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LIST OF RAPIST CORRECTIONS OFFICERS/ JAIL GUARDS- [pdf_button][printButton][emailButton]
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 15:02

"Sexual abuse in prison is distressingly common: the Justice Department estimated that more than 217,000 prisoners, including at least 17,000 juveniles, were raped or sexually abused in America in 2008. A total of 12% of juvenile detainees, 4.4% of prison inmates and 3.1% of jail inmates (in American terminology, prisons hold long-term convicts; jails hold people awaiting trial or serving short sentences) surveyed between 2008 and 2009 reported being forced into sex. And that is the number of people, not incidents; most victims are abused more than once. More inmates reported being abused by staff than by other inmates. Sex between guards and inmates is illegal in all 50 states."The Economist, May 5, 2011


Despite the number of inmates who are raped by their keepers, there are those who believe that this type of behavior is "rare." In 2009, a Dallas, Iowa (not Texas) County Jail Official was charged with raping a female inmate. Kevin Paul Hines was charged with felony sex abuse. Coming to his defense, Louisa County Sheriff Curt Braby, president of the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association, said such crimes are “very, very rare.” Well, if you can call 217,000 a year rapes of inmates by corrections officer, "rare," I wonder what you would call that many victims of human trafficking? I mean, the US Government reported that it had opened 2,515 suspected incidents of human trafficking between January 2008 and June 2010- two and a half years... and for this, they want to shut down adult ads on classified websites... but if there are 217,000 inmates rapes, such rapes are "rare"?


Here is a list of rapist corrections officers and other law enforcement rapists which we are attempting to verify through google searches to add the links.


If you find the original articles, please send me the links at  normaja [at] webuniverse.net


Inmate rape by male and female officers is a huge problem and one that needs to be considered by all those who demand that we continue arresting sex workers for their own good.


Links to US Government/ Academic/ News Reports on inmate rape by corrections officers and jail guards:


Juveniles: (published January 2010):

Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2008-09










Source of  information below:An End to Silence

THIS LIST COVERS 2007 to 2010


December 2007

Gibbs ordered to serve 15 more years for jail assaults
KXMB News 12
By Associated Press

December 20, 2007
Former Barnes County jail officer Moe Gibbs has been sentenced to 25 years in prison with 10 suspended for assaulting female inmates at the facility and 20 years with eight suspended for the rape of a Fargo woman.

Female Inmates Claim Sex Abuse By Prison Guards
KIRO News 7
December 19, 2007

The Washington Department of Corrections has begun an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by as many as 10 officers that have reportedly traded sex for privileges with female inmates at the Women's Correctional Center.

Former prison guard gets jail time for sex with inmate
Pocono Record
By Andrew Scott
December 18, 2007

Former Monroe County Correctional Facility officer Mark Gutshall has been sentenced to twenty three months in jail after pleading guilty to institutional sexual assault for having consensual sex with a female inmate at the facility.

Ex-officers guilty of sex count
The Republican
By Buffy Spencer
December 11, 2007

Former Hampden County Correctional Center officers Stanford Norman and Brian K. Murphy have been found guilty of having sex with female inmates while employed at the facility.

Utah jail guards disciplined for inappropriate contact
ABC News 4
By Jill Atwood
December 9, 2007

Sexual misconduct and inappropriate contact with county jail and Utah state prison inmates has led to the suspension and dismissal of several jail guards and other law enforcement officers.

7 sue firm, cite abuse by guard at TYC facility
The Dallas Morning News
By Holly Becka

December 6, 2007
Seven young men formerly in custody at the Coke County Juvenile Justice Center have filed a lawsuit against GEO Group Inc. due to alleged abuse by a registered sex offender who worked for the company as a night-shift guard.

'Feminine' inmates criticize jail's 'protective' isolation
By Michael Mayo
December 6, 2007

In a letter to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, 10 homosexual male inmates at the Broward County jail have described being isolated from the general population for their feminine characteristics as humiliating and discriminatory.

Former Athens Police officer charged with felony sexual abuse
The News Courier
By Jean Cole
December 5, 2007

Former Athens Police officer Arthur Gooch has been charged with first degree sexual abuse and released from Huntsville City jail after posting a $5,000 bond.


Ex-DPC aide admits having sex at center
The News Journal
By Lee Williams
November 28, 2007

Former Delaware Psychiatric Center attendant Woods Etherington Jr. has pled guilty to one count of having sex in a detention facility, and one count of patient abuse after being charged with raping and abusing a patient in his care.

Spokane Co. prosecutor won't charge officer accused of rape

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
By Associated Press
November 20, 2007

Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker says he has declined to file criminal charges against Detective Jason Uberuaga who has been accused of rape.

St. Lucie juvenile guard accused of sexual assault

Palm Beach Post
By Paul Quinlan
November 19, 2007

St. Lucie County's juvenile detention center private security guard Leroy Masters has been charged with sexual assault for allegedly following a female employee into a restroom and forcing himself on her. For more information on this article click here.

Corrections officer accused of inmate sex

Appeal Democrat
By Rob Young
November 17, 2007

Leo Chesney Community Correctional Facility for women officer Mark Steven Susoeff has been accused of having sex with a inmate on two occasions.

Jail Guards Arrested for Sexual Assault
WHSV News 3
By Meg Gatto
November 16, 2007

Former Middle River Regional Jail officers James Pysell and Tracy Smith have been charged with having inappropriate sexual relations with inmates at the facility.

Priest Pleads Guilty To Sex With Inmates
WTAE News 4
By Associated Press
November 15, 2007

Former Fort Worth women's federal prison chaplain Vincent Inametti has pled guilty to two counts of sexual abuse of a ward for having sex with two inmates at the facility.

Former officer sentenced to one year in jail for sex with inmate

By Associated Press
November 15, 2007

Former Franklin police officer Matthew Bower has been sentenced to one year in jail after pleading no contest to one count of second degree sexual abuse of an inmate and one count of official misconduct for sexually abusing a female inmate at the Franklin County Jail.

Corrections officer indicted for alleged tryst with inmate

Today's Sunbeam
By Randall Clark
November 15, 2007

Salem County Correctional Facility officer Kimberly Miller has been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly engaging in a six month sexual relationship earlier this year with an inmate under her supervision.

Corrections Officer And Inmate Plan To Wed

KIRO News 7
November 13, 2007

Former Pierce County jail officer Sara Camarillo is attempting to arrange a marriage between her and inmate Jimi James Hamilton.

Ex-guard Simpson pleads no contest in prison sex scandal

Pocono Record
November 8, 2007

Former Monroe County correctional officer Dana Simpson has pled no contest to a charge of having sexual contact with inmates.

County Jail officer convicted of engaging in sexual activity with inmate

San Luis Obispo
By Leslie Parrilla
November 1, 2007

Former San Luis Obispo County Jail officer Steven Edward Irysh has pled no contest to engaging in sexual activity with a female inmate while employed at the facility.


Ex-guard pleads guilty to bribery, sex
Richmond Times-Dispatch
By Tom Campbell
October 31, 2007

Former Petersburg Federal Correctional Center officer Alfreda Best has pled guilty to bribery and having sex with an inmate for repeatedly engaging in oral sex with inmate Rodney Simmons and being paid by an inmate to supply contraband.

Correctional officer pleads guilty to bribery, carnal knowledge

WDBJ News 7
By Associated Press
October 30, 2007

Former Petersburg federal prison correctional officer Alfreda Best has pled guilty to accepting bribes from inmates and engaging in oral sex with an inmate at the facility.

Guards Punished After Lesbian Inmate Wedding
The Ledger
October 25, 2007

The Florida Department of Corrections has disciplined eight correctional officers for their part in a what was described as a lesbian inmate wedding ceremony at Lowell Correctional Institution.

Three ex-guards cop pleas in jail scandal
Pocono Record
By Andrew Scott
October 24, 2007

Three former Monroe County jail officers charged with their involvement in providing contraband to and having sexual contact with inmates at the facility have accepted plea agreements in return for testifying against four other officers.

