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Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey Aurandt Paul Harvey Aurandt (1918-2009), popularly known as Paul Harvey, was a long-time radio broadcaster for ABC. Harvey corresponded with the Bureau on a range of issues between 1956 and 1986. He was also the subject of two investigations, a 1951 Atomic Energy Act investigation sparked when he entered a restricted area at a U.S. facility in pursuit of a story and a 1983 background investigation.


also see


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as a smart criminal justice
consumer you would already know
the skinny on FBI Supervisor Gore, right?

Here are a couple stories about very special FBI agent Gore.

let god sort out the truth

see link for full story


Sheriff’s Facebook suit settles for $20
Oceanside gun parts dealer says suit was about free speech rights, not mone

Feb 20, 2015

SAN DIEGO — A federal lawsuit over a gun part dealer’s free speech rights on the Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page has settled — for a mere $20 and attorney’s fees.

Dimitri Karras, owner of Ares Armor in Oceanside, sued San Diego County in October after sheriff’s officials deleted his combative comments and then banned him from posting anything further.

Karras claimed it was a violation of his First Amendment rights because the Facebook page was run by a government entity and therefore a public forum for all taxpayers. The county argued that commenters must follow rules — such as staying respectful and on topic — to post to the site, and that Karras’s posts were neither.

The backlash over the lawsuit, as well as a flood of negative and sometimes obscene comments Karras’ supporters posted onto the Facebook page, prompted the Sheriff’s Department to remove the page permanently.

Settlement talks began a few weeks ago, and both parties agreed to dismiss the lawsuit, with the county paying about $23,000 in attorney’s fees and $20 to Karras, according to one of his lawyers, Alan Beck. The county admitted no wrong in the settlement.

“This isn’t about money,” Karras said Friday. He said government use of social media, such as Facebook, “is not an area where it’s acceptable to violate the Constitution, and I didn’t want the message to be diluted with a monetary gain.

“I am a strong believer in First Amendment rights,” Caldwell said. “I never said that the ugly things he said couldn’t be said, I just said not on our website, not on our page.”

Earlier this month, he posted a series of comments on the San Diego Police Department’s Facebook page. The comments were similar in nature to the ones removed from the sheriff’s page, accusing Sheriff Bill Gore of being involved in the “MURDER of an unarmed woman who was holding a baby.” The incident refers to a 1992 standoff on an Idaho mountaintop called Ruby Ridge. Gore was an FBI supervisor asked to assist with a standoff against a white supremacist. An FBI sniper mistakenly shot and killed the man’s wife as she was holding a baby. Gore was not among the FBI agents penalized for their roles in the incident.

The police department officials who moderate the Facebook page threatened to remove his posts because they don’t comply with the terms of use, but Karras threatened to sue them as he did the county. In doing so, he called the police “thugs” and “a pile of worthless cow dung.” The posts remain on the page.

He is also threatening to sue the Fullerton Police Department for removing comments he made regarding the acquittal of two former officers in the beating death of a mentally ill and homeless man.


