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Link du jour






Black Lives Matter activist in Maine equates current racial climate to Civil War era

Civil rights activist Shaun King, the senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, told a Bates College audience on Tuesday that the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Posted Oct. 12, 2016, at 3:11 p.m.
LEWISTON, Maine — Journalist and civil rights activist Shaun King, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, traveled to Bates College on Tuesday to deliver a message to students and community members, who he acknowledged are already aware and working for social change.
“Yo, Bates!” King called to applause and shouts. “Bates is kinda woke a little bit! What’s up?”
The senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, King said the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and civil rights movement of the 1960s.
King spoke for an hour to the crowd packed into the college’s Peter J. Gomes Chapel — named for the 1965 graduate, a noted African American author and preacher — acknowledging that Bates has historically “embraced” social change. King noted that he taught earlier Tuesday in Professor Yannick Marshall’s “Black Lives Matter” course.
Story continues below advertisement.


The Black Panthers' and the social gospel
Baltimore Sun-
After L.A. Panther leader Bunchy Carter was murdered on the UCLA campus (in a secret memo, local FBI agent Richard Held took credit for provoking the killing) ...

Palestine course at UC Berkeley
Nora Barrows-Friedman and Ali Abunimah
The Electronic Intifada
16 September 2016


3 years after Kayla Moore’s in-custody death, protesters gather for vigil, march
Man arrested in Berkeley charged with murder of 17-year-old girl
District Attorney’s office does not automatically investigate all in-custody deaths
SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. District Court judge did not grant the city of Berkeley’s dismissal for a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that police misconduct led to the in-custody death of Kayla Moore, at the dismissal hearing Friday.

At the Friday hearing, U.S. Senior District Judge Charles Breyer said he did not dismiss the case because he wanted to verify with the evidence whether the involved officers used excessive force or engaged in false arrest. Breyer will review evidence surrounding Moore’s death in greater depth next month. Moore was a 347-pound transgender Black woman diagnosed with schizophrenia who died in February 2013 while in Berkeley Police Department custody.

Breyer tried to determine how the officers who arrested Moore addressed the situation, and whether their actions were appropriate, during the hearing.

“The question is while they may have been wrong in the particular conduct they (acted), was it known to them that they were acting in an improper way in a manner of law?” Breyer said during the hearing. “If they were wrong, are they still (protected)?”

On Feb. 12, 2013, Moore’s roommate called BPD to help Moore, who, according to police reports, was acting erratically and aggressively. Officers later arrested Moore using a warrant for “Xavier Moore” — Kayla Moore’s legal name — despite the warrant being for an individual about 20 years older than Moore.

A coroner’s report initially ruled Moore’s cause of death as a toxic combination of codeine and methamphetamine, with concurrent issues of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Leaked documents from the Berkeley Police Review Commission later revealed that at least one BPD officer, officer Gwendolyn Brown, exercised inappropriate police behavior by placing Moore, who was restrained with two handcuffs and a leg wrap, in a partially face-down position for extended periods of time without monitoring her vital signs.

Adante Pointer, attorney for Moore’s father, who filed the wrongful death lawsuit in February 2014, alleged during the hearing that the involved police officers unlawfully seized, restrained, arrested and battered Moore. Pointer provided statements from forensic pathologist Werner Spitz, who gave independent commentary separate from the coroner’s report.

“(Spitz) says that officers compressed Kayla to a point where (she) had difficulty breathing (due to) oxygen deprivation,” Pointer said. “The officers, in a comp


US prisons
Nearly 90% of New Jersey children tried as adults since 2011 were black or Latino
Mostly black minors requested to be prosecuted as adults, a WNYC analysis found when comparing the US juvenile detention system with that in Germany


Oregon Senator Wants To Block Efforts To Weaken Encryption
OPB News-
The FBI wants easier access to information seized from suspects, an issue that gained national attention following a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California


Ruth Franklin on the Red Scare:

“The investigation was triggered because one of the cartons of books fell off this moving truck, and the mover happened to notice that it was filled with communist material, and reported it to the local FBI office. Part of the reason the FBI became interested in Stanley as a target was because the neighbors reported that he had so many books. There were so many books in the house that the FBI thought it might be a storehouse of communist material. Of course it wasn’t, it was simply the library of two incredibly well-read and intellectually curious people. … I think it’s so ironic to learn that the author of ‘The Lottery’ in fact was spied on by her neighbors, who reported her activity to the FBI.”


With the help of freshly declassified documents from the FBI and U.S. Army obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, as well as other available sources, the piece reveals the “achievements and controversies – both of which were plentiful in his life.”

Here’s one excerpt, taken from a confidential 1959 Army intelligence summary on Cravalho:

“In December 1958, CRAVALHO was one of the so-called [Jack] “Burns/ILWU” faction of the Democratic Party of Hawaii who bolted the party caucus,” states the report. “CRAVALHO, together with 14 colleagues, rebelled when it became apparent

Friday, October 14, 2016Last
FBI Challenged for Iraq War Intelligence

     WASHINGTON — Challenging the preposterous claim that U.S. intelligence preceding the war in Iraq is not a matter of public interest, an academic has brought a federal complaint to gather FBI records.
     David Austin Lindsey, of Painsboro, New Jersey, filed the suit with regard to a Lebanese-American businessman who attempted to impress upon U.S. officials that Saddam Hussein wanted to avoid the protracted war.
     Citing reports by the New York Times and Newsweek, the Oct. 12 complaint filed in Washington, D.C., says Imad Hage "was involved as an unofficial envoy of the Iraqi government during the period leading up to the U.S. military action in Iraq."
     A Times article on Hage describes the man as a Beirut refugee who moved back to Lebanon in the late 1990s. In January 2003, a Lebanese-American friend of Hage's who worked at the Pentagon soon arranged for the man to begin relaying messages between the United States and Iraq.     
     As Lindsey's lawsuit notes, based on the times report, Hage had one blemish on his record: a January 2003 arrest at Dulles Airport for carrying a handgun in his checked luggage.
     Lindsey says Hage was "charged with a weapons crime in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia."
     The Times published its article on the envoy in November 2003, saying Hage met with an adviser to Pentagon officials that March in London. There, Hage laid out Iraq's position that it did not have weapons of mass destruction and that it would consent to an investigation and search by U.S. troops. Hage said the Iraqis were also willing to hand over a Baghdad captive accused of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and to hold elections.
     Of the varied diplomatic efforts to avert a war in Iraq, both public and discreet, the Times reported, "Mr. Hage's back channel appears to have been a final attempt by Mr. Hussein's government to reach American officials."
     Hage told the Times that ''the Iraqis were finally taking [U.S. invasion] seriously and they wanted to talk, and they offered things they never would have offered if the build-up hadn't occurred.''
     The United States wound up invading Iraq on March 20, 2003.
     Lindsey, a Princeton University researcher, says he has emailed a request for the government's records on Hage this past May, but that the FBI responded in the negative a month later.
     "Plaintiff, in the view of the FBI, failed to 'demonstrate sufficient public interest' to entitle Plaintiff to nonexempt responsive records," the complain

FBI Octopus

Veteran FBI agent to lecture at Westfield State University
WESTFIELD - Westfield State University will host veteran FBI agent Julia Cowley for a lecture Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Garden Level Conference Room in ...

PCC to host crime author
Pueblo Chieftain-
Pueblo Community College's Criminal Justice Department and Criminal Justice Club will host Dale Lovin, an author and former FBI agent, scheduled for 3:30 ...

FBI special agent sought info on call centre scam from Thane cops
Daily News & Analysis-
Suhel Daud, the FBI special agent visited Commissioner of Police, Thane, to discuss details of the scam which was being operated from Mira Road and Gujarat.

Great Falls hosting Montana Human Rights Film Fest
... an FBI agent that serves Browning, a Domestic Violence agency advocate from Fort Belknap and Browning, and the head counselor at the Great Falls YWCA.

Public safety forum in Kennett Square puts spotlight on law ...
Daily Local News-
... retired district justice; Kennett Square Police Lt. William T. Holdsworth; Kennett Township Police Chief Lydell E. Nolt; and FBI special agent Charles Dayoub.

Op-ed: Fitzpatrick: Economic opportunity for all
The Midweek Wire-
When I announced I was running for Congress, I did it as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former federal prosecutor – as well as a CPA who helped ...

11/7: Case Studies in Terrorism
He was the supervisory senior resident agent for Southwest Virginia prior to joining the university. After retiring from the FBI in 2011, he joined the Virginia Tech ...

Safety a main concern at this year's Ark. State Fair
Colleen Nick, the founder of the Morgan Nick Foundation along with the FBI will join THV11 to help give out information on ways to protect your children.

The FBI served Google with a secret subpoena
Tucked into Google's latest bi-annual transparency report, the search behemoth quietly revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI sometime 


Posts: 8,845
Reply with quote  #152 

Two FBI voter fraud alerts

US Attorney Names Point Person For Election Fraud Complaints
SDPB Radio-
Koliner says he will spend Election Day at a duty station with an FBI agent ready to take calls. “Hopefully it's like the Maytag repair man, that we sit and the phone ...



Privacy Died Long Ago
In Uncategorized on 06/03/2013 at 9:12 pm

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart of Cincinnati swears in George H. W. Bush as director of the CIA as President Gerald Ford watches. REUTERS/George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The great forgotten Cincinnati wiretap scandal

By Gregory Flannery

Americans no longer assume their communications are free from government spying. Many believe widespread monitoring is a recent change, a response to terrorism. They are wrong. Fair warning came in 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio, when evidence showed that wiretapping was already both common and easy.

Twenty-five years ago state and federal courtrooms in Cincinnati were abuzz with allegations of illegal wiretaps on federal judges, members of Cincinnati City Council, local congressional representatives, political dissidents and business leaders.

Two federal judges in Cincinnati told 60 Minutes they believed there was strong evidence that they had been wiretapped. Retired Cincinnati Police officers, including a former chief, admitted to illegal wiretapping.

Even some of the most outrageous claims – for example, that the president of the United States was wiretapped while staying in a Cincinnati hotel – were supported by independent witnesses.

National media coverage of the lawsuits, grand jury hearings and investigations by city council and the FBI attracted the attention of U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and the late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.).

As Americans wonder about the extent to which their e-mails, cell-phones and text messages are being monitored, they would do well to look back at a time before any of those existed. Judging by what was revealed in Cincinnati, privacy died long before anyone had ever heard of Osama bin Laden or al Q’aeda.


In 1988 Leonard Gates, a former installer for Cincinnati Bell, told the Mount Washington Press, a small independent weekly, that he had performed illegal wiretaps for the Cincinnati Police Department, the FBI and the phone company itself.

A week after the paper published his allegations, a federal grand jury began hearing testimony.

Gates claimed to have performed an estimated 1,200 wiretaps, which he believed illegal. His list of targets included former Mayor Jerry Springer, the late tycoon Carl Lindner Jr., U.S. District Judge Carl Rubin, U.S. Magistrate J. Vincent Aug, the late U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio), the Students for a Democratic Society (an anti-war group during the Vietnam War), then-U.S. Rep. Tom Luken (D-Cincinnati) and then-President Gerald Ford.

A second former Cincinnati Bell installer, Robert Draise, joined Gates, saying he, too had performed illegal wiretaps for the police. His alleged targets included the Black Muslim mosque in Finneytown and the General Electric plant in Evendale. Draise’s portfolio was much smaller than Gates’s, an estimated 100 taps, because he was caught freelancing – performing an illegal wiretap for a friend.

Charged by the FBI, Draise claimed he had gone to his “controller” at Cincinnati Bell, the person who directed his wiretaps, and asked for help. If he didn’t get it, he said, he’d tell all. When the case went to federal court, Draise didn’t bother to hire an attorney. He didn’t need one. In a plea deal, federal prosecutors dropped the charge to a misdemeanor. Found guilty of illegal wiretapping, his sentence was a $200 fine. The judge? Magistrate J. Vincent Aug.

If Gates and Draise had been the only people to come forward, they could easily be dismissed as cranks – disgruntled former employees, as Cincinnati Bell claimed. But some police office officers named by Gates and Draise confirmed parts of their allegations, insisting, however, that there were only 12 illegal wiretaps. Other officers not known to Gates and Draise also admitted to illegal wiretaps. Some of the officers received immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony. Others invoked their Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.

“Due to the turbulent nature of the late ’60s and early ’70s, wiretaps were conducted to gather information,” said a press release signed by six retired officers. “This use began in approximately 1968 and ended completely during the Watergate investigation.”

The press release, whose signers included former Police Chief Myron Leistler, listed 12 wiretaps, among them “a black militant in the Bond Hill area” and a house on either Ravine or Strait streets rented by “the SDS or some other radical group.”

The retired cops’ lawyer said there were actually three Cincinnati Bell installers doing illegal wiretaps, but declined to identify the third.

The retired officers denied knowledge of “any wiretaps involving judges, local politicians, prominent citizens and fellow law enforcement officers or city employees.”

Getting rid of Aug

Others had that knowledge, however.

Howard Lucas, former security chief at the Stouffer Hotel downtown, said he caught Gates and three cops trying to break into a telephone switching room shortly before President Gerald Ford stayed at the hotel.

“I said, ‘Do you have a court order?’ and they all laughed,” Lucas told the Mount Washington Press.

The four men left. But they returned.

“A couple days later, in the back of the room, I found a setup, a reel-to-reel recorder concealed under some boxes,” Lucas said.

Ford stayed at the Stouffer Hotel in July 1975 and June 1976 – two years after the Watergate scandal, when Cincinnati Police officers claimed the bugging ended.

Then there was the matter of a former guard at the U.S. Courthouse downtown. He said he had found wiretap equipment there in 1986 and 1987, just a year before the wiretap scandal broke.

“I heard conversations you wouldn’t believe,” he said. “I heard a conversation one time. they were talking about getting rid of U.S. Magistrate Aug.”

The wiretapping started with drug dealers and expanded to political and business figures, according to Gates. In 1979, he testified, he was ordered to wiretap the Hamilton County Regional Computer Center, which handled vote tabulations. His handler at the phone company allegedly told Gates the wiretap was intended to manipulate election results.

“They had the ability to actually alter what was being done with the votes. … He was very upset through some of the elections with a gentleman named Blackwell,” Gates testified.

J. Kenneth Blackwell is a former member of Cincinnati Council, and 1979 was an election year for council.

Something went wrong on Election Night, Gates testified. His handler at the phone company called him.

“He was panicking,” Gates testified. “He said we had done something to screw up the voting processor down there, or the voting computer.”

News reports at the time noted an unexpected delay in counting votes for city council because of a computer malfunction.

Cincinnati Bell denied any involvement in illegal wiretapping by police or its own personnel. Yet police officers, like Gates, testified the police received equipment – even a truck – and information necessary to effectuate the wiretaps. The owners of a greenhouse in Westwood even came forward, saying the police stored the Cincinnati Bell truck on their property.

‘Say it louder’

Gates claimed that his handler at Cincinnati Bell repeatedly told him the wiretaps were at the behest of the FBI. He named an FBI agent who, he said, let him into the federal courthouse to wiretap federal judges.

Investigations followed – a federal grand jury, which indicted no one; a special investigator hired by city council, the former head of the Cincinnati FBI office; the U.S. Justice Department, sort of.

U.S. Sen. Paul Simon asked then-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh to look into the Cincinnati wiretap scandal. Federal judges, members of Congress and even the president of the United States had allegedly been wiretapped. Simon’s effort went nowhere. His press secretary told the Mount Washington Press that it took three months for the Attorney General to respond.

“The senator’s not pleased with the response,” Simon’s press secretary said. “It didn’t have the attorney general’s personal attention, and it said Justice (Department) was aware of the situation, but isn’t going to do anything.”

The city of Cincinnati settled a class-action lawsuit accusing it of illegal wiretapping, paying $85,000 to 17 defendants. It paid $12,000 to settle a second lawsuit by former staffers of The Independent Eye, an underground newspaper allegedly wiretapped and torched by Cincinnati Police officers in 1970.

Cincinnati Bell sued Leonard Gates and Robert Draise, accusing them of defamation. The two men had no attorneys and represented themselves at trial. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Fred Cartolano refused to let the jury hear testimony by former police officers who had admitted using Gates and Draise and Cincinnati Bell equipment. In a 4-2 vote, the jury ruled in the phone company’s favor, officially adjudging the two whistleblowers liars.

During one of the many hearings associated with the wiretap scandal, an FBI agent was asked what the agency would do if someone accused the phone company of placing illegal wiretaps. He testified the FBI would be powerless; it needed the phone company to check for a wiretap.

“It would go back to Bell,” the agent testified. “We would have no way of determining if there was any illegal wiretapping going on.”

The FBI agent was the person Gates had accused of opening the federal courthouse at night so he could wiretap federal judges.

One police sergeant offered no excuses for the illegal wiretapping. Asked why he didn’t bother with the legal niceties, such as getting a warrant, as required then by federal law, he said, “I didn’t deem it was necessary. We wanted the information, and went out and got it.”

At one point, covering the scandal for the Mount Washington Press, I received a phone call from a sergeant in the Cincinnati Police Department. He invited me to the station at Mount Airy Forest, where he proceeded to wiretap a fellow police officer’s phone call. I listened as the other officer talked to his wife.

“Say hello,” the sergeant told me.

I did. There was no response.

“Say it louder,” the sergeant said.

I did. No response.

“You can hear them, but they can’t hear you,” the sergeant said. “Any idiot can do a wiretap. You know that’s true because you just saw a policeman do it.”

Privacy is dead. Its corpse has long been moldering in the grave.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

CIA is essentially a “Self Licking Ice Cream Cone.” (SLICC).



Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife

Group linked to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe donated nearly half a million dollars to 2015 state Senate candidate

Campaign finance records show Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI.

Oct. 23, 2016 7:41 p.m. ET

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe played a major role in the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of state.

Turns out, McCabe’s wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, received nearly $500,000 in donations from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who has longstanding ties to the Clintons, for her campaign to run for a state Senate seat, the Wall Street Journal reveals.

The Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe has considerable influence, donated an additional $207,788 worth of campaign mailers to Dr. McCabe’s senate campaign, which she eventually lost.

The governor’s spokesman said he “supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.”

In a statement, the FBI responded that Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy director of the bureau, “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind. Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

Dr. McCabe defended her husband.

“Once I decided to run, my husband had no formal role in my campaign other than to be a supportive husband


1 LAPD Officer,2 deadly shootings days apart.
Suspect shot dead by police in Boyle Heights was 14-year-old boy, coroner says

October 23, 2016, 7:00 a.m.
This summer, for the first time in his nearly five years as a Los Angeles police officer, Eden Medina shot someone.

Police say Medina opened fire July 28 as Omar Gonzalez fought with officers after a car chase ended in a Boyle Heights cul-de-sac. Police have released few details about the shooting, but said at least one witness saw the 36-year-old with a gun before Medina fatally shot him.

Twelve days later, the Hollenbeck Division gang officer fired his gun again, killing 


DEA agent accused of having sexual
Relationship with Paid Informant

A DEA supervisor denied allegations that he had sex with a paid informant.

“There’s no salacious activity going on,” former DEA Atlanta office supervisor Keith Cromer said in U.S. Magistrate Judge Shirley Padmore Mensah’s St. Louis federal court on Friday, the Daily Caller reports. 

Cromer said he developed a person relationship with a paid informant, but it never became sexual.

Cromer invoked the Fifth Amendment twice during the court hearing.


More Deplorable
Revelations Surface of Clinton Probe

Hillary Clinton

By Editorial Board
Richmond Times-Dispatch 

More deplorable revelations about Hillary Clinton have hit the news.

The FBI released more documents related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and a letter from the inspector general for the national intelligence community was made public. The dismal revelations are not surprising; they merely reinforce the judgment much of the public has formed about the Democratic presidential nominee.

The most alarming news is contained in the letter from intelligence IG Charles McCullough III. He informed two Senate committees that Clinton’s server contained emails about special access programs.

Certain classified information rises to a level above top secret. Some of it is classified as SCI, or secure compartmentalized information. Information about special access programs is deemed even more sensitive than that.

This news rebuts, once again, Clinton’s false claim that she never sent or received classified information


Father gets 1,503 years in prison for raping teenage daughter, longest sentence in Fresno history


Immigration agent, lawyer charged in pay-to-stay scheme

Detroit — A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent and a Metro Detroit


Conference 2016
November 18-19-20
1015 Elm Street


JOHN B. WELLS - Master of Ceremonies
John B. Wells is the leader of Caravan to Midnight. Actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster, John B. Wells finds the ancient sage advice of “concentrating on just one thing” to be true. His one thing: The Arts.

John is also an internationally renowned voice-over artist with credits ranging from serving as the announcer for CBS’ The Late Show with Craig Kilborn, to voicing promos for hit television shows like Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush to lending his voice to films like Oliver Stone’s JFK and Talk Radio, as well as the popular series Unsealed: Alien Files.

John also performed weekend duties as the top-rated host of the nationally syndicated overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM. After frequently serving as a guest host, In January 2012, Wells became the Saturday evening host of the most-listened-to overnight program in history, and held that seat until January 2014.

Watch and listen to John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight shows 24/7 all day, anytime by becoming a CTM PROGRAM MEMBER! Host John B. Wells captivates, educates and entertains his audience with the very best guests and best discussions on news and current events, conspiracy theories and all things curious and unexplained.

John Barbour, a Canadian native, is recognized as “the father of reality TV” with five Emmy Awards to his credit. Known for his numerous TV programs, including “NBC’s trendsetting hit ‘Real People,” NBC’s award-winning “Critic-at-Large” and “AM LA,” the witty and talented Barbour is the only person to have won Emmy’s in both Entertainment and News. As a stand-up comic, and as a writer for politicians and personalities such as Frank Sinatra, John has enjoyed an inside view of media politics.

His interest in the Kennedy assassination has been long and professional. He produced The Garrison Tapes (John filmed Garrison personally). The tapes are also available on Amazon (The Last Word on the Assassination).  John says: “In spite of great reviews, winning the San Sebastian Film Festival and enormous success around the world, The Garrison Tapes has been almost totally blacked out by America’s mainstream media.” His newest project is The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (see https://www.gofundme.com/johnbarboursworld) — a presentation you don’t want to miss.

Judyth Vary Baker is an artist, writer, poet and futurist with degrees in Medical/Cultural Anthropology, Communications, English and Linguistics. She is the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, an underground best seller. Her book David Ferrie, Mafia Pilot (Trine Day, 2014) was the first definitive full-length biography of the enigmatic man called “the key to the Kennedy assassination.” Her third book, Letters to the Cyborgs (Trine Day, 2016) is a collection of science fiction short stories using both terror and humor to expose a world plagued by unethical and frightening inventions that exist today.

“Both Lee and I were fascinated by the world of science fiction,” Baker explains. “We both wanted to write science fiction.” The only such story ever written by Lee Harvey Oswald (“Her Way”) is included in Letters, as well as a section about the FBI’s investigation of Lee’s readings and writings. Judyth’s fourth book, Kennedy & Oswald: The Big Picture, co-written with Edward Schwartz, will be released late in 2016. “It’s everything you’ll ever need to know about how –and why– the Kennedy assassination and Oswald’s murder is the key to today’s newspaper headlines,” Judyth says.

Judyth invented a modified method to obtain magnesium from seawater when 16, induced lung cancer in germ-free mice in only seven days when 17  (— a feat that had not been accomplished, at the time, in the nation’s top laboratories) and created a cancer-detection blood test in college when 18. After nearly two years of specialized training, Judyth, promised early entry into Tulane Medical School after a summer internship in New Orleans with the renowned Dr. Mary Sherman, found herself in a project to kill Fidel Castro with lung cancer involving a persons such as Lee Harvey Oswald and “Dr.” David Ferrie.

Author Edward T. Haslam discovered Baker was the last living witness who could verify particulars of his own decades-long, extensive research into the connections between Sherman’s brutal, unsolved murder on July 21, 1964 (the day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to obtain testimonies), Dr. Alton Ochsner, Lee Oswald, contaminated polio vaccines, David Ferrie, cancer epidemics and the Kennedy assassination.

Judyth, who had an affair with Oswald, is determined to clear his name. She founded the JFK Assassination Conference, now in its fourth year. In 2016, the second annual Oswald Conference will be held in New Orleans, assisted by Judyth’s “politically incorrect annual birthday parties in Lee’s honor” there.  She also sponsors the JFK Memorial Ceremony at the Grassy Knoll on Nov. 22. To be part of these efforts or to donate (it’s all non-profit) contact “Judyth Baker” on Facebook, or contact Trine Day Publishers or http://www.judythbaker.blogspot.com.


Richard Bartholomew establishes the certification and reliability of fingerprint expert Nathan Darby, who identified the main unknown print of a known murderer which was found in the Sniper’s nest. Richard will show that more than one print of LBJ hit man Malcolm Wallace’s was found there–and much more. Richard’s education, training, and professional experience have been primarily in the visual arts.
His research of the JFK assassination includes the notable discovery of a 1959 Rambler station wagon possibly used in the conspiracy; a study co-authored with Walter F. Graf involving a rifle clip that contaminates the ballistic evidence; a chronological reconstruction and placement of missing movements edited out of the Zapruder film; an in-depth interview of Erwin Schwartz, with author Noel Twyman, regarding Mr. Schwartz’s and Mr. Zapruder’s early chain of possession of Zapruder’s film; and work for author Barr McClellan, resulting in Mr. Bartholomew’s monograph establishing the methods by which the FBI and the Warren Commission concealed and obfuscated latent fingerprints from the alleged sniper’s nest.

Abraham Bolden is one of the heroes of the Kennedy assassination saga who has personally suffered as a consequence. He was the first black Secret Service Agent, appointed by President Kennedy himself. Bolden was present in Chicago when the FBI announced to his office that an informant named “Lee” had foiled at an attempt to assassinate the president in that city. This matter is also reported in James Douglass’ fine book, JFK and the Unspeakable. Abraham’s book, The Echo From Dealey Plaza, is available on Amazon. Learn more here about this remarkable witness from this blog: http://abrahambolden.blogspot.com

At this conference, we plan to bring together all the petitions seeking Abraham a pardon, into one, with the intention of presenting them as a unified group to the President. Abraham has suffered as a witness — he tried to expose the Secret Service’s poor performance regarding protecting Kennedy — landed him in prison on trumped-up charges. Just as Lee Oswald, Abraham Bolden was framed. He has much to tell us as an original witness connected to both John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy assassination.

Jim Botelho was Lee Harvey Oswald’s Marine Corps friend and roommate. Jim was born in 1937 in Hollister, California. He grew up on his family’s small farm in San Juan Valley. By the time he was 7, he and his sister worked in the fields on the farm. He attended a small, two room, rural elementary school located across the street from the family farm. He attended high school in Hollister and has just finished one year of College at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, when he felt the need to serve his County and joined the United States Marine Corp; it was 1956.  He was assigned to be an “aviation electronics operator”: that’s a Radar Operator.

After joining the Marines he was stationed in Tustin, California; at the time a small isolated helicopter base. In mid 1959, Lee Oswald was transferred to his squadron. There, they became friends and shared a room. Lee was discharged in September 1959, and Jim was discharged in January 1960.

After his service, he returned home and to work on the family farm during the day, and served the community as a deputy sheriff at night. Jim also worked in the construction trade, having various jobs, as well as continued his education, taking various college courses to improve his skills in many topics. Jim married in 1960 and had three boys and a daughter. As you can guess, Jim was interviewed by the Warren Commission in 1964.

In 1968, he was appointed a Justice Court Judge, where he served as a Judge until 1977 when he retired from the bench. Since about 1973, a number of people have asked him for comments and recollection of Lee Oswald. A few notable names are Mark Lane, Edward Epstein, David Lifton, John Donovan, and Ray Hale. In 1993, he started a business specializing in Construction Inspection Services. He is now retired, and living in the wonderfully cool climate of the Monterey Bay area in Marina, California.

Douglas Caddy is an attorney in Houston, Texas and is admitted to the Texas and District of Columbia Bars. Doug is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and New York University Law School. He is the author of six books, three published by Texas A&M University Press and one, Watergate Exposed, published by TrineDay.

While in high school in New Orleans in 1955, he worked with former FBI agent Guy Banister on exposing organized crime. At the time Lee Harvey Oswald, who was also in high school, and his mother lived on Exchange Place in the French Quarter, only a five minute walk from Banister’s office.

He was the Original Attorney for the Watergate Seven in 1972 and represented Billie Sol Estes in 1984 in negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice to secure immunity so that Mr. Estes could tell what he knew about LBJ’s involvement in the assassination of JFK. In addition to Mr. Estes’ revelations, he will disclose at the conference what his client and close friend, E. Howard Hunt, knew about JFK’s assassination. He will also disclose the truth about Mac Wallace and Joan Mellen’s flawed research about the fingerprint controversy.

Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize 2016, is an author, International speaker, and former journalist, an investigator who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many more. He is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres.

Over the past 30 years, Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders, as well as other major ‘events’. The same Global Elite seem to have used the same skilled mechanics for decades for doing their ‘dirty work’.

He has written the following books: Coup d’etat in Slow Motion: Part I and II, Shadow of Tears (my experience in Iran), The power book Re-Mind Me, the children’s book Yolanda Yogapanda – Truth is One, Paths are Many. Ole is currently working on the following titles; A Global Tour of Terror Part I and II, The Elusive Enigma and the book Guilty Victim. He is also busy with a series of documentaries aiming at exposing false flag operations currently hitting modern society.

Ole has been among the key speakers at many International conferences, including outside the Bilderberg Meeting in 2014, and has had the privilege of being a special guest on hundreds of programs.

Gary Fannin has been studying the John F. Kennedy Assassination for over 36 years. He has lectured at High Schools, Colleges, Universities and numerous JFK Conferences in Dallas. His book The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit was published in 2015. The Innocence of Oswald is based upon U.S. Government documents from the FBI, CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and Secret Service,  many of which have never been printed before.  It also includes Dallas Police affidavits, autopsy reports, photos and more to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent of the crimes he was charged and was in fact, ‘a patsy.’

Gary is currently working with 5 time Emmy Award Winner, John Barbour, on The Jim Garrison Tapes, Part 2: The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of President Kennedy. This documentary is the follow up to the Sans Sebastian Film Winner, The Jim Garrison Tapes. This documentary will establish U.S. Major Media complicity in the cover up of the JFK assassination with Lee Oswald as designated patsy.

He is also working on his second book, Mandarin, the updated story of Roscoe Anthony White, his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald in the Marines, how Oswald was set up as the patsy, and  White’s claims that the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence ordered him to kill President Kennedy.

Gordon Ferrie has emerged from the silence imposed on him previously to reveal new inside information about JFK and who really killed Kennedy. As a former designated protector of  Jackie Kennedy from the time JFK took office, as well as serving as a bodyguard for JFK at the Pentagon, Gordon spoke this year at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on JFK’s Birthday because of his relationship with the Kennedy’s.

After the assassination, Gordon remained associated with Jackie and JFK Jr. through their mutual love for horsemanship (Gordon was an official of the US Equestrian team). A close friend of of Barr McClellan, who worked in LBJ’s attorney system, Gordon tells us that “Due to security I could not previously go into the huge amount of information I have from my activities of over 50 years, but with my new book to be released, this has changed. I am the only person to personally nail LBJ about Eliot Janeway and get him to confess… Richard Helms attempted to stop me from looking into his role in the murders of Material Witnesses and CIA contract Officers participating in the Cuban operations. I got people to to talk.”

We will have a CD of additional fascinating information that Gordon has given to us that will be available at the conference.

James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota, from which he retired in 2006, completing a 35-year career, principally offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning.

Jim organized the first Zapruder Film Symposium at JFK Lancer in 1996. He has brought together the best experts on different aspects of the case in a series of books that shattered the cover-up and exposed a massive conspiracy in the death of JFK: Assassination Evidence (1998), Murder In Dealey Plaza (2000) and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).

Never afraid of looking into controversial subjects, to date, he has published 33 books, his most recent with moonrockbooks.com.

Victoria Hawes Sulzer is a witness regarding meeting Lee Harvey Oswald at Dr. Mary Sherman’s apartment building –and much more. Victoria is one of several witnesses never interviewed by the FBI who are now helping to verify Lee Oswald’s true activities and his innocence, as well as helping to support what Judyth Baker has also revealed about Oswald, his association with Dr. Sherman, and his true activities in New Orleans.

Victoria writes: “[Lee and I attended] Beauregard Jr. High School…[also,] I met Dr. Mary Sherman in passing, polite greetings, not a personal close relationship, the Patio Apartments was so small, isolated in contact, but cordial and lent itself to privacy.” Victoria also reveals what she knows about Oswald’s companion, apartment resident Juan Valdez, who lived next door to her and to Dr. Sherman. Edward T. Haslam (Dr. Mary’s Monkey) considers Valdez a prime suspect in Dr. Sherman’s horrific murder.

St. John Hunt’s father was E. Howard Hunt, the infamous Watergate burglar and CIA spymaster. St. John tells us, “My father helped the CIA kill JFK.” In E. Howard Hunt’s near-death confession to his son St. John, which was taped for posterity, Hunt revealed that key figures in the CIA were responsible for the plot to assassinate JFK in Dallas, and that Hunt himself was approached by the plotters, among whom included the CIA’s David Atlee Phillips, Cord Meyer, Jr., and William Harvey, as well as future Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

St. John has an insider’s viewpoint, and it’s heartbreaking. His incredible true story is told in his two books: Bond of Secrecy (2012) by St. John Hunt, with Eric Hamburg and Jesse Ventura, and, concerning the secrets and horrific murder of his mother, Dorothy… the Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife… (2015) by St. John Hunt, with Roger Stone. St. John is a professional musician with “St. John and the Sinners”.

Dr. Peter Janney is a psychologist and psychotherapist who is also the author of the best-selling book Mary’s Mosaic, the CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace. The son of an important CIA agent who was close friends with James Jesus Angleton and others associated with Kennedy’s assassination, Peter as a teen loved and admired the beautiful Mary Pinchot Myers, who was JFK’s last mistress. Shocked by news of her murder within a year of JFK’s, hear from Peter’s own mouth the secrets he uncovered about Mary’s brutal murder and the involvement of the CIA.

“Kennedy scholars, JFK assassination researchers and all concerned Americans owe Peter Janney their deep gratitude for his relentless exploration into the professional-style murder of Mary Meyer – a woman who, as Kennedy’s mistress and a former CIA wife, simply knew too much for her own good. Janney, who knew and adored Meyer as a boy, brings his own personal sense of mission to this investigative project. The story of Meyer’s murder, and its coverup, is one more fascinating footnote to the Kennedy assassination, and it shines an important light on the forces behind the tragic events in Dallas, a tragedy from which the country is still suffering.” – David Talbot, founder of Salon, and New York Times bestselling author of The Devil’s Chessboard

Andrew Kreig, based in Washington, DC, is a public affairs commentator, author, attorney and legal reformer with decades of experience in cutting-edge public policy issues. Drawing on extraordinary contacts in the nation’s capital and globally, he is currently examining pivotal developments – many of them secret – that are transforming the American way of life. He provides his findings by his articles, lectures, broadcast interviews, books and through two organizations:  a non-partisan legal reform group, The Justice Integrity Project, and a public affairs consultancy he leads, Eagle View Capital Strategies.

Andrew is the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters, which draws on a century of history to provide the first comprehensive analysis of the Obama administration’s second-term. More information can be found at: http://www.presidentialpuppetry.com. The book grew out of the author’s work leading The Justice Integrity Project, a non-partisan legal reform group that investigates suspected official misconduct. The Washington, DC based author is an investigative reporter, non-profit executive, attorney and broadcast commentator.

Roy Lewis worked in the Texas School Book Depository with Lee Harvey Oswald. He can been seen in the famous Altgens6 photo taken the moment Kennedy was struck by the first bullet, standing facing to his left, and after the shots, running down the street toward the grassy knoll. Critics who did not like what Larry Rivera posted about his interview with Roy Lewis stated the fact that Lewis said he did not see Lee Oswald in the doorway. One comment was: “When I ask him if he recalls Oswald standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AS THE SHOTS WERE FIRED, what do you think he’s most likely to say…?”

The answer is simple: all photos show Lewis standing in front of the doorway figure, not next to him. Because of foreshortening in the Altgens6 photo, it looks like Lewis is ‘right under’ the doorway figure, but in other views, it is obvious that the figure is well behind him, not next to him. In 1964, Lewis said he thought all shots came from the TSBD. However, when Lewis was asked if it could have been Billy Lovelady standing, instead of Oswald, Lewis said he knew Billy Lovelady very well and had even purchased a car from him, but Lovelady was heaver, shorter, and almost bald. Hear what he has to say at the conference.

Wayne Madsen is a print and online investigative journalist, author and columnist. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report. He has appeared on major television news networks as a commentator and contributor. He has previously served as a U.S. naval office and worked at the National Security Agency, the Department of State, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is the author of fourteen books on subjects ranging from the the Bush family, David Petraeus, and Barack Obama to data privacy and genocide in Africa.

Wikipedia says: “He has been described as a conspiracy theorist.” Wikipedia also tells us that Madsen is considered “one of the world’s leading SIGINT and computer security experts.[17] 15]During his long employment with EPIC — the Electronic Privacy Information Center –he appeared as a guest on 60 Minutes,[18] ABC Nightline,[19] Voice of America,[20] National Public Radio.,[21] and Marketplace,[22].

Madsen was responsible for a big story in The Guardian about Edward Snowden and “Echelon”–secret data exchanges between the US and Europe– which was pulled solely because Madsen was the source. According to The Guardian,”…the [story]… was sound, but it was wrong to connect Wayne Madsen with the story. For this reason, the original story was removed from the website, and the Observer splash was replaced.”[35]. Wikipedia also says: “In 2003 he claimed that he had uncovered information in a classified congressional report that he said contained information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration through financial transactions with the hijackers. The Saudi Foreign Minister demanded the report be declassified so it could respond, however, the Bush administration refused, claiming that to do so would compromise intelligence sources and methods.”[36]

Considering the recent lawsuits that 9-11 families are bringing against Saudi Arabia, maybe Madsen “had something.” We think he can’t be wrong all of the time. Hear what he knows about Ted Cruz’ father, Rafael, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jim Marrs, a Texas native born in 1943, began working as a journalist while in junior high school. After graduating from University of North Texas in 1966 he attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock, joined the United States Army, and then became a police reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. After serving with the Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became a military and aerospace writer and an investigative reporter.  After interviewing members of the Dallas Police Department, witnesses and city officials, Jim realized that the Warren Commission participated in a cover-up of the Kennedy assassination Jim continued to investigate the case, and in 1976 began teaching a course about the assassination for the University of Texas at Arlington.

In 1989 Jim published Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (updated, 2013) – a major source of inspiration for Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK,” where he was a chief consultant.  Listed both in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America, Jim has won writing and photography awards such as the Aviation Aerospace Writer’s Association’s National Writing Award and Freedom Magazine’s Human Rights Leadership Award. Marrs has appeared on all major TV channels, is often quoted in documentaries, and continues to write best-selling books investigating government crimes, hidden agendas, and controversial subjects others fear to touch.

Jim will be receiving a special award at our Speaker’s Dinner on Saturday evening.

Barr McClellan is an attorney, business consultant and author (best-seller Blood, Money & Power). Barr was an attorney for LBJ for ten years and assisted with the bonus for LBJ’s super-attorney Ed Clark, the man who made arrangements for the assassination. Barr will discuss the Kennedy family views on Warren, John Jr’s call for penitence, the unified action between LBJ-CIA-Mafia, the Billie Sol Estes tapes, the grand jury action recommending LBJ be indicted for murder, and the trial of Clint Peoples Eliot.

Most telling, Eliot Janeway (economist for the Democratic party) provided LBJ’s admissions of his deep involvement. The connection to deep, dark politics emerges: the dangers LBJ presented to world peace are disclosed. Barr: “A trial is necessary. That key step must be provided. Steps to restore trust in America, to reduce the banality of corruption, and to complete closure of the malaise still impacting America will then be accomplished.”

Barr obtained his knowledge from the many disclosures he was told by people on the Kennedy side. He considers these facts of history to be a trust provided him. He is intent on fulfilling that trust. He is available as a consultant for movies and documentaries regarding this Crime of the Century, which was a crime against humanity.

After years of researching Johnson and the JFK assassination, Phillip F. Nelson conclusively showed that LBJ had an active role in JFK’s assassination. His best-selling books LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination and LBJ: from “Mastermind” to Colossus describe the darkly obsessive mind of one of America’s most ambitious and calculating politicians. A quote from page 77 of LBJ Mastermind will give you a glimpse of what Nelson knows: “There were extended relationships between many men at the lower levels of the hierarchy headed by Lyndon Johnson, the ultimate dispenser of political influence, and his closest associate, Bobby Baker. The next level in the “triangle of influence” connected Baker, Clint Murchison, and James Hoffa directly to Carlos Marcello, the Mafia chieftain of New Orleans, as well as his longtime lobbyist Irving Davidson.”

Phillip, who spoke to our conference in 2014, has acquired more information since then that we are anxious to hear. He worked in the property-casualty insurance industry and as an independent business owner until he retired at the age of fifty-eight and began his extensive research into the unsolved murder of our thirty-fifth president.

Beverly Oliver Massagee, a mother of two, is a well-known witness in the JFK assassination case who has a ministry with her husband, Charles Massagee. Beverly is a professional singer, professional ventriloquist, public speaker and lecturer, a published author, and movie actress (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Beverly, called “the Babushka lady” by Richard Sprague because of the European-style headscarf she wore on Nov. 22, 1963, was an eye-witness of JFK’s assassination. Young Beverly had worked as a singer at the Colony Club, a nightclub next door to Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. She and Ruby were friends; Beverly is one of several witnesses who saw Ruby and Lee Oswald together before Kennedy was shot. She was portrayed by actress Lolita Davidovich and was a technical advisor for Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK.”

Shane O’Sullivan’s professional background is primarily as a documentary filmmaker. His three feature documentaries to date explore contemporary political history and the counter-narratives of several infamous ‘enemies of the state’. Children of the Revolution tells the stories of the Baader Meinhof Group and the Japanese Red Army and was released in thirty cinemas across Japan in the summer of 2014.

He is the author of the book Who Killed Bobby? (NYC: Union Square Press, 2008) – based on his documentary RFK Must Die – and has distributed six documentaries in UK cinemas through his production company/DVD label E2 Films. One of his films, Killing Oswald (2013), was hailed as David Talbot “a major contribution to the Kennedy assassination field” and Jefferson Morley called “the best JFK documentary of the [50th anniversary] year.”

After completing his PhD at Roehampton University in 2013, Shane lectured in film making and film distribution at Regents University and Birmingham City University before his appointment at Kingston in September 2014 where he is a a member of the film making faculty. Shane lives in London and blogs on the Sirhan case at http://www.sirhanbsirhan.com.

Vince Palamara was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Duquesne University graduate. Vince is considered the leading civilian Secret Service authority. His first book, Survivors’ Guilt: the Secret Service & the Failure to Protect President Kennedy (2013), took over 20 years to research and write and has garnered much favorable reaction. His second book, JFK: from Parkland to Bethesda – the Ultimate Kennedy Assassination (2015), took over 15 years to research and write and has also garnered much favorable reaction.

Vince has appeared in over 120 other authors’ books, on radio, in television programs, on DVDs, in newspapers, at national conferences, and in many online resources. Watch for his third book, The Not So Secret Service – Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination (2016). Vince is working on a fourth book, as well.

Francis Gary Powers, Jr. was born June 5, 1965, in Burbank, California, he is the son of Francis Gary and Claudia “Sue” Powers. Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Master Degree in Public Administration / Certification in Non-profit Management from George Mason University (GMU), Fairfax, Virginia. Recently, he consulted for a Steven Spielberg Cold War thriller, Bridge of Spies released a few months ago about James Donovan who brokered the 1962 spy exchange between Rudolph Abel and U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, Sr.

Gary is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Cold War Museum, a 501(c) (3) charity located at Vint Hill, VA, 45 minutes west of Washington, DC, He founded the museum in 1996 to honor Cold War veterans, preserve Cold War history, and educate future generations about this time period. As Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Cold War Theme Study he works with the National Park Service and leading Cold War experts to identify historic Cold War sites for commemorating, interpreting, and preservation. Because of his efforts to establish The Cold War Museum, the Junior Chamber of Commerce selected him as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” for 2002. Gary lectures internationally and appears regularly on the History, Discovery, and A&E Channels. He is married and has one son.

Larry Rivera is Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. He was born in Alaska, the son of a career military man who served as a CID officer in the Army. He was in Germany on 11/22/63, age 6, and will never forget his father’s reaction upon hearing of JFK’s assassination.  He has made a lifelong study of the JFK assassination, making his first trip to Dealey Plaza in 1991. He attended the ASK Symposium in 1993 for the 30th anniversary.

He has given interviews about the assassination to Spanish media. Larry has published many articles on the assassination and has many YouTube videos covering his research.  He has given presentations at Santa Barbara for the 50th observance of the assassination in 2013 on Buell Wesley Frazier, and at Judyth Vary Baker’s Conference at Arlington in 2014 on the DPD motorcycle officers.

Larry has a degree in Computer Networking and is an expert at computer imaging technology and facial recognition, using state of the art digital overlays.  Currently, he helps host the Internet radio show “The New JFK Show” with Gary King and Jim Fetzer, conducting interviews and discussing new information on the JFK assassination.  He has just finished translating Judyth Vary Baker’s book,  “Me and Lee” into Spanish,  “Lee y yo”, and also has finished his own book,  due for publication soon, covering multiple aspects of the assassination.

Roger Stone is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. He is a legendary political operative who served as a senior campaign aide to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Senator Bob Dole. Stone would parlay being the youngest staff member of the Committee to Re-Elect the President in 1972 into being a conduit of secret memos from Ex-President Nixon to President Ronald Reagan throughout the 80s.

A veteran of eight national presidential campaigns, Stone would spend hours talking politics with Nixon as confidant and adviser in his post-presidential years. Stone is known for his hardball tactics, deep opposition research, biting candor, and love of English custom tailoring. Stone serves as mens’ fashion correspondent for the Daily Caller.” He is probably the most controversial speaker on the political horizon today, an insider who was there from the beginning, who doesn’t want Nixon blamed for what happened on Nov. 22, 1963.

Edgar F. Tatro is one of today’s preeminent experts on the Kennedy Assassination. Tatro holds a B.A. Degree in English, an MA in Urban Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Administration.  He taught high school English for 38 years, specializing in science fiction, mystery and horror, satire and comedy, creative writing, media and propaganda, and the origin, history and poetry of rock music. He also taught college and adult education courses for 30 years, specializing in the JFK assassination, subliminal messages in advertising, the influence of rock music on drug abuse, backward messages in music, and plagiarism in music.

Mr. Tatro is the author of more than 30 mystery and horror short stories, literary essays and poems published in many magazines across the country, including many research articles pertaining to the JFK assassination conspiracy. His work has been acknowledged or footnoted in many JFK assassination books, including Reasonable Doubt by Henry Hurt, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers, Destiny Betrayed by Jim DiEugenio, (Probe Magazine) by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster by John H. Davis, Killing Kennedy by Harrison Livingstone, JFK; The Book of the Film by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar, Doug Weldon’s essay in Murder in Dealey Plaza, JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass, and  David Ferrrie: Mafia Pilot by Judyth Vary Baker.

Ed is the original editor of Texas in the Morning, the memoirs of LBJ’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, and editor of the Bugliosi chapter in Biting the Elephant by Dr. Rodger Remington. He contributed research to Senator Sam Ervin’s Watergate investigative committee, the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the National Academy of Sciences (JFK acoustical analysis project). He attended Clay Shaw’s trial in New Orleans, in February 1969, and was given access to the court exhibits by Judge Edward Haggerty.

Ed also served as a minor consultant to Oliver Stone’s film, “JFK.” He testified before the Assassination Records Review Board in March 1995, in Boston, Mass. He was responsible, via the ARRB, for the release of the unidentified print found on a box in the alleged sniper’s nest in the Texas School Book Depository, and, via the LBJ Library, for the release of the rough drafts of the rough draft of NSAM #273, which he shared with L. Fletcher Prouty, who shared them with Oliver Stone for post-JFK research.

Mr. Tatro was a consultant to Nigel Turner’s “The Truth Shall Set You Free,” and “The Smoking Guns,” parts six and seven of The Men Who Killed Kennedy series. He was a primary recruiter and participant in Turner’s “The Guilty Men,” part nine of the same series.

The author of more than 550 professional publications, Dr. Cyril Wecht is also an editorial board member of more than 20 national and international medical-legal and forensic scientific publications; editor of the five-volume set, Forensic Sciences (Matthew Bender); co-editor of the two and three-volume sets, Handling Soft Tissue Injury Cases and Preparing and Winning, Medical Negligence Cases (both published by Michie).

Formerly the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Saint Francis Central Hospital in Pittsburgh, Dr. Wecht is now the President of its medical staff and is actively involved as a medical-legal and forensic science consultant, author, and lecturer.

Dr. Wecht has organized and conducted Postgraduate Medical-Legal Seminars in more than fifty countries throughout the world in his capacity as Director of the Pittsburgh Institute of Legal Medicine. He has performed approximately 17,000 autopsies and has supervised, reviewed or has been consulted on approximately 30,000 additional postmortem examinations.

Being an expert in Forensic Medicine, Dr. Wecht has frequently appeared on several nationally syndicated programs discussing various medicolegal and forensic scientific issues, including medical malpractice, drug abuse, the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the death of Elvis Presley, the O.J. Simpson case, and the JonBenet Ramsey cases.

His expertise has also been utilized in high profile cases involving Mary Jo Kopechne, Sunny von Bulow, Jean Harris, Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, the Waco Branch Davidian fire, and Vincent Foster. A comprehensive study of these cases are discussed from the perspective of Dr. Wecht’s own professional involvement in his books, Cause of Death, Grave Secrets, and Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? (All published by Dutton/Penguin).

Stan Weeber (Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2000) is an award-winning Professor of Sociology at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His interests in sociology include assassination, political violence, and global extremism. He has authored several books, including Political Crime in the United States (1978), Militias in the New Millennium (2004) and The Denton Connection (2016).

His sociological work has appeared in many journals; he also serves on the editorial boards of numerous sociology journals and has been selected as a manuscript reviewer for the discipline’s top journal, The American Sociological Review. Stan’s analysis of Denton, Texas residents and how they are linked to the Kennedy assassination offers a new and troubling look at the crime of the century.




Angelina Nobile, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the youngest daughter of Judge August Nobile. She writes: “[Two years before ] my father died, after heart surgery he revealed many surprising things to me. My father was an attorney, Secretary of the Police Jury, Assistant District Attorney and finally Judge of the 25th Judicial District Court, Louisiana. His political career in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes commenced under his mentor, the colorful right-wing Judge Leander Perez, Sr. These parishes were considered part of the New Orleans metropolitan statistical area. Leander Perez, Sr., known as “The Delta Boss” since 1919, and his political machine ruled these parishes with an iron hand. Because of his close association with Perez, Judge Nobile knew Jim Garrison, Guy Banister, Salvadore La Charda and Carlos Marcello among many others. Judge Nobile was privy to the intense objections to JFK, Robert Kennedy and MLK. Clandestine and conspiratorial activities of the Perez political organization and the organization run by Carlos Marcello, who owned gambling establishments in the parishes, was well know in the area.

A back swamp, oil rich political machine and an organized crime syndicate came together with a national government entity to make a plan where everyone would get what they needed in order to continue their secret and illegal activities. Their plan came to a culmination on November 22, 1963 with the shocking assassination of JFK. Angeline has come forth to speak for the first time to inform the world that Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent man who was used to obscure the truth and the culprits who had a hand in the JFK assassination plan. She is not writing a book nor is she receiving any monetary compensation for her story.

