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Mid-Missouri,from the top down. Judicial members to your POS nobody are are suppressing, entrapping, setting up those that (Me) attempt to Wade through the BS of these paperback soldiers, studio gangsters whatever you want to call this group of traitorous dogs.They have elementary school scores to settle, vendetta's to honor , calling in favors on a collaboration of dozens of rats to discredit,slander,and snitch on any endeavor that one would use to hustle.Mind you that these grimey shit eaters hands down are breaking more rules than I can list here. Understand..I AM under attack and this is getting very personal i.e. involving my children so I'm a little sensitive.But make no mistake I am in the trenches behind enemy lines Rambo style meaning alone and can't trust anyone to " think tank " because I'm essentially aiding the enemy with every word I say to anyone in "this game". Honestly,I'm not a tough guy and I don't have any friends and ANYTHING I say the enemy uses to bolster their suppression against me. I admit I ask and say things that probably would be considered taboo in this particular field,but at the same time regardless of how uneasy the question or statement I make gives me important clues.Im a Libra,there IS A method to the madness. This all started it seems with a C. I. I flushed out back in 2013/14 . I had this person dead to rights,long story short....It came back on me,and since then I feel them watching, stalking anything and everything I do to discredit me or get me locked up because I exposed their asses. This is my plea to YOU, whoever is trying to stand for people that have shit,stoned , betrayed,lied to me or YOU* this is gonna sound dumb* I believe in America,my forefathers labeled "Terrorist" because they fought against their system for survival,for business,and My home America. Are their any good men left to take a stand against something vile and hypocritical? Fellas I'm getting tired, I feel as though I'm the only one still trying to stand on a belief. I try to rally, but I'm being suffocated. I can't let my children see me turn tail and join the party when everything in me is in disgust and that's no example for a system that has no accountability.Ill take my lumps if I have to,and if I become a Martyr so be it. Understand gentleman and ladies I'll be thrown in the grinder standing for the same pieces of shit that put me here. Death before dishonor! I've waited for my invitation to the table.Men I idolized ,studied been loyal too. The cornerstone of my beliefs about nobody talks everyone walks, snitches have no honor, " The G Code " !! So cartels,El Chapos, Frank Lucas's, White boy Rick's, men of business and integrity with solid crews... SOLID CREWS I ask you : I been playing this triple A bs for a goddamn minute now will I get my chance in the bigs? Will a squad ever draft me? Or should I retire? This is gonna sound stupid too but, I'm a product of this shit.Raised by felons,killers and dealers that all met the same fate because of some fuxkn secret squirrel mfer.Or some fuckn dirt leg that has no concept of loyalty,or honor. NOT ALL "Lady's" are that way but the field is watered down you have to admit same with the bucks. No disrespect,but I have to say it. If I didn't come 💯, would you want it? Game reconize game. I can understand how this representation could be misconstrued but I also see that because mfers can't keep 💯 as a whole what's happening is a biproduct of that system NOT keeping it 💯. Also, Lord grant US your divine blessings and protect OUR Families and friends fellow soldiers fortify hearts and minds so that we may not be ensnared in their cowardess traps.Lord,... forgive OUR enemies so that they have a chance to see the error of their ways and keep their families safe.And may they be granted another day to correct their orchards,and seeds they've manipulated so that we can all have a great harvest. All thanks to you Lord for the little things that WE forget,and those who are prideful that read this help them understand that WE are flesh of THEIR flesh.Brothers and Sisters in their critical hours are in need of their strength, humble them so that together we can be your prized creation and be in your divine favor! ~Amen~

I'm guessing you're thinking...was that necessary??

Absolutely! I ain't tryna sit up in no corporate prison because of some dope that somehow made it through the American war machines defenses.... because the war on drugs has been soooo successful!! Or some subconscious fuckn message they (CIA)planted when I was a child to program me to occupy a cell they created to pasteurize the sheep.
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