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This is what rats did to me. It hasn't stopped it is still being shared all over FB and FB won't help. I've gone from acedemic excellence autistic chef to woman who is denied all 911 help if i call ill go to jail first. I just landed in hospital under total assumptions which were so wrong and ever more damaging despite I asked for help for low sugar and was ignored for that. These ppl were under RO the day before they put up this blog, and le refuses to do anything because they are CI. This IS abuse of disabled and I can't stop any of it ALONE. Cops won't admit they are wrong even if they could go against the CIs. I've never been a druggie I was brought here by them under promise they were helping and caseworkers but actually i was intended as bait. When they busted last year they said I did it so they could video ppl coming for me. This is sick and so corrupt. I used to respect cops and never had any issues with them, now I'm terrified of what is supposed to be good and safe for me.
*I have recordings and actual texts
*my id is fully disclosed in attachment on blog and now on black web- go ahead be ME, please...i hate what doing RIGHT has done to me.
*their defense lawyer is now back as the county da Cole Chase after serving his slap on hand for menacing with gun just as these ppl menaced with stun guns 2 on 1.- I have that all on recording and no one will listen so ROs that were in place have been dropped......

Posts: 3
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And oh yes, feds do watch this site. I pray they get new eyes and humble themselves a bit to see their EGO is not their oath.

Posts: 5
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So, I am having trouble understanding, are you the CI? Because I’m confused how they brought you win, as you said with your caseworkers, just confuse work you have anything to do with anything? And why they would just pick you out, but then you said all because you were doing something right? So I’m just confused

Posts: 5
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So I had to read and read it again, and read it again and honestly, I have had the worst experience from the same cop at least eight times, pulling me over passing by going a different direction, which is illegal without running my plate, nonetheless you sound ridiculous saying when you call 911 you go to jail for no reason? Be clear on why you’re calling 911 first off and second off if you actually needed some help I’m sure they would help you but if you’re calling 91 one to snitch or get someone else in trouble and think you’re doing the right thing and then you yourself Get hemmed up well that’s instant karma, because you probably should be minding your own business

Posts: 3
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Good grief. Let me clarify. I am an autistic and often are confusing to nuerotypicals.


She found me on aspie group, friend requested me the year before I ever even knew of her watching me on group. I deleted it. She never said anything to me until end.of Feb 2017 when she pmd me insisting she would help me with SS, medical help, housing, everything the coast didn't have resources I desparetly needed. I was sick, stuck, broke, in worst storm of year with my cat in back of my truck, in total ASPIE meltdown and flap and stimm and stutter and cry and, am always assumed to be just another tweaker loser druggie. Im not never have been and tweakers like me cuz im so easy to rip off cuz i cannot keep up with them all all the time - i rarely am around anyone, or go where PPL will be, ie, walmart. For every hour of ppling i have to sleep a day to recover from overload
Ppl do not UNDERSTAND how challenging it is to SURVIVE as and autistic female with no living family. I she was autistic advocate for in KF, and stated to my curry caseworker she was a kf caseworker, they gave her all my I go and put gas in for me to get to her house she said i could stay until I was all set up with housing and ssdi.
I never had a clue, WHAT she was really saying in bits and pieces was not at ALL as it sounded it was. 10th day after she had me in the vacant house next door to her, that WAS NOT hers, but had admitted she broke into cuz only she would care that I was in there. Her and hubby put ext cord, a lamp, a small heater and buckets for water and as a toilet. ..after all my appts and apps were under her full control as third party, she casually told me WHAT she and hubby really DID because they had to. Told me "better to be on her feet than on her knees" and she has a huge family of every kind everywhere, so as long as I WILL DO as she says i wont end up found dead in a war

I was shocked, scared, and so very fucked and stuck even worse for believing her BECAUSE NO one would lie to such and extent as play county worker from fb group
...thank the Lord I never was anything what they'd hoped I was, I was useless from day one and to this day I'm tormented by them and know I'm still being made bait by using me as a target all by their lies to save them selves.

Btw! She played YOU well, she messaged me and told me how all of whosarat agrees with her, cuz I'm the SNITCH

Now can you understand me? She knew EVERY detail of my life long before I was ever here. She knew EVERY detail of RO I had to leave a bad dv in 2013.
I wasn't abusing 911, everyone in town was calling in and saying they were me. She would attack me and hubby would listen on scanner for 911, so they would always be so sweet when they showed up. Majority of 5 1/2 months I didn't even have a phone at all. No way to charge anyways.
My Obama phone was ordered and set up by this couple first fees days I was there and had no idea it was cloned and downloading to their Wi-Fi until I actually saw it.

Enough, I'm sick of this CRAP i never earned or deserved, so you sir, may very likely really be her or hubby fucking around to cover their cowardly rat asses. Done.
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