Claudia Rodick is the granddaughter of Susie Hanover, who was Judyth Vary Baker’s landlady in New Orleans in 1963. Claudia has memories of her visits to her grandmother that summer that includes seeing Lee Oswald sitting on the front porch at 1032 Marengo St. You will enjoy what she has to say about “dear old Susie,” Susie’s dog Collie, and how what she remembers fits with what Judyth has reported.

FOUNDED AND PRODUCED BY: Judyth Vary Baker AND CO-PRODUCED by Lorien Fenton/Conscious Community Events. Copyright 2014, 2015, 2016..


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Bonus Read


T 11/26/2016 07:51:00 AM
Broadcasting Board of Governors

“EARLY EDITION. SPECIAL REPORT. Father of Orlando shooter part of U.S. pro-Taliban CIA/VOA network by Wayne Madsen Report” (cited by albert champion in the comments):

“Seddique Mir Mateen, the presidential pretender of Afghanistan and father of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, is part of a pro-Taliban network of Afghan and Pakistani propagandists who use the television and radio networks funded by the CIA-influenced Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) to spread their messages to audiences throughout the world. Mateen hosts a television show called the Durand Jirga Show, which is funded through his Durand Jirga, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mateen’s program is broadcast by Payame Afghan out of Los Angeles, which is also the home to a number of CIA- and VOA-subsidized satellite broadcasts in the Farsi language to Iran.

Mateen claims he maintains his own intelligence network, but this appears to be a reference to his CIA and Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) friends who are involved in South Asia’s propaganda war using satellite programs broadcast in Pashto — major languages of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mateen’s broadcast language Dari, and Urdu.

The BBG has funded a number of U.S.-based broadcasters that operate from the United States, Pakistan, and Afghanistan in order to target Pakistani and Afghan audiences in the United States and around the world with propaganda. For example, the Voice of America uses Pakistani television networks to broadcast VOA programs produced in Washington that involve anchors located in Washington and Pakistan. One Urdu-language program called “The Platform” airs on Pakistani television with an anchor in Washington and local hosts in Lahore and Islamabad. Another show is “Kahani Pakistani,” a TV magazine program. These attempts at winning over the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan are considered major failures and a waste of taxpayers’ funds.

Even after the 9/11 terrorist attack on the United States, the VOA’s Pashto service gave a propaganda platform to the Afghan Taliban.

After the September 11 attack, Spozhmai Maiwandi, the director of the Voice of America’s Pashtun service, jokingly nicknamed “Kandahar Rose” by her colleagues, aired favorable reports on the Taliban, including a controversial interview with Taliban leader Mullah Omar. It should not be surprising, therefore, that Seddique Mir Mateen’s own views side with those of the Taliban. The presence of a number of pro-Taliban Afghan-Americans in the United States was facilitated by the CIA’s support for the mujaheddin cause in the Afghan jihadist war with the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Even Afghan-American diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad, the former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations, served as a key interlocutor between the Taliban government of Afghanistan and the UNOCAL oil company in Houston in the late 1990s. Today, those links serve Khalilzad and the CIA well at the CIA-linked Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, where Khalilzad serves as a counselor.”

“On Blacklists and Russia ‘Hacking’ American Democracy” (and note the Ukrainian neo-Nazi source at the end provided by Mark Ames, who has also emailed Yves Smith, and presumably has deep Russian sources):

“Details about this group continue to emerge. It appears there’s a chance that PropOrNot is connected to groups funded the Broadcasting Board of Governors, a CIA spinoff that manages the U.S. government’s foreign propaganda division. If true, that would make PropOrNot’s activities illegal — in violation of a federal law that prohibits the BBG from intentionally influencing or swaying public opinion inside the United States. Creating blacklists of American journalists, labelling them as traitors and then circulating this information to American newspapers would certainly fall into that category.”

“U.S. Seeking a Stronger World Media Voice”.

Support for the Taliban reminds me of the CIA-Taliban alliance, and the use of a Ukrainian neo-Nazi against the Russians, it is like the CIA is having an LSD flashback. “Operation Cyclone”. “Operation Paperclip”.

AT 11/26/2016 09:18:00 AM

Link du jour



A look at NYC Mayor Fernando Wood and the 1857 police riot

FBI Presstitutes

Head of FBI in Las Vegas: ‘I want to take down the barriers’

FBI Las Vegas Division Director Aaron Rouse speaks to the media at the local FBI Headquarters, Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.

Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 | 2 a.m.

Careers at the FBI
Rouse says the FBI is looking for job candidates from all backgrounds and with diverse talents. The local branch employs about 300 people. Those interested can visit fbijobs.gov.

With an American flag pin on his lapel and an assertive smile on his face, the new special agent in charge of the FBI’s Las Vegas Division introduced himself. Appointed by FBI Director James onent of the Nevada Election Day Integrity Task Force, undertaking investigations into election fraud complaints or voting abuses.

Rouse said a career with the FBI was an opportunity for a life of service to the nation, but prospective agents shouldn’t expect the job to be as it’s portrayed in movies, TV shows or books. The FBI isn’t a rogue organization; it operates by the rule of law.

“It’s a cadre of hard-working men and women who believe in protecting this country from people who can hurt it,” Rouse said.

The agency guards its methodologies, but for those who want to understand how it works in more depth, Rouse recommends locals apply to the FBI’s citizen’s academy. Those accepted — requirements are being a U.S. citizen and passing a screening — spend eight weeks learning more about its operations.

Rouse said he wanted to build a mutually beneficial “bond of trust” between the agency and the community.

“I want to take down the barriers that keep people from cooperating with the FBI,” he said.


FBI agent pays fine in shooting into Las Vegas hotel cooler
killing lobster

Friday, Aug. 29, 2003 | 9:33 a.m.

An FBI agent who fired two rounds into a walk-in cooler at a Strip hotel in May has paid the Barbary Coast $12,517 for the damage and paid a $105 fine after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge, authorities said.


FBI agent found unconscious

Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005 | 11:23 a.m.

An FBI agent has been charged with misdemeanor drunken driving after being found unconscious with an empty bottle of rum and a loaded gun inside his pickup truck as it began to catch fire.

Special Agent Robert Clymer, 40, was cited by Metro Police in the early morning hours of Jan. 29 after he passed out with the engine running in the truck near Gowan Road and Buffalo Drive.

An empty bottle of Captain Morgan's rum and a handgun with one round in the chamber were found in the cab of the truck that jumped a curb and came to a stop near a key code box in front of a gated community, police said.

The FBI would not comment about Clymer or possible disciplinary actions that could be taken against him, but he is a member of the bureau's organized crime squad and is one of the agents investigating the Crazy Horse Too strip club.

Metro Police were called about 3 a.m. on Jan. 29 by security at the Suncoast who reported that there was an apparently drunk man with a holstered gun on his hip who was urinating in the parking lot.

When security approached the man in the parking lot, he got into his Chevrolet Silverado pickup and drove off before Metro officers arrived, Metro Police spokesman Sgt. Chris Jones said.

Before leaving, the man dropped a loaded handgun magazine in the parking lot, Jones said.


FBI agent Clymer involved in 911 investigation of Flight
93 Hijacker


INTELWIRE DOCUMENTS: 9/11 Commission, Memorandum For The Record, FBI Interviews. Part 1 via @intelwire
documents.intelwire.com › 2009/01 › 91...
Jan 27, 2009 - ... 9/11 Commission Memorandum For The Record, interview with FBI agent Robert Clymer Investigation of Ziad Jarrah activities in Las Vegas

Miami Robber Shot To Death By FBI Couple leaving swingers sex club
January 05, 1987
see link for full story


MIAMI -- A 27-year-old robber was killed early Sunday in a parking lot shoot-out with a husband-and-wife team of off-duty FBI agents who had just left the Playhouse Swingers Sex Club.He was attempting to rob, and the woman agent was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the chest.


Turns Out Trump’s New National Security Advisor Also Played Loose With The Rules

| 2:53 pm, November 27th, 2016 10

I really thought that one of the few positive things that would result from Trump’s win was our collective tacit agreement that as a society, we’re now going to pay some attention to how government officials follow security protocols. I even hoped that implicit in Trump’s yammering to “lock her up” was a promise to create at least the appearance of strict respect for and adherence to rules about the handling of sensitive information in the future.   But no such luck. In President Elect Trump’s choice of Michael Flynn as his national security advisor, we have concrete proof that the incoming administration is gearing up for four years of unprecedented irony. Now, the individual who will be chief advisor to the president on security issues will be someone who apparently installed a forbidden internet connection in his Pentagon office, allegedly gave classified information to NATO allies without authorization, and reportedly snuck out of the CIA station in Iraq when he deemed the required approval too “insane” for him to seek, according to a recent profile in The New Yorker.

Unlike Trump, Michael Flynn has had a long and relevant career to his position in the incoming administration.   Like Trump, Flynn has a brash personality, a history of disturbingly erratic behavior, and a serious problem with the concept of objective truth. The New Yorker’s Dana Priest recently penned a piece discussing her personal experiences with Mike Flynn and his colleagues. Priest’s account of talking with two dozen of Flynn’s close peers resulted in the following disturbing assessments of Flynn’s short stint as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (“DIA”):

“They all like Flynn personally. But they described how he lurched from one priority to another and had trouble building a loyal team. ‘He made a lot of changes,’ one close observer of Flynn’s time at the D.I.A. told me. ‘Not in a strategic way—A to Z—but back and forth.’

His subordinates started a list of what they called ‘Flynn facts,’ things he would say that weren’t true, like when he asserted that three-quarters of all new cell phones were bought by Africans or, later, that Iran had killed more Americans than Al Qaeda. In private, his staff tried to dissuade him from repeating these lines.”

After leaving the DIA, Flynn’s career followed the road paved by ousted government officials who preceded him; he wrote books, gave speeches, and gave television commentary. As seems to be so often the case with the public servant-turned-media-contributor set (see, e.g., Rudy Giuliani), Flynn’s statements became more outrageous and less truthful. He calls Islam a “cancer” that is not a religion, but is rather a “political ideology,” and he made social media postings falsely asserting that Islam calls for eighty per cent of humanity enslaved or exterminated.

Is Lt.-Gen. Flynn Right that Islam is not a Religion?

Mike Flynn’s appointment as National Security Director does not require Senate conformation, so it’s happening, whether it’s a good idea or (more likely), not. The true problem with Trump’s appointments of Flynn, Bannon, DeVos, and others lies only partially with the individuals. Problematic as they are, the broader concern


Hispanic F.B.I. Agents' Suit Reflects a Sense of Betrayal
Published: September 11, 1988

EL PASO, Sept. 10— Whatever the outcome of their historic discrimination trial, whatever the judge's final ruling later this month, Hispanic agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they know that bigotry has made them second-class citizens in an agency responsible for enforcing the nation's civil rights laws.

More than half the bureau's 439 Hispanic agents have joined as plaintiffs in the discrimination suit, which went to trial in a Federal court here last month. The suit, filed in the name of all Hispanic agents as a class, accused the bureau of discrimination in the promotion and training of Hispanic agents.


Democratic death wish
The party can’t be serious about Keith Ellison, but apparently some Democrats are

Rep. Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democrat vying to become the new Democratic National Committee chairman, says his party lost the 2016 presidential election by failing to connect with working-class voters. He says the party must refocus for the future. (Associated ... more >
Sunday, November 27, 2016
You can always tell a liberal, but you apparently can’t tell him much. The biggest names of the Democratic Party, who now call themselves progressives, have endorsed Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota to be the new chairman of the party, to lead it as it attempts to regain the confidence of the nation. Sens. Bernard Sanders of New Hampshire, Chuck Schumer of New York, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts are telling their constituents to join Mr. Ellison in a rush to oblivion.
They’re apparently working without a map, counting on Mr. Ellison’s dead reckoning, with dead being the operative word. Mr. Ellison is the chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and a man who worked his heart out for Bernard Sanders in the primaries this year, and that, alas, is the respectable part of his curriculum vitae. He worked earlier for Louis Farrakhan, the notoriously anti-Semitic leader of the Nation of Islam, and a man with cozy relationships with radical Islamic jihadists make him a symbol of exactly what the Democrats don’t need as the face of their party.
Mr. Ellison is himself a Muslim and a conspiracy theorist of the first rank. He compared the 9/11 attack on New York and the World Trade Center to the Reichstag fire, which brought Hitler to power in Germany, suggesting that 9/11 was initiated not by Osama bin Laden and the radical Islam terrorists, but by the George W. Bush administration to ignite a holy war against Islam. Mr. Ellison’s idea for a successful Democratic comeback two years hence is to double down on everything that cost Hillary Clinton the election. He prescribes a disastrous single-payer health scheme to replace Obamacare, a campaign to repeal the Second Amendment, and other unlikely unpleasant things.
He’s no latter day convert to the nostrums of the radical left. He wants to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves and establish a separate homeland for blacks. He disavowed Louis Farrakhan, sort of, to clean up his reputation once he was elected to Congress. He said he didn’t really know very much about Mr. Farrakhan, whom he had followed and for whom he had worked for years, once organizing a march to accuse the FBI of plotting the murder of Mr. Farrakhan.
The Democrats might be tempted to elect Mr. Ellison when they meet next March because they have such slim pickings now. Other candidates for party leadership are Howard Dean, the onetime candidate for the party’s presidential nomination and an earlier chairman of the party; the relentlessly ambitious and unpopular former governor of Maryland, and Ilyse


Court asked to rule Clinton emails involved 'misconduct'
“The U.S. federal government has produced two State Department Inspector General reports and a report following an FBI investigation, which collectively


Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995
The West’s Shift Toward Repression
November 27, 2016

The West’s “liberal democracies” are undergoing a shift toward repression with new initiatives to spy on citizens and punish whistleblowers who expose government abuses, observes ex-British intelligence officer Annie Machon.

By Annie Machon

Forgive my “infamously fluent French” but the phrase “pour encourager les autres” – a reference to executing one powerful person to send a message to others – seems to have lost its famously ironic quality. It seems that the U.S. government is globally paying big bucks to people to encourage them to expose the crimes of their employers, but only if they’re working for banks and other financial institutions – as opposed to say working for the government and its intelligence agencies.

I have been aware for a few years that the U.S. government instituted a law in 2010 called the Dodd-Frank Act that is designed to encourage people employed in the international finance community to report malfeasance to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), in return for a substantial percentage of any monies recouped.

Seal of the National Security Agency
This law seems to have produced a booming business for such high-minded “whistleblowers” – if that could be the accurate term for such actions. They are celebrated and can receive multi-million dollar paydays, the most recent (unnamed) source receiving $20 million.

Nor is this U.S. initiative just potentially benefiting U.S. citizens – it you look at the small print at the bottom of this page, disclosures are being sent in from all over the world. Which is all to the public good no doubt, especially in the wake of the 2008 global financial crash and the ensuing fall-out that hit us all. We need more clarity about arcane casino banking practices that have bankrupted whole countries, and we need justice.

But U.S. government does send out a number of contradictory messages to those in other areas of work who might also have concerns about the legality of actions by their organizations which may have equal or even graver impacts on the lives of their fellow human beings.

Contrasting Legal Duties

If you work in finance anywhere in the world and you see irregularities, it is apparently your legal duty to report them through appropriate channels and then count the dollars as they flow in as reward. Such is the power of globalization, or at least the U.S. self-appointed role as the global hegemon.

Whistleblowers visiting East Germany’s old Stasi headquarters. L-R: Coleen Rowley, Annie Machon, William Binney, Elizabeth Murray, David MacMichael, Jesselyn Radack, Sander Venema (SAA’s Webmaster), Todd Pierce, Tom Drake. (Photo credit: Niels Ladefoged)
However, if you happen to work inside the U.S. government, its intelligence agencies or its military, under the terms of the U.S. Constitution, it would appear that you also have a solemn duty under oath to report illegalities that violate the Constitution by going through the officially designated channels and hoping that reform is the result.

But, from all recent examples, it would appear that you get damn few thanks for such patriotic actions. Take the case of Thomas Drake, a former senior National Security Agency executive who in 2007 went public about waste and wanton expenditure within the agency, as I wrote way back in 2011. Before doing so, Drake had gone through all the prescribed routes for such disclosures, up to and including a congressional committee.

Despite all this, Drake was abruptly snatched by the FBI in a violent dawn raid and threatened with 35 years in prison. He (under the terrifying American plea bargain system) accepted a misdemeanor conviction to escape the horrors of federal charges, the resulting loss of all his civic rights and a potential 35 years in prison. He still, of course, lost his job, his impeccable professional reputation, and his whole way of life.

He was part of a NSA group that also included William Binney, the NSA’s former Technical Director, and his fellow whistleblowers Kirk Wiebe, Ed Loumis and Diane Roark. These brave people had developed an electronic mass-surveillance program called Thin Thread that could zero in on those people who were genuinely of security interest and worth targeting, a program which would have been relatively cheap, costing only $1.4 million and would have been consistent with the terms of the Constitution. According to Binney, it could potentially have stopped 9/11 and all the attendant horrors..

Instead, it appears that bureaucratic backs were scratched and political favors called in by the incoming neoconservative government of George W Bush in 2000, and another program called Trail Blazer was developed, to the tune of $1.2 billion – and which spied on everyone across America (as well as the rest of the world) and thereby broke, at the very least, the terms of the Constitution.

Yet Bill Binney was still subjected to an FBI SWAT team raid – he was dragged out of the shower early one morning at gunpoint. All this is well documented in an excellent film “A Good American” and I recommend watching it.

If the treatment of financial whistleblowers were in place for national security whistleblowers, Binney would have received a payout of millions of dollars for protecting the rights of his fellow citizens and for saving the American taxpayers more than $1 billion. But, of course, Binney’s whistleblowing was not in the long-term business interests of the now-global surveillance of the National Security State.

Eisenhower’s Warning

President Dwight Eisenhower, in his valedictory speech in 1961, warned of the subversive interests of the “military-industrial” complex. That seems so quaint now as we face a steroid-pumped, globalized military surveillance industry that will do anything to protect its interests. So, rather than holding the powerful and well-connected accountable for fleecing and spying on the American people, it is the principled whistleblowers who are crushed — “pour encourager les autres.“

President Dwight Eisenhower delivering his farewell address on Jan. 17, 1961.
There are the even-more-egregious cases of Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Edward Snowden. The former, as you may remember, is the former U.S. Army private currently serving 35 years in a military prison for exposing U.S. war crimes. She is the most obvious victim of outgoing-President Obama’s war on whistleblowers and surely deserving of his supposed outgoing clemency.

The latter, currently stranded in Russia en route from Hong Kong to political asylum in Ecuador is, in my view and as I have said before, the most significant whistleblower in modern history. But he gets few thanks – indeed incoming Trump administration appointees have in the past called for imposing the death penalty on Snowden.

So all this is a “wonderfully outstanding encouragement” to those in public service in the U.S. – not. Work for a bank and anonymously snitch –ka-ching! Work for the government and blow the whistle – 30-plus years in prison or worse. Hmmm.

If President-elect Donald Trump is serious about “draining the swamp” then perhaps he could put some serious and meaningful public service whistleblower protection measures in place, rather than prosecuting such patriots.

After all, such measures would be a win-win situation, as I have said many times before – a proper and truly accountable channel for potential whistleblowers to go to, in the expectation that their concerns will be properly heard and investigated.

That way the intelligence agencies can become truly accountable, sharpen their game, avoid financial scandals and better protect the public; and the whistleblowers do not need to ruin their lives, lose their jobs, face imprisonment, or worse.

After all, where are the most heinous crimes witnessed? Sure, bank crimes impact the economy and ruin the lives of working people; but out-of-control intelligence agencies that kidnap, torture and assassinate people around the world, operating in secret, actually end lives.

Western Repression

All that said, other Western liberal democracies are surely less draconian than the U.S., no? Well, unfortunately not. Take the U.K., a country still in thrall to the glamorous myth of James Bond, and where there have been multiple intelligence whistleblowers from the agencies over the last few decades – yet all of them have automatically faced prison.

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. (Photo credit: The Guardian)
In fact, the U.K. suppression of intelligence, diplomatic and military whistleblowers seems to have acted as an exemplar to other countries in how you stifle ethical dissent from within.

Sure, the prison sentences for such whistleblowing are not as draconian under the U.K.’s Official Secrets Act (1989) as the anachronistic U.S. Espionage Act (1917). But the clear bright line against ANY disclosure is just as stifling.

In the U.K., a country where the intelligence agencies have for the last 17 years been illegally prostituting themselves to advance the interests of a foreign country (the U.S.), this is simply unacceptable. Especially as the U.K. has just made into law the Investigatory Powers Act (2016), which legalizes all this previously illegal activity and indeed expands the hacking powers of the state. (This law was enacted over expert advice.)

More worryingly, the ultra-liberal Norway, which blazed a calm and humanist trail in its response to the murderous white-supremacist terrorist attacks of Anders Breivik five years ago, has now proposed a draconian surveillance law.

And Germany – a country horrified by revelations made by Snowden in 2013 which stirred memories of the surveillance powers of the Gestapo and the Stasi last century – has also just expanded the surveillance authority of its intelligence agencies.

In the face of all this, it appears there has never been a greater need of intelligence whistleblowers across the Western world. Yet it appears that, once again, there is one standard for financial whistleblowing, complete with generous financial rewards.

But for whistleblowers in the intelligence world, for those Poor Bloody Whistleblowers, it’s prosecution and persecution as usual, despite the fact that they may indeed be serving the most profound of public interests – freedom, privacy and the ability to thereby have a functioning democracy.

As always – plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. So back to my fluent French, referenced at the start: we are, it seems, all still mired in the merde.

Annie Machon is a former intelligence officer in the UK’s MI5 Security Service (the U.S. counterpart is the FBI).


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Stalin’s chief execution under the NKVD the predecessor of Putin’s KGB, Nice people.It is said of your friend Vasili “Over a twenty-eight day period, Vasili Blokhin personally performed over 7000 of these Polish executions at Katyn. Usually, the executions would take place from dusk til dawn, with Blokhin preferring to work at night for these types of tasks. Blokhin would work nearly uninterrupted each night, reportedly killing a prisoner about every three minutes, averaging around 300 executions per night.” http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/03/the-man-who-personally-executed-over-7000-people-in-28-days-one-at-a-time/

Heat is Online


To Carry a Light into Darkness — California Governor Jerry Brown Promises to Fight Like Hell Against Trump’s War on Science
“If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite.” — Jerry Brown

“Creating lists of employees smacks of McCarthyism and should cease immediately.” — The Union of Concerned Scientists

“Fear is palpable among U.S. climate scientists over Trump moves” — The Japan Times

“Assaults on science are characteristic of non-democratic, authoritarian, fascist governments. We worry it is going to get worse.” Dr Peter Gleick

“We’ve got more sun than you’ve got oil.” — Jerry Brown


Donald Trump hasn’t even taken office yet. But the war on climate science that he promised on the campaign trail has already begun. And in response, the good and necessary resistance is starting to form.

Last week, PEOTUS sent a chill through the scientific community when his transition team delivered a 74 question document to the Department of Energy asking for the names of all personnel who’ve worked on climate change or who attended U.N. climate talks within the last five years.

(Demonstrators protest in support of scientists outside the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco on December 14. Attacks against climate scientists have hit a fever pitch since the election of Donald Trump. Image source: Buzzfeed.)

Almost immediately after the letter’s delivery, The Union of Concerned Scientists made the following response:

 “The Union of Concerned Scientists strongly condemns the effort by the President-elect’s transition team to seek the names of federal employees who have conducted climate research and worked on issues such as the social cost of carbon. We cannot imagine any legitimate purpose to this inquiry…

“This action should not be viewed in isolation. The Trump transition team is teeming with individuals with a proven history of attacking climate scientists and undermining climate science. Several transition team members now overseeing federal agencies have harassed scientists based on their research and have long signaled a desire to dismantle federal climate science research. Over the past few years, Congress has increasingly singled out specific government employees when their work is politically inconvenient.

“Creating lists of employees smacks of McCarthyism and should cease immediately. And Department of Energy employees should resist complying with any demands that would compromise the independence of the agency’s experts.”

The Department of Energy subsequently refused to provide the names requested. But the impact of the circulated questionnaire was profound — prompting protests and a swell of outrage from scientists, journalists and concerned citizens. Workers and officials at DOE expressed fears that Trump was developing an enemies list. And, considering the purges and attacks on scientists that occurred in numerous countries around the world following the election of climate change deniers during recent years, these fears were sadly quite valid.

Eliminating NASA Funding, Death Threats on Twitter

In a separate but related instance, Trump Administration officials reportedly stated that they intended to eliminate NASA’s climate research funding. Not only would this result in a purge of climate scientists from U.S. government offices. It would also precipitate the loss of climate monitoring satellites and the potential loss of decades of scientific data collected by some of the top researchers in the world. Concerned that scientists would be suddenly expelled and that critical data would be lost, as happened during similar purges that occurred in Canada and Australia under climate change deniers Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott, workers for various agencies began frantically copying data in order to ensure its preservation.

Meanwhile, instances of politically motivated threats against climate scientists mounted. Peter Gleick, a hydro-climatologist and co-founder of the Pacific Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, reported to the Japan Times that he received death threats in the form of pictures of guns posted to him after he tweeted critically about threats of violence to scientists made by Brietbart on Twitter.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California Vows to Fight Against Trump’s Anti-Science Agenda

Concern for scientists as a class increasingly victimized by political extremists like Trump hit a fever pitch this week at the American Geophysical Union Conference in San Francisco. There, hundreds of pro-science protesters marched outside as the meeting halls swelled with over 20,000 worried scientists and their supporters.

Among the attendees was Governor Jerry Brown of California who delivered this impassioned speech:

(Jerry Brown has pushed for pro-renewable energy, pro-climate response policies in California for decades. He has vowed to defend both science and progressive values from an impending assault by Donald Trump. Video source: YouTube.)

Brown highlighted the tremendous danger that human civilizations now face. The oceans are rising and acidifying, the weather is worsening, habitats, food and water sources are being destroyed. He also noted that in order to prevent climate harms, people would have to face down both “big oil” and “big financial structures that are at odds with the survivability of our world.”

Brown called on scientists and their ‘truth teller and truth seeker’ supporters to fight back.  And, in doing so, he pledged the aid of California’s scientific and legal communities saying: “We’ve got the scientists and we’ve got the lawyers and we’re ready to fight back. We’re ready to defend.”

Brown cited past major environmental achievements by California including 28 percent renewable power generation, a goal to hit 50 percent in the coming years, and zero emissions vehicle and mileage standards that became the benchmark for the nation. Unlike Trump, Brown pledged to fully support international climate agreements and to work with over 200 states to help to reduce harms from climate change. Touting California’s 2.1 trillion dollar economy, Brown stated — “We will persevere. We will prevail.”

But Brown’s highest points involved his pledge to launch satellites if Trump shuts down NASA climate monitoring systems and to pit California’s economic might as a renewable energy power against the old fossil fuel interests. Brown stated:

“Well, I remember back in 1978, I proposed a Landsat satellite for California. They called me Governor Moonbeam because of that. I didn’t get that moniker for nothing. And if Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite. We’re going to collect that data. …

“We’ve proved in California that the economy grows… in part because of the rules and the climate policy that we’ve adopted… and California is growing a whole hell of a lot faster than Texas and we’ve got more sun than you’ve got oil.”

Carrying a Light in the Darkness

Brown, in his support of the U.S. scientific community and in his pledge to conti


Taking Back Our Lives
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
We Need Help Fighting The Banks

The other day I got a letter from my credit card bank, Citibank. It began, “We’re replacing your existing Card Agreement with a new version, which is enclosed.” They claimed that “It’s designed with you in mind,” but I doubt that.

The new Agreement is described in detail, without any indication of what is new, so I don’t know what they have changed. What hasn’t changed is the tilt of the Agreement toward Citibank. Interest rates for loans are very low these days. Rates for mortgages range between 2.5% and 4%. Auto loans are even cheaper, between 2% and 3%. My home equity loan from my local bank is 3.5%. When big banks borrow money, they pay close to zero interest.

But don’t borrow money from your credit card bank. My new Agreement, like the old Agreement, lists huge rates for money I “borrow” from Citibank. If I owe money on my card, the rate is 14.24%. If I get a cash advance, the rate is 25.49%, beginning the moment I get the money. There are also fees. A cash advance costs 5% of the amount, in addition to the interest.

These are the costs of having a credit card. We might think they are unreasonable, but getting a card means agreeing to one-sided Agreements like this one. If I didn’t like any of the changes to my Agreement, whatever they were, I could close my account.

But on one new provision in my new Agreement, I was given a choice. Citibank wants any disputes about my account to be subject to arbitration, meaning that the dispute is settled by an arbitrator, without recourse to the courts. Here’s why Citibank and other credit card companies like this idea.

An arbitration is an individual case, so consumers can’t band together in a class action suit. The result is purely monetary, so if the dispute is caused by fraud or other illegal action by the bank, they are not subject to legal penalty. The cost of arbitration is picked up by the bank and they typically select the arbitrator (do you know one?), steering lots of business to arbitrators who deliver verdicts they like. One big arbitration service, the National Arbitration Forum, had to get out of the business of consumer arbitration because it was so cozy with the banks that it was being sued by many city and state attorneys.

Wells Fargo, the current Dishonest Bank of the Year, defrauded countless customers by creating millions of fake accounts in their names. Now it is killing lawsuits filed by its customers by moving the disputes to arbitration. If successful, the bank might have to repay fees they charged to the customers, but would not be liable for penalties due to fraud. Although some judges have ruled that Wells Fargo’s fraud should be adjudicated in court, other judges have forced customers to go to arbitration.

The dishonesty of Wells Fargo over many years, cheating millions of customers for many years, and thus far escaping with no jail time for any employee, shows how insignificant we consumers are when we come up against giant corporations. Even well known people, like the Los Angeles music star Ana Bárbara, get crushed by their power. A Wells Fargo employee created sham accounts and credit lines in her name, took out more than $400,000 of her money, then regularly went to her house to steal her Wells Fargo statements from her mailbox. She had to cancel appearances, costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead of her day in court, Bárbara will have to go to arbitration.

Protection for the consumer can only come from the government. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 takes its name seriously. Dodd-Frank does not let banks force consumers into arbitration for the biggest loans we take out, mortgage and home equity loans. It created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to write regulations to implement that change. It also asked the CFPB to study credit card arbitration agreements and report to Congress.

The government effort to examine credit card “agreements” about arbitration is why my bank offered me the chance to opt out of arbitration. All I had to do was write a letter to them saying I rejected the arbitration provision of my “updated Card Agreement”. I did that. Thank you, Dodd-Frank.

Republicans have fought against Dodd-Frank since it was first discussed in Congress. They tried to prevent the CFPB from ever being formed. Donald Trump has said he would dismantle Dodd-Frank, saying, ““Dodd-Frank has made it impossible for bankers to function.” Trump’s selection for Secretary of the Treasury, who will oversee banking regulations, is Steven Mnuchin. Mnuchin worked for Goldman Sachs, a financial firm that got a $10 billion bailout from the federal government in 2008. He made billions by foreclosing on homeowners during that financial collapse. His main qualifications for running Treasury is that he was Trump’s campaign finance chairman.

Dodd-Frank makes it less possible for the big banks to push us into tilted arbitration when the banks act like Wells Fargo. It’s an equalizer for the little consumer dealing with the big banks. Without it, we’re at their mercy.

Steve Hochstadt
Jacksonville IL
Published in the Jacksonvill


creation of the CIA is lodged in the windpipe of America

“In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed William Donovan as head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), an organization that was given the responsible for espionage and for helping the resistance movement in Europe. He was helped in this by William Stephenson and Britain’s MI6 chief, Stewart Menzies.

Donovan was given the rank of major general and during the Second World War he built up a team of 16,000 agents working behind enemy lines. The growth of the OSS brought conflict with John Edgar Hoover who saw it as a rival to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He persuaded President Harry S. Truman that the OSS in peacetime would be an “American Gestapo”. At the end of the war, Truman ordered the OSS to be closed down leaving a small intelligence organization, the Strategic Services Unit (SSU) in the War Department.

After leaving the OSS Frank Wisner joined the Wall Street law firm, Carter Ledyard. However, in 1947, he was recruited by Dean Acheson, to work under Charles Saltzman, at the State Department’s Office of Occupied Territories. Wisner moved to Washington where he associated with a group of journalists, politicians and government officials that became known as the Georgetown Set. This included Frank Wisner, George Kennan, Dean Acheson, Richard Bissell, Desmond FitzGerald, Joseph Alsop, Stewart Alsop, Tracy Barnes, Philip Graham, David Bruce, Clark Clifford, Walt Rostow, Eugene Rostow, Chip Bohlen, Cord Meyer, Richard Helms, Desmond FitzGerald, Frank Wisner, James Angleton, William Averill Harriman, John McCloy, Felix Frankfurter, John Sherman Cooper, James Reston, Allen W. Dulles, Walter Lippmann and Paul Nitze.

The group often met at the home of Chip Bohlen on Dunbarton Avenue. Most men brought their wives to these gatherings. Members of what was later called the Georgetown Ladies’ Social Club included Katharine Graham, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Sally Reston, Polly Wisner, Joan Braden, Lorraine Cooper, Evangeline Bruce, Avis Bohlen, Janet Barnes, Tish Alsop, Cynthia Helms, Marietta FitzGerald, Phyllis Nitze and Annie Bissell.

The Office of Strategic Services provided a model for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that was established in September 1947. Others have suggested that it was the British Security Coordination (BSC) that was really the important organisation. According to Joseph C. Goulden several of the “old boys” who were around for the founding of the CIA like repeating a mantra, “The Brits taught us everything we know – but by no means did they teach us everything that they know.” The role of the CIA was to evaluate intelligence reports and coordinate the intelligence activities of the various government departments in the interest of national security. Frank Wisner remained concerned about the spread of communism and began lobbying for a new intelligence agency. He gained support for this from James Forrestal, the Defense Secretary. In June 1948, George Kennan, drafted a directive that resulted in the Office of Special Projects.

Wisner was told to create an organization that concentrated on “propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world”. Thomas Braden later recalled: “Wisner brought in a whole load of fascists after the war, some really nasty people. He could do that, because he was powerful. Harrison E. Salisbury commented: “He (Wisner) was the key to a great many things, a brilliant, compulsive man, of enormous charm, imagination, and conviction that anything, anything could be achieved and that he could achieve it.”

Later that year Frank Wisner established Operation Mockingbird, a program to influence the American media. Wisner recruited Philip Graham (Washington Post) to run the project within the industry. According to Deborah Davis (Katharine the Great): “By the early 1950s, Wisner ‘owned’ respected members of the New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other communications vehicles.”

Rear Admiral Sidney W. Souers, who was the Deputy Chief of Naval Intelligence, was appointed the first Director of Central Intelligence. Walter Bedell Smith took over the post in 1950 and held it until being replaced by Allen W. Dulles in 1953.

According to Deborah Davis, the CIA operative Cord Meyer became the “principal operative” of Operation Mockingbird. One of the most important journalists under the control of Mockingbird was Joseph Alsop, whose articles appeared in over 300 different newspapers. Other journalists willing to promote the views of the CIA included Stewart Alsop (New York Herald Tribune), Ben Bradlee (Newsweek), James Reston (New York Times), Charles Douglas Jackson (Time Magazine), Walter Pincus (Washington Post), William C. Baggs (Miami News), Herb Gold (Miami News) and Charles Bartlett (Chattanooga Times). According to Nina Burleigh (A Very Private Woman) these journalists sometimes wrote articles that were commissioned by Frank Wisner. The CIA also provided them with classified information to help them with their work.

After 1953 the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. By this time Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. These organizations were run by people with well-known right-wing views such as William Paley (CBS), Henry Luce (Time Magazine and Life Magazine), Arthur Hays Sulzberger (New York Times), Alfred Friendly (managing editor of the Washington Post), Jerry O’Leary (Washington Star), Hal Hendrix (Miami News), Barry Bingham Sr., (Louisville Courier-Journal), James Copley (Copley News Services) and Joseph Harrison (Christian Science Monitor).

The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was funded by siphoning of funds intended for the Marshall Plan. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers. Frank Wisner was constantly looked for ways to help convince the public of the dangers of communism. In 1954 Wisner arranged for the funding the Hollywood production of Animal Farm, the animated allegory based on the book written by George Orwell. According to Alex Constantine (Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA), in the 1950s, “some 3,000 salaried and contract CIA employees were eventually engaged in propaganda efforts”. Wisner was also able to restrict newspapers from reporting about certain events.

Another project started by Frank Wisner was called Operation Bloodstone. This secret operation involved recruiting former German officers and diplomats who could be used in the covert war against the Soviet Union. This included former members of the Nazi Party such as Gustav Hilger and Hans von Bittenfield. Later, John Loftus, a prosecutor with the Office of Special Investigations at the U.S. Justice Department, accused Wisner of methodically recruiting Nazi war criminals. As one of the agents involved in Operation Bloodstone, Harry Rositzke, pointed out, Wisner was willing to use anyone “as long as he was anti-communist”.

John Simkin

More here: http://spartacus-educational.com/2WWcia.htm


Henry Heimlich, life-saving maneuver creator, dies at 96







The Dumb American Presidents of The Past: Or Were They? The Ignoramus in Office.
December 19, 2016Uncategorized
It is hard to imagine that we have had so many dumb American presidents. I’m not confining this to one party but it appears this characteristic crosses both parties. For years now probably going back to John F. Kennedy, or perhaps even before him, all of those presidents have been engaged in an activity that is truly a waste of time. You would think they had better things to do with themselves.

I say they are dumb because the incoming president who says he is smart does not have to follow what they had to do. Trump said: “I don’t have to be told — you know, I’m like a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing and the same words every single day for the next eight years. It could be eight years — but eight years.”

You see the self-described smart person is not about to follow what all those other presidents did which can only mean they were dumb. Can you imagine what those prior presidents did? They received daily intelligence briefings.

Trump points it out: “But if they’re going to come in and tell me the exact same thing that they told me, you know, that doesn’t change necessarily. There might be times where it might change. I mean, there will be some very fluid situations. I’ll be there not every day but more than that. But I don’t need to be told, Chris, the same thing every day, every morning, same words. Sir, nothing has changed. Let’s go over it again. I don’t need that.”

Well, I’d suggest we are pretty lucky now that we have a president who is so clever. How did we ever survive all the years up to now with our other presidents being told the same thing over and over again? Were they really all retarded that each morning the intelligence briefing was carried on for a half an hour or more and it just consisted of “sir, nothing has changed. Let’s go over it again.”

But here is the problem that I see. If these presidents that preceded the Trump were not dumb but were clever and smart in their own right what are we supposed to make of all of them receiving daily intelligence briefings and the Trump deciding that he does not need them.

All I can conclude is that the Trump has no idea what the job of president involves. I’ve mentioned before that he is the first president ever to be elected who was not a general, politician or public servant with years of experience. He is a neophyte when it comes to working in the government. Yet at this early stage he has rejected the course followed by his predecessors to get daily briefings but has suggested because his underlings get them he does not have to receive them.

He said: “Now, in the meantime, my generals are great, are being briefed. Mike Pence is being briefed, who is, by the way, one of my very good decisions. He’s terrific. And they’re being briefed.” You have to wonder that if the Trump thinks the briefings are such a waste of time why are all these other people taking the time to listen to them. Is he suggesting that unlike him they are not smart and have to be told the same thing over and over again?

My take on the whole thing is that Trump wants to run the presidency like he runs his business. He knows what is involved in constructing a building, He does not have to be appraised of daily matters.

If he were smart he would know that he is woefully ignorant when it comes to running foreign policy. Things are fluid. They change by the moment, sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually. Even if they didn’t, no briefing should ever be the same.

The idea behind day-to-day briefings is to listen and then ask questions and propose solutions. The next day the briefing will answer the questions and discuss the solutions that should bring about more questions. The day after when they come back with answers more questions must be asked and solutions suggested. The next day they are discussed and more questions asked. It is an ongoing process so that the president will have thought about things, raised questions, and received answers. Solutions do not respond to quick judgments. They have to be thought about.

The Trump’s refusal to be briefed, to ask questions, to think about it, propose solutions and have the back and forth required to really understand something is disturbing. He does not understand his job. He is an ignoramus in office.

He will not only not be prepared when a crisis arrives he will have so alienated the intelligence agencies that their work will suffer. They will think if he doesn’t care and is going to act like a cowboy why should we put in all the work to get things right. Sadly America will suffer greatly.


New Government Studies Found That FBI Fails to Report Many Killings by Police

A new federal government study has found that the FBI has reported far fewer killings by police than actually happened.

The study found there were about 1,200 killings by police in in 2015, compared to the FBI’s official count of 442.

The discovery casts serious questions about the data collected by the FBI, which compiles what are supposed to be the official counts.

The study suggests tracking arrest-related deaths by using media reports and follow-ups with law enforcement and coroners’ offices.

“The revised … program methodology is designed to increase the reliability, validity, and comprehensiveness of the data collection,” the study repo


NYPD cop busted for stealing soap from Newburgh Walmart

December 19, 2016, 4:23 PM

New Orleans mayor announces $13.3 million in settlements over Hurricane Katrina police shootings


Donald Trump
Donald Trump will violate the US constitution on inauguration day
Laurence H Tribe
Because of the emoluments clause, the electoral college would be fully justified in concluding that he is unsuited to the presidency

‘The looming constitutional shadow cast by a Trump presidency poses a frightening risk to our national security.’ Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters
Contact author
Monday 19 December 2016 06.30 EST

When Donald Trump swears at the inauguration that he will “faithfully execute the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States”, he will be committing a violation of constitutional magnitude.

Analysis How does the electoral college vote work – and can it stop Trump?
America’s unique system of electing a president was born of a constitutional crisis and means that the result of the 2016 is still – theoretically – in the balance
Read more
The US constitution flatly prohibits any “Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the United States]” from accepting “any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State”.

Known as the emoluments clause, this provision was designed on the theory that a federal officeholder who receives something of value from a foreign power can be tempted to compromise what the constitution insists be his exclusive loyalty: the best interest of the United States. The clause applies to the president and covers even ordinary, fair market value transactions with foreign states and their agents that result in any profit or benefit. That a hostile government has gotten its money’s worth from our president is obviously no defense to a charge that he has abused his office.

Trump’s continued interest in the Trump Organization and his steady stream of monetary and other benefits from foreign powers put him on a collision course with the emoluments clause. Disentangling every improper influence resulting from special treatment of Trump’s business holdings by foreign states would be impossible. The American people would be condemned to uncertainty, leaving our political discourse rife with accusations of corruption. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that Tr


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JANUARY 9, 2017
Former FBI Agent Calls for Clemency for Leonard Peltier

In a letter sent to President Obama, a former FBI Special Agent called for the president to grant clemency to Native American activist and federal prisoner Leonard Peltier, who has served over 40 years in prison after being convicted in a flawed trial for the deaths of two FBI agents.
Former Agent John C. “Jack” Ryan wrote in the letter “In my opinion…the circumstances surrounding the case in combination with the passage of 4 decades of time served support his request to live his final years at home.”
Peltier was convicted in 1975, and has remained behind bars despite concerns about political bias and injustice that have clouded his case. Now the 72 year-old’s health is failing, he has exhausted all appeals, and he is not up for parole until 2024. More than 100,000 people have signed an Amnesty International petition calling for him to freed.
Ryan was a charter member of the FBI Agents Association and was with the Bureau from 1966 to his removal in 1987, when he refused to investigate activists protesting U.S. involvement in Nicaragua because he believed that they had done nothing wrong. As an agent, he wrote in his letter, “we were taught to follow orders and we acted on good faith on the directions given, believing we were doing the right thing.” Of the events that led to the end of his FBI career, he said “I was faced with a moral dilemma and did what I thought was right.”
“The FBI's perpetual demonization of Leonard Peltier is an effort to poison public opinion and avoid self-reflection,” said Cynthia K. Dunne, a former federal prosecutor and co-counsel for Peltier. “Mr. Peltier's clemency petition is not a referendum on federal law enforcement. It presents a moral imperative which President Obama has the opportunity to address. By reckoning with the past and moving forward in the best interests of justice, reconciliation and compassion, we can become a stronger nation. It is time to free Leonard Peltier.”
“Leonard Peltier may die in prison unless the president acts before his term is up,” said Zeke Johnson of Amnesty International USA. “President Obama should seize the opportunity to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier as a humanitarian gesture that President-elect Trump cannot reverse.”
Last week, the former head of the prosecution team that convicted Peltier also wrote to President Obama calling for clemency. Former U.S. Attorney James H. Reynolds wrote that clemency for Peltier would be “in the best interest of Justice.” 
Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, Dave Archambault II also sent a letter to President Obama about the case. Over 50 Members of Congress and others—including federal appellate Judge Gerald Heaney, who sat as a member of the court in two of Peltier’s appeals—have all called for his immediate release.

Heat is Online


Four years later, after earning a law degree from Whittier Law School in California, Morrison isn't looking back after landing a job supporting work of an Oregon nonprofit that's helping teenagers sue the government over climate change. That lawsuit in federal court in Oregon passed a major hurdle late last year when District Judge Ann Aiken rejected arguments by the Obama administration and the fossil fuel industries to dismiss the case, setting up a potential trial later this year, and creating a buzz across the country.


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Attorney General Sessions Would Be Good News for Private Prisons
The facilities are more violent and less humane than their government-run counterparts

JAN. 9, 2017 6:00 AM

When Donald Trump's victory on election night became clear, the shares of the largest private prison corporations shot up. If the Senate confirms Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) as the next attorney general in the coming weeks, the companies and their shareholders will have even more to celebrate.

Last summer, the Justice Department announced it would stop contracting with the for-profit prison industry, whose facilities are more violent and less humane than government-


Wife of a U.S. marshal accused of framing his ex-girlfriend in Craigslist 'rape fantasy' plot


NYPD vows to take rape seriously after precinct captain comments
SPECIAL TO THE DAILY NEWS Monday, January 9, 2017, 10:00 PM


Column A Texas federal judge OKs nationwide discrimination in healthcare against transgender people


Two Huntington Beach police officers shoot and kill dog while trying to arrest owner


L.L. Bean pleads: Don’t boycott us over Trump donation
The granddaughter of the company’s founder donated to a pro-Trump group, which spurred a boycott. And that was just the beginning.


If a Best Buy technician is a paid FBI informant, are his computer ...

But emails between Geek Squad technicians and FBI agents in the Louisville field office indicate a long-running relationship. In revealing those publicly in a Dec ...


Nygard Sues Investigator Hired By Save The Bays
Bahamas Tribune-
Mr Nygard has filed a complaint against former FBI agent John DiPaolo, and his D&R Agency LLC for alleged racketeering, but the document names several ...


Inside LAX's New Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Unit
The Atlantic-
She was, in fact, one of the very few female African American agents in the Bureau's history. Her daughter is also now an FBI special agent, making them the ...


The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital

Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Review of William Pepper's Book

By Craig McKee
Global Research, September 05, 2016

For one bright moment back in the late 1960s, we actually believed that we could change our country. We had identified the enemy. We saw it up close, we had its measure, and we were very hopeful that we would prevail. The enemy was hollow where we had substance. All of that substance was destroyed by an assassin’s bullet. – William Pepper (page 15, The Plot to Kill King)

The revelations are stunning. The media indifference is predictable.

Thanks to the nearly four-decade investigation by human rights lawyer William Pepper, it is now clear once and for all that Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and that also involved the U.S. military, the Memphis Police Department, and “Dixie Mafia” crime figures in Memphis, Tennessee. These and many more incredible details of the King assassination are contained in a trilogy of volumes by Pepper culminating with his latest and final book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King. He previously wrote Orders to Kill (1995) and An Act of State (2003).

With virtually no help from the mainstream media and very little from the justice system, Pepper was able to piece together what really happened on April 4, 1968 in Memphis right down to who gave the order and supplied the money, how the patsy was chosen, and who actually pulled the trigger.

Without this information, the truth about King’s assassination would have been buried and lost to history. Witnesses would have died off, taking their secrets with them, and the official lie that King was the victim of a racist lone gunman named James Earl Ray would have remained “fact.”

Instead, we know that Ray took the fall for a murder he did not commit. We know that a member of the Memphis Police Department fired the fatal shot and that two military sniper teams that were part of the 902ndMilitary Intelligence Group were sent to Memphis as back-ups should the primary shooter fail. We have access to the fascinating account of how Pepper came to meet Colonel John Downie, the man in charge of the military part of the plot and Lyndon Johnson’s former Vietnam briefer. We also learn that as part of the operation, photographs were actually taken of the shooting and that Pepper came very close to getting his hands on those photographs.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media has ignored all of these revelations and continues to label Ray as King’s lone assassin. In fact, Pepper chronicles in detail how a disinformation campaign has featured the collaboration of many mainstream journalists over almost half a century. He says he suspects that those orchestrating the cover-up, which continues to this day, are no longer concerned with what he writes about the subject.

“I’m really basically harmless, I think, to the power structure,” Pepper said in an interview.

“I don’t think I threaten them, really. The control of the media is so consolidated now they can keep someone like me under wraps, under cover, forever. This book will probably never be reviewed seriously by mainstream, the story will not be aired in mainstream – they control the media. It was bad in the ’60s but nowhere near as bad as now.”

And the most stunning revelation in The Plot to Kill King – which some may question because the account is second hand – is that King was still alive when he arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital and that he was killed by a doctor who was supposed to be trying to save his life.

“That is probably the most shocking aspect of the book, that final revelation of how this great man was taken from us,” Pepper says. (By the way, when I quote Pepper as having “said” something I mean in our interview. If I’m quoting from the book, I’ll indicate that.)

The hospital story was told to Pepper by a man named Johnton Shelby, whose mother, Lula Mae Shelby, had been a surgical aide at St. Joseph’s that night. Shelby told Pepper the story of how his mother came home the morning after the shooting (she hadn’t been allowed to go home the night before) and gathered the family together. He remembers her saying to them, “I can’t believe they took his life.”

She described chief of surgery Dr. Breen Bland entering the emergency room with two men in suits. Seeing doctors working on King, Bland commanded, “Stop working on the nigger and let him die! Now, all of you get out of here, right now. Everybody get out.”

Johnton Shelby says his mother described hearing the sound of the three men sucking up saliva into their mouths and then spitting. Lula Mae described to her family that she looked over her shoulder as she was leaving the room and saw that the breathing tube had been removed from King and that Bland was holding a pillow over his head. (The book contains the entire deposition given by Johnton Shelby to Pepper, so readers can judge for themselves whether they think Shelby is credible – as Pepper believes he is.)

William Pepper with his friend Martin Luther King.

In fact, a second invaluable source was Ron Adkins, whose father, Russell Adkins Sr., was a local Dixie Mafia gangster and conspirator in the planning of the assassination even though he died a year before it took place. Ron told Pepper he had overheard Bland, who was his family’s doctor, tell his father that if King did survive the shooting he had to be taken to St. Joseph’s and nowhere else. As Pepper describes it:

He remembers Breen Bland saying to his father, ‘If he’s not killed by the shot, just make sure he gets to St. Joseph Hospital, and we’ll make sure that he doesn’t leave.’

Ron, who was just 16 when the shooting took place, was apparently taken everywhere by his father in those days, and he was able to recount many details of what happened as the assassination was planned and carried out.

“I definitely found him credible,” Pepper says. “I found him troubled, I found him disturbed in a lot of ways by things that went on earlier in his life.”

His deposition is also contained in the book, which Pepper explains was important so that readers could judge the statements for themselves.

“What I wanted to do was to make sure that the entire deposition of these critical moments and this critical information was there, so that one could go and read the depositions and see that I was being accurate,” Pepper says.

Besides describing what he heard Bland tell his father, Ron Adkins described the many visits made to Russell Sr. by Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover’s right hand man. Known to Ron as “Uncle Clyde,” the high-level FBI official often delivered cash to the elder Adkins for jobs he and his associates would carry out on behalf of Hoover. Among those the younger Adkins said were paid to supply information about the activities of Martin Luther King were the reverends Samuel “Billy”  Kyles and Jesse Jackson.

