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LOL...as in what's trending in FBI created news

Never saw a headline saying " FBI seeks peaceful end to
occupy movement"

Back in the 1940's through today more than half
the membership of the American Communist Party
were taxpayer funded FBI informants.

Oklahoma City bombing celebrity Timothy McVeigh was a FBI

1st 1993 World Trade Center bombing organizer Ahmed Salem was
a FBI informant.

2008 Mumbai attack organizer David Headley was a FBI informant.

The Omargh bombing in Ireland also had a FBI informant David Rupert.

Yes the San Bernadino shooters were white.

How dull life would be without FBI agents who are kept in business
with our taxes, eh?

couple of stories


Jan 4 2016, 11:44 am ET


FBI Seeks 'Peaceful' End to Armed Standoff at Oregon Federal Building

The FBI was leading efforts Monday to bring a "peaceful" end to a standoff with armed protesters who occupied a federal building in rural Oregon.

The group seized the remote Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters Saturday after splintering off from a larger protest about ranchers' rights in the small town of Burns.


FBI Occupy Wall Street Memos Skip Infiltration Of Occupy Cleveland
Jan 8, 2013 - Shaquille Azir, ex-con, bank robber, forger, passer of bad checks, and FBI informant, first visited Occupy Cleveland the night the activists were ...
"Occupy" Movement Was Infiltrated By FBI Informant In Cleveland ...
May 1, 2012 - 5/2 UPDATE: FBI's confidential informant is unmasked. The federal probe that resulted last night in the arrest of five purported anarchists for ...
FBI Withheld Details of Assassination Plot of Occupy ... - AnonHQ
Feb 16, 2015 - The Occupy Houston Movement is said to be a subsidiary group of a ... the FBI's withholding of the names of the informants, claiming there is no ...
FBI Withheld Details of Assassination Plot of Occupy Houston ...
Feb 15, 2015 - The FBI was right to withhold records about an alleged murder plot targeting the ... Plot of Occupy Houston Movement to Save Informants ...
the FBI, the Private Sector, and the Monitoring of Occupy Wall Street
May 24, 2013 - The FBI Houston information related to the "exploitation" of Occupy ... business sector "tripwire" informants were utilized in the Gainesville area ...
Meet the Guy Who Snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI - Gawker
Oct 15, 2011 - The Occupy Wall Street protests have been going on for a month. And it seems ... In a phone interview with us, Ryan denied being an informant.
Cleveland Occupy arrests are the latest in FBI's pattern of ...
http://www.theguardian.com › US News › FBI
May 28, 2012 - It appears the Occupy Wall Street movement is now worthy of the ... all with the help of the FBI informant dispatched to infiltrate the movement.
Sting nets 5 FBI says plotted to bomb bridge near Cleveland ...
May 1, 2012 - "The Occupy Movement is a social movement rooted in compassion ... refer to several conversations secretly recorded by the FBI informant in ...
Hacker-Informant "Sabu" Betrayed Anonymous – And ... - Occupy.com
May 28, 2014 - Anonymous condemned the court's decision, saying the FBI uses captured informants to "pacify online dissent and snuff out journalistic ...
Brandon Darby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Darby started working as an FBI informant in November 2007, which Darby ... that the Occupy Wall Street movement is violent, and was organized with the ...

Posts: 8,736
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also available here in Braille


up to our necks
January 3, 2016 Uncategorized Saudi Arabia, Israel, 9/11, Iran, Hilary, Russia, Bundy, Europe, Islam, gun control, Waco, Malheur, Hammonds, Oath Keepers, 3%, Codrea, Oregon wildlife refuge, affluenza, the CIA and Ukraine, skyscrapers, flash riots and crowd psychology, the spark        

up to our necks

Like it or not, we’re all in it up to our necks.

Tweet, Posted by David Codrea at 1/03/2016 07:26:00 PM


“Armed protesters, including three sons of a Nevada rancher who battled with the government in 2014, vowed to occupy a federal building in Oregon for ‘as long as it takes,’ as state and federal officials on Sunday sought to defuse the situation,” Fox News, among others, is reporting. It’s a dangerous situation some of us have been following since yesterday’s takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters following a protest in support of rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven.

