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Informants and Agents?Who's a Rat Message Board

telly toth from pittsburgh pa is the worst kind of rat ever.  he ows everybody money. my friend who is elderly and dissabled ended up in jail becase she was just trying to help him. he called the cops on her, planted drugs then when she was in jail he trashed her house and took all of her perscription pills. i also know for a fact he set up a couple of my dope guys. all cuz he was sick and the cops let him keep half of the shit. plus whoever he esses wit endes up in jail doin more time then him. who else gets 1 year probation with no other stipulations for getting caught selling 100 bags of heroin. also only 1 year probation for 3 pounds of weed. it dont ad up!!!!!
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U made this shit up cuz u tried to burn me. If u were a man u would publicly apologize. If u read it u can tell it's not true. I did 15 years. Bitch. Udid 15 days . This is about the time u owed me for that eithy. I can't help it u gave it all away to tricks. Bitches gossip lies and haters despise. I do this for a living. U tried for a month. U paid up though birch. Anytime u wanna see me I ain't hard to find punk bitch
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