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Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #1 
Do you think ex-military narcotics officers, drug task force, DEA, FBI & CIA agents spend years studying in college to successfully finish all phases of the rigorous in-depth hiring process all so that a high school drop out, drug abuser, paid informant can make hundreds of thousands of dollars & in some cases even millions of dollars on the streets without them getting their cut? This is Shanton "Shan" CassellDEA paid informants $20.9 million from the forfeiture program. Read this Washington Post article:
3238130.png Shanton “Shan” Cassell is a 46 year old black man from Cleveland, Ohio. Shanton “Shan" Cassell dropped out of Shaw High School in 1990s he still became a success living in a $200,000 home in Pickerington, Ohio, after years of working as a federal informant outside of Columbus, Ohio for federal agents who are Grand Wizards (KKK). Like most hood nigga's & upper class back Americans, I'm sure Shanton didn't know the federal agents were Grand Wizards (KKK) & didn't care as long as it was something in it for Shanton "Shan" Cassell. Since Shanton "Shan" Cassell was in his late teens & early 20's Shan has sold crack cocaine to black people. Do you really think Shan give two fucks about framing innocent black people or setting up black people in the game? What's funny is that Shanton & his wife Kizzy Cassell are celebrated by black people because they host parties & they can afford a home & a luxury lifestyle that most black people admire & respect.  

Shan is the ‘Spades King’ & over a game of Spades & a half pound of marijuana can control any room.

Some people say Shanton may have been a local or state informant as far back as the 90's, I don't know about that but I'm 100% sure Shanton did work as a federal informant.

People think there's suppose to be some kind of court scene where Shanton testify against people, in most cases people take the plea deal. The feds will arrest several people close to the person their informants is setting up & possibly try & get one of them to snitch. People can talk from prison & word can get around real quick so most times they try & push a plea deal so informants don't have to testify.

Shanton "Shan" Cassell was convicted in 2002 & was suppose to serve 5 years in prison for a drug charge & possible gun charge that nobody is talking about. We are 100% sure... without a doubt that Shanton 'Shan' Cassell was out of prison when people thought he was in prison back in 2004. Even if Shanton had filed for a judicial early release in 2003 Shanton wouldn't be out after only serving a year & a half on a 5 year mandatory sentence. 

Without a doubt Shan was in Cali up by UCLA in Westwood California & in the LA area in 2005 working as a federal informant. We know without a doubt Shanton "Shan" Cassell was in Austin Texas around University of Texas in 2006 working as a federal informant. 

We know Shanton & the feds were stalking Shanton  cousin around...without his cousin knowing it. We know Shanton was stalking his cousin in 2004 in Cali without his cousin knowing it & in Texas in 2005 & 2006 without his cousin knowing it. We know after his cousin found out they had him incarcerated without being charged of a crime in several different states.

Matter of fact, Let’s help get this couple on Dr. Phil so the true can come out. What you do in the dark will come to Light.

Dr. Phil should invite the famous federal informant, Shanton “Shan” Cassell & his wife, Kizzy Cassell on the show & have Shanton take a polygraph test. Ask the informant, Shanton “Shan” Cassell a few questions like how long has he worked as a federal informant & how many people helped him? Who are the corrupt state & federal agents that Shan worked for?

How many people did Shanton befriend & than have set-up & incarcerated without them knowing it was Shanton “Shan” Cassell & others?

How many people have Shanton “Shan” Cassell lied to & made believe that his cousin, Anthony Smith, was on drugs, crazy, gay & other lies so people want respect him? How many fights have Shanton tried to get Anthony Smith into?

Shanton & Anthony have not spoken since 2002 so why was Shanton & the feds stalking Anthony Smith from state to state in 2004-2006 when Shanton was suppose to be in prison serving 5 years?

We know Anthony Smith do not use drugs but how many times have Shanton “Shan” Cassell smoked crack cocaine mixed in marijuana? How many cars have Shan stolen?

How many lies has Shanton told his wife Kizzy?

How many children do Shanton really have?

Shan & his wife have becom creative in coming up with different way to wash money to pay for that mortgage. The BBQ restaurant is one of those business they’re using. Shanton & Kizzy Cassell will be moving into a million dollar home because Kizzy is a master at washing that money. Like her events she host & I heard she even exploit kids by hosting kids fashion shows. Shanton “Shan" Cassell is a successful federal informant. They co-own Trophys Barbque in Columbus, Ohio. 