The basics of the official story

If you seek out any information from a mainstream source about James Earl Ray, you’ll find him described as the killer of Martin Luther King, just as Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan are labelled “assassins” in the murders of John and Robert Kennedy.

But once you read any or all of Pepper’s three books on the King slaying, you see very clearly that Ray is not a killer at all. Instead, he was a petty criminal who was a perfect “follower.” Like Oswald and Sirhan, Ray was set up to take the fall for an assassination that originated within the American deep state. In fact, Pepper says he’s convinced that knowledge of the plot went all the way to the top.

“The whole thing would have been part of Lyndon Johnson’s playbook,” Pepper says. “I think Johnson knew about this.”

As the official story of the shooting goes, at 5:50 p.m. on April 4, Kyles knocked on the door of room 306 of the Lorraine Motel to let King and the rest of his party know that they were running late for a planned dinner at Kyles’s home. Kyles then walked about 60 feet down the balcony where he remained even after King came out of the room at about 6 p.m. (Although Kyles has maintained ever since that he spent the last half hour in the room, Pepper has proven otherwise.)

Andrew Young (left) and others on balcony of the Lorraine pointing to where the shot originated while King lies at their feet. (Joseph Louw photo)

Members of a militant black organizing group the Invaders, who were also staying in the motel because of King’s visit, were told shortly before the shooting by a member of the motel staff that their rooms would no longer being paid for by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and that they had to leave immediately. When they asked who had given this order, they were told it was Jesse Jackson. At the time of the shooting, Jackson was waiting down by the swimming pool. Ron Adkins also identified Jackson as the person who called the owners of the Lorraine Motel and demanded that King be moved from a more secure inner courtyard room to an exposed room on the second floor facing the street.

The Memphis Police Department usually formed a detail of black officers to protect King when he was in town, but did not this time. Emergency TACT support units were pulled back from the Lorraine to the fire station, which overlooked the motel. Pepper also learned that the only two black members of the Memphis Fire Department had been told the day before the shooting not to report for work the next day at the fire station. And black detective Ed Redditt was told an hour before the shooting to stay home because a threat had been made on his life.

Just about a minute after King exited his room, a single shot was fired and the bullet ripped through King’s jaw and spinal cord, dropping him immediately. The shot appeared to come from across Mulberry Street. King was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 7 p.m.

According to the official story, the shot was fired by Ray from the bathroom of a rooming house above a bar called Jim’s Grill, which backed on to Mulberry and faced onto South Main Street. But, as Pepper’s investigation proves, the shot actually came from the bushes located in between the rooming house and the street.  In fact, the only “witness” who placed Ray at the scene was a falling-down-drunk named Charles Stephens, who later did not recognize Ray in a photograph and who cab driver James McCraw had refused to transport a short time before because he was too intoxicated.

The bushes that concealed the shooter were conveniently trimmed the day after the shooting, giving a false impression that a shooter could not have been concealed there. Several witnesses, including journalist Earl Caldwell and King’s Memphis driver, Solomon Jones, described seeing the shot come from the bushes and not from the bathroom of the rooming house as the official story states.

Another casualty of the King murder was cab driver Buddy Butler who reported that he saw a man running from the scene right after the shot, going south on Mulberry St., and jumping into a police car (this would turn out to be MPD Lieutenant Earl Clark). Butler reported this to his dispatcher and later to fellow cab driver Louie Ward. Butler was interviewed at the Yellow Cab Company later that evening by police. Ward was told the next day that Butler had either fallen, or was pushed, to his death from a speeding car on the Memphis-Arkansas Bridge.

The owner of Jim’ Grill, Loyd Jowers, would later admit to being part of the conspiracy to kill King, and he would be found responsible – along with various government agencies – for the killing in a 1999 civil lawsuit by the King family, which was represented by Pepper.

“The King family got enormous comfort out of the results of that trial and the evidence that came forward from that,” Pepper says.

Betty Spates, a waitress at Jim’s Grill and girlfriend of Jowers, says she saw him rush into the back of the Grill through the back door seconds after the shot, white as a ghost and holding a rifle, which he then wrapped in a tablecloth and hid on a shelf under the counter. He turned to her and said, “Betty, you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, would you?” She responded, “Of course not, Loyd.” Spates, who didn’t come forward until the 1990s, also recounted that Jowers had been delivered a large sum of money right before the assassination.

James McCraw stated that Jowers had shown him a rifle the day after the shooting and told him it was the one used to kill King.

“We confronted Loyd,” Peppers explains. “We told him he was likely to be indicted if he didn’t help us, if he didn’t give more information. Jowers didn’t know there was no way the grand jury was going to indict him. All he knew was what he did, what he participated in, how much money he got for it – he got quite a large sum of money, built a taxi cab company with it, had his gambling debt with [local Mafia figure Frank] Liberto forgiven.”

Liberto, an associate of Louisiana crime boss Carlos Marcello, turned out to be involved in the assassination also. He owned a produce warehouse and one of his regular customers, John McFerren, was making his weekly shopping trip there when he overheard Liberto shout into the phone an hour before the shooting: “Shoot the son of a bitch on the balcony.” Nathan Whitlock and his mother, LaVada Addison Whitlock, who owned a restaurant frequented by Liberto, stated that Liberto had told them he was responsible for the King murder.

Setting up the patsy

One thin


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Denver Muslims warned FBI in Dec. that accused RTD shooter was 'very radicalized'

Blair Miller

12:48 PM, Feb 2, 2017



Hacker claims to have access to some data from security firm hired by FBI to unlock iPhone 5c in San Bernardino case

  • February 2, 2017 



Last year, there was a huge battle between Apple and the FBI in regards to iOS security. Specifically, the FBI asked Apple to compromise iOS security in order to get into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c. The FBI then turned to Cellebrite to get into the phone. Now, Motherboard reports that a hacker has released files allegedly from Cellebrite that demonstrates how such tools can be dangerous.

The hacker claimed to have taken the newly released data from a remote Cellebrite server, and said they had extracted them from UFED images. They told Motherboard that the files were encrypted, likely in an attempt to protect Cellebrite’s intellectual property, but that they managed to bypass the protections.

Motherboard reports that Cellebrite had over 900GB of files stolen from its server last month which suggests that the firm sold cracking tools to Russia, Turkey, the UAE, and many others. Motherboard adds that the hacker responsible released some cached files from Cellebrite relating to cracking older iPhones.

The Black Panther Party and Black anti-fascism in the United States

February 2, 2017


The Black Panther Party, the International Liberation School and the National Committees to Combat Fascism were the sponsors of the National Conference for a United Front Against Fascism in 1969. This poster spread the word. – Photo courtesy of Student Digital Gallery

Fascism has been thrust into the mainstream political vocabulary of the United States since the election of President Donald Trump on a platform grounded in xenophobia, corporate dominance and right wing white nationalism. After the election, search engines and online dictionaries reported a dramatic increase in users seeking to define the term.

News outlets from Al Jazeera (“The Foul Stench of Fascism in the Air”) to Forbes (“Yes, a Trump presidency would bring fascism to America”) to the Washington Post (“Donald Trump is actually a fascist”) published articles analyzing how Trump fits into fascist paradigms. Most recently, The Nation (“Anti-Fascists Will Fight Trump’s Fascism in the Streets”) chronicled the long history of anti-fascist organizing in Europe and the United States to inspire activists engaged in resistance at this political moment.

Black history has been marginalized in this burgeoning contemporary discourse about fascism. Analyses of the U.S. as fascist have a long history in the Black intellectual tradition. Black thinkers like Harry Hayward, Claudia Jones, George Jackson and Kuwasi Balagoon used fascism as an analytical framework to understand the rise of segregation in the South after Reconstruction; white populism at the turn of the 19th century; land and labor struggles in the Black Belt South, and the evolution of capitalism in the 1970s.

The Black Panther Party played a prominent role in the modern history of Black anti-fascism. Panther leaders were deeply influenced by “The United Front Against Fascism,” a report by Georgi Dimitroff delivered at the Seventh World Congress of the Communist International in July-August 1935.

Black history has been marginalized in this burgeoning contemporary discourse about fascism.

By 1969, the Panthers began to use fascism as a theoretical framework to critique the U.S. political economy. They defined fascism as “the power of finance capital” which “manifests itself not only as banks, trusts and monopolies but also as the human property of FINANCE CAPITAL – the avariciou





Former FBI agent shoots man intruding in home after fight in Anne Arundel Co., police say








Office of Private Sector

Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release) (blog)-

Brad Brekke, former FBI agent and former chief security officer for an ... According to Brad Brekke, the head of today's FBI Office of Private Sector (OPS), “We ...









Police admit to favors for witness

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette-15 hours ago

Jeffrey Robertson, a special agent with the FBI, described how Jasmine Griffin, the chief witness for the prosecution, provided information to the FBI on occasion ...


cop to plead guilty in Rizzo trash scandal; feds say he took bribes

Detroit Free Press-

6 in a case that alleges he took a $5,000 bribe from an undercover agent in ... Reynolds who unwittingly introduced Harris to the










The Harvell gazette-Jay White, a retired FBI agent and a former member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, will lead the discussion. White is an adjunct faculty member at several ...









FBI uses threat of deportation to turn immigrants into snitches

International Business Times UK-

The FBI's Confidential Human Source Policy Guide identifies the agency's 'secret ... "If the [informant]'s location is unknown, the [FBI agent] must work with ICE to ...








Marion County coroner releases cause, manner of death for 2 people killed in fiery Tesla crash



McCarthy, a former FBI agent, was the president and CEO of Case Pacer, an Indianapolis-based software company. Speckman, who was newly engaged, had recently graduated law school and was working at Case Pacers.












Artist disappointed by University's removal of statue

The Eagle-

“The message being sent by AU to FBI Special Agents and their families, past and present, and to all members of the law enforcement community, is both clear ...







New revelations show the FBI still poses serious threats to civil ...

The Canary-

If an FBI agent wants to infiltrate a particular group, they must obtain approval and justify the operation's importance and alignment with the constitution. But not if ...









Police withdraw from controversial FBI anti-terrorism task force - by ...




-       The San Francisco Police Department has suspended its nearly decade-long cooperation with the FBI's anti-terrorism task force, the department announced ..











Yale Police, FBI to host second Future Law Enforcement Youth ...

Yale News-

Yale Police, FBI to host second Future Law Enforcement Youth Academy ... Antoine, and Kevin Kline, assistant special agent in charge for the









From Abbie Hoffman to Malcolm X, Ol' Dirty Bastard to the Insane Clown Posse, FBI files read like a veritable Who's Who of the 20th Century. This project aims to











Why Did The FBI Say It Couldn't Release Documents To 'FOIA Terrorist' Jason Leopold That It Released To Me Months Earlier?

from the hmmm dept

What's up, FBI? Back in early 2015, when the FBI and (specifically) Director James Comey ramped up their silly "going dark" moral panic about how strong encryption was making us less safe, I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the FBI for all of the FBI's internal talking points about "going dark" or other views on encryption. My main reason for this was really to see if I might uncover some of the reasoning for why the FBI had quietly deleted a page on its website that encouraged people to encrypt their phones. It took until May of last year, but the FBI finally delivered me a stack of talking points, mostly focused on talking point lists and speeches given by Comey. I never wrote about it because the talking points alone weren't even that interesting.

In fact, I'd almost totally forgotten about that entire request. But then, a few weeks ago, right here on this site, Tim Cushing wrote about the latest escapades of Jason Leopold, the reporter whose use of FOIA requests is so prolific that he's been dubbed a "FOIA terrorist" by the DOJ. It turns out that Leopold had made a similar request to the FBI... and was told that while they had found 487 responsive records, they were giving him a grand total of 0 of them, because they were all subject to restrictions on release. In that article, Cushing, rightly explains why this is ridiculous. The whole point of "talking points" is to share them with the public. There is simply no FOIA exemption that allows for blocking them.

But this was even more bizarre to me for the simple fact that the FBI had already sent me many of those documents. I didn't add up all the pages sent to me, but I can tell it's probably closer to about 100 pages than 487, so clearly the FBI is likely lying to me as well in terms of how many "responsive" documents there really were, but I'm confused as to why the FBI couldn't release these kinds of documents to Le












New film to air next week on PBS links McVeigh to far-right ahead of ...

Enid News & Eagle-

Jeff Jamar of the FBI, speaking in the documentary, said it seemed negotiations never really existed. "We were just in a situation where all it could do was grow ...








Don't Rebrand the 'Countering Violent Extremism' Program—Just ...

Reason (blog)-1 hour ago

... people showing signs of 'radicalization,'" comments Michael German, a former FBI agent who now hangs his hat at the Brennan Center for Justice.



For the Southern Poverty Law Center, the move suggests that "President Trump wants the government to stop its efforts to prevent terrorism by far-right extremists." For Jezebel, it's "another victory in a long series of wins for Neo Nazis, the KKK, and other violent and terroristic groups." Salon calls it "pandering to white supremacists." The target of their ire: a plan to rebrand the federal government's Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program. According to Reuters, which cites "five people briefed on the matter," the Trump administration wants to rename it "Countering Radical Islamic Extremism," or maybe just "Countering Islamic Extremism," and to focus its attention on Muslim terrorists rather than the various domestic right-wing kinds.

In practice, CVE's efforts are already focused overwhelmingly on Muslims. But the big question here shouldn't be which groups ought to be the program's targets. It's whether the program should exist at all. No matter whether it's aimed at Islamists, white nationalists, or anyone else, the CVE approach has two big problems.

First: It rests on the idea that the best way to root out terrorism is to fight "radicalization." This idea has support among both Democrats and Republicans, but the evidence supporting it is sparse. When investigators at the British think tank 











Reports: Trump hung up on Australian PM


... for 120 days and orders the departments of State and Homeland Security to work with the FBI and CIA on "enhanced vetting" of those seeking refugee status.



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Blink Tank

This Country Has The Most Humane Prison System

Link du jour



An East Harlem cop with an “odd fetish” on the job illegally stuck his finger in a disabled man’s anus during a bogus search at a bodega, a new lawsuit claims.

John Hidalgo says he went to a deli on E. 106th St. between First and Second Aves. on Sept. 7 to buy his daughter candy.

After greeting the clerk, a plainclothes NYPD officer in the store told Hidalgo he had a “bulge” in his shirt — which Hidalgo explained was his cell phone in a belt holder. He showed the officer the device.

But the officer, identified in the suit as Officer Febres from the 23rd Precinct, insisted on conducting a search. Despite not finding contraband, he allegedly “slipped his hands up into Plaintiff's shorts, and reached his hand to his underwear and started fondling, squeezing, jerking and pinching Plaintiff's testicles through his underwear,” Hidalgo's Manhattan federal lawsuit alleges.


A tattoo artist who alleges he was sodomized by police in a subway station and the city are still far apart on a settlement amount to end the long-running suit.

Michael Mineo, 32, is keeping on with a police brutality suit after two previous trials ended in hung juries.

Three officers were previously acquitted of criminal charges connected to the 2008 incident in which Mineo alleged cops restrained him and sodomized him with a police baton during his arrest for smoking marijuana in a Prospect Park subway station.

During a Monday court date, city lawyer Karl Ashanti said the sides haven’t had any recent settlement talks.

Michael Mineo at the courthouse where officer Richard Kern testified at his trial for aggravated sexual assa

Heat is Online

This is February? 80°F in Denver, 99° in Oklahoma, 66° in Iceland, 116° in Australia

By: Bob Henson , 4:17 PM GMT on February 14, 2017

The strong, recurrent Pacific jet stream that’s been delivering massive amounts of rain to California has also been pushing mild Pacific air downslope off the Rockies and eastward, keeping the southern two-thirds of the U.S. absurdly warm for early February. From New Mexico to Virginia southward to the Gulf Coast, trees and shrubs are budding out en masse up to three weeks ahead of schedule (see Figure 1). In Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth recorded its last freezing temperature on January 8. With no freezes expected into at least the last week of the month, there’s a chance that the Jan. 8 reading of 20°F will be DFW’s last freeze of the winter. That would eclipse the earliest final freeze of the season (Feb. 5, 2000), in records extending back to 1899. The February warmth comes after a three-month span that was milder in Texas than any Nov/Dec/Jan period since the 1930s Dust Bowl, according to state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon.

The warm, moist air prevailing along the South has been teaming up with occasional jet-stream intrusions to produce severe thunderstorms, including an unusually large number of tornadoes for the year thus far. This includes six confirmed tornadoes across southeast Louisiana on February 7, with an EF3 twister causing more than 30 injuries and damaging or destroying more than 600 homes in and near East New Orleans (see the detailed National Weather Service survey report on all six tornadoes). As of February 13, NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center had tallied 163 U.S. tornadoes for the year thus far, not quite a record but far above average. On Tuesday morning, NOAA/SPC placed parts of the western and central Gulf Coast under a slight risk of severe weather, with a small enhanced-risk area along the central Texas coast near a large thunderstorm complex that had already produced several tornado reports west of Houston.

Figure 1. An index of the seasonal progress of leafy plants shows conditions 20 days or more ahead of schedule over large parts of the South and Southwest as of Sunday, February 12. Image credit: USA National Phenology Network via @TheresaCrimmins.

Figure 2. Spectators watch as a tornado-damaged water tower comes down in Rowlett, TX, on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017. Workers toppled the Dallas-area water tower that was severely damaged during a 2015 tornado outbreak blamed for more than a dozen deaths. Image credit: Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News via AP.

Close to the century mark in Oklahoma
While there’s been quite a few ups and downs to the national temperature picture in recent days, with frequent frontal passages, the low temperatures haven’t been all that low and the highs have been unusually high, as noted by WU blogger Steve Gregory. For the month to date through February 12, NOAA had compiled a preliminary total of 1207 daily record highs and 10 daily record lows, for a staggering ratio of more than 100 to 1. It’s a picture in line with recent months: November 2016 had the largest ratio of record highs to lows of any month in modern records. It’s also consistent with the inexorable effect of human-produced greenhouse gases in boosting temperatures to make record warmth more widespread and extreme than record cold.

One especially strong pulse of warm air jet pushed across the Southern Rockies and into the South from Friday into Sunday. As the already-mild air descended the Rockies, it warmed further due to downslope compression, leading to some eye-popping readings. Several stations in southwest Oklahoma soared into the upper 90s on Saturday. The town of Magnum hit an astounding-for-February 99°F, which tied the state record for any winter month (Dec/Jan/Feb) that was set at Arapaho on Feb. 24, 1918.

Here’s a sampling of the all-time February heat records set over the past several days. In many cases, you have to go to mid-March to find comparable warmth!

Friday 2/10:
Wichita Falls, TX: 94°F (next-earliest reading at least this warm was 98°F on 3/1/2006; records began in 1923)
Liberal, KS: 90°F (next-earliest 90° was 3/11/1989; records began in 1893)
Amarillo, TX: 89°F (next-earliest 89° was 3/10/1989; records began in 1892)
Goodland, KS: 87°F (next-earliest 87° was 3/10/1989; records began in 1895)
Denver, CO: 80°F (next-earliest reading at least this warm was 81°F on 3/16/2015; records began in 1872). A cooperative observing station at the site of Denver’s former Stapleton Airport, where official readings were taken until the mid-1990s, reported 83°F.

Saturday 2/11:
Lubbock, TX: 91°F (next-earliest reading at least this warm was 95°F on 3/11/1989; records began in 1911)

Sunday 2/12:
Norfolk, VA: 82°F (ties all-time monthly high set on 2/4/1890 and other dates; records began in 1874)

Figure 3. High temperatures across Oklahoma on Saturday, February 11, were similar to readings one might expect in early July. Image credit: Oklahoma Mesonet, @okmesonet.

Figure 4. Temperature departures from average for the period February 1-12, 2017. The warm anomalies will likely persist, as models are calling for continued milder-than-average weather over most of the nation through late February. Image credit: NOAA/CPC Climate Prediction Center.

Cold enough to ski; too mild to ice-climb
The abnormally mild February hasn’t put a dent in Colorado’s bang-up ski season. The highest slopes are still more than cold enough to support a healthy snowpack even with above-average temperatures. At opensnow.com, Joel Gratz noted that the statewide snowpack as of Sunday, February 12, had already matched the level reached during the early-April peak of an average year. “What an awesome season so far with more to come!” exclaimed Gratz. Meanwhile, at Colorado’s lower elevations, those hankering for winter recreation felt the pinch of unseasonal warmth. The state’s Ouray Ice Park climbing venue was forced to close for the season on Friday, February 10, a full month earlier than average. “While we still hold a glimmer of hope for this season at the Park, that is fading fast,” said the park in a plaintive online statement.

Surges of warmth continue to funnel into high Arctic
The strong jet streams crossing the U.S. of late have spun up several powerful Northeast snowstorms (see embedded video below) and gone on to push very mild, moist air deep into the Arctic. One such spike arrived late last week, with temperatures of 50°F or more above average approaching the North Pole as reported by Capital Weather Gang and The Weather Network (Canada).

Well downstream from the nor’easter that was slamming eastern New England on Monday, a swath of low-latitude air pushed the temperature at Eyjabakkar, Iceland, up to 19.1°C (66.4°F). If validated, this will rank a full 1°C (1.8°F) above the previous national record for February, set at Dalatangi on Feb. 17, 1998, according to international weather records researcher Maximiliano Herrera. He adds that temperatures in the free atmosphere over central Sweden were analyzed above the freezing mark on Monday at heights of up to 11,000 feet.

Unsurprisingly, the extent of Arctic sea ice remains at record-low levels for mid-February. Moreover, the extent of Antarctic sea ice is on the brink of setting a record-low value for any time of year.

Figure 5. This year is lagging all other years since records began in 1979 for sea ice extent in February. Image credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Figure 6. Smoke billows from a wildfire near Mudgee, Australia, on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. The fire has consumed more than 5000 hectares (12,350 acres) of bush and grasslands northwest of Sydney. Image credit: New South Wales Rural Fire Service via AP.

Eastern Australia blisters in all-time record heat
Another swarm of heat records invaded eastern Australia, where a brutal summer is unfolding. Port Macquairie, where records have been kept since 1910, broke its all-time record for any date on Sunday with a scorching high of 46.6°C (115.9°F). That’s an incredible 3.3°C (5.9°F) above the city’s previous all-time high. “You don’t break [100-plus-year] records by 3C,” noted Andrew Watkins (@windjunky). An even older all-time high fell at Toowoomba, Queensland, where a maximum of 40.3°C (104.5°F) was the first reading above 40°C (104°F) since records began at Toowoomba way back in 1869. Fire danger across parts of tinder-dry New South Wales has been at near-


Investors with $2.8 trillion in assets unite against Donald Trump’s climate change denial.
The world’s biggest investors are joining forces to unite against Donald Trump in the fight against climate change. The Independent, United Kingdom.

US EPA workers try to block Pruitt in show of defiance.
Employees of the Environmental Protection Agency are calling their senators to try to defeat Scott Pruitt’s confirmation to run the agency. New York Times.

Trump administration takes down public-facing directory of Energy Department employees.
The Department of Energy has taken down its public-facing employee directory, making it far more difficult for journalists and members of the public to locate email addresses and phone numbers for agency personnel. Mashable.


EXCLUSIVE: Sergeant in charge of Bronx cop indicted for drunken driving on the job placed on modified duty
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, February 16, 2017, 4:13 PM


Veterans at Standing Rock see police retribution after arrest and charges
Charges against military veterans on their way to Standing Rock have raised concerns that they’re being targeted for aiding Native American activists
Matthew Crane, a founding member of VeteransRepsond, was charged with possession of medical marijuana. ‘It makes me sick that veterans are being attacked.’
Matthew Crane, a founding member of VeteransRepsond, was charged with possession of medical marijuana. ‘It makes me sick that veterans are being attacked.’

Police have filed charges against two US veterans supporting Standing Rock, holding one in jail for several days, raising concerns that law enforcement is trying to prevent them from aiding activists at the Dakota Access pipeline.


SEE IT: Pregnant 17-year-old girl screams in agony as NYPD cops shock her with Taser in the Bronx
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 4:02 PM


DEA Removes Misleading Information about Marijuana from Its Website

The DEA has removed from its website information deemed inaccurate about marijuana following months of public pressure.

Americans for Safe Access, a national nonprofit dedicated to making cannabis legal, filed a legal request with the Justice Department last year in hopes of forcing the DEA to remove factually inaccurate information, the L.A. Daily Post reports.

The nonprofit claimed there were more than 25 false statements on the DEA’s website, including inaccuracies about marijuana causing psychosis and irreversible cognitive declines.

“The DEA’s removal of these popular myths about cannabis from their website could mean the end of the Washington gridlock” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access. “This is a victory for medical cannabis patients across the nation, who rely on cannabis to treat serious illnesses. The federal government now admits that cannabis is not a gateway drug, and doesn’t cause long-term brain damage, or psychosis. While the fight to end stigma around cannabis is far from over, this is a big first step.”


Former inmate claims Ohio jail guards raped her after she was refused epilepsy medication

: Tuesday, January 31, 2017, 3:05 AM


Customs officer busted for letting drug smugglers through JFK airport inspections

Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 3:11 PM


Brooklyn jail officer accused of sexually assaulting female inmate in Westchester County women’s jail

Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 9:36 PM


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Did J. Edgar Hoover Really Wear Dresses? Welcome to the bizarre world of J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 1924 until his death in 1972. Rumors of Hoover's homosexuality were rampant but suppressed during his lifetime. A favorite story is that Mob-friendly lawyer (and deep closet case) Roy Cohn possessed a photograph of Hoover in drag, which he used to blackmail the FBI director into denying the existence of the Mafia. In 1993, Anthony Summers, in his book Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover, also claimed that Hoover did not pursue organized crime because the Mafia had blackmail material on him. In support of that, Summers quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel, chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy.[HOOVER]"He [Hoover] was wearing a fluffy black dress, very fluffy, with flounces and lace stockings and high heels, and a black curly wig," Summers quoted Susan as saying. "He had makeup on and false eyelashes." Susan claimed Cohn introduced Hoover to her as "Mary." Hoover allegedly responded, "Good evening." She said she saw Hoover go into a bedroom and take off his skirt. There, "young blond boys" worked on him in bed. Later, as Hoover and Cohn watched, Lewis Rosenstiel had sex with the young boys.

A year later, Susan claimed, she again saw Hoover at the Plaza. This time, the director was wearing a red dress. Around his neck was a black feather boa. He was holding a Bible, and he asked one of the blond boys to read a passage as another boy played with him. It was episodes such as these, Summers declared, that the Mafia held over Hoover's head. "Mafia bosses obtained information about Hoover's sex life and used it for decades to keep the FBI at bay," the jacket of the book says. "Without this, the Mafia as we know it might never have gained its hold on America."

[FBI2]As far as anyone can determine, Hoover never had a romantic attachment with a woman, or even a date. Classical statues of nude men adorned his garden. He lived with his mother until she died. Then there was Clyde Tolson, a fellow FBI agent. In April, 1928, Clyde Tolson joined the Bureau. Tolson, a tall, handsome man, was five years younger than Hoover. Quickly after coming to the bureau, he became Hoover's closest personal friend and business associate. His promotion within the Bureau was unprecedented. Hoover and Tolson rode to work together, ate lunches together, traveled on official business together, went to social functions together and vacationed together. They are now buried side by side.

It wasn't until after his death that Americans learned J. Edgar Hoover was a secret transvestite, but long before that, it meant bad news for some FBI recruits. The alleged discovery of Hoover's long-lost diary has revealed how he may have misused his power as FBI director to satisfy his own twisted cravings, destroying the lives of many recruits in the law-enforcement agency. The diary purports that from at least the mid-1930s onward, Hoover would require selected agents to take on special undercover assignments, often lasting for years, as women or drag queens in high heels and skirts. Sources speculate that Hoover, unable to dress openly as a woman, forced some of his underlings to take up his freakish habit so he'd feel more normal. He reportedly enjoyed training these agents himself, selecting their outfits, applying makeup and fixing hairdos. Most men hated these assignments and many were threatened with firing or even jail time for their cooperation.

The diary recounts at least one case in the 1950s in which Hoover had the mother of an agent jailed on trumped-up charges to keep him on duty as a red-headed, high-heeled gun moll. Perhaps the weirdest case is that of 24-year-old Bert Horgson, a six-foot Swede who left his family and girlfriend in Minnesota in 1935 to fight Nazi spies with the FBI. Once Hoover caught sight of him, however, the slim, blue-eyed Horgson was instead given a different assignment -- and spent the remainder of his career in dresses and high-heeled pumps as Hoover's "special agent."

[HOOVER2]The diary recounts how Hoover kept Horgson from quitting by alternating promises of reassignment with intimidation of both Horgson and his family. Hoover even went so far as to have Horgson's legal identity changed from male to female -- making it illegal for him to dress as a man for most of the 30s, 40s and 50s -- and had agents make sure he complied. Even Hoover's death in 1972 brought Horgson no reprieve. In a final bizarre ploy from beyond the grave, Hoover left orders that the 60-year-old FBI man was to be confined to a special high-security nursing home as a national security risk.

Horgson found himself forced to remain "Bettina Horgson" until his death 29 years later. Horgson died in 2001 at the age of 89 in a government nursing home in Washington, D.C. One government source says, "this is one of the strangest, and most flagrant abuses of power I've ever heard of." J. Edgar Hoover was more familiar to Americans than most presidents.









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Link du jour










WATCH: FBI Agents Seize Cameras from PINAC Reporter Citing ...


FBI agents in Texas ripped two cameras out of the hands of a PINAC reporter who was standing in front of a federal building legally recording ...

FBI agents in Texas ripped two cameras out of the hands of a PINAC reporter who was standing in front of a federal building legally recording from a public sidewalk Thursday, claiming they were in fear for their safety.

“I don’t want to be struck in the face,” said Keith A. Byers, an Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the El Paso FBI office at 660 South Mesa Hills Drive.

However, David Worden made no indication he would strike the agents in the face with his cameras.

In fact, Worden had been standing on the public sidewalk in front of the FBI building for more than 15 minutes, debating with a pair of other FBI agents about whether or not they had the right to tell him to stop recording, including one agent who made it clear he was not threatened by the cameras.

But Byers stormed up and swiped his camera anyway, a hulking man claiming to be terrified of cameras.


Keith Byers during a previous interview with mainstream media, apparently not fearing the cameras could be used as weapons.

Byers then had the two other agents grab Worden’s wrists to snatch his iPhone, which was live streaming, claiming that it could also be used as a weapon.








April 18, 2017

Kansas Cop Kills Army Veteran’s Service Dog, then Issues him Two Citations











In Secret Court Hearing, Lawyer Objected to FBI Sifting Through NSA Data Like It Was Google



April 21 2017, 7:01 a.m.


Public Advocate Objected to FBI’s Unrestricted Access to NSA Data

In 2015, in her first appearance as a “friend of the court” representing the American public, Amy Jeffress, a former federal prosecutor, argued before the very secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, that the FBI was violating the Fourth Amendment by giving agents “virtually unrestricted” access to data from one of the NSA’s largest surveillance programs that included untold amounts of communications involving innocent Americans, reports Alex Emmons of the the website, Intercept.

One big problem is that while the program is supposed to target foreigners, it ends up capturing a large number of communications from Americans.






New video shows FBI agent firing at Grand Rapids police

Fox17-Apr 19, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Several months after a December 2016 incident in which an FBI agent fired shots at a Grand Rapids police cruiser ...












SecuGen Offers Another Early Look at FAP 45 Reader at Connect:ID


It also adheres to the FBI's Appendix F standard, and the company is targeting the device primarily at the law enforcement and government markets. “We have ...














'Sports Illustrated' Gets Everything About Muhammad Ali and ...

The Nation.

(We also know from declassified FBI surveillance files that there were those in the Nation of Islam unhappy with his very public opposition to the draft, but he held ...







Pilot exec accuses agents of intimidation; details of 2013 raid emerge

Knoxville News Sentinel-

Agents with the FBI and the IRS Criminal Investigation Division watched a ... The agents had been building a case – using Pilot insiders – to try to prove top ...











FBI is coming to Goodwood


Forgery and Collecting will be the topic of the night, May 4, over a delicious dinner at Goodwood Museum's Collectors and Crooks event. Special Agent ...






Prayer, faith, hope important tools to reach incarcerated, help ...

Alabama Baptist-

FBI did report a 3 percent increase in violent crime between 2014 and 2015. ... more than two decades as a judge and before that was an FBI special agent, said ...







Betty Jean Grant to Run For Buffalo Mayor


Bernie Tolbert, a Democrat, had experience as the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo Field Office but had not been elected to any positions. Nor had ...






Albert Einstein was more than a 'Genius': Five things you didn't know


“It's true that the FBI under (J. Edgar) Hoover kept a file on Einstein and investigated and surveilled Einstein for many years,” says Biller. “We speculate in a very ...









FBI allays some critics with first use of new mass-hacking warrant

Ars Technica-

And perhaps most unusual, the FBI recently obtained a single warrant in Alaska to hack the computers of thousands of victims in a bid to free them from the ...










It's Not 'McCarthyism' to Demand Answers on Trump, Russia and the ...

BillMoyers.com-26 minutes ago

I remember her refusing to let FBI agents into our house (I was so proud of her). I remember looking out the dining room window and watching them search our ...













Reputed Texas mafia founder sues Colorado Supermax warden

The Denver Post

The lawsuit names as defendants the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons; FBI agent Martin Martinez; John Oliver, warden of the Administrative Maximum U.S. ...





Reputed Texas mafia founder sues Colorado Supermax warden

Heriberto “Herb” Huert seeks $4.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages



PUBLISHED: April 24, 2017 at 9:59 am | UPDATED: April 24, 2017 at 10:16 am

The reputed founder and president of the Texas Mexican Mafia has sued the warden of Supermax in Florence and the U.S. prison system claiming he has been held for 22 years in solitary confinement on false pretenses.













Senate leader investigating possible FBI deception about Texas terror attack


A powerful U.S. senator has launched an investigation into whether the FBI knew about a planned attack by ISIS-inspired terrorists at an anti-Muslim cartoon show in the Dallas area and did nothing to stop it -- and also misled the lawmaker about circumstances of the 2015 attack.



Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, said he learned from a recent





Jail for tearful ex-FBI agent who shot at GRPD

Prosecutor re-evaluating case against ex-agent's drunk partner


Published: April 20, 2017, 3:30 pm  Updated: April 20, 2017, 6:13 pm






FBI agent's gun, badge and other gear stolen from trunk

The San Diego Union-Tribune-Apr 18, 2017

A suspected gang member has been charged with stealing a trunkful of FBI gear — including a San Diego special agent's gun, ammunition, ...






Larry Hogan Sr., father to governor, gravely ill

Baltimore Sun-

Hogan Sr., is a lawyer, author and former FBI agent who spent part of his career working as a teacher and consultant. He is married and the fa





US surveillance court denied few monitoring requests in 2016


The court approves highly








“Radioactive Boy Scout” regularly visited by FBI for a decade, father says

New documents show David Charles Hahn was reported to authorities in 2007, 2010.


 APR 23, 2017 1:00

Man who tried to build a homemade nuclear reactor didn’t die of radiation poisoning

David Charles Hahn, who was nicknamed the “Radioactive Boy Scout,” received regular visits from the FBI for nearly a decade from 2005 through 2015, Ars has learned.

Hahn, who was profiled by Harper’s Magazine in 1998 for his attempts to build a homemade breeder nuclear reactor in his mother’s backyard shed, passed away late last year in Michigan at the age of 39. Last month, Ars reported that Hahn did not die as a result of radiation poisoning.


Upon his death, we filed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests with various federal agencies, including the FBI. Amongst the documents we received were three FBI reports dating between 2007 and 2010. They detail three separate instances when people reported to law enforcement that they believed that Hahn may be trying to restart his nuclear activities. When local and federal authorities investigated, they found no such evidence.


With these reports, Ars contacted Kenneth Hahn, David’s father. He said he had never seen these documents before.


However, the elder Hahn told Ars that, upon his son’s return from military service in 2005, David would receive regular, unannounced visits from the FBI at least annually. The FBI would interview David and search for any evidence of nuclear material.


“Each time they were really hoping to find something,” Kenneth Hahn told Ars, adding that the searches took two to three hours.


When the FBI would turn up, Kenneth would drive over to his son’s house, just a half-mile away, and sit in his own car and watch. Kenneth said that the FBI team was always professional, but he felt frustrated by the frequency with which these searches happened. He was also frustrated that the federal agents frequently brought numerous law enforcement cars and search dogs with them.


“That would drive you nuts, wouldn’t it?” he said.


Kenneth Hahn said that the teams were always lead by Mark Davidson, a special agent with the FBI based in Detroit. Ars reached Davidson, who declined to comment, and referred us to the FBI’s press office in Washington, DC.


“The FOIA documents speak for themselves and we do not have an additional comment to provide,” a spokesman e-mailed.


“Does not possess any nuclear materials”



This fall, the “Radioactive Boy Scout” died at age 39

The earliest of the documents date back to April 23, 2007. That’s when someone (the name is redacted) reported to the FBI in Toledo, Ohio, that Hahn was mentally unstable and was again





FBI director arrives in Queenstown

Sunday, 23 April 2017



FBI director James Comey has arrived in Queenstown for a 'top-secret' spy conference.


Comey, wearing sunglasses, a light blue shirt and chino pants, arrived on an FBI chartered Gulfstream Aerospace.


Comey was last in New Zealand in March 2016, when he met with Minister for the Government Communications and Security Bureau and Security Intelligence Service Chris Finlayson and Police Commissioner Mike Bush.


Before Comey's arrival, a CIA jet touched down on the tarmac at Queenstown Airport.


And, just like a scene out of an action flick, two security personnel stood guard as a number of men and women in suits exited the plane before being quickly ushered along the tarmac into waiting vehicles.




Passengers disembark from the jet owned by the CIA. Photo / Brett Phibbs

A quick Google search of the registration number on the white, Gulfstream Aerospace's tail revealed United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) owns the jet.


The Gulfstream has joined a second private jet at the airport, acting as added confirmation that the "Government conference" set to play out at luxury Millbrook Resort in Arrowtown in the coming week, is a meeting of spying network Five Eyes - the global alliance of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and










Angie Muhs: Citizens Academy gives behind-the-scenes look at the ...

The State Journal-Register

It was part of the FBI Citizens Academy, a nine-week program that I was privileged to complete recently along with 31 other people from ...




FBI restricts contact between its employees and media

CNN-Apr 20, 2017

(CNN) The FBI is overhauling its media policy, restricting contacts between the news media and its employees amid controversy over alleged ...






In Secret Court Hearing, Lawyer Objected to FBI Sifting Through ...

The Intercept-Apr 21, 2017

The FBI routinely searches this database during ordinary criminal investigations — which gives them access to Americans' communications







Here's How Much The FBI Planned To Pay Trump Dossier Author

Daily Caller-Apr 22, 2017

New details are emerging about the FBI's arrangement with the former British spy who compiled the infamous opposition research dossier on ...








In Time for the Reform Debate, New Documents Shed Light on the ...

Common Dreams-

But under Section 702, the government — without any kind of warrant — collects and stores hundreds of millions of communications in NSA, CIA, and FBI ...







2 cops, detective and NYPD crossing guard arrested over weekend


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, April 23, 2017, 4:01 PM









N.J. cop allegedly had sex with 2 teens, gave them booze, pills

Sunday, April 23, 2017, 2:51 PM




A cop in Rockaway Township, N.J., allegedly had sexual relations with two teenagers that he also provided alcohol and pills for.

A twisted New Jersey cop plied two teen girls with booze and pills and repeatedly had sex with them, prosecutors said Sunday.


Wilfredo Guzman, a cop in Rockaway Township, a hamlet about an hour west of Manhattan, was slapped with the charges by the Morris County Prosecutor’s office.


Guzman, 40 — who was once honored for his role in saving a youth hit by a car — allegedly coerced the 15-year-old and 16-year-old girls into drugs






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“… War is over. The bankers wish this were not so but the fact is that the cost ratio is now fatal — asymmetric warfare can spend $1 to knock down $500 to $1000 worth of conventional weaponry (and even less if they go after rear-area weak links such as our shit C4I systems) and they can do this forever. War is over. Donald Trump appears to have been blackmailed or bribed or both and is now in the service of the Deep State BUT (big BUT) it is possible he is a genius and wearing a Noh mask while he and Putin back-channel the Deep State to death. I pray this is so but I am founding a We the People movement with Cynthia McKinney to bring Alt-Right, people of color, Latinos, Sandernistas, Tea Party Patriots, and the small parties as well as Indendents together on the ONE THING that can bury the Deep State: the Electoral Reform Act of 2017.”



















The Oklahoma City Bombing After 22 Years

April 19, 2017 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: |   Print This Article


The Oklahoma City Bombing After 22 Years

Paul Craig Roberts

Today, April 19, 2017, is the 22nd anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing. The bombing of the federal Murrah office building was blamed by federal authorities on a bomb made from fertilizer inside a truck parked in front of the building by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

There are many anomalies associated with the official explanation, including mysterious deaths of some, including a police officer, who understood that the actual facts did not accord with the explanation. Investigators who report the actual facts are branded “conspiracy theorists” and dismissed. This has been the Deep State’s way of controlling explanations since the 1940s.

Americans, being the insouciant people that they are, never noticed that the Murrah building blew up from the inside out, not from the outside in.

However, Air Force General Benton K. Partin, the US Air Force’s top explosive expert, did notice. He prepared a detailed report containing

“conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.” Here is a copy of General Partin’s letter accompanying the report he sent to US Senator Trent Lott. http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/OK/PARTIN/ok8.htm

General Partin was my neighbor in Alexandria, Virginia. I went through his report those years ago, and it is clear that the official “investigation” ignored all the facts presented by General Partin. Indeed, Partin’s report is not even part of the record. Wikipedia does not even mention the report as a “conspiracy theory” in Wikipedia’s recitation of the official line.

There was no more an investigation of the Oklahoma City Bombing than there was of 9/11.

It has never been clear to me why a number of people knew better than to come to work that day in the Murrah building or why what was likely deep state perpetrators desired to kill several hundred people, including children.

Perhaps it was targeted at the militias and the creation of police powers that could be used against them. Two years previously the Clinton regime murdered approximately 100 men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. The religious sect was threatening no one and in violation of no laws, but it was a dissident group that the US government decided to terminate.

The focus on dissidents changed with 9/11, which Israel and Israel’s American neoconservative allies used to apply wide-ranging and long-lasting massive violence to seven Muslim countries, costing US taxpayers trillions of dollars and what remained of the reputation of the United States.

The main consequence of “terrorism” is the extraordinary growth of unconstitutional police state powers throughout the Western world. Every protective shield of individual rights, except for the Second Amendment, has been stripped from the US Constitution by the so-called “war on terror.”

All of the alleged terrorist attacks have puzzling, uninvestigated, and unreported anomalities. It is astonishing that the media never asks any questions. Consider, for example, the Nice, France, Truck attack.

Nice police authorities have the unambigious evidence of the security cameras on every block of the truck’s alleged murderous route. There should be no question whatsoever about what really happened. Yet, the Minister of the Interior in Paris ordered the Nice public authorities to destroy the video evidence and not to release it. So all we have is a very grainy inconclusive video taken by a person allegedly married to a former Mossad intelligence officer. This person turns out to be the same person who provides the only video of an attack in Germany.

The bridge attack in London is overwhelming with the lack of any evidence. We simply get an official story.

Sandy Hook is famous for the one bereaved parent, but there were allegedly scores of dead children. Where are the other parents? Aren’t they bereaved?

If these terror events are real, it is a simple matter for the media to ask questions, to investigate, and to give the public the facts. But the media never does. The media only repeats the official story without checking it.

In other words, the facts are whatever the government says they are. So what is the purpose of the media?

No purpose except to be a trumpet for the government.

The official stories of the Murrah office building bombing and 9/11 are now enshrined in memorials, the purpose of which is to make a lie the truth.

For insouciant Americans this works.







UN doesn’t send experts to Idlib ‘chemical incident’ site as West & US are blocking it – Assad

Published time: 20 Apr, 2017 19:33

Edited time: 20 Apr, 2017 22:40















Kimberly Dvorak: The Death of Michael Hastings….












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Mongoose: Best New Satanic Pedophilia Banking Crime YouTube (39:20) Dutch with English Sub-Titles — Includes Labeling of Secret Intelligence Organizations as Totally Criminal




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Thursday, May 18, 2017


FIG. 1 – ROBERT S. MUELLER. FBI director for 12 years from 2001 to 2013 under George Bush (Republican) and Barack Obama (Democrat). His 2011 financial disclosure revealed investments in two hedge funds with assets held in 55 other hedge funds valued at $106.2 billion. One third of those funds are headquartered in the Cayman Islands. Mueller did not disclose the components of those exclusive, invitation-only funds as financial disclosure ethics law requires. A director of one of his funds, Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fund, LLC, is Harvard Professor Benjamin M. Friedman. Friedman was chair of Lawrence "Larry" H. Summers' dissertation committee. This relationship to Summers is a massive conflict of interest since banks in which Mueller is invested were beneficiaries of the 2008 TARP bank bailout that Summers directed. None of those bankers has ever been prosecuted for the toxic mortgage criminality.
Photo: Jason Reed / Reuters (2011 Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing) / AFI Graphic.
Bookmark: #rosenstein-conflict
Rod J. Rosenstein's has no business being involved at all in the Hillary Clinton/DNC-triggered Russia investigation, much less the selection of his mentor Robert S. Mueller, III as special counsel. This is because Rosenstein's wife, Lisa H.Barsoomian (no photo available), represented Bill Clinton in 1998 with her boss, R. Craig Lawrence (6,459 cases, 321 pgs. 10 MB) . Lawrence has represented Mueller (3 times), Comey (5 times), Obama (45 times), Kathleen Sebellius (56 times), Bill (40 times) and Hillary (17 times) between 1991-2017. Barsoomian's loyalties are clearly tainted. Such "pillow talk" biases (it is obviously more than that) are imputed to Rosenstein under the "appearance of impropriety" lawyer rules. They clearly owe their U.S. Attorney careers to Comey, Mueller and the Clintons.
JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ALERT! All Barsoomian court documents for her Clinton representation in Hamburg v. Clinton 98-cv-01459-TPJ (DC District Court) and its appeal Hamburg, Al v. Clinton, William J., Case No. 99-5053 (DC Circuit Court) have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court dockets.

Bookmark: #russia-false-flag

Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, chose his mentor and fellow former U.S. Attorney Robert S. Mueller to lead the Russian investigation based on breathless MSM vaguaries. Rosenstein is yet another Harvard Law insider—the most popular law school for the sedition of the Deep State.
Robert S. Mueller, III became FBI Director on Sep. 04, 2001. Tellingly, he stepped out of the spotlight twelve years later, just months after NSA director James Clapper lied to Congress about NSA surveillance on Mar. 12, 2013, and Edward Snowden's disclosure of that PRISM program on Jun. 06, 2013. Snowden also revealed the profound collusion among Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Verizon, Skype, Apple, AOL, Instagram, WhatsApp, Flickr, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+, Reddit and hundreds of others with this rogue C.I.A. / NSA group. These men, women and companies have a lot to hide. So far, they have all, including Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein, escaped accountability.

Mueller knew that Clapper lied to Congress, and yet he did not investigate him. He failed the American people. This material omission alone disqualifies him and proves his evident culpability. His silence is criminal. No one could be FBI director and not have condoned the illegal surveillance activity. His predecessor J. Edgar Hoover used salacious illegal surveillance to blackmail his opponents. Likewise, Mueller has been doing the same thing for the Deep State, according to many whistleblowers. Mueller is not credible, despite ignorant, complicit or blackmailed politicians who say his "reputation for integrity and honesty is above reproach." Mueller also did not investigate Silicon Valley and Wall Street's collusion with Clapper either. And yet, Mueller made sure his net worth increased dramatically from $1.8 million (2001) to up to $7.0 million (2011) in ten years while pulling down his FBI salary. See previous post.


Numerous whistleblowers, like former FBI superstar Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson, say that 9/11 was an "inside job." They say 9/11 was fabricated to scare Americans into The Patriot Act—as the pretext for dubious new laws and executive orders allowing the state to seize property and privacy. In other words, their plan was to undermine The Bill of Rights. Gunderson called them a "rogue outfit" and "a covert military criminal government enterprise."

The return of Mueller begs the question: "What's their real goal?" Knowledgeable insiders all say there is no evidence to support the allegations—including civil libertarian Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz—and yet, the MSM pumps out breathless calls for impeachment hourly!

Rosenstein is married to Lisa Barsoomian. Barsoomian represented the FBI against Judicial Watch and many other FOIA requesters to block disclosure requests.

See Judicial Watch v. FBI, 01-cv-00248-RMU among her 165 cases as U.S. Attorney (with Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein).

She even represented the C.I.A. in opposing FOIA requesters.
So, what are Mueller and the Deep State up to? What activity are they hiding behind this smokescreen? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could have picked anybody, and yet he picked his old colleague—the man with 9/11 blood on his hands. In fact, since Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey were all close U.S. Attorney colleagues inside the intelligence apparatus, the 9/11 Deep State inside job and cover-up could bring them all down. Now, that is understandable motive to appoint Mueller.

Readers are encouraged to study the 2001 TIMELINE closely. (Please be patient to let the timeline load, it will then take you automatically to the 2001 bookmark.) The collusion within the intelligence community is obvious when seen in context. Mueller was appointed director of the FBI just seven days before 9/11, which C.I.A. whistleblower Susan Lindauer said was a widely known plan inside the agency from at least Apr. 2001—at least six months earlier.

Mueller knew about 9/11. He and his FBI / C.I.A. colleagues allowed it to happen. They even aided the "terrorists" with training, manpower, materiel and intelligence. It is now public that Mohammed Atta was a C.I.A. asset (ref. Abel Danger—the Wikipedia write up is an evident cover-up given all the whistleblower testimony). Lindauer and other whistleblowers say the FBI also provided the explosives for the first World Trade Center bombing. Mueller failed to prosecute a single complicit insider. In fact, Gunderson said the FBI and C.I.A. have been behind every major false flag act of terror since Clinton when globalist new world order operatives inside the US government began to consolidate power via technology and the Internet (ref. Jun. 07, 1993 FBI encryption backdoor key conference). To cover up for the Deep State, Mueller helped persecute whistleblowers.

Mueller's appointment is an insult to common sense and decency. It is also a flagrant breach of ethics laws. He deserves jail, or worse, in our opinion, not a microphone. No doubt the FBI shredders are busy this weekend. Spread the word.