Eight no longer work at prison following accusations of abuse

The Examiner
By Bill Myers & Scott McCabe
October 23, 2007

Four Washington D.C. Jail officers have resigned and four others have been suspended after being accused of improperly strip searching an inmate.

Jail officer allegedly flashed inmate
San Luis Obispo
By Leslie Parrilla
October 21, 2007

Former San Luis Obispo County Jail officer Steven Edward Irysh has been charged with indecent exposure and engaging in sexual activity with a confined person for allegedly exposing himself to a female inmate and having her expose herself in exchange for candy bars and other favors.

Worker charged with sex abuse of female prisoners

Arizona Daily Star
By Dale Quinn
October 16, 2007

Pima County jail health care employee Christopher Erin Johnston has been charged with five counts of sexual abuse and five counts of unlawful sexual conduct for allegedly sexually abusing female i nmates at the facility.

Barren County Deputy Jailer Arrested on Sexual Abuse Charges
October 15, 2007

Barren County deputy jailer Ricardo "Ricky" Huffman has been charged with tampering with physical evidence, sexual abuse second-degree and official misconduct for allegedly having sex with an inmate at the facility.

Corrections Officer Facing Sexual Abuse Charges
WKYT News 57
By Angela Sparkman
October 15, 2007

Otter Creek Correctional Facility officer George Hale has been charged with second degree sexual abuse and promoting contraband for allegedly having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female inmate.

Girl alleges sex abuse in Texas prison
Chicago Tribune
By Howard Witt
October 9, 2007

A female juvenile in custody at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex has accused male officer Jaime Segura of watching her shower and touching her inappropriately.

Prison nurse fired

The Times-Tribune
By Borys Krawczeniuk
October 2, 2007

A Lackawanna County Prison nurse has been recently fired for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an inmate at the facility.

Former correctional officer charged with sexual assault

WEAN News 8
October 1, 2007

Former Burnet County Jail officer Thomas Joe Pheifer has been charged with sexual assault for the alleged abuse of an inmate at the facility.


Female prison guard from Kingston resigns after rape arrest
Daily Freeman
By Hank Gross
September 28, 2007

Former Downstate Correctional Facility officer Marcy Brodhead has been charged with rape, committing a criminal sexual act, official misconduct and promoting prison contraband for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a male inmate at the facility and providing him with marijuana.

FCI guard sentenced for sex with inmate

September 28, 2007

Former Danbury Federal Correctional Institution officer Scott Frank has been sentenced to one month in prison for having a sexual relationship with an inmate at the women's facility. Upon completion of his sentence, he will be placed on five years of supervised release, the first five months of which he must spend at home being electronically monitored. The sentence also includes 200 hours of community service and he will be required to register as a sex offender.

Guard convicted of sexual contact with inmate is off probation

The Star-Ledger
By Judith Lucas
September 27, 2007

Former Union County correctional officer Sean Higgins has been released from a two year probation sentence for pleading guilty to having sexual contact with an inmate after only two months.

County jails in Maine, NH ignore federal anti-rape law

By Robert M. Cook
September 24, 2007

Officials from several New Hampshire and Maine county jails have stated that they currently have no plans to implement Prison Rape Elimination Act standards by the federal compliance deadline due to reasons ranging from a lack of funding to claims that they already have sufficient policies in place.

Pierce County Jail Officer Accused Of Sex With Inmate

KIRO News 7
September 21, 2007

A female Pierce County Jail correctional officer has been charged with custodial sexual misconduct for allegedly having sexual contact with a male inmate.

Former guard charged with sex assault
Concord Monitor
By Annmarie Timmons
September 21, 2007

Former New Hampshire Department of Corrections employee Darrell Brinkley has been indicted on five counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault, two counts of felonious sexual assault, one count of simple assault, one misdemeanor count of sexual assault and two counts of indecent exposure after being accused of sexual assault by female inmates.

Pierce County Jail Officer Accused Of Sex With Inmate
KIRO News 7
September 21, 2007

A female Pierce County Jail correctional officer has been charged with custodial sexual misconduct for allegedly having sexual contact with a male inmate.

Veteran officer accused of fondling jail inmate
Herald News
By Ed Beeson
September 19, 2007

The Paterson Police Department's Internal Affairs unit is investigating an allegation that municipal jail officer Randy Billie inappropriately touched a female inmate.

Franklin police officer pleads guilty to sex abuse of inmate
Action 3 News
By Associated Press
September 19, 2007

Franklin County police officer Matthew Bower has pled no contest to one count of second degree sexual abuse of an inmate and one count of official misconduct for sexually abusing a female inmate at the county jail.

Guard sues after alleged abuse at jail
Nashua Telegraph
By Andrew Wolfe
September 17, 2007

Hillsborough County jail correctional officer Doris Sanabria has filed a lawsuit against the facility after allegedly witnessing other officers assault a female inmate. She claims she suffered retaliation after attempting to report the incident to her supervisors.

Rape prevention a tough issue for corrections officials

By Associated Press
September 16, 2007

State Department of Corrections Prison Rape Elimination Act program manager Ken Van Meveren discusses issues of setting standards on addressing sexual assault in prisons and jails after attending a recent South Dakota Corrections Association and Family Court Judges conference.

Employers hesitant to release applicants' background information

The Dallas Morning News
By Diane Jennings
September 16, 2007

Employment experts claim that individuals with criminal backgrounds could still be hired within the Texas Youth Commission due to standard business practices that employers believe prevent them from releasing certain information.

Counselor accused of abusing teenager

The Seattle Times
By Christine Clarridge
September 13, 2007

A female King County Juvenile Detention Center mental health counselor is under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct with a 17-year old boy at the facility.

State settles suit with inmate who alleged rape by prison staff

Times Leader
By Associated Press
September 4, 2007

The state of Pennsylvania has agreed to pay $35,000 to settle a lawsuit by a convicted murderer who alleged that she was raped and assaulted by staff at the State Correctional Institution at Cambridge Springs.

Rape Investigation at Tennessee Youth Center
ABC News 24
September 2, 2007

A 13-year old boy at the Chad Youth Enhancement Center has been charged with the alleged rape of another boy at the center.


Former juvenile center leader acquitted
The Indianapolis Star
By Jon Murray
August 31, 2007

Marion Superior Court Judge Sheila A. Carlisle has acquitted former superintendent of the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center Damon Ellison of charges he mishandled a sexual abuse report.

Juvenile detention center responsible for sex abuse there
By Associated Press
August 29, 2007

A New Jersey state appeals court has released an opinion stating that a juvenile detention center can be held responsible if an employee has a sexual relationship with a resident.

Clackamas deputies arrested in separate cases
The Oregonian
August 16, 2007

Two Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies have been arrested. The first deputy was charged with official misconduct, sex abuse and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The second, was charged with assault and official misconduct stemming from his actions during the arrest of a criminal suspect.

Salem County corrections officer arrested
Bridgeton News
By Robert Linnehan
August 16, 2007

Salem County Correctional Facility officer Kimberly Miller has been charged with official misconduct, pattern of official misconduct and providing contraband to an inmate for allegedly having a sexual relationship with an inmate at the facility.

Officer Charged With Sexual Misconduct
Washington Post
By Theresa Vargas
August 15, 2007

Prince William County correctional officer Maria C. Torres-Corbin has been charged with carnal knowledge of an inmate for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a male inmate on house arrest.

Fired sheriff's officers won't be prosecuted
The Murfreesboro Post
August 14, 2007

Five former Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office detention center employees who were fired for sexual misconduct with female inmates and violating conduct policies will not be prosecuted according to a decision by the district attorney’s office.

Inmates sue guard, allege sex assault
Concord Monitor
By Annmarie Timmins
August 11, 2007

Two women have filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Department of Corrections and former correctional officer Darrell Brinkley alleging that they were sexually assaulted at the state prison's secure psychiatric unit.

