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see link for full story on how FBI agents rig elections

Can you name the FBI agent who heads up the Corporate Security department at Diebold ?


Will the 2016 Primaries Be Electronically Rigged?
Thursday, 28 January 2016

(Photo: Voting Machine via Shutterstock)(Photo: Voting Machine via Shutterstock)

Truthout will never hide stories like this behind a paywall or subscription fee. Help us continue publishing free and uncensored news by making a donation today!

"You've heard the old adage 'follow the money.' I follow the vote, and wherever the vote becomes an electron and touches a computer, that's an opportunity for a malicious actor potentially to ... make bad things happen." — Steve Stigall, CIA cyber-security expert, in remarks to the US Election Assistance Commission

Primary election rigging in the coming weeks and months is all but assured if American voters and candidates don't take steps to prevent it now. Evidence that US voting systems are wide open to fraud and manipulation should be taken seriously in light of the unprecedented high-stakes elections we're facing.

Not in recent history have American voters been presented with such radically polarized candidates, forcing a crucial choice for the direction of our future, and possibly upending long-established centers of power.
Local fixers, insider operatives, rogue hackers and even foreign countries could all rig US elections electronically.

It's no secret that US primaries have been tightly controlled by the two ruling parties, usually to the benefit of their favored candidates. If this internal manipulation (some might call it rigging) is not publicly condoned, neither is it loudly condemned.

This year, however, the primary season is shaping up to be a battle royal between the political establishment and outsider insurgencies who are challenging the party elites and defying their usual filters, money and manipulations. And it seems all bets are off.

As a brazen Donald Trump kicks down the door of the GOP, tens of millions in super PAC dark cash has (so far) failed to buy the candidacy for a lackluster Jeb Bush. Accusations abound that Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stacked the deck for Hillary Clinton. Yet nothing - not even corporate media's censorship or outright hostility toward Bernie Sanders - has blunted his skyrocketing grassroots campaign.

You might ask: What is left, then, for the party powerful to ensure outcomes in 2016? Would any of them be so desperate as to actually rig the final vote count? Could they?

Indeed, they could.

But to be fair, so could a lot of other people. Local fixers, insider operatives, rogue hackers and even foreign countries could all rig US elections - in whole or part, in 50 states and most of the United States' 3,143 counties - electronically, and without detection.
Time and again, the beneficiaries of suspicious primary elections are establishment-favored candidates.

The potential for this vote-rigging cyberwar is the result of an ongoing crisis in US democracy - a silent coup of sorts. Over many decades, US elections have been quietly outsourced to a small group of private voting machine companies, some with extreme partisan ties and criminal records. They have now almost entirely replaced our publicly counted paper ballots with their secretly programmed, easily hacked electronic voting technology.

For example, the Diebold AccuVote-TS Touchscreen voting machine was recently analyzed by Princeton computer security professors. They found that malicious software running on a single voting machine can be installed in as little as one minute, spreading invisibly from machine to machine through a virus, while stealing votes with little risk of detection.

While recent laws have limited essential hand-counting audits - in some cases making them actually illegal - in 18 states voting machines are used that produce no paper ballot at all, making verification of the results impossible.

Threats to the 2016 Elections

In 2016, Americans will once again cast their votes into this lawless electronic void, and no, we can't solve the problem before these game-changing primary elections. But shining a light on our voting systems does make a difference - as does getting out to vote: Voter apathy and ignorance create the ideal conditions

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March 16 2016

Welcome our new sponsor

KY Jelly

Link du jour



J Edgar Hoover Alert
(coverup in progress)

2 stories



Hillary Clinton "was in complete shock and

disbelief at the thought of Foster committing suicide"
Ken Starr appeared to be enemy of HIllary Clinton

According to an FBI interview of James Rutherford, Hillary Clinton
"was in complete shock and disbelief at the thought of Foster
committing suicide."

"Of a thousand people who might commit suicide, I would never pick
Vince." Hillary Clinton, quoted in The New Yorker, The Suicide, by
Sidney Blumenthal, August 9, 1993.

"Also under suspicion for espionage was the president's wife, Hillary
Rodham Clinton, who may have been providing Foster with the sensitive
binders from the super-secret National Security Agency that Foster's
executive assistant testified he had." -James Norman, former Senior
Editor at Forbes

Webster Hubbell a close friend of Hillary and Foster said, "Don't
believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been."
Esquire, November 1993

"...Hillary Rodham Clinton, provided sworn testimony ...to the special
prosecutor about the death of a White House lawyer..." New York Times,
June 14, 1994

The report of the FBI interview of Tom Castleton contradicted
Hillary's testimony of when she last saw Vincent Foster.

Hillary's initial doubts were abandoned as she agreed with Kenneth
Starr, "...Starr had finally conceded that Vince Foster really had
committed suicide." Living History by Hillary Clinton

Chris Ruddy cast suspicion by falsely accusing the Clintons of keeping
the FBI out of the Foster death investigation.

"[I]ntelligence guys in the CIA...found names there that they
identified as being Foster and Hillary. They put them under
surveillance actually before they went to the White House. They had
been surveilling these [Swiss] accounts for a while, and when Foster
on July 1, 1993, bought a ticket to Geneva" -James Norman, former
senior editor of Forbes Magazine, Dec. 7, 1995

An FBI document and a handwritten note from the Office of Independent
Counsel refer to Foster and the Swiss bank account as mentioned above
by James Norman.

Foster cancelled a flight to Switzerland, with seats for two other
people, just before his death according to an Office of Independent
Counsel document.

An Office of Independent Counsel note lists the name of Robert Maxwell
along with the initials WLH, VF, HRC, (Webster Lee Hubbell, Vince
Foster, Hillary Clinton) and the word "Systematics."

Deborah L. Gorham testified to the Senate Special Committee that Vince
Foster had National Security Agency documents.

NewsMax, the conservative news media organization founded by Chris
Ruddy, donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. Ruddy rose to
fame writng about "Clinton scandals" and casting suspicion on Foster's

The morning after Vince Foster died President Clinton spoke to the
White House staff, "In the first place no one can know why this
happened. Even if you had a whole set of objective reasons, that
wouldn't be why it happened bcause you could get a different, bigger
more burdensome set of reasons that are on someone else in this room.
So what happened was a mystery about something inside of him...and I
hope when we remember him and this we'll be a little more anxious to
talk to each other and a little less anxious to talk outside our

Christopher Ruddy wrote, "Still other concerns might have influenced
the Foster family. For one thing, published reports claim or intimate
that Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton had a romantic affair." The
Strange Death of Vincent Foster, 1997

Others are asking, "Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian?"



Prosecutor in Pollard Spy Case Predicts Espionage Act Charges in
Clinton Email Probe
DiGenova expects FBI to recommend 'series of criminal charges'

Other News



Sheriff Says Most Rape Claims False, Rape Kits Unnecessary
Opposing Views-
... were harmful and stressed the need for education on sexual
assault, pointing out that only 33 percent of rape victims report
their attacks according to the FBI.

Did Apple just imply the NSA can hack iPhones?
BGR-1 hour ago
In a new court brief filed this week, Apple once again makes its case
that the FBI's request to force it to unlock the San Bernardino
shooter's iPhone 5c isn't ...
Story image for fbi from 9 to 5 Mac
Steve Wozniak says complexity of Apple Watch lineup 'worries' him ...
9 to 5 Mac-1 hour ago
Wozniak, who also gave a video interview for Reddit's new Formative
series, discussed things such as Tim Cook, Apple's battle with the
FBI, Apple Watch, and ...

Investigation into LaVoy Finicum's killing raises questions of FBI ...
The Guardian-


Jeanette Finicum, widow of rancher LaVoy Finicum who was killed by FBI
agents on 26 January, says she rejects that the shooting was
justified. “There's been a ...

Wednesday 16 March 2016 19.34 EDT
Last modified on Wednesday 16 March 2016 19.36 EDT

An official investigation into the fatal shooting of Oregon militia
leader LaVoy Finicum has raised questions about whether federal agents
lied about their actions and removed bullet casings from the scene,
adding to accusations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
engaged in a cover-up.

Evidence that FBI agents failed to disclose that they had fired shots
at Finicum and queries about whether critical evidence was removed
comes from the local Deschutes county sheriff’s office investigation,
lending credence to claims previous dismissed as conspiracy theories.
'We want Cliven free!': protesters make noise at scene of Bundy court

Finicum, a 54-year-old Arizona rancher and one of the leaders of the
rightwing militia that occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge, was shot
and killed by state troopers on a remote highway on 26 January. The
confrontation also resulted in the arrests of key protesters and
marked the beginning of the end of the 41-day standoff.

Further bolstering theories of evidence removal, law enforcement
sources told the Oregonian this week that they had seen an FBI video
that showed an agent appear to bend over twice and pick up something
near where the two shots likely occurred.

The sheriff’s office, responsible for investigating the shooting,
recently determined the shooting was justified and released close-up
footage of the final moments before Finicum exited his vehicle and was

From the start of the investigation, Finicum’s supporters across the
west have hailed him as a martyr for the conservative land-use rights
movement, arguing that the FBI planned and executed



March 16 2016

Wednesday, Mar 16th 2016 8PM 42°F 11PM 40°F 5-Day Forecast

Pentagon will pay $130,000 for homemade weapons: 'Improv' project plans to reveal how terrorists could turn household items into threats

US nationals can submit their idea to Darpa on March 30
Darpa is hoping to test prototypes and create countermeasures
Follows a rise in the use of off-the-shelf equipment to create weapons

Published: 15:13 EST, 16 March 2016 | Updated: 16:47 EST, 16 March 2016

If you think you can turn a toaster into a weapon, then the US military wants to hear from you.

Darpa has announced

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5 Reasons The Comey Hearing Was The Worst Education In Criminal Justice The American Public Has Ever Had
What America Saw on July 7th in No Way Resembles Our Justice System
07/07/2016 11:39 pm 23:39:05 | Updated 5 days ago
Seth Abramson
Attorney; Assistant Professor at University of New Hampshire; Poet; Editor, Best American Experimental Writing; Founder, #NewBlue.

Full disclosure: After graduating from Harvard Law School in 2001, I practiced criminal law in multiple jurisdictions over the following seven years, representing more than 2,000 criminal defendants in all. While I supported and voted for Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary, I’m aware that Sanders is likely to endorse Clinton next week and ― having voted for the Democrat in every election I’ve ever voted in ― I likewise plan to vote for Hillary Clinton if her major-party opponent is Donald Trump come November. So if your reaction to this article in any way depends on the theory that I’m something other than a lifelong Democrat who currently plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the fall, please reconsider that position.

Having said the above, and speaking as a long-time criminal attorney, what I heard discussed on July 7th, 2016 during FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress in no way resembles the criminal justice system I worked in as a public defender between 2000 and 2007. In representing more than 2,000 indigent defendants in multiple jurisdictions, neither the values nor practices I heard described by Director Comey were at all familiar to me. I feel compelled to speak out about this in part because Comey’s testimony before Congress coincides with the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile ― not to mention scores of other highly publicized shootings of unarmed black men by police officers ― and I have not yet seen anyone draw the conn

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Someone on the Green Party pulled some interesting links from the DNC wikileaks hack.

I haven't checked them yet but thought maybe others could.

Some interesting links...

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black woman's name.
DNC telling each other, "I love you too. no homo."
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a "rigged system." https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/8806
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin's office.
DNC being messed with by the Washington Examiner.
DNC discussing Hillary's policies as unfeasible.
$200k for a private dinner with Hillary.
Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.
Faking outrage and pasting in a video later.
A mole working inside of the Sanders campaign.
Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters.
Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits.
Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.
DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.
Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist.
Hillary funding 2 million dollars in a cooridanted campaign in battleground states to win back the Senate.
DNC is upset that their "allies" didn't send in protestors so they sent out interns.
"Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general."
$50,000 - Lawrence Benenson.
Daily Fundraising Report for the DNC.
Content & Social Strategy Discussion.
Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.
Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.
Fwd: State Dinner Countdown. https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/1901
Some woman is angry she hasn't been given more stuff from the Obama administration...might be interesting to follow up. Re: State Dinner Countdown.
Tim O'Brien: Trump's Fixation on Inflating his Net Worth is a Cause for Concern.
RE: May Fundraising Numbers.
Hillary for America Raised $26.4 Mil in April, Began May with More than $30 Mil Cash on Hand.
Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016. More of a smoking gun than the ambiguous talk in the emails themselves.
Consultant calling megyn kelly a bimbo. Has PDF attached that says the same.
DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act.
Democrats using interns to organize fake "protests."
RE: Action on DNC tomorrow (Immigration Raids).

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According to a NY Times article, the Obama administration wants DHS to run our electronic ballot casting system. DHS wants to classify our election process as “critical infrastructure.”

