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Arguably the most important department at the FBI , Public Relations, the FBI
could not stay in business unless they controlled what the media says about them.
Day in and day out, 24/7 this department never sleeps gathering and analyzing stories
while maintaining the FBI  brand name in the taxpayer's consciousness.

Understanding the FBI  crime family and it's relationship to other crime families
is important in understanding the death squad organizational model of the FBI.

Since it creation in 1920 the FBI  has relied on 3rd party vendors to carry out it's
assassinations relying on the Mafia in particular.
There is a significant body of data showing how the Mafia and FBI  worked together to assassinate President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
google  mafia fbi jfk
google mlk mafia fbi

Hollywood has always been a tool of the FBI. Period!

This soon to be made film is a classic example.

see link for full story


Johnny Depp to Star as Whitey Bulger in Black Mass

February 3, 2013

Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob is being made into a feature film with Johnny Depp attached to star as Whitey Bulger, the South Boston gangster who sat on the FBI's Most Wanted list for more than a decade. Depp's played a gangster before in 2009's Public Enemies, bringing the notorious John Dillinger to life opposite Christian Bale as FBI Agent Melvin Purvis.

Cross Creek Pictures and Exclusive Media are teaming up to finance and produce the dramatic story, with Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Man of the Year) on board to direct. Mark Mallouk did a "completely new screenplay adaptation of the book" after Bulger was finally captured in 2011. Filming's expected to begin as soon as this May.

The official synopsis: "Black Mass tells the true story of Whitey Bulger, the brother of a state senator and the most infamous violent criminal in the history of South Boston, who became an FBI informant to take down a Mafia family invading his turf. However, after the Feds closed in on their targets, they double crossed Bulger and ultimately prosecuted him, along with his partner in crime and the original FBI agent working with him."


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Two reads one from the Bureau of FBI  spin
the other from an Academy Award nominated filmaker

1st read
see link for full story

FBI HRT: 30 Years of Service
February 2, 2013

QUANTICO, VA - Last month marked the 30th anniversary of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT)—federal law enforcement’s only full-time counterterrorism unit—a highly trained group of special agents often called upon during the toughest times.

When needed, the team is prepared to deploy within four hours of notification to anywhere in the U.S. in response to terrorist incidents, hostage situations, and major criminal threats. Although the HRT has been tasked to fill a variety of roles throughout the years, its highest priority has always been to react to a major terrorist incident and to ensure the safe release of hostages.

“There is no greater mission we have than to save somebody’s life,” said Kevin Cornelius, a former HRT operator who now commands the team.

Although the HRT was originally conceived to provide a tactical response to terrorism (see sidebar), the team possesses capabilities that do not exist anywhere else in civilian law enforcement. Operators are able to fast-rope out of helicopters, parachute with full mission equipment, and conduct advanced SCUBA techniques. They are trained to be superior marksmen, proficient in a variety of breaching techniques—including explosives—and experts in close-quarter tactics. Each operator’s skill and training ensures that the HRT can launch assaults with speed, precision, and, if necessary, deadly force.

U.S. law enforcement relies on a tiered response to critical incidents such as a terrorist attack or hostage situation. First responders usually come from the local and state level and might include SWAT teams and crisis negotiators. If a situation cannot be resolved at that level, federal assets such as the HRT may be called in.

HRT operators also provide technical and tactical assistance to FBI field offices, which often leads to the apprehension of violent offenders. Most of the HRT’s operations in the U.S. occur as a result of detailed investigations conducted by special agents in the field.

Since the first generation of HRT operators were trained in 1983, team members have deployed domestically and around the globe nearly 800 times, putting themselves in harm’s way to help safeguard the nation and to save lives.

“As an elite counterterrorism tactical team for law enforcement, the HRT is one of the best, if not the best, in the United States,” said Sean Joyce, deputy director of the FBI and former HRT operator. “They are elite because of their training,” he explained. “But they are FBI agents first and foremost, and they have the ability to perform special agent duties—whether it’s obtaining evidence or interviewing an individual—anywhere in the world while being able to operate in all types of environments, no matter how inhospitable.”

2nd read

just fixed link again someone
changed it google waco rules of engagement if link fails

Waco: The Rules Of Engagement - YouTube
Video for waco rules of engagement youtube
▶ 2:16:22

Jan 7, 2016 - Uploaded by JourneymanVOD
Waco: The Rules Of Engagement - A reassessment of the tragedy at Waco that left 76 ...

Academy Award nominated doc WACO: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT

Posts: 8,866
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FBI informant Withers was standing next to Martin Luther King taking photos when Dr King was killed by a FBI  bullet. Wither's photographs were used by FBI  agents to destroy any incriminating evidence at the crime scene the next day.
see link for full story

In FBI records, clues about a photographer's work as an informant

  • 3

Ernest Withers watched the trajectory of the civil rights movement from behind his camera lens.

He was in Mississippi in 1955 when an all-white jury acquitted two white men accused of brutally murdering Emmett Till, a visiting black Chicago teenager, for whistling at a white woman.

He was in Alabama a year later when Martin Luther King Jr. rode a bus on the first day the Montgomery transit system was desegregated.

He was in Memphis in the spring of 1968 to support striking black sanitation workers. And he was in King's Memphis hotel room on April 4 when James Earl Ray leaned out a nearby rooming house window and fired his rifle, assassinating the civil rights leader.

The renowned black photographer captured intimate, iconic moments. When he died in 2007 at age 85, his obituaries illustrated that he too was an icon.

Three years later, however, a Memphis newspaper broke a story that rocked the country: Its two-year investigation showed Withers had long worked as an informant for the FBI.

The Commercial Appeal article, which reporter Marc Perrusquia wrote using documents obtained from the FBI,  revealed that between 1968 and 1970, Withers slipped the FBI tips and photographs “detailing an insider's view of politics, business and everyday life in Memphis' black community.”

Although the most of the documents were redacted, the newspaper pieced together key tidbits of information, including Withers’ confidential informant number - ME 338-R. The “R,” the article said, meant Withers had worked as a racial informant.

The article not only raised questions about Withers’ legacy, but it also provided a sneak peek into the labyrinth-like process of requesting information from the government.

Two months after the story broke in 2010, Perrusquia and the Memphis Publishing Co., the newspaper’s publisher, lodged a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI. Although the early trove of documents had alluded to Withers’ work as an informant, Perrusquia wanted a copy of the confidential informant file.  

The FBI refused. The agency wouldn’t even say whether such a file existed.

In a court memorandum filed last year, the FBI wrote: “To the extent plaintiff Perrusquia claims that the FBI’s release of Withers’ public corruption files disclosed information from which he could deduce Withers’ alleged status as a confidential informant, any such disclosure would have been inadvertent.”

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in the District of Columbia ruled, however, that Withers’ status as a confidential informant had already been confirmed, and she ordered the FBI to turn over a more detailed reasoning for why it denied Perrusquia’s request.


Posts: 8,866
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see link for full story




The Bureau and the Journalist: Victor Riesel's Secret Relationship With the FBI

Thursday, 14 February 2013 

Students and activists protest on the campus of University of California in Berkeley, California. (Photo: Jim Wilson / The New York Times)

Journalist Victor Riesel's work in the 1940s to 1980s as an FBI-friendly news source - creating suspicion of dissidents and dividing labor from student activists - is continued today by his many intellectual heirs.

It was one of the darker moments of the era. On May 8, 1970, four days after a quartet of students were shot dead on the Kent State University campus, a demonstration of high school and college students protesting the escalation of the Vietnam War in the Wall Street area of New York were attacked by construction workers. By all accounts it was vicious. One report described workers chasing students into nearby Pace University, "The workers smashed windows and beat students in the lobby. One student was taken away apparently in convulsions. The workers threw wooden wedges, pipe joints and rocks through the windows apparently angered by an antiwar banner some students had draped over the facade of the building."1

News of the attack went out worldwide. In its aftermath, supporters of the war sought to drive home a message: The students had gone too far and these hardscrabble workers were justified in doing something about it. One of those sounding off was columnist Victor Riesel. In a piece called, "Counter Violence is on the Move" he wrote:

The construction trades union men marched on City Hall. They're hard. I've seen them in action. They're tough. And they were bitter mad. They hit the young people, lashed at the demonstrators as the nation now knows. They invaded a nearby college. But they carried no lead pipes. The carried no urine or human feces in cellophane bags as did the 1968 Chicago young peace demonstrators.2

Riesel's column was an open endorsement of violence against antiwar demonstrators, one that fit the narrative/polarization pushed from the highest levels of government at the time - the hardworking silent majority finally standing up to spoiled, intellectual, privileged youth. This incident now sits decades in the past, but an astute observer of the Occupation of Zuccotti Park in the fall of 2011 will see its ghost in the way unfriendly tabloids, right-wing television and hostile radio commentary took aim at the Occupy Wall Street movement. In that respect, a closer look at the work of Victor Riesel is instructive: exemplary of the way a certain type of journalism undergirds the repressive forces of the state.

Who was Victor Riesel?

Victor Riesel was a New York journalist who covered the labor beat as a syndicated columnist from the 1940s until the early 1980s. At the height of his career he was carried in nearly 350 newspapers - giving him a direct voice to the mainstream in the US. He is perhaps best known for an incident in 1956, when he was attacked on a Manhattan street by a man who threw sulfuric acid in his face, blinding him. This was in response to a column Riesel wrote claiming that a Long Island union had mob connections. At the time of his death, Riesel was described as a dogged journalist with little mention of his hard-right politics. His New York Times obituary described how, "Despite his blinding, Mr. Riesel never stopped inveighing against gangster infiltration and other corruption in labor unions that had stirred his emotions since his youth." Curiously absent in this denouement, was his role in promoting the blacklist during the McCarthy era,3 his personal and partisan friendships with Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan,4 and his close association with the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover.

