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Society of HPC Professionals to Focus on Cybersecurity at December Conference
November 19, 2015 by ralphwells Leave a Comment

SHPCP_Blue_Logo_v2The Society of HPC Professionals will focus its 2015 Annual Technical Meeting on the applications of HPC technology to protect against cyberthreats. The one-day HPC in Cybersecurity meeting will be held Wednesday, December 2, 2015, at a Schlumberger location in Houston. This event is free and open to all, but advanced registration is required.

The agenda includes panelists and presenters who are experts in both HPC and cybersecurity technologies. SHPCP encourages members of the HPC community to attend, as well as people responsible for, or concerned with, cyberthreats on data, property and privacy within the oil & gas, energy, healthcare, financial, advanced manufacturing, and retail operations domains.

The threat from cyber incursions has never been more serious and more complicated than it is today,” said SHPCP president Earl J. Dodd. “The goal of our conference is to showcase how HPC technology is uniquely suited to detect cyberthreats and shut them down before actual attacks can occur.”

Theft of bank account numbers, passwords and personal data remains big business in the digital economy, explained Dodd, but the targets of cyberattacks have grown with the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Cyber intruders are increasingly stealing intellectual property (IP) such as proprietary workflows, algorithms and business processes. And many other attacks seek to exploit vulnerabilities in command and control systems that manage, for example, the energy grid.

Agenda highlights include:

State-of-the-Industry keynote address, including the latest on HPC market size and predicted growth, by Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research.
“How HPC Resources are Used in Cybersecurity” – a panel discussing vulnerabilities in private and public-sector computer networks commonly exploited by cyber attackers and the solutions offered by HPC to detect threats, predict incursions, stop attacks and identify past intrusions.
Insights into the current cyberthreat landscape by Special Agent Angela Haun from the FBI’s InfraGard program in Houston.

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GOP rep wants non-FBI official to lead hostage recovery team


- 11/30/15 01:36 PM EST

A Republican congressman is expressing concern about an interagency office known as the hostage recovery fusion cell created this year to better respond when Americans are held hostage.

“My concern with the existing structure of the fusion cell is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) remains in primary control,” Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) wrote in a letter to President Obama on Monday. “Given that the FBI is chiefly a law enforcement organization, it remains my belief [that the] FBI--despite its best intentions and efforts--is neither organized nor developed to lead hostage recovery in hostile areas.”

Hunter’s letter comes on the heels of Obama signing into law this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision that requires Obama to appoint an interagency hostage recovery coordinator within 60 days.

To address his concerns, Hunter is requesting Obama appoint a coordinator from outside the FBI.

“My strong recommendation is to appoint a hostage recovery coordinator with direct control and oversight of the fusion cell--and someone without a direct relationship to the FBI,” Hunter wrote.

“Doing so will dramatically improve our long-term hostage recovery efforts in the post-9/11 world and provide the consistency and coherency that is needed,” he added.

In June, the fusion cell was created as part of policy changes that followed a wave of executions of American hostages by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Chief among the changes was to allow families of American hostages to offer ransom payments to their captors without the threat of prosecution.

In addition to the FBI, the fusion cell includes officials from the State Department, the Pentagon and the CIA.

In his letter, Hunter expressed concern that the FBI does not have the resources or experiences in hostile areas that other government agencies have.

“Retaining the FBI as the lead government entity in hostage recovery (in areas of conflict) is a disservice to those in captivity and their families, and it takes away from other issues of focus that demand the FBI’s expertise and resources,” he wrote.

“I was shocked,” he added, “to learn that a lead agent in one case had never stepped foot in Afghanistan.”

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Ganim announces 10 appointments

Updated 6:56 pm, Monday, November 30, 2015

Former FBI agent Edward Adams has been named a senior advisor by Joe Ganim, and as Director of Governmental Accountability and Integrity. Ganim will be sworn in as Mayor of Bridgeport on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015.

Former FBI agent Edward Adams has been named a senior advisor by Joe Ganim, and as Director of Governmental Accountability and Integrity. Ganim will be sworn in as Mayor of Bridgeport on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015.

BRIDGEPORT — Several of Joe Ganim’s key campaign advisers will be getting desks in City Hall.

Ganim, who will become the city’s mayor Tuesday, has named his first 10 appointments.

They include retired FBI Special Agent Edward Adams as a senior adviser to the mayor and director of governmental accountability and integrity; state Rep. Charles Stallworth, D-Bridgeport, as a senior adviser and director of community outreach and diversity;

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Peru police officers trained by FBI


Compartir en WhatssApp
19:53. Lima, Dec. 01. Peruvian National Police members are being trained by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on crime-related crisis management tactics.

The session —inaugurated in Lima on Tuesday— is promoted by Peru's Interior Ministry (Mininter).

Minister Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe highlighted the relevance of police staff training on proper procedures to be later implemented.

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ECC training TSA Agents in Homeland Security


8:12 PM, Dec 2, 2015

ECC expanding TSA training program

- Erie Community College is on the map for helping to keep

We're the only homeland security certificate on the board at SUNY, and it increases are enrollement, plus it gives us marketability," says Richard Washousky, ECC's Vice President of Academic Affairs.

In all, ECC teaches students from 38 different airports in six states. Instructors include a former FBI agent, a former Naval Intelligence Officer and a Buffalo Police captain with post 9/11 training.

Current enrollement is at 150, but the school hopes to increase that by 20% by next fall.

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December 3 2015


Retired Marine, FBI agent appointed to Cadillac City Council
CADILLAC — Citing the wealth of decision-making experiences in his background, the Cadillac City Council unanimously selected former Marine, FBI agent and educator Elvin ...

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3 stories

read this first about FBI agent Don Robinson


Grassley Questions FBI on More Alleged Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
Sep 10, 2007

Grassley Questions FBI on More Alleged Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley has again reminded the FBI that the law does not allow retaliation against government whistleblowers. Grassley reiterated his concerns to FBI Director Robert Mueller in a letter sent yesterday.

The Senator’s letter forwards allegations of retaliation against FBI Agent Bassem Youssef, chief of the Communications Analysis Unit. Youssef is the highest ranking Arab-American in the FBI. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Youssef raised concerns within the FBI that he, as one of the highest ranking Arabic-speaking agents, was not being assigned to cases related to the attacks.

“It seems like every time I turn around, there’s another allegation of whistleblower retaliation at the FBI. It appears to be second nature for them,” Grassley said. “Director Mueller has talked often about the fact that he won’t tolerate retaliation, but it doesn’t look like the message is getting through to his management team.”

Grassley is a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and has conducted oversight of the FBI since the mid 1990s.

Here is a copy of the letter to Mueller. A copy of the signed letter along with the attachment can be found here.

September 6, 2007

The Honorable Robert S. Mueller


Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20535

Dear Director Mueller:

As you know, I believe that encouraging people to report waste, wrongdoing, or mismanagement in any organization is critical to improving the integrity and efficiency of its operations. Protecting whistleblowers from retaliation is critical if the leadership of an organization is serious about hearing what they have to say. Unfortunately, the FBI has a deeply engrained culture of retaliation, in which anyone who speaks out is branded as a troublemaker. Thus, many choose to stay silent rather than risk their careers.

To your credit, you have regularly stated that you will not tolerate retaliation against FBI whistleblowers. However, sometimes it appears as if your message is not being heard or understood by the management at the FBI. I am writing today to bring to your attention allegations I have received that illustrate how the FBI’s anti-whistleblower culture remains a serious problem and raise questions of potential witness intimidation.

Attached please find an internal FBI email from Agent Bassem Youssef, which was copied to you, where he reports several disturbing comments made by FBI personnel. As you know, Agent Youssef is a material witness in the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG’s) continuing inquiry into issues relating to National Security Letters and so-called “exigent letters.” Moreover, I understand that he will also be giving classified testimony in the OIG’s investigation of issues related to certain controversial National Security Agency surveillance programs.

In this context, the comments that I understand were made to Agent Youssef by senior Bureau officials raise serious questions about whether they were not only endorsing retaliation for past whistleblowing, but also attempting to influence Youssef’s upcoming testimony. For example, the email that you were provided states that in Youssef’s presence Agent Ed Moschella said of another whistleblower that the proper response was to “hang him.” Further, and in that same email, it says that Agent Don Robinson stated that at his interview with the OIG relating to the National Security Letters investigation, “I threw him [Bassem Youssef] under the bus.” Moreover, Youssef reported that another individual reportedly asked in connection with the National Security Letter inquiry, “Are you … getting ready to throw Bassem Youssef off the roof?"

Given your affirmative statements and assurances that you will not support retaliation against FBI whistleblowers, please provide written answers to the following questions:

1. How do you plan to deal with these comments?

2. Were you aware of the attached email prior to receiving this letter?

3. How have you dealt with this issue since you were copied on the email in early August?

4. Please provide a detailed written response outlining any steps you have taken to address these allegations and to ensure that Agent Youssef is free to give complete honest, forthcoming, and candid testimony in OIG inquiries without fear of reprisal.

If these allegations are true, it would be a disappointing confirmation that the FBI’s anti-whistleblower culture is as strong as ever. That culture will never change if senior officials are allowed to openly speak of retaliating against whistleblowers without fear of discipline for doing so. I appreciate your prompt written response no later than September 20, 2007.

All replies should be sent electronically in Adobe portable document format. Please have your staff contact XXXX at (202) 224-4515 with any questions regarding this matter.


Charles E. Grassley

U.S. Senator


cc: Patrick Leahy, Chairman

Senate Judiciary Committee

Arlen Specter, Ranking Member

Senate Judiciary Committee

Glenn A. Fine, Inspector General

U.S. Department of Justice

Click here to view the response from FBI Director Mueller to Senator Grassleys



December 4, 2015 in City
New Crisis Center in CdA aims to keep people out of ER, jail

Don Robinson, director of mental health crisis center for Kootenai Health talked about the December 9 opening of the center at their office in Coeur d’Alene on Friday, November 20, 2015.

Northern Idaho Crisis Center ribbon-cutting and open house

When: Noon to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Kootenai Health Campus, 2195 Ironwood Court, Coeur d’Alene

Phone: (208) 625-4884

More info: http://www.nicrisiscenter.org.

Early in his career as an FBI agent, Don Robinson worked as a crisis/hostage team negotiator.

He spent Friday and Saturday nights talking to suicidal people on bridges, or in phone conversations with others who’d barricaded themselves in their homes. The shifts gave him an appreciation for how mental illness and substance abuse derail lives.

As the director of the new Northern Idaho Crisis Center, Robinson and his staff will provide a refuge for people who find themselves spiraling out of control.

The center opens Wednesday in Coeur d’Alene. It will give individuals 18 and older a place to get immediate help for a mental health or addiction-related crisis, plus referrals for follow-up treatment. Admittance is voluntary, and people can stay at the center for up to 24 hours.

“It takes a lot of courage to make it up to the front door,” Robinson said last month, while giving tour of the 2,200-square-foot facility on the Kootenai Health campus. When people take that step, he wants them to find “a safe, warm, welcoming place.”

Besides private counseling rooms, the center will have a waiting area with coffee, snacks and Internet access, and respite rooms for napping.

