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CAPAC Members Condemn Use of Excessive Force by Alabama Police Officer
Posted On February 23, 2015 Civil Rights, Politics

WASHINGTON — Members of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) on Feb. 13 released the following statements to condemn the use of excessive police force against Sureshbhai Patel, an Indian grandfather who was left partially paralyzed after an encounter with Alabama police.

• Rep. Judy Chu (D-Pasadena), CAPAC chair: “I was appalled to learn about the brutal attack on Sureshbhai Patel by a police officer in Madison, Ala. It is a positive development that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has stepped

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Man Sold Bag of Oregano Instead of Pot, Slashed Buyer


See link for slashing

| 02.27.15 | 4:29 PM
A Worcester man was arrested Thursday after police said he slashed a teenager with a box cutter, following a complaint that a bag of marijuana he sold to the victim was actually just oregano.

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Anniversaries: Montalbano

Published Mar 1, 2015 at 12:02AM

Gene and Marcia (Moore) Montalbano, of Bend, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Feb. 27.

The couple were married Feb. 27, 1955, in Queens, New York. They have three children, Meredith (and Gary) Savadove, of Bend, Michael (and Anne), of Loveland, Ohio, and Mark, of Portland; and five grandchildren.

Mr. Montalbano was a special investigator for the U.S. Department of State. He retired in 1996. He is a former FBI agent and a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI, the American Legion and the Marine Corps League, and a life member of the Central Oregon Military Officers Association of America.

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Maury Island UFO Incident

March 14 2015


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Man trespassed, dangled from ledge near Pittsburgh FBI HQ
Published On: Mar 23 2015 12:09:30 PM EDT Updated On: Mar 23 2015 06:16:00 PM EDT


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Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 ...
Feb 10, 2015 - (Editor's note: Russian satellite evidence proving the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center using “special weapons” was reviewed by ...
ImagesReport images

Image result for putin Pravda 911 satellite
Image result for putin Pravda 911 satellite
Image result for putin Pravda 911 satellite

More images for putin Pravda 911 satellite
Putin Reveals Possession Of 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence ...
Feb 12, 2015 - Pravda: “Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11″ ... President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government have been pushed ...
UPDATED: State of the Nation: Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release ...
Feb 10, 2015 - The list of evidence includes the satellite images from 9/11. ... State of the Nation: Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11.
Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 ...
Video for putin Pravda 911 satellite6:43

Feb 11, 2015 - Uploaded by Martin Brodel
http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/10/pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite ...
Russia Threatens US With Smoking Gun Satellite Photos Proving 9 ...
Feb 10, 2015 - Putin is now threatening to release smoking gun satellite images that prove ... Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11.
Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 | The ...
http://www.smirkingchimp.com › news links › Gerard Pierce's news links
Feb 16, 2015 - Moscow (PRAVDA): American experts believe that despite the fact that relations between the US and Russia reached the worst point since the ...
on USA — Will Russia blow 9/11 wide open? - The Event Chronicle
http://www.theeventchronicle.com › Study
Feb 12, 2015 - The original story reporting Putin's threat was published by Pravda on .... /02/10/pravda-putin-threatens-to-release-satellite-evidence-of-911/.
Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11 ...
http://www.dailypaul.com › Forums › Current Events › Peace / War
Feb 10, 2015 - 16 posts - ‎14 authors
http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/02/10/pravda-putin-threate. ... US Fears Russian Publication of Satellite Photos of 9/11 FALSE FLAG
Full 9/11 Disclosure Imminent — Russia To Release Satellite ...
Feb 10, 2015 - But Pravda is not the first to claim that Putin's government is preparing to release information showing that 9/11 was an “inside job.” The far ...

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“Democracy” versus “The Institutional Ideology” of the CIA. Conversation With CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou

Global Research, March 29, 2015

John Kiriakou is widely known as the former CIA case officer who, in an interview with ABC News in late 2007, confirmed that the CIA had tortured prisoner Abu Zubaydah, an alleged member of al Qaeda, on the waterboard.

Kiriakou was aware of only one instance in which Zubaydah was waterboarded, but his revelations set off a slew of investigations that sent America’s secret clique of torturers and their political bosses running for cover. Even the Senate, with feigned sincerity, initiated an investigation in 2009.

The vicious CIA wasn’t pleased, to put it mildly, nor was the Obama administration, which sicced the FBI on Kiriakou. As the controversy percolated and the authorities closed in, Kiriakou became a bit of a media sensation. Caught off guard by the flurry of attention (wanted and unwanted), he perhaps inadvertently violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act by disclosing, among other things, the name of a covert CIA officer.

