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How the FBI Tried to Block Martin Luther King’s Commencement Speech

The untold story of a government plot, a maverick college president, and the most important

Jun 11, 2014

Their one and only meeting lasted barely a minute. On March 26, 1964, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X came to Washington to observe the beginning of the Senate debate on the Civil Rights Act. They shook hands. They smiled for the cameras. As they parted, Malcolm said jokingly, “Now you’re going to get investigated.”

That, of course, was well underway. Ever since Attorney General Robert Kennedy had approved FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s request in October 1963, King had been the target of extraordinary wiretapping sanctioned by his own government. By this point, five months later, the taps were overflowing with data from King’s home, his office, and the hotel rooms where he stayed.
Henry Griffin/AP Photo

The data the FBI mined—initially about King’s associations with Communists and later about his sexual life—was used in an attempt to, depending on your point of view, protect the country or destroy the civil rights leader. Hoover and his associates tried to get “highlights” to the press, the president, even Pope Paul VI. So pervasive was this effort that it extended all the way to the small campus in Western Massachusetts, Springfield College, where I have taught journalism for the past 15 years.

In early 1964, King was invited by Springfield President Glenn Olds to receive an honorary degree and deliver the commencement address on June 14. But just days after King accepted the invitation, the FBI tried to get the college to rescind it. The Bureau asked Massachusetts Senator Leverett Saltonstall, a corporator of Springfield College, to lean on Olds to “uninvite” King, based on damning details from the wiretap.
related story
The FBI and Martin Luther King
“I'm trying to wait until things cool off,” King said, “until this civil rights debate is over—as long as they may be tapping these phones, you know."
Read the full story by David Garrow in the July/August 2002 Atlantic

King’s biographers have recorded little about this episode. Neither David Garrow nor Taylor Branch—who both won Pulitzers for books about King—ever mentioned Glenn Olds by name or title. Saltonstall is relegated to a one-sentence footnote in Garrow’s The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr., a groundbreaking 1981 book that unmasked the Bureau’s extensive surveillance of the civil rights leader. In the hardcover edition of Branch’s 2006 book, At Canaan’s Edge, the third volume of a towering trilogy about America in the King years that took more than two decades to create, the renowned historian wrote that Saltonstall had “helped block an honorary degree at Springfield College, by spreading the FBI’s clandestine allegations that King was a philandering, subversive fraud.”

There was just one problem with this lively statement. Nobody blocked an honorary degree for Martin Luther King at Springfield College.

It was a small lapse by a formidable researcher and masterful storyteller. But lurking beneath this mistake is a great and almost entirely untold story about the most important figure of the civil rights era and a maverick college president facing his moment of truth.

The students in Springfield’s class of 1964 lived a Forrest Gump-like connection with U.S. history. Born just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, they came to college at the dawn of a new decade. In the fall of their freshman year, Massachusetts’ native son John F. Kennedy appeared at a rally in downtown Springfield one day, and got elected president of the United States the next. In the fall of their senior year, they flocked to the few black-and-white televisions on campus to join America’s grim vigil when JFK was shot. The following June, they expected to turn their tassels from right to left in the presence of Martin Luther King.

For most of their college days, there was an innocence to this group of American youth, at a time just before the ’60s became The Sixties. During their freshman year, they wore beanies. Their social worlds included hootenannies, panty raids, and carefully regulated visiting hours in single-sex dorms, with strict rules of “doors open, feet on the floor.” Many students of the almost exclusively white class learned The Twist from Barry Brooks, a popular “Negro” student from Washington, D.C., who earned election to the Campus Activities Board.

These students, at the tail end of the so-called “Silent Generation,” were less inclined to question authority or conventional wisdom than their younger siblings would later be. They’d also chosen to attend Springfield College, an old YMCA school, known as the birthplace of basketball and best regarded at the time for producing wholesome teachers of physical education. “It was,” says Barry Brooks, “sort of an apple pie kind of place.”

Members of the class were only vaguely familiar with Glenn Olds, who served as college president from 1958 to 1965. He was a trim and conservatively dressed man with receding blond hair and an engaging grin. He sometimes hosted groups of students at his on-campus house, serving apples, cheese, and water. He never drank alcohol or caffeine. He began each morning with calisthenics.
Glenn Olds meets with Nigerian students at Springfield College in 1963. (Springfield College Archives)

But there was nothing drab about him. Olds was a man marked by dazzling dualities. Raised by a Mormon mother and a Catholic father, he became a Methodist minister. Working from a young age as a logger and a ranch hand, he went on to get a Ph.D. from Yale, penning his dissertation on “The Nature of Moral Insight.” While at Springfield, he maintained an office in Washington, working on progressive programs for Democratic presidents—the Peace Corps for Kennedy and VISTA for Johnson—but later worked full-time for Nixon

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The Price of Dissent - Bud Schultz - Paperback - University of ...
http://www.ucpress.edu › Subjects › History › United States History
by B Schultz - ‎Cited by 26 - ‎Related articles
Bud and Ruth Schultz's vivid oral history presents the extraordinary ... and disruption from police agencies, such as the FBI; brutalization by local police; local ...
Jack Ryan (FBI agent) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
John C. "Jack" Ryan (born 19 June 1938) is a former FBI agent and police officer. ... Jump up ^ Bud Schultz, Ruth Schultz: The price of dissent: testimonies to ...
The Price of Dissent: Testimonies to Political Repression in America
Bud Schultz, ‎Ruth Schultz - 2001 - ‎Political Science
Testimonies to Political Repression in America Bud Schultz, Ruth Schultz ... Memorandum to Director, FBI (100-448006), from SAC, New York (1o0-16114O)(P), ...
ACLU: Are the FBI and Congress Politicizing Terrorism Intelligence?
Jan 24, 2013 - In 2010, for instance, the FBI issued an intelligence report suggesting white supremacist violence dropped from ..... Schultz, Bud and Ruth.
It Did Happen Here: Recollections of Political Repression in America
Bud Schultz, ‎Ruth Schultz - 1990 - ‎History
Recollections of Political Repression in America Bud Schultz, Ruth Schultz. As the years went by, the FBI never let up. Here's an airtel dated September 1968 ...
More Cointelpro Resources - Freedom Archives
Agents of Repression: The FBI's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and ... Bud Schultz and Ruth Schultz, Berkeley University of California Press, 1989
http://www.ign.com › Boards › The Vault › ACFriends
Aug 1, 2009 - 6 posts - ‎1 author
See author Bud Schultz Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W ...
The Price of Dissent: Testimonies to Political Repression in America ...
http://www.amazon.com › ... › Elections & Political Process › General
Bud and Ruth Schultz's vivid oral history presents the extraordinary ... and disruption from police agencies, such as the FBI; brutalization by local police; local ...
The Dangers of Dissent: The FBI and Civil Liberties since 1965
Ivan Greenberg - 2010 - ‎History
The FBI and Civil Liberties since 1965 Ivan Greenberg ... Bud Schultz and Ruth Schultz, The Price of Dissent: Testimonies to Political Repression in America ...
A Final Word excerpted from the book It Did Happen Here ...
by Bud Schultz, Ruth Schultz, Victor Navasky ... feeding into court dockets since the late 1940s, the FBI secretly initiated the illegal COINTELPRO as a substitute.

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Stetson Kennedy first released this book in 1954, the 1990 edition includes some practical ideas to fight Klan and other neo-fascist organizations in an afterword.
This book is a very easy read, conversational in tone, and compelling in content. Mr. Kennedy outlines his infiltration into the headquarters chapter of the KKK in Atlanta and the Columbia Brownshirt organization there, and his undercover hob-knobbing with violent racists and hatemongers, and the colorful illiterates and semi-literates that made up the membership of the Klan and their fellow travellers. He put his life in danger many times confronting the evil, brutal and stupid nature of southern racists.
Another compelling part of the story is the complicity of the police, FBI, the Democratic machine of the Talmadge family, (who rode the upsurge in Klan violence to national political prominence), and the Republican businessmen of the south who paid Klansmen to help bust union drives by busting heads and nightriding.
He also spends alot of time detailing Klan rituals and meetings, and the seemingly neverending lists of Kleagles, Kludds, etc. that made up the hoodoo hierarchy of the Klan organization. It seems like never had so much empty ritual been used in attempt to 'sanctify' such mindless violence.
A good book that gives a good cross-section of what Klan terror and rightist violence was all about in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Oregon Department Of Justice Investigated Tweets Of Black Lives Matter Supporters
"We are concerned that such unwarranted investigations are racially motivated."

Posted: 11/11/2015 08:17 PM EST |

An Oregon Department of Justice investigator conducted digital surveillance on supporters of Black Lives Matter, searching the movement's well-known hashtag as part of a threat assessment investigation, state Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum revealed in a letter Tuesday.

"When I initially heard about this incident I was appalled," Rosenblum said in her letter, which was in response to an earlier letter from the Portland chapter of the national civil rights organization the Urban League. The civil rights group sought an investigation into allegations that the state DOJ was digitally surveilling Oregonians for use of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on social media. Rosenblum confirmed an investigator in the Criminal Justice Division had conducted such an investigation.

Ironically, during the course of the DOJ social media investigation, Rosenblum said, a senior member of her own office was profiled by the action -- Erious Johnson, director of civil rights for the state justice department. Johnson is married to Urban League of Portland president Nkenge Harmon Johnson, who sent the original letter to Rosenblum's office.

Rosenblum explains in her letter that the DOJ investigator was using an "online search tool on a trial basis" to search selected Twitter hashtags in a specific geographical area, one of which was #BlackLivesMatter. The results of that search were provided to a member of Rosenblum's staff, who then alerted the AG.

Upon discovering the social media search, Rosenblum immediately ordered the Criminal Justice Division to stop using any such online search tool. She also shared the information with Johnson.

"It is improper, and potentially unlawful, for the Oregon Depart

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Black Lives Matter: Civil rights group presses FBI, Justice Department for answers on surveillance

on November 13, 2015 at 4:35 PM, updated November 13, 2015 at 4:36 PM


An Oregon civil rights group is pursuing state and federal documents related to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's admission a Department of Justice investigator targeted the Black Lives Matter movement while searching social media for anti-police threats.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon sent a statement Friday praising Rosenblum for launching investigation while also sharing its requests for records from the state and federal justice departments, the FBI and a "fusion" center in Salem where local, regional and federal law enforcement agencies share intelligence information.

"The simple act of expressing oneself on social media should not be enough to trigger information gathering by the Oregon Department of Justice," David Rogers, executive director of the ACLU of Oregon, said in a statement. "Let's not forget, the Black Lives Matter movement is a peaceful, political movement raising important concerns about police violence and racial profiling."

Rosenblum confirmed the social media surveillance and promised an investigation in an interview with The Oregonian/OregonLive late Tuesday, after the Urban League of Portland director Nkenge Harmon Johnson released a letter disclosing the controversy.

In an interview Wednesday on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Rosenblum said the investigator used a social media search tool called Digital Stakeout. Rosenblum said another hashtag, in which a four-letter obscenity precedes "the police," also was searched.

The Black Lives Matter search snared Twitter activity from Harmon Johnson's husband, Erious Johnson — who leads the state justice department's civil rights division. Rosenblum hasn't said how many other people may have been investigated.

The requests from the ACLU note media reports from July, citing public records, that found the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had been keeping tabs on the Black Lives Matter movement since it took shape after several controversial police deaths involving black men in 2014.

In Oregon, the ACLU writes in one of its requests, state laws ban investigators from tracking and collecting data based on political speech.

"Moreover, the Oregon Department of Justice's tracking of those who use the hashtag Black Lives Matter also opens the door to racial profiling because that movement is black led," the request says.

In its statement, the ACLU describes calls Digital Stakeout a "threat intelligence platform" searchable "by keyword, hashtag, location, meta-data and more."

Harmon Johnson issued a follow-up statement Wednesday saying she had asked other senior Urban League staffers to handle the group's official work in pressing Rosenblum's office for answers.

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Minneapolis police officers involved in shooting death of Jamar Clark are identified

By Alex Baumhardt November 18 2015
Protesters at the fourth precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department were met with riot police on Nov. 18. Officials identified the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man as chanting demonstrators surrounded the key police station. (Reuters)

MINNEAPOLIS — State officials on Wednesday identified the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark over the weekend, sparking days of protests and demonstrations here and a federal investigation.

Clark, a black 24-year-old, was shot early Sunday morning and died the following day, authorities said Tuesday. Drew Evans, superintendent of the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), the group investigating the shooting, said Clark was unarmed when he was shot, and a coroner’s report released later in the day showed that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

On Wednesday, the BCA named the two officers who were involved in the shooting: Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze. Both officers have been with the Minneapolis police for a little over a year and have each been officers for seven years, the BCA said in a statement. They are on leave during the investigation.

[State officials say they do not have complete video of the shooting]

Dozens of protesters had remained outside the Fourth Precinct office of the Minneapolis Police Department on a rainy Tuesday night to call for more information about what happened when Clark encountered the officers.

The story of the fatal bullet, and what preceded and followed it, differs greatly between the witnesse
Minneapolis police officers involved in shooting death of Jamar Clark are identified

By Alex Baumhardt November 18 2015
Protesters at the fourth precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department were met with riot police on Nov. 18. Officials identified the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man as chanting demonstrators surrounded the key police station. (Reuters)

MINNEAPOLIS — State officials on Wednesday identified the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark over the weekend, sparking days of protests and demonstrations here and a federal investigation.

Clark, a black 24-year-old, was shot early Sunday morning and died the following day, authorities said Tuesday. Drew Evans, superintendent of the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), the group investigating the shooting, said Clark was unarmed when he was shot, and a coroner’s report released later in the day showed that the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.

On Wednesday, the BCA named the two officers who were involved in the shooting: Mark Ringgenberg and Dustin Schwarze. Both officers have been with the Minneapolis police for a little over a year and have each been officers for seven years, the BCA said in a statement. They are on leave during the investigation.

[State officials say they do not have complete video of the shooting]

Dozens of protesters had remained outside the Fourth Precinct office of the Minneapolis Police Department on a rainy Tuesday night to call for more information about what happened when Clark encountered the officers.

The story of the fatal bullet, and what preceded and followed it, differs greatly between the witnesse

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Executive Intelligence Review
        This article appears in the August 6, 2010 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
Obama Revives Frühmenschen

by Jeffrey Steinberg

[PDF version of this article]

Aug. 2—On Jan. 27, 1988, Rep. Mervyn Dymally (D-Calif.), the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, entered an affidavit into the Congressional Record, from an Atlanta attorney and FBI informant named Hirsch Friedman. Friedman provided an eyewitness account of a secret and illegal 40-year, ongoing FBI program, known within the Bureau as "Operation Frühmenschen" ("Operation Primitive Man").

Friedman described Frühmenschen in graphic terms: "The purpose of this policy was the routine investigation without probable cause of prominent elected and appointed black officials in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States." FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and other top Bureau officials, Friedman explained, believed that African-Americans were incapable of serving in high public office, and took it upon themselves to railroad countless African-Americans from elected office, through trumped up charges, and worse.

Several authors have subsequently linked the FBI to the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination—and tied that murder to Frühmenschen, as well.

As the result of Dymally's initial efforts, and a campaign waged throughout the 1990s by the Schiller Institute and a broad spectrum of civil rights activists and other close allies of Lyndon LaRouche, Operation Frühmenschen was widely exposed.

But now, Frühmenschen has been revived, with the full complicity of President Barack Obama and the "Chicago crew" at the White House. A senior U.S. intelligence source has confirmed crucial details of EIR's own investigation into a "marriage of convenience" between the FBI and the Obama White House. A select list of African-American legislators, who have been critical of key Obama policies, have been targetted for destruction, and, in return, the Obama Administration has given the FBI the green light to expand its illegal surveillance programs, targetted at American citizens.

"It is the worst of Chicago politics wedded to the worst FBI abuses of power," one source declared.
Pelosi's OCE

One of President Obama's key allies in this assault on the political leadership of the African-American community is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The day she was sworn in as Speaker, in January 2007, Pelosi vowed to "clean the swamp" of Congressional corruption, and proposed the creation of an independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The proposal was so flagrantly unconstitutional on its face, that several leading Congressional Democrats assailed it publicly, including John Dingell (D-Mich.) and Neal Abercrombie (D-Hi.).

Abercrombie charged that any referral from the OCE to the House Ethics Committee would be tantamount to a guilty verdict. "Any other conclusion by the House Ethics Committee will be seen as a coverup." He raised the crucial question of the source of the complaints to the OCE that would trigger its investigations: "I can't figure out where the ethics complaints come from. Are they dropped off at the door?"

LaRouche was even more blunt: In a July 30 statement, LaRouche declared: "The OCE is not an elected body and it does not have the powers of government. It is totally unconstitutional. It is rotten, and it should be uprooted. The behavior of this thing, and the way it functions, is contrary to the intention of the Constitution. And so, if it passes an unconstitutional ruling, that should be recognized as unconstitutional...."

