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Please Read attach documents of probable cause affidavit, I do have multiple questions and would like any opinions or factual guidelines or regulations or laws that perhaps could be useful in this case, so let me get started. After you read this probable cause affidavit and as you can see I blacked out basically just my name and any important information in regards to that just in case said informant does see this which honestly I don’t care but once I receive opinions I will provide that CI‘s name. And the reason why I know the CI‘s name is as you can see from the probable calls, this suppose it transaction Was Taken Place on November 30th, 2018. ( definitely, I know this wasn’t the correct date)I received a tip a couple months ago that I was possibly set up by this female CI .

So, I will provide you a little information about this situation. First, the CI obviously as you can see is a CI for Johnson County directly and not any other counties at least at this time, I say that for this reason. Through the grapevine, I was informed that she possibly had a case and Johnson County and therefore turned into a CI and I can’t find any record of her having a drug arrest and Johnson County, and in the county next to her they obviously didn’t give a fuck what Johnson County had, because she picked up a case on March 2nd And can be located on my case. So one question is, how can I find out if she has possibly been arrested elsewhere?and then Johnson County, So literally she beg me to drive to her because I have never did any business and Johnson County but there’s a golf course right inside city limits and I actually felt bad for her so I drove to her and a half mile and Johnson County is where she entrapped me and lured me in, a half mile inside city limits, however since that transaction she just recently got a possession of heroin and possession of a syringe on March 2nd, As I stated above.

Question: What makes an informant not I guess I should say reliable? Meaning she got arrested for heroin and possession of a needle in another county, that other county didn’t give a fuck that she was a CI and Johnson County, however don’t I have a right to face my accuser? Meaning, doesn’t she or one she have to testify? And how reliable can she honestly be as a CI while she has a pending charge of the possession of heroin all while I am going to court as well be mindful that I just got arrested April 20 from this said transaction back in November 30th. They waited this long to pick me up, and not only that during this drug sleep they got 50 other people on April 20 and some dates go as far back as July of last year, which in my opinion I know probably is it out of the time to find probable calls, but definitely just isn’t right especially if people change their life.

Another thing is, if for some reason and she better hope that there isn’t a picture of video of me and it’s clear that said vehicle isn’t mine, not only that that plate I had reported stolen, my name has been plastered all over multiple new stations daily since the 20th so another question is, out of the 60 people me and another person we’re the only person that actually dealt supposedly pills, everyone else hair when I met, but what if I can Prove mistaken identity, do I have legal rights since I have my own business and self-employed, to sue these motherfuckers for ruining my name, therefore ruining my business, especially being a veteran of war, because fax or happens and I can say that it could happen this time but how would I addressed making a civil lawsuit out of this.

Said affidavit, that they could see the transaction meaning that attacked us and not only that said see I had an audio video recording device, which that may be true but I know for a fact that there were no detectors in the area nor did they see me during this transaction.

Inconsistencies, there are many inconsistencies the first thing is I have never owned a black truck or dark other truck has a probable calls have a David referred to and I have never had a truck registered in my name at least in the past two years, that plate is in fact registered to my ex-girlfriend? This is one inconsistency, but is it enough to get this case dropped? I’ll continue..

Since said transaction on November 30, said CI has message and called him multiple times in regards to wanting to sell me multiple drugs to include heroin, Suboxone, self-worth, I have plenty of messages of her asking and there are plenty of messages that actually will show that I had bought from her, mainly Subutex and Suboxone and for the main reason is she will call and need money however from what I understand and it’s clear that CI’s I only see eyes when they’re buying something, and that’s obvious there were many times even when I was tipped by a friend of mine, that I was snitched on but I wanted to so bad record her and set her up to have a back up plan, but in the end I didn’t really know if she really set me up, but now it’s obvious I definitely do because swat team bus in my house and literally as you can see November 30 to April 20 is a little bit of a gap. TO CONTINUE-

I have never discussed other sale of drugs, and not only that, I know for a fact I haven’t discussed any sort of drugs with the phone number attached to the probable cause which I blacked out and in fact during this time I had cut that phone number off for four months. I really think they did a horrible job covering their tracks and actually doing their job which shouldn’t be to destroy someone’s life but in fact all these cocksuckers nowadays don’t even care if they get a conviction, just getting enough probable cause makes him sleep well and happy at night, and it’s bullshit because peoples lives are getting put through hell, because I’ve made up shit they mentioned heroin in the probable calls multiple times but any logical person not only that it said I had 100 bars and all this dope on me I really think they did a horrible job covering their tracks and actually doing their job which shouldn’t be to destroy someone’s life but in fact all these cocksuckers nowadays don’t even care if they get a conviction, just getting enough probable cause makes him sleep well and happy at night, and it’s bullshit because peoples lives are getting put through hell, because I’ve made up shit they mentioned heroin in the probable calls multiple times but any logical person Natalie that is said I had 100 bars and all this dope on me SUPPOSEDLY, Any logical person or police officer would’ve loved to pull me over right when I left there if that was me because they wouldn’t even of had to use the CIA, they could’ve arrested me for dealing multiple things and possession of multiple things and that would’ve been that why didn’t they do that? Or am I just retarded and thinking that common sense isn’t so common anymorebut as you can see what they were trying to do to include heroin and other drugs as if we did discuss it to beef up the probable cause for the judge to sign, because obviously it would be better at my pockets are full of heroin and Xanax bars as I said I was caring why won’t they just pull me over and bust me right then? They would of been so much happier but either they lied, or they are just plum full of shit.. And love putting peoples lives the ringer.I helluva lot more charges on me that day if I honestly Had all this dope on me wouldn’t they?

