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April 4 2016

Link du jour




Bonus read


Utah Mormons had 911 Anthrax spores in 1997.
see film Sirius for importance of this news

« * Whose DNA is on the originals of the key notebooks taken from
Bruce Ivins and not yet produced under FOIA?
* New FOIA request by Ken Dillon »
* FBI document recently produced indicates that disposition of some of
Ames made by Dugway for Ivins is unknown — though 70 ml of that
9/23/1997 production run was taken by FBI from Dugway in 2004 search

Posted by Lew Weinstein on March 21, 2016




The Persecution of Robert Fitzpatrick

In Beantown, the indictment and upcoming trial of retired FBI agent
Robert Fitzpatrick on perjury charges is a vindictive prosecution
designed to intimidate potential whistleblowers and rewrite history.
By T.J. English
The case of the notorious Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger is not
yet over. It is not over because a federal prosecutor in the District
of Massachusetts does not want it to be over.
Earlier this week, Assistant U.S. attorney Fred M. Wyshak Jr. filed
papers in the case against Robert Fitzpatrick, a retired FBI agent
who, in the summer of 2013, testified on behalf of the defense at the
trial of Whitey Bulger. In April 2015, nearly two years after the
trial was over, the U.S. Attorney’


April 4 2016

Who, What, Where, and Why: The FBI/NSA Mass Surveillance Collaboration


Dragnet surveillance: Need to make a bust? Doesn’t matter for what.
Just listen in!

That pretty much sums up what could soon become the status quo for law
enforcement in America.

Executive action by the Obama administration is expected to authorize
direct sharing of information collected by the NSA with the FBI. In
other words, the FBI will be able to directly access unfiltered
streams of NSA data. It will basically allow the NSA to spy for local

Under the proposed rule changes, federal agencies such as the FBI
would gain direct access to streams of information gathered by the
NSA, including emails, phone calls and location data. They would then
be free to pass along this information to state and local law

NSA spying is always justified on the grounds of ” fighting
terrorism.” But this warrantless information sharing will not be
limited to terrorism investigations. In fact, it will almost certainly
primarily involve regular criminal investigations.

Spying within the United States border was considered off-limits to
the NSA and other federal intelligence agencies at one time. The FBI
was the sole agency authorized to investigate U.S. citizens. But it
too is an intelligence agency with investigative powers.

As years have gone by, “National Security” has become a massive
directive dedicated to information sharing and spying on U.S.
citizens, but both the FBI and other federal intelligence agencies.
Again, very little of this surveillance has anything to do with
terrorism. Radley Balko, a writer for the Washington Post, documents
how warrantless surveillance has been used to investigate everyday
domestic crimes instead of terrorism. He shows how the government
covers up surveillance through parallel construction, shares
information with non-intelligence agencies like the IRS, and evades
public scrutiny through use of the non-disclosure acts.

Still, arguments both inside and outside the government defend mass
surveillance because they say it will defend against terrorism. Radley
Balko, the ACLU, EFF, and many others have thoroughly rebuffed that
myth, showing a minority of cases involving warrantless surveillance
actually have anything to do with terrorism cases. In fact, less than
1 percent of surveillance information acquired through the Patriot Act
was for terrorism. Just as one example, Sneak and Peak warrants that
allow police to enter homes and poke around without the resident’s
knowledge were used as an “everyday investigative tool” rather than
for the highest of high crimes.

Before we buy into the “we have to let the FBI have access to all of
this NSA data,” and shrug our shoulders at yet another expansion of
the U.S. surveillance state, let’s look at what is already on the
books. Is this expansion of information sharing really necessary to
fight terrorism? No! Surveillance practices based on executive orders
and laws already in place enable the FBI to fight terrorism.

Orders and Acts that Enable Counter-Terrorism through Mass
National Security Act of 1947

Identifies the FBI as an intelligence agency.
Allows for the FBI to award personal service contracts.


Outlines each agencies’ goals, granted powers, spying restrictions
in and outside of the US, and on citizen, resident or foreigner.
Federal intelligence agencies may spy within the US if they seek
coordination with the FBI.
FBI authorized to conduct counter-intel within the US.
Restricts FBI counterintelligence on military/civilian personnel
without DoD coordination
Restricts Signals Intelligence to the DoD unless authorized by the
Tasks FBI with collection of foreign intelligence when tasked by
Authorizes surveillance on narcotics activity.
Can only develop systems and devices to support what is written in
this section of the Patriot Act.

Patriot Act Section 215

FBI authorized to applies for a secret order (National Security
Law) to required production of tangible things.
Order forbids disclosure of purposes of an investigation under
Section 215, (Sneak and Peak)

EFF has reported on a FOIA document about a Secret interpretation of
the Patriot Act. Even though the Patriot Act outlines intelligence
collection abroad, Section 215 has been used to authorize gathering
intelligence within the U.S. on U.S. citizens. It also negates the
Fourth Amendment’s requirement for a warrant based on probable cause,
but rather, evidence that could be of some use in an investigation.

USA Freedom Act Amendments to the FISA Act and Restoration of Powers
Lost from Provisions Expired from the Patriot Act

Patriot act provision that expired was bulk collection of
American’s communications metadata.
Instead it requires a specific selection term to be used for
tangible things sought from a National Security Letter (NSL). The
tangible things sought or obtained must show reasonable articulable
suspicion that connect the tangible thing to the obtain tangible
Requires call details records to have a selector term.
An agent of a foreign power is no longer just relegated to a
person outside of the U.S. Acts of this person include events that
have not happened, or when knowingly aids or abets another person for
a clandestine activity for a foreign government.

EFF also lists the ways the NSA has used Section 702 to justify mass
surveillance on American citizens. Section 702 has been used to shared
information for ordinary crimes.

Expectations of FBI and NSA Coordination

As surveillance executive orders and laws become the norm, the amount
of hay in the proverbial haystack has increased. That makes the needle
harder to find. Intelligence analysts have a harder time pinpointing
terrorism crimes within the sheer amount of data now available.
However, knowledge of everyday domestic crimes has increased. What can
we expect from the FBI and NSA directly sharing info? It isn’t clear
as to what the president’s plans for direct sharing between FBI and
the NSA are yet, but here is what we do know.

Information Sharing Inhibitors
NSA can already contact the POTUS to task the FBI to follow up on
intelligence already gathered. We know this is true from parallel
construction leaks. We also know that the POTUS didn’t want to be the
man in the middle delivering intelligence from one agency to another,
so the policy was changed to allow the heads of intelligence agencies
to do it directly when George W. Bush issued executive order 13388.

So, is there still must be a problem with noncooperation between
agencies? Probably not. Since 9/11 information sharing is usually to
blame when we have any type of intelligence failures, but executive
orders and laws should have solved that. Also, DEA and IRS already
have access to the NSA data. So this probably isn’t the problem

Along with executive order 13388, President Obama encourages sharing
between intelligence communities and even private industry. (See here
here here and here) Sharing data is not restricted to only
intelligence agencies. It is even accessible through private
industries. We no longer live in the days of prior to Mark Klein’s
revelations. This is now assumed to happen in every company – not just

We also know secret interpretations of the Patriot Act were used to
circumvent both oversight and the warrant clause. As a result,
intentional or accidental intelligence collection of U.S. persons
within the U.S. have occurred. So, it’s clearly not the result in too
much oversight or hurdles.

Even Edward Snowden said that FBI had access to the NSA data for
routine crimes.

So What Is This Really All About?

I speculate that the FBI/NSA cooperation is about maintaining PRISM.
It will enable the continuation of mass surveillance for lesser crimes
than terrorism. No matter what happens, and something is about to
happen. Section 702 of the FISA Act is scheduled for sunset in 2017.
This is the section, as the EFF has reported, that the FISA court has
been convinced that any tangible item relevant to an investigation is
fair game if it relates to foreign affairs of the U.S. By continuing
this coordination between FBI and NSA, The move would keep the channel
open just in case privacy advocates can pressure Congress enough to
allow Sec. 702 to sunset, as they did to end other provisions in the
Patriot Act. While the POTUS has not finalized the cooperation
agreement, it is anticipated it will not include privacy protections.

Will it end with just the FBI? No, local police have been set up as
satellite intelligence agencies for federal law enforcement. The 1033
program has helped local and state law enforcement with technology
used for surveillance


John Guandolo: Close The Majority Of Mosques In America
Submitted by Brian Tashman on Monday, 4/4/2016 5:00 pm

John Guandolo, the disgraced former FBI agent who is now a vocal
anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist, gave an interview to WorldNetDaily
yesterday about why the U.S. government should treat mosques as
security threats.

Alluding to a bogus study that claimed that eight out of 10 mosques in
America preach violence and extremism, Guandolo urged the government
to start “arresting all of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the U.S.,
shutting down their organizations, and all Muslim Brotherhood mosques,
which is over 80 percent

Posts: 8,126
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Link du jour





Apple Accuses FBI of Ulterior Motives in New York iPhone Feud
In early April, U.S. prosecutors penned a letter to a federal judge in
Brooklyn requesting that Apple unlock an iPhone in a drug trafficking
case, but the tech giant claims there is no proof that an unlocked
iPhone is necessary.
by Howard Mintz, San Jose Mercury News / April 18, 2016 0



The FBI's Orwellian Little Program To Catch Would-Be Jihadis
The Shared Responsibility Committees program will force ordinary Muslims to spy on their own communities

Shikha Dalmia|Apr. 18, 2016 3:58 pm


Heat is online

2 stories
1 farenheit
1 celsius



Climate change

March temperature smashes 100-year global record

Average global temperature was 1.07C hotter - beating last month’s
previous record increase
An illustration shows that 2015 was the hottest year since 1880.

Friday 15 April 2016 11.33 EDT
Last modified on Friday 15 April 2016 14.52 EDT

The global temperature in March has shattered a century-long record
and by the greatest margin yet seen for any month.

February was far above the long-term average globally, driven largely
by climate change, and was described by scientists as a “shocker” and
signalling “a kind of climate emergency”. But data released by the
Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) shows that March was even hotter.

Compared with the 20th-century average, March was 1.07C hotter across
the globe, according to the JMA figures, while February was 1.04C
higher. The JMA measurements go back to 1891 and show that every one
of the past 11 months has been the hottest



Conditions Promoting the Arctic Sea Ice Collapse Are Exceptionally
Strong This Spring

It didn’t take long for Arctic sea ice to start to respond to a
fossil-fuel based accumulation of hothouse gasses in the Earth’s
atmosphere. For since the 1920s, that region of ocean ice along the
northern polar zone has been in a steady, and increasingly rapid,
retreat. Rachel Carson wrote about the start of the Northern
Hemisphere ocean ice decline in her ground-breaking 1955 book — The
Edge of the Sea.

But it wasn’t until the late 1970s that consistent satellite
observations began to provide an unbroken record telling the tale of
Arctic sea ice decline. The National Snow and Ice Data Center, The
Polar Science Center (PIOMAS), Japan’s JAXA, The Danish Meteorological
Institute, and others have since that time provided a loyal recording
of the stark




Groups Call for Cease and Desist of FBI Effort to Increase Student
Awareness About Terrorist Activity

The FBI quietly rolled out “Don’t Be a Puppet” in February, a website
that aims to inform students about signs of violent extremism so they
can help authorities identify potential terrorist suspects in schools.
The site also attempts to prevent students from being radicalized.

The site is being criticized by several big-name groups including The
American Civil Liberties Union and the American-Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee who say the site will end up isolating
Muslim students and increase low-tolerance, bullying in schools.

"The website is an effort to counter an expanding problem, according
to the FBI: the recruitment, especially online, of young people by
violent extremist organizations. However, since 'Don’t Be a Puppet’
went live in February, it has



Documents Show FBI Deployed Software Exploits To Break Encryption Back
In 2003
from the and-privacy-and-security-for-none... dept

Documents FOIA'ed by Ryan Shapiro and shared with the New York Times
shed some new light on previous FBI efforts to break encryption. Back
in 2003, the FBI was investigating an animal rights group for possibly
sabotaging companies that used animals for testing. The FBI's
Department of Cutesy Investigation Names dubbed this "Operation Trail
Mix," which I'm sure endeared it to the agents on the case. At the
center of the investigation were emails the FBI couldn't read. But it
found a way.

They persuaded a judge to let them remotely, and secretly, install
software on the group’s computers to help get around the encryption.

That effort, revealed in newly declassified and released records,
shows in new detail how F.B.I. hackers worked to defeat encryption
more than a decade before the agency’s recent fight with Apple over
access to a locked iPhone.

The documents don't detail what the exploit was, but it targeted PGP
-- the encryption method used to keep the group's communications
private. The FBI was able to obtain a "full access" warrant to grab
every communication, but that did nothing to decode the scrambled
emails. The documents don't specify what the FBI used, but language
suggests it either copied the decryption keys or deployed a keylogger
to snag passwords.

Either way, it apparently was the first time the FBI had deployed its
own malware.

“This was the first time that the Department of Justice had ever
approved such an intercept of this type,” an F.B.I. agent wrote in a
2005 document summing up the case.

The secrecy surrounding the FBI's tactics was nearly absolute. The
wiretap order was discl

3 stories

College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American ...
Christopher Zoukis - 2014 - ‎Education
The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons Christopher Zoukis.
“Prison ... Richards, S., D. Faggiani, K. Roffers, R. Hendricksen, and
J. Krueger. ... Piché, J. “Barriers to Knowing Inside: Education in
Prisons and Education on Prisons.
Facilitating Prisoner Ethnography - Qualitative Inquiry

Justin Piché, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology,
University of Ottawa, 120 University, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada.
... Based on our editorial work with the Journal of Prisoners on
Prisons—a ..... Richards S.,; Ross J. I.. (2004) ...
The Marion Experiment: Long-Term Solitary Confinement and the ...
Stephen C. Richards - 2015 - ‎Social Science

Long-Term Solitary Confinement and the Supermax Movement Stephen C.
Richards. Department of Correctional Services. Retrieved December 6,
2011, from ...
USP Marion: A Few Prisoners Summon the Courage to Speak ...
USP Marion: A Few Prisoners Summon the Courage to Speak. Stephen C.
Richards; 2015 ... Justin Piché, Kevin Walby · British Journal of
Criminology; 2010 ...

Posts: 5
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Republican Climate Change Denial is Blinding Our Ability to Observe
the Arctic

It’s all-too-often what happens to the powerful when they are
confronted with the consequences of their own bad actions. It can best
be said that denial is blindness — the willful inability to open one’s
eyes to the tough reality of the world. In literature, we can see
denial in the tragic sin of hubris and in the metaphor of Oedipus the
King gouging his own eyes out as a result of his failure to come to
terms with the warnings of prophecy.

In the psychological sense, denial involves the inability to cope with
reality such that a person will act in an irrational fashion to the
point of generating fantasies that the object of said denial does not
exist. Behaviorally, this results in an increasing degradation of a
person’s ability to confront or cope with the object of denial — to
the point of ardent, irrational, and possibly destructive outbursts
when faced with it.

Arctic sea ice loss.

Ever since 1979 an array of satellite sensors has allowed our
scientists to directly observe the sea ice in the Arctic. Since that
time, and as a human-forced warming of the world ramped up, the area
which that ice covers has dramatically shrunken. So much so that by
this year, 2016, there’s a risk that not only will a new all-time
record low be reached, but that by the end of this summer almost all
the ice in the Arctic Ocean will be melted out entirely. A risk that a
new climate change related event will start to take shape in the
Arctic. The blue ocean events.

(Arctic sea ice area as measured by observational satellites and most
recently by  F17. The bottom line of the graph measures days of the
year. The left side of the graph measures sea ice area. The
corresponding intersections determine sea ice area on any given day of
a year in the record. The up and downward swoop of eac


To Ed
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 1:05 PM
Click to View Full HTML

From: Bill Kelly

Subject: CAPA

Will you kindly read this, consider joining and pass it on to anyone
you know who is interested in these issues. Also attached as word doc.
Thank you, Bill Kelly
Citizens Against Political Assassinations
Washington, DC
Dear Friends and Associates:
As a researcher and/or student of the JFK assassination, you may be
aware that The JFK Act of 1992 requires the release of all government
records on the assassination of President Kennedy by October 2017. The
president of the United States at that time will be responsible for
its enforcement.
Our recently formed nonprofit organization, Citizens Against Political
Assassinations (CAPA), will continue the fight we started decades ago
to get the law passed and ensure this Act is enforced as well as
undertake similar national initiatives on other political
assassinations to see the truth is revealed and justice prevails. To
do this we need your help and support.
CAPA plans to pursue the release of the remaining JFK records, file
Freedom of Information Act requests for more records, take legal
actions to enforce the law and undertake public education efforts to
see that the forces that orchestrated such assassinations will no
longer be able to influence government policies. These initiatives
require funding to be effective.
Please help by joining us and providing whatever financial support you
can afford, volunteering your time as part of a CAPA Committee,
contacting your congressional representatives, and spreading the word
on social media about CAPA, our mission, programs and legal
initiatives. Time is running out to do something about these horrific
crimes and cover-ups.
There is power in numbers so join this worthy endeavor to bring truth
and justice to those who have been killed for their beliefs. Thank
The CAPA Board of Directors: Dr. Cyril Wecht, Andrew Kreig, Larry
Schnapf, Esq., Jerry Policoff, Michael Nurko, Bill Kelly and Ben
CAPA Board of Advisors: Professor Peter Dale Scott, Dr. John Newman,
Marie Fonzi, David Talbot, Alan Dale, Bill Simpich, and Dr. Gary
Add your name to ours, become a CAPA member and serve on a CAPA board
or committee. Join us: Send check or money order - $50 yearly dues or
a donation to:
Citizens Against Political Assassinations - CAPA P.O. Box 7641,
Lancaster, Pa., 17604-7641
Or you can become a member on line via Pay Pal at our web site. For
more information on participating, please visit us on line:
http://capa-hq.com/ or like us at:
and for emergencies and breaking news and updates:
https://twitter.com/HQ_CAPA .

Citizens Against Political Assassinations
Americans deserve prompt and thorough disclosure of the facts
surrounding the nation's major assassinations, according to a new
research group on the occasion of ...

If you have further questions please contact CAPA Secretary Bill Kelly
at (609) 425-6297



Censored, Surveilled, Watch-Listed, & Jailed: The Absurd Citizenry Of
The American Police State - BlackListed News
5 hours ago - Express yourself on social media: The FBI, CIA, NSA and
other government .... in the eyes of the FBI (and its network of
snitches) if you: express libertarian ...



FBI failed to follow its own rules when it impersonated The Associated
Press in a 2007 investigation

Hannah Bloch-Wehba | Freedom of Information | Commentary | April 28,
The FBI failed to follow its own rules when agents impersonated an
Associated Press reporter in order to locate a criminal suspect in
2007, according to documents newly released in response to a FOIA



Cora Currier, Murtaza Hussain
Apr. 28 2016, 1:02 p.m.
Illustration: The Intercept
OF THE PLANS put forward by the federal government to identify and
stop budding terrorists, among the least understood are the FBI’s
“Shared Responsibility Committees.”

The idea of the committees is to enlist counselors, social workers,
religious figures, and other community members to intervene with
people the FBI thinks are in danger of radicalizing — the sort of
alternative to prosecution and jail time many experts have been
clamoring for. But civil liberties groups worry the committees could
become just a ruse to expand the FBI’s network of informants, and the
government has refused to provide details about the program.

The Intercept has obtained a letter addressed to potential committee
members from the FBI, outlining how the process would work. While the
letter claims that committees will not be used “as a means to gather
intelligence,” it also makes clear that information from the
committees may be shared widely by the FBI, including with spy
agencies and foreign governments, and that committee members can be
subpoenaed for documents or called to testify in cases against the
people they are trying to help. At the same time, committee members
are forbidden even from seeking advice from outside experts


Dissemination Outside the Bureau) FEDERAL ...
time of the program for developing top-level security informants. ...
methods the Communist Party uses in its efforts to uncover FBI
informants, and how to ...l

Posts: 8,126
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Bonus read

* DXer Has Requested The Army To Remove The Inapt (B)(2) Redaction
Identifying The 3 Notebooks Bruce Ivins Once Reported Missing

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 30, 2016


Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged: *** 2001 anthrax attacks, *** Dr.
Bruce Ivins, *** FBI anthrax investigation, Foia redaction | 5
Comments »

* The Army Has Wrongfully Redacted Under (B)(2) Information Relating
To Transfer Of The Ames Strain Used To Murder 5 People In Fall 2001

Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 30, 2016

Link du jour

Welcome to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Defending Dissent

We are a national non-profit, non-partisan organization working to
restore the rule of law and our constitutional rights and liberties.
We aim to make police and intelligence agencies accountable to we, the
people whom they serve. We support an ideologically, politically,
ethnically, geographically, and generationally diverse grassroots
movement, focused on educating Americans about the erosion of our
fundamental freedoms; increasing civic participation; and converting
concern and outrage into political action.



FBI agent admits to stealing money seized in drug probes to buy cars
and plastic surgery

FBI agent has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $100,000 in
suspected drug money.

May 3, 2016, 1:31 a.m.
Nearly two weeks before he was to go on trial, a former FBI agent
pleaded guilty Monday to stealing more than $136,000 in cash that had
been seized during drug investigations.

Former special agent Scott M. Bowman admitted to using the cash to
fund a lavish spending spree on items including plastic surgery and
cars. The plea deal draws to a close a case that has led prosecutors
to drop criminal charges against more than a dozen defendants in a
case Bowman had investigated.

In a Riverside courtroom, Bowman, 45, admitted to


Clinton Investigation


MSNCB host Joe Scarborough, who is a former congressman, suggested
Monday that the FBI may be playing politics with the Hillary



‘D.C. Madam’ attorney forbidden by Supreme Court to disclose records
‘relevant to present election cycle’ –Supreme Court issues
‘denial-without-explanation’ to ‘D.C. Madam’ attorney Montgomery Blair
Sibley By Lori Price, http://www.legitgov.org | 03 May 2016 | On Monday, the
U.S. Supreme Court “denied a stay sought by Montgomery Blair Sibley,
who had asked to be released from a lower court restraining order that
barred him from sharing the records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, known as
the ‘D.C. Madam'” (The Washington Post). Sibley, attorney for the late
Palfrey, seeks to release the sealed records that he has maintained
are “relevant to the present election cycle.”

In his a blog entry posted Tuesday, entitled ‘My Next Steps…,’ Sibley
discussed his next course of action. “Yesterday, the Supreme Court
docketed the denial of my Application. They gave no reason for the
denial of my request to review the refusal of the District Court Clerk
to file my Motions for Modification of the Restraining Order which I
believe prevents me from releasing information relevant to the present
election cycle. So now what is my next step? Torn as I am that I
should not be gagged from First Amendment political speech by a
restraining order that I am being denied the opportunity to even asked
to be dissolved… I will continue to press Obama Supreme Court nominee
Chief Judge Garland of the D.C. Circuit Court to expedite the
resolution of the Petition I placed before him on March 9, 2016.”

For more on the history of the ‘D.C. Madam’ political scandal, see:
CLG’s ‘DC Madam’ Phone Records.




May 3-4, 2016 — Trump refers to Rafael Cruz being with Oswald in New


May 3, 2016

Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald has gone mainstream.


See realtime coverage

Donald Trump associates Ted Cruz’s father with JFK’s assassin

Washington Post

1030 hours GMT-5 5/3/16

Try watching this video on http://www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it
is disabled in your browser. Never one to shy away from discussing
unsubstantiated tabloid fodder, Donald Trump told the Fox News Channel
on Tuesday morning that Ted.


Trump hits back at Cruz’s dad over ‘body of Christ’ appeal Fox News

Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz’s Father of Associating With Kennedy
Assassin New York Times (blog)

Highly Cited:Trump accuses Cruz’s father of helping JFK’s
assassinPolitico (blog)

Opinion:The Latest: Trump attacks Cruz’s father over Oswald photoDaily

In Depth:News roundup: Trump says Cruz’s father was with JFK
assassinSalt Lake Tribune (blog)






Clinton says she’d take Bill ‘out of retirement’ for White House jobs

[Ed.: Public call-in segment: What jobs do you foresee Bill getting in
the Clinton administration?
Oh, our first caller is Monica…]


TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2016


Tweet (WikiLeaks):

“Panama Papers not to be published or given to police/lawyers as money
is moved and evidence destroyed

A film review: “Michael Moore’s new movie, “Where to Invade Next””.



inspired ‘Silence of the Lambs’ characterBy Colin Ellis on May 2, 2016
FALMOUTH — Anyone who has seen or read “The Silence of the Lambs”
knows Clarice Starling, the FBI agent who interviews serial killer Dr.
Hannibal Lecter.

When Starling first appeared in the 1988 novel, current Falmouth
resident Patricia Kirby said she saw aspects of herself in Clarice.

And she should have, since Kirby, a former FBI agent, served as
inspiration for the character.

Kirby, who is in the process of moving to Bath, last week said just
like Starling, she interviewed serial killers for the FBI’s Behavioral



Cop Admits Illegally Helping Drug Dealer boyfriend Buy Car: U.S.
Kiyia M. Harris was involved in a personal relationship with Donell
Williams, buying a car and hiding his involvement in the purchase.
Galloway, NJ

By ANTHONY BELLANO (Patch Staff) - May 3, 2016 10:58 am ET


Pennnsylvania man wrongly arrested and given rough ride in police car
because he posted video on Facebook of cop dealing ywith parking
Tuesday, May 3, 2016, 7:06 PM

Parking Dispute Video At Center Of Federal Lawsuit
CBS Pittsburgh

00:00 / 02:45
PITTSBURGH - A Pennsylvania man was wrongly arrested, given a rough
ride in a police car and jailed for hours after posting a Facebook
video he recorded

Posts: 8,126
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BREAKING: Blogger Who Tried To Connect CRUZ'S DAD With Lee Harvey Oswald Found DEAD
The blogger who claimed that Ted Cruz's dad was in connection with John F. Kennedy's murder has been found dead in his home..