In the face of strong protests, Pelosi narrowly rammed through a House Resolution, creating the Office of Congressional Ethics, on March 11, 2008. On July 24, 2008, Pelosi and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced the appointment of six OCE board members and two alternates. The chair and co-chair of the body, named by Pelosi and Boehner, were two former Congressmen, David Skaggs, a Colorado Democrat, and Porter Goss, a Florida Republican, who later briefly served under President George W. Bush as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. The staff director and general counsel to the OCE, Leo Wise, came to the office from the Department of Justice, where he was a prosecutor in the criminal division, and received a special service award from the FBI.

The Office of Congressional Ethics held its first full session in January 2009, as Barack Obama was being inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States.
Targetting Rangel and Waters

Dingell and Abercrombie's warnings were prophetic. In its short existence, the OCE has zeroed in on a number of leaders of the Black Congressional Caucus, who have all crossed swords with both Pelosi and Obama. At one point earlier this year, all eight of the ongoing OCE investigations were aimed at members of the Black Caucus, a flagrant case of selective prosecution.

While the OCE does not have the power to take action against Members of Congress, its referrals to the House Ethics Committee, and the leaking of details of those referrals to major news outlets, amount to a "star chamber" proceeding.

And, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official, the OCE has been fed FBI dossiers on a hit list of Congressmen, predominantly African-American, including material illegally obtained, through unauthorized surveillance and unwarranted sting operations.

The source pointed to the case of former Rep. William Jennings Jefferson (D-La.) as a crucial event in the revival of Frühmenschen. A nine-term Congressman, Jefferson was the first African-American elected to the U.S. Congress from Louisiana, since the end of Reconstruction. In May 2006, the FBI raided his Congressional office, in what some Constitutional scholars called one of the most flagrant violations of the separation of powers in American history. Jefferson was indicted on June 4, 2007, and following his defeat in the 2008 general election, he was prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to 13 years in Federal prison on bribery charges.

"The Jefferson case was the green light for the FBI to fully revive Frühmenschen, and the Obama Administration, contrary to the expectations of millions of voters, has done nothing to halt the FBI's latest assault on the African-American political leadership," the source charged.

On Aug. 2, the OCE aimed its guns at longtime California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, in an attempted political lynching, based on a bogus charge of "conflict of interest," in which bankers' boy Rep. Barney Frank is a primary witness against her. Like Rangel, Waters is refusing to capitulate to the Ethics Committee, stating,

"I have not violated any House rules. Therefore, I simply will not be forced to admit to something I did not do, and instead have chosen to respond to charges made by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct in a public hearing."

Obama Speaks

On July 30, President Obama appeared on CBS Nightly News to issue what amounted to a direct threat to Congressman Rangel. Asked by Katie Couric about the just-announced House Ethics Committee bill of indictment against the 20-term New York legislator, Obama described the charges as "very troubling." He went on to say, "He's somebody who's at the end of his career. Eighty years old. I'm sure that what he wants is to be able to end his career with dignity. And my hope is that it happens."

For a professor of Constitutional law—Obama taught for a dozen years at the University of Chicago Law School—the President showed a criminal disregard for the sacred principle of "innocent until proven guilty." Indeed, after a 14-month investigation, the House Ethics Subcommittee that reviewed the charges against Rangel recommended a reprimand, a slap on the wrist. Rangel strongly defended his innocence, and refused to accept the "plea deal" offered to his attorneys in prolonged negotiations. His own declaration before the Committee, released July 29, is a powerful indictment of the whole rotten process (see Documentation, p. 39).

The widely publicized threat against Rangel from the President came just 24 hours after Obama appeared on the ABC-TV morning gossip show, "The View," where he made another blatantly racist comment, describing African-Americans as "a sort of a mongrel people. We are all sort of mixed up."

LaRouche declared: "Not since Woodrow Wilson embraced the Ku Klux Klan and reinstituted segregation throughout the Federal Government, has a U.S. President been so blatant in his racism," LaRouche charged in a July 23 statement, following the White House's pivotal role in the firing of U.S. Department of Agriculture official and civil rights activist Shirley Sherrod, and the anticipation of the House Ethics complaint against Rangel: "It is getting more and more obvious that President Obama intends to exert dictatorial control over the African-American vote, and that the only African-Americans he wishes to see in the United States Congress and in other important elected positions are Uncle Toms who will bow to his every command," LaRouche concluded.
Other Voices Assail Obama Racism

It is becoming painfully obvious to more and more civil rights activists that the Jim Crow charge against Obama sticks, and that he is committed to policies that will roll back some of the most hard-fought and precious victories of the civil rights stuggles of the past decades.

On July 26, an extraordinary coalition of the civil rights organizations issued a 17-page manifesto, denouncing Obama's signature "Race to the Top" educational reform program, charging that the so-called reforms were actually an assault on President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society commitment to equal educational opportunities for all children, regardless of their race or economic standing.

The civil rights groups blasted Obama and his Chicago crony and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, for discriminating against predominantly African-American school districts that will lose Federal funding for failing to meet the "Race to the Top" criteria (see Documentation, p. 42).

The manifesto was directed personally to the President: "Dear President Obama: You say you believe in an equal education for all students, but you are embarking on education policies that will never achieve that goal and that can do harm to America's school children, especially its neediest. Stop before it is too late."

There is no way that Obama, left to his own devices, will "stop before it is too late." The only way to save the nation is for the American people to wake up to the fact that Obama, as LaRouche has warned, repeatedly, since April 2009, is a failed personality, hell-bent on the destruction of the United States. Until he is safely, Constitutionally removed from office, the United St

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a couple of stories about FBI racism and science


In 1991, the FBI OPR opened an investigation concerning Rudolph after Whitehurst ... leave, and that Rudolph and his technician Edward Bender were racists.



Convict in 3 sex crimes freed by DNA tied to fugitive rapist
: Monday, November 23, 2015 9:46 pm

Attorneys, Alex Simpson, left, and Raquel Cohen representing Luis Vargas, not seen, who has been in prison for 16 years, take questions from the media outside Los Angeles Superior court, after Vargas was exonerated Monday, Nov. 23, 2015, in Los Angeles. A judge exonerated Vargas, who was convicted of three rapes, after DNA evidence linked the crimes to a serial rapist on the FBI's most wanted list. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)


Former Los Alamos Scientist Wen Ho Lee Criticizes FBI of Racism ...
Former Los Alamos Scientist Wen Ho Lee Criticizes FBI of Racism. Feature Story by Celeste Berry - 1/28/2002. Dr. Lee was terminated from his job as a physicist ...
FBI director says racism not epidemic in police but is 'cultural ...
http://www.theguardian.com › US News › FBI
Feb 12, 2015 - In the most sweeping remarks about police and racial tensions from a top US law enforcement official since a spate of controversial killings, the ...
The FBI Laboratory: An Investigation Into Laboratory Practices and ...
Michael R. Bromwich - 1998
An Investigation Into Laboratory Practices and Alleged Misconduct in ... by FBI OPR substantiated the allegation that Rudolph made racist remarks at work or ...

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2 stories


Jury acquits white police officer who broke black suspect's jaw with kick

Officer Thomas Webster IV found not guilty on assault charges



Video shows Chicago police officers using Taser repeatedly on man in jail

Police release third controversial video depicting use of force by Chicago officers in recent weeks, of Philip Coleman, who died in December 2012
Chicago police released video footage late Monday of officers repeatedly shocking a man in a jail cell with a Taser.

Tuesday 8 December 2015 15.35 EST
Last modified on Tuesday 8 December 2015 16.04 EST

Chicago police released video footage of officers repeatedly shocking a man in a jail cell with a Taser, the third controversial video depicting use of force by Chicago police released in recent weeks.

The 2012 footage, which was released late Monday and does not contain audio, shows Philip Coleman lying on a cot before six officers crowd into his cell. The officers appear to speak with Coleman before surrounding him and shocking him with a Taser. The officers then drag Coleman’s limp body out of the cell and down the hall.

The officers involved have said they used force because Coleman was uncooperative. An attorney for Coleman’s family says he was shocked at least three times. He was later taken to a hospital and died.

A medical examiner ruled that Coleman’s death was an accident resulting from antipsychotic drugs he received in the hospital, but the autopsy showed that Coleman had experienced trauma, including more than 50 bruises and scrapes on his body, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Coleman, a 38-year-old black man, was detained in December 2012 after family members called police, saying that he was acting erratically and had assaulted his mother. Coleman’s father has sued the city of Chicago alleging civil rights abuses in police treatment of his son.

Chicago police released 911 calls and documents from Coleman’s case in addition to the surveillance footage. Footage from the incident was released in response to a records request from Chicago’s CBS 2, according to police.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel criticized Coleman’s treatment in a statement released with the video on M

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Courthouse News Service
Wednesday, December 09, 2015Last Update: 5:20 AM PT
Cleveland Police Lose Anti-White Bias Suit

        - As pressure builds in Cleveland for an indictment in the police killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a federal judge upheld the city's handling of its other infamous excessive-force case.
About two years before Rice's Nov. 22, 2014, shooting, eyes were on Cleveland after 13 officers ended a 22-minute high-speed chase by firing 137 shots at the unarmed, black couple in the car, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.
Only one officer, Michael Brelo, has gone to trial for the Nov. 29, 2012, fatal shooting, but a judge acquitted Brelo of manslaughter charges this past May. The verdict coincided with Cleveland's settlement of federal charges over its use of force policies.
Cleveland still faced criticism over the Russell and Williams shooting, however, from an unlikely source: nine of the officers the city placed on 16 months of restricted duty, beginning that December.
Though such restrictions are typical of police policies in Cleveland and across the country after citizen casualties, the officers here claimed in a federal lawsuit that they were made to face restrictions longer than Cleveland imposes on similarly situated black officers.
Of the 13 officers who shot Russell and Williams, 12 were white and one was Hispanic. Seven of those white officers brought the lawsuit at hand, with the lone Hispanic officer.
U.S. District Judge James Gwin in Cleveland dispatched of the case Tuesday in a 32-page decision awarding the city summary judgment.
Though the officers claimed to have presented "direct evidence of discrimination," Gwin said the record demonstrates that they "misunderstand what constitutes direct evidence."
Specifically, the officers relied on a 2001 jury verdict involving a white officer who shot a black man and a 2008 case that has little to do with their own controversial and highly publicized shooting.
Trying to distract from their lack of "evidence of any direct proclamation of racial animus by whites," the officers instead "point to short excerpts from dated testimony in unrelated cases that consist of individuals giving general discussion about race and the city of Cleveland," the opinion states.
In the 2001 case, a white police officer fired 14 shots at a 12-year-old black driver, wounding him, and then received a 21-month restricted duty assignment.
The 2008 case does involve so-called "reverse discrimination" against white police officers, but the plaintiffs focused on testimony from then-Deputy Chief Timothy Hennessy regarding restrictive duty that Gwin "proves little to nothing."
"Different shooting, different justification for the shooting, different supervisors, and difference decision makers," Gwin wrote.
Further, the plaintiffs failed to identify any examples of black officers involved in shootings that received less restricted duty time than they had.
Except for saying that the officers will appeal, their attorney Jonathan Rosenbaum declined to comment on the ruling.
The Cleveland Police Department meanwhile has not returned calls seeking comment. A website for The Plain Dealer did quote a city spokesman, however, as applauding the court's ruling. "The city is pleased with Judge Gwin's decision finding that the city did not violate the rights of the police officers who claimed that the city did not treat them fairly in the aftermath of the police chase and shooting in November of 2012," that statement says.
The case hearkens back to a 62-car police chase that is thought to have stemmed from Russell's 1979 light-blue Chevy Malibu backfiring as it drove past the Cuyahoga County Justice Center.
Neither Russell nor Williams had a gun, but the officers reported that they had been shot at them, and more officers reported shots fired as the car continued to backfire during the 25-minute chase.
When the suspects drove into the dead end of a school staff parking lot, 13 officers fired a total of 137 shots at the Chevy Malibu during a span of 17.8 seconds.
Brelo, the officer who was indicted but acquitted of manslaughter, fired 49 of those 137 rounds. Nearly three seconds

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L.A. Now
Video shows L.A. County sheriff's deputies fatally shooting man in Lynwood
Esmeralda Bermudez, Richard Winton and Taylor Goldenstein

Deputies repeatedly fire at the man, even after he falls to the ground. The Sheriff's Department says the man had fired shots into the air and pointed a weapon at the deputies before they opened fire.

December 13 2015


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NYPD cop accused of stomping, crushing Brooklyn man’s privates

Monday, December 21, 2015, 11:00 PM

Corey Green underwent surgery Sunday at Bellevue Hospital to restore the blood flow to his private parts, according to his lawye. Staff
Corey Green underwent surgery Sunday at Bellevue Hospital to restore the blood flow to his private parts, according to his lawye.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating a Brooklyn man’s claim that a cop stomped on his groin with a boot, crushing his scrotum, the Daily News has learned.

Corey Green underwent surgery Sunday at Bellevue Hospital to restore the blood flow to his private parts, according to his lawyer Sanford Rubenstein.

“This is certainly an outrageous example of wrongdoing and we are calling on the Brooklyn district attorney’s office to present evidence to a grand jury,” Rubenstein said.

Green, 33, and the NYPD provided significantly different versions of how he was injured Saturday night in Bedford-Stuyvesant. A police spokesman said Green ran into scaffolding after fleeing from police investigating the robbery of a takeout food deliveryman.

Rubenstein said his client told Internal Affairs investigators on Monday that cops burst into his friend’s apartment on Monroe St. at gunpoint and ordered the occupants to go outside and stand in a lineup on the street for the robbery victim

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Town waiting for an eruption found it after firing its first black police officer

Gerry Pickens was Orting’s first black policeman, but he wasn’t on the force long. He says he was set up to fail.

, Wash. — They were so preoccupied with the volcano shadowing their town, with forecasts and evacuation drills, that few people here noticed the other disaster taking shape around them. Life for Orting’s 8,000 residents depended on predicting what would one day come roaring down the slopes of Mount Rainier, 30 miles away. They had sirens for lava, sensors for earthquakes and alarms for the volcanic mudflow that geologists believed would one day bury the town. Tension was always building inside the volcano, considered the country’s most dangerous, a pressur

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Emanuel aide attacked at vigil for victims of police shooting

12/28/2015, 11:08PM

Janet Cooksey, 49, holds up a picture of her son, 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier, during a news conference outside a West Garfield Park neighborhood home on Dec. 27, 2015. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times
One of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s deputy chiefs of staff was attacked Sunday evening while attending a vigil for Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier, who were fatally shot by Chicago Police in West Garfield Park on Saturday.

According to a source, Vance Henry was attending the vigil about 5:50 p.m. at the site of the shooting in the 4700 block of West Erie when he was attacked.

The police department’s Office of News Affairs confirmed that a 50-year-old man was at the vigil when “he was approached by an unknown person who began to make verbal threats which escalated to a physical altercation.”

Strong earthquake rattles central Oklahoma
69 journalists killed while reporting in 2015
Awkward, bland and angry: Your 2015 political Christmas cards

The man was punched with a closed fist, tackled to the ground and kicked repeatedly, according to police. He went to Rush University Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

In an emailed statement Monday night, City Hall spokesman Adam Collins said: “We are aware that on

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Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths

Final total of people killed by US police officers in 2015 shows rate of death for young black men was five times higher than white men of the same age
US police killed more than 1,000 people so far this year. Will 2016 be any different?


Thursday 31 December 2015 15.00 EST
Last modified on Thursday 31 December 2015 17.44 EST

Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year.
The Guardian view on killings by US police: why we must keep counting
The Counted has made up for the Obama administration’s failings, but the lack of oversight remains. So we will restart our count of people killed by police until the government does its job

Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age.

Paired with official government mortality data, this new finding indicates that about one in every 65 deaths of a young African American man in the US is a killing by police.

“This epidemic is disproportionately affecting black people,” said Brittany Packnett, an activist and member of the White House taskforce on policing. “We are wasting so many promising young lives by continuing to allow this to happen.”

Speaking in the same week that a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio, was cleared by a grand jury over the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old African American boy who was carrying a toy gun, Packnett said the criminal justice system was presenting “no deterrent” to the excessive use of deadly force by police. “Tamir didn’t even live to be 15,” she said.

Protests accusing law enforcement officers of being too quick to use lethal force against unarmed African Americans have spread across the country in the 16 months since dramatic unrest gripped Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old

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Bronx teen smashed into hookah bar window by NYPD sergeant wants cop tossed from force
BY John Marzulli
Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 7:43 PM

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FBI Director Hoover assassinates Martin Luther King
1 year after Dr Kings speech about the Military Industrial complex
controlling the USA.

In 2016 african american FBI agent gives keynote speech celebrating birthday
of Martin Luther King

Beam me up scotty.....

couple of stories about....


Martin Luther King Jr. celebration set for Monday

Published: Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 2:46 p.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 2:46 p.m.