(MAY 18, 2016)—It is a huge surprise that former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III has been chosen to lead the FBI Russia investigation, because there seem to be direct ties between him and the Deep State.
This is a remarkable decision since Mueller holds financial investments in twelve (12) investors/donors to Bill & Hillary Clinton and eight (8) members of Barack Obama’s technology inner circle who supported Hillary for President. See Obama’s Technology CEO Council and Obama’s Silicon Valley Dinner (After you click on the link, please be patient for timeline to download and go to the bookmarks).
Mueller investments in Clinton / Obama political collaborators: AT&T, Autodesk, Bank of America, Cisco, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, State Street, Vanguard, Wells Fargo.
One can hardly imagine a more biased individual to run the Russia investigation. In addition, Mueller has two financial holdings of specialized hedge funds (Mellon Optima L/S Strategy Fd LLC and Defenders Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund LLC where they manage $106.2 billion with secretive reporting rules) with 36% headquartered in the Cayman Islands where HSBC, whose directors included former FBI Director Comey, managed money laundering operations. Mueller's Harvard political economy professor Benjamin M. Friedman was a director in the dubious Mellon fund.
For a full analysis of Mueller’s financial relationships, see our previous post: Betrayal: Former FBI director [Robert S. Mueller] colluded with Cartel offshore money laundering havens (AFI, Mar. 25, 2016).
Acting FBI Director Rod Rosenstein, yet another Harvard Law insider, appears to have either: (a) thrown his new boss, Donald Trump, under the bus in one of Rosenstein's first official acts, or (b) expects Mueller to hang himself in this very public arena.
Rosenstein’s appointment raises the question as to whether Deep State operatives like him and former Goldman Sachs executives, like Steve Mnuchin, can change their allegiances once they have been so tightly enmeshed in the Deep State’s secret society of drugs, sex, pedophilia and blackmail. See FBI Agent In Charge Ted L. Gunderson statement.
Rosenstein has worked closely with Mueller at the Justice Department since 1990. Both Rosenstein and Mueller worked with then Assistant Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. during the Bush presidency.
During their Justice Department employment, numerous major scandals were not prosecuted like the 9/11 cover-up, NSA warrantless surveillance of Americans, encryption backdoor for the C.I.A. and FBI in 1993, the seditious 2008 bank "bailout" raid of the Federal Reserve and TARP, theft of social networking invention by the Deep State, energy stimulus, Obamacare robbing of Fannie and Freddie, The Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, Clinton Haiti fraud, global pedophilia rings, IRS political targeting of the Tea Party, BLM land redistribution, America Invents Act, Fast and Furious, Hillary email scandal, etc.
Given Rosenstein’s decades of ties to the Deep State, one wonders why President Donald Trump appointed him. The Deep State is now engaged in brazen acts of treason apparently to bring down Donald Trump’s duly-elected administration. For example, GQ news commenter Keith Olbermann just called for foreign intelligence agencies to help the Deep State bring down Mr. Trump’s administration—the definition of sedition.
In conclusion, the facts are unavoidable. Robert S. Mueller has substantial conflicts of interest and should recuse himself as Special Counsel, before the public demands he be fired.
The temptation for Mueller to politicize this investigation to benefit his Deep State handlers seems just too high.
Why is the President of the United States being investigated when the Clintons, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner are still at large and most certainly should have had a special prosecutor investigating them? And, what about all those calls for special counsel to look into Justice Scalia’s wiretapping and suspicious death.
The irony is, the Clinton matters were then FBI Director Mueller’s decisions to make, and he refused. What does that tell you?
* * *







This FBI Whistleblower and Former Undercover Agent Talks the Comey Firing, the Russia Investigation, and What We Can Expect From a Trump FBI

By Matthew Harwood, Senior Writer/Editor, ACLU
MAY 22, 2017 | 10:15 AM








May 22, 2017
Recovering Missing Kids
FBI’s Role Part of a Coordinated Response






Ex-FBI internal affairs chief pleads guilty
WASHINGTON (AP) — The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau for a two-decade career.
John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last Friday to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort Worth, after he admitted he molested the daughter of two FBI agents after he retired. He acknowledged molesting at least two other girls before his law enforcement career, his lawyer said.
Conditt sought treatment for sex offenders after his arrest last year, said his attorney, Toby Goldsmith.
"The problem these people have is they don't really feel like it is their fault," Goldsmith said. "The treatment doesn't work unless you admit you are the one who instigated it, and he did that."
Conditt headed the internal affairs unit that investigates agent wrongdoing for the Office of Professional Responsibility at FBI headquarters in Washington from 1999 until his retirement in June 2001, the FBI said. He wrote articles in law enforcement journals on how police agencies could effectively investigate their own conduct.
FBI officials said Tuesday they had no information to suggest that Conditt had any problems during his career and he was never the subject of an investigation.
Goldsmith said he was concerned about the safety of his client in prison given that he is a former FBI agent and an admitted child molester. "He's not going to be comfortable in the penitentiary," the lawyer said.
Goldsmith said his client had admitted that he had molested at least two other girls before he became an FBI agent more than 30 years ago, but that there was no evidence of any wrongdoing while he served in the bureau.
"It seems that he never did because he had stricter control at that time," the lawyer said.
Conditt could have faced life in prison, and prosecutors requested he get 50 years. The judge sentenced him to 12 years in prison, in part citing Conditt's decision to spare the victim the trauma of a trial, Goldsmith said.
Conditt's conviction is the latest controversy to strike the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility.
Last year, FBI Director Robert Mueller transferred the head of the office to another supervisory assignment outside Washington, three months after rebuking him for his conduct toward a whistleblower.
That whistleblower, John Roberts, alleged the FBI disciplinary office had a double standard that let supervisors off easier than line agents.
Those allegations prompted investigations by Congress and the Justice Department inspector general. The latter concluded there wa




Special Report, FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator from Wayne ...
http://www.roseanneworld.com › Activism & Human Rights

1 Cached
Jun 20, 2014 - FBI killed Franklin scandal investigator WMR can exclusively report that it ... Meanwhile, FBI agents in Lincoln, Nebraska entered Caradori's ...


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New Evidence the “Franklin Cover-up” Was A CIA Black-op .... It appears certain that these FBI/CIA agents leaked these photos of their abductees as an ...




FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator And His Son - Rense.com

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Jun 23, 2014 - One of those implicated in the Franklin scandal was Housing and ... Meanwhile, FBI agents in Lincoln, Nebraska entered Caradori's office and .







Chaffetz Says He'll Talk to Deposed FBI Director Comey on Monday
by Andrew M Harris
May 21, 2017 at 1:28:38 PM EDT






on May 22, 2017 at 7:00 AM, updated May 22, 2017 at 2:47 PM

Study says Justice Department-led police reform efforts may reduce civil rights lawsuits

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A study from a Texas university says the federal intervention with local police departments favored by President Barack Obama's Justice Department -- and the ones likely to be phased out with the election of Donald Trump -- may lead to a reduction in civil rights lawsuits against a city.
The study released Monday looked at the number of civil cases filed in 23 jurisdictions between 1990 and 2013. All of the jurisdictions had law enforcement agencies enter into consent decrees with the Justice Department.
It says such court-mandated reforms "may contribute to a modest reduction in the probability of (civil rights) filings occurring." It says intervention could lead to as much as a 43 percent reduction in civil-rights lawsuits after the Justice Department intervenes.




Robert Mueller Is Like ‘Batman’ Capable of Saving America, Former Colleague Says

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has an unblemished reputation as an investigator with integrity and will conduct a thorough investigation of Trump’s campaign and Russia without regard for politics, his former second-in-charge said Sunday.
“A line in New York would be Batman’s back to save Gotham, but I think in this case, Batman is back to save America,” Timothy Murphy told John Catsimatidis during an interview on “The Cats Roundtable.”






Bi-Partisans Love Mueller, Should The Movement Be Worried?

By Coleen Rowley, http://www.therealnews.com
May 18th, 2017
Select LanguageAfrikaansAlbanianAmharicArabicArmenianAzerbaijaniBasqueBelarusianBengaliBosnianBulgarianCatalanCebuanoChichewaChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)CorsicanCroatianCzechDanishDutchEsperantoEstonianFilipinoFinnishFrenchFrisianGalicianGeorgianGermanGreekGujaratiHaitian CreoleHausaHawaiianHebrewHindiHmongHungarianIcelandicIgboIndonesianIrishItalianJapaneseJavaneseKannadaKazakhKhmerKoreanKurdish (Kurmanji)KyrgyzLaoLatinLatvianLithuanianLuxembourgishMacedonianMalagasyMalayMalayalamMalteseMaoriMarathiMongolianMyanmar (Burmese)NepaliNorwegianPashtoPersianPolishPortuguesePunjabiRomanianRussianSamoanScots GaelicSerbianSesothoShonaSindhiSinhalaSlovakSlovenianSomaliSpanishSundaneseSwahiliSwedishTajikTamilTeluguThaiTurkishUkrainianUrduUzbekVietnameseWelshXhosaYiddishYorubaZulu Powered by Translate
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Above Photo: Jake Waage; Edited: LW / TO
Robert Mueller is getting rave reviews from bi-partisans in Washington, DC. As the longest serving FBI agent ever, other than the J. Edgar Hoover he is well connected to the DC political establishment. He is closely connected to both parties serving under George W. Bush and Barak Obama. He worked under James Comey when Comey was a deputy attorney general in DOJ and reportedly the two our friends.
The reality is that Mueller has a very different history when viewed from the perspective of people’s movement. He was FBI director when the anti-war movement was most active before the Iraq War and was infiltrated and spied on by the FBI. He was also director during the Occupy Movement when occupy was infiltrated by the FBI and worked with Homeland Security and police agencies across the country to close occupy encampments.
Long-time activist Richard J. Ochs wrote on the Washington Post website:
Some history on Robert Mueller: The lead investigator into the BCCI banking scandal was Robert Mueller, who steered the investigation clear of any money laundering investigation into any of BCCI’s clients, despite ample evidence that would have incriminated a large number of international players, including the Bush family. Mueller was also the lead prosecutor in the Noriega case, and fixed it so that Noriega wasn’t allowed to mention the CIA at his trial, or show any evidence that he worked for the CIA.

Delta Oil, the Saudi oil company, is partly owned by Khalid Bin Mahfouz, business partner of the Bin Ladin family and the Bush family. Mahfouz was involved in the BCCI banking scandal, as reported in the Kerry Commission report on BCCI.

Mueller became head of the FBI three months before the 2001 anthrax letters terrorized the country into the Iraq War and Patriot Act. The anthrax was traced to a U.S. army lab and the Carlisle Group, owned by Bush family and bin Laden family. The lead FBI investigator resigned in protest of a flawed investigation (more)during Robert Mueller’s tenure.
After 9/11 there were roundup detentions of Muslim and Arab men, reportedly 1,200 people.Mueller is a defendant in an ongoing case filed by those who were detained. More on Mueller in this discussion between me, David Lindorff of This Can’t Be Happening and Brian Becker of the ANSWER Coalition and host of Loud and Clear.
We will have to wait and see how the Trump campaign investigation proceeds, but coming from the establishment in Washington, DC should be something that makes President Trump very nervous. Is Mueller the final blow for a deep state coup? KZ
Special Counsel Investigating Trump Deeply Tied To The Deep State
Former FBI agent and 9/11 whistleblower Coleen Rowley says former FBI head Robert Mueller, now appointed to investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, participated in covering up the pre 9/11 role of the U.S. intelligence agencies and the Bush Administration, helped create the post 9/11 national security/surveillance state, and helped facilitate the pre-Iraq war propaganda machine

Special Counsel Investigating Trump Campaign Has Deep Ties to the Deep State



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PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay. On Wednesday afternoon, Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert S. Mueller to be a special counsel to investigate the Russia affair, those, not his words, those are mine, to look into the whole issue of alleged Russia interference in the American elections, and that would also, one think, include a look into what happened with James Comey, and James Comey’s firing, and his memo and such. So just who is Robert Mueller? And now joining us to discuss this is Coleen Rowley. Coleen is a retired FBI agent, former legal counsel for the FBI. She testified about the 9/11 lapses to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 9/11 lapses is generous. This is what was written for me. I would say 9/11 subterfuge, but at any rate, she’s known as a whistleblower due to her testimony to two congressional committees that led to an investigation of two FBI 9/11 failures, and one would also have to be generous to call them failures. At any rate, that’s another story. Thanks for joining us, Coleen.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Yes, thanks for having me.
PAUL JAY: So who is Robert Mueller, and what do you make of this appointment?
COLEEN ROWLEY: Robert Mueller had only been director for a few days when 9/11 occurred, so he really didn’t have any responsibility for that, but he also was in charge when this kind of cover-up occurred, where they really weren’t telling the truth. The FBI and all the other officials claimed that there was no clues, that they had had no warning, etc., and that was not the case. There had been all kinds of memos and intelligence coming in. I actually had a chance to meet Director Mueller personally the night before I testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he was more or less … There was another agent in Phoenix who had, he had done the same with, trying to get us on his side, on the FBI side, so that we wouldn’t say anything terribly embarrassing. And he told me that if I ever witnessed anything like that again, the pre-9/11 failures, that I should call him directly. I should get in touch with him.
He told me this in our office, and yeah, when you had the lead-up to the Iraq War where the FBI, actually Robert Mueller and, of course, the CIA and all the other directors, saluted smartly and went along with what Bush wanted, which was to gin up the intelligence to make a pretext for the Iraq War. For instance, in the case of the FBI, they actually had a receipt, another documentary proof, that one of the hijackers, Mohamed Atta, had not been in Prague, as Dick Cheney was alleging. And yet those directors more or less kept quiet. That included, like I said, CIA, FBI, Mueller, and it included also the Deputy Attorney General at the time, James Comey.
And so when James Comey was appointed to be FBI director by Obama, I wrote this opinion piece for The New York Times, and it appeared the same day of the confirmation hearing, and I suggested that James Comey be asked hard questions about why he had signed off on illegal warrantless monitoring, why he had signed off on the torture tactics. In fact, The New York Times even, they didn’t want me to use the word “torture.” That was still, at the time, that was a verboten term. They wanted me to say “some harsh interrogation tactics” or something, and we settled on saying, “which experts believe is torture,” that’s how it’s phrased in the op-ed. And then he also signed off, this is even worse in a way, James Comey defended a warrantless detention without charges and without right to counsel for three years of an American citizen. This, none of our mainstream news has been going back to what they think is ancient history, which is what the Bush administration did initially on.
Both of these figures, Mueller and James Comey, first of all, they became very close with each other, because this was in the first three or four years after 9/11 when there was essentially a state of emergency that Ashcroft was signing off every 90 days, and this was the creation of John Yoo and those Office of Legal Counsel. They thought that if you declared it was an emergency … By the way, all secretly. The public knew none of this, that there was this emergency, but if you declared it was a national emergency, then you could institute a form of martial law. And if you see the John Yoo memos, they say everything that, in times of war, we don’t have a First Amendment. Those are memos that are written within weeks of 9/11, but it’s based on this emergency. So you get to three years, about three years, out, and people like James Comey, Mueller, and some of the new Office of Legal Counsel lawyers that took over after Comey had left …
I mean, excuse me, after John Yoo had left, they started saying, “How long can we keep saying it’s an emergency?” And they said, “No, we’re going to have to stop this,” and that’s when that famous hospital room standoff occurs, where first James Comey races to Ashcroft’s room and stands up to the Bush administration, Gonzalez and Card. They arrive, and they try to get a very sick Ashcroft to sign off on this every 90 days emergency, again, authorizing a form of martial law, and Ashcroft, to his credit, does not sign it. Of course, the other part of this that people don’t know is that not only did Comey and the other officials go along with it before that hospital room standoff, but then they also went along with it afterwards. They simply found new loopholes and new legal mechanisms, I call it pettifoggery, legalization ways of making the same things happen afterwards.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Now, Mueller and Comey both got undeserved reputations as being men of integrity. In fact, Mueller, it was extended. There’s a 10-year term for FBI director, and because he was considered so beyond reproach, and he had skated so well between this morass, and of course, some of this didn’t always come out, he was held on for 12 years. And so, again, these two were close, and when Comey spoke out about that hospital room, a lot of people objected to him and argued with him, and it was Mueller, I believe, that kept notes of the hospital room meeting. And so Mueller backed up Comey for that whole hospital room situation.
PAUL JAY: Coleen, so you look at this appointment now. Rosenstein appoints Mueller. Mueller, as you’ve told me off camera, is a very good friend of Comey, and they’ve worked together for years. Where do you see this appointment falling down? In terms of whose side, there’s clearly, it seems to me, Comey has decided to get Trump, and Trump fired Comey. Trump writes this, Comey writes this memo, and we know, at least according to the press reports in The Washington Post, Comey decides to … This memo is not classified. There’s several reports that say that some of the memos that he would keep after meeting with Trump, he would make classified. Others were unclassified. The memo that’s in question that everyone’s talking about, which is the memo that says that Trump asked him to drop the investigation into Flynn, that memo he consciously decides to click unclassified. Now, how do we know there’s even a memo? We know it because Comey has given the memo to associates. I’m doing question marks here, or quotation marks, because we don’t know who the associates are. Are they in the FBI? Are they outside the FBI?
Some of his associates then leak this information to the Post, apparently also to The New York Times, apparently also to AP, which, if the memo’s not classified, then I suppose it’s not illegal, I guess. But Comey made it so, so Comey wanted this memo to get out, clearly, after he was fired, and now his buddy is being appointed the investigator. Is Rosenstein appointing someone who knows how to be subservient and do whatever his president wants, or is he appointing someone who will work with Comey and others to get Trump?
COLEEN ROWLEY: If you go back to the Obama administration, both Mueller and Comey were close with the Obama administration, and so Obama himself, or people around him, made sure that the memos that they were writing from the summer on of the suspicions about Russia and things like that, they made sure that these memos were shared widely in the intelligence community. That’s actually been reported by mainstream news, that there was a deliberate effort to make sure that this information got out and would not somehow be kept secret. And so if you consider that both Comey and, going further back, Mueller, were very much aware of that, they worked with the Obama administration, and Comey, especially, would just be carrying out what was already begun before Trump took office. That’s what I think. I think the [S 00:09:53] on associates, and again, officials, you’ll see sometimes the sources described as officials.
You never see them described as whistleblowers, and I think that’s good, that the media does not describe them as whistleblowers, and I think there’s a lot of indications that these are leakers, certainly, but that they are not motivated for having witnessed a fraud, waste, abuse, or another illegal act, I think that this is a lot of political motivation. And maybe they can justify it in their own heads, and, again, it’s more than one person. I think there …
PAUL JAY: But where do you think-
COLEEN ROWLEY: … are people working together.
PAUL JAY: But what do you think of this appointment? Is this an appointment … Like Mueller, based on what you’ve been saying, is more than happy to fudge facts, to cover things up, and play along, but who’s he playing along with? Because you’re suggesting that maybe this is still the echo of the Obama administration, that this is part of the state apparatus that was around the Obama presidency, and perhaps, a lot of people have been arguing, including me, that the people that are so opposed to Trump’s Russia quote-unquote “détente” are people in the industrial-military complex that has so many decades, 60 years, invested into an anti-Russian narrative. Do you think this is all part of this, or is Mueller someone who’s going to help Trump?
COLEEN ROWLEY: I don’t know if he’s going to help Trump or help the deep state at this point, and probably he doesn’t even know, but Rosenstein, going back to who picked Mueller, Rosenstein probably knows both of them very well, Mueller, obviously, and Comey. And again, he’s picking them … This is a educated guess. He’s picking them because they have these reputations, whether deserved or not, for integrity, so that’s what he wanted. He wanted someone that would be above reproach …
PAUL JAY: I mean, he’s-
COLEEN ROWLEY: … while Mueller went out in the highest amount of praise. He was held over another two years, so for starters, Rosenstein is pretty powerful right now, too, vis-à-vis the Trump administration, because he was the one that was kind of sullied in all of this, saying that, “It was your recommendation to fire Comey to begin with.”
PAUL JAY: Oh, he did. He did certainly lay the groundwork for the firing of Comey.
COLEEN ROWLEY: That’s right, but in that dynamic, Rosenstein gets a little bit of power himself now to say, “Well, then, now, I’m going to pick somebody who’s above reproach.” Maybe Trump isn’t that happy with picking Mueller, who knows, but I don’t think Trump really would have much of a leg to stand on if Rosenstein says, “This is the guy we need.” I think Rosenstein was pretty powerful in this case for a lot of reasons, and Mueller, if you think about the standpoint of the public, whatever, may not be the worst choice. In fact, because of his background and reputation, I think that a lot of, certainly bipartisan, would trust him. Now, if you go back to the deep state and all of these entities that I think want to keep the war in Syria and this rapprochement …
Again, if you want to give a little bit of credit to Trump, who I did not vote for and has a lot of flaws, but one of the things that I agreed with in his campaign promises, and now, frankly, he has been carrying out, he has been meeting with Lavrov and has a meeting scheduled with Putin. It’s in order to work on the issues of Syria and ISIS so that there can be some coordination, and so I actually am for that. I think that we should give him some credit, give Trump some credit for that. There are a lot of people in Washington that this is stepping on their toes and their profits. This is not the direction they wanted to go. In fact, if you heard the debates between Hillary Clinton and whatever, this was a sore point, and Trump was criticized for this.
I think some of the motivation, maybe not all of it, but some of the motivation for all of this series of leaks from unknown officials and former intelligence sources, various ways described, I think that some of the motivation is actually to put a damper on Trump’s rapprochement or détente with Russia. And, of course, that goes back to the foreign policy, a bipartisan foreign policy that has existed after 9/11, and Trump actually has gone against that, and I think that a lot of this is … Now, how this will all play out with the investigation of Russia, I think, is actually anyone’s guess. And the reason I don’t think it’s settled is because some officials, including Feinstein, including Clapper, I think Comey even one time kind of talked out of both sides of his mouth a little bit on this, have said, made statements to the effect that there is not enough smoking evidence connecting the Trump campaign to Russia and meddling to elect Trump.
I know that they’ve said this … In fact, Feinstein said it to Wolf Blitzer. He asked her point blank, and she said, “No, there’s no evidence,” and this is after she’s been briefed.
PAUL JAY: Right, but there certainly is smoke and maybe …
PAUL JAY: … fire in the corruption, in all the financial …
COLEEN ROWLEY: [Yeah 00:15:20].
PAUL JAY: … wheeling and dealings of Trump’s inner connections with various Russian oligarchs, and maybe Comey was on to that.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Well, this is what’s happened. This is what I and other veteran intelligence professionals warned, all of the NSA whistleblowers, warned about from the start, is, all of this massive data collection would not be so dangerous, maybe, for the common person who has quote-unquote “nothing to hide” except their privacy, but for officials who are political figures, who are engaged in this, power struggles in Washington, DC., getting information about people, and could be blackmail … Usually, it’s sex-related, but in this case, it could be all different things.
PAUL JAY: Well, Petraeus felt that blow.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Yes, but others, too, and if you go back to the Hoover era, he was able to control pretty much every president because he did have information. He collected information on all of these figures. Well, this was what we warned about, going back to this era of J. Edgar Hoover, where we had massive data collection. And honestly, it’s played out. With all of the leaks of things, you see this fear that you have these powerful figures using different pieces of information as leverage, even as blackmail, and all else fails, leak it to the press in order to get public opinion.
PAUL JAY: Right.
COLEEN ROWLEY: And it’s very … Anyways, I think that that’s one of the dangers of what we’ve always warned about with the massive data collection.
PAUL JAY: Right. Well, my fear in all of this is that something Trump wants to do anyway, now he’s got enormous pressure to do, which is to turn his sights on Iran. He’s in Saudi Arabia. He’s going to be working with the Saudis to build an anti-Iran front. There’s nothing like a good war to make him presidential, as we heard after this attack on the Syrian base. The more dangerous this gets for Trump, the more likely he needs a good war to get out of it, and then the Schumers, and the Democrats, and the deep state, everyone’s going to be cheering him on.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Well, maybe he learned the lesson that they only cheer him on for a couple of days, that this bombing-
PAUL JAY: A good fight with Iran, they’ll be cheering him on longer, I think.
COLEEN ROWLEY: Well, that’s the whole problem, and that’s what James Madison warned about, that all presidents … That’s why we were supposed to have checks and balances on going to war, and of course, that’s long been gone, dissipated, and now we have many wars, undeclared wars. We don’t even call them wars. So there’s underlying problems here. Absolutely, Trump, to his credit, has been insisting on some kind of détente with the nuclear superpowers, and even China, to some extent. Maybe, who knows with Iran? It seems like that was definitely in his campaign rhetoric, that he was going to look hard at tearing up the agreement with Iran, but I think the deep state, the military-industrial, congressional, media complex, has really been working largely together.
Whether they actually want to see Trump out and Pence in, I think they probably would be happier with someone less independent, who tweeted less, which would be Pence, and so that’s certainly a possibility, that if they can get enough momentum here, that they would prefer Pence, and I think that that would be bipartisan as well, and 





The Great 9/11 Coverup

Sep 11, 2016 9:50 AM

Authored by Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Off-Guardian.org,
Did you happen to notice that after more than a decade of the ‘news’ media’s demanding publication of “the missing 28 pages” (which turned out actually to have been 29 pages) from the U.S. Congress’s investigation into 9/11, the document’s press-coverage, finally, on 15 July 2016, turned out to have been little-to-none? And did you notice that the little there was, said it contained nothing important? Perhaps you didn’t get to know even this much about the press-coverage of it, because the U.S. Congress, which had been hiding the document ever since 2003, dumped it on a Friday night, in order for it to receive as little press-coverage as possible.
Well, what that document actually showed, and proved (and cited FBI investigators who could then have testified in public, if requested), was the opposite of unimportant: that the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud (who was known in Washington as “Bandar Bush,” because of his closeness to the Bush family), had secretly been paying the Saudi handlers of at least two of the 15 Saudis among the 19 9/11 hijackers, and that Bandar’s wife and other relatives were also paying those hijackers-to-be, and their families — thus enabling the future hijackers to obtain the necessary pilot-training etc., for the 9/11 attacks.
How much news-coverage of this was there in the U.S.’democracy’ that is supposed to be informing the public about such things, instead of continuing the cover-ups of them?
"We're at war": Notes from 9/11

Why do U.S. ‘news’ media hide it — after having demanded for more than ten years that the ‘missing 28 pages’ become published?

But that’s not all there is to the cover-up: As I mentioned and documented in my July 20th news-report on “9/11: Bush’s Guilt and the ’28 Pages’,” U.S. President George W. Bush was also involved in the 9/11 operation: He had instructed his National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice to block his obtaining from U.S. government sources any specific information about what the attacks would entail, or about the date on which they would occur. (Presumably, he already knew, via his private communications with Prince Bandar or someone else who was in on the event’s planning, all that he had wanted to know about the coming event.)
When CIA Director George Tenet, on 10 July 2001, was practically screaming to Rice to allow him into the Oval Office, to meet privately with the President to inform him of how urgent the situation had become to take action on it, she said: “We’re not quite ready to consider this. We don’t want the clock to start ticking.” Tenet was shocked, and dismayed. That encounter with Rice was intended to urge the President to establish a hit-team to take out bin Laden, so as to avert the operation — whatever it was, or would turn out to be. The way that Chris Whipple put this, in his terrific report in Politico magazine, on 12 November 2015, titled “The Attacks Will Be Spectacular”, was that, “they did not want a paper trail to show that they’d been warned.”
Apparently, “Bandar Bush” knew the details, but his friend George W. Bush did not — Bush needed “deniability” — it’s not for nothing that he was able to say, after the event, as Condoleezza Rice was to put it when speaking to reporters on 16 May 2002, “This government did everything that it could in a period in which the information was very generalized, in which there was nothing specific to react to … Had this president known of something more specific, or known that a plane was going to be used as a missile, he would have acted on it.”
How does she now square that statement with her having told Tenet, on 10 July 2001, “We’re not quite ready to consider this. We don’t want the clock to start ticking.”? What ‘clock’? Why not? No one asks her — especially not under oath.
Is that the way things happen in a democracy, even 15 years after the event?
On 10 September 2012, Kurt Eichenwald, who had reported for The New York Times, was then issuing his new book on the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, 500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars, and he headlined an op-ed then in his former newspaper (which thus could hardly have declined to accept it), “The Deafness Before the Storm”, describing the most puzzling aspect of the lead-up to 9/11:
It was perhaps the most famous presidential briefing in history.
On Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. That morning’s “presidential daily brief” — the top-secret document prepared by America’s intelligence agencies — featured the now-infamous heading: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” A few weeks later, on 9/11, Al Qaeda accomplished that goal.
On April 10, 2004, the Bush White House declassified that daily brief — and only that daily brief — in response to pressure from the 9/11 Commission, which was investigating the events leading to the attack. Administration officials dismissed the document’s significance, saying that, despite the jaw-dropping headline, it was only an assessment of Al Qaeda’s history, not a warning of the impending attack. While some critics considered that claim absurd, a close reading of the brief showed that the argument had some validity.
That is, unless it was read in conjunction with the daily briefs preceding Aug. 6, the ones the Bush administration would not release. While those documents are still not public, I have read excerpts from many of them, along with other recently declassified records, and come to an inescapable conclusion: the administration’s reaction to what Mr. Bush was told in the weeks before that infamous briefing reflected significantly more negligence than has been disclosed. In other words, the Aug. 6 document, for all of the controversy it provoked, is not nearly as shocking as the briefs that came before it.
Those “briefs” still are not published. And now, after the revelation, by Chris Whipple, that Condoleezza Rice was under instruction from her boss not to allow him to be informed too early for “the clock to start ticking,” we can understand why there is still so much that hasn’t yet been released to the public, in our ‘democracy’, about who was really behind 9/11.
On 17 April 2016, Paul Sperry in the New York Post headlined “How US covered up Saudi role in 9/11”, and he reported that his own investigation showed: “Actually, the kingdom’s involvement was deliberately covered up at the highest levels of our government. And the coverup goes beyond locking up 28 pages of the Saudi report in a vault in the US Capitol basement. Investigations were throttled. Co-conspirators were let off the hook.” But isn’t it time, now, to demand that Bush’s role also be explored — not only that the Saud family’s (especially Bandar’s) role in it be prosecuted? After all, Bush was the one who took a Presidential oath.
Or: Is the U.S. not enough of a democracy, for that to happen — for the Constitution to be enforced, by the U.S. President after Bush (the President who will not prosecute his intended successor)? How total must the non-accountability at the top be, before we call the country a “dictatorship” — only a fake ‘democracy’?
Regarding the actions that brought down the three World Trade Center Buildings, WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7, there also is good reason to distrust the official ‘history’. Witness accounts both by firefighters and by the general public were videoed at the time saying that they heard multiple explosions, which indicated controlled demolitions after the two plane-crashes into WTC1 and WTC2. Other witnesses of the WTC7 collapse also heard explosions. Regarding WTC7, there was testimony from the owner of the WTC, Larry Silverstein, saying that he instructed the Fire Department not to go into WTC7 but simply to “pull it.” (And his subsequent statement saying he didn’t really mean that and he meant only to “pull” the firefighters from that building, which actually had none, was debunked.)
Even the government’s “Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7” acknowledged (p. 48) that there had been “(2) a freefall descent over approximately eight stories of gravitational acceleration for approximately 2.25 s[econds]” meaning that that 8-story segment had been blasted so that, throughout those 8 stories, there was zero resistance to the collapsed portion falling through it from above.
This alone constitutes solid and conclusive physical proof of the official lie, though itself published in the official source. And yet on the very next page in that official document is stated, “Blast events did not play a role in the collapse of WTC 7. … There were no witness reports of such a loud noise.”
But there were such witness reports; and, anyway, the very admission (on the prior page) that there was free-fall over an 8-story segment of the building, constitutes acknowledgement of physical proof that there had been controlled demolition on WTC7. Further, there has even been expert testimony that nano-thermite was used to bring down each of these buildings. But clearly, whatever the truth of the matter is, the U.S. Government has been lying, and continues to lie, about 9/11. For at least the past 16 years, we’ve been living in a dictatorship. And the evidence suggests that this has been the case ever since at least 1981.
* * *
Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.






Ex-Fed: I Quit Robert Mueller’s FBI, But He's the Right Pick
Michael German
May 18, 2017


German, a fellow in the Liberty & National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, served for 16 years as a special agent with the FBI, specializing in domestic terrorism and covert operations


I am not a fan of Mueller.
He was the third director I worked under as an FBI agent. I joined the Bureau in 1988, when William Sessions served as director; worked through Louis Freeh’s term; and finally resigned in 2004, just about three years into Mueller’s tenure. I only had one direct interaction with him as an agent. In 2002, I alerted him to a whistleblower complaint I made about a mishandled counterterrorism case. Though he had called for whistleblowers to report any problems in terrorism investigations just a few months earlier, he never responded to my email, and the retaliation against me only intensified. Two years later, I reported the matter to / and resigned, starting a new career as a civil-rights advocate lobbying against many of the policies and
It might therefore come as a surprise that I think to oversee the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. /react-text

react-text: 1398 Mueller is a good selection both because of what he is, and what he isn’t. First, his experience as a federal prosecutor is unsurpassed, including stints leading the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and the United States Attorney’s office in San Francisco. In just one of his notable cases, Mueller led the prosecution of Libyan intelligence agents responsible for the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Then he spent twelve years directing the FBI. He clearly knows how to run large, multi-faceted investiga






The Feds Are Not Our Friends: The Troubled History of Our ‘Nonpartisan’ FBI


Much adu has been made on both sides of the political aisle over the nonpartisan role the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is meant to play within America’s judicial system.
When James Comey sent a letter to members of Congress 11 days before November’s presidential election informing them he had reopened the probe into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, overjoyed Republican lawmakers praised the maneuver as an act of transparency while Democrats chided Comey for influencing the vote. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced he had “lost confidence” in the FBI Director.
When President Trump fired Comey this May amid the ongoing investigation into Russian collusion with his campaign, Schumer criticized Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (who up until now has had a reputation as a nonpartisan) for drafting a memo at the White House’s behest that gave Trump cover for axing Comey.
“If Mr. Rosenstein is true to his word,” Schumer told reporters on May 10, “that he believes this investigation must be, quote, ‘fair, free, thorough and politically independent,’ if he believes as I do that the American people must be able to have faith in the impartiality of this investigation, he must appoint a special prosecutor and get his investigation out of the hands of the FBI and far away from the heavy hand of this administration.”
Trump’s political opponents got what they wished for two days later when the Justice Department announced former FBI Director Robert Mueller would be stepping in as special counsel to investigate Trump. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers who soured on Comey during the Russian probe have defended his firing. The president complained on May 19 that he is the victim of “the greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history.”
Whenever either political party has been wounded by the FBI of late its members have called for a return to impartiality, to nonpartisanship. But the bureau is undeserving of such sentimental longing. Its history of using extrajudicial means to achieve political aims goes back to its founding.
The FBI particularly does not take well to critics, as Marcus Garvey found out. In 1919, the founder of the 4-million strong, multinational United Negro Improvement Association, wrote an article in the Negro World criticizing underhanded investigators. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover directed his agents to find cause to deport Garvey as an undesirable alien (hiring their first Black agents to do the job). Finding no grounds for prosecution, the FBI manufactured a mail fraud case against Garvey. He served five years in prison and was deported. This was one of the FBI’s first big political acts, along with rounding up and deporting roughly 6,000 foreign-born radicals, including the Russian anarchist Emma Goldman, during the Red Scare of 1919.
The National Lawyers Guild incurred Hoover’s wrath in 1950 when it issued a “Report on the Alleged Practices of the FBI,” among which were warrantless searches and breaches if attorney-client privilege. The report — based on documents released in McCarthy-victim Judith Coplon’s trial — concluded: “On a strictly numerical basis, the FBI may commit more federal crimes than it ever detects.”
Documents subsequently released revealed that, over the course of four decades, the bureau used more than 1,000 informants, tapped phones and broke into Guild offices to steal membership lists. The FBI compiled biographies on 125 Guild officers and members, justifying its scrutiny because the Guild “consistently favored measures beneficial to labor,” advocated progressive taxation and supported anti-lynching legislation.
In 1961, Hoover directed his agents to gather information on twelve leaders of the Puerto Rican independence movement “concerning their weaknesses, morals, criminal records, spouses, children, family life, education and personal activities,” as part of the Counterintelligence Program known as COINTELPRO. During the 60’s and 70’s, when the movement for independence was strongest, an estimated 75,000 Puerto Ricans were under surveillance.
In the 1980’s, participants in a hodgepodge of left-wing political causes — the sanctuary movement, the nuclear freeze movement, the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) — were all spied upon by the FBI, as shown by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Ross Gelbspan. His 1991 book, Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI detailed how the FBI used a Salvadoran ex-Baptist Minister named Frank Varelli to turn CISPES from a peaceful opponent of U.S. intervention in Central America into “an agent of domestic terrorism.”
A decade earlier on the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, there had been 57 violent deaths of Native Americans, none of which were investigated by the FBI. In 1973, the American Indian Movement (AIM) began a 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee, site of George Custer’s infamous 1890 massacre. The FBI, Bureau of Indian Affairs and state police laid siege to the occupation, resulting in two deaths, 562 arrests and 185 federal indictments. Despite all the FBI’s efforts, few charges resulted in convictions. Rather, so much evidence of government misconduct and witness manipulation came to light that FBI Associate Director Mark Felt came to Rapid City to testify in court to defend his agency against the critics.
There is no evidence that the Feds circling the White House are doing anything other than what the FBI has always done — defending the political status quo.
Attorney William Kunstler, representing AIM activists Dennis Means and Russell Banks, noticed during the trial a door repeatedly opening and shutting. Kunstler quietly motioned to the judge, walked over to the door and yanked it open. Two FBI agents practically fell into the courtroom. They thoroughly denied they had been listening in.
Unbeknownst to AIM at the time, Kerr McGee and Union Carbide had by then discovered uranium in the Black Hills. The 22.5 million acres recognized as Indian territory by the 1868 treaty were ultimately whittled down to less than half that size. It did not serve corporate interests, nor the FBI’s, to have AIM asserting their right to control their own resources.
Not content with witness-tampering, after 9-11 the FBI began aggressively recruiting informants to spy on Muslim communities, utilizing coercive tactics like putting them on a “no fly” list unless they agreed to spy. Shahed Hussein, facing criminal charges of his own, successfully entrapped four petty criminals in Newburgh with a fake plot to bomb a Bronx synagogue in 2009. Before that, using a slightly different identity, Hussein was able to convict a pizzeria owner in Albany of material support for terrorism.
FBI agent Robert Fuller ran both the Newburgh sting and one in Fort Dix in 2006 in which 5 Albanian brothers were tricked into buying weapons supposedly for an attack on military personnel. They were sentenced to life plus 30 years. Each sting took 13 to 16 months to bear fruit, in the form of chargeable offenses. When one of the five, early in the operation, tried to make a report of the weapons trading to the FBI, the FBI refused to accept the report.
James Comey deserves credit for racing to Alberto Gonzales to the bedside of Attorney General John Ashcroft in March 2004 to thwart an extension of the NSA’s warrantless domestic eavesdropping. But it was also Comey (under then-FBI Director Robert Mueller) who asserted in May 2002 that the United States could pick up and detain American citizen Jose Padilla in a Navy brig, without access to counsel, hold him for years and interrogate him without articulable suspicion “to see what he knows” of alleged terrorist conspiracies. This was the trial created the designation “enemy combatant” and Padilla was the guinea pig.
Asked in an interview if he intended to present the charges to a grand jury as required by the Fifth Amendment, Comey answered no. “I don’t believe that we could use this information in a criminal case,” he explained, “because we deprived him of access to his counsel and questioned him in the absence of counsel. . . We’ll figure out down the road what we do with José Padilla.”
Former FBI Director and now Special Counsel Robert Mueller chose as General Counsel to the FBI Valerie Caproni, in August 2003. A report made by the Office of Inspector General Glenn Fine found that between 2003 and 2006, Ms. Caprioni approved the use of so-called exigent letters containing false information to obtain personal phone records for more than 5,500 numbers in 722 locations. Rather than being fired as some in Congress urged, she was appointed a federal judge for the Southern District of New York in September 2013.
While Comey was fired for the Russian inquiry (Trump himself has basically admitted as much) and Mueller’s appointment as special counsel certainly puts the president in hot water, viewed through an historical lens these recent developments do not indicate the FBI has somehow become a-political nor that it is on the side of activists opposing Trump. There is no evid





FBI Accepting Applications for Special Agents
Anyone can apply to attend the Diversity Agent Program in Chicago.
Posted: May 22, 2017 10:50 AM CDT
- The FBI is looking for people interested in participating in a recruitment event in Chicago.
Those interested must apply for a opportunity to attend an information session scheduled for July 12th. It's for the Bureau's Diversity Agent Recruitment Program.
To apply, go to FBIJobs.gov and click on "Apply for Jobs." Select "Talent Networks" and click on "DAR Chicago Talent Network." Read the job summary instructions and click "Start."


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Link du jour







Piché: The new Ottawa jail will just become another hellhole – don't build it

More from Justin Piché
Published on: May 7, 2017 | Last Updated: May 7, 2017 9:07 AM EDT

GOP state representative who was the 'source' that sparked the FBI probe into Bernie Sanders' wife says a Trump campaign lawyer told the feds his story which he insists is 'hearsay

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4665682/Source-allegation-vs-Sanders-wife-says-info-hearsay.html#ixzz4lvSCkwEy
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


While she may be one of the newest faces in Congress, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) stands to bring years of experience from her fight for civil and immigrant rights to Washington, D.C., specializing in a philosophy of resistance and persistence that immigrant families desperately need during these uncertain times.

“Jayapal is a congresswoman for the Trump era,” notes a Mother Jones profile on the legislator, who is highly respected among activists, “calling for an inside-­outside game of direct action and obstruction”:

Back when she was an activist in Seattle, Jayapal was struck by the loneliness of the fight. Party leaders weren’t rushing to airports to block Bush- and Obama-era deportations. Only one Democratic senator opposed the Patriot Act; only one Democratic representative opposed the war on terror. Jayapal and millions of others marched against the Iraq War, but Democratic politicians rubber-stamped it.

“There were not that many people who were willing to come out and stand up for Muslims or stand up against the abuses of the Bush administration,” she said. “That was post-9/11, so I think there was a lot of fear at the time about exactly what that meant—were they unpatriotic if they stood up?”

But a few weeks into the Trump administration, with the White House flailing angrily in a perpetual crisis of its own making, Jayapal saw something different. “I see this as progress,” she says, “because not only do we have protesters across the country, but we’ve got elected officials from the Democratic Party—and even a few from the Republican Party—who are saying this is outrageous.”
As an immigrant woman of color representing Washington’s diverse communities, it’s more than personal for Rep. Jayapal:

Increasingly her work focused on immigrants, and she served on the board of a nonprofit fighting domestic violence in Seattle’s South Asian community. In the days after 9/11, her phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Muslim women called to complain that their hijabs had been yanked off in public or that rocks had been thrown at them. Jayapal became afraid to wear the wrong clothes, or to let her son leave the house.

One week after the attacks, Jayapal formed Hate Free Zone, a nonprofit devoted to defending Muslims against what she referred to as “ruthless targeting.” After a halal grocery was raided at gunpoint by FBI agents who believed it was transmitting money to Al Qaeda, Jayapal organized protests. “There was actually no evidence,” she says, “that they were in bed with terrorists.”
Eventually, Hate Free Zone morphed into OneAmerica, which has become one of the leading civil and immigrant rights groups in the nation, and one that helped chart Rep. Jayapal’s eventual path to the House of Representatives, where she continues to fight for justice for our immigrant families, Muslim families, and other vulnerable communities.

”Sept. 11 was the fire that lit gasoline that has been spread over centuries,” Jayapal states on OneAmerica. “It provided a space for new and old fears to express themselves—fear of people who look different, fear of those perceived to be threatening jobs for Americans, fear of those perceived to be terrorists.”

“Does this mean that we should sit back and watch? Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Morality cannot be legislated but behavior can be regulated.’ This is our call to action.”


Probation chief to leave, continuing department's upheaval

The head of the scandal-plagued Cook County Adult Probation Department plans to leave his post at the end of the year, according to the chief judge's office.

The announcement that Chief Probation Officer Lavone Haywood would retire comes amid a broader upheaval in the department's senior leadership and in its management practices following a series of controversies over its officers' behavior.

In May, Philippe Loizon, a Haywood deputy, was fired over accusations that a rogue unit of probation officers that he commanded had for years improperly teamed up with the FBI and other agencies to conduct warrantless searches of homes.

Haywood, who has been with the department for 41 years, could not be reached for comment.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans, who oversees the department, plans to conduct a nationwide search for Haywood's replacement. The department has a $56 million budget and 555 employees who monitor about 25,000 people sentenced to probation, most of them convicted felons.

Evans appointed Haywood to the top position in March 2014. Evans had removed the agency's longtime leader, Jesus Reyes, following a December 2013 Tribune investigation that found the department had lost track of hundreds of convicts and overlooked new crimes committed by offenders, some of whom went on to commit violent crimes, including rape and murder, while under the court's watch.

In 2014, another Tribune investigation into the department found that probation officers had allegedly planted drugs, stolen money and teamed up with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to conduct warrantless searches. Evans hired an outside law firm to look into what the Tribune had uncovered. He has not said what, if anything, was discovered.

Loizon, a deputy probation chief, had commanded the department's armed-officer units, including the gang intervention unit at the center of many of the accusations of wrongdoing. Evans removed him from the streets in 2014 and placed him on desk duty before dismissing him in May.


SEE IT: NYPD officer repeatedly encourages toddler to use N-word

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Tuesday, July 4, 2017, 9:27 PM


New questions emerge about DEA task force, 'cowboy' culture, red flags apparently overlooked

For the past year, the U.S. Justice Department has grappled with the fallout from a New Orleans-based narcotics task force accused of peddling painkillers, threatening confidential informants and swiping cash during drug raids.

The scandal has upended a growing number of federal criminal cases and prompted felony charges against two members of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force, including a Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office deputy who quickly pleaded guilty to his role in a wide-ranging drug conspiracy.

JUL 4, 2017 - 3:12 PM


Congress should require paper voter ballots, electronic cybersecurity
Secure electronic voter machines

- - Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Something is rotten in the state of our electronic voting practices. They are recklessly wandering toward online voting despite their high vulnerable to hacking and manipulation by cyberspace clowns, partisans, enemies, or all three.
Congress should invoke its power under Article I, section 4 of the U.S. Constitution to require in federal elections use of paper ballots or electronic voting machines that produce voter-verified paper ballots. Congress should encourage states to do likewise for state elections through a federal grant-in-aid program.
Firewalls should also be required between internet and voter registration, vote-tabulating machines, ballot delivery, and election management systems. Before certification of final election results, a random sample of electronic voting system totals should be compared with hand counts of the votes on the corresponding paper ballots to detect hacking or error.
Elections are too important to be left to amateurs or to luck, which Congress seems not to understand.


FROM THE votefraud.org ARCHIVES
Election Wire-tap Alleged
Cincinnati Bell Denies Charges
The following paragraphs are excerpts from an article in the Cincinnati Post right before the November, 1987 Cincinnati Council Election. - Jim Condit Jr.

by Randy Ludlow
Post staff reporter

Cincinnati Bell security supervisors ordered wire taps installed on county computers before elections in the late 1970s and early 1980s that could have allowed vote totals to be altered, a former Bell employee says in a sworn court documents

Leonard Gates, a 23-year Cincinnati Bell employee until he was fired in 1986, claims in a deposition filed Thursday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to have installed the wire taps.

Cincinnati Bell officials denied Gates' allegations tha are part of a six-year-old civil suit that contends the elections computer is subject to manipulation and fraud.

Gates claims a security supervisor for the telephone company told him in 1979 that the firm had obtained a computer program through the FBI that gave it access to the county computer used to count votes.

The deposition does not say if vote totals ever were changed. Gates claimed to have installed wire taps on county computers befoore the elections in 1977 through 1981 and believes, but wasn't certain, in 1982 and 1983.

Gates' allegations also have taken on political overtones. He appeared in a television commercial that aired twice Thursday on WKRC-Channel 12 for Jim Condit Jr., a Cincinnatus Party candidate for Cincinnati City Council.

The commercial also features former Bell employee Robert Draise, who was convicted of tapping a Hamilton, Ohio woman's home and fired for it and who claims he wire-tapped the homes of multi-millionaire and anti-pornography crusader Charles Keating and former Hamilton County Commissioner Allen Paul.

Gates' deposition claims he told the FBI, the U.S. Attorney's ofice in Cincinnati and U.S. Rep. William Gradison, R-Cincinnati, about the alleged wire taps.

Gradison confirmed he met with Gates about two years ago and helped him contact the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Post also learned the FBI's internal investigation arm - the Office of Professional Responsibility - is considering granting Gates immunity from prosectuion in exchange for his testimony. Local FBI officials declined comment.

U.S. Attorney D. Michael Crites declined comment Thursday on whether Gates' allegations are under investigation, but said if the claims are true, federal wire-tapping laws may have been violated.

Cincinnati Bell spokesman Chuck Shawver said: "We categorically deny any wrongdoing by Cincinnati Bell. This is a disgruntled ex-employee making allegations which have been checked and found to have no foundation." He declined further comment. Bell also denies Draise's allegations, he said.

Neither Paul nor Keating, whose homes were allegedly tapped, could be reached for comment.

Gates, 44, of Anderson Township, was fired by Cincinnati Bell on May 15, 1986. He sued in U.S. District Court to get his job back and recover $350,000. That result is pending.

Gates' deposition is part of a lawsuit filed in 1981 by attorney James Condit Sr. on behalf of a Cincinnatus candidate for council who claimed election results could be manipulated. Condit's son, James Jr., is running the TV commercials featuring Gates and Draise.

Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor James Harper, representing the county, and Condit Sr. were at the deposition. Common Pleas Court Judge Richard Niehaus ordered the deposition for use as evidence if an appeals court overturns his dismissal 1981 lawsuit.

Harper, who represents the elections board, did not question Gates during the deposition and said he wanted to discuss the allegations with Prosecutor Arthur M. Ney Jr.

Condit Sr. said the political use of Gates' allegations was peripheral. "Gates' deposition had to be filed prior to Nov. 13, when the Ohio First District Court of Appeals may rule on the appeal of the lawsuit", he said.

Cincinnatus candidate Condit Jr., whose party believes elections are subject to fraud due to the use of computers, said he used the commercial to allow Gates and Draise to express their grievances because they have been trying to make their stories known for two years. The commercials will only air three times.

In the deposition, Gates claims he first installed a wire tap on a telephone line to the county computers before the 1977 election at the instruction of James West, a Bell security supervisor.

Gates contends both West and Peter Gabor, security director, told him to install wire taps in subsequent elections. Both men declined comment Thursday.

In 1979 - the election which is the focus of the deposition - Gates said he received instructions in the mail from West about installing wire taps on county computers in the County Administration Building at Court and Main streets.

The wire taps were installed on the eve of the election at Cincinnati Bell's switching control center at Seventh and Elm Streets and terminated in a conference room in the building, Gates alleges.

In the deposition, Gates described in great technical detail installation of the wire taps.

About 8:30 p.m. on election day - Nov. 6, 1979 - Gates said he was called by West and told something had gone wrong causing the elections computer to malfunction. At West's instructions, Gates said he removed the taps.

The elections computer shut down for two hours on election evening due to what was believed to be a power failure, Condit Sr. has said.

Gates said West told him they "had the ability to actually alter what was being done with the votes."

Gates said West told him the Board of Elections did not know about the taps and that the computer program for the eletions computer "was obtained out of California, and that the programming had been obtained through the FBI ... "

Shortly after the 1979 election, Gates said he met with the late Richad Dugan, former Cincinnati Bell president, to express his concerns that the wire taps were done without a court order.

"Mr. Dugan said it was a very gray area . . . This was just small compared to what was going on. He told me just, if I had a problem, to talk to him and everything would be okay, but everything was under control," Gates said.


Weekly InSight: Mauricio López Bonilla, From Guatemala's Top Cop to US Most Wanted

In our June 29 Facebook Live session, Senior Editor Mike LaSusa and Senior Investigator Héctor Silva Ávalos discussed the case of former Guatemala Interior Minister Mauricio López Bonilla, who is being sought by the United States to face drug charges in a federal court.

Colombia Attorney General’s Office Hit by Corruption Scandals
Investigators from both Colombia and the United States have implicated at least 50 officials from Colombia's Attorney General's Office in...


Facebook page in memory of Limerick dad Jason Corbett who was ...
The Irish Sun-
Molly Martens Corbett, 33, and her father Tom, 66, a retired FBI agent are charged with one count each of second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter by ...


Last week saw the indictment of FBI Special Agent W. Joseph Astarita for lying about shots he'd fired during the January 26, 2016 killing of Robert Lavoy Finicum. The Oregonian noted that the prosecution of FBI agents for their official conduct is almost unheard of. The unusual charges were "devastating" to the FBI, commented Danny Coulson, a former head of the bureau's Oregon office.

Well, maybe the indictment is so devastating because federal agents are rarely punished for brutal and dishonest behavior.