Robinson recently retired after 23 years with the FBI, including seven years as head


Waco, Texas: Where A Part Of America'S Heart And Soul Died.
Within minutes it was evident that the raid was an utter failure. .... Koresh for the tragedy in Waco, Texas, and say action was not taken by the FBI soon enough, ...
FBI Failures & Criticism - Zpub.com
How the FBI Turned the Screws on Wen Ho Lee. Waco, Texas. April 1993 - "... they've driven their tanks up to us, they've bust in the side of the building a little bit ...
Readings | Waco - The Inside Story | FRONTLINE | PBS
3. The Waco Tactics in light of the group psychology of the FBI · B. Failure to use ... 1. Failure of coordination between tactical and negotiating arms of the FBI
The Standoff in Waco - The Texas Observer
Apr 18, 2013 - But he did note that “certain FBI and Department of Justice officials failed to disclose … evidence and information about the use of pyrotechnic ...
The FBI's Management of the Standoff at Mt. Carmel
Sep 15, 2014 - Report to the Deputy Attorney General on the Events at Waco, Texas ... the FBI had been brought to Waco to "salvage a failed tactical effort.
Evaluation of the Handling of the Branch Davidian Stand-Off in ...
Sep 15, 2014 - Waco, Texas which ended on April 19, 1993 when fire consumed the ... the tear gas operation, although shots were fired at the FBI from the compound. .... seal, but Koresh stated that the negotiator had "failed" and refused to ...
Waco Inquiry Failed to Test Correct F.B.I. Gun, Official Says ...
Jun 2, 2001 - A simulation that helped lead an independent inquiry to conclude that F.B.I. agents did not fire their guns in their siege of the Branch Davidian ...

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Sunday, 06 December 2015
Government and Corporations Are Responsible for Culture of Surveillance


Government and Corporations Are Responsible for Culture of Surveillance

In the almost two and a half years since former NSA contractor Ed Snowden revealed the ubiquitous surveillance under which the world lives, much of the focus has been on what government agencies are doing. The problem, though, runs deeper. The surveillance state exists within a culture of surveillance created by the incestuous relationship between overreaching government agencies and nosy corporations.

There is no liberty without privacy. As the culture of surveillance grows, liberty recedes. The New American has reported on many of the threats to privacy that are becoming more and more commonplace. Some Smart TVs are spying on users via their integrated cameras, microphones, and Internet connectivity and then reporting back to the manufacturers, who sell that data to advertisers. Other "Internet of Things" devices have surveillance capabilities that are marketed as features promising convenience to users. Facebook performs social/psychological experiments on its users and also harvests users' data to sell to advertisers.

To make matters worse, Microsoft has turned its operating system, Windows, into a suite of softwares designed to spy on users, report back to Microsoft on their use, and remotely remove software from their computers, all while hiding these activities from all but the most tech-savvy users.

With the proliferation of surveillance as a "convenience feature" or as a prerequisite to using otherwise useful tools, is it any wonder that a Pew study last year found that privacy is eroding, with many accepting that erosion as normal? And with greater acceptance comes greater erosion. As The New American noted after the study was released:

Moving forward, many young Internet users who today are more than willing to trade their birthright of privacy and liberty for a mess of potage (or a cup of coffee) are going to become the example that the next generation imitates. What one generation accepts, the next expects.

Last year the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century, Judge Richard Posner, said the NSA should have free range to "vacuum all the trillions of bits of information that are crawling through the electronic worldwide networks." He went on to say that the only reason anyone would object, is that they are "just trying to conceal the disreputable parts of [their] conduct." The surveillance culture has alreday become so pervasive that his remarks — which should have caused outrage — were largely unreported. When they were reported, they were used largely as justification for the mass surveillance that is destroying privacy and liberty.

And it's not just the use of computer technology that puts privacy at risk. Retailers regularly use their "rewards" cards to collect information on their customers' purchases, again for advertising purposes. While many see the value in targeted advertising, the following story this writer shared in a previous article illustrates how such convenience masks a very real threat to privacy:

Data mining is a big problem, as we saw from the documents leaked by Snowden. But there is more to it than most people realize. In 2012, a father of a teenage girl saw for himself how powerful this form of information gathering and analysis can be. Several years ago, Target department stores started offering Redcard. It's a credit or debit card that can be used to make purchases at Target stores and on their website. It offers a five-percent discount any time it is used. Target's reason for doing this is simple. It ties all of your purchases together into one profile for data-analysis purposes so that they can send you advertising based on not just what you buy, but what their data analysis tells them you are going to buy. How effective is it? The father of that teenager stormed into a store outside Minneapolis and demanded to know why his daughter was receiving advertisements for baby clothes, baby furniture, and diapers. After all, she is still in high school. The manager said he would look into it and call the father in a day or so. When he called two days later, the father said that he had talked with his daughter and learned that she was, indeed, pregnant. Target figured it out before her own father did.

While that particular event involved Target, other retailers use their "rewards" cards in much the same way — with varying degrees of success and accuracy.

Companies, including major retailers, use a variety surveillance methods to keep an eye on both customers and employees. While some of this surveillance may have some justification — such as preventing robbery and shoplifting — it is still part of the surveillance culture that threatens privacy and liberty. Much of the surveillance practiced by companies has little, if any, justification.

Walmart is the world's largest company with more than 11,500 stores operating in 28 countries. With more than 2.2 million employees, it is also the world's largest employer. Because of understandable concerns about employees unionizing, the retail giant has conducted campaigns of surveillance on a level that many nations would have difficulty rivaling.

When Walmart senior management heard about plans for an employee strike on Black Friday 2012, they formed a Delta Team to begin spying and reporting on employees to determine who was a threat and how best to react. The organization behind the plans for a strike was OUR Walmart (the Organization United for Respect at Walmart), which was the offspring of the United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW) union. While Walmart publicly pretended not to be concerned, Bloomberg reported:

Walmart considered the group enough of a threat that it hired an intelligence-gathering service from Lockheed Martin, contacted the FBI, staffed up its labor hotline, ranked stores by labor activity, and kept eyes on employees (and activists) prominent in the group. During that time, about 100 workers were actively involved in recruiting for OUR Walmart, but employees (or associates, as they're called at Walmart) across the company were watched; the briefest conversations were reported to the "home office," as Walmart calls its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

Besides being one of the largest defense contractors in the world, Lockheed Martin "also has an information technology division that offers cybersecurity and data analytics services," according to the report by Bloomberg:

Lockheed Martin is one of the biggest defense contractors in the world. Although it's best known for making fighter jets and missile systems, it also has an information technology division that offers cybersecurity and data analytics services. Tucked into that is a little-known operation called LM Wisdom, which has been around since 2011. LM Wisdom is described on Lockheed's website as a tool "that monitors and analyzes rapidly changing open source intelligence data ... [that] has the power to incite organized movements, riots and sway political outcomes." A brochure depicts yellow tape with "crime scene" on it, an armored SWAT truck, and a word cloud with "MAFIA" in huge type.

Karen Casey was the labor relations executive at Walmart as the plans for OUR Walmart's Black Friday strike began to come to light. In January 2015, she testified in the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearings that resulted from complaints that Walmart retaliated against employees that participated in protests which took place in June 2013. In her testimony, she told how the Analytical Research Center, which is part of Walmart's global security division, entered into a contract with Lockheed Martin to "source" the "open social media sites" used by the protesters. Again, from Bloomberg:

The Analytical Research Center, or ARC, is part of Walmart's global security division. Ken Senser, a former FBI officer, oversees the entire group. The executive responsible for ARC was Steve Dozier, according to Casey's testimony. He was director of the Arkansas State Police before he joined Walmart in 2007. "When we received word of potential strikes and disruptive activity on Black Friday 2012, that's when we started to ask the ARC to work with us," Casey said during her testimony. "ARC had contracted with Lockheed leading up to Black Friday to help source open social media sites."

"Sourcing" refers to gathering data from those sites. In other words, Lockheed Martin was hired — at least in part — to conduct surveillance on the social media pages of the protesters.

So, the world's largest company employs a former FBI agent and a former director of the Arkansas State Police, has contracted with one of the largest defense contractors in the world, and contacted the FBI all to conduct surveillance on its own employees. While this writer is certainly no union apologist and can understand a company not wanting its employees to unionize, surely there is a place somewhere on the other side of Walmart's actions where the line should have been drawn.

As the surveillance culture — and by extension, the surveillance state — has grown, government agencies and corporations have reaped the benefits while ordinary citizens have paid the price. Freedom-loving Americans should stop participating in the culture of surveillance and instead actively resist it. The solution is two-fold. Those concerned about privacy should elect men and women who value privacy as much as they do and put pressure on Congress to dismantle both the apparatus and the agencies that have conducted government-sanctioned surveillance on ordinary citizens. They should also develop a mindset of protecting themselves against surveillance. Fortunately, there are many tools available for anyone

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Commission recommends Sirignano for slot vacated by Judge Nakamura

Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 1:53pm

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Former FBI agent and federal prosecutor Amy Sirignano, now practicing personal injury and criminal defense, was the sole candidate recommended to the governor Monday to fill the vacancy on the 2nd Judicial District Court bench.

The bipartisan commission appointed to assess candidates interviewed four attorneys at the courthouse and conducted its discussions in closed session before voting publicly to send up the single name. Three commissioners abstained and two opposed the recommendation.

Other applicants included former 2nd District Judge Samuel Winder, a Republican who was appointed by Gov. Susana Martinez in 2011 but lost the general election; former assistant defender Joshua Boone, an attorney in private practice; and Jason Jaramillo, an assistant county

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December 8, 2015 6:47 pm
Northwest snubs Neil Woodford over ex-FBI agent


- 01 May 2014 Neil Woodford, fund manager and former UK Head of Invesco Perpetual, one of the top performing fund managers in the UK market©Rex Shutterstock

Northwest Biotherapeutics, the struggling US biotech company, has rejected an attempt by fund manager Neil Woodford to force the appointment of a former FBI agent to its board.

Mr Woodford, one of the UK’s best known investors, holds a 28 per cent stake in Northwest. He wanted Elliott Leary, an FBI special agent for 35 years, to join the company as a non-executive director after damaging allegations about its financial practices were published online in October.

Northwest, whose shares have fallen by almost half in the past three months, has denied the allegations.

The company known for developing cancer therapies has been hit by negative reports about its business since mid 2014. An unsigned

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Former FBI agent named head of Newburgh Armory
James Gagliano has been a youth basketball coach at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center.

Posted Dec 18, 2015 at 12:56 PM
Updated at 12:58 PM

CITY OF NEWBURGH – The former FBI agent at the head of the multiagency task force responsible

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Dallas Judge Rules That Higher Education Affords Greater Freedom
December 20, 2015 7:39 PM


Holly Fox is a judge and magistrate who serves in the jails and courts for the cities of Highland Village and Lewisville and the towns of Ponder and Little Elm. As a prosecutor, she serves in the court of the city of Corinth. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and her law degree from Texas Tech University. She also completed special agent training at the FBI academy and served as an agent in New York City

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Pittsburgh Mayor Hires FBI Agent As Public Safety Director
December 30, 2015 11:51 AM


Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has hired a former city paramedic and 25-year FBI veteran as the city’s public safety director.

Fifty-three-year-old Wendell Hissrich will begin the job Jan. 11.

He replaces Stephen Bucar, another FBI veteran, who left in September for a job as deputy commissioner with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Hissrich was a paramedic for five years before joining the FBI in 1990.

Most recently, Hissrich was Chief of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Operations Response Unit at FBI headquarters. In that job, Hissrich supervised 56 FBI field offices as they focused on WMDs and related investigations.

City Council must approve the hiring to the post which pays $112,500 annually

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Michael G. Oxley, Co-Author of Anti-Fraud Legislation, Dies at 71


JAN. 1, 2016
Representative Michael G. Oxley of Ohio, center, with Senator Paul S. Sarbanes and President George W. Bush in 2002. Credit Doug Mills/Associated Press

Michael G. Oxley, a former Ohio representative who helped write landmark anti-fraud legislation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, after a wave of corporate scandals that brought down the Enron Corporation and WorldCom, died on Friday in McLean, Va. He was 71.

The cause was non-small cell lung cancer, a type of lung cancer seen in nonsmokers, said his wife, Patricia. Mr. Oxley was chairman of the Lung Cancer Alliance board of directors.