Two teen inmates face sex charges
Richmond Times-Dispatch
By Frank Green
August 8, 2007

Two 17-year old youth offenders the Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center have been charged with aggravated sexual battery, malicious wounding, abduction, conspiracy to commit a felony and a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure for allegedly sexually assaulting a cellmate.

Former youth prison guard accused of sex with teen inmate
The Houston Chronicle
By Associated Press
August 7, 2007

Former Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex correctional officer Jaime Segura has been indicted for allegedly having sex with a female offender under 17.

Ex-prison officers charged with misconduct
The State
August 6, 2007

Former Department of Juvenile Justice correctional officer Karmen Nicole Chavis has been charged with second-degree sexual misconduct with a youth for alleged kissing and inappropriate touching at the Department of Juvenile Justice. Former correctional officer Jessica Nicole James has been charged with first-degree sexual misconduct with a male inmate at Broad River Correctional Institution.

Female inmates allege assault
The Seattle Times
By Jonathan Martin & Jennifer Sullivan
August 4, 2007

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of two unnamed inmates at the Washington Corrections Center for Women against the Washington Department of Corrections alleging that incomplete investigations into inmates' complaints have resulted in repeated assaults against inmates.

Transgender inmate alleging rape loses lawsuit
KESQ News 3
By Associated Press
August 3, 2007

A San Francisco Superior Court jury has ruled in favor of six Folsom State Prison employees in a lawsuit filed by inmate Alexis Giraldo. The suit alleged that the employees failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted at the facility.

Corrections Officer Gets Max For Inmate Sex
North Country Gazette
August 2, 2007

Former Metropolitan Correctional Center corrections officer J.C. Green has been sentenced to twelve months in prison for engaging in a sexual act with a federal inmate.


Prisoner convicted of doing indecent act in Broward jail cell
By Tonya Alanez
July 25, 2007

Broward County jail inmate Terry Lee Alexander has been convicted of indecent exposure for masturbating in his cell while a female deputy witnessed from another room.

Raped, beaten, transgender inmate sues Calif. prison system

Chicago Sun-Times
By Lisa Leff
July 22, 2007

Folsom State Prison inmate Alexis Giraldo has filed a lawsuit against the Illinois Department of Corrections over a policy of assigning transgender inmates to facilities based on whether or not they have undergone sex reassignment surgery.

Oregon Sheriff Found Guilty on 11 Counts of Sexual Abuse
July 20, 2007

Former Curry County sheriff Mark Metcalf has been convicted on 11 counts of sexual abuse, harassment and official misconduct for sexually abusing three county workers.

Santa Clara County jailer accused of groping inmate's breast
The Mercury News
By Leslie Griffy
July 20, 2007

Santa Clara County Jail correctional officer Jose Perez has been arrested on suspicion of engaging in consensual sexual activity with an inmate for allegedly groping a transgender inmate's breast over the shirt at the facility.

Worker Accused Of Having Sex With Inmate At Will Jail
WBBM 780
July 8, 2007

Medical contractor Pablo Leon has been charged with custodial sexual misconduct for allegedly having consensual sex with a female inmate at the Will County Jail.

Inmate alleges affair with officer
The Daily Herald
By Scott North
July 6, 2007

Florena Aurelia Romero, who was allegedly raped in the Snohomish County Jail by a correctional officer has revealed to police that she had an affair with the man prior to her incarceration. The unnamed officer is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

Inmate's rape case to proceed to jury
The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Joe Mandak
July 6, 2007

A Lancaster County judge has determined that a civil lawsuit filed by State Correctional Institution-Cambridge Springs inmate Lisa Michelle Lambert against administrators at the facility for allegedly failing to prevent her from being sexually abused by employees will be heard by a jury.

Ex-corrections officer gets probation
The Star-Ledger
By Judy Lucas
July 6, 2007

Union County correctional officer Sean Higgins has been sentenced to two years of probation and 30 hours of community service for having sexual contact with a female inmate at the Union County Jail.

Westmoreland prison fires guard accused of abuse

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
By Richard Gazarik
July 3, 2007

Westmoreland County Prison correctional officer Scott Rogers has been fired after two coworkers reported that Rogers allegedly abused inmates by making them walk and bark like dogs, sing songs and kneel in uncomfortable positions with their foreheads pressed against the wall and their hands behind their heads.


Deputies jailed, fired in sex cases
Middletown Journal
By Lawrence Budd
June 11, 2007

Three county correctional employees have been jailed, fined or fired in Ohio within the past two months due to sexual misconduct.

Ex-officer admits she had sex with teens at detention hall
The Seattle Times
By Christine Clarridge
June 7, 2007

Former King County juvenile correctional officer Lydia Korolak has pled guilty to two counts of custodial sexual misconduct for having sex with two teenage boys at the facility.

Lawsuit against prison settled
The Patriot-News
By Garry Lenton
June 7, 2007

Former Dauphin County prison official Constance Bowers has received $30,000 for accrued leave and pension benefits in a settlement after being fired for refusing to drop an investigation into allegations of the beating of a female inmate by a correctional officer.

Pa. Inmates Allege Abuse From Prison Guards
WCAU News 10
By Associated Press
June 3, 2007

Pennsylvania’s Dauphin County Prison has seen an increase in the number of inmates claiming to have been abused by correctional officers at the facility through excessive force over the past year.


Former inmates allege abuse in Gem County jail
KTVB News 7
By Associated Press
May 30, 2007

Former Gem County jail inmates Janet Cain and Erica Contreras have filed claims against the county totaling $1 million, claiming that they were sexually abused while at the facility.

Former inmate files suit against Schuylkill Co. prison
The Morning Call
By Elizabeth Bartolai
May 29, 2007

Disabled former Schuylkill County inmate Thomas Zimmerman has filed a federal lawsuit against officials at the facility claiming they took his prosthetic leg from him and broke it resulting in falls and a fracture.

Juvenile Corrections Supervisor Faces Abuse Charges
KLAS News 8
By Colleen McCarty
May 29, 2007

Juvenile detention supervisor Thomas Gallia is on administrative leave with pay after being charged with felony child abuse with substantial bodily harm for allegedly pushing a youth in custody to the ground, breaking his wrist.

Sex scandal in jailhouse is uneasy topic for discussion
Winston-Salem Journal
By Scott Sexton
May 24, 2007

Agents with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations have charged Forsyth County correctional officers Santino Cubanito and Troy Mustafa Gray with sexual activity by a custodian for having sex with inmates.

DJJ officer accused of misconduct, assault
WIS News 10
By Chantelle Janelle
May 23, 2007

Department of Juvenile Justice officer William Jerome Powe has been accused of misconduct in office and assault for allegedly inappropriately touching a woman without her consent and making comments of an inappropriate nature.

Corrections officer admits a sexual offense
Star Tribune
By Paul Gustafson
May 22, 2007

A Former Ramsey County community corrections officer has plead guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge. The officer pled guilty to misconduct of a public officer for having sex with a woman he was supervising.

Prison Worker Accused of Misconduct
Indianapolis Star
The Associated Press
May 17, 2007
A maintenance worker at the state women’s prison in Indiana was suspended after being accused of sexual misconduct with an inmate. While no criminal charges have been filed, the suspension came after an internal investigation gave the DOC justification for immediate suspension. The misconduct was reported by another inmate and the victim was transferred out of the facility.

TYC suspends official in rape case
The Houston Chronicle
May 14, 2007

Evins Regional Juvenile Center Superintendent Eduardo Martinez has been suspended after a Houston couple complained that he did not report the rape of their son to them or police.

Ex-TYC guard charged with sexual assault of S.A. girl
San Antonio Express-News
By Lisa Sandberg
May 10, 2007

Former Ron Jackson Juvenile Correctional Center correctional officer James Allen Sullivan has been indicted on 15 counts of sexual assault in connection with the alleged abuse of a 16-year old girl at the facility.