CFTC and FBI Are Requesting for Additional Funds to Combat ...
FBI is said to be requesting additional funds of $21mln and 80 new employees to investigate emerging technologies and help the agency combat cybercrime.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Christopher Wray

A month after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey—and admitted it was because of Comey’s role in fostering the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives attempting to throw the presidential election to Trump—the president announced via Twitter on June 7, 2017, that he would nominate Christopher Wray to the job.

Wray, who served in high positions at the Department of Justice between 2001 and 2005, recently represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the 2016 Bridgegate trial. Two of the governor’s top aides were convicted of plotting to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in order to retaliate against a Democratic mayor who refused to endorse Christie’s reelection bid. Attorneys for the aides tried to track down Christie’s personal cell phone, but no one seemed to know where it was. As soon as a judge ruled that the phone could not be subpoenaed by the defense attorneys, it was revealed that it was Wray who had possession of the phone all along. Although the trial ended in November, Wray continued to represent Christie well into June 2017. His law firm has collected more than $2 million in fees for the case.

Christopher Asher Wray was born December 17, 1966, in New York City, to Cecil Wray Jr., a partner at the Debevoise and Plimpton law firm, and Gilda (Gates) Wray, a program officer for the Charles Hayden Foundation. He attended the tony private boarding school Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Wray earned a B.A. at Yale University in 1989, and a law degree in 1992, also at Yale, where he served as executive editor of the Yale Law Journal.

After graduating, he served as a law clerk to Judge J. Michael Luttig of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit from June 1992 to June 1993.

Entering private practice after a summer hiatus, Wray was an associate at the law firm of King and Spalding in Atlanta from September 1993 to May 1997, working in the firm’s general litigation practice.

From May 1997 to May 2001, Wray served as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, working in the Criminal Division.

Wray relocated to Washington, DC, in May 2001 to serve the Department of Justice (DOJ) as associate deputy attorney general. In September 2001, he was appointed principal associate deputy attorney general, with oversight responsibilities across the department.

Wray served from 2003 to 2005 as the assistant attorney general in charge of DOJ’s Criminal Division, working under Deputy Attorney General James Comey. His responsibilities included briefing Attorney General John Ashcroft about the investigation into the George W. Bush administration’s leaking of Valerie Plame’s status as a CIA agent. In 2004, Wray was one of the DOJ officials, including Comey and FBI Director Robert Mueller, who threatened to resign when the Bush administration attempted to revive a National Security Agency domestic surveillance program that DOJ had determined was illegal.

In 2005, Wray returned to King and Spalding as a partner and head of its government investigations practice, which specializes in white-collar criminal defense, civil and regulatory investigations, and corporate internal investigations. Although his job included defending white-collar clients, he spoke publicly in favor of prison sentences for corporate financial fraud, stating, “The severity of the sentences serves as an ominous reminder of the consequences of misconduct. Executives engage in cost-benefit analysis every day. It's not surprising that they would be more responsive to deterrence.”

Trump already appointed another King and Spalding partner for a position in his administration: Gil Kaplan as director of the International Trade Administration. Former King and Spalding partner Dan Coats is Trump’s director of national intelligence, and another King and Spalding partner, Bobby Burchfield, is ethics adviser to the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust.

Wray deleted information from his online law firm bio regarding work he did that was adverse to the government of Russia. The law firm insists, however, that Wray did this in January 2017, before he was nominated to the FBI. But that explanation does not rule out the possibility that he was hoping for some nomination and wished to hide the anti-Russia information.

Wray is a member of the conservative Federalist Society, and has donated to Republican candidates for office, including three who are now high-ranking members of the Trump administration: Tom Price, who is currently the secretary of health and human services, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Sonny Perdue, who is secretary of agriculture.

He married Helen Garrison Howell, a Yale classmate and former debutante whose father was a vice president at First National Bank of Atlanta, in 1989. They have two children, Caroline and Trip, and reside in Georgia.

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How an ex-FBI profiler helped put an innocent man behind bars

JULY 20, 2017
Raymond Lee Jennings wipes away tears during a hearing in a downtown L.A. courtroom. After new evidence was discovered and a former FBI profiler withdrew his testimony, a judge declared Jennings factually innocent. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
Exasperated, Jeffrey Ehrlich paused the true-crime television show every couple of minutes. The same thought kept running through the attorney’s mind: “No, that's wrong.”

The episode of “Killer Instinct” highlighted how the work of a retired FBI profiler had helped convict Ehrlich’s client of killing an 18-year-old woman in a Palmdale parking lot.

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DIRTY COP: Major Scandals that Took Place when Robert Mueller was FBI Director

The following report is from Attorney Jeffrey Marty…
Shortly after his appointment as Special Counsel to investigate Russia’s alleged interference into the 2016 presidential election, a former colleague characterized Robert Mueller as “ramrod straight” and “utterly incorruptible.” Similar language was breathlessly repeated in mainstream media outlets such as Politico, BBC, and Time magazine. Mueller’s Vietnam-era service in the United States Marine Corps and 2004 tag-team with then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey to (supposedly) save American democracy from warrantless spying are mainstays of these biographies, sending a clear message that his integrity is not to be questioned, that his dedication to evenhanded justice is beyond reproach.
It’s always suspicious when anyone’s credibility is pushed hard like this, but that goes double when the same person was FBI director for 12 years—spanning across both the Bush and Obama administrations from 2001 to 2013—yet most people can’t remember anything about him. We should remember things such as actions he took to impartially uphold the law.
Sadly, that is not the case. What stands out most during then-FBI Director Mueller’s term in office is the two-tiered system of justice, when obvious crimes and scandals involving government officials and private-sector elites were ignored or even covered up by the FBI. Much of the worst behavior of government officials in the Bush and Obama administrations was given a pass by Mueller’s FBI, as well as a megabank that laundered billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and sponsors of terror.
Simply put: Mueller helped to create the swamp that needs to be drained. He’s a dirty cop with no business being anywhere near any national security investigation, but especially one involving James Comey.
Major Scandals During Mueller’s FBI Years:
At the nation’s top cop, then-FBI Director Mueller had massive resources to investigate crimes, as well as the ability to arrest suspects and recommend prosecution of the offenders. The following is an abbreviated list of major scandals and likely crimes that Mueller did not meaningfully investigate as FBI Director—no arrests, no consequences:
Falsification of Iraq War intelligence (2003): information providing the sole justification for a war that caused the death and dismemberment of thousands of American soldiers was later found to be fabricated, false, or overstated at the time it was presented to the public. Mueller not only failed to investigate and arrest any of the perpetrators of this deception—he actively participated in the plot:
Vanishing Currency (2003): the US sent $12,000,000,000 in $100 bills to the Iraq War combat theater, which mostly went unaccounted for once it entered the country
NSA Warrantless Surveillance (2001-2013): illegal collection of domestic phone records and internet communications that were sent or received by US citizens, in violation of Fourth Amendment protections against warrantless search and seizure, followed by potential perjury committed by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who denied the practices under oath; the 2013 Snowden revelations proved that the 2004 story about Comey and Mueller stopping illegal surveillance practices meant absolutely nothing in reality
Emailgate (2007): discovery that several top Bush administration officials violated the Presidential Records Act by using an RNC server for email communications while conducting official business, followed by the deletion of millions of the same emails
Walter Reed Neglect Scandal (2007): troops recovering from severe war-related injuries were subjected to squalid living conditions and grotesquely substandard care due to a privatization agreement that resulted in drastic staffing cuts, after which patients were told to “keep quiet” and whistleblowers suffered retaliation from higher-ups
IRS Targeting (2010-2013): the IRS intentionally selected and then delayed or denied tax-exempt 501(c)(3) applications from conservative groups to prevent them from participating in the 2012 election, followed by IRS agent Lois Lerner invoking her Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination
Fast and Furious (2010): this ATF program, which seems to have served no rational purpose, allowed over 2,000 guns to be purchased illegally inside the United States and then “walked” into Mexico for use by criminals, one of which was later used in the 2010 murder of Border Agent Brian Terry by the member of a Mexican cartel
Associated Press Spying (2012): the Department of Justice illegally seized the communications of AP reporters made during April and May 2012, allowing the DOJ to unmask journalists’ confidential sources
Clinton Foundation Pay-for-Play (2009-2013): during the period in which Hillary Clinton held the office of Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton received millions of dollars in paid speaking fees and a million dollar “gift” from countries involved in matters with the State Department, many of which had ties to terrorism and human rights abuses; some of these funds were apparently diverted from charitable causes to personal expenses, such as Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding
Russian Uranium Deal (2009-2013): Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved a deal allowing a Russian company to control 20% of the uranium mining production capacity inside the United States, which was followed by millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from people associated with the transaction
Clinton Private Email Server (2009-2013): during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton dodged Freedom of Information Act requirements by using a private email server to conduct official government business, as well as sent and received classified information that was Top Secret over an unsecured system—an “extremely reckless” (and obviously illegal) act
HSBC Bank Money Laundering Scandal:
Although nowhere near as famous as the other examples, the HSBC money laundering case reveals the complete and total corruption of federal law enforcement toward the end of Mueller’s term as FBI Director.
For nearly the entire duration of Mueller’s term, UK-based HSBC, an international bank with branches and depositors worldwide, was doing billions of dollars in business with drug cartels, rouge nation states, and even banks associated with terrorism, taking massive deposits made in foreign nations and funneling them into the US banking market. The overall amounts were staggering, totaling hundreds of billions of dollars, which likely gave the bank a comparative advantage over its rivals and greater market share, while providing criminals with the ability to “launder” money into the US banking system with little-to-no oversight. A whistleblower, who collected information and recorded conversations with HSBC employees, which clearly portrayed the bank as a “criminal enterprise.”
Mexican Drug Cartels: From 2002 to at least 2009 (and possibly much longer), HSBC bank laundered billions of US dollars for El Chapo’s murderous Sinaloa Cartel and similar groups. In 2009, Forbes placed El Chapo at #41 on its “World’s Most Powerful People” list. The same year, many experts agreed that Mexico’s drug war had rendered it a “failed state.” By 2012, the Sinaloa cartel alone was estimated to have annual revenues of $3 billion, which were comparable to Facebook or Netflix. By April 2013, toward the end of Mueller’s term, the Sinaloa and other Mexican cartels had become the number one importer and distributor of narcotics inside the United States (with many of their top agents living inside the United States), El Chapo had become “public enemy no. 1,” and 70,000 murders and nearly 27,000 disappearances were attributable to the drug war inside Mexico.
Ignoring the obvious, HSBC inexplicably designated Mexico a “low risk” country for money laundering, allowing shady depositors and known drug kingpins to deposit billions of US dollars—in cash—into bank accounts in HSBC Mexico, followed by the same money becoming accessible at HSBC in the US. With legitimate-looking banking, the Mexican drug cartels were given huge expansion potential inside the US that would otherwise have been easily detected if they had tried to purchase properties, vehicles, and shell businesses here using large pallets of cash.
Much of the cash crossing the US-Mexico border (estimated at $25 billion per year in 2010) found a ready home in HSBC branches south of the Rio Grande. HSBC Mexico made billions of dollars in suspicious transactions, such as customers depositing hundreds of thousands of US dollars into a single bank account in a single day, during which the cash was put through teller windows in boxes that were designed to fit through the window openings. Because there was virtually no investigation into these transactions or even the identities of depositors, who included high-profile drug dealers, accounts were rarely closed due to the suspicious activity. After all, Mexico was a “low risk” country for money laundering at the time.
Terrorists and Rogue Nations: The bank’s practices also allowed terrorist groups and rogue nations to have access to our financial markets in a similar manner, facilitating financing of their activities inside this country, as well as providing greater international investment possibilities for sanctioned regimes—including $19 billion deposited from Iran into HSBC’s foreign affiliate banks. There were also lax rules for setting up relationships with affiliate banks in other countries, which included at least one Saudi Arabian bank with ties to funding terrorism.
Policies Prevented Catching Crooks: Even in the rare instance where money laundering controls were in place, inadequate follow-up measures undermined any intervention. The US division of HSBC allowed thousands of suspicious accounts to remain open after they were flagged for closure. “Know your customer” practices were virtually nonexistent, which allowed bad actors to get around things like Iranian sanctions and Patriot Act protections, which in turn was aggravated by bank employees doing things like deleting information about the country of origin on deposits from places like Iran. Large-scale warnings, such as the migration of billions of US dollars in cash deposits into HSBC Mexico, went unnoticed because the bank apparently had no system in place to monitor such activity. To say all of this was “extremely reckless” would be an understatement—it’s inconceivable that the bank’s employees and executives didn’t know.
“Ramrod” Mueller to the Rescue: What did Mueller do to aggressively investigate and shut down this massive “foreign influence” involving our country’s drug epidemic and possibly even terrorism? Basically nothing. No bank executives or employees were arrested or jailed. People have spent more time in jail for smoking a joint than any HSBC executive or employee did for facilitating drug cartel business and terrorist financing.
On October 17, 2010, the Treasury Department issued “cease and desist” letter to HSBC for violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. This was followed by a one-year Senate subcommittee investigation, which provided a comprehensive report and took hearing testimony on July 17, 2012. In what appeared to be prepared remarks, one bank compliance executive resigned at the hearing and another executive indicated HSBC “did our best” in Mexico.
With all of the investigation already completed and in the public eye as a result of the Senate investigation, the Department of Justice was finally forced to file a four-count felony indictment against defendant HSBC on December 11, 2012, which included three felony counts relating to insufficient anti-money laundering practices and one count for violation of the Trading With The Enemy Act.
On the same day, and over the objections of career DOJ prosecutors, then-AG Holder allowed HSBC to enter into a deferred prosecution agreement, under which the charges would be dropped if the bank stayed out of trouble for 5 years and paid a “record fine” consisting of $1.256 billion in forfeited assets and an additional $665 million in civil penalties. Added together, the punishment totaled approximately 9% of one year’s profits for HSBC’s worldwide operations, which amounted to a whopping $21.9 billion in 2011 alone.
The same day, then-US Attorney Lynch led a press conference alleging that (1) an alphabet soup of federal agencies had conducted a serious investigation and (2) the “record fine” was somehow adequate punishment. Notably, “ramrod straight” Mueller and Holder were not present, despite the obvious national importance of the case. In press releases, The DOJ (echoed by the FBI, which re-posted DOJ’s release) bragged about the “heavy price” of the fine being imposed. Despite the “heavy price” paid for its rampant criminal behavior, HSBC was somehow able to sponsor the star-studded 2014 Clinton Global Initiative. (The Clinton Foundation also received up to $81,000,000 in donations from HSBC’s illustrious group of accountholders.)
But not everyone bought into Lynch’s sales pitch. Even CBS News seemed suspicious of the deal, which was obviously disproportionate to the criminal conduct involved (VIDEO).
While a US citizen sending money to terrorists can result in a 20-year prison sentence, and many US citizens have been sentenced to decades n prison for even marijuana-related crimes, the bank’s executives and employees never spent one day in jail for their roles in assisting terrorist-connected nations and Mexican drug cartels to do business—an example of the “two systems” of justice than many Americans believe exist between the elites and regular citizens.
If drug dealers and terror supporters are by the FBI using search warrants, controlled transactions, confidential informants, wiretaps, GPS tracking, interrogations, and other regularly-used police tactics, why wouldn’t Mueller have done something to build a case here the same way?


also watch



Bill McKibben
Author, Christian, Environmentalist : b. 1960

"America is simultaneously the most professedly Christian of the developed nations and the least Christian in its behavior. At the moment the idea of Jesus has been hijacked by people with a series of causes that do not reflect his teachings. It's hard to imagine a con much more audacious than making Christ the front man for a program of tax cuts for the rich or war in Iraq. We have made golden calves of ourselves -- become a nation of terrified, self-obsessed idols."


August 8, 2017
Departments of Correction nationwide are considering privatized electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration
From Maine to California, GPS solutions can offer new challenges for the incarcerated and their communities
Written by Beryl Lipton
Edited by JPat Brown
This May, far up the Eastern seaboard, in the tiny coastal community of Machiasport, Maine, frustration and disbelief erupted as they received news of Governor Paul LePage’s budgetary plans for their corner of the world. The 46 employees of the 1000-person town’s minimum security prison all received notice that they would be losing their jobs and the facility’s 100-plus population would be dispersed among the State’s other prisons or released into the world, tethered to the DOC by the use of electronic monitoring.
The legislature ultimately provided funding to keep Downeast Correctional Facility open - at least for a little while longer - but the situation raised a novel question about the appropriate use of GPS monitoring devices as an alternative to incarceration, particularly where local economics are concerned.
The use of electronic monitoring has been growing across corrections and immigrant detention, as law enforcement departments struggle to operate systems in which there’s more demand for jail beds than can be supplied or funded. In response to a nationwide MuckRock survey, the Maine DOC is one of six state DOCs that provided contract materials related to its use of Satellite Tracking of People (STOP), an electronic monitoring equipment company run by Securus, already the most popular company for corrections communications like phones and tablets.


Mother sues police after 2-year-old receives terrible burns in cop custody (WARNING: Graphic Material

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 3:06 PM

Link du jour










Senate Bill 1728 would make private prisons subject to Freedom of Information Act
by Beryl Lipton
August 07, 2017
Congress is looking to limit the secrecy of for-profit prison companies, and MuckRock has joined a coalition of 50 nonprofit and public interest organizations to support this cause of transparency and accountability at contract facilities.
Read More


Mormon elder James Hamula kicked out of church, first leader excommunication in decades

 Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 8:31 PM


Mother who Tased her 5-year-old son is charged with a felony

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 8:53 PM


Customs and Border Protection has a pretty unreasonable definition of “reasonably described”
Even after being provided multiple ID numbers, Agency claims request for contracts is “too broad”
Written by Curtis Waltman
Edited by JPat Brown

With just a 15% success rate for MuckRock requests, and a lethargic 276 day response time, United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is not really known for their transparency. As Melissa Crow, of the American Immigration Council, said in an American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) press release just last year, “CBP unfortunately has a long history of ignoring requests for information that may be inconvenient.”


Climate change Opinion
The Trump administration's solution to climate change: ban the term
Bill McKibben
The US Department of Agriculture has forbidden the use of the words ‘climate change’. This say-no-evil policy is doomed to fail
 People silhouetted in front of a map of the world showing climate change.
 ‘Also blacklisted is the scary locution reduce greenhouse gases.’

Tuesday 8 August 2017 05.00 EDT Last modified on Tuesday 8 August 2017 08.34 EDT

In a bold new strategy unveiled on Monday in the Guardian, the US Department of Agriculture – guardians of the planet’s richest farmlands – has decided to combat the threat of global warming by forbidding the use of the words.

Under guidance from the agency’s director of soil health, Bianca Moebius-Clune, a list of phrases to be avoided includes “climate change” and “climate change adaptation”, to be replaced by “weather extremes” and “resilience to weather extremes”.

Trump is deleting climate change, one site at a time
Also blacklisted is the scary locution “reduce greenhouse gases” – and here, the agency’s linguists have done an even better job of camouflage: the new and approved term is “increase nutrient use efficiency”.

The effectiveness of this approach – based on the well-known principle that what you can’t say won’t hurt you – has previously been tested at the state level, making use of the “policy laboratories” provided by America’s federalist system.

In 2012, for instance, the North Carolina general assembly voted to prevent communities from planning for sea level rise. Early analysis suggests this legislation has been ineffective: Hurricane Matthew, in 2016, for instance drove storm surge from the Atlantic ocean to historic levels along the Cape Fear river. Total damage from the storm was estimated at $4.8bn.

Further south, the Florida government forbade its employees to use the term climate change in 2014 – one government official, answering questions before the legislature, repeatedly used the phrase “the issue you mentioned earlier” in a successful effort to avoid using the taboo words.

It is true that the next year “unprecedented” coral bleaching blamed on rising temperatures destroyed vast swaths of the state’s reefs: from Key Biscayne to Fort Lauderdale, a survey found that “about two-thirds were dead or reduced to less than half of their live tissue”. Still, it’s possible that they simply need to increase their nutrient use efficiency.

At the federal level, the new policy has yet to show clear-cut success either. As the say-no-evil policy has rolled out in the early months of the Trump presidency, it coincided with the onset of a truly dramatic “flash drought” across much of the nation’s wheat belt.

As the Farm Journal website pointed out earlier last week: “Crops in the Dakotas and Montana are baking on an anvil of severe drought and extreme heat, as bone-dry conditions force growers and ranchers to make difficult decisions regarding cattle, corn and wheat.”

In typically negative journalistic fashion, the Farm Journal reported that “abandoned acres, fields with zero emergence, stunted crops, anemic yields, wheat rolled into hay, and early herd culls comprise a tapestry of disaster for many producers”.

Which is why it’s good news for the new strategy that the USDA has filled its vacant position of chief scientist with someone who knows the power of words.

In fact, Sam Clovis, the new chief scientist, is not actually a scientist of the kind that does science, or has degrees in science, but instead formerly served in the demanding task of rightwing radio host (where he pointed out that followers of former president Obama were “Maoists”). He has actually used the words “climate change” in the past, but only to dismiss it as “junk science”.

Under his guidance the new policy sh


Ex-Rikers inmate sexually assaulted by jail officer reads poem at his sentencing: ‘I pray I stop having nightmares

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 6:08 PM


CIA’s 60 year war with the Government Accountability Office: the ‘80s Part 1
by Emma Best
August 08, 2017
During the ’80s, CIA’s efforts to shut down the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) access to the Agency not only went on unchecked, but reached a new level of success when the Agency convinced Congress to further consolidate Oversight within the intelligence committees. Not only did this nearly cut the GAO out entirely, but it allowed the CIA to spread its exemption to other agencies eager to avoid an audit.
Read More


L.A. County to pay $1.5 million to settle wrongful-death lawsuit in 2015 shooting


Should the LAPD use drones? Here's what's behind the heated debate


Former Kern Co. Sheriff's deputies avoid prison for selling marijuana seized in drug raids


Collapse at Hanford Nuclear Reservation preceded by years of creeping radioactive rot
by Caitlin Russell
August 08, 2017
These days the Hanford Nuclear Reservation has the dubious distinction of being the “most contaminated place in America,” with about 53 million gallons of toxic waste stored at the sprawling 586 square mile facility. While the recent tunnel collapse is the most severe incident yet at the site, inspection reports released by the Environmental Protection Agency through FOIA reveal a history of slow-burning decrepitude at the nuclear waste dump.


Denying the Storm: Climate Change Report Findings the Trump Administration Doesn’t Want You to Know About

by robertscribbler
Yesterday, the New York Times published the final draft of a broad-based U.S. climate change report. And given the fact that the Trump Administration, brimming with politically-contrived climate change denial, is still pushing full steam toward a reckless withdraw from the Paris Climate Summit, we're pretty confident that it's hot information they don't want you to get your hands on.

The report carries with it a monumental scientific gravitas. A level of credibility that Trump, even in his wildest fantasies, couldn't hope to achieve. It includes a culmination of research coming from thousands of peer-reviewed studies resulting in the accumulated work of tens of thousands of scientists. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) served as the lead government agency conducting the report. Representatives from three other federal agencies joined with NOAA along with a team of 54 scientist authors and reviewers drawing from both public and private sector institutional knowledge in compiling the report.

The 673 page report represents a massive body of the latest scientific findings on climate change. It includes numerous key advances in understanding which we will take a shot at briefly highlighting for you here.

Humans Are the Primary Cause of Warming by a Huge Margin

The key finding of the report is that humans are causing the Earth to warm very rapidly. The study noted a 95 to 100 percent likelihood that human activity produced the approximate 0.85 C warming since the mid 20th Century and the 0.7 C warming since 1986. For the U.S., the report finds that recent decades have been warmer than any time within the last 1500 years. Meanwhile, it forecasts that future decades will at least be the warmest experienced in tens of thousands to millions of years.

(Tens of thousands of climate scientists agree -- the considerable warming trend we've seen since the 1880s has been caused by human emissions. Image source: Climate Report.)

The report goes on to state that there is no convincing line of scientific evidence that provides a cause for this warming other than human emissions. That the increasingly accurate observations of solar and volcanic activity reveal only very minor nudges to the climate system compared to the vast heat-trapping influence of human-emitted greenhouse gasses. Meanwhile, though natural variability influences like El Nino and La Nina have effects on climate over months and years, the global impact of these natural sources greatly diminish over the course of the decades long warming regime that is now well established.

Future Warming is Locked in, But it Can be Dramatically Reduced by Cutting Carbon Emissions

Overall, the future isn't looking too good. Because of past and current human emissions (coal, oil, and gas burning), the report finds that global climate change is projected to continue throughout this Century and beyond. Rapid cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, according to the study, were needed to have a chance of limiting warming to 2 C this Century. But the study found that even an immediate stabilization at present levels of atmospheric greenhouse gasses by ceasing present emissions would result in 0.6 C additional warming compared to recent decades. Longer term, the study points to a necessity that atmospheric CO2, methane, and other greenhouse gasses fall below present levels to meet the goals of preventing 2 C warming over the long term.

Continued emissions result in considerably more warming, according to the study, with temperatures hitting as high as 5 C or more above 1901 to 1960 averages if policies like Trump's result in renewed increases in fossil fuel burning. What this means is that we can considerably limit the amount of damage caused by human-forced climate change if we rapidly cut emissions in the near term. But if we fail to do that, and Trump is leading us down this more dangerous path by killing the Clean Power Plan and backing out of the Paris Climate Summit, then temperatures will rise into extraordinarily hot and harmful ranges.

The study finds with high confidence that we presently remain on the higher emissions scenario pathways excepting a pause in emissions increases during 2014 and 2015. The study also finds that present rates of greenhouse gas emissions reductions are not yet in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

Extreme Weather is Becoming More Common and More Attributable to Human Caused Climate Change

Perhaps the most important new takeaway from the report is a developing clearer view of the impact of present warming on severe weather events. The report finds that many temperature and precipitation extremes are becoming more common. That the number of high temperature records over the past twenty years greatly exceeds the number of low temperature records. And that heavy precipitation events have increased in both frequency and intensity. Much evidence has been found for a human-caused influence on soil moisture deficits due to evaporation that leads to more rapid drought intensification. And the incidence of large fires in the Western United States has increased significantly since the 1980s and is expected to increase further.

The study also finds that Northern Hemisphere snow cover and water held in snow has declined. That there has been a decrease in snowstorm frequency along the southern margins of snowy areas. That the Arctic is losing more than 3.5 percent of its sea ice coverage every decade and that September sea ice extent is declining by more than 10 percent per decade. That Arctic land ice losses are also accelerating. It notes a contested scientific linkage between the increased severity of winter storms and a rapid observed warming in the Arctic. The study also identifies changes in tornado frequency and notes a possible linkage between thunderstorm wind intensity, increased convection, hail and climate change. Moreover, the study finds a global intensification of thunderstorms overall as the world has warmed. Tropical cyclone peak intensity is expected to ramp up even as typical cyclone formation regimes are altered.

Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that the study identifies an emerging understanding that human-caused climate change is starting to affect larger natural variability based systems like El Nino, the North Atlantic Oscillation, the North Pacific Oscillation, the Pacific North American Pattern, the Jet Stream, the size of the Tropics, atmospheric circulation patterns, rivers of moisture and storm tracks to varying degrees and with varying degrees of certainty or uncertainty. These systems not only play a major role in present global weather patterns, but our understanding of how they operate is also critical to our ability to predict weather. So climate change based alterations in these larger systems creates higher levels of uncertainty with regards to extreme weather risks.

The key takeaway of all this being that:

Some extremes have already become more frequent, intense, or of longer duration, and many extremes are expected to increase or worsen, presenting substantial challenges for built, agricultural, and natural systems.

Harmful Impacts to Oceans are on the Rise

Oceans, another key aspect of the health of the Earth's life support system, according to the study, are warming, rising, becoming more acidic, and risk becoming stratified as they lose oxygen.

The study found that the oceans have absorbed 93 percent of the excess heat produced by human greenhouse gas emissions. That this added heat is having a number of serious effects. For one, the rate of sea level rise was found to be faster than at any time in the past 2,800 years. That end Century projections for sea level rise are heavily dependent on future emissions and range from 1 to 8 feet in the study.

The study finds that even present rates of sea level rise have resulted in significant increases in the incidence of coastal flooding. That tidal flooding events has multiplied by 5-10 times the rate observed in the 1960s overall and that the vulnerable Atlantic and Gulf coasts have seen an increase in tidal flooding that is now 25 times times 1960s values due to warming-related sea level rise. As sea level rise accelerates this Century, flooding is expected to considerably worsen -- with the most damaging effects happening alongside the highest levels of possible future greenhouse gas emissions. The study also identified potentially compounding effects from possibly worsening Atlantic storms and heavier coastal rainfall events.

Ocean warming and increasing glacial outflows also have a potential to effect ocean overturning circulation in the upper middle latitudes. Of particular interest is the possible disruption of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) this Century. Recent unconfirmed scientific observation has already pointed to some impacts to AMOC due to warming during recent years. But the report notes that it is presently difficult to validate these observations. Disruption to AMOC would have a considerable impact on North Atlantic weather patterns. It would also reduce both ocean carbon and heat uptake due to a more stratified and less well mixed ocean system. The study identifies a weakening of AMOC of between 12 and 54 percent under worst-case greenhouse gas emissions scenarios.

As risks of ocean stratification risks mount, acidification of the world's waters is rapidly increasing. Atmospheric carbon dioxide rising above 400 parts per million was found to worsen detrimental effects by increasing ocean acidity levels. The study found that the rate of ocean acidification increase was unparalleled in the past 66 million years at least. That higher rates of fossil fuel burning and greenhouse gas emissions would result in another doubling or more of ocean acidity by the end of this Century.

Heating, stratifying, and acidic oceans are also steadily losing oxygen. The study finds that the amount of oxygen held in the oceans is falling coincident with warming. The study identifies a declining ocean oxygen content at intermediate depths and major losses in oxygen in inland seas, estuaries, along coasts, and in parts of the open ocean. Lower oxygen means more ocean dead zones and more toxic anaerobic microbial blooms. Overall ocean oxygen content is expected to fall by 3.5 percent under worst case warming and fossil fuel emissions scenarios by 2100.

Serious Risk of Unanticipated Changes

The level of evidence provided by the study that humans are changing the climate and that these changes are increasingly harmful is mountainous. And this base fact alone is reason enough for a climate change denying Trump Administration to try and bury its findings. But it is perhaps the study's own admitted uncertainty over future risks that reveals how reckless Trump's combined denial of climate change and doubling down on fossil fuel based emissions has ultimately become.

The study itself is based on physical model and consensus science findings. This lends weight to the evidence it has provided in that it is highly qualified. However, the study responsibly indicates the potential weak points of model based consensus studies. Models are notably less able to duplicate higher paleoclimate levels of warming -- indicating an increased likelihood that rates of warming will be more intense than expected and a reduced likelihood that warming will be less intense than expected. The study also cautions that there is another limitation to the ultimate accuracy of model predictions in that models themselves are unable to capture what it calls critical threshold and compound events.

Compound events are described as multiple extreme climate change events occurring at the same time to generate an unanticipated level of harmful disruption. A good example of a compound event is extreme heat risking injury or loss of life, extreme drought harming crops and water supplies in the same region, and both coinciding with a severe or unprecedented wildfire outbreak. Critical threshold events occur when the climate system crosses a tipping point and then radically adjusts to a new climate state. A worrisome critical threshold event is crossing a tipping point in which significant carbon feedbacks from the Earth System occur -- locking in more extreme warming and generating periods in which global temperatures more rapidly spike. Both of these kinds of events have the potential to produce consequences that are difficult or impossible to manage. And the chance of such catastrophic events occurring increases along with higher rates of fossil fuel burning and coinciding higher levels of warming.

The precautionary principle alone demands that we do our best to avoid increasing these uncertain risks even as we steer away from the much more certain harms like sea level rise and generally increasing extreme weather. The science has again given us a more clear, more refined, gift in the form of this very valuable provision of foresight. And yet the current U.S. executive leadership is bound and determined to obstinately ignore or it, cast doubt on it, and do everything possible to cloud the clear and priceless message being sent to us by an army of selfless and dedicated climate researchers.


Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report

Climate Science Special Report

Images taken directly from the report


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FBI agents posed as filmmakers to infiltrate the Bundy family, 'Frontline' documentary reveals | OregonLive.com
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How young Donald Trump was slapped and punched until he made his bed

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Email reveals Florida troopers told to issue two speeding tickets per hour — 'We have a goal to reach'
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cop sentenced for using PD helicopter to film couple having sexTwo other officers and two pilots who were in the helicopter when the video was filmed were cleared of misconduct

 August 8, 2017

SOUTH YORKSHIRE, England — An ex-officer who used a police helicopter to film a couple having sex was sentenced Friday to a year in prison.

Adrian Pogmore, who was fired in 2015, plead guilty to four counts of misconduct in a public office, Sky News reported. He used the South Yorkshire Police helicopter to film a couple having sex on their patio, a woman sunbathing naked and two naturists sitting outside a caravan.

Judge Peter Kelson QC told Pogmore, 50, that his crimes were “offensive and invasive.”

"In short, you used a £2m helicopter which costs something like $1,000 an hour to run to advance your own sexual curiosities when it should have been detecting crime,” Kelson said. "You, quite literally, considered yourself above the law. Nobody is above the law."

Two other officers and two pilots who were in the helicopter when the video was filmed were cleared of misconduct.


Bad Heat Rising: 4 C Global Warming Brings Super Heatwaves Packing 131 Degree (F) “Apparent Temperatures”
On the present emissions pathway, it’s likely that the world will hit 4 degrees Celsius warming by 2100. And this level of warming will be enough to bring on heatwaves so hot that staying outside for even brief periods will be deadly. Such unimaginably severe heatwaves will affect heavily populated regions such as Eastern Europe, the U.S. East Coast, coastal China, India, and South America with bi-annual frequency.

(Probability that summer heat index values will exceed 40 C [104 F] and 55 C [131 F] under 1.5, 2 and 4 C warming. Note that biannual frequency of 55 C heat indexes over large regions under 4 C warming implies that strong heatwaves would be considerably more severe. Image source: Superheatwaves of 55 C Emerge if Global Warming Continues.)

These were the findings of a ground-breaking new report produced by Europe’s Joint Research Center. The report notes that many of these heatwaves will combine very hot air and high humidity to produce deadly conditions — implying wet bulb readings in the range of 35 degrees Celsius or the threshold for human survivability over densely populated regions. Such high levels of heat would be both crippling and life-threatening — bringing activity in these areas to a grinding halt, spiking cooling based energy demand, and making it impossible to stay in non climate controlled environments for more than very brief periods.

The report predicts that the rising global temperatures, due to fossil fuel burning, will bring about this new brand of super heatwave afflicting many of today’s most populated cities:

However, if temperatures rise to 4°C a severe scenario is on the horizon. Scientists predict that a new super-heatwave will appear with apparent temperature peaking at above 55°C– a level critical for human survival.  It will affect densely populated areas such as USA’s East coast, coastal China, large parts of India and South America. Under this global warming scenario Europe is likely to suffer annual heatwaves with apparent temperature of above 40°C regularly while some regions of Eastern Europe may be hit by heatwaves of above 55°C.

55 degrees Celsius translates to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Today’s Death Valley summer temperatures typically range between 115 and 120 F. By comparison, the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, according to Christopher C. Burt from Weather Underground is presently 129.2 degrees Fahrenheit. But under continued fossil fuel regimes, apparent temperatures or heat indexes exceeding those very high values will occur with a very high regularity. That means it will feel like it’s hotter than Death Valley. Hotter than today’s highest ever recorded temperatures.

(Heatwaves like the one dubbed ‘Lucifer’ in Europe this year are just a mild foreshadowing of what’s to come if humans continue burning fossil fuels. Image source: Tropical Tidbits.)

Such heatwaves would regularly dwarf the impacts of today’s multi-billion dollar disasters like the heatwave dubbed Lucifer that impacted Europe this year. But the study authors note that even their worrying estimates may be conservative.

The report’s press release goes on to state that:

According to the study, the effect of relative humidity on heatwaves’ magnitude and peak might be underestimated in current research. The results of the study support the need for urgent mitigation and adaptation action to address the impacts of heatwaves, and indicate regions where new adaptation measures might be necessary to cope with heat stress.


Superheatwaves of 55 C Emerge if Global Warming Continues

Allan Barr  /  August 12, 2017
There is an old saying in the financial industry, money talks and bullshit walks. Investors are not interested in bullshit, they want the facts before they invest. Looks like the money men are suggesting temps of 7.8 C by end of this century on our current path. They appear to be far ahead of mainstream climate scientists in their predictions. Just how valid do you believe this opinion to be Robert?



FBI raids Catholic Worker house in Des Moines in search of pipeline ...
The FBI raided a Catholic Worker House in Des Moines early Friday in search of evidence linked to efforts to sabotage construction of the ...


LAURA WASHINGTON: FBI report raises specter of false confessions
COLUMNISTS 08/11/2017, 04:24pm
Terrill Swift announces a lawsuit against Chicago Police and Cook County State's Attorney's office during news conference at Northwestern School of Law in 2012. I John H. White~Sun-Times

In FBI jargon, it’s called a “302.”

It’s more than a number. The six-page report, recently released by a federal judge, contains explosive revelations about Cook County’s criminal “justice” system.


The “extraordinary document” confirms what many civil rights attorneys have long believed, “mainly, that the prosecutors and the police collude together to facilitate and accomplish a false confession,” said Locke E. Bowman, executive director of the MacArthur Justice Center at Northwestern University.

Bowman represents Terrill Swift, a defendant in the infamous “Englewood Four” murder case. In 1994, four black men were convicted of raping and murdering Nina Glover, a 30-year-old prostitute. They all served 15 years in prison before being exonerated. Now they are suing, alleging they were railroaded into making false confessions.

The 302 details an interview the FBI conducted with Terence Johnson, an assistant state’s attorney in the county’s Felony Review Unit. In it, Johnson admitted he had misgivings about the case, and told the FBI he felt it was “going to come back.”

Swift, 39, is poised and soft-spoken as he recalls the travesty that cost him nearly half his life.

In 1995, he was 17, living with his mother on the South Side, planning for college. Chicago police officers took him in for questioning under false pretenses, he said in an interview.
Sponsored by Charles Schwab
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Swift was handcuffed to a bench, shuttled between dim cells and bleak interrogation rooms. Officers surrounded him, making dark accusations for “what felt like an eternity.”

He asked for his mother. He asked for a lawyer. No.

They told him, over and over: “You guys raped and murdered this woman. You’re dying in jail. You’re never going home.”

“I was 17,” he recalled. “And all I’m hearing is ‘you’re dying.’ You’re never seeing your family. And I’m sitting there and I’m just crying.”

He told them, “I didn’t do anything.”

As we talk, the tears flow once more. The officers, he said, accused, threatened, coached. If he just signed a confession, he could be a witness against the others, they promised. “You’ll go home.”


Former FBI agent is ordered to stay away from Sheriff Stanek
An ex-FBI agent is accused of assaulting Hennepin sheriff at a law enforcement conference.
By Libor Jany Star Tribune  AUGUST 11, 2017 — 10:03PM


Squeezed out by Silicon Valley, the far right is creating its own corporate world


Suit accuses SC power co. of nuclear negligence

 Friday, August 11, 2017, 8:13 PM
A South Carolina power company was negligent in charging its customers more than $1 billion to build nuclear reactors that have now been abandoned, according to a lawsuit filed late Friday afternoon.


Woman says ICE agent pulled gun on her in freeway road rage incident



Omarosa appearance at black journalist conference doesn’t go  well

Friday, August 11, 2017, 6:52 PM

The White House Office of Public Liaison's Omarosa Manigault attended a chaotic panel at the National Association of Black Journalists' conference. Above, she attends a briefing in February.
President Trump staffer and “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Manigault-Newman was met with a chaotic reception during a trip to the National Association of Black Journalists.

The White House public liaison worker, generally referred to only by her first name, attended a panel on police brutality at the organization’s meeting in New Orleans on Friday.

However, some attendees turned their backs on her as she sat down for the panel moderated by BET journalist Ed Gordon that included Philando Castile’s mother Valerie Castile and Alton Sterling’s aunt Sandra Sterling.

Omarosa and Gordon got into repeated tense exchanges when he began asking about the President’s views.


Lawsuit claims teenage detainees were wrongly tied to gangs

Friday, August 11, 2017, 6:41 PM
Some teenagers who entered the United States under the unaccompanied-children program are being illegally detained because of allegations of gang affiliation, the American Civil Liberties Union says in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco on behalf of three teenagers recently detained on Long Island, just east of New York. An ACLU lawyer says the lawsuit was filed there because the teenagers were taken to a government facility in northern California.

4 years for $35 million?


Ex-executives sentenced in sweeping Navy corruption case

August 11, 2017, 8:06 PM
Two former executives of a contractor linked to a globe-spanning U.S. Navy corruption scandal have been sentenced to federal prison.

Neil Peterson received a nearly six-year sentence and Linda Raja got nearly four years on Friday in San Diego.

They worked for Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia, which supplied fuel, food and other services to Navy ships in Asian ports.

Prosecutors said the company and its CEO, nicknamed "Fat Leonard," bribed Navy officials with cash, prostitutes and gifts to obtain classified information that helped the firm overbill the Navy by nearly $35 million.


Judge approves search warrant for phones of cops involved in Justine Damond OISThe application states that the information "may more clearly define" the officers' actions before and after Justine Damond was killed on July 15


India and China Building Solar Like Gangbusters, Electric Revolution Continues as GM Sells EV for $5,300 in China, Tesla Plans 700,000 Model 3s Per Year
by robertscribbler
If we're going to halt destructive carbon emissions now hitting the atmosphere, then the world is going to have to swiftly stop burning oil, gas and coal. And the most effective and economic pathway for achieving this removal of harmful present and future atmospheric carbon emissions is a rapid renewable energy build-out to replace fossil fuel energy coupled by increases in energy efficiency.

(To halt and reverse climate change related damages, fossil fuel based greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere need to stop.)

This week, major advances in the present renewable energy build and introduction rate were reported. Chiefly, India and China are rapidly adding new solar panels to their grid, the monthly rate of global EV sales surpassed 100,000 in June, GM is offering a very inexpensive electrical vehicle in China, and Tesla has ramped up plans for Model 3 EV production from 500,000 vehicles per year to 700,000 vehicles per year.

India and China Solar Gangbusters

In the first half of 2017, India is reported to have built 4.8 gigawatts (GW) of new solar energy capacity. This construction has already exceeded all 2016 additions. The country is presently projected to build more than 10 GW of new solar energy capacity by year-end. Large solar additions are essential to India meeting its goal of having 100 GW of solar electrical generation available by 2022. It is also crucial for reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuel fired power plants (coal and gas).

(Total solar capacity in India could hit 30 GW by end 2018. India will need to add solar more rapidly if it is to achieve its goal of 100 GW by 2022. Image source: Clean Technica.)

Further east, China added 24.4 Gigawatts of new solar energy in just the first half of this year. This pushed China's total solar energy generating capacity to a staggering 101 GW. It also puts China firmly in a position to surpass last year's strong rate of solar growth of 34 GW. China's previous goal was to achieve 105 GW of solar production by 2020. One it will hit three and a half years ahead of schedule. China now appears to be on track to overwhelm that goal by achieving between 190 and 230 GW of solar generation by decade's end.

(China has already overwhelmed its 2020 target for added solar capacity. Recalculating based on present build rates finds that end 2020 solar generation levels are likely to hit between 190 and 230 GW for this global economic powerhouse. Image source: China National Energy Administration.)

Such strong solar growth numbers in traditional coal-burning regions provides some hope that carbon emissions growth rates in these countries will continue to level off or possibly start to fall in the near future. Adding in ambitious wind energy and electrical vehicle build-outs in these regions provides synergy to the larger trend. If an early carbon emissions plateau were to be achieved due to rapid renewable energy build-outs in China and India, it would be very helpful in reducing overall levels of global warming during the 21st Century.

GM's $5,300 EV for the Chinese Market

Adding to the trend of growing movement toward an energy switch in Asia this week was GM's introduction of a small, medium-range electrical vehicle for the Chinese auto market. GM is partnering with China's Baojun to produce the E100. A small EV that's about the size of the U.S. Smart Car. The E100 has about a 96 mile all-electric range, a 62 mph top speed, and goes for $14,000 dollars before China's generous EV incentives. After incentives, a person in China can purchase the vehicle for $5,300. GM states that 5,000 buyers registered to purchase the first 200 E100s hitting the market last month, while a second batch of 500 vehicles will be made available soon.

100,000 Electrical Vehicle Sales Per Month by Mid 2017

Globally, electrical vehicle sales have ramped up to 100,000 per month during June of 2017. This growth is being driven primarily by increased sales volumes in China, India, Japan, Australia, Europe and the U.S. as more and more attractive EV models are becoming available and as governments seek to limit the sale of petroleum-burning vehicles in some regions.

(Projected growth rates for EV sales appear likely to surpass present projections through 2020. Image source: Cleantechnica.)

Meanwhile range, recharge rates, acceleration, and other capabilities for these vehicles continue to rapidly improve. This compares to fossil fuel vehicles which have been basically stuck in plateauing performance ranges for decades. 2017 will represent the first year when sales of all EV models globally surpass 1 million per year. With a possible doubling to tripling of EV production through 2020.

Telsa Aiming for 700,000 Per Year Model 3 Sales

2018 will likely see continued growth as new vehicles like the Model 3, the Chevy Bolt, and Toyota Prius Prime provide more competitive and attractive offerings. This past month, the Chevy Bolt logged more than 1,900 vehicles sold in the U.S. in one month. If GM continues to ramp production, marketing, and availability of this high-quality, long range electrical vehicle, the model could easily sell between 3,000 and 5,000 per month to the U.S. market. Another vehicle -- the plug in electric hybrid Toyota Prius Prime -- is also capable of achieving high sales rates in the range of 5,000 per month or more on the U.S. market due to a combined high quality and low price so long as production for this model also rapidly ramps up.

But the big outlier here is the Tesla Model 3. By end 2017, Tesla is aiming to ramp Model 3 production to 5,000 vehicles per week. It plans to hit more than 40,000 vehicles per month by end of 2018. And, according to Elon Musk's recent announcement, will ultimately aim to achieve 700,000 Model 3 sales per year. If such a rapid ramp appears, the Model 3 along with other increasingly attractive EVs could hit close to 2 million per year annual combined sales in 2018 and surpass 3 million at some time between 2019 and 2020. This is well ahead of past projections of around 2.2 million EV sales per year by 2020. Representing yet another early opportunity to reduce massive global carbon emissions coming from oil, gas, and coal.


India Installs 4.8 GW of Solar During First Half of 2017

China's New 190 GW Solar Guiding Opinion Wows

China Could Reach 230 GW Solar by end 2020

GM Should Bring Baojun E100 EV to USA

EV News for the Month

Joint Venture for Baojun E100

Model 3 Annual Demand Could Surpass 700,000


In Washington, D.C., the stalwart anti-war activists of Code Pink held a 24-hour anti-nukes vigil outside the White House on August 8-9. According to a statement from the organization, Code Pink has three demands:

1. Negotiate a freeze of North Korea’s nuclear and long-range ballistic program in exchange for a U.S. security guarantee that would include suspending U.S.-South Korea military exercises.

2. Initiate a peace process with North Korea, South Korea and China to replace the 1953 Armistice Agreement with a binding peace treaty to end the Korean War. Women must be significantly represented in the peace process in accordance with the spirit of UNSCR 1325.

3. Support citizen diplomacy to heal the legacies of the Korean War by establishing a liaison office in Washington and Pyongyang to facilitate retrieval of U.S. Korean War servicemen’s remains and Korean-American family reunions.

If you couldn't get to D.C., you can still call your representatives. Thursday morning, Indivisible released Tell your Members of Congress: Don’t Let Trump Start a War with North Korea. They recommend asking your Members of Congress to do the following, especially during this current August recess:

Co-sponsor Sen. Jeff Markey and Rep. Ted Lieu's “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” (H.R. 669 in the House and S. 200 in the Senate).
Demand that Trump finally nominate qualified, career professionals for critical but vacant State Department positions including Ambassador to South Korea, Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security. There are many more, but these are important starts.
Publicly denounce Trump's dangerous, deluded rhetoric, which is a danger to our national security.
Speaking of August Recess

Link du jour










BW joins ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project
By Angela K. Evans -  August 10, 2017

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, the U.S. has experienced an increase in media reported incidents of discrimination and hate crimes. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported 867 hate incidents in the first 10 days following Donald Trump’s election alone. A hate incident is an altercation motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Since then, hate crimes have drawn the national spotlight to Oregon, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New York and Florida and nearly everywhere in between. Children have experienced anti-immigrant bullying at their schools and many people of color have had the words “Go home” shouted at them as they navigate their daily lives. Jewish cemeteries around the country have been desecrated while Jewish Community Centers have received an increasing number of bomb threats. And swastikas, the age-old symbol of hate, have been showing up with more regularity in many cities, including Boulder and Longmont. Elsewhere in Colorado, Boulder Weekly has been reporting on threats and vandalism at mosques and refugee centers following President Trump’s controversial travel ban.

Even though such incidents are increasing around the country, the national data concerning these hate crimes is sorely lacking. While the FBI is required by law to track these hate incidents, the Bureau is largely dependent upon the reporting of other law enforcement agencies in order to track such crimes — many of which don’t report or track such incidents.

According to nonprofit, investigative news organization ProPublica, at least 120 federal law enforcement agencies don’t contribute data to the national tally, and an Associated Press investigation uncovered that roughly 17 percent of city and county law enforcement agencies in the country haven’t reported a single hate incident in the last six years. Furthermore, the data the FBI does track only accounts for incidents reported to law enforcement and we know that most hate incidents are never reported. As a result, FBI data shows only 5,000-6,000 such incidents each year, while the Bureau of Justice Statistic (BJS) — which works from surveys that account for crimes that went unreported to law enforcement — reported an average of 250,000 incidents of hate crime victimization each year from 2004 to 2015. BJS also estimates that between 2011 and 2015, 54 percent of hate incidents weren’t reported to the police. This inconsistency has created a black hole when it comes to having an accurate picture of hate in America.

In order to create a more accurate view of hate incidents in the U.S., ProPublica is partnering with local news organizations through its Documenting Hate Project.

Boulder Weekly is proud to announce it has joined ProPublica and more than 100 newsrooms across the country in this important effort to create a national database of hate crimes and bias incidences.

As part of this project, we will be verifying submissions of hate incidents by either eye-witnesses or people who have personally been targeted.

In order to make this project a success, we are asking for your help in reporting hate crimes or incidents of bias. If you have witnessed or experienced such acts, please share your story by using the form below. Our reporters may follow up with you, but your information will remain protected within the Documenting Hate network. By using the form provided, a report to law enforcement will not be made on your behalf.

So thanks in advance for helping us continue to track, report and expose the incidents of hate and bias in our community with accuracy. We believe that with your help our communities can move toward a brighter, more safe and equal future for everyone.



Ex-Tulsa cop acquitted in fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher has a new deputy job

 Thursday, August 10, 2017, 8:03 PM


Ex-FBI agent deemed at risk from prisoners
Retired FBI agent Thomas Michael Martens (67) is now in protective custody within a maximum security US prison where he is starting a 20-year sentence for ...


Judge Orders New Search for Clinton Emails
Law Street Media
Clinton cites the “emailgate“controversy and then-FBI director James Comey's subsequent investigation as major reasons why she lost the 2016 presidential


Arrested Vikings fan cleared, alleges excessive force

Thursday, August 10, 2017, 5:27 PM


Trial day 4: Jurors see videos of Lake County Sheriff Buncich accepting money from tow truck drivers

Aug 10, 2017 Updated


Kenna Elementary students receive armed intruder training from FBI
We love them,” Kenna Elementary teacher Lee Ann Dent said. The FBI and teachers said this training helps prepare them with ways to keep the students safe.


