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I’m warning u… This could take a while so if u have a cellphone u may wanna skip this because it’s a long read & my grammar is not the best. This is not a whiny post..it's clarity.

I don't want folks to be mislead.

I have a lot of respect for law enforcement.

I do understand that most hard working folks, upper class folks will support law enforcement

Sure, this is a very long post... but we're talking over a number of years & several different States & it's still not all of what's going on.

The DEA is required by the attorney general guidelines to establish accounting & reconciliation procedures that reflect monies paid to confidential sources. Audit identified deficiencies in the DEA’s accounting & reconciliation of confidential source payments led many journalist, politicians & law enforcement to the conclusion that the DEA does not have an effective confidential source payment tracking system.

Do you think ex-military narcotics officers, drug task force, DEA, FBI & CIA agents spend years studying in college to successfully finish all phases of the rigorous in-depth hiring process all so that a high school drop out working as a paid informant can make hundreds of thousands of dollars & in some cases even millions of dollars on the street without  getting their cut?

This is a photo of the federal informant Shanton "Shan" Cassell. This is not done out of malice or jealousy.  2388150.png 

Before anyone think they can call out Shanton “Shan” Cassell...Thinking they can provoke Shan to snitch on someone in their state or city...It don’t work like tha...The local police department or the state & federal government have so many informants “snitches” working in your state & city they will set someone up next to the big mouth that’s talking about Shan. The state & federla government will have someone close to the big mouth snitch on him. Than Shan will have the big mouth supplier by from Shanton “Shan” Cassell. Of course, in the eyes of the state & federal government Shanton “Shan” Cassell is living a clean lifestyle. Remember, snitching is not like in the 80's & 90's. Today snitches can be Middle Eastern & Asian people looking to escape their country & government. 

Shanton "Shan" Cassell was convicted in 2002 & was suppose to serve 5 years in prison for a drug charge & possible gun charge that nobody is talking about. We are 100% sure... without a doubt that Shanton 'Shan' Cassell was out of prison when people thought he was in prison back in 2004. Without a doubt Shan was in Cali up by UCLA in Westwood California & in the LA area in 2005 working as a federal informant. We know without a doubt Shanton "Shan" Cassell was in Austin Texas around University of Texas in 2006 working as a federal informant. We will get to that further down in the post. 

Even if Shanton had filed for a judicial early release in 2003...Shanton wouldn't be out after only serving a year & a half on a 5 year mandatory sentence. 

Shanton Cassell is from Cleveland, Ohio. Shan Grew-up in Cleveland Heights & East Cleveland before moving to Columbus, Ohio in the mid 90's. Some people say Shanton may have been a local or state informant as far back as the 90's. I don't know about that... But I do know Shanton Cassell is or was a federal informant after 2004. We are 100% about that. People think there's suppose to be some kind of court scene where Shanton testify against people....in most cases people take the plea deal because they are facing a lot of time. Also in most cases the feds will arrest several people close to the person their informants is setting up & possibly try & get one of them to snitch. People can talk from prison & word can get around real quick so most times they try & pus a plea deal so informants don't have to testify. Criminal informants often continue to commit crimes while working for the government. Sure, the government know but informants are generally told to stay out of trouble. 

Today Shanton Cassell & his wife Kizzy Cassell live in Pickerington, Ohio in a $200,000 5 bedroom house with their 4 kids. On the surface they are living the clean lifestyle the government expects informants to live. I guess working as a federal informant pays very well.  

I don't know Kizzy Cassell so I have nothing about her because she married Shanton Cassell after 2004 so she may or may not know...but that is his wife so it's not like she's not going to have his back.

Being an informant is big business. Shanton Cassell & his wife Kizzy Cassell have a new business called Trophys Barbque. 3377 E Main St Columbus, Ohio. They first started as a wedding planner, than beauty salon owner & now a co-owner in a Barbecue shack. My guess is that Shanton Cassell money is made so he's washing money he made as an informant so it can look good for the IRS & to keep the credit good. 

To work as a government informant no experience or education is desired. Federal programs warded around half a billion dollars to snitches. Last year the Drug Enforcement Administration paid informants $20.9 million from the forfeiture program.

Don't believe me?