Do you really believe, we can trust DHS with our voting system? DHS/TSA have been accused of corruption nearly, since there inception. Click here, here, here & here to see recent examples of DHS corruption.

If you thought George Bush winning Florida’s votes was a disaster, just wait until DHS takes over voting.

DHS decides what should be designated as “critical infrastructure”

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process is critical infrastructure, like the financial sector, like the power grid,” DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson told reporters. “There’s a vital national interest in our electoral process.”

According to USA Today article, DHS’s secretary plays a central role in deciding what public and private sectors should receive the “critical infrastructure”designation.

Critical infrastructure is defined by DHS as “sectors whose assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, are considered so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety.”….”

http://massprivatei.blogspot.com/2016/08/dhs-to-run-elections-wants-voting.html via blacklisted news

** ## **

How a Goldman Sachs executive allegedly stole government data to woo clients

Washington Post


Last October, we reported that “Wall Street Was Shocked As Feds Bring Criminal Case Against Goldman Banker Over Fed Leaks.” Briefly, because as we also reported several months later, nobody actually ended up going to prison for the infamous story of Goldman Sachs obtaining classified NY Fed documents as a result of the revolving, ended up with two workers getting slaps on the wrist….

** ## **

Ransomware rises to strike almost 40 percent of enterprise companies | ZDNet

Posted by Michele Kearney at 3:46 PM

** ## **

Much is made of naked photos of Mrs. Trump; all should be disclosed. We should be made to see naked photos of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama, all unretouched, as certified by someone as qualified as the late Jack D. White.

** ## **

Presenting startling new biographical details about Timothy McVeigh and exposing stark contradictions and errors contained in previous depictions of the “All-American Terrorist,” this book traces McVeigh’s life from childhood to the Army, throughout the plot to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and the period after his 1995 arrest until his 2001 execution. McVeigh’s life, as author Wendy Painting describes it, offers a backdrop for her discussion of not only several intimate and previously unknown details about him, but a number of episodes and circumstances in American History as well, including Cold War popular culture, all-American apocalyptic fervor, organized racism, contentious politics, militarism, warfare, conspiracy theories, bioethical controversies, mind control, the media’s construction of villains and demons, and institutional secrecy and cover-ups. All these stories are examined, compared, and tested in Aberration in the Heartland of the Real, making this book a much closer examination into the personality and life of Timothy McVeigh than has been provided by any other biographical work about him.

Wendy S. Painting, PhD, is a professor of U.S. history at Empire State College and works as a freelance investigative researcher. Her extensive and seminal investigatory research into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh distinguishes her as a leading national expert on both subjects. She coauthored and coproduced the 2011 documentary film, A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995. She lives in Rochester, New York.


** ## **


Former President Bill Clinton collected $5.6 million in fees from GEMS Education, a Dubai-based company that teaches Sharia Law through its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. The company’s finances strictly adhere to “Sharia Finance,” which includes giving “zakat,” a religious tax of which one-eighth of the proceeds is dedicated to funding Islamic jihad.

** ## **



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Bonus Read

Trevor Aaronson
Aug. 31 2016, 10:37 a.m.
Photo: Milli Apelgren for The Intercept
AS AN FBI surveillance employee, Ray Tahir spent the last decade tailing Muslims in counterterrorism cases.

Among the investigations whose surveillance Tahir led were those of the charity Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Texas and North Carolina’s Daniel Patrick Boyd, who with others was convicted of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to commit murder, maiming, and kidnapping overseas.

Both FBI cases had their critics. The American Civil Liberties Union described the prosecution of Holy Land Foundation as “discriminatory enforcement of counterterrorism laws.” In the Boyd case, as in other informant-led FBI stings, there are questions about whether the men convicted would have done anything at all were it not for the FBI’s involvement.

As the FBI targeted Muslims in the United States following the 9/11 attacks, Tahir was among the front-line employees who made some of these cases possible.

Now, he alleges, he has become a target himself.

On May 11, 2012, Tahir was at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., fighting to keep his $78,000-per-year job. A 26-year FBI veteran, Tahir was a member of the Mobile Surveillance Team, a special unit that monitors suspects of espionage and terrorism.

Tahir, who had been called for a hearing at the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, was accused of making personal charges on his covert credit card, unauthorized gasoline purchases, and lack of candor. He had been placed on suspension pending the hearing.

The FBI employee had admitted to his supervisors that he made more than 200 personal charges during a four-year period, many of them for groceries at stores like Harris Teeter and Food Lion. He ran up a balance of $10,000, which he’d begun to pay back by the time he was called to headquarters; he blamed the charges on personal financial troubles.

But Tahir denied the unauthorized gasoline purchases and maintained that he had been candid while he was under investigation, though he did admit that he changed the address where the card’s statements were to be sent in order to hide his personal spending from supervisors. Nevertheless, Tahir thought that if he admitted to the credit card purchases, explained the circumstances, and apologized, he’d walk away with a suspension. He knew other FBI employees had received reprimands or suspensions for similar transgressions.

Five minutes into his hearing, Tahir was recounting his FBI career to the woman who was his judge and jury — Candice M. Will, the assistant director for the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

FBI agents guard the entrance to the Holy Land Foundation in Richardson, Texas, Dec. 5, 2001. Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
As Tahir recounted his work at the FBI, including eight years in Dallas, where he was involved in the investigation of the Holy Land Foundation, Will suddenly cut him off.
“What kind of name is Tahir?” she asked.

“It’s Turkish, ma’am.”

Tahir then continued to describe his career.

After Dallas, he moved to North Carolina, where he established another Mobile Surveillance Team unit and was responsible for surveillance of Boyd and his alleged co-conspirators.

During the hearing, Will expressed frustration that Tahir attempted to minimize, in her view, what he’d done. Tahir explained that he never submitted the personal charges for reimbursement from the government; those charges simply piled up on the card.

“The charges will exceed the amount you’re reimbursed when you’re putting personal charges on a government card,” Will said firmly. “The government’s not going to reimburse you for that.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Tahir said.

Tahir, who had been suspended once before for misusing his government credit card, became conciliatory later in the hearing.

“I understand I did something wrong. I wake up every day and pray to God that I get my job with the FBI back, because that’s all I know, ma’am,” Tahir told Will. “I’ve sat in a car for 26 years and done surveillance, and right now, to go out in the private sector and say, ‘Hey, can I get a job sitting in a car eight hours a day in the middle of the night for you?’ I’m not marketable.”

Will’s Office of Professional Responsibility ruled to terminate Tahir for all three charges of misconduct.

Tahir appealed the decision internally to the Disciplinary Review Board, which dropped his charge of unauth



Is blogging about beheading FBI
agents a criminal threat or free speech?
By Scott Glover, CNN
Updated 8:58 AM ET, Wed August 31,



Ohio Sheriff Accused of Pilfering Pills

08.31.16 1:00 A
Something is rotten in one Ohio Sheriff’s Department, where the sheriff was stripped of his badge and gun last week—for allegedly stealing painkillers from police disposal boxes—and where the detective who fingered him was himself put on paid leave over claims he’d compromised an investigation into the brutal murder of a single mother



Duke University for 9/11 Anniversary

Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson will discuss counterterrorism and new threats to the U.S. at Duke University’s Stanford School of Public Policy on Sept. 8, just three days before the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Duke Today reports the event is free and open to the public.

Johnson, who took the helm at Homeland Security in 2013, will bring a lot of experience


Milwaukee pol thrown to ground at scene of fatal police shooting

: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 4:15 PM

Wisconsin state lawmaker who was thrown to the ground and arrested Tuesday night at the scene of a fatal police shooting and violent unrest in Milwaukee said he was just trying to help.

Rep. Jonathan Brostoff went to the Sherman Park neighborhood at 10 p.m. after hearing of the arrests of approximately 10 people, he said. Residents had complained that 30 to 40 people gathered around 8 p.m. near the area where Sylville Smith, 23, was fatally shot by an officer earlier this month.


Texas teacher slammed to ground by Austin cops files lawsuit


Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 11:58 AM

Breaion King sues city of Austin for violent arrest
Austin American-Statesman

00:00 / 01:35
A Texas teacher who was slammed to the ground by cops and told blacks have "violent tendencies" has filed a lawsuit against the city of Austin.

Dashcam video shows Breaion King, who is black, being shoved to the ground by a white officer during a traffic stop in June 2015. Later, another Austin officer can be heard making the remark after engaging in a discussion with King.

Police Chief Art Acevedo publicly apologized, and launched a departmental probe. King's lawyer Erica Grigg said that when King contacted city leaders to have larger discussions about her arrest, she got little response.


NYPD won't reveal any actions on cop who choked Garner: Bratton

Updated: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 2:45 PM


Atlanta cop James Burns indicted on murder charges


Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 5:37 PM

ATLANTA — A grand jury on Wednesday charged a white former Atlanta police officer with felony murder and other crimes in the death of an unarmed black man.

The Fulton County grand jury also indicted James Burns on charges of aggravated assault, making a false statement and two counts of violation of oath of office in the June 22 killing of 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers, according to defense attorney Drew Findling. Burns has been out on bond since his arrest.

Prosecutors said Burns fired into Rogers' vehicle while responding to a call about a suspicious person, even though Burns wasn't in danger and had no way to identify Rogers as the reported suspicious person.



When the FBI grilled
Julia Child Over Her Alleged Communist Ties
No stone left unturned.
By Matthew Guariglia AUGUST 31, 2016


Series on Waco siege picked up
Fox News-
The series is based on two biographies, “A Place Called Waco,” written by one of the nine survivors of the fire, and “Sinful Messiah,” by a FBI agent in charge of ...


RAW NOTES: VOTING SYSTEMS ORGS AND COMPANIES  privatizing, monopolizing, & politicizing the voting process... around the world  (3/2/10:  sorry, some of this info is out-of-date. will work to update asap)

NEWS:  9/3/09 - ES&S has bought Diebold - now counts 80% of all votes in America!  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/09/diebold-sells/

http://www.electiontech.org/ "The Election Technology Council (ETC) consists of companies which offer voting system technology hardware products, software and services to support the electoral process. These companies have organized as an association to work together to address common issues facing our industry. Current members of the ETC are: Advanced Voting Solutions, Danaher Guardian Voting Systems, Diebold Election Systems, Election Systems & Software, Hart InterCivic, Perfect Voting System, Sequoia Voting Systems, and UniLect Cor... (Continued)"

The voting technology business is dominated by Republican-leaning U.S. and foreign corporations. Today, two Republican-controlled corporations, Election Systems and Software ( ES&S) and Diebold Voting Systems, and a British-based company, Sequoia, control about 80% of the vote count in the U.S.. But many other corporations are also involved in the elections industry (see below). Meanwhile, the long history of election upsets due to voting machine "glitches", that overwhelmingly favor Republican candidates, continues to grow. See:http://www.ecotalk.org/VotingMachineErrors.htm 

Will future elections feature The Battle of the Backdoors to voting software?  Military defense contractors that also provide election services include: Accenture (a business partner of Halliburton, also a defense contractor), Diebold Voting Systems, Northrop Grumman/Diversified Dynamics/TRW (partners with Science Applications International Corporation, SAIC, also in defense industry), General Dynamics/Computing Devices Canada, Unisys (partners with ES&S), National Semiconductor Corporation, Hart Intercivic, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, and Perot Systems Government Services, Inc..

Government Oversight: There is no federal agency that has regulatory authority over the elections industry according to Brian Hancock, spokesperson for the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and Jorge Martinez, spokesperson for the Department of Justice (DOJ). No agency or organization even has a complete list of voting machine companies. Using a rough estimate, there are about 70 voting machine companies worldwide, with at least 48 based in the U.S.. The FEC lists only 19, the Texas-based National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) lists 16 that are 'industry certified' (which are outmoded and voluntary guidelines), while the IFES Buyers Guide lists about 64 companies worldwide that appear to be engaged in electronic voting. Meanwhile there is one company that is 'flying under the radar' of both the FEC and NASED, that is the Bermuda-based Accenture (formally Andersen Consulting) that has the contract for the online military vote in 2004. 
Ownership:  There are no government standards or restrictions on who can sell and service voting machines and systems. Foreigners, convicted criminals, office holders, political candidates, and news media organizations can and do own these companies. It appears that these companies are dominated by members of the Republican Party and foreign investors. Jack Kemp, a former GOP candidate for vice president in 1996 and a possible candidate for Governor of California this year, is on the board of directors for Election.com, while Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) was the past president of the company (AIS) that counted the votes in his first election and an investor in the company (ES&S) that counted the votes in his second election. At least four companies are foreign-owned: Sequoia (UK), Accenture/Election.com (UK Bermuda), EVS (Japan), and N.V. Nederlandsche Apparatenfabriek (Netherlands). Election.com was formerly owned by Osan, Ltd., a Saudi Arabian firm. Many voting machine companies appear to share managers, investors, and equipment which raises questions of conflict-of-interest and monopolistic practices. 