Hoover and His Contacts

For nearly 50 years J. Edgar Hoover occupied the top position in the FBI. During that time he assembled a list of contacts in the press to be called on when he needed to get the FBI's position out, or in other ways needed their assistance in furthering the bureau's work. In 1975-76 the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, known by its chairman's name Frank Church - the Church Committee -issued several reports. One of those reports detailed how the FBI went about using the press in targeting radicals:

Typically, a local FBI agent would provide information to a 'friendly news source' on the condition 'that the Bureau's interest in these matters is to be kept in the strictest confidence.' Thomas E. Bishop, former Director of the Crime Records Division, testified that he kept a list of the Bureau's 'press friends' in his desk.

Riesel died in 1995 and his papers are now housed in New York University's Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives. Among those documents is significant correspondence with labor unions, appointment diaries for his years as a reporter, notes and drafts of columns. They also contain something else. Three file folders of correspondence with various FBI officials from the 60s and 70s. Included among them are several pieces of correspondence from Thomas E. Bishop. In other words, Riesel was one of those FBI "friendly news sources."

The correspondence in the file starts as the FBI began to confront the growing unrest on university campuses in the 60s. In 1965, the number three man in the FBI after Hoover, Deputy Director Cartha DeLoach, wrote to Riesel, "As is well known, the communists are attempting to influence the minds of college students and are eager to do anything possible to promote their own selfish aims on our campuses." 5

That same year, Hoover himself wrote a letter to Riesel, thanking him for a column dealing with the mob and vending machines: "I feel you have performed a real public service by bringing this information to the attention of your readers." Written on the director's letterhead it was signed with the familiar, "Edgar."6 Another letter explains how Hoover had agreed to write a guest column for Riesel.7

The file makes clear Riesel's relationship with the FBI continued after Hoover's death in 1972. There is a note in 1973 from the new director Clarence Kelly, writing, "Your staunch support and kind comments regarding our accomplishments in 1973 certainly mean a great deal to all of us in the FBI."8 Such relationships continued right up through the administration of William Webster - with whom Riesel lunched in 1978, soon Webster took over the Director's job.9

The Black Panther Party

Concretely, this relationship meant that Riesel would serve as an auxiliary to the FBI's legal and extra-legal efforts to go after bureau targets. In this, Riesel played a direct role in the FBI's work against the Black Panther Party, particularly in undercutting its ability to get out its newspaper. According to the Church Committee:

In November 1970, seeking to create a boycott by union members handling the newspapers' shipment, Mr. Hoover directed 39 field offices to mail copies of a column about the Panthers by Victor Riesel to 'unions such as the Teamsters and others involved in handling shipment of B.P.P. newspapers.' The column was also to be sent anonymously to 'officials of police associations who might be in a position to encourage a boycott.'10

What was not known (or at least reported), is that the FBI, beyond circulating his columns, was feeding Riesel information about the Panthers, particularly on the East Coast. As correspondence from the FBI's Bishop to Riesel in 1972 outlines:

In connection with your request this morning about the publication 'Right On,' I am enclosing a copy of the undated issue distributed in October, 1971. You will note the article in which you are interested is set forth on page 19 entitled 'Black Cops.' 11

The note goes on to supply further background - and the FBI's assessment of the status of the publication:

'Right On' is the official publication of the Cleaver faction of the Black Panther Party. Although advertised as a bi-weekly newspaper, financial difficulties apparently have plagued the paper since its first issue in April, 1971. Since that time 11 issues have been printed and distributed on a nationwide basis.12

At the same time he was serving as an FBI mouthpiece, the columnist decried the restraint imposed on the bureau as it was exposed for undertaking directly illegal activity in its Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO). "The undercover persons are mocked and hounded and when the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover tried counterintelligence infiltration with the COINTELPRO-New Left he was forced to kill it."13

The RU Memo

Aspects of the direct role of the FBI and Riesel targeting the Panthers has been public knowledge for some time. Another target however, one that extended throughout the 70s, remained hidden - until now - in Riesel's papers.

Between 1968 and 1981, Riesel wrote numerous columns about the Revolutionary Union and Revolutionary Communist Party. In column after column, he created the specter of foreign influence, subversive manipulation, and anti-Americanism. What is now clear is that his "inside" information and "federal sources" for these columns, came directly from the bureau. In the late spring of 1969 Riesel received a packet of material from the FBI's Bishop, with a cover note:

I thought you might be interested in the attached material concerning the Revolutionary Union (RU) and the activities of one of its leaders, Robert Avakian, in support of recent strike activity by the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union. A memorandum, also attached, sets forth Avakian's connection with the RU, a militant pro-Chinese communist organization, and shows attempts to take advantage of labor problems.14

The letter ends with explicit instructions:

No attribution, of course, should be made in connection with any use you can make of this material.15

The Standard Oil strike was a unique event in 60s history; it was one of the rare times that workers (in Richmond, California) joined with students, supporting the strike by students at San Francisco State College. That solidarity was due in part because of work by people like Robert Avakian, Steve Hamilton and others in an early RU collective in Richmond. These were students - both Hamilton and Avakian being veterans of Berkeley's Free Speech Movement - who wanted to fuse with the working class, which they felt was essential for a revolutionary movement. Needless to say, this caught the interest and set in motion the counterintelligence machinery of the FBI.

As a result of the information he was receiving, Riesel would begin to incorporate RU information into his columns, initially making a passing mention of the RU, in a piece titled, "Plan New Offensive," in March 1970 16 and getting more explicit in 1971:

RU's objectives are a United Front, development of a working-class unity and 'leadership in the struggles to organize a new national Communist Party, based on Marxism-Leninism-Mao-Tse-tung thought, which would lead to the overthrow of the US government by force and violence.'17

In another column he obliquely refers to Leibel Bergman, an early leader of the RU, "Launched in 1968 in the San Francisco Bay area, the RU was directed by an American Maoist who had just returned from Peking."18 Bergman was a former member of the Communist Party and Progressive Labor Party, who left both of those organizations to join with the new generation of revolutionaries to form the RU. He had lived in China in the early 1960s, along with other disenchanted Americans like Robert F. Williams, William Hinton and Vicki Garvin, who were looking to China as a model of socialism in contrast to the stultifying Soviet Union. Bergman in turn saw applying some of the revolutionary concepts he learned in China to the US. This, in the context of the labor unrest among younger rebellious workers who were beginning to come into factories - including not a few Vietnam veterans.

By the early 70s the US economy was undergoing a profound transformation. Things were moving away from better-paid industrial jobs; wages and benefits were under attack; and the overall middle-class stability of the US postwar world was in flux. In that respect, Riesel manned an antagonistic point position in attacking labor insurgents. Throughout the 70s he wrote numerous columns - not just red-baiting the RU, but zeroing in on its work in industry. He especially singled out Skip Delano, a radical worker and member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War:

For several years now the Revolutionary Union through a faction which calls itself  'The Outlaws' has attempted to seize power in the New York Metro Area Postal Union (AFL-CIO).... And there is the saga of the big, tough, fist-thumping RU man, roving activist Lewis (Skip) Delano who, though educated and skilled, got a job as a part-time "sub" on the midnight shift in the New York General Post Office. Soon he was a union shop steward.... Then in December 1974 he left with a female aide and turned up in the West Virginia coal fields in early 1975. By August he had a committee going. With him were two other young RU men. By early September (1975) Delano and his cadres had provoked 80,000 coal diggers into a long illegal strike.19

The RU's work in industry wasn't especially secret - though there was a covert aspect tactically. The pages of the RU's newspaper at the time, Revolution, were full of coverage of struggles in various industries in which the RU worked or was trying to gain a footing. Indeed, reading deeper into Riesel's writing, it is clear there is more going on than conspiratorial paranoia. Riesel - and by extension the FBI - understood something about the RU, "The new revolutionist aren't 'nuts.' They are bright, young, educated and tough."20

So watch the political elephant grass. The Revolutionary Communist Party has money, newspapers, organizational talent, and most important can approach younger workers of today as one of their own kind; youthful, articulate, brainwashed and hep to the lingo in the bars and pot-filled rooms.21

Leaving aside the corniness, the RU and RCP were being talked about because at the moment they were a force, albeit in a tentative stage (after the death of Mao in 1976 and the transformation in China away from its model of socialism, there was a major schism in the group that ushered in a period of extended decline and an exit from working in industry).22

Occupy and the Media

While Riesel is no longer with us, the legacy of media playing the role of auxiliary to the state remains. Perhaps the sharpest contemporary example is the way certain media approached the Occupy upsurge in the fall of 2011. While there were plenty of sympathetic and even ambivalent media, there was another strain, one unambiguously hostile. Prime examples include the New York Post and the New York Daily News. These papers carried prominent coverage of outraged business owners, office workers and construction workers who were said to be majorly inconvenienced by the Occupy protests. One Post article quoted a man stalled in traffic because the police were conducting mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge, "I work my ass off all day, and these goddamned hippies close down the Brooklyn Bridge so I can't get home?" Another Post headline took relish, proclaiming, "OWS bums are a big joke: Hard workers enjoy a good laugh as May Day skirmishes fizzle." The Daily News attempted to marginalize the protests by pointing to the scope of issues ( "Occupy Wall Street - less comprehensible than ever: From blocking ports to backing Bradley Manning.") and editorialized that the OWS takeaway message was "Aggravate workers. Snarl streets. Injure cops. Hammer taxpayers." Another piece quoted an antagonistic bricklayer: "There are kids who have silver spoons in their mouths. Now I've gotta go to work. What about them? I've had enough. I'm sick of it." Meantime Crain's New York exposed hidden subversives in articles like "Veteran agitators flock to Occupy Wall Street," and "Unions, left-wing groups join Occupy Wall Street."

Whether such reporting sprang from personal bias, the police whispering in the ears of reporters or something more formalized, is in a certain sense beside the point. The media in these cases worked to create divisions where none existed and sharpen ones where they did, i.e. defending the ruling structure, the 1%, if you will. If this line of attack sounds similar to the tack taken by Victor Riesel, all those decades ago, it is an indication of how, despite dramatic shifts, some fundamental things in the US have not changed.


