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Jaime Bonilla VAldez


Jaime Bonilla


Bonilla, Otay Water District, Division 2 Director is a self admitted FBI snitch who volunteered to wear a wire for the feds to listen in on conversations of his fellow board members and members of the LA and San Diego business community. As confirmed in the San Diego Union Tribune at  http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/20030916-9999_1m16otay.html >>

“Earlier this year, the water district's attorney said Bonilla had gone to the FBI in 2001” …  

Bonilla, who has been attending the trial, denied Cardenas' allegation outside court. "Lies. Lies," he said. "We'll prove it in time."

Asked about Cardenas' allegation that he sought a bribe, Bonilla said, "If that was the case, why would I be going to the FBI?" ………Why would he go? Because that is how a low life snitch covers his own butt!


Bonilla's one of California's most wealthiest Businessmen. Owner of KURS Radio station and 6 other stations in California and 3 more in Tijuana. Many gas stations in San Ysidro and the Otay Border crossings and the La Mesa, CA Mobile Carwash on Spring.


Bonilla always is the 1st to accuse others around him of being a snitch but in the end the truth came out he was the wire wearing backstabber.  


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Deja Vu! Same old,Same old. Same thing went down in the 1940's 50's 60's when this country was ratting out each other for the FBI who created the boogeyman"communism".
FBI agents cannot exist in a enviornment that is ratless. Your tax dollars fund these
predators. Until communities learn to police themselves rats will exist because the organizational model know as the FBI will exist.

a species that hires bodyguards to protect them looses the ability to protect itself and is doomed to extinction

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