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around the corner
September 3, 2016 Uncategorized ADHD, central banks, CIA in Istanbul, Fentanyl, global shipping bankruptcy, Hagopian and Barrett talk false flags, Hanjin, Hillary, Hillary’s RAM, Obama, Saudi 9/11 more?, TPP
around the corner


“… Viktor Shvets, a strategist at Macquarie in Hong Kong, has a big note out on declining productivity. In it, he discussed a common Wall Street metric usually applied to capital or equity to humans.

His argument, in short, is that the “return on humans” is declining.
He said:

“Long-term structural decline in rate of “return on humans” due to deep structural changes in relationships between humans; humans & machines; humans, machines & society. The pressure has been intensifying over the last three decades with the peak of ‘crescendo’ just around the corner.” ….”


** ## **

** ## **

The Central Banks Are Now Ready To Launch Their ‘Brave New World’

Posted: September 2, 2016 at OathKeepers

This article comes from Alt-Market.com by Brandon Smith The latest Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is over and

** ## **

CIA’s clandestine meeting in Istanbul on coup night

Posted on September 2, 2016 by


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The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) [yes, there’s an association for everything] has just announced its selections to head up a DHS “working group” tackling “election infrastructure cybersecurity.” Like any committee formed in response to a hot-button topic, the appointees are better known for their years of tenure in government positions than their technical acumen, as the ACLU’s Chris Soghoian points out. About the only thing the appointees have going for them is that they fit the description: all four are state-level secretaries of state. Beyond that, there’s very little to indicate they’re qualified to take on cybersecurity issues.

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The Election Has Been Hacked

By John W. Whitehead

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From https://solari.com/blog/:

Civil Rights Coalition files FCC Complaint Against Baltimore Police Department for
Illegally Using Stingrays to Disrupt Cellular Communications

EFF | 25 August 2016

Pernicious surveillance…

Game of Drones: Inside the Killer Robot ‘Arms Race’ Where the World’s Five Leading Superpowers are Secretly Preparing for an All-out Futuristic War

The Sun | 25 August 2016

Less than…

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: An Introduction Programming Manual

Lawful Path | 02 September 2016

Operations Research Technical Manual – TW-SW7905.1

Survivors of Aurora Shooting Ordered to Pay Theater’s $700,000 Legal Bill

Guns America | 01 September 2016

Ordering the plaintiffs to pay Cinemark’s…

10 Mind-blowing Facts about the CERN Large Collider You Need to Know

RT | 01 September 2016

Science – and religion – sounding the…

French Coca-Cola Workers Discover $56Mn Worth of Cocaine in Shipment

RT | 01 September 2016

Produces concentrates for…

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The US demands that the Syrian air force must be prohibited from attacking al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria). – Continue

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“How Is This Not Classified?”- Obama Used A Pseudonym In Emails With Hillary, FBI Data Dump Reveals | Zero Hedge

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FBI Dump Reveals Obama’s Pseudonym Use, Private Email Traffic with Hillary’s Private Email


The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that President Barack Obama used a private email address and pseudonym to communicate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and her own private email account as early as June 2012.

So much for Obama’s claim he only learned of the private server in the news media!

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEhLpbAG

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“The documents, released on Friday and cited by ABC News, show that when Clinton was on a trip to Russia while serving as US secretary of state, her aide brought a classified briefing book into the hotel suite. The classified documents were left behind when the aide and Clinton left the room….”

Read more:


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FBI gave top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills immunity in email probe, rep says | 23 Sept 2016 | Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and two other staffers were granted immunity as part of the now-closed FBI probe into the former secretary of state’s email practices, according to a top House Republican who questioned whether the numerous deals hindered the bureau’s ability to build a case. “This is beyond explanation,” House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said in a statement Friday. “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy. I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out.” The arrangements detailed by Chaffetz bring the total number of publicly known immunity deals in the Clinton case to five.

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Keith Scott’s Criminal Background Exposed

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Election Fraud in Florida

Class Action Attorney Has Evidence That Could End Hillary’s Run

By: alexmark

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEcjE7h3

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VIDEO: Home Depot co-founder:’America Will Go Down The Drain’ If Clinton Is Elected

By: alexmark

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEcRgslQ

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Sep 24 15:51


Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEc83MpI

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Need You Ask?

A gunman who was last seen armed with a rifle remained at large Saturday morning after four women and a man were fatally shot Friday night at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of Seattle… [More]

Who could have predicted this as well?

Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA – A Gun-Free Zone

If only they would disarm you and me…

Posted by David Codrea at 9/24/2016 10:26:00 AM

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Gun advocates: death toll at Cascade Mall could have been lower if witnesses had guns

By: PatriotRising


Local gun rights advocates rallied in Olympia Saturday on the front steps of the state Capitol building, claiming that if the Cascade Mall had allowed citizens to carry their legal guns, the death toll Friday night might have been lower.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEbgu94s

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9/11 Suspects by The Corbett Report (7 VIDEOS)…

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‘A Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply’: Experts Describe Bayer-Monsanto Merger | naked capitalism

Posted by Michele Kearney at 9:36 AM

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A Member of Kennedy Clan Horrifies Media With Epic Trump Endorsement: “This Year, I Will Vote Donald Trump” – World News Politics

Posted by Michele Kearney at 12:57 PM

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The country’s top white collar crime expert, William Black – who put over 1,000 top S&L executives in jail for fraud, and is a professor of law and economics at the University of Missouri – confirmed recently what the alternative media has beensaying for years: the business plan of Wall Street is fraud. That’s their key profit center. Black also says that a British parliamentary investigation Tories found that all of the retail profits of the largest banks in the UK came from fraud.

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In a handwritten letter sent to Fox News, Guccifer calls Hillary Clinton “one of the high priests, a goddes (sic) of this occult, satanic, shadow group.” “Though I know I invested a great deal of time & effort trying to expose the crimes of the Rockefellers, the Bush Klan, the Clintons, and many others, maybe my skills (or lack of skills?) were NOT matching my faith.”

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Just a couple of days ago we noted that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had “mistakenly” granted citizenship to over 850 immigrants from “countries of concern to national security” even after they had been flagged for deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (see “DHS Admits “Mistakenly” Granting Citizenship To 858 Immigrants From ‘Countries Of Concern To National Security'”). Now, newly disclosed DHS emails, indicating a rush to “process as many [citizenship] cases as possible due to the election year,” may help explain why so many “mistakes” were made.


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The US demands that the Syrian air force must be prohibited from attacking al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria). – Continue

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“How Is This Not Classified?”- Obama Used A Pseudonym In Emails With Hillary, FBI Data Dump Reveals | Zero Hedge

Posted by Michele Kearney at 10:49 AM

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FBI Dump Reveals Obama’s Pseudonym Use, Private Email Traffic with Hillary’s Private Email


The Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that President Barack Obama used a private email address and pseudonym to communicate with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and her own private email account as early as June 2012.

So much for Obama’s claim he only learned of the private server in the news media!

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEhLpbAG

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“The documents, released on Friday and cited by ABC News, show that when Clinton was on a trip to Russia while serving as US secretary of state, her aide brought a classified briefing book into the hotel suite. The classified documents were left behind when the aide and Clinton left the room….”

Read more:


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FBI gave top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills immunity in email probe, rep says | 23 Sept 2016 | Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and two other staffers were granted immunity as part of the now-closed FBI probe into the former secretary of state’s email practices, according to a top House Republican who questioned whether the numerous deals hindered the bureau’s ability to build a case. “This is beyond explanation,” House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said in a statement Friday. “The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy. I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out.” The arrangements detailed by Chaffetz bring the total number of publicly known immunity deals in the Clinton case to five.

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Keith Scott’s Criminal Background Exposed

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Election Fraud in Florida

Class Action Attorney Has Evidence That Could End Hillary’s Run

By: alexmark

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEcjE7h3

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VIDEO: Home Depot co-founder:’America Will Go Down The Drain’ If Clinton Is Elected

By: alexmark

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEcRgslQ

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Sep 24 15:51


Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEc83MpI

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Need You Ask?

A gunman who was last seen armed with a rifle remained at large Saturday morning after four women and a man were fatally shot Friday night at a shopping mall about 65 miles north of Seattle… [More]

Who could have predicted this as well?

Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA – A Gun-Free Zone

If only they would disarm you and me…

Posted by David Codrea at 9/24/2016 10:26:00 AM

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Gun advocates: death toll at Cascade Mall could have been lower if witnesses had guns

By: PatriotRising


Local gun rights advocates rallied in Olympia Saturday on the front steps of the state Capitol building, claiming that if the Cascade Mall had allowed citizens to carry their legal guns, the death toll Friday night might have been lower.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz4LEbgu94s

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9/11 Suspects by The Corbett Report (7 VIDEOS)…

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‘A Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply’: Experts Describe Bayer-Monsanto Merger | naked capitalism

Posted by Michele Kearney at 9:36 AM

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A Member of Kennedy Clan Horrifies Media With Epic Trump Endorsement: “This Year, I Will Vote Donald Trump” – World News Politics

Posted by Michele Kearney at 12:57 PM

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The country’s top white collar crime expert, William Black – who put over 1,000 top S&L executives in jail for fraud, and is a professor of law and economics at the University of Missouri – confirmed recently what the alternative media has beensaying for years: the business plan of Wall Street is fraud. That’s their key profit center. Black also says that a British parliamentary investigation Tories found that all of the retail profits of the largest banks in the UK came from fraud.

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In a handwritten letter sent to Fox News, Guccifer calls Hillary Clinton “one of the high priests, a goddes (sic) of this occult, satanic, shadow group.” “Though I know I invested a great deal of time & effort trying to expose the crimes of the Rockefellers, the Bush Klan, the Clintons, and many others, maybe my skills (or lack of skills?) were NOT matching my faith.”

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Just a couple of days ago we noted that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had “mistakenly” granted citizenship to over 850 immigrants from “countries of concern to national security” even after they had been flagged for deportation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (see “DHS Admits “Mistakenly” Granting Citizenship To 858 Immigrants From ‘Countries Of Concern To National Security'”). Now, newly disclosed DHS emails, indicating a rush to “process as many [citizenship] cases as possible due to the election year,” may help explain why so many “mistakes” were made.


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Bonus read


Hassan Ali and Abou Bakr Radwan from FBI flyer. EgyptAir Airbus A330-200. Photo credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation and Aero Icarus / Wikimedia  (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Two men who were sought as witnesses in the bombing of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan have been identified as a pair of EgyptAir “in-flight security officers.”

Hassan Ali and Abou Bakr Radwan, both Egyptian nationals whose photo was released by the FBI, are not considered suspects. Instead, we are told, they simply happened upon the travel bag containing the bomb and decided to take the piece of luggage, thereby disabling the bomb.They didn’t know what was in it until later.

Really? Two security officers who work for an airline based in Egypt, had no clue they were looking at an improvised explosive device?

The two men were identified after officials tracked their movements, via security cameras, back to the hotel where they were staying.

Mr. Ali “told me he saw it [the travel bag] and thought it was nice,” an EgyptAir official told The New York Times. “He opened the bag to check it out and found a pot.”

They left the “pot” on the sidewalk and walked off with the luggage. The pot was of course a pressure cooker wrapped in duct tape with a cell phone wired to the top.

Really? They had no idea what a pressure cooker stuffed in a bag might be used for?  One with a cell phone wired to the top?

Would they not have received some kind of training in the identification of suspicious devices? Had they not heard that pressure cookers, left in bags on the sidewalk, were used in the Boston Marathon bombing?

Based on the image of the men distributed by the FBI, officials determined that around the time of the explosion, the men were walking on W. 27th St., four blocks away from where the other bomb went off — on W. 23rd St. In other words, they likely heard the loud boom and still didn’t figure out what might have been the purpose of their lucky find.

Another strange thing is what the perpetrator used to “hide” the bomb. It’s hard to think of a piece of luggage that would guarantee more attention from scavengers in New York City than a Louis Vuitton travel bag — even if it was a cheap knockoff. Why disguise your explosive device in such a distinctive attention-grabbing piece of luggage?

A video of the two security officers making their find was released by law enforcement to NBC 4 New York. The video shows that the men got a good look at what was in the travel bag. It wasn’t just a quick glance. According to the video’s time stamp, the men spent more than a minute inspecting the bag’s contents. NBC 4 points out that “they take the device out of the bag, set it on the sidewalk, and then examine the top and bottom.”

For some reason, the FBI basically cleared Ali and Radwan of any wrongdoing before they even knew who they were, or had a chance to question them. “As airline security officers, have you had any training in spotting potential bombs?” “Have you ever heard of a pressure-cooker bomb?” “Why do you think a cell phone was wired to the pressure cooker?”

