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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board

 Much has been stated about the abuse and use of Law Enforcements tactics concerning kill/suppression programs. I would encourage you to read my prior posts to see exactly how this program is set up.

I will explain the "hot broken arrow" designation.

The use of a small percentage of law enforcement individuals to employ technology based kill programs on Americans has proliferated in the past 10 years. I have compiled a list of agents/informants that I felt compelled to post on.

This body of information has been verified and relayed to me by detectives that I have known personally for over seven years. While learning about this program I have acquired there terminology concerning the program.

What I have seen and heard directly relates to a kill/suppression network program that is comprised of detectives as well as informants. 

The nature of this program is simple in design. It is protocol for the selected target to be set up with an initial meeting with an agent that is skilled in "deprogramming". Deprogramming refers to coercive measures to force a person in a controversial belief system to change those beliefs and abandon there previous beliefs.

After the initial meeting period the agent will have gained access to the individuals home and have knowledge of everything the person does daily. It is at this time that the focus shifts from what would seem to be a healthy friendship/relationship to a protocol called indoctrination with the help of technology used to help cause PTSD symptoms and instill the beliefs that the detective sees relevant to this target.

It is most often that these agents are indeed "Romeo Agents" although if forming a relationship is not possible, they will befriend the person if that is all they can attain.

It is at this time when the person targeted will begin to rely on the detective and depend on him/her for there needs due to the actions directed by the controlling detective. Most often a move is offered to a target to induce further "bonding" of detective to target. 

There is a network of safe houses across the United States that are set up as "field offices" that look quite normal from the street. Inside individuals have moved targets to the site and isolated them there in order to insure total control of stimulus, food and activity.

The experimental technologies that many talk about are not that mysterious or experimental at all. The technology is perfected and relies on basic scientific principle that were developed with the help of the military as well as small privatized companies.

Depending on the constitution of the target, the target may be scheduled for a long indoctrination process intended to shatter the persons belief system and make it appear as though the target is to blame for his/her onset of problems when the source is actually the detective.

If the target has a strong will the indoctrination process will not go as planned. This has been relayed to me by a detective source as a "loss of allocation of resources"as many years can be wasted if the Detective is a failure.

What is perceived by the targeted person to be harassment after the detective pulls out is only the result of prior abuse. Most times the target is not being harassed at all. The last thing the detectives want to do is re-introduce more detectives from this program to the original target.

Targets need to remember that the last thing they should do is blame or take action on anyone and above all always remain peaceful. There is nothing that the original assigned personnel would want more than for this target to believe that anyone and everyone is involved when nothing could be farther than the truth. Document, record and rake pictures of everything legally and learn to utilize the rights that you were born with.

There are good people in this world, and it has been relayed to me that the targets that survive and survive happily are the ones that maintain family bonds, friendships and continue to live as though they are not victims. They have the greatest chance to lead a normal life. It has been relayed to me that this type of failed indoctrination target is known as a "hot broken arrow".
Robert Carrier
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Kill Program personnel that have been active in the Massachusetts area have been inquired about by another member. I read a post asking for information on Shalayne N. Lighty. She has lived in this house. She engaged in illegal torture on at least one individual for the purposes of a kill/suppression law enforcement operation.

  This safe house is used via a law enforcement kill/suppression program with targets being housed and abused in the apartments illegally. The detectives involved were listed in my reply to this member in a prior post if you would like to read the names and details.

  31 congress street Milford Ma is a secure location, that was deemed suitable for isolating targets, agents or other persons perceived as being targeted for elimination and or intimidation tactics to take place. It became known as the "Milford Mortuary".

  The house was tightly controlled with agents living inside torturing targets through the year 2009 and on to my knowledge. It is unknown if the safe house was used for any other purposes. It appears as though it was set up with direct purpose to torture people targeted by this program. It is likely that it is still being used today for this objective.

  Information was gathered directly from detective Lighty while working in the building that it may be possible that there are buried bodies in the basement. It is not known if this was an intimidation tactic by the detective to suppress an information leak. 