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C'mon folks. The New York Times has always been the primary public relations firm for the FBI

The backstory is how is the FBI crime family still able to get taxpayer
funding with the mounting evidence they were principal architects behind the assassination
of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King?
google  mlk douglass rockwell

google the guilty men youtube jfk

Watch the 45 minute version

see link for full story

F.B.I. destroyed file on Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, 'Times' publisher behind the Pentagon Papers

Feb. 16, 2013

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has destroyed its file on Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, the late New York Times publisher who defied the federal government in the twilight of J. Edgar Hoover’s reign, Capital has learned.

The file’s existence and its destruction were acknowledged to Capital by the F.B.I. through the National Archives and Records Administration.

Sulzberger’s 1971 decision to publish the Pentagon Papers, a secret government history of the Vietnam War, was met with an unprecedented federal restraining order and angered the administration of President Richard M. Nixon at a time the White House was instructing F.B.I. Director Hoover to provide them with damaging personal information on journalists who crossed the White House.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, F.B.I. records pertaining to Sulzberger became accessible upon his death on Sept. 29, 2012, but the Sulzberger file had been destroyed less than 10 months earlier.

I filed a Freedom of Information request with the F.B.I. in October, and they replied 11 weeks later to say that unreviewed but potentially responsive records had been sent to the National Archives. I then filed a second Freedom of Information request with the National Archives.

“We could not locate the file among our holdings and contacted the FBI for assistance,” the National Archives’ chief of Special Access and FOIA staff responded on Tuesday. “The FBI has informed us that the file was destroyed on December 1, 2011, according to an authorized agency records disposition schedule.”

Posts: 8,866
Reply with quote  #6 

Radio,television and the print media teaches us to buy not to be.
To buy and not to be, that is the question,eh?

24/7 it is always about maintaining the FBI  brand in the public consciousness?
NBC reporter Lester Holt is afro american. Instead of doing a story about FBI  agents assassinating Martin Luther King see  http://dprogram.net/2010/02/01/the-assassination-of-martin-luther-king-jr-was-an-act-of-state/

or the racism at the FBI  Academy depicted in the book EYES TO MY SOUL
written by former FBI  agent Tyrone Powers see   http://thepowersreport.groupsite.com/page/about-me

NBC  (corporate) reporter Lester Holt does a Public Relations piece
for the protectors of corporations taxpayer funded FBI  agents.
So taxpayers are footing the bill to brand the FBI  crimes family who has been characterized as
a death squad.

see link for full story
February 17, 2013

Agent for a day: Lester Holt heads to the FBI Academy
Driving through the woods, storming a building and breaking down doors were only some of the activities Lester Holt took part in when he stopped by the FBI Academy, which teaches the skills the FBI is best known for. TODAY’s Lester Holt reports.

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The mainstream media knew about this but remained silent.

see link for full story

The FBI’s shameful recruitment of Nazi war criminals
By Richard Rashke
March 6, 2013

 This essay is adapted from Useful Enemies: John Demjanjuk and America’s Open-Door Policy for Nazi War Criminals, which was recently published by Delphinium Books.

A trove of recently declassified documents leads to several inescapable conclusions about the FBI’s role in protecting both proven and alleged Nazi war criminals in America. First, there can be no doubt that J. Edgar Hoover collected Nazis and Nazi collaborators like pennies from heaven. Unlike the military and its highly structured Operation Paperclip — with its specific targets, systematic falsification of visa applications, and creation of bogus biographies — Hoover had no organized program to find, vet, and recruit alleged Nazis and Nazi collaborators as confidential sources, informants, and unofficial spies in émigré communities around the country. America’s No. 1 crime buster was guided only by opportunism and moral indifference.

Each Nazi collaborator that his agents stumbled upon, or learned about from the CIA, was both a potential spy and a potential anticommunist leader. Once they were discovered, Hoover sought them out, used them, and protected them. He had no interest in reporting alleged Nazi war criminals to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the Justice Department, or the State Department for possible deportation or extradition. He appeared smug in his simplistic division of Americans into shadeless categories of bad guys and good guys, communists and anticommunists.

Hoover was careful about the number of former Nazis and Nazi collaborators he placed on the FBI payroll. If Congress or its investigative arm, the Government Accountability Office, ever insisted on a tally, he could say with a straight face that there were only a handful of paid confidential sources and informants. But if one adds the war criminals he informally cultivated and used, the number ranges well into the hundreds. Although some of the snapshots may be out of focus, the big picture is now clear. Hoover and the FBI knew the identities, addresses, and backgrounds of up to a thousand alleged Nazis and Nazi collaborators on whom he had files but did not report to INS, Justice, State, or the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) unit of the Justice Department.

Among the newly revealed Nazi collaborators that Hoover and the FBI used and protected were John Avdzej, Laszlo Agh, and Vladimir Sokolov. During the war, Belorussian John Avdzej had been installed as the Nazi’s puppet mayor of the Niasvizh district in western Belorussia, once part of Poland. His first mayoral job was to rid his district of all Poles. As a first step, he gave the Gestapo a list of 120 Polish intelligentsia that included journalists, professors, priests, and former military officers, according to recently declassified intelligence files. Then he took part in their execution, as well as in the murder of thousands of Jews under his political jurisdiction.

The Polish Home Army condemned him to death in absentia. The United States was responsible for bringing Avdzej to America. Hoover snapped him up and protected him until 1984, when OSI charged him with visa fraud. Facing trial and possible extradition for war crimes, Avdzej voluntarily left the United States for West Germany, where he died a free man in 1998.

Laszlo Agh was a wartime member of the Hungarian Arrow Cross, an anti- Semitic group of fascists responsible for the murder of 10,000 to 15,000 Hungarian Jews and the deportation to Auschwitz of another 80,000. According to 12 eyewitnesses, Agh had personally rounded up, imprisoned, tortured, and killed hundreds of Hungarian Jews. The torture included forced calisthenics to the point of unconsciousness, burial in the ground up to the neck until dead, and orders to jump on ground studded with partially buried bayonets.

Agh intrigued Hoover. A bitterly anticommunist leader had fallen into his lap and Hoover quickly recruited him as an unofficial informant. When the INS began to investigate Agh, the FBI refused to cooperate. As a result, Agh was never tried for visa fraud. Like Avdzej, he died a free man.

Russian Vladimir Sokolov (aka Vladimir Samarin) was a senior editor and writer for Rech (Speech), a German-controlled, anti-Semitic Russian newspaper. He entered the United States in July 1951. Sokolov penned articles calling for the extermination of Russian Jews as enemies of the people. Jews advised Stalin, he wrote, started the German-Soviet war, and controlled the White House. Only Germany and its allies had the wisdom to understand the international Jewish conspiracy and the courage to fight “the Kikes of the world.” After the war, Moscow placed Sokolov on its most-wanted list, claiming it had concrete proof that he had worked with the Gestapo as a propagandist and had personally identified Jews for execution. The FBI, on the other hand, considered Sokolov a “sincere, outspoken anti-Communist [and] a potential source.”

At one point, he even taught Russian language and literature at Yale University. “How a man with no high academic credentials suddenly procured such a prestigious position is a mystery,” wrote historian Norman Goda. “It is clear that the FBI used him as an informant while at Yale, possibly to report on Russian students.”

However shocking and reprehensible, Hoover’s use of alleged Nazis and Nazi collaborators is just a small part of the FBI story. To focus only on that dimension diverts attention away from a more important issue. In choosing to take the low moral ground, Hoover and the FBI betrayed the trust of Americans, living and dead. And in perpetrating a 50-year conspiracy of silence, the FBI shamed Americans and made them unwitting hypocrites in the eyes of the world. Most Americans find morally repugnant — if not criminal — the behavior of European citizens who cheered or merely stood by in silence while Nazis and Nazi collaborators dragged away their neighbors, looted their homes, shot them in the forest, or crammed them into boxcars heading east. How then must Americans judge the cadre of unelected, powerful men who welcomed some of those same murderers to America and helped them escape punishment in the name of national security?

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The William Pepper book ORDERS TO KILL  details the evidence for the FBI  assassinating Martin Luther King.

LA Times: Hugh Jackman to tackle Martin Luther King slaying

    Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman to tackle Martin Luther King slaying
    By Steven Zeitchik
    July 31, 2012, 3:32 p.m.

    EXCLUSIVE: Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman failed to get a civil rights picture off the ground when their passion project "Selma" fell apart two years ago. But the pair are taking another crack at that subject, exploring the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination with a new film that takes an unconventional view of King's murder.

    Daniels will direct and Jackman will star in "Orders to Kill," a story that aims to tell an alternative version of the King shooting, according to a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly. Millennium Films will produce and finance the film, which is currently being shopped around to distributors in Hollywood. A Millennium spokeswoman did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

    The film will tell the story of William Pepper (Jackman), a controversial attorney and activist who for decades has argued that convicted killer James Earl Ray, who recanted his confession and died arguing his innocence, didn't shoot MLK.

    The picture will follow Pepper over the years as he wages a one-man campaign, interviewing witnesses and building support for his theory that other interests, including those from the U.S. government, were behind the 1968 Memphis killing. (In a nutshell, Pepper, who is still alive, argues that government interests wanted King dead because of his opposition to the Vietnam War.) It will be based on Pepper's own book, which has been adapted for the screen by Hollywood screenwriter Hanna Weg.

    The movie has echoes of "JFK," Oliver Stone's film from 20 years ago that also argued for a broad conspiracy behind the assassination of a 1960s icon. Though controversial, the film was a huge hit and won two Oscars...

    http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/mo ... 8278.story

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see link for full story

Swartz protesters go to prosecutor’s home


Milton police on March 16 responded to a small demonstration by people who went to the home of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz to protest her handling of the Aaron Swartz case. The protesters, who identified with the Occupy movement, placed “Wanted” posters bearing Ortiz’s name near her Milton home and left a cake on the property with the words “Justice for Aaron” written in frosting, according to Deputy Police Chief Charles Paris. Police sent the cake to the FBI, he said. Ortiz said last week that she respected the rights of individuals to express views, but added that protesters wearing masks in her neighborhood frightened her children and neighbors. Swartz, who was charged with illegally obtaining documents from protected computers, committed suicide in January.