I do not have a problem with law enforcement & I do not support criminals. In the prison system, county, state & federal prisons, a lot of the hardest & most respected inmates can be snitches. In the prison system inmates can put the rumor that someone is a snitch based on a fight they had or because they may not like that person. Again, everyone in prison is trying to get out of prison. Everyone in poverty is trying to get out of poverty & everybody with a family is trying to provide for their families.

Informants, snitches, are winning. Why do I say that? Because informants, snitches, can always say my FICO score is this, my home is worth that. I own this business or I drive this car & I have these people, organizations, or this men & women fraternal organization that will vouch for them.
What do the person calling them an informant have? Nothing, and law enforcement will see to that. 
DEA paid informants $20.9 million from the forfeiture program. Read this Washington Post article:

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #2 
Framing Innocent People

This go on more than what people think & it's not just police officers that frame innocent Black people. Law enforcement also have Black informants that frame innocent Black people. In the state of Ohio a Black informant framed over 15 innocent people & they all took a plea deal instead of taking their case to trial. Why? Because if they went to trial they would have been facing 10 to 15 years...so they took the plea deal. Mind u...taking the plea deal meant that the state informant & the DEA agent that set them all up didn't have to testify. Not until one defendant refuse to take the plea deal so they sent him to a mental institution...his attorney fought to have him moved back to the state prison. During this time it was an investigation into the state informant, Jerrell Bray, cases & one of those cases involved the one man out of the 15 people that refused to take the plea deal.

The informant I’m speaking about is Jerrell Bray that operated in Cleveland, Ohio, Mansfield, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio & other parts of Ohio. Jerrell Bray may be dead…but before he died Jerrell Bray did several interviews with the Cleveland Plain Dealer during his trial. Jerrell Bray admitted to the press that he was able to frame people & send innocent Black people to prison & the DEA knew about it. Jerrell Bray would also set-up people to be arrested in order to take over their drug distribution. Make no mistake about it…Jerrell Bray was rolled around in luxury cars & that meant black & white people ran their mouth & since Jerrell Bray worked with a white DEA agent than white people especially liked him.

U.S. Attorney Greg White sought the release of over 15 people from prison that were serving time for crimes they didn’t commit because of Jerrel Bray.

I don’t think people understand how serious this was…it got so easy for Jerrell Bray to frame innocent people that Jerrell Bray lied on a woman because she didn’t wanna date him. Jerrell Bray said this woman was connected to a distribution trafficking ring…but she wasn’t. The DEA believed Bray & she was incarcerated in a state prison...like the other innocent people she took the plea deal because she was facing 10 to 15 years in the hands of a judge & jury & like the others she couldn’t pay for a good attorney. She lost her kids & her place of residents & everything she owned. Jerrell Bray admitted this to the Cleveland Plain Dealer news paper.

Jerrell Bray also tried to set-up the DEA agent he worked with claiming that the DEA agent knew he was lying & was helping him set-up innocent Black people. The DEA agent that was working with Jerrell Bray said during trial that Jerrell Bray was unreliable & suffered from mental illnesses…than why work with Jerrell Bray for all those years if he was crazy? Why arrest that many people based on Jerrell Bray being the source if Jerrell Bray was unreliable & suffered from mental illnesses? Of course the DEA agent was found not guilty…even after the DEA agent boss & other DEA agents testified against him. If the DEA was found guilty than all 15 people that was set-up by Jerrell Bray could than sue the United States of America instead of a civil rights lawsuits against the DEA agent Lucas.

When I speak about informants (snitches)…I’m not supporting criminals & I’m not anti-law enforcement…but there are law enforcement that are using illegal tactics & abusing tax payers money by stalking innocent people & using the community to suppress people from achieving opportunities based on the decision of state & federal informants.

Here’s the article about Jerrell Bray

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #3 
Anthony Smith is still willing to take a polygraph test about being incarcerated without being charged & being set-up by racist federal agents, U.S. Marshals, & federal informants and among other things. The stories & rumors are still being spread.