20 Years Ago at Ruby Ridge: FBI Sniper Slays Mother Holding her ...
Aug 22, 2012 - 20 Years Ago at Ruby Ridge: FBI Sniper Slays Mother Holding her Baby .... Letters to the Editor: No Coverup at the FBI .... of Evil · "Feeling Your Pain": The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years ...
H. Law Enforcement Operations at Ruby Ridge From ... - byington.org
Glenn and Gore directed FBI technical personnel to establish telephone communications ..... The allegation accuses the FBI of covering up its knowledge of Vicki ...
Aug 31, 2013 - The fact that Jim DiMaggio was shot dead by FBI sharp-shooters in the Idaho ... The tragedy of Ruby Ridge: under Bill Gore's direct orders, a 14 year ... Jame DiMaggio, who was hot for her, to help her cover it up and get away.
Ruby Ridge: San Diego Sheriff Candidate approved "shoot to kill ...
Mar 29, 2009 - 40 posts - ‎17 authors
He said senior FBI official Larry Potts [above Gore in chain of command]....had ... probe of an alleged FBI cover-up of its conduct at Ruby Ridge.
FBI Agent Says He's Ruby Ridge Scapegoat : Hearing: Official who ...
Sep 20, 1995 - FBI Agent Says He's Ruby Ridge Scapegoat : Hearing: Official who led siege ... 3 letter to a Justice Department internal watchdog complaining of a cover-up ... D. Gore, now assistant director in charge of the FBI's inspection ...
Ruby Ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Harris fired about 6 feet in front of Cooper and forced him to take cover. .... The Denver FBI SWAT team assigned to Ruby Ridge thought the ROE were .... Ambush at Ruby Ridge: How Government Agents Set Randy Weaver Up and Took His ...
Sweet deal | San Diego Reader
Mar 26, 2008 - That was up from the $93,392 he made in 2003. ... Richard Rodgers, head of the team [below Gore in chain of command]. Rogers helped ... Justice Department probe of an alleged FBI cover-up of its conduct at Ruby Ridge...”.
San Diego County Sheriff Department: Law Enforcement is Not ...
Feb 8, 2015 - Sheriff Gore Doesn't Seem to Understand that the Law Applies to Him Too. ... Google San Diego County Sheriff William Gore up pops 'Ruby Ridge'. ... Gore was also Head of the San Diego FBI while 9/11 Terrorists were living in San Diego. ... -blasts-san-diego-co-sheriffs-department-for-alleged-cover-up.
Bill Gore | Was Rebecca Zahau murdered
Oct 14, 2014 - After the Ruby Ridge Screw up Bill Gore was relocated (like in the Catholic ... FBI Bill Gore Like always lies and makes shit to cover his ass ...
Rebecca Nalepa Zahau Found Hanging, Bound Mansion of Jonah ...
There is “much” on the internet covering Ruby Ridge. ... (snip) More concerning, Gore's record as an FBI employee is fraught with problems. He was ... The complaint alleges that Cooper and Roderick conspired to cover-up their own [*1205] ...
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Let me introduce you to

Junior G-Man Bill O'Reilly

2 stories



O'Reilly still defending Falklands reporting amid ex-colleague's charges
Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly helped make Fox News a ratings leader. He's pictured here in 2010. (Carolyn Cole /
By Stephen Battaglio contact the reporter
Bill O'Reilly still defending his Falklands reporting after a former CBS News colleague takes him on

Scrutiny of Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly’s reporting on the 1982 Falklands war protests isn’t going away.

The story that was ignited by a Mother Jones piece titled “Does Bill O’Reilly Have a Brian Williams Problem” looked like a one-day controversy after O’Reilly aggressively countered



Former CBS Colleagues Refute Bill O'Reilly's "Combat" Reporting Claims

| Sun Feb. 22, 2015 3:40 PM EST

On Sunday, a former CBS correspondent spoke to CNN's Reliable Sources to refute Bill O'Reilly's claims he reported in a "war zone" during the Falklands war–the subject of a Mother Jones investigation published last Thursday. CNN's Brian Stelter also reported that he has talked to several other former CBS News journalists who disputed O'Reilly's account.

"I don't know of any American foreign correspondent who had a weapon pointed at him," Engberg told Stelter. "I didn’t hear any gunfire. And not only did I not hear any gunfire, as I say, I didn’t hear any sirens."

On the show, Stelter played a video of O'Reilly claiming he witnessed Argentine soldiers gunning down civilians at a protest he covered–a video that echoes footage that the Mother Jones article included. Yet Engberg and other correspondents who were in Buenos Aires and who covered the same protest say no such thing happened.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Engberg said the Fox New host largely fabricated his account of his stint in Argentina. "It was not a war zone or even close," Engberg wrote. "It was an 'expense account zone.'" O'Reilly has since slammed his ex-
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Couple of reads

Oscars 2015: Julianne Moore Finally Wins Award For Best Actress
The Inquisitr-4 hours ago
Moore, 54, has played everything from a porn star to a FBI agent in her career, which spans over a quarter-century, according to The Telegraph. The actress

Emily Blunt-Benicio Del Toro Thriller 'Sicario' Gets Fall Release Date
Hollywood Reporter-31 minutes ago
It centers on an idealistic FBI agent (Blunt) who is enlisted by a government task force to take out a Mexican drug cartel leader in the lawless border area ...

7 Things to Watch this Week (2/23/15 - 3/1/15)
IGN-28 minutes ago
By Matt FowlerIt's a week of bittersweet endings as Marvel's Agent Carter wraps ... Detective Russ Agnew (Winters) reluctantly partners with charming

Kate McGaughey Releases FEEL THE HEAT
Broadway World-21 minutes ago
Enter a handsome FBI agent assigned to investigate links to an international trail of crime. An undeniable connection develops that only serves to further ...
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Oscar winners: What are their next projects?
Cherry Hill Courier Post-3 hours ago
Arquette plays Special Agent Avery Ryan, an FBI cyberpsychologist for the cyber crime division who helps solve high tech crimes. Expect action and big words.