Mark Lane, 89; lawyer offered evidence for Kennedy conspiracy

 MAY 13, 2016
NEW YORK — Mark Lane, the defense lawyer, social activist, and
best-selling author who concluded in a blockbuster book in the
mid-1960s that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have acted alone in killing
President John F. Kennedy, a thesis supported in part by the House
Select Committee on Assassinations in 1979, died Tuesday at his home
in Charlottesville, Va. He was 89.

The cause was a heart attack,

In its final report in 1979, the House committee went further than any
branch of government to support the central points of Mr. Lane’s
thesis about Kennedy’s murder. It concluded that the FBI and the
Warren Commission investigations of the assassination were flawed.

The committee also found that while Oswald fired three shots, one of
which killed Kennedy, a “high probability” existed that a second
gunman was present and that the president “was probably assassinated
as a result of a conspiracy.” The committee, though, was “unable to
identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.”

Also see

historic zoning by planning board

Landmark zoning to preserve the home of photographer Ernest Withers
received the backing of the Land Use Control Board. (By Thomas
Bailey/The Commercial Appeal).
Ernest Withers, who covered many of the major events in the civil
rights movement of the 1950's and 60's, in his studio in February
By Thomas Bailey Jr. of The Commercial Appeal

Updated: 5:55 p.m. 0
The longtime home of photographer Ernest Withers is well on its way to
becoming only the third single-lot historic district in Memphis.

The Land Use Control Board on Thursday voted to recommend that the
City Council give final approval for the designation.

The action would preserve for posterity what appears as just a typical
ranch-style home of white brick built 63 years ago at 480 W. Brooks
Road in South Memphis' Walker Estates neighborhood.

The landmarks designation also could set the stage for the family's
plan to open the home for tourism. 

Withers, who died in 2007 at age 85, was a prolific photographer of
more than six decades of black history in the segregated South.

His images chronicled the Montgomery bus boycott, the Emmett Till
case, sanitation workers strike, Negro League baseball and Memphis
blues and soul musicians. The pictures also captured the more ordinary
lives of black Memphians. 

Withers' body of work seems to have outweighed any taint from the
three-year-old revelations that he also worked as a paid informant for
the FBI's investigation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern
Christian Leadership Conference.

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May 12 2016 6:26 pm  May 12 6:29 pm

A former Lowcountry police officer was sentenced to five years in
federal prison Wednesday for after trying to line up sex with

According to District Judge Richard Gergel’s sentencing order, Ernest
Christopher Limehouse of Summerville was a North Charleston police
officer when he posted ads seeking “taboo fun” and “pics of any kids
or hot siblings.”



Rapist deputy asks Belknap County cases to be dismissed
LACONIA — Convicted rapist and former sheriff's deputy Ernest Justin
Blanchette has asked that a Belknap County Superior Court judge
dismiss the four cases he faces locally because he wasn't employed by
the Department of Corrections  

The FBI Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny Wiretapping Your Amazon Echo


May11 2016

An Amazon Echo, which the FBI can neither confirm nor deny has ever
been hacked during an investigation (Gizmodo)
Back in March, I filed a Freedom of Information request with the FBI
asking if the agency had ever wiretapped

May 12, 2016 - 06:59 PM EDT
Overnight Cybersecurity: Mozilla presses FBI to disclose hacking trick



by Tim Cushing
Thu, May 12th 2016 3:33pm


Filed Under:
biometric database, biometrics, fbi, fingerprints, ngis, privacy

FBI Doesn't Want Privacy Laws To Apply To Its Biometric Database
from the
The FBI has been building a massive biometric database for the last
eight years. The Next Generation Identification System (NGIS) starts
with millions of photos of criminals (and non-criminals) and builds
from there. Palm prints, fingerprints, iris scans, tattoos and
biographies are all part of the mix.

Despite having promised to deliver a Privacy Impact Assessment of the
database back in 2012, the FBI's system went live towards the end of
2014 without one. That's a big


FBI joint training at UT Memphis prepares for bioterrorism threat

May 12, 2016 -- A representative of the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention presents a case study during the Memphis Joint
Criminal-Epidemiological Investigations Workshop at the University of
Tennessee Health Sciece Center.
By Kevin McKenzie of The Commercial Appeal

Updated: 5:10 p.m. 0
The law enforcement, public health, emergency responders and others
who might play a role


U.S. Senator Rand Paul to back bill blocking FBI hacking expansion
by Reuters
Thursday, 12 May 2016 21:42 GMT
By Dustin Volz

WASHINGTON, May 12 (Reuters) - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul plans to
become the first Republican co-sponsor of legislation to block a
pending judicial rule change that would let U.S. judges issue search
warrants for remote access

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Meryl Nass MD blogspot

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
CDC: Inept. Stupid. Deadly.
From the CDC website we learn that CDC issues “authoritative guidance directly to Medscape's physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.”
Want to learn the newest on screening and managing Ebola?  Screening for Ebola is not an easy task, since many other diseases can look very much like Ebola. But CDC is here to help doctors and other medical professionals with this very challenging, subtle differentiation.
CDC has offered up a video featuring Dr. Knust to give us this important information.  But wait--Dr. Knust is a veterinarian. Huh?  Ebola is not an animal disease.  And Dr. Knust has never (legally) treated a human. Is this the best CDC can do?  Is this a joke or what?  
If you listen to the video, you will find that it acknowledges, but remarkably minimizes, the problem of persisting Ebola virus in patients after recovery.  Dr. Knust mentions there were only "two" documented patients in whom recrudescence of Ebola occurred

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FBI employee arrested for concealing evidence

POSTED: 01:59 PM MDT May 18, 2016 


FBI worker arrested for obstructing investigation.

An FBI employee Jennifer Barnett, 38, of Pocatello was arrested for destruction, alteration, or concealment of evidence.

The evidence was involved in an investigation on her husband, David Phillips, 41. She was arrested for informing Phillips of the investigation before it was conducted.

According to Bannock County Court records, police were planning to search for evidence of child pornography on Phillips' electronic devices.



Man in handcuffs escapes FBI custody Downtown
WCPO-5 minutes ago
Mekahale Lamb, 31, is described as 5-foot-7 and 160 pounds. He was wearing a gray hoodie and salmon pants when he escaped at Fifth and Walnut streets


FBI's Huge Biometrics Database Should Not Be Exempt ...
Dissent NewsWire (blog)-50 minutes ago
That's why the Department of Justice's proposal to prevent Americans from finding out if pictures of their fingerprints and tattoos are being stored in the FBI's Next ...


Poll shows Hoover as favorite for new FBI building
Federal Times-
An online poll conducted by Federal Times shows that respondents think the FBI's new headquarters should still be named after former Bureau director J. Edgar ...



Senators Push To Stop Expanding The FBI's Right To Hack
A coalition of privacy-minded senators wants to overturn a looming new set of rules that would give the FBI far more authority to hack people's computers when ...

Mumbai attack in India created
by FBI informant David Headley

FBI to train Indian counter-terror experts
Web India
The FBI will train Indian counter-terror experts and prosecutors on how to request for evidence from the United States through the Mutual Legal Assistance

NYPD cop Michael Milici fired, first cop axed in corruption probe


Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 6:23

Detective Michael Milici was dismissed on Wednesday.
The first NYPD officer embroiled in the ongoing federal and NYPD probe has b



Tragedy as Milwaukee girl, 9, who asked police whether they could keep her safe in her neighborhood dies from a gunshot wound to the head just days later
Za'layia Jenkins died Monday afternoon, a day before her 10th birthday
She was struck in the head by a stray bullet as she was watching

FBI Control of Media


Many viewers watched the shocking season finale of ABC's hit show 'Quantico' Sunday night, but do you ever wonder what it's really like to join the FBI? (KABC)
By Anabel Munoz
Sunday, May 15, 2016 11:44PM
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Many viewers watched the shocking season finale of ABC's hit show "Quantico" Sunday night, but do you ever wonder what it's really like to join the FBI?

Young, ambitious and attractive FBI hopefuls took center stage in the show. Much of the action and drama took place at the FBI's 20-week training academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Dramatic scenes such as car chases and gunfights are often how Americans perceive a day in the life of a law enforcement agent. Eyewitness News spoke with two real-life Quantico graduates to see how close those depictions really are.

Although agents do have to train for intense encounters, they said what is shown in Hollywood is not the real thing.

"(The Quantico show creators) captured parts of it very well, obviously the plot line is something only created in Hollywood," Kimberly Anderson said.

Anderson is a special agent in the cyber division. When she was young, she felt a heightened sense of justice for victims and said she always wished she could do more to help if she ever witnessed anything.

Prentist Henderson graduated two weeks ago. He was actually inspired by the Hollywood television shows, and now works in the violent crimes unit.

He said growing up watching shows such as "The X-Files" and "America's Most Wanted" help drive him down the law enforcement career path.

Both agents admit training


Murder conspiracy mustn’t be excused as merely political rivalry


By Sajeeb Wazed - - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ayear-and-a-half ago I received an out-of-the-blue phone call from the U.S. Department of Justice. The news was shocking: People were planning to abduct and possibly kill me.

It turned out that a former FBI agent, Robert Lustyik, was sentenced to five years in prison last year for selling secret information about a Bangladesh political figure living in the United States to his political rivals. I am that figure.

The person buying the FBI information was Rizve Ahmed Caesar. He


in Oriskany
By Kirk Tupaj May. 18, 2016


It's called Raven's Challenge. It's a chance for Public Safety Bomb Squads and Military Explosive Units to work together.It all took place at the State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany.

When it comes to explosives, there's no room for error. That's why these explosive experts need to learn the different techniques being used by various agencies.
Donald Robinson, ATF Explosive Training and Research Special Agent explains what this training is like.

"What we do here is we make the scenarios and the incidents here that they're training in very lifelike. Really realistic, based on the current information coming in to us on tactics, techniques, and procedures of the bad guys."

The rise in terrorism has forced first responders to be aware of what to do when they come across a bomb, but bomb makers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques. This exercise keeps bomb squads on top of their game. Stephen Shelley, ATF Explosive Enforcement Officer says the bombs are becoming more difficult to deal with.

"People who make bombs, it's up to the ingenuity and their creativity in how they design bombs, and so somebody may come up with something that's never been seen before. So for a bomb technician to see something new they've never seen before, it helps hone their skills and gets them in a mindset to always be thinking of the unexpected."

There are chemicals that can be bought over the counter to make explosives, but that doesn't mean there aren't security procedures in place to keep an eye on suspicious activity.
Special Agent David Acquavella is a Bomb Technician for the FBI and says you have to know what you're doing to mix up a chemical bomb, but the information to make one is out there.

"There are security checks. They take your driver's license and they make record of the transaction, but everything else that I showed you, especially to make the primary explosives, you can just walk into any store and buy it without anybody blinking an eye."



3:23 PM

ALLO, THE MESSAGING service Google announced today at its Google I/O conference, is designed to allow a new style of communication, in which a clever bot listens in on your conversations and offers helpful suggestions and services. But a different feature is just as significant, one that’s designed to let no one listen in on your conversations at all: Not Google, not any hacker or eavesdropper, not even an FBI agent with a warrant.

When it launches this summer, Allo will offer an “incognito” mode that switches on an end-to-end encryption system known as Signal, designed by the privacy-focused non-profit Open Whisper Systems. In that incognito mode, only the two phones at either end of a conversation will possess the secret keys necessary to decrypt messages. Google’s new video calling app Duo will use end-to-end encryption, too. The result is a pair of tools that are resistant to government surveillance: Google couldn’t, in theory, help law enforcement decipher an incognito Allo conversation or Duo call even if it wanted to. And in the wake of Apple’s landmark fight with the FBI over the encrypted iPhone of San Bernadino killer Syed Rizwan Farook, the move represents another step in Silicon Valley’s shift toward user-controlled encryption in defiance of law enforcement.

“With incognito mode, Allo gives users additional controls over their privacy and security,” said Erik Kay, a Google engineering director in the Google I/O keynote. “We anticipate adding even more security features to it over time.”

In Allo’s incognito mode, the app will offer Snapchat-style expiring messages that delete themselves after a set time or when a conversation window is closed. And by adopting the open-source encryption system developed for the encrypted voice and messaging app Signal, the app will gain a level of protection from eavesdroppers that’s resistant to even sophisticated spies. Edward Snowden himself has vouched for Signal, writing that he uses it every day. As ACLU lead technologist Chris Soghoian has written, “every time someone downloads Signal and makes their first encrypted call, FBI Director Jim Comey cries.”

Better Late Than Never
But in the encryption arms race, Google is playing catch-up. Apple’s iMessage has, without much fanfare, end-to-end encrypted iPhone owners’ communications for years. FaceTime, too. In April, Facebook-owned Whatsapp completed the rollout of Open Whisper Systems’ encryption to the more than one billion phones that have the app installed, the largest default end-to-end encrypted network ever. The competing app Viber followed up just weeks later with its own switch to end-to-end encryption, extending that protection to around 700 million more people.

Google’s move, late as it may come, answers critics who have chastised its slow adoption of user-controlled encryption tools. The company announced an encrypted email project called “End-to-End” in 2014, but the initiative has yet to release any actual tools to the public.

Allo’s incognito mode represents a far more limited approach to encryption than Whatsapp’s, Apple’s, Viber’s, or even what it’s offering with Duo: Unlike with those apps, you must purposefully turn on incognito mode to send encrypted Allo messages; the app doesn’t hide all messages by default. On the flip side, Duo is encrypted by default all the time. But Google’s launching its encrypted communication apps as new tools that may or may not catch on, rather than Whatsapp’s far bolder move to turn on encryption for its existing, massive userbase. Gmail and Google Hangouts, meanwhile, still lack end-to-end encryption, leaving them open to government surveillance orders.

Seeking a Middle Ground?
Even so, Google’s new experiments in end-to-end encryption represent the company tiptoeing into an increasingly heated debate between Silicon Valley and cryptophobic government officials in the US and abroad. In March, Brazilian authorities briefly arrested a Facebook executive after Whatsapp failed to comply with a surveillance order in a drug case. The country’s government temporarily banned the app in both December of last year and earlier this month due to its encryption features, although the ban was overturned in both cases by a judge. And the New York Times reported that Whatsapp had told the U.S. Justice Department it couldn’t comply with a wiretap order in a criminal investigation due to its use of encryption.

FBI director James Comey has made clear his opposition to encryption because it presents a barrier to law enforcement, saying as early as 2014 that encrypted communication “threatens to lead all of us to a very dark place.” When Whatsapp announced the completion of its encryption rollout in April, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, a member of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence, responded in a blistering statement: “The WhatsApp and Facebook decision to add end-to-end encryption to all of WhatsApp’s services with no secure method to comply with valid search warrants continues a dangerous trend in the tech and data world,” he wrote. “This is an open invitation to terrorists, drug dealers, and sexual predators to use WhatsApp’s services to endanger the American people.”

Google’s more limited adoption of that same encryption system may signal that the company is looking for a path that will please its privacy-seeking users without entirely antagonizing law enforcement. An even bigger consideration for the company may be the fact that end-to-end encryption prevents not only government surveillance, but its own collection of data about its users’ conversations—the lifeblood of Google’s advertising-driven business.

Allo and Duo’s new security features, in other words, are Google’s baby steps towards a fully-encrypted future, not the sort of bold moves to elevate privacy above profit or politics that some of its competitors have already taken. But for a company built on a data collection model that’s often fundamentally opposed to privacy, baby steps are better than none at all.


FBI interrogation of Oregon refuge holdout David Fry called into question


on May 18, 2016
Two FBI agents questioned David Fry immediately after his Feb. 11 arrest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge despite prior notice by Fry's court-appointed lawyer objecting to any interrogation and invoking Fry's right to remain silent, court records reveal.

Attorney Per C. Olson has asked the court to order the government to turn over communications between federal prosecutors and any law enforcement officers involved in the arrest, detention and questioning of Fry that day.

Fry was one of the last four holdouts in a 41-day armed occupation of the federal bird sanctuary in Harney County. He surrendered to the FBI after a tense standoff carried live on a YouTube feed. Thousands of people followed it in real time, listening to Fry's requests for pizza and marijuana and his talk about his wish to die rather than end up in prison.

Olson seeks text messages, emails, notes or memoranda of phone conversations between prosecutors and FBI special agents Sean Hamblet, Eric Thompson and another agent known only by her first name, Audrey.

"It will be defendant's contention that the government should not have taken unfair advantage of the trust defendant had placed in the agents in his vulnerable state of mind by interrogating him in disregard of his counsel's invocations,'' Olson wrote in a motion filed in U.S. District Court.


Aldermen want to give TSA the boot at O'Hare and Midway
Chicago Sun-Times

“That's like the FBI agent that shows up at your door and knocks and says, `I'm from the FBI and I'm here to help you,” the alderman said. Emanuel said he's ...

FBI Octopus

Democrats tap former judge to succeed DiFiore

Scarpino was an FBI agent for a few years in the 1970s before working as a lawyer for the city of Mount Vernon. He was then a Mount Vernon city judge, a Westchester County Court judge and a state Supreme Court justice before unseating the incumbent surrogate judge in 2000. Scarpino won a second 10-year term in an uncontested race in 2010. He stepped down in January 2015 to join the White Plains firm of DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Wise &



Residents weigh in on release of police shooting videos

By David Hernandez | 11:58 p.m. May 17, 2016 | Updated, 4:32 p.m. | May 18, 2016

SAN DIEGO — About 100 residents turned out to a town hall meeting Tuesday evening to offer law enforcement leaders their input on how and when to release videos of officer-involved shootings.

A handful of residents voiced concerns about officers having access to the video; families of victims having to wait, or file a lawsuit, to see the footage; and officers forgetting to turn on their body-worn cameras.

Police Chief Shelly Zimmerman, Sheriff’s Commander Dave Myers, FBI Special Agent in Charge Eric Birnbaum and La Mesa Police Chief Walt Vasquez were on hand to listen to the public’s comments at Cherokee Elementary School in City Heights.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who announced earlier this month that she plans to release videos of most officer-involved shootings, was not in attendance because of a prior commitment.

The public’s comments often referenced the fatal shooting last week in Encanto, where four officers opened fire at a driver after a chase — a specific topic law enforcement leaders strayed away from, saying it’s an ongoing investigation.

About a dozen relatives and friends of the victim, 30-year-old Thongsoune Vilysane, attended the meeting.

“I’m here to remind you all that a life was taken that night,” a friend said. “No one deserves to lose a life in that manner.”

The man acknowledged there were many unanswered questions and said footage of the fatal shooting could help provide family and friends answers.

Several residents strongly suggested that families of victims fatally shot by officers or deputies should not have to wait long, or file a lawsuit, to view footage of the shooting in question. Cornelius Bowser, a community activist and bishop at the Charity Apostolic Church, said it could bring closure to the families.

Others voiced concerns about officers having initial access to the video, particularly when they write a report. Many said it could lead to manipulation or a change in officers’ narrative about the shootings in which they are involved.

“We do want our officers to review the video evidence before writing the report so we get the most accurate report,” Zimmerman told the audience.

Other residents, such as Blair Overstreet, expressed concerns about officers forgetting to turn on their body-worn cameras in the fist place. Overstreet, a member of a local group called Showing


Deputy allowed to retire and collect pension


Retired Delaware County deputy to plead guilty to stealing ammo
Muncie Star Press-May 17, 2016
In that document, FBI Special Agent Neal Freeman said the ammunition was sold during a period when the sheriff's lieutenant was experiencing financial

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Bonus read


come here Watson
May 29, 2016 Uncategorized Austrian election, Bernie, cell phone brain cancer, corruption, genetically-modified human embryos, Hillary, war
come here Watson

“… Americans need to pay attention to the fact that “their” government is a collection of crazed stupid fools likely to bring vaporization to the United States and all of Europe….”

Heat is online


Multi-Day ‘Siege of Storms’ Follows Exxon Shareholder Meeting
A multi-day siege of severe thunderstorms morphed into a major flash flood event in parts of Texas, Kansas, and other states late Thursday into Friday, and more severe weather is expected into Friday night. — Weather Underground.


It was a stifling hot and humid day that set the scene for the Exxon shareholder meeting this week. There, in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, oil company CEO Rex Tillerson found himself besieged by environmentalists enraged over his company’s decades-long campaign to misinform the public on climate change and by shareholders concerned about the company’s future prospects. But what the climate change denying oil company CEO, and even NOAA weather forecasters, didn’t know was that an extreme rainfall event worsened by the very smoke and fumes emitted by Exxon was starting to gather over Southeast Texas — not far from where the shareholder proceedings were taking place.

(Protesters urge stockholders to dump Exxon in a push for accountability over Exxon’s deceptive language and media campaigns related to emissions-based climate change. Image source: Exxon Facing Heat Over Climate Change.)

At the meeting, Rex Tillerson, set to retire in 2017, spewed out his usual pro-fossil-fuel rhetoric — defending the myth that oil represents the inevitable mainstay of global energy and concocting various straw-man arguments imagining oil protesters filling up cars with gasoline or flying jet airplanes to join in an array of embittered protests surrounding this week’s shareholder meeting. Rallying the board of directors, Tillerson managed to deflect numerous shareholder attempts to positively modify Exxon’s behavior with regards to fossil fuel emissions and responses to climate change. Outside the meeting, protestors called for keeping oil reserves in the ground, urged Exxon to transition to a non-fossil fuel based energy company and acknowledge and prepare for climate change, or urged Exxon investors to dump stock holdings in response to the company’s decades-long-effort to stifle effective climate action.

Outside the meeting, a 13 foot long ice statue spelling out the words — #ExxonKnew — rapidly melted in the sweltering heat of an atmosphere roiled by the powerful climate-altering forces fossil fuel entities like Exxon had already unleashed upon the airs [frown] of our world.

‘Siege of Storms’ Batters Texas

By Thursday, the day after Exxon’s shareholder meeting, an expansive trough had extended down from Canada and over Texas. Exploiting this hole in an increasingly weakened Jet Stream cool, Arctic airs plunged south. Crossing the Great Plains into Texas, this unstable atmospheric mass came directly into confrontation with a super-heated, moist flow rising off the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean.

(Very heavy storms firing off over Southeastern Texas have dumped record amounts of rainfall over portions of the state and set off a flash flood emergency. Image source: NOAA.)

Both the big Jet Stream dip and the extreme moisture content in the airs over Texas were not normal. Both were new features enabled by a human-forced (Exxon-forced) warming of the world. For with global temperatures early this year spiking to 1.4 C above 1880s values, the planetary atmosphere is now enabled to contain about a ten percent higher moisture load than during the late 19th Century. It’s a weird new atmosphere that is now capable of producing storms with previously unimaginable heights of 70,000 feet over temperate Latitudes. And as the current





, May 29, 2016, 7:39 PM

Kristin Davis, a former hooker, says ex-cop Michael Rizzi came to her for business advice.
The disgraced ex-cop who got caught running his own prostitution ring sought business advice from the “Manhattan Madam,” according to former hooker Kristin Davis.

The one-time madam who claims the “Luv Guv” Eliot Spitzer was among her clients said she met retired cop Michael Rizzi a few years ago — and he plied her with inappropriate questions.

“He sort of mentioned that he was trying to open some sort of business,’’ Davis said Sunday during an interview with told AM radio host Frank Morano on his “Morano in the Morning” show.

“Didn’t know him before that,” she said.

Ex-NYPD cop with mob ties busted for running prostitution ring
“So he alluded basically to maybe getting your help in running some sort of prostitution ring?” Morano prodded.

“Yes,” Davis answered.

“I said repeatedly, ‘I don’t want to talk about these things because that’s in my past and I don’t want to talk with some stranger about entering into an illegal venture that he kept trying to discuss,’ ” said Davis.

The publicity-loving ex-madam also whined that Rizzi got a far low



Organized "Cop Watch" Groups Across the US
Thursday, 02 October 2014 10:13

When communities attempt to police the police, they often get, well... policed.

In several states, organized groups that use police scanners and knowledge of checkpoints to collectively monitor police activities by legally and peacefully filming cops on duty have said they've experienced retaliation, including unjustified detainment and arrests as well as police intimidation.

The groups operate under many decentralized organizations, most notably CopWatch and Cop Block, and have proliferated across the United States in the last decade - and especially in the aftermath of the events that continue to unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, after officer Darren Wilson fatally shot unarmed, black teenager Michael Brown.

Many such groups have begun proactively patrolling their communities with cameras at various times during the week, rather than reactively turning on their cameras when police enter into their neighborhoods or when they happen to be around police activity.

Across the nation, local police departments are responding to organized cop watching patrols by targeting perceived leaders, making arrests, threatening arrests, yanking cameras out of hands and even labeling particular groups "domestic extremist" organizations and part of the sovereign citizens movement - the activities of which the FBI classifies as domestic terrorism.

Courts across the nation at all levels have upheld the right to film police activity. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and photographer's assocications have taken many similar incidents to court, consistently winning cases over the years. The Supreme Court has ruled police can't search an individual's cellphone data without a warrant. Police also can't legally delete an individual's photos or video images under any circumstances.

"Yet, a continuing stream of these incidents (often driven by police who have been fed 'nonsense' about links between photography and terrorism) makes it clear that the problem is not going away," writes Jay Stanley, a senior policy analyst at the ACLU's Speech, Privacy & Technology Project.