Jail deputy sentenced in sex abuse case

The Post-Standard
By Pedro Ramirez III
May 3, 2007

A former employee of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office John D. Geruso has been sentenced to 6 years probation and 45 days in jail for sexually abusing a female inmate. Geruso will also be required to register as a sex offender as a result of the conviction.

Longtime prison chaplain target of Oregon sex abuse lawsuit
The Oregonian
By Associated Press
May 3, 2007

15 men have filed a lawsuit against Reverend Michael Sprauer for allegedly sexually abusing them while in custody during the 1970’s at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Oregon.

Corrections Officer Charged With Rape
WLKY News 32
May 2, 2007

Louisville Metro Correctional officer Richard Johnson has been with one count of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sodomy. Johnson is currently being held in lieu of a $25,000 bond.

Quote 0 0
see link for full story


Miami-Dade police officer convicted in lewdness case


A seven-year Miami-Dade police veteran was found guilty on six of seven counts of depriving people of their civil rights.


A Miami-Dade police officer, who routinely stopped women drivers without cause and engaged in lewd conversations, was convicted in federal court Friday.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/08/3224748/miami-dade-police-officer-convicted.html#storylink=cpy
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see link for full story

cop on trial for allegedly raping a 14-year-old runaway he found New Year's Day 2011

Darrin Nemelc, who quit NYPD in 1999 to become a transit worker, claims he simply took the girl to his apartment to use the bathroom. His trial has begun in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 11:09 PM

Former NYPD officer Darrin Nemelc exits courtroom of Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday after first day of trial where he is accused of raping a 14-year-old runaway.

Prosecutors say an ex-NYPD officer is an opportunistic sicko who preyed on a “highly vulnerable” 14-year-old runaway he lured to his apartment by pretending to care.

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see link for full story

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Disturbing Sex Complaint Against W. Va. Sheriff
 A West Virginia sheriff raped a teenager and sodomized her with a cucumber, threatened to kill her if she told, and subjected at least five other women to forced sex, at least once in a courthouse, a woman claims in Federal Court.
     Brittany Mae Keene sued Barbour County Sheriff John Wesley Hawkins and the Barbour County Commission.
     She claims the county essentially let Hawkins conduct a reign of sexual terror against women in his custody.
     The lurid, 17-page complaint states: "The County Defendant had both actual and constructive notice of Hawkins' individual tendencies toward the use of excessive force and violence including prior occasions, to-wit:
     "Female #1: Defendant Hawkins threatened to institute criminal charges against a female, approximately 18 years old, unless she performed oral sex on him, and the female unwillingly complied by performing oral sex on Defendant Hawkins in a bathroom located in the Barbour County Courthouse;
     "Female #2: Defendant Hawkins arrested female #2, approximately 16 years of age, and threatened to proceed forward with the prosecution unless the female performed oral sex on him and the female unwillingly performed oral sex on Defendant Hawkins in his police cruiser; Defendant Hawkins warned her to say nothing or he would hurt her;
     "Female #3: Defendant Hawkins forced female #3 to perform oral sex on him in exchange for drugs he obtained from the police evidence room;
     "Female #4: Defendant Hawkins, while in uniform, handcuffed a 19-year-old female in the barn at the Barbour County Fairgrounds, performed various sex acts on her against her will, and in addition, forced her to have sex with him in a closet at his office at the Barbour County Courthouse;
     "Female #5: Defendant Hawkins handcuffed female #5 at the Barbour County shooting range and performed various sex acts on her against her will; Defendant Hawkins told her to keep her mouth shut or he would kill her; thereby unnecessarily, wantonly, and deliberately exerting excessive force on the person of helpless detainees, which conduct was subsequently ratified and approved by the County Defendant."
     In a footnote, omitted from the quotation above, the plaintiff says she will identify the five women if they agree to be identified.
     Then Keene describes what she says Hawkins did to her:
     "During late July or early August of 2011, Defendant Hawkins began communicating with plaintiff, who was under the age of 18, on the social media site Facebook.
     "Plaintiff sought employment at the 911 communications center and Defendant Hawkins was provided with a copy of plaintiff's resume, which included plaintiff's date of birth and cell phone number.
     "During late July/early August of 2011, Defendant Hawkins began texting plaintiff and made arrangements to meet her during the late evening hours, after plaintiff finished working at the Shop & Save in Barbour County, WV, under the pretext of interviewing plaintiff for the 911 job. Defendant Hawkins met with plaintiff at the Haven of Hope Church parking lot and instructed plaintiff to enter his county-owned vehicle. Defendant Hawkins was wearing his uniform, as well as his county-issued firearm.
     "Defendant Hawkins proceeded to drive with plaintiff to a camper owned by the County Defendant and located at the Barbour County Fairgrounds in Barbour County, WV. He explained to plaintiff that he needed to interview plaintiff at a private location where they would not be seen so that people would not get the wrong idea.
     "After entering the camper, Defendant Hawkins proceeded to provide plaintiff with an alcoholic beverage and instructed her to drink it. Defendant Hawkins knew that plaintiff was only 17 years of age at the time.
     "Defendant Hawkins proceeded to 'interview' plaintiff and then abruptly declared that if she wanted the job, she would have to sleep with him.
     "Plaintiff refused and attempted to exit the camper. Defendant Hawkins then slammed plaintiff face-forward against the wall and handcuffed her hands behind her back.
     "Defendant Hawkins then proceeded to force plaintiff onto the bed located inside the camper.
     "Plaintiff had begun to scream for help and Defendant Hawkins stuffed a bandana or handkerchief in her mouth to silence her.
     "Defendant Hawkins thereafter engaged in unwanted sexual intercourse with plaintiff and sexually deviant behavior, including inserting a cucumber in the rectum of the plaintiff, during which plaintiff sobbed and cried.
     "After finishing with plaintiff, Defendant Hawkins threatened her that if she said anything to anyone, he would kill her. To further humiliate plaintiff, Defendant Hawkins sent plaintiff a text message referencing the cucumber and Defendant also sent plaintiff a photo he took of plaintiff's naked body, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2252.
     "Thereafter, Defendant Hawkins repeatedly made threats to plaintiff that he would kill her, some threats being overheard by third persons.
     "On or about May 7, 2012, Defendant sent plaintiff a text message, making a veiled threat to have plaintiff indicted, to wit: 'And you still want me to try and keep you from getting indicted ...'
     "On May 11, 2012, after Defendant Hawkins once again threatened to kill plaintiff and hide her body so no one could find her, plaintiff filed a domestic violence petition with the State Court. A domestic violence protective order was issued and a hearing was scheduled to take place on June 5, 2012 at 2:30 pm.
     "In an effort to prevent plaintiff from moving forward with the domestic violence proceeding, Defendant Hawkins, along with others, arranged for plaintiff to be indicted, and on May 29, 2012, plaintiff was indicted in State Court.
     "Defendant Hawkins was in charge of the investigation of the alleged criminal acts set forth in the indictment.
     "The indictment was subsequently dismissed."
     Keene seeks exemplary damages on 15 counts: unlawful arrest, excessive force, conspiracy, the tort of outrage/intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, two counts of negligence, false imprisonment, assault, deliberate indifference, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, sexual assault, providing alcohol to a minor, and dissemination of a nude photo of a minor.
     She is represented by Paul Harris and Shawn Fluharty, of Wheeling.
     Hawkins was elected in May to his second term as sheriff.
     Despite his holding that office, The Charleston Gazette reported on its website today that "a working number for Hawkins could not be found Monday night."
     The Gazette reported that Hawkins responded to the lawsuit by posting this message on his Facebook profile Monday night:
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see link for full story

Former State Prison Guard to Serve 43 Years in Prison for Child Exploitation, Child Pornography Crimes

  • 29 Aug 2013 01:10

U.S. District Judge Richard Mills this afternoon sentenced former Illinois correctional officer Steven L. Carson, of Hillsboro, Illinois, to serve 520 months (43 years, four months) in federal prison, to be followed by a lifetime term of supervised release. Carson pleaded guilty in February 2013 to charges that he sexually exploited a minor and that he distributed and possessed images of child pornography.

