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I've been gang stalked for almost a year now and I've learned alot about what they do (The gang stalkers) and how they do it, but still haven't come up with why. The agents or government gang stalkers use intimidation techniques by following and harassing by using common civilian vehicles and driving nearby while using something called blasters to send messages to the targeted individual. These attempted subliminal messages usually threats, lies, or perverted suggestions are easily noticed by the target because the target is aware of the stalking but to anyone else it could pass as an annoying noise. I've made a point to spread the word about this so we can work together to stop this. The community gang stalking is from what I've gathered, a product of gang stalking itself. When you see someone being harassed and slandered daily by someone nobody knows then you'd want to find out why and try to help them, right? That's how they rope people in to doing this for free. Even kind words from a stranger you can't ever find is harassment and gangstalking. I stand my ground and hunt them with whatever tools I aquire. I've been harassed by these monsters around all my friends and family. For a long time I even tried to convince myself it wasn't real. A small black two door Tesla drove past my families house one day and it's blaster was saying "Alright then we're gonna put guns to you dawg." I hopped fences and followed the car through the cul-de-sac and watched who came out from a neighbors backyard fence. It was a really short old man who from the looks of him, in any situation would not say that to anyone. So why, then? I can hear the blasters from the road at three a.m. and in great numbers. It seems like they don't even bother to hide anymore. If you can relate or know something's that maybe I don't then write back. We have to work together to stop this. 33

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I have been gang stalked, harassed, gas-lighted, and physically and psychologically assaulted for over twenty-five years.
Via my own research, I discovered that my father in law was a Freemason, and his wife was a member of the Eastern Star. I was also informed, by sources, that the motive was research and money, and that the predators are linked to high ranking prominent masonic politicians.
During my experimentation I have been subjected to several lethal heavy metal poisonings, including radioactive isotopes such as uranium, cesium, and erbium. As well as lethal exposure to refrigerant and other poisonous gasses in my apartment.
These stalking groups have stalked me to countless apartments, tresspassing signaturesignature locks and security alarm systems. Each time I was not able to prove it, and the police informed me "you cannot do anything about this" my locksmith telling me "you don't need a lock you need a Lawyer" the alarm system specialist informing me "what are you still doing in this Country?"

I have depleted my savings to stay safe, and I am now on social assistance, and I been diagnosed with a psychological problem, together with a multitude of health issues due to years of constant environmental intoxications from apartment to apartment.

These stalkers have destroyed me physically and financially, However, I will not give up speaking the truth, as the truth may save another life from falling into the same abyss.

Much success in you endeavors to fight these deceitful and evil gang stalkers.
Antonietta Berardelli
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Antonietta Berardelli
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