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I was watching a court tv show and it had a law class who was doing school work and unaware of what was about to take place.Suddenly a person enters the room and runs out with the teachers brief case unaware it was a test the teacher asked any one for help identifying the person.The students gave the description of at least ten different people.Then they showed a six person line up to the students,roughly a quarter of the class picked the same guy in the photo.The guy who did it wasn't in the photo.Then they showed some more people a lineup with the guy included in the lineup maybe one person in about 15 remembered him."scary ,No thats life"thats a fact and it just goes to show how unreliable eyewitnesses really are and believe me those law students suddenly had a new outlook on eyewitnesses.If I could remember the exact program id love to record it if any one has any ideas how id go about getting a copy of a show when I really dont remember to much about it.But it was an unique show and if you either seen it or were their you wouldnt forget.I dont know why such widely known facts on these blindwitnesses goes unchanged.Actually I do,those are the same people who are putting the 80%to90% of people in jail daily and like I said theyll never change a law that helps lighten a government work force by 80 % and it frees up all those officers that need to go out and arrest innocent people that the blindwitnesses identified.its to bad that it took so long for such a good site like this to come out when there is a million wanted sites that have such bullshit on them then a site like this comes out and people suddenly want to kill it.best of luck and I wish a million more sites like this open. If you could let me know how to start a web page I will.Im kinda computer illiterit.("To all those people out there who don't believe you learn anything good by watching cops,csi,etc,or only rats watch cops"go back to jail",its the kind of people like you who make all criminals look stupid)A closed mind makes for a stupid criminal,person,etc.

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I didn't see the show, but it was right on the mark. I'm a former police detective, and now I'm a consultant. When I went through the basic detective school, the instructor did the same test ... with the same results. It's been proven time and again that eyewitnesses are fairly unreliable. The only time they are reliable to any degree is if they knew the suspect beforehand and can say, "Oh yeah, it was Jimmy. I work with they guy." or something along those lines. There are specific laws and precident which govern how eyewitnesses are to be exposed to suspects. For instance, if the police catch or identify a suspect shortly after the crime, they might take him back to a witness and say, "Is this the guy?" This called a "show-up" or a "one-on-one." This is only legal during a 20-minute period following the crime. After 20 minutes, the police have to use a lineup. Although the police know this, it's fairly common for them to "stretch" the 20-minute rule. Lineups are yet another way unscrupulous officers can stack things in their favor. Unfortunately, I've seen officers display "lineups" consisting of:

A) one photo of the suspect ... that's it!
B) a photo of the suspect and the rest are of the opposite sex (or different race, age, description, etc.)
C) too few photos (there should be six or more)
D) the suspect is pointed out by the officer beforehand

There have also been interesting studies regarding eyewitnesses identifying suspects of different races. It's been established that witnesses are better able to detect subtle differences in facial structure within their own race. Therefore, a white witness is less capable of distinguishing between several black subjects, and vice versa.

Another significant problem is that eyewitnesses, once on the stand in a courtroom, feel compelled to identify whomever is seated at the defense table. Although he got into a lot of trouble with the judge, I heard of a defense attorney who asked an eyewitness, "Do you see the man who robbed you in the courtroom today?" The witness said she could, and pointed out the man seated next to the attorney. "That's funny," countered the lawyer, "Because this is my paralegal. The defendant is waiting outside in the hallway!"

Will Russell

Will Russell
Vanguard Consulting
(480) 375-0983
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