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  Drug testing......booo....yea  know.  But those on felony prob. for drugs...  gotta take them.
  They have these little stick, or presumptives a they are called......
  Well,  turns out that the presumptives were a bad batch....said everyone was dirty...I had three of those all saying the same thing....showing meth     I was clean!  The last one cost me time in jail!  ...so...answers?? any law enforcers or probation officers want to recommend how to rectify OR HANDLE this? 
It wa discoverred by a friend of mine  who went in to test   (had been clean for months)....tested pos. for meth.  He balked   demanded that an officer be called in and tested  for a base, o4r that the probation officer test herself....(LOL)...he was then told,  "no, wait a minute....I have a different one, new." .(supposedly!)  AND HE PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS ON THAT ONE!!! tested clean.............so, now what?
Attitude is everything. Pick a good one.
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that sucks so did they than let you out of jail?we had a lady probationer when i was on probation  she was hard to please  now she quit her job and has been arrested many times for drinking and other stuff.funny huh?

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  No they didnt.   I was placed in jail on the 16th of June.  The discovery that the prelims were faulty, was just last month!  It would be nice to see that violation off of my record, as it could be proven the test was inacurate, and I still did time.  It wont be, not volumteered anyway.  I have a lady PO.  I think she is very cool.  As far as PO's go.   Thanks for speaking ! 

Attitude is everything. Pick a good one.
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im shure sorry you had to go thrue all that.i know alot of legal stuff ant fare.dont give up kiddo it gets better.  bill
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