Sources who have participated in various organized cop watching groups in cities such as New York; Chicago; Cleveland; Las Vegas; Oakland; Arlington, Texas; Austin and lastly Ferguson, Missouri, told Truthout they have experienced a range of police intimidation tactics, some of which have been caught on film. Cop watchers told Truthout they have been arrested in several states, including Texas, New York, Ohio and California in retaliation for their filming activity.

More recently, in September, three cop watchers were arrested while monitoring police activity during a traffic stop in Arlington, Texas. A group of about 20 people, a few of them associated with the Tarrant County Peaceful Streets Project, gathered at the intersection of South Cooper Street and Lynda Lane during a Saturday night on September 6 to film police as they conducted a traffic stop. A video of what happened next was posted at YouTube.

Arlington police charged Janie Lucero, her husband, Kory Watkins, and Joseph Tye with interference of public duties. Lucero and Watkins were charged with obstructing a highway while Tye was arrested on charges of refusing to identify himself.

Arlington police have defended the arrests of the three cop watchers, but the watchers say they weren't interfering with police work, and were told to move 150 feet away from the officers - around the corner of a building where they couldn't film the officers.

"When we first started [cop watching, the police] seemed kind of bothered a little bit," Watkins told Truthout. "There was a change somewhere where [the police] started becoming a little bit more offended, and we started having more cop watchers so I guess they felt like they needed to start bringing more officers to traffic stops."

On the night of Watkin's arrest, his group had previously monitored two other traffic stops without any confrontation with Arlington police officers before the incident that led to the arrests.

Sometimes, though, retaliation against cop watching groups goes far beyond arresting cop watchers on patrol.

Cops Label Cop Watch Groups Domestic Terrorists

On New Year's Day in 2012, Antonio Buehler, a West Point graduate and former military officer, witnessed two Austin police officers assaulting a woman. He pulled out his phone.

As he began photographing the officers and asking questions about their activities, the cops assaulted and arrested him. He was charged with spitting in a cop's face - a felony crime.

However, two witness videos of the incident surfaced and neither of them showed that Buehler spit in Officer Patrick Oborski's face. A grand jury was finally convened in March 2013 and concluded there was not enough evidence to indict Buehler on any of the crimes he was charged with.

A few months after the New Year's Day incident, Buehler and other Austin-based activists started the Peaceful Streets Project (PSP), an all-volunteer organization dedicated to stopping police abuse. The group has held "Know Your Rights" trainings and a Police Accountability Summit. The group also regularly organizes cop watch patrols in Austin.

Since the PSP was launched, the movement has grown, with local chapters popping up in other cities and states across the United States, including Texas' Tarrant County chapter, which the three cop watchers arrested in Arlington were affiliated with.

But as the Peaceful Streets movement spread, police retaliation against the groups, and particularly Buehler himself, also escalated.

"[The Austin Police Department (APD)] sees us as a threat primarily because we shine a spotlight on their crimes," Buehler said.

The group recently obtained documents from the APD through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that reveal Austin police colluded to arrest Buehler and other cop watchers affiliated with the Peaceful Streets Project. Since the New Year's Day incident, Buehler has been arrested three more times by APD officers. At least four other members of PSP have been arrested on charges of interference or failing to identify themselves during their cop watching activities.

The emails indicate APD officers monitored Buehler's social media posts and attempted to justify arresting him for another felony crime of online impersonation over an obviously satirical post he made on Facebook, as well as reveal that some APD officers coordinated efforts to stop PSP members' legal and peaceful activities, even suggesting reaching out to the District Attorney's office to see if anything could be done to incarcerate members of the group.

Another internal email from APD senior officer Justin Berry identifies PSP as a "domestic extremist" organization. Berry writes that he believes police accountability groups including PSP, CopWatch and Cop Block are part of a "national domestic extremism trend." He believes he found "mirror warning signs" in "FBI intel." Berry makes a strange attempt to lump police accountability activists and the hacker-collective Anonymous in with sovereign citizens groups as a collective revolutionary movement.

"Sovereign citizens" groups generally believe federal, state and local governments are illegitimate and operate illegally. Some self-described sovereign citizens create fake license plates, identification and forms of currency to circumvent official government institutions. The FBI classifies the activities of sovereign citizens groups as domestic terrorism, considering the groups a growing "domestic threat" to law enforcement.

Buehler told Truthout the APD is working with a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) fusion center to attempt to identify PSP as a sovereign citizens group to associate its members with domestic terrorism with state and federal authorities. DHS fusion centers are designed to gather, analyze and promote the sharing of intelligence information between federal and state agencies.

"They have spent a fair amount of resources tracking us, spying on us and infiltrating our group, and we are just peaceful activists who are demanding accountability for the police," Buehler told Truthout. "They have absolutely no evidence that we've engaged in any criminal activity or that we've tried to engage in criminal activity."

APD officials did not respond to a request for comment.

"They've pushed us; they've assaulted us for filming them; they've used their horses against us and tried to run us into walls; they've driven their cars up on us; they illegally detained us and searched us; they get in our face and they yell at us; they threaten to use violent force against us," Buehler said. "But we didn't realize until these emails just how deep this intimidation, how deep these efforts were to harm us for trying to hold them accountable."

Buehler also said the group has additional internal emails which have not been released yet that reveal the APD attempted to take another charge to the District Attorney against him for felony child endangerment over the activities of a teenaged member of PSP.

He said he and other members of PSP were interested in pursuing a joint civil action against the APD over their attempts to frame and arrest them for their First Amendment activities.

This is not the first time a municipal police department has labeled a local cop watching group as an extremist organization.

In 2002, internal files from the Denver Police Department's (DPD) Intelligence Unit were leaked to the ACLU, revealing the unit had been spying on several activist groups in the city, and keeping extensive records about members of the activist groups. Many of these groups were branded as "criminal extremist" organizations in what later became a full-scale controversy widely known as the Denver police's "spy files." Some of the groups falsely branded as "criminal extremist" groups included three police accountability organizations: Denver CopWatch, End the Politics of Cruelty and Justice for Mena.

Again, from October 2003 through the Republican National Convention (RNC) in August 2004, intelligence digests produced by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) on dozens of activist groups, including several police accountability organizations, were made public under a federal court order. The NYPD labeled participants of the "Operation CopWatch" effort as criminal extremists.

Those who participated in "Operation CopWatch" during the RNC hoped to identify undercover cops who might attempt to provoke violence during demonstrations and document police violence or misconduct against protesters.

Communities Benefiting From Cop Watch Patrols Resist Police Retaliation Against Watchers

In some major urban areas, rates of police harassment of individuals drop considerably after cop watchers take to the streets - and communities band together to defend cop watch patrols that experience police retaliation, say veteran cop watchers.

Veteran police accountability activist José Martín has trained and organized with several organizations that participate in cop watch activities. Martín has been detained and arrested several times while cop watching with organized patrols in New York and Chicago.

His arrests in New York are part of a widely documented problem in the city. In fact, retaliation in New York against cop watchers has been so widespread that the NYPD had to send out an official memo to remind officers that it is perfectly legal for civilians to film cops on duty.

Martín described an experience in Chicago in which he felt police unjustly retaliated against him after a local CopWatch group formed and began regularly patrolling Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. After the group became well-known by the Pilsen community, residents gathered around an officer who had detained Martín after a patrol one night in 2009, calling for his release. The officer let him go shortly after.

"When cop watchers are retaliated against, if the community is organized, if there is a strong relationship between cop watch patrols and the community, but most importantly, if the cop watchers are people of the community, that community has the power to push back against retaliation and prevent its escalation," Martín said. "Retaliation doesn't work if you stand together."

Another veteran cop watcher, Jacob Crawford, co-founder of Oakland's We Copwatch, is helping the community of Ferguson, Missouri, organize cop watch patrols and prepare the community for the potential of police retaliation. His group raised $6,000 to pass out 110 cameras to organizers and residents in Ferguson, and train them to monitor police activity in the aftermath of the upheavals that rocked the city after Wilson killed Brown.

"I do expect retaliation, I do expect that these things won't be easy, but these folks are in it," Crawford told Truthout. "This is something that makes more sense to them than not standing up for themswlves


Evidence In Child Porn Case Thrown Out Because FBI Won't ...
Breitbart News-May 27, 2016
The FBI had effectively taken control of this website — known as “Playpen” — and kept it running for two weeks as a trap, infecting computers ...
Judge Tosses Evidence Gathered by FBI's Tor Exploit
Threatpost-May 27, 2016


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site where hackers post
government docs




2 stories


Memhis Jury says FBI agents
assassinated Martin Luther King


Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King's Assassination | Global Research - Centre for Research on ...
http://www.globalresearch.ca › court-decision-...
Jan 18, 2016 - Martin Luther King Day 2016 ... After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, ... The King family feels that the jury's verdict, the transcripts .... FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston ...



Half of Indiana police don't report hate crimes data to FBI
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — More than half of Indiana's police agencies failed to file hate crime reports with the FBI between 2009 and 2014, a trend


Lynch police chief arrested following FBI investigation

Posted: Fri 12:05 PM, Jun 03, 2016  |  Updated: Fri 8:43 PM, Jun 03, 2016

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police have arrested Lynch Police Chief Jackie Stewart on Friday.

State Police say they also arrested Stewart's girlfriend Rettie Morris.

KSP said the arrest came after a multi-agency investigation into narcotics in Appalachia was taken over by the FBI.

A federal indictment naming Stewart and


Officer fires gun at Pine Ridge hospital



Operation Condor: A transnational criminal conspiracy, uncovered


The EPA is still stonewalling Inspector
General’s office
POSTED AT 10:01 AM ON JUNE 4, 2016

The troubles at the Environmental Protection Agency continue unabated this month, but this time we’re



Bureau of Prisons breaks space-time continuum to deny FOIA
by JPat Brown
June 02, 2016
Five years ago, Jason Smathers filed a FOIA request with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. A week later, the BOP closed out the request due to lack of interest - three days before they even acknowledged receiving it.
Read More

CVE Watch
Department of Education refuses to release its feedback of FBI’s Counter-Extremism website
by Waqas Mirza
June 01, 2016
The Department of Education has rejected a FOIA request for departmental feedback on the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism website, which recruits teachers to spy on “troubled” Muslim teens.
Read More
Parents refusal to get vaccine forced the Minnesota zoo to put down their meerkats
by JPat Brown
May 31, 2016
With debate raging over the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to euthanize an endangered gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure, documents from a similar incident ten years prior raise the same questions about parental responsibility and stringent laws concerning animal safety.
Read More
The NSA’s guide to the internet is the weirdest thing you’ll read today
by JPat Brown
May 27, 2016
The NSA has a well-earned reputation for being one of the tougher agencies to get records out of, making those rare FOIA wins all the sweeter. In the case of Untangling the Web, the agency’s 2007 guide to internet research, the fact that the records in question just so happen to be absolutely insane are just icing on the cake - or as the guide would put it, “the nectar on the ambrosia.”
Read More



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Integrity is an essential soul need.** That you maintain your congruence. That what you say, how you feel, how you live and your actions follow the same chord ... that you don't act in mis-alignment, that you don't have spiritual scoliosis ..

Ram Dass "Polishing the Mirror" Live from Lumeria Maui
Ram Dass Channel

Heat is Online

Two stories



Exxon Sues MA Attorney General In Retaliatory Attempt To Intimidate ‘Exxon Knew’ Climate Accountability Movement
Acting like a wounded and cornered beast, ExxonMobil has launched what appears to be a blatantly retaliatory and frivolous lawsuit against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

Beneath a very thin veil, this legal maneuver by Exxon is seemingly an effort to intimidate any and all who seek to hold the oil giant accountable for its multi-million dollar campaign to attack climate science and sow doubt through decades of deception.

Just to remind everyone – 17 Attorneys General are investigating what Exxon knew about climate science and when, as well as what the company has done to potentially mislead policymakers and the public in order to delay action to address climate change.

Exxon has claimed that there has always been uncertainty within the company about the role of fossil fuels in causing climate change.

Yet, as InsideClimate News and the LA Times and Columbia School of Journalism and the Center for International Environmental Law and other investigations have pointed out, Exxon and others in the oil industry had advanced knowledge of the link between fossil fuel combustion and global warming decades ago.

And DeSmog uncovered an Exxon document that unequivocally stated the company’s knowledge in the late 1970s. Read DeSmog's investigation: “There is no doubt”: Exxon Knew CO2 Pollution Was A Global Threat By



Conservative Funders of Climate Denial Are Quietly Spending Millions To Generate More Partisan Journalism
Millions of dollars have been pouring into conservative media outlets and student journalism projects from the same groups funding climate science denial, a DeSmog analysis has found.

Analysis of IRS tax filings shows the funding groups, including some linked to the oil billionaire Koch brothers, are trying to combat a perceived left-wing bias in media with cash to ideologically-aligned projects.

Many of the funded journalism projects also produce stories that claim human-caused climate change is either a liberal hoax or that policies to mitigate it, such as promotion of renewable energy, are an unnecessary drag on the economy.

DeSmog found that two linked funds — Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund — have been a key source of cash for organisations attacking climate science and opposing policies

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FBI says utility pole surveillance cam locations must be kept secret
Ars Technica UK
Peter Winn, assistant US attorney in Seattle, won the injunction after telling Judge Jones that "the FBI's use of the pole camera technique is a powerful tool in FBI ...


Your Driver's License Pic May Be In FBI's Face-Scanning Database


The FBI trawls the databases of 16 states' drivers license photos to match with its facial recognition technology, according to a new government report by the ...



Ex-Florida cops' black girlfriend testifies in racist text case
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 4:13 PM


FBI's face recognition database is vast and often inaccurate


The FBI's vast biometric database is even more vast than most people realized. According to a new government report, the FBI can currently run face recognition



Dozens of news orgs demand DOJ release its secret rules for targeting journalists with secret National Security Letters

Freedom of the Press Foundation recently filed a huge brief in the organization's case demanding that the Justice Department release


Reaction to police shooting continues in Mobile


Federal and state investigators are continuing to look into the death of Michael Moore, a 19-year-old from Mobile who was shot and killed by a Mobile Police officer on June 13.

As the facts are being gathered, thousands are expressing anger over the situation on social media and some have already tak


5 added to drug probe at Air Force nuclear base
Posted: Jun 15, 2016 4:39 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 15, 2016 5:29 PM EDT


Five more airmen are under investigation for illegal drug activity at a nuclear missile base in Wyoming, bringing the total to 19 and expanding the probe



June 15, 2016 Uncategorized behavioral insights, brains, implants, mind, mind control, neurotechnology, psychotronic warfare, weaponization of neuroscience

A group of military veterans are suing to get the CIA to come clean about allegedly implanting remote control devices in their brains.


Source: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/cia-allegedly-implanted-electrodes-brains-unsuspecting-soldiers/




“… At the time Sarah Kershaw wrote the article for the New York Times, the use of psychotronic warfare, the process of using non-lethal weapons which emit electromagnetic frequencies and target the central nervous system, leading to disruptions in the normal activity of the brain, was illegal against US citizens.

According to a report in the Abreu Report (3), in 2013 the legality involving mind-control weapons and techniques in America

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Link du jour




FBI Octopus


Senate Still Considering Giving FBI More Power to Spy on Browser ...
Despite strong opposition in Congress and from the grassroots, the FBI is still pushing to expand its National Security Letter (NSL) authority. The proposed ...


FDNY's Herlocker to Address Government Video Expo
He'll talk about how live video supports tactical decision-making in the nation's largest fire department
July 8, 2016

WASHINGTON—Few people need information fast like the commander of a fire scene does.
Attendees to Government Video Expo & the National Drone Show will hear about the New York Fire Department's aggressive urban firefighting strategy from Timothy E. Herlocker, director of the FDNY Emergency Operations Center.

Timothy Herlocker
The EOC is the department's information hub and command & control center, where Herlocker has designed and implemented systems and policies to provide real-time data to support rapid decision-making by incident commanders and senior executives.
His session is titled "Live Video Supports Tactical Decision-Making in the Nation's Largest Fire Department."
A longtime special agent with the FBI — where he specialized in counterintelligence, counterterrorism and intelligence collection and analysis — he has a background that today helps FDNY create packages of information that incident commanders can easily assimilate without impeding

Ex-FBI Agent Blames Refugees for Rise in Smuggling Threats at US ...
Sputnik International-3
Maryland Port Administration security director Dave Espie, a retired FBI agent and former National Security Agency special agent, testified at a hearing on behalf ...


Bonus read about FBI Supervisor Jim Bernazzani


N.O. FBI Chief Interested In Mayor's Office, Gets Reassigned


NEW ORLEANS -- The tough-talking FBI chief sent to New Orleans three years ago to fight public corruption has been reassigned after he said he was interested in running for mayor. Speculation about James Bernazzani's political aspirations took off earlier this week after a New Orleans weekly newspaper, Gambit Weekly, and two television stations reported on his interest in running for mayor. The FBI on Friday said it had decided to reassign Bernazzani to its Washington headquarters to avoid "the appearance of a conflict of interest." A federal law, the Hatch Act, prohibits federal officials from engaging in "partisan political activity." Bernazzani said he is not sure if he'll return to Washington, suggesting his political ambitions are still alive. Bernazzani's office has targeted members of some of New Orleans' most prominent political families. Under his watch



With feds in charge of Alton Sterling case, what happens next?

Jim Bernazzani, the former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New Orleans division, said federal agents are likely already hard at work conducting interviews ...


Thinks US Faked Double Agent’s Death For Witness Protection Program



National Security/Foreign Policy Reporter
6:02 PM 07/07/201


FBI Plausible Denial


Why the Heck Wasn't Hillary Clinton's FBI Interview Recorded?
During FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the House Committee on ... For example, the FBI's standard procedure was for an agent to take notes ...



Comey: Why, no, we didn't put Hillary under oath for our interview ...
Hot Air-

It's longstanding FBI policy not to record interviews. Normal practice is for agents to jot notes during an interrogation and then summarize what was said in a ...


Miami Herald
FBI Entrapment Issue Dominates Hearing as 'Christmas Tree ...
Courthouse News Service-

FBI Entrapment Issue Dominates Hearing as 'Christmas Tree Bomber' Appeals to ... have argued that their client was entrapped by sophisticated FBI agents who ...



That refers to a provision of the Espionage Act of 1917 that makes it a felony for someone to let classified information about national defense be "removed from its proper place of custody" due to "gross negligence."

This suggests that a prosecutor might not necessarily have to prove that Clinton intended to do something illegal — proving she was grossly negligent could be enough. And given that Comey himself has said Clinton and her aides were "extremely careless" in handling classified information ... well, doesn’t extreme carelessness sound a whole lot like gross negligence?

But in Thursday’s hearing, Comey argued that the Justice Department has historically set an extremely high bar for prosecutions of gross negligence — so high, he said, that the statute has only been used once in the 99 years it’s existed, "in a case involving espionage."

Comey is apparently referring to a 2003 case against FBI counterintelligence agent James Smith. Smith was having an affair with one of his assets, Katrina Leung, who was accused of working for the Chinese government. According to the government, Smith brought classified documents in an unlocked briefcase to Leung’s home, and, unbeknownst to Smith, Leung took some of those documents and photocopied them. (You can read more background on this case in this law review article, but Smith’s gross negligence charges were eventually dropped as part of a plea deal.)



Rasha, a Syrian immigrant born in 1983 and one of Bayoumi’s narrators, depicts a remarkable story of racism, elimination of civil liberties and injustice her family had to endure after 9/11. In February 2002, as a working class family, they all were hurried to a detention center in New Jersey without knowing why they were detained in the first place. She remembers the FBI Agent saying “We are cleaning out the country and you are the dirt.” Rasha’s storytelling is simple yet multilayered in its intellectual capacity. When listening to her story



JULY 7, 2016

Will Hurd, a Republican Representative from Texas, has emerged as a patriotic all-star, according to social media posts still flowing in response to the James

Talking terrorism: A discussion group on Terrorism in the Middle East meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 10 a.m. at the Citizens Center, 10 Welcome St.



Jay White, a retired FBI agent and former member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, leads the discussion. He is an adjunct faculty member at several area colleges and is knowledgeable on the topic of terrorism and the Middle East.

Call Kathy Bresnahan or Rita LaBella at 978-374-2390 if you are interested in participating in the group


From FBI Boss to Death Penalty Foe
Tom Parker’s Quest to Free a Convicted Murderer

Thursday, July 7, 2016


After a long career as an FBI boss, having put the Mafia behind bars, investigated dozens of homicides and sent two murderers to their deaths by lethal injection, Tom Parker became a spokesman for death penalty repeal.

Parker, a 72-year-old Santa Barbaran, is seeking the support of law enforcement officials for the Justice That Works Act, a death penalty repeal measure that qualified last month for the November ballot in California.

“There were times during my career when I would gladly have pushed the button on a murderer,” he said. “Today, my position would be, life without parole.”

During 45 years in law enforcement, Parker said, he’s seen too many corrupt homicide investigations to believe in the death penalty anymore. The worst of them, he said, is the Chino Hills murder case of 1983.

For five years, Parker has been working pro-bono as a lead investigator to free Kevin Cooper, an African-American who was convicted for killing three family members and their houseguest on June 4, 1983, in the affluent white community of Chino Hills in San Bernardino County. Cooper had escaped from a nearby minimum-security prison, where he was serving a sentence for burglary. He was arrested off Santa Cruz Island in July, 1983, and is on death row in San Quentin State Prison.

Courtesy Photo
Kevin Cooper
“Kevin was a car thief and a burglar, but he doesn’t deserve to be where he is,” Parker said. “I’m convinced he was framed. We arrest and convict innocent people almost every day in this country. As long as we have a death penalty in America, we will continue to execute innocent people.”

The notorious Chino Hills case, which has been featured on CNN’s “Death Row Stories,” is a flashpoint for both sides of the death penalty debate, even as it draws national and international scrutiny for alleged


Second Circ. Deals a Blow to Miranda Protections
Courthouse News Service-


As they entered Faux's house, FBI agents Matthew McPhillips and Lucile Fontes escorted her to the dining room for a marathon, two-hour interview that has ...


POSTED:JUL 08 2016 10:24PM EDT
UPDATED:JUL 08 2016 10:37PM EDT


NEW YORK - An off-duty NYPD cop appears to have waited barely a second before he shot a man during a road rage incident, according to a video obtained exclusively by the New York Post.

The footage, captured at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street in Brooklyn, shows that as Delrawn Small approaches officer Wayne Isaacs' car, small then staggers as the officer's car lurches and eventually Small collapses in the street. Small had been shot twice through the car wind



Rhode Island DMV Denies Sharing License Photos with FBI for ...
Government Technology-
The Rhode Island DMV vehemently denied allegations raised by the American Civil Liberties Union about the sharing of driver license photos with the FBI.

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FBI Octopus


Saturday, 23 July 2016
MACC working with FBI


PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed that it is working with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to probe


Fulton runoffs for sheriff, solicitor, judge to be decided Tuesday

Posted: 5:49 p.m. Friday, July 22, 2016

Several contentious Fulton County runoffs will be decided Tuesday, as voters go to the polls to vote in races for sheriff, solicitor general and superior court judges.

In the sheriff’s race, incumbent Ted Jackson is facing off against Richard Lankford, who held the position more than 20 years ago. Jackson, the former FBI chief agent in Atlanta, last defeated Lankford in 2012. The winner will face Republican Ben Cowart


Austin police apologize after video shows black woman's violent arrest
Breaion King dragged and thrown to ground after traffic stop escalated
Officer told her ‘people’ fear of black people’s ‘violent tendencies’

Breaion King is overcome with emotion as she describes being pulled from her car and thrown to the ground by an Austin police officer during a traffic stop in 2015.
Friday 22 July 2016 13.51 EDT Last modified on Friday 22 July 2016 14.10 EDT

Stopped by police for going 15mph over the speed limit, Breaion King pulled into a fast-food joint’s parking lot. Within a minute of an officer asking to see her driver’s license, the schoolteacher was dragged out of her car and thrown to the ground.