After the story broke, it didn’t appear that Egyptian officials were in any rush to interview them. When an official was asked if they had spoken

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October 23, 2016
Hillary Clinton and the Chain of Command at Waco
By David T. Hardy

Many politicians have a skeleton in their closet. Hillary Clinton has a cemetery, with a sign reading “Waco.”
The 1993 Waco showdown began when federal authorities rushed the communal home of a religious group, killing six of them, and losing four agents in return. The FBI then besieged the place with tanks and other armored vehicles, and ended up with the armored vehicles punching holes in the building, and injecting massive quantities of CS “tear gas.” When that didn’t work, the tanks began to demolish the building, eventually smashing about a quarter of it and damaging the remainder. A fire broke out and 74 people died in the flames, including twenty-one children. It was the deadliest law enforcement operation in American history.
After the tragic debacle, the Clinton administration claimed that Attorney General Janet Reno had been solely responsible for the final assault. There had been no White House input during the siege, and at the end, President Clinton only acquiesced in a decision Reno had made.
Twenty-three years later, there are substantial reasons to doubt the truth of these claims. The evidence is strong that the Clinton White House was calling the shots, and that Hillary played a prominent role.
The first evidence of this came when Vincent Foster, Deputy Counsel to the president and close friend of both Clintons, was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, outside D.C. The cause was attributed to suicide. When the FBI asked Mrs. Foster what might have most stressed her husband, she cited the travel office scandal and Waco. The FBI 302 report noted “LISA FOSTER believes that FOSTER was horrified when the Branch Davidian complex burned. FOSTER believed that everything was his fault.”
But why would Foster have felt guilty -- let alone to the point of despair -- over a decision Janet Reno had made without White House input? How could he have thought “everything was his fault”?
A second piece of information surfaced after a FOIA lawsuit forced release of a videotape made during the siege. In it, an FBI supervisor tells his men that critical decisions are being “made in the White House,” and passed through “that guy Hubbell, Hummel, whatever his name is.”
Webster “Webb” Hubbell had been Hillary Clinton’s law partner back in Arkansas. Bill Clinton had just appointed him Associate Attorney General, the number three man at Justice. But the FBI supervisor is quite specific: Hubbell is not calling the shots, but relaying decisions “made in the White House.” Who in the White House was giving Hubbell his marching orders?
Linda Tripp, White House secretary and Foster associate, described the real Waco chain of command in an on Larry King Live: “[Vincent] Foster, Mrs. Clinton, Webb Hubbell, Janet Reno” – and she described their reaction to the fire and the fiery deaths of 21 children:
L. TRIPP: [A] special bulletin came on [CNN] showing the atrocity at Waco and the children. And his face, his whole body slumped, and his face turned white, and he was absolutely crushed knowing, knowing the part he had played. And he had played the part at Mrs. Clinton's direction.
Her reaction, on the other hand, was heartless. And I can only tell you what I saw.
Foster had a special Waco file. Deborah Gorham, his personal secretary, said that he had a cabinet reserved for his most sensitive files: “There were two. One was Sean Hadden [a White House staffer], and the other was Waco.”
After his death, Foster’s Waco file somehow vanished. Secret Service Agent Henry O’Neil later testified before a Congressional committee that on the night of Foster’s death he encountered Maggie Williams leaving Foster’s office with two handfuls of folders. Williams denied removing any files, and when called upon to explain her presence in Foster’s office that night, claimed she had gone “in the irrational hope that she would find her colleague still alive there.”
Did Hillary call the shots at Waco? If she did, it would explain another great mystery.
By his second term, Clinton had absolutely no use for Janet Reno. Journalist Taylor Branch wrote that Clinton “fairly howled” when describing Reno’s actions, and “said he had not been able to trust her for four years.” (Clinton’s primary upsets were Reno’s appointment of independent counsel to investigate his administration’s many scandals -- the firing and framing of the White House travel office staff, the Whitewater investment scandal, the death of Vincent Foster, the abuse of FBI files, Waco, and Clinton’s sexual affair with Monica Lewinski. It would never occur to Clinton to blame himself for creating the scandals, rather than Reno for dealing with them.). Yet Clinton said he “felt stuck with Reno, despite his resentments…”
Stuck with her? He was the president, and just re-elected. One phone call could have removed her. Presidents commonly change cabinet members, especially at the end of a first term. In his eight years, Clinton had two Secretaries of State, three Secretaries of the Treasury and of Defense, and four Secretaries of Commerce.


Teen with IQ of 51 released one year after arrest for terror plot

Sunday, October 23, 2016, 12:46 PM

Peyton Pruitt (right) spent nearly a year in jail. (WBRC)
An Alabama teenager who has an IQ of 51 has been released nearly a year after his arrest for allegedly conspiring online for a radical terror attack.

Peyton Pruitt — a 19-year-old who soils himself and cannot tie his own shoes — faced up to 10 years in prison if he was convicted. But the St. Clair County Circuit Court last month found Pruitt not guilty by reason of mental defect, and said there was no chance he could harm himself or others. The court ordered his release from jail Tues


After 46 years, DNA evidence proves Virginia inmate's innocence ...
Toronto Star
Brown is African-American; the woman is white. At trial, an FBI agent testified that Brown's hair was found on a sweatshirt that also contained fibres that matched ...


NYPD test says cops 'may shoot' disturbed man with bat: source
Saturday, October 22, 2016, 9:06 PM


Most Americans Want Hillary Indicted For Email Scandal – Poll
Center for Research on Globalization-
When split between Republican and Democratic voters, the survey found that 85 percent of Clinton supporters stood by the FBI's decision not to prosecute.


EXCLUSIVE: Cops accused of corruption set detective on witness

Sunday, October 23, 2016, 4:00 AM

Retired NYPD detective James Harkins. now a private investigator, is "the go-to guy for high-ranking members of law enforcement when they find themselves in hot water."
Two former high-ranking commanders indicted in the NYPD corruption scandal have hired one of the city’s top private investigators to dig up dirt on the government’s star witness, the Daily News has learned.

James Harkins, a retired decorated detective with a build like an NFL lineman, has helped criminal defense lawyers secure acquittals in federal and state trials involving murder, gangland killings and the U.S. Naval Academy sex assault case.

Harkins, 52, has been shaking the trees and beating the bushes on behalf of now retired Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant, who are charged with taking gifts and free vacations from shady businessman Jonah Rechnitz in return for official favo


Exposes Plot to Discredit Clinton Email Investigation
Emails show top Senate Democrats and Clinton camp conspired to smear State Dept. watchdog
by Edmund Kozak | 23 Oct 2016 at 11:59 AM


KING:Will Bronx DA Clark, file charges against cop in Danner's death?



FBI and DoJ are ignoring evidence of crimes in Project Veritas ...
American Thinker (blog)-
This is a Justice Department and an FBI that is dolling out justice based on your politics. If you support Clinton, if you are Clinton, you can engage in all sorts of ...


FBI Files Show a Whopping Number of Clinton-Petraeus Emails ...
Independent Journal Review-
According to newly released FBI investigative files, more than 1,000 emails between Hillary Clinton and Gen. David Petraeus were not among the 30,000 emails ...

Organization who assassinated President Kennedy and
Martin Luther King lacks gender parity


US|Where Are Women in FBI's Top Ranks?
New York Times-Oct 22, 2016
She helped direct teams of F.B.I. agents to New York to collect evidence, set up secure command posts in the streets so agents could discuss classified ...


Sheriff's, FBI spokeswoman handles 23 years of news
The San Diego Union-Tribune-
When he became special agent in charge of the San Diego FBI office, she was his spokeswoman. And when he moved over to the Sheriff's Department, so did ...

FBI Octopus

Letters: Send Brian Fitzpatrick to Congress
As a longtime FBI agent, Fitzpatrick has protected American citizens, and I trust him to continue to do the same as a legislator. Fitzpatrick was recently endorsed ...


Meiring mystery 14 years later: Duterte still awaits report, apology ...
Minda News
“An affront to Philippine sovereignty,” was how Duterte described to the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) on May 30, 2002 what the “arrogant” FBI ...

New trade-regulation debate: Should U.S. share intelligence?
Bend Bulletin-
Ana Montes spent almost 20 years spying for Cuba while working as a U.S. intelligence analyst. Here, her FBI booking photo on the day of her arrest, Sept

Records confirm previous abandonment arrests for SW Atlanta mother
ATLANTA -- The mother of an 11-month-old baby who disappeared for several hours has been arrested five times for child abandonment, 11Alive has learned.


Saturday, October 22, 2016
Corrupt Government Officials are America's Biggest Fear/ Chapman University Poll
Government Corruption beats Terrorism and Fears of Economic Collapse by a mile.  Little wonder, with two presidential candidates who each have crooked foundations (used at a minimum for money-laundering and apparent foreign policy 'quid pro quo's' for the Clinton Foundation).  Hillary stole White House furniture and gifts when she left in 2000, while Trump used donations to his foundation to get a life-size portrait of himself painted.  Trump used bankruptcies to avoid paying his creditors. Hillary blamed a 12 year old for her own rape, successfully defending the rapist, whom she knew was guilty.

These two low lifes do deserve an award of some kind.  How about:  "The person I would least want to house sit for me"?  Or "the most likely to succeed in covering their own or their spouses' sexual assaults"?

Maybe "Tops at stealing under the guise of a philanthropic foundation"?

Please, America, give them their awards.  Make them big, shiny, and definitely gold-plated. Then arrest these two clowns for their many crimes, remind them that felons can't be president or even vote, and let's reset the election season for 2017.

Or just elect Jill Stein for President, who is running as the Green Party candidate.  She tells the truth, she is smart (degrees from Harvard and Harvard Med School), has absolutely no taint of corruption, says what she means without asking a focus group, and cares about the country and world.  She actually tells you her program, and its a very good one. What a novel candidate.
Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.


* EU: Yazid Sufaat, also known as “Joe”, who worked for Al-Qaida’s biological weapons program, provided support to those involved in Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks

Posted by Lew Weinstein on October 21, 2016

EU Amends List of Terrorist Individuals, Organizations

Abdullah Mustafa

Brussels-On 11 October 2016, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015) concerning ISIS, al-Qaida and associated individuals, groups, undertakings and entities removed Yemeni national Nasir Abd al-Karim Abdullah al-Wahishi from the Sanctions List and enacted Malaysian Yazid Sufaat, also known as Joe, to the same list.

Sufaat was accused of being the founding member of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) who worked for al-Qaida’s biological weapons program, provided support to those involved in al-Qaida’s 11 Sep. 2001 attacks in the United States and was involved in JI bombing operations.

He was detained in Malaysia from 2001 till 2008 and was later arrested in 2013 and sentenced to 7 years in Jan. 2016 for failing to report information relating to terrorist acts.

This entry was posted on October 21, 2016 at 9:27 am         and is filed under Uncategorized. Tagged: *** 2001 anthrax attacks, *** Amerithrax, Al Qaida, Yazid Sufaat. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.
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Judge Napolitano: What happened to the FBI? It's been corrupted by Obama and his team

By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano Published October 27, 2016 FoxNews.com


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Bonus Read

Attorney John Clarke just posted this to his webaite.
We brought him to speak at Bates College in the
spring of 2001.


The Washington Post
Vince Foster's sister and Donald Trump
Vince Foster's indignant but curiously unconcerned sister
by Hugh Turley

On the night of Vince Foster's death, July 20, 1993, the Park Police went to the Foster home to notify the family and interview them as part of their investigation.  The police arrived at the home at the same time as Foster's sister Sheila Anthony.

Park Police Investigator John Rolla testified to the Senate Banking Committee, “Sheila Anthony was talking with us, I spoke to her, [Investigator] Cheryl [Braun] spoke with her, she was very cordial.  I remember asking her, did you see any of this coming, and she stated no.  Nobody would say anything about depression or that they noticed some signs, they were worried.”

Foster's widow Lisa was also interviewed by Investigator Rolla. His FBI interview report states,  “[Rolla] does recall eventually conversing with Mrs. Foster specifically asking her if she had any indication that anything was wrong with her husband, with Mrs. Foster responding in the negative.”
Four days later on July 24, the family, through Sheila's husband Beryl, was still denying Foster was depressed.   The Washington Times reported, “'Close friends told [Foster] to cool things and relax and not take things so personal,' the [anonymous] source said, citing Mr. Foster's ex-brother-in-law, former Rep. Beryl Anthony, as one who had talked to Mr. Foster about his depression...'There's not a damn thing to it.  That's a bunch of crap,' Mr. Anthony said yesterday, slamming down the telephone at his El Dorado, Ark. home.”

The Washington Post concealed that the family told the police Foster was not depressed by falsely reporting, “Police who arrived at Foster's house the night of the death were turned away after being told Lisa Foster and family members were too distraught to talk.  Investigators were not allowed to interview her until [July 29.]”