Mr. Oxley, a Republican, left Congress in 2007 after 25 years in the House, where he devoted most of his time to issues involving corporate oversight and insurance protection.

He led an effort to investigate Enron, the failed energy company, and helped create new accounting requirements in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which took effect in 2002. Senator Paul S. Sarbanes, Democrat of Maryland, also sponsored the legislation.

The law reshaped corporate oversight after accounting scandals in 2001 and 2002 at Enron, WorldCom and other major corporations exposed inadequate internal controls and auditors who had become too cozy with the companies whose books they examined. Those scandals and others wiped out retirement accounts and cost investors billions of dollars. Small companies later complained that the law brought added costs to comply with reporting requirements.

Pro-business conservatives argued that a board established to oversee the accounting industry and the industry’s own regulators had violated the separation of powers and challenged the law in court.

The Supreme Court in 2010 agreed that the law violated the Constitution’s separation of powers mandate. But its decision required only a slight change in allowing the removal of members of the oversight board.

In the House, Mr. Oxley was chairman of the financial services committee, which has jurisdiction over banking and Wall Street issues.

Michael Garver Oxley was born on Feb. 11, 1944, in Findlay, Ohio. He graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and received a law degree from Ohio State.

Mr. Oxley, a former F.B.I. agent, advocated giving the police greater ability to unscramble encrypted computer files. He was the main sponsor of legislation in the House requiring operators of commercial websites to restrict young people’s access to sexually explicit material.

He was an F.B.I. agent for three years before he was elected to the Ohio House in 1972. He won a special election to Congress in 1981 by 341 votes to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Tennyson Guyer.

Mr. Oxley rarely faced a close election after that.

After his retirement, Mr. Oxley became a lobbyist in the financial sector

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couple of reads about the FBI brand

Retired FBI agent Pecora to investigate complaint against alderman




FBI agent pays fine in shooting into hotel cooler - Las Vegas Sun ...
Aug 29, 2003 - An FBI agent who fired two rounds into a walk-in cooler at a Strip hotel ... "The only victim in that case was a lobster, and Nevada statutes don't ...


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The board also seated its newest member, Juanita Walls, who serves as a citizen representative on the eleven-person board. Walls said Burchett's office contacted her about accepting the position.

Walls is a retired FBI agent who founded Security Walls, LLC in 2003. The company provides armed guards for government agencies nationwide and conducts background checks for companies.

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couple of reads about very special FBI agent Keating


Former Oklahoma Governor Joins Executive Committee of the J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families


, News January 10, 2016         0

man-walking-w-briefcaseThe J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families recently announced that Frank Keating, the former Governor of Oklahoma who has joined its Executive Committee.

Keating retired as President and CEO of the American Bankers Association on December 31, 2015.

The Foundation’s Executive Committee current members include Scott Brown, the former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts; former Secretary of HUD Henry Cisneros; former U.S. Representative from New York Rick Lazio; and Nic Retsinas, who led the Federal Housing Administration during the Clinton Administration.

“I am thrilled and honored that Frank has joined the Foundation team. Frank has a deep appreciation of the housing needs and daily struggles of America’s working families. His extensive background in public policy will prove invaluable as the Foundation develops a comprehensive plan to respond to the ongoing crisis in housing,” said Ron Terwilliger, the Foundation’s Chairman and Founder.

Keating is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his 30-year career in public service included stints as an FBI agent, U.S. Attorney and state prosecutor, and member of the Oklahoma state House and Senate



Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & the Aristocracy of Prison Profits
by Catherine Austin Fitts
Home | Table of Contents | Author | Resources
Nick Brady         John Birkelund         Al Gore         Elaine Kamarck         Jack Kemp         Mike Eisenson         Lauch Faircloth         Jamie Gorelick         Judge Stanley Sporkin
"Make a law, make a business." — Old New Jersey street saying


C. Austin Fitts, Assistant Housing Secretary, conferring with assistants during a break in her testimony before a Senate subcommittee. She was seeking higher limits on Government-backed loans. From left, Russ Davis, Peter Monroe, and Steve Britt.
(The New York Times / Andrea Mohin)
As Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, I was responsible for the operations of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which was the largest mortgage insurance fund in the world. FHA at that time had annual originations of $50-100 billion of mortgage insurance and an outstanding portfolio of $320 billion of mortgage insurance, mortgages and properties. Leading the FHA necessitated significant understanding of how homes are built, how mortgages finance thousands of communities throughout America and how investors finance the process by buying securities in pools of mortgages. My responsibilities included the production and management of assisted private housing; management of an organization of 7,000 employees in 80 offices nationwide; and development of network information systems and tools. In addition, I served as advisor to the Secretary of HUD on financial markets regulatory responsibilities, including the RTC Oversight Board, Federal Housing Finance Board and Home Loan Bank Board System, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

When I told Nick Brady in 1989 that I was going to work at HUD, he said, “You can’t go to HUD — HUD is a sewer.” While my experience as Assistant Secretary cleaning up significant mortgage fraud that lost the government billions during the 1980s confirmed that HUD’s financial reputation was deserved, leading the FHA provided invaluable insight into how government management of the economy one neighborhood at a time really harms communities. Hence, access to the “real deal” on real estate and the mortgage markets was an opportunity. If you want to see the real economy in a place, you absolutely want an accurate map of the financial flows in that system — starting with the land and real estate. My favorite description of HUD was to come many years later from staff to the Chairman of the Senate HUD appropriation subcommittee — Senator Kit Bond. When asked what was going on at HUD, the Congressional staffer said, “HUD is being run as a criminal enterprise.”[29]

Catherine Austin Fitts being sworn in as Assistant Secretary of Housing in April 1989 by Jack Kemp, the Secretary of HUD. Catherine's childhood friend, Georgie LaRue, is holding the Bible. (Photo courtesy Catherine Austin Fitts)

Shortly after arriving at HUD in April 1989, I began to learn about the FHA Coinsurance program. Since 1984, HUD/FHA had allowed private mortgage bankers to issue federal credit to guarantee multi-family apartment projects. After issuing $9 billion in mortgage guarantees, HUD/FHA was to lose something approaching 50% of the value of the portfolio — a level of losses hard to explain with mortal logic. When my staff approached me with a proposal to bail out a mortgage company so they could continue to lose money for us, I asked why we should spend money to lose more money in a way that would harm communities. After a long silence during which 30 staff members intently studied their feet, one brave soul explained to me that the mortgage bank was owned and run by a major Republican donor. Shocked, I said. “I am a major Republican donor,” and pointing to my presidential cufflinks that were adorning my French cuffs, “I got a pair of cuff links. You get cuff links. You don’t get $400 million of federal credit to throw down the drain.” My staff looked at me like I was so naive and clueless that there was no point in trying to communicate with me — better to let me learn the hard way.

George H.W. Bush and Catherine Austin Fitts, raising money for the Bush campaign in 1988 — Catherine got a pair of Presidential cuff links. (Photo courtesy Catherine Austin Fitts)
Within minutes, a screaming Jack Kemp, furious that I had not provided illegal subsidy to keep the mortgage banking company going (despite his orders to stop anything corrupt or illegal), called me on the carpet.[30] The problems were compounded by the opinion of HUD General Counsel Frank Keating, who had joined from DOJ, that we did not have to honor our contracts. Rather we could abrogate contracts and ignore the law. If those who had been harmed sued us, Frank said, by the time they won "we will be gone." Frank was to help write and pass new laws and administrative policies to use HUD as a source of War on Drugs activities and enforcement revenues. After many dirty tricks and much ranting and raving, HUD was to turn the defaulted coinsurance portfolio over to a private contractor named Ervin & Associates, a newly created company founded by John Ervin, a former employee of Harvard's HUD property management company, NHP.

In the process of cleaning up the coinsurance portfolio, I got a chance to learn more about some of the tax-exempt housing bond deals that involved FHA mortgage insurance. Examples of these deals were those done through one of the Connecticut state housing authorities by a Dillon Read banker, Jewelle Bickford, during the 1980s. Bickford had a lot of support from two of the largest future Dillon Read investors in Cornell Corrections — Ken Schmidt and Birkelund — which was hard for me to fathom. Bickford was one for shortcuts and what sounded to me like more than little white lies. Schmidt shared an intelligence background with Birkelund. He served with Air Force Intelligence early in his career as Birkelund had served in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). When I later realized the role of the intelligence agencies in the HUD portfolio their comfort with HUD deals in Connecticut with high default rates seemed somehow more logical.

After Bickford’s housing bonds were embroiled in the coinsurance crash and burn, Jewelle somehow managed to get promoted up — landing at Birkelund’s old firm, Rothschild Inc. Which always made me wonder exactly whose bank accounts ended up with the $4 billion emptied out of the FHA mutual funds at HUD as a result of coinsurance, not to mention the billions more lost in the single family FHA programs. Over $2 billion was lost by FHA/HUD in the Texas region in fiscal 1989 alone. The Texas region had included Arkansas, where the state agency, ADFA was so bad they had been disqualified at one point according to the HUD Fort Worth regional leadership. It was this state agency which was alleged to have laundered the local profit share of the arms and drug trafficking channeled through Mena, Arkansas.[31]

For comparisons sake, $4 billion is about the amount of money that would buy you a controlling lead position in taking over one of the world’s premiere money laundering networks. When KKR raised the war chest in 1987 that gave them the wherewithal to bid and win RJR Nabisco, it amounted to $5.6 billion.

Money is like the Pillsbury Doughboy. When you squeeze down on one part, it pops up someplace else.
Wall Street Lessons: Dillon Read’s James Forrestal

James Forrestal, President of Dillon Read & Secretary of Navy and Secretary of War (Photo courtesy Wikipedia)
James Forrestal’s oil portrait always hung prominently in one of the private Dillon Read dining rooms for the eleven years that I worked at the firm. Forrestal, a highly regarded Dillon partner and President of the firm, had gone to Washington, D.C. in 1940 to lead the Navy during WWII and then played a critical role in creating the National Security Act of 1947. He then became Secretary of War (later termed Secretary of Defense) in September 1947 and served until March 28, 1949. Given the central banking-warfare investment model that rules our planet, it was appropriate that Dillon partners at various times lead both the Treasury Department and the Defense Department.

Shortly after resigning from government, Forrestal died falling out of a window of the Bethesda Naval Hospital outside of Washington, D.C. on May 22, 1949. There is some controversy around the official explanation of his death — ruled a suicide. Some insist he had a nervous breakdown. Some say that he was opposed to the creation of the state of Israel. Others say that he argued for transparency and accountability in government, and against the provisions instituted at this time to create a secret “black budget.”[32] He lost and was pretty upset about it — and the loss was a violent one. Since the professional killers who operate inside the Washington beltway have numerous techniques to get perfectly sane people to kill themselves, I am not sure it makes a big difference.

Approximately a month later, the CIA Act of 1949 was passed. The Act created the CIA and endowed it with the statutory authority that became one of the chief components of financing the “black” budget — the power to claw monies from other agencies for the benefit of secretly funding the intelligence communities and their corporate contractors. This was to turn out to be a devastating development for the forces of transparency, without which there can be no rule of law, free markets or democracy.

I studied Forrestal’s oil painting with his solemn stare during many a private lunch — each time reminded that government service was an important duty and honor in the Dillon tradition but it was a dangerous business. Congressional Committees had roughed up Clarence Dillon. Forrestal had died. Douglas Dillon was Secretary of the Treasury when Kennedy was assassinated.