Rape victim sues after being jailed during trial for 'mental breakdown'
Plaintiff who suffers from bipolar disorder was detained to ensure she would testify against attacker and was incorrectly entered into the jail’s computer system as a defendant, lawsuit allege



California police officer charged with on-duty sexual assault of five women
officer Noah Winchester allegedly targeted ‘vulnerable women’ as young as 17 while with the San Mateo police in north

July 22 2016

Ten Lessons for Creating Safety Without Police
Thursday, 14 July 2016 00:00


Members of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood enjoy a Memorial Day cookout on May 24, 2009. Bed-Stuy is one of several Central Brooklyn neighborhoods that has benefited from the Safe OUTside the System collective. (Photo: Clementine Gallot)
How can we create safety collectively? How can we challenge hate and police violence by using community-based strategies rather than relying on the police?
For the past 10 years, the Safe OUTside the System (SOS) Collective -- an anti-violence program led by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, trans and gender non-conforming (LGBTSTGNC) people of color (POC) in Central Brooklyn, New York, specifically Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick neighborhoods -- has been working to answer these questions. After a decade of organizing, the three SOS Coordinators, founding coordinator Ejeris Dixon (2005–2010), the second coordinator Che J. Rene Long (2010–2014), and the current coordinator Tasha Amezcua (2014–present) co-wrote this piece to share the lessons we've learned over the years. We also asked SOS members from the past 10 years about their reflections on our successes, struggles and our hopes for the future. We write these lessons for all the people seeking to address violence and envision safer communities.
—Ejeris, Che and Tasha
1. Cultural work is a crucial organizing strategy. From its onset our members have included activists, organizers, artists and cultural workers (i.e. dancers, musicians, playwrights, actors, singers, poets, performers, artists, healers, etc.) and many people who see themselves at the intersections of these identities. However, it took us time to integrate people's passions, fully utilize each other's skills, and create a collective culture and value system that allowed us all to be seen and heard. We knew that cultural work was necessary to build community, create our vision of safety and make space for healing. Yet we struggled with the question of what our priorities were -- and where cultural work fit into those priorities. SOS members who identified as artists and cultural workers refused to let organizers deprioritize art and healing, and consistently reminded us that cultural work is not a footnote or an addition to make an event more interesting. Instead, these members showed us all that art and cultural work can allow us to vision, strategize, educate, heal and organize with our full selves. Organizing that integrates cultural work transforms people's perspectives in a way that is often deeper and longer lasting than organizing alone. After many meetings and challenging conversations we began to build cultural work into our organizing strategies, events and community-based curriculum. We created a step team to engage and excite new members as an outreach strategy. Our annual Bed-Stuy Pride includes visual artists, performers, healers and vendors to bring our full communities together. This conversation still continues today and not without tension, but we keep growing and learning new ways to communicate across our perspectives and passions.
2. Organizing for community safety must include an analysis of gentrification. The Safe Neighborhood Campaign began at a time when Bed-Stuy was still a mostly low-income Black community. Our campaign relied on small businesses agreeing to become safe spaces that would open their doors to people fleeing from violence, and uphold our principles of using transformative justice strategies to address and reduce violence. As the campaign progressed and built relationships with more community-based businesses, the neighborhood also changed in less subtle, more abrupt ways. Soon the question of gentrification took center stage in our campaign development as well as in our outreach and base building. Gentrification and increased policing of LGBTSTGNC POC disrupted our existing community safety networks, pushing out our safe spaces. We met this strong socio-economic force with study and research, developing a timeline for the average lifespan of a small business and finding new ways to engage locally owned small businesses. We began to invest in longstanding institutions such as schools and churches and explored ways to engage them in the campaign. This work continues today. As a mixed collective of people born and raised in Bed-Stuy and transplants, we have honest conversations internally about how to support the local community together with our money, energy and time.
3. Our work exists within a legacy and we are just a small part. Over time we've noticed thatsafety exists in relationships. And wellness exists in culture. In this moment of rapid displacement, we continue to identify LGBTSTGNC/POC cultural workers


Townhall Tipsheet Matt Vespa
FBI Says No Agent Investigating Clinton's Emails Refused To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
Matt Vespa |Posted: Jul 15, 2016 1:00 PM


protesters decry FBI no-knock raid
Investigator ' Police tactics involving protesters attacked

July 21, 2016

Rod Webber describes himself as a flower-bearing artistic filmmaker.

The Boston native, dubbed "The Flower Guy" has been in Cleveland every day of the Republican National Convention

An Arkansas man was the victim of excessive police force when he was Tasered repeatedly for refusing to give an officer his name during an encounter on Fourth of July, a new lawsuit says.

Blytheville, Ark., police officer Stephen Sigman, the target of the lawsuit, charged Chardrick Mitchell with resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

But shocking body cam footage of the exchange shows Sigman not telling Mitchell he was under arrest until he fired the Taser gun at the man's back, who was casually walking a



Senator stiff-armed over concerns of FBI 'double standard' for Hillary ...
Fox News-
The FBI has refused for a second time in six months to answer key lawmakers' formal questions about the bureau's handling of the Hillary ...


FBI Searching for Weapons Stolen From Agent's Vehicle
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FBI's Washington Field Office is trying to recover a set of weapons, equipment and ammunition that was stolen this month from an ...



FCC selects Telcordia to run sensitive national database routing ...
The Journal-
The database is particularly important for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that query the database every day, several million times a year, in the ...



Attorneys ask for medical exam of suspect accused of killing JPSO deputy

Jerman Neveaux, 19, of, New Orleans man, was arrested in the fatal shooting of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Detective David Michel Jr. on June 22. (Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office)

on July 22, 2016 at 3:26 PM, updated July 22, 2016 at 3:35 PM
The attorneys for Jerman Neveaux, the 19-year-old New Orleans man accused of fatally shooting Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Detective David Michel, have asked the court for medical exams and physical therapy to identify possible spinal and internal injuries they say he received during his arrest, according to court records

Martin Regan and Adam Beckman filed a motion this week to have the Sheriff's Office obtain CT scans of Neveaux's brain, facial bones, abdomen and pelvis. The attorneys also asked for a CT scan of Neveaux's spine to assess "spinal cord contusions associated with his abnormal gait" and loss of control of certain muscle, the motion says.

Use of force questioned in arrest in deputy's death
A witnesses recorded cellphone video of the suspect's arrest.
"We know there's definitely an issue with his walk that he's had for several weeks, a clear indication to the doctor that there is some injury," Regan said Friday.

Neveaux was arrested and booked with first-degree degree murder after authorities said he shot Michel three times in the back when the deputy stopped him as he was walking near Manhattan Boulevard and Ascot Road in Harvey on June 22.

Neveaux was hospitalized for three days following his arrest. Sheriff Newell Normand has said Neveaux suffered a fractured eye socket and oth


WikiLeaks Shares Voter Names, Addresses in Hillary Clinton Email ...

Today's data dump is part of a series revealing emails sent from Clinton's private email server, which has outraged voters at least partly because the FBI decided ...

WikiLeaks says the release contains 19,252 emails; 891 documents; 175 spreadsheets; and “thousands” of images that were attached to those emails. Many of the messages have news value, and journalists will surely find stories to write about how the Clinton campaign operates. But it’s hard to argue that the inclusion of this personal information, which means little to the public but could allow people’s lives to be ruined simply because they donated to a political campaign, is justified even to those who want to read Clinton’s emails.


Microsoft's president explains the company's quiet legal war for user privacy; Q&A
FRIDAY , JULY 22, 2016 - 1:00 PM

Apple’s legal battle over encryption dominated headlines earlier this year, but another



Union boss claims state undercover agents sabotaging Corbyn’s Labour leadership

Union boss Len McCluskey has accused British intelligence agencies of using agents provocateurs to undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
The Unite general secretary said he believed spies were using “dark practices” in an attempt to “stir up trouble” and suggested they could be behind the abuse of MPs on social media.
McCluskey told the Guardian he thought the truth would come out in 30 years, when classified government documents are released into the public domain.
Asked if he believed online abuse of Corbyn’s critics was posted by people trying to discredit his supporters, he said: “Of course, of course. Do people believe for one second that the security forces are not involved in dark practices?
“We found out just a couple of years ago that the chair of my union then, the Transport and General Workers Union, was an MI5 informant at the time that there was a strike taking place that I personally as a worker was involved in. [In] 1972, I was on strike for six weeks. And 30 years later it comes out that the chair of my union at that time was an MI5 informant.”
When asked again if he believed classified documents would reveal the involvement of British intelligence agents in Corbyn’s leadership strife, McCluskey said: “Well I tell you what, anybody who thinks that that isn’t happening doesn’t live in the same world that I live in.
“Do you think that there’s not all kinds of rightwingers who are not secretly able to disguise themselves and stir up trouble? I find it amazing if people think that isn’t happening.”
Labour MP Angela Eagle, who dropped out of the leadership race to back ‘unity candidate’ Owen Smith, dismissed McCluskey’s comments as “over the top.”
“These are serious issues. Rape threats,

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2016 election decides who controls the drug trade
Posted on July 20, 2016 by Daniel Hopsicker
In the Presidential Election of 2016, Republican and Democratic insiders are wrestling like two dogs over a bone over who controls the illegal drug trade.

To the victor go the spoils. Who wins the election wins control of America’s vast drug bazaar, largest in the world, whose proceeds prop up lucky bankers and politicians lapping at the trough of  the biggest richest slush fund in the history of the world.

It’s the smart play

It’s the biggest business in the world, and the No. 1 industry on the face of the planet, in terms of foreign trade. And if you didn’t know that about the illegal drug trade, then the vast amounts spent on propaganda and disinformation every year in the so-called “War on Drugs” is working.

The first industry to globalize vertically was the illegal drug business. It’s an open question whether drug



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NYPD detective on Staten Island posts racist rants on Facebook
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 4:41 PM


Mike Ruppert
by Dave Emory

Published 1998
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics CIA, Clinton, Drug Trafficking, Iran-Contra, JFK, Kohlman, LAPD, Mafia, Mike Ruppert, Oliver North, Bill Tyree, Albert Vincent Carone

FTR #115 In October of 1998, Mr. Emory interviewed attorney Ray Kohlman in a conference call with former LAPD narcotics detective Mike Ruppert on the subject of the Tyree suit. Mr. Kohlman is representing former Special Forces soldier Bill Tyree in his lawsuit against George Bush, the CIA, Oliver North and Bill Clinton, among others. The discussion centers on the structure of the lawsuit itself, the current status of the suit (as of the Fall of 1998) and the possible impact of the publication of Volume Two of the CIA Inspector General's report on the agency's involvement in the drug trade. The main element connecting the disparate aspects of the lawsuit is the remarkable career of Albert Vincent Carone, who worked variously for the New York Police Department, the U.S. Army, the CIA and the Mafia. One item of information of particular interest (and not included in the previous broadcasts on the subject) is the allegation Carone made (during a deathbed confession) that he had paid money to Ruth Paine, one of the people who shepherded Lee Harvey Oswald around in the Dallas area. Carone also alleged that he paid money to Jack Ruby on 11/21/63 and that he was on a rooftop on a building at Love Field in Dallas with a rifle in order to kill President Kennedy on 11/22/63 but was unable to get a clear shot.


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NYPD cops too slow to aid nearby bakery with wild man
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, July 28, 2016, 6:22 P



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Nearly 7,000 people died in custody in Texas in past decade
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 6:19 PM


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Cop on trial for killing black teen said 'this is my second one'
Thursday, July 28, 2016, 1:53 PM

William Chapman, 18, was fatally shot by a Virginia police officer last year. (WAVY)
A Virginia police officer said "this is my second one" after fatally shooting an unarmed black teen last year.

The first-degree murder trial of former Officer Stephen Rankin in the death of 18-year-old


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Retired NYPD lieutenant slashes ex-wife's neck

Thursday, July 28, 2016, 12:22 AM


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Off-duty correction officer busted for slashing boyfriend's arm

Thursday, July 28, 2016, 5:28 AM


NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries
Off-duty NYPD officer, girlfriend busted for fighting in Queens

Thursday, July 28, 2016, 5:13 AM


This is a press release from one of 13 conferences we organized
in New England looking at crimes committed by FBI agents.
It was held at Bates College for 11 years.

By Bates News. Published on January 5, 2000

The 11th annual Maine Conference Investigating Crimes Committed by the FBI by will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 15, in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall. The public is invited to attend free of charge.

The conference, sponsored by Maine Citizens to Defend the Bill of Rights and the New World Coalition, a student organization at Bates, features a talk by Raymond Kohlman, an attorney who in December 1999 successfully represented the family of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a lawsuit claiming the civil rights leader was the victim of a vast murder conspiracy, not a lone assassin. The King family had sued Loyd Jowers, a retired businessman who claimed six years ago that he paid someone other than James Earl Ray to kill King in Memphis, Tenn., in 1968. Kohlman claimed the FBI, CIA, the Mafia and the U.S. military were involved in the assassination.

The conference also features a talk by Hoppy Heidelberg, a member of the Oklahoma City bombing grand jury who believes the FBI was involved in the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Heidelberg, a Reform Party gubernatorial candidate in Oklahoma, also is a member of Oklahomans for Truth, a group that recently took depositions from an FBI informant who testified to the FBI’s involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing.

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From:         "sharkhunters@earthlink.net"
Subject:         Himmler, NATO, Gold Train & more
Date:         Fri, 12 Aug 2016 11:06:10 -0400

Sharkhunters HOW MAIL!
RENSE RADIO - As we have reported, the server at Rense Radio had fizzled and we had to input the codes to listen to all our radio shows.  This is complete and all our radio shows on Rense Radio are available again.  Go to http://www.sharkhunters.com then click on NEWS.  All our radio programs are there for your enjoyment.
POLISH GOLD TRAIN - As you will remember a few years ago a couple guys in Europe, one a German and the other a Pole, claimed to have discovered a train filled with gold in a sealed tunnel in Poland.  They swore it was true, they had the Polish Government convinced but we said at the time that this was going to be a fake bubble that would soon burst.  Sure enough - the bubble did burst and the world realized that this was just a hoax.
     Now some people claim to have found another trail filled with gold and again we say - this is going to be another phony story that will quickly burst when they dig and find nothing.
EMAILS RESUMED - We have been quiet most of the week because Harry has been out of town visiting.....someone and talking about.......something - we cannot go into the details, but we are back on the air and we will quickly catch up with the 115 emails waiting here.  Thanks for your patience.
BALTIC ABOUT TO BOIL - One of our S.E.I.G. Agents has Intel that Russia will be poking a stick in the eye of NATO by the Baltic States shortly & since the Royal Navy is almost totally shut down and the USA military will probably not be sent.....the Baltic will soon be boiling.
KTB #281 - Will be sent to Members over this week-end.  If you are a Member, make sure that you have cleared your emailbox to receive it.  If you are not a Member - why waste time.  Join now and get all the news as it happens as well as history you cannot find anywhere else.
HIMMLER's DIARIES - It was reported a short while ago by the Lamestream Media that the diaries of Heinrich Himmler were just discovered and various passages were revealed.  We said at that time that this all smelled like another hoax like the scandal of the Hitler Diaries of many years ago.  Former British agent Hugh Trevor-Roper declared the Hitler diaries were indeed genuine; then a short time later it was discovered that the ink used in those diaries was not even invented until many years AFTER the end of the war.  And so Hugh Trevor-Roper had egg on his face and looked really foolish.  Remember too that he is the one who stated absolutely and definitely that Hitler killed himself in the Berlin Bunker and now we find that he was wrong on that as well.
     After our report a week or so ago, we have been flooded with emails about this topic and all of them were in agreement - all believe this is another hoax.  We shall see, but we believe this will by yet another fancy story with absolutely NO basis in fact.....another hoax.
U-BOAT WAR IN PICTURES - That is the title of our newest book and this series will become THE source for information on all the U-Boats in the war.  The manuscript is in the final phase before we send it to the printing company but soon we will release full information on this book.
HITLER in ARGENTINA - Watch for a MAJOR announcement regarding our Best Selling book about the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Martin Bormann and thousands of others to the southern hemisphere - primarily Argentina.



Dean in Mankato, Minnesota

Dean, College of Arts & Humanities, Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Author of

Branding Hoover's FBI (2016)

The Ballad of Ben and Stella Mae (2016)

Hoover's FBI and the Fourth Estate (2014)


El Paso parole officers arrested

Five El Paso parole officers and a drug-rehab coordinator were arrested Thursday after an undercover investigation found they allegedly falsified documents for drug testing, home visits and class attendance for parolees, o


US prisons
'Who could I tell?': ex-inmate says guard sexually assaulted her daily for months
In an exclusive interview about her lawsuit, DeEtta Williams says officials know about pattern of assault at the California prison and ‘just don’t bother’ to stop it

Saturday 13 August 2016 08.08 EDT



Response to 50 GOP National Security Officials Opposing Donald Trump
Catherine, News & Commentary on August 6, 2016 at 1:08 am ·
Ladies & Gentlemen:
Your statement regarding Donald Trump’s character, values and experience leaves me deeply concerned. Clearly, the Presidency of the United States is not an entry-level position. However, the disassociation of the Republican establishment from reality and from respect for the most basic human rights of the American people has left many Republicans with no other choice but a brash outsider.
The Clinton Administration “missed” $4 trillion, engineered a housing bubble that grew into trillions of dollars in mortgage fraud and instituted private slave labor camps that skyrocketed the US to the most imprisoned population in the world. The George W. Bush presidency spent $4 trillion for Middle Eastern Wars and outsourced our nuclear laboratory and weapons infrastructure to a private business controlled by a private family whose management was described by a senior Lawrence Livermore employee as a combination of “the worst aspects of the Department of Motor Vehicles and Goldman Sachs.” The Obama Administration finished us off with $27 trillion of bailouts and participation in a global quantitative easing that is debasing our retirement savings.
This was the result of the leadership of one or more people you consider to have the “character, values and experience” to be President of the United States. Why would we want more of that?

The life expectancy of a woman my age without a high school degree has fallen by five years since 1990.
Our children are being targeted by heavy vaccine schedules; current predictions are that 1 out of every 2 American children will be autistic by 2030.
Mandates for health care insurance we do not want and common core testing that is destroying our children’s education are dictated by Washington.
State efforts to ensure transparency regarding the quality of food we eat are overruled by Washington.
NBC ran a perfectly serious news spot recently arguing that we should microchip our children, as if they were livestock.
The homeownership rate is now at its lowest point since 1965.
The employment statistics are completely cooked.
Our children are overwhelmed with student debt issued under conditions of entrapment and predatory lending approved and financed by Washington.
Your profound disassociation from the pain within America is inexplicable. What you consider to be reasonable and respectable is psychopathy. Donald Trump’s popularity comes from his willingness to have a forthright conversation about what is happening and what needs to be done to make America great again.
The “debt growth model” is over. There is no more cheap money to fund false realities and unproductive behavior – whether by the general population or the establishment. Breaking this trance of disassociation between reality and the official narrative is an essential first step to practical solutions. Trump is the only person proposing to break the trance.
If you want to provide an alternative to Donald Trump, you must break the trance – yours included.
Sincerely Yours,
Catherine Austin Fitts
The Solari Report
Assistant Secretary of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, Bush I
Related Reading:

A Letter From G.O.P. National Security Officials Opposing Donald Trump



Kevin Mitnick: The hacker who changed his hat
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Man accused of being IS recruiter says he was FBI informant
Published: August 12, 2016, 7:47 pm


— A North Carolina man accused of trying to recruit people to join the Islamic State group says he had been paid by the FBI since 2009 to help identify potential terrorists.
In a statement his mother delivered to The Charlotte Observer (http://bit.ly/2b42fyx ), Erick Jamal Hendricks said his code name was “Ahkie,” a variation of the Muslim term for “brother.”
Hendricks also said he’s been outspoken against IS and all extremist groups. He added that he’s baffled as to why the FBI accused him of terrorist ties.
Lisa Woods said her so


Saturday, August 13, 2016
Feds seek to protect FBI in bomb trial
A U.S. prosecutor is asking a judge for a protective order regarding the testimony of undercover employees and confidential sources in the case of a Stock Island man accused


After Falsely Claiming He Had Cancer to Collect Sick Leave Pay


A former ATF agent who faked having cancer to collect sick leave pay, has agreed to pay the federal government $40,000 to resolve the matter, the Justice Department announced this week.

The Justice Department’s Civil Division alleged that Douglas daCosta of Livermore, Calif.  agreed to pay $40,000 to resolve allegations that he falsely claimed more than 80



“America Nuked…”
August 9, 2016 Uncategorized 9/11, CIA, Fetzer, MoonRockBooks, Mossad

America Nuked on 9/11: Compliments of the CIA, the Neocons in the DoD & the Mossad

http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2016/08/america-nuked-on-911-compliments-of-cia.html [read more than is here at the link]

If you want to know the WHO, the HOW and the WHY of 9/11, this book provides the answers. In 28 extensive, thorough and detailed studies, 14 authors contribute their expertise on different aspects of 9/11 to resolve the issues decisively. 9/11 was brought to us compliments of the CIA, the neocons in the Department of Defense and the Mossad in order to justify the transformation of U.S. foreign policy from one in which we never attacked any nation that had not attacked us first to one in which we became the greatest aggressor nation in the world, launching a series of invasions intended to take out seven governments over the next five years , as Wesley Clark, former Commanding General of NATO, has explained. It hasn’t played out that way, but not for lack of trying.

You will discover here that the most prominent 9/11 organization, A&E911, has been running a limited hangout focusing on the use of Nano-thermite, an incendiary, which has long since been demonstrated to be incapable of blowing the Twin Towers apart from the top down. While Richard Gage, Kevin Ryan and others acknowledge that other explosives may have been used, they refuse to explain what those could possibly be. Although their studies were based upon dust samples obtained from an apartment in the vicinity of Ground Zero, they deliberately ignore the far more extensive results of the U.S. Geological Survey’s dust studies, which reveal the presence of elements that would not have been there had this not been a nuclear event.

Moreover, the Journal for 9/11 Studies perpetuates the charade by publishing articles intended to perpetrate the false belief that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon. Because the Pentagon is our nation’s military command-and-control center, it was this event that justified declaring a “War on Terror”. But the proof that no plane hit the Pentagon is overwhelming and compelling. In fact, as surprising as it may seem, none of the official “9/11 aircraft” actually crashed on 9/11, as evidence from the “crash sites” and research by Pilots for 9/11 Truth has established. The public was conned by resorting to a series of sophisticated fabrications, reinforced by the major media. This book demonstrates we have lost our way and are now no better than a third world, banana republic.

The contributors include some of the best students and scholars of 9/11:

* Ed Ward, M.D. * Jeff Prager * Susan Lindauer * Preston James,

Ph.D. * Dennis Cimino * Jack White * Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. *

* Mike Palecek * T. Mark Hightower * Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. * Steve

Fahrney * Aeronautical Engineer * Joshua Blakeney * Don Fox *

It has been edited by Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps officer and Distinguished McKnight Professor Emeritus at UMD, and Mike Palecek, who has committed his life to the search for truth and justice.

Softcover, 458 pages, 338 photos, $20 from moonrockbooks.com


An Aeronautical Engineer graduated from a major university with a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in Aeronautical Engineering with a major in aerodynamics. A qualified pilot and co-designer of two experimental aircraft, he has been engaged in aviation for over four decades. Many online debates about a “Boeing 757” at the Pentagon confuse the aerodynamic phenomenon known as Wake Turbulence (caused mainly by Induced Drag) with Ground Effect (caused as a reaction to downwash). Arguments that dispute the official account of a Boeing 757 approaching the Pentagon at 400 mph and taking out a series of lampposts are shown to be well-founded in their conclusion but in need to technical corrections to the explanations that have been advanced in their support, where a Boeing 757 at 400 mph could not have come closer than about 100 feet of the ground.

Joshua Blakeney, a journalist and writer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, earned a BA (with distinction) in Sociology from Lethbridge. As a grad student, he received The Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. His research on the Origins of the Global War on Terror became national news in Canada, when certain neoconservatives took issue with his chosen line of academic enquiry. He published Japan Bites Back: Documents Contextualizing Pearl Harbor (2015) based upon archival research he conducted at The National Diet Library in Tokyo, Japan. He has published in GlobalResearch.ca, The American Herald Tribune, Voltairenet.org, Coldtype.net, The Canadian Dimension, The Canadian Charger and The Information Clearing House. He recently started blogging about Japanese History.

Dennis Cimino, who has extensive engineering and support experience with military electronics, predominantly U.S. Navy Combat Systems, was the Navy’s top EMI troubleshooter before he went to work for Raytheon in the 1980s. He has collaborated with Jim Fetzer on many articles about “false flag” attacks, including (with regard to Sandy Hook), “The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook” (30 January 2013), “Sent worldwide, Shannon Hicks’ ‘iconic’ photo was faked” (18 July 2014), and “Sandy Hook, Stephen Sedensky, William Shanley and the Elaborate Hoax” (28 July 2014). He has also published extensively on various aspects of 9/11. His articles on the Pentagon, for example, include “The ‘official account’ of the Pentagon is a fantasy” (2012), “9/11: A World Swirling in a Volcano of Lies” (14 February 2014) and “Reflections on the Pentagon: A Photographic Review” (16 August 2014), and “Limited Hangouts: Kevin Ryan, A&E911 and The Journal of 9/11 Studies” (with Jim Fetzer, 14 August 2014).

Jim Fetzer earned his Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science. A former U.S. Marine Corps officer, he has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11 and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone. The founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Place of Probability in Science (with Ellery Eells, 2010), And I Suppose We Didn’t go to the Moon, either? (2015), Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015) and And Nobody Died in Boston, either (2016), which was his 32nd. He also hosts the two-hour video show, “The Real Deal”, on Media Broadcasting Center M/W/F from 8-10 PM/ET and “The Raw Deal” on renseradio.com T/Th from 8-9 PM/ET.

Don Fox has done extensive research on the role of mini-nukes by Dr. Ed Ward and on work by The Anonymous Physicist on the towers and has formulated an account of how it was done and why there is more to this story relative to very low-yield thermonuclear devices. His articles include “Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9/11” and “Mini Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle (with Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager, Jim Viken, Dr. Ed Ward and Dennis Cimino). Don Fox has been among the most successful in conveying the results of this complex and technical research in a fashion that makes it easily accessible to a wide audience. See, for example, “2 + 2 = Israel Nuked the WTC on 9/11” and “Rainbow in the Dark: Powerful Proof of 9/11 Nukes”. He maintains a blog at https://donaldfox.wordpress.com.

T. Mark Hightower earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering from San Jose State University and over 30 years of engineering experience. He has worked in the chemical industry, the space program and the environmental field. He is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). He became a “born again” conspiracy theorist in January 2004 after stumbling upon Peter Meyer’s Serendipity web site and learning that controlled demolition was a more likely explanation for the destruction of the Twin Towers than the official government story. He is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a petition signer at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. His 9/11 research is done as an exercise of his Constitutional rights as a private citizen, and in no way represents his employers or the professional societies in which he holds membership. He recently retired after 25 years with NASA.

Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D., has two history of science degrees, one from Cambridge 1968, plus a Ph.D. from London, 1995. An honorary member of staff of UCL for 11 years, he was in 1999 elected as a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, he has several dozen articles on the history of astronomy in academic journals. His book, Terror on the Tube (3rd edition, 2011), establishes that the accused Islamic youth were innocent of the 2005 London bombings. Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth and Reality (2014), demonstrates that the official narrative of WWII cannot be sustained. He contributed four chapters to And I suppose we didn’t go to the moon, either? His latest book, The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942-66: A Very English Mystery (2015), has recently appeared.