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FBI investigating alleged child sex abuse at Fort Meade youth center

Employee left Meade in 2012; Army secretary orders review of all youth programs

The FBI is investigating allegations of child sexual abuse by a former employee of the Fort Meade Youth Center, a spokeswoman for the Army base said Friday.

Authorities did not identify the man.

see link for full story


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McHenry County  Deputy Pleads Guilty in Federal Child Sex Case

 A northern Illinois sheriff's deputy who investigated child pornography has pleaded guilty to federal charges involving sex with a minor.


Pyle is a former McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy who prosecutors say once led that department's child pornography investigations.

He admitted in court documents that he took a 9-year-old boy from suburban Chicago to Milwaukee in 2008, sexually abused him and posted the photos online.

He'd been with the sheriff's department for 10 years when he was charged in 2012.

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Defendant Hawkins arrested female approximately 16 years of age, and threatened to proceed forward with the prosecution unless the female performed on him and the female unwillingly performed oral sex on Defendant Hawkins in his police cruiser; Defendant Hawkins warned her to say nothing or he would hurt....
Smile PleazZZZzzzZZZzzzz
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Courthouse News Service
Tuesday, September 16, 2014Last Update: 7:21 AM PT
Prison Rape

HELENA, Mont. - A guard at the Jefferson County (Mont.) Detention Center raped an inmate, and at least two other women claim they were raped by staff members there, a woman claims in Federal Court.
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Female Inmate Found Dead Following Guard’s Threats
Latandra Ellington's is just one of 200 deaths the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating


10/09/14 07:42 EST

On Sept. 21, 36-year-old Latandra Ellington, who was incarcerated in Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution, wrote her aunt a letter explaining how she feared for her life after a guard allegedly began threatening her.

“He was gone [sic] beat me to death and mess me like a dog,” she wrote. “He was all in my face Sqt. Q then he grab his radio and said he was gone bust me in my head with it.”

Ten days later she was found dead in her cell. The Miami Herald reports that an autopsy—which was paid for by the family after they hired an attorney to help them find out how the mother of four had died—revealed “blunt-force trauma to her abdomen consistent with being punched and kicked in the stomach.”
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Communities need to control their criminal justice system by setting and enforcing standards for the police, courts and prisons.

The voter and taxpayer is the primary consumer of the CJ System.
It is also the owner.

2 stories


Chicago Cops Accused Of Raping Man With A Gun
Angel Perez is suing the police department, claiming he was subjected to severe abuse to make him a drug informant.

December 31, 2014

Angel Perez, 32, is suing the Chicago Police Department for the sort of abuse, as journalist Rhania Khalek noted in Vice, that “sounds like a horror story from the days when crooked cop Jon Burge tortured the city’s citizens with impunity.”
Perez accuses Chicago cops of beating him and sodomizing him with a gun to force him to cooperate as drug informant in late 2012.
Perez spoke t


Morris police departments ask for community support
January 9 2015


The Guido family of Roxbury displays a blue light in front of their home in support of law enforcement.
Local police departments are asking their residents to show their support Friday during National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.
“In light of the recent negativity directed toward law enforcement nationally,” said Mount Olive Police spokesperson Officer Michael Russell, “There is a need to show law enforcement officers that our citizens recognize the difficult and sometimes impossible career they have chosen in public service to us all.”
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FBI agents are unable to arrest police officers who abused this child.


Sex trafficking survivor says police were among hundreds of abusers
Former victim wants to help other exploited kids

Feb 19, 2015

DENVER - She survived years of abuse and exploitation at the hands of sex traffickers and now she’s telling her story.

Jessa Dillow-Crisp told an audience at the Colorado State Capitol, during Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy Day, that her victimization began when she was a child.

"I was a little girl and was sexually abused by family members," she said. "I had to pose for pornographers and was sold to countless men on a daily basis."

The young woman said she was trafficked domestically in Canada, where she grew up, and in the United States.

She couldn't go to police because they were some of her abusers.

"There was gang raping," she said. "The police officer who handcuffed me and raped me, told me I would be put in jail if I opened my voice."

Dillow-Crisp said it got worse.

"I had somebody very close to me tortured and she eventually died in front of my eyes," she said with emotions rising. "This stuff happens and I'm here to tell you the reality of its existence."

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman told the audience that most people think human trafficking happens on the other side of the world, not here in Colorado.

“We know differently,” Coffman said.

The AG said Colorado has seen an increase in trafficking numbers and that geography plays a role.

The Special Agent in Charge of the FBI office in Colorado, Thomas Ravenelle, said they’ve been working with other agencies and local law enforcement groups for eight years to arrest people involved in human trafficking.

“The Innocence Lost Task Force recovered 18 children in a one week period, who were being exploited through prostitution,” he said. “In the hands of their abusers, they’re subjected to numerous assaults, illicit drugs and continued abuse, including sex trafficking.”

Ravenelle added, “It’s not an issue we can arrest and prosecute our way out of. It’s only through a multi-disciplined approach involving investigations, prosecution, victim advocacy, treatment and professional care, parents and communities as a whole where we can make a difference.”

El Paso County District Attorney David Thompson said, “Human Trafficking has been called modern day slavery. Unfortunately for its horrified victims that shocking term and the historical image it refers to is not an exaggeration.”

Dillow-Crisp remembers escaping that life the first time.

“I took a plane ride to Colorado and experienced freedom for the first time,” Dillow-Crisp said. “I remember seeing the tumble weeds on the ground and experiencing the sun touching my arms. But it didn’t last.”

She said her visa was only for six months and then she had to go back to Canada.

“I met a woman who claimed she wanted to help,” she said. “It was at church, at a pancake breakfast, she said, ‘Jessa, I see sexual abuse in your eyes.’ I thought I had found a friend.”

Dillow-Crisp said that ‘friend’ forced her back into prostitution.

“During the 2010 Winter Olympics, it was not fun and games for me,” she said. “I ended up being exploited. I ended up being sold to hundreds of people.”

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May 18, 1990

EDWARD RODGERS, the ex-FBI agent who lost a $2.3 million judgment in Denver district court this week, must have been astonished when two of his grown-up daughters sued him for molesting them as children.
But as an expert on such crimes, he could a damaging claim coming -- not that an abusive father is thinking clearly. The victims of domestic violence, both children and spouses, have increasingly been turning the tables in this way-- and for good reason. A lawsuit not only can force the perpetrator to pay for the emotional and physical harm he has wrought, but can serve to enhance the victim’s recovery as well.

A civil court verdict against the parent - even if many years have passed since the injuries were actually inflicted -- reinforces the idea that the child was not at fault and helps bring the traumatic emotions to closure. Or as one of the now middle-aged plaintiffs in the Rodgers case put it, "The shame isn’t mine. The horror happened to me."

Going public with charges of sexual abuse also can underscore the fact that incest is not confined to the outcasts of society. The testimony against Rodgers, who is now 72 and appears to have fled the country rather than face his comeuppance, showed that this outrageous crime can take place for years -- decades, even -- in what may appear to be a nice, middle-class, law-abiding family.

Former FBI agent arrested in Mobile on Harris County, Texas ...
Apr 20, 2009 - Mobile police arrested a former FBI agent Monday morning on a charge ... Officers apprehended Mobile lawyer Phillip Kent Baxley on a fugitive ...
Former FBI agent arrested in Mobile on Harris County ... - AL.com
Apr 20, 2009 - Officers apprehended Mobile lawyer Phillip Kent Baxley on a fugitive felony warrant out of Harris County, Texas. Baxley was arrested at his ...
Attorney arrested for indecency with child - Montgomery Advertiser
Apr 21, 2009 - MOBILE -- Mobile attorney and former FBI agent Phillip Kent Baxley has been arrested on a fugitive warrant from Harris County, Texas,

FormerLocalFBIAgentArrestedLocal attorney arrested
On child indecency accusations

Updated: Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009, 1:33 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 20 Apr 2009,
MOBILE, Ala. - Mobile Police arrested 52-year-old Phillip Kent Baxley on child indecency charges. Baxley is a local attorney in Mobile, but he's also a former coach and acting president for the Mobile Soccer Club.