Facing 40 years in stir, Kiriakou copped a plea in October 2012. In February 2013 he entered the federal prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania. He was released in February 2015 with an entirely new perspective on America’s racist, sadistic, but highly profitable “corrections” industry.

John Kiriakou, however, was not an ordinary convict. While in prison he enjoyed the blessings of the Reverend Farrakhan and, as an acknowledged “human rights guy” was protected from many of the harsh realities most inmates endure. He received mail from thousands of supporters and maintained a popular blog, Letters from Loretto that got him in trouble with the Bureau of Prisons. But as a celebrity with a powerful attorney, he escaped additional punishments.

That doesn’t mean Kiriakou has it easy. The fascist law enforcement establishment considers him a traitor who got off easy and would love nothing better than to get its claws in him again. Many of his former CIA colleagues feel the same way, and the unforgiving CIA reviews and censors his writings. So he must be cautious in his statements about the CIA (including, one might deduce, those he made in this interview), and thus his answers sometimes have the intonations of a talking head issuing well-practiced sound bites.

This is not a typical interview with someone who has freedom of speech. But then again, John Kiriakou is an unusual man accustomed to navigating dangerous waters.

After being recruited into the CIA by a college “talent scout”, Kiriakou spent his first eight years in the Agency as a Middle East analyst specializing on Iraq. In 1998 he transferred to the sexier Operations Division and later its premier counter-terrorism branch. The 9-11 terror attacks catapulted him into prominence as chief of CT Ops in Pakistan, in which capacity he ran an agent network that located numerous Al Qaeda safehouses. Kiriakou and his unit were responsible for apprehending dozens of “enemy combatants” in high tech paramilitary raids that included US and foreign Special Forces.

This is heady stuff, the Rambo kind of marauding that births CIA legends and leads to rapid career advancement. But for Kiriakou the adventure was short-lived, and in 2002 he returned to CIA headquarters. In 2004 he resigned to spend more time with his children, who were 9 and 6 at the time. He had recently divorced, the kids were in Ohio, and he couldn’t risk being sent overseas again for years at a time. So he took a job in the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche’s “competitive intelligence practice” section, which meant spying on the company’s competitors – Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Accenture, IBM, etc.

In 2009, through political connections to Senator John Kerry, Kiriakou became an investigator with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Two years later he returned to a job in the private sector, while engaging in public speaking and media consulting (including Hollywood).

John Kiriakou walks a fine line. On the on hand he is an icon to idealists, in the mold of Dan Ellsberg, Chelsea Manning, and Ed Snowden. As a whistleblower who has been persecuted for acts of conscience, he is a celebrity of sorts – a position that can be intoxicating and corrupting. On the other hand, Kiriakou is still recovering from the shock of being in a cage for two years. More determined than ever to help America become a better place, he has dedicated his life to prison reform.

John Kiriakou is not, however, dedicating his life to CIA reform. He’s certainly not in a position to whack that particular hornet’s nest, not unless he wants to revisit Loretto.

But a journalist must be careful too, and I wondered if Kiriakou still felt a romantic attachment to the CIA. In a recent interview with Ken Klippenstein, he acknowledged that the war on terror is as much a war of revenge as it is a paramilitary police and espionage action designed to protect Americans from harm. He acknowledged that drone strikes have killed “dozens” of innocent people at wedding celebrations and “do more to help recruitment for groups like al-Qaeda or ISIS than anything they could do.” He even equated the Al Qaeda fighters he captured with the average American prisoner or soldier – functionally illiterate, lacking job skills, propagandized and manipulated. “So these were not hardened terrorists,” he told Klippenstein, “these were just confused young men.”

But in that interview, Kiriakou also exhibits signs of remaining a dedicated and indoctrinated legionnaire. He described ISIS as “created solely out of a hatred for the United States….in American military prisons in Iraq.” A statement seems somewhat true. But when it comes to dealing with ISIS, his inclination is standard imperial CIA: “We should be encouraging and supporting the militaries of our friends in the region – the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, the Turks – and we should be encouraging them to send their troops. After all, it’s their countries that are under threat. Why is this our problem? Why is this our undertaking, that we have to send Americans to die in Iraq and Syria? For what?”

Is it really better to send “our friends” in Egypt and Saudi Arabia after ISIS? How are “we” in a position to even imagine sending other nations to do our dirty work and clean up our imperial messes? Remember, these are same “friends” the CIA hired to torture a lot of innocent people.

I recently had the privilege of asking John Kiriakou some questions. His answers are below.