Susan Lindauer covered Iraq and Libya at the United Nations, as a U.S. Intelligence Asset and back-door channel on anti-terrorism from 1993 to 2003. Most notoriously, in the summer of 2001, her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center. Lindauer also campaigned heavily against the War in Iraq, and developed a comprehensive peace framework through her back-channel in the run up to War. Her book, Extreme Prejudice (2010), is the true story of what happened when she tried to disclose what she knew personally of Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence and the 9/11 warning to Congress and the American people. Her attempts to bring the truth to the public led to the nightmare of her arrest under the PATRIOT Act and her imprisonment without trial at the notorious prison inside Carswell AFB in Texas.

Mike Palecek lives in Saginaw, Minnesota, west of Duluth. A writer, he is a former federal prisoner for peace and the Iowa Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District in the 2000 election, gaining 65,000 votes on an anti-war platform in a conservative district. A former award winning reporter, editor, publisher in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota. The small newspaper that Mike & Ruth Palecek owned and operated in Byron, Minnesota, won the MNA Newspaper of the Year Award in 1993. He co-hosts “The New American Dream” radio show and has published over a dozen books that offer fictional but insightful studies of the American character and the plight in which we lend ourselves in the world today. Mike is the founder of Moon Rock Books and the co-editor of this volume.

Jeff Prager, founder of an award winning magazine for senior citizens, set out in 2002 to prove that 19 Muslims had hijacked four airplanes and attacked us. After extensive investigation by 2005, he realized that the official narrative of 9/11 was false, sold his business, left the United States and began to conduct 9/11 research full-time. What he found astonished even himself, because the evidence that the Twin Towers had been destroyed by a sophisticated arrangement of very small nuclear devices became simply overwhelming. He subsequently published an extensive and detailed report about this research in 9/11 AMERICA NUKED! (2012), which is a 500-page book available to the public for free, in Part 1 and Part 2.

Mike Sparks is a graduate of Liberty University with a B.S. degree in History/Education. His last assignment in the U.S. Army Reserves was as a MOS 11A5P Airborne-qualified Infantry officer with the rank of 1LT promotable. He leads Military Intelligence Group [00]7 (aka MI7) focusing on how Commander Ian Fleming, creator of the fictional super-spy James Bond (Agent 007), is actually warning us in code of real organized evil entities. He is the editor and co-author of several military reform books, including Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century (2002) andAirborne Warfare: New Edition (2015), plus several books on American Cultural Reform; Racket Theory: Why Humans Embrace Problems instead of Solving Them (2006), Hive Theory: Why Humans Stay in Destructive Rackets(2015) and in the military/spy arena with James Bond is REAL: The Untold Story of the Political & Military Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About (2011). More recently, he has published The Point of Gravity (2012), Masquerade: Everything is NOT What it Appears (2013) and The Bell Tolls for Thee: The Poppy is


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Man struck by cops in Bronx allegedly attacked first (GRAPHIC)

Saturday, August 13, 2016, 1:09 PM

A disturbing video surfaced on Friday showing two Bronx cops repeatedly punching and kicking a suspect in the head — despite the fact that he was on the ground being pinned by two of the officers.

After the clip was posted to Instagram on Friday, police said they have a longer video showing the suspect busting one of the cop’s noses. The NYPD declined to release the full video.

The clip, recorded on May 4, s


Heat is Online


Dr. Jeff Masters' Blog
Record Flooding in Southeast Louisiana May Get Worse
By: Bob Henson , 8:20 PM GMT on August 12, 2016

A devastating flood event was unfolding over southeast Louisiana on Friday, and conditions may get worse yet, as an extremely slow-moving center of low pressure is dumping colossal amounts of rain on the region. This sprawling, “stacked” low is carrying more water vapor than many tropical cyclones, and its slow motion is leading to persistent rains that could add up to all-time record totals in some places.

Multi-sensor analyses indicate that several areas in southeast Louisiana and southermost Mississippi racked up more than 6” of rain from 7:00 am CDT Thursday, August 11, to 7:00 am Friday (see Figure 1). More than 10” of rain was analyzed just northeast of Baton Rouge, the hardest-hit area thus far. In the 24 hours from 2:00 pm CDT Thursday to 2:00 pm Friday, Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport recorded a preliminary total of 8.49” of rain. Since records began in 1892, the city’s largest calendar day total is 11.99” (set on April 14, 1967), and the largest two-day calendar total is 14.03” (June 6-7, 2001). Given the very slow motion of the stacked low, these all-time records are conceivably within reach. A cooperative observer in Livingston, LA, reported 17.09” of rain from midnight to 3:00 pm CDT Friday. The state’s official 24-hour record is 22 inches, reported near Hackberry on August 28-29, 1962.

Figure 1. Multi-sensor rainfall analysis for the period from 7:00 am CDT Thursday, August 11, to 7:00 am Friday shows a gyre-like pattern of torrential rains spinning around a low in southern Mississippi. Image credit: NOAA/NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

As the low edges westward over the next 24-48 hours, the zone of heaviest rain potential will shift toward west Louisiana and east Texas, but southeast Louisiana will remain under the gun for more downpours at least into early Saturday. The short-range HRRR model produces another 2”-6” of widespread rain over southeast Louisiana through Saturday morning, with localized totals of 8-12” not out of the question.

Figure 2. Enhanced infrared satellite image for the central Gulf Coast reveals the vast scope of the area of low pressure generating torrential rains in southeast Louisiana. Image credit: NOAA/NESDIS.

Severe flood threat for Baton Rouge area
Both flash flooding and river flooding threats are looming large for southeast Louisiana, where flash flood warnings were in place on Friday afternoon. Major flooding has already occurred throughout the day Friday, and a flash flood emergency (the most urgent type of flash flood warning) was in effect Friday afternoon for parts of Feliciana, West Feliciana, St. Helena, and East Baton Rouge parishes, which extend roughly from Baton Rouge northward. Water rescues and evacuations were under way in this region, according to the NWS. Even if the rains ease during the weekend, the area faces a major flood threat. The Tickfaw River at Montpelier, LA, hit a record crest of 22.75 feet at 1:30 pm CDT Friday, with several more feet expected this weekend. A number of other rivers across southeast Louisiana are projected to reach all-time crests, including the Amite River, where record levels of flooding can be expected to inundate many homes and roadways on the eastern side of the Baton Rouge metro area for an extended period.

Figure 3. Forecasts issued on Friday morning, August 12, 2016, were calling for an all-time record flood crest of 42.5 feet late Sunday on the Amite River at Denham Springs, just east of Baton Rouge, LA. The forecast keeps waters above the previous record of 41.5 feet (April 8, 1983) for a full 24 hours. These projections could be boosted further in light of the heavy rains persisting in the area on Friday. The last major crest in this region was 36.09 feet on March 13, 2016. Image credit: NOAA/NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.

Tropical cyclone or not? Does it matter?
Although this system does not qualify as a tropical cyclone--its center has remained just inland--the point is moot in terms of impact, as the torrential rains and flooding from this low could end up ranking among some of the more damaging tropical depressions and tropical storms on record. The low’s rainmaking power is a combination of its extremely slow motion and the astoundingly moist air mass feeding into it. The upper air sounding launched from Slidell, LA, at 12Z Friday (7:00 am CDT) showed that the atmosphere was carrying 2.85” of precipitable water (the amount of water in a column of air over a given point). This is the second-highest amount of water measured in any sounding since records began in the New Orleans area in 1948, and just 0.03” below the record of 2.88”. In Jackson, MS, only two other dates have seen more precipitable water than the 2.74” measured on Friday morning, with the record being just 0.02” higher (2.76”). These values may seem puzzlingly low compared to the amounts of rain occurring. This is because showers and thunderstorms can concentrate the amount of moisture present in the atmosphere throughout a region, so they can produce much higher local totals than the precipitable water values would suggest.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune is providing live updates on the situation in southeast Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards has declared a state


Communist agenda in U.S.
By JOHN HAWKS Herald Staff Writer  12 hrs ago  0
Communism is a threat in America today, Dennis Pratt said.

Pratt, a 32-year military veteran who spent time in the military’s intelligence department and Russian language school, is set to show the film “Agenda: Grinding America Down” from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m Aug. 22 at Neosho County Community College, 900 E. Logan St., Ottawa. The event is free and open to all, Pratt said, and is designed to educate the public.

The documentary purports to highlight the dangers of communism, and expose its root in American government.

To use its facilities, Neosho County Community College required Pratt to present the documentary through a non-profit organization, he said.

“The Republican [Central] Committee let me use their name, but we want to make it fully understandable that it is not their endorsement,” Pratt said.

According to Pratt, the documentary is based on “The Naked Communist,” a 1958 book penned by a former FBI agent, U. S. author and political theorist W. Cleon Skousen.

“The book is based in all facts,” Pratt said.The documentary is a two-part series according to its website, a http://www.agendadocumentary.com/

“We’re only going to show one first, and see what kind of interest we have to show the second one,” Pratt said, adding the film won first prize at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

The film is produced by Curtis Bowers, one time Idaho congressman who gained state and national attention and criticism for a 2008 opinion column to the Idaho Press-Tribune. In the column, Bowers claimed to have attended a 1992 Communist Party USA gathering at the University of California, Berkeley, and detailed their alleged plan to “take down America” via destruction of the family unit, eliminating profit potential from business and use of the “homosexual movement” to undermine American culture and religion.

FBI Octopus



District Magistrate Judge Santala to be sworn in Monday
The Garden City Telegram-1
Santala, previously a special agent with the FBI, is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado. He will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of District ...


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Bonus Read

FBI cannot locate anthrax case lab notebook for the day first letters were mailed!

Posted by Lew Weinstein on August 25, 2016

DXer says:

The former lead investigator of Amerithrax, Richard L. Lambert, has brought a whistleblower suit in federal district court.  He has alleged that the FBI is withholding a staggering amount of information that is exculpatory of the late scientist, Bruce Ivins.

NYT interview of former lead Amerithrax investigator Richard Lambert: “a staggering amount of exculpatory evidence” regarding Dr. Ivins remains secret
Posted by Lew Weinstein on July 16, 2016

FOX NEWS interview with RICHARD LAMBERT … Former agent claims FBI concealing evidence in anthrax case
Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 22, 2015

FBI fights release of exculpatory information regarding 2001 anthrax attacks
Posted by Lew Weinstein on September 10, 2015

Ivins/Amerithrax-Notebook 4282 FOIA follow-up by DXer
Posted on June 13, 2016

By letter dated August 23, 2016, Attorney Matthew Hurd denied Kenneth Dillon’s appeal of the FBI’s denial of his request.  Dr. Dillon had requested all documents not yet produced relating to Dr. Bruce Ivins during the September-October 2001 time period.



Dr. Dillon has a related pending request for the “Interim Case Management Summary” authored by Richard Lambert.

Many observers, including most outside scientists, have argued that the FBI’s “Ivins Theory” was unpersuasive.  The FBI reasoned that Dr. Ivins had no reason to be in the lab on particular dates.  Some DOJ and FBI officials reasoned he must have been making and preparing a powderized anthrax to kill 5 people.  I  have interviewed the Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat, however, and he does not deny responsibility for the Fall 2001 anthrax mailings.

Yazid Sufaat says that, contrary to some media reports, he was successful in developing anthrax, but prefers other bugs; he views anthrax as good for sabotaging, but not killing
Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 30, 2015

Al Qaeda anthrax lab technician tells DXer that he realizes that by addressing these issues he may “jack myself up” but says that the “plan is on the way” — what does he mean when he says the “plan is on the way”?
Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 1, 2012

Hambali: Recommendation for Continued Detention (excerpt)
Posted by Lew Weinstein on April 25, 2011

There were Al Qaeda operatives meeting with Mohammed Atta in the United States that were not caught (or were caught and released).

Ken Dillon asks … Who Was the Real Anthrax Mailer? … the key people in the anthrax mailings were not Bruce Ivins or Steven Hatfill … instead, they appear to have been Ali al-Timimi and Abderraouf Jdey.
Posted on March 28, 2010

Atta Was Coordinating With Jdey’s Associate Al-Hazmi, First In Fort Lee, NJ In Late August 2001 And Then In Laurel, MD in September 2001 ; Jdey’s Associate Nawaf Al-Hazmi Had Been At The Planning Meeting At Yazid Sufaat’s Kuala Lumpur Condo With Anthrax Planner Hambali And Anthrax Lab Director Yazid Sufaat And Yet The FBI Never Told The Public That Jdey Had Been Detained Along With Moussaoui In August 2001 (With Biology Textbooks) And Then Released
Posted by Lew Weinstein on January 25, 2012

DXer says … Adnan El-Shukrijumah, son of Saudi missionary, was the Fall 2001 anthrax mailer and FBI is withholding relevant documents
Posted by Lew Weinstein on May 12, 2016

DXer says: Adnan El-Shukrijumah is the anthrax mailer … on or about 9/13/2001, he phoned from KSM’s house to tell his mom he was coming to the US
Posted on June 6, 2014

Requestor Dr. Dillon is an academic and publisher.  He is a former intelligence analyst associated with the US State Department.  In testing the FBI’s theory that Dr. Ivins had no reason to be in the lab, he has sought Lab Notebook 4282 which contains contemporaneous handwritten notes about one of the many experiments he was working on (at pages 65-70).  The pages were first obtained by the FBI in 2003 and put in Part 1A of an FBI 302 report.  See 1A GJ 1100.

In response to Dillon’s FOIA request for information relating to Ivins’ activities in Sep.-Oct. 2001, the FBI falsely claimed that it had uploaded the information (such as Notebook 4282) to the FBI’s “Vault”
Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 15, 2015

The original was then seized again in 2007 and not returned.  An FBI agent in an excel spreadsheet that has been produced explains that the notebook has entries from the time of the mailings. (See Part 55 of 59 of Amerithrax documents in the FBI’s “Vault.”)   The FBI and DOJ have failed to produce the notebook despite requests by both me and Dr. Dillon.  Specifically, there are notations from September 14, 15 and from September 18, 2001, the date of the first mailing.

The Army has sought the return of the notebooks taken by Dr. Ivins for years — and has uploaded all those that it has and that eventually were returned by the FBI.  Notebook 4282, however, still has not been returned.  According to USMRMC FOIA Officer Sandra Rogers, the FBI still has not returned Notebooks 4037, 4010 and 4282, preventing the Army from uploading them in USAMRMC’s excellent reading room that was created containing my FOIA requests directed to USAMRIID.

I have uploaded the FBI discussing the documents relating to Notebook 4282 that is still subject of the DOJ and FBI’s game of hide-the-ball at the hyperlinks above.  I have forwarded them to Attorney Matt Hurd.  Attorney Hurd, who has been very gracious, has expressed a willingness to have an attorney reconsider the denial.  But that will lead to an attorney doing the same ineffectual searches in the decades-old database being used of words like “Notebook” “USMRMC.”  Instead, Attorney Hurd should pick up the phone and call FOIA Meredith Savary or former lead Amerithrax investigator Richard Lambert or someone currently at the FBI who would know and ask where to find the documents.  To claim that the dog ate the lab pages in Dr. Ivins’ notebook on the date of mailing of anthrax that killed 5 people is unacceptable.  I am advised by FOIA Officer Ms. Rogers that the Notebook 4282 that the FBI has not returned is titled “Anthrax.”

This past week, Hambali, the supervisor of Al Qaeda anthrax lab director Yazid Sufaat, saw the light of a courtroom for the first time since his capture in 2003.  That’s an incredible 13 years without any transparency about his involvement in Al Qaeda’s anthrax program.

On this issue of the FBI blaming Dr. Bruce Ivins for the anthrax mailings,however, there is no justification for there not to be government in the sunshine.  The Department of Justice and FBI should comply with FOIPA.  The Department of Justice and FBI, first and foremost, should stand for the rule of law.

Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman Zawahiri:  The Infiltration of US Biodefense

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Oswald Conference Oct. 14-16 2016 New Orleans
To Ed
Thursday, August 25, 2016 6:28 PM
Click to View Full HTML


SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Filter by location. All; Ballroom - Salon 4-5-6; Birthday Party Restaurant; Hotel Bar & Lounge


Judyth Vary Baker was born South Bend, Indiana, is an American artist, writer, poet and social scientist specializing in linguistics. She is the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, which is an underground best seller. Her newest book is David Ferrie, Mafia Pilot and Key to the Kennedy Assassination.

When Judyth was 16, her abilities in science were first recognized when she invented a modified method for obtaining magnesium from seawater. But her dream was to cure cancer after her beloved grandmother, Anna Whiting, died of breast cancer in 1954. Judyth’s work in cancer research as a teen attracted national attention and widespread support, culminating in inducing lung cancer in mice, using tobacco aerosols and radiation, in only seven days — a feat that had not been accomplished, at the time, in the nation’s top laboratories.

Newspaper articles chronicled her work, which was investigated, then mentored, by three doctors noted for their crusade linking cancer to tobacco products: Dr. Alton Ochsner of Ochsner Clinic, Dr. Harold Diehl (Vice President of Research of the American Cancer Society), and Dr. George Moore, Director of Roswell Park Institute for Cancer Research. These doctors, along with Nobel Prize winners Dr. Harold Urey and Sir Robert Robinson, gave Judyth assistance and and training, with a focus on melanoma and cancer viruses, described in newspaper articles as an assignment “to make cancer more deadly…” The argument was that enhancing cancer growth could be a key to controlling it.

After nearly two years of training at Roswell Park Institute, in laboratories in Indiana, and at the University of Florida, Dr. Ochsner invited Judyth to work with noted cancer specialist Dr. Mary S. Sherman in New Orleans. After the ‘summer internship’ she was promised early entry into Tulane Medical School. However, she was steered into a biological warfare project aimed to eliminate Cuba’s Fidel Castro, directed by Ochsner, whose organization, INCA, was famed for its anti-communist zeal.

Author Edward T. Haslam has linked a linear particle accelerator that Baker said was involved in the project to Drs. Ochsner and Sherman, through a detailed study of Dr. Sherman’s brutal, unsolved murder on July 21, 1964, the day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to obtain testimonies. During this same time period, Baker met and fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

Witnesses and a mass of documentation support Judyth’s efforts in what she describes as a crusade “to clear Oswald’s name of a crime he didn’t commit, and to reveal the cancer treatment industry’s crimes. “They could have cured cancer decades ago — but that would have ruined their cash cow.,” Says Judyth. Due to death threats as a whistler-blower, Judyth is forced to live overseas, though she returns periodically to continue her crusade.

“Everything you’ve been told about Lee Oswald by the government is false,” she states. “Lee actually saved Kennedy’s life in Chicago. The full truth is in my book Me & Lee, which has become an underground best seller.” A History Channel documentary “The Love Affair” (2003) is available on YouTube. Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald (Trine day, 2010), and Judyth’s new book, David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot (Trine day, 2014), along with her many appearances on TV, radio and Internet have created a following of supporters who, she says “now understand how they’ve been lied to by the government — and they want justice for John F. Kennedy, for Lee Oswald, and for those who suffer from cancer.

I want everybody to know that the government weaponized cancer back in 1963, that the government has patented cures for cancer — but cancer treatment is such a profitable industry that a cure for cancer is always last in line for funding.” She states that Oswald was working for the FBI, and had been loaned to the CIA from the Office of Naval Intelligence, to keep watch over the cancer project “that was being developed to kill Castro, whose death by a weaponized form of lung cancer could be called a ‘death by natural causes’ — because previous methods tried by the CIA had all failed.”

Oswald’s job was to identify pro-Castro spies in New Orleans, and his “pro-Castro activities,” Judyth says, “were to make him look like a harmless pro-Castro fool.” Judyth joins former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden in confirming that Oswald was the informant named “Lee” who saved Kennedy’s life in Chicago three weeks prior to the assassination. “I spoke of Lee’s attempts to save JFK a decade before Abraham’s story reached the public.”

In 2003, Judyth was filmed saying Oswald called the operation to kill Kennedy “The Big Event,” several years prior to CIA’s E. Howard Hunt identifying the CIA operation to kill Kennedy by the same name. For a number of such reasons, Judyth’s claims are being more widely supported than when she first spoke out, except by those defending the Warren Commission’s conclusions, which Baker calls “an obsolete failure and an odious obstruction of justice for both Kennedy and Oswald.”

Judyth says she was ejected from the project to kill Castro because of her ethical objections to use one or more prisoners who had volunteered to test the deadly, SV-40 derived cancer bio-weapon. “They wouldn’t have volunteered to be tested for something that would kill them, if it was successful,” she states. After she was forced to return to Florida, Judyth was placed in a high-end chemistry laboratory, Peninsular ChemResearch, to temporarily hide her being “blackballed” from cancer research. She was then forced to leave the field altogether.

Judyth says she and Oswald kept in touch after her return to Florida, and that they planned to divorce (both had unhappy marriages), but first, Oswald had to deliver the material, after it was successfully tested, to a contact in Mexico City. When the contact failed to show, Oswald suspected that he had been lured to Mexico City. Bitter over being banned from cancer research, and their plans to marry delayed when Oswald was ordered back to Dallas, Judyth was devastated when she saw Oswald shot on live TV. Judyth says Oswald was part of an “abort team” that he described to her only 37 ½ hours before the Kennedy assassination. When Baker told researcher Jim Marrs about the “abort team” in late 1999 or early 2000, at this time only a handful of insiders knew of its existence.

In 2000 Baker was nearly filmed three times by Sixty Minutes in a 14-month investigation that Sixty Minutes’ founder, Don Hewitt, said was the most expensive investigation in the history of the program at that time. He stated to C-Span that “the door was slammed in our faces.” But then Gerry Hemming, a legendary name in Kennedy assassination research, met Judyth, who gave him “insider information” that impressed him so much that he asked British documentary maker Nigel Turner to film her. “The Love Affair” [Episode 8: “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”] was aired by The History Channel in Nov. 2003, but none of Baker’s living witnesses were included. Episode 9 [“The Guilty Men”] quickly generated lawsuit threats from former Pres. Lyndon Johnson’s widow, and two former Presidents: all three new episodes [7-8-9] were quickly banned, and The History Channel apologized to the Johnson’s. Over the next few years, all of the other segments of The Men Who Killed Kennedy filmed by Turner, aired for over a decade on the History Channel, were also removed. “Mr. Turner has now vanished,” Judyth said. “He’s obviously been told to shut up. This happens to many brave souls who dare reveal the truth.”

In 2012, a 3-act play by noted playwright Lisa Soland [“The Sniper’s Nest”], based on Me & Lee, began production in the United States and overseas. In 2014, Me & Lee was issued as an audiobook. Judyth, who has lived mostly overseas since 2003 due to death threats, has been hosted by supporters in nation-wide book tours in 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2014, she was asked to host and direct The JFK Assassination Conference (held in Dallas/Arlington Nov. 22-23-24), which was financed by numerous donations from supporters.

Judyth’s poetry is collected into two books: When the Clouds Came Flying By (for children) and A Dangerous Thing to Do (available on Kindle) She was co-author of a three-act play, Castles in the Sky, with John MacLean, for the Texas regional LDS Sesquicentennial. She also composes music. In 1976, Judyth’s name was one of those placed on the Bicentennial Monument in Stafford, Texas for civic service. Her oil and mixed-media paintings, logos and lithographs sell worldwide.

Judyth was married to Robert A. Baker, III in Mobile, Alabama in 1963. They had five children between 1968-1978: Baker says David Ferrie “warned me not to speak of what I knew, if I wished to stay alive. I was told to be ‘a vanilla girl.'” She thus remained silent for 35 years. Then, when Baker’s last child left home Dec. 26, 1998. she began writing a series of letters for her son to publish. “I felt guilty,” she says, “after seeing the film ‘JFK.’ I had promised Lee I would tell his children the truth about him. I had to do it.”

Since then, Judyth has continued to gain support as researchers meet her and familiarize themselves with her account. Today, Judyth lives in various countries overseas. “I regret that I haven’t been able to be a grandma and great-grandma,” she says. “Some of my family

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9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference

** wtc7   pentagon

** Draft minutes for July 27, 2016

August 24, 2016
Craig McKee, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call


Minutes for the Wed., July 27, 2016 regular conference call

Present were:

Ken Freeland, Teleconference facilitator, Houston 9/11Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference secretary, Truth and Shadows
Dave Slesinger, 9/11 Truth Outreach
John O’Malley, DC 9/11 Truth
Barton Bruce, Massachusetts 9/11 Truth
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Barbara Honegger, Behind The Smoke Curtain
Sheila Casey, DC911Truth
Wayne Coste, 9/11 Outreach
Dan Hennen, AE911Truth
Rodger Bories, 9/11 activist
David Cole, Nine Eleven Accountability Team
Adam Ruff, 9/11 activist
Tim Michael, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Dennis Cimino, 9/11 researcher
Jerry Turner, 9/11 activist
Xander Arena, Arizona 9/11 Studies and Outreach, Arizona State University
Richard Gage, AE911Truth
Nita Renfrew, NY 9/11 activist

The minutes of the June 29, 2016 conference call were APPROVED.

The agenda was APPROVED.

Gage on plans for NY conference
Richard Gage offered the teleconference a report on the plans for a 9/11 conference in New York City on Sept. 10-11. Among the many who will be appearing are Daniel Sheehan, Ferdinando Imposimato, Wayne Madsen, Michael J. Springmann, William Pepper, Graeme MacQueen, and Steven Jones. For more information, go to http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=8050a57538&e=91763ac879 Gage also mentioned the launch of Truth Action Project and its website http://www.911tap.org (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=7e7cb9acac&e=91763ac879) .

Question ruled out of order
A question by Dave Slesinger to Richard Gage was ruled out of order by the chair because it did not address the topic Gage joined the teleconference to discuss. Dave challenged this, and the vote upheld the chair’s ruling.