Read this Washington Post article:
"Want to make a million? Become a DEA informant" Click here->https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/09/30/want-to-make-a-million-become-a-dea-informant/?utm_term=.64fa1482c33d

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 
"Federal agencies' payments to confidential informants increase" http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2015/02/05/Federal-agencies-payments-to-confidential-informants-increase/stories/201502050147

So who is Shanton Cassell?
Shanton Cassell is a 46 year man from Cleveland, Ohio. Shanton Cassell is belived to have graduated from Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio...Shan never graduated from Shaw High or Cleveland Heights High School. If Shan earned a GED he did so in prison after he was 30 years old. 

Shan wife can sheck the graduation year book for Cleveland Heights High School or Shaw High School for the class of 1991 or 1992. You will find someone missing.

When Shanton went to Cleveland Heights high school in 1990 Shan was sent to Taylor Academy a secondary school for bad students & for students who couldn't keep up academically.

After Shan got beat-up pretty bad & rushed to the emergency room. Shan moved out of his father house as a teenager & moved in with a gay cousin named Daryl, who died of cancer. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea...I'm not saying Shanton Shan Cassell was sexually molested. Daryl may have been gay, but he was no predator or child molester. I am saying Shan is or was working as a federal informant.

Shan moved back into his father house after Shan was rushed to the emergency again after being beat-up in a fight while staying with Daryl. Shan later moved in his Grandmother house on Savanna in East Cleveland where Shanton transferred to Shaw High School where he dropped out of school. This is where Shan started selling drugs, using drugs & stealing cars. Shan was actually spoiled because his Grandmother didn't make Shan get a job. 

I don't want people to get the wrong idea, Shanton "Shan" Cassell wasn't a victim...Shanton "Shan" Cassell actually provoked & started the fights he lost that lead to Shan being rushed to the hospital. Shanton "Shan" Cassell was more of a bully than a victim. What do I mean? Shan could be driving around in his car with people & see someone walking by themselves & without saying anything Shan would pull a gun & jump out the car & try & rob that person who was out matched & unarmed. People where more a victim of Shan because Shan sold crack cocaine that was very cheap quality that destroyed a lot of people lives. 

What make this strange is that Shanton "Shan" Cassell run over Anthony Smith house a few times for help after Shan would get beat-up. Shanton use to bring drama & problems to Anthony Smith house & Anthony Smith had to stick up for Shanton growing up...even tho Anthony Smith had moved from a rival neighborhood. Shanton should have ran a couple of more blockes up the street to his house. It was Shanton friends that Shan grew-up with that beat Shanton up. Most of them wouldn't touch Anthony Smith tho. 

The two times Shanton "Shan" Cassell was rushed to emergency Anthony wasn't there...it was Shan friends Kevin & Ed, Shan's loyal friends that ran. Shan is more mouth, more bark than bite...but will bite. Shan will  pull out a gun or shoot in the air rather than shoot someone. Shan will talk that "East Cleveland Savannah La Familia," but Savannah is actually a side street that's about two blocks long that have hard working residents living on the street.   

Kevin even started a fight with Anthony Smith...Anthony Smith ended up knocking Kevin out in a fight & could have stomped Kevin when he was down...but Anthony wouldn't have done that because him & Kevin was friends at one time. Anthony Smith never liked fighting family & friends.

Shan could get drunk & high all day at his Grandmother house. Shan became an expert at stealing cars. Shan sold crack...but he wasn't moving weight. Shan was in a relationship with this girl so they got an apartment...but Shan use to go up side her head so they broke it off & Shan moved back in with his Grandmother. Shan was arrested a couple of times & we all know Shan always had drugs & a gun on him. Than Shan moved to Columbus, Ohio.

So how do we know Shanton Cassell was in Cali up by UCLA in Westwood California & in the LA area in 2005? How do we know Shanton was working as a federal informant? How do we know   without a doubt Shanton "Shan" Cassell was in Austin, Texas around University of Texas in 2006 working as a federal informant?

Shanton Cassell is also related to Ronette Roni Burkes. Ronette worked for state & is now senior warden of women’s prison at Marysville, Ohio & is also “Ohio Warden of the Year”. Ronette Burkes real name is Ronette Nicole Burkes & she has cousins that sold drugs & had poor younger female cousins she never cared to be a mentor to because they were poor. Her younger female cousins on her mother side of the family were in state prison & in & out of the county prison & even lived on the street at one point & time. This is a far different Ronette Roni Burkes that’s awarded awards & who is passionate about being a pillar of the community & volunteers with the Harmony Project of Columbus.