Someone care to explain, if Anthony Smith suffers from  mental illnesses than why don't Anthony Smith take medication? Anthony Smith never had a prescription for mental illness medication. Never had to take medication before or after that time at Bridgewater State Hospital when they were trying to make Anthony Smith appear to suffer from a mental illness because he knew about federal informants from Ohio.

Anthony Smith have not been in a fight in almost a decade,but let the rumors tell it, Anthony Smith was suppose to have been shot at beat up & chased & beat-up by white supremacist groups, none of that is true. Neither is the gay, closet bisexual rumors, the STD rumors, the small penis rumors, the pedophile rumors, none of that is true either. I'm not going to go down the list of lies but no Anthony Smith was never raped in prison or sexually touched in prison. Hell...Anthony Smith was never in a real physical fight in prison.    

Anthony Smith only use to smoke marijuana but have not smoked marijuana in over 13 years so I do not know where the drug addiction rumors are coming from.   

No Anthony Smith is not looking to run some kind of con job on people, especially not women. Now spread some more
rumors. No Anthony Smith is not famous & have done nothing to have people notice his face. Surely, not because of a blog. Not unless people have spent money to try & make Anthony Smith face famous in a negative way. Surely, not the federal government is spending tax payers money to try & humiliate Anthony Smith for telling the true on this blog.

So if this go back to 2004 or a lil' further back, than how much money was spent to try & humiliate Anthony Smith & in how many states? Damn! All of this just because Anthony Smith know about some high ranking federal informants from Ohio, some are not mentioned in this post because it's not 100% sure. Do you know what's funny? Anthony Smith would not have known about the federal informants if the federal informants did not stalk him & have him set him up by using racist federal agents.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #4 
Under the The Attorney General’s Guidelines on the Asset Forfeiture Program state & federal informants have The ability to directly profit from seized property. There’s a lot of  documents that show the Feds give informants, none of them trained law enforcement agents, reason to seek cash, cars, and property. Money flowing to informants isn't watched that closely by the agency. Take a look at the Guidelines On Seized And Forfeited Property click-> https://www.justice.gov/jm/jm-9-118000-ag-guidelines-seized-and-forfeited-property

Many people think Informants snitch by testifying in a court against people, that’s not always the case. Successful informants help state & federal law enforcement build cases against people by building trust & respect from people who are in the game. 99.9% of the time people will take a plea deal so informants want have to testify. A lot of federal informants don’t work in cities they live in so they have to be vouched for & have a street name to be respected in other states.

80% of the property that the federal government seeks to forfeit is pursued through civil asset forfeiture. And although forfeiture is intended as punishment for illegal activity, over 80% of the people whose property is seized under civil law are never even charged with a crime according to one study of over 500 federal cases.

DEA Paid Millions to Confidential Informants Who Could No Longer Be Trusted. https://reason.com/2016/10/04/dea-confidential-informants-money


I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #5 
A venue, owned by the federal informant Shanton "Shan" Cassell, wife, Kizzy Cassell, was taking deposit money after  Cassell was evicted from the venue’s building at 4177 East Broad Street. Don't believe me? Here's the news article. https://www.10tv.com/article/whitehall-wedding-venue-closes-without-warning 

Kizzy Cassell now operate Pink Roses, a non profit organization that strives to empower girls and young women to be strong, confident, and conscience of the power they hold within. They host fashion shows for kids in Columbus, Ohio, New York & Atlanta GA,.  

This is the news article about Kizzy Cassell from Columbus, Ohio.


Just days after Amy Green’s boyfriend popped the question, her mother Charlene Green, began planning her dream wedding.

“I was just so excited for her,” Charlene told 10tv news.

Charlene served as the eyes and ears in Columbus while the bride and her fiancé lived in Charlotte. The first order of business for the family -- selecting a venue

Upon recommendation from a family friend, they decided to book with Regin Event Venue in Whitehall. The venue, owned by Kizzy Cassell, was booked to hold both the ceremony and the reception.

“We found this venue fit our needs and offered everything we needed.”

After paying the $900 deposit Charlene and the bride-to-be continued planning for their big day set for April of 2018.

Charlene says it wasn’t long they paid Cassell that communication stopped and portions of the website were removed.

According to court documents, just days Charlene and Amy paid the deposit, Cassell was evicted from the venue’s building at 4177 East Broad Street.