Curtiss becomes co-facilitator
Ken Freeland nominated Cheryl Curtiss as co-facilitator of the Teleconference, which was approved without objection. Ken informed the group that Cheryl won’t be involved in moderating calls, but she will use her contacts to find potential guests who could be invited to make presentations on future calls.

The Pentagon and crash tests
Wayne Coste gave a presentation called “Full Scale Aircraft Crash/Impact Tests and their Relevance to 9/11.” He also produced a slide presentation to accompany his talk (http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=760b2139ab&e=91763ac879 ).

Critique of Behind the Smoke Curtain
Dennis Cimino gave a nuanced critique of Barbara Honegger’s video Behind the Smoke Curtain.

Third Pentagon debate
After withdrawing from the January 2016 agreement to debate Craig McKee and Adam Ruff on the statement, “A large plane was destroyed at the Pentagon,” Barbara Honegger proposed a new agreement: that she debate Craig alone on the statement, “No plane was destroyed at the Pentagon.” Craig proposed that a vote on this be postponed until after the second part of this agenda item, a review of the breakdown in the previous agreement, was completed. This was approved. After a very contentious exchange ensued about the events in question, a motion was approved to table this entire agenda item.

* Craig McKee announced that on August 10 at the World Social Forum in Montreal there will be a 9/11 presentation featuring Elizabeth Woodworth, Niels Harrit, and Graeme MacQueen.
* Wayne Coste announced that Christopher Bollyn will be coming to Hartford, CT in early September.

Call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 10:00 p.m. EST/5 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST

Audio of the June call can be heard here: http://houston911truth.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=84a2c6cbe080c5515da932a5d&id=d2d3d6e87c&e=91763ac879 The next monthly teleconference will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Please email agenda items for next call to facilitator Ken Freeland (diogenesquest@gmail.com) by August 27. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a concise title for your proposed agenda item, a brief description of it and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require.



Lawsuit alleging excessive force by LAPD at black USC student party settled for $450,000

Folasade Aremu, who was then a freshman economics major, holds a photo during a 2013 sit-in on the USC campus to protest the LAPD's handling of the party.
The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a $450,000 settlement of a lawsuit by USC students who alleged that LAPD officers in riot gear used excessive force and falsely arrested attendees at a predominantly black off-campus student party.

The six s



Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is PBA's 'Man of the Year'
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 7:24 PM


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Heat is Online


Approaching the First Climate Tipping Point — On Track to Hit 1.5 C Before 2035
July 2016 was the hottest month ever recorded. That record lasted for all of one month as global temperatures remained at record-high levels through August, resulting in a tie with July during a period when the Earth typically cools.

Given natural variability, we might expect August to remain hot if an El Nino were forming in the Pacific, but at that time, with a weak La Nina struggling to fire off, the exact opposite was the case. In other words, the El Nino/La Nina cycle, which typically helps to drive global warm and cool periods, was pointed in the direction of ‘cool’, but the world remained near record-hot

Sea ice
Arctic sea ice shrinks to second lowest level ever


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LAPD sergeant who leaked recording of 'Django' actress sues city to block release of his employment records

Actress Daniele Watts and Brian Lucas speak during a 2014 interview about their controversial encounter with an LAPD officer.
September 16, 2016, 8:00 a.m.



Teenager at center of Bay Area police sex crimes scandal will return to California to testify against cops

The alleged victim in the Bay Area police sex scandal will return to California to testify against officers expected to be charged, according to her attorney.

September 14, 2016, 8:40 p.m.
The teenager whose allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of several police officers rocked the Bay Area law enforcement community will return to California to testify against them, her attorney said Wednesday.

Jasmine Abuslin, 19, of Richmond, was freed from the Martin County Jail in Florida on Wednesday morning after accepting a plea deal to settle allegations that she bit a security guard during a violent clash at a drug rehabilitation facility last month. 

Pamela Price, an Oakland civil rights attorney who is representing Abuslin, said Abuslin now plans to return home, where she will serve as the key witness in the prosecution of at least seven current and former East Bay law enforcement officers.

“We’re going home as soon as we can,” Price said at a news conference in Stuart, Fla.

She was originally arrested on a charge of felony aggravated battery, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison, but Florida prosecutors downgraded the charge to simple battery, a misdemeanor, earlier this week.

Richard Kibbey, the defense attorney representing Abuslin in Florida, said the plea deal stipulated that Abuslin would serve no more jail time and plead no contest to the misdemeanor charge.

Abuslin, who has previously used the pseudonym Celeste Guap, asserted during a television news interview earlier this year that she had had sex with at least a dozen Oakland police officers, and that some of the encounters occurred while she was underage. She also accused officers of leaking information to her about planned prostitution raids in exchange for sex.

The scandal soon widened to include accusations against members of four other East Bay law enforcement agencies.

The Times no


Expensive equipment stolen from ATF vehicle in Detroit

Expensive equipment was stolen from an ATF vehicle in Detroit.
By: Hannah Saunders
POSTED:SEP 15 2016 10:13PM EDT



A man arrested twice on suspicions of robbing banks has sued the FBI, the city of Denver and its police department, claiming he was falsely arrested and subjected to excessive force and malicious prosecution.

FOX31 reports that officials dismissed bank robbery charges against Steve Tally, who is now homeless and is seeking $10 million.


AP and Vice sue FBI for San Bernardino iPhone hack info
Vice Media and the Gannett Satellite Information Network, parent company to the Associated Press and USA Today, filed suit against the FBI in federal court on ...



Real Secret Agents on New 'Call a Spy' Hotline Answer Your ...
Sputnik International-
"We have a lot of them, including for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, NSA, CIA, FBI, BND (Germany's federal intelligence service), and the BfV ...



Two hackers who entered into Hack The Pentagon program leaked ...
FBI has arrested two men from North Carolina for supposedly participating in the Hack The Pentagon program to target high-ranked federal officials.


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At long last, the FBI has released its document cache of files containing information on Nikola Tesla, including his inventions like death ray and ball lightning, as well as how the government obtained his notes and memos following his death. Tesla, an inventor and innovator considered at least decades ahead of his time, predicted and helped develop an early prototype of a smartphone, among many other things.

** ## **

NASA to reveal ‘surprising’ activity on Jupiter’s moon Europa PhysOrg (Chuck L)

How the FDA Manipulates the Media Scientific American (Randy K). Wowsers.

Twitter Is Said to Be Discussing a Possible Takeover New York Times. Bye bye Twitter.


Airstrikes, Obfuscation and Propaganda in Syria Patrick Cockburn, Counterpunch. Bill B: “Lies and damned lies from both sides.”

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Exclusive: Probe of leaked U.S. NSA hacking tools examines operative’s ‘mistake’ Reuters. EM: “How dare Reuters try to absolve Vladimir Putin here? Traitors. Make sure to read to the end, to appreciate the tortured logic used by ‘Jim Lewis, a cybersecurity expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ in order to get right back to ‘the Rooskies did it!’”

With U.S. drone rules set, firms race for flight data Reuters (EM)

2016Ted Cruz Will Back Donald Trump For President NPR

Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly Washington Post. Note we featured this theory last week, via American Conservative.

Ted Cruz on Why He Decided to Support Trump (Joe H). God told him.

Your Vote For Jill Stein Is Not A Wasted Vote Mint Press (Judy B). IMHO, 1. voting is important, if nothing else for down-ticket races. 2. Making sure neither major party candidate gets more than 45% of the popular vote, as in cannot possibly claim to have a mandate, is also important, given that we have unacceptable choices. So third party or write-in votes are valuable.

Ex-Cuomo advisers, others charged in New York corruption cases Reuters (EM)

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Moments Before Keith Lamont Scott’s Fatal Shooting Seen in New Video ABC (furzy)

‘Don’t shoot!’ wife tells Charlotte police in video BBC

St. Louis cop accused of planting gun on black man he shot to death Boing Boing (resilc)

Wells Fargo

Not Wells Fargo’s First Rodeo… Adam Levitin, Credit Slips. From a few days ago, still germane.

It’s strike three for Warren Buffett as Wells Fargo faces investigation – MarketWatch

Wells Fargo Whistleblower: “They Are All Riding the Stagecoach to Hell” Truthout (J-LS). Important. Wells had quotas for subprime that also produced fraudulent conduct.

Stumpf Is Lucky’: Comments of the Week American Banker. Hoisting in full:

Stumpf is lucky. A community bank CEO having presided over a fraud proportionally this large would already have his assets frozen, be awaiting prosecution, and have been personally fined a substantial amount of money, not to mention that he would be under an order barring him from ever working at a bank for the rest of his life. Stumpf gets to keep his hundreds of millions and worst case, resign and enjoy his several homes.

Sullivan & Cromwell Hires Top NY Fed Lawyer American Lawyer (Adrien)


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** ## **

“Stephen Hawking Wants to Find Aliens Before They Find Us”

September 22nd, 2016 by Kevin

Via: Cnet:

In his new half-hour program “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places” on science-themed subscription service CuriosityStream, the world’s most famous theoretical physicist flies by the potentially habitable exoplanet Gliese 832c in a CGI spaceship as part of his hypothetical dream itinerary for a tour of the universe.

The super-Earth is only 16 light-years away and just the sort of world the Hawking-supported Breakthrough: Listen initiative hopes to scan for signs of alien signals using our most sensitive radio telescopes.

“If intelligent life has evolved (on Gliese 832c), we should be able to hear it,” he says while hovering over the exoplanet in the animated “U.S.S. Hawking.” “One day we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back. Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. That didn’t turn out so well.”

Posted in [???], Elite, False Flag Operations, Social Engineering, UFOs, War

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Quotes by Caroline Myss

“If anyone tries to complicate your life, turn and walk away from them.”
“Whenever you become empowered, you will be tested.”
“You are afraid of your own empowerment  as much as those around you are of you becoming empowered.”
“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to require the most from you. “
“I firmly believe that intuitive or symbolic sight is not a gift but a skill–a skill based in self-esteem.”
“Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help. Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems. It transcends problems, heartbreaks, and traumas, flowing through dreams and illuminations. Whether guidance comes during times of tranquility or trauma, however, it is up to you to have the courage to acknowledge it”
“We grow primarily through our challenges, especially those life-changing moments when we begin to recognize aspects of our nature that make us different from the family and culture in which we have been raised.””When we harbor negative emotions toward others or toward ourselves, or when we intentionally create pain for others, we poison our own physical and spiritual systems. By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. It disables a person’s emotional resources. The challenge is to refine our capacity to love others as well as ourselves and to develop the power of forgiveness. “
“Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing.”
“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”
“Our goal while on this earth is to transcend our illusions and discover the innate power of our spirit. We are responsible for what we create, and we must therefore learn to act and think with love and wisdom and live in service to others and all life.”
“The forgiving heart is capable of anything. I believe that deeply. And that’s where in terms of becoming an empowered individual….when you get to the point where you realize you can look at someone and say “I love myself enough – not in a schmaltzy garbage sense, Hallmark stuff, I’m talking respect myself – I respect my life-force enough to no longer waste it.”
“One of the greatest struggles of the healing process is to forgive both yourself and others and to stop expending valuable energy on the past hurts.”

Bonus Read


The Godfather of Whistleblowers: Remembering Phillip Agee, Ex-CIA
Before Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, there lived the godfather of whistleblowers, Phillip Agee, ex-CIA. Phil named names, exposed CIA agents and ...


FBI never asked Clinton aides for all their devices
The FBI never asked Hillary Clinton's top aides to turn over all the computers and smartphones they used while Clinton was secretary of state, an omission that is ...


"This Is Unprecedented": Watch Fox Hosts Spar Over FBI Director's ...
Media Matters for America-
GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Well, I mean it did. Comey used to be their homie and he said "No, you don't know me." Anyway, the media is in a panic. This is ...


It would take a bombshell for FBI to charge Clinton in email case ...
The San Diego Union-Tribune-
Even if FBI agents discover classified information on a newly seized laptop, Hillary Clinton is unlikely to face criminal charges, according to legal experts and ...


Fox News
Is Somebody at the F.B.I. Trying to Throw the Election?
Vanity Fair-
This explains in part the outrage on the left (and by some on the right) when F.B.I. director James Comey sent a letter Friday notifying Congress that the agency ...



NYPD: Hillary Clinton 'Child Sex Scandal' About To Break
Source: YourNewsWire

November 2, 2016 •

New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives have uncovered evidence of a 'child sex ring' on Anthony Weiner's laptop that they say could "put Hillary Clinton away for life".

According to NYPD sources, files found on Weiner's newly found laptop which he shared with his wife Huma Abedin, show evidence of a political pedophile ring operating within Washington, involving members of Congress as well as numerous top Clinton aides and insiders.

According to reports, a folder on Weiner's laptop named "life insurance" contains explicit evidence that both Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin helped run and cover-up a Washington pedophile sex ring.

Truepundit.com reports:

NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:
• Money laundering
• Child exploitation
• Sex crimes with minors (children)
• Perjury Pay to play through
• Clinton Foundation
• Obstruction of justice
• Other felony crimes
NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department's highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.

"What's in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach," the NYPD Chief said. "There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that."

The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.

"People are going to prison," he said.

Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.

"If they don't cooperate they are going to see long sentences," a federal law enforcement source said.

NYPD sources said Weiner or Abedin stored all the emails in a massive Microsoft Outlook program on the laptop. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said.

Prosecutors in the office of US Attorney Preet Bharara have issued a subpoena for Weiner's cell phones and travel records, law enforcement sources confirmed. NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge.

The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 on multiple occasions to his private island in the U.S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein's island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries.

Both NYPD and FBI sources confirm based on the new emails they now believe Hillary Clinton traveled as Epstein’s guest on at least six occasions, probably more when all the evidence is combed, sources said. Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island.


“Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh”

and it’s must reading. This is compelling stuff.

There are four to six paragraphs in the prologue that provide an overview for all crimes of the deep state that are simply some of the best material written on the topic.

I’ve just finished the section on McVeigh during the Gulf War, the Basra highway turkey shoot, the bulldozer assault, and much more. Every American ought to read this.

The author describes the Gulf War as a “war whose carefully-constructed spectacular prime-time entertainment value qualified it as the first hyper-real post-modern info-war. The mass mediated murderous extravaganza masked its managers’ surreal and brutal genocidal, ecocidal and homocidal New World visions”.

Her next work is based on the research of Cheri Seymour, whose book “The Last Circle” I devoured (and reviewed) years ago; Dr. Painting has become an expert in in the investigative research of author Seymour, herself a private investigator and journalist.

The first footnote for the third chapter of the book speaks of “ Fusion Paranoia ”, a term coined by Michael Kelly in 1995, which refers to “the convergence of political wings in the conspiracy theory milieu”.

The second footnote for the third chapter details Peter Knight’s description of the “canon” of conspiracy theory.

The book is deeply and meticulously footnoted, there is a bibliography and a master document bibliography, and it is indexed. There is already a very small number of errata listed at her web site and a note that these will be corrected in a forthcoming second edition.

To purchase the book from Trine-Day, click here.

“Presenting startling new biographical details about Timothy McVeigh and exposing stark contradictions and errors contained in previous depictions of the “All-American Terrorist,” this book traces McVeigh’s life from childhood to the Army, throughout the plot to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the period after his 1995 arrest until his 2001 execution.

McVeigh’s life, as author Wendy Painting describes it, offers a backdrop for her discussion of not only several intimate and previously unknown details about him, but a number of episodes and circumstances in American History as well, including Cold War popular culture, all-American apocalyptic fervor, organized racism, contentious politics, militarism, warfare, conspiracy theories, bioethical controversies, mind control, the media’s construction of villains and demons , and institutional secrecy and cover-ups. All these stories are examined, compared, and tested in Aberration in the Heartland of the Real, making this book a much closer examination into the personality and life of Timothy McVeigh than has been provided by any other biographical work about him.”

“Wendy S. Painting, PhD, is a professor of U.S. history at Empire State College and works as a freelance investigative researcher. Her extensive and seminal investigatory research into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh distinguishes her as a leading national expert on both subjects. She coauthored and coproduced the

2011 documentary film, A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995. She lives in Rochester, New York.”

About the film:



Here is the full two-hour film:

Her web site: http://lonewolfresearch.com/AHR.php

Her curriculum vitae is there and it ought to be a model for youngsters to emulate.

Warden admits showing prisoners violent sexual films in 'shame therapy'
The head of a Hawaiian jail is being sued for allegedly subjecting female prisoners to sexual humiliation and discrimination

‘Shame therapy is talking about things that are deep within a person,’ prison warden Neal Wagatsuma told a court in Hawaii.
Wednesday 2 November 2016 23.48 EDT

The warden of a Hawaii jail has admitted showing inmates violent sexual films as part of a program he created that includes what he calls “shame therapy”.

Neal Wagatsuma, warden of Kauai community correctional center, began testifying in Honolulu on Wednesday in a trial for a lawsuit that accuses him of retaliating against a former jail social worker who alleged he subjected female inmates to sexual humiliation and discrimination.

Ever since the mid-1990s there have been rumors that he shows pornography to inmates at the mixed prison, but the videos are not porn, he said: “I would never do that.”


Clinton Con
Breitbart News
2 Nov 2016
She’s finally done it. The country faces a possible constitutional crisis should Hillary win the election. With a federal criminal investigation of the possible president-elect underway, President Obama might well issue a preemptive presidential pardon on his way out the door. Imagine that. Pardoned before inaugurated. Or she will find a way to pardon herself for “the good of the country.” It will simply never end.
If the past portends the future, we should ponder that which came before. The tale of four partners of the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas is a good place to start. They came to Washington, DC with Bill Clinton in 1993. You couldn’t turn a corner in the West Wing without bumping into one or all of them. Webster Hubbell became Associate Attorney General of the United States. He ended up in a federal pen. Vince Foster became Deputy Counsel to the President and he was found dead by gunshot in Fort Marcy Park. Bill Kennedy became an Associate White House Counsel and was neck deep in Filegate and Travelgate. He also oversaw the ubiquitous Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer personally chosen by the First Lady to head the Office of White House Security. Together, Bill Kennedy and Craig Livingstone were the ones to officially identify the body of Vince Foster. I knew them all. Of the four partners, only one is left standing. She is currently


Chaffetz says he
received death threats after tweeting about FBI’s Clinton probe
By THOMAS BURR | The Salt Lake Tribune        
First Published Nov 01 2016 02:06PM    •    Last Updated Nov 02 2016 08:17 am


Meet Donald Trump’s Top FBI Fanboy
11.03.16 1:03 AM ET

New Evidence Points to TWA-800 Coverup | Veterans Today
http://www.veteranstoday.com › 2015/05/01
May 1, 2015 - New Evidence Points to TWA-800 Coverup ... Epix Film Charges Cover-up, Evidence Suppression, Witness Intimidation .... to FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom, who supervised ...
CNN - FBI's Kallstrom angrily denies any TWA probe cover-up - Nov ...
CNN.com › twa.update
Nov 8, 1996 - FBI's Kallstrom angrily denies any TWA probe cover-up. Ka llstrom ... Special section: TWA: Flight 800 ...


Nov. 3, 2016
After years of scandal, a new panel will oversee the L.A. Sheriff's Department in an effort to restore trust


Nov. 3, 2016
Fresno sheriff's deputy killed by shot accidentally fired from colleague's gun

November 2, 2016, 1:45 a.m.


Anthony Weiner's 16-year-old alleged sexting victim blasts FBI director

2016-11-02 11:40 p.m. | Last updated 2016-11-02 11:40 p.m.

In an open letter, the young woman whose sexually explicit online conversations with disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner ignited a national firestorm blasted FBI Director James Comey for his role in politicizing her plight and subjecting her to unwanted scrutiny from the media.

“I am the 15-year-old (now 16) who was the victim of Anthony Weiner,” the woman wrote in a letter published by BuzzFeed. “I now add you to the list of people who have victimized me. I told my story originally to protect other young girls that might be a victim of online predators.”

The woman, whose identity media outlets have kept hidden in an effort to protect her privacy, recalled how, not 10 minutes after she concluded a seven-hour interview with FBI agents regarding allegations that Weiner broke the law in sending her sexually explicit electronic messages, she received a phone call from a reporter asking about 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Weiner's estranged wife, Huma Abedin, is a close adviser to the former secretary of state. When law enforcement officials confiscated Weiner's computer as part of their investigation


Man dies after cop shocked him twice with stun gun in Bronx

Updated: Thursday, November 3 2016

The tragic incident comes just 15 days after cops shot and killed Deborah Danner, a 66-year-old woman suffering from schizophrenia, when officers answered a neighbor’s complaint about her behaving “in an irrational manner” in her Bronx apartment building.

FBI probing 'Vote Trump' tag, fire at black church
GREENVILLE, Miss. — The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation of a fire that heavily damaged a black church in Mississippi where someone wrote “Vote ...

New Information on FBI Arrests Deputy and School Official
Published 11/02 2016 08:48AMUpdated 11/02 2016 07:42PM

Dakota Access pipeline Opinion
Why do we punish Dakota pipeline protesters but exonerate the Bundys?
Ladonna Bravebull Allard
The Bundy militia fought for their right to make money. We want to protect our sacred lands – but the state is treating us with violence and hostility

“Massachusetts law firm donated $1.6M to Democrats including Hillary Clinton and received bonuses that precisely matched their political donations in massive ‘straw-donor scheme’ ”


Donald Trump mentored by Roy Cohn


Hoover`s Sexuality, Mob Ties
February 9, 1993|By TOM JICHA, TV/Radio Writer
Frontline does unto J. Edgar Hoover as he did unto others.

The PBS documentary series tonight peeps into the bedroom and other seamy aspects of the man who guided the FBI for almost a half-century. Two wrongs might not make a right, but they do make for an explosive and deliciously scandalous hour.

Frontline contends that Hoover was ``personally corrupt, sexually compromised and tainted by ties to organized crime.``

It also alleges Hoover used surreptitiously obtained evidence of John F. Kennedy`s womanizing to blackmail him into offering the vice presidency to Lyndon B. Johnson, a Hoover ally.

Frontline also repeats and elaborates on the belief that Hoover, who labeled homosexuals ``sex deviants,`` had a homosexual relationship with his aide Clyde Tolson. In addition to the hypocrisy involved, Hoover`s sexual orientation is significant because organized crime found out about it and used the threat of exposing him to keep the FBI off its case.

Anthony Summers, author of the Hoover biography Official and Confidential, said notorious mob figure Meyer Lansky was one of those who had pictures of Hoover and Tolson in a compromising situation. ``Lansky controlled the pictures and he had made his deal with Hoover to lay off,`` Summers said.

A fashion model who, with her date, socialized with Hoover and Tolson one New Year`s, said she saw Hoover and Tolson holding hands in the backseat of a car. Later that evening, she says she heard Tolson express a desire to dance with Hoover at the Cotton Club in Harlem. The irony is, Hoover was livid at the time because he saw an interracial couple on the dance floor, according to the woman.

Susan Rosenstiel, wife of Louis Rosenstiel, who is identified as a mob- connected bootlegger, says she went to a party at New York`s Plaza Hotel, where she was promised a surprise. She was greeted at the door by a man in ``a black chiffon dress, very short with ruffles, and black lace stockings and high-heeled shoes and a black curly wig and black eyelashes.``

The person was introduced to her as Mary. ``It was clearly J. Edgar Hoover,`` she says.

Later, two teen-aged boys arrived, according to Susan Rosenstiel, and Hoover, Roy Cohn and her husband went into the bedroom and had sex with them.

``I heard (her husband Louis) Rosenstiel say that if Hoover ever brings pressure against Lansky or any of us, we`ll use this as blackmail.``

Throughout his career, Hoover claimed there was no such thing as a national crime family. He insisted organized crime was a local problem, which put it outside the jurisdiction of the FBI.

Ralph Salerno, head of the New York Committee on Organized Crime, says the hands-off policy had dire ramifications. ``If they (the mob) could have been attacked before they grew, before they got the wealth, before they got the knowledge, organized crime could have been nipped in the bud ... (the mob) never would have grown as strong as it got to be in later decades.``

Another reason Hoover might have gone easy on the mob, it is offered, is that he liked to play the horses, and the bookmakers he used to place bets were all mob backed. What`s more, it adds, Hoover had the kind of arrangement gamblers dream of.

According to Mrs. Rosenstiel, ``(My husband) would call the boys up and they would make the bets. If Hoover won, he got paid. If he didn`t win, they would just forget it.``

Gambling debts evidently were not all Hoover didn`t pay. He reportedly never picked up a check.

Also, John Dowd, head of the government`s Organized Crime Strike Force, says, ``Four years after Hoover died, I was assigned to conduct an investigation of 40 years of fraud and corruption by J. Edgar Hoover, in which he had taken at taxpayers` expense, goods and services provided to him by employees of the FBI.``

These perks included elaborate vacations disguised as business trips; using his government limos -- he had three -- for personal pleasure; using FBI personnel to service his lawn and to embellish and furnish his home.

Dowd also cites an incident his investigation uncovered that illustrates how petty Hoover c

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In aftermath of Petraeus scandal, outed FBI agent's family still feels sting of betrayal
Howard Altman, Times Staff Writer
Thursday, November 10, 2016 5:30am

'Comey has built a massive biometric database that places privacy of all Americans at risk'

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/fbi-sued-over-reckless-disregard-for-americans-rights/#YuUM0mfqS3hExFQs.99


Did Rogue FBI Agents Attempt Presidential Election Coup by Reopening the Clinton Email Investigation?
Rudy Giuliani brags about Trump fans inside the FBI.
By Steven Rosenfeld / AlterNet November 4, 2016


FBI's decision to reopen Clinton email probe enabled Donald Trump to win election, says former aide Corey Lewandowski


Prosecutor admitted that Englewood Four teens coerced into false confessions

Harold Richardson, from left, Vincent Thames, Terrill Swift and Michael Saunders were convicted of a 1994 rape and murder but later were cleared

6:00 am, November 17, 2016
For years, four Chicago men have maintained that misconduct by police and prosecutors led to their wrongful convictions for a 1994 rape and murder. They did so at trial and even a


Alabama deputy only sentenced to 3 years in prison for lying about brutal traffic stop

Crime scene photo of Robert Bryant at Huntsville Hospital following arrest on Aug. 22, 2012. (Photo by Madison County Sheriff's Department)

on November 17, 2016
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A federal judge today sentenced a former sheriff's deputy in north Alabama to three years in prison for lying under oath about a brutal traffic stop four years ago.