This is a photo of Anthony Smith. Anthony Smith is Shanton Cassell cousin. Anthony Smith is 100% sure that Shanton "Shan" Cassell is a federal informant. This is not done out of malice or jealousy. 

Anthony Smith was subject to outrageous government misconduct. This is no petty party... Anthony Smith never cried over it. This is raising awareness. 

What do I mean?

What I’m about to say Anthony Smith can take a polygraph test to this fact. Anthony Smith was incarcerated in several different states without being charged of a crime. Anthony Smith had no felonies at the time. Anthony Smith was set-up & incarcerated by federal agents who were Grand Wizards & Scottish Rite Freemasons.

How do Anthony know?

Because they told him so. I"ll get to that in a minute.
Anthony Smith had no contact with Shanton Cassell since 2002 & before that very lil' contact in the 90's. Anthony Smith had nothing to do with Shanton Cassell life & knew nothing about what Shanton was involved in.

How do we know?
In the 90's Anthony Smith had a job in Cleveland, Ohio working 10hrs a day with tuition reimbursement at a Corporation. When Anthony Smith started the job in his early 20's he was making over 30K. Anthony Smith was promoted to a position after someone retired... Anthony Smith was working with the chief engineer & in charge of his team & a new division the new CEO was starting. Anthony Smith left in his late 20's making 40K with 401K investments. This is easy to prove by looking at Anthony Smith 1990's W-2 tax returns. Anthony don't have kids... no dependent so he was being taxed a lot.

Like I said, Anthony Smith last spoke with Shanton Cassell at a family member funeral in 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio. But the federal government & Shanton Cassell is stalking Anthony Smith in 2004. Shanton made it be known in Cali after Anthony Smith was arrested for nothing. They held Anthony Smith & asked him a bunch of stupid questions & than released Anthony Smith after 40 minutes.

Anthony Smith wasn't even off the police department property when Shanton & Shanton friend from Columbus, Ohio drove up & made eye contact with Anthony Smith & than drove off. After that the surveillance from law enforcement & the stalking from Shanton Cassell became obvious. How did they know Anthony Smith was in Cali in 2004? Anthony Smith was in Cali a few times before & left & came back 6 months later. He never made any calls to Cleveland, Ohio telling anyone where he was at that time.

Like I stated before... after that the surveillance from law enforcement & the stalking from Shanton Cassell & others became obvious.

Anthony Smith left Cali & went back to Austin Texas.Shortly after Anthony Smith arrived in Texas Shanton Cassell began pulling up on Anthony Smith in a car & make a stupid facial expression & than pull off. While leaving the mall one day Shanton Cassell & another guy was in the parking lot in there custom cars...it look like they were talking to high school girls. As soon as Shanton saw Anthony Smith he circled in front of Anthony Smith... while keeping his distance in the car... & began sticking his head out the window & sticking  his tongue out at Anthony Smith & smiling & than he would hit the gas. Anthony Smith kept walking.    

Soon after that, helicopters began circling around Anthony Smith at a very low level. Anthony Smith was approached while leaving Texas by a plain clothes officers.

The plain clothes older white officer told Anthony Smith that Anthony had an outstanding felony warrant in Arlington, Texas.

Anthony Smith never been to Arlington, Texas 
& never had a felony at that point & time in his life. The older white man told Anthony he was a Grand Imperial Wizard & a Scottish Rite Mason & than two uniform police officers approached Anthony Smith & told him to put his hands up & turn around.

They finger printed Anthony Smith & booked him in as Anthony Smith in Houston, Texas. After being held for a week that warrant moved from Arlington, Texas to Washington, DC.. Anthony Smith birth certificate, social security car & ID came up missing in police property.

Anthony was taken from Houston,Texas to Austin, Texas. Anthony Smith was booked, finger printed & photographed. Anthony had no drugs on him... he wasn't high on marijuana... Anthony Smith never used hard drugs in his life & never been on medication & never had a history of mental illness... but the officers told the nurse Anthony was on medication.

Anthony Smith was isolated on 23 hour lockdown was never told what the felony was about & never saw an attorney for about a month. The first words out of the psychologist mouth to Anthony Smith was her saying, "Anthony, don't say anything about the government being after you... the US Marshals, informants or helicopters."

Anthony Smith hadn't said a word at that point so why would they tell Anthony Smith that? 

Anthony Smith asked,"what are you talking about?"
"You guys obviously know something I don't... I never mentioned anything about the government being after me or the US Marshals, informants or helicopters."