St. Luke Catholic Church and the Lafourche Parish NAACP will host a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration starting at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 18 in Thibodaux.

Participants will march from Martin Luther King Park to the St. Luke Community Center, 300 East 11th St., where a program will be held about 11 a.m. Newly-elected Attorney General Jeff Landry will be a special guest, and FBI Supervisory Special Agent Deron Ogletree will present the keynote speech.

John Toups of J.W. Toups Inc. will deliver a presentation entitled Moving Forward with Knowledge. The master of ceremonies will be Al Carter.

For more information, contact Burnell Tolbert at 713-4250 or Al Carter at 870-5548.



Eyes to My Soul

The Rise or Decline of A Black FBI Agent

Dr Tyronne Powers
former FBI agent


Unjustified FBI harassment of Black mayors Coleman Young (Detroit), Harold Washington (Chicago) and Marion Barry (Washington, DC); white agents urinating on photographs of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore; a white agents' fundraiser for white policemen accused of murdering a Black Detroit motorist; agents pasting the picture of an ape over the photo of an African American agent's child; sheet-clad classmates pretending to be Ku Klux Klansmen at the FBI Academy; the mysterious explosion of a "troublesome" Black agent's FBI-issued vehicle -- all of this, too, is the FBI, and former Special Agent Tyrone Powers tells it as only a conscious Black insider could


The Lew Rockwell Show 05/13/2010: An Interview with James ...

FEB 22, 2011

Mobile-friendly · James W. Douglass, the author of JFK and the Unspeakable... Skip navigation ... Rockwell founded the Mises Institute in Auburn, ... Jim Douglass - MLK, ...
Martin Luther King assassinated by US Govt: King Family ...


Mobile-friendly · Jan 12, 2015 · Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and personal friend/attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty of ...

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Pennsylvania police reportedly warned 3 'radical' associates of terror suspect on the loose

Archer's brother Shane told Fox 29 that the suspect was neither mentally ill, as suggested by his mother on Friday, nor was he connected to ISIS. Shane Archer says Edward did travel to Mecca but he believes the alleged shooting was more closely related to what he called police mistreatment of black men than religion.


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two stories


Ruby Dee documentary offers her pearls of wisdom


The late actress and activist Ruby Dee won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work in the 2007 movie “American Gangster.”

New York — – The late Ruby Dee was many things — an artist, an activist and a pioneer of stage and screen. But she was also something equally important — a grandmother.

A new documentary packed with Dee’s life lessons has been created by one of her grandsons, and it offers a very personal look at the widely admired woman.

Muta’Ali Muhammad, grandson of Dee and Ossie Davis, filmed Dee talking about everything from what was in her detailed FBI file to her opinion of open marriages. He hopes others will do the same.

“This piece has served as an inspiration and an excuse to those people who have wanted to record interviews with their loved ones,” Muhammad said.

“I think grandpa and grandma Ruby would really like that because the No. 1 thing that they wanted



January 16, 2016
Fattah seeks hearing on FBI agent's disclosure to reporter as route to dismiss indictment
U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Friday filed a motion seeking a hearing to find out if an FBI agent leaked grand jury information. (AP file photo)
U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah Friday filed a motion seeking a hearing to find out if an FBI agent leaked grand jury
Before coming to Philadelphia, he was in Nashville, where he wrote about politics, courts and urban change for regional and national newspapers. He spent his last year there working for Nashville Public Radio focusing on city council and criminal justice.

His stories have been heard on NPR's Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now and Marketplace.

Bobby grew up in Plymouth, a small blue-collar town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He graduated from American University in Washington with a degree in philosophy. He's lived in Brooklyn, Portland and Sweden.

He enjoys bike commuting and black coffee.

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah is hoping that a revelation that emerged during his son's federal trial can be used to unravel the 29-count indictment he's facing for allegedly running campaign finance schemes to advance his political career.

In October, before a jury convicted Fattah's son, Chip Fattah, on bank and tax fraud charges, FBI special agent Richard Haag took the stand. Haag was the lead investigator on both Fattah cases.

Under oath, Haag testified that he tipped off a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter in 2012 about a federal raid of the younger Fattah's residence, something Chip Fattah had long believed. That led him to file a civil lawsuit arguing that the publicity generated by the tip-off tarnished his career, which consisted of, as he put it, being a "entrepreneur, socialite and lifestyle mogul."

In a Friday filing in the elder Fattah's case, the congressman asked for a hearing on the subject of Haag before his trial on the federal charges begins in May. Was other information about the FBI's dual investigations leaked? Answering that question, Fattah contended, could demonstrate that both probes were carried out improperly.

"If a government agent reveals grand jury information, then Defendant Fattah has the right to seek remedies ranging from contempt charges against the agent to a dismissal of the indictment," Fattah's attorney Riley Ross wrote.

Although Haag said under oath that he did not leak any grand jury material, Fattah argued that prior federal cases have established that Haag's admission was indeed a grand jury matter and therefore can lead to "possible injustice in this matter."

Fattah, whom federal prosecutors say accepted bribes from a lobbyist and misappropriated hundreds of thousands of federal dollars, called the dynamic Haag established with the Inquirer reporter, Martha Woodall, a "quid-pro-quo relationship."

"A reasonable person would conclude that the information about each subject matter that Agent Haag related to Woodall was also placed before the grand jury," attorney Ross said in the filing.

It's now up to the government, Fattah said, to explain why Haag has not been held in contempt of court.

Fattah is additionally after "all discussions between prosecutors and grand jurors concerning the grand jury investigation" to figure out if more than just the raid tip was leaked by Haag or other federal investigators.

And if more was leaked, Fattah said, "a ground will exist to dismiss the indictment."

Also filed on Friday, those charged along with Fattah in the corruption case are asking to be tried separate, or for charges to be dismissed

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Cops who kill unarmed victims — like Cedrick Chatman or Eric ...
New York Daily News January 17 2016
It wasn't until an FBI agent, who was in the area with a detective, arrived on the scene that Rice was given any first aid. It must be noted that Rice fought to live all ...

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What happens when you survive a police shooting in Baltimore?

There’s no dispute that police shot Keith Davis but as he nurses his wounds 200 days later from jail – and awaits trial – he’s fighting against criminal charges
Keith Davis
Keith Davis was the first person to be shot by police after Freddie Gray died in police custody in April. But whether or not Davis committed crimes that day remains in dispute.
Monday 18 January 2016 08.30 EST
Last modified on Monday 18 January 2016 10.23 EST

On 7 June 2015, Baltimore was still reeling from the unrest that had put thousands of citizens at odds with battalions of police dressed in riot gear in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray. May had been the city’s most violent month since the 1970s. More than 40 people had been murdered in the city and more than 100 others non-fatally shot in the month since the hopeful day when state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby told the city that she felt its pain as she announced she would press charges against the officers tied to Gray’s death in the back of a police van.

Residents and police alike were expressing confusion and fear, as some claimed officers were in the middle of a “slowdown” in retaliation against city leadership. So when reports of a shoot-out between a suspect and officers came out, no one was surprised – or particularly outraged. The local newspaper ran a story based on the police reports, which said that the man, Keith Davis Jr, had robbed an unlicensed cab driver with a pistol and fled from the police to a garage, where he refused to give up his weapon and was shot at numerous times before being hit in the arm and the face and surrendering.

But unlike many victims of police shootings, Davis lived to provide his own account of what happened that morning – he says he didn’t have a gun and was misidentified as the suspect. He is now fighting criminal charges against him and has been in jail awaiting trial for more than 200 days, while nursing his gunshot wounds behind bars.
The Counted: people killed by police in the United States in 2015 – interactive
The Guardian is counting the people killed by US law enforcement agencies this year. Read their stories and contribute to our ongoing, crowdsourced project
Read more

As the Guardian’s The Counted has reported, more than 1,130 people were killed by police in 2015. But there are others who, like Davis, are shot or otherwise injured!


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Officer indicted for using Taser on Prairie View City Council member

Monday, January 25, 2016 05:30PM
A grand jury has indicted a police officer after he used a stun gun on a City Council member in a small, predominantly black Texas college town, authorities said Monday.

Prairie View officer Michael Kelley was indicted for official oppression, a misdemeanor, on Friday said E. Rivera, chief investigator for the Waller County District Attorney's Office.

Kelley couldn't immediately be reached for comment on Monday.

Police said the incident began last October when they questioned four men outside Prairie View City Council Member Jonathan Miller's apartment about suspicious activity in the neighborhood and Miller intervened. Video from police and from one of Miller's friends showed Kelley using a Taser on Miller when he didn't follow police commands. Miller and a female officer also at the scene are both black while Kelley is white.


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Inmate locked in scalding shower died 'by accident', medical examiner says

Following the long-awaited autopsy, the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office will decide if any criminal charges are to be brought against any of the officers
Darren Rainey died in June 2012 after he was confined to ​a tiny cubicle at the psychiatric unit of the Dade Correctional Institution, with corrections officers controlling the water temperature from outside.
Darren Rainey died in June 2012 after he was confined to a tiny cubicle at the psychiatric unit of the Dade Correctional Institution, with corrections officers controlling the water temperature from outside. Photograph: Charles O'Rear/Corbis

Tuesday 26 January 2016 07.30 EST
Last modified on Tuesday 26 January 2016 08.46 EST

A civil rights group has stepped up its call for a federal inquiry into Florida’s troubled prison service after a medical examiner reportedly ruled the death of an inmate who was locked under a scalding shower by prison guards for almost two hours an accident.

Darren Rainey, who was schizophrenic, died in June 2012 after he was confined to a tiny cubicle at the psychiatric unit of the Dade correctional institution near Homestead, with corrections officers controlling the water temperature from outside. Several inmates reported hearing Rainey, 50, screaming to be let out while another later claimed he was made to scrape chunks of the dead prisoner’s burned-off flesh from the cubicle floor.

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Black drivers in Florida receive double the number of seatbelt tickets – study

ACLU says racial disparity in enforcing mandatory seatbelt law is very alarming after 2015 saw several high-profile traffic stops escalate into fatal encounters
The rate at which black drivers were ticketed over Florida’s mandatory seatbelt law was as high as four times as often as white drivers in some counties.
The rate at which black drivers were ticketed over Florida’s mandatory seatbelt law was as high as four times as often as white drivers in some counties. Photograph: Alamy

Wednesday 27 January 2016 10.21 EST
Last modified on Wednesday 27 January 2016 10.28 EST

Black drivers in Florida are stopped and ticketed for not wearing a seatbelt significantly more often than their white counterparts, raising “serious concern” that law enforcement may be racially profiling motorists, according to a study released by the American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday.

Using data collected under Florida’s seatbelt law, the authors found that in 2014 black motorists were ticketed nearly twice as often statewide and up to four times as often in certain counties.

“This report brings forth new evidence suggesting that racial profiling in traffic enforcement is real,” said Nusrat Choudhury, an attorney with the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program and

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Florida police chief defends officers that victim says ‘beat me like a dog’

In video of the incident, one of the officers kicks Noel Carter in the side at least six times. The chief says the video is only ‘a small piece’ of what happened
Orlando Police Department
An initial inquiry conducted by Andrew Gillespie, a sergeant with the Orlando police department, approved the officers’ use of force. Photograph: Cliff/flickr

Thursday 11 June 2015 14.06 EDT
Last modified on Thursday 11 June 2015 14.48 EDT

A Florida police chief is defending two of his officers who were captured on video repeatedly kicking and hitting a suspect as he sat motionless at a roadside.

Noel Carter says the officers “literally beat me like a dog in the street” during the incident outside an Orlando nightclub last week.
Video of the incident

In the video, recorded on a local resident’s cellphone, one of the officers is seen kicking Carter in the side with considerable force at least six times before the subdued man keels over backwards on to the pavement.

But John Mina, chief of the Orlando police department, said the video was only “a small piece” of the incident, and that Carter brought the violence on himself because he was drunk and resisting an instruction to surrender.

“Based on what I know now, I have no reason to take them off the streets,” Mina said of the officers, who also struck Carter with a metal baton, pepper-sprayed him and fired a Taser at him several times.

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2 stories



Shootings and racist messages prompt DoJ inquiry into San Francisco police



The FBI Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings - The New York ...
Jun 18, 2013 - In most of the shootings, the F.B.I.'s internal investigation was the only .... the bureau's image goes down the toilet if it doesn't investigate itself ...

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couple of stories


Black Princeton Professor Says She Was Handcuffed to Table Over Parking Ticket

FEB. 9, 2016
Imani Perry, a Princeton University professor,

A black Princeton professor is protesting her arrest during a traffic stop last week, saying she was mistreated because of her race by two white police officers who searched her and



A Letter in Support of Dr. Imani Perry
Department of African American Studies

Princeton community,
Professor Imani Perry speaks at a Princeton University event. Photo by Sameer Khan, Fotobuddy LLC. Courtesy of the Department of African American Studies.

WE, the faculty and staff of Princeton’s Department of African American Studies, write to express unequivocal support for our beloved colleague Professor Imani Perry. We were outraged to hear of her treatment at the hands of the Princeton police: that a male officer subjected her to a pat-down in the presence of a female officer and that she was handcuffed to a table after her arrest for an unpaid parking ticket.

As scholars of African American Studies, we were outraged but not surprised. People might dwell on the details of the incident and even scrutinize Professor Perry’s life. But we believe that attending to such particulars distracts from the true problem. Sadly what happened to her happens all too often throughout this country.
Professor Imani Perry stands in her office. Photo by Sameer Khan, Fotobuddy LLC. Courtesy of the Department of African American Studies.

Professor Perry’s treatment by Princeton police affords us an opportunity in this small, affluent University town to think about the politics of policing and its effect on the quality of living in this community, as well as throughout the United States. Professor Perry has written powerfully about the “cultural practice of inequality” — how our choices in our daily lives, and the discretion they evidence, reinforce structures of inequality. How we see this at work in housing, in the workplace, in schools, and in whom the police stop, arrest, and how they are treated once in custody. We know, in part because of her scholarship, that members of marginalized groups– Black people, immigrants, transgendered people, and those who live in the intersections of inequality — are disproportionately and systematically disadvantaged compared to others within the criminal justice system and beyond.
Professor Imani Perry speaks at a Princeton University event. Photo by Sameer Khan, Fotobuddy LLC. Courtesy of the Department of African American Studies.

We support Professor Perry and those who aren’t as well known who are subject to this kind of policing. She stated the stakes best:

“[My arrest] was humiliating and frightening, but I am not Sandra Bland, Rekia Boyd, or Tanisha Anderson. I was not murdered. I was not screamed at, roughed up, or held over the weekend, or for weeks, or years. I was not forced into a plea deal that will take me away from my children, or prevent me from working or maintaining my home. I am here. My life has not been ruined or destroyed. And I must admit I am somewhat ashamed that my story will get more attention than those of others who have experienced things far worse that merit our response. But I hope against hope that the attention my story has received, and the fact that many people will give me the benefit of the doubt because of my profession, my small build, my attachment to elite universities, and because prominent people will vouch for my integrity and responsibility, can be converted into something more important. I hope that this circle of attention will be part of a deeper reckoning with how and why police officers behave the way they do, especially towards those of us whose flesh is dark.”


The Faculty of the Department of African American Studies

Anne Anlin Cheng
Wendy Laura Belcher
Ruha Benjamin
Wallace Best
Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
Joshua Guild
Tera Hunter
Naomi Murakawa
Kinohi Nishikawa
Chika Okeke-Agulu
Stacey Sinclair
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Staff of the Department of African American Studies

Allison Bland
Elio Lleo
April Peters
Dionne Worthy

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This New Film Will Change the Way You Think About the Black Panthers
"This aggressive stance among African Americans; nobody had ever seen anything like that."


| Sun Feb. 14, 2016 6:00 AM EST

Black Panther leaders argue with a state policeman in Sacramento, California, in 1967. AP

Stanley Nelson had just returned from a screening of his new documentary "Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution" at the Apollo Theatre, when he saw her—Beyoncé—backed by dancers adorned in jet black outfits, berets and blown out hair, dancing with authority before thousands of raucous fans at the centerpiece of mainstream American culture, the Super Bowl. "I was shocked and amazed by it," Nelson recalled later. "But also, it was beautiful."
"Their lasting influence was really cultural...You can't imagine hip-hop without the Black Panthers."

The award-winning filmmaker had been swept up in a Black Panther moment. And in a way, so is the rest of the country. Much like during the late 1960s, protests over police brutality in the past year has given rise to the Black Lives Matter movement. The film serves as a reminder that the issues the Black Panthers combated—poverty, economic disparity, tensions between law enforcement and the black community—remain relevant today.

The film, told mainly through the voices of the Panthers' rank and file, captures the group's rise and long, steady fall as a cultural and political force, from its infamous gun-touting demonstration at the California statehouse to then-FBI director J. Edgar Hoover’s efforts to disrupt and destroy the Panthers' national influence. Nelson's doc also gets at the internal struggles as women rising through the Panther ranks pushed for gender equality.