 I have found additional information on this property and its owner. Darn Properties, LLC owns this property as well as 9 other properties that are being used as safe houses. Darn Properties, LLC is located in Milford, MA 01757 at 206 Main St. The owners name is Moshe Attias. Detective Attias contact number is 508-320-6262. 

  This organization primarily operates in the Nonresidential Building Operators business / industry within the Real Estate sector. Darn Properties is estimated to generate $280,000 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people at this single location. Its SIC Code is 6512, Operators of Nonresidential Buildings. Its NAICS Code is 531312, Nonresidential Property Managers.

   I have included below verified information derived from the Milford Assessor's Office located at 52 Main Street Milford, MA 01757 Phone: (508) 634-2306 of these property ownership records.

  Built in 1880, this property was last sold for $220,200 in 2011 and currently has an estimated value of $280,345. The median price for this area is 315000. The 6 assigned schools for this property are located in Milford School District. There are currently 1,594 similar properties for sale within 10-mile radius, ranging from $140,400 - $399,900. I have extensive information that I will be releasing here and in the members section with regards to this kill/suppression program in the near future.  8.2.PNG
Robert Carrier
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This same ordeal happened to me and I am finally happy that someone has decided to show people the terrible things that happen to people in these houses. I finally have the courage to open up about this and do not feel so cold and lonely. I have posted on one person that seems to cut from the same cloth, no surprise. That's what happens when you trust the wrong person.
After her *Alison Fujioka* arrival into my life things were never the same. The house I was brought to was in Massachusetts. The torture was placed on my shoulders was more than I could carry. In this home many people were helping to torture me and keep me quiet. I think we ought to come forward with this publicly to stop this ugly side of life for others. Could please help I have all of the names.

God Bless
Terry Mitchell
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I have posted on this agent in the members section and have followed up on your post in the forum section huesofred. 

Allison Fujioka is connected to this program and was deployed in the Massachusetts area during 2009-2013 participating in the illegal activities I have mentioned above. 

If you could post the address of the house you were tortured in that might help others.

Please read my follow up answer to your post in the forum for detailed information.

Read my prior posts for more details.

This program is part of the global Surveillance Network.

I Hope this will answer some questions.
Robert Carrier
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This program is part of the global Surveillance Network.

This program is being used to suppress information leaks and neutralize potential targets with information.

I will follow up as soon as possible w/ relevant information asap.
Robert Carrier
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Thank you for posting this article Robert; this is a very helpful member. I'm in southern California (I hear this kind of this is BAD in San Diego) I've been a target of this harassment/intimidation campaign myself; for the last 3+ years. These people are targeting innocent Americans who haven't done anything wrong. It's done in the name of "Preventing Terrorism" among various other reasons, when they themselves are the terrorists. I've heard this program called many things (some call it Gangstalking, others call it Organized Harassment) a psyop, an an extension of the Cointelpro program from a few decades ago. You're article was incredibly informative to me, thank you again. If you get this send me an email I want to ask you some questions so allay my nerves on this. My name is Justin; my email is Youngbloodj83@yahoo.com. I believe my whole family has become targeted, and I'm working to expose these people in every possible way I can. I'm only 32, but this has aged me 10 years in the last 3. These people killed my brother slowly, and I believe I was made aware of my protocol 4 months after this happened.
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Thank you for your words. It is often difficult for people to realize that they are not to blame for the acts that are committed against them. Often times a word or even a comment stated to an operative may actually put them on a target/kill/suppression list.

The information on this site is extremely accurate because of my first hand knowledge through getting to know these people very closely. 

I was informed of this information directly by two Operatives in the program. My two sources, Shalayne Lighty and Duane Lighty relayed this information to me. I am sure now that they realize that this was not in the best interest of there programs agenda. 

Duane Lighty is the Principle Manager for Rockwell Collins, formerly a director of AIRINC. Rockwell Collins purchased AIRINC and Duane Lighty became the Principle Manager at Rockwell Collins.