The psychologist would tell Anthony Smith that he was highly intelligent & he shouldn't speak about the government or informants.

After another month,the US Marshals picked Anthony Smith up & placed him in US Marshals custody. The US Marshals handed Anthony Smith a peice of paper for a warrant for someone named  Antonione Smith a convicted felon wanted on a gun charge with live ammunition. Anthony told them it wasn't him. They demanded Anthony Smith put his hands on the fingerprint machine or they were going to break his arm & do it for him.
The US Marshals finger printed & photographed Anthony Smith as Antonione Smith.

The county jail in Austin, Texas the US Marshals picked Anthony Smith up from was about a 40 minute to 30 minute drive from where they had to go. They took Anthony Smith to another county prison that was close to 2 hours away from Austin, Texas. When they arrived at the county jail the police there fingerprinted & photographed Anthony Smith again as Antonione Smith & also threatened to live him in a empty cell with no food if he didn't sign a piece of paper.

After a week Anthony Smith had an identity hearing the judge at the hearing said, "this is the strangest thing I ever saw in my court room."

The case was dismissed.
The United States federal government was in the courtroom & they never attempted to speak with Anthony Smith or offer an apology. The public defender who handled the case was William H. Ibbotson [512]916-5025. Anthony Smith was released at that time after being held for 2 months. After speaking with some attorneys in Austin about a lawsuit against the United States government Anthony SMith left Texas. 

Anthony Smith went back to New York... he would go back & forth from New York to Phila. The same stalking from the same people started again in Phila...but this time Anthony Smith got photos of them & license plate numbers... right after that Anthony Smith was detained by law enforcement for a few hours & all the photos was deleted from not only his camera but also his laptop.  

So after that Anthony Smith went to Boston around MIT & the Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard area. The same thing happened again to Anthony Smith in Boston Massachusetts. Anthony Smith was approached by a plain clothes federal agent & than 5 uniform police officers apprached him. Anthony Smith was arrested & booked into custody. While being held in a cell a older white uniform police officer approached Anthony Smith a slipped him a piece of paper. "You do not belong in here," the officer told Anthony Smith. I don't know what's going on up stairs but you're being set-up," the officer said. Anthony Smith looked at the paper & it was a US Marshals hold for Antonione Smith. But get this, After the judge said Anthony Smith was free to go a white man wearing plain clothes point Anthony Smith out & call him to the front of the cell. The white guy in plain clothes tell a correctional officer to take Anthony Smith to the nurse. 

The nurse asked Anthony Smith,"are you suicidal?" she said. 

Anthony Smith said, "no." 

The nurse than asked Anthony Smith, "Anthony, do you see helicopters?" the nurse asked. 

Anthony Smith reply, "what are you talking about? "No".

The nurse than asked Anthony Smith, "Anthony, do you feel the government is after you?"

Anthony reply was,"what are you talking about?" "No" he said.

The nurse got up & nodded to the correctional officer & they took Anthony Smith away & never told him where he was going.
They transferred Anthony Smith to a New England State prison. called Bridgewater State prison. Anthony Smith was booked into custody... stripped searched a couple of times & than placed in a cell by himself. That was Friday so Anthony Smith wasn't going to see anyone until Monday. Monday after speaking with someone they transferred Anthony Smith to a cottage like holding facility where they told Anthony Smith he was there because he was a threat to himself & others. Anthony Smith hadn't been in a argument, fight & never told them he felt like harming himself or others & never cried or showed any emotional like he was going to hurt himself.

They changed it to Anthony Smith felt the Government was after him. Bridgewater have their own court & judge & Anthony Smith wasn't allowed to speak & didn't see an attorney until he was in court & wasn't allowed to speak to his attorney. Anthony Smith was  involuntary committed for 6 months because they told the judge he was a threat to himself & others.

Anthony had not been in one fight or argument with staff or inmates. And Anthony never told anyone he felt suicidal or a threat to himself or others. Bridgewater is a country club for inmates because it's not a 23 hour lockdown prison... there's no bars or prison cells. They have rooms & TV that play video tapes to watch movies. They have a barbershop & a library & workout facility.

The psychologist kept trying to get Anthony to say he didn't see his cousin Shanton in Cali or in Texas. Anthony never mentioned that to them. They psychologist was trying to get Anthony Smith to say he felt the government was after him. Again, they mentioned that first to Anthony, Anthony never mentioned anything about the government being after him. 