In the news wires today appeared the story about the Gardner Museum heist
in Boston Mass that happened over 20 years ago. Appearing in all the news stories
was Boston FBI  Office Agent in Charge Richard Dsauliers.

Some of you might remember the name of FBI  Supervisor Richard Dsauliers
from other posts on this forum about Aaron Swartz the creator of Reddit , a feature of the internet
that is now widely used. FBI Supervisor Richard Dsauliers recently bullied Aaron Swartz into committing suicide.  see    http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/01/15/swartz-father-blames-government-at-sons-funeral/

The FBI used it's power over the media to  try and re-brand Richard Dsauliers as one of the good guys.
But you and I know better, eh?

here are just a few of the stories.

  1. New York Times

    $5 Million Reward Offered for Stolen Gardner Museum Artwork

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release)-9 hours ago
    Today, the FBI—along with Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts—asked for the public's help in recovering ...

    The Associated Press


    NPR (blog)


    The Atlantic Wire

    Smithsonian (blog)

  2. On 23rd anniversary, FBI says it has identified the thieves in Gardner ...

    Boston.com-10 hours ago
    “The FBI believes with a high degree of confidence in the years after the theft the art was transported to Connecticut and the Philadelphia region and some of the ...
  5. FBI takes to the internet in search of stolen art worth $500 million

    The Verge-by Chris Welch-7 hours ago
    In all, the stolen goods were valued at $300 million by the FBI, though other experts say that figure should be closer to $500 million. The Gardner heist remains ...
  6. FBI believes it knows identities of thieves in massive '90 Boston art ...

    Washington Post-8 hours ago
    BOSTON — The FBI says it has solved the decades-old mystery of who stole $500 million in artwork from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, but it is ...
  9. FBI turns up heat in investigation of 1990 Boston art heist

    Reuters-10 hours ago
    BOSTON (Reuters) - The FBI believes it has identified the thieves who stole 13 artworks from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 in the costliest ...
  10. FBI zeroes in on $500M art heist; Philly involved?

    Philadelphia Inquirer-6 hours ago
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers, right, stands next to a poster that shows a Rembrandt painting and a reward ...
  11. FBI: We know who stole the Gardner paintings, but we don't know ...

    Boston Business Journal (blog)-by Galen Moore-10 hours ago
    Mystery solved - sort of: The FBI says it knows the identity of the culprits in the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist. Johannes Vermeer's "The Concert" ...
  12. FBI Identifies Thieves In 1990 Gardner Museum Art Heist

    CBS Local-10 hours ago
    BOSTON (CBS) – The FBI says it knows the identities of the thieves involved in the 1990 theft of up to $500 million worth of art from Boston's Isabella Stewart ...
  13. The FBI Says It Knows Who Committed The Biggest Art Heist Of All ...

    Business Insider-by Julie Zeveloff-9 hours ago
    Authorities did not identify the thieves by name, but Richard DesLauriers, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, said in a press release that they ...
  14. FBI Knows Suspects in $500 Million Art Theft

    Voice of America-9 hours ago
    The FBI says it has identified suspects in the 1990 theft of half a billion dollars worth of ... The FBI has a website aimed at getting help to crack the case at http://www.
  15. FBI to Discuss Developments in '90 Mass. Art Heist

    TIME-10 hours ago
    BOSTON (AP) — The FBI believes it knows the identities of the thieves who stole art valued at up to $500 million from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner ...
    Washington Post
  17. FBI to reveal new details of 1990 Boston museum heist

    Yahoo! News (blog)-12 hours ago
    Reuters/Reuters - FBI posters displaying works by artists Johannes Vermeer and Edgar Degas are seen during a press conference held to appeal to the public ...
  19. FBI Announces $5M Reward for Info on the $500M in Artwork Stolen ...

    BostInno (blog)-9 hours ago
    In a press statement today, the FBI announced that they now know the thieves' identities, but still do not know the location of the art. The FBI launched a public ...
  28. FBI: We Know Who Robbed the Gardner Museum

    Patch.com-9 hours ago
    Note: This article has been updated to note the FBI is seeking the public's help to locate the 13 missing pieces of art. A previous version of article suggested the ...
  29. FBI Identifies Thieves Behind Infamous Isabella Gardner Museum ...

    Boston magazine's Boston Daily (blog)-9 hours ago
    After more than $500 million of artwork was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston more than 23 years ago, FBI investigators said Monday ...
  30. FBI Asks for Help with Gardner Heist

    WGBH NEWS-7 hours ago
    The FBI's Boston office announced today that it is confident it knows the identities of the thieves who stole 13 works of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner.
  31. FBI Continues Search for Art Stolen from Mass. Museum

    abc40-7 hours ago
    FBI investigators announced Monday that they have are confident that the 13 works of art taken from the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum on March 18, 1990, ...
  33. FBI says it has identified suspects in $500M art heist

    Toronto Sun-9 hours ago
    The FBI believes it has identified the thieves who stole 13 artworks from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990, in the costliest art theft in U.S. ...
  36. Gardner Museum Heist: FBI Close To Recovering $500 Million In Art ...

    International Business Times-9 hours ago
    On the 23rd anniversary of the heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, the FBI and federal authorities said they were close to nabbing the ...

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see link for full story

FBI interrogated Dominican maids without authorization in Menendez scandal

Sen. Robert Menendez. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)

Two maids that work for Dr. Salomon Melgen in his Casa de Campo villa were submitted to unauthorized interrogations by the FBI in the Dominican Republic.

According to the Miami Herald, Two maids allege that FBI agents from Miami tried to brow-beat them into making incriminating statements against U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, during questioning about alleged sex parties at the Dominican Republic resort home of a South Florida doctor who hosted Menendez numerous times.

The maids, both employees of Dr. Salomon Melgen, have asked the Dominican National Police to investigate the FBI’s interrogation of them, saying they were illegally detained and felt threatened during the interviews in February in La Romana.


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Glenn Beck is the best PR  agent the FBI  has had in 2012.

see link for full story

Former FBI Informant Recalls Infiltrating the Weather Underground
Apr. 8, 2013
Andrew Wilkow’s show on TheBlaze TV Monday took a break from analyzing the usual Washington dysfunction to put the spotlight on a news story that has been out of the headlines for some time, but not forgotten.

Through the late 1960s to early 198os members of the far-left organization The Weather Underground bombed banks and various government buildings, led jailbreaks, incited riots, committed arson, and ultimately attempted an armored car robbery that left two policemen and a security guard dead. Formed in 1969 with the goal of toppling the U.S. government, some of the defunct organization’s members now hold positions at prestigious academic institutions without ever fully repudiating their past actions, as discussed on ‘Wilkow!’ last week.

On the show Monday Wilkow was joined by Larry Grathwohl, author and focus of “Bring Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen.”  Grathwohl was an informant for the FBI in 1969 and with the Weathermen when they went underground in 1970. Grathwohl was involved in schemes to blow police stations and even a power plant.

On TheBlaze TV he described how he was recruited and infiltrated the organization, which the FBI labels as a “domestic terrorist group.” Grathwohl described the mentality of the organization’s members after going underground, and how violent and dangerous some members really were. The former informant said it is “ludicrous” to see former weathermen like Kathy Boudin now teaching at Columbia University and welcomed back into society.

Watch clips below from Grathwohl on TheBlaze TV Monday. First describing how he found himself with the Weathermen, and then describing the extreme beliefs of some of the organization’s members.


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1st read

see link for full story

FBI spends $1.5m per year advising movies and TV shows?

 12 April 2013

Following a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Republicans have singled out a unit within the FBI which apparently spends $1.5m per year advising TV shows and films such as CSI and the Fast and the Furious.

The unit apparently advises filmmakers on costume and scenery design, provides FBI facilities for filming, and boasts on its website that it has “assisted the motion pictures ‘The Kingdom,’ ‘Shooter,’ and ‘Breach’; television programs like ‘Without A Trace,’ ‘CSI,’ ‘Numb3rs,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ and ‘The Closer.’”

A special section of the site insists, "We can help: if you are a writer, author, or producer who wants to feature the FBI, we may be able to work with you to create an accurate portrayal of the Bureau."

The site claims that the organisation has been "doing it since the 1930s" and that the bureau's public affairs team will offer:

    Guidance on content regarding FBI investigations, procedures, structure, and history;
    Information on costumes, props, scenery, and weapons;
    Fact checks;
    Liaison and coordination with local FBI field offices;
    Coordination of location shots; and
    Access to FBI facilities for filming scenes, interviews, or b-roll footage.

2nd read


April 11, 2013

"America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh on Lifetime cancellation: Show needs to be on TV

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former FBI assistant director, said the show was and is "unique."

Miller said, "It was a boon for the law enforcement business. In the FBI, one of the divisions that was under my control was Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs.
(This is a dozen people who sit around every day trying to figure out how can they can get the face of the FBI in front of the public)


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some spin for you-couple of reads about spin

see link for full story

Special Magnetic Decal To Be Unveiled Monday

Federal, city and local officials will take part in a ceremony Monday to unveil a special magnetic decal in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

United States Attorney Booth Goodwin, along with FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Chris Courtright, U.S. Marshal John Foster, Charleston Police Department Chief Brent Webster, Kanawha County Sheriff John D. Rutherford and REACH Rape Crisis Program advocates will all be present for the event.

Following the unveiling ceremony, the magnetic decals will be prominently displayed on law enforcement vehicles throughout the month of April.

The event is being held in conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

see link for full story
CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape

By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
January 27, 2011

Washington (CNN) -- An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.

A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "satisfying himself."

And an employee in a "leadership position" misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.