“I just lost trust after what has happened with Kizzy,” Charlene said.

This family said they don’t expect to receive a refund and the search is now on for a new venue.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #6 
Anthony Smith can take a polygraph test to these facts that  Shanton "Shan" Cassell is an informant. 

This is Anthony Smith


This goes out to the snitch, Shanton "Shan" Cassell. Anthony Smith never asked Shanton for nothing! Anthony Smith never hustled with Shanton & Shanton & Anthony Smith have not spoken since 2002.

Shanton, your life experiences is your life experiences,  smoking crack & weed, stealing cars, maybe your life experiences, being rushed to the hospital after being beat-up, those are Shanton life experiences.

Anthony Smith do not use Churches, peoples faith in religion & organizations, fraternities & sororities to gain trust to be vouched for, like some people. It's not Anthony Smith job to be liked by everyone & to gain trust & kinship to deceive for Anthony Smith personal gain. 


Shanton "Shan" Cassell used the Feds & U.S. Marshals to help  him stalk & ruin Anthony Smith life from 2004-2006 in several different states, like Cali, up at UCLA in 2005 & Texas, in Austin Texas, around University of Texas.

Anthony Smith had no felonies at the time & the feds tried to incarcerate Anthony Smith several times in several different states without charging him of a crime, that mean they were monitoring Anthony Smith.

Anthony Smith wasn’t on drugs,  didn’t have a past history of suffering from a mental illness, never worked as an informant or for the government or law enforcement, Anthony Smith is not a racist or a militant person or a threat to himself or others, but defend himself.

Anthony Smith can take a polygraph test to these facts that  Shanton "Shan" Cassell is an informant. Shanton Father, Shanton "Tobey" Smith, was a funeral home driver.

Anthony Smith & Shanton Cassell has never given each other Shanton guns or sold each other drugs or stole cars together.

Anthony Smith never smoked crack, coke, coke with marijuana like Shanton "Shan" Cassell. Anthony Smith never used coke or any other hard drugs. Hell, Anthony Smith have not smoked marijuana in over 10 years. Anthony Smith don't owe Shanton 'Shan" Cassell anything or any of his other family members. Anthony Smith never stole anything from any family member or friend. 

Anthony Smith do not steal cars, Anthony Smith do not steal people stuff & sell it, Anthony Smith under stand the lies to the lodges & public because of what he knows. 

So what rumors will they put on Anthony Smith next? Child molester? Anthony Smith has never molested a child or anyone else. Anthony Smith has never touched a family member sexually, I cannot believe I'm even going over this bullshit, but Anthony Smith can & will take a polygraph test to everything.           

Before Shanton got married, Shanton was caught several times telling lies that happened to Shanton as if it happened to Anthony Smith. Even tho Anthony Smith & Shanton Cassell have not spoken since 2002. It's been prove that Shanton Cassell stalked Anthony Smith outside of Ohio & drove up on Anthony Smith, not getting out of the car, but pulling off like this is some kind of game. 

Like Anthony Smith is suppose to chase down Shanton car or jump on the car. By the way, these are government seized cars Shanton & other informants would use. 

Shanton never sold drugs to Anthony Smith so why try & pretend like he's selling drugs to Anthony Smith in states outside of Ohio? Shanton have tried to act like he was Anthony Smith dealer. 

Shanton can get women & men high on weed & try & slip them some crack mixed in the weed & tell them stories about Anthony Smith as much as we want. I get it, as an informant Shanton "Shan" Cassell life is based on buying people and lies, and deception. Nobody can stop you Shanton from pulling everybody else in your drama, but you know what you are & nothing can change who you are Shanton. 

Shanton stay out of Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, ATL, Florida, Carolina, Chi-Town, Cali, Kentucky, Virginia, Nashville, Tennessee, Jamaica, the Caribbean. Stay a snitch in Ohio, play pool in Ohio, play spades in Ohio, eat in Ohio, go to car shows in Ohio, be a snitch in Ohio Shan.  

By the way, Happy B-Day to the snitch Shanton "Shan" Cassell this August. Shanton will be 47 years old & an "Old G" of snitches, "The Grandfather of snitches."