Because I wanted to understand how the world really worked, I listened carefully. Over years of private lunches and dinners and conversations I watched and listened to hundreds of lessons on how to be careful — the tricks of predator evasion in Wall Street and Washington. In the midst of many knowledgeable teachers, Forrestal’s leadership was a guiding light that was to serve me well in the years ahead.
Wall Street Lessons: The Power of the People

Another thing I learned on Wall Street is the extent to which those who appear to have little material power can have significant power when they organize to do so. My rise to partnership at Dillon Read was fueled by a steady stream of intelligence from loyal secretaries, print shop personnel, drivers and staff whose generosity, street smarts and hard work was a constant reminder that the rise to Wall Street’s board rooms was not necessarily based on performance as opposed to privilege. One of the greatest challenges as an associate at Dillon Read was knowing where to invest our time when multiple partners were pressing us to give priorities to their projects. Hence, a heads up from someone’s secretary that they were trashing me in the year-end reviews was insider intelligence worth its weight in gold. Giving first priority to those who supported us in year-end reviews and compensation could be the difference between failure and success.

Right after I became a partner, I got a call from a personnel department director who was looking for a new secretary for me. The person who called said they were interviewing someone who has been with a Canadian Broadcasting office in New York for seventeen years. This was her first interview since they shut the office down. She was absolutely excellent and if we wanted to recruit her we needed to make her an offer right away. The personnel director said, “The only problem is that she is Jamaican (of African descent), but she is very light skinned.” I was stunned and said something to the effect of “Who cares?” The personnel person said, “If I sent a black person to be interviewed with most of the partners in this firm, I would be fired.” And so I hired Pat Phillips to work for me and was the beneficiary of her extraordinarily overqualified talent until her death twelve years later, by which time she was a Hamilton shareholder and Secretary of our board.

Many years later, after I had started my own investment bank in Washington, D.C., I got a call from a driver at one of the car services that we used to use when I was at Dillon. He said, “Are you doing a deal with Ken Schmidt?” I explained that, yes, I had proposed working together on a fairly large complex transaction. It would take a lot of work but if successful would be great business for both firms. The driver said, “He was in the car last night. He was bragging about how he was going to screw you. Here is what he is going to do.” This was the same Ken Schmidt who had confessed the Dillon partners conversations with my ex-husband. Ken was still blubbering indiscreetly about his bad deeds. And so the driver saved me from my mistake of attempting to partner with my old firm.
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Attorney Jeffery M Leving provides legal advice on MANCOW
Attorney Jeffery M. Leving and Matthew Erich "Mancow" Muller

January 8, Chicago, IL - Internationally acclaimed attorney and author Jeffery M. Leving was a guest expert this week on the 97.9 FM MANCOW show where he provided legal advice to a caller, a married man attempting to secure "custody" of his dog from his wife, and analyzed attorney responsibilities in client relationships. He then discussed the recent addition of former divorce Judge Allan Masters to the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving. Before becoming a Judge, Masters was an FBI Special Agent. He now focuses his law practice in high asset divorce, child custody, child support

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FBI uses tax dime to train death squads in Central America.

American taxpayers fund assassinations

couple of reads



Transnational Gangs
Part 2: Countering the Threat with Strong Partnerships


At the start of the FBI’s recent Central American Law Enforcement Exchange (CALEE) program, participants from U.S. police departments and their counterparts from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Panama were strangers, but they shared one thing in common: a commitment to make their communities safe from violent gangs such as MS-13 and 18th Street.

By the end of the three-week program, the men and women had overcome language barriers and become friends as well as partners—and they were armed with new resources to fight the transnational gang threat: a network of intelligence sharing, expanded contacts, and access to FBI-led task forces throughout Central America.

“There’s a synergy between the gangs that helps them grow and become stronger,” said Special Agent Jason Kaplan, the FBI’s legal attaché in El Salvador. “As law enforcement, we need to develop that same relationship with each other, because the gangs are doing it, and if we don’t we are going to fall behind.”

CALEE was developed in 2009 with that spirit of collaboration and partnership in mind. This year’s group of nearly 40 participants traveled to Los Angeles and Houston before spending a final week in El Salvador, where the MS-13 and 18th Street


Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI - Third World Traveler


excerpts from the book. Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI. the covert war against the Central America movement. by Ross Gelbspan. South End Press, 1991 ...



Resist Empire & Militarization
November 20-22, 2015
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Overview of FBI Documents on SOAW

Overview of FBI Documents on SOAW

Click here to view the released documents that we obtained from the FBI.

Read articles about the FBI spying on SOA Watch from Telesur English, the National Catholic Reporter, Alternet, KGNU Radio, LA Information, and blogger Nancy Wheeler, and watch a video interview with Hendrik Voss by the Real News Network.

Summary of obtained FBI documents

What was requested: At our request, Washington DC justice lawyer Mara Verheyden-Hilliard made written demand on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), for copies of all FBI records on the School of the Americas Watch organization (SOAW).

What was produced: Over 420 pages of documents were produced by the FBI covering the period from 2000 to 2010. Over 75 pages of documents were withheld by the FBI.

What did the FBI documents show? For years, the FBI reported and compiled annual files on the SOAW protest while at the same time repeatedly describing the event and the organization as peaceful. For many years, these reports were sent to the Counterterrorism division of the FBI. The FBI sought out and used undercover informants to seek information about the group and its actions. The FBI had undercover FBI agents in attendance for at least two years. The FBI reports demonstrate a close working relationship with Columbus Police Department, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department and Georgia State Police. The reports also show the annual protest was designated by the FBI as a Special Events Readiness Level (SERL) event which involved coordination of law enforcement with the US Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Next steps

SOAW is appealing the FBI’s withholding of responsive material from the public including additional documents as well as redactions and deletions in the materials provided. The FBI response indicated that U.S. Army Intelligence also participated in this surveillance operation and we are filing a relevant FOIA request for responsive material. These documents also indicate there are a large number of documents in the hands of local law enforcement as well and this will be followed up.

What is the importance of these documents? FBI agents, including Counterterrorism agents, have for years been surveilling, reporting and gathering intelligence on First Amendment protected political speech and actions of the SOAW movement. This is despite the fact that the FBI repeatedly describes our actions as peaceful. The FBI and its Counterterrorism Division have surveilled SOAW just as they have members of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Occupy Movement and various parts of the peace and justice movements for years. SOAW will not allow the government to intimidate or silence our movement for human rights. We call on Congress to review these actions, hold the FBI accountable, and take corrective action. We stand for justice and human rights with our sisters and brothers across the world and like them we will not be silenced.

Highlights of Documents produced by the FBI

2000 – July 10, 2001. The FBI opened a case file on the SOAW in July of 2000 after thousands of people entered onto Ft. Benning pursuant to a nonviolent protest in fall of 1999. The FBI report of the Atlanta office states: “It is hereby recommended a case be opened and maintained as part of an ongoing process at Ft. Benning. The protest has been building for the past ten years. At times the participants have caused damage to government properties. The leadership of this organization have promised a non-violent protest at any organized event.” A report on November 20, 2000 indicates an unnamed source advised the FBI that people associated with the World Trade Organization protests planned to attend the protest and “if attacks were to take place, the planning would be at a gathering a quarter of a mile from the main gate on Saturday November 18, 2000.”

From 2000 – 2010 FBI officers reported on each SOAW protest. Reports demonstrate close working relationship with Columbus Police Department, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department and Georgia State Police. Reports included estimates of the numbers of people attending the protest and the names and numbers of those arrested.

2001 – Correspondence between various FBI offices about Oberlin College student arrested at protest.

November 13, 2001 FBI Pre-protest report that Columbus Police Department (CPD) and Muscogee County Sheriff Office (MCSO) “have collected uncorroborated, non-sourced intelligence that allegedly anarchist elements will travel to Columbus to cause problems.” Discussion of anthrax hoax preparedness. Request that “all agents contact appropriate sources regarding travel to this event by known criminals regarding any planned actions in conjunction with the protest.” A FBI note on November 15, 2001 states “This is being forwarded to the Atlanta Bomb Techs as the possibility of a hoax device or bomb threat also exists. Local and military assets are available to handle same…”

2003 – In 2003, the FBI started to report on the event to the COUNTERTERRORISM DIVISION. On October 14, 2003, in a memo designated PRIORITY, the FBI reported on the protest to Counterterrorism Division “The leaders of the SOA Watch have taken strides to impart upon the protest participants that the protest should be a peaceful event.” The FBI report also noted “The primary issue of the protest is the funding and training by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of State of Latin American military officers at the Ft. Benning, GA military installation. This event draws protestors who object to human rights violation conducted in these countries, and more specifically, to the event in which a group of Catholic missionaries were murdered in Central America.” FBI Headquarters and Counterterrorism were requested to provide the Atlanta FBI office “with all intelligence relevant to the SOA, so that this information can be provided to local/military law enforcement agencies.”

October 23, 2003 in another memo to FBI Counterterrorism, the Atlanta FBI requested that the Miami Division of the Domestic Terrorism Intelligence Squad, provide any and all information on Anti-Free Trade area of The Americas Anarchist Movement protest. The FBI was “concerned that factions of a radical cell will travel to [the protest] and may implement or instigate violent and destructive behavior.” If contained in Miami, “this may encourage factions of the protestors to travel to Columbus/Ft Benning to assert themselves in what may be viewed as a softer target of opportunity.” The past has been mostly peaceful. Any advance warning to the CRA of a group or groups of more aggressive protest participants …is imperative.” Representatives of the Columbus Police Department and the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office went to Miami to see how police there handled protest. The memo concludes by saying “The Columbus Police and military authorities have successfully controlled approximately ten thousand, mostly peaceful protestors in past years. Any advance warning …of a group or groups of more aggressive protest participants planning to continue their acts of civil disobedience in Columbus/Ft. Benning is imperative.” The FBI after protest report to Counterterrorism, dated December 29, 2003 noted “Other than the cited compliant trespassers, the even was peaceful. The arrestees did not resist being taken into custody. It has been and apparently continues to be the agenda of the SOA Watch to use the court system as the platform for furthering their cause. ..Overall the crowd was peaceful in their actions and the SOA Watch leadership appear to foster that type of environment.” They also noted the Columbus Police videotaped the entire event.

2004 – In September 2004 the FBI communicated with a confidential source in the Northeast US more than once about SOAW. The informant told the FBI that “SOA Watch has called out for more individuals and affinity groups to attend this year’s protest.” The source also shared a “compiled manual for affinity groups, with telephone number of Legal Advisor from Loyola University (Louisiana)” and provided the FBI with the names and email addresses of relevant contact persons associated with the SOA Watch group.

On October 8, 2004, the FBI asked Counterterrorism to prove “any and all intelligence particularly from any inside sources who are involved in the protest planning. This information will be provided to local authorities for their planning purposes.”

A FBI memo to Counterterrorism dated November 30, 2004 stated “This year’s protest was peaceful as it has been for the most part over the past fifteen years. The only change of note was the inability of the police to use hand wands to check for metal and weapons. The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled this was a violation of the protestors’ constitutional rights.”

2005 – On September 8, 2005, there is a FBI report by Confidential Informant who said SOAW wanted mass crossing the line in nonviolent cd to overwhelm the base resources and tie up the judicial system. The CI identified one person: “Individual identified BLANK as an organizer intending to cross the line. BLANK was said to belong to a group called “Witness for Peace.” Individual said that BLANK is, or was a Maryknoll nun.” Informant also reported much of the organizing is originating from Twin Ports SOA Watch and gave the name and address of organizer who was schedule to speak at Oxford College on September 20, 2005.”

October 3, 2005, the FBI requested that the SOAW protest be designated a Special Events Readiness Level (SERL). SERL events involve coordination between local law and state law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency with the US Secret Service designated as the lead agency.[1] The memo states the FBI and others will provide intelligence to local police and military personnel that may impact the security of the event. The FBI also requested intelligence regarding the SOA and promised to provide intelligence to the Columbus Resident Agency. “The peaceful intentions of the SOA Watch leaders has been demonstrated over the years. The concern has always been that a militant group would infiltrate the protestors and use of the cover of the crowd to create problems. At this time, there are no specific or known threats to this event.”

