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Posts: 8
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Okay, been here before, under the name NoBodyUknow. Left comments. Asked questions. Guess I'm just trying to leave some kind of Screaming Message, haha. As to further findings in my home and so forth. And its really NOT funny. But if I don't laugh...I may just fall apart here.. Quick run..down ex, Gene Ehrlich works for the municipality. Knows and or went to school with majority of police force and good friends with most of sheriff office. Not to mention, his words and I quote" I told you I had a friend in the FBI" I can only assume I have been being investigated from one thing to yet another. This has gone on for so long, uninvited,unannounced entering my home. No warrants. No one will speak to me, though I've asked,begged. Take me to jail. I'll come in,answer questions,make a statement. Anything. As long as the targeting would stop. I would think after 5? 6? Hell,could be going on 7 years of this, that after all this time...They have NoThIng. And after complaints to the Kansas A.G. offering the same and then to the DOJ as well. I guess after all this time of terrorizing me and finding nothing nothing,..Now their down to FABRICATING shit on the computer in order to justify their dealings. My identity theft issues have been damning enough. God only knows what they have me doing on the net in my name. And every day that gets closer to me not emotionally being able to take any more of home intrusions, the constant, obvious following when I do leave my home. The helter skelter bullshit they do in my home! Is one day more they have to bury me. Screen shots do me no good. Sd cards have disappeared. Note books of logs,gone. I'm not a drug dealer. A manufacturer. Nor am I a computer hacker,lmao, I'm lucky to be able to set the security controls on my phone correctly Every time I have to get a new one due to the illegal shananigans of their tech crap!
I left everything and everyone I knew for the last 20÷ years to escape it. All to no avail. Its ruined a simple background report for me. They've destroyed, utterly destroyed who I was. Do you have any idea what it does to a single woman? To have her home violated repeatedly. Cops do nothing, of course. Threats. Unexplained noises have me jumping ,than walking the floors at night. Any security I had is no gone. Any faith in myself to be able to handle what ever came along, no longer exists. Strong, confident person I use to be, now stands someone I no longer know.
There isn't an attorney one willing to help. And now I'm left feeling beaten. Simply waiting for them to kick my door in and finish me off. And the worst part...No one would know.

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hay,bro ive been messed with for 3 years now but i play back the games thay play why not as long as you dont break the law or viloait any civel rights  just keep being your self  keep you head up and most of all ignore those haters[tongue][tongue][tongue][tongue][tongue]

Posts: 8
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Hey! Thanks Otter. I appreciate the boost!
Have felt pretty alone through it all. Its nice to know I'm not !
And absolutely, all you need to do is give a shout if you need a wing-man! I got your back! Again, thanks for the. EnCoUraGement!!!
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