"I'm surprised to hear it," said Mobile Soccer Club Director, Mohammed Elzare. "He's a former FBI agent and attorney. So we're definitely saddened to hear this."

Baxley was arrested at his Dauphin Street office on a fugitive felony warrant out of Harris County, Texas.

Texas police officers say Baxley was involved in an incident with a nine-year-old girl in 2004.
Investigators say it happened at a family member's house in a Houston suburb, but the girl waited some time before saying anything.

"When the victim, the nine-year-old made the outcry she was interviewed in another county and all of the information was forwarded to us and the investigation went from there," said Lt. Wade Conner with the Deer Park, Texas Police Department.

Mobile Soccer Club Board Members say they were blind-sided by the news on Monday. For now, the board likely plans to distance itself from Baxley.

"Stopping ties until this situation is resolved and hopefully it comes out to a good outcome," said Elzare.

But Texas investigators are confident the charges will stick, despite Baxley's background. "If they're a pedophile then we deal with them all the same," said Wade. "It doesn't matter what they do for a living."

Baxley is locked up in the Mobile County Jail. That's where he'll stay until he's extradited to Texas.

FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

Tuesday February 17, 2004 11:46 PM


Associated Press Writer
https://antipolygraph.org/cgi-bin/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1077052156WASHINGTON (AP) - The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, Texas, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

Monday August 8, 2005 Longtime FBI agent sentenced to prison on child porn count

also see http://www.policeone.com/news/113935-Longtime-Idaho-FBI-Agent-Sentenced-for-Possessing-Child-Porn/BOISE, Idaho- A longtime FBI agent who helped arrest infamous outlaw Claude Dallas has been sentenced to a year in prison for possessing child pornography.

William Buie, 64, was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty in March. Buie told authorities that he learned to access child pornography Web sites while attending a seminar on preventing child exploitation in 2000 or 2001.

February 22, 2007
http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2007/022007/02232007/262383Ex-FBI man gets 7 years for child sex
Former FBI analyst sentenced in child sex case

A 17-year veteran of the FBI will serve seven years in prison for having sexual relations with a young girl in Spotsylvania County, a judge ruled yesterday.

Anthony John Lesko, 44, entered an Alford plea yesterday in Spotsylvania Circuit Court to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child.

Lesko, who later moved to Jacksonville, Fla., worked as an intelligence analyst at the FBI for 17 years, according to his attorney, James A. Carter II. He is a major in the U.S. Army Reserves and has received numerous military awards.

An Alford plea means Lesko doesn't admit guilt but believes there is enough evidence for a conviction. Under the terms of the plea, he was sentenced to seven years in prison with another 15 years suspended.

Lesko engaged in a sex act with a girl, 9 and 10 at the time, at least nine times in ...

The girl told a member of the Spotsylvania Department of Social Services about the activity in February 2004, according to the evidence. Lesko at first denied the allegations, but later spoke with a U.S. Navy counselor about them.

Lesko told the counselor that he was the victim of the sexual assault; he said the girl initiated the contact, according to the plea. Lesko entered the plea partly to spare the girl the pain of a trial, his attorney said.
on for 12 months after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

William Buie, 64, of Boise, most recently worked as an investigator for the Idaho attorney general's office.

FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public
http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2010/12/ex-fbi_agent_sentenced_to_pris.htmlMay 25, 2007
FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public

Posted by, Marissa Pasquet KOLD News 13 News Editor

FBI Special Agent Ryan Seese, 34, is facing sex offense charges after a cleaning woman said she found him masturbating in a women's lavatory on campus, according to a University of Arizona police spokesman.

FBI Workers Suspected of Secretly Taping Teens in Dressing Room

April 20, 2009


Two FBI workers are accused of using surveillance equipment to spy on teenage girls as they undressed and tried on prom gowns at a charity event at a West Virginia mall.

The FBI employees have been charged with conspiracy and committing criminal invasion of privacy. They were working in an FBI satellite control room at the mall when they positioned a camera on temporary changing rooms and zoomed in for at least 90 minutes on girls dressing for the Cinderella Project fashion show, Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson said Monday.

see link for full story
April 9, 2013
Former FBI agent files petition to enter guilty plea for child pornography charges

A local former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent arrested on child pornography charges filed a petition to enter a guilty plea.

Donald Sachtleben was arrested in May 2012, following an investigation into the distribution of child pornography. Authorities said they were able to trace online activity back to Sachtleben’s Carmel home.

According to court documents, Sachtleben hid behind the email ‘pedodave69@yahoo.com’ and openly traded child porn. In one email he attached nine images of child pornography and child erotica and wrote:

“Saw your profile… Hope you like these and can send me some of (y)ours. I have even better ones if you like.”

Police obtained a search warrant on May 3. During an initial forensic examination of Sachtleben’s laptop computer, approximately 30 images and video files containing child pornography were reportedly discovered.

Former top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution
By Bill Mears, CNN
May 15, 2012
(CNN) -- A former supervisory FBI agent has been arrested and jailed on child pornography charges.

Donald Sachtleben was taken into custody and charged Monday after a nationwide undercover investigation of illegal child porn images traded over the Internet.

A federal complaint alleges 30 graphic images and video were found on Sachtleben's laptop computer late last week when FBI agents searched his home, about 23 miles north of Indianapolis.

Sachtleben is currently an Oklahoma State University visiting professor, according to his online resume. He is director of training at the school's Center for Improvised Explosives, but all references to his work have now been removed from the university's website. There was no indication from the school as to whether it had suspended him. Calls to the university and his Indianapolis attorneys were not immediately returned.

He had been an FBI special agent from 1983 to 2008, serving as a bomb technician. He worked on the Oklahoma City bombing and Unabomber investigations, according to his university biography.

A separate LinkedIn profile filled out by Sachtleben says he is an "accomplished investigator with more than 25 years of experience in FBI major case management, counter terrorism investigations, bombing prevention, post blast investigations and public speaking."

FBI agent arrested on child sexual assault charge

- January 15, 2008 6:14 PM ET


PUEBLO, Colo. - An FBI agent is under arrest in Pueblo for investigation of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust.

Authorities say 53-year-old David Allan Johnson is being held in the Pueblo County jail today on a $100,000 bail.

Former Great Falls FBI agent sentenced on child sex charges

Jan 23, 2008

A man from Great Falls who's accused of sexually as ...

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Former Police Chief Mark Beckner Says JonBenet Ramsey Crime Scene Was Instantly Mishandled

Feb 28, 2015 17:57 PM
Perhaps former Boulder, Colorado police chief, Mark Beckner, didn't exactly understand that his interview on Reddit early this week would be visible to the world, but many who have followed the JonBenet Ramsey case for nearly 20 years were thrilled to hear from him. Ramsey was the 6-year-old pageant queen that was found dead in her family's basement on Christmas Day, 1996. It was a case that absolutely gripped the nation and even though her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, were officially exonerated in 2008, there has still been a sense that things just don't add up. Beckner now admits that many mistakes in the handling of the case were made.

