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Thia guy is a total conman and ratt

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Posts: 3
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Originally Posted by Angela67
Thia guy is a total conman and ratt
he puts cars in his daughters .in his cousins name that he steals by fraud..he has stolen thousands if dollars, and gets away with jt cause his dad was a cop.some say he was a cop too.he sure seems awful relaxed emailing the prosecuting attorneys office. Considering he knows him. He borrows money then sets people up to bust them so he doesnt have to pay them only it didnt work this time.he over 70,000 stole 3500$ from the sale of a ring.he stole 1700 worth of phones and still not even a warrant for his arrest.and hes been steaking money from women for years...i can prove everything I say and I will as I recorded this fool getting money from me where he clearly said its a loan.so him now saying it never happend is a lie he didnt even pay for his own kids graduation.he lies about and denies everything..yes hes on video borrowing 15.000 in one 5000 in another. And hasnt paid a cent..i thought it was fraud to borrow money and then lie about it. Hes a total punk.he was so worriedd about a dea case in california and a car that was involved.that he had me spend 3500 to change its appearance.gave it to me towards the money he owed..put it in his own kids name..then stole the car..so I'm suijg him amd his daughter for the 3500.hes such a lying snake.his own family said that he wasnt raised in new York.never had a ny grandparents there.and the accent is fake everything about this guy is a lie...im suing for that too.as he obtained people's trust by portraying himself as something he wasn't...hes just a ratya what a man.worried about a dea case.so he puts it in his own childs name....not exactly keeping hia kid safe was he.. Hes a worthless piece of shit.
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