Walter Pincus, a Washington Post reporter, was at the small Georgetown townhouse when the police investigators interviewed the family for over an hour and were told Foster was not depressed.

Depression introduced

Eventually the press began to report Foster was suffering from depression.  The Washington Post reported that Foster's “weight plummeted.”  On August 9, 1993, The New Yorker published an article by Sidney Blumenthal—soon to become a Clinton confidant—that said Foster had lost 15 pounds due to depression.   Gradually family members changed their stories from what they first told the Park Police.  

The 1994 report of an FBI interview of Foster's sister Sheila, like The Washington Post, concealed that she spoke to the police the night of Foster's death by falsely stating, “ANTHONY has not been interviewed previously by either the United States Park Police (USPP) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the death of her brother.”

Sheila's FBI interview states,  “Foster began to lose weight during the last six weeks prior to his death and weighed much less than he had weighed in January 1993.  ANTHONY is unable to estimate the amount of weight Foster lost in terms of pounds.”  

The evidence does not support the claims by Blumenthal that Foster lost 15 pounds and Sheila's account that he “weighed much less”.   Foster had a physical on December 31, 1992, before coming to Washington and he weighed 194 pounds.  At the autopsy, July 21, 1993, his body weighed 197, a net gain of 3 pounds.

Sheila's FBI report further states that her brother called her on July 16, to tell her he was “battling depression.”  Foster's widow, Lisa told the FBI “he mentioned his depression to her on approximately July 16.”  If these FBI reports are true, why did the family deny Foster was depressed when police asked them on the night of Foster's death?

Post and Sheila re-enter the fray...with Trump

The Washington Post has played an active role with the FBI in covering up the truth about the death of Vince Foster.   On May 23, 2016, The Washington Post continued the cover-up by publishing an interview in which presidential candidate Donald Trump called Foster's death “fishy” and then on May 26 publishing a column by Foster's sister Sheila scolding Trump and repeating the story that Foster was depressed.  

"[Donald] Trump cynically, crassly and recklessly insinuated that my brother, Vincent W. Foster Jr., may have been murdered...” wrote Vince Foster's sister Sheila Foster Anthony, “Vince called me at my office in the Justice Department a few days before he died.  He told me he was battling depression and knew he needed help...I told him I would try to find a psychiatrist who could help him and protect his privacy. After a few phone calls, I gave him three names. That list was found in his wallet with his body at Fort Marcy Park in McLean. I did not see a suicide coming, yet when I was told that Vince was dead I knew that he had killed himself. Never for a minute have I doubted that was what happened."

Later that same day The Washington Post then reported that Trump said Vince Foster should not be part of the presidential campaign.

Sheila's latest story again contradicts what she told the police the night of her brother's death.  But there is something new and suspicious in her latest story.  She states for the first time her brother's wallet with a list of three psychiatrists was “found with his body.”  This is a new twist.  How does she know his wallet with the list was “found with his body?”

There are multiple stories about a list of psychiatrists, some reports have said the list was found in Foster's office and others said it was found in his car.   The Park Police did not include a list of psychiatrists in their initial list of evidence recovered at the scene.  Later investigator Rolla said he found the list in Foster's wallet in his car.  Investigator Cheryl Braun reported she found Foster's wallet in his car.  White House spokesperson Dee Dee Meyers and others said it was a list of two psychiatrists. Others say it was a list of three.  Stories about this list of psychiatrists first appeared a week after Foster's death.

In her FBI interview report Sheila said she called one of the psychiatrists and spoke to him about her brother.   Rolla reported he contacted these psychiatrists and none of them knew Foster.   None of these psychiatrists mentioned any call from Foster's sister.

There is a significant problem with the contradictory police stories about finding a wallet and list in Foster's car.  Eyewitnesses at Fort Marcy Park did not see Foster's car at the park.  Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh was asked what evidence he had to prove Foster's car was at the park and Kavanaugh said, “I guess that is an unanswerable question.”

Sheila's strange indifference

The most disturbing thing about the changing story by Foster's sister is that she ignores the overwhelming evidence of a cover-up of her brother's murder.  Even if Foster's sister believes her brother was depressed she ought to be curious about how he arrived at Fort Marcy Park without his car and all the other evidence of a cover-up.

The Special Division of the U.S. Court of Appeals ordered Kenneth Starr, over his objection, to include an appendix in his report on the death of Vincent Foster.  The appendix includes copies of twenty-five federal investigative records, proving six areas of cover-up:
1.     There was a bullet hole in Vince Foster's neck.
2.     Photographs of the bullet hole vanished.
3.     X-Rays of the bullet hole vanished.
4.     The gun did not belong to Mr. Foster,
5.     Mr. Foster's car was not in the park.
6.     Patrick Knowlton suffered grand jury witness intimidation

The appendix in Starr's report on Foster has been suppressed by the press.  The Washington Post has a link for the “full text” of Starr's Report, but if you follow the link to view the actual report it states, "This is the full text of the report on the 1993 death of White House counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., compiled by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr…This file does not contain the report's footnotes or appendix.”

The footnotes left out were significant.  For example, on page 21, Starr wrote that the witness Patrick Knowlton saw a “rust brown car with Arkansas license plates.”  In a footnote they say that Foster's car was a “gray Honda Accord with Arkansas plates” and Starr made nothing of the color discrepancy on the same page.   The Post dealt with this discrepancy by leaving out the footnotes.

Associate independent counsel Miguel Rodriguez, the lead investigator, resigned from Starr's staff and wrote in his resignation letter that Park Police and FBI reports of the investigation on Foster's death did not accurately reflect witness statements.  An internal memo by Rodriguez found at the National Archives stated that a gun was planted by police in Foster's hand before the crime scene was re-photographed.  Audio recordings of Rodriguez reveal how the cover-up of Foster's murder was orchestrated inside the Office of Independent Counsel and the press controlled how it would be reported.

A federal grand jury should ask Foster's sister if she made false statements to the police investigating her brother's death?  Was she telling the truth to the police when she denied her brother was depressed?  Is her FBI interview report that her brother was suffering from depression false?  How does she explain her brother's weight gain in the months before his death when her FBI interview report says he “weighed much less?”  

What are her thoughts about the court ordered appendix to The Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., by the Office of Independent Counsel In re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association? Is she not troubled by the clear indications of a cover-up in the case of her brother's death?  Why would she join forces with an organization like The Washington Post, which has been a major participant in the cover-up from the beginning?


Vince Foster's sister Sheila was questioned by the Park Police on the night of her brother's death.

Park Police officers Cheryl Braun and John Rolla testified the Foster family denied the were signs of depression.

Advisor to Hillary Clinton, Sydney Blumenthal publicized the false stories that Vince Foster had lost 15 pounds and drove his car to Fort Marcy Park.
After The Washington Post published a rebuke of Donald Trump by Foster's sister Sheila the Post reported Trump did not think Vince Foster "should be part of the campaign."

Kenneth Starr was ordered by the US Court of Appeals to include evidence of a cover-up in his report on the death of Vince Foster.

Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh had no evidence Foster's car was at the park.

The Washington Post has been a major participant in the cover-up from the beginning.

For more information see

Heat is Online


Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice
Hot Climate Conjures Trio of Nasty Halloween Tricks — Heatwaves, Record-Low Sea Ice, Fall Greenland Melt
With each passing year, the effects of human-caused climate change become more and more visible. But for some reason, Halloween appears to be a preferred time for the emergence of various hothouse hobgoblins. In 2012, the Atlantic seaboard was reeling after a vicious strike from Hurricane Sandy. Over the past three years, powerful North Atlantic storms had begun to build at this time of year, setting sights on the UK and Europe. This year, as a hurricane-force low roars toward the Aleutians, the nastiness comes in the form of weird heatwaves, record-low global sea ice coverage, and hints of odd late-fall Greenland melt.

Record Heat Strikes Arctic, U.S.

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has been warning for months that 2016 will be a global scorcher for the record books. Nowhere has this heat been more apparent than in the Arctic. Halloween only serves to reinforce the rule as today’s temperature departure for the entire region above 66 degrees north latitude hit 5.94 degrees Celsius above average:

(The extreme Arctic warmth that has already caused so much in the way of climate disruption remains firmly entrenched on Halloween. Image source: Climate Reanalyzer.)

Yesterday, those temperatures exceeded the 6-C-above-normal mark. And later this week, temperatures for the region could approach 6.3 to 6.5 C above average.

These are the average departure ranges for the entire area above the Arctic Circle. Localities within that broader region are hitting as much as 20 C (36 Fahrenheit) or more above average on an almost daily basis, bringing temperatures more typical of the Arctic during late summer than in the middle of fall.

In Barrow, Alaska, Jonathan Erdman reports that Saturday saw the proverbial mercury hit 41 F. This temperature, at about 26 degrees above average, smashed the previous daily high and pushed the latest day Barrow has ever seen a reading above 40 F fully one week forward.

(Daily high and high min temperature records for the U.S. were broken at an alarming rate over the past week, producing a Halloween heatwave. Image source: NOAA.)

Farther south, the lower 48 is experiencing what Bob Henson over at Weather Underground is calling the Halloween Heatwave. Over the past week alone, nearly 300 daytime high marks were broken. But the measure of record-high minimum temperatures — a key indicator of human-forced warming — is off the charts with 639 total records smashed over the past seven days.

What’s even more odd is a near-total lack of cool temperatures. Bob Henson finds that:

Even more noteworthy than the degree of warmth is the lack of widespread autumn chill. For example, Minneapolis has yet to dip below 36°F as of Friday, October 28. That doesn’t look likely to happen before at least next weekend (November 5 – 6). In records going back to 1873, the latest Minneapolis has ever gone before seeing its first 35°F of the autumn is November 1, way back in 1931. The city’s latest first freeze was on Nov. 7, 1900.

Reinforcing this point, NOAA finds that over the past week just 40 record low high temperatures were achieved (about one-seventh the number of record highs). Meanwhile, record low nighttime temperatures were only achieved in six instances, about one-one-hundredth the rate of record high minimum temperatures! Furthermore, at no location in the U.S. for this week, this month, or even this past year has snow depth achieved a new record high. That’s a pretty ridiculous indicator that the U.S. has reached a rather disturbing climate threshold for heat overall.

Record Low Global Sea Ice Coverage

Even as new warm temperature records were being set with amazing frequency across parts of the Northern Hemisphere, another duo of worrisome indicators were popping up in the Arctic and Antarctic. In the Arctic, the ocean has been loaded up with a ridiculous amount of heat. This heat is preventing the ocean from refreezing, creating various regional barriers to ice formation as the waters ventilate this excess heat into the atmosphere. As a result, Arctic sea-ice extent record lows continue to deepen.

Fall 2016 sea ice extent values — which have consistently lagged behind average daily refreeze rates for most of the season — are now more than 600,000 square kilometers below the previous record set during 2012. It’s, quite frankly, an insane shattering of the previous record low value; a warming-spurred melt that has erased an area of sea ice coverage nearly the size of Texas in just four years.

(Current Arctic sea ice extent values are 6.92 million square kilometers [October 30]. This is 600,000 square kilometers below the previous record low set on the same day during 2012. It is also about 3 million square kilometers below average values seen for this day back during the 1980s. Image source: JAXA.)

The Washington Post this past Friday provided a good article explaining the dynamics involved and highlighted predictions by prominent Arctic researchers that ice-free summers could occur by the 2030s. This is a marked departure from earlier estimates that had put off ice-free summers until the 2050s or even the 2080s. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a decent risk that even these more advanced predictions may prove conservative in the end. Under current trends, ice-free periods for the Arctic Ocean during summer become statistically possible as soon as the early to mid 2020s, and a strong outlier year — where an abnormally warm winter is followed by an abnormally warm summer — could produce such a result even sooner.

On the other side of the world, the Antarctic is also experiencing record-low ranges for sea ice extents. There, regional temperatures are near 4 C above average for the entire Antarctic. Though these departures are not as extreme as those currently seen in the Arctic, they are certainly enough to impact sea ice. Now, sea ice extent values there are at their second lowest ever recorded in the daily measure.

Over recent years, storminess in the Southern Ocean and an expanding fresh water lens running out from Antarctica due to glacial melt have generated a seemingly contradictory expansion of sea ice near Antarctica. This happens because fresh water at the ocean’s surface acts to deflect heat toward the ocean bottom, a feature that has enabled the melting of various glacier undersides in Antarctica. But as the global ocean and atmosphere warm in general, larger melt outflows are necessary to reinforce this surface freshwater lens effect. As a result, we appear to be experiencing a seesaw in Antarctic sea ice extent as a pulse of atmospheric and ocean warming overrides the impact of initial fresh water lensing.

