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I need some kind of help..and in every sense of the word"I have no where else to go" I'll do my best to be as short and to the point as I can. Though it has consumed my life for the last, roughly 7 yrs. This began with my leaving my ex of 11 yrs. He has been employed with the City of El Dorado, KS for 25+ yrs. So he has been on great terms with ALL of the police department. Went to school with head DEA investigator of the Butler County sheriff's office. And I was repeatedly threatened with higher authorities. I had left once before, cut off completely, ignored, had my vehicle taken, and that's only for starters. Suddenly one day, there he was, at my door, wanting to communicate. After some time he unexpectedly he asks"TracyLynnP, please just come home" Heart in hand, ignorance won out. This is where the oddities begin. Things moved. Objects seem to have been dismantled. Initially explaining things away. My ex continually,with demeaning behavior , over and over tells me "No one has been in the house" "Your crazy!" "Funny how its just your things and not mine" This goes on and on until narcissisticaly abusive, he leans against the kitchen counter, folded arms and evil smirk and proceeded to look me square in my face and and I quote" I told you I had a friend in the FBI"
Now,I leave for the second and last time. Move into a tiny sham and then begins the true terrorizing. My home continually invaded. As soon as I would leave for work there was someone there. This whole time my two small dogs terrorized while I'm gone. Everything I own, gone through, taken apart and so forth. I initially tolerate, believing they'll realize I'm NoT who my ex lead them to believe and it would soon stop. It did not. Police called. Nothing done. Violated at this point I move again. On this goes. Things continually getting worse. Antiques destroyed. One of a kind keepsakes, destroyed. Items stolen. Finally unable to take anymore I contact the sheriff. Standing right there in my home I told him he didn't need a warrant. Call your guys, tear my home apart, but know that when they left it had better be the end of it. I didn't care about being investigated. I had nothing to hide. But no one then or even now has yet to ask me a single question. And it all continued. My limit was finding drugs and paraphernalia planted in my home. At that point, being Adobe for some time,I phoned the sheriff, explaining my anger at what I had found. He began asking questions ,which I could not and were and told him, I WOULD not touch it! Not putting my prints on it. And being clean,I begged for someone to come remove it from my home. It never happened. Year and year,I endure, until the day I saw my son had been aloud to participate in their so called investigation. Then, can me calls to the A.G. as well as the D.O.J. it settled for a brief period then the harassment and trespassing of my neighbor. Again, police repeated called until finally she is told to stay away,leave me alone. All to no good. Now, at this point, the extent a criminal history for me was a no seatbelt ticket. And a domestic violence inwich I was the defendant. Now , in simply standing up for myself and filing complaints, I then became a target to it seemed any and everyone. My neighbor, I believe sent over ,just to incite me, banging on my door, yelling and swearing. The short of it, she literally tried to push her was in my front door. Threating. And yes, it came to physical blows. Now, she DV charges from KS to Rd and back again. Drunk and disorderly, in and out of jail. Quit lengthy record. The city drops the charges against her, to prosecute me. Needless to say I believe my public defender thru me under the bus. It was all decided long before I stepped into court. So I'm fined almost a thousand dollars. Finally unable to take anymore. I leave town. Leaving the majority of my destroyed belongings. And quietly disappear,leaving , moving counties away. For the first time in 6 yrs, I can breath. I almost deal normal. Then, I have to return ,to attend court and explain why I hadn't paid on my fine the previous month. Moving, expenses, so forth, I would do my best the following month. Though her $50 was killing me being I'm on disability and fixed income is an understatement. Upon my I do of moving, she of course demanded an accurate,current address " That way they knew where to find me when she ended up having to issue a warrant" Less than two weeks after that court date,my quiet solitude ended. I've called authorities,offered to comes in, make a statement, and were questions, anything. . it hasn't happened. Now this whole time my phone would be hacked, accounts changed. On and and on. I would go with out a phone. Change my email. Passwords. New phone. New emails. I have slowly over time noticed emails I had shut down, linked to my new one. Settings change randomly on my phone. My entered, again, no warrants. They have had years, years of doing lord knows what in my name. I have identity theft issues. I then put up a motion activated trail cam. And it's only been within the last few days...although I have no internet, I can only assume someone had manipulated my computer so that as soon as I plug my USB in from the trail cam to computer, suddenly programs are coming on and before I know it, the multitude of photos I KNOW I have are randomly disappearing. When this all began, I would be the the first to tell you I most assuredly was unbalanced. Yet through it all, I have maintained my sanity. And managed to avoid contact with law enforcement. I believe I ought to get a blue ribbon. A gold star. Something, because to this day, they are relentless. I'm now afraid that anytime, they'll be kicking my door in with some federal trumped up charges of internet shananigans. And once here, my computer gone. Trail cam chip, gone. I'm at a loss. No where to go. Attorneys here won't touch it. I'll be the first and would rather perfer to stand at Main & Central and admit all my wrong doings. But I am NoT a criminal. The WORST I have done is TRY and work while on disability. My complaints, not being the only ones. Multitudes of city offices and county already being investigated for corruption. Mine, initiating a R.I.C.O. investigation due to law office dealing, agreements and working with certain drug running and sex trafficking. I wouldn't be the first to disappear from that county nor would I be the last. And that's NOT an exaggeration. I feel like I'm just collateral damage. If I dissappeared its all the better for law enformcent in that county. Ladies and gentlemen, I have always, always believed in law enforcement. Thought and raised all 3 of my boys to respect. Trust. And if u can't come to me, find a police officer. I believed THEY were the ones who should be paid as sports athletes are. They put on a badge, walk out there doors ,putting their lives on the line daily. Families never knowing if they'll see their loved at end of day. I have had my core believes. Shattered and ripped from me. I simply don't know where to go or what to do now. Please help. Anyone. Please

Posts: 2
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[biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]my story is  kinda the same i just play there games back why not aim not breaking any laws or have anything to hide it what you be live no proof and just ignore them and be your self dint give up there a good side looking out for you dint froget people now the BS from the lies by your actions and words message me any time i need the love too

Posts: 8
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Thank you...? While iI appreciate your encouragement..It just doesn't change or heal the damage done. And as much as I would love nothing more than to turn the tables and do unto them. That's just NOT me or who I am.
While it took every once of courage I had left Just to stand up for myself and file official complaints.. I am left with some days, honestly, afraid for my life. As stupid as it sounds.., I made a lot of people angry by NOT jumping down their rabbit hole and then my complaints put a lot individuals jobs on the line.
Easier to have little nobody me disappear. Problem gone. No witness. No case. Than it is to investigate and bring down anyone in their own Good Ol Boys club.
The idea of knowing I have someone pulling for me, helping in even the smallest of ways in the background ...I just can't fathom it, I'm sorry.
Though I shall , at the behest of your words..do my best to stay strong, keep my head up and continue to try and heal. And pray that soon it either stops..or I can somehow make myself disappear to escape it. Lol.
Odd how the slightest kindness brings me emotionally to my knees. Again, thank you so much.

Posts: 8
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Is there another way I may be able to reach you besides this public message board?
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