The film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year, has largely been praised, although some insiders have taken issue with Nelson's portrayal. Former Panther leader Elaine Brown dismissed the film as a "two-dimensional palliative for white people and Negroes who are comfortable in America's oppressive status quo." Nelson chose not to respond directly, saying simply, "I don't think there's anything about the Panthers that anybody can agree on. But I think in some ways, this film comes really close."

Advertise on MotherJones.com

You can decide for yourself, in any case: The film premieres Tuesday, February 16 on PBS. For the occasion, I caught up with Nelson to talk about Panther legacy and misconceptions, and the resurgence of black activism around policing and criminal justice.

Mother Jones: How would you describe the Panthers' influence since their heyday?

Stanley Nelson: Besides the few tangible things that they did, like the breakfast with children program, their lasting influence was really cultural. This aggressive stance among African Americans; nobody had ever seen anything like that. It's hard to understand that if you weren't around back then. You can't imagine hip-hop without the Black Panthers. Today, hopefully, the movement can be an inspiration to people. These were people who made mistakes but they were trying to change things.

MJ: Why did you want to tell this history?

SN: I started eight years ago. I thought the Panthers were still very relevant, and I thought it was a story people didn't know—the people that did know it had a lot of misconceptions, whether you loved the Panthers or hated the Panthers. So many things that they were fighting for are things that we are still struggling to accomplish.

MJ: How did their cultural influence change over time?

SN: One of the fascinating things you see in the film is that the Panthers were supported by a large section of the population. It wasn't just black folks. You see Eldridge Cleaver speaking to thousands of people who are 90 percent white. You see people carrying signs in Chinese, in Japanese, in Spanish, in support of the Panthers. As time has gone on, they've been cast as this militant group that hates white people and they are out there on this island by themselves. That's not how they were thought of at the time. In the film, you see people having anti-war marches and the Panthers are there. There's a sign that says "Women's liberation. Free the past, free the Black Panthers." I think they were much more aligned with other organizations than we've come to look at them now. [Then FBI chief] J. Edgar Hoover states in his memos is that he wants isolate the Black Panthers. In some ways he succeeded, at least in our memories.

MJ: In Oregon, we just had a group of gun-touting white militiamen take over a federal outpost. Suppose they'd been black. What then?
"When black men started bearing arms, these people who we think of as being pro-gun are saying, 'We ought to change this law.'"

SN: One of the saddest things that I've heard, and this happened at one of our first screenings, is that somebody stood up and was like, "It's amazing that the Panthers did this in Oakland and no violence erupted. You couldn't have that happen today." So what does it say about where we are as a country? In some ways, things were a little bit better in 1966. But I do think that it will happen again. That with all these open carry laws, somebody's going to say, "Okay, let's patrol our own streets." Why wouldn't they?

MJ: So what does it say about where we are as a country?

SN: That some things have gotten worse. We want to think that things get better and better—this upward slope. I've done a number of historical films, and I don't think that's the way it works. You go go forward, then you go back. But I think it's really sad if you say, "You couldn't have this happen today without there being massive violence"—something that happened in 1966.

MJ: How would you say the gun-rights debate changes when you toss race into the mix?

SN: Race is always tossed into the mix. The unspoken idea is always that white people have a right to carry guns and bear arms. As you saw with the Panthers, when black men started bearing arms, these people who we think of as being pro-gun are saying, "We ought to change this law. We can't have nuts with guns carrying around weapons." There's always this kind of racial undertone. You talk about those guys occupying that thing out West. Well, if they were black, you know it would've played out in a very different way.

MJ: To what degree does the Black Lives Matter movement align with the Panther legacy?
"Cameras have really made people question the police. People, especially white people, are saying, 'Oh my God, we had no idea.'"

SN: There are a lot of similarities. The Black Panthers started because of police violence in Oakland, California. Black Lives Matter started in light of police violence all over the country. It's basically a movement of young people

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March 1 2016

Lawyer: Kendrick Johnson Wrongful Death Lawsuit Dismissed



- A $100 million wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of Kendrick Johnson has been voluntarily dismissed without prejudice, according to the family lawyer.

Johnson family attorney Chevene King said the family filed Tuesday for "Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice", which means that the case is temporarily being dismissed, but can be filed again at a later date.

The family plans to re-file in the future, following an open investigation by the US Attorney's Office, King said. He said waiting for the results of that investigation would be beneficial to the case, the main reason behind the dismissal.

The lawsuit accused the sheriff, school superintendent, and an FBI agent of placing the 17-year-old's body inside a rolled-up gym mat at Lowndes High School more than three years ago.

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March 9 2016


Ohio cop fired one month after writing 'love a happy ending' on Facebook when Black Lives Matter activist killed himself

Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 9:52 AM
Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel killed himself last month.
The Ohio police officer who wrote "love a happy ending" on Facebook after a Black Lives Matter activist killed himself has been fired.

The offensive remark by Lee Cyr was posted on the Ohio Politics Facebook page two days after MarShawn McCarrel shot himself on Feb. 8.

Even though Cyr was off duty when he posted the comment, his conduct violated the Fairborn Police Department's social media policy.


Cyr had been with the police department for more than two decades. He had been placed on leave last month following the incident.

Others left hateful comments on the Facebook page as well, including "one less to worry about" and “now if only all black lifes (sic) matter members would follow suit that would be great."

The 23-year-old McCarrel killed himself on the steps of Ohio's Statehouse in Columbus. "My demons won today. I'm sorry,” h


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Man who mimicked aiming a gun is shot to death by L.A. County deputies, officials say
Man who mimed holding gun gets shot and killed by LA Sheriff's deputies

Detectives investigate the fatal shooting of a man by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies at Holmes Avenue and 64th Street in the Florence-Firestore area. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
Joseph SernaJoseph SernaContact Reporter

March 16 2016


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March 19 2016


Amnesty International investigator on Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa's death
Next: Former Navy Seal says Obama asking military leaders if they'll disarm Americans
March 18, 2016 4:39 PM MST

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Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa died at the Nebraska State Penitentiary
Waposhitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa died at the Nebraska State Penitentiary
Mary Loan

Amnesty International investigated the case of the Omaha Two, Edward Poindexter and Wopashitwe Mondo Eyen we Langa, former David Rice, in the late 1970's. Mondo and Poindexter were Black Panther leaders in the National Committee to Combat Fascism and had been convicted in April 1971 for the bombing murder of an Omaha policeman. The two men had been targets of both the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division and rival Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Omaha Two were victims of COINTELPRO counterintelligence measures but much of the story was still hidden in classified files.

A German investigator, Claus Walischewski, was assigned the case. Walischewski and his team studied the case for two years before concluding Mondo and Ed Poindeter were political prisoners: “The cooperation with the FBI, the FBI’s own activities, the promise of leniency to Peak, even evidence—all these were kept secret at the trial. The key witnesses disappears after the trial. There is only one conclusion to these peculiarities: Rice and Poindexter were readily implicated with a murder because they were the most prominent political activists in Omaha and had to be silenced.”

“They became victim of a frame-up by the police and the FBI and of the racial and political biases in court. Mr. Kingman Brewster, President of Yale University, stated in 1970 that he was “skeptical of the ability of black revolutionaries to achieve a fair trial anywhere in the United States,” wrote Walischewski.

The Amnesty International work group stated their opinion: “David Rice and Ed Poindexter are political prisoners. They were sentenced for a crime they didn’t commit because of their radical political beliefs….The murder of patrolman Minard appeared to be a welcome pretext to incriminate the two activists and strike a blow against the NCCF from which it couldn’t recover. The legal system was misused and they were unjustly convicted.”

Forty-five years later, Claus Walischewski still believes in Mondo's innocence. Walischewski commented on Mondo's recent death at the Nebraska State Penitentiary: “I just want to express my shock and disbelief when I learned of Mondo's death....I had heard that Mondo's health problems had worsened but I had no idea how serious they were, that's why the news of his death took me by surprise.”

“I deeply deplore the fact that he had to spend most of his life in prison for a crime I believe he didn't commit. He was born the same year as I and that makes it the more horrendous to me: so many years confined in prison, such injustice, no chance of living a normal life - how could he endure all this? Amnesty International took on his case in 1977 and only one year later I joined AI and started working on this case. In the 1990s I went to Nebraska and Minnesota and had a chance to meet Mondo and Ed in prison and thus developed a more personal commitment to their case. Numerous letters I wrote on their behalf - to no avail,” complained Walischewski.

“It makes me sad to know how harshly the US legal and political system deals with supposed enemies and is rarely willing to make up for injustices and manipulations that victims of racism have suffered. Another precious life spent! Can we hope that one day Mondo will be rehabilitated and cleared of the crime? That is still important, not only for Ed Poindexter, but als

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March 22 2016

Top adviser to Richard Nixon admitted that ‘War on Drugs’ was policy tool to go after anti-war protesters and ‘black people’

Updated: Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 9:28 PM


Nixon aide: 'War on Drugs' was tool to target 'black people'

The “War on Drugs” was actually a political tool to crush leftist protesters and black people, a former Nixon White House adviser admitted in a decades-old interview published Tuesday.

John Ehrlichman, who served as President Richard Nixon’s domestic policy chief, laid bare the sinister use of his boss’ controversial policy in a 1994 interview with journalist Dan Baum that the writer revisited in a new article for Harper’s magazine.

“You want to know what this was really all about,” Ehrlichman, who died in 1999, said in the interview after Baum asked him about Nixon’s harsh anti-drug policies.

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying,” Ehrlichman continued.

“We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Ehrlichman served 18 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy and perjury for his role in the Watergate scandal that toppled his boss.
John D. Ehrlichman (l.), a top adviser to former President Richard Nixon (r.) is seen here in a 1972 photo. Ehrlichman, who died in 1999, admitted that the administration’s "War on Drugs" was actually a ploy to target left-wing protesters and African-Americans. ASSOCIATED PRESS
John D. Ehrlichman (l.), a top adviser to former President Richard Nixon (r.) is seen here in a 1972 photo. Ehrlichman, who died in 1999, admitted that the administration’s "War on Drugs" was actually a ploy to target left-wing protesters and African-Americans.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said Ehrlichman’s comments proved what black people had believed for decades.

“This is a frightening confirmation of what many of us have been saying for years. That this was a real attempt by government to demonize and criminalize a race of people,” Sharpton told the Daily News. “And when we would raise the questions over that targeting, we were accused of all kind of things, from harboring criminality to being un-American and trying to politicize a legitimate concern.”


In 1971, Nixon labeled drug abuse “Public Enemy No. 1” and signed the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, putting into place several new laws that cracked down on drug users. He also created the Drug Enforcement Administration.

By 1973, about 300,000 people were being arrested every year under the law — the majority of whom were African-American.
18695 Charles Tasnadi/AP
Anti-war demonstrators in 1970 image.

The drug war was continued in various forms by every President since, including President Ronald Reagan, whose wife Nancy called for people to “Just say no.”

Ehrlichman’s 22-year-old comments resurfaced Tuesday after Baum wrote about them in a cover story for the April issue of Harper’s, titled “Legalize It All,” in which he argues in favor of legalizing hard drugs.

The original 1994 interview with Ehrlichman was part of Baum’s research for his 1997 book, “Smoke and Mirrors: The War on Drugs and the Politics of Failure,” in which Baum laid bare decades of unsuccessful drug policy.

But the quotes never appeared in the book.

Baum said Tuesday he excluded the jaw-dropping quotes because they “didn’t fit.”
NYPD arrests a member of the Black Panthers for refusing to clear a sidewalk during a demonstration.
Steve Starr/AP
NYPD arrests a member of the Black Panthers for refusing to clear a sidewalk during a demonstration.
Charles Tasnadi/AP
Anti-war demonstrators in Washington on May 9, 1970.

“There are no authorial interviews in (‘Smoke and Mirrors’) at all; it’s written to put the reader in the room as events transpire,” Baum told The Huffington Post via email. “Therefore, the quote didn’t fit. It did change all the reporting I did for the book, though, and changed the way I worked thereafter.”

The shocking interview with Ehrlichman later surfaced in a 2012 compendium of “wild, poignant, life-changing stories” from various writers titled “The Moment,” but the quotes received little media attention.

Many politicos have surmised that Ehrlichman, who would die five years later, made the stark revelations because he was angry Nixon never pardoned him of his Watergate-related offenses.

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March 23 2016


Texas trooper pleads not guilty in Sandra Bland case
HEMPSTEAD, Texas - A fired Texas trooper pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge of misdemeanor perjury stemming from his arrest last summer of Sandra Bland, a black woman who was later found dead in a county jail.

Brian Encinia entered his plea during a brief appearance before a Waller County judge as protesters gathered outside the courthouse in Hempstead, about 50 miles northwest of Houston. One held a sign that read: "What happened to Sandra Bland?"

About 20 protesters yelled "Tell the truth" and "Sandra still speaks," and at one point directed their chanting at Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith who stood nearby speaking with reporters. Bland's arrest captured on a police dash-camera video provoked national outrage and drew the attention of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Encinia's attorney, Larkin Eakin, said after Tuesday's arraignment that the perjury charge "repres

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I don't know how to post photo of painting

HomeDenver and the WestStory

Denver and the West
Denver mayor, police chief meet with student behind KKK cop portrayal
The controversial artwork was removed from a display in the city's Webb Building

Posted: 03/25/2016 10:02:49 AM MDT | Updated: about 3 hours ago

This painting, which has since been taken down, was part of a public school art show in the lobby of Denver’s Webb Building.
This painting, which has since been taken down, was part of a public school art show in the lobby of Denver's Webb Building. (Courtesy of Denver7)

Denver's police chief and mayor said they had a productive and educational conversation Friday with a student who created a piece of art showing an officer wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood while pointing a gun at a minority child.

"This was one of the more teachable moments that I've ever had as the mayor of this city," Mayor Michael Hancock told reporters after the meeting at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy. "Not just for the student, but for us as well."
Chief of Police Robert White flanked by Principle Peter Castillo (left) and Mayor Michael Hancock, listen to Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova speak
Chief of Police Robert White flanked by Principle Peter Castillo (left) and Mayor Michael Hancock, listen to Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova speak after a private meeting with the student artist, her parents and community leaders at Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy to discuss concerns from the community and police regarding a public art work by one of the students that was displayed in a city building. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)

The controversial artwork by the Kunsmiller 10th-grader was on display in the lobby of the city's Webb Building as part of a public school art show. It was removed Wednesday — at the girl's request, officials say — after drawing outrage from the city's law enforcement community.

MORE: Is student art free speech or a teaching moment?

Hancock said while the student intended to comment on the current tumult between police and minorities across the nation, she was also evoking images of Denver's past and the KKK's historic presence in the city.

"She has been profoundly impacted by the issues of today," Hancock said, adding that the girl "taught us all something."

The student's piece was one of dozens of pieces of student art, including photography, sculpture, video and drawings, hung in the Webb Building. Her work was chosen by a panel of Denver Public Schools' jurors from students' submissions across the city.

Hancock and Chief Robert White called a meeting with the student and her parents to discuss the piece and better understand her intentions as part of their ongoing attempts to create a dialogue with students.

Acting Denver Public Sch

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couple of stories 3 or 4 maybe 5
no more than 6


Undercover operative in sting case denies racial targeting
Updated: March 28, 2016 —

HARRISBURG - Tyron Ali, the undercover operative in an investigation that led to the arrests of six Philadelphia Democrats, testified Monday that no one had instructed him to target African Americans as he secretly captured elected officials on tape taking money or gifts.
Tyrone B. Ali, right, along with his attorney Patrick Casey, left, arrive at the Dauphin County Court house for a hearing.
Slideshow icon Slideshow
Undercover operative in sting case denies racial targeting

Ali appeared at a hearing for State Rep. Vanessa Lowery Brown, who is charged in the case, and steadfastly denied that race played any role in the undercover sting operation.

Brown, 49, a Democrat whose district includes parts of North and West Philadelphia, does not deny pocketing $4,000 in cash from Ali in secretly taped transactions. But she has argued that she was targeted by prosecutors because she is black. She has also contended that Ali entrapped her by flirting with her and misleading her into thinking she was in a romance.

Prosecutors Mark Gilson and Brad Bender of the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, reject those arguments. They say other corrupt politicians urged Ali to get in touch with Brown and that race had nothing to do with it. Gilson and Bender said Brown's greed, and not love, led her to take the money.

As Ali took the stand Monday, Brown's lawyer, Patrick A. Casey, asked him whether he was instructed to target African American lawmakers and Democrats.

"I was not," Ali replied.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane inherited the undercover sting operation when she took office in 2013, but secretly shut it down without bringing charges. After the Inquirer broke the news of her decision, in a story published in 2014, Kane condemned the investigation, saying it was as flawed - even "half-assed" - and possibly tainted by racial considerations.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams resurrected the shuttered probe and charged six public officials, all African Americans and all Philadelphia Democrats. In announcing the arrests, Williams vigorously rejected Kane's contention that race played a role in the investigation.