2006 – October 10, 2006 FBI report to Counterterrorism contained information on threat assessment from intelligence and open source reporting and BLANKED OUT. Report dated October 12, 2006 indicates the FBI talked with confidential informant who reported “there was a group organizing direct action and there were individuals committed to taking their cause to the close the SOA directly onto the base. International and national organizing in other places was also reported including Fort Huachuca and Colorado. Individuals from all over the US are planning to attend plus a large contingent from Canada.” In the FBI report on the 2006 protest, they noted that the Army blasting of music to interfere with the protest, led the police to complain that they could not hear each other.

2007 – October 3, 2007 FBI report to Counterterrorism noted the captioned event as a Special Events Readiness Level. Appears to follow the 2005 report promising to provide intelligence to local police and military, noting the peaceful intentions of the SOA Watch leaders and admitting there were no specific or known threats to this event.

2009 – On November 13, 2009 the FBI reported “There have never been any significant incidents of violence or widespread property damage in connection with this event.” They also noted that undercover FBI agents will be in attendance again. “As in 2008, a small contingent of FBI personnel, acting in an undercover capacity, will be present to monitor the activities of predicated subjects of FBI-Minneapolis, who are expected to attend. These subjects have never expressed or exhibited a propensity for violence at any time….Due to the nature of this investigation and the fact that undercover employees need to maintain their cover, local and state law enforcement will not be notified in advance of their presence at this open and public event.”

[1] US Department of Justice public document. Edward Connors, PLANNING AND MANAGING SECURITY FOR MAJOR SPECIAL EVENTS: Guidelines for Law Enforcement. (2007) online at: http://www.ilj.org/publications/docs/Managing_Security_for_Major_Special_Events.pdf



Exposed: FBI Surveillance of School of the Americas Watch
by Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

FBI used counter-terrorism authority to track pacifist human rights group for 10 years

For a decade, the FBI flagrantly abused its counter-terrorism authority to conduct a widespread surveillance and monitoring operation of School of Americas Watch (SOAW), a nonviolent activist organization founded by pacifists with the aim of closing the U.S. Army’s School of the Americas (now renamed) and ending the U.S. role in the militarization of Latin America.

Hundreds of pages of documents obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, on behalf of SOAW, once again reveal the FBI’s functioning as a political surveillance and intelligence operation and its use of its domestic terrorism authority against peaceful protest in the United States.

SOAW organizes annual protests in Fort Benning, Ga., the site where the U.S. Army has trained many of the military leaders and dictators in Latin America who were responsible for massacres of opposition forces and the creation of torture centers, among other

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Judgeship applicants now stand at six
By ABQJournal News Staff
Monday, January 11th, 2016 at 12:05am

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Judicial Selection Office received five additional applications for the vacancy in the 2nd Judicial District Court created by the appointment of Judge Judith K. Nakamura to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

The 2nd Judicial District encompasses Bernalillo County.

Chief Justice Barbara Vigil sent out a personal plea published in the Bar Bulletin after Gov. Susana Martinez rejected a list with only one name and requested a new one.

Amy Sirignano, who worked as an FBI agent, a federal prosecutor and the head of an anti-corruption unit at a New York bank, was one of four attorneys interviewed previously. She was the only one deemed qualified on a short list that the bipartisan commission submitted in December.

New applicants include:

• Rudolph B. Chavez, an attorney in private practice.

• Jacqueline Medina, an attorney with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office.

• Megan Mitsunaga, a private attorney who take

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couple of reads


US Judge Names Ex-FBI Director to Help Settle Volkswagen Lawsuits
January 11, 2016


A federal judge in California overseeing more than 500 lawsuits filed against German automaker Volkswagen AG over its excess diesel emissions on Monday said he planned to name a former FBI director to help settle the cases.

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer said he would name Robert S. Mueller, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as "settlement master" in the VW lawsuits.

Mueller, a Washington lawyer, will "use his considerable experience and judgment to facilitate settlement discussions among the various parties in these complex matters," Breyer wrote on Monday.

Breyer said the need for a settlement adviser was "urgent" and will give VW and lawyers for all sides until Jan. 15 to object to the appointment.
FILE - A 2013 Volkswagen Passat with a diesel engine is evaluated at the California Air Resources Board emissions test lab in El Monte, California.

FILE - A 2013 Volkswagen Passat with a diesel engine is evaluated at the California Air Resources Board emissions test lab in El Monte, California.

VW potentially faces billions of dollars in claims from owners of vehicles with excess emissions. Separately, the Justice Department sued VW last week under the Clean Air Act seeking up to $46 billion.

VW has admitted to using software to allow 580,000 vehicles to emit up to 40 times legally allowable pollution. It also faces investigations by 47 state attorneys general.

Breyer said there are "few, if any, people with more integrity, good judgment, and relevant experience" than Mueller.

Breyer said Mueller is "uniquely qualified to work with and earn the trust of the parties, including the consumer and car dealer plaintiffs, the United States government, the Volkswagen defendants, and the interested state governments."

Last month, VW named its own adviser, lawyer Ken Feinberg, to create a VW diesel owner claims program. Feinberg sai


The Fatal Flaw In The 911 Coverup - Rense.com
Know how to tell the difference between the truth and lies of 9/11? ... Why did FBI director Robert Mueller say very publicly to the Commonwealth Club of San ...
Robert Mueller Archives - 911Truth.Org
FBI Director Robert Mueller promised that the FBI will provide their evidence to a ... FBI worked hard to cover up a 9-11 cover-up–and then hide it some more.
Outgoing Director Robert S. Mueller III tells how 9/11 reshaped FBI ...
Aug 22, 2013 - Outgoing Director Mueller talks about how 9/11 redirected FBI focus from domestic crime to terrorism.
9/11 Cover-up - WantToKnow.info
9/11 cover-up ten-page summary - Eye-opening 9/11 facts from mass media websites ... [Time, 5/21/02] FBI Director Mueller will later say "there was nothing the ...
Increasing Attention to Allegations of 9/11 FBI Cover-Up | 28Pages.org
Sep 19, 2014 - Increasing Attention to Allegations of 9/11 FBI Cover-Up ... obstruction of justice by George Bush, Dick Cheney and FBI Director Robert Mueller:.
DOJ-Judicial Crimes Against the People: - Google Books Result
Captain Rodney Stich - 2014 - ‎History
Taus wrote (August 23, 2002): Getting back to FBI Director Mueller. He's implicated in the Boston FBI cover-up and trial of former FBI agent John Connolly back in May-June 2002. ... (Replaced by History ofAviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.) ...
Who Did It? - Conspirators - 9-11... Who really did it?
Robert Mueller — FBI director on 9-11; under his “leadership” FBI field agents' ... Philip Zelikow — led the 9-11 Cover-Up Commission; personally wrote the 9-11 ...
FBI Director Nominee Mueller Helped FBI and DOJ Cover Up ...
Aug 1, 2001 - FBI Director Nominee Mueller Helped FBI and DOJ Cover Up .... from FBI agents Coleen Rowley and Ken Williams before the 9/11 attacks ...

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National Defense Industrial Association to Host FBI Agent for Lunch and Learn
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

George Rogers Clark Chapter, Crane Unit, of the National Defense Industrial Association will host a Lunch and Learn event on Jan. 28 from 11:30 a.m to 1 p.m.

The event will feature Special Agent Kathleen Guider of the Federal Bureau of Investigation speaking on the topic of industrial espionage post 9/11.

Guider has served for 19 years in the Indianapolis Division where she has conducted drug, terrorism and white collar crime investigations. She is currently assigned as the Strategic Partnership Coordinator on the Counterintelligence Squad.

Special Agent Guider is a Certified Police Instructor, teaching courses in Interview and Interrogation, Instructor Development, Hate Crimes and Statement Analysis. She has been a member of the Evidence Response Team for the past 18 years.

The event will be held at the WestGate Academy and Conference Center, 13598 East WestGate Drive in Odon. Admission is $5 at the door

( cash or check only ).

Lunch will be catered by the Pepperoni Grill of Bloomfield for approximately $8 and is paid separately from the price of admission.

The event is open to the public and RSVP is requested. Email RSVP to ndia.crane@gmail.com or by phone at 812-219-9441

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RESS RELEASES 1/28/2016 2:18:59 PM | Marketwired News
Global Cyber Alliance Announces Board of Directors

MANHATTAN, NY--(Marketwired - January 28, 2016) - President and CEO of Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), Philip Reitinger, announced GCA's global Board of Directors. The Board will direct the operations of GCA, helping it to fulfill its mission of implementing solutions to eradicate systemic cyber risks.

Reitinger announced that the Board of Directors of GCA will include Shawn Henry, Troels Oerting, Scott Charney, Yurie Ito, William Pelgrin, and himself.

GCA is an international, cross-sector not-for-profit founded on September 16, 2015 by the New York County District Attorney's Office, the City of London Police and the Center for Internet Security. GCA is unique as a global and cross-sector non-profit organization founded to "Do Something" -- to fill a gap by implementing solutions rather than to study problems and to prepare recommendations.

Philip Reitinger, who was announced as the President and CEO of GCA on January 6th, 2016, said, "GCA's Board of directors includes corporate leaders and cybersecurity experts from around the world, reflecting its global focus. These leaders will bring their extensive experience to GCA, and help ensure that the organization is focused directly on concrete action to reduce risk."

The Board is chaired by William Pelgrin, who established the GCA along with the founders. Mr. Pelgrin is former President and CEO of the Center for Internet Security and former Chief Cyber Commissioner for New York State. Pelgrin said, "As the GCA Chair, I am very excited that GCA has such an impressive international Board and CEO and President. Each of these individuals is internationally recognized for their cyber and business expertise, which will provide valuable contributions to help fulfill the GCA's mission and vision. They each have a strong commitment to make a difference for the global community."

Shawn Henry, President of CrowdStrike Services, is the retired executive assistant director of the FBI. Henry is credited with boosting the FBI's computer crime and cybersecurity investigative capabilities. He oversaw computer crime investigations spanning the globe, and posted FBI cyber experts in police agencies around the world. Henry said, "There are significant efforts in government and the private sector, but it is clear the cybersecurity problem is getting worse. I am pleased to be a part of a global effort to change that, concrete step by concrete step."

Troels Oerting, Group Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Barclays, has more than 35 years' experience in Law Enforcement -- the last 15 in senior management positions in Danish and International police organizations with a focus on ICT security. He is the former the Director of Danish NCIS, the National Crime Squad, SOCA and the Director of operations in the Danish Security Intelligence Service. He was also assistant Director in Europol's IMT Department, Assistant Director in Europol'

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State Rep. Scott Petri drops out of congressional race


Last updated: Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 1:07 AM

WASHINGTON - State Rep. Scott Petri, until recently considered the Republican favorite in the race for a Bucks County congressional seat, suddenly dropped out of the contest Monday night in favor of seeking to retain his statehouse seat.

Petri announced his decision Monday night at an endorsement screening with the Bucks County Republican Party in Northampton Township.

It came less than two weeks after Brian Fitzpatrick - brother of well-known incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick - entered the race.

Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent, has never held public office, but with his brother's name recognition, electoral success, and campaign war chest, he is seen as a formidable candidate.

Mike Fitzpatrick, a four-term Republican, is not running, citing a self-imposed term limit pledge.

