for targeting.

In a follow-up story, NMID reported that ATF imported five confidential informants — three of whom were black and two Hispanic — from out of town to help agents choose targets for the operation. The informants, at least some of whom have previous criminal histories themselves, were paid $1,400 a week or more plus bonuses and expenses.

Federal officials called the operation an “unprecedented success” that took down “the worst of the worst” in the city.

But black residents interviewed by NMID called the findings “appalling” and “disturbing.” And they vowed to seek reforms, including questioning mayoral candidates about the ATF operation at a forum in advance of the October election.

“After reading your article, a lot of people are alarmed by what this looks like,” Barrett said. “I don’t think it was fair at all, and I think it was racially motivated.”

Black citizens, leaders and the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico said the operation echoed racial targeting by law enforcement stretching back to the 1960s and raised concerns about constitutional and civil rights violations. They also worried the ATF sting did little to blunt crime in Albuquerque, but instead damaged a tenuous trust in law enforcement among minority communities that had shown signs of improvement.

- See more at: http://www.sfreporter.com/santafe/article-13526-that-stings.html#sthash.W4vsSAMz.dpuf


OPINION: CNN's lawsuit could vindicate or destroy Comey


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