Former state representatives Michelle Brownlee, Harold James and Ronald Waters and former Philadelphia Traffic Court judge Thomasine Tynes have pleaded guilty and admitted accepting money or gifts from Ali.

A fifth defendant, Louise Williams Bishop, pleaded no contest to a corruption charge after briefly contending that she, too, had been a victim of race-based prosecution. She later dropped that argument, and her lawyer apologized for raising the issue, which he said "had no viability."

Brownlee, Bishop and Waters quit the legislature after entering their pleas. James and Tynes had already left office when charged.

In court papers submitted to Judge Scott Evans, Brown's lawyer, Casey, has relied on Kane's past criticism of the sting. He filed with the court a memo made public by Kane in which one of her top aides asserted that Claude Thomas, the lead agent in the sting, had said he was told to target African Americans.

Another senior Kane aide said FBI agents reported hearing a similar allegation from Ali, the lobbyist who spent 19 months undercover and recorded 113 surreptitious conversations to win lenient treatment in his own unrelated theft case.

In rebuttal, Gilson and Bender pointed out that both Thomas and Ali are minorities, and that both had testified before a Philadelphia grand jury and denied under oath any racial targeting. Thomas testified that the allegation was an "outright lie."

Prosecutors also made public transcripts from tapes showing that Brown at one point rebuffed Ali when



Community fights racist frame-up of city councilor

By Frank Neisser

Boston’s African-American community of Roxbury and a broad coalition of supporters are standing strong with City Councilor Chuck Turner, who has come out fighting ever since his Nov. 21 arrest. The attack on Turner, who has been charged with extorting $1,000 and lying to the FBI, is viewed as part of a frame-up scheme to undermine the African-American community’s right to strong political representation. Turner won in the last election with more than 80 percent of the vote.

At 6 a.m. on Nov. 21, seven armed FBI agents had gone to Turner’s front door, terrorizing his household. He was arrested an hour later at City Hall, where he was already beginning his work day, and taken in handcuffs to Worcester, 45 minutes from Boston.

At the first word of the arrest, activists and allies went into high gear. Rank-and-file union leaders from United Steel Workers Local 8751—the Boston School Bus Drivers—along with organizers from the International Action Center, Women’s Fightback Network, Restore Our Heat & Lights Campaign, the Boston Workers Alliance, the youth group FIST (Fight Imperialism, Stand Together) and other community groups came forward to mobilize solidarity, defend the Turner household and offer whatever assistance was necessary.

People’s lawyers Barry Wilson and John Pavlos were secured and political supporters gathered in Worcester. Turner left the court surrounded by 40 supporters holding up signs and chanting, “Chuck, Chuck, Chuck!” He immediately spoke out to the throng of media, proclaiming his innocence and condemning the FBI abuse as well as the attack on his constituents’ right to the representative of their choice.

Horrific attacks on Turner from the Boston media and all corners of the capitalist establishment have thrown the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” out the window. In an unprecedented action, City Council President Maureen Feeney stripped him of all his committee chair positions and called for a special session of the City Council to consider removing him.

On Nov. 24 Turner, along with 500 supporters, held a rally and news conference on the steps of City Hall to demand that Feeney call off the City Council hearing and restore him to his committee positions. Feeney had to cancel the session.

About 70 community and grassroots supporters, including a delegation of more than 35 rank-and-file members of Local 8751, participated in another news conference and rally at Turner’s district office in Roxbury on Nov. 26. Turner said: “The media has not produced one story on the fact that I am the only Boston city councilor who in the modern era has maintained an office in the community. There has not been one story around the fact that my campaign owes Terri [Turner’s spouse] and I $140,000 because of our investment of our own resources in the maintenance of the district office.”

A mass meeting is scheduled for Dec. 2, and a Solidarity Day rally for Dec. 9. Turner’s next court appearance is at 3 p.m. on Dec. 10 at the Moakley Federal Court House in Boston. Visit SupportChuckTurner.com for details.

Turner’s massive support is based on four decades of grassroots activism and community organizing. He fought for jobs through the Third World Jobs Clearinghouse and United Community Construction Workers. He was a founder of the Boston Workers Alliance, the only organization of unemployed workers in the state, which also fights for formerly incarcerated workers’ right to a job.

Turner has fought on every community and progressive issue, from immigrant rights to foreclosure and eviction blockades and against war. Recently he spearheaded a campaign to restore heat and lights to those whose utilities have been shut off.

The attack on Turner seeks to cut off the grassroots leadership necessary to bring about the change people are looking and hoping for.

U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Michael Sullivan, who is prosecuting Turner as well as State Sen. Dianne Wilkerson (see Workers World, Nov. 13), is a notorious right-wing Republican whose specialty is politically motivated false prosecutions. He prosecuted the Plymouth 25—Native activists and allies who were the victims of a police riot against their peaceful demonstration on the National Day of Mourning (“Thanksgiving” Day) in 1997.

Turner’s case is part of a national campaign of racist, politically motivated prosecutions. These include the cases of: African-American Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee, who was convicted in October based on similar FBI entrapment and trial by media; Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana, who was subjected to an unprecedented FBI raid of his congressional office and was forced out of his committee positions by Speaker Nancy Pelosi even before being indicted; and Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who was lambasted for defending herself from racist guards at the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

These are but the most recent chapters in a long history of racist political frame-ups and abuse by the FBI that goes back to the attacks on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Adam Clayton Powell and Shirley Chisholm.

Robert Traynham of the International Action Center said: “Sullivan should be fired for politically motivated, racist frame-up prosecutions and abuse of the FBI. The FBI sho


FBI agents sabotage Faye Williams Congressional campaign

The Crisis - Jun-Jul 1992 - Page 50 - Google Books Result
Vol. 100, No. 5 - ‎Magazine
During the closing days of Faye Williams' 1986 run for Congress in ... members of the National Conference of Black Mayors with the FBI Director William Webster ...




Racial Mapping
Shhhh – What The FBI Doesn’t Want You to Know About its Racial Profiling Program
By Nusrat Choudhury, Staff Attorney, ACLU National Security Project at 12:40pm

The FBI is using a racial and ethnic mapping program to collect intelligence on American communities – and it doesn’t want you to know which ones it’s spying on, or how it’s using census data to do so. The ACLU and the ACLU of Michigan filed a brief in federal court on Friday to challenge the FBI’s secrecy over its profiling practices.

FBI documents we already secured show that the Bureau is profiling some communities for intelligence collection based on false stereotypes that ascribe certain types of crimes to entire minority communities. Targeted groups include Muslims and Arab-Americans in Michigan, African-Americans in Georgia, Chinese and Russian-Americans in California, and broad swaths of Latino-American communities in multiple states.

We obtained these FBI documents through the ACLU's “Mapping the FBI” campaign. As part of the campaign, 34 ACLU affiliates filed public records requests in 2010 to uncover how the FBI is collecting and “mapping” information about racial and ethnic groups around the country. Here’s just one troubling example: a 2009 Detroit FBI field office memorandum shows that the Bureau sought to collect information about Middle Eastern and Muslim communities in Michigan – without any evidence of actual wrongdoing and based on a generalized and entirely unsubstantiated threat assertion.

The public needs – and deserves – to know more about the FBI’s racial and mapping program. For that reason, the ACLU and the ACLU of Michigan brought a federal lawsuit in July 2011 to enforce our request for records about how the program is being used in Michigan. But the Bureau refused to disclose hundreds of documents – and most problematically, it fought to keep secret its use of information from public sources.

On Friday, we filed a brief in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to challenge the FBI’s sweeping secrecy claims. Our brief makes a simple but important argument: the Freedom of Information Act doesn’t permit the FBI to hide its use of information about Michigan communities that is already publicly available, like U.S. Census and other demographic data.

This just makes sense. Congress passed the Freedom of Information Act to help uncover information about government programs – not to let the government claim secrecy over census statistics that are already public.

Our brief also raises another critical issue: whether the FBI (or any other government agency) can secure an entirely secret, one-sided judicial process to resolve a challenge to its potential use of the FOIA’s exclusion provision, 5 U.S.C. § 552(c). That provision allows a government agency to avoid confirming or denying the very existence of records in its possession in certain circumstances. The possibility of abuse is obvious, and that makes it all the more important that there be a meaningful process for FOIA requesters to challenge – and the public to know – whether a government agency is properly relying on the provision.

The details of this issue may sound technical, but in essence, it’s simple. The FBI proposed a one-sided, secret judicial process to decide whether its reliance on the provision was proper. We proposed to the court a fair and transparent alternative to secret process. We argue that the FBI’s proposal goes against a fundamental tenet of our judicial system: public access to courts and judicial opinions. It also undermines a critical purpose of the FOIA: to promote government transparency and accountability.

We hope the Sixth Circuit will adopt our process to resolve our claim and those of future FOIA requesters who fight back against government secrecy. And, ultimately, we hope to get the information we all need to know about the true impact of FBI racial and ethnic mapping on our civil rights and civil liberties.

Learn more about racial mapping and other civil liberty issues


Black Elected Officials Targeted by Law
Apr 30, 2010

"Statistical evidence indicates that black elected officials have tended
to be investigated by law enforcement agencies at higher rates than white
elected officials. According to the Washington-based Joint Center of
Political and Economic Studies, in the past 25 years, 70 members of
Congress have faced criminal charges. Fifteen percent of those
investigated have been minorities—four times their percentage in the
legislative body.

The Washington Post reported that black elected officials were the target
of investigations for corruption in 14 percent of the 465 political
corruption cases launched between 1983 and 1988—a period in which blacks
were just 3 percent of all office holders. Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ)
magazine noted that about half of the Congressional Black Caucus members
were the subject of investigations or indictments between 1981 and 1993.
States GQ, “For the numbers to be equal for white representatives, 204 of
the 409 whites … would have been subjected to the same scrutiny during
that time … Yet, according to justice Department figures, only 15
actually were.”

In an interview with author Joe Davidson, Robert Moussallem, an FBI
informant charged with getting incriminating information on black
officials in Atlanta, sets forth his experience with the policy of
harassing of black officials. He states, “Shortly after I began working
with the FBI in 1979, I was made aware of an unofficial policy of the FBI
which was generally referred to by Special Agent John McAvoy as
Fruhmenschen [German for early or primitive man]. The purpose of the
policy was the routine investigation without probable cause of prominent
elected and appointed black officials in major metropolitan areas
throughout the United States. I learned from my conversations with
special agents of the FBI that the basis for this policy was the
assumption y the FBI that black officials were intellectually and
socially incapable of governing major government organizations and
institutions.” (Moussallem’s assignment, according to a 1989 affidavit,
was to entice Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington and other black
officials to take bribes on a phony land deal.)"

Also see link for full story

Hoover's Racist Legacy

"On January 27, 1988, Rep. Mervyn Dymally, then the chairman of the
Congressional Black Caucus, put into the Congressional Record a sworn
affidavit from former FBI special agent Hirsch Friedman, exposing an FBI
program called ``Operation Fruehmenschen'' (German for ``primitive'' or
``early man.'') Friedman's affidavit, originally filed in Federal court
in Atlanta, and provided to the relevant committees of the House of
Representatives, declared:

``The purpose of this policy was the routine investigation without
probable cause of prominent elected and appointed black officials in
major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. I learned from
my conversations with special agents of the FBI that the basis for
this policy was the assumption by the FBI that black officials were
intellectually and socially incapable of governing major governmental
organizations and institutions.'' "

I would urge State Representative Tyrone Brooks to speak
with former FBI agent Dr. Tyrone Powers. Dr Powers quit working at the
FBI after 9 years because of the rampant racism as detailed in his book

We also brought attorney Faye Williams to speak about how the FBI
fruhmenschen program targeted her campaign for Congress. see

Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.
Williams is National Chair of the National Congress of Black Women and
former ... She is a former Professor of International Law at Southern
University Law ...

We also brought Vermont filmaker Roz Payne who recently issued a 4 DVD
collection of her films,photos and interviews with Black Panthers.
Included in the collection is an interview with retired FBI agent
Wesley Swearingen who was a member of the FBI Racial Squad when he was
a FBI agent. He explains his job at the FBI Racial Squad was to
neutralize black politicians and activists by any means necessary.
see http://www.newsreel.us/DVD/information.htm

FBI agents created the fruhmenschen program in the 1950's to target
black elected officials in sting operations without cause because the FBI agents felt blacks were incapable of governing. Congressman Dymally entered material about this program into the Congressional record.
Hoover's Racist Legacy
On January 27, 1988, Rep. Mervyn Dymally, then the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, put into the Congressional Record a sworn affidavit from former FBI special agent Hirsch Friedman, exposing an FBI program called ``Operation Fruehmenschen'' (German for ``primitive'' or ``early man.'') Friedman's affidavit, originally filed in Federal court in Atlanta, and provided to the relevant committees of the House of Representatives, declared:

``The purpose of this policy was the routine investigation without probable cause of prominent elected and appointed black officials in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. I learned from my conversations with special agents of the FBI that the basis for this policy was the assumption by the FBI that black officials were intellectually and socially incapable of governing major governmental organizations and institutions.''

During Ad Hoc Democratic Platform Hearings June 22, that were facilitated by Lyndon LaRouche's Presidential campaign committee, former Tennessee judge and legislator Ira Murphy testified about Operation Fruehmenschen, which he has studied extensively. Judge Murphy stated that he and others believe that the operation began ``under the late Richard Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover, and it has continued since that time.'' Judge Murphy said that some of the investigations of Fruehmenschen show that over 300 black and minority officials have been investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department.

Hoover's obsession with blacks was well-known. In 1956, in the wake of the Supreme Court's school desegregation decisions, Hoover fought with Attorney General Brownell over Brownell's proposals for new civil rights laws and enforcement provisions. Hoover declared that ``the specter of racial intermarriage'' was behind the tensions over ``mixed schooling,'' and he attacked the NAACP and other civil rights organizations, while defending and praising the White Citizens Councils in the South. It was also in 1956 that Hoover launched the FBI's COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program) which targetted civil rights groups and leaders, among others.

During the Kennedy Administration, and especially when Robert Kennedy, as Attorney General, took over the Justice Department and became Hoover's nominal boss, tensions over the racism which pervaded Hoover's FBI, came to the fore under pressure from the new Administration. Agents would mock Robert Kennedy: ``Boys, if you don't work with vigah, you'll be replaced by a niggah.'' In the early '60s, one agent reported, ``in about 90% of the situations in which Bureau personnel referred to Negroes, the word `******' was used and always in a very derogatory manner.''[fn1]

Chuck Turner is a recent target of that program.

Prosecutor reveals star witness in Chuck Turner case was paid by FBI

October 18, 2010 02:09 PM
see link for full story

By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff

The Boston businessman who allegedly handed Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner $1,000 in exchange for help in getting a liquor license was paid nearly $30,000 by the government to participate in the FBI sting that also resulted in the arrest of state Senator Dianne Wilkerson, a federal prosecutor told a jury today.

Assistant US Attorney James P. Dowden said in his opening statement in US District Court in Boston that Ronald Wilburn, the government's cooperating witness in the corruption trial of Turner, received "just under about $30,000" for assisting authorities in both cases. It was the first time authorities acknowledged that Wilburn had been paid.

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Special Operations airman/FBI agent killed his squadron commander in
apparent-murder suicide

By Dan Lamothe and Adam Goldman April 9 at 4:15 PM

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I was struck with multiple blows': inside the secret violence of Homan Square
Documents disclosed in Guardian lawsuit reveal for first time how Chicago police used punches, baton blows and Tasers at the off-the-books interrogation site

‘I was struck with multiple blows with open and closed fist by two officers ... I felt my face start to swell and deform instantly.’
‘I was struck with multiple blows with open and closed fist by two officers ... I felt my face start to swell and deform instantly.’
Monday April 11 2016
Internal documts from the Chicago police department show that officers used physical force on at least 14 men already in custody at the warehouse known as Homan Square.

Police used punches, knee strikes, elbow strikes, slaps, wrist twists, baton blows and Tasers at Homan Square, according to documents released to the Guardian in the course of its transparency lawsuit about the warehouse. The new information contradicts an official denial about treatment of prisoners at the facility.

The injured men are among at least 7,351 people – over 6,000 of them black – who, police documents show, have been detained and interrogated at Homan Square without a public notice of their whereabouts or access to an attorney.