Anthony Smith wrote to his Public Defender, William H. Ibbotson, the attorney that handled the case in Texas. Anthony Smith had to write to him to prove he was who he said he was because all his I.D. disappeared from their position and they wanted him to say, he no longer felt the government was after him. 

William H. Ibbotson wrote back & after that the doctors kept telling Anthony that he was getting better & that the medication was working. Anthony had secretly stopped taking his medication 3 months prior after he started experiencing side affects.

After 6 months Anthony Smith was released. No one felt he belonged there. Staff & inmates felt it was suspicious. Anthony Smith never cried over it...did his time day by day.
I would like to be clear about something...Anthony Smith got into one argument with another inmate while he was there but if it would have turned into a physical fight or acted out in any kind of way he would have been involuntary committed for a year & than another year & they could have done this every year & there is nothing anyone could have done.   

Note: It's more here to be told that was said by staff to Anthony Smith... but it would take too long to cover the whole 6 months & also cover the years when this took place.  Some of the information is damaging to staff & the judge. I'm sure Anthony would take a polygraph test to that fact... it's lot more people involved that helped the federal informant that belong to fraternities, sororities & secret societies like the Freemsons. Anthony Smith is not interested in belonging to any Freemason lodge.   

They ruined opportunity Anthony Smith was creating for himself in 2004-2005. We are talking deal that had major potential for growth. Anthony Smith did a tremendous amount of research & sacrificed a lot.

Anthony Smith met with a Dr. Boehm. Dr. Boehm is a psychiatrist who received his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Boehm has been in practice for 38 years. Dr. Boehm also agreed that Anthony Smith do not suffer from mental illness & would not ask Anthony Smith to come back for any kind of treatment & have no recommendations for any medication. By the way, Dr. Boehm also thought what happened to Anthony Smith was very strange & wanted Anthony Smith medical records while he was at Bridgewater. Shortly after that meeting, Dr. Boehm was retired from practice.

People say Anthony Smith should sue the United States government. You ever known the government to leave enough evidence so someone could win a lawsuit against the United States of America? That would lead to future lawsuits against the federal government... attorneys from other States could refer to the case & win. Anthony Smith went 30 years without a felony criminal record until he was set-up & after that experience Anthony Smith made some bad decisions that resulted in a criminal record.

One time Anthony Smith was told by his public defender to plead guilty because he would never win taking it to trial. Anthony Smith looked fired her in the court room. This upset the judge & the judge told Anthony Smith that he better have another attorney present the next court date or be ready to represent himself. Anthony Smith represented himself & took the case to trial. The judge listened to both Anthony Smith & the prosecutor & was very fair. Anthony Smith won his case. 
Funny story, while leaving the courtroom a guy got up & followed Anthony Smith outside the courtroom...the guy asked Anthony Smith, "can you represent me?" They both laughed & the guy told Anthony Smith how well he did. The guy went back in court & Anthony Smith left.

There is a lot more to this masquerade & others who were also involved in helping Shanton Cassell other than the federal government. We are talking about relatives & their friends that are black professionals to none professionals that are also due paying members to fraternities like Prince Hall Freemasons, Order of the Eastern Star, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority & International Freemasons.

The women involved are professional women that have credentials & have influence over other women groups...These women groups, organizations & sororities can make life very hard for Anthony Smith. Most women in these groups, especially younger women, do not know they're being manipulated & can careless. They can have Anthony Smith look like a rapist & a stalker...Anthony Smith is not a rapist or a stalker, but he has been stalked.

They can call Anthony Smith a woman beater... Anthony Smith is not a woman beater. In 1994 Anthony Smith found out his sister, Andrea "Orlette" Dent Smith, was using crack cocaine so he hit Andrea in 1994. Andrea called the police... The police didn't want to arrest Anthony Smith...but Andrea made the call. So the 1994 misdemeanor domestic violence against Anthony Smith was against his sister. That was really the first time & last time Anthony Smith hit Andrea "Orlette" Smith. Andrea never needed medical attention & she never pressed charges so Anthony Smith was never charged.

Just because Anthony Smith hit his sister when he found out she was on crack cocaine doesn't make Anthony Smith a woman beater. Anthony Smith haven't spoken to Andrea "Orlette" Dent Smith in over a decade & Anthony Smith have no desire to speak with her. Andrea got her life together & has an online degree from the University of Phoenix.