This is an old photo of Shan


Over the years, Shanton think because Shanton is working as a federal informant, Shanton can go into lodges & Shanton can run Anthony Smith off university campuses by using the federal government & the university police departments, undergrads & faculty & staff, they can run Anthony Smith off because Anthony Smith like to research & work on some things he don't have to discuss. I have to admit & respect the power of the federal government &  the number of state & federal informants from all walks of life, including a lot of Black men, white men, Black women, white women, Asians, Black men, young Black people. They can change you in public & make you known  without you knowing that people are noticing you.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #7 
Look, this is easy, from Don Diva Magazine to the New York Times, offer to pay Shanton "Shan" Cassell a million dollars to take a polygraph test to answer one question asked, "Shanton Cassell, have you ever worked as a paid informant?" I know Anthony Smith can take that polygraph test for free.    

I cannot stress this enough, Anthony Smith has not spoken to Shanton Cassell since 2002 & before that for about 5 years. Anthony Smith has never hustled with Shanton Cassell & never gave Shanton Cassell any guns & Shanton Cassell has never hustled with Anthony Smith & never gave Anthony Smith any guns. Anthony Smith has never sold Shanton Cassell drugs & Shanton Cassell has never sold Anthony Smith drugs. 

Anthony Smith don't owe Shanton Cassell anything & never asked Shanton Cassell for money & was was never jealous of Shanton "Shan" Cassell. "Shan The Godfather of Snitching!" Because Anthony Smith research & spend time on university campuses, that is no reason for Shanton Cassell to use the feds to use university detectives & police department & white supremacist groups & Black fraternities & organizations to spread rumors & gossip throughout the students body across America & communities in states across America. All because state & federal informants was out to ruin Antony Smith opportunities? Shanton Cassell is not the only prominent, influential, informant from Ohio that Anthony Smith know about. Shanton Cassell is the only one Anthony Smith is 100% about. 

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #8 
We know what this is about...right? 

Centre County ran this article about Anthony Smith receiving a trespass on Penn State University campus. They ran it like Anthony Smith was stealing from Physics labs & that Anthony Smith had stolen keys & credit cards.   

What’s funny is that Anthony Smith wasn’t walking in & out of labs & was actually sitting in a visitors empty office space on his laptop when Penn State police entered. What’s even more funny is that Anthony Smith had been doing this for on & off for over a year & nobody said anything to him about. So this wasn't the first day & Anthony Smith was caught. Anthony Smith would heat up his food & use his laptop & leave.  

The keys was left on the desk in the empty office spaces. There was only two keys. What else that's not being mentioned is that Anthony Smith actually found in the Physics & Mathematics department several students cell phones, wallets, along with scientific calculators, and turned them into lost & found. So Anthony Smith actually found the visa credit card, that was worth nothing, & the Costco membership card, that was also worth nothing, in the supermarket parking lot & was going to turn it into lost & found. Again, neither of the cards had no value & there's no Costco in State College, not one! So how was Anthony Smith going to use that card that’s wroth nothing? 

Sure, it was a trespass, Anthony Smith using an empty visitor office space that's across the street from the student center that was full of students & not too many places to sit. They also didn't mention that Anthony Smith use to cut Penn State University students hair & that it's only two Black barbershops in State College, Pa.    

Anthony Smith actually had been in the Astrophysics department many times because they host Astronomy viewing that's open to the public. So this wasn't the first time. If you can see Anthony Smith folders, and books on his laptop, you would understand that it's been an interest in STEM long before Anthony Smith came to State College. They don't wanna mention that are the many books in Anthony Smith MacBook Pro that's about STEM research. Anthony Smith actually worked under the Chief engineer in the late 90's, but that's another story. 

This is one case out of the many cases that Anthony Smith can take a polygraph test about. They still over charging Anthony Smith because Anthony Smith is po'. We not gonna mention the over $ 2,000 in restitution the Common Wealth is making Anthony Smith is being asked to pay, even tho there was no damage to property & no one was hurt & no property of any value was stolen.

This one university put down the screw driver Anthony Smith use to take off his clippers & liners to clean them properly & to make sure they are tight as a criminal tool & the laptop as stolen property, even tho Anthony Smith laptop has been checked for almost a half a decade by other police departments & was also even checked by the United States U.S. Marshals.  

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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