None of the men identified in these newest documents had fled custody or were injured in the course of a lawful arrest. All were subject to force by Chicago police officers after they were already in custody at Homan Square. According to depositions with officers

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Courthouse News Service Courthouse News Service Courthouse News Service
Thursday, April 14, 2016Last Update: 12:30 PM PT

Systemic Racism Found Among Chicago Cops


— The Chicago Police Department has deeply rooted problems with racism and lack of accountability for its officers' actions, according to a report from the Police Accountability Task Force.
"A painful but necessary reckoning is upon us," the task force said of its findings.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel called for the task force in December, shortly after the release of a police dashcam video showing officer Jason Van Dyke shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald sparked public outrage, protests and the dismissal of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy.
The city council unanimously voted in Eddie Johnson as top cop on Wednesday, the same day the task force's report came out. Johnson, an almost 30-year veteran of the police force, was handpicked by Emanuel to take the position.
The task force says in its report summary that the aftermath of the McDonald video "exposed deep and longstanding fault lines between black and Latino communities...and the police."
The investigation found that, although Chicago's population is evenly split between blacks, whites and Hispanics, 74 percent of police shootings between 2008 and 2015 involved blacks, and black drivers were four times as likely to be searched by police after being stopped, even though contraband was found twice as often on white drivers.
Police "approach every encounter with people of color as if the person, regardless of age, gender or circumstance, is a criminal," says the report, citing a 2015 survey that showed 70 percent of young black males said they had been stopped by police officers in the past year.
The task force says it heard over and over from minority community members that they were "stopped without justification

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Omaha FBI office inspection reports are missing from FBI COINTELPRO targeting blacks ...
May 15 2016
Hardy sought to find annual internal inspection reports for the Omaha FBI office during the years 1967-1973. Hardy said, “we conducted a search of the locations ...

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Comey vows fight as FBI minority agent numbers slip

05/16/16 08:06 PM EDT
The numbers of minority FBI agents are continuing to drop at a slow clip, according to newly released statistics, but FBI Director James Comey says the bureau is working aggressively to reverse the decline.

As of March, there were 581 African-American agents in the FBI, down from 606 at the end of 2014. In percentage terms, black agents went from 4.5% of the ranks in 2014 to 4.37% in the most recent report.

The same data showed 882 Latino agents, down from 916 in 2014 — a decline from 6.81% to 6.63% over about 14 months.

Speaking with reporters last week, Comey stopped short of predicting a turnaround in the trend, but he said he and others are putting up a fight to attract more minorities to the nation's premier law enforcement agency.

"Too early to say whether we’re going to be able to change the inflection of the line. Lots going on in the FBI to try and change that. I’ll probably have a better sense at the end of this year, as to whether we’re seeing a change," Comey said. "Anecdotally I feel, change in that area, change in the people who are expressing interest. ... I don’t know whether that’s our reference or the show Quantico

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for more why cops are Republican
scroll down to pictures of interns


Police Have A New One: Caretaking An Autistic Patient While Black
Thursday, July 21, 2016
Police Have A New One: Caretaking An Autistic Patient While Black
byAbby Zimet, staff writer

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Police plan protest of Black Lives Matter banner at Somerville City Hall

July 26 2016


After Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone denied a request from a city police union to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall, the union announced it will hold a rally to protest the banner’s “disrespectful” message, according to a release from the Somerville Police Employee’s Association.

“In the face of the continuing assassination of innocent police officers across the country as an apparent offshoot of the BLM movement, it is irresponsible of the City to [publicly] declare support for the lives of one secto

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Innocent Dallas couple

gets unwelcome visit from FBI


-- Donna and Walter Williams were asleep in their bed Tuesday morning when they were startled by a loud noise.

"Boom, boom, boom!" Donna said. "My husband jumped up, and he said, 'Somebody's trying to break in!'"

She said the couple started panicking, frantically searching for something to use to protect themselves. Their home on Blanton Drive had been broken into before.

"We heard, 'Open the door! Open the door now!'" Donna recalled.

She and her husband went to the front door, cracked it open, and found themselves blasted by bright lights and a loud voice.

"'Come out with your hands up! Come out with your hands up!'" Donna remembered. "I didn't have nothing but a gown on, and my husband, he had shorts on and no shirt.

Donna Williams   (Photo: WFAA)

"We came out, they threw my husband on the ground, and handcuffed him," she continued. "Then, they put the handcuffs on me from the front. I was crying. I was hysterical."

The Williams' home was the unsuspecting target of the FBI.

The men in her yard were agents, armed with guns. They proceeded to enter the home to search it, looking in every closet, according to Williams. They said they were looking for a man who they had seen entering or leaving the premises.

"He showed me the picture, and I said, 'Sir, I've never seen this man before in my life,'" Williams said. "It's only me, my husband, and our little dog."

The Williams bought the home last December. Walter Williams is an elementary school janitor in Dallas ISD, and Donna worked as a quality assurance assistant.

They lead a quiet life and were shocked by the incident.

"I'm 60 years old. I've never ever been to jail. I've never been handcuffed in my life," Donna said. "That was traumatic for me, because I kept saying, 'Well, what did we do? What did we do wrong?'"

Donna and Walter Williams' home   (Photo: WFAA)

Williams said that Walter has had back surgery, and she worries about the toll it may have taken on him.

"They threw my husband on the ground," she said.

Williams said that the agents were wearing clothing that said FBI, but she said they never identified themselves or showed a warrant.

"I'm not a police officer, but I watch a lot of '48 Hours,' and you're supposed to at least identify yourself," she said. "They didn't even tell us they were the FBI."

After the agents cleared the home, Donna Williams said they gave her a phone number for the FBI's Dallas Field Office and told her

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For one bright moment back in the late 1960s, we actually believed that we could change our country. We had identified the enemy. We saw it up close, we had its measure, and we were very hopeful that we would prevail. The enemy was hollow where we had substance. All of that substance was destroyed by an assassin’s bullet. – William Pepper (page 15, The Plot to Kill King)

By Craig McKee

The revelations are stunning. The media indifference is predictable.

Thanks to the nearly four-decade investigation by human rights lawyer William Pepper, it is now clear once and for all that Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and that also involved the U.S. military, the Memphis Police Department, and “Dixie Mafia” crime figures in Memphis, Tennessee. These and many more incredible details of the King assassination are contained in a trilogy of volumes by Pepper culminating with his latest and final book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King. He previously wrote Orders to Kill (1995) and An Act of State (2003).

With virtually no help from the mainstream media and very little from the justice system, Pepper was able to piece together what really happened on April 4, 1968 in Memphis right down to who gave the order and supplied the money, how the patsy was chosen, and who actually pulled the trigger.

Without this information, the truth about King’s assassination would have been buried and lost to history. Witnesses would have died off, taking their secrets with them, and the official lie that King was the victim of a racist lone gunman named James Earl Ray would have remained “fact.”

Instead, we know that Ray took the fall for a murder he did not commit. We know that a member of the Memphis Police Department fired the fatal shot and that two military sniper teams that were part of the 902nd Military Intelligence Group were sent to Memphis as back-ups should the primary shooter fail. We have access to the fascinating account of how Pepper came to meet Colonel John Downie, the man in charge of the military part of the plot and Lyndon Johnson’s former Vietnam briefer. We also learn that as part of the operation, photographs were actually taken of the shooting and that Pepper came very close to getting his hands on those photographs.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media has ignored all of these revelations and

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The ATF is Discriminating on
the Basis of Race’ During Stings

The ATF singled out black people and Latinos while conducting controversial stings in Chicago, according to a report released by the Justice Department. 

The report found “strong, consistent and statistically significant evidence” of racial profiling.

Of the 94 people arrested during undercover stings in Chicago, 91% were black or hispanic.

The chances that agents didn’t racially profile was 0.1%, according to a Columbia Law School professor Jeffrey Fagan, who prepared the report.

The investigation concluded that “the ATF


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Black Panthers 50 years on: art show reclaims movement by telling 'real story'

The end of an official letter, much enlarged, frames Sadie Barnette’s profile. “Very truly yours,” it reads, “J Edgar Hoover.” Behind the 32-year-old artist is a wall covered in pink glitter. A single drawing hangs in its center, a black man’s mugshot rendered in pencil.

The images form the heart of Barnette’s latest work, an installation at the Oakland Museum of California. They come from a Black Panther’s FBI file – hundreds of pages recounting years of covert surveillance in search of something, anything, to pin on the activist.

To the government, the young black man was a dangerous extremist. To Compton, his southern California home, he was a community organizer. At the museum, he is part of a new exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther party.

To Barnette, he is a rich subject to tap for making art. He is also Dad.

Rodney E Barnette, now a soft-spoken 72-year-old, opened the Black Panthers’ Compton office. He lived with Angela Davis during her trial on murder, kidnapping and conspiracy charges. Although the FBI investigation came up empty, it cost him his job as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service.

Former Black Panther Rodney Barnette with his daughter Sadie Barnette in front of an art exhibit she created in honor of him at the Oakland Museum. Photograph: Josh Edelson for the Guardian
What is left of the federal investigation is more than 500 pages that Sadie Barnette has turned into raw material. The documents include a veritable family tree, listing relatives’ names, birthdays and military awards. There are interviews with her father’s employers, his high school teachers, his childhood neighbors. FBI agents from at least eight cities were involved; their names punctuate the file and Sadie


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Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is its purpose.”
― Jane Roberts, Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

We’re all just walking each other home.
It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.
The quieter you become, the more you can hear.

Bonus Read


Head of nation's largest police chief group issues formal apology for 'historical mistreatment' of racial minorities

October 17, 2016, 10:20 p.m.
The president of the country’s largest police chief organization formally apologized Monday for the “historical mistreatment” of racial minorities — one of the strongest statements a national police figure has made to date on race.

Law enforcement officers have been the “face of oppression for far too many of our fellow citizens,” Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police, told thousands of police chiefs from across the country at the group’s annual conference in San Diego. He said that police have had “darker periods” in their history, and that mistrust between police and minorities is the “fundamental issue” facing police today.


Clown sightings: hysteria in the US reaches a fever pitch
Police are pleading for end to evil clowns, a Clown Lives Matter march was called off, and schools are banning clown costumes while some stores are sold out

Link du jour







Black Lives Matter activist in Maine equates current racial climate to Civil War era

Civil rights activist Shaun King, the senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, told a Bates College audience on Tuesday that the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Posted Oct. 12, 2016, at 3:11 p.m.
LEWISTON, Maine — Journalist and civil rights activist Shaun King, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, traveled to Bates College on Tuesday to deliver a message to students and community members, who he acknowledged are already aware and working for social change.
“Yo, Bates!” King called to applause and shouts. “Bates is kinda woke a little bit! What’s up?”
The senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, King said the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and civil rights movement of the 1960s.
King spoke for an hour to the crowd packed into the college’s Peter J. Gomes Chapel — named for the 1965 graduate, a noted African American author and preacher — acknowledging that Bates has historically “embraced” social change. King noted that he taught earlier Tuesday in Professor Yannick Marshall’s “Black Lives Matter” course.
Story continues below advertisement.


The Black Panthers' and the social gospel
Baltimore Sun-
After L.A. Panther leader Bunchy Carter was murdered on the UCLA campus (in a secret memo, local FBI agent Richard Held took credit for provoking the killing) ...

Palestine course at UC Berkeley
Nora Barrows-Friedman and Ali Abunimah
The Electronic Intifada
16 September 2016


3 years after Kayla Moore’s in-custody death, protesters gather for vigil, march
Man arrested in Berkeley charged with murder of 17-year-old girl
District Attorney’s office does not automatically investigate all in-custody deaths
SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. District Court judge did not grant the city of Berkeley’s dismissal for a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that police misconduct led to the in-custody death of Kayla Moore, at the dismissal hearing Friday.

At the Friday hearing, U.S. Senior District Judge Charles Breyer said he did not dismiss the case because he wanted to verify with the evidence whether the involved officers used excessive force or engaged in false arrest. Breyer will review evidence surrounding Moore’s death in greater depth next month. Moore was a 347-pound transgender Black woman diagnosed with schizophrenia who died in February 2013 while in Berkeley Police Department custody.

Breyer tried to determine how the officers who arrested Moore addressed the situation, and whether their actions were appropriate, during the hearing.

“The question is while they may have been wrong in the particular conduct they (acted), was it known to them that they were acting in an improper way in a manner of law?” Breyer said during the hearing. “If they were wrong, are they still (protected)?”

On Feb. 12, 2013, Moore’s roommate called BPD to help Moore, who, according to police reports, was acting erratically and aggressively. Officers later arrested Moore using a warrant for “Xavier Moore” — Kayla Moore’s legal name — despite the warrant being for an individual about 20 years older than Moore.

A coroner’s report initially ruled Moore’s cause of death as a toxic combination of codeine and methamphetamine, with concurrent issues of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Leaked documents from the Berkeley Police Review Commission later revealed that at least one BPD officer, officer Gwendolyn Brown, exercised inappropriate police behavior by placing Moore, who was restrained with two handcuffs and a leg wrap, in a partially face-down position for extended periods of time without monitoring her vital signs.

Adante Pointer, attorney for Moore’s father, who filed the wrongful death lawsuit in February 2014, alleged during the hearing that the involved police officers unlawfully seized, restrained, arrested and battered Moore. Pointer provided statements from forensic pathologist Werner Spitz, who gave independent commentary separate from the coroner’s report.

“(Spitz) says that officers compressed Kayla to a point where (she) had difficulty breathing (due to) oxygen deprivation,” Pointer said. “The officers, in a comp


US prisons
Nearly 90% of New Jersey children tried as adults since 2011 were black or Latino
Mostly black minors requested to be prosecuted as adults, a WNYC analysis found when comparing the US juvenile detention system with that in Germany


Oregon Senator Wants To Block Efforts To Weaken Encryption
OPB News-
The FBI wants easier access to information seized from suspects, an issue that gained national attention following a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California


Ruth Franklin on the Red Scare:

“The investigation was triggered because one of the cartons of books fell off this moving truck, and the mover happened to notice that it was filled with communist material, and reported it to the local FBI office. Part of the reason the FBI became interested in Stanley as a target was because the neighbors reported that he had so many books. There were so many books in the house that the FBI thought it might be a storehouse of communist material. Of course it wasn’t, it was simply the library of two incredibly well-read and intellectually curious people. … I think it’s so ironic to learn that the author of ‘The Lottery’ in fact was spied on by her neighbors, who reported her activity to the FBI.”


The FBI Insists It Doesn’t Fire People Over Polygraphs. This Man Says It Happened To Him.
The story of a former FBI intelligence analyst and his two-year battle to get his job back.
10/17/2016 10:00 pm ET


Maryland's use of facial recognition software questioned by ...
Baltimore Sun-
Maryland is one of at least five states that has provided access to driver's licenses, local police mug shots and other corrections records to the FBI, according to ...


NCIS agent gets 12 years in prison in 'Fat Leonard' Navy fraud scheme


With the help of freshly declassified documents from the FBI and U.S. Army obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, as well as other available sources, the piece reveals the “achievements and controversies – both of which were plentiful in his life.”

Here’s one excerpt, taken from a confidential 1959 Army intelligence summary on Cravalho:

“In December 1958, CRAVALHO was one of the so-called [Jack] “Burns/ILWU” faction of the Democratic Party of Hawaii who bolted the party caucus,” states the report. “CRAVALHO, together with 14 colleagues, rebelled when it became apparent

Friday, October 14, 2016Last
FBI Challenged for Iraq War Intelligence

     WASHINGTON — Challenging the preposterous claim that U.S. intelligence preceding the war in Iraq is not a matter of public interest, an academic has brought a federal complaint to gather FBI records.
     David Austin Lindsey, of Painsboro, New Jersey, filed the suit with regard to a Lebanese-American businessman who attempted to impress upon U.S. officials that Saddam Hussein wanted to avoid the protracted war.
     Citing reports by the New York Times and Newsweek, the Oct. 12 complaint filed in Washington, D.C., says Imad Hage "was involved as an unofficial envoy of the Iraqi government during the period leading up to the U.S. military action in Iraq."
     A Times article on Hage describes the man as a Beirut refugee who moved back to Lebanon in the late 1990s. In January 2003, a Lebanese-American friend of Hage's who worked at the Pentagon soon arranged for the man to begin relaying messages between the United States and Iraq.     
     As Lindsey's lawsuit notes, based on the times report, Hage had one blemish on his record: a January 2003 arrest at Dulles Airport for carrying a handgun in his checked luggage.
     Lindsey says Hage was "charged with a weapons crime in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia."
     The Times published its article on the envoy in November 2003, saying Hage met with an adviser to Pentagon officials that March in London. There, Hage laid out Iraq's position that it did not have weapons of mass destruction and that it would consent to an investigation and search by U.S. troops. Hage said the Iraqis were also willing to hand over a Baghdad captive accused of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and to hold elections.
     Of the varied diplomatic efforts to avert a war in Iraq, both public and discreet, the Times reported, "Mr. Hage's back channel appears to have been a final attempt by Mr. Hussein's government to reach American officials."
     Hage told the Times that ''the Iraqis were finally taking [U.S. invasion] seriously and they wanted to talk, and they offered things they never would have offered if the build-up hadn't occurred.''
     The United States wound up invading Iraq on March 20, 2003.
     Lindsey, a Princeton University researcher, says he has emailed a request for the government's records on Hage this past May, but that the FBI responded in the negative a month later.
     "Plaintiff, in the view of the FBI, failed to 'demonstrate sufficient public interest' to entitle Plaintiff to nonexempt responsive records," the complain

FBI Octopus

Veteran FBI agent to lecture at Westfield State University
WESTFIELD - Westfield State University will host veteran FBI agent Julia Cowley for a lecture Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Garden Level Conference Room in ...

