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live_nation Show full post »
The FBI's Secret Rules

Go down to the part about how the FBI conceals it's payments to confidential sources. And how the FBI has quietly investigated white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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PBS FrontLine The Plea

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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Congrats to the snitch cousin. The snitch Shanton "Shan" Cassell cousin Ronette "Roni" Burkes was recently named “Ohio Warden of the Year.” Warden Ronette “Roni” Burkes oversees the operation of the largest female prison in the state where there are currently over 2,600 women incarcerated and over 500 staff members at Marysville, Ohio. Ronette Burkes real name is Ronette “Nicole” Burkes & she has cousins that sold drugs & had poor younger female cousins she never cared to be a mentor to because they were poor.

I never recalled any of Ronette "Nicole" Burkes younger female cousins on her mother side being invited to any of Ronette sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha social events for young women. Ronette "Nicole" Burkes younger female cousins on her mother side of the family were in state prison & in & out of the county prison & even lived on the street at one point & time. This is a far different Ronette “Roni” Burkes that’s awarded awards for being woman of the year & is passionate about saving lives & being a pillar of the community & volunteers with the Harmony Project of Columbus, Ohio.

Nobody is worried about Ronette 'Roni" Burkes brother Roosevelt Burkes, known by Ro Burkes. Ro Burkes was born in Cleveland, Ohio but raised a spoiled bitch in Mineral Ridge, Ohio. Ro Burkes was a fast food manager living on inheritance working for a rich uncle who owned a fast food franchise. Ro Burkes dressed like a pimp & acted like a woman's man growing up. Ro Burkes is close to 50 years old & still try & dress like a pimp & act like a ladies man. Ro owned businesses... thanks to another inheritance. Nobody worried about the spoiled bitch that think he's a boss.   

Sure, I know after posting this every Prince Hall Freemason & Order of the Eastern Star Grand Lodges & also the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority & the Divine Nine Council will be looking at Anthony Smith, but their already monitoring Anthony Smith. Let's not forget, Prince Hall Freemasons & Order of the Eastern Star have a lot of white members, so the number grows.

To be honest, who ordered Jesus crucifixion?

Well, Jesus crucifixion was physically executed by Romans, but the decision was ordered by the Jewish people to Pontius Pilate. The High Priest & the Romans controlled the people & they had power of the people & set-up Jesus by controlling Jesus own loyal disciples. Is Anthony Smith Jesus? No, but what I am saying is that people have used power of numbers to destroy people. This is nothing new. So Anthony Smith have seen power of numbers to destroy his life so the fear has never been there.
I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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Imperial Wizard of the Traditional American Knights of Ku Klux Klan, was discovered

This is funny to me. lol. Klan killing Klan. A safe in Ancona’s home had been forced open with a crowbar and emptied, and all of his firearms were gone…but the police don't suspect burglary. lol.  

Ancona received a call from work informing him that he would have to travel across the state to deliver a part. The name of Ancona’s place of employment has not been reported, but they did tell police that they did not send him anywhere and he didn’t come in to work. lol.

His wife, Malissa Ancona, made a Facebook post the day after her husband went missing in which she inquired about a roommate. lol. The day after?  

 She told law enforcement that she made the post because she & Ancona had discussed divorce & he took a bag of clothes with him when he left, so she assumed she would need a roommate. But she thought he was traveling across state in which he would need clothes. lol. He was reported missing on Thursday, even tho they thought the Klans man was traveling across state. lol.

Now for the best part, a family member find Ancona’s body on Saturday while on a Big River fishing trip. lol. The only Black people that will mourn the death of a KKK Grand Wizard, Imperial Wizard or any other KKK member would be Prince Hall Freemasons.

I admit,  the voice over the movie Rosewood in this video is funny, but it’s true, many of the secret auctions of Black slaves took place in a Freemason lodge. This is a scene from Rosewood of a white Freemasons  meeting two Black Freemasons. The white Freemasons is looking for a Black man that was lied on by a white woman who claimed a Black man raped her & than she said he beat her, but the man was really white & she knew him. http://

Whoever said Anthony Smith was scared of any Freemasons? Since when have any Freemasons mentioned in this post ever whooped up in Anthony Smith? It's not like Anthony Smith, in shape or out of shape, is not scared to put on the gloves.

The World Famous Freemasons are suppose to be illustrious family men & women that are looking for boys & men. The closet bisexuals, gays & lesbians members use heterosexual members in the Freemasons & Order of the Eastern Star to vouch for them. The boys, girls, men & women they can attract to Freemason & Order of the Eastern Star the more the higher degrees Freemasons feel like Deities. The lower degrees are suppose to worship the higher degrees in Freemasons. The higher degrees will encourage lower degrees to move up if they can afford the due money, while other Freemasons like the jealous, bisexuals, gays & lesbians Freemasons will sabotage other members lives so they cannot move up.

If the lower degrees do not feel like they don't wanna move up in degrees in the Freemasons or they stop attending lodge meetings... than certain higher degree lodge members will try & possess their lives one way or another... mostly through rumors & using other members to spread rumors or by secretly trying to get them fired from their jobs & have society Black Ball them while pretending to love you.

Freemasons & Order of the Eastern Star power is that it's power in numbers so the greater the membership with upper class people than the greater the power & payoff through due money, charity, raffles bingo games, card games, cabarets & other earnings from members of the lodge.  What do I mean? If someone support your decision not to be a member of the Freemason or Order of the Eastern Star & their past ideologies... than they will lose their jobs & find themselves rejected from their friends & they'll also have rumors put on them. Of course they cannot defend themselves because they want hear about the rumors...but everyone around them will.
I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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Buddy what is going on with your posts??? they started out informant related or at least somewhat on topic and they quickly spiraled into crazy nonsense. Please do not use this message board as delusional therapy. If you keep this nonsense up you will be banned.
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