These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained by CNN, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agents and other employees over the last three years


Read the FBI documents obtained by CNN

-- An employee had "a sexual relationship with a source" over seven months. The punishment was a 40-day suspension.
-- The supervisor who viewed "pornographic movies in the office while sexually satisfying himself" during work hours received a 35-day suspension.
-- The employee in a "leadership position" who misused a "government database to conduct name checks on two friends who were foreign nationals employed as exotic dancers" and "brought the two friends into FBI space after-hours without proper authorization" received a 23-day suspension. The same employee had been previously suspended for misusing a government database.
-- An employee who was drunk "exploited his FBI employment at a strip club," falsely claiming he was "conducting an official investigation." His punishment was a 30-day suspension.
-- And an employee conducted "unauthorized searches on FBI databases" for "information on public celebrities the employee thought were 'hot'" received a 30-day suspension.

see link for full story


February 22, 2013
FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers
Dating drug dealers, harassing ex-boyfriends with naked pictures, and pointing guns at pet dogs: these were just a few of the offences committed recently by serving FBI agents, according to internal documents.
The US provided officers from the Egyptian secret police with training at the FBI, despite allegations that they routinely tortured detainees and suppressed political opposition.

By Raf Sanchez, Washington

Disciplinary files from the Bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility record an extraordinary range of transgressions that reveal the chaotic personal lives of some of America's top law enforcers.

One male agent was sacked after police were called to his mistress's house following reports of domestic incident. When officers arrived they found the agent "drunk and uncooperative" and eventually had to physically subdue him and wrestle away his loaded gun.

A woman e-mailed a "nude photograph of herself to her ex-boyfriend's wife" and then continued to harass the couple despite two warnings from senior officials. The Bureau concluded she was suffering from depression related to the break-up and allowed her to return to work after 10 days.

see link for full story


Buffalo FBI Agent Busted
Dec 10, 2012  

BUFFALO, NY - A Special Agent working in the Buffalo office of the FBI is due in Eden Town Court later this month, after being arrested by New York State Police last Friday night, charged with exposing himself to a fellow motorist on the New York State Thruway.

State Police Lt. David Denz confirmed for WGRZ-TV that John A. Yervelli Jr., 48, of Lakeview, was charged with Public Lewdness, a class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

According to Denz, a truck driver from central New York was traveling in the right lane while east bound on the Thruway near mile marker 442, between Exits 57 and 57A, when he noticed a grey minivan pull alongside him in the passing lane.

The trucker told police that when he looked down, he noticed the driver of the other vehicle (who had turned his dome light on) was not wearing pants.

"At that point the complainant stated that the driver of the minivan was exposing himself and making lewd gestures," Denz told 2 On Your Side.

Denz says the trucker called police, who then intercepted the minivan at the Hamburg toll plaza, where the trucker also went to identify Yervelli. Denz said it appeared Yervelli was wearing pants when he was pulled over.

"He denied exposing himself," Denz told Channel 2, but added that "inconsistencies" in the account given by Agent Yervelli lead State Police to file charges.

A source says Yervelli insisted to the trooper who pulled him over that he was attempting to relieve himself into a bottle while he was driving. However, the location where he said that occurred was within a few miles (or minutes) of the exit he was headed to, and even closer to a Thruway rest stop.

"I don't want to give you too many specifics as far as what he stated, but he made statements that would lead you to believe that the truck driver's story was credible," Denz said.

Child Porn Probe Leads To FBI Headquarters
Target claims inquiry is just a “misunderstanding”
JANUARY 5 2011--The government’s pursuit of suspects trafficking in child pornography recently led federal agents to a familiar address--the FBI’s Washington, D.C. headquarters, where a bureau official is the subject of an ongoing criminal probe, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The investigation by the Department of Justice’s inspector general is focusing on FBI employee Joseph Bonsuk’s receipt of nearly 80 illicit images that were e-mailed to him by an Illinois sex offender whose rap sheet includes felony convictions for bank robbery and solicitation of a minor.

Prosecutors move to dismiss charges against former Scout leader

January 3, 2007

NEW HAVEN, Conn. --Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a retired FBI agent who was indicted on child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader, in response to the death of his accuser.

William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested in February on charges he enticed a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.


Former Scout leader, FBI agent indicted on child sex charges
News-Times, The (Danbury, CT)
Saturday, February 4, 2006

NEW HAVEN (AP) - A retired FBI agent was indicted Friday on federal child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader.
William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested Friday. The federal grand jury indictment accuses Hutton of enticing a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

"It's obviously devastating. He was an FBI agent in this district and was reputed in this district," defense attorney Hugh Keefe said.

"The people who worked with him in the U.S. attorney's office and FBI respected him."

Keefe said the investigation has been going on for years. He would not discuss the details of the case or how the allegations surfaced.

Investigators asked anyone who knows anything about the case to call the FBI. U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor said that's standard practice whenever there might be more victims.

"In any case that's a concern," O'Connor said. "Whether that's the situation here I can't say."

If convicted on all four charges, Hutton faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Hutton was released on a $200,00 bond. He may not own any firearms or have any unsupervised contact with children. He was also ordered to stay away from playgrounds, schools, arcades or anywhere children congregate.

Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child Abuse at the FBI

THE DENVER POST - Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire
May 17, 1990
Sisters win sex lawsuit vs. dad $2.3 million given for years of abuse
By Howard Prankratz
Denver Post Legal Affairs Writer

Two daughters of former state and federal law enforcement official Edward Rodgers were awarded $2.319,400 yesterday, after a Denver judge and jury found that the women suffered years of abuse at the hands of their father.

The award to Sharon Simone, 45, and Susan Hammond, 44, followed testimony of Rodgers’ four daughters in person or through depositions, describing repeated physical abuse and sexual assaults by their father from 1944 through 1965.

Rodgers, 72, who became a child abuse expert after retiring from the FBI and joining the colorado Springs DA’s office, failed to appear for the trial. But in a deposition taken in March, Rodgers denied ever hitting or sexually abusing his children.

Local attorney arrested
On child indecency accusations

Updated: Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009, 1:33 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 20 Apr 2009,
MOBILE, Ala. - Mobile Police arrested 52-year-old Phillip Kent Baxley on child indecency charges. Baxley is a local attorney in Mobile, but he's also a former coach and acting president for the Mobile Soccer Club.

"I'm surprised to hear it," said Mobile Soccer Club Director, Mohammed Elzare. "He's a former FBI agent and attorney. So we're definitely saddened to hear this."

Baxley was arrested at his Dauphin Street office on a fugitive felony warrant out of Harris County, Texas.

Texas police officers say Baxley was involved in an incident with a nine-year-old girl in 2004.
Investigators say it happened at a family member's house in a Houston suburb, but the girl waited some time before saying anything.

"When the victim, the nine-year-old made the outcry she was interviewed in another county and all of the information was forwarded to us and the investigation went from there," said Lt. Wade Conner with the Deer Park, Texas Police Department.

Mobile Soccer Club Board Members say they were blind-sided by the news on Monday. For now, the board likely plans to distance itself from Baxley.

"Stopping ties until this situation is resolved and hopefully it comes out to a good outcome," said Elzare.

But Texas investigators are confident the charges will stick, despite Baxley's background. "If they're a pedophile then we deal with them all the same," said Wade. "It doesn't matter what they do for a living."

Baxley is locked up in the Mobile County Jail. That's where he'll stay until he's extradited to Texas.

FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse


Tuesday February 17, 2004 11:46 PM


Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) - The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, Texas, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

Monday August 8, 2005 Longtime FBI agent sentenced to prison on child porn count

also see http://www.policeone.com/news/113935-Longtime-Idaho-FBI-Agent-Sentenced-for-Possessing-Child-Porn/
BOISE, Idaho- A longtime FBI agent who helped arrest infamous outlaw Claude Dallas has been sentenced to a year in prison for possessing child pornography.

William Buie, 64, was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty in March. Buie told authorities that he learned to access child pornography Web sites while attending a seminar on preventing child exploitation in 2000 or 2001.

February 22, 2007
Ex-FBI man gets 7 years for child sex
Former FBI analyst sentenced in child sex case

A 17-year veteran of the FBI will serve seven years in prison for having sexual relations with a young girl in Spotsylvania County, a judge ruled yesterday.

Anthony John Lesko, 44, entered an Alford plea yesterday in Spotsylvania Circuit Court to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child.

Lesko, who later moved to Jacksonville, Fla., worked as an intelligence analyst at the FBI for 17 years, according to his attorney, James A. Carter II. He is a major in the U.S. Army Reserves and has received numerous military awards.

An Alford plea means Lesko doesn't admit guilt but believes there is enough evidence for a conviction. Under the terms of the plea, he was sentenced to seven years in prison with another 15 years suspended.

Lesko engaged in a sex act with a girl, 9 and 10 at the time, at least nine times in 2003-2004, according to evidence put forth by Spotsylvania Commonwealth's Attorney William Neely.

The girl told a member of the Spotsylvania Department of Social Services about the activity in February 2004, according to the evidence. Lesko at first denied the allegations, but later spoke with a U.S. Navy counselor about them.

Lesko told the counselor that he was the victim of the sexual assault; he said the girl initiated the contact, according to the plea. Lesko entered the plea partly to spare the girl the pain of a trial, his attorney said.
on for 12 months after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

William Buie, 64, of Boise, most recently worked as an investigator for the Idaho attorney general's office.

FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public
May 25, 2007
FBI Agent Accused Of Masturbating In Public

Posted by, Marissa Pasquet KOLD News 13 News Editor

FBI Special Agent Ryan Seese, 34, is facing sex offense charges after a cleaning woman said she found him masturbating in a women's lavatory on campus, according to a University of Arizona police spokesman.

FBI Workers Suspected of Secretly Taping Teens in Dressing Room

 April 20, 2009


Two FBI workers are accused of using surveillance equipment to spy on teenage girls as they undressed and tried on prom gowns at a charity event at a West Virginia mall.

The FBI employees have been charged with conspiracy and committing criminal invasion of privacy. They were working in an FBI satellite control room at the mall when they positioned a camera on temporary changing rooms and zoomed in for at least 90 minutes on girls dressing for the Cinderella Project fashion show, Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson said Monday.

see link for full story
http://fox59.com/2013/04/10/former-fbi- ... y-charges/

April 9, 2013
Former FBI agent files petition to enter guilty plea for child pornography charges

A local former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent arrested on child pornography charges filed a petition to enter a guilty plea.

Donald Sachtleben was arrested in May 2012, following an investigation into the distribution of child pornography. Authorities said they were able to trace online activity back to Sachtleben’s Carmel home.

