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I have been wondering something for quite some time now but have yet to find an answer. Maybe you can help.
It is regarding our constitutional right that reads:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
Someone please explain to me who decides what is considered 'excessive' and who the hell decides it?
I am not a 'thug' or even close to one. I am a 24 year old clean cut single mother, I live in a city just outside of my state's capital city, Des Moines. I have been in trouble with the law a few times for things like speeding, driving without insurance, no seat belt, OMVLUS, and twice to my embarrassment for 5th degree theft (thats theft of an item under $100.00) nothing really serious not a real threat to society.
I do have a driving record that is nothing to laugh at however. I blame this partly on immaturity and the rest on public defenders who advised me to plead guilt to OMVLUS, a crime thats fine is somewhere close to $100.00 in trade for a couple $554.50 no insurance fines. What was not explained to me at the time was that the insurance tickets would not go on my driving record and count against me for the following 6 years to be used to bar my license.
Now, 6 years and 3 OMVLUS tickets later, I am barred. I was stopped on July 10th and again on July 13th I was taken into custody on both dates for driving barred with a bond in the amount of $6,500.00 thats $650.00 through a bondsman. Thats not including the court costs surcharge and fine.
I am looking at 14 days in jail or a plea bargain for 2 years of formal probation and 216 hours of community service. All the while my license is to remain barred until 2010.
Can someone tell me who the hell decided that $6,500.00 sounds like a reasonable or not excessive bond, while if I had been arrested for domestic abuse I would have had a bond of only $325.00???
I am a little unclear on why someone who IS hurting others is less of a threat to society than me, who was only driving a car.
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