On the night of Aug. 22, 2012, Justin Watson pulled over Robert Byrant, a handyman from Tennessee, "struck him in the face, knocked out his teeth, beat him with a baton and choked him until he was unconscious."
the stop and beating were revenge for a barfight weeks earlier.


Montgomery city judge suspended amid ethics charges; jailed those who couldn't pay traffic fines

on November 17, 2016 at 5:29 PM, updated November 17, 2016 at 7:49 PM

Armstead Lester Hayes III, the presiding judge of Montgomery's  municipal court, was suspended today after the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission filed ethics charges against him regarding claims that include the jailing of poor people for significant lengths of time because they couldn't pay fines for traffic fines or other misdemeanor offenses.

And the collection tactics have helped Montgomery's municipal court system collect millions of dollars in fees and fines that are three or more times the amounts collected in Birmingham and other large A


Apple Uploading Call Data, Including From Third-Party Call Apps ...
The Intercept quotes a former FBI agent as saying this is a "boon" for law enforcement because the four-month retention period is longer than most service ...

Russian security firm says iPhone secretly logs all your phone calls
Fox News-

FBI Octopus

and their Presstitutes


Action News Jax Investigates: Teaching 'stranger danger' correctly
... with a half dozen cameras and their parents looking on, Action News Jax law and safety expert and former FBI agent Dale Carson gave us a startling reminder ...

also see

FBI agent Ryan Seese sentenced to prison in two Peeping Tom cases in Hershey | PennLive.com
PennLive.com › index.ssf › 2010/12 › e...
Dec 28, 2010 - Seese had pleaded guilty in August to criminal trespass, invasion of privacy and disorderly conduct for sneaking into a girl's bathroom during a ...
Ex-FBI agent doesn't have to register as sex offender for peeping Tom incidents in Hershey, elsewhere, court says | PennLive.com
PennLive.com › index.ssf › 2014/07 › e...

Jul 11, 2014 - Ryan Seese received a prison term for sneaking into women's ... Seese left the FBI in 2007 after being convicted of another peeping Tom incident in  ...
G-man Jackoff: FBI Agent caught with pants down at UofA | Phoenix New ...
Phoenix New Times › blogs › g-man-jac...
May 25, 2007 - Seese was then taken to a holding area where police swabbed his hands for samples and made him take off his clothes, now evidence. The FBI ...
FBI agent gets 5 days in jail, probation in exposure case | Crime | tucson.com
tucson.com › news › local › fbi-agent-ge...

Jan 18, 2008 - An FBI special agent who pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in ... The current employment status of Seese is unknown; calls to the FBI office in ...
Former FBI agent charged with another peeping incident - ABC27
ABC27 › 2010/09/24 › former-fbi-agent...
Sep 24, 2010 - Seese lost his job as an FBI agent back in 2007 after he was caught inside a women's bathroom at the University of Arizona mastubating
FBI agent gets jail, probation for indecent exposure incident - AZCentral.com
AZCentral.com › archive › news › articles

Jan 18, 2008 - FBI agent gets jail, probation for indecent exposure incident, ... Ryan Seese, 34, also was ordered Thursday by a Pima County justice

Mike Rogers's Departure from Team Trump Alarming
Rogers, a widely respected former FBI agent who headed the House Intelligence Committee, had been seen as a figure of stability and continuity in intelligence

How Mike Rogers FBI agent/Congressman covered up Saudi role in 9/11 | New York Post
New York Post › 2016/04/17 › how-us-c...
Apr 17, 2016 - In its report on the still-censored “28 pages” implicating the Saudi government in 9/11, “60 Minutes” last weekend said the Saudi role in the attacks has been “soft-pedaled” to protect America’s delicate alliance with the oil-rich kingdom. ... Actually, the kingdom’s ...
Investigate Sarasota Link to 9/11 - 911Truth.Org
911Truth.Org › investigate-sarasota-link-...
Sep 13, 2011 - A decade after the FBI found ties between a Saudi family living quietly near Sarasota and ... Mike Rogers, R-Michigan and ranking Democrat Rep.

Cover-Up Archives - 911Truth.Org
911Truth.Org › tag › cover-up
Updated | Mark Rossini, a former FBI special agent at the center of an enduring mystery related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, says he is “appalled” by  ...
Uncategorized | 28Pages.org | Page 9
https://28pages.org › category › page
Latest Jon Gold 9/11 Podcast Episode Covers the 28 Pages ... 11 attacks after the congressional panels, said the commission followed up on the ..... chairman ( Mike Rogers) misrepresented information to the committee about my actions.” Rep.
Florida congressman denied access to censored pages from Congress' 9/11 report - Florida Bulldog | Florida Bulldog
http://www.floridabulldog.org › 2014/12 › flor...
Dec 29, 2014 - Rogers is a former FBI agent who did not seek re-election in November. ... members when he brought this up,” Grayson in a telephone interview .
Archive | 9/11 | Florida Bulldog
http://www.floridabulldog.org › 911 › page
Apr 20, 2016 - The FBI, which originally classified the 28 pages, and the Justice ...... Inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has accused the FBI of a coverup that ...
Why This FBI Whistleblower Seconds Jill Stein's Call For A New 9/11 Investigation | The Huffington Post
Huffington Post › coleen-rowley › why-t...
Sep 11, 2016 - The FBI was only one of the agencies and political entities which strived to cover up the truth of why and how they all ignored a “system blinking ...
29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up Of 9/11 | The ...
Huffington Post › kristen-breitweiser › 2...
Jul 16, 2016 - 29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up Of 9/11 ... To repeat, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and the Bush Administration to ...
Sen. Bob Graham Says FBI went beyond 9/11 Cover-Up to "Aggressive Deception" - Truth In Media
truthinmedia.com › sen-bob-graham-says...
Apr 16, 2015 - As previously reporter by BenSwann.com's Derrick Broze, former Florida Senator Bob Graham claims that Saudi Arabia funded the terrorist attacks ...


Charges in Castile shooting may be first against officer in Minnesota
Minnesota Public Radio News-
... time an officer has been charged for a fatal shooting in Minnesota in more than 200 cases that spanned over three decades,


Top FBI Lawyer Argues Against Requiring Warrant for Data That ...
The Intercept-
If law enforcement was forced to get a warrant to obtain information about a suspect's whereabouts from the phone providers, it would be “crippling,” according to ...


FBI closes civil-rights probe of Seattle police arrest that injured UW ...
The Seattle Times
UW student David Pontecorvo says he was beaten with fists, batons and flashlights after videotaping the arrest of his friend during a loud party on Sept. 22, 2012 ...


Dem senator: FBI should probe hate crime increase
The Hill-
The New Jersey Democrat sent a letter to FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch Thursday asking them to "investigate the recent wave ...

also see

FBI agents assassinate Martin Luther King
in Hospital


Martin Luther King survived shooting, was murdered in hospital: an interview with William Pepper | Truth and Shadows - WordPress.com
WordPress.com › truthandshadows › kin...
Sep 4, 2016 - William Pepper with his friend Martin Luther King. ... Known to Ron as “Uncle Clyde,” the high-level FBI official often delivered cash to ...

The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
http://www.globalresearch.ca › the-plot-to-kill-...
Sep 5, 2016 - Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Review of William Pepper's Book.


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Bonus Read

Wooden sculpture causes costly mess at FBI's Miami field office
'Cedrus' sculpture cost tax payers about $1.2M, Politico reports

Posted: 9:05 PM, December 02, 2016

Photo of FBI Miami Building by Herich Blessing Photographers
MIAMI - German artist Ursula von Rydingsvard has been working with red cedar flagrant wood for decades. Her monumental sculptures are for the most part placed outdoors.

At 17-feet tall, her "Cedrus" sculpture defied gravity in the shape of a tornado. It made it to the FBI's new modern Miami field building, where the high ceilings offered plenty of space. And now it's in the middle of a scandal. 

Politico reviewed hundreds of documents revealing details of the "Cedrus" case. The government reportedly paid the artist $750,000 for the sculpture, but Politico reported that after it got FBI employees sick it actually cost tax payers about $1.2 million. 

More than a dozen employees reportedly got sick, beca


Gerard Morin

Induction is
the Amplification of a Communication Wave

/ NOV 19, 2016 /
A self explanatory video. Gerard has been dismantling the box of lies that has been fed to us for years and years. The out of the box thinking, results, and clear evidence has been demonstrated over and over. This research is in need of the next level development. To take this energy to the people, with a full understanding of all it’s potential.


NYPD employee rubs crotch on 4 women, promptly gets arrested
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, December 2, 2016, 1:58 PM


The FBI Is About To Get The Power To Hack Millions Of Computers
And Congress refuses to even talk about what that means.
11/30/2016 02:40 pm
Senior Congressional Reporter, The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON — Congress had six months to debate granting President-elect Donald Trump’s FBI new legal powers to hack millions of computers, and Republican leaders objected to doing so on Wednesday.

That means that starting Thursday, a Department of Justice official will be able to go to a single judge, assert that a computer crime may involve millions of networked devices, and get a warrant that lets the FBI hack all of those devices.

According to three senators who tried to put the brakes on that new authority Wednesday so Congress could at least discuss it, there are no concrete assurances from law enforcement officials that privacy won’t be violated or that devices won’t be damaged. Nor was there any explanation of how authorities will hack Americans’ wired equipment.

“At midnight tonight, this Senate will make one of the biggest mistakes in surveillance


Juror 'cannot convict' ex-cop Slager in death of Walter Scott

Friday, December 2, 2016, 8:28 PM

A lone juror nearly caused a mistrial Friday in the South Carolina murder trial of Michael Slager, a white ex-cop caught on video gunning down an unarmed black man in 2015.

The jury of 11 whites and one black man went through three days of deliberations before twice declaring on Friday that they were at an impasse.

“Yes, we are at a deadlock,” the jury wrote in a final note to state Judge Clifton Newman just before 5 p.m.

But the jury also made it clear the majority was prepared to convict Slager, a former North Charleston cop. He’s charged with shooting Walter Scott five times after a traffic stop on April 4, 2015.

KING: The justice system is broken if jury can't convict Slager
“It is just one juror,” the foreman wrote in a separate note to the judge. “That juror needs to leave, he is having issues.”

A mistrial declaration appeared imminent — but at the last minute the foreman requested more clarification on the law. That led to another ho


Opinion I’m a Hillary-supporting black woman who became friends with a white, Trump-voting cop. Maybe there’s hope after all


Senate Judiciary Committee opens inquiry into Harry Morel case, suspension of local FBI agent

DEC 1, 2016 - 11:50 AM (3)

The suspension of an FBI agent who investigated former St. Charles Parish District Attorney Harry Morel has drawn the attention of the Senate Judiciary Committee, an influential panel of lawmakers that has opened an inquiry into the case. 

The committee's chairman, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a list of questions to FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other officials regarding the bureau's treatment of agent Michael Zummer, who was stripped of his security clearance after sending a lengthy letter to the federal judge presiding over Morel's criminal proceedings.

The FBI suspended Zummer without pay during the summer and escorted him out of the bureau's New Orleans field office pending the results of an internal inquiry to determine whether he mishandled "sensitive material."  

The suspension, Grassley wrote, "looks like it could be a misuse of the security clearance process to mask retaliation for protected whistleblowing."  

The agent had been pushing for prosecutors to pursue more serious charges against Morel, according to FBI records.

Morel was sentenced this year to three years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of obstruction of justice, a charge that stemmed from his efforts to derail a multi-year FBI probe into his sexual misconduct.

Though he was never charged with a sexual crime, Morel acknowledged, in pleading guilty, that he used his office to prey upon women who sought leniency in their criminal cases. He demanded sexual favors in exchange for his assistance. 

U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt has declined to make public Zummer's 31-page letter, but he said he shares the agent's "legitimate concerns" about whether the U.S. Justice Department "is either unable or unwilling to self-police lapses of ethics, professionalism and truthfulness in its ranks."

Zummer's letter included the names of more than two dozen people involved in the Morel case and apparently outlined allegations of misconduct involving government officials.  

After his suspension, Zummer took his concerns to Congress, telling the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Morel case was tainted by a conflict of interest in the U.S. Attorney's Office. He alleged that Morel received favorable treatment from the U.S. Attorney's Office


FBI teaches students the science behind...
KPRC Houston-
Catching criminals doesn't happen by pure luck and Perry Turner, special agent in charge of the Houston FBI Field Office, said it takes a keen ...


Judge opts to keep Bundy evidence secret
Las Vegas Review-Journal-
Leen's four-page order prohibits defense teams for all 17 defendants from publicly disclosing grand jury transcripts, FBI and police reports, witness statements ...


Virginia State Police’s Stingray-like device captures voice communications – docs

Documents acquired from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request show the Virginia State Police have a powerful cell-site simulator that can capture not only GPS location and metadata but voice communication.
In 2014, Virginia State Police upgraded their Digital Receiver Technology box, a cell site simulator, for a smaller more powerful model at a cost of over $500,000, according to documents acquired by Muckrock as part of a nationwide FOIA request and published Friday.
The DRT boxes, made by a Maryland company, are similar to other cell site simulators like Stingrays in that they can also intercept voice communication along with GPS location and other metadata, such as phone numbers and duration of call.
The device came with accessories and was installed in a Chevrolet Suburban outfitted specifically to run the device.
Cell-site simulators, or IMSI catchers, are devices that masquerade as a legitimate cell phone tower, tricking phones nearby into connecting to the device in order to log the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) numbers of mobile phones in the area or capture the content of communications.
The increased use of the devices by law enforcement had been kept from the courts and the public. In 2014, police in Florida revealed they had used such devices at least 200 additional times since 2010 without disclosing it to the court or obtaining a warrant.
The American Civil Liberties Union has filed multiple requests for the public records of Florida law enforcement agencies about their use of the cell phone tracking devices.
In some cases, police have refused to disclose information to the courts, citing nondisclosure agreements signed with the Harris Corporation, which manufactures Stingrays.
The FBI defended these agreements, saying that information about the technology could allow adversaries to circumvent it.
The ACLU said in 2014 that “potentially unconstitutional government surveillance on this scale should not remain hidden from the public just because a private corporation desires secrecy. And it certainly should not be concealed from judges.”
Among the documents acquired in the FOIA request is a utilization log from May 2015 that shows the unit was used 12 times. In five of the 12 instances, it was ineffective


Eric Garner mom says de Blasio can earn her vote via NYPD reforms
New York Daily News-
The city has said they won't decide on the fate of Pantaleo's job until the FBI officially ends its investigation into Garner's death. The News reported earlier this ...


Feds Back Off Pollution Rule for Texas Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency said it plans to withdraw a mandate that Texas coal-fired power plants reduce their pollution, but also found five counties have dangerous levels of toxic gas linked to coal plants.


Pushing for a conviction on a death that shocked Rikers Island, a federal prosecutor told jurors Friday that the guard abused his position to carry out a savage and fatal beating.

EU Hotspots
The EU Council on Friday approved a plan to bring Wi-Fi hotspots to public areas throughout Europe, with the goal of connecting the elderly, economically disadvantaged and unemployed people to the internet for free.


Charlotte man who spent 24 years in prison pardoned
A Charlotte man was pardoned after serving nearly 25 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

:54 PM. EST December 02, 2016

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Charlotte man who spent over 24 years behind bars for a brutal rape and attempted murder has been pardoned.

Timothy Scott Bridges had been sentenced to life in prison but was pardoned by Governor Pat McCrory after it was shown that he was convicted at trial based on evidence that was erroneous.

Bridges had been convicted of raping an 83-year-old woman in her home off the Plaza in 1989, and attempting to kill her.

In court, prosecutors used hair sample and the testimony of an FBI-trained analyst to convict him, despite the fact that a palm print found on a door was not a match to Bridges.

An FBI review later found Bureau-trained analysts had overstated, or were simply wrong about hair samples in thousands of cases across the country including  the case of Bridges.

Bridges himself was not ready to talk about the end of his long ordeal, but his uncle, Larry Swann said in a telephone interview, “I’m excited because


Members of the Westbank chapter of the NAACP held signs saying “A Man was Lynched Yesterday” while calling for answers as to why the man who shot and killed Joe McKnight was released.

The NAACP called the press conference on Friday afternoon after finding out that Ronald Gasser, the man who shot former NFL player Joe McKnight, was not held by police and may not be charged in McKnight’s death. They believe he is getting special treatment because he is a white man.

“This man apparently believes that he had the right to settle the score with a young black man by using a weapon,” the westbank chapter of the NAACP’s president said. “We cannot continue to have that situation in our country. We have


Home News
Retired Green Beret says Mattis left 'my men to die' in Afghanistan

Published: December 2, 2016

WASHINGTON – A retired Green Beret officer alleged Friday that Gen. James Mattis, who has been nominated to be the next defense secretary, hesitated to send medical evacuation flights and left soldiers to die during a 2001 friendly fire incident in Afghanistan.


Retired Lt. Col. Jason Amerine, in a Facebook post, said a delay by Mattis in sending rescue aircraft from a nearby base might have led to the deaths of Staff Sgt. Brian Cody Prosser and at least two Afghans after they were hit by a U.S. bomb outside of Kandahar.


“He was indecisive and betrayed his duty to us, leaving my men to die during the golden hour when he could have reached us,” wrote Amerine, who is a future of war fellow at the New America think


More National Security Letters Made Public After Government Drops Its Attempt To Keep Its Gag Orders In Place

FabI issue NSLs when its warrant requests are turned down by federal courts. Throw an indefinite gag order on it, and the FBI can pretty much ensure complete compliance from recipients, whose only option is to fight an often-futile legal battle against the government.


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Heat is Online


2016 was third-straight record hot year
Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 7:58 PM

For Third Year in a Row, Earth Sets Heat Record

Earth sizzled to a third-straight record hot year in 2016, with scientists mostly blaming man-made global warming with help from a natural El Nino that's now gone.

Two U.S. agencies and international weather groups reported Wednesday that last year was the warmest on record. They measure global temperatures in slightly different ways, and came up with a range of increases, from minuscule to what top American climate scientists described as substantial.

They're "all singing the same song even if they are hitting different notes along the way. The pattern is very clear," said Deke Arndt of the National Oceanic and Atmo

FBI Octopus
exposing FBI tentacles


Next US attorney likely ex-McConnell aide FBI agent
The Courier-Journal-
The next U.S. attorney in the Western District of Kentucky is likely to be an ex-FBI agent who more recently served as counsel to Senate Majority Leader Mitch ...


Tolbert eyes challenging Howard for Erie County sheriff
Buffalo News
Bernard A. Tolbert, the former FBI agent and 2013 Democratic candidate for mayor, is making serious inquiries about challenging


Former FBI agents added to WGM cyber/forensic team
AZ Big Media-
Scottsdale-based technology firm WGM added two former FBI agents to its fraud and cyber protection services team. Michael McAndrews recently

Link du jour






Ex-Penn State leader must trim lawsuit against FBI director Louis Freeh
January 17, 2017 5:56 AM

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A judge has ordered Penn State University’s former president to pare down his defamation



Chicago cop charged in fatal shooting of unarmed man
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 5:17 PM

Jose Nieves was shot and killed by an off-duty Chicago transit officer on Jan.2. (
A Chicago police officer has been charged in the fatal


Trump vs. the CIA
Center for Research on Globalization-
The attack on Trump from the CIA and its media agents at the New York Times, ... Trump's trump question to the CIA, NSA, FBI is: So, you know the Russians ...


Florida cop suspended for slapping homeless man (VIDEO)
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 26, 2015, 9:39 AM


Homeless man slapped by Florida cop captured on video files suit
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 4:19 PM

Homeless man Bruce LaClair slapped by a Florida police officer Victor Ramirez in February 2015 has filed a lawsuit against him. (WSVN)
A homeless man who was knocked to the ground and slapped by a Florida police officer captured on video has


Cops breaking rules more often, but discipline is limited: report
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 3:22 PM

Out of the 518 cops the CCRB found fault with, none were fired and only 20 were suspended or forced to give up vacation days. (MICHAEL IP/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
More NYPD cops are being accused of abuse and misconduct — but very few are being disciplined, the New York Civil Liberties Union charged Wednesday.

Tabulating year-end figures released by the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board, the NYCLU determined the CCRB substantiated 1,179 cases brought to its office between 2014 and 2016 — an 82% increase over the 648 the board substantiated during the three prior years.

Yet neither former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton nor his successor James O’Neill seriously disciplined the cops the CCRB had substantiated cases against.

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Book Excerpt: The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell: A Dyslexic Traitor, an Unbreakable Code, and the FBI’s Hunt for America’s Stolen Secrets

Book Excerpt: ‘Missing Man: The American Spy Who Vanished in Iran’

Nine Years Later, Ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson Still Missing After Visiting Iran


Tampa Bay Times: Trump’s Justice Department Can’t Ignore Bad Policing

By Editorial Board
Tampa Bay Times

The Justice Department’s thorough report detailing the Chicago Police Department’s systemic disregard for civil rights is a sickening account of excessive force and abuse. It also is just one of the depressingly familiar federal investigations of police departments throughout the nation that have used discriminatory tactics. Yet President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, has criticized such federal efforts as overreaching. Whether it’s civil rights or voting rights, Washington cannot look the other way when there is nowhere else to turn for help.

The Chicago situation is breathtaking in its scope, brutality and cynicism. The Justice Department’s report says police officers routinely use unnecessary force, from firing their guns at cars or during foot chases to using Tasers in nonthreatening situations. It describes officers taking gang members to the neighborhoods of their rivals in an attempt to force them to talk. And it recounts an instance when an officer pointed his gun and then handcuffed teens who were trespassing on their bikes. No wonder the police have difficulty getting cooperation from residents as the city’s murder rate soars.

In such a dysfunctional situation, it’s also understandable that the federal report describes a Chicago Police Department that is demoralized, lacks discipline and fails to follow its own policies. That is exactly why the Justice Department has to step in to protect the rights of citizens, independently spotlight the abuses and help change the system. Under the Obama administration, the department has investigated police department


Seattle can't release info about FBI cameras, judge rules
Associated Press , KING 11:37 AM. PST January 17, 2017

SEATTLE - A federal judge has barred Seattle from releasing information about surveillance cameras the FBI has placed in the city.

Seattle had planned to release information about the cameras under a public records request, but the FBI said that would jeopardize its ability to conduct investigations and that the city had already promised not to disclose it.

U.S. District Judge Richard Jones issued a temporary restraining order last June preventing the city from releasing the relevant documents, and on Tuesday he issued a final order to that effect. He said the information is protected from disclosure for law enforcement reasons

FBI agents will not file charges in thousands of pedophile cases
it recently developed in their illegal hacking operation.
Instead it will blackmail politicians, ,lawyers,judges, police, members of msm
and other high level assets while prosecuting gas station attendents.
FBI refuses to release names of thousands downloading child porn.


JANUARY 17, 2017 3:13 PM
FBI faces backlash for child porn investigation

A case involving the FBI taking over a child porn website as part of a sting operation has sparked an ethics debate among legal scholars and defense attorneys, including lawyers for a Texas man caught in the sting.

Federal prosecutors are defending the agency's decision to secretly seize, control and monitor a child pornography website for two weeks to catch child predators in 2015, The Dallas Morning News (http://bit.ly/2jkFt8v ) reports. During that time, tens of thousands of child porn images were uploaded to

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/technology/article127004904.html#storylink=cpy


JAN 17 2017
Who is Anna-Senpai, the Mirai Worm Author?

On September 22, 2016, this site was forced offline for nearly four days after it was hit with “Mirai,” a malware strain that enslaves poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices like wireless routers and security cameras into a botnet for use in large cyberattacks. Roughly a week after that assault, the individual(s) who launched that attack —


LAPD officer convicted of sending ‘harmful’ texts to teen, acquitted of child annoyance charges

A Los Angeles police cruiser in Hollywood in 2015. Officer Abel Montes De Oca has been convicted of two misdemeanors in connection with distributing "harmful matter" to a female teen cadet in an LAPD youth program. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
        Matt HamiltonContact Reporter
ALos Angeles police officer who worked in an LAPD youth program was convicted Tuesday of distributing harmful matter to a teenage girl, authorities said.

After a five-day trial, a downtown L.A. jury convicted Abel Montes De Oca of two misdemeanor counts: destroying evidence and distributing “harmful matter” to a juvenile, according to the L.A. city attorney’s office.

Montes De Oca, 32, was acquitted of two counts of child annoyance.

After the verdict was read, the judge remanded Montes De Oca into custody, and he is being held on $100,000 bail, prosecutors said.

He faces up to 18 months in jail at his sentencing, scheduled for Friday.

Prosecutors say that in September 2015, the officer met a then-16-year-old girl who was a cadet in the L.A. Police Department’s Community Youth Program. The program runs 18 weeks and provides physical training and criminal-justice education to students ages 13 to 20, according to the program’s website.

Through October 2015, prosecutors alleged that Montes De Oca sought an inappropriate relationship with the girl, sending her text messages and other missives via social media.