According to court documents, Sachtleben hid behind the email ‘pedodave69@yahoo.com’ and openly traded child porn. In one email he attached nine images of child pornography and child erotica and wrote:

“Saw your profile… Hope you like these and can send me some of (y)ours. I have even better ones if you like.”

Police obtained a search warrant on May 3. During an initial forensic examination of Sachtleben’s laptop computer, approximately 30 images and video files containing child pornography were reportedly discovered.

Former top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution
By Bill Mears, CNN
 May 15, 2012

(CNN) -- A former supervisory FBI agent has been arrested and jailed on child pornography charges.

Donald Sachtleben was taken into custody and charged Monday after a nationwide undercover investigation of illegal child porn images traded over the Internet.

A federal complaint alleges 30 graphic images and video were found on Sachtleben's laptop computer late last week when FBI agents searched his home, about 23 miles north of Indianapolis.

Sachtleben is currently an Oklahoma State University visiting professor, according to his online resume. He is director of training at the school's Center for Improvised Explosives, but all references to his work have now been removed from the university's website. There was no indication from the school as to whether it had suspended him. Calls to the university and his Indianapolis attorneys were not immediately returned.

He had been an FBI special agent from 1983 to 2008, serving as a bomb technician. He worked on the Oklahoma City bombing and Unabomber investigations, according to his university biography.

A separate LinkedIn profile filled out by Sachtleben says he is an "accomplished investigator with more than 25 years of experience in FBI major case management, counter terrorism investigations, bombing prevention, post blast investigations and public speaking."

FBI agent arrested on child sexual assault charge

Associated Press - January 15, 2008 6:14 PM ET
PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) - An FBI agent is under arrest in Pueblo for investigation of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust.

Authorities say 53-year-old David Allan Johnson is being held in the Pueblo County jail today on a $100,000 bail.

Former Great Falls FBI  agent sentenced on child sex charges

Jan 23, 2008

A man from Great Falls who's accused of sexually assaulting five underage girls will be spending the next 10 years behind bars.

Stanley Perkins, 64, changed his plea to guilty after police began investigating him for child molestation in August 2006.

The former educator, who also served two years as an FBI agent, was sentenced on one count of felony sexual assault.

see link for full story
Jail for former FBI worker from Va.
Washington Post Editors

A 65-year-old former FBI employee from Prince William County was sentenced to nearly four years in prison Friday for possessing child pornography.

Samuel I. Kaplan, of Gainesville, who pleaded guilty June 2 in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, was sentenced to 46 months behind bars.

Kaplan was an information technology program manager at an FBI facility in Chantilly when authorities discovered that he had used the FBI's computer network to "facilitate sexually explict communications," the Justice Department said.

Investigators said they later found 10 to 20 images on Kaplan's home computer showing juveniles involved in sex acts.


Ex-FBI agent gets 2 1/2 years for assault on marshal
A federal judge today sentenced retired FBI special agent Gary L. John
to 2 ½ years in prison for assaulting a U.S. marshal trying to place him
 under arrest.
John, formerly of 110 Post Rd., Westerly, had been on the lam for two
months, when U.S. marshals working with Rhode Island Sheriffs
Department, tracked him to Stratford, Conn., in December 2005. He was
wanted in Rhode Island at the time for allegedly violating orders
barring him from contacting his ex-wife and for failing to appear in

see link for full story
FBI agent convicted of daughters' abuse
July 11, 1993|By Traci A. Johnson | Traci A. Johnson,Staff Writer

An FBI agent who lives in Carroll County has been convicted of sexually abusing his daughters over a 14-year period.

The agent, as part of an agreement with prosecutors, pleaded guilty Friday before Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold to two counts of second-degree sexual offense and two counts of child abuse.

The agent's name is being withheld to protect the privacy of the victims.

In exchange for the agent's plea, the state dropped 18 other counts against him, ordered a presentence investigation and agreed to let him remain free on $125,000 bond pending sentencing Sept. 10.

The agent was suspended from the FBI's Baltimore field office when he was arrested in December.

The original indictment also charged the man with fondling his oldest daughter's friend several years ago when the girl had slept over at the agent's home.

An investigation began after one of the man's daughters told a county child-abuse investigator of at least five incidents of molestation from 1980 to 1987, court documents said.

The victims said their father performed sexual acts ranging from fondling to intercourse beginning when each was preschool age. The abuse lasted until the girls were in their early teens, said Assistant State's Attorney Kathi Hill in a statement of facts presented in court.

In February, defense attorney John E. Harris Sr. tried unsuccessfully to have the case moved out of Carroll on the grounds that pretrial publicity had damaged the defendant's chance for a fair trial.

Ms. Hill said the state will recommend a sentence of 35 years in state prison, with 15 years suspended.

Although Ms. Hill said she once argued that the agent should be incarcerated until his trial, she said Friday she was not worried about whether he will return for his sentencing.

"Even if he'd take a walk, when he eventually comes back he wouldn't have to be tried again. He'd just be sentenced," Ms. Hill said. "There's not so much fear on our part, because we don't have to prove the case again."

The state will ask the court, as part of the agent's sentence, to impose five years of supervised probation and order him to have no contact with females under 18 and to undergo psychological therapy.

Judge Arnold also accepted a plea agreement Friday in which a Mount Airy hairdresser admitted sexually abusing a teen-age boy he befriended in 1990.

David Curtis Flynn of Grimes Court in Mount Airy was immediately sentenced to four years in prison for a second-degree sexual offense.

From January 1991 to November 1992, Flynn had a sexual relationship with the boy, whose family knew and trusted the man, according to a statement of facts that Ms. Hill read in court.

The victim told authorities that Flynn talked to him before the incidents, saying he had been abused as a child, Ms. Hill said.

"I am deeply sorry . . . in my soul," Flynn said. "None of my attentions were meant as wrongdoing. I showed [the victim] the kind of love and affection I was brought up with. I'm deeply sorry for upsetting his childhood."

Judge Arnold sentenced Flynn to 10 years in state prison, then suspended six years of the term.

The judge also ordered five years of supervised probation for the defendant after the prison term and ordered him to participate in all recommended treatment programs.

Mystery Over FBI Agent's Firing
Government shrouds details of why top child porn prober got canned


    Mystery Over FBI Agent's Firing

AUGUST 20--The lead FBI investigator on several of the government's highest profile child porn prosecutions has recently been fired in connection with her work on those cases, though details of why the agent was terminated have been sealed by a federal judge.

The canning of Monique Winkis, 40, was just disclosed by federal prosecutors to a Tennessee defense lawyer who represents Timothy Richards, who was convicted in a case in which Winkis was the lead FBI agent. In an August 8 U.S. District Court filing, defense lawyer Kimberly Hodde stated that prosecutors had informed her that Winkis was canned due to her 'conduct in the investigation of cases related to Defendant Richards' prosecution.'

Specific details of Winkis's firing are contained in a court filing made by Department of Justice officials, a submission that was ordered sealed last week by Judge Aleta Trauger. In her court filing, Hodde argues that Richards, pictured at left, is entitled to details about the Winkis firing since the ex-prober was the FBI case agent assigned to his prosecution.

The Winkis firing was apparently first disclosed by government lawyers during a late-June status conference, at which Trauger set dates for court pleadings 're: FBI Wincus,' according to a court filing. Winkis did not respond to a detailed message left with her mother, and the federal prosecutor handling the Richards case did not return a message left at her office. An FBI spokesperson declined comment, noting that the agency is prohibited from discussing personnel matters.

According to court records, Winkis worked for the FBI for about 13 years, most recently from the bureau's Washington, D.C. headquarters where she was a supervisor in the Innocent Images Unit. In that capacity, Winkis developed cases based on information provided by Justin Berry, who began operating an X-rated Webcam business while still a teenager. Berry's cooperation was, in large part, arranged in late-2005 by Kurt Eichenwald, then a New York Times reporter investigating online child porn businesses.

According to a December 2005 Eichenwald story, the Times 'persuaded Justin to abandon his business and, to protect other children at risk, assisted him in contacting the Justice Department.' That Times report also quoted Winkis commenting on the breadth of potential targets identified as a result of Berry's cooperation and how 'hundreds of other kids that we are not aware of yet' could be saved from sexual abuse and exploitation.


By Ryan McBride - The Sun Staff

WAKEFIELD - A former FBI agent from Westerly has returned to prison
after a series of recent arrests for violating a court order to stay
away from his ex-wife.

John served 15 months at the ACI for a criminal conviction of violating a
 restraining order in March 2002. His suspended sentence and probation
from the conviction end in 2012.

According to court records, state police arrested John in February 2002
on a disorderly conduct charge for exposing himself in public.

Calif. FBI agent accused of paying for prostitutes

GREG RISLING | September 24, 2012
LOS ANGELES — An undercover FBI agent has been accused in court documents of spending U.S. taxpayer dollars on prostitutes in the Philippines for himself and others during an international weapons trafficking probe last year.

Deputy Federal Public Defender John Littrell filed a motion last week asking a judge to toss an indictment against his client, Sergio Santiago Syjuco, for "outrageous government misconduct." Syjuco, 25, and two other Philippine nationals have been charged with conspiracy and face up to 20 years in prison.

The agent, who wasn't identified in court documents, paid up to $2,400 each time he went to brothels with Syjuco and others to reward them for their work to secure weapons to ship to the U.S. without a license, court documents show.

"I have never seen anything like this during my career as a criminal defense lawyer," Littrell told The Associated Press on Monday. "I hope that the Department of Justice takes these allegations seriously, does a complete investigation, and ensures that whoever authorized this outrageous misconduct is held accountable."

FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller declined comment Monday, but federal prosecutors acknowledged in court documents that the agent sought nearly $15,000 in reimbursements for "entertainment" and other expenses related to the investigation. The prosecutors said they don't have any receipts from the clubs, but two of them listed in the filing, "Air Force One" and "Area 51," are suspected brothels.

No charges have been filed against the agent.