The Ramsey's, an affluent Boulder family, had originally reported their daughter missing from her bedroom hours before she was actually found in their basement. Once her body was found, things were not handled by the book and it was in part because of who these people were.
"The crime scene was not handled properly and this later affected the investigation. [The Ramseys'] position in the community may have had something to do with decisions made that day, but I think the primary reason was a perfect storm-type scenario. It was the Christmas holiday and we were short staffed, we faced a situation as I said earlier that no one in the country had ever seen before or since, and there was confusion at the scene... As a result, some evidence was compromised. Yes, after that initial day, we felt pressure from the DA's office not to push too hard on the Ramseys. This was a constant source of frustration and much could be written about this and the reasons for it." explained Beckner.
The former police chief also says that investigators felt from day one that the crime scene was staged. They also noted that Ramsey appeared to have been knocked unconscious after being hit in the head but that strangulation 45 minutes later is actually what killed her. Every other detail about how her body was found from that point on appears to have been intended to mislead police into thinking that it was a kidnapping gone wrong.
Beckner also points out that this is the only case in FBI history where a ransom note has been written and then left at the crime scene, along with a body. That just doesn't add up. Also, after Patsy Ramsey was accused of writing the ransom note, investigators gave her a handwriting test that garnered lots of attention. When asked to write out the sum of $118,000 (which was supposedly the ransom amount), she wrote the literal words, not the actual number. Beckner says the feeling was that she had something to hide and that was why she wouldn't just write out the number.
Interestingly enough, Beckner has never gone on the record to say who he believes actually killed Ramsey because he t
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FBI Agent Arrested For Driving Without Pants and Allegedly Trying to Seduce a Truck Driver

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | 3 years ago
FBI Agent Arrested For Driving Without Pants and Allegedly Trying to Seduce a Truck Driver

Some law enforcement officers like to unwind from a tough week on the job with a nice drink. Apparently one Buffalo, N.Y. FBI agent prefers to unwind by unzipping his pants and seducing truck drivers.

John A. Yervelli, a 48-year-old special agent for the FBI's Buffalo office, allegedly pulled alongside a truck on an upstate thruway, signaled to the driver of the truck that he was not wearing any pants and proceeded to make lewd gestures, according to a Buffalo News report.

The alleged incident occurred around 9 p.m. Friday night -- (you know, around the time when most agents might de-stress at the bar, relax at home with their families or generally not drive pants-less on a thruway.)

Not long after the truck driver al
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2. Stories


Rep. Katherine Clark: The FBI Needs to Make Gamergate 'A Priority'

March 10 2015

Rep. Katherine Clark: The FBI Needs to Make Gamergate 'A Priority'

Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts is not particularly happy about how the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have responded—or not—to online threats against women, particularly the ones we've been seeing this year from the very devoted fans of Gamergate. Today, she launched a full-scale campaign to urge the DOJ to actually prosecute those threats. She spoke to Jezebel today about that initiative, and what she calls a "disappointing" meeting with the FBI.

Clark is the congresswoman for Brianna Wu, the Boston-based game developer who's been relentlessly trolled for months by Gamergaters. Clark's office, she says, has been "watching Gamergate unfold" for several months.

"We discovered this fall that Brianna was a constituent and reached out to her about what we could do," Clark said. "That led us eventually speaking with the FBI about how they're handling these cases."

Or, you know, not handling them at all. It's exceedingly difficult to get law enforcement to take online threats and harassment seriously. Danielle Citron, the law professor and author of Hate Crimes in Cyberspace, estimates that the DOJ has only prosecuted 10 cases of cyber-stalking between 2010 and 2013. (A Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated that there are 2.5 million cases of serious and frightening harassment each year, though they don't specify what portion of that is online.) To date, not a single violent threat made against Wu, Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn has result in an actual, prosecuted criminal case.

Clark, a former prosecutor, says her office met with seven representatives from the FBI in February to determine how seriously the agency is taking the problem.

"It was disappointing," Clark says. "This is clearly just not one of their priorities. For me as a former prosecutor, it echoed what we would see 20 years ago around domestic violence." She said that while the FBI are obviously "committed public servants," they didn't seem terribly interested in the Gamergate problem.

"One of the things that struck us was that we'd been trying to reach them about Brianna Wu's specific case for many months," Clark says. "When they came to the meeting, they didn't seem to even know that information, which we were surprised to hear."



FBI Official Gets Six Years

Thursday, March 13, 2008

In a courtroom crowded with his friends from law enforcement, a former FBI official was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison for torturing his girlfriend at knifepoint and gunpoint during a six-hour ordeal in her Crystal City high-rise apartment.

Carl L. Spicocchi, 55, a 19-year FBI veteran who had run the Toledo office and was on temporary assignment in Washington, pleaded guilty in Arlington County Circuit Court last year to two felony counts of abduction and using a firearm in the Aug. 23 attack.

"This obviously was a horrific crime," Circuit Court Judge James F. Almand said. "It requires a substantial sentence and a substantial amount of time."

Almand sentenced Spicocchi to 10 years in prison, suspending four of them.

Spicocchi, who is married, believed his girlfriend was dating another man and attacked her in a jealous rage, according to court records. But the girlfriend, who said she was too fearful of Spicocchi to appear in court yesterday, said in a statement that she was not unfaithful.

"He thought she was cheating on him, but she wasn't," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Lisa Bergman. The attack "came completely out of the blue," Bergman said.

In the statement, read by Bergman, the woman gave this account: When she came home that day, she found Spicocchi hiding in a closet, armed with a gun and a 10-inch knife. He stripped her and wrapped her in tape, then dragged her around the apartment by her hair. He forced the gun into her mouth and held the knife to her throat. He beat her repeatedly. He told her that he would cut open her veins and that, because of his training, he knew how long it would take the blood to drain from her body.

"He said I had met my match," she said in the statement.

He told her that he planned to kill her and that she would soon join her father, who had died 10 months earlier. He said that he would write a check for $100,000 from her account and flee to South America after she was dead and that he had a plane ticket for a 6 a.m. flight.

Finally, the woman said, she escaped by running into the hall and screaming for help. "The attack on me was unprovoked," she said in her statement. "I feel lucky to have escaped the monster."

She said Spicocchi had told her he had been divorced for four years.

Defense attorney Thomas Abbenante said that his client had a serious drinking problem and that Spicocchi had also stopped taking his medications, including Klonopin, used to treat panic disorder, and Celexa, an antidepressant. He was drinking heavily before the attack, Abbenante said.

CONTINUED 1 2 Next >

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Border Patrol Agent Arrested Following Allegations of Sexually Assaulting a Child

Police arrested a U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of sexually assaulting a child, MySanAntonio.com reports.

Luis Angel Lozada, 28, is out of jail on a $750,000 bond Saturday.

Lozada has worked for Border Patrol since 2009.

Details of the allegations weren’t immediately clear, but the crimes allegedly
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An 11 Year Old Reported Being Raped Twice Wound Up With a Conviction


But after Danielle reported the rapes, the police interviewed her in a manner that violated guidelines for handling child sexual assault cases, records and interviews show. They delayed analyzing DNA evidence — and then analyzed only some of it. An officer misled her to get her to contradict her account, and then had her charged her with lying, according to police reports. And many officers treated her with extreme skepticism; in one internal e-mail, a lieutenant called her “promiscuous” and the “sex” consensual.
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see link for full story

The Sickening Child Porn Crisis Infecting U.S. Government Agencies



Daniel Rosen, a senior State Department official arrested last month for soliciting sex online with a minor, was reportedly arrested again Sunday night in Washington, D.C., and charged with an earlier crime of voyeurism after police searched his cellphone. And he is only the latest in a long string of government employees to have been accused of crimes against children.

Public records and reports reviewed by The Daily Beast show that at least 22 current and former local, state, and federal employees have been convicted of crimes ranging from distributing child pornography to conscience-shocking acts of violence against infants. The crimes have occurred over the past decade, with many of the cases coming in the past four years. Experts say the numbers are likely far higher and may not be thoroughly documented by law enforcement agencies across the United States.

There is a veritable rogues gallery of sexual predators from the ranks of local law enforcement to the diplomatic corps. Their crimes usually involve some online component, either distributing graphic images or using text messaging and chat rooms to lure victims.