DV – Democracy is defined as, “A system of government in which power is vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.” America prides itself on being the freest democracy in the world. Is that a mass delusion, given the overarching power of the CIA, which American citizens ha

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FBI refuses to investigate

former Secret Service agent runs security for these perps
at John Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Univ. Faces $1 Billion Lawsuit

Billion dollar lawsuit. Hundreds of people, part of a horrific STD study, sue Johns Hopkins University.

Nearly 800 former research subjects infected with sexually transmitted diseases in Guatemala are seeking justice–but Hopkins says it is not to blame.


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don't underestimate the importance of pushups for
a FBI agent

couple of reads



To get this FBI job, men do more push-ups than women. A court says that’s okay.

January 12 at 11:03 AM



also see


FBI agent Sentenced In Underage Sex Case
Posted: Fri 12:18 PM, Feb 23, 2007

February 23, 2007

A former FBI analyst has been sentenced for having sex with a young Spotsylvania County girl.

Forty four year old Anthony Lesko entered an Alford Plea to the charges in a Spotsylvania County Circuit to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child.

The plea means that Lesko does not admit guilt but believes that there is enough evidence to convict him. Lesko was sentenced to seven years in prison with 15 years suspended under a plea agreement.

Lesko was also ordered to pay 10 thousand dollars in restitution to cover the girl's mental health counseling. According to police Lesko was engaged in nine sexual encounters with the girl, starting when she was nine years old.

According to the plea Lesko says he was the victim in the case and that the girl initiated the contact.


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scroll down


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see link for full story


Shrimp Boy’ Lawyer Claims Judge Shielded San Francisco Mayor in Corruption Probe

— Jan 25 2016 - 11:09pm

The lead attorney for Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, the reputed Chinatown gangster who was convicted of murder and a long list of other crimes two weeks ago, is now alleging that a federal trial judge failed to disclose a conflict of interest, and that he downplayed evidence implicating Mayor Ed Lee in a sprawling public corruption investigation.

In a long-shot bid to overturn Chow’s conviction, lawyer Curtis L. Briggs accused U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer of acting out of bias by withholding documents and secret recordings of the mayor from court while presiding over the trial last year.

In a petition filed late Saturday, Briggs wrote that Breyer had an undisclosed conflict of interest because his wife leads a nonprofit organization, City Arts and Lectures, that received grants from a city fund under the mayor’s influence. Briggs asked the judge to step aside, and said his client deserved a new trial.

Starting around 2011, the FBI conducted a wide-ranging undercover corruption investigation that involved at least 10 local public officials in addition to Chinatown figures who federal prosecutors say ran a criminal enterprise headed by Chow. Last Friday the probe resulted in indictments for bribery and money laundering of two city staffers who also worked on Lee’s 2011 campaign, plus a former school board president.

Briggs complained in the nine-page “preliminary and summary request,” provided over the weekend to the San Francisco Public Press, that Breyer repeatedly shut down his attempts to widen the scope of the Chow trial by showing that his client was being unfairly targeted in the context of a much larger scandal.

“Judge Breyer was under a duty to evaluate potential conflicts of interest and he failed to identify that his spouse was the director of a corporation that received an annual grant of nearly $50,000 directly from the Mayor’s budgetary allowance for the arts, during the time frame in question up until the present,” Briggs wrote.

Since Lee became mayor in 2011, Grants for the Arts, a city-run agency, gave City Arts and Lectures more than $200,000 in grants. But for many years and under several mayors, the group has been among the smaller recipients of money originating from the Hotel Tax Fund. Last fiscal year Grants for the Arts gave out $10.3 million to 213 organizations.

The brief never named Breyer’s wife — Sydney Goldstein, City Arts and Lectures’ founding executive director — nor did it accuse her of any wrongdoing. But the personal nature of the attack on the judge is certain to get his attention. Goldstein was traveling Monday and was unavailable for comment, an assistant said. A representative of Breyer’s office said the judge would not comment on the brief.

In response to news about the filing, mayoral spokeswoman Christine Falvey repeated a broad statement that said the mayor had no knowledge of the bribes or campaign finance violations alleged to have been conducted to his benefit. Years after the investigation started, the mayor has not been charged with any crimes.

Briggs wrote that as a result of his wife’s position as a recipient of city funds through a department controlled by Lee, Breyer had an unavoidable conflict of interest and was incapable of presiding over the case against Chow without bias. Breyer’s failure to declare this conflict calls into question the government’s resounding victory on Jan. 8, a jury trial that saw Chow convicted of all 162 counts, including conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering and money laundering.

“It should be noted that many public accusations were made against Mayor Ed Lee for his fundraising and alleged money laundering activities in support of his election bid for the 2012 mayoral term” Briggs wrote. “Although the public was not aware of the investigation leading up to this indictment, it would be difficult to believe that the Court was not aware of the corruption allegations against Ed Lee that were subject of media headlines and ongoing public discourse.”