"In order for us to be successful in November, it is important that we have a strong and unified party," Petri wrote in an email to supporters and post on Facebook


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Sirius , the recent doc made
by Dr Steven Greer had a paradigm
shift for me.
in summary S Greer MD says the really
creme de bad guys are mormons

High Profile Bankruptcy Trustee for Solyndra, Mike Tyson, Joe Francis, Becoming Mormon Missionary in Zimbabwe
April 6, 2016 11:23 am


“The Book of Mormon” is a Broadway musical set in Uganda. It’s a wild hit because it also sends up the whole world of Joseph Smith, founder of the Utah-based religion. After three years you still can’t get a ticket to this show.
Yet, no one has been deterred from doing similar missionary work in Africa. The newest name is R. Todd Neilson, Hollywood’s most renown and controversial bankruptcy trustee, based in Century City, Los Angeles. He’s also the internal trustee for Solyndra LLC, President Obama’s $80 billion clean-technology program gone bad.
Neilson– a former FBI agent– has been involved in cases in recent years including Mike Tyson, Joe Francis of “Girls Gone Wild,” Ponzi schemer Reed Slatkin of Earthlink, Death Row Records, the estate of pop star Billy Preston and so on. The internet is bursting with cases that involve Neilson, whose reputation, for better or worse, now precedes him.
But now in public filings, Neilson is resigning from one case because he says he’s moving to Zimbabwe for 18 months to do missionary work for the Mormon church. Harare is a long way from Hollywood and creature comforts.
Coincidentally, Neilson’s former partner Wayne Elggren did the same thing in 2003. The partnership ended, which sent Neilson

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“ With a $4 Billion Dollar annual budget
the FBI is more than capable of hiring the best computer hacker
at the annual DefCon conference in Las Vegas.”


in other voter fraud news
see link for full hack


Voting-machine makers are already worried about Defcon
♫•*¨*•.¸¸:*¨¨*: (:-) AAA+++ seller, would hack again (- :*¨¨*:.•*¨*•♫♪

Last year, Defcon’s Voting Village made headlines for uncovering massive security issues in America’s electronic voting machines. Unsurprisingly, voting-machine makers are working to prevent a repeat performance at this year’s show.

According to Voting Village organizers, they’re having a tough time getting their hands on machines for white-hat hackers to test at the next Defcon event in Las Vegas (held in August). That’s because voting-machine makers are scrambling to get the machines off eBay and keep them out of the hands of the “good guy” hackers.

Village co-organizer Harri Hursti told attendees at the Shmoocon hacking conference this month they were having a hard time preparing for this year’s show, in part because voting machine manufacturers sent threatening letters to eBay resellers. The intimidating missives told auctioneers that selling the machines is illegal — which is false.

Electronic voting-machine manufacturers — and anyone with a stake in keeping their flaws secret — have oodles of reasons to prevent Defcon’s Voting Village from having a repeat performance of last year’s (perfectly legal) mass hacking of e-vote boxes.

Voting-machine hacking at Defcon isn’t new; the conference has been joyfully cracking voting machines since 2004. The problems with voting-machine security, and the industry’s unwillingness to acknowledge the problems discovered at Defcon, have ensured the voting machine hacking challenge has been coming back year after year.

In fact, the machines are so badly maintained, notoriously backdoored and easily hacked that even Defcon hackers massively stress out in forums and chat spaces about their own local and federal voting process.

As you’d expect, e-vote machine hacking was more popular than ever last year at Defcon.

Voting machines displayed at Defcon’s Voting Village in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 29, 2017.
But 2017’s e-vote hackfest was markedly different because it was officially the first time a large-scale hack of voting machines had occurred (openly, anyway) because the act of hacking them is considered illegal. Not at Defcon’s 2017’s mass e-vote hack-a-palooza: That was thanks to the hard work of law professor Andrea Matwyshyn. She cleared the way for scores of hackers to legally throw everything they had at voting machines for all to see.

Voting-machine makers with anything to hide couldn’t have been happy about that. If you remember the headlines after last year’s Defcon, the results that came out of the Voting Village were beyond problematic. Shocking, even.

Defcon’s hackers breached every single voting machine in the Village. Some in minutes; many in under an hour-and-a-half. E-vote machines were popped by hackers without insider knowledge and by hackers who didn’t even specialize in voting machines.

One attendee remarked on Twitter, “Horrifyingly, some were hacked wirelessly (ie no physical access). Many hadn’t had OS or basic software patches in over a decade.” They added, “Others had been sold off after use, but hadn’t been wiped; still had voter data on them. Didn’t hear of any with any credible audit trail.”

Link du jour











Coal chiefs mock reporter as critical West Virginia media voice goes bust
Massey Energy attorney waves pink slip for local journalist as energy department adviser says ‘I’m an advocate for the coal industry’
Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally in Huntington, West Virginia, in August 2017.
In a room packed with coal industry leaders in Charleston, West Virginia, a speaker held up a fake “pink slip” for a local newspaper reporter who covers the business, and mockingly said he wished the journalist could be in attendance.

Energy agency rejects Trump plan to prop up coal and nuclear power plants
Read more
The crowd erupted into laughter because the reporter, Ken Ward, who has covered the industry with an unforgiving eye for years, was not there. The pink slip is a nod to the fact that his publication, the Charleston Gazette, recently filed for bankruptcy. The stunt was first reported by Taylor Kuykendall, a fellow coal reporter for the S&P Global Market Intelligence, the news and financial data website.

The speaker, Robert McLusky, is lead attorney for Massey Energy, which owned the Upper Big Branch mine when it exploded in 2010, killing 29 workers. Ward, a 25-year reporting veteran led the Gazette’s aggressive and detailed coverage of the disaster, peppering the company with questions about the regulatory corner-cutting that led to the fatal explosion.

But it was McLusky and other industry top brass who indulged in the last laugh on Wednesday, because the loss of news reporting as a check on their power has not been their only good news of late. The industry has also seen the prospect of government accountability on labor and environmental issues dwindle in the warm embrace of the Trump administration


We can battle climate change without Washington DC. Here's how
Bill McKibben
Global warming is an immediate battle with enormous consequences. We dare not wait for Washington to return to sanity – nor do we have to

Thu 1 Feb 2018 06.00 EST


A son who saw a police officer hold a gun to his father’s head. A husband whose wife was pulled over driving a Bentley. These unsettling scenes are among the stories from some of the NFL’s marquee players, multimillionaires sharing tales of racial profiling by law enforcement. It is a troubling concern for people of color that has been at the center of the protests begun in August 2016 by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The protests have waned, but the ongoing issue for players and the black communities they come from has not. The Associated Press surveyed 56 of the 59 black players at last weekend’s Pro Bowl game as part of its look at how African American athletes have long used their sports platforms to effect social and political change. The AP asked the players whether they or someone they knew have ever experienced racial profiling. All said yes.

“You can probably ask any black man out here and the answer is yes,” said Jacksonville Jaguars d


Stejskal: ‘I Stand By Everything I Wrote’ About Retired Agent and Discovery Channel Series on Unabomber

Greg Stejskal served as an FBI agent for 31 years and retired as resident agent in charge of the Ann Arbor office. He wrote two critiques (1 and 2) of the Discovery Channel series, “Manhunt Unabomber,” in which he criticized the way FBI agent Jim Fitzgerald was portrayed as having a much bigger role in the Unabomber case than he actually did. Fitzgerald, who is now retired responded that he had a bigger role than Stejskal acknowledged and that the show also took artistic license to make him look as if he did more than he actually did. This is Stejskal’s response to Fitzgerald’s column.


January 31, 2018
Pentagon moves to restrict public knowledge of progress in Afghanistan
President claims “We no longer tell our enemies our plans” on day SIGAR reports that we’re no longer telling the American people either
Written by Beryl Lipton
Edited by JPat Brown
By the time President Donald J. Trump finds his name on the ballot slip once again, there will be voting adults who will have spent their entire lives as citizens of a country at war in Afghanistan. But, as he mentioned during last night’s State of the Union address, the battle against the insurgents carries on, presumably a renewed optimism now that, “Along with their heroic Afghan partners, our military is no longer undermined by artificial timelines and we no longer tell our enemies our plans.”

The statement came on the same day the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction released its Quarterly Report to Congress, in which the office highlighted an alarming development in public transparency on the years-long conflict against the Taliban.

According to the IG, the office was given instructions not to release one of the most straightforward - and last publicly-available - data points on the engagement: the number of districts held by the government vs. the number held by insurgents. It notes that this information has been available for over a year, and in that time, the ratio of government to insurgent-held territory has been falling in favor of the previously metioned-enemy.

The change is an alarming one for both SIGAR, which is one of the few agencies tasked with overseeing American operations in the Middle Eastern country, Congress, and the American public, which has been shouldering the billions and billions of dollars in associated costs, including a 13% increase in civilian deaths over last year’s tally.

The report also highlighted other classification efforts being undertaken by the U.S. Forces - Afghanistan…

the ongoing to difficulties of imposing law, even in the country’s highest offices…

and the areas that were deemed too dangerous to conduct random, in-person interviews on how optimistic the people are feeling.

The whole report is embedded below, and you can explore more of SIGAR’s oversight efforts on its


NYPD detective 'Do-little' now being probed for his Nassau County side businesses
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 9:01 PM


The following documents are related to the Chicago Police Department reform efforts and will be updated periodically.

On August 29, 2017, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a lawsuit to obtain reform of the Chicago Police Department. The Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the City of Chicago agreed to stay the lawsuit and negotiate an enforceable consent decree based on the findings of the Justice Department’s investigation and the Task Force’s report that revealed a pattern of civil rights violations caused by systemic deficiencies within CPD.

State of Illinois vs. City of Chicago Complaint
Illinois Attorney General Consent Decree Press Release

In 1994, following the Rodney King incident in Los Angeles and subsequent focus on how the federal government could better address police misconduct, Congress passed a law giving the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) the authority to sue state and local governments to ban patterns or practices of unconstitutional policing, including the use of unnecessary or excessive force and discriminatory policing. Since then, DOJ has conducted more than two dozen investigations of law enforcement agencies throughout the country, including the Chicago Police Department.

DOJ Investigation of the Chicago Police Department Report
DOJ’s Fact Sheet on its Investigation of the Chicago Police Department
DOJ Investigation of the Chicago Police Department Press Release
DOJ’s Special Litigation, “Conduct of Law Enforcement” Website

Following the November 2015 release of the video showing the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago Police officer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed a Police Accountability Task Force (PATF) to review the system of accountability, oversight and training for Chicago’s police officers. In April 2016, the Task Force released a report with more than 100 recommendations for reform.

PATF Report
PATF Report Press Release
PATF Announcement Press Release
PATF Website



Deborah Danner, Bronx woman killed by NYPD, was 'screaming and yelling' to be left alone before fatal shooting
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 1, 2018, 4:48 PM



NEW ROADS, La., Oct. 28— In the battered studio of radio station KCLF, a tiny AM channel in this little town on an old coil of the Mississippi River, Clyde Holloway, a conservative white nurseryman who is the Republican candidate for Louisiana's Eighth Congressional District, was taping an interview this afternoon to be broadcast to the 25,000 people who live within the reach of the station's signal. He was talking about sex, race, murder and patriotism or the lack of it.

He was talking about his opponent, Faye Williams, a Democrat, a woman and a lawyer who stands a strong chance of becoming the first black person to be elected to the House of Representatives from Louisiana since Reconstruction.

''I don't say Faye is a Communist,'' Mr. Holloway said, . ''I don't even say she has a radical following. We just don't know.''

A Shooting in Los Angeles

He had reached this point in the interview after discussing an event that occurred more than 15 years ago in Los Angeles, where Ms. Williams was then in graduate school. Her estranged husband, Stan Duke, a black television broadcaster from whom she had filed for divorce, had broken into her house, beaten her and shot to death the man she had been seeing, Averill Berman, a white college professor and prominent political activist.

''The part that worries me about her past is not the love affair,'' Mr. Holloway said. ''The part that concerns me is that the guy who was killed was a known Communist in the Los Angeles area. The old saying out in the street is that if you sleep with a dog, you get fleas.''

