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Posts: 60
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Take a good look ladies, could Shanton 'Shan' Cassell be the father of your child?  

Shanton Cassell is 47 years old with a birthday in August, so Shanton 'Shan' Cassell will be 48 years old in 2020. Shanton was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Shanton grew up in East Cleveland & moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio before moving back to East Cleveland. Shanton moved to Columbus, Ohio in the 90's. People believe Shanton 'Shan' Cassell may have worked as an informant back in the 90's going into the millennium. We are 100% sure that Shanton 'Shan' Cassell was an informant from 2004-possible the present. 

This informant, Shanton 'Shan' Cassell, maybe the father of women children who never saw him again. We ant talking about the 4 kids he claim in Columbus, Ohio. We talking about the ones that's around America. Yea, I'm also taking to ya'll women in the Order of the Eastern Star. They informants...Right? Undercover sh#t...Right? Cars, Money, Drugs, free weed smoke, spades loving, BBQ cooking, nice places, that hood upper class living, that lifestyle, even young college students dream of living, ya'll love it! The federal government know it! They listen to the rappers, they know the lifestyle. They supply their informants to be a cut above the rest. S
ome informants past the age of 40 are well established & have good credit & small businesses. 

So women in California, in 2004-2005. Austin, Texas in 2005-2006 & in other states between 2006-2007, I would even go back as far as 2003. Where did Anthony Smith research at? That's where you find Shanton 'Shan'  Cassel baby mama's. I'm talking UCLA, USC, Texas State University San Marcos, University of Texas, Georgetown, Howard University, Morehouse College & other HBCU's. I'm talking about Massachusetts at MIT & Harvard. I'm talking about State College, Penn State University & Penn in Phila, I'm Talking Pitt, Kent State, Ohio State. I'm talking a lot of other states & universities.

Shanton 'Shan' Cassell & Anthony Smith haven't spoken since 2002. When Shanton do see Anthony Smith, he don't get out of the car, he even sped up, like he playing games with himself because Anthony Smith know Shanton 'Shan' Cassell is an informant & can careless about speaking with Shanton. Go back up to the part about Anthony Smith & read it over. It's what the federal agents & people working for the state said.   

Shanton Cassell is a grown man trying to provoke people not to like or trust Anthony Smith & he try & provoke people to get into fights with Anthony Smith so Anthony Smith will catch a charge & look like a treat to himself & others. So they can build some kind of mental illness case so nobody believe Anthony Smith when he say Shanton Cassell is an informant. Ant nobody getting into fights with Anthony Smith on these streets.  

Some women are informants also, no matter their age group or social status. I do understand that some women working as informants also could have been paired with Shanton 'Shan' Cassell, like some men was, in some states dating back to 2004.

DEA Paid Millions to Confidential Informants Who Could No Longer Be Trusted




Freemasons blocking Police reform. Read this article by the CBS news. 



For more info on the informant Shanton 'Shan' Cassell & how the federal government use informants. It’s a lot more to this story. Visit here--->https://whosarat.websitetoolbox.com/post/the-godfather-of-snitching-10251734

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.

Posts: 60
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There’s puppets & there's puppet masters. Some puppet masters have some very expensive puppets. It's hard to spot the strings on the expensive puppets, but the po' puppets, u can see the strings.

I've been in this game for years, it made me an animal. R.I.P. Christopher Wallace.
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