From the FBI to NASA, Here Are Trump’s Research Cuts
 The value of R&D contracts awarded by federal agencies has fallen 16 percent so far this year. This chart gives the blow-by-blow.
By Christopher Flavelle  and Paul Murphy


After 27 years in prison for vacated sexual assault conviction, Wisconsin man's future remains unclear
Michelle Liu, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Published 2:47 p.m. CT Aug. 10, 2017 | Updated 3:45 p.m. CT Aug. 10, 2017

Beranek has maintained his innocence in the 1987 incident, for which he was sentenced to more than 200 years in prison.

The conviction was vacated by Reserve Judge Daniel Moeser, who presided over Beranek's original trial, and heard defense arguments earlier this year about why an FBI agent likely overstated the scientific probability that hair recovered from the scene matched Beranek's. New DNA testing has also concluded that the hair is not Beranek's.

The case against Beranek began two years after a Stoughton woman was attacked in her home in 1987.

In 1989, Beranek was arrested and convicted of a sexual assault in Chippewa County. Police believed he resembled a composite drawing of the Stoughton suspect. The Stoughton woman then identified Beranek in a photo as most likely her attacker.

Though six alibi witnesses claimed Beranek was in North Dakota when the assault occurred, "the jury made the right decision," Moeser said at the time.

Recently, lawyer Dean Strang, who defended Steven Avery in the case made famous by Netflix's "Making a Murderer," has joined Beranek's defense team.

RELATED: Freed from prison by the Innocence Project, lawyer now is on a mission to free others


Trump Called for Acting FBI Director’s Firing Hours After Manafort FBI Raid

08/10/2017 06:04 pm ET
Yesterday, we learned that the FBI raided the house of Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, back on July 26.


DC Metro Sued for Rejecting
Ads From the Left and Right
Washington, D.C.’s public transit system illegally rejects ads that “might give offense,” the ACLU says in a constitutional complaint on behalf of a right-wing provocateur, an abortion provider and an animal rights group.


Court Grapples With Trump's One-In, Two-Out Executive Order
Taking a stand against the executive order that requires federal agencies to repeal two old regulations for every new one implemented, an attorney told a federal judge Thursday that President Donald Trump’s exercise of executive authority here is “unprecedented.”


Report faults King County Sheriff's handling of rape claim against Sheriff
Chris Ingalls, KING 3:22 PM. PDT August 10, 2017


Environmentalists Complain of Infiltration by Conservative Group
An environmental advocacy group has made a criminal complaint in California against a group of conservative activists, accusing them using fake identities, unauthorized recordings and other misrepresentations to infiltrate the environmental group.


Subject: Sunshine Law Request: Correspondence regarding CAIR and CVE
To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to Florida's Sunshine Law (Fla. Stat. secs. 119.01 to 119.15 (1995)), I hereby request the following records:

All emails to and from Deputy Sheriff Nezar Hamze which mention the words "Council on American Islamic Relations," "CAIR," "Countering Violent Extremism," "CVE," and "Muslims."

You can restrict your search to records created from December 1, 2016 to the date this request is processed.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I would request your response within ten (10) business days.


Waqas Mirza


Walgreens Accused of Overcharging Insured Customers for Generics


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also see






 The Landes Report ...

Go back to Voting Machine Webpage

Why won't the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate electronic vote fraud? Is it because the DOJ and FBI have long been involved in it, themselves? 

“If you did it right, no one would ever know,” said Craig C. Donsanto, head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch, Public Integrity Section (from 1970-2010) in a July 4,1989 Los Angeles Times article about electronic voting machines and vote fraud. 



  • PROSECUTION OF ELECTION OFFENSES(see: DOJ/DonsantoElectionManuel.pdf)  January 1999, Sixth Edition, by Craig C. Donsanto, Director, U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Public Integrity Section --This manual is a study in how NOT to investigate election crimes. There is little mention of voting machines or the threat they pose to the process. Check out page 62 and see democracy.ru article (at bottom of this page) that tipped this editor off as to the existence of the manual, and is a good summary of the manuel --Excerpt: "Since the voting process is at bottom primarily a state-regulated activity, federal authorities should not interfere with it. This means that until the votes have been canvassed and the outcome of all the election contests on the ballot certified by the competent state authority, the documentation generated by the election process must remaininstate hands. Also, while this may not be possible in all situations, it is preferable that the predication of federal voter fraud investigations above «preliminaries» await the conclusion of the election and the certification of results. Again, close consultation with Public Integrity is encouraged."  (In other words, after the fox has left the henhouse, Donsanto allows his agents to investigate.)
  • A FEDERAL OBSERVER REPORT (See: FederalObserverReport.pdf)  Once again, this report is a study in how NOT to effectively observe the election process.  No meaningful information is collected as a result of federal observers filling out these reports.

The Cincinnati Bell-FBI scandal:  Leonard Gates, a Cincinnati Bell employee for 23 years, testified that in the late 1970's and 80's, the FBI assisted telephone companies with hacking into mainframe election computers in cities across the country. He spoke with agents from both the DOJ (U.S. Attorney Kathleen M. Brinkman) and FBI (Agent Love), but to his knowledge, neither agency took further action.  Leonard Gates 1987Deposition, plus 1985 Background Material from Jim Condit, Jr. //Pandora's Black Box & http://www.votefraud.org/expert_strunk_report.htm (contains case number) 

  • Gates testified, P. 28, "He (Gates's supervisor, Mr. Jim West,) said the programming was obtained out of California, and that the programming had been obtained through the FBI, and all this kind of stuff, and that was about it." 
  • Page 34 excerpt: "And I knew that we did do certain things under certain court direction, under certain court orders, and I just didn't see where they would have a court order to get into that, and I expressed my concern to Mr. Dugan (President of Cincinnati Bell).  Mr. Dugan said it was a very gray area, and that they were into like New York and Atlanta, Georgia, and to the other computers, you know.  This was just small compared to what was going on."
  • Page 39, "...and I said, "Well, do you (Mr.Fedrich, vice president of Cincinnati Bell) have a blanket court order on this or what?"  And he kind of weasel-worded me, to be honest with you.  He said "Well, our relationship with the FBI is very, very close."

Excerpt from Nov 1996, Pandora's Black Box by Philip M. O’Halloran of Relevance, The Cincinnati Election Wiretapping Scandal:

Lewis and other skeptics of the vote-fixing scenario like to insist that there has never been any evidence of a "conspiracy" to fix elections by computer. But then, most of those we interviewed on both sides of the issue had never heard of the case of Leonard Gates of Cincinnati, Ohio. An employee of the Cincinnati Bell telephone company, Gates was watching a local t.v. news story, in which a Cincinnati man named Jim Condit was charging that the election system was vulnerable to vote fraud in the Hamilton county election process.

He based his charges on his experience as a candidate for city council in 1979, when, after an election night computer crash, Condit and seven other "feisty challengers" had suddenly "fallen to the very bottom of the heap" of 26 candidates. Gates called the station and later contacted Mr. Condit, telling him he knew firsthand how his votes were robbed. They met and shared information and ultimately Gates testified in Condit’s Cincinnatus PAC (political action committee) lawsuit against the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

The suit had earlier been decided against the plaintiffs and Gates took the stand during the appeal. He swore under oath that he was ordered by his Cincinnati Bell superiors to wiretap the election headquarters’ phones lines to provide a link-up between the county’s vote-counting computers and parties unknown on another phone line somewhere in California.

The following are excerpts from the Cincinnati Post of October, 30th, 1987:

Cincinnati Bell security supervisors ordered wire-taps installed on county computers before elections in the late 1970s and early 1980s that could have allowed vote totals to be altered, a former Bell employee says in a sworn court document.

Leonard Gates, a 23-year Cincinnati Bell employee until he was fired in 1986, claims in a deposition filed Thursday in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to have installed the wire-taps. Cincinnati Bell officials denied Gates’ allegations that are part of a six-year-old civil suit that contends the elections computer is subject o manipulation and fraud.

Gates claims a security supervisor for the telephone company told him in 1979 that the firm had obtained a computer program through the FBI that gave it access to the county computer used to count votes. [Emphasis added].

The FBI refused comment and Cincinnati Bell spokesmen vehemently denied the allegations, claiming Gates was a "disgruntled ex-employee", yet, according to Condit, the company ultimately admitted that one of its vans was involved in the wiretapping, although it claimed they were commandeered without the company’s knowledge. The Post continued:

In the deposition, Gates claims he first installed a wire-tap on a telephone line to the county computers before the 1977 election at the instruction of James West, a Bell security supervisor.

Gates contends both West and Peter Gabor, security director, told him to install wire-taps in subsequent elections. Both men declined comment Thursday.

In the 1979 election, which is the focus of the deposition – Gates said he received instructions in the mail from West about installing wire-taps on county computers in the County Administration Building at Court and Main streets.

The wire-taps were installed on the eve of the election at Cincinnati Bell’s switching control center at Seventh and Elm Streets and terminated in a conference room in the building, Gates alleges.

In the deposition, Gates described in great technical detail installation of the wire-taps.



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October 6, 2017UncategorizedAmerican mass shootings, calumny, Catalonia, Church of Police Truth, criminal investigation, evidence, globalists, high incidence, Homeland’s gratuities, Kosher Nostra, LIHOP v. MIHOP, meticulous planning, missing monies, NRA, press conferences, psywar, room service, Russian hackers, S400, Saudi Arabia, strategy, tax changes, terror, Turkey, Vegas, Volant, Weinstein, ZOA

“Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

Pressed on what he meant, the president said, “You’ll find out.”



[Ed.: I regard these two as quacking agitprop, strategic psychological games.]


Terror as a Strategy of Psychological Warfare




You can play along at home:














At least two Homeland Security agents took cash and prostitutes from Colombian crime lords in exchange for erasing their criminal records, according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). In a story befit for the ages, the two agents, one named Christopher Ciccione and the other unnamed, enjoyed a lavish evening in Bogota with fine wine, a suitcase full of cash, a famous singer, prostitutes, and an army colonel–all in exchange for helping at least two major crime lords. SOURCE: COLUMBIA REPORTS – BY ATTICUS BALLESTEROS


robt willmann said…

As an exercise, and using available evidence, one can try to solve what has been said to be a crime of multiple homicide, aggravated assault, and damage to property that happened on the night of 1 October 2017 in the area of an outdoor concert and the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

A newspaper or television story is not evidence. A press conference is not evidence. An autopsy expresses evidence, as do such things as ballistic tests, chemical residue samples and their evaluation from a suspect’s body, and so forth. Photographs, videos, witness testimony, tangible things, and other such items are evidence.

This is not saying that law enforcement investigators are not acting in good faith. Rather, it can be an exercise into what the public is able to evaluate in an instance such as this when a push is being made to change existing laws that affect many people, and this country is supposed to be a free society with the public operating through a democratic republic.

The press conference of Sheriff Lombardo of 4 October 2017 is here, with both links being the same thing–

The statement is made that the original idea that the shooting started at 10:08 p.m. is changed to 10:05 p.m., and that it lasted until 10:15 p.m. At about 18 minutes into the press conference, Sheriff Lombardo answers questions.

We have heard a story. Now, what evidence exists that can be evaluated?

05 October 2017 at 03:42 PM




“16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About”. The key sign of conspiracy is the authorities purporting to be baffled by everything.

“How Kurdish Independence Underpins Israel’s Plan to Reshape the Middle East” (Cook). Hardcore woke.

“War Clouds Gathering Over Israel” (Taxi).

“Israel calls for US to be more active in Syria”. “How Washington Found Itself in Bed with ISIS” (Orlov):

“. . . Washington has made it clear to the Kurds that it doesn’t simply want them to occupy oil fields, but also prevent Damascus from establishing control of the Syrian-Iraqi border and block the route along which Iran could send troops and equipment to Syria. This is by far the most important goal in Syria today from Washington’s point of view. Iranian Foreign Mohammad Javad Zarif wasn’t particularly picky with words when he stated that Washington is eager to cooperate with any force, including ISIS, in a bid to prevent the Syrian army from securing the border with Iraq, which would create a land supply bridge from Iran to Syria.”

“That ‘Israel Lobby’ Controversy? History Has Proved Us Right” (Walt in The Forward!). Note that Walt and Mearsheimer received exactly the same kind of treatment that Giraldi and Plame are now receiving.

“Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi got fired for exposing warmongers and ethnic cleansers” (Alexis).

“Other than the need to memorialize, it serves no purpose.” Oh, there’s a purpose.

“Living Under the French Hate Speech Laws” (Proulx). Scholarly! It protects the usual Zionist murder and land theft project, plus the tender reputations of obviously guilty slimeballs.

“A Doctor’s Report from Yemen”.

“This “Russian Influence” Campaign Is A Click-Bait Scheme”.

“Russian-US Contacts Continue Against All The Odds” (Korzun).

AT 10/05/2017 01:38:00 PM






“… Lombardo added that Paddock appeared to be living a secret life and had spent decades acquiring ammunition and weapons. The sheriff called the attack “meticulously planned” and that Paddock’s motive is still unknown…..”


[Ed.: The poor sap needed an extra course or two in meticulous planning if he failed his planned escape. But then we are in conspiracy country, aren’t we?]




A High Incidence of Calumny






Las Vegas had spent years planning for the worst: training its police force according to an anti-terrorism protocol it adopted in 2009 to respond to mass shootings, chemical attacks, suicide bombings, and planes flying into buildings, according to city officials and security professionals. SOURCE: REUTERS

[Ed.: This ispropagandaa in support of the “high incident” theory articulated by TruthStream and PhiBetaIota.]






[Ed.: Observations:

#1) Information is (pick one) trickling/ flowing/flooding in from numerous places that comments are being sent by remote hand directly into the spam folder at certain web sites.

#2) Paddock was variably employed, when he was employed, by the USPS, Lockheed, the DOD, and the IRS; what are the odds he was exposed to some form of mind control programming at one or more of those career stops?;

3) Paddock was said to be wealthy, having invested wisely and perhaps through gamling; if he was wagering $100 a hand at slot machine poker, is it not likely that he has a hidden means of income?

#4) Is this another case of LIHOP vs. MIHOP?]


Hotel Guest Next Door to Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’ | 03 Oct 2017 | An Australian man who was staying in the room next to the shooter in the Mandalay Bay has confirmed he witnessed multiple gunmen involved in the Las Vegas attack. “There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Brian Hodge told Australia’s Courier-Mail. Mr. Hodge, who was staying in room 32134, next door to Stephen Paddock in room 32135, also provided important information when he revealed that a security guard was killed by police. “My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.” …Wendy Miller from Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast — another Australian caught up in the Las Vegas shooting — may have provided a missing piece of the puzzle. Also speaking to the Courier-Mail, Ms Miller said…she saw what she described as a “man of interest” run by. Ms Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay. “The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said.

Receipt Shows Paddock Had Another Guest in His Room Before Shooting –Gunman ordered for two on September 27, four days before massacre | 04 Oct 2017 | An image posted on Facebook by a man who claims he served Stephen Paddock room service shows that the gunman was with a guest during his time at the Mandalay Bay hotel four days before the massacre took place. The receipt shows an employee named Antonio served two guests an “IRD_MB,” which means “In Room Dining, Mandalay Bay.” The table number is “32135” – which equates to Paddock’s room number (135) on the 32nd floor…The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”. The date on the receipt also says September 27, whereas authorities assert that Paddock checked in the day after on September 28.





Investigators are trying to identify a mystery woman who was seen with Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock a few days before he went on a Sunday nigh shooting rampage, killing 59 people and injuring over 500. SOURCE: THE DURAN



Mounting evidence of what looks like a false flag is worrying many. And once you read this, those fears will be shoved into overdrive. On the surface, the tweet doesn’t say much. But how much can Mike Toke really say in a limited amount of characters? But what he does manage is enough to get anyone seeking the truth to follow all these leads and look into everything that the media and our government continues to hide from us. It’s what’s embedded in the tweet that counts. Via Daily Sheeple


October 4th:

Wayne Madsen (Washington)

The current owner of Paddock’s former Cessna 152 plane — with two intermediate owners — is Volant LLC, a 2-employee business development firm in Roanoke, VA. It’s not the same firm as Volant Associates of Chantilly, VA, a defense & intelligence company. The amateur knuckleheads who are convinced they are journalists, but are idiots, claim Paddock was affiliated with the Chantilly firm. But fake news is their and moron-in-chief Trump’s,, Alex Jones’s, and pals’ stock-in-trade



But see these two:






“… [B]ow down and accept that information. The Church of Police Truth. It’s the only way to get to heaven. Join now before it’s too late and you’re infected by the Other…..”



Authored by Emily Hall via CampusReform.org,

A Harvard University professor called the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” Tuesday morning, adding that “Congress must act” on gun control.

“We have to have the courage to call the NRA exactly what it has become – a domestic terrorist organization that places profit above the lives of the American people,” Dr. Jonathan Walton declared during Morning Prayers, according to a blog post by The Memorial Church at Harvard.



[Ed.: They killed M. L. King right after he gave his speech at the Riverside Church (which apparently this chump has never read), so if we are going to call the NRA a domestic terrorist organization, how many think tanks, political parties or military-intel agencies and contractors can we call international terrorist organizations? How about the PNAC or the Zionist Organization of America? https://theinternetpost.net/2017/10/03/usa-first-or-israel-first-zionist-organization-of-america-pushes-trump-to-war-against-lebanon-and-iran/ ]


3 Mass Shootings Far Worse than Vegas the Gov’t Wants You to Forget—Because They Were Involved

The Las Vegas shooting has been called “the deadliest shooting in US History,” but there are several mass shootings from the past that have killed many more

By Rachel Blevins – October 5, 2017




While victims were still in surgery, some took to television and social media to criticize the “outdated” and “dangerous” Second Amendment to the Constitution. They have lived so long in a safe, stable society that they falsely believe armed citizens are a threat to life and liberty for everyone. Those who claim to see no necessity or benefits of individual gun ownership need only look to the rolling hills of Catalonia, where a live social experiment is currently unfolding. Source: Foundation for Economic Education https://fee.org/articles/catalonia-shows-the-danger-of-disarming-civilians/


Which Automakers Got Crushed and Which Boomed?

Hurricane Harvey and highest discounts in history boost auto sales.

Hurricanes may have wiped out as many as 125,000 jobs from September

The guy who invented Google News says lack of vetted stories is ‘shameful and irresponsible’

Russian hackers stole U.S. cyber secrets from NSA: WSJ

The theft included information on penetrating foreign computer networks and protecting against cyber attacks and is likely to be viewed as one of the most significant security breaches to date, the newspaper reported.

Russian soldiers face ban on selfies and blog posts

YouTube alters algorithm after searches for Las Vegas shooting turn up conspiracy theories

Only the government’s cockamamie conspiracy theories (e.g., “the Russians did it”) are allowed. “Authoritative” news sources are those which hew to the approved line. In a free society, people should be allowed to present other theories, and argue the merits of their cases using evidence and logic. And citizens should likewise use logic and common sense to decide which theories they wish to subscribe to. What’s evolving here is a China-style system in which the government and its allied mainstream media decide what is approved (i.e., the “truth”), and withhold their imprimatur from unapproved sources. — RF

The Campaign To Rein In the Internet — It’s part and parcel of the “Russia-gate” hoax

With both Facebook and Twitter being hauled up before a congressional committee “investigating” this alleged Russian conspiracy – Facebook subsequently purged hundreds of accounts in response to political pressure, while Twitter did likewise – the motives of the witch-hunters are transparently obvious. What the “investigators” and their allies want is government censorship of the internet, which will be rationalized by accusations of “foreign influence” on the US political scene.

The Mystery of the Russia-gate Puppies

The U.S. mainstream media is determined to prove Russia-gate despite the scandal’s cracking foundation and its inexplicable anomalies, such as why Russia would set up a Facebook “puppies” page.




Looks like Russian President Vladimir Putin is back at it. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE


If you see any of these women lurking in your IT department or sneaking around with a thumb drive, please report them immediately

(after you give them the relevant photo identity cards and send them for job interviews).






Western media spent last week covering Saudi Arabia’s so-called progress due to the recent decree lifting the ban on women driving. However, their continuation of other abuses remains underreported. Such was the case yesterday when Saudi authorities arrested 46 people; 22 for the charge of spreading dissent and 24 for stirring tribal divisions. SOURCE: GEOPOLITICS ALERT



Two days ago, when we previewed the first ever visit by a Saudi King to the Russian capital – a move which prompted Bloomberg to call Russian president Putin the “new master of the Middle East” – we pointed out that according to Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak, a joint Russian-Saudi fund to invest in the energy sector will be announced during the forthcoming visit of the Saudi King to Moscow, and that the preliminary agreement to establish the $1 billion fund has already been reached. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE



In a move that looks suspiciously like retaliation, Turkish police on Wednesday arrested a local employee of the US embassy in Istanbul and charged him with espionage and trying to overthrow the government, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing local media. SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE





The Syrian Army was on its way across the Euphrates river to liberate the oil- and gas-fields east of Deir Ezzor city. The U.S. countered the move. It sent a small forces of Arab tribal mercenaries who were earlier allied with the Islamic State (ISIS). These proxy forces came from a northern direction and moved through Islamic State held areas without fighting and casualties up to the walls of Deir Ezzor city. SOURCE: MOON OF ALABAMA











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Why is the Mainstream (Fake) News Medias being so silent on the missing $21 Trillion just between two, repeat two agencies, DoD and HUD? Why don’t we hear about FBI/DOJ investigations into the missing money? How many more agencies have unaccounted/undocumented ‘missing’ Trillions? This $21 Trillion(s) alone is just over two past administrations, Bush II and Obama tenures. The DoD IG has reported in the recent past that they were unable to find $6 to $9 Trillion in missing DoD monies.

Also….what about the missing gold that was in the bottom rung of the Twin Towers before they came tumbling to earth? Who took it, Cheney or Jacob Rothschild, or both maybe? Where has the gold disappeared to?

DOD and HUD Missing Money: Supporting Documentation for $21 Trillion of Undocumentable Adjustments



05 October 2017 at 08:33 PM

J said…

Now I’ll get off my little soapbox about the missing Trillions, and mellow out with some good music. For your listening/viewing pleasure:

EMIN & A’STUDIO – Если ты рядом – TISER

also two of my very favorite performers МАКСИМ ФАДЕЕВ and НАРГИЗ



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Spanking a child can lead to dating violence when they’re older, says study
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 5:47 PM


White police officer suspended for calling out peers for their 'white male privilege' during training session

Republican Jeff Flake writes $100 check to Roy Moore's Democratic rival Doug Jones
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 8:14 PM

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'Concussion' doctor Bennet Omalu resigns from coroner post, claims sheriff tried 'to control me as a physician'
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 3:20 PM

Investigator: Ex-AG’s office withheld DNA evidence in suit

ST. LOUIS — An investigation requested by relatives of a black man killed in a police shooting found that the former Missouri attorney general’s office withheld DNA evidence that could have been useful in a wrongful-death lawsuit, and the family’s lawyer said Tuesday he might sue again if the city won’t renegotiate the settlement terms in the wake of the evidence issue.

St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley’s DNA was found on a gun at the scene of the shooting of 24-year-old drug suspect Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011, but Smith’s DNA was not. Stockley, who is white, had said Smith was moving his hand toward a gun found in his car, but have insisted that Stockley planted the weapon

At the urging of Smith’s family, current Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley launched an investigation in which he hired private attorney, Hal Goldsmith, in September to look into allegations concerning the evidence. Goldsmith’s investigation report, which Hawley released Tuesday, said a St. Louis police lab technician concluded in two 2012 reports that Stockley’s DNA was recovered from the revolver at the scene, but not Smith’s. Goldsmith found that neither report was provided to attorneys for Smith’s family, which filed their federal wrongful-death lawsuit in 2012.

The DNA evidence was cited in Stockley’s criminal trial, but a judge in September still acquitted Stockley of first-degree murder.

Smith’s family was awarded $900,000 in 2013 in a settlement of their civil case. Most of the money went to Smith’s daughter, who


Republicans say man who attacked woman with hammer can keep post as secretary

Republican Party leaders in Florida are moving on after discovering one of their officials changed his name and allegedly attempted to hide an act of horrific violence.

The state party leaders ruled that Rupert Tarsey can remain secretary of the Broward County Republican Executive Committee despite his criminal past and attempt from the committee's chairman to suspend him.

Following a May election that saw the little-known newcomer get elected to the committee, defeating two opponents with deeper ties to the GOP, members found out that despite being just 28 years old, he'd already lived another life as a wealthy high schooler named Rupert Ditsworth, who savagely attacked a young girl with a hammer after trapping her in his car, but never spent a drop of time behind bars.

"When you have a lot of money, you can kind of get away with stuff," Celeste Ellich, vice chair of the Broward County Republican Party, told the Los Angeles Times.

In high school in 2007, Tarsey asked schoolmate Elizabeth Barcay out to lunch.

On their way back to school, he took a detour and they wound up on a dead-end street, where he parked his Jaguar with his victim's door up against a wall, took a hammer out of his book bag and began bringing the blunt object down upon her body.

GOP groups stray from Moore despite Trump, RNC support

After dozens of strikes to Barcay's head and leg, she would be left with 40 visible wounds in total, including a split-open scalp and two black eyes.

"Her hair and face were caked with blood," Barcay's mother, a physician, told the Sun Sentinel. "On the left side, her head was shaped like a football."

The blows from the hammer only stopped because the tool broke. At that point, Tarsey took Barcay by the neck and tried to strangle her.

Finally, she was able to bite one of his fingers, causing him to end his carnage.

Five days later, Barcay would go to her prom in a wheelchair.

In the years after, Tarsey changed his identity, relocated to Florida and got involved in politics, particularly with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

Thanks to a plea agreement, he was able to plead no contest to one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon and was given six years’ probation.

When the board first became aware of what Tarsey had done in September, some members called for his resignation

He declined.

"I don't think that Tarsey should be an officer, or even a member, of any Republican Party given his past history and current penchant for intentionally misleading people. He should have resigned for the good of the Party and unfortunately, he did not," said Florida Republican Chairman Blaise Ingoglia.

"I also believe anybody with a criminal record embarrasses the Party and should resign."

When reached by the LA Times, Tarsey declined to comment, other than to say, "I don't really see how it's a controversy — this is not a state-level position


American Jews and Israel, drifting apart

When I was a kid, I went door-to-door in my neighborhood, asking for donations to the Jewish National Fund, best known then for its Israel forestation program. At the age of 11 or so, I imagined myself a regular Johnny Appleseed, responsible for vast forests.

My neighbors were easy pickings. No one asked about the occupation of the West Bank, the civil liberties of Palestinians, the awesome political power of intolerant ultra-Orthodox Jews or the appalling mendacity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was a different time. If I went to my neighbors today, my imaginary grove might be barren.

Of all the divisions regarding Israel , maybe the most consequential in the long run is the widening gap between American Jews and the policies of the Netanyahu government. This does not mean that American Jews — largely Democratic and liberal — no longer support Israel. They do. But that support is conflicted, fraught with worry and dismay, and, increasingly among the younger generation, sometimes barely existent.

The Israeli government proceeds as if none of this matters. Its preoccupation, naturally enough, is with its domestic constituency — the voters of the upper Galilee and not the donors of the Upper West Side. Not only don’t American Jews vote in Israel, but as Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely dismissively put it, they don’t serve in the army, either.

Just as important, the vast majority of American Jews are not Orthodox, and they resent the hold that the very religious have over Israeli political life. As we see with Sunni and Shiite Muslims, interreligious fights are the most ugly.

For moderate or liberal Jews — in other words, for the 76% who did not vote for Donald Trump — Israel has become like a relative who always has to be explained. While religious restrictions matter a great deal, the overriding issue is the future of the West Bank — whether, along with the Gaza Strip, it will comprise a future Palestinian state or whether Israel will simply swallow it.

This is usually called a one-state or a two-state solution. Another way of putting it is whether Israel will remain a Jewish democracy or need to repress a Palestinian majority far into the future.

The one-state solution is where the government seems headed. At the close of his last election campaign in 2015, a panicked Netanyahu vowed that he would not permit the creation of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu had clearly caved to the so-called settler movement, which wants more and more West Bank settlements, eventually foreclosing any chance of creating a Palestinian state.

The drift toward one state is a reason former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak recently called the Netanyahu government “irrational, bordering on messianic.”

Barak wrote that in a New York Times Op-Ed piece. He was even stronger a bit later in remarks to the Israel Policy Forum, which largely shares his views. Several times he referred to Israel’s loss of “the moral high ground” and the effect that this is having on Jews everywhere. “We are losing the next generation,” he said.

Barak is a unique figure. He is a former defense minister, a one-time chief of the general staff and, not incidentally, the most decorated soldier in Israel’s history. He is a former commando.

But he is also somewhat typical. He is one of many retired generals or intelligence chiefs who favor a two-state solution. These are men who would not trifle with Israel’s security, and so when Netanyahu argues, as he has, that a Palestinian state would become a terrorist enclave, Barak and others insist otherwise. In the meantime, Israel is increasingly criticized.

On American campuses, it is routinely accused of being a racist and colonial power. Not so. But American Jews on those very campuses find it harder and harder to mount a defense. The continuing occupation of the West Bank and the Trumpian persona of Netanyahu leave them mute.

Back when I was going door-to-door for the Jewish National Fund, Chaim Weizmann was Israel’s president. He was a monumental figure whose autobiography, “Trial and Error,” is both readable and prescient. On page 462, he wrote, “I am certain that the world will judge the Jewish state by what it will do with the Arabs.”


Roy Moore's spokeswoman loves unborn children, hates Obama and has embraced 'Dominionism'

She's focused on unborn children— but not women who say they were preyed on as children.

Janet Porter, a spokeswoman for Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore, on Tuesday dismissed the numerous allegations of sexual assault and child molestation against the scandal-plagued Republican.

"Congratulations on your unborn child," Janet Porter said to host Poppy Marlow, who is pregnant, to kick off the CNN interview. "That's the reason why I came down here as a volunteer to speak for Judge Roy Moore, because he stands for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them until the moment of birth."

Porter, who continued throughout the interview to question the credibility of the eight women who have come forward with accusations against the 70-year-old politician, is an anti-abortion activist who has built a platform rooted in religion, anti-LGBT stances and conservative "pro-family" views. Here's a look at her political perspectives and background:

GOP groups stray from Moore despite Trump, RNC support

Anti-abortion legislation

Porter successfully lobbied for the passage of the country's first partial-birth abortion ban during her tenure as legislative director of the Ohio Right to Life between 1988 and 1997. The Moore spokeswoman is also behind the "Heartbeat Bill" aimed at banning abortions at as early as six weeks of pregnancy.
It's been reintroduced four times, most recently in the Judiciary Subcommittee by Rep. Steve King in January 2017. During its presentation, Porter enlisted Dr. Kathi Altman to perform an ultrasound on a pregnant woman, she wrote in an open letter to King (R-Iowa).

"My favorite moment of the hearing was when the room fell silent and all eyes were turned to the screen and baby Lincoln's beating heart was seen and heard by all," she wrote in the open letter.

The bill—which would make it illegal for a physician to perform an abortion if they should find a detectable heartbeat—in 2016 made it all the way to the desk of Gov. John Kasich, who vetoed the legislation. Porter responded to the veto by running an unsuccessful campaign in the Republican primary for a Senate seat.

At the end of November, the Heartbeat Bill received its second hearing in the House Committee and will need to go through at least one more hearing before being sent to the House floor for a vote.

Porter's status as a "pro-life girl" paved the way for her anti-LGBT stance, she explained in her 2005 book, "Criminalization of Christianity."

Roy Moore campaign leader blasts sex misconduct accusers as liars

Porter, who was not immediately available for comment, in 1997 attended a speech given by director of the Culture and Family Institute Bob Knight at a Concerned Women for America event." She recalled him saying: "The ultimate goal of the homosexual movement is the criminalization of Christianity."

While she initially found the statement hyperbolic, she eventually concluded: "The greatest threat to our freedoms comes from the homosexual agenda."

In her book, Porter also repeatedly cited pedophilia for her stance against homosexuality, which she believes is a choice rather than something innate. She additionally railed against the Democratic push at the time to include members of the LGBT community in their state delegations for the Democratic National Convention with "numerical goals."

"I'm sure-cross dressers are feeling discriminated against," she wrote. "Don't worry. They'll probably have their own quotas by 2008. Who knows? By then pedophiles may have their own


Porter founded the organization Faith2Action— which strives to provide "pro-active, strategic, and unified ways to ADVANCE the cause of Christ and the kingdom of God"—to champion her anti-abortion legislation. It has also been designated "an active anti-LGBT hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Council."

In the late 90s, Porter helmed efforts to push back against what conservative Christian groups referred to as the "homosexual lobby."

She proposed running full-page newspaper ads that were run in seven major newspapers with a combine circulation of eight million. They featured "former homosexuals" who "overcame" their orientation through the help of Christian "ex-gay ministries."

Roy Moore accuser says she has evidence proving relationship

The move—which nabbed Porter appearances on "Nightline" and "ABC Evening News"—angered activists at the time, who labeled the ads as untrue. Porter, in turn, pushed back and accused LGBT groups of being dishonest themselves.

"They're not advocating tolerance," she told the New York Times in 1998. "If that were the case, they'd live and let live."


Porter previously hosted a commentary-based radio show—also called Faith2Action— that was canceled in 2010 by its parent company VCY America. The move was sparked by Porter's May 2010 prayer rally, which reportedly had undertones of "dominion theology

Right Wing Watch defined the movement as one "that teaches Christians are to control all levers of power within society and use those positions to implement public policy that corresponds to the bible."

In "The Criminalization of Christianity," Porter repeatedly refers to the link between religion and policy.

"Paul appeared to Caesar because of his Roman citizenship, and we can do the same," she wrote. "We are Americans, endowed by our creator with inalienable rights. We have freedom of religion, not freedom from it."

She’s previously labeled the Obama administration to be “down right evil” and used her platforms to criticize its public policy as well as lift up conspiracy theories


YouTuber ExtantDodo, who regularly posts videos discrediting creationists, in 2008 took aim at Porter, who offered her anti-evolution perspective in a video produced by the Institute of Creation Research — the creationist organization formerly headed by the late Duane Gish.

Porter appears introducing the problems with evolutionist theory, warning people to "Stop taking the media and evolutionists' word for it." In the clip, she claims the concept of evolution is one of "a scientific minority."

"When you stop to think about it, it's kind of sad really. Because we've grown so accustomed to just taking the word of just any intelligent man in a lab coat with a 'doctor' in front of his name, that we've forgotten how to think for ourselves.


Steve Bannon lashes out at Mitt Romney for dodging the draft in weak defense of Moore
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 11:29 PM


DOJ failed to interview FBI informant before it filed charges in Russian nuclear bribery case
BY JOHN SOLOMON - 12/04/17 06:00 AM EST

Mueller details $6.7M spent in early months of Russia probe


Roy Moore accuser says she has evidence proving they dated when she was 17
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, December 4, 2017, 6:34 PM


NYPD surgeon busted in multi-million dollar health care scheme
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 10:22 AM

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Blink Tank


A protest in Trump Country brings home nation’s race divides



State Capitol Police officer charged with DWI

Officer accused of paying women for sex gets probation

COLUMBUS, Ohio An Ohio police officer has been sentenced to two years of probation after three women alleged he paid them for sex while on duty.
The Columbus Dispatch reports 46-year-old Randy Mayhew pleaded guilty Monday to dereliction of duty. According to court records, the women claimed they met Mayhew in 2015.

One woman said he picked her up in his police cruiser in October 2015, and court records show he didn’t arrest her even though she had two active arrest warrants.

Mayhew, who serves for the Columbus Division of Police, was placed on restricted duty during the investigation.

The newspaper reports Mayhew was one of three officers investigated for similar acts in 2015. One was not criminally charged, and the other pleaded no contest to solicitation.


Oklahoma officer charged in fatal shooting of suicidal man

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City police officer who fatally shot a suicidal man was charged Tuesday with second-


California assemblyman Matt Dababneh accused of forcing lobbyist into bathroom and masturbating in front of her
LOS ANGELES TIMES Monday, December 4, 2017, 7:19 PM


Tucker Carlson: "Out Of Control" FBI Considers Itself Above The Law ...
Tucker Carlson delivers commentary on FBI agent Peter Strzok and an "out of control" FBI on Monday's broadcast of his FOX News show. Strzok was heavily ... "There are many examples of this, but the point is clear, the FBI is out of control and not just in the Trump investigation but much more broadly. An agency charged ...

Trial delayed for police officer charged with terrorism

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A judge has ordered a one-week delay in the trial of the first law enforcement officer in the U.S. ever to be charged with a terrorism offense.

Young’s lawyers say the sting operation amounts to entrapment.

Documents show Young had been under surveillance by the FBI since 2010.


Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism

Trevor Aaronson

“Compelling, shocking, and gritty with intrigue.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A real eye-opener that questions how well the country’s security is being protected.”–Kirkus Reviews
“This is investigative reporting at its best. For the first time, a documented investigation into the domestic terrorism program is available to the general public. And the story this dogged reporter tells has been garnering growing attention. Is it possible that we have in fact created the very threat we fear? Are we in danger of destroying the fabric of our freedom in our panic to preserve it? Read Aaronson’s ground breaking report and make up your own mind.”–Lowell Bergman, Pulitzer Prize-winning Professor of Investigative Reporting

“A disturbing window into America’s war on terror. In story after story, Aaronson reveals in detail how the FBI and its informants are creating crime rather than solving it. This is an important piece of journalism.”—Alexandra Natapoff, author, Snitching: Criminal Informants and the Erosion of American Justice

“The Terror Factoryis a damning exposé of how the government’s front line against terrorism has become a network of snitches at the end of their ropes, and FBI agents desperate to thwart a terrorist plot even if it means creating one.”–Will Potter, author, Green is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

“Aaronson explains just how misguided and often deceptive FBI terrorism sting operations have become. In case after case, he demonstrates how the money being spent is more about producing theater than about federal agents arresting suspected terrorists.”–James J. Wedick, former FBI Supervisory Agent


Former FBI official changed Comey's description in Clinton email investigation to 'extremely careless'
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, December 4, 2017, 5:41 PM

FBI Octopus

Finalists to replace New Orleans IG Ed Quatrevaux include deputy he fired

Updated Dec 4, 6:31 PM; Posted Dec 4, 6:20 PM

Baltimore drops more cases due to alleged police misconduct

BALTIMORE The number of criminal cases dropped due to allegations of police misconduct in Baltimore continues to rise, prosecutors said.

The alleged misconduct includes body camera videos that appear to show officers planting evidence and a federal indictment of eight officers on racketeering and fraud charges.

News outlets reported a statement Monday from State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office said a total of 125 cases relying on the indicted officers’ testimony will be dropped. Prosecutors also said they have dropped or will drop more than 200 cases linked to officers involved in the body-camera incidents if more time isn’t granted for additional investigation.

Mosby’s office said in all, nearly 850 state criminal cases have been impacted. Baltimore Public Defender’s Special Litigation Section head Debbie Katz Levi put her office’s estimate at more than 2,000.

Former officer won’t serve time for police academy shooting

AUGUSTA, Maine — A former Maine corrections officer has pleaded guilty to charges of reckless conduct with a firearm stemming from an incident in which a fellow trainee was shot inside a pickup truck.

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Benger was placed on deferred disposition for a year and will be allowed to withdraw that plea if he meets certain conditions. The incident happened when Benger, Matthew Morrison and Cody Gillis were in Gillis’ truck in a police academy complex parking lot.

Harvard poll: Millennials pessimistic about country’s future

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. A new Harvard poll has found that two-thirds of millennials have more fear than hope about the country’s future.

The poll released Tuesday by the university’s Institute for Politics also found 54 percent of young Americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, while 14 percent think it’s on the right track.

The poll found President Donald Trump’s job approval rating among millennials continues to decline, from 32 percent in the spring to 25 percent and that likely young voters prefer Democratic control of Congress.

On social issues, 53 percent approved of athletes’ kneeling in protest of police brutality and racism during the national anthem, and 61 percent supported stricter gun laws.

The FBI issues its largest retrieval of guns in 10 years
EditorsPublished 5:45 p.m. ET Dec. 4, 2017 | Updated 7:10 p.m. ET Dec. 4, 2017

Federal authorities get tougher on the gun vetting system

A USA TODAY review found that federal authorities sought to retrieve guns from thousands of people who should have been blocked by background checks from buying the weapons. Who are these prohibited buyers? People with criminal records, mental health issues or other problems that would block them from buying weapons. Or someone like Devin Kelley, who had a domestic violence record but still purchased a rifle used in the Texas church massacre in November that killed 25 people, including a pregnant woman whose unborn baby also died. The more than 4,000 requests last year by the FBI to retrieve weapons represent the largest number of such requests in 10 years. But the government has a mixed record in retrieving these guns.

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Recognizing that these types of records may do an inordinate amount of unintended damage to a person’s life, every state has enacted some form of criminal record expungement. Expungement is the process of sealing or destroying court records, meaning that the record is no longer available to be accessed and a person no longer needs to reveal the details surrounding the incident to which the record pertains. Each state administers their own form of expungement, and criteria and the application of expungement laws will vary from state to state. Some states may use terms such as “removal,” “destruction,” or “expunction” of records, but the overall effect is essentially the same. this process usually takes a long time and can cost a whole lot, and in the end, you may not get desired results. i am a living testimony of codenamecrypter@gmail. COM's hacking expertise, in less than a month he was able to clear all my records and i finally was able to get a job,a very good one if i must include.

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New Jersey homicide detective charged with murdering his 3-month-old daughter


JUL 17, 2019 | 10:52 PM


Oklahoma inmate jailed for nearly 30 years freed after judge rules he’s innocent in 1991 murder


JUL 17, 2019 | 1:45 PM


Nipsey Hussle: community outraged at 'disgusting' LAPD investigation into rapper's business
City quietly targets late entrepreneur with criminal case, and South LA residents say police are ‘attacking his legacy’


LAPD officer charged with rape after ‘cold’ DNA match, prosecutors say


More details released in arrest of Sagadahoc County deputy
Matthew Shiers is accused of choking his live-in girlfriend at his home in West Bath.
Deliberately hurting animal.


Widespread, oppressive and dangerous heat to roast much of the U.S. through the weekend




CBP Investigating 62 Border Patrol Agents Who Used Demeaning Facebook Page


Abrupt about-face on indictment of Louisiana coastal scientist shocks legal community


A string of deaths of prominent Ferguson activists and their relatives, as well as others who were murdered in a similar fashion, has left lingering questions about the circumstances. Given the recent detainment (with no justification given) of Iranian state TV journalist Marzieh Hashemi, who was working on a documentary about the murders, it’s worth re-examining the existing cases. We couldn’t find a comprehensive list placing the cases side-by-side, so we put this together. Some of the victims were notable figures in the protest movement, while others are related tangentially or by the strange nature of their deaths.


Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: James W. McCord Jr.
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Previously unreleased records related to James Walter McCord Jr. (died June 15, 2017). Mr. McCord served as an FBI special agent and was one of the Watergate burglars.
                View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download
From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subject: eFOIA files available
There are eFOIA files available for you to download.
                View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download
From: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Subject: eFOIA files available
There are eFOIA files available for you to download.
                View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download
                View An eye View Embed Opening and closing brackets with a diagonal slash through the middle. Embed Download An arrow pointing down Download
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FBI, DHS Book Lists the 46 Indicators of Potential Violent Extremists


From: Mackenzie Farkus
Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: W.I.T.C.H.

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
All files on or related to the feminist group W.I.T.C.H., also known as the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell. They were originally active in the 1960s but numerous chapters have reformed in the 2000s.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.
Mackenzie Farkus


Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, Dyncorps, & N-number N474AW
By Daniel Hopsicker -
July 12, 2019


GangsterPlanet2: Learning to spot the ‘tells’
By Daniel Hopsicker -
July 7, 2019

“The massive 19-ton cocaine bust on the docks in Philadelphia two weeks ago exposed a weakness— the use of well-worn templates—in the global drug cartel.”


Subject: Freedom of Information Act Request: Project Chanology (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Records relating to or mentioning Project Chanology AKA Operation Chanology, protest movement against the practices of the Church of Scientology by members of Anonymous, a leaderless Internet-based group. The project was publicly launched in the form of a video posted to YouTube, "Message to Scientology", on January 21, 2008. The video states that Anonymous views Scientology's actions as Internet censorship, and asserts the group's intent to "expel the church from the Internet". This was followed by distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), and soon after, black faxes, prank calls, and other measures intended to disrupt the Church of Scientology's operations. In February 2008, the focus of the protest shifted to legal methods, including nonviolent protests and an attempt to get the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status in the United States.
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.
Emma Best


December 20, 2013
Requester’s Voice: Ryan Shapiro
The MIT researcher gives tips on how to “street fight with the FBI and win
Written by George LeVines
Edited by Shawn Musgrave
In this week’s Requester’s Voice, MuckRock benefits from the experience of Ryan Shapiro, whose track record qualifies him as a FOIA super hero. A PhD candidate at MIT, Shapiro has developed a set of surgical FOIA tactics that have the FBI scrambling to block his requests. Shapiro’s ongoing “street fight” with the FBI has him convinced more than ever that our democracy depends on the health of the Freedom of Information Act.
What was your first FOIA request? How did it go? Why did you want/need to use public records in the first place?
I filed my first FOIA request to the FBI in 2005 when I was working on my master’s degree in modern American history. The request was for any records on a now deceased scientist who had been a prominent researcher and Cold Warrior in the 1940s and 50s, although he had earlier been a committed leftist. This scientist was also a leading professional proponent of animal research who routinely accused opponents of animal experimentation of being threats to American security and possibly even agents of the Kremlin itself. I wanted to know what, if anything, the FBI made of this scientist’s shifting politics in general, and of his (totally unfounded) allegations of subversion against animal protectionists in particular.
Though I knew almost nothing about FOIA at the time, this request was partially successful. In about a year, the FBI released to me roughly 150 pages. And though this was certainly not all the records the FBI had on this scientist, the release was useful nonetheless. It turns out the FBI completely ignored this scientist’s red-baiting of anti-vivisectionists, and instead continued to view the scientist himself as a potential threat to national security on the basis of his 1930’s leftism.
I first experienced significant FOIA-related problems with the FBI several years later when I began submitting requests for records about more recent history. I think my earliest request along these lines was in 2008 when I requested my own file.
The FBI responded they couldn’t find anything. I still knew relatively little about the intricacies of FOIA work. However, given my own background with aggressive activism beginning in the mid-1990s, I knew the FBI’s claim to find nothing was implausible. But I didn’t know what to do about it. As I developed my FOIA skills in the course of my PhD research, I submitted additional requests for my files. When the FBI again failed to respond adequately, I sued them about this and roughly 70 of my other FOIA requests. I now have a portion my own FBI file. However, the FBI is currently arguing in court that to release the remaining pages about me now would damage national security. This matter remains in litigation as one element of my ongoing Open America fight (discussed below).
Where did you learn how to become a successful document requester?
Reading other people’s FOIA requests was an important step, particularly at first. Reading as much FOIA case law as possible has also been key. Reading the records of FOIA lawsuits has been essential. Along these lines, agency declarations submitted in FOIA lawsuits are especially illuminative sources of information about a given agency’s internal FOIA practices. And endless conversations with expert FOIA attorneys have also been invaluable to my development. I’m especially fortunate to have the counsel of my amazing FOIA lawyer, Jeffrey Light.
In addition to the above, what has been most useful has simply been to file lots and lots of FOIA requests. In general, I design each request not only to hopefully produce the requested records, but also to further illuminate the agency’s FOIA operations. In my experience, successful FOIA work is often the product of tacit knowledge. Though it of course should not need to be this way, developing as intimate a familiarity as possible with an agency’s internal filing systems, databases, and FOIA practices is frequently the key to success.
How many requests do you file? Daily? Monthly? Yearly? Whatever metric makes sense.
I currently have about 600 FOIA requests in motion with the FBI, as well as a smaller number in motion with other agencies. How many requests I submit at any given time largely depends on the type of research I’m doing at that moment. Sometimes months will pass in which I submit no requests, and sometimes I’ll submit 50+ in a week.
Do you have any advice for MuckRock users? Tips or tricks you’ve come across over the years.
The first thing to know about dealing with the FBI for FOIA work is that the Bureau is simply not operating in good faith. While FOIA with some agencies can be akin to a protracted business meeting or an attempt to get telephone customer support from a faceless corporation, FOIA with the FBI is a street fight.
The FBI does nearly everything within its power to avoid compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. This results in the outrageous state of affairs in which the leading federal law enforcement agency in the country is in routine and often flagrant violation of federal law.

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DEF CON 22 - Ryan Noah Shapiro - Hacking the FBI - How & Why to Liberate Government Records

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One of the chief means by which the FBI accomplishes this is to deliberately search for records in such a way that the search routinely fails by design. There are numerous techniques a requestor can use to combat this, but two of the most crucial are: 1) Request a search not only for main file records (this is the FBI’s default search) but also for “cross-reference” records, and 2) Request an “ELSUR” (Electronic Surveillance) search. Despite the FBI’s (flatly dishonest) insistence to the contrary, a huge percentage of records will only be found if the FBI conducts these two additional searches, and the FBI will not conduct these searches unless you explicitly request it does so.
That said, the FBI frequently won’t conduct these searches even if you do request them. At that point, you can appeal the FBI’s inadequate search to the Department of Justice Office of Information Policy (OIP). However, this is frequently a slow and ultimately disappointing experience, as OIP often operates as little more than a rubber stamp for the FBI.
Sadly, the most effective means to compel the FBI to conduct an adequate search is to sue. It’s really the only way to hold the FBI accountable to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. I currently have five FOIA lawsuits against the FBI covering roughly 200 of my 600 requests.
Where does FOIA shine as a tool and where does it fall short?
FOIA is terrific in theory and largely toothless in practice. As a result, it shines primarily when dealing with agencies that view it with neutrality, or at least not antagonism. Unfortunately, the FBI and other intelligence agencies have long been flatly allergic to the Freedom of Information Act.
As an historian of the policing of dissent and the political functioning of national security, this is definitely a problem. Part of the issue is that FOIA itself is to some extent a misnomer. We don’t really have a freedom of information act in the country as much as we have an open records act. One can’t request information (in the form of a question), one needs to request records. This requires some advance knowledge of what those records are or might be. Especially when dealing with intelligence agencies that conceal the existence of the overwhelming majority of their records, this is frequently a prohibitive hurdle. And this is the challenge I was facing early in my PhD research.
My doctoral work at MIT builds upon my master’s degree research. My dissertation in progress and broader project in part explore the use of the rhetoric and apparatus of national security to marginalize animal protectionists as threats to the state from the late nineteenth-century to the present. As is standard with historians, much of my research is archival. As is sadly far from standard, much of my work is also FOIA-based. I’m fortunate that my program, MIT’s Program in History, Anthropology, & Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS), is very supportive of this approach.
One thread of my research that is heavily FOIA-dependent is my effort to map out the nature and evolution of the FBI’s understanding and handling of the animal rights movement. How did the animal rights movement first come to the attention of the FBI? How did the FBI’s understanding of the animal rights movement evolve over time? How does the FBI understand the animal rights movement as component parts and as a whole? How does the FBI develop infiltrators within the movement? What role did and does industry play in the evolution of the FBI’s understanding of the movement? And perhaps most importantly, beginning in 2004, how did the FBI come to designate the animal rights and environmental movements as the leading domestic terror threats in the U.S. without either movement physically injuring a single person in this country ever?
To answer these questions, I needed a lot of documents. Very few of these documents were publicly available in archives or elsewhere, so FOIA was the only real possibility for obtaining them.
However, I didn’t know what the overwhelming majority of these documents were. Worse, even when I had a fairly clear sense of what the broad subject of some these documents might be, the FBI consistently claimed it could find no records in response to my requests. So I began learning as much as I could about the FBI’s FOIA processes and experimenting with different kinds of requests.
One of the key elements of my eventual approach was to obtain signed consent forms from roughly 250 leading animal rights activists from the 1970s to the present allowing me to request their files. When successful, each one of these requests opened a tiny window into both the subject of my research and the deliberately byzantine filing systems of the FBI. I then combed through these releases for references to any additional specific documents or topics about which I could submit new requests, and then did the same again when I received records from those new requests. I would also compare the released records — and my requests that produced them — against my requests to which the FBI responded it couldn’t locate records.
In the process, I’ve come increasingly close to developing a set of methodologies that make FOIA function with the FBI in a way it has generally failed to do so to date: as a tool for broad-scale historical research. I’m especially honored to have been invited to lecture on these techniques at a host of interested institutions, including the annual convention of the National Lawyers Guild, the National Press Club, and a series of universities and law schools.
What is your favorite FOIA story?
Using the above approach, I’ve obtained roughly 40,000 pages so far from the FBI, and I have about 600 FOIA requests currently in motion with the Bureau. Most typically, however, the FBI has done with my requests what it so frequently does with FOIA requests. It simply sits on them. Though FOIA allows an agency only 20 working days to comply with a request, years would often pass with no apparent movement.
So I sued the FBI for failure to comply with the Freedom of Information Act. This lawsuit covers roughly 70 of my requests. In response, the FBI has invoked the “nuclear option” for a FOIA case. They’ve asked the judge for an Open America stay, which is basically a blanket exemption for an agency from having to comply with FOIA for a specified period of time. In my case, the FBI has asked the judge for an almost unheard of 7-year Open America stay.

