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Posts: 533
Reply with quote  #1 
Can you believe that this confirmed Rat thinks that his picture and name is only limited to one website Click Here also Robert the next time that you communicate with a website like this read the disclaimer " By communicating with this web site, however, users grant this web site permission to use any information, suggestions, ideas, drawings or concepts communicated for any purpose this web site chooses, commercial, public or otherwise without compensation whatsoever." Which is why I posted your feedback below, Also I wanted to point out that you are very wrong on your interpretation of the Leon carmichael case law( the short version can be found in the important case law section on this site) Leon carmichael and anyone else that you ratted on can and most likely will post you on this site and on the many other sites like this that will follow and in addition to that he has every right to post you in newspapers billboards and tv for the purpose of seeking any and all information about you to be used to discredit you at trial.

FeedBack Type: Complaint
Name: robert denton
Email: tapdenton@xxxxxxxxxx "edited by admin"

Comments: my picture and name is ilegaly on your website it was only allowed to be on leon carmichael\\\\\\\'s web site nobody elses web site.and why would you let leon put someones name picture as an informent

Posts: 8
Reply with quote  #2 
Aparently Mr. Denton is upset over the fact that someone has chosen to identify him as a RAT. Bummer Bob, but if you are looking for sympathy your best bet is look in the dictionary. You will find sympathy listed somewhere between Shit and Syphalis.

If you are looking for redress than perhaps you should create your own web-site and explain why you are not a RAT. Then you can link it to this one and shen someone reviewing this site actually gives a shit about you they can look at the link.

By the way Bob, "Why were you looking here in the first place?" Seems odd that you would just happen upon your name at a site like this while you were casually surfing the old web.

Posts: 6
Reply with quote  #3 
first of all "bobby" we all know that since you're a rat you already have the cheese to go with that whine!

2nd of all who in god's green earth do you think you are to complain...you're accusations & rat terd's have restricted the liberty's of Mr. Carmichael...why shouldn't you're ability to continue in illegal activity be hindered...because we all know that rat's are rat's because they were dirty first.so this web site should have absolutely no effect on your day to day life as long as you live within the guidelines our society has set.
basically don't do anything illegal & the people you come into contact with probably will not no you are a rat!!!

finally "bob" you should get hooked on phonics before you post your lack of intelligence on a public forum, lest the whole world know exactly how stupid you are
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