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I am writing this post to explain to all that the information that I have gathered will be of interest to many people involved in what has become known as targeting. I have been made aware of how targeting protocols are actually employed devoid of misinformation.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions. I will answer you all as soon as possible.


The information that I have posted and will continue to post was gathered directly from a detective involved in the tactics used by law enforcement. The information that was leaked to me was gathered over a span of seven years with direct contact/involvement from this undercover agent as well as some of this persons closest associates.

I would encourage you to read my previous posts and look for more informational posts to come over the next few years. If you read the information it will become apparent that this program is not that mysterious. It has taken me some time to gather the proper information presented so that it includes the actual protocols that make up the basis for what has become known as targeting.

This information is quite rare on the internet as most of what is being collected is filled with an abundance of misinformation without names, locations and any correlation. It is also rare that an individual will answer directed questions on targeting with any accuracy. Please feel free to ask questions. The detective that relayed this to me directly is a trusted source. I am sure that this detective wishes that the information relayed would have never been conveyed to me. It was not easy to acquire the full scope of what I have collected.

My posts on safe houses and a kill/suppression program, was initially a reply to a member looking for information on a person. I was compelled to bring forth further topics in order to clarify how targeting actually works, its major components and the people involved. The names in this account are all verifiable and the locations all linked to them. I also have credible information as to where the development of technologies with regards to law enforcement are currently being developed and perfected.  Please follow this link to see the companies that are developing this technology and follow the money trail online. It is incredibly easy to search the names I have posted on or about and see that it is clearly emanating from these sources with the addition of field operating sites being set up in safe houses owned by government agent groups. The first piece of information regarding this technology concerns Rockwell Collins and its acquisition of ARINC Incorporated.


Electronic Warfare (EW) & Intelligence

Signals Intelligence Development Monitoring Technology

The information I have gathered about this communication technology was gathered directly from Duane Lighty. Duane Lighty is the current Principle Manager for Rockwell Collins. He is also a federal agent that is adept in communications and the technology involved in targeting. He relayed this information to me directly. He has aAssociate of Arts (A.A.), Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration  1978 – 1979 from Olympic College. I would encourage you to look at this persons information and background to discern his involvement in the development process of such targeting technologies.

 When at all possible, I have included documents gathered from town offices, direct communication, and documents gathered through being in close contact with my detective sources.

Until I post further information on the specific dates, times and names please feel free to request answers to any and all topics related to this kill/suppression program and or targeting as I have become knowledgeable on the subject. I will answer all questions to the best of my ability.


Please remain non-violent.

Robert Carrier

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Posts: 60
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Kill Program personnel that have been active in the Massachusetts area have been inquired about by another member. I read a post asking for information on Shalayne N. Lighty. She has lived in this house. She engaged in illegal torture on at least one individual for the purposes of a kill/suppression law enforcement operation.

  This safe house is used via a law enforcement kill/suppression program with targets being housed and abused in the apartments illegally. The detectives involved were listed in my reply to this member in a prior post if you would like to read the names and details.

  31 congress street Milford Ma is a secure location, that was deemed suitable for isolating targets, agents or other persons perceived as being targeted for elimination and or intimidation tactics to take place. It became known as the "Milford Mortuary".

  The house was tightly controlled with agents living inside torturing targets through the year 2009 and on to my knowledge. It is unknown if the safe house was used for any other purposes. It appears as though it was set up with direct purpose to torture people targeted by this program. It is likely that it is still being used today for this objective.

  Information was gathered directly from detective Lighty while working in the building that it may be possible that there are buried bodies in the basement. It is not known if this was an intimidation tactic by the detective to suppress an information leak. 

 I have found additional information on this property and its owner. Darn Properties, LLC owns this property as well as 9 other properties that are being used as safe houses. Darn Properties, LLC is located in Milford, MA 01757 at 206 Main St. The owners name is Moshe Attias. Detective Attias contact number is 508-320-6262. 

  This organization primarily operates in the Nonresidential Building Operators business / industry within the Real Estate sector. Darn Properties is estimated to generate $280,000 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people at this single location. Its SIC Code is 6512, Operators of Nonresidential Buildings. Its NAICS Code is 531312, Nonresidential Property Managers.

   I have included below verified information derived from the Milford Assessor's Office located at 52 Main Street Milford, MA 01757 Phone: (508) 634-2306 of these property ownership records.

  Built in 1880, this property was last sold for $220,200 in 2011 and currently has an estimated value of $280,345. The median price for this area is 315000. The 6 assigned schools for this property are located in Milford School District. There are currently 1,594 similar properties for sale within 10-mile radius, ranging from $140,400 - $399,900. I have extensive information that I will be releasing here and in the members section with regards to this kill/suppression program in the near future.  8.2.PNG

Robert Carrier

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Posts: 1
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Posts: 60
Reply with quote  #4 
Multiple people have expressed interest in this subject matter.

Please feel free to Private Message (PM) anytime.

Many People have responded and received help.

I will respond as soon as time permits to all Private Messages.

Robert Carrier
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