The Hammonds were convicted of arson after a fire they said they started on their property to burn off wildfire-threatening invasive species inadvertently spread onto federal land, consuming 139 acres. The government charged they were covering up evidence of poaching, and the jury bought the prosecution’s arguments. A new controversy arose after it was ruled the trial court sentence was not harsh enough, and Chief Judge Ann Aiken of the United States District Court for the District of Oregon tacked on an additional five years.

“The Hammond family does not want an armed standoff, and nobody has a right to force one on them,” Oath Keepers told its members. “Since Dwight and Steven Hammond, through their attorney, have made it clear they intend to turn themselves in and serve out the additional time, Oath Keepers cannot, and will not, try to interfere with that decision (peaceable assembly and protest is, of course, fine, but going beyond that against their wishes is not).”

“The 3% of Idaho, 3% of Oregon, The Oregon Constitutional Guard, and PPN organizations in no way condone nor support these actions,” the 3% of Oregon declared in a Facebook press release. “They do not mirror our vision, mission statement, or views in regards to upholding the Constitution, The Rule of Law, or Due Process.”

Also complicating matters for the protesters, some of the locals are scared. And the ranchers at the heart of the dispute, through their lawyer, declared they have nothing to do with the takeover.

Ammond Bundy disagrees with Oath Keepers, says the Hammonds distancing themselves has been coerced after government threats, and has put out a call for people to come to Oregon and support his actions. So now what we have is a serious split between those who do not agree with Bundy’s methods, and an angry backlash against anyone speaking out against his actions, with plenty of name-calling going in both directions.

That schism has to please those who benefit from an opportunity to “divide and conquer,” and that’s very apparent on social media. But here’s the thing — even if you are someone who opposes the action, you’re still affected by it. Like it or not, we’re all in it up to our necks.

That’s because the monopoly of violence “progressives” will use the Oregon occupation to tar everyone who believes in the right to keep and bear arms as an “insurrectionist,” an “extremist” and a “domestic terrorist.” That will be extended to mainstream groups like NRA, always a convenient media punching bag. And the smear job won’t be limited to gun rights defenders. Expect it to cover anyone who espouses “conservative” values. And expect attacks on the Republicans, especially on the presidential candidates.

Don’t be surprised to see some in the GOP reconsider how committed they’re willing to be opposing Obama’s anticipated executive orders. And don’t’ be surprised to see the administration looking to emergency powers to deal not just with the Oregon situation, but to do whatever they think they can get away. Don‘t be surprised to see Democrats, gun-grabber groups and the press cheering it on.

There are still plenty of unknowns, including how many people are actually at the wildlife refuge, and what it is that would induce them to depart. When questioned by CNN, Ammon Bundy spoke in general terms, making it sound like nothing less than the dismantling of the federal Leviathan is what it will take. His colleague John Ritzenheimer sounded more fatalistic, in what could be characterized as a “goodbye” video message to his family.

So what are the administration’s options? Assuming functionaries had their New Years weekends cut short, you can bet they‘re focus-grouping and war-gaming, and weighing scenarios and options. You can also bet special tactical teams are on alert, if not on their way — and if DOJ approaches this as domestic terrorism, the feds will totally marginalize the local sheriff.

They could talk the guys down, although from the rhetoric of the takeover leaders and Bundy’s conviction that he is carrying out the Lord’s will, that doesn’t sound likely. If they do come out, don’t expect the Justice Department to show leniency.

They could lay siege and wait them out, turn off all power and water, and see if a week or two might soften some resolve. On the other hand, depending on how many answer Bundy‘s call, the enforcers could find the greater cause for their concern is amassing outside their perimeter.

The third option would be to go full Waco, making sure the media is kept back so the narrative could be whatever they wanted to put out through a spokesman. It’s been done before.