In Louisiana, politics gets personal. Two weeks ago The Alexandria Daily Town Talk - ''my hometown paper,'' Ms. Williams says drily - published an editorial that served up the facts of the shooting, along with the advice that a candidate's personal life ''relinquishes part of its shroud of privacy when one seeks public office.''

There had been no public mention of the incident in the long primary campaign, when Ms. Williams returned from law school and a job in Washington to face Mr. Holloway and four white men who are Democrats in an open primary election. Not until almost three weeks after Ms. Williams finished first in that primary did the newspaper


After calling for surveillance reform, Democrats help kill it

Evan Halper
JAN 17, 2018 | 11:40 AM


Judge dismisses charges against Bath Iron Works protesters

Superior Court Justice Daniel Billings on Thursday dismissed all criminal trespass charges against nine anti-war activists following a protest outside Bath Iron Works last summer, just as their trial got underway at the Sagadahoc County Courthouse.

Billings granted the defendants’ motion for judgment of acquittal, “despite our efforts to bring this case to the jury and to let the jury decide,” Sagadahoc County District Attorney Jonathan Liberman confirmed Thursday night.


Maine should leave the bottle bill alone


CDC to cut global disease outbreak prevention by 80 percent

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Skeleton found buried beneath Long Island home of deceased

cop  identified as woman who disappeared in 1966




Thursday, April 5, 2018, 12:08 PM









Your source for comprehensive, independent and 
nonpartisan information about the FBI






San Francisco police officer sentenced to 9 months for hit-and-run


A San Francisco judge sentenced San Francisco Police Officer Christopher Kohrs to nine months in county jail Wednesday. The judge told Christopher Kohrs his actions the night ofNovember 29th, 2015 were callous, reckless and even cruel. A jury found Kohrs guilty of two felony counts of hit and run. In court Wednesday ...









Okmulgee police fatally shoot knife-wielding man threatening suicide

Tulsa World

A man who reportedly was threatening his own life with a knife was fatally shot by Okmulgee police officers Wednesday. According to the OSBI, the Okmulgee Police Department responded to a disturbance call at the Budget Inn, 312 North Morton Ave., about 2:30 Wednesday morning. Inside one of the rooms, officers found ...








Sandy police chief is placed on leave pending an investigation








In Seaport, it's State Police vs. Boston police in battle over turf

The Boston Globe-

On a clear spring morning several years ago, a caller reported that a body had been found on a boat docked at a pier in the Seaport section of South Boston. Without skipping a beat, Boston Police Department officers, State Police troopers, and Massport Police raced to the scene. Then the investigation ...




Police pull over black state attorney







Police talked with YouTube shooter hours before attack -- and say they didn't notice anything disturbing

By Faith KarimiHolly Yan and Joe Sutton, CNN

Updated 7:58 PM ET, Wed April 4, 2018







Report includes 30 recommendations to improve W-B police department






Nebraska law enforcement accountability bill hits roadblock






Minneapolis police put teeth in stricter body camera rules







After the FBI's Pulse nightclub failure, why should we trust James ...

USA TODAY-Apr 3, 2018

The FBI suffered another debacle on Friday when an Orlando jury returned a not guilty verdict for the widow of Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded 53 in his attack on Orlando's Pulse nightclub in June 2016. The biggest terrorism case of the year collapsed largely thanks to FBI misconduct a







FBI agent misled magistrate judge to obtain search warrant in trade ...


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland federal judge has determined an FBIagent misled a magistrate judge to obtain a search warrant for the emails of an Iranian scientist accused of stealing trade secrets. Sirous Asgari's emails cannot be used at trial because FBI agent Timothy Boggs "knowingly or reckless







Defense lawyers try to debunk government's 3D reconstruction of FBI agent's alleged shot 

Updated 12:01 AM; Posted Apr 4, 10:09 PM








Defense: FBI Informant Pushed Men To Stay Involved In Bomb Plot



Defense attorneys for two of the men charged in an alleged bomb plot in western Kansas argued their clients were manipulated by the FBI into remaining part of the conspiracy. Cross examination of Dan Day, the paid FBI informant in the case, wrapped up Wednesday, with the defense asking him why he ..






Nunes threatens to enforce subpoena over FBI memo that kick ...

Fox News

The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, wrote that he has been denied a clean copy of the 2016 FBI memo that kick-started the Russia counterintelligence investigation — now known as the special counsel's Russia probe. “On March 14th, 2018, Committee ...







Why haven’t cheating FBI lovebirds been fired yet?

By John Crudele

April 4, 2018 | 11:06pm









NYPD cops fatally shoot bipolar black man holding metal pipe police mistake for gun on Brooklyn street




Updated: Thursday, April 5, 2018, 1:22 AM






NYPD detective who framed innocent man in Queens crack bust gets three years probation 




Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 4:54 PM







Idaho officer fired after being charged in felony drug case







Memphis protesters shut down highway ahead of Martin Luther King anniversary













Lawyer for teen accusing two NYPD detectives of rape may seek special prosecutor in light of cop’s ADA affair




Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 12:05 PM







How the FBI lied for power on cellphone hacking

Posted on April 2, 2018 by Electronic Frontier Foundation







Supreme Court sends signal that police 'can shoot first and think later,' Sotomayor dissent says

Former FBI agent, who sued the bureau, running for Kansas governor

Tabman left the bureau in 2007 after Special Agent Harry Samit accused him of retaliating against him when Tabman was running the FBI’s Minneapolis office. 

Samit arrested Sept. 11 attacker Zacarias Moussaoui several weeks before the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. 

During Moussaoui’s death sentence trial in 2006, Samit testified about his unsuccessful efforts to warn superiors about the possibility of a terrorist hijacking and accused FBI headquarters of “criminal negligence” while under oath. 

“An agent came into my office and was insubordinate. Bottom line,” Tabman said without naming Samit when asked about the allegations. 










North Adams: Former FBI agent to lecture on cyber warfare

Berkshire Eagle-

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts announces this spring's public policy lecture, "Russian Spies, Social Media and Fake News: An Inside Look at Russia's Cyber Warfare Campaign against American Democracy," will be presented by NBC News contributor and former FBI agent Clint Watts at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, ...




The FBI Could Have Gotten Into the San Bernardino Shooter's ...


As part of that application, the FBI Supervisory Special Agent in charge of the investigation of the phone swears under oath that the FBI had “explored other means of obtaining [access] . . . and we have been unable to identify any other methods feasible for gaining access” other than compelling Apple to create a custom, ...




Noor Salman was found not guilty; hear from her attorney


It turns out that Omar Mateen's father had been an FBI informant for years leading up to the Pulse shooting. Also, when the eventual Pulse shooter had been investigated for comments he made to his co-workers, the FBI agent cleared him and hoped to recruit him as an informant. Listen to this segment of MidPoint here:.



Donovan blames Grimm for heroin arrest flap


04/02/2018 03:47 PM EDT



The 2015 arrest of the son of Rep. Dan Donovan’s (R-N.Y.) domestic partner on charges of heroin possession has become the latest chapter in a bitter political fight in Staten Island.

Donovan says former GOP Rep. Michael Grimm — who is challenging Donovan in the Republican primary in June — is behind an ethics complaint claiming that Donovan intervened in the arrest of Timothy O’Connell, the son of Donovan’s domestic partner, Serena Stonick.














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The problem is not police training, police
diversity, or police methods. The problem is the
dramatic and unprecedented expansion and
intensity of policing in the last forty years, a
fundamental shift in the role of police in society.
 The problem is policing itself.” – Alex Vitale


LAPD informant infiltrated left-wing activists during Trump protests, records show


Philadelphia fires 13 cops after officers outed for racist, violent social media posts


JUL 18, 2019 | 10:39 PM


Cop guarding dead child watched PORN, charged grieving family’s account
Published time: 18 Jul, 2019 18:57
Edited time: 18 Jul, 2019 18:58


The NYPD’s broken promise on rape: The Special Victims Division is understaffed, lacks resources and has shuttered its cold-case unit


JUL 19, 2019 | 5:00 AM


Brittanee Drexel: Is the FBI skeptical of its jailhouse informant?


I Committed a Crime - The Government Calls It Terrorism


Border agent in Clint accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody

By Abigail Hauslohner and
Maria Sacchetti
July 17 at 6:12 PM


Laquan McDonald: four fired for alleged cover up of white officer's role in killing
Chicago Police Board finds the officers exaggerated the threat posed by the 17-year-old to justify his shooting




Berkeley has little answer to those in need, but Berkeley police get new trucks and toys?

May 2, 2019

Hey Berkeley Police! Just when we thought our town didn't have enough money to provide services to homeless, disabled people, the police prove that, for them, there are no limits. New trucks and toys! The PRC had no idea that these trucks were on their way. New toys an...


L.A. police ticketed drivers on streets with expired speed limits, lawsuit says


Sheriff Alex Villanueva’s son was hired to be a deputy seven months after his father took office


London police Twitter blares ‘F*CK THE POLICE’ in apparent hack
Published time: 19 Jul, 2019 23:02
Edited time: 20 Jul, 2019 14:09


Two city correction officers arrested, accused of role in shooting outside N.J. Go Go Bar


JUL 20, 2019 | 2:11 PM


The prison inside: Japan's hikikomori lack relationships, not physical spaces


Abolitionist Organizing Gathering
Public · Event · by Policing and Social Justice Project


Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM EDT

52 Fairlie St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 5th floor


Criminal Justice: Retribution Vs. Restoration
Eleanor Hannon Judah, Michael Bryant, Rev. Michael Bryant · 2004 · Psychology
Thirty Years of CURE: The Struggle Is Its Own Reward Pauline Sullivan Charles Sullivan SUMMARY. The authors describe how, for the past thirty years, they have worked to organize CURE (Citizens United for ...

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Cop Under Investigation Called Woman 'Cum Dumpster,' Beat Civilians, Lawsuits Say
MEG O'CONNOR | SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 | 12:52PM


DOJ declines charges against FBI agent who shot kidnapping victim from Conroe in botched 2018 rescue

St. John Barned-Smith Sep. 4, 2019 Updated: Sep. 4, 2019 2:18 p.m.


The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings


SEC Says FBI Agent Helped Bilk Investors Out Of $2.1M


Asbury Park cops arrested, charged with vandalizing complainant's cars

Alex N. Gecan, Asbury Park Press Published 3:15 p.m. ET Sept. 4, 2019 | Updated 7:06 p.m. ET Sept. 4, 2019


Pilots, Pedophiles, a Lingerie Model, & ‘The Pirate of Prague’
By Daniel Hopsicker -
September 1, 2019
(A working introduction to Gangster Planet IV.)
The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is a meta-scandal, a scandal of scandals, like a hot mutual fund whose portfolio consists of a basket of other hot mutual funds.
It’s a CAT 5 hurricane heading straight for us.
It took a long time for the courageous women who blew the whistle on Epstein to be believed.  What makes his acccusers like Virginia Roberts so dangerous today is that they were eyewitnesses to the activities of elite devi


POLITICS 09/04/2019 02:13 pm ET
Document Reveals The FBI Is Tracking Border Protest Groups As Extremist Organizations
The groups targeted in the bureau’s investigation are largely involved in nonviolent civil disobedience.


IG report reveals more evidence transition briefing used to gather intel on Trump team


The Overstock CEO’s Wild Maria Butina Story Raises Serious Questions
Byrne’s story of informing for the “deep state” sounds outlandish, but it should be investigated


RUSSIA INVESTIGATIONPublished 2 hours ago
FBI silent a year after Senate committee’s questions on Trump Tower briefin

Deep State hires former FBI agents to sing
“ won’t you be my bodyguard “


Zwischenbericht von "Aufpasser" Larry ThompsonVW bekommt Ex-FBI-Agent als zweiten Aufpasser - ehemaliger Porsche-Motorenchef soll Spuren vertuscht haben


Fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe will be the keynote speaker at a Democratic fundraiser


Facebook Meets With FBI to Discuss 2020 Election Security
By Kurt Wagner
September 4, 2019, 2:33 PM EDT Updated on September 4, 2019,


Ammon Bundy says FBI has reversed its decision to deny his AR-15 purchase
On Aug. 31, 2019, Ammon Bundy failed a federally required background check to purchase a firearm at an Emmett, Idaho, sporting goods store. Three days later, Bundy says the FBI changed its mind and OK'd his background check.

