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I was just curious if the "Drug Police" do the trash trick in other places besides Norman, Oklahoma. Here, they frequently go on any "tip" they get,(however they may get it) and pick up the trash of the suspected person. If they can say they found anything, seeds, packaging, residue or whatever, then they will have probable cause to get a warrant, which are readily available it seems, in this town, to search their home. Is there a line out there anywhere on what they can and will try???????
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I know that the Lowell Ma and Lynn Ma DEA task forces love going thru trash. Than again Dea task forces will do anything and use any information credible or not.
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JENROTH.......Jenroth.......Do you know of any narcs in the Salem, MASS area ?
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It's standard proceedure. The trash once it is thrown out is no longer your property and is open to search without warrants. The supreme court ruled on this in the 80'S I believe.
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In Indiana the cops wontlookthrough trash I was robbed of my perscription reported it and they did noththing even though we knew who did it. My husband emptied her trash in his trunk kitty litter and all and called the sheriffs dept. they came out took pics found my perscription bottle and did nothing. Go figure!
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