That’s why an analysis by Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog is important for the government (and for all of us) to understand, so that people with access to decision-makers know, in no uncertain terms, the precipitous situation a brutal reaction will produce — for everyone.

If things blow up in Oregon, things could quickly get out of control everywhere, and while we can only imagine what that will look like, the certainty is things would be ugly and prolonged. The government will act and affected people who will not comply will react. It’s an incredibly dangerous situation, where a shot, whether intentional or an “accidental” discharge — and it may not even matter which “side” fires it — could be the “Time’s up” spark that changes all the rules.

Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook



[Ed.: Watching the first part
of Scott Noble’s documentary film Plutocracy: Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule) last night after I posted, I was struck by the notion that, in at least one case of confrontation, no one knew who fired that fateful first shot. The same was true at Lexington.

More than one person has speculated about the presence of an “agent provocateur”, a paid actor (novel idea, no?), whose sole purpose was to provide the ignition.

I commend the film to you.

I must point out, though, having spent time there, that the name of the county noted, the location of the state capital and a major seat of political involvement in the coal wars, is not “con-a-wha”, but “/kəˈnɔː/ kə-naw or /kəˈnɔːə/ kə-naw-ə”.]


From earlier today:

http://waronguns.blogspot.com/2016/01/oregon-standoff-report.html (David Codrea)







[Ed.: Smells like Federal infilitration and COINTELPRO from over on the East Coast.]


Renewing his emphasis on the need for more gun restrictions, President Obama on Thursday will participate in a live televised town hall meeting to discuss gun violence in America, according to the White House.




See realtime coverage




“… While the Bundy’s stand against the Federal government should be applauded, there is something to be said for picking ones battles, as Karl Denninger notes:

There’s an old saying that I’ve heard many times before — if you think it’s time to take a stand grab your rifle and head out the front door. If you’re the only one out there it’s not time.

The question now is how far the Bundy’s are willing to take this? We can be 100% certain that the multiple federal agencies involved are more than willing to kill to ensure compliance with Federal law…..”





“The Rise of the Regressives.” Everybody involved in this is beneath contempt.

“A generation of failed politicians has trapped the west in a tawdry nightmare”

“Slouching Toward Global Disaster” Marred by the total lack of judgment in the words “even the most optimistic scenario that brings Hillary Clinton to the White House”.

“Cameron, Osborne and Murdoch back together at mogul’s Christmas knees-up”

“The Misinformation Mess” (Parry)

“Recep Erdoğan: First as Tragedy; second, Farce; third as… Monty Python” “Does Erdogan really intend to eliminate all Kurds from Turkey?” “Erdogan’s ‘Kurdish Disaster’ in the Making”

Bonus points for the fact that Biden’s son has a big seat at the trough!: “Corruption in Ukraine is so bad, a Nigerian prince would be embarrassed”. Maiden remorse in the most awkwardly named ‘country’ in the world, Nudelman-Kaganistan: “Gallup: Ukrainians Loathe the Kiev Government Imposed by Obama”.

The great mystery of the day seems to be the universal simultaneous collapse of professionalism and even marginal competence in politics in the West.

“The tale of a mysterious mound of Iraqi cash seized at the border, and the oddball cast that’s fighting for it” Christian Zionists, who are full of amusing surprises, are speculating in some of the worthless dinars no doubt ‘liberated’ by American soldiers/mercenaries from occupied Iraq.

“Star-Crossed Lovers’ Tale Banned from Israeli Schools”

“Russia Vindicated by Terrorist Surrenders in Syria”

“Surreal: West Mourns Death of Al Qaeda Collaborator in Syrian Airstrike”

“Spying On The Internet Is Orders Of Magnitude More Invasive Than Phone Metadata” It seems we have been misdirected.

“ISIS New Years Eve Terror Plot Story Is Totally Bogus” No more bogus than all the rest of them but the FBI is getting sloppy and arrogant in releasing too many of the ridiculously damning details.