(MASIE global sea ice extent shows a severe negative departure through October 28, 2016. Image source: Sunshine Hours.)

The combination of significant sea ice losses in the north and second-lowest sea ice extents in the south has resulted in a global sea-ice measure that is well below anything seen in the past for this time of year. It is also one of the largest global negative sea-ice departures seen for any part of the record for any time of year — even when compared to the extreme period of Arctic sea ice loss during September of 2012.

Halloween Greenland Melt?

In addition to producing heatwaves, new temperature records, and ever more extreme sea ice melt, the odd Halloween warmth appears to also be generating flashes of surface melt over parts of northeastern Greenland. There, over the past few days, temperatures have approached or even exceeded the freezing point as warm winds have blown in from the heating Greenland Strait.

(A warm front crosses over northeastern Greenland on October 27, 2016. The associated warm winds blowing off the heating waters of the Greenland Strait produced near or above freezing temperatures for isolated parts of this section of Greenland. This abnormal warmth appears to have tripped NSIDC’s melt sensor, producing a possible odd late-season melt event for sections of this frozen island. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

This heat has been enough to trip NSIDC’s Greenland melt indicators for the region of the Zachariæ Isstrøm glacier. These indicators, over the past couple of days, have shown relatively extensive melt in this sector of Greenland. During summer 2016, northeastern Greenland was one of the regions that saw strongest indications of surface melt. Typically isolated by sea ice from warm ocean breezes, northeast Greenland does not usually see such long-lasting periods of surface melt. This is especially true for late October as melt during this time for any portion of the Greenland Ice Sheet is practically unheard of. However, as warm ocean water has advanced further and further north, this region has become more vulnerable to invasions of warm air. And it appears that the melt-forcing effect of this ocean warming for nearby Greenland glaciers may well be extending into fall.

Though unconfirmed by NSIDC, these periods of possible melt have occurred coincident with temperature departures in the range of 10-20 degrees C above average. However, since near or above freezing temperatures have mostly been isolated to the very far northeastern sections of Zachariæ Isstrøm near the coast, it’s likely that any potential and brief periods of melt were located in a more limited band than what has shown up on the NSIDC melt maps for October 27, 28, and 29. That said, as noted above, any surface melt over glaicers in Greenland for this time of year would be very odd and concerning — no matter how isolated.

Nasty Global Warming Tricks for Halloween

Halloween heatwaves, record-low sea ice extents and possible periods of fall Greenland melt are all indicators that human-forced climate change is starting to generate more and more obvious effects. Though the most extreme impacts are hitting remote regions like Greenland, the Arctic and the Antarctic, the related abnormal warmth has filtered into the middle latitudes and is now affecting millions of people across the U.S. And what’s happening in the U.S. is linked to these related warming events on a global scale.

So happy Halloween, everyone. Enjoy the holiday. But remember that if it’s oddly warm where you are, it’s not just a freak warm weather treat, but one of the many and worsening tricks conjured up by global climate change.



The Climate of Gavin

Climate Reanalyzer

Jonathan Erdman

Zack Labe

Earth Nullschool


Sunshine Hours

Half a Kilometer of Ice Gone in Just 7 Years



Former FBI Agent: The Bureau Has a Problem With Women

Lesbian Susan Surftone was a special agent before she became a musician, and she smells something dirty with the actions of James Comey and other members of the bureau's boys' club.

NOVEMBER 01 2016 3:09 PM EDT
FBI director James Comey is wrong. Those supporting his actions regarding Huma Abedin’s emails — which may pertain to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of State — are wrong. His letter to Congress about these emails and Clinton was a grave misstep, which, no matter how you spin it, interferes with next week’s presidential election.

As I'm a former special agent for the FBI, Comey's action makes me want to cry. As an ardent supporter of Clinton, it makes me furious. I'm hearing that conservative agents in the bureau were unhappy with Comey’s decision earlier this year to not recommend that criminal charges be brought against Secretary Clinton in connection with her server and pressured him to inform Congress last week about the discovery of Abedin’s emails, with no further information about what those emails contain. This is McCarthyism for the 21st century. Not only is it about Clinton’s politics, it's about her gender. I believe many agents cannot stand the idea of “Madam President.” I was a young female agent in the 1980s, and one of the things I learned about at the bureau was misogyny. Maybe things have changed, but I’ll share my experience.

The allegations of Donald Trump’s predatory sexual behavior toward women and the infamous bus recording brought up long “forgotten” personal experiences at the FBI. I was sexually harassed twice while at the bureau. The first time was during training at Quantico by a fellow trainee in my class. He was married, by the way. This guy had been after me for a while. One night at the lounge at Quantico, where beer was served to a group of us, he was there and drinking a bit too much. I got up to leave and he stuck his fingers under my rib cage. It hurt like hell. A female classmate helped me get him off me. Another time, a male classmate had to come and help me get him out of my room. There was no one to tell. It would have damaged my career, and the fact that I am a lesbian would have made it all the more risky for me. There were already rumors.

When I graduated from the FBI Academy at Quantico, I went to the Boston field office. My first supervisor wanted to take me the "Combat Zone" in Boston, an area of strip joints and so forth, because innocent young female agents should see such things under the protection and guidance of an older, experienced agent. Yeah, right. This guy had a reputation for this, and of course I said no. I was soon moved to another squad. The joke was I had tended bar at a hotel near the Combat Zone while in law school; an evening there was like the lyrics of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” I had seen it all, thank you, Mr. Bureau Supervisor.

One thing I did notice in the Boston and New York field offices was the number of affairs between male and female agents. It was commonplace and almost seemed that it was expected of the female agents. That was never spoken, of course. Of course we female agents were lesser in every way. Once I served a subpoena with another young female agent, and many of the male agents were troubled that (a) we were “allowed” to do it and (b) we were successful. I left the bureau because I wanted to pursue a musical career, but I also left because of the misogyny and a desire to be open about being gay. Yes, I think even today “Madam President” is a hard pill for many of them to swallow.

In the face of Comey’s interference with the election and the advantage he has given Trump in the closing days, LGBT people must get to the polls

FBI Octopus

FBI agent speaks on targeted violence
Aitkin Independent Age-
Being prepared in case it does happen, was the presentation Special Agent Joseph Malhoit from the FBI gave to 65 community members Oct.

Election Spotlight: Barry County Sheriff's Race
"I left here after high school and took a job with the FBI in Washington, D.C. I was with the FBI for 32 years -- the last 23 as a special agent," said sheriff candidate ...

Answer Man: A little 411 on the down ballot
Gaston Gazette
Stuber is a former FBI special agent best known for his work on several high-profile corruption cases and a former chief investigator for the North Carolina State ...


Anti-Black Surveillance Did Not End With COINTELPRO
In July 2016, activists and community organizers in Cleveland were visited by DHS and FBI agents prior to the Republican National Convention. In short, the ...


Artist exposes his life to resist FBI, talks intersection between art, engineering

Lauren Duquette/Daily Senior Staffer
Interdisciplinary artist Hasan Elahi speaks at an event co-hosted by the Block Museum of Art and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. Elahi discussed the intersection of art and engineering.
Yvonne Kim, Assistant Campus Editor
November 1, 2016
Ironically, recording and publicizing his entire life served as a form of resistance against an FBI investigation for Hasan Elahi.
During his talk — which aimed to explore the intersection between art and science — presented by the McCormick School of Engineering and the Block Museum of Art, the Bangladeshi-American artist spoke to more than 40 people about data and art in his work.
After erroneously becoming subject to a months-long FBI investigation following 9/11, Elahi said he decided to channel the experience into an art project that tracks and publicizes his entire life.
Though he originally sent detailed emails and photos of his everyday life to his FBI agent as an alibi against suspicions, he eventually decided it would be more effective to make his life accessible to the public, he said.
“All these photos that you’re seeing are photos that I sent to the FBI, but there’s also a parallel (public) database,” Elahi said, showing a slideshow of his photos. “Obviously I have an FBI file, and the FBI has information about me, but by me giving it to you directly, it cuts out the middleman and thus it devalues the currency of the FBI.”
He compared the public database, which is called Tracking Transience and is available online, to social media platforms like Facebook, which has more than a billion users worldwide. Anyone who documents their life online is practically doing the same thing as he is, he said.
“On an individual basis, this is purely symbolic,” he said. “But if 1.6 billion people start doing this to this level of detail, it would force an entire restructuring of the intelligence system.”
Susy Bielak, Block’s associate director of engagement and curator of public practice, said Elahi was a great first speaker for the series to explore art in the context of engineering.
“Part of the work that we do at the museum is build connective tissue around the University and between the campus and civic life,” she said. “The artists who we’ve selected to come here have the kind of curiosity, vision, insight that again is that point of simultaneity between artistic practice and engineering.”
Elahi explained his artistic work — which is often referred to as media art — incorporates a variety of multimedia techniques such as probability and science to tackle interesting questions.
“I’m not interested in solving the art problem in the most direct way,” he said. “I’m interested in going around it and how to navigate it from a very different experience.”
Abraham Chen, second-year graduate student in Kellogg and member of the Segal Design Institute’s Science, Engineering Design Innovation program, said he would like to see more events like this that connect arts with science.
“I really liked how he was taking sort of quotidian experiences and connecting it to


BI Surprises With Files on Clinton '01 Pardon of Marc Rich
The FBI unexpectedly released 129 pages of documents related to an investigation closed without charges in 2005 into President Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc ...


Hackers Say They're Revealing More from Trove of NSA Data
Top Tech News-
The FBI accelerated its timeline for reviewing emails potentially linked to Hillary Clinton on Monday amid growing public pressure over the agency's surprise ...


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Blink Tank

Brilliant Zero Point Energy inventor
Gerard Morin


San Bernardino County deputy accused of having sex with teen in Explorer program
A 14-year veteran of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has been arrested and booked on suspicion of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a teenage girl participating in the department’s youth Explorer program, authorities said.

Deputy David Israel Ceballos, 34, was arrested Friday evening and his bail was set at $100,000. He is accused of unlawful intercourse and sexual penetration with a foreign object on a minor, the sheriff’s department


L.I. police nab disgraced ex-NYPD cop for allegedly choking wife

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, December 31, 2016, 8:07 PM

SHARKHUNTERS is pleased and proud to present these wartime books for your enjoyment.

“Hitler in Argentina!”
(BRAND NEW January 2014)

We are all taught that the Red Army surrounded Berlin and that, faced with capture by the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun (Hitler) committed suicide in the Führerbunker. Don’t believe it – Josef Stalin knew better as did most of the world leaders of the time! Stalin even made a great fuss about Hitler’s escape in statements he made in July of 1945 – more than two months after the alleged suicide.

As you read through this book taken from the file of a Spanish spy who worked for the Reich and who saw Hitler and Eva Braun forcibly drugged and removed from the Führerbunker under orders of Martin Bormann, you will realize that Hitler’s suicide was a well conceived escape plan by the man who desperately had to keep the Reich, and thereby Hitler, alive…..Martin Bormann. This book also contains photos of places Hitler lived in Argentina, interviews with people there and in Europe – FBI and OSS files clearly stating that they and the United States Government knew that Hitler did not die in Berlin.

Reviews of this book are at the bottom of this page.

As of early May 2014……..one of the TOP SELLING books from Amazon.

End of 2016 – Amazon #1 BEST SELLER in LATIN

also see


Martin Bormann – A New Body of Evidence

When anyone mentions the name Martin Bormann most baby-boomers will know who he was, they will also be quick to tell you that even though there was a wild goose chase across the globe to find him, he certainly died in 1945, proved they say, by the finding of his bones in Berlin in 1972. Martin Bormann Hitler’s right hand man and chancellor, the man that controlled all of the vast Nazi loot was tried in absentia in October 1946 at the Nuremberg trials. Found guilty of war crimes and sentenced to death by hanging, Bormann evaded the noose due to his mysterious disappearance.

Two Nazi witnesses at the Nuremberg trials testified to the fact that they had seen Bormann and fellow Nazi, Dr Ludwig Stumpfegger dead, only hours after fleeing the bunker where Hitler had supposedly put a bullet through his brain. One going as far as to say that he had even seen Bormann’s dead ”moonlit face”.

From 1945 the hunt for Martin Bormann was on. During the confusion of those early post war years, the West German government kept the heat up, but UKUSA’s ‘hunt’ was only, If anything, luke-warm. A concentrated search effort had been made in 1945 around the site of the supposed ‘moonlit’ scenario of Bormann and Stumpfegger, with who he was last seen alive. With the advantage of hordes of allied troops on the ground to co-ordinate a thorough search, no stone was left unturned. The same was done independently by a Russian recon group, after Lieutenant General Konstantin Telegin, of the Soviet 5th Shock Army was delivered of a diary said to be of Bormann’s, found near the same site.