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Why Did the FBI Label Ryan Shapiro's Dissertation on Animal Rights a Threat to National Security?

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To this end, the FBI is relying upon a radical new interpretation of a Cold War era FOIA doctrine called “mosaic theory.” In so doing, the FBI is arguing that compliance with my dissertation FOIA research would “significantly and irreparably damage national security.” Keep in mind, the FBI isn’t arguing that giving me the documents I’ve requested would damage national security, although they clearly believe this to be the case. Rather, the FBI is asserting in court that simply deciding whether or not to give me the requested documents would irreparably damage national security.
More so, we can’t even read most of the FBI’s argument to support this contention, because the FBI submitted it in the form of an ex parte, in camera declaration. This is essentially a secret letter to the judge from the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. And — as journalist Will Potter recently wrote in an excellent article on my case for Mother Jones — the FBI asserts that allowing us to read this secret letter would “damage the very national security law enforcement interests it is seeking to protect.”
As I told Will, this is an especially circular and Kafkaesque line of argument. The FBI considers it a national security threat to make public its reasoning for considering it a national security threat to use federal law to request information about the FBI’s deeply problematic understanding of national security threats.
However, from the portions of its argument the FBI has submitted publicly, one thing is clear. The FBI’s efforts to exempt itself from the Freedom of Information Act in my case are so extreme and sweeping that, if the judge rules in the FBI’s favor, it could have a devastating impact on other FOIA requestors’ ability to obtain records from the FBI and government agencies in general. It’s for this reason that a host of civil liberties and open government organizations, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, the National Lawyers Guild, National Security Counselors, and the National Security Archive (along with TruthOut and Mark Zaid) have filed an amicus brief opposing the FBI’s radical efforts to shut down my research.
And I think this actually gets close to the heart of the matter.
It appears the FBI’s core motivation here has relatively little to do with the purported security threat posed by possible release of information about the animal rights movement. Instead, I believe the FBI is responding in large part to the increasing efficacy of my FOIA methodologies. Since its earliest days, the FBI has viewed political dissent as a security threat. And since the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI has viewed efforts to force Bureau compliance with the law in the same light. Over the years, the FBI has established countless means by which to avoid compliance with FOIA. Over the past five years or so, I’ve found ways around many of them. I believe the FBI’s unprecedented efforts to shut down my research are primarily a last ditch effort to preserve the Bureau’s functional immunity from the Freedom of Information Act.
I should note, I’m not sure the above necessarily qualifies as my “favorite” FOIA story, even if it is among the most dramatic. I think my favorite FOIA request is actually one I just submitted.
I recently had the good fortune to be having lunch with Daniel Ellsberg, the former top-level military intelligence analyst who in 1971 leaked the classified DOD report known as the “Pentagon Papers.” The leak of the Pentagon Papers unequivocally established that the DOD and a succession of presidents from Truman to Johnson had for decades willfully deceived the American public about U.S. military involvement in Vietnam. Ellsberg was deemed “the most dangerous man in America” by Henry Kissinger and was prosecuted by the Nixon administration under the Espionage Act (the same act under which Chelsea Manning was recently convicted and under which Edward Snowden is currently facing prosecution). Daniel Ellsberg is an American hero in the truest sense, and a longtime personal hero of mine. To my tremendous pleasure, at the end of our lunch, Ellsberg generously granted me signed permission to request his FBI file. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.
How do you think your work at MIT and the attention you’re getting from the federal government is affecting the FOIA landscape?
I’m not really sure how to answer this. What I can answer is how I’d like my work to affect the FOIA landscape. I’ll be very pleased if my work brings greater attention to the necessity of a robust Freedom of Information Act in particular, and to the pernicious effects of our government’s longstanding obsession with secrecy in general. I’m definitely interested in highlighting the absolute necessity of governmental transparency, especially in the face of the ever-growing menace posed by state surveillance and policing of dissent. Outside of a relatively small band of historians, journalists, attorneys, and activists, these topics simply have for decades not been part of any serious national conversation until recently.
Thanks largely to the documents provided and disseminated by Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Hammond, WikiLeaks, and others, such a conversation is finally getting underway. I would like my work, and the FBI’s outrageous responses to it, to contribute to and amplify this conversation.
Does the pushback ever get tiresome or wear on your drive to continue?
Ha. Not really. If anything, just the opposite. On this front I find myself in agreement with Robert, one of the young “Wolverines” in Red Dawn (the 1984 classic, not the appalling 2012 remake). When chastised, “All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid,” he responds only, “It keeps me warm.”

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Red Dawn - the hate keeps me warm

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Seriously though, it’s not the pushback that upsets me. It’s what I frequently uncover when I do obtain documents.
For example, one 2003 document I obtained via a FOIA request reveals FBI advocacy of bringing federal terrorism charges against undercover investigators of factory farms (You can read about that document on GreenIstheNewRed.com here and at the Los Angeles Times here).
We’re talking about people who videotaped animals intensively confined in cages so small they can’t stand up, can’t spread their limbs and can’t turn around. This horrific existence is standard for many of the nine billion animals raised and killed every year on factory farms in the United States alone. And the FBI’s response to exposure of what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms is to consider prosecution of the whistleblowers, and to do so under federal terrorism charges.
This is the sort of thing that makes me mad, and reading my own name on that document didn’t help. That said, this is also the sort of thing that makes me all the more committed to my work.
What has to take place for meaningful policy level changes to FOIA laws? Will we ever see that day?
The first thing that needs to happen is for more people to use FOIA and become invested in it. It’s for this reason (and many others) that MuckRock is such an invaluable resource and addition to the open government landscape. We also need more historians and journalists in particular to regularly utilize FOIA and promote the fruits of FOIA work.
I’ve already mentioned Will Potter’s great work above, and I encourage everyone to check out his news site Green Is The New Red and his award-winning book of the same name. I’m also very fortunate to collaborate with the intrepid journalist and fellow FOIA-prosthelytizer, Jason Leopold, but he’s a rarity.
Democracy cannot meaningfully exist without an informed citizenry, and such a citizenry is impossible without broad public access to information about the operations of government. The Bush administration initiated a disastrous welter of anti-transparency initiatives, yet the Obama administration has been, if anything, even worse. Despite entering office promising unprecedented openness, the Obama administration has provided just the opposite, including bringing more Espionage Act prosecutions of leakers than all previous administrations combined. It’s not surprising those in power wish to keep their actions secret. What’s surprising is how readily we tolerate it.
The Freedom of Information Act is one of the most underappreciated elements of the entire American experiment. As broken as FOIA is, the notion that the records of government are the property of the people, and all we need to do to get them is to ask, is radically democratic. FOIA must not only be defended against the FBI and others who view transparency as a threat, but strengthened, and dramatically expanded. The viability of our democracy depends upon it.

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NATO-affiliated report reveals number & location of US nukes in Europe
Published time: 17 Jul, 2019 02:53
Edited time: 17 Jul, 2019 13:49

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e Kennedy Assassination: what really happened
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
August 2, 2019

The Kennedy Assassination: what really happened
In 2018 I posted this video which examines all the secret government releases from the JFK archives that Trump


Texas police officer kills woman while shooting at loose dog, police say
The officer was checking on the woman who was said to be passed out in the grass when he fired at the animal, police said.


Author of New FBI Book Argues J. Edgar Hoover Was Not the Father of the Bureau

By Steve Neavling

A new book, “The Birth of the FBI: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Services, and the Fight Over America’s Law Enforcement Agency,” argues the FBI was not created by its first director, J. Edgar Hoover, as many people claim.
The origin of the FBI is traced back to 1908, when President Theodore Roosevelt created the Special Agent Force under the Justice Department. Later that year, the agency was renamed the Bureau of investigation.
By 1935, when the FBI was created, Hoover was the third director of the Bureau of Investigation.
Author Willard M. Oliver, a professor for the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State, argues Roosevelt should be credited with creating the FBI because of the agencies that preceded it.


Dan Moldea: On The 44 Anniversary of Jimmy Hoffa’s Disappearance. Here’s What I Think Happened
The writer, a Washington investigative journalist specializing in organized-crime and political-corruption investigations, is a Jimmy Hoffa murder expert. He is the author of “The Hoffa Wars” (1978) and eight other books. Tuesday marks the 44th anniversary of the unsolved disappearance of Hoffa, who wanted to regain the presidency of the Teamsters. 

James R. Hoffa
By Dan Moldea
Jimmy Hoffa disappeared 44 years ago today.
In early August 1975, while serving twenty years at Trenton State Prison for manslaughter, inmate Ralph Picardo received a visit from his accountant, who was accompanied by Stephen


FBI springs serial killer for a day to help murder Jimmy Hoffa

Contract Killer: The Explosive Story of the Mafia's Most Notorious Hitman Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos Hardcover – January 1, 1993
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Baton Rouge police chief apologizes for city’s hiring of cop who killed Alton Sterling


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St. Louis police officer charged with assault for pepper-spraying 3 during protests
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Orange jail officer resigned amid investigation into punching handcuffed inmate, review shows


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Justice demands it.
By Saul Kassin and David Thompson
Dr. Kassin is a professor of psychology. Mr. Thompson is a partner at a firm that specializes in nonconfrontational interview techniques.


Nashville Police Officer Resigns After Video Surfaces of Him Brutally Slamming Black Woman Against a Car

A Nashville police officer who is under investigation for using excessive force during a traffic stop has submitted his resignation.


What did police do? Protesters demand answers on man’s SEPTA subway track death.
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A man was electrocuted on SEPTA tracks. Witnesses say Philly police Tasered him first.
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Dallas police pinned down and mocked a man, bodycam footage shows. Minutes later, he was dead

N'dea Yancey-Bragg, USA TODAY Published 8:39 p.m. ET Aug. 1, 2019 | Updated 9:09 p.m. ET Aug. 1, 2019


Who Will Save Us?

Submitted by robert.shetterly on 23 July 2019 - 09:12am
Note: Today's blog entry is the text of Robert Shetterly's opening address at the Climate Convergence Conference in Blue Hill, Maine on July 20, 2019.

I begin with Gauguin’s great painting which asks the questions: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? 
Dinosaurs lived 200 million years on this planet, and my guess is that they never felt the need - much less had the ability - to ask such questions. And we can be pretty sure they never questioned Nature’s laws. What finally killed them was not arrogance or failure to evolve - they were very good at that - but an enormous asteroid. We humans have existed in our present incarnation for only 100,000 years. We are clever enough, conscious enough and curious enough to ask those mysterious questions. Clever enough, too, to shape shift ourselves into our own asteroid. Previously those questions - Who are we? Where are we going? - were  philosophical musings. Now survival demands their answering. 

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NYPD cop says ‘there’s one less a–hole to sue us’ while watching video of suspect dying
By Tina Moore and Natalie Musumeci
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Indiana Appeals Court Decides Badmouthing A Cop On Facebook Is A Crime
Free Speech
from the more-authoritarianism-please dept
Tue, Sep 3rd 2019 3:47am — Tim Cushing
The Indiana Court of Appeals has handed down an opinion that says criticizing a police officer -- at least in this case -- is a criminal offense.
Constance McGuire's son died in police custody after his arrest, apparently of a meth overdose. (That lawsuit can be read here.) Shortly after


Top cop: UK risks 'Orwellian, omniscient police state'
Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police Service Cressida Dick was speaking in Australia about policing in the digital age.
Fill 2 Copy 11 Created with Sketch. Tuesday 3 September 2019 08:07, UK


Another delay in Vic cop leaking case
Caroline Schelle


Tuesday, 3 September 2019 3:25 am


Perps who are also cops: Disciplined Kansas officers committed violence against women
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NYPD sergeant suspended after shoplifting bust at Macy’s in Yonkers


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SEE IT: Another video surfaces of a cop having too good a time with dancer at West Indian Day Parade


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University of Illinois student charged with hate crime after noose left in campus elevator


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Still-sealed records linked to Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scheme include over 1,000 names


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Ben & Jerry’s Takes on Criminal Justice Reform with New Flavor, Justice Remix’d
Jay ConnorToday 3:30pm

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s
In a world in which the trappings of allyship have devolved into Instagram likes or tawdry photo ops, premium ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s has quietly ignored fanfare in favor of doing the actual work.
It’s not uncommon to find posts admonishing the criminal justice system or systemic racism on their website, and since May 2018 they’ve spent over a million dollars on Facebook ads denouncing mass incarceration, advocating for mental health funding and demanding criminal justice reform. And according to the revered ice cream manufacturer, they’re just getting started.
On Tuesday, they partnered with Color of Change and the Advancement Project to unveil their latest flavor, Justice Remix’d, as part of their three-year initiative “to address the destructive cycle of mass incarceration in our country,” according to a statement from Ben & Jerry’s.
Prior to this unveiling, The Root spoke with Jabari Paul, the company’s assistant U.S. activism manager, who explained B&J’s mission further.
“Justice Remix’d is our fan-facing advocacy campaign that focuses on front-end criminal justice reform,” Paul told The Root. “Front-end meaning how do you divert and deflect people from going into the incarceration system in the first place? Many of which have no legitimate reason for being there.”
Paul added, “On a national level, we’ve really focused on three issues: ending money bail, stopping unnecessary prosecutions and disrupting the school to prison pipeline.”
In doing so, Ben & Jerry’s became partners in Color of Change’s Winning Justice campaign, which seeks to transform the criminal justice system by championing reform-minded prosecutors for election. But the company has a local strategy as well, which includes the involvement of the Advancement Project to work towards shutting down jails like Workhouse in St. Louis.
“90 percent of the people there are on pre-trial detention,” Paul said. “They’re just too poor to bond themselves out. You can be rich and guilty and not go to jail pre-trial or you can be poor and innocent and you have to sit in jail.”
Criminal justice reform is long overdue, and with the arrival of Justice Remix’d, Ben & Jerry’s seeks to be a part of the solution instead of resting on their laurels.
“The reason that we believe in social impact is because social impact goes beyond this idea of corporate giving. It’s about really influencing fan behavior,” Paul said. “Our goal is to drive them to increase awareness around the issues that we care about, like criminal justice reform, drive engagement, engage them around those issues and then ultimately inspire them to take action.”
Justice Remix’d is available for pre-order on their website and arrives in stores this week.

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28-Year-Old Philadelphia Police Officer Novice Sloan Charged With Sexual Assault, Officials Say


The Plain View Project is a database of public Facebook posts and comments made by current and former police officers from several jurisdictions across the United States. 
We present these posts and comments because we believe that they could undermine public trust and confidence in our police. In our view, people who are subject to decisions made by law enforcement may fairly question whether these online statements about race, religion


Police chief accused of slamming black teen’s head into door: Trump is ‘last hope for white people’


FBI Agent Allegedly Chased 2 Teens With Gun Over Silly Prank
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Judges say computer wipe an extreme case


Ex-N.J. police chief’s racist remarks highlight first week of his hate-crime trial. But did he police that way?


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NYC pays $1.5 million to man shot by police after he alleges cops planted a gun at the scene


The LAPD opens an inquiry into job posting on right-wing Breitbart website


A Tainted Deal
From 1982 to 1995 the CIA did not to have to report if they suspected any of their agents dealing drugs.The CIA has a long and sordid history with drug traffickers. And it’s all in the Congressional Record.



Mass. State Police is plagued with scandal. Lawmakers’ response? Crickets

By Matt Rocheleau Globe Staff,September 30, 2019, 8:13 a.m.
Email to a

“The problem is there’s just too often a hesitancy to look at the State Police,” said Senator James Eldridge, a member of the Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight, who wants to hold oversight hearings. “It’s time for us to take a deeper look.”
Eldridge and several State House observers attributed the inaction to fears that criticism could lead to political blowback, especially from a historically strong — though now scandal-ridden — troopers’ union. That, combined with a general reticence to take on law enforcement, appears to underpin the political establishment’s passi


A Reporter at Large
October 7, 2019 Issue
What if Your Abusive Husband Is a Cop?


Former cop admits to beating puppy, gets probation


DIM BLUE LINE Cop suspended after being filmed vaping and calling CID detectives “c***s in disguise” while guarding major crime scene


Police seeking multiple victims of Philly cop accused of rape



Israeli Court Annuls Conviction of Cop Filmed in Unprovoked Attack of Protester
The parole service said policeman failed to see the problem with his actions, but judge ruled in his favor, partly in order not to damage his future in the forc


N.J. cop indicted for brutal K-9 attack last year arrested on separate charges
Updated Sep 28, 4:18 PM; Posted Sep 28, 3:55 PM

By Joe Atmonavage | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com
The Atlantic City police officer who was indicted last year for his role in a brutal K-9 attack that left a man with 200 stitches was arrested Saturday morning on unrelated charges, NJ Advance Media has learned.


NYPD Cop Sexually Assaults 12-Year-Old Girl, Arrested
By Shreyashi Chakraborty
09/30/19 AT 7:31 AM


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Suspended N.J. cop, his wife indicted in beating death of 3-month old daughter
Updated Oct 11, 2019; Posted Oct 11, 2019


Florida man once accused of putting 3-year-old girl in an oven has been arrested for pouring boiling water on a 3-year-old boy


Denver records largest October temperature drop on record
That 64-degree swing in 18 hours made it Denver's largest two-day October temperature switch on record, and one of the greatest temperature changes in the city's recorded history.


UMaine unveils the largest object in the world made by a 3D printer — a boat


Memphis cop arrested for assaulting woman over hot dog


NYPD cop who shot romantic rival in the face sentenced to probation


Officer Accused in Fellow Cop’s Russian Roulette Shooting Allegedly Forced Other Women to Play Game


A cop is charged with shooting a fleeing e-scooter rider. Her explanation sounded too familiar to prosecutors.


'I'm A Cop. I'm Not A Human:' New Lawsuit Shows How A Routine Noise Complaint Spiraled Into Violence
OCT. 11, 2019 5:16 P.M. • 26 CO


Muralist paints 8-story baby cop in SF protest: ‘It’s about to get very real’

Ryan Kost Oct. 11, 2019 Updated: Oct. 11, 2019 8 p.m.


Cop Charged After 2nd Shooting With Similar Details
Sheriff's deputy Lauren Michael charged with assault after scooter incident in Kansas City


San Mateo cop convicted of sexually assaulting several women while on duty
A jury found Noah White Winchester guilty of 14 felony charges


St. Clair cop facing prison for three felonies


Portland State adds armed cops in response to years of anti-cop protests



Video played in court shows ex-NYPD cop pummeling handcuffed man
By Rebecca Rosenberg
October 11, 2019 | 6:


NYPD cop who shot rival over phone charger in the face gets probation


Reno cop moves homeless out of Pickett Park before planned 'citizen arrest' demonstration


Pennsylvania Cops Arrest Family Twice in 2 Days for Loitering in own Front Yard


Family of Unarmed Man Killed for Holding Cellphone Settles for $2.4 Million


Chicago Police Settle $4.9 Million Lawsuit After Cop Killed Innocent Woman


Tennessee Cops Beat and Arrest 64-year-old Man in apparent Botched Raid


Kentucky Cop Agrees to Secret Plea Deal Reducing 5 Rapes to 5 Misdemeanors

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Bob Lazar Says the FBI Raided Him to Seize Area 51's Alien Fuel. The Truth Is Weirder

New documents obtained by Motherboard show why the FBI raided the Area 51 insider's scientific supply company.



On May 24, 1989, in a live interview with investigative reporter George Knapp on KLAS-Las Vegas, Robert “Bob” Lazar took the first steps toward becoming one of the most influential (and controversial) figures in all of UFO lore.

Concealing his identity and using the pseudonym “Dennis,” Lazar said that deep within an unconfirmed section of Area 51 called “S4,” he’d once worked on recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft for the US government





Digital Original: FBI honors its agents killed in the line of duty







November 13, 2019

The “Melissa Worm” through the eyes of the FBI

A look back at the FBI investigative files on new millenium-era malware

Written by Emily Crose

Edited by Beryl Lipton

The year was 1999. Talk of the Y2K crisis was driving technological discussion throughout the United States, and fears that computers would suddenly stop working when clocks hit midnight of the year 2000 stoked fears of the technology we had all come to rely on so heavily. As companies began to consider what they needed to do to ensure continuity into the new millennium, a less abstract threat began to spread itself across the early Internet. It’s name was “Melissa”.

Materials released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in response to a Freedom of Information Act request reveal a level of maturity in its investigation that they don’t consistently demonstrate in investigations of other crimes of similar nature. They also contain some entertaining stories provided by individuals who were investigated in pursuit of this worm, as well as the humanity—not always apparent in other contexts—of the FBI’s investigation.

On an FD-71 form, the FBI’s standard complaint form, dated March 29, 1999 at 6:00 p.m., the FBI described a telephone call from a man (identity withheld) with concerns that his AOL account had been hacked. The man claimed that he had been contacted by two reporters, one from Wired and another from the Seattle Times, who advised him the “Melissa” virus appeared to have originated from his AOL acco






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AG: DOJ IG Report on FBI Surveillance of Page 'Imminent'



Read Newsmax: AG Barr Says Release of DOJ IG Report on FBI Surveillance of Page 'Imminent' | Newsmax.






Panel recalls FBI, AJC roles in case of Richard Jewell, Olympics bombing hero turned suspect

Posted by John Ruch | Nov 13, 2019

One of the darkest moments in Atlanta’s history, the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing, grew darker still when the FBI and major media wrongly fingered heroic security guard Richard Jewell as the bomber. A Nov. 12 panel discussion at the Atlanta History Center about “The Suspect,” a new book telling Jewell’s story, was a historic moment in itself, gathering significant figures from the case onstage and in the audience.

Drawing a crowd of hundreds, the event was partly a preemptive strike on how Atlanta may be portrayed in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming movie about Jewell, partly a lecture on history and Jewell’s life, and partly an emotional reflection on an investigation gone astray while the real bomber escaped to continue his crimes. Jewell died at age 44 in 2007.









Alice Speri

November 13 2019, 8:00 a.m.








November 13 2019, 2:07 p.m.







Ryan Devereaux

November 12 2019, 7:30 a.m.








Watch video



Two Florida Police Agencies Caught on Video Entering Homes without warrant

One cop was wearing a ski mask when he slapped the phone out of the hands of a man recording.

Twice in one week, videos surfaced showing South Florida cops from two different agencies entering homes without search warrants or owner consent in search of suspects who did not live in the homes.

The first video shows a group of Broward County sheriff's deputies entering the home of Johnny Emmanuel while he was at work in search of his 25-year-old son who does not live at the home.

Emmanuel said he received a text message from his home security system on August 19 showing deputies entering his home from a side door that nobody ever uses.

Emmanuel's son is accused of assaulting a cop which is the excuse they will likely use to explain their disregard for the Constitution, as if that makes any difference.

Had it not been for his security video system, Emmanuel would have never known they had entered his home because they never bothered contacting him, much less served him a warrant.

According to the Miami New Times, which obtained the video:

Emmanuel says the cops left no note they'd been there, let alone copies of a search warrant. He says nobody called him to say cops had been there either. If it weren't for the security system, he says, he never would've known BSO deputies had entered his home and snooped around.

"I have two young children," he says. "Thank God they weren't home — they'd be traumatized for life. Someone could have been shot."

As it turns out, video and documents obtained by New Times show BSO had obtained what's known as a capias warrant to look for Emmanuel's 25-year-old son, Eric Reese, who at the time was wanted on charges of aggravated assault on an officer and fleeing arrest. But Reese did not live at Emmanuel's home. And, more important, a capias warrant — essentially an arrest warrant — in most cases does not allow officers to enter a home without the resident's consent. Officers typically need to have "reasonable suspicion" a suspect is inside a residence before they can bust in legally. Emmanuel doesn't believe the cops did.

BSO spokespeople did not immediately respond to a message from New Times yesterday. (After this story was published, the department said that its spokespeople were not in-office Monday in order to observe Veterans Day.) But Emmanuel says he's freaked out — even if the cops had a reasonable right to break into his house (which he doesn't believe they did), he's floored no one ever informed him they'd entered his house.

The second video was posted to Facebook Thursday showing an Opa-Locka police officer wearing a ski mask entering a man's home with his gun pointed. The man recording tells the cop he is not welcome in the home. The cop responds by slapping the phone out of his hands.


According to the Miami Herald:

Cellphone video footage of an Opa-locka police officer inside an apartment during the search for a suspected gunman has landed the cop in potential hot water and caused the police chief to make an unusual announcement.

In a rare press release, Opa-locka Police Chief James Dobson released the address of the Facebook link to the video and said the incident is being investigated internally by his department.

Dobson said the officer, who hasn’t been named, was searching last week for a man with a handgun who was suspected of “threatening” and demanding money from people in an apartment complex at 13875 NW 22nd Ave. Someone had called Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers and given a description of the suspect, Dobson said.

“The Opa-locka police department can not comment on the exact facts of an active investigation, but it takes any and all allegations of misconduct very seriously,” Dobson said. “Any allegation of police misconduct will be investigated immediately.”

Opa-Locka has long been one of






Police Impersonator who Robbed Couple at Gunpoint had just Resigned from Force








8 Days Left Before Rodney Reed Is Executed for a Murder a Cop likely Committed








Graffiti Wall


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Tom O’NeillDan Piepenbring


November 24 2019, 7:00 





So much for the #Resistance! While all eyes were on impeachment hearing, House re-authorized PATRIOT Act

20 Nov, 2019 03:58 / Updated 15 hours ago









Hundreds of anti police protesters march in Harlem, about 20 reported arrested





NOV 23, 2019 | 12:21 AM






Augusta forum spotlights concerns with imprisoning youth, discusses juvenile justice reform

A 32-member task force is soliciting feedback in its effort to recommend changes, which could include shutting down state's only youth prison, to how Maine treats youthful offenders.








Students were illegally punished for Black Lives Matter posters, ACLU says





NBC Boston reporter says she was fired for failing to disclose her relationship with a police chief


By Shirley Leung Globe Staff,November 22, 2019, 2:18 p.m.


When does who you’re dating become your company’s business?

According to what NBC Boston brass have told staff, journalists can date or marry whomever they want, but if there’s a conflict of interest or potential for one, they should disclose the relationship to a manager.





South Carolina Cop Allegedly had Sex with High School Student in Patrol 







WATCH: Cops Abuse Grieving Mother for Not Succumbing to their Unlawful Demands







Anti-cop protesters flood Harlem streets in wake of subway crackdown

By Ben Cohn and Ben Feuerherd

November 23, 2019






Alabama cop who chased, beat and shot black man after stop-and-frisk guilty of manslaughter

Melissa Brown







'I've been dying for 25 years': How a cop has stalled his child sex abuse trial for decades

Retired cop Leonard Forte said he couldn't be tried for the rape of a 12-year-old because he was dying. That was in 1995. He's still alive and free.

Gus Garcia-Roberts, USA TODAY, Devan Patel, Naples Daily News and Elizabeth Murray, Burlington Free Press

Updated 10:45 p.m. EST Nov. 21, 2019





Houston cop pleads not guilty to deadly drug raid charges

A former Houston police officer has pleaded not guilty to federal charges he provided false information in a January drug raid that left two people dead and several officers injured






No liability for cop in rough arrest of Detroit-area woman

Video shows struggle between motorist and officer






Ohio cop resigns after woman says he frisked her, asked crude questions during ride-along

By Joshua Rhett Miller

November 22, 2019









3 women said a Hialeah cop abused them. Prosecutors never spoke to them — and dropped case.

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/hialeah/article237577454.html#storylink=cpy





Retired sheriff’s captain, prominent San Diego jeweler among five arrested for gun trafficking scheme





NOV 23, 2019 | 12:01 PM









New Rikers Island intelligence boss is a former police sergeant from Maine who worked for NYC correction commish’s husband





NOV 23, 2019 | 11:00 PM









Together, a Brooksville couple left the world, provoking a debate about death and choice

Carl and Susan Chase, both in their mid-70s, detailed their rationale in a letter. An intense and uncomfortable conversation has followed.








155 lobster traps mark the start of the holiday season for Rockland









Spain's blackmailer cop scandal shakes business elite


24 November 2019

10:15 CET+01:00

Top Spanish executives have come under scrutiny following a string of leaked recordings as a scandal triggered by a "blackmailer" policeman that has shaken the country's elite seeped into the business world.







Cop must be punished for calling woman ‘total stripper’ on bodycam: lawyer








Amherst cop avoids jail time on charges of illegally obtaining nude photos






Buffalo’s No. 2 cop is moonlighting

Deputy police commissioner holds down part-time job in Blasdell; arrangement rankles some rank-and-file officers






2 Philly cops charged in separate criminal cases

by Robert Moran, Updated: November 21, 2019








Rape, murder and a positive DNA test that the cops sat on for weeks

Two women might be alive today if a rapist and attempted murderer had been arrested earlier.







NYPD cop busted for allegedly trying to strangle wife at Queens home








HBO premieres ‘Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops,’ an exclusive look into SAPD’s unit focused on mental health








Young Black Man Tased by Cops After Jaywalking Thought He Was Going to Die

The man crouched to the ground in a “fetal-like position” when officers pulled out their stun gun






Tom O’NeillDan Piepenbring


November 24 2019,






In Three Touchstone Speeches, Elizabeth Warren Grounds Her Campaign in a History of American Protest and Movement Building

Elizabeth Warren before announcing her official presidential bid in Lawrence, Mass., the site of the 1912 Bread and Roses strike, on Feb. 9, 2019. Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images


Ryan Grim

November 23 2019, 7:00 a.m.

TO LAUNCH HER CAMPAIGN, back in January, Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a number of locations to choose from. She could have started in Norman, Oklahoma, the setting of her ragged-edge-of-the-middle-class origin story, where her prairie populism could have been brought to the fore. She spent years in Houston, Philadelphia, and Boston, too, all chock full of their own useful imagery for






Meet the Tucson 12: Under Trump, Protesters Are Being Hit With Felony Riot Charges

Natasha Lennard

November 22 2019, 8:00 a.m.



















‘The Plot to Betray America: How Team Trump Embraced Our Enemies, Compromised Our Security, and How We Can Fix It’ by Malcolm Nance Photo credit: Malcolm Nance and Hachette Books



In this week’s WhoWhatWhy podcast, MSNBC counterterrorism analyst and bestselling author Malcolm Nance talks in detail about how Donald Trump has, in his view, betrayed the nation as an asset in a Russian plot to place a Kremlin-friendly US president in power.  

Nance argues that the effort to seduce Trump began as far back as the late 1970s. He explains why Trump began, even then, to develop a worldview that was Russia-centric and how he became beholden to Putin.

According to Nance, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was a key figure and an even more vital link between Trump and Russia than previously thought. 

Nance details how Putin made the turn from being a hardcore Communist believer in the old Soviet Union to an even stronger practitioner of fascism and financial manipulation, and how this proved to be the ideal combination for ensnaring Trump.

In this conversation with Jeff Schechtman, Nance talks about what he sees as an emerging international alliance of autocrats of which Trump seeks to be a member — an alliance whose goals are the destruction of NATO, the dissolution of the European Union, and the abandoning of American allies in Syria and the wider Middle East.  

In this far-ranging conversation, Nance reveals how Putin’s’ intelligence skills were honed in East Germany and how the Russian leader would have used years of KGB surveillance on Trump to manipulate the US president into an easily recruitable asset. 










If you are shivering in a freezing, snow-blanketed part of the world, global warming might seem like a fine thing to have. But, believe it or not, you can thank global warming for this cold weather.

The summer of 2019 was the hottest on record in the northern hemisphere, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). And there were other extremes this summer — severe drought in India, rains and record floods in the American Midwest, devastating fires in the American West and in Australia. And now the cold.

It seems as if we’re trading weather with the Arctic. We send up our hot air — and the Arctic sends down its cold air. 

But here’s a more scientific explanation: It’s all about the jet stream, a ribbon of fast-moving air that flows west to east over the Northern Hemisphere. NOAA defines it this way: “Jet streams are the major means of transport for weather systems. A jet stream is an area of strong winds ranging from 120–250 mph that can be thousands of miles long, a couple of hundred miles across and a few miles deep… This means most jet streams are about 6–9 miles off the ground.”

But how does it work? And why does it make the summers warmer and the winters colder? Please see the story below for answers.

Recent headlines on climate events should make things difficult for the average global warming/climate change





Border Patrol Agent Who Hit Migrant With Truck Gets Three Years of Probation









Profiting off the Presidency

Donald Trump is enriching himself at the taxpayers’ expense, and we got the documents to prove it.






Ryan Shapiro holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a former Research Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Shapiro is an historian of national security, the policing of dissent, and government transparency. Shapiro is widely known as a leading expert on the Freedom of Information Act.

Politico describes Shapiro as “a FOIA guru[.]” MuckRock describes Shapiro as “a FOIA superhero.” The FBI argued in federal court that Shapiro’s MIT dissertation FOIA research methodologies are themselves a threat to national security. Relatedly, Professor and author Will Potter describes Shapiro as “The FBI’s Worst Nightmare.”






RUSSIA INVESTIGATIONPublished 3 days agoLast Update 2 days ago

Horowitz reportedly finds FBI lawyer falsified FISA doc; WaPo stealth-deletes Strzok connection









Family accuses FBI of cover-up after agent kills hostage during rescue operation

Nearly two years later, the family has not heard one single word from the FBI.


Author: Marcelino Benito

Published: 6:04 PM CST November 21, 2019

Updated: 6:05 PM CST November 21, 2019







Justices Consider FBI Agent Liability In No-Fly List Case

Law360, Washington (November 22, 2019, 3:24 PM EST) -- The Supreme Court on Friday took up a case examining whether a group of Muslim men can rely on a law protecting religious freedom to seek damages from individual FBI agents who allegedly put them on the no-fly list in retaliation for refusing to become informants in a terrorism investigation. The high court granted a petition from the federal government to review a Second Circuit ruling that the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act allows plaintiffs to seek money damages from individual federal officials. The court did not explain why it took the case, as is typical. The government argues that when Congress. . .

Stay ahead of the curve

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You have to know what’s happening with clients








Agribusiness seminar planned for Dec. 12 features ex-FBI agent

Nov. 22, 2019

















Olympians demand Justice Department release report on FBI ...

https://www.ocregister.com › 2019/11/22 › olympians-demand-justice-dep...



Olympians demand Justice Department release report on FBI in Nassar case. FBI's handling of the Nassar case has been under investigation .


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Rikers guards watched teen inmate try to hang himself for seven minutes before intervening: sources










In many states, marriage is still a defense against rape


By Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff,December 4, 2019, 7:45 







Colorado Springs officers who killed De’Von Bailey did not see gun before they shot fleeing teen, transcripts show






The Panthers and the Patriots



The story of how a group of poor whites in Chicago united with the Black Panthers to fight racism and capitalism.








50th Anniversary of Police Murder of Black Panther Activists Fred Hampton and Mark Clark

December 4, 2019 by Rights & Dissent












December 4 2019, 6:01 a.m.









William Barr says ‘communities’ that protest cops could lose ‘the police protection they need’












A Push to Repeal the Death Penalty Gains Ground Across the Western United States


Illustration: Karolis Strautniekas for December 3 2019,





Dear Friends, if you have not already done so and wish to join the Dec. 4, 2019 Justice Roundtable Assembly, 

RSVP at this link for either in-person or virtual attendance.  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/justice-roundtable-quarterly-assembly-tickets-80459481475   


We have two exciting features scheduled! Please see agenda below. We look forward to your in-person or virtual attendance. Warmly, Nkechi Taifa




Wednesday, December 4, 2019 9:30-12:30
True Reformer Building, 1200 U St. NW Wash, DC 20009


  • I  9:30 –10:00 Refreshments and Networking 
  • II  10:00 Introductions, Moderator: Nkechi Taifa, Convener, Justice Roundtable 
  • III  Short Video: The Ungers: A Matter of Time 
  • IV  FEATURE I: Aging People in Prison: The Impact of Harsh and Lengthy Sentences 


Jackie Craig-Bey, Case Mgr. Freddi’s House; Assoc. Producer, Crossroads Radio Show hosted by Roach Brown. Released from prison after serving 15 years.

Marc Mauer, Executive Director, The Sentencing Project. Co-Author, The Meaning of Life; Race to Incarcerate, and more.

Stanley Mitchell, Owner of transportation business. Released from prison after 38 years under Maryland Unger decision.

Jose Saldana, Director of RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison). Released from prison in 2018, after 38 years and four Parole Board denials.

Charlie Sullivan, Executive Director, Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE National).

FEATURE II: “BLUE” – Discussion about upcoming opera - A family struggles when their teenage son is shot by the policehttps://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/OUOSG 

Discussants: John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Tim O’Leary, General Director Washington National Opera and Jennifer Bowman, Director of Music Education 




Justice Roundtable Working Group Reports: State Issues, Directly Impacted, Youth Justice, Commutations, Human Rights, Racial Justice, Sentencing, Law Enforcement, Prison Reform, Drug Policy, Reentry, Faith, Pretrial, Crimmigration, Commutations

VI Announcements: Next Justice Roundtable Quarterly Assembly, March 6, 2020








The Imperial Oil Files: New Collection Adds to Climate and Energy Research Archives On Science and Denial









New Documents Reveal Exxon-owned Canadian Oil Giant's Shifting Climate Change PR

Read time: 9 mins

By Sharon Kelly • Monday, December 2, 2019 - 21:05








Only 4.6% of FBI special agents are African-American


4th December 2019, 20:27 GMT+11







25 Baltimore corrections officers charged with excessive force, intimidation





DEC 04, 2019 | 12:32 PM






The Pharos Gazette

Pharos Image.jpg


We're excited to announce the launch of our arts newsletter! We'll be featuring visual art, stories, poetry and more, submitted by justice-involved artists. If you're in contact with a Captive Artist™, drop us a line - we'd love to feature them!


If you'd like to receive regular issues of the Gazette, subscribe to our email list below. The digital version publishes









9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference


The Lawyers' Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has provided this update of the status of its legal initiatives, which participants in tonight's teleconference might want to read before the call.




The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc. (Lawyers’ Committee), is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote transparency and accountability regarding 9/11. The Lawyers’ Committee is committed to uncovering, and ensuring that the public is fully informed of, the full truth of the events surrounding the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2001.  The Lawyers’ Committee’s primary methodology is to apply the law to the many years of research, investigation, and analysis by scientists, engineers, architects, and investigators and use legal options including federal court litigation to bring the full truth regarding 9/11 to light and to ensure that the victims (direct and indirect) of 9/11 receive substantial justice.


Although the prior work of independent researchers, investigators and scientists has gone a long way towards discovering and informing the public as to the truth of what occurred on 9/11, many key facts have yet to be disclosed or acknowledged. Because, as the evidence developed to date indicates, criminal activity and corruption are involved, and because some or all of the federal agencies involved (and private parties) involved have not been forthcoming with the public regarding all the information they possess regarding this tragedy, the use of Freedom of Information Act litigation and the subpoena and discovery powers that accompany other federal civil litigation options is critical to achieving transparency and accountability regarding 9/11. Under the circumstances, key information necessary to a full understanding of what occurred on 9/11 can only be obtained via legal compulsion.


The Lawyers’ Committee, in furtherance of its mission, is in the process of conducting multiple federal lawsuits and several independent investigations into various aspects of the events surrounding 9/11. An update on the status of these efforts is provided below.


Lawyers’ Committee’s Federal Lawsuit Against the FBI for Disclosure of 9/11 Evidence


Considerable public pressure from family members of the victims eventually caused the Congress via legislation signed by the President in November 2002 to establish the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (commonly known as the “9/11 Commission”). The 9/11 Commission was tasked to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks. However, the 9/11Commission suffered from several publicly acknowledged limitations. Commission Co-Chair Hamilton stated that there were all kinds of reasons that he and others on the Commission thought they were set up to fail. Ultimately, the 9/11 Commission produced a voluminous report which addressed some, but not all, of the then-available evidence relating to the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 Commission’s 2004 report left many of the key questions of the 9/11 victims’ family members (again) unanswered. The members of the 9/11 Commission themselves acknowledged that additional evidence relating to the attacks would likely be brought forward after their report was issued. Over the ten years that followed, significant additional evidence regarding the 9/11attacks was in fact publicly reported.


The FBI 9/11 Review Commission was established some ten years later in January 2014 pursuant to a congressional mandate. The Review Commission was tasked specifically by Congress to produce, among several other independent assessments, “3) An assessment of any evidence now known to the FBI that was not considered by the 9/11 Commission related to any factors that contributed in any manner to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.” The enabling legislation also required the FBI Director to report to the Congressional committees of jurisdiction on the findings and recommendations resulting from this review.


The Lawyers’ Committee’s active lawsuit against the FBI before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (case # 1:19-cv-00824) is designed to obtain a federal court order to force the FBI to assess and disclose to Congress, as mandated by Congress, all 9/11 evidence not considered by the original 9/11Commission, including: 1) evidence of the use of pre-planted explosives and incendiaries at the World Trade Center (WTC) on 9/11; 2) evidence regarding the arrest and later release of several individuals who were observed celebrating the attacks at the WTC early on 9/11 (referred to in FBI reports as the “High-Fivers”); 3) evidence of Saudi and other financing of terrorism and assistance to the alleged 9/11 hijackers; 4) video evidence regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11; 5) evidence regarding aircraft wreckage and parts recovered at the Pentagon, Shanksville, and WTC; and 6) evidence regarding phone calls reportedly made on 9/11 from hijacked aircraft. The 2014-2015 9/11 Review Commission failed to assess any of the above referenced categories of significant 9/11 evidence.


This federal lawsuit has the potential for the Lawyers’ Committee to obtain and use court authorized discovery powers including subpoena power to obtain key evidence and testimony in the process of obtaining the requested court order to ensure that all this 9/11 evidence is provided to Congress and made public, as Congress intended. The Lawyers’ Committee has filed a federal Complaint to initiate this case in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the government was served with summons and the complaint. The FBI has filed a motion to dismiss the case on legal procedural grounds challenging the Lawyers’ Committee’s and the other Plaintiffs’ standing and as well as the enforceability of the mandate from Congress at issue. The Lawyers’ Committee has filed its Memorandum in opposition to the government’s motion and a decision from the District Court could be forthcoming at any time. If the plaintiffs survive the government’s procedural motion, then the parties will brief the merits of the Lawyers’ Committee’s allegations regarding the FBI’s failure to honor this mandate from Congress and the court will decide whether the FBI and DOJ will be ordered to take appropriate actions to assess and report to Congress all of these key categories of 9/11 evidence.


Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition to the U.S. Attorney for Submission to Special Grand Jury and Follow-Up Federal Mandamus Lawsuit


The Lawyers’ Committee made a public commitment to petition the U.S. Attorney to present 9/11 evidence regarding WTC demolition to a special grand jury. Pursuant to that commitment. On April 10, 2018, the Lawyers’ Committee filed a fifty-plus page original Petition with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. The Petition was accompanied by fifty-seven exhibits containing extensive scientific and eyewitness evidence confirming that explosives were used to destroy three WTC buildings (WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7) on 9/11. That evidence included independent scientific laboratory analysis of WTC dust samples showing the presence of high-tech explosives and/or incendiaries; numerous first-hand reports by First Responders of explosions at the WTC on 9/11; expert analysis of seismic evidence that explosions occurred at the WTC towers on 9/11 prior to the airplane impacts and prior to the building collapses; and expert analysis by architects, engineers, and scientists concluding that the rapid onset symmetrical near-free-fall acceleration collapse of three WTC high rise buildings on 9/11 exhibited the key characteristics of controlled demolition.


In the months that followed the Lawyers’ Committee also filed with the U.S. Attorney an amended petition on July 30, 2018, adding several 9/11 related federal crimes, and supplements to the amended petition (including related to persons who may have material information regarding the crimes reported) which, like the original petition, focused on the issue of the (heretofore uninvestigated or prosecuted) use of explosives at the WTC on 9/11. The U.S. Attorney, replied to the Lawyers’ Committee in a letter dated November 7, 2018 stating: “We have received and reviewed The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc.’s submissions of April 10 and July 30, 2018. We will comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 as they relate to your submissions.”


The Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition requests that the U.S. Attorney present this evidence to a Federal Special Grand Jury pursuant to a statutory duty, and the U.S. Attorney has replied to the Lawyers’ Committee via a letter that he intends to comply. The grand jury/DOJ petition supplements filed include information regarding those individuals and entities that may have material information regarding these crimes of 9/11, including those who know of, or were involved in, funding and assisting any of the alleged hijackers or other perpetrators and planners of the crimes of 9/11. The Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition to the DOJ to submit 9/11 evidence to a federal Special Grand Jury is intended to facilitate a grand jury using its own subpoena power to get to the bottom of what happened on 9/11, and determine who perpetrated the crimes of 9/11 and who financed and otherwise assisted the commission of those crimes.


Attorneys from the Lawyers’ Committee had a telephone conversation with one of the Assistant U.S. Attorneys (AUSA) who signed the U.S. Attorney’s letter to the Lawyers’ Committee, asking if the U.S. Attorney could disclose to the Lawyers’ Committee the status of the Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition and whether the Lawyers’ Committee’s evidence had in fact been submitted to the Special Grand Jury. The AUSA stated that he could not share this information with the Lawyers’ Committee. The Lawyers’ Committee’s attorneys advised that they were hoping to avoid the need for filing a federal mandamus lawsuit against the U.S. Attorney regarding their Petition asked if there was any information the AUSA could share with the Lawyers’ Committee regarding the status of the Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition or grand jury process that would prevent the Lawyers’ Committee having to file such a mandamus action. The AUSA stated he could not disclose any such information. As a result, concluding there was no other option to confirm that the Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition and evidence had been submitted to the Special Grand Jury (and that the U.S. Attorney had in fact complied with the law), the Lawyers’ Committee filed a federal mandamus Complaint and Motion for Disclosure of grand jury records in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.


Federal law, 28 U.S.C. § 1361, provides for a suit to compel a federal official to perform a mandatory (not discretionary) duty, and Rule 6 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure allows for motions seeking to have a court disclose some or all of a grand jury proceeding for good cause. If the court denies the Lawyers’ Committee’s motion for disclosure, or grants the motion and the disclosure shows that the U.S. Attorney has not presented the Lawyers’ Committee’s Amended Petition and evidence to the Special Grand Jury, then the Lawyers’ Committee would proceed via the mandamus petition to seek an order requiring the U.S. Attorney to comply with 18 U.S.C. § 3332 and submit the Lawyers’ Committee’s Amended Petition and evidence, as supplemented, to the Special Grand Jury.


The summons and Complaint in this case (case # 1:19-cv-08312) are due to be served on the U.S. Attorney, US Attorney General, and the Department of Justice (DOJ) by December 5, 2019 and will be served as soon as possible prior to that date. Once the service of process is completed, the government will have 60 days to file their answer to the allegations in the Complaint and both sides are likely to file motions with the court thereafter to brief the court regarding the merits of the Lawyers’ Committee’s legal claims. A decision could come from the court as early as Spring of next year.


Lawyers’ Committee’s Freedom of Information Act Campaign 


The federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows for lawsuits to compel federal agencies to produce records improperly withheld from citizens who request such records. The FOIA is an additional important tool in promoting transparency regarding 9/11. In order for the victims of 9/11 to prevail in federal litigation regarding the crimes of 9/11, they need to obtain access to as many of the government’s records, including FBI and CIA records, regarding the events of 9/11, and regarding potential perpetrators and aiders and abettors, as possible. The public and the Congress also need to see, and are entitled to see, these same records so that appropriate actions may be taken to prevent a recurrence of such horrible crimes. Only when such crimes, and all of the perpetrators of them, are fully understood, can such tragic history be prevented from repeating itself, and justice be achieved. Towards this end, the Lawyers’ Committee is pursuing multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits, administrative appeals, and FOIA requests.


The Lawyers’ Committee has thus far filed three federal court lawsuits active before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia under the FOIA to obtain federal agency (NIST and FEMA) records related to the demolition of WTC buildings on 9/11. These on-going lawsuits focus on obtaining all raw data collected during the FEMA Building Performance Study (case # 1:15-cv-01991), obtaining NIST records of interviews done with first responders during 2003-2004 (case # 1:19-cv-01070), and obtaining WTC7 data about Column 79 measurements (column 79 is where NIST claims the collapse of building 7 initiated) (case # 1:19-cv-01182). The Lawyers’ Committee also is actively pursuing an appeal in a New Jersey (NJ) Open Public Records Act (OPRA) lawsuit in the NJ courts which is aimed at obtaining records including photographs related to the arrest on 9/11of individuals the FBI refers to as the “High-Fivers.” In addition, the Lawyers’ Committee has played a key role in supporting Attorney David Meiswinkle (in his private capacity) in pursuing 9/11 records regarding the Flight 93 crash near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Attorney Meiswinkle’s records request and subsequent appeal led to a mediation which then led to two site visits by Attorney Meiswinkle, the Lawyers’ Committee Executive Director, and Litigation Director Mick Harrison to the Coroner’s Office near Shanksville where voluminous 9/11 records were maintained. As a result, the Lawyers’ Committee obtained many heretofore unavailable 9/11 records related to the Shanksville incident and Flight 93 victims.


The Lawyers’ Committee has plans for a more comprehensive FOIA campaign to obtain government agency records related to all key areas of the Lawyers’ Committee’s 9/11 investigation Including funding and assistance to alleged hijackers or other perpetrators or planners of the crimes of 9/11, the incident at the Pentagon, the incident at Shanksville, and potential FBI and other agency 9/11 related misconduct. The Lawyers’ Committee, if available resources allow, will file several more FOIA lawsuits regarding government records in each of these areas of 9/11 investigation that have been withheld by various agencies, including the FBI, DOD, and national security and intelligence agencies.


Lawyers’ Committee’s Multi-focused 9/11 Investigations and New Grand Jury Petitions


In addition to our on-going inquiry into what happened at the WTC on 9/11, the Lawyers’ Committee is initiating, within the limitations of available resources, investigations, including field investigations and witness interviews, regarding several major aspects of 911 including the Pentagon, Shanksville, and potential government misconduct and obstruction of justice. These new Lawyers’ Committee investigations will include an effort to develop and preserve witness testimony, including by depositions and voluntary affidavits, and to obtain and preserve physical evidence related to key aspects of 9/11. The public will be invited to contribute to these new investigations. Once complete, depending on the results from these new investigations, the Lawyers’ Committee anticipates that additional petitions may be submitted to one or more U.S. Attorneys for further evidence submissions to special grand juries related to Shanksville, the Pentagon, and government misconduct/obstruction of justice.