Once the officer’s mistreatment of the girl was disclosed, prosecutors alleged, he tried to delete photos and messages from his phone and computer. He also told the girl to wipe out any evidence of his correspondence, according to the city attorney’s office.

Police arrested Montes De Oca in August at the LAPD’s downtown headquarters.

Montes De Oca’s defense attorney, Lou Shapiro, said his client did not dispute that he inappropriately texted with the girl or destroyed evidence. Shapiro said the key issue was whether Montes De Oca was guilty of two counts of child annoyance — graver charges that carry stiffer penalties. The jury ultimately acquitted him of both counts.

“Defense expert Dr. Sanjay Sahgal testified that for a 31-year-old male to be sexually attracted to a 16-year-old post-pubescent female was not abnormal or unnatural from a clinical point of view,” Shapiro said. “[Sahgal] conceded that it was not normal from a moral point of view.”

Shapiro thanked the jurors “for being able to set aside the fact that he was a police officer and simply judge him based on the facts and evidence.”

Los Angeles City Atty. Mike Feuer had harsher words for Montes De Oca after the verdict was announced.

"This was an egregious breach of trust by an LAPD officer responsible for supervising student cadets,” Feuer said in a statement. “It is essenti


Ex-FBI Agent Pleads for the Release of Leonard Peltier for Humanitarian Reasons
Forty years in jail, six in solitary confinement, guilt questionable; it is time to let Peltier out of prison.
By John C. Ryan / AlterNet January 18, 2017

Photo Credit: Gary Stevens /Flickr Creative Commons

I was an agent with the FBI when two of my fellow agents were murdered at the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. Today I’m calling on President Obama to free the man convicted of killing them. 

I didn’t know Special Agents Jack Coler and Ronald Williams personally, but I felt the same shock and horror everyone in the FBI felt at their deaths. Like former United States Attorney James Reynolds, who handled the prosecution in the critical post-trial period, I believe that clemency for Leonard Peltier “is in the best interest of justice.” I further believe that keeping him incarcerated any longer perverts the system of justice for which the two agents died, and which the agency is sworn to uphold.  

I do not make this call lightly, and it should not be seen as a criticism of the actions of the well-meaning, patriotic agents of the Bureau, nor as a referendum on the Bureau itself. A benefit of hindsight is that sometimes it provides an opportunity to address an injustice like this.

According to the Eighth Circuit, witnesses were coerced and ballistics evidence was withheld from Peltier's attorneys at trial. U.S. Attorney Reynolds has re-emphasized in recent interviews that the government had no proof to support its trial theory that Peltier was the person who shot the two FBI agents, and he remains in jail today on a thin “accomplice” theory. 

Despite the disturbing number of red flags, judicial criticism of government conduct, and his accomplice status, Peltier has been held in prison for more than four decades, four times longer than former FBI Special Agent Mark Putnam, who had an affair with an informant, murdered her when he learned she was pregnant and then obstructed the investigation into her disappearance. Over the course of those four decades, Leonard Peltier has spent no less than six years in solitary confinement; conditions


FBI Releases 500 More Pages of Clinton Foundation Investigation ...
The Weekly Standard (blog)
One document released, dated November 18, 2004, is an "acknowledgement of exceptional work performance" by a special agent (name redacted) who was


Justice deferred: Ethel Rosenberg innocent, per Seton Hall Law team

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in custody in 1951

January 18, 2017
Almost 64 years after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sent to the electric chair, a team of investigators from Seton Hall Law School in Newark uncovered a document showing that Ethel, a Jewish woman with two small sons, was executed wrongfully.

Heading the investigation was a law professor who believed anti-Semitism was partly behind the prosecution and punishment of the Rosenbergs. The couple was executed in 1953 on charges of conspiring against the United States by providing classified material on the country’s nuclear program to the Soviet Union.

The Seton Hall team unearthed a one-page memo written on July 17, 1950, from FBI special agent A.H. Belmont to D. Milton Ladd, assistant to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. It relayed the findings of Assistant Attorney General James McInerney, who wrote that “there is insufficient evidence to issue process against her at the time.”

The memo added, “Mr. McInerney requested that any additional information concerning Ethel Rosenberg…might be possible to utilize her as a lever against her husband.” 

In other words, prosecutors and FBI agents knew that evidence against Ethel was not strong enough to warrant putting her on trial. Nonetheless, the FBI urged prosecutors to threaten her with the death penalty unless she agreed to betray her husband. She stood fast in her refusal to do so and was put to death in the electric chair at Sing Sing prison on June 19, 1953.

“The reason for her prosecution seems clear: Ethel was executed because she refused to cooperate with the government to help convict her husband,” said Mark Denbeaux, the Seton Hall law professor who shepherded 25 of his students through a three-year review of the case. “Ethel was merely a pawn used for leverage in the government’s attempt to build a case against Julius Rosenberg.”

Their findings were published on Dec. 21.

Many scholars familiar with the case believe that anti-Semitism played a role in their prosecution, even suggesting it was a reason for their being electrocuted on a Friday night. Among them is Denbeaux, a Protestant whose opinion was strongly influenced by his father, a Presbyterian chaplain in World War II. The elder Denbeaux returned home keenly attuned to Jewish suffering after taking part in the liberation of two concentration camps. “My father never talked about combat,” said the professor, “only about the camps.”

When the Rosenbergs were arrested in 1950 for conspiracy to commit espionage, the professor’s father was skeptical of their guilt. “I grew up believing from him that they were both innocent and wouldn’t have been executed if it wasn’t for anti-Semitism. My dad saw anti-Semitism in many places,” he said.

One longstanding theory is that several Jews were given prominent roles in order to dispel the notion that officials’ motivation for pursuing the case was related to anti-Semitism. Noting that the judge in the case, Irving R. Kaufman, was a Jew, as were prosecutor Irving Saypol and his deputy, Roy Cohn, Denbeaux said his father believed their presence spoke volumes. “If you didn’t think religion mattered, why would you make sure the judge, the prosecutors, and the investigators were all Jews?” he asked. 

Intrigued by the case, Denbeaux tasked his students in 2013 to start digging into 250,000 pages of testimony and evidence relating to the investigation, trial, and execution of the Rosenbergs, who were convicted of joining in a conspiracy to violate the Espionage Act of 1917.

Their alleged accomplices were Ethel’s brother and sister-in-law, David and Ruth Greenglass. Originally David told the FBI his sister had no involvement in the plot. Then he changed his testimony to implicate Ethel so his own wife would not be indicted. In 1996, he confessed to lying under oath, telling a New York Times reporter, “My wife is more important to me than my sister.”

Greenglass served 15 years in prison for his role in the alleged spy ring. His wife never spent a day behind bars.

“What’s revelatory is the government, the FBI, admitted it,” said Denbeaux. “It is one thing to say we want her to roll over, but it is another to say, ‘We’ve got nothing on her but we can use her as leverage.’ I can see that to be the significant statement in that memo. 

“The government did not believe she was guilty and executed her anyway. That seems to me to be a dramatic, shocking fact. How often do you have people in the government say, ‘We’ve really got to hammer her to make her talk?’”

The law students wrote that what is known is that “even though Ruth and David played much larger roles in the conspiracy than Ethel, it was Ethel who was sent to the electric chair, while David received a 15-year sentence, and Ruth walked away without ever being indicted. That supports the theory that the government only actively prosecuted Ethel to obtain a confession, and cooperation, from her husband.”

Amanda Frankel, a third-year law student from South Orange who worked on the study, said that although she feels that Ethel’s execution was unjustified, she doesn’t consider it a result of anti-Semitism. “I just associated it with anti-communism,” she said.

Her work on the project taught her of


This Artist Turned Her Father's 500-Page FBI File into Art
He was a founder of the Compton, California, chapter of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, known as Section 9-A. FBI agents, working under


Personal Freedom
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
January 19, 2017 7 Min Read

On Jan. 3, outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly signed an order directing the National Security Agency — America's 60,000-person-strong domestic spying apparatus — to make available raw spying data to all other federal intelligence agencies, which then can pass it on to their counterparts in foreign countries and in the 50 states upon request. She did so, she claimed, for administrative convenience. Yet in doing this, she violated basic constitutional principles that were erected centuries ago to prevent just what she did.
Here is the back story.
In the aftermath of former President Richard Nixon's abusive utilization of the FBI and CIA to spy on his domestic political opponents in the 1960s and '70s — and after Nixon had resigned from office in the wake of all that — Congress passed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which created a secret court that was charged with being the sole authority in America that can authorize domestic spying for non-law enforcement purposes.
The standard for a FISA court authorization was that the subject of the spying ne

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The Million Women’s March January 21, 2017

Submitted by robert shetterly on 7 February 2017 - 12:00am


What happened?

This was not a protest. It was a clarification.  A realignment.

It was not an aggrieved victim struggling to have her lonely voice heard as she implores power to hear truth.

It was power speaking to power. Legitimate power speaking to illegitimate power.

It was a global, universal tweet speaking to an arrogant twit.

The phoenix shaking off  the ashes.

It was liberation speaking to domination. Diversity speaking to white patriarchy.

The heart of freedom speaking to the heel of oppression. Right to wrong.

When I watched  footage of the hundreds of marches in cities and towns all across America and then discovered that there were masses of people in the streets in other countries, it was clear something significant was happening. The deadly gloom of despair was lifted by the joy of millions of colorful, exuberant, powerful people.   The point was tipping. This was not like the massive protests against the lies of the Bush administration in 2003 which propelled us into the Iraq invasion. Consciousness wasn’t raised then in enough people. People now realize an arrogant demagogue surrounded by a covey of ego-bloated generals,  billionaire bankers and smug CEOs full of fear-mongering and racism, sexism and war-profiteering,  science denial and nature destruction  is not the way forward. This was a clarification. A re-set. Howard Zinn said our problem is not civil disobedience,  it’s civil obedience. This was the exhilarating freedom of disobedience.

Obedience is uniformity; disobedience is a declaration of new identity. This was the people of the world speaking not so much to power as to each other. We’re in charge. We can shape the future we want, not be prey to what they want.  Let’s practice respect. Let’s try love. Let’s embrace peace. Let’s insist on justice. Let’s honor the reality of our place in nature. Let’s build an economy of decency rather than  disaster. Let’s base diplomacy on the common good.

As Trump was pathetically obsessed  with the size of his inauguration crowd, the world passed him by. On his first day in office, the world passed him by!  He’s already an anachronism. Dangerous, but an anachronism. The power has shifted.

Trump is the rock in the river from which we can leap to the other side.

Thank you, women.













The FBI's New FOIA Policy Is a Big Step Backward

Common Dreams-

Dust off your fax machine. The FBI is planning to take a big step backward for government transparency. As of March 1, the Bureau will no longer accept ...






How 'New Cold Warriors' Cornered Trump

Center for Research on Globalization-

But the day after Trump was inaugurated, the Post itself reported that the FBI had ... the FBI was trying to head off a plan by Brennan and Clapper to target Flynn.





How the FBI Is Hobbled by Religious Illiteracy

The Atlantic-

Historians have looked harshly on the FBI's legacy in dealing with religious groups. ... Communism, on the other hand, was an agent of secularism and atheism.










Local communities fight lethal battle against drugs

The Intelligencer-

As a former FBI supervisory special agent and current member of the Homeland Security Committee, I am well-positioned to explore the connection between ...





Windward Hills residents may challenge GLUC decision

The Guam Daily Post

Windward Hills resident and former chief of police and FBI agent Sen. Frank Ishizaki said that in addition to his concerns over the infrastructure and size of the ...




Democratic senator accuses FBI Director Comey of withholding ...

Business Insider-

Sen. Ron Wyden has suggested that FBI Director James Comey is using classification to hide information about possible Russian interference in the US election ...






General Assembly reconsiders how Maryland deals with sex crimes

Herald-Mail Media-Feb 25, 2017

The FBI redefined rape about four years ago, he said. "Initially I was against this bill, because I don't like redefining words," he said. "Words have meanings and ...


ANNAPOLIS — For several hours on Tuesday, state legislators in the House Judiciary Committee listened to sometimes excruciating testimony on various pieces of proposed legislation dealing with sexual assault. Then on Thursday, the committee heard more.

In fact, Maryland lawmakers have filed more than 40 bills this year that deal in some way with sexual offenses — ranging from processing evidence in child pornography cases to requiring local governments to audit the number of reportedly unfounded sexual assault cases.

But three bills in particular would fundamentally reshape the way Maryland deals with these crimes, meaning Washington County law enforcement and prosecutors might have to alter their me


Proof of resistance

On Thursday, the Maryland Senate unanimously approved legislation to remove a requirement that prosecutors show evidence that a victim physically resisted a sexual assault in order to prove a crime was committed. A companion bill was one of the 12 heard in the House Judiciary Committee last week.

The House bill's lead sponsor, Del. Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery, noted that "one of the things we often talk about when we're talking to young women, particularly at colleges or high school, is that if you are in one of these situations, we actually tell them not to resist if they are concerned about further physical injury or death. We tell them not to resist. … But if it is even a question in a law enforcement officer's mind, that in fact if you didn't resist it's not rape or it's not a sexual assault, we need to make it clear on our statute."

Lisae C. Jordan, executive director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, was blunt.

"Victims of sexual assault should never be required to physically resist the attack," she said.

During a recent review of 124 Baltimore County rape cases that were ruled "unfounded," Jordan said, there was "case after case after case of women saying, 'No, please stop,' crying, saying, 'Don't do that,' saying, 'Stop.' One woman who had vomited and then felt a little bit better, so the perpetrator started to sexually assault her, and she cried and said, 'Stop.' And the officer said to that victim — to all of these victims — 'Did ya hit him? Did ya kick him? What did you do to fight back?'

"And when she said, 'No, I didn't hit him or kick him,' or fight back physically, the officer said, 'Well, ma'am, Maryland's rape law doesn't cover this situation. You were not raped.'

A third of these cases involved this type of scenario, Jordan said.

"We don’t ask a robbery victim if they they resisted — 'Did you push the gun away? Did you tell him that he couldn't rob you?'" added Baltimore County State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger. "We never ask that of any other victim in the state of Maryland … except in the area of sexual assault."





Video: Deputies caught on camera fighting in front of inmates

The fight had to be broken up by multiple people





Kan. House advances bill limiting access to police records

– Feb 22, 2017


The bill allows the state commission that certifies law enforcement officers to close records about officers who have been fired or disciplined




Missing reports prompt review of Texas police shootings law

Texas is one of seven states that require LE agencies to provide information about officer-involved shootings to the stat


HOUSTON — Police in Texas could soon find it easier to report officer-involved shootings to the state — but they also may pay a price for failing to do so.

Texas is one of seven states that require law enforcement agencies to provide information about officer-involved shootings to the state, and it could become the first to mete out punishment to those that don't.

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State Rep. Eric Johnson says he's is pushing to "put some teeth" into Texas' statute after learning that up to a dozen fatal shootings hadn't been reported since the law went into effect in 2015. He's also trying to create a web portal that would make it easier for law enforcement to report crime data, including officer-involved shootings.

Texas' law, which was sponsored by Johnson, requires agencies to provide information about the shootings in a one-page report emailed to the state attorney general's office within 30 days, but there are no enforcement or tracking mechanisms.





Texas cop fired over feces sandwich fired again

– Jan 30, 2017


Matthew Luckhurst was originally given an indefinite suspension in October after giving a homeless man a feces sandwich



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Signals of Climate Change Visible as Record Fires Give Way to Massive Floods in Peru
“We’ve rarely seen this kind of rapid and quick change in climatic conditions.” — Juber Ruiz, of Peru’s Civil Defense Institute


During September through November, wildfires tore across parts of drought-stricken Peru.

Peru’s Amazon was then experiencing its worst dry period in 20 years. And, at the time, over 100,000 acres of rainforest and farmland was consumed by flash fires. Rainforest species, ill-adapted to fires, were caught unawares. And a tragic tale of charred remains of protected species littering a once-lush, but now smoldering, wood spread in the wake of the odd blazes.

(Last November, wildfires burned through the Amazon rainforest in Peru as  a record drought left the region bone-dry. From Drought Now Spans the Globe. Image source: LANCE-MODIS.)

At the time, scientists noted that the after-effects of El Nino had combined with a warmer world to help spur the drought and the fires. And they warned Peru to prepare for more extreme weather in the future as Earth continued to heat up.

Fast forward to 2017 and we find that the moisture regime has taken a hard turn in Peru as the droughts and fires of 2016 gave way to torrential rains. Since January, more than 62 souls have been lost and about 12,000 homes destroyed as flash floods ripped through Peru. Over the past three days, the rains have been particularly intense — turning streets into roaring rivers and causing streams to over-top — devouring roads, bridges and buildings. As of yesterday, 176 districts within the country have declared a state of emergency due to flooding.

(Flooding in Peru leaves tens of thousands homeless. Video source: TRT News.)

The rains come as coastal waters off Peru have seen sky-rocketing temperatures. Sea surface readings over recent months have climbed from an average of 24 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. These extremely warm waters are pumping a huge plume of moisture into the local atmosphere. And it’s this extraordinarily heavy moisture loading that is spurring the massive rainstorms now plaguing the state.

Scientists call this phenomena a coastal El Nino. And the last time Peru experienced one was in 1925. Though the coastal El Nino probably helped to spur the extreme rains now plaguing Peru, the peak sea surface temperatures of the very warm waters off Peru have also been increased by the larger human-forced warming of the world (primarily through fossil fuel burning). So many scientists are also now saying that the severe rainfall events now occurring in Peru were likely contributed to by climate change.

(Sea surface temperature anomaly map shows that ocean surfaces are more than 5 C above average off coastal Peru. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

New Peru movement leader Verónika Mendoza noted earlier this week:

“We know the ‘coastal El Niño’ comes from time to time. We know we are a country that is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We should have prepared ourselves better.”

The climate extremes Peru has experienced — flipping from flash drought and wildfires to flash flood in just 5-6 months is exactly the kind wrenched weather we can expect more and more from climate change. For as the Earth warms, the amount of moisture evaporated from lands, oceans, lakes and rivers increases. As a result, the hydrological cycle gets kicked into higher gear. And what this means it that droughts and fires will tend to become more intense even as rains, when they do fall, will tend to be heavier.


Deadly Flooding in Peru Sparks Criticism over Climate Change Preparedness

Wildfires Tear Across Drought-Stricken Peru

With Temperatures Hitting 1.2 C Hotter than Pre-Industrial, Drought Now Spans the Globe


Earth Nullschool


Philly FBI sex-discrimination trial airs dirty laundry
Updated: MARCH 16, 2017 —

In a case that promises to air dirty laundry at the FBI’s Philadelphia office, a woman who once headed the office's computer unit charged Thursday that she was a victim of sexual discrimination when she was demoted and replaced with a male employee.

The civil trial before U.S. District Judge J. Curtis Joyner focused on why computer specialist Megan Lampinski was moved out of her job as a supervisor of the information technology division in 2008.

Lampinski’s civil rights lawsuit charges that FBI officials repeatedly violated the bureau’s policies, first in removing her and then in an effort to cover up the initial policy violations



A Case for Conspiracy with Dr. Cyril Wecht - The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Recognizing continued global interest in the Kennedy assassination, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is pleased to explore a wide variety of personal perspectives and present ongoing research and scholarship in an open forum for conversation and engagement. On April 11, join us for an engaging program “A Case for Conspiracy” featuring …


L.A. County probation supervisor accused of ordering beating of teen inmate


Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca found guilty on obstruction of justice and other charges


Judge throws out murder conviction and orders man released after 32 years behind bars


An Alabama cop has been cleared of wrongdoing for shooting a man brandishing a wallet — which he mistook for a gun — as video of the nighttime incident has been released.

A federal appeals court held up a lower court’s decision that Opelika, Ala., police officer Phillip Hancock acted reasonably when he shot Air Force veteran Michael Davidson in


Work by women photographers in Santa Monica exhibit bound by dedication to social justice


Calif. cop seen brutally beating man in video being investigated

Sunday, March 12, 2017, 2:50 PM


An NYPD sergeant who raped and sexually abused a 13-year-old girl scored a soft sentence Monday of only three years in prison — one year for each attack.

Vladimir Krull, a 12-year veteran of the department assigned to the Midtown North precinct, first kissed the teen on the mouth in September 2013, prosecutors said.

The victim was the daughter of Krull’s then-girlfriend.

Following a four-week trial in January a Bronx jury found Krull, 39, guilty of having sex with the victim twice — in her home and in his car.

NYPD sergeant guilty of rape, sexual abuse of 13-year-old girl
He was also convicted of making the victim perform a sex act on him in his car in June 2014 after a father-daughter breakfast for her 8th grade


A Texas state representative proposed a satirical anti-choice bill mimicking a 2011 law that ordered women to receive a sonogram while hearing “a detailed description of the fetus before getting an abortion," according to the Dallas News.

Hoping to shed light on the sensitive topic, Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) suggested men be required to pay fines for "unregulated masturbatory emissions.”

If the legislation passes, men would also be subject to a rectal examination in order to be prescribed Viagra or undergo vasectomy and colonoscopy procedures.

Alex Reveals FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Hutaree Militia Set Up ...
▶ 15:30

Uploaded by lavon dewitt
As Predicted, FBI Agent Discovered at Center of Alleged Hutaree Conspiracy Kurt Nimmo March 31, 2010 On ...


Just One More Thing: Why Did Michael Flynn Pay This Ex-FBI Guy $28 ...
https://wonkette.com/.../just-one-more- ... s-ex-fbi-g...
Excuse me, I know I've taken up a lot of your time with all the details about Michael Flynn retroactively registering as a foreign agent because he was a lobbyist ...


GOOD RIDDANCE: James Comey Just Got The BOOT After ...
smeltis.com › News
- FBI director Commy has some explaining to do after a secret deal has come to light. The FBI made a secret agreement with alleged MI6 agent Christopher ...

Terror plots foiled by the FBI turn out to be planned, funded and ...
Check out the partial reprint below, which describes how FBI agents troll Facebook, looking for Islamic terror-sounding people, then they recruit them into
Terror plots foiled by the FBI turn out to be planned, funded and weaponized by the FBI itself
Posted on March 13, 2017 by US Marine Fighting Tyranny
Natural News – by Mike Adams
We’ve covered this story before, revealing how a seemingly rogue wing of the FBI appears to be involved in little more than foiling its own terror plots, then claiming credit for “stopping terrorists” in the USA.
As much as we appreciate the FBI efforts that are focused on halting actual criminal activity across the United States, the agency seems to have completely lost its marbles when it comes to pursuing domestic terrorism “plots.” See these related stories on Natural News for previous coverage:
From 2011: FBI ‘entrapment’ tactics questioned in web of phony terror plots and paid informants
From 2012: FBI nabs five mastermind geniuses after teaching them how to blow up a bridge in Cleveland

SOFREP: Special Forces News | Military Intelligence | Spec Ops
News Roundup: Should we care if the FBI is entrapping potential jihadis?


http://washingtonfeed.com/trey-gowdy-dr ... to-be.html
Trey Gowdy Drops James Comey Stunner That Has People Talking ...
- C., said FBI Director James Comey will not receive special treatment. ... He continued, “I have never heard a Federal law enforcement agent give, with that ...


Congressman Trey Gowdy workwd for the DOJ the parent Corporatiob of the FBI

FBI Octopus

http://presentationmaster.digitalmedian ... ed-4859203

Advantest VOICE 2017 U.S. and China Keynote Speakers Announced
5 hours ago - Lineup Includes Dynamic Keynotes from Advantests Hans-Juergen Wagner, Former FBI Agent and Cyber Security Maven Chris Tarbell, and Dr. Peter Chen of ...

http://www.abc6.com/story/34756381/ted- ... g-director

Ted Theisen Joins Ankura Consulting as Senior Managing Director ...
http://www.abc6.com/story/.../ted-theisen-join ... ng-directo...
5 hours ago - Prior to his private sector work, he served as a special agent for the FBI where he investigated cyber-related matters, including computer intrusions, cyber ...


Editorial: ATF tobacco investigation scheme needs scrutiny
The Register's Editorial 4:32 p.m. CT March 12, 2017

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys.
First there was the scandal involving federal agents who helped route guns to Mexican drug cartels. Then it was revealed that law enforcement officials nationwide have routinely abused forfeiture laws to seize the property of law-abiding citizens.
Now there are signs that agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives used highly questionable — arguably illegal – cigarette sales in order to fund a secret bank account used to pay informants.
And we’re not talking about a handful of rogue agents raising a few thousand dollars. The evidence points to tens of millions of dollars being raised by law enforcement officials through the same schemes used by the criminals they were supposed to be apprehending.
The operation, detailed in a recent report from the New York Times, wasn’t authorized by the Justice Department, the agency under which the ATF operates, and that appears to have been by design. It gave agents access to a bank account that, because it was off the books, wasn’t subject to the usual level of oversight.
The scheme itself was built on a complex series of transactions, some of which involved the sale and shipment of water and snacks disguised as cigarettes.
According to court records, one deal involved a pair of ATF informants, both of whom were supposedly working for the tobacco farmers’ cooperative, secretly buying cigarettes at $15 a carton and then selling them to the cooperative at the inflated price of $17.50 per carton, generating $519,000 in profit. That money was routed to the secret ATF bank account which was used to pay for tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of iPads, flat-screen televisions and other gifts doled out to potential targets of ATF investigations.
One of the most alarming aspects of this scheme is that it wasn’t disclosed by whistleblowers at the ATF or by the Justice Department’s internal watchdogs. It surfaced only because a collective of tobacco farmers became suspicious and filed a lawsuit alleging they had been cheated out of at least $24 million.
In fact, when the tobacco farmers first realized what was up, they didn’t just file a lawsuit, they reported their findings to the Justice Department, which chose not to file any charges.

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