Syjuco, Cesar Ubaldo and Arjyl Revereza, a Philippines customs official, were charged earlier this year with violating arms import laws by selling a grenade launcher, a mortar launcher and other weapons to the undercover agent who said he was interested in buying high-powered weapons that could be used by drug cartels in the U.S. and Mexico.

The case was part of a federal investigation of Asian organized crime groups involved in the illicit trafficking of firearms.

The weapons were eventually loaded onto a ship that arrived at the Port of Long Beach in June 2011 and the items were seized by authorities.

Littrell argues that the agent – and none of the three defendants – arranged importing the weapons to the U.S. He also questioned why the weapons were first shipped from the Philippines to China, where it wasn't known whether officials there checked the container, before arriving in the U.S.

Littrell and an investigator recently visited the Philippines and interviewed several people who claim the agent, using an alias "Richard Han," paid for himself and others to have sex with prostitutes. Alex Escosio, who worked at Area 51, told defense attorneys that Han "always paid for everything, including alcohol, private rooms, food and girls for the entire group of people he brought in," court documents show.

"Although the government represents that these expenditures were for `entertainment and cocktail (tips included),' it is impossible that the agent could not have known that they money went toward prostitutes," Littrell wrote in court documents.

Area 51 was raided in May by Philippine authorities where 60 victims of sex trafficking were rescued, some of whom were underage girls, Littrell said. At least seven people were arrested.

 see link for full story


Keith Dietterle, FBI analyst, accused of distributing child pornography
By Jennifer Donelan
December 3, 2012 - 05:37 pm

An FBI analyst has been accused of distributing child pornography in a disturbing case that's left his neighbors wanting answers.

A task force made up of FBI agents and D.C. police officers busted Keith Dietterle. The 28-year-old will appear for a preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Dietterle is accused of sending child pornography to another man he met in a chat room frequented by individuals who have a sexual interest children. But the person Dietterle was allegedly speaking with was a D.C. police detective.

According to court documents, agents say Dietterle thought he was communicating with a man who claimed to be sexually abusing a 3-year-old nephew and 12-year-old daughter. The detective wrote he and Dietterle discussed a possible meeting with the "children" for sex. Over a two week period, Dietterle sent three images via Yahoo instant messenger depicting child pornography, court documents state.

Dietterle is accused of later sending multiple links, including a 13-minute video, images and six separate videos of underage children all being sexually abused.


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Book Review

Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis Hardcover – March 28, 2017
by Annie Jacobsen (Author)
4.2 out of 5 stars 93 customer reviews


Ronald Kessler is a FBI Public Relations Specialist

FBI's 'G-Man' Image: From Comic Books To 'The X-Files' And 'The Silence Of The Lambs'

July 13, 201712:56 PM ET

Annie Jacobsen, a journalist who covers national security and author of Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis, believes the FBI must have had a department like the one for which TV's Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully worked. And it still could.

"My reasoning is that we know there is that department inside the CIA and also inside the Pentagon. And history tells us that this department existed in [the FBI] in the 50s," she said.

Her book is a deep dive into the CIA and Pentagon programs that sought to train people in the arts of mind-reading and moving objects with their minds.

"The FBI always likes to keep up with what's going on in the intelligence community and their partners over at the Pentagon," said Jacobsen. "To imagine that the department went away is sort of less believable."

Then there are the fictionalized representations of the Bureau's profilers, whom audiences love — and network executives love that audiences love them. Perhaps the most famous of these was, technically, a trainee — Clarice Starling, a dogged naif pulled from the FBI Academy and assigned with trying to track down a skin-suit-making serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs.

James Comey is writing a book, and publishers are eager to pay big money for it

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/latest-news/article161611158.html#storylink=cpy


ERIC - A Quantitative Description of FBI Public Relations., Public Relations Review, 1997
ED.gov › eric › ...
by DC Gibson - ‎1997 - ‎Cited by 12 - ‎Related articles
A Quantitative Description of FBI Public Relations. Gibson, Dirk C. Public Relations Review , v23 n1 p11-30 Spr 1997. States that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had the most successful media relations ...


FBI agent/Congressman Rogers:
‘I’m not buying it’: National security expert rips Trump team’s ‘We didn’t know any better’ defense


Florida congressman denied access to censored pages from Congress' 9/11 report - Florida Bulldog | Florida Bulldog
Florida Bulldog › 2014/12 › florida-con...
Dec 29, 2014 - Grayson, an outspoken liberal and a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said his denial was engineered by outgoing Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Rogers is a former FBI agent who ...


Did Brits or FBI agents Kill New York City Cops to Get U.S. into WWII?
For 77 years the culprits behind a July 4, 1940, terror bombing at the New York World’s Fair have never been found. Is this the answer?

07.16.17 12:00 AM ET

This past Independence Day marked the seventy-seventh anniversary of the unsolved crime. “It’s a cold case, but still an open case,” New York City Police Lieutenant Bernard Whalen tells me. He has scrutinized the original bombing case files while researching two books he wrote on the history of the NYPD. “There was a massive investigation at the time. The FBI was involved.” No effort was spared—except to get at those he believes were likeliest to have knowledge of the bomb, the security staff of the British Pavilion itself.
Although the United States was officially neutral, in the midst of a world at war, it was fast becoming a shadowy battlefield. New York teemed with spies, political agitators, and foreign agents, many with violence in mind for their enemies, some desperate enough to go to any length to sway American public opinion. While Whalen won’t pin blame on any single possible culprit, he says after his own studies of the case, “You could draw the conclusion that it was an inside job.” At one point the NYPD suspected as much, but were stopped from getting to the bottom of the case.


Did FBI Director Hoover Know Of Pearl Harbor?

By Thomas O'Toole December 2, 1982
In the war of words over who was to blame for the surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 41 years ago, fresh evidence is emerging that the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover had a hand in the intelligence bungles that led the United States to heed none of the warnings that the invasion was imminent.

The new evidence is supplied by Michigan State University historians John F. Bratzel and Leslie B. Rout Jr., who write in the current issue of The American Historical Review that Hoover received a double warning more than three months before the attack that the Japanese were thinking of making a surprise aircraft attack on the American fleet in Pearl Harbor.

Based on information in 40-year-old FBI documents and documents from the FDR library near Hyde Park, N. Y., the two historians also claim that the double warning to Hoover is the "missing evidence" that Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Toland said he and other Pearl Harbor writers have sought for years. Toland claimed in his last book, "Infamy," that the "disappearance" of this evidence was part of a "cover up" to purge intelligence records damaging to high officials in the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.


Trump Raises $13.3 Million in Second Quarter, FEC Records Show
Yahoo Finance-
Former FBI director Robert Mueller then took charge of the government's probe as special counsel. Trump's campaign paid $677,827 for legal services, up from ...


FBI Made Him Into a Cocaine Dealer, Now 'White Boy Rick' Is Going ...
Daily Beast-
Wershe's involvement in the drug underworld began when the FBI recruited him as a confidential informant at age 14. He had not been ...


Ways to ensure kids can be identified if they go missing
"The FBI has a child identification kit that's an application they can put on their cell phone," Paul said. "It helps them gather the information, photographs, and ...


also see


Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child Abuse at the FBI

THE DENVER POST - Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire
May 17, 1990
Sisters win sex lawsuit vs. dad $2.3 million given for years of abuse

Two daughters of former state and federal law enforcement official Edward Rodgers were awarded $2.319,400 yesterday, after a Denver judge and jury found that the women suffered years of abuse at the hands of their father.

The award to Sharon Simone, 45, and Susan Hammond, 44, followed testimony of Rodgers’ four daughters in person or through depositions, describing repeated physical abuse and sexual assaults by their father from 1944 through 1965.

Rodgers, 72, who became a child abuse expert after retiring from the FBI and joining the colorado Springs DA’s office, failed to appear for the trial. But in a deposition taken in March, Rodgers denied ever hitting or sexually abusing his children.

He admitted that he thought of himself as a "domineering s.o.b. who demanded strict responses from my children, strict obedience." But it never approached child abuse, Rodgers said. "Did I make mistakes? Damn right I did, just like any other father or mother..."

Thomas Gresham, Rodger’s former attorney, withdrew from the case recently after being unable to locate his client. Rodgers recently contacted one of his sons from a Texas town along the Mexican border. Gresham said his last contact with Rodgers was on April 24.

The sisters reacted quietly to the verdict, and with relief that their stories of abuse had finally been told.

"I feel really good that I’ve gone public with this,"Hammond said. "I am a victim, the shame isn’t mine, the horror happened to me. I’m not bad.
"My father did shameful and horrible things to me and my brothers and sisters. I don’t believe he is a shameful and horrible man, but he has to be held accountable," Hammond added.

The lawsuit deeply divided the Rodgers family, with Rodgers’ three sons questioning their sister’s motives.

Immediately after the verdict, son Steve Rodgers, 37, reacted angrily, yelling at his sisters in the courtroom.

Later, Rodgers said he loves his father and stands by him. He said his sisters had told him their father had to be exposed the way Nazi war criminals have been exposed.

"In a way I’m angry with my father for not being here. But I’m sympathetic because he would have walked into a gross crucifixion," Rodgers said.

Steve Rodgers never denied that he and his siblings were physically abused, but disputed that his father molested his sisters.
Before the jury’s award, Denver District Judge William Meyer found that Rodger’s conduct toward Simone and Hammond was negligent and "outrageous."

Despite the length of time since the abuse, the jury determined the sisters could legally bring the suit. The statute of limitations for a civil suit is two years, but jurors determined that the sisters became aware of he nature and extent of their injury only within the last two years, during therapy.

The jury then determined the damages, finding $1,240,000 for Simone and 1,079,000 for Hammond.

The sisters had alleged in their suit filed last July that Rodgers subjected his seven children to a "pattern of emotional, physical, sexual and incestual abuse."

As a result of the abuse, the women claimed their emotional lives had been left in a shambles, requiring extensive therapy for both and repeated hospitalizations of Hammond, who was acutely suicidal. Simone developed obsessive behavior and became so unable to function she resigned a position with a Boston-based college.