At the State Department, where Rosen worked, a senior technology project manager was arrested in 2012 and accused of 10 counts of possessing child pornography. The same year, a former special agent with the Bureau of Diplomatic Security was sentenced to seven years in prison for possession of child porn, including some 30,000 images contained on computer equipment in his house. And in 2008, a Foreign Service Officer was sentenced to 20 years in prison for possession of child pornography and admitted to videotaping his sexual encounters with girls while working abroad as a consular officer.

At the CIA, the former station chief in Algeria was sentenced to more than five years in federal prison for drugging and raping a Muslim woman and for illegally possessing a firearm while under the influence of cocaine. Authorities also discovered child pornography on his laptop computer, though no charges were filed for that offense. At the Homeland Security Department, six now ex-employees are doing time for crimes including possession of child pornography, soliciting sex with minors, and human sex-trafficking. And in 2011, a U.S. Army lawyer and West Point graduate pleaded guilty to “forcible sodomy with an infant” and making and distributing violent images of child abuse.

Crimes against children aren’t limited by government agency or the profession of the offenders, who hail from the military, local law enforcement, and federal departments. “Child porn within our government agencies has reached crisis level,” Lori Handrahan, a researcher of child sex abuse cases, wrote in a recent blog post. Handrahan, who has documented other cases in and out of government, says large numbers of men are downloading child pornography frequently from their work computers.

Precisely how many government employees have been convicted on child pornography charges is difficult to assess because official reports don’t distinguish by employment category. And many of the most frequently cited government reports on child sexual crime rates haven’t been recently updated.
150315-shane-daniel-rosen-embedFairfax County, Va. Sheriff’s Office/AP
This handout photo provided by the Fairfax County, Virginia, Sheriff’s Office shows the booking photo of Daniel Rosen of Washington, D.C. The 44-year-old State Department official was released Friday on $25,000 bond and was to be free pending trial on charges he solicited a minor online despite prosecutors’ objections that he presented a flight risk. Rosen reportedly was arrested again Sunday night and charged with an earlier crime of voyeurism after police in Washington searched his cellphone.

But federal statistics show a rising trend in child pornography and exploitation cases. Between 2007 and 2012, more than 11,447 defendants were convicted in federal courts for offenses related the sexual exploitation of a minor, according to a Justice Department report. “These crimes have ranged from production of obscene visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct to receipt, distribution, possession, and/or production of child pornography to the direct physical, sexual abuse of a minor.”

In 2010, the Justice Department released the first-ever National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction, which aimed to assess the dangers from child pornography, online enticement, and other crimes against children. It found that between 2005 and 2009, there was a 432 percent increase in child pornography movies and files submitted to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which attempts to identify victims.

“Although documenting the precise quantity of child pornography is difficult, it is evident that technological advances have contributed significantly to the overall increase in the child pornography threat,” the strategy report found. From 2005 through 2009, it said, U.S. Attorneys prosecuted 8,352 child pornography cases, “and in most instances, the offenders used digital technologies and the Internet to produce, view, store, advertise, or distribute child pornography.”

There is a veritable rogues gallery of sexual predators from the ranks of local law enforcement to the diplomatic corps.

The label “pornography” arguably doesn’t capture the depravity of some of the crimes committed against children. In 2012, a Ganby, Connecticut, police captain was sentenced to 10 years in prison for possessing and trading videos that “horrifically depicted children being sexually abused by adults,” according to a U.S. prosecutor. Among the images the former cop sought from fellow traders were those of babies being bound and tortured, officials said.

Also in 2014, the former acting director of cyber security at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was convicted for his participation in a child porn ring that included images so violent and disturbing that even veteran investigators said they were shocked by what they saw. A federal prosecutor said the employee used his technical expertise to navigate anonymous computer networks frequented by child porn peddlers.

Cases of violent child abuse in the United States have mirrored recent revelations from an organized abuse ring in the United Kingdom featuring senior members of the British government. Shocking cases of crimes against children went unreported or covered up for decades. As The Daily Beast reported Friday, the potential key witness in the ring, who was himself allegedly a victim as a schoolboy, fled Britain and now lives in the United States.

The international dimensions of child pornography and violence haven’t escaped the FBI, which last week helped to take down an alleged porn kingpin in South Africa. The accused was reportedly arrested at his home in Grahamstown, near the country’s southern coast, and had 16 hard drives, a laptop, and video and still cameras. FBI agents are said to have discovered the network after seven people were arrested in the United States using Web sites designed to coax children into performing sexual acts while surreptitiously being videotaped.

The FBI is seeking to extradite the man b
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Police officer accused of sexual assault of 2-year-old

March 20 2015

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. — A police officer for a small town in Florida has been accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old, authorities said Thursday.

Joshua Smith, 32, of Lakeland, Fla., was arrested late Wednesday on one count of directing and promoting the sexual performance of a child — a child pornography charge — but more charges are pending. Detectives are analyzing Smith's computer devices and his cellphone.
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ere in the White Mountains.

Sen Rand Paul said that all of the constitutional amendments -- not just the second, must be defended. While there is "nothing more important" than defending the country, but called for going after terrorists with warrants, not surveillence. He called for checks on power; he said that he plays golf with an FBI agent who asked why Paul doesn't trust him. Paul said he does, but believes that power must not be unlimited.

"What happens if you don’t have the checks and balances? Wha
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Lawrence Court Officer Allegedly Raped Shackled Inmate

03.04.15 | 2:22 PM

A Lawrence court officer is expected to be arraigned today on charges of raping a shackled female inmate.

Lawrence District Court Officer Jose F. Martinez, 46, was charged with three counts of rape and four counts of indecent assault and battery Wednesday. He is accused of raping the inmate on three separate occasions.
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Border Patrol agent accused of molesting Chandler girl

April 1 2015

A Border Patrol agent is on paid leave after his arrest on suspicion of molesting a 5-year-old Chandler girl, an agency spokesman said.

Chandler police arrested Jeremy Tyler Cole, 31, of Sierra Vista, on Friday after a family friend accused him of inappropriately touching her daughter earlier that day.

Cole had been in the Valley for Arizona Bike Week and had asked to stay at the Chandler home, according to a police document released Tuesday.

The alleged victim's mother said she woke around 2 a.m. to check on an infant when she saw Cole exiting her 12-year-old daughter's bedroom. Cole told her he was looking for towels, records show.

The woman told police she questioned her three daughters, ages 5 to 14, the following morning and the youngest asked to speak to her alone. According to police records, the girl told her mother that a bald man wearing glasses, a white shirt, black pants and white socks had touched her in her "privates."

The 5-year-old told investigators that she'd awakened to the man touching her as she pointed to her groin area. She said he pulled off her pants and underwear and used a yellow, L-shaped object to touch her. Although the hallway and bedroom lights were off, she could see by the glow of a snow-globe nightlight.
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Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests
Senator is 'deeply concerned' over disclosure of candid pics

3 Apr 2015 at 22:18,

Prominent US Senator Al Franken is calling on the FBI to do more to fight "revenge porn" sites.

Franken (D-MN), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in an open letter (PDF) to FBI director James Comey that he wants authorities to do more to track down and prosecute those who share imtimate photos without the subject's conset.

"I am deeply concerned by reports of individuals, mostly women, having explicit images of themselves posted on websites when they did not consent to their disclosure," Franken said
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NYPD sergeant busted for throwing semen on co-worker: police

Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 3:15 PM A
Sgt. Michael Iscenko allegedly tossed semen on the victim — who worked with the sergeant in the Organized Crime Control Bureau — near a freight elevator at 1 Police Plaza, according to reports.
A sicko NYPD sergeant accused of throwing his semen on a female co-worker has been charged with a crime, officials said Wednesday.

Sgt. Michael Iscenko, 54, is facing misdemeanor sex abuse charges in the attack, which took place in a freight elevator at 1 Police Plaza on Jan. 23.
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