Anthony Smith has a great deal of respect for women that has respect for him. Anthony Smith do not have children. 
It doesn't matter if I say Anthony Smith is not what they say...They have the numbers to make what they say what people believe. I guess they're proud of that & it help the snitch because nobody wanna hear from Anthony Smith.  

Of course this is done in secret. Women involved are the type of women that can cause hell in a homeless person life, while helping out at a homeless shelter for charity during a Holidays. They can put it on a resume & people will love them for it & it's only one or two times out of the season & it's only for a short time. Who would suspect them? 

Note: People ask is it over? A few years ago, Homeland Security wanted to confiscate Anthony Smith laptop.
For the record, Anthony Smith has never illegally profited by using his laptop computer...Anthony Smith has never been a threat to America or ever had any ties with any terrorist groups or militant groups. Homeland Security had no reason to try & confiscate Anthony Smith computer. There's no illegal earnings of monies going on with the use of Anthony Smith computer. Besides, like everyone else in America, Anthony Smith personal income is privet.

To kill a quick rumor...Anthony Smith is not homophobic...but Anthony Smith is a heterosexual male. Anthony Smith is not one of those heterosexual males that’s heterosexual one day & bisexual the next day. Anthony Smith have never been bisexual or gay...Anthony Smith has never been attracted to men sexually, never had sex with a male or with a male that think he's a female inside. Anthony Smith has never been raped. Anthony Smith never thought he was a female inside a males body. Anthony Smith do not have an STD.

If Anthony Smith is not homophobic than why mention it?
Clarity...just clarity from the BS.

Anthony Smith never worked for law enforcement or the United States government or any other government as a snitch or an informant. Anthony Smith never used an alias. Tony which is short for Anthony & is not an alias.

Anthony Smith is not on drugs & only smoked marijuana, never marijuana laced with other drugs. Anthony Smith haven't smoked marijuana in over a decade. Anthony Smith was never beat down or knockedout, shot, or pistol whipped by anyone. Anthony Smith & Shanton Cassell never sold drugs or guns together, hustled together or was ever in business together & haven't spoken since 2002. Everything mentioned above is the true...But that doesn't matter because people involved will spread other rumors.  

Remember, people involved are financial secure & have resources & influence over many people, which mean they have people to vouch for them that  never met them. It's also white supremacist that's involved.   

People involved role in soceity is to be as clean as possible, especially at their age... They're financially secure & they have influence over others... it's power in numbers. These people are doing very well by themseves so Anthony Smith understand that people are monitoring him closely to protect their roles they play. They call it being "Blackballed".

Anthony Smith don't seek revenge. I'm not doing this so Anthony Smith can gain some kind of petty party or fame.  This was actually done so people know what to look for if it happens to them. It's other cases out there involving state & federal informants that's far worse than this. This was not done out of malice or jealousy. Anthony Smith has never been jealous of anyone & always been comfortable in his skin.

Anthony Smith pray for the people involved. Why? Because Anthony would never do something anything like this to them.

Let's put it like this... We understand that the snitch & some of the people in the shadows don't want an altercation with Anthony Smith... So we should have a polygraph test with whoever disagree with anything in this post. That includes  Anthony Smith family members, so-called friends, the pathetic ex-girlfriend that also stalked Anthony Smith or even the people that call themselves enemies of Anthony Smith. Why not? Even some corporations ask employees to take polygraph test.  

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 18
Reply with quote  #2 
If the Prince Hall Freemasons or the other Freemasons don't like what I posted than do what ya"ll do & spread some rumors about Anthony Smith & try & get women not to wanna date him. Or try & act like somebody is looking for Anthony Smith. lol.

Don't worry about where Anthony Smith live because Anthony Smith don't need no swastika's or hate mail sent placed in the mail box. Anthony Smith don't need no accidental fires set by cowards.

Kill the Messenger is a movie everyone should go see. It's a movie based on Journalist named Gary Webb.

Gary Webb uncovered the CIA's past role in importing huge amounts of cocaine into the U.S. that was aggressively sold in inner cities across the country to raise money for the Nicaraguan Contras rebel army. 

Gary Webb was found shot twice in the head...it was ruled a suicide. How do u shoot yourself twice in the head? I don't know. When dealing with the CIA you could be found with both hands cut off & two shots to the head & they will rule it a suicide.

When the CIA make mistakes they leave nothing for you to prove they ever was involved.

The CIA will embarrass you & destroy your credibility & than make you out to look like a very serious mentally ill person.