Stanford law professor Robert Weisberg said Briggs’s combatively worded filing was a desperate effort to appeal his client’s conviction, and that his claims of bias were “pretty far fetched.”

“The main thing is a legal matter,” Weisberg said, “If you don’t have an unbelievably obvious conflict of interest — which this is not — you have to demonstrate that it actually manifested itself in some way.” He said that technically, any conflict of interest would exist for Breyer’s wife and not the judge himself, a subtle but important distinction. Weisberg said that overall Chow and his attorneys “don’t have very good issues on appeal,” and the conviction would likely be upheld.

It has been widely noted that much like his big-mouthed and charismatic client, Briggs displayed an irreverent swagger when litigating on behalf of Chow. At one point in the trial last fall, Briggs wrote that federal investigators used drones to watch his clients (the FBI denied this) and that the still-sealed evidence may have been burgled.

In a gambit to widen the case, in August Briggs released documents containing details of the probe seeming to implicate City Hall insiders in allowing undercover agents to make political donations that skirted local campaign finance laws because they exceeded the $500 individual giving limit. The leak defied the wishes of Judge Breyer, who quickly issued strict court seals on all the records. One of the files still under wraps is likely a recording of a conversation between Lee and an undercover FBI investigator who was offering the donations. But Breyer said none of the files implicated the mayor himself in any wrongdoing.

Briggs noted in the court filing that the judge’s brother, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, did declare a conflict of interest in a recent case that had many parallels. “In 2015, Justice Breyer overlooked the fact that his wife owned stock in a company that was a party to a controversy which Breyer participated in adjudicating.” The justice resolved the conflict when his wife divested herself from the investment.

This was not the only effort by Chow’s defense team to retry the case in and out of court. On Sunday, KTVU Channel 2 News aired a jailhouse interview with Chow, who told reporter Amber Lee that he was innocent of all charges. “You can’t find a worse scapegoat than me,” Chow said. “My past record gets the whole Chinatown sheen. Every time there’s been trouble, yeah, everyone wants to point the finger at me.”

The accusations made by Chow’s legal team came the day after District Attorney George Gascón generated headlines by issuing three corruption-related indictments, based largely on evidence collected during the FBI’s investigation into Chow and now-imprisoned state Senator Leland Yee.

Lee’s office has consistently accused Briggs and his colleagues of a futile effort to deflect focus from Chow’s misdeeds. But last week’s charges now offer a glimpse of possible improper back-room deals in City Hall.

“This lightweight prosecution that focused on my client is an endless sea of garbage that they didn’t dig through and look at the facts,” Briggs said in an interview. “To charge only Chow in the context of widespread political corruption and favoritism is more than disgusting.”

His protests mostly fell on deaf ears until this week. “People blew them off,” Briggs said, “but lo and behold, it’s actually true.”

The new charges from the district attorney focus on former Human Rights Commissioner Nazly Mohajer and former staffer Zula Jones. Each is accused of four counts of bribery and one of money laundering. Former San Francisco Unified School Board President Keith Jackson faces four counts of bribery, one of money laundering and one of grand theft of public money.

At a press conference Friday, the district attorney offered no details, taking questions from reporters but said he could not answer them because of a court-imposed protection order. On Monday, Mohajer, Jones and Jackson all turned themselves in and were booked into the county jail, though their arraignment dates have not been set, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

The case from which the charges emerged was one of the largest federal probes into public corruption in recent memory, which began sometime before 2011 and is now being called as an ongoing federal case.

Briggs said the applications for wiretaps in the case, which Breyer approved, included FBI affidavits claiming that Lee’s staff accepted more than $20,000 in illegal campaign donations. The lawyer said this demonstrated Lee’s participation in a scheme “facilitating preferential treatment on real estate opportunities in San Francisco.”

But details about last week’s indictments remained scarce. Much of what the public learned about the Jac

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EXCLUSIVE: NYPD cops at Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct in East New York took suspect’s phone, used it to take goofy selfies, videos

Sunday, March 6, 2016, 4:00 AM

A group of dopey Brooklyn cops are in hot water — and the trouble appears selfie-inflicted.

A man who was busted for allegedly violating an order of protection says cops at the 75th Precinct stationhouse made a mockery of him by using his cell phone to take a series of goofy selfies. He says the cops also used his phone to shoot a pair of videos after the January arrest.

The man, who asked to be identified only by his initials J.L. because he fears retaliation from the cops, said

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what it is actually about??
Marketing ERA

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