Other Potential Investigations and Legal Actions by the Lawyers’ Committee


The Lawyers’ Committee is also evaluating the feasibility of the Lawyers’ Committee preparing and submitting petitions and testimony to relevant committees and subcommittees of Congress in support of a formal investigative and oversight effort by Congress on key 9/11 issues. Congress has authority to conduct oversight of the FBI and other federal agencies as well as the power to subpoena FBI, CIA, and other agency 9/11 related records and testimony from key government officials. The other legal actions and investigations by the Lawyers’ Committee described above are designed to produce both sufficient information to inform such investigative efforts by Congress and to motivate such investigative efforts by Congress. By implementing legal strategies focused on all three branches of the government, the Lawyers’ Committee intends to create a synergy that allows each action to strengthen and facilitate the others.


Although no one of these legal and investigative actions may, standing alone, bring out the full truth of 9/11 and achieve complete justice for the families and accountability on behalf of the public, use of all the above legal actions and investigations together maximizes the potential for achieving these worthy goals.









Phoenix Cop Involved in Wife's Alleged Thefts Gets 80-Hour Suspension

MEG O'CONNOR | DECEMBER 4, 2019 | 11:In April 2018, Phoenix police Officer Michael Maya and his wife, Autumn Maya, were arrested for theft, money laundering, and conspiracy, among other charges.

The criminal counts later were dropped against the officer, and he's still on the force. But he still faces the possibility that he'll be stripped of his police officer certification.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Autumn Maya stole guns and body cameras and sold them to pawn shops while she was employed by the state Depar






Charles Schwarz, cop in Abner Louima police brutality case, lands cushy NYCHA job

By Lia Eustachewich

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Three NYPD workers arrested within a span of five hours over separate incidents

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NEW DEVELOPMENT: Ex-Henry cop accused of choking former NFL player arraigned






DA’s office investigating second rape allegation against ex-Lithonia cop









Chicago Cop Who Had Officers Babysit His Son is Demoted


Published Dec 4, 2019 at 7:46 AM


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A Tennessee Cop Accused of Searching a Black Man's Anus on the Side of the Road Is Now Facing 44 Criminal Charges

He also allegedly forced a woman he arrested to be baptized.


By Emma Ockerman






LAPD officer accused of fondling dead woman’s breasts is arrested and charged






Jersey City supermarket worker gave life to spare wounded customer from anti-Semitic rampage





DEC 12, 2019 | 6:50 PM









What could the US afford if it raised billionaires' taxes? We do the math






When SF police broke the law to combat Chinatown’s violent gangs

By Gary Kamiya Dec. 13, 2019 Updated: Dec. 13, 2019 3:54 p.m.








Tennessee Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested on 44 Charges, Including Rape and Stalking









FBI arrests Hialeah cop accused of sexual assault by four women and girls


DECEMBER 13, 2019 10:36 AM










Texas Man Awarded $345k for Unlawful Arrest after Cop Denied Qualified Immunity






WATCH: Cop blindly Fires into Room, Striking Innocent Woman, Orders her to Crawl









Texas Cops Arrest Woman for Holding Sign on Sidewalk saying "F*ck the Police"








Video Surfaces Capturing Death of Second Innocent Man in UPS Police Shooting





Judge: A cop who used a stun gun on a homeless man wasn’t fired because of his age






L.A. cop arrested for allegedly fondling dead woman's breasts



DECEMBER 13, 2019 / 5:00 AM / C









Chicago cop suspended after unarmed teen with autism shot







Philadelphia cop seen punching handcuffed man is arrested






Woman wounded by Danbury cop files federal lawsuit

By Daniel Tepfer and Julia Perkins Updated 4:53 pm EST, Friday, December 13, 2019






Woman testifies at rape trial of former cop: 'He was going to lock me up'


Xerxes Wilson, Delaware News Journal









Chicago cop given only reprimand for role in botched reinvestigation of David Koschman’s death





DEC 13, 2019 | 12:28 PM






Aurora Police Defend Handling Of Nathan Meier Drunk Cop Case

December 13, 2019 at 3:5









Ex-St. Louis Cop Lori Wozniak Gets Probation for 'Rough Ride'

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HUNTER: Justice for victims of disgraced Hamilton cop








City Sanitation cop gets 3-day suspension for placard abuse

By David Meyer

December 12, 2019 | 5







Fukuoka cop sentenced to death for murder of wife and kids, despite lack of hard evidence











Ritchard Blake, ex-NYPD cop who shot rival in the face, gets probation






Pahiatua mother concerned as cop who slapped her daughter is returned to town







Manhattan prosecutors release list of cops with ‘adverse credibility’ issues in court testimony





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HC asks police chief to act against Ajni c .. 


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Former security boss had his own cartel and president was aware: ex-cop

Former Federal Police commissioner accuses Calderón of being aware of García's criminal activities

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Rajasthan: Cop held for taking bribe

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Cop suspended for ‘extorting’ money from t .. 


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Raunchy past of Met cop‘s prostitute wife EXPOSED

Written by Livingston Contributor on December 13, 2019







ACMS slams cop caning of workers

Many were injured when police lathicharged workers of the tea estate who had come out in protest against the CAB: ACMS






St. Louis cop, who was passed over more than 20 times for promotion because he was gay, will lead department’s diversity unity





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COP TALK: Spokane PD, Eastern State Hospital partner in support of individuals with mental illness

<img alt='Fox 28 Spokane' src='https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/c434492b24c02b2f6a7ce9ec1d975f9b?s=24&#038;d=blank&#038;r=g' srcset='https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/c434492b24c02b2f6a7ce9ec1d975f9b?s=48&#038;d=blank&#038;r=g 2x' class='avatar avatar-24 photo' height='24' width='24' itemprop="image" />


by Fox 28 Spokane | @ | December 13, 2019 12:49 pm









Rogers LaCaze resentenced to life in notorious 1995 killings at Kim Anh restaurant in New Orleans East









Judge postpones deadlines in former Connellsville cop's civil lawsuit








Horowitz report spotlights little-known FBI agent's role in Russia probe, Flynn case








Former FBI agent brings counterterrorism, disaster response experience to Tyler ISD







FBI Agents Showed Bias Against Hillary Clinton, Not Against Trump, DOJ Says









Accused eco-saboteur Joseph M. Dibee who was fugitive for more than a decade can live with sister while awaiting trial, judge rules









How a school bomb-scare case sparked a media-vs.-FBI fight

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Gardner ordered to appear for deposition in former investigator's criminal case

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This Week’s DOJ Report Highlights the Danger of Shrouding Law Enforcement Tactics in Secrecy

Trump adviser Carter Page is just the tip of the iceberg.


DEC 13, 2019


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NSA has been ‘lying to the courts all along,’ says whistleblower, as judges give warrantless surveillance the thumbs-up

21 Dec, 2019 18:03








HomeWorld News


Swedish justice ministry manipulated crime statistics – study

21 Dec, 2019 16:05











How we know 

global warming is real

The answer includes Benjamin Franklin, Mutiny on the Bounty and centuries of records.









What happens when an inmate dies in prison






75 parrots and one emu at Siesta Sanctuary holiday open house








Australia right now offers a sense of how bad climate change can be


By Yvonne Abraham Globe Columnist,December 21, 2019, 2:54 p.m.






Video: Petaluma carjack victim beaten, tased before death by police; Sonoma County deputy to be fired

Alejandro Serrano and Evan Sernoffsky Dec. 21, 2019 Updated: Dec. 21, 2019 8:20 a.m

























 Daniel Hopsicker


November 11, 2019



Coming on the heels of weeks of unrest in Chile, this week’s coup in Bolivia has obvious geopolitical ramifications, as well as echoes of that country’s infamous ‘Cocaine Coup’ in 1980







How the heroin trade explains the US-UK failure in Afghanistan

US and Afghan soldiers patrol in Zharay district in Kandahar province, southern Afghanistan. Photograph: Reuters

After 16 years and $1tn spent, there is no end to the fighting – but western intervention has resulted in Afghanistan becoming the world’s first true narco-state. By Alfred W McCoy












Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A. Sent Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990

By Tim Weiner

•Nov. 20, 1993



A Central Intelligence Agency anti-drug program in Venezuela shipped a ton of nearly pure cocaine to the United States in 1990, Government officials said today.

No criminal charges have been brought in the matter, which the officials said appeared to have been a serious accident rather than an intentional conspiracy. But officials say the cocaine wound up being sold on the streets in the United States.

One C.I.A. officer has resigned, a second has been disciplined and a Federal grand jury in Miami is investigating.

The agency, made aware of a "60 Minutes" investigation of the matter scheduled for broadcast on Sunday, issued a statement today calling the affair "a most regrettable incident" involving "instances of poor judgment and management on the part of several C.I.A. officers."


The case involves the same program under which the agency created a Haitian intelligence service whose officers became involved in drug trafficking and acts of political terror. Its exposure comes amid growing Congressional skepticism about the role of the C.I.A. in the war on drugs.

In the mid-1980's, under orders from President Ronald Reagan, the agency began to set up anti-drug programs in the major cocaine-producing and trafficking capitals of Central and South America. In Venezuela it worked with the country's National Guard, a paramilitary force that controls the highways and borders.

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Government officials said that the joint C.I.A.-Venezuelan force was headed by Gen. Ramon Guillen Davila, and that the ranking C.I.A. officer was Mark McFarlin, who had worked with anti-guerrilla forces in El Salvador in the 1980's. The mission was to infiltrate the Colombian gangs that ship cocaine to the United States.

In December 1989, officials of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency said, Mr. McFarlin and the C.I.A. chief of station in Venezuela, Jim Campbell, met with the drug agency's attache in Venezuela, Annabelle Grimm, to discuss a proposal to allow hundreds of pounds of cocaine to be shipped to the United States through Venezuela in an operation intended to win the confidence of the Colombian traffickers.

Unlike so-called "controlled shipments" that take place in criminal investigations, shipments that end with arrests and the confiscation of the drugs, these were to be "uncontrolled shipments," officials of the drug agency said. The cocaine would enter the United States without being seized, so as to allay all suspicion. The idea was to gather as much intelligence as possible on members of the drug gangs. Drug Agency Balked

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Continue reading the main story

The drug agency refused to take part in the operation and said it should be called off. In a transcript of the "60 Minutes" broadcast supplied to The New York Times, Ms. Grimm said Mr. McFarlin of the C.I.A. and General Guillen had gone ahead anyway.

"I really take great exception to the fact that 1,000 kilos came in, funded by U.S. taxpayer money," Ms. Grimm said, according to the transcript. "I found that particularly appalling."

D.E.A. officers and other Government officials gave this account of the cocaine shipments and subsequent investigations into their origins:

The C.I.A.-Venezuelan force accumulated more than 3,000 pounds of cocaine delivered to its undercover agents by Colombian traffickers and stored the cocaine in a truck at the intelligence agency's counter-narcotics center in Caracas. Most of the cocaine was flown to the United States in a series of shipments during 1990. DrugCocaine Seizureed at Miami Airport

In late 1990, United States Customs Service officials seized a shipment of nearly 1,000 pounds at Miami's international airport and discovered that it had been shipped by members of the Venezuelan National Guard. Investigators from the drug agency interviewed a Venezuelan undercover agent working with the C.I.A.'s counter-narcotics center, who told them that the shipments had been approved by the United States Government.

The investigators from the drug agency, unaware that the intelligence agency had any role in the affair, first set about trying to eliminate their own personnel as suspects. They found that a female drug enforcement officer in Caracas had a close relationship with Mr. McFarlin. Using information she had obtained from him, the drug agency then focused its attention on the C.I.A. officer and his colleague, General Guillen.

In June 1991 the United States Attorney in Miami sent a memorandum to the Justice Department proposing the indictment of the general.

"The fly in the ointment is that the dope was delivered to the United States," a senior Drug Enforcement Agency official said in an interview today. "If you'r














 Daniel Hopsicker


November 11, 2019



Coming on the heels of weeks of unrest in Chile, this week’s coup in Bolivia has obvious geopolitical ramifications, as well as echoes of that country’s infamous ‘Cocaine Coup’ in 1980





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JANUARY 3, 2020

The Dangers of Privatized Intelligence


In a scathing piece about Russiagate, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern recently recalled a statement made in 1981 by then-CIA Director William Casey during the first meeting of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet. Casey told this gathering, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” [1]

It’s a shocking statement that might be useful to keep in mind as events further unfold over the next few months. Casey, of course, would have had no way of knowing in 1981 just how far his “disinformation program” would extend.

The Rise of Russiagate

Ray McGovern once again effectively demolishes (as he has several times over the past three years) the flimsy props holding up Russiagate, especially the “Intelligence Community Assessment” (ICA) prepared in January 2017 by “handpicked analysts” from the FBI, CIA and NSA (not 17 intelligence agencies, as first claimed by National Intelligence Director James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan).

McGovern writes: “As for the ‘Intelligence Community Assessment,’ the banner headline atop The New York Times on Jan. 7, 2017 set the tone for the next couple of years: ‘Putin Led Scheme to Aid Trump, Report Says.’ During my career as a CIA analyst, as deputy national intelligence officer chairing National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs), and working on the Intelligence Production Review Board, I had not seen so shabby a piece of faux analysis as the ICA. The writers themselves seemed to be holding their noses. They saw fit to embed in the ICA itself this derriere-covering note: ‘High confidence in a judgment does not imply that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; such judgments might be wrong’.” [2]

But that “derriere-covering note” didn’t stop the mainstream media from inflating Russiagate over the next three years into a self-sustaining industry that survived the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller (which found no Trump-Russia collusion), and will likely survive the recent release of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowtiz’s report on the FBI 2016 spying.

The Horowitz Report

As Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone puts it (Dec. 10, 2019), the Horowtiz report shows “years of breathless headlines were wrong” about Russiagate, with the report unveiling “a story about bad journalism piled on bad journalism, balanced on a third layer of wrong reporting….Holy God, what a clown show the Trump-Russia investigation was.” [3]

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept (December 12. 2019) is even more thorough in his analysis of the IG Report, which shows “the FBI’s gross abuse of its power,” its “serial deceit” by which it “manipulated documents, concealed crucial exonerating evidence, and touted what it knew were unreliable if not outright false claims.” As a






Mesa Cop Accused of Harassing Almost a Dozen Women Receives Full Retirement








Trump tweets predicting Obama would start a war with Iran to get reelected are coming back to haunt him









Top Experts’ Backgrounder: Military Action Against Iran and US Domestic Law


by Brian Egan and Tess Bridgeman

January 3, 2020

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on June 21, 2019. Designed as a expert analysis of the very kinds of questions raised by the U.S. military operation killing Iran’s Qassem Soleimani, we are republishing it today.)

What follows is a basic Q&A on the circumstances under which U.S. military operations against Iran would be lawful under U.S. law. The objective is to provide journalists, lawmakers, and other members of the public a legal framework for this important issue. Our analysis is not specific to any particular scenario — such as Iranian forces’ or so-called Iranian proxies’ attacks on commercial ships, U.S. drones, U.S. military vessels, or U.S. personnel — but rather addresses broader questions about the circumstances under which the president has the authority to initiate U.S. military operations against Iran, whether Congress has already authorized the use of force against Iran, how the War Powers Resolution fits into the picture, and what Congress can do if it disagrees with the president’s course of action.

1. Does the president need authorization from Congress to use U.S. military force against Iran?

The president derives authority to use military force overseas from two sources: the Constitution and congressional authorization. At this point, we do not believe that there is any existing congressional authorization to use force against Iran (see Q2 below). In the absence of congressional authorization, the president could only use force against Iran by relying on his authority over foreign relations and as commander-in-chief under Article II of the Constitution.

There is considerable debate on the scope of the president’s authority to use military force in the absence of congressional authorization. The executive branch, through consistent historical practice in Republican and Democratic administrations, and as reflected in a series of opinions by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC), has taken a relatively broad view of the president’s Article II authority to initiate the use of force, arguing that it has the ability to do so when: (1) there is an important “national interest” in doing so (Curtis Bradley and Jack Goldsmith have explained that this has become a very expansive concept in modern practice; Marty Lederman has suggested the concept should be understood as limited to significant national interests that have historically supported such unilateral actions in the past); and (2) the use of force does not constitute “war” in the constitutional sense.

The latter limitation is because Article I of the Constitution delegates the power to “declare war” to Congress. The executive branch has argued, in essence, that if the expected “nature, scope, and duration” of the military engagement falls below the threshold of “war,” the president may use force without congressional authorization. In the OLC’s view, “military operations will likely rise to the level of a war only when characterized by ‘prolonged and substantial military engagements, typically involving exposure of U.S. military personnel to significant risk over a substantial period.’” The OLC opined most recently that the limited strikes against Syria by the United States in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons did not cross this threshold. Prior OLC opinions reached a similar conclusion with respect to U.S. military strikes in Libya in 2011, and U.S. military activities in Haiti in the 1990s, among others.

In the War Powers Resolution of 1973 (WPR), Congress imposed important limitations on the president’s ability to conduct military operations in the absence of explicit congressional authorization. Indeed, Congress does not necessarily view its own authority so narrowly or the president’s so expansively as described in the OLC opinions noted above. The WPR explicitly states the view of Congress that the president’s constitutional authority to introduce U.S. Armed Forces into hostilities, or situations where involvement in hostilities is imminent, may be exercised “only pursuant to (1) a declaration of war, (2) specific statutory authorization, or (3) a national emergency created by an attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.” Moreover, as explained below, the WPR requires the relevant military operations (“hostilities”) to be terminated after a defined period of time unless they have been authorized by Congress.

The framers of the Constitution gave the authority to declare war to Congress, as well as the authority to raise and support armies, provide and maintain a Navy, provide for the common defense, regulate detention and seizure of vessels in war, and a host of other powers related to war and foreign affairs, in part to prevent the United States from being drawn into conflict for unpopular purposes or without debate and consideration by the representatives of the people. The Constitution’s design anticipates that Congress would be less inclined to go to war than the executive branch — this is a feature, not a bug. (Of note, it has long been understood that even though Congress has the lion’s share of authority in war-making, the president does have at least some concurrent if not exclusive authority in regard to the conduct of hostilities and to use force to repel a sudden attack on the United States.)

What’s more, even in the OLC’s view, the threshold for “war” in the constitutional sense is more easily met when the use of force at issue is against against another nation state (rather than in its territory but with its consent) where there is a high likelihood of escalation. Although Iran is not a nuclear power, which would necessarily affect that calculus, its capacity as a nation-state with a strong military, including its cyber and ballistic missile capabilities, are relevant factors in this analysis, as is the extent of U.S. exposure given its significant footprint in the region where Iranian military forces (and their proxies) are present and active. The scope of U.S. objectives for the use of force will also affect the analysis, especially if those objectives are likely to require sustained operations or engender use of force in response by Iran. Those factors may distinguish this case from the U.S. strikes against Syria, for example.

Finally, another important limitation is that the president’s use of force — whether based on congressional authorization or not — must comply with international law. The president is charged in Article II of the Constitution to “take care” that the laws are faithfully executed. This includes our international legal obligations, including the U.N. Charter, which prohibits the threat or use of force except in certain limited circumstances, such as self-defense. Also, under international law, even if the United States acts in self-defense, the U.S. response must be necessary and proportionate.

2. Does the president have authorization from Congress to strike Iran? Specifically, would the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) authorize a strike against Iran?

There is no existing congressional authorization for the use of force against Iran. While some in the Trump administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have made arguments attempting to link Iran and al-Qaeda — in what may be an effort to lay the groundwork for invoking the 2001 AUMF, which was passed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, as authorization to use force against Iran — that argument is thoroughly unconvincing.

The 2001 AUMF authorizes the president to use:

“necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”

This has long been understood to refer to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who harbored al-Qaeda in Afghanistan at the time of the 9/11 attacks, and also has been interpreted by all three branches of government to apply to “associated forces” of those two armed groups based on the principle of co-belligerency in armed conflict.

As we have previously written: “The 2001 AUMF does not authorize the use of force against Iran. Iran was not implicated in the 9/11 attacks, Iranian forces are not al Qaeda or the Taliban, or their associated forces, nor are they a ‘successor’ to any of those forces.”

Many have suggested that Pompeo and other officials may be laying the groundwork for an argument that the 2001 AUMF authorizes military operations against Iran because Iran is “harboring” some members of al-Qaeda. As a factual matter, we are not aware of any credible information that Iran is “harboring” al-Qaeda as a group, or allowing al-Qaeda to plot attacks from Iran. As a legal matter, the AUMF has never been construed to authorize military attacks against a foreign nation based on the fact that some al Qaeda members may be located in or transit that country, even if that is the case with Iran. In addition, the AUMF’s use of the past tense — “harbored” — suggests that it was intended to refer to those who were responsible for providing safe haven for, and otherwise assisting, those who attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. In the 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, there has not been any suggestion that the 2001 AUMF could be interpreted to authorize force against a present-day “harborer.” (Again, there is no known evidence to suggest that is what Iran is doing with al-Qaeda.)

The 2001 AUMF authorizes force only if it is consistent with international law, as the Supreme Court explained in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. Even if the 2001 AUMF were somehow thought to apply to Iran — which it does not — the executive branch would be able to use force against Iran only if necessary and proportionate to the specific threat from al-Qaeda.

In a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on June 19, Rep. Deutch (D-Fl.) asked State Department Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, whether he believes “the administration could launch an attack against Iran under the 2001 AUMF?” His response, “this is something which the office of the Legal Adviser can give you an opinion on, if you’d like to submit it,” provides an appropriate next step for Congress to engage with the administration on this issue.

Finally, it bears noting that there is no viable argument that another AUMF still on the books — the “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002” (2002 AUMF) — authorizes force against Iran. It allows the president to use force that is “necessary and appropriate” to “defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq;” and “enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions against Iraq.” Those are plainly not relevant to the situation with Iran today.

3. What steps can Congress take if it disagrees with the president’s decision to use military force? More specifically, what steps can Congress take in advance to prevent actions by the president? And, what steps would Congress be able to take after the president uses force against Iran if lawmakers are opposed?

Congress has a number of tools at its disposal to constrain the president’s ability to use force unilaterally. Even in the OLC’s view, the president’s ability to use force without congressional authority can be checked if Congress decides to impose restrictions. While past attorneys general and the OLC have determined the president has the power to use military force abroad to protect important national interests and below the threshold of “war” in the constitutional sense, as discussed above, “[t]his independent authority of the President … exists at least insofar as Congress h






Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon’s Legal Concerns



“Clear direction from POTUS to continue to hold.”

This is what Michael Duffey, associate director of national security programs at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), told Elaine McCusker, the acting Pentagon comptroller, in an Aug. 30 email, which has only been made available in redacted form until now. It is one of many documents the Trump administration is trying to keep from the public, despite congressional oversight efforts and court orders in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation. 

Earlier in the day on Aug. 30, President Donald Trump met with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the president’s hold on $391 million in military assistance for Ukraine. Inside the Trump administration, panic was reaching








Black drivers face more police stops in California, state analysis shows








Australian prime minister is jeered in wildfire-ravaged zone














Republican Congressman Calls for Secret Service Probe of Christmas Card Depicting an Assassinated Trump


Hustler Christmas card.

By Steve Neavling


A Republican lawmaker wants the Secret Service to investigate Christmas cards sent to members of Congress depicting a cartoon of an assassinated President Trump.

The card shows smiling people, including Santa, surrounding Trump’s dead, bleeding body. On the back of the card, the shooter says in a thought bubble, “I just shot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue. And no one arrested me.”

The quote is a reference to Trump bragging during the 2016 presidential campaign that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?”













Published on

Thursday, January 02, 2020

byCommon Dreams

'An Explicit Act of War': US Kills Senior Iranian Military Official Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad Drone Strike

"It's like Iran killing the head of the CIA or the Mossad on foreign soil."

byEoin Higgins, staff writer






This Waldo County nonprofit helped keep 130 homes warm with wood last year






What Maine can learn from Vermont’s program that pays people to move there








Yale punishes police officer after another cop shoots him








The death penalty is unworthy of America

By Editorial Board 

Jan. 1, 2020 at 5:14 p.m. EST

The death penalty in the United States is in decline. It is less used, less popular and just as unnecessary as ever, according to a year-end report from the Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks death penalty numbers. This should represent a way station toward the punishment’s eventual elimination — not a temporary low in its application.

For the fifth year in a row, fewer than 30 people were executed and fewer than 50 people were sentenced to death. Half of states representing half the population no longer execute people. With the New Hampshire legislature’s abolition of capital punishment last year, the punishment has been banned across New England and in all Northeastern states save Pennsylvania, where the governor has imposed a moratorium.

Seven states executed 22 inmates last year, and Texas was responsible for nearly half. The state is also responsible for a large share of new death sentences. No one was executed west of Texas. Juries in California, the state with the largest death-row population, handed down three new death sentences in 2019. But California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) declared a moratorium and ordered San Quentin State Prison’s execution chamber dismantled. Otherwise, new death sentences mostly came in the South, particularly in Florida.

Death sentences are down some 90 percent from their mid-1990s peak. Executions are down some 77 percent from the late 1990s.

Even so, the death penalty survives, as does the horrifying possibility that the government might kill an innocent person. Two more death-row inmates were exonerated in 2019. That makes 166 exonerees since 1973.

As always, those executed are not necessarily the worst of the worst but the least capable of defending themselves. The center found that “at least 19 of the 22 prisoners who were executed this year had one or more of the following impairments: significant evidence of mental illness; evidence of brain injury, developmental brain damage, or an IQ in the intellectually disabled range; or chronic serious childhood trauma, neglect, and/or abuse.”

It is little wonder — and heartening — that public opinion is evolving. Sixty percent of Americans said in a 2019 Gallup poll that life without the possibility of parole is a better penalty for murder than death. That was the first time Gallup reported a majority holding that position. The Trump Justice Department, however, failed to get the memo, pushing suddenly and unexpectedly last year to execute federal inmates for the first time in 16 years.

The death penalty is expensive, unfairly implemented and unworthy of a justice system that strives for equal application of the law. Yet even if it could be applied fairly, state-sponsored killing would be unworthy of a nation founded on the principle of individual dignity.


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‘Putin’s favorite congressman’ moves to Maine

Dana Rohrabacher, who once arm-wrestled the now-Russian president and represented Orange County, Calif., for 30 years in the U.S. House, now lives in York.








Vulnerable Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Trolled by Sasha Baron Cohen






The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  


National Popular Vote web site has 14 explanatory videos

Written explanation of National Popular Vote

Answers to 131 myths 

Cooper Union debate with Neal Peirce, author of The People's President; Dr. John Koza, Chair of National Popular Vote; Tara Ross, author of 3 books defending the current Electoral College system; and Trent England, Executive Vice-President of the Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs.

C-SPAN interview with Dr. John Koza

Former Michigan Republican Party Chair Saul Anuzis speaks in favor of National Popular Vote on NBC

Debate with former national ALEC chair Ray Haynes, Colorado attorney Ted Trimpa, former Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg and Bob Gardner

•NPR debate on 1A show between Dr. John Koza and Tara Ross

•Follow us on Facebook

•Follow us on Twitter

•Visit http://www.YesOnNationalPopularVote.com concerning the statewide vote in Colorado in November 2020.








2 Australia wildfires merge into 1 massive blaze that could burn for weeks





JAN 11, 2020 | 12:39 PM





Climate change group threatens to sue British counterterrorism police after group mistakenly called an extremist organization





JAN 11, 2020 | 6:32 PM






One of Maine’s finest and my hero

He lives up the road from me as the crow flies

50 miles or so












Who Should Get the Artwork of Purvis Young?

Lawyers, collectors, ‘voodoo stuff with a cut chicken head’: The extraordinary tale of a beloved painter — and the people who wanted his art.







Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology raises Taal Volcano alert level to ‘hazardous eruption imminent’





Another Form of Slavery






Rates of Unsolved Murder by State






Oklahoma Officer Charged with Selling His Department Issued Guns to Pawn Shop





Mississippi Prison Riots Started by Corrections Officers in Gangs, Inmates Claim





Decades-Old Case Against Ex-Cop Heading to Court

A long-delayed case of a former New York police detective accused of sexually assaulting a girl at his vacation home in Vermont is heading to court.








A police officer fatally shot a service dog over a bite the department now admits never happened








Judge blocks release of district attorneys’ ‘bad cops’ list

By Craig McCarthy

January 12, 2020 





FISA court selects former Obama admin lawyer, left-wing blogger and best buddy of the FBI  to oversee FBI's surveillance reforms










  • Report of Investigation into the Conduct of Former U.S. States Attorney R. Booth Goodwin II and Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Ruby, United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia - May 30, 2018 ( PDF - 97 pages [wink]


  • Investigation of Allegations of Professional Misconduct Against Former Assistant United States Attorneys Salvador Perricone and Jan Mann, United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana - December 20, 2013 ( PDF - 157 pages [wink]


  • An Investigation into the Removal of Nine U.S. Attorneys in 2006 - September, 2008  (PDF - 392 pages)
  • An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring and Other Improper Personnel Actions in the Civil Rights Division - July 2, 2008 (PDF - 70 pages)
  • An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring by Monica Goodling and Other Staff in the Office of the Attorney General - July 28, 2008 (PDF - 146 pages)
  • An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring in the Department of Justice Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program - June 24, 2008 (PDF - 115 Pages)







El Paso FBI Agent Sentenced for Federal Firearms Violations 


U.S. Attorney’s Office

August 24, 2010

Western District of Texas (210) 384-7100

United States Attorney John E. Murphy announced that in El Paso this morning, former Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent John Shipley was sentenced to two years in federal prison for violating federal firearms laws.

Senior United States District Judge David Briones also ordered that Shipley be placed under supervised release for a period of three years and complete 250 hours of community service after completing his prison term. Judge Briones also ordered that Shipley forfeit 17 firearms including two .50 caliber Barrett rifles; ammunition in various calibers including over 2,800 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition; one silencer; and, $7,340 in cash seized during the execution of a federal search warrant at Shipley’s residence on May 6, 2008.

“Federal agents are not exempt from the laws which they swore to uphold,” stated United States Attorney John E. Murphy. “Mr. Shipley is being held accountable for his own criminal actions. They are in no way a reflection of the outstanding work being accomplished by dedicated federal, state and local law enforcement across this District and this country.”

This investigation—conducted by agents from the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General together with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives—commenced with a firearms trace of a .50 caliber sniper rifle sold by Shipley. That rifle was recovered by Mexican authorities following a gunbattle between suspected narcotraffickers and the Mexican military near Chihuahua, Mexico, on March 8, 2008.

“By illegally dealing in firearms, Shipley violated the trust that the public placed in him as a law enforcement official,” said Wayne D. Beaman, Special Agent in Charge, Dallas Field Office, Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General. “The Office of the Inspector General is committed to vigorously investigating and referring for prosecution any Department of Justice law enforcement official who engages in this type of illegal conduct.”

“This investigation shows ATF's commitment into stopping the illegal trafficking of firearms that are fueling the cartel violence south of the border. Along with our associates on both sides of the border, ATF will leave no stone unturned in achieving this goal,” stated ATF Special Agent in Charge Robert Champion, Dallas Field Division.

On April 14, 2010, a federal jury convicted Shipley of one count of dealing firearms without a license, four counts of causing a firearms dealer to maintain false records and one count of making a false statement to federal authorities. Jurors found that Shipley engaged in the business of dealing in firearms from January 2005 until May 2008, while not being licensed as a federal firearms dealer. Evidence presented during trial revealed that Shipley posted firearms for sale using an Internet website more than 200 times, including multiple postings for many firearms. During that three-and-a-half-year time period, Shipley also purchased at least 54 firearms, then sold at least 51 of those firearms for more than $118,000.

Jurors also found that on four occasions between July 2007 and May 2008, Shipley provided false information on ATF forms 4473 when purchasing firearms at local gun shops stating that he was the actual buyer, when in fact, he was not.

Finally, jurors found that on March 21, 2008, Shipley provided to federal authorities a document—a Dealers’ Firearms Record Book—which Shipley claimed was his only complete and accurate listing of the firearms he bought and sold, knowing that he had another Dealers’ Firearms Record Book which contained a more extensive descriptive and accurate list of firearms he bought and sold.

Assistant United States Attorney Greg McDonald and Juanita Fielden prosecuted this case on behalf of the government.





Dallas, TX – A Dallas FBI agent has been fired after his arrest. Federal investigators say 49 year old FBI agent Carlos Ortiz Jr. was arrested at work in the Dallas office yesterday. He's charged with "threatening to assault or murder a federal law enforcement officer on account of the performance of official duty."


Ortiz was fired after an internal personnel review.

Investigators say they cannot comment further about the charge because it's a pending criminal matter.








Blood stain with hammer imprint shown in ex-FBI agent’s murder trial

Jury to decide whether retired FBI special agent was defending himself in the death of son’s girlfriend








The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot

The latest government success story is met with virtually no skepticism -- despite plenty of reason for it






Feds won’t release details of settlement with FBI agent








DC Police.  Major Case/Unsolved Homicides - 2019


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James Corbett - Propaganda Watch for 1/29/20 (Rock the Vote


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TSA Officer Accused of Coercing Woman into Twice Baring Her Breast

A TSA officer is accused of coercing a female passenger into showing him her breasts twice during a security screening at Los Angeles International Airpot.

Johnathon Lomeli, 22, was arrested last week  on charges of fraud






April Gallop: Eyewitness at Pentagon on 9/11 Says There Was No Plane Debris

February 11, 2020 Russ Winter Articles by Russ WinterCrimeHidden HistoryUS NewsWinter Watch Articles 7






CIA controlled global encryption company for decades, says report

Swiss government orders inquiry after revelations Crypto AG was owned and operated by US and German intelligence







Photojournalist taken into NYPD custody while filming Manhattan arrest





FEB 12, 2020 | 1:18 AM







Antarctica sheds another chunk of glacier, alarming scientists anew





FEB 11, 2020 | 9:0






Police Scotland at odds with England & Wales forces, as they suspend controversial facial recognition software

11 Feb, 2020 12:51 / Updated 1 day ago






Teachers unions: stop active shooter drills





FEB 11, 2020 | 7:58 PM







Simple, solar-powered water desalination

System achieves new level of efficiency in harnessing sunlight to make fresh potable water from seawater


February 7, 2020


Massachusetts Institute of Technology






Trump Congratulates AG Barr for Intervening in Roger Stone Sentencing Recommendation







Photo: Maine cops pull over drunk man driving lawnmower






Nessie fans, brace yourselves: Huge mysterious ‘skeleton’ on Scottish beach sends online rumor mill into overdrive (PHOTO)

12 Feb, 2020 10:50







Cancer-causing culprits will be caught by their DNA fingerprints

Study within Pan-Cancer Project will help research into cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatments


February 5, 2020








Newark cop accused of wife’s murder rejects 40-year plea









Goldman Sachs CEO says Sanders presidency would ‘ruin our economy,’ gets blasted on Twitter

12 Feb, 2020 12:14








Wednesday, February 12, 2020

byCommon Dreams

'The Saddest Thing Is That It Won't Be Breaking News': Concentration of CO2 Hits Record High of 416 ppm

"Emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation need to be reduced to ZERO to stop this trend!"














FEBRUARY 12, 2020

Der Spiegel is Citing Andy Ngo’s Race-Scientist Ex-Editor to Attack Me and I’m Not Even Jewish: As the CEO of Antifa, I Must Object



Spiegel headquarters since 2011, Hamburg. Photograph Source: Wolfgang Meinhart – GFDL 1.2

Europe’s most widely-circulated news magazine









Opponents Second-Guessed This All-Muslim Girls Basketball Team. Bad Move.

On and off the court, the Salam Stars are crushing it.








Budgets Don’t Lie, but Trump and His Enablers Do

The Trump administration’s budget proposal, released Monday, lays bare the lies he told during the State of the Union.

By Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove









Robert Shetterly: The Role of Education in a Democracy








Bridgeport cop gets suspended sentence in drunk-driving crash that injured a Shelton teen

By Daniel Tepfer Published 5:59 pm EST, Tuesday, February 11, 2020








Florida cop convicted of sharing child porn

An examination on Enhoffer's electronics showed that he had over 300 images and 7 videos depicting child pornography, as well as 293 pictures of child erotica.

Wednesday, February 12th 2020, 8:37 AM EST


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Two Local Schools Tie For First Place In FBI Drug Awareness Contest





The film Collapse





Film Critic Roger Ebert





I have no way of assuring you that the bleak version of the future outlined by Michael Ruppert in Chris Smith's "Collapse" is accurate. I can only tell you I have a pretty good built-in B.S. detector, and its needle never bounced off zero while I watched this film. There is controversy over Ruppert, and he has many critics. But one simple fact at the center of his argument is obviously true, and it terrifies me.







I don't know when I've seen a thriller more frightening. I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen. "Collapse" is even entertaining, in a macabre sense. I think you owe it to yourself to see it.






February 22, 2020

Ann Hendricks, Secretary, 9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference


Draft minutes for the January 29, 2020 regular conference call.


Present were:

Craig McKee, Teleconference co-facilitator, Truth and Shadows

Ann Hendricks, Teleconference secretary

John O’Malley, DC911Truth

James Hufferd, 9/11 Grassroots

Fern Tishman

Michael Cook, AE911Truth

Nita Renfrew, New York 911Truth

Charles Ewing Smith, The Demolition of Truth

Marie Spike, 9/11 TAP

Greg Flynn

Pat O’Connell, TX9/11Truth.us

Philip Farruggio,

Dylan Avery, Loose Change

Kelly David, AE911Truth

Cheri Aspen, San Diego 9/11 Truth

Zander Arena, Arizona 9/11 Studies and Outreach

Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception

Steve Stodola


The minutes of the December 4, 2019 conference call and the draft agenda were APPROVED.


The Military Industrial Empire

Phillip Farruggio elaborated on U.S. military spending and proposed actions to reduce it such as demonstrating at one’s Congressional Member’s office. “They have their own thermometers; if the climate changes, they’ll read the weather.” He also spoke about the option of the government using Imminent Domain to take over every armaments company and make them non-profit. Regarding 9/11, Phillip said, “The only way the truth is going to come out is if the people who were inside the beast at that time come out and speak and point fingers.” To listen to Phillip’s regular podcast, go to:             https://www.spreaker.com/show/its-the-empire-stupid


Hulsey Report documentary

Dylan Avery said his documentary about Professor Leroy Hulsey and his research is now in post-production. “I am excited to have this material, which will provide a fresh new take on the subject, and we hope it is an opportunity to educate many who still have not heard about Building 7.” The filming and interviews took place in Berkeley and in Fairbanks. Kelly David of AE9/11Truth, also on the project, commented, “Everything went great and we had a fantastic production team.” Dylan added that it will be the best looking and best sounding approach to the material, in part thanks to Ryan O’Hara, the director of photography. An interview about this project can be heard here: https://www.ae911truth.org/news/626-dylan-avery-and-richard-gage-on-ae911truth-s-new-building-7-documentary



Craig McKee said the next teleconference will be February 26, 2020.


The call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 9:50 p.m., PST/5 p.m. to 6:50 p.m.


Audio of the January call can be heard here: http://truthandshadows.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/012920.mp3

The next monthly teleconference will take place on February 26, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST5 p.m. PST. Agenda items should be emailed to facilitator Cheryl Curtiss (chercurt@aol.com) no later than one week before the call. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a brief description of your item and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require. If you would like to join the teleconference list serve, contact Craig McKee (craigmckee911@gmail.com), and anyone who would like information such as links included in the minutes should email Ann Hendricks (hendricks_ann@yahoo.com)







An IQ of 1200, Spoke 100 Different Languages and Was Definetely NOT From This Planet!





2 teens with Trump flags on bikes driven off road by Indiana couple: police





FEB 22, 2020 | 8:46 PM








Voting Machines in Jails


Pretrial detainees to vote at first polling place in Cook County Jail

42 voting machines will be brought in during the first two weekends in March — marking the first time in the country a polling place will be available for pretrial detainees.













Cranberry Chronicle

News of Cranberry House and Great Cranberry Island Historical Society







Former royal cop challenges Prince Andrew’s alibi in Virginia Roberts Giuffre sex scandal

By Lee Brown

February 23, 2020 






UC cop charged with OVI investigated for previous incidents involving drinking


Jennifer Edwards Baker, Fox19 Published 8:26 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2020 | Updated 8:27 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2020








Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Cop at His Own Station. No Explanation Is Offered

An IDF soldier shot a Palestinian police officer standing 100 meters away, at the entrance to his station, talking to other members of the force. Sgt. Tarek Badwan, a father of two with a family of police officers, was killed

Gideon Levy and Alex Levac Feb 22, 2020 5:30 PM









Man who was punched in the head 12 times by Camden cop files federal civil suit









Greenwich cop provided guns to felon







Study: TV cop shows reinforce misperceptions on race, justice






Disney Faceplants With First Animated LGBTQ Character: A Horned Cyclops Lesbian Cop

Everyone else looks kind of ... normal.








Montgomery cop convicted of enticing a child sentenced to 3 years, plans to appeal








Movie-making ex-cop gets probation for bashing man’s face, assails the victim at sentencing

Updated Feb 21, 6:18 PM; Posted Feb 21, 5:08 PM










Former Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick ousted as Oakland’s top cop

UPDATED: Fri., Feb. 21, 2020








Clayton cop's hidden camera caught neighbors in the nude, police say





Westchester Prosecutors Name 13 Cops Who Have Been Convicted Of Crimes But Remain On The Force









College police director resigns amid legal disputes with campus cops

Updated Feb 23, 2020; Posted Feb 22, 2020









Trial set for next week against Rockford city and cops accused of wrongdoing









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Jayapal warns against mixing coronavirus aid and surveillance extension

Seattle-area congresswoman doesn’t want items combined






Pa. trooper charged after woman claims he sexually abused her as child




A Delaware man who spent nearly 20-years as a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper is charged with sexually assaulting a girl when she was between the ages of nine and twelve. KYW Suburban Bureau Chief Jim Melwert reports:






Twitter Video Of Cop Shooting On CTA Should Inspire Policy Change

KONKOL COMMENTARY: Twitter video of cop shooting on CTA offers compelling argument for immediate release of police use-of-force videos.

By Mark Konkol, Patch Staff

Mar 3, 2020 2:16 pm CT | Updated Mar 3, 2020 5:12 pm CT









Keizer police arrested the Silverton Police sergeant following a standoff





I’m messed up,' video shows veteran N.J. cop telling police before DUI arrest

Updated Mar 02, 2020; Posted Mar 02, 2020








Danbury cop cleared in second shooting

By Peter Yankowski Updated 3:20 pm EST, Tuesday, March 3, 2020








N.J. appeals court orders new sentencing hearing for ex-Deptford cop who fatally shot friend

by Julie Shaw, Updated: March 2, 2020- 6:40 PM





Rambling, slobbering cop fails sobriety test on video


Read More: Rambling, slobbering cop fails sobriety test on video 








NYPD cop stabbed by his girlfriend outside Staten Island home 






A Slidell cop heard a man swear at his son. The dad was then arrested.









Report exposes cop shoots another during party at Knights of Columbus in Livonia

Gun discharges during dispute





Florida cop suspended for sex with alleged domestic violence victim






Schubart: Bring public scrutiny to ‘death by cop’

By Bill Schubart

Mar 2 2020, 3:12 PM | 






Court filing accuses former Detroit cop of coercing confessions



















Feds want 10 years in prison for Chicago cops who used bogus warrants to steal cash, drugs

The feds want both men sentenced above the guidelines, arguing they do not “fully capture the seriousness and breadth of the defendants’ conduct.”

By Jon Seidel Mar 2, 2020, 11:30am CST












Dr. Nick Begich Talks About The FBI's Involvement In The Murders Of His Father Congressman Nick Begich & Congressman Hale Boggs


FBI Fabrication Of Telexes Used To Contradict Earlier Telexes Obtained By Role Call Magazine Which Prove The FBI Knew The Whereabouts Of Congressman Hale Boggs Downed Aircraft

Editor's Note: After this author posts the following article, several months later, a Website which contains information on the original Role Call attainment of three telexes it procured from the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act, posts an update in regard to "new information" which claims to discredits the original three telexes.

The Website also contains a "new" statement from Cokie Roberts, the youngest daughter of Congressman Hale Boggs, claiming that Boggs was not unhappy with the Warren Commission Report, and that he did not believe that there was a conspiracy within the U.S. federal government in which to murder John F. Kennedy.

Cokie Roberts' statement is a blatant lie. The released White House tapes contain a recording between Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford describing how Boggs had openly criticized the FBI while speaking on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, for bugging several members of Congress (including Boggs himself). The conversation between Nixon and Ford in regard to Boggs, leaves one with the impression that they are very concerned that Boggs is going to go public with his concerns over the Warren Commission's being a complete fraud, which would prompt the American people to call for a new investigation into the murder of John F. Kennedy.

The "new telexes" (which conveniently showed up after this author posted the following article in regard to my concerns that Hale Boggs was murdered as the result of a criminal conspiracy between the CIA, FBI and Nixon White House) could very well be total fabrications, which are being used to discredit the earlier accurate telexes regarding the FBI's intent to sabotage the search for Boggs' plane.

Moreover, the fact that J. Edgar Hoover would die under mysterious circumstances only months after Boggs' plane disappeared, only makes the situation more conspiratorial. As does the fact that a young Bill Clinton is said to have driven Boggs to the airport on the day that Boggs disappeared.

Has the FBI ever manufactured evidence in the past? Yes, and frequently, as the Bureau did regardin







Detroit Police End Relationship with DEA Task Force over Controversial Informant


Detroit police are pulling out of a DEA task force over the use of an informant who went on a killing spree.







Cuccinelli Won’t Step Down As DHS Deputy Secretary After Judge’s Ruling







A deputy allegedly showed off gruesome Kobe Bryant crash photos at bar. A cover-up scandal ensued







Cop goes on trial for smacking 13-year-old girl in the face during takedown in group home







How a data-backed Christian nationalist machine helped Trump to power








Terrawatch: Is a seismic spectacle brewing in Iceland?

Reykjanes peninsula is being peppered with earthquakes, suggesting magma is accumulating







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Federal Judge Orders Chelsea Manning’s Release From Jail

Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof

152 House Democrats Join GOP to Reauthorize 'Abusive Government Surveillance Powers'

Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

Whistleblower’s attorney offers to represent journalists denied access to coronavirus documents free of charge

Sky Palma, Raw Story

Coronavirus highlights lack of safety net for gig workers

Kaelyn Forde, Al Jazeera

“Keep It Confidential”: The Secret History of U.S. Involvement in Brazil’s Scandal-Wracked Operation Car Wash

Andrew Fishman, Natalia Viana, & Maryam Saleh, The Intercep





Fort Bend cop accused of sexual assault threatened to have victim deported, prosecutors say


March  13, 2020 Updated: March 13, 2020 7:52 a.m.










He was one of the first black cops in O.C. His memoir reveals struggles with racism and why he was forced out









This book predicted 2020 coronavirus outbreak 12 years ago. Trending now


Remember we told you about a novel that predicted the coronavirus outbreak 40 years ago? It was a thriller, The Eyes of Darkness, written by Dean Koontz. Looks like it is not the only piece of fiction that predicted the coronavirus outbreak.

A book titled End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World, written by Sylvia Browne, also predicted the global outbreak of coronavirus. The book was first published in 2008. A photo of an excerpt from the book is going viral across social media platforms and is spooky enough to reach for that box of tissues to wipe your sweat









Oversight on Scared Straight: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Human ...

By United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Human Resources






Horror master Stephen King questions coronavirus skeptic Rush Limbaugh’s medical credentials





MAR 13, 2020 | 3:29 PM



















Lee Fang

March 12 2020, 6:27 p.m.





23 Years Later, the Phoenix Lights Are Still Unexplained

A new documentary explores one of the most infamous UFO mass sightings in history.


By MJ Banias

Mar 13 2020, 9:59





911 Dispatchers Hear the Worst Moments of Our Lives. Who Listens To Them?

Everyday, they grapple with traumatic experiences, punishing hours, and high rates of PTSD. No one seems to care—not even the people they call colleagues.


By Katie MacBride

Mar 13 2020, 8:00am








MARCH 13, 2020

Dear Berners: Dementia Joe is How Much “Your” Party HATES You



You Have Owners”

“Mr. [Bernie] Sanders,” the New York Times reported last Tuesday, “has built a following of voters who want and expect more








MARCH 13, 2020

Who Could Have Gotten Deserters from Trump’s Three Armies . . . and from Mine?




Taking US national politics too seriously can make you hopelessly stupid, hopelessly cynical, or hopelessly suicidal.

Let’s see. We had a former Black Panther, Congressman Bobby Rush, endorsing search-and-frisk Bloomberg; while Mike Will Get It Done was making AP headlines: “Bloomberg Once Blamed End of ‘Redlining’ for 2008 Collapse.” We have









MARCH 11, 2020

Republican Darrell Issa, Once One of Congress’ Richest Members, Is a Step Closer to Regaining the Title









Heat stress may affect more than 1.2 billion people annually by 2100

Rising global temperatures are increasing exposure to extreme heat and humidity


March 12, 2020


Rutgers University


Heat stress from extreme heat and humidity will annually affect areas now home to 1.2 billion people by 2100, assuming current greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study. That's more than four times the number of people affected today, and more than 12 times the number who would have been affected without industrial era global warming.






Water splitting advance holds promise for affordable renewable energy


March 9, 2020


Washington State University


A team has developed a less expensive water electrolysis system that works under alkaline conditions but still produces hydrogen at comparable rates to the currently used system that works under acidic conditions and requires precious metals. This advance brings down the cost of water splitting technology, offering a more viable way to store energy from solar and wind power in the form of hydrogen fuel.







Wearing body cameras increases assaults against officers and does not reduce police use of force: Results from a global multi-site experiment






A Theory Explaining Biological Correlates of Criminality





Who does what to whom? Gender and domestic violence perpetrators in English police records









Police officers’ implicit theories of youth offending








January 2020 (124.1)


Mudbricks, Construction Methods, and Stratigraphic Analysis: A Case Study at Tell Timai (Ancient Thmuis) in the Egyptian Delta









The Future of Exxon and the Permian’s Flaring Crisis


By Nick Cunningham • Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 10:31









Climate Change: How Do We Know?






US Oil and Gas Industry Set to Unleash 120 Billion Tons of New Carbon Emissions







A simple methodology for recording petroglyphs using low-cost digital image correlation photogrammetry and consumer-grade digital cameras










Traditional Tribal Masks, Figures, Textiles and Artifacts









Arrests R Us: Six-Year-Old Cuffed And Tossed Into A Cop Car For ‘Throwing A Tantrum’ At School

Seems excessive.


Mar 13, 2020 at 11:19 AM






Boulder settles with Naropa student confronted by cop while picking up trash






Cop from Corona who had illegal weapons gets 2 years in prison









Baltimore Cop Convicted of Fabricating Evidence in 2018 still Receiving $55K








Cops Yank 71-year-old Man out of Home in Bathrobe, Sending him Hurling to Ground








Justice Department’s Secret FISA Rules for Targeting Journalists








More Than 25 Percent of Formerly Incarcerated People are Unemployed










The Denver PostSpecial investigator condemns Aurora police leadership’s handling of 

drunk-driving copSpecial investigator condemns Aurora police leadership's handling of 

drunk-driving cop. The drunk officer did not face DUI charges and kept ...1 day ago









Longueuil cop who stole sensitive info likely won't go to jail

The city of Longueuil has yet to decide on Perron's status as an employee even though he has been convicted of two crimes since 2016.









Miami cop beat Black woman during college spring break (Video)






ChronicleCity cop sacked for using excessive forceCity cop sacked for using excessive force. by SHAYLA BULLOCH. 14th Mar 2020 

6:10 PM Subscriber only. A police officer stood down in the Northern 

Region ...6 hours ago







NBC’s Dateline to focus on former York, Chester SC cop who killed his wife.

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