CIA was directly responsible for importing tons of powdered cocaine into the U.S. & protected delivery of that cocaine into inner cities.

Black communities & government agencies turned a blind eye to the story like it was over... end of story.

No story? That dog don't hunt.

What make folks think a billion dollar operation that fuel many other privet operations will just have a grand closing because a few black people made speculations they couldn't prove?

There were no CIA agents ever investigated, charged or arrested relating to importing cocaine from Nicaragua to Cali.

The CIA is an intelligence factory. So if the CIA is making tones of money from  selling narcotics & guns they don't stop! They develop a better system to operate.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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The Seven Five official trailer.

This is a must see doc. about police officers who robbed people

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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PBS FrontLine The Plea

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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America international society has grown to the point immigrants dominate the minority student body on most colleges & universities.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, you have a lot of immigrants from Asian countries & the Middle East, like Iraq, that would gladly become an informant in exchange for a visa & passport...but that's not the same as snitches & informants in America. I don't think immigrants understand that point. Immigrants only want to comply with the influence of the majority of the population in America so they're not seen as a threat to America. Immigrants & a lot of people in America don't understand that the number of people incarcerated in America out number any country on Earth. I don't think immigrants understand that there are many people incarcerated in America that are innocent people...not until their ban.

Why am I bringing this up?
Before the ban & the problems immigrants face entering America many immigrants from Asian countries & the Middle East, like Iraq, would gladly become an informant in exchange for a visa & passport...but that's not the same as snitches & informants in America.  

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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All of this can be included in the polygraph test. A year ago, in Cleveland, Ohio a black Cadillac Escalade kept circling the block following Anthony Smith while he was alone at night. It got to the point Anthony Smith stopped counted how many times the truck would pass him until Anthony stopped the Cadillac Escalade & the old white man said, "Anthony, I'm a police officer so watch yourself." But he didn't show any ID & he pulled off. Let's just say, Anthony Smith was use to that stuff happening & he was use to what appear to be a chauffeur driven black Lincoln Town cars following him around Cleveland, Ohio. Please federal informants, government agents, Freemasons, stop trying to put out a perception like somebody is looking for Anthony Smith...you been doing that since 2004 to the present.

You want find Anthony Smith driving anymore luxury cars or riding any bikes & living in a nice atmosphere or with a bunch of friends or with fine women...like he use to.

People mentioned in this post & people not mentioned in this post spent a lot of time & money to make sure of that & they have the federal government & the money to hire privet investigators & the power of organizations, fraternities & sororities to make sure Anthony Smith struggle financially...Anthony Smith maybe struggling financially...but as a grown man Anthony Smith has never received welfare or any checks from the United States government other than income tax returns.

They have told lies after lies about Anthony Smith throughout the years...I mean unforgettable lies like Anthony Smith stole money from his Mother. Anthony Smith have never, ever, stole money from his Mother...ever! The last time I checked...Anthony Smith mailed his Mother money & not the other way around. Anthony Smith have never stolen anything from any family member...I really do not understand these people. 

They want people to think Anthony Smith is crazy because the more people believe Anthony Smith is crazy the more people want believe this post & the more people will try & provoke Anthony Smith to act out of character in order for law enforcement to be called. I guarantee you...if Anthony Smith worked for someone or a corporation...someone would be trying to get next to someone with a hire position in order to get Anthony Smith fired...but first they will try & have people that's working around Anthony Smith to dislike him & than they will offer cash or even cruise tickets to have Anthony Smith fired. Of course they want come through with the cruise tickets...but they will give more pocket cash.    

They put on a show like somebody in a limousine or what appear to be a chauffeur driven Lincoln Town car or a Cadillac Escalade is after Anthony Smith....They sucka's they can drive past Anthony Smith a million times & act like they don't see him...but they expect everyone to see the limo or other cars & believe the show. Anthony Smith don't owe, is not under any contracts with anybody...Anthony Smith is not affiliated or have any negotiations with anybody at the moment. 

Here is some words of advice...if you ever been incarcerated because of state or federal informants & their team...than u may find yourselves having a hard time making a living for yourselves after you get out of prison & that maybe because the state or federal informants may have hired a privet investigator to monitor you or you could be watched by the government in order to keep you down so people want believe or respect what you say.

If you find yourselves having a very, very, very hard time making a living for yourselves & you do not have family support or many friends I think you should know that if yo don't have any dependents than you are not required to file a tax return because your income does not equal or exceed $10,350, nor do you owe any special taxes or have any special situations that require you to file. 


