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Posts: 8
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From now on, after joining this Forum, I shall ALWAYS post the SAME subject as we should ALL be doing here...... identifying WHO'S A RAT in the "perping" of each of our lives.

I shall begin my LONG series of RATTING ON THE RATS with first mentioning the institution from which I am posting here in the "CRAPITHOLE" of RATDOM--- Washington DC. I am regularly at the Library of Congress where I use their computers because I don't have my own. Today I found out how their infotech department is pulling a neat little trick on the computer users in the main reading room. Some of you have probably seen the color tourist-attraction photographs of the beautiful multi-colored marble main reading room. Well at various desk alcoves in that room they have personal computers set up at which you can access the internet. There is also an electronic media room across the hall with computers and microfiche readers. What visitors who also are card-carrying users like me don't know is that when they use the computers here log into their mainstream email accounts such as GOOGLE (a BIG PERPRAT engine!), they must be sure NOT ONLY to log out but also REMOVE or DELETE their accounts when they end their session because OTHERWISE it will STAY LOGGED IN the system revealing their email address to everyone and anyone!

I hope this word gets out to at least those of you members on here who reside in DC. I don't know how many public libraries across the country are now doing this but I warn you all:

BEWARE and BE CAREFUL ON THE INTERNET! It's not just the RATS' nest it's the SPYDERS' WEB!!


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Posts: 60
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Hello Richard, I have an expertise in this field of studies.

Do not worry about this particular login situation. 

It happens on a personal home computer as well when a user logs into multiple accounts on the device at once. Once logged into a "session" your account will remain until removed.

This removal process is google's standard even on a personal home private computer.

I will include the steps needed to remove google accounts from a device. 

Also, as much as google is murky at best I agree, they only included this feature in google sign in to make it easier for users that have multiple accounts to sign in quikly [smile] 

Follow these steps to remove other accounts from your computer:

  1. Open a new tab and type in Google.
  2. Sign out of your account in that tab.
  3. Click the blue sign in button in the upper right corner.
  4. This will bring up all accounts on your computer and there will be an add account option on the bottom left or a delete account option on the bottom right.
  5. Click the delete option.
  6. Click on the accounts you wish to remove from your computer.
  7. Click done.
  8. Sign back into your Google account.

Always remember that it is important to remove your account from public internet used computers as it leaves a potential cyber criminal with HALF of your login credentials. They only need to attain the password to login at this point as the google account stays linked to the used computer. 

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

Looking forward to seeing & reading your work!

Robert Carrier
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