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I am a feminine and delicate Tranny in San Jacinto CA.    For several years I have been the target of many crimes.. I believe that is the same phenomena called gangstalking.  Members of this group of people sexually harass me day and night not because my beauty is my curse..  But probably because they can't get laid as much as I do.  So despite of they endless sexual harassment I have endured.  I have continued to get laid even more. The members of these groups have insulted me and sexually harassed in every imaginably way.

Today I went to the pharmacy located in San Jacinto Ave and 7Th street San Jacinto CA.  Two VERY UGLY black thugs stood next to me.   I am pretty sure they have successful criminal careers and any and all forms of income they have is derived from illegal activities and communal enterprises.  They stood next, Oh My god they STUNK, and they needed a bath.

One of the stated out loud: "This bitch continues to smoke, to spread her legs and get fucked regardless what we do..  What we are going to do next is to----"  I walked away before hearing the last of the threats.

Oh no! More threats!  What am I going to do?... Their goal is to intimidate me.  So I am so scared!  But I can tell those stinky black thugs.  to shower more often, to get a life and stop obeying their much wealthier and whither superiors.

I am going to continue to get laid.  So you can do what you want to do.  Yes I know, my beauty is my curse.

I was going to kick their black asses. They think they are so though because they have been empowered by their stalking group as secret agents and as investigators.

They are so lucky I walked away because my tranny wife was waiting for me on the car.  If I had beat them to a pulp.  They would have been forced to go back to their masters and report that a little tranny kicked their asses.

Please somebody help meee!  I know of other Targeted People in the area bu like me they are so afraid to leave our houses and feel unsafe the peaceful San Jacinto CA streets.

I cannot ask anyone from help..  Police will always give me the standard response:  Gangstalking is myth and I made up the story because I want more attention.  What I want from those low life criminals is to please leave me alone.

Sure, Stalking Group Members consider themselves to be Secret Agents.  One a victim attempts to speak out or to defend herself.  The rest of their members join in to increase their persecution and harassment.  As Secret Agents that they are, they hate to see victims screaming for justice.  The rest of the members can see what will happen to them if they don't participate.  Participate in the entrapment and harassment. Or become a Target yourself."

Well, I will NOT obey.  I will continue to live my life as I please.  So you all can start increasing your attacks and carry out your threats.   I have until the rest of my Transexual life to do what I want to do...  I could get a gun and kill some of those stalking group members.  But if I do that it would be the end of my life for me.   They are cocky because they know that they are entitled to do anything to me and they will ALWAYS get away with it.  Nobody outside their dirty organization will know nothing about it.

What they don't know is that if I pull a gun and  return the attacks in the forms of bullets.  Their members in charge of terrorizing victims are Equally expendable as the people they persecute...  Nobody will know about their heroism, there will be another lie in the evenings news.  Another yet unexplained a unprovoked act of violence.  Nobody knows what caused the attack.  Stalking groups are not real and they will always be.

I was going to post a duplicate of this post in the local Internet discussion groups.  Craiglist and Topix and send it to local officials and the media. But I got busted by a relative, so I don't want them to worry.  So I will wait few days before I do this.

I wonder how the soap opera of my life is developing for the stalking groups. I hope I have been able to keep you entertained and busy.

Uhmm I am not sure if the retaliation will start now or will star then. Bring it on assholes!


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