I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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Anthony Smith just posted:

I think people are missing the point...People aren't condemning law enforcement agencies...people are condemning criminals in law enforcement that manipulate & abuse their authority. It's funny...people think people that don't snitch are supporting criminals...right? So when police officers talk about the "Blue Wall" in the department"...the code of silence that's so strong, the fear of what will happen to them is so strong, that nobody wants to come forward," are they not supporting criminals in law enforcement?

So a blind eye should be taken when concerning accountability in law enforcement? Title 42, of the United States Code...Section 1983 makes it unlawful for anyone acting under the authority of state law to deprive another person of his or her rights under the Constitution or federal law.

Let's say u or your family member need surgery & the doctor is incompetent at doing his job & the outcome of your surgery is life changing or the result ends in a family member death...Let's say the hospital knew about the doctors past incompetence... u don't think the hospital & the doctor should be held accountable for their incompetence because they save lives?

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

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This is not fake news!
Let's recap...This is how Shanton "Shan" Cassell dropped out of Shaw High School in 1990's & became a success living in a $200,000 home in Pickerington, Ohio. Shanton "Shan" Cassell is one of the most successful federal informants in Ohio. Shanton is not just in Ohio…in 2004 & 2005 Shanton was in California following his cousin Anthony Smith around the UCLA & USC area...without Anthony Smith knowing. In 2006 Shanton followed the same cousin, Anthony Smith, to Austin, Texas around the University of Texas area without Anthony Smith knowing. Shanton also possibly was in Dallas & Houston, Texas in 2006 & that’s just to name a few states. Even tho Shanton is in his 40's now & is married & has a family still doesn't mean Shanton want go anywhere..PA, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, Tennessee, Florida & even Jamaica.   

Federal programs awarded around half a billion dollars to snitches. Last year the Drug Enforcement Administration paid informants $20.9 million from the forfeiture program. Informants have to stay out of trouble in order to appear reliable & continue to make money.

Don't believe me?
Read this Washington Post article:
"Want to make a million? Become a DEA informant” Click here->https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/09/30/want-to-make-a-million-become-a-dea-informant/?utm_term=.b768f3ebae88

Back to Shanton "Shan" Cassell & the big business of being an informant. Shanton "Shan" Cassell live in Pickerington, Ohio & is co-owner of Trophys Barbque on E Main St Columbus, Ohio. This is also a great business selling everything... including $1.00 ribs. You heard me... $1.00 ribs. They maybe Costco ribs & chicken…but what a deal. They also own a Beauty Boutique…it actually is listed as Shan wife, Kizzy Cassell, as the co-owner.

They first started as a wedding planner... than beauty salon owner & now a co-owner in a Barbecue shack & event planner & a child organization called “Pink Roses” . "Pink Roses" is where the snitch wife, Kizzy Cassell, promote a positive mission of being a mentor & help create & build a healthy image. Yea... I can see how being married to Shanton Cassell... a felon who dropped out of Shaw High School & than sold crack cocaine & weed in East Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio & who use to steal cars, rob people & worked as a state & federal informant is a positive influence on children for her “Pink Roses” organization.  

Kizzy husband, Shanton "Shan" Cassell, has worked as an informant maybe as far back as the 90's. Shan & his wife Kizzy have the perfect partnership. Shanton "Shan" Cassell play the high school drop out ex-felon that made good by cleaning up his life & playing the shadow behind his wife Kizzy Cassell. Kizzy  play the high school grad entrepreneur wife that love kids...host fashion shows for kids...host organizations for kids... while also hosting events & parties for adults while owning small businesses & organizations. That put them into upper class America. Hosting events  is great because there's no way of keeping track of how many tickets sold vs how many tickets were given away to pack an event... The IRS don't know the difference of how money is earned from these events.
But who am I to hate…They say Informants lead directly to seizures & informants earn a percentage from the seizures & also a part of the $16.8 million from the program.  I know for a decade Shanton was trying to get all that money.

Like I stated before...last year the Drug Enforcement Administration paid informants $20.9 million from the forfeiture program. The FBI paid informants $7.2 million from the program, with other agencies making up the rest. This is not fake news...Don't believe me than click here-->http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2015/02/05/Federal-agencies-payments-to-confidential-informants-increase/stories/201502050147?pgpageversion=pgevoke

Experts said those totals reflect just a fraction of the agencies’ payments to informants.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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