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Where are the posts that inform us of these types? Joined this forum and site hoping to find critical information on individuals who actively participate in gangstalking and are known to have been 'recruited' as they say. Somewhat discouraged to find none so far.

If the info is here, can someone help point me in the right direction? If not, can any one suggest a site along those lines? THX

Posts: 5
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I think as members it is incumbent upon us to learn these things as best we can and share them.  I'm doing research by reading books by attorneys on this subject.  I will share results of my research as I go along.  Does anyone know how to get a CI list?  Will a FOIA request work?  What are the risks?

Posts: 5
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And yes, I'm being gang stalked too.

Posts: 2
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This is where I put a name to what I have been experiencing for the last 5 1/2 yrs. They work at the behest of law enforcement. You'll be hard pressed to get a list of names. As their title states, they work as a gang. One thing I can you or advice, put up security system! One that is recorded at a separate location and not hardwired into your home. Because once they are aware its there, they simply flip your breakers. And while your out working, shopping, whatever and they're stalking you, there ARE others, at that moment IN YOUR HOME!!
I have been violated in every way you can think. My animals abused and tormented. My possessions taken apart, haphazardly put back together. And the one stalking you will ALWAYS be the phone, talking, giving up dates as to your happenings. And nine times out of ten, its always someone different in their group stalking you at any given time. There is a gang of them. So they swop vehicles between themselves. And I can also tell you dear, they live close. Very close to you. Within a block or less.
I wish I could tell you how to stop it. I moved. Left the curupt county that had been my home for 20+ yrs. Even after initiating a R.I.C.O.investigation things got worse so I left. Unanounced. No notice. Packed a few things,left the rest and moved counties away. And within one month it had begun here. The only thing I'd say, security system! Booby traps!!! You, because law enforcement will do nothing, YOU have to catch them. And there is so many you'll never pin point just one of them. YOU have to find a way to catch them. Almost six yrs. 6 yrs I have been subjected to this. I need a lottery winning for maintaining my sanity and NoT having a record of my own now.
I wish I could tell you more. Please be safe. I wish you well.
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