Despite the judgment yesterday, Rodgers cannot be criminally charged. the statue of limitations in Colorado for sexual assault on children is 10 years.
Rodgers, who worked for the FBI for 27 years, much of it in Denver, became chief investigator for the district attorney’s office in Colorado Sp;rings. during his employment at the DA’s office from 1967 until 1983, he became a well-known figure in Colorado Springs, and lectured and wrote about child abuse both locally and nationwide.

He wrote a manual called " A Compendium -- Child Abuse by the National College of District Attorney’s," and helped put together manuals on child abuse for the New York state police and a national child abuse center.


Ex-FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Child Abuse

Tuesday February 17, 2004 11:46 PM


The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for what became a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, Texas, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before he began his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.

Conditt sought treatment for sex offenders after his arrest last year, said his attorney, Toby Goldsmith.

``The problem these people have is they don't really feel like it is their fault,'' Goldsmith said. ``The treatment doesn't work unless you admit you are the one who instigated it, and he did that.''

Conditt headed the internal affairs unit that investigates agent wrongdoing for the Office of Professional Responsibility at FBI headquarters in Washington from 1999 until his retirement in June 2001, the FBI said. He wrote articles in law enforcement journals on how police agencies could effectively investigate their own conduct.

FBI officials said Tuesday they had no information to suggest that Conditt had any problems during his career and he was never the subject of an investigation.

Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Mitch Poe, who prosecuted the case, said he wanted a longer prison sentence and was skeptical of Conditt's claim that his molestation of children subsided during his FBI career.

``Both myself and the judge in open court, we were kind of skeptical but we don't have any evidence,'' Poe said.

A recently retired FBI whistleblower who brought allegations to Conditt's office that agents had not aggressively pursued evidence of sexual abuse in Indian country said Tuesday she now questions whether his personal history affected that decision.

``Before, it never made any sense,'' retired agent Jane Turner said of the FBI's decision to decline to further investigate her allegations. ``Now I can understand. Why in the world wouldn't you want to investigate that?''

Goldsmith said he was concerned about the safety of his client in prison given that he is a former FBI agent and an admitted child molester. ``He's not going to be comfortable in the penitentiary,'' the lawyer said.

Goldsmith said his client had admitted that he had molested at least two other girls before he became an FBI agent more than 30 years ago, but that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing while he served in the bureau.

``It seems that he never did because he had stricter control at that time,'' the lawyer said.

Conditt could have faced life in prison, and prosecutors requested he get 50 years. The judge sentenced him to 12 years in prison, in part citing Conditt's decision to spare the victim the trauma of a trial, Goldsmith said.

Conditt's conviction is the latest controversy to strike the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility.

Last year, FBI Director Robert Mueller transferred the head of the office to another supervisory assignment outside Washington, three months after rebuking him for his conduct toward a whistleblower.

That whistleblower, John Roberts, alleged the FBI disciplinary office had a double standard that let supervisors off easier than rank-and-file agents.

Those allegations prompted investigations by Congress and the Justice Department inspector general. The inspector general concluded that there was no systematic favoritism of senior managers over rank-and-file employees but that there was a double standard in some cases involving crude sexual jokes and remarks.


Former Scout leader-FBI agent indicted on child sex charges

February 3, 2006, 5:59 PM EST

NEW HAVEN, Conn. A retired FBI agent was indicted Friday on federal child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader.

William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested Friday. The federal grand jury indictment offers few details about the case but accuses Hutton of enticing a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

"It's obviously devastating. He was an FBI agent in this district and was reputed in this district," defense attorney Hugh Keefe said. "The people who worked with him in the U.S. attorney's office and FBI respected him."

Keefe said the investigation has been going on for years. He would not discuss the details of the case or how the allegations surfaced.

Investigators asked anyone who knows anything about the case to call the FBI. U.S. Attorney Kevin O'Connor said that's standard practice whenever there might be more victims.

"In any case that's a concern," O'Connor said. "Whether that's the situation here I can't say."

If convicted on all four charges, Hutton faces up to 30 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

Hutton was released on a $200,00 bond. He may not own any firearms or have any unsupervised contact with children. He was also ordered to stay away from playgrounds, schools, arcades or anywhere children congregate.


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FBI suspected “Ramparts” was a foreign agent that provided propaganda and intelligence services

Files recently released to MuckRock shed light on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of the radical Ramparts magazine. Originally classified SECRET, the investigation described in the FBI files was an “internal security” matter relating to the magazine’s registration status. Paralleling and seemingly predicting some of the later investigations of WikiLeaks, the Bureau suspected that Ramparts “may currently be engaged in acts of distribution of propaganda, acting as a political agent, collecting information, forwarding information, et cetera, while acting as the agent of a foreign principal.”

Read More




ICE agent in Oregon arrested on sodomy charges



Demonstrators march outside AT&T Stadium to protest police killing of Botham Jean in Dallas

Read more
Under Creative Commons 

Lawsuit Filed against FBI for Denying Las Vegas Shooting FOIA Request

Brett Kavanaugh coverup of Vince Foster murder

Voting for the Lesser of Evils


Since I’ve been old enough to vote -- 50 years now -- I’ve felt, except maybe once or twice, that I was voting for the lesser of evils.

That problem was acute in the run up to the 2016 election, and already I’m hearing people say about the 2018 midterm: no matter who it is, if it’s Democrat, you’ve got to vote for it. We’ve got to cancel congressional support for Trump.

That seems not an unworthy goal.

But let’s think about a democracy constantly providing choices which great numbers of people are uncomfortable with, disappointed in, insulted by, angry about.

Do I really have a vote if I can’t vote for the world I want, a world based in sanity rather than suicidal exploitation and U.S. empire? What does it mean if I can’t vote to grapple with the issues I think most urgent?

Someone might answer, well, write in the candidate then who fits your bill. Really? That’s throwing away your vote as sure as not voting.

It seems to me that when you vote for the lesser of evils knowing full well that one of the candidates is more reprehensible than the other but that neither will solve the serious problems, you have then voted against democracy. You’ve disenfranchised yourself. Haven’t you then turned the fundamental tool of democracy into a wrecking bar to tear it down rather than build it up? To protect yourself against a big blue monster, you’ve tied your fate to a smaller green monster. Or, to save yourself from cancer, you’ve chosen heart disease.

Someone will surely remind me that politics is about compromise. Voting for the lesser of evils is a compromise; that's what we do in politics. Politicians must often compromise. Sometimes that’s a courageous virtue -- the art of the possible. Sometimes it’s a betrayal. But is it the role of citizens to compromise their values and their intelligence? I think my obligation as a citizen may be not to compromise but to adhere to my values, to insist on what I consider moral and sane. If I compromise, I give my elected official permission to compromise even further. These sorts of compromises have brought us to the brink of disaster -- actually beyond the brink for so many people already besieged by climate change or the member of a species made extinct by habitat loss.

We all know now (and if you don’t, you’re living in propaganda land) that we live in an oligarchy. A plutocracy. A military/industrial corporatocracy which determines that we have two corporate parties, with two amenable-to-capitalism candidates, and no viable third party. Voting for the lesser of evils inside that system is a vote for the status quo.

If we show signs of opposing this system by refusing to vote, our friends are outraged: “But what if that blue monster wins?” I say the monster has already won. The monster is the system that is despoiling the earth with dollars and weapons and entitlement.

When I vote, I want to be able to vote not for the lesser of evils but the better of goods. I want candidates who recognize the urgency of the crises bearing down on us. And my choice then is: who has the best plan? I want to simply vote for sanity in defiance of this corrupt system. The essential evil in the system is that we can’t vote to fix it. I can’t vote to get the money out of the system. I can’t vote to indict a government of war criminals. I can’t vote to end an economy based on death.

When we are encouraged to vote for the lesser of evils, we are encouraged to vote our fear not our hope, vote for the status quo not for justice. Or to vote for a person more inclined to do the will of the Pentagon rather than Big Pharma or more inclined to sell out to Citigroup rather than kowtow to Exxon-Mobil.

Someone might say, yes, all that’s true, but we can’t look at that big picture. We’ve got to deal with this election right now. We’ll fix that big stuff later. No, not true. There is no later.

The choice of human survival and the survival of other species is upon us -- the survival of all the plants and animals on the planet who can’t vote. The big issues are the most present. They are the greater evil. Voting for the lesser evil is voting for the greater evil.

But, after all that, am I telling you you should not vote for Democrats, any Democrats, to break the chokehold of the Republicans on Congress? No, I’m not saying that. My own truth telling, and I am being as honest as I know how, runs head on into the nastiness of this moment and the reality of so many social, environmental, legal and political protections being stripped away by our current government. If we vote in Democratic majorities, will we be voting to end U.S. militarism and Empire? No. Will we be voting to make a radical shift in green energy production? No, nowhere near radical enough. Will we be voting to get the special interest money -- which makes the system anti-democratic -- out of the system? No. Will we be voting for national health care? Maybe a little closer.

What this means is that the election, no matter which way it goes, obligates us to citizen action and civil disobedience -- to demand action that will save life and create hope for the future on this ailing planet. Because we can’t vote for the better of goods, inevitably we must vote for greater responsibility for ourselves. The system won’t right this listing ship. Only we can.

We can’t vote for democracy, but we sure as hell can act for it. That’s the choice that isn’t the lesser of evils. It’s the better of goods. It's the vote we've always got no matter what the system gives us.


Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing surveillance

An image of a police computer screen posted duringThursday’s gas emergency showed bookmarks for several activist groups


Texas border agent suspected of killing four prostitutes in two-week orgy of violence

Texas police officer arrested for alleged child sexual assault: report

Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2018/08/lawsuit-filed-against-fbi-for-denying-las-vegas-shooting-foia-request/#ixzz5RBSybizW 
Under Creative Commons 

To start with, check out these Corbett report videos related to OKC as a good primer on OKC and patcon:

Wecht faults Trump for delay in releasing all JFK assassination documents

Molly Martens and FBI agent father lodge appeal documents against murder conviction 

Lawyers for Molly and Thomas Martens have made claims of jury misconduct in a bid to quash their murder convictions.

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