In those early post war years, it was not yet a ‘cold case’, with memories still fresh and the ground still soft. Any such corpses although decomposed, would have certainly been on, or near the surface and easily identifiable with the minimum of forensics; but not as much as a scrap of flesh was found of either man. At least they had some disputable charred remains of Hitler, but the bodies of Bormann and Stumpfegger had literally vanished into thin air, along with the Nazi loot.

But after construction workers came across human remains near the Lehrter station in Berlin in 1972, the world’s press gathered to hear if this was indeed Bormann. Bormann’s Nazi dentist Dr Hugo Blaschke was called and he recalled from memory his former patient’s dental physiology and gave testimony that they were one and the same, the case was closed. It was not until 1998 that due to modern science the remains were subjected to a DNA forensic study by the West German prosecutor. The reason for this new 1998 investigation was that in 1996 Christopher Creighton, aka John Ainsworth-Davis a former British Naval Intelligence agent and member of the covert British group C.O.P.P (Combined Operations Pilotage Parties) had published a book, OPJB(Operation James Bond). In the book, Creighton using a pseudonym claims that along with Ian Fleming, he was instructed by Winston Churchill and Desmond Morton the head of Secret British intelligence section V to rescue Martin Bormann from a burning Berlin in May 1945. The book, passed off as a novel to protect Creighton from serious breach consequences of the Official Secrets Act unsettled the German government so much that a thorough forensics and DNA investigation was carried out on the remains. The forensic results came back after the legal medical team matched blood from a Bormann relative, the match was positive.

A confirmation of the remains being those of Bormann was released to the world’s press, along with the statement that Martin Bormann had certainly died in 1945 at the site his remains were found.

Due to the 1998 DNA confirmation of the Skeleton, Modern historians teach their students that stories of Bormann escaping to South America are false, nothing more than the rantings of conspiracy theorists and madmen. Investigative journalists and even former intelligence agents have been continually slandered after they have released information to the contrary, that there has been a cover up by the western allies, that not only did Bormann escape, but his escape was orchestrated by the British intelligence services with the support of the United States government.

Anyone that dares to raise any questions as to the true dynamics of Bormann’s disappearance and death, are discredited based only on the DNA match which confirm the remains as being


Former FBI agent Grimm wants his law license back in southeast NY

Staten Island's former congressman, Michael Grimm, who was convicted for tax evasion has asked a federal appeals court to reinstate his law license.
on December 31, 2016 at 3:00 PM, updated December 31, 2016
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y -- Former Congressman Michael Grimm, who was convicted for tax evasion, is appealing a federal court ruling to reinstate his law license in the southern district of New York, where he was previously disbarred.

Attorneys for Grimm maintain that he should get a one-year suspension instead of disbarment from practicing law in the federal court system in the southern district of New York, said a source who requested anonymity.

Grimm voluntarily agreed to a two-year suspension of his law license in the state of Connecticut, and an interim suspension in New York state, as of September, said the source.

New York state's appellate division has yet to hand down a final disciplinary action against Grimm. But federal grievance officials in the southern district of New York disbarred him.

Grimm's lawyers argue others convicted of worse crimes have eventually been allowed to practice law again, and they want the federal court to hold off on its disciplinary action until the state rules on the case.

"Federal c


Was Claim by Department of Homeland Security and FBI About Russian Hacking Fake News?

Posted on Dec 31, 2016

On December 29, 2016, the Hill posted an article discussing a 13-page report that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security presented as “evidence” of Russian hacking in US elections.

Wikileaks has repeatedly stated that the source of its leaks was a disgruntled Democratic Party


Chicago Top Cop, Who Ran Mobbed-Up Jewelry Theft Ring, Dies
December 31, 2016 10:30 AM
Filed Under: Chicago Police, Jewelry Theft Ring, Obituary, William Hanhardt
CHICAGO (CBS) — William Hanhardt, a former high-ranking Chicago Police official who spent years in prison for running a mob-connected jewel-theft ring, has died at age 88.

Hanhardt, a former deputy police superintendent and chief of detectives, died Friday at Highland Park Hospital from complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to his family.

He had been living in Deerfield and previously lived in the Far Northwest Side’s Edison Park neighborhood, where the funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

Hanhardt has been described as one of the most crooked cops in Chicago history, with federal prosecutors saying he ran a mob-tied, highly sophisticated theft ring that stole tens of millions of dollars worth of jewelry from salesmen across the country. He worked


Home / Dissent NewsWire / McCain’s Surprising Tribute to Abraham Lincoln Brigade Forgets History of FBI Harassment

March 30, 2016 by Chip Gibbons

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), almost forty thousand men and women from fifty-two countries, including 2,800 Americans volunteered to travel to Spain and join the International Brigades to help fight fascism. The U.S. volunteers served in various units and came to be known collectively as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Source: ALBA

“The adverse information about him, which was brought out by our lawyer, was that he had once belonged to the Communist party, and had attempted to enlist in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade during the Spanish Civil War.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Deadeye Dick 1

It has been over a decade since I first read Vonnegut’s Deadeye Dick, but I still remember that sentence jumping out at me. It made enough of an impression that I could almost recall it verbatim from memory, even as I discovered when trying to find the passage, that I had forgotten the novel’s major plot point. The sentence stood out to me, because while being aware of American history I knew of the relentless repression that members of the Communist Party faced, at sixteen years of age I could not not fathom how anyone could view attempting to join the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a group of American volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War on behalf of the Republican government against fascists, fascist that were backed by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, as adverse information. 2

If one was to read Senator John McCain’s “Salute to a Communist” in last week’s New York Times, they would be left with a similar impression. After all, here we have a conservative Republican (of the US variety, not the Spanish) Senator writing fairly laudatory words about someone he concedes was an “unreconstructed Communist” because he joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The Communist in question was Delmer Berg, who was the last known surviving member of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and recently passed away at the age of 100.*

A Legacy of Repression

Yet, Vonnegut’s depiction of official attitudes to veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade circa 1944 is fairly accurate. As Peter N. Carroll, author of The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, told the Dissent NewsWire, “Senator McCain’s surprising tribute to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade showed a rare appreciation for the moral courage of those 2,800 Americans who defied US neutrality laws to fight against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. Unfortunately, he gives scant attention to the harsh response they received from federal and state agencies upon their return.”

While returning veterans were deemed heroic in progressive circles, they


How An Infant Ended Up On Terror No-Fly List: Top Stories of 2016
Patch.com-15 hours ago
The placement of Baby Doe, an Alameda County, CA, infant whose parents have Michigan ties, “highlights the recklessness the FBI engages in when


New Russian Hacks? No, Old Ukrainian Malware Found
Center for Research on Globalization-
The utility company found the malware by scanning for a malware signature published in a lame recent assessment by Homeland Security and the FBI. Dubious

MS legislator pushing animal cruelty bill
Hattiesburg American
In 2015, the FBI added animal cruelty to the National Incident Based Reporting System. The yearly list tracks crime such as homicides and armed robberies


Dog Killing FBI Agent Gets a “Slap on the Wrist” VIDEO
Sunday, July 12th, 2009        
There are times when I’m not sure why I ever actually expect more from our justice system.  Last February, a Waco, TX FBI agent, a sniper and member of the FBI SWAT team, Lovett Leslie Ledger, Jr. shot and killed a neighbor’s little 3-lb chihuahua named Sassy, with a pellet rifle and although indicted for felony animal cruelty the only ones who paid for this crime were the dog with its life and the family who lost their tiny little furry family member.

Cyndi Mitchell, who lives across the street from FBI agent, Lovett Leslie Ledger, told authorities that she witnessed Ledger shoot the dog in front of her house with a pellet rifle on Feb. 29.
Mitchell has said that her dogs were barking and she went to the door and saw Sassy walking on Estes Road in front of her house.
The dog lurched to one side upon being shot, then rolled into a yard where she died, she has said.
“I’ve never heard a noise like that from an animal,” Mitchell said, describing it as “a screaming sound.”
As neighbors gathered around the fallen dog, Ledger took the pellet gun, turned and walked inside his house with one of his children.
Initially when confronted by authorities about the crime, Ledger lied but changed his story when witnesses came forward.
He was later indicted by a grand jury for cruelty to animals, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in a state jail and a $10,000 fine.

Pleading no contest, Judge Matt Johnson in 54th District Court sentenced Ledger to two years deferred probation and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service. Not only that, if he completes the term of probation, the conviction will be expunged from his record.

FBI spokesman Erik Vasys said Wednesday the agency will determine whether Ledger faces any sanctions, which could range from suspension to dismissal, after an internal inquiry is completed. Initially it was reported that if convicted of the felony, that would mostly likely be the end of his career, with Ledger getting deferred adjudication probation, the FBI will probably just let him get away with it too. After all, if the justice system doesn’t care, why should they. It was “just a dog” after all!

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Fed Judge in Detroit Compared Illegal Immigrants to Insects



U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland


DETROIT — The language from the federal bench in Detroit was stark and unsettling.

U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland compared illegal immigrants to an insect and menacing Japanese beetles in 2013 while sentencing a 21-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico. A couple years later, a fellow judge called that analogy disturbing.

“One little attractive iridescent emerald beetle from Japan is not really any threat at all,” Judge Cleland said. “But when it multiplies and hundreds of millions of its offspring or relatives emerge and devastate the ash tree population in the continental United States and elsewhere, it’s a serious problem.

“So the one very attractive little insect is nothing more than interesting, but it’s an example of a very large problem.  And I think that’s what I have here.”

The colorful remarks, contained in a transcript recently obtained by Deadline Detroit, seem germane at a time when immigration is a hot-button issue and more criminal cases are likely to end up before federal judges like Cleland, who continues to serve on the bench.

“It’s very offensive and racist,” comments Brent A. Wilkes, national executive director of the League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington, who was contacted by Deadline. “I feel anyone coming before him would not get a fair hearing because of that racist mentality.”









Courts Will Define Boundaries of Friendship in Insider Trading

New York Times-

... headlines because of the involvement of the professional golfer Phil Mickelson and questions about whether leaks by an F.B.I. agent improperly influenced the ...





Criminal Justice student selected for 2017 FBI San Antonio Citizens ...

UTSA Today-

Candidates are nominated by FBI employees, former Citizens Academy graduates, and community leaders. Participants are selected by the special agent in ...






Grassley probes FBI's ties to British spy who investigated Trump

The Hill-

The MI6 agent wrote an explosive memo on behalf of Trump's political enemies alleging that the Russians had compromising information on the president.


Defense to call Blaine Cooper's father to impeach son's testimony


Defense lawyers chose not to call suspected FBI informant Will Kullman to the ... Linnell also told the FBI agent that she was concerned about children on the ...









Charges dismissed against Vancouver man accused in FBI child ...


Michaud's public defenders and privacy activists faulted the FBI for hacking the computers of Playpen members after agents seized the site in February 2015.





FBI: Muslim teen found hanged from a tree was not murdered






TSA Warns Local Police about More Invasive Physical Pat-Downs at Airports


The TSA is beginning to conduct more invasive physical pat-downs at airports nationwide, but it’s not entirely clear what that will entail.

But the agency informed local police of the new procedures because of suspicions that passengers will complain about “abnormal” federal frisking, Bloomberg reports.

Bloomberg wrote:

The decision to alert local and airport police raises a question of just how intimate the agency’s employees may get. On its website, the TSA says employees “use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body. In limited cases, additional screening involving a sensitive area pat-down with the front of the hand may be needed to determine that a threat does not exist.”

Now, security screeners will use the front of their hands on a passenger in a private screening area if one of the prior screening methods indicates the presence of explosives, according to a “security notice” Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) sent its U.S. members following a March 1 conference call with TSA officials






Why I Couldn’t Wait To See Them Go

I wrote in this space about the advisability of eliminating the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the aftermath of several scandals, including a semi-secret lawsuit over cigarette smuggling and the well-known “Fast and Furious” debacle.

That post drew thoughtful responses from two former border patrol officers and a former FBI agent. The commenters wrote to underscore a position I have long held: that, in the Obama administration, malfeasance by insiders at all levels went unpunished while innocent outsiders were routinely prosecuted for political purposes.

The former FBI agent, John Shipley, wrote that he was wrongfully convicted in a case related to a firearm recovered in Mexico. I do not have firsthand knowledge of Shipley’s case, so I am not prepared to weigh in on whether the jury’s verdict was incorrect or unsupported. But I can observe that his story fits an all-too familiar pattern in the previous administration’s actions. Behavior that is not commonly thought to be criminal, but which was undesirable in the administration’s opinion (or unpopular with its political base), was prosecuted as a crime in order to make a point. In Shipley’s case, the result was a conviction.

Shipley says he was an amateur gun collector who bought and sold guns to finance his hobby. Prosecutors said he was an arms dealer, and therein lay his alleged offense. How many full-time FBI agents have time to run a gun dealership on the side? And how many individuals in law enforcement, at all levels, buy and sell guns from time to time because they like to trade or collect them?