PCC to host crime author
Pueblo Chieftain-
Pueblo Community College's Criminal Justice Department and Criminal Justice Club will host Dale Lovin, an author and former FBI agent, scheduled for 3:30 ...

FBI special agent sought info on call centre scam from Thane cops
Daily News & Analysis-
Suhel Daud, the FBI special agent visited Commissioner of Police, Thane, to discuss details of the scam which was being operated from Mira Road and Gujarat.

Great Falls hosting Montana Human Rights Film Fest
... an FBI agent that serves Browning, a Domestic Violence agency advocate from Fort Belknap and Browning, and the head counselor at the Great Falls YWCA.

Public safety forum in Kennett Square puts spotlight on law ...
Daily Local News-
... retired district justice; Kennett Square Police Lt. William T. Holdsworth; Kennett Township Police Chief Lydell E. Nolt; and FBI special agent Charles Dayoub.

Op-ed: Fitzpatrick: Economic opportunity for all
The Midweek Wire-
When I announced I was running for Congress, I did it as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former federal prosecutor – as well as a CPA who helped ...

11/7: Case Studies in Terrorism
He was the supervisory senior resident agent for Southwest Virginia prior to joining the university. After retiring from the FBI in 2011, he joined the Virginia Tech ...

Safety a main concern at this year's Ark. State Fair
Colleen Nick, the founder of the Morgan Nick Foundation along with the FBI will join THV11 to help give out information on ways to protect your children.

The FBI served Google with a secret subpoena
Tucked into Google's latest bi-annual transparency report, the search behemoth quietly revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI sometime 


Joseph Esposito, a retired cop at the heart of a lucrative large-scale disability racket that led to 106 arrests in 2014, once became a fake minister to get out of paying taxes, the Daily News has learned.

Esposito, 66, reluctantly made the stunning disclosure as he testified as part of his cooperation plea deal against fellow ex-cop Kevin Hurley in Manhattan Supreme Court in May.


Special Report
Former U.S. Attorney: Agents See FBI Chief Comey as a ‘Dirty Cop’

October 13, 2016, 3:07 pm

The FBI in open revolt against a deceitful director.
James Comey presides over an FBI in revolt over his leadership, a former U.S. attorney tells The American Spectator, and pursues “paranoid, delusional, and vindictive” measures to prevent negative information leaking out to the public.

“I know that inside the FBI there is a revolt,” Joseph diGenova tells The American Spectator. “There is a revolt against the director. The people inside the bureau believe the director is a dirty cop. They believe that he threw the [Hillary Clinton email] case. They do not know what he was promised in return. But the people inside the bureau who were involved in the case and who knew about the case are talking to former FBI people expressing their disgust at the conduct of the director.”

The loss of faith in the bureau chief stems in part from a dishonest rendering of the decision not to indict Mrs. Clinton as unanimous rather than unilateral and in part from the bureau’s decision to destroy evidence in the case and grant blanket immunity to Clinton underlings for no possible prosecutorial purpose.

“There is a consensus among the employees that the director has lost all credibility and that he cannot lead the bureau,” diGenova explains. “They are comparing him to L. Patrick Gray, the disgraced former FBI director who threw Watergate papers into the Potomac River. The resistance to the director has made the agency incapable of action. It has been described to me as a depression within the agency unlike anything that anyone has ever seen within the bureau


Use of undercover informants in Muslim communities sparks concern
Detroit Free Press-
In metro Detroit, two other cases involving undercover FBI agents or informants have played out in courtrooms this year: a Dearborn man, Mohammad Hamdan, ...


U.S. Justice Department expands DEA misconduct probe; 2 more federal agents on desk duty
OCT 15, 2016 - 6:30 PM (3)

Federal authorities have intensified their investigation into misconduct within the New Orleans office of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, seeking to root out rogue agents and enlisting a team of special prosecutors from Texas to sift through a growing list of potentially tainted cases.

The secretive inquiry sent new reverberations through the beleaguered field office last week, as DEA brass took away the guns and badges of James "Skip" Sewell, a high-ranking supervisor, and Justin Moran, an agent who served on a task force some of whose members are suspected of mishandling evidence and stealing drugs and cash.

Both lawmen were placed on limited duty, a status that excludes them from participating in investigations, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Both have retained well-known defense attorneys.

Sewell’s attorney, former federal prosecutor Walter Becker, said Sewell has been assured he is not a target of the probe. He said Sewell has offered to cooperate fully.

Eddie Castaing, who represents Moran, said Moran "has always cooperated with the government."

Both lawyers declined further comment.

The personnel action comes months after a federal grand jury secretly indicted one longtime member of the Group 10 task force and after another former member pleaded guilty to state drug conspiracy charges.

Earlier this year, the DEA replaced the head of its New Orleans office and suspended Chad


Clinton Aide Discussed 'Quid Pro Quo' Deal with FBI to Reclassify ...
PJ Media
Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard has seen some FBI documents that have potential bombshell information. Senior Clinton aide Patrick Kennedy ...

Senior Clinton aide Patrick Kennedy apparently tried to make a deal with the FBI to reclassify emails that were marked "classified" in exchange for approving overseas posts for FBI agents.

FBI denies collusion over Hillary Clinton email classification
CBS News-
The FBI denied Sunday that the agency ever engaged in a “quid pro quo” arrangement with Hillary Clinton's State Department over the classification


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Blink Tank

Bonus Read


October 25, 2016
A Retired FBI Agent Addresses James Comey on the Hillary Clinton Investigation
By Hugh Galyen

Mr. James Comey, Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington, D.C.  20535-0001
I am writing regarding your public statement in July, 2016 informing the American people that the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton was being closed without referring it to a Federal Grand Jury or the Attorney General of the U. S. for a decision whether or not to indict her. Strangely, you eloquently laid out enough of the evidence deduced from the investigation to strongly indicate there was abundant evidence uncovered during the investigation and interview of her to not only indict but to convict her in  Federal Court.­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­However, you personally  re-worded and soft-pedaled the actions she took as Secretary of State describing her actions as "extremely careless” in using a personal email and un-secured server for her communications while Secretary of State. You rewrote the statute, which is not your job.
As a retired Special Agent of the FBI, I have standing to write this letter. My thirty years in law enforcement, including 22 years as a Special Agent with the FBI have given me the knowledge, expertise and experience to question and confront you for your perplexing actions, which (as you well know) were outside the normal standard operating procedure of the FBI and Federal judicial procedures. Some of the finest people in the world proudly carry the credentials of FBI Agent and you have soiled them and not allowed them to speak. But I will not be silent.
Sorry, but NO SIR, MS Clinton was not merely careless or extremely careless. She was not even negligent or grossly negligent (as the statute requires). Hillary Clinton was knowingly purposeful in her decisions and actions to set up a server under her exclusive control and possession in order to control what information was available to the American public and Congress regarding her actions as Secretary of State. Furthermore, she took those government owned communications into her personal possession after leaving her position and knowingly and willingly attempted to destroy them so her nefarious actions could never be known or used as evidence of her corrupt moral character against her.
Sir, what possessed you? Did you cave in to political pressure to unilaterally come to this decision? I fear that is the case, and Rule of Law be damned. I am embarrassed for and ashamed of you. You have set a precedent that can never be rectified… and certainly not justified. Shame on you, Sir. You ought to resign right now in disgrace for what you have done to tarnish the reputation of the finest Law Enforcement Agency in the world… for entirely political reasons.
Normally, an investigation will be assigned to an agent, or team of agents with one being the Case agent, or the lead investigator. When the investigation is complete, an investigative report will be presented to the U.S. Attorney for the Federal District involved.  It would be the U.S. Attorney who decides whether to decline prosecution for that investigation... NOT the FBI agent. But in the Clinton investigation, YOU (unilaterally) decided not to forward the investigation to the U.S. Attorney or the Attorney General of the U.S., but instead personally made the decision not to prosecute her or even provide the information to a Federal Grand Jury.  You were wrong to take this upon yourself.
Sir, in order to indict a subject, only a preponderance of evidence, or 51% is needed for probable cause to exist. You did not think even that level of probability existed? Who do you think you are fooling? What judicial proceeding did you think you were following?
Throughout my years with the FBI, I (along with my fellow agents) took great pride in conducting each investigation in an unbiased manner regardless of the subject’s position or standing in the community.
All were treated equally under the law. But you, Sir, decided to allow this corrupt, evil and nasty human being to go free and unchallenged for her treasonous actions (yes, treasonous, in my opinion) which threatened the security of this nation. Furthermore, you stopped short of investigating the Clinton Foundation as a RICO case (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization.  This is a RICO case if
there ever were one. Even an untrained person can tell from the communications which were recovered that Hillary Clinton spent more time working for the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State than on State Business.  It may be argued that Hillary did not do any State business UNLESS the Clinton Foundation benefitted.  You decided to just let this uncomfortable truth alone without addressing it.
I will conclude with this:  Following my retirement from the FBI, I volunteered for a 12 month tour of duty in Afghanistan as a Law Enforcement Professional, embedded with U.S. forces as a subject matter expert in counter-terrorism investigations.  For most of that year I operated “outside the wire” patrolling with the troops, interviewing witnesses to IED incidents and gathering evidence on the bad guys.  The results of my work would then be reported through secure channels to the Commanding Officer.  All reports and communications were required to be transmitted via secure and encrypted devices.  Occasionally my remote location in the mountains of Afghanistan made transmission impossible and I would have to fly back to Bagram Air Base in order to securely report to the Commander of the battle space.   It would have been convenient if I could have just called the Commander on my personal cell phone or written him an email on my personal laptop.  But, had I done so I would have been reporting classified information via an unsecured device and it could have been compromised. These were, relative to Secretary of State communications, low level classifications of Secret.  Had I ever sent even one in such a manner I would have been prosecuted and sent to Federal Prison for 20 years or so.  That is how serious this violation is considered.
Now, because of you, Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue her RICO activities and is running for President of the United States, the most powerful position in the world.  You have trampled on the Rule of Law and destroyed the trust of the American people in the FBI and in unbiased enforcement of the law.  How do you sleep at night? It is time for you to go and work for the Clinton Foundation.
Hugh W. Galyean
(FBI Agent, Retired)

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Heat is Online

Oct. 25, 2016
Species may be listed as threatened based on climate change projections, court says


The National Marine Fisheries Services determined that loss of Arctic sea ice over shallow waters would “almost certainly” threaten the survival of a Pacific bearded seal subspecies.
October 24, 2016, 7:55 p.m.
Federal authorities may list a species as “threatened” based on climate models that show habitat loss in the coming decades, an appeals court decided Monday.

The state of Alaska, oil company groups and Alaskan natives had challenged a decision by the federal government to list a sea

Science Newsfrom research organizations
Accelerated glacier melting in West Antarctica documented
Study findings will help improve predictions about global sea level rise
October 25, 2016
University of California, Irvine
Two new studies have found the fastest ongoing rates of glacier retreat ever observed in West Antarctica and offer an unprecedented look at ice melting on the floating undersides of glaciers. The results highlight how the interaction between ocean conditions and the bedrock beneath


Wall Street Journal: FBI’s Investigation into Hillary Clinton Gets More Suspicious

Hillary Clinton

By Editorial Board
Wall Street Journal

Hillary Clinton may win the election in two weeks, but the manner of her victory will bedevil her in the White House. Specifically, evidence keeps turning up suggesting that the FBI probe into her emails was influenced by political favoritism and double standards.

The latest news is the Journal’s report Monday that Virginia Gov.Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend of Hillary and Bill, steered money to the campaign of the wife of a top FBI official. Political organizations under Mr. McAuliffe’s control gave more than $675,000 to the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign of Jill McCabe,the wife of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. Mr. McCabe, director James Comey’s right-hand man, helped oversee the probe into whether Mrs. Clinton mishandled classified information on her server.

Some $467,500 of the money came directly from Mr. McAuliffe’s political action committee, Common Good VA, while $207,788 came from the Virginia Democratic Party, which the Governor essentially controls. The funds amounted to more than one-third of all the money Mrs. McCabe raised.

Mrs. McCabe announced her candidacy the same month (March 2015) as the news broke about Mrs. Clinton’s private email server. Mr. McCabe was running the FBI’s Washington field office at the time, and he was promoted to the No. 3 FBI slot not long after the formal FBI investigation began in July 2015.

The FBI said in a statement that none of this is an issue because Mr. McCabe wasn’t promoted to the No. 2 position until February 2016, months after his wife lost her race, and only then did he assume “for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

All of this asks voters to believe that Mr. McCabe as the No. 3 official at the FBI had nothing to do with the biggest, most sensitive case at that agency. This strains credulity.

No Charges Filed

NYPD cop steals fellow officer's credit card, has shopping spree

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 12:24 PM

Josanne Hernandez, 27, resigned as a cop after being caught using with an officer's stolen credit card.
She joined the NYPD in January to protect and serve, then she stole from a fellow cop.

Ex-Officer Josanne Hernandez, 27, resigned after getting busted in Brooklyn for swiping a fellow cop's cred

Samuel DuBose
Officer who shot Samuel DuBose faces murder trial as city braces for protests
Cincinnati officials expect renewed unrest during the trial of Ray Tensing, whose killing of an unarmed black man has been called ‘senseless’

Quetta attack: Pakistan reels as more than 50 die in assault on police academy
Terrorists explode suicide vests after storming into Balochistan police college firing machine guns and throwing hand grenades, say cadets and authorities


Pussy Riot celebrate the vagina in lyrical riposte to Donald Trump
Song Straight Outta Vagina inspired by the idea that ‘female sexuality is bigger than any populist megalomaniac’

Anti-Islam speakers urge rural MN crowds to prepare for Muslim attack
Minnesota Public Radio News
At Minnesota's northernmost border, about 120 people filled the Warroad Baptist Church to hear former FBI agent John Guandolo warn them about what he calls ..

Two reads about FBI Supervisor Kallstrom



The GMan who can stop Hilary.

October 19, 2016 - WND.com

Former Assistant FBI Director Jim Kallstrom is one angry man. Hillary Clinton appalls him, and he is not afraid to say so.

On the John Gibson Radio Show, freed from the restraints he works under on Fox TV, Kallstrom let loose on Hillary’s “clear, clear obstruction of justice” in the e-mail case and FBI Director James Comey’s apparent whitewash of the same.

“She was lying about everything,” Kallstrom said of Hillary’s FBI testimony. “Are we going to become some third world nation that doesn’t care about the law?”

And as to Hillary’s frequent claims of memory lapse, Kallstrom asked, “Is that the mental health of someone we want to be president of the United States?”

For all his outrage, however, Kallstrom knows he can hold a press conference tomorrow and end Hillary’s career. To do so, however, he would throw his own very comfortable life into complete turmoil.

“If you tell the biggest lie over and over again I guess people begin to believe it, Kallstrom said aptly of Hillary, but Kallstrom himself has lived with a very big lie for the last twenty years.

Kallstrom’s lie centers on the fate of TWA Flight 800, the investigation of which he headed.

When Kallstrom arrived on the scene in Long Island the day after the crash in July 1996, the truth was indeed what he was seeking.

By July 30, 1996 -- less than two weeks after the 747 blew up -- FBI agents had interviewed 144 “excellent” witnesses to a missile strike.

As revealed in a recently unearthed CIA memo, the evidence was “overwhelming” and the witness testimony “too consistent” for the cause of the plane’s destruction to be anything other than a missile.

1996 being an election year, however a missile strike on an American airliner involved far too much political risk for the Clinton White House.

I know from my sources and Hillary’s White House logs that she was in the room when political decisions were being made that fateful night.

With her were two other people, President Bill Clinton and deputy national security advisor, Sandy Berger, their ultimate fixer.

Working through the CIA, the White House took effective control of the investigation. For reasons only he knows, after an obvious struggle, Kallstrom knuckled under.

This epic misdirection climaxed with a November 1997 press conference announcing the suspension of the FBI investigation.

There, Kallstrom set forth a bill of particulars that misled the public on almost every detail. The most spectacular bit of deceit was a specious CIA animation created to discredit the eyewitnesses and lay the blame for the crash on some inexplicable and unprecedented mechanical malfunction.

Those interested in the details can read my new book my book, TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy.

For the short course, you can check out my Book-TV presentation on this subject that debuted on C-SPAN II last week. http://cs.pn/2ejfmxB

I made the presentation at the TWA Museum in Kansas City. As the audience and I both knew, 53 TWA employees were killed in the crash.

As I told those in attendance, I would not dishonor the memory of the dead—nor would the Museum have let me—If I were merely peddling some conspiracy theory.

Kallstrom knows, as I know, what happened to TWA 800. When I watch him on Fox-TV I find myself feeling sorry for the man. He helped construct a case he knew to be fraudulent, and he had to sense just how fragile the construction was.

If it collapsed, the CIA analysts could run and hide. The NTSB bureaucrats could plead ignorance, and the Clintons could seek executive privilege.