The Carlyle Group owns both of these companies

It was relayed to me that Duane Lighty started as a radio operator in the Coast Guard where he began his research and training. He has been instrumental in the development of communications and the weaponization of these communication technologies.

Duane Lighty can be contacted and does have knowledge that dates back to 1980 concerning weaponized communication

Duane Lighty has set up many safe houses in the United States for a multitude of purposes to be used exclusively as safe-houses to carry out the programs on individuals illegally. 

Shalayne Lighty is a FIELD OP who has the job of directly interacting with individuals on this list. She is a highly competent operative that is capable of running an entire safe-house with the backing of this technology by herself. She is capable of meeting a target/person and starts a relationship/friendship etc with multiple targets at once to assure that there is efficiency and counter intelligence when the operation is dismantled. The skills she has acquired are akin to a diversified group of knowledge which includes, weaponized communication, interrogation techniques as well as being extremely socially competent when it comes to hiding her mild mannered appearance.

This program is still active.

I have gathered much more information about this program and feel it is the proper thing to inform people that may be suffering from this programs devastating effects.

The people involved can be contacted if information is desired. A reply may not follow your words but it may help if they decide to go public in a grand scale about the program.

Duane Lighty expressed sadness when speaking about his role in this on-going program and stated that, " He feels bad but has a job to do and I am very good at my job ". I am not sure as to the reason that he decided to let this information out. He is possibly a guilt ridden person at this point with choices to make with regards to how he lives the rest of his life.

He later recanted his statements concerning the weaponization and stated that "He wished to thin out the Herd" when speaking about targeted groups such as African Americans.

This site allows a person to send Private Messages. Messages can be sent anytime

This information is being gathered and sent, and will be utilized at national conferences in the future concerning human rights, communication, weaponized communication,  and to help educate and eventually stop and or regulate this program or types of programs.

Please direct all questions etc to the Private Message system

 The site gives us posting, Freedom of Speech and is protected by the First Amendment.

Robert Carrier
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UPDATE to follow 

I am compiling information from my sources for posting
Robert Carrier
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Recent direct contact with my source who is in contact with Duane Lighty has stated that he has recanted his statements expressing sadness when speaking about his role in this on-going program.

He later elaborated his statements concerning the targeting profile selection and stated that "He wished to thin out the Herd" when speaking about targeting African Americans.

Duane Lighty
has stated Statistical information was provided to him that designated African Americans as a primary source of designated targets specifically during the 1980's through to today. 

He also stated that "it was getting too difficult to target African Americans as the rise in awareness has risen in the past two years. We were concerned about backlash from the country with the effect that we were having on American culture." 

Continuing in stating that it "was difficult for a short time to target African Americans with the possibility of starting racial tensions while executing the program efficiently without excessive attention"

I will update as soon as my source has relevant information.

Robert Carrier
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This program is still active. It has received higher priority to maintain communication while forcing a smaller capacity of activity with regards to its operational status to ensure a quiet re-occupational status.

Recent contacts have relayed that they have attempted to " smooth out the exit kinks and botched loss of time ". 

The corporations are still active as are the earlier mentioned agents.

An intense cover up program has been executed nationwide.

I have encouraged communication and continue to do so.

I will reply to all messages as usual.

I have received some further information concerning other agents names and new corporation information that I will be including in the coming months. 

I will add to this information ASAP.

Robert Carrier
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Duane Lighty has extensive information regarding a secret black ops program that involves Human trafficking and experimentation. 

This Human trafficking involves using exotic dancers to recruit and or abduct woman and men for the purpose of inflicting trauma based training and human experimentation with the aid of medications patents being smuggled out of a corporation in Lexington Ma. 

This program is fully understood as Duane Lighty has been instrumental since 1983 in developing and perfecting this psyops/technological/biological trauma training program. 

It involves the the highest levels of of security and is being employed world wide for assassinations and making better spies and soldiers.

This program is still active.

I will post as soon as I compile more information.
Robert Carrier
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