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Attorney William Ross Gilmour, aka Solicitor Bill Gilmour is and has been a government informant since 2001 when he was bought off by a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson to sabotage the fake extradition of his whistle blower client named Bruce Gorcyca, who as a former U.S. Treasury Agent tried to expose $1 Billion of drug smuggling into Canada by Jeb Bush and his gang that is fronted by Terry Nelson, Mike Huxtable. Barry Seal was an original member of this gang before he became a disclosure threat, just like George Morales and Johnny Molina - all three were promptly murdered. For more details on Gilmour who himself was arrested for child abuse on August 14th, 2001 see the exhibits contained in this "interesting" Law Society complaint http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com  To learn more about the scandal/case he helped to hide go read this here at this legal blog 


After Gilmour was arrested for the child abuse he was given a choice: Watch your legal career go down the toilet or cooperate with the feds and his court records would be sealed.  Prior to becoming a lawyer Bill was a dirty Toronto narcotics cop who then was hired by the RCMP for a brief tour of duty before he was asked to resign or be fired after shooting an unarmed kid in the back. He also admitted to having an affair with one of his colleague's wife less than a month before she became a murder victim. Her name was Jeanette Kelly.  See http://PatrickKellyIsInnocentOfMurder.wordpress.com

Bill is suspected to be a mule for prisoners at Metro West Detention Center in Toronto and once asked one of his clients to smuggle in some heroin in exchange for a reduction of legal fees and cash, for the benefit of other clients.

Gilmour also attempted the hostile takeover of a business called "Big Brute Motorcycles" owned by another client named Vic Richards. The scheme was exposed and failed.

Gilmour also represented another witness of the Nelson/Bush smuggling operation that involved a dirty mountie named Pierre Jeanette. That other client was Erling Ingvladsen. Now get this... Gilmour made it impossible for either Ingvaldsen or Gorcyca to return to Canada.  In Ingvaldsen's case, he "misplaced" the release documents from Ingvaldsen's parole officer and another vital correspondence that proves Ingvaldsen left Canada voluntarily and before a deadline. Even though Gilmour himself drove Ingvaldsen to the airport, he refuses to give a sworn statement to this event. In the case of Gorcyca, he made a false police report against Gorcyca 2 years after they last spoke while Gorcyca was 5,000 miles away in China.  He claimed that Gorcyca called him out of the blue from China and threatened to kill him!  This cute trick is enough to legally make Gorcyca inadmissable to Canada even though his Canadian wife and children still live there!  As a result the family has been separated for 6 years.

Gilmour is also known to turn his own clients into Revenue Canada in exchange for reward monies.

In 2001, Gilmour made a sudden and unexpected trip to Panama where he does not have a single client. He stayed only 2 days and returned $100,000 richer. It was here in Panama where he met privately with Nelson and his partner Stephen Finta (later murdered with an induced heart attack after it was leaked the DEA were about to bust Finta and force him to roll on Nelson and Jeanette). Upon his return to Toronto is when Gorcyca's case went South as Gilmour admitted in court that he "misplaced" key documentary evidence including a hand-written letter from Canadian John Pierre Gonyou and a video tape of Terry Nelson.

Aside from all the above, Bill is a fine and charming fellow who can fool anyone willing to listen to his sales pitch about his fabricated legal victories and claims that he used to ride with the Hells Angels as an undercover cop. (May be true but unlikely since Gilmour often lies about his past which he embellishes)


Believe nothing the government or mainstream media tells you. Trust only the investigation you do yourself.
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