Read more here: https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/article234708747.html#storylink=cpy


ACLJ Files Lawsuit Against FBI Over FOIA Regarding Comey's Spies In The White House


FBI Wants Tips in Bank Robbery, But Suspect's Tat Says 'Stop Snitch'n'
Posted By Doyle Murphy on Wed, Sep 4, 2019 at 2:16 pm


Busch PROtective’s Flagship AMP-1 TP Ballistic Helmet Selected by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Other Department of Justice Agencies


September 4, 2019
Heading to #ONA19? Come celebrate DocumentCloud’s 10th birthday!
Get a sneak peak at the DocumentCloud relaunch
Written by Michael Morisy
Edited by Beryl Lipton
The MuckRock crew is heading to New Orleans for the Online News Association’s conference, and we’d love to see you! Come join us on Friday, September 13 for two events: DocumentCloud’s tenth birthday party at 4:30 pm, followed by a Hacks/Hackers cocktail hour at 6 pm.
Each event will offer a chance to meet the team, learn about what we’ve been working on, and get exclusive swag, including your first chance to purchase brand new DocumentCloud t-shirts.
DocumentCloud’s 10th Anniversary: 100 million pages & just getting started
We’ll kick things off at the Sheraton with a birthday party hosted by the Knight Foundation where we look back at DocumentCloud’s history, present and future. We’ll have DocumentCloud stickers, pins, t-shirts and, of course, cake to celebrate, and we’ll be getting your feedback on what we should be working on next.
This reception runs from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. While the event is free, an RSVP is required so register now.
RSVP to DocumentCloud's birthday party
Refactoring the News: A cocktail hour for hacking inclusive media
But the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re joining together with Hacks/Hackers and enotice to co-host a cocktail reception at Lucid on 365 Canal Street at 6 pm. The event will include food, drinks, and lightning talks from journalists, media entrepreneurs, and technologists on what a more inclusive media would look like, all with one of the best views of the city and just minutes away from the main conference venue.
RSVP to Refactoring the News
Meet us for a demo in the exhibitor hall on Friday at 1 pm!
And finally, we’ll be demoing our crowdsourcing tool, Assignments, at Booth 101 in the Napoleon Ballroom as part of #JSKatONA. Come get a hands-on demonstration of how Assignments works, and we can even talk you through strategies for tackling any big documents sets you have your hands on.


September 3, 2019
EPA is latest agency to stop accepting FOIA requests via email
Following the FBI’s “gold standard,” the agency is directing requesters to file through a portal or snail mail
Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Beryl Lipton
Under the Environmental Protection Agency’s new FOIA regulations which were implemented back in July, the EPA is no longer accepting request submissions via email, joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation in requiring requests be made through an online portal or snail mail.
The change was noticed by reporter Scott MacFarlane, who posted a screenshot of the EPA’s response to an emailed submission on Twitter.


Family of man killed during traffic stop sues Arlington, cop who was indicted for wrongful death
The lawsuit seeks a total of more than $7 million from the defendants.


CSI Is a Lie
America's forensic-investigation system is overdue for sweeping reform.

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The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 9 The Guilty Men


Death of unarmed 23-year-old in police custody prompts questions about increasingly common use of ketamine as sedative for agitated patients


Suit: NJ cop faced racial slurs, targeted for firing
Nelson Sanchez accused his department superiors of making racial comments and “setting him up to fail."


Cobb cop indicted on sexual assault charges


Ohio police officer shoots, kills exotic serval cat, Sheriff's Office says


'The smell will knock you off your feet': mass mussel die-offs baffle scientists


Florida man pays off lunch debt at nine schools, covering 400 students in Jupiter


Kamala Harris’s Offices Fought Payments to Wrongly Convicted


Border Patrol Agent Charged with Soliciting Prostitution from Undocumented Immigrant


FISA Court Ruled that FBI Improperly Used NSA Surveillance Data to Snoop on Americans


FBI CIO joins tech lobbying group
        ▪         By Mark RockwellOct 14, 2019


Would Brett Kavanaugh Be on the Supreme Court If the FBI Had Fully Probed Sexual Misconduct Claims?
Web ExclusiveOCTOBER 14, 2019


The FISA Court’s 702 Opinions, Part I: A History of Non-Compliance Repeats Itself


New Play Follows Women’s Post-Prison Lives
by THOMAS BREEN | Oct 14, 2019 12:00 pm
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“Her Time” poster.
An FBI community outreach worker and a local youth worker have teamed up to write, direct, and produce a play about the challenges women face after leaving prison.
That new play, Her Time, is the brainchild of Charles Grady, a specialist for the Connecticut FBI Community Outreach Program, and Steve Driffin, the youth and community programs manager for New Haven’s Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology (ConnCAT).


Centralia holding first public safety meeting since officer's firing


Former South Jersey police chief to be retried on hate crime and civil rights charges
BY Briana Vannozzi, Correspondent | October 14, 2019, 6PM EST


Anatomy of a FBI whistleblower: ‘If I was to uphold my vow and my oath of office, I had to do it’
‘I have PTSD from my experience. It’s just brutal. I don’t know how any other way to put it. It’s brutal,. said FBI whistleblower Jane Turner
By Matthew Brown@mbrownreport Oct 14, 2019, 10:00pm MDT

“It affects me,” said Turner, a two-time FBI whistleblower. “I have PTSD from my experience. It’s just brutal. I don’t know any other way to put it. It’s brutal.”
She says the retaliation she experienced after reporting wrongdoing in the FBI is common among hundreds of government whistleblowers. She fears the same will happen to the individual whose complaint that Trump pressured a foreign government to investigate a political rival is now at the heart of a House impeachment inquiry.
Retaliation wasn’t on Turner’s mind in 1998 when she first reported wrongdoing to her supervisor. “I went down there with the idea that he would right a wrong,” she said.
In her work as the senior resident agent — the first woman in the FBI to hold that position — over a 25,000-square-mile region in North Dakota, Turner had learned of a violent rape on an Indian reservation that another agent had closed as a car accident. She reopened the case, which led to a conviction, and found in her investigation that the same agent had closed a number of child abuse cases, some ending in death, in similar fashion.
Turner traveled from Minot, North Dakota, to the Minneapolis field office and shared her findings with the special agent in charge. His response was not what she expected. “You have a kid of your own to worry about,” she recalls him saying. She took it as coded advice to ignore the situation, but his words troubled her on the r


Ex-FBI agent details life as a whistleblower
A former FBI whistleblower is saying that laws designed to protect whistleblowers actually trap them. Michael German joins Katy Tur to discuss why having the whistleblower testify might be a bad idea.
Oct. 14, 2019


Man who walked to Wisconsin for child-sex wasn't prosecuted in earlier incident
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 8:28 a.m. CDT


Lawsuit says Cuyahoga County deleted video of jail officer attacking inmate suffering from involuntary muscle twitches
Updated 10:14 AM; Today 10:03 AM

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A quantitative description of FBI public relations
Author links open overlay panel
Dirk C.Gibson
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Of all federal government agencies in the U.S. from the 1930's to the 1980's, the Federal Bureau of Investigation probably had the most successful media relations program. The Bureau's leaders seemed to be masters at getting good publicity and avoiding bad.
By describing a quantitative analysis of the FBI's publicity over that 50-year period, this article attempts to show why those efforts were so successful. It identifies the themes that typified the verbal component of Bureau publicity, and the broad spectrum of mass communication channels that were tapped.

Louisiana Cop & His Wife Arrested on Child Pornography Charges, Took Nude Pics


FBI Pittsburgh hosts first FBI Teen Academy
Updated: Oct 24, 2019 - 11:52 AM


Philly cop accused of sexually assaulting female officers surrenders to police: reports


WATCH: California Cops Shoot Unarmed 16-year-old Boy in Back of Head


Connecticut Cop Charged With Assault 6 Months After Shooting Unarmed Black Couple Near Yale University

Anne Branigin

A Hamden, Conn., police officer was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment on Monday


Hitman outsources job to another hitman, who hires a hitman, who hires a hitman, who hires a hitman. All five of them are in jail


Trump’s heralded whistleblower office at VA is failing in its most basic mission, watchdog says


NYPD, CCRB testify on repeal of law shielding cop records
By Bernadette Hogan and Craig McCarthy
October 24, 201


Off-duty cop busted for DWI following crash at foot of Manhattan Bridge


OCT 24, 2019 | 10:49 AM


Jefferson policeman charged with misconduct
                Oct 23, 2019 0

JEFFERSON — A former Jefferson Police officer has been charged with two counts of misconduct in public office after allegedly trading sexual favors for confidential law enforcement information.
Daniel R. Johnson — who resigned from the department in September 2018 — was charged after an investigation by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) found a 25-year-old woman gave him oral sex in exchange for money and confidential information from Jefferson County Child Protective Services (CPS), according to the criminal complaint.
These sexual encounters allegedly occurred in Johnson’s squad car while he was on duty and still were ongoing as the DO


Indicted Insurance Executive Greg Lindberg Hires Former FBI Chief for Aid
Louis Freeh to ‘examine and render advice regarding financial aspects’ of Lindberg’s business entit


Pennsylvania told to produce documents about mystery FBI dig

by MICHAEL RUBINKAM Associated PressThursday, October 24th 2019


Former FBI general counsel who fought Apple has now ‘rethought’ encryption
Ben Lovejoy
- Oct. 24th 2019


FBI Exercises Tight Control Over Media Portrayal In Hollywood
The FBI claims that it has much to offer entertainment producers and touts several



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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin, James Robertson

  • 232 Pages
  • December 3, 2019
  • ISBN: 9781510757929
  • Imprint: Skyhorse Publishing
  • Trim Size: 6in x 9in
 Hardcover eBook Paperback 



This is—for the first time—the full and unedited story behind the sick life and mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein that is being called one of the most significant scandals in American history
He was the billionaire financier and close confidant of presidents, prime ministers, movie stars and British royalty, the mysterious self-made man who rose from blue-collar Brooklyn to the heights of luxury. But while he was flying around the world on his private jet and hosting lavish parties at his private island in the Caribbean, he also was secretly masterminding an international child sex ring—one that may have involved the richest and most influential men in the world.

The conspiracy of corruption was an open secret for decades. And then this summer, it all came crashing down.
After his arrest on sex trafficking charges in July, it seemed Epstein’s darkest secrets would finally see the light. But hopes for true justice were shattered on August 10 this year, when he was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York.
The verdict: suicide. The timing: convenient, to say the least.  
Now, Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales delivers bombshell new revelations, uncovers how the man President Trump once described as a “terrific guy” abused hundreds of underage girls at his mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan… all while entertaining the world’s most powerful men—including President Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump himself. 

  • How much did they know about his perversions? And did they take part?
  • How might they have helped him to continue his abuse, and to escape justice for it?
  • What responsibility might they have for his sudden, shocking death?
  • And is there a shocking spy and blackmail story at the heart of the scandal?
The answers to these questions and more will be explored in Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales with groundbreaking new reporting, never-before-seen court files, and interviews with new witnesses and confidants.
Combining the very best investigative reporting from investigative journalists Dylan Howard, Melissa Cronin and James Robertson—who have been covering the case for close to a decade—will send shockwaves through the highest levels of the establishment.
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