-More inconsistencies-

Set CI even later that day after doing this deal and which I supposedly sold her Xanax bars, three hours later that day she had stop by and sold me Suboxone and I have text messages and proof of that, but obviously I don’t want to discriminate myself but when I’m trying to do is diminish how good of a CI she is, I think I have somewhere to start with her having a pending charge since she set me up on November 30th and since then got that new charge on March 2, But I have received different opinions in regards to said see I possibly won’t half to testify and maybe that might be the case if they have video evidence, maybe not, but nonetheless said CIA has another pending drug charge, Seth CI since then has told me many drugs herself where I have messages, obviously I couldn’t get the balls to record her because that’s a bitch move I’m gonna do this shit the right way.

Next thing, so again I have multiple messages and even prior to my rest on April 20 she will call at least once every two weeks wanted me to sell her drugs I’m fortunately since around November timeframe I actually became clean and my life has been great, I do take Suboxone but hell you don’t get high on that and I was injured in the military and had back problems so it does help for my pain, and it’s unfortunate that I put myself in this position which I understand, but I am asking you guys for help to get me out of this ..


They say that I sold her 28.5 or 28 Xanax bars that way 9.2 g? I have never seen someone get arrested for dealing a controlled substance that they were actually way the pills out in the form as if it’s dealing meth or heroin and between five and 10 g? So literally they said it weighed 9.2 g if I had two more Xanax bars to giver ever been over 10 g and a level III felony? At least in their terms is this correct? I did not think dealing a Controlled substance, can be depending on the wait? Next thing

I know there is a charge of a look-alike substance, but in this case those Xanax bars were not real they are pressed Xanax bars, that do not even contain alprazolam in them, what they contain I cannot tell you that because I’m not the maker, they do fuck you up, and it sucks because they actually do you say Xanax, but if they actually sent that out it will not test positive for Xanax? Is this a big enough inconsistency to dismiss this case?

Again, I didn’t say I had 100 bars, maybe at a earlier They might’ve said that like months before Hell I don’t know, but what I do know is if I had 100 bars and hair when on me and marijuana on me when you have like to bust me right then, because that would be one hell of a bus what do you think?or an earlier time I may have said that which who knows how long her phone has been operating as a CI, but what I do know is at this time said CI stated her aunt was out of her Xanax and is withdrawing bad could I please help her? At that time I didn’t know of anything but I just so happen to get a call and Bam I purchase those Xanax for the same price that I sold to said CI, because really I was just trying to do her a solid favor. Again, since then I I am being accused of only doing that one transaction however again since then she has continued to badger me and try to set me up and since then she has continued to sell me controlled substances. Nonetheless, so I introduced to you multiple inconsistencies starting with never owned a dark truck never had a vehicle registered in my name I’m almost positive that November 30, 2018 which was my father’s birthday wasn’t the exact day or even close to that date, the Xanax bars in fact are not Xanax bars however they do say Xanax, but it’s clear they actually haven’t did their due diligence and testing this controlled substance. And again since then said CI has actually sold me multiple times Suboxone and Subutex and it’s clear that she wasn’t a CI as she was selling to me, however even though I bought said Control sunstance from the informant in the past would that be enough to arrest me at this time, I wouldn’t think so it may make me look bad, however wouldn’t that be an actual big thing for the CI To actually be a sufficient CI. And again, Said CI has hit me up multiple times has sold to me multiple times has continued to sell, and continue to I would like to thank entrap me into selling her even one Suboxone which is enough to get me for a level five I guess..

So my thing is, should I present to them stating yes I have bought Suboxone and Subutex, such as a controlled substance from your actual CI, and tell them she has been doing these transactions without your approval obvious and then goes back in and traps you or in traps me immediately after or before. So honestly, wouldn’t it be enough to dismissal to provide proof of her actually selling me a controlled substance where she hasn’t held up on her end, And strictly done business with me as an informant? Another thing is on top of that as I stated she has a pending charge and a charge after she set me up, of heroin in a syringe, on top of this isn’t this enough for dismissal?

So on top of all that she also just picked up a pending heroin and possession of a syringe on March 2 just in a different county at this time, it is up on my case but based off the wording I don’t know how you can tell if this informant is actually taken that route again. One last thing, it stated that the informant yelled my name as she pulled up, I can’t remember if she did but I know I didn’t reply back to her because that would be weird like if my name was Johnny if she said hey Johnny and I said hey Bethany or whatever the woman’s name is it would just be weird to me, I don’t know what kind of video device they have had, what I do know is I didn’t enter the vehicle nor can I recall about 90% that her phone and no way picked up my face.

NONETHELESS, PLEASE HELP GUYS! AND DONT BEAT ME DOWN I LITERALLY HAVE BEEN CLEAN GOING ON 5 or 6 Months, And I start because I wanted to so don’t reply back with you did all kinds of wrong shit, because I already know that when I’m looking for is someone to give me some strong factual advise so I can beat this one time case and move on with my life without having a felony let alone a drug conviction on my record.

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