AT 1/03/2016 09:16:00 AM


Obama gave military weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, and also to Mexican drug criminals through the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking program, but think law-abiding American citizens should be disarmed, and defend their homes by calling for the police, who can take anywhere from 15-22 minutes to respond to a 911 call, steal more from the American people than criminals do using civil forfeiture laws , and after being trained by Israel, murdered more innocent Americans last year than terrorists and mass shooters combined! What is wrong with this picture?






[Next week’s Q&A: How a small minority of the world’s people managed to insidiously wrest control of the known world.]

Posts: 8,736
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WaPo Columnist Claims Racial Double Standards In Oregon Standoff
Photo of Evan Gahr
Evan Gahr
Investigative Journalist
9:21 PM 01/05/2016

Self-righteousness buttressed by ignorance is a really annoying combination. Especially when interspersed with liberal race baiting.

Washington Post opinionmeister Eugene Robinson, who refuses to condemn the documented racial harassment of black subordinates by the white WaPo advertising VP who helps fund his job, acted like he had discovered another example of American bigotry Tuesday.

In his column, “The Oregon standoff and America’s double standards on race and religion,” Robinson rhetorically asked, “What do you think the response would be if a bunch of black people, filled with rage and armed to the teeth, took over a federal government installation and defied officials to kick them out? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be wait-and-see.

“Probably more like point-and

Posts: 8,736
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Can you identify the FBI informants
woring in the Bundy Militia group?

Federal Government Rethinks Closure of Office That Investigated Antigovernment Groups


When Daryl Johnson studied threats posed by antigovernment groups for Homeland Security, he was virtually ignored and criticized by conservatives, the New York Times reports.

So it was no surprise to Johnson when an armed group occupied a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon last week.

Johnson warned in a report about the growing antigovernment movement and the possibility that military veteran could “lead the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone-wolf extremists.”

Johnson’s office was shut down and his document was retracted.

But the tables have turned as Homeland Security struggles with identifying and foiling potential threats.

“The D.H.S. is scoffing at the mission of doing domestic counterterrorism,” Johnson said. “The same patterns that led to the growth of the antigovernment groups in the 1990s is being played out today. D.H.S. should be doing more.”

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January 13, 2016, 06:11 pm
Oregon Dem: Where is Justice Dept. in armed standoff?

More than a week into an armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in his state, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) wants the Justice Department to more aggressively go after the protesters.

“Well, the lights and the heat are on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge illegally occupied by ultra right-wing, anti-government extremists,” DeFazio said on the House floor Wednesday. “But you gotta wonder if the lights are on or anybody’s home down at the Justice Department.”

“Hello!” he yelled, waving his right hand. “I don’t think there’s anybody there.”

The FBI, which is housed within the Justice Department, is already working with local law enforcement to monitor the situation that began Jan. 2. But DeFazio argued that the Justice Department isn’t doing enough to deter people from staging armed protests against the federal government.

DeFazio suggested that Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who clashed with authorities over unpaid grazing fees on federal land in 2014, had encouraged his sons, who are currently leading the Oregon standoff.

“He stood down the government at the point of a gun and he’s still illegally grazing and nobody — nobody — at the Justice Department has seen fit to lift a finger against him. There’s no ongoing prosecution,” DeFazio said.

“It’s time for the Justice Department to take some actio

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The BLM's arms race on the range
The agency has armed up since 1978, but it's still outgunned without local backup.


Feb. 2, 2016 Fro

The agency began hiring rangers who thought of themselves more as police officers. “We brought in people who told their buddies in Border Patrol or wherever else, ‘Hey, come to the BLM, there’s a lot of kick-ass stuff going on here,’ ” says Martin.

The shift on the ground reflected changes at the top. In the wake of 9/11, the agency peeled away its special agents — who specialize in long-term investigations — from civilian field managers and put them under the command of a newly created director position, filled by Bill Woody, who had never worked for the BLM. The number of agents increased, sometimes drawn from the ranks of the FBI and other traditional law enforcement agencies. Today, the agency has 75 agents, up nearly 50 percent from a decade ago, while
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