He alone would have to answer to the victims’ mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Nothing the courts might throw at him would wound that deeply.

Whether he knows it or not, Kallstrom has lost face with the millions of people who have followed this case for the last twenty years.

If he read the blistering emails I receive about his every appearance on Fox News, he would not want to show that face in public.

With one very public and painful press conference, however, he could repair his reputation with at least half of America and restore his soul.

This would take an heroic act of will. Kallstrom knows what’s at stake. If you have access to him, remind him at #Kallstromknows.



Ex-FBI Asst Director Makes First-Ever Political Endorsement for ...
Independent Journal Review-Oct 20, 2016
With the election only a few weeks out, James Kallstrom, the former Assistant Director of the FBI, has decided to endorse Trump. In an interview on Fox News, ...




Why won't the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate electronic vote fraud?
Is it because the DOJ and FBI have long been involved in it, themselves?

Meet Craig C. Donsanto, head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch, Public Integrity Section (from 1970-present).

DOJ will help oversee Montana ballot fraud complaints
ABC FOX Montana News-
In addition, the FBI will have special agents available in each field office and resident agency throughout the country to receive allegations of election fraud and ...

The Latest: FBI ready to respond to Election Day crimes
The Daily Republican-
WASHINGTON (AP) " The Latest on the U.S. presidential race (all times EDT): 12:50 p.m.. The Justice Department and FBI say they will have officials ready on 

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz appoints officials to monitor November ...
"It is imperative that those who have specific information about discrimination or election fraud make that information available immediately to my office, the FBI,


What Schools Never Teach About the Black Panther Party, but Should
Coming in the midst of an all-out assault on the Panthers from the white press and law enforcement, including FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's claim that the ...

Fifty years ago this month, the Black Panther Party was born. Its history holds vital lessons for today’s movement to confront racism and police violence, yet textbooks either misrepresent or minimize the significance of the Black Panthers.

The first issue of the Black Panther newspaper, which at its height had a weekly circulation of 140,000 copies, asked, “WHY WAS DENZIL DOWELL KILLED?” Helping Dowell’s family demand justice in Richmond, California, was one of the first major organizing campaigns of the Black Panther Party. Anyone reading the story of Denzil Dowell today can’t help but draw parallels to the unarmed Black men and women regularly murdered by the police. The disparity between the police’s story and the victim’s family’s, the police harassment Dowell endured before his murder, the jury letting off Dowell’s killer, even the reports that Dowell had his hands raised while he was gunned down, eerily echo the police killings today that have led to the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Yet when we learn about the early years of the Panthers, the organizing they did in Richmond—conducting their own investigation into Dowell’s death, confronting police who harassed Dowell’s family, helping mothers in the community organize against abuse at the local school, organizing armed street rallies in which hundreds filled out applications to join the party—is almost always absent. Armed with a revolutionary socialist ideology, as the Panthers grew, so did what they organized around. They fought in Black communities across


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Bonus read from Ross Gelbspan
see his book on the FBI here

Break-Ins, Death Threats and the FBI : The Covert War Against the Central America Movement: Ross Gelbspan: 9780896084124: Amazon.com ...
Amazon.com › Break-Ins-Death-Threats-...
This report tells an infuriating story of FBI misconduct leading all the way to the Reagan White House. Gelbspan, a Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist now with the ...

Fears of a dictatorship are well-founded


  NOVEMBER 12, 2016
FEW COMMENTATORS seem to understand the potential for a Donald Trump presidency to profoundly undermine American democracy. In his Nov. 9 column (“Shocking, yes. Dictatorship? No.Jeff Jacoby argues that the new president will be held in check by “entrenched constitutional prerogatives.” Not necessarily.

Many of Trump’s campaign proposals are clearly unconstitutional — for now. But Trump will have the opportunity to choose at least one or more new Supreme Court justices. It seems clear that these choices will make the late Justice Antonin Scalia look like a centrist on the issue of executive power.

With a new Trump-picked Supreme Court in place, what is unconstitutional today could easily become standard administration policy tomorrow. This is just one of many changes that will mark the end of the American era.

Ross Gelbspan

Jamaica Plain

Heat is Online


From the Bering to Maine, Hot Oceans Are Killing the Puffin
“The Bering Sea has been off-the-charts warm. We’ve never seen anything like this. We’re in uncharted territory. We’re in the midst of an extraordinary time.” Nate Mantua, an ecologist at NOAA’s Southwest Fisheries Science Center in Santa Cruz, California in this National Geographic article.


Some have claimed that the effects of global warming are only gradual and mild. That the impacts to the Earth’s weather systems, its oceans, its lands, its web of life do not now represent a crisis that risks global catastrophe and mass human tragedy. That, somehow, the growing die-offs now inflicted on key species amounts to some kind of pleasantly quiet background noise that we should rationally, coldly, consider, but that should not increase our level of concern or, perish the thought, alarm. And when the very real harms that are now escalating as a result of climate change are realized more fully by human civilization, the fact that these voices did not warn us more strongly, that some of these voices attacked those of us who were rationally concerned, will stand in history as stark evidence to the harms of pandering to the false comfort of an unwarranted reticence.

(Today, sea surfaces in regions surrounding the Arctic are between 2 and 10.5 degrees Celsius above average. These waters are so warm now that they are less able to support a vital food chain. And the impact to Puffins has been considerable. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

If they could speak, a lovable breed of northern bird would tell us their own tale of tragedy and loss at the hand of global heat. And if we could hear the sad tale of their own great plight, our hearts and minds might not be so hard or so cold. For in and near the Arctic there is every indication that winter is dying and along with it, the Puffins.

Mass Puffin Die-Off Underway

Northern waters are rich with life. Or they were, at least, until recently. High oxygen content, cold water, high nutrient content all help to form a basis for the teeming life of this region. However, as atmospheric carbon levels increase and as oceans warm, these waters become less able to support life. They hold less oxygen. They become more acidic. And they tend to become more stratified. The food chain is disrupted and winnowed down. And such a winnowing can have a terrible impact on all kinds of life forms.

For the Puffin, such ocean warming related food losses have become a subject of growing alarm among researchers. In the Bering Sea between Alaska and Russia, both National Geographic and Digital Journal have compiled reports of severe loss of life to both adult birds and young. In parts of the Bering sea, adult Puffins are dying at 200 times the normal mortality rate. Nesting rates, normally at 60 percent, have plummeted to 12 percent. And the few chicks that do manage to hatch from eggs are emaciated.

(Charismatic Puffins imperiled by climate change are now subject to an increasing extinction pressure due to this man-made crisis. Image source: NRDC.)

Over on the Atlantic side, a similar mass die off of Puffins has occurred in the Gulf of Maine even while stresses to the birds have been increasing into Scotland, the Barents Sea and Iceland. Die offs further south in Maine began to become widespread during 2014 as the waters off the US East Coast hit extreme levels of warmth. By 2016, the mass mortality had extended to Iceland where more than 80 percent of Puffin chicks were reported dead.

To researchers, there’s no mystery as to what’s killing the birds. They’re starving. But the root cause of the great loss among Puffins is even more disturbing. Julia Parrish, a University of Washington professor who coordinates a West Coast volunteer bird-monitoring network noted to National Geographic:

“Clearly something very weird is going on. It’s basically every year now we’re getting some huge mass-mortality event. It seems that the bottom-up changes provoked by the atmosphere are creating massive, massive changes in marine ecosystems. And the forage fish that everything depends on are taking it in the shorts.” (Emphasis added)

In other words, the fish that Puffins feed on are dying due to global climate change and so the Puffins are dying too.

Conditions in Context — We All Rely on Bountiful Oceans

If we are unable to escape the stresses of our own lives, or step back from our own individual difficulties to take account of the larger trajectory of our race, the plight of Puffins starving in the North Atlantic or Bering Sea may seem a remote or minor concern. However, when one realizes that, like the Puffins, human beings also rely on the bounty of the oceans as a primary food source, the matter strikes much closer to home. And in this case, Puffins join a long list of ocean-dependent wildlife — corals, seals, fish, polar bears, walruses, lobsters and so many more — who are sending us an increasingly loud warning as they perish.

Life in the world’s waters is in peril due to the warming we are causing. And because life on land is ultimately connected to what happens in the waters, not paying attention, not responding to what’s happening by halting the fossil fuel emissions that have created this terrible extinction pressure, is a wretched road to follow.


Puffins are Starving to Death Because of Climate Change

Puffins Starve to Death in High Numbers off the Gulf of Maine

Something is Seriously Wrong on the East Coast and it’s Killing all the Baby Puffins

Huge Puffing Die-Off May Be Linked to Hotter Seas

Global and Regional Food Consumption


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November 3, 2016: Apologies in advance for such a stress-inducing headline, but let’s talk about the 900 pound orangutan in the room: What if we wake up on Wednesday to Donald J. Trump as president elect of the United States of America?
Since everyone is on pins and needles about it, let’s have this conversation.
The first thing: Life as we knew it and expected it to unfold will never be the same. American fascism will have arrived and the worst, most violent elements in society will feel emboldened to harm everyone they consider as “the other” with impunity. The burning of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi this week by Trump supporters is merely the opening salvo. The internal conflict within the FBI in public view right now will afflict every police agency, federal, state and local, as openly authoritarian elements attempt to seize control. Hate crimes will rise against women, people of color and the LGBT communities precisely as law enforcement turns a blind eye to much of it. Look for entire new demographic groups to be targeted, too: Those 20 million who newly have health care, many of whom had preexisting conditions, people living with disabilities and others will be added to the list of national scapegoats. The attempt to repeal Obamacare will be a literal death sentence for many of us.
Those of us who have lived in countries under authoritarian rule have spent recent months having our own conversation about what is happening in the USA. We do it in whispers because most of you will not believe us no matter how loudly we shout about what a Trump election would bring down the ‘pike. We shake our heads and feel a great wave of pity for most Americans who have no idea what tyranny really looks or feels like. Tyranny – contrary to popular myth – is asymmetric. It hits from all sides, crevices, nooks and crannies, from the dark places, the shadows. The figurehead’s power above merely provides it cover. It has the same paramilitary logic of what was endured in Latin America’s dirty wars and the dictatorships across the sea that gave rise to the Arab Spring. When Donald J. Trump praises strongmen leaders across the globe he is giving his “tell” of how he would govern – with a clenched fist.
Worse, the response from that part of America that defines itself as “the left” (I am speaking of the white and academic “left” since so few organized people of color are foolish enough to claim an already discredited mantle) is totally unequipped to address it yet they will attempt once again to place themselves at the vanguard of resistance without any lived experience leading an actual resistance, much less winning one. Senator Sanders’ “Our Revolution” PAC will seek to fundraise off every injustice as aggressively as it has over the Native American resistance to the pipeline in the Dakotas. The remnants of “Occupy” now under a thousand new names will call for demonstrations without guidelines, training or discipline and that in the name of “diversity of tactics” allow any asshole who wants to call himself “Black Bloc” to don ski masks and toss trash cans through store windows. President Trump is gonna love those demonstrations because it will allow him to sell all kinds of repression to his base. White men will vault to the front of these groups saying, “follow me!” Yet they have not a clue as to how a real movement is built or won. They feel entitled to it anyway. It will be more of the same attempts to re-center whiteness and maleness with the cheerleading of Jacobin magazine, some writers at The Nation, Democracy Now and Reddit dudebro forums.
The election of Trump will mark the exact moment of failure of manhood in America. The only possible new leadership will have to come from women, especially women of color, who already live in Trump’s America and have more experience navigating such a world, far more than we guys can learn in the short time we’ll have to build an authentic resistance. Mexican-American and Muslim-American women will be the first hit and instead of letting the dudebro aspirants set the tone it will be up to all of us to follow those women into battle instead.
The only authentic resistance to the policies of a Trump presidency will make nonviolence its watchword, and unapologetically so. To participate, you’re going to have to get training in nonviolent civil resistance. I’m not speaking of the “express trainings” by dudebro groups like “Democracy Spring” with fawning celebrity dilettantes like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but, rather, sessions that last a minimum of eight hours or, ideally, an entire weekend or more and are led and organized by women of experience at it and especially women of color.
Many of these will have to take place in Mexico, which will take on a special role as a Trump-free zone with the support of the general population. Learning Spanish would be a real good idea for any American who really wants to chase dictatorship back down its rabbit hole.
The resistance will not be led by the Green or Libertarian Parties, “Occupy” activists or any similar fringe: Their brands of “leadership” are what got us into this mess in the first place.
The revolution will be authentically multi-racial, a true partnership, women-led and nonviolent or there will be no chance of success at all.
Finally, we’re going to have to say goodbye to some former “allies” who spent this election dragging down the one woman who stood in the way of a Trump presidency. I can say, for example, that the School of Authentic Journalism we hold in Mexico won’t ever be inviting any of them down: that would disrespect our Mexican hosts whose families will bear the biggest brunt of an America under Trump. (Thankfully, out of five hundred to whom we have given scholarships over the past thirteen years, only three have jumped that shark, and one just loudly recanted, begging people to disregard every asinine thing he’s written over the past year about this election! That happened today.)
Me? I’m ready to play an auxiliary role in a women and women of color-led resistance to a Trump’s America. They’re the only reason we have a candidate with a chance of defeating him on Tuesday. They’ve saved America once already this year. It’s time for us boys to start taking orders instead of barking them while wagging our finger at the gals. And it’s the only possible guarantee against Trumpism infecting the movement against his policies. Real men – like President Obama – will know just how to play that supportive role. He’ll be doing it from an organizing academy out of the coming Obama Museum in Chicago – and win or lose this election I expect to see y’all there, too.
If you’re reading these words and thinking, “Gee, Al makes it sound so much fun, maybe we need a Trump regime to kick our asses!” Nope. Millions of lives will be ruined, many ended prematurely. One of them might be yours. People you love will be crushed under it. This scenario is the most un-fun thing imaginable. And the chances of success will be greatly stacked against us. The American people are not prepared to be soldiers in a nonviolent war to reclaim the country. It would take decades, probably generations, to turn back the tide. In the meantime, there will only be pain and suffering.
Americans have it pretty damn good today. That’s why people from all the other lands want to come and live and work in it. Don’t blow it, America, out of a misguided and purely academic theory that things have to get worse before they can get better. That’s children’s talk. And history has never happened that way.
If you don’t like the truths I’ve just thrown at you, there are still four days of phone banking, door knocking, data entry and driving people to the polls left to make for a different and better reality, one in which fascist law enforcement agents don’t run amok and where black churches and Muslim and Jewish and Spanish language temples don’t get regularly burned to the ground. I can think of no clearer imagery to visualize what a Trump presidency would be like. Forewarned is forearmed. Vote. The country – and world – you live in will be decided on Tuesday.
(The newsletter, Al Giordano's América, goes to donors of $70 or more to The Fund for Authentic Journalism during the calendar year in which the donation is made.)


KING: We should not wait and see what a Trump administration does



The Impact of Comey’s Unconstitutional Intervention In The Election
11/12/2016 06:12 pm ET


EDITORIAL:God help America!
Southern Star Newspaper
The timing of the latest revelations led to allegations of unwarranted political interference by the FBI man which was wholly inappropriate and, even though he ...


Cincinnati judge declares mistrial in officer-involved shooting of ...
Lynch stated [JURIST report] that the DOJ, including the FBI, ATF, and US Marshals Service and US Attorneys Office were conducting an investigation into the ...


Mother Jones Blogger Directs ‘F**k You’ at Comey For Allegedly Swinging the Election
By Tom Johnson | November 12, 2016 |


Surveillance Self-Defense Against the Trump Administration
The Intercept
Make sure you set a long, random passcode — it should be at least 6 digits, and it should be 11 digits if you think an agency like the FBI may invest resources ...


The FBI ran nearly half of all known dark web child pornography sites
The Week Magazine-
Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal the FBI took over and operated 23 child pornography websites out of a government facility in ...

The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp - Educate Yourself
educate-yourself.org › franklincoverupe...
"Franklin Case Witnesses Implicate FBI and U.S. Elites in Child-Torture and Murder ." ... Since the 1992 publication of John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Cover-Up, ...

DeCamp - Bush Stole 04
http://www.bushstole04.com › bushfascism
Fluent in six languages and a law school graduate, John DeCamp, a native of ... He is author of the Franklin Cover-Up, which inspired the video that was made for ...

Sheriff's department unable to file charges in cross-burning incident
The Daviess County Sheriff's Department has concluded its investigation into a October incident where a cross was burned in front of a home of a black family in ...

Blue by Day, White by Night - Link Law | Philadelphia, PA
linklawphilly.com › blue-by-day-white-b...
Feb 26, 2015 - This is Part 1 of the trial recap showing how my investigation as a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia uncovered a controversial KKK ...

Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies: Michael Novick: Amazon.com: Books
Amazon.com › Blue-day-white-night-sup...
Blue by day, white by night: Organized white supremacist groups in law enforcement agencies [Michael Novick] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying ...
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