As a reminder, Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress in 2012 over his failure to turn over documents related to Fast and Furious. He claimed the contempt citation was “the regrettable culmination of what became a misguided – and politically motivated – investigation during an election year.” Considering Holder’s record by the time he left office, the criticism was deeply ironic.

Nor was the administration’s tendency to turn undesirable behavior into criminal behavior confined to the ATF. Howard Root of Vascular Solutions did not think he was committing a crime – for the simple reason that he wasn’t, as a jury found last year. But lack of wrongdoing did not stop the Obama Justice Department from trying to label him a criminal because, as CEO of a medical device company, he made an appealing target.

The government’s case hinged on whether and to what





Standing Up to Hate in Donald Trump's America

The Wire-

It said that if it is a hate crime, then I should contact the local FBI office. After a couple of operators, an FBI agent was finally on the line with me. I told him right at .






Wired: Introduction, a Book by Paul F. Caranci

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Monday, March 06, 2017


Paul Caranci

Each week, GoLocalProv will publish a chapter of the book Wired: The Shocking True Story of Political Corruption and the FBI Informant Who Risked Everything to Expose It, by Paul Caranci. 

The book details how Caranci gambled his thirty-year political career, his reputation, and his family’s safety in his quest to restore good, honest government to a community that needed it most by going undercover with the FBI for 17 months to exposed corruption. 

Buy the book by CLICKING HERE


“No man who has projected the Subversion of his Country will employ Force and Violence, till he has, by sowing the seeds of corruption, ripen’d it for Servility and Acquiescence: He will conceal his Design, till he spies an Opportunity of accomplishing his Iniquity by a single Blow.”

~William Livingston




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monumental destabilization
March 9, 2017 Uncategorized BigPharma, brain activity, CIA, cognitive neuroscience, EPA, FISA, George Webb, Israel, Lynch, Madsen, malware, Podesta, political conspiracy, ransomware, Russian hackers, Sandy Hook, Syria, Trump, Trump’s DHS, Wikileaks
monumental destabilization

“… Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on allegations that the Obama administration monitored Trump Tower during the 2016 election on Fox News Monday morning, calling the alleged actions “profoundly unconstitutional” but still “legal.”

“The NSA works for the president. If the president were to ask for a transcribed copy of any of that, they’d give it to him,” he continued. “The President of the United States can order surveillance on any person inside the United States in conjunction with a certificate or a certification filed by the attorney general.”

More (including video):





Obamagate Wiretaps May Have Started When Bill Clinton Secretly Met With Loretta Lynch

By Alex Christoforou

Was Arizona airport tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch the beginning of Obamagate leaks? Continue


“There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign underway against this president, his administration and his agenda.”

[On March 8th] on #Hannity , Monica Crowley sounded the alarm that the atmosphere in Washington and the media is growing increasingly toxic.

Video at link:



“… Only two in over 10,000 applications were turned down by the FISA Court.

According to ABC News:

More than a thousand applications for electronic surveillance, all signed by the attorney general, are submitted each year, and the vast majority are approved. From 2009 to 2015, for example, more than 10,700 applications for electronic surveillance were submitted, and only one was denied in its entirety, according to annual reports sent to Congress. Another one was denied in part, and 17 were withdrawn by the government.

According to ABC, all applications to the FISA Court were signed off on by the Attorney General and therefore if any applications were processed in the past year, they were signed off on by Loretta Lynch. This means that Lynch signed off on any requests for wire tapping President Donald Trump during the Presidential race. This is disheartening knowing that she released a video over the weekend calling for the need for more marching, blood and death on the streets. This also means that she chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation for illegal activities but rather signed an application to wire tap President Trump.

Finally, another very disturbing fact about the wire tapping request of President Trump is that the FISA Court turned down President Obama’s Administration’s first request to wire tap President Trump that was evidently signed off on by Attorney General Lynch. With only two applications denied out of 10,700 from 2009 through 2015, the fact that the Obama Administration’s application was denied by the FISA Court is very disturbing. The odds of this happening were 0.02%.

The Obama Presidency is now arguably the most corrupt in US history.”






Your TV is listening

Julian may have his biggest one yet (the usual suspects will wonder why the Mossad is attacking the CIA!):

1″Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges”;

2″You Probably Can’t Be Both”!;

3″CIA Documents Reveal Agency Spying On Us Through Our Computers, Phones and TVs”;

4″Wikileaks’ Timely Reminder of our Digital Panopticon”

5″Leaked CIA Documents Show Government Intentionally Creates Digital Vulnerabilities, then Intentionally Leaves Them Open … Leaving Us Exposed and Insecure” (Snowden);

6″CIA Leak: “Russian Election Hackers” May Work In Langley” and “Wikileaks Exposes CIA Exploit Capable Of Cyber “False Flag” Attack To Blame Russia” (it should now be established definitively that it is technically impossible to determine the players behind a hack, although of course the attack on the Democrats was a leak and not a hack);

7″US Consulate in Frankfurt is a ‘CIA Hacker Base’ – Says Wikileaks” (the plot of the recent spy series ‘Berlin Station’ turned on German anger at the Merkel phone tapping!);

8″WikiLeaks Dump Shows CIA Could Turn Smart TVs Into Listening Devices” (I wonder if Samsung’s spooky Korean problems are part and parcel of the fact it is just an intelligence asset);

9″WikiLeaks Warns CIA Trying to Hack Cars for ‘Undetectable Assassinations’” and “WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ dump reignites conspiracy theories surrounding death of Michael Hastings”;

This would be an excellent time for a direct political attack on the CIA.

Classic ‘fake news’: “The U.S. Government Did Not Revoke Khizr Khan’s ‘Travel Privileges’”:

“BONUS: A source inside CBP tells me that what is most likely to have happened is that Khan’s membership in one of the expedited processing programs was set to expire. These are programs run by private companies that gather information and submit members’ names for background checks to allow them to use expedited processing lanes at the airport when re-entering the United States from a foreign country. Khan/Ramsey likely confused, by accident or on purpose, the expiration of that membership with some nefarious U.S. government action, and the media took it from there. Khan’s only privilege under fire was that of standing in a shorter line at the airport.”

“Following Donald Trump’s wiretap accusations Clapper and Comey make only qualified denials”. There must be crack teams of lawyers working round the clock to carefully craft the wording.

“What Trump Should Have Tweeted About Obama and Eavesdropping”. Since everything is tapped, there is no need for Barry to order a specific wiretap of Trump. The question becomes whether his officials – Lynch and Yates – based on an explicit or implicit nod from Barry, asked that the mass surveillance be analyzed to specifically focus on Trump. “”I think the FISA court’s basically totally irrelevant.””

Brave Giraldi: “Cheerleading for Israel”. Note the comment on suspicious Zionism at Antiwar.com.

“Leading Putin Critic Warns of Xenophobic Conspiracy Theories Drowning U.S. Discourse and Helping Trump”. Greenwald’s explanation for Gessen’s striking temporary bout of sanity.

“US effort to seize Iran’s assets in Luxembourg illegal: Official”. Do Jews have enough pull in Luxembourg for it to wreck its banking system for some lawfare?

“Companies Are Making Ex-Uber Employees Prove They’re Not Assholes”. How do you prove that?

“Donald Trump’s Greatest Allies Are the Liberal Elites”. I think Taibbi underestimates Trump’s media savvy.

“Q&A: How Can I Stop My TV Spying On Me?”. A: don’t buy it.

AT 3/08/2017 04:12:00 AM

March 8-9, 2017 — WikiLeaks revelations showcases massive redundancy in U.S. cyber-warfare


Mar 8, 2017

Election manipulation a major component of CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI).



—CIA BUCKS WIKILEAKS: The CIA on Wednesday pushed back against WikiLeaks’s release regarding the agency’s hacking programs, insisting it never acted unethically, unconstitutionally or illegally. “It is CIA’s job to be innovative, cutting-edge, and the first line of defense in protecting this country from enemies abroad. America deserves nothing less,” the CIA said in a statement. The agency said it would not comment on the authenticity of the tranche of documents describing hacking techniques, a European cyber operations hub and more. It did, however, claim that it would be on solid footing to have participated in the described activities. The CIA said the real outrage should be that the documents were allegedly stolen from a secure network and released to the public. “The American public should be deeply troubled by any WikiLeaks disclosure designed to damage the Intelligence Community’s ability to protect America against terrorists and other adversaries. Such disclosures not only jeopardize US personnel and operations, but also equip our adversaries with tools and information to do us harm.”

To read the rest of our piece, click here.

Some experts say WikiLeaks exaggerated the contents of the leaked documents. For more on that story, click here.

–MEANWHILE, FEDS INVESTIGATE: Federal officials have opened a criminal probe into the WikiLeaks document dump, CNN reported, citing anonymous U.S. officials. The investigation is being coordinated by the FBI and CIA, who are looking at how the site came to possess the documents, and whether they may have been leaked by an employee or a government contractor. WikiLeaks claims to have more CIA documents to release, and officials are reportedly worried that the site could publish computer code showing how hacking operations are conducted.




“… consider what the CIA is doing. They are quite literally buying the vulnerabilities in U.S.-made software. They are paying money to keep the vulnerabilities in software and hardware in order to exploit those weaknesses. One more time so you get the point. They are creating and buying zero-day exploits for systems and of course refraining from telling the manufacturers of those devices. This is irresponsible and dangerous to the point of being criminal. It isn’t negligent, it’s intentionally criminal.

This lends itself to fraud, abuse, extortion, potential convictions in a courtroom with the use of illegally obtained material, material that violates the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Here is something else. Since some of the malware is stolen from Russia, no one can ever, ever again trust the CIA when they say something like “this malware or hacking attack has a known Russian [or any other country for that matter] signature.” Never. Not that I ever trusted the CIA anyway.

We would all love to live in a country in which we know with certainty that the men and women in responsible charge of the nation’s international security target only the known enemies of state, i.e., foreign enemies. But that’s not reality, and only a fool or simpleton believes things like that. We know that this lust for knowledge, this consuming drive for power, it emblematic of the fall in Genesis, where they wanted to be like God. Statism is a wicked religion, and jingoism is its bread and butter.

So why would this writer, who wrote the same thing at Center For Security Policy, weigh in with such an article as this? Why would he beclown himself in this way? I can think of only two reasons. The first is that he really doesn’t understand the nature of the deep state.

No, I’m not talking about the deep state in the way Bill Kristol talks about the deep state, with utter ignorance of the subject. I mean the true nature of the deep state. CIA, DynCorp (former SpecOps who handles the military operations of the CIA), the State Department, The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, some FBI (e.g., Andrew McCabe and others), some generals (e.g., Petraeus), and other actors in the corporate world, have participated in nation-toppling in North Africa and the Middle East for the last ten or more years, going after oil , money, precious metals, weapons, human organs and human trafficking (read here child trafficking).

Their bread and butter for extortion is “Brownstone operations,” and their military bread and butter in North Africa has been coupling with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow countries and destabilize entire regions. Of course, money from George Soros came in quite handy. If this writer doesn’t know about George Webb on YouTube (who is being assisted by FBI by his own admission), the Reddit discussion threads, the Voat discussion threads, and if this writer doesn’t know about “FBIAnon” and “DHS Insider” who is assisting some of these citizen investigations, then the writer is incompetent and should be fired.

If he worked for the CIA all these years and yet doesn’t know about the current war within the IC, then he is a buffoon. On the other hand, if he does know about all of this, and if he does understand that both the NSA and CIA are engaging in illegal surveillance against American citizens, and yet he supports these programs anyway, then he is a traitor. The second possibility is darker than the first.…”


which also contains the link to

The Reddit discussion thread on the Wikileaks Vault 7 release


UPDATE “WikiLeaks Dumps Docs on CIA’s Hacking Tools” [Krebs on Security]. “WikiLeaks is promising a series of these document caches; this first one includes more than 8,700 files allegedly taken from a high-security network inside CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Va.” That’s nice.



For months, the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees said their investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election were in their “initial” stages. On Tuesday, it became clear that the probes had moved into a new phase.

The CIA is now providing raw intelligence documents to committee members, according to multiple senators. Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-N. C.) and Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) visited CIA headquarters on Monday to view the documents underlying the intelligence community’s unclassified assessment that Russia sought to sway the election in favor of Trump.

At Langley, Cornyn said Tuesday, he viewed “four large binders full of classified information that’s been made available to the committee to conduct” its wide-ranging investigation.

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said members of his panel had also made visits to CIA headquarters and that there will be “more trips out there.” He said he was close to reaching an agreement with the intelligence community on whether evidence would be turned over to Congress or continue to be housed within the agencies.

[Ed.: Is raw intelligence like raw sewage?]

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