Ford — What a character?
Toronto Sun-3 hours ago
Duhamel plays a button-down FBI agent parachuted into the Battle Creek office. Reliant on high-tech equipment and cutting-edge investigative techniques, ...

SICARIO Film, Starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh ...
Broadway World-6 hours ago
Written by Taylor Sheridan, SICARIO centers on Blunt as "an idealistic FBI agent who is exposed to the brutal world of international drug trafficking by members ...
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Couple of stories



How much does it cost to watch a suspected militant? Lots
February 26, 2015

David Wise
In 2011, US intelligence informed French authorities that a French citizen had slipped into Yemen, probably for terrorist training. In November, the French security services placed the man, Said Kouachi, under surveillance. They wiretapped his mobile phone, as well as that of his younger brother, Cherif. By the end of 2013, French intelligence had dropped its surveillance of Cherif, and Said’s was terminated in mid-2014. After three years, the brothers, born to Algerian immigrants, were judged to be no longer dangerous.
On Jan 7, however, the brothers, heavily armed and dressed in black, stormed the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, and massacred 12 people. It happened at least partly because the French security services are unable to monitor all of France’s suspected militants, even those considered high risk because they returned after fighting in Syria or Iraq.
The French experience demonstrates that tapping cellphones of terrorist suspects is not enough. Physical surveillance by humans is crucial. Because terrorists have learned to avoid phones. “The phone tapping yielded nothing,” Marc Trevidic, the chief terrorism investigator for the French judicial system, told the “New York Times.” “If we had continued, I’m convinced it wouldn’t have changed anything. No one talks on the phone anymore.”
But physically monitoring suspects is an expensive and complicated proposition - in both money and manpower. A former French anti-terrorism official stated, “The system is overwhelmed.”
US intelligence experts are well aware of the problems of mounting a 24/7 round-the-clock surveillance on suspects. “It’s a manpower eater,” said Phillip A. Parker, a veteran former FBI counterintelligence agent, “and it takes away from other cases.”
To keep a target under continuous surveillance, according to one experienced FBI source who asked to remain anonymous, could require three eight-hour shifts or perhaps two 12-hour shifts, with four special agents each shift. Several cars would be needed, sometimes even airplanes. If only one car was used, the person might quickly realize he was being followed.
“If you are just sitting around in the street, somebody’s going to notice you,” Parker explained. “If it’s a real sensitive case, you just cannot be made. You would run five or six cars, maybe seven or eight. If you don’t want any chance of the target making you, the average is three shifts, four guys to a shift, two cars - that’s a minimum. Three shifts, so 12 agents. If it’s a really important case, you could easily double that.” That minimum translates into 24 agents in three shifts of eight agents to keep watch on a single target.
Parker, who spent much of his career tracking Soviet and Russian spies, noted, “Most surveillance subjects are not moving more than a few hours a day. So you may also have to set up an OP [observation post],” often a house or apartment overlooking the target.
Just as the French services wiretapped the cellphones of the Paris terrorists, the FBI does not limit itself to physical surveillance of a subject. “You would also have technical means,” one surveillance specialist, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “If you run 24-hour surveillance, you have telephones, both cell and land lines, MISUR [microphone surveillance] and stationery lookouts.”
Agents might also lock onto the GPS of the suspect’s car, to see where he or she is going. In one high-profile espionage case, the FBI placed radio receivers at fixed points around the Washington area and was also able to plant an electronic device in the suspect’s car. When the target car passed by one of the receivers, the time and location were recorded. This setup was similar to the E-ZPass system, which is used by commuters to breeze through toll plazas without stopping.
With so much manpower required to monitor just one suspect, FBI supervisors often resist mounting a 24/7 surveillance. It takes away agents who might be working other cases. A smaller field office might not have enough agents.
Even FBI headquarters might need to scramble to find agents for a surveillance. One senior FBI official involved in the surveillance and eventual arrest of Aldrich Ames, the CIA officer who spied for Moscow, told me, “I was constantly asking for more resources.” Spies, he observed, “often use SDRs,” or surveillance detection routes. “They might drive around for four or five hours ‘dry-cleaning’ themselves” to try to lose their FBI pursuers.
Because of the FBI’s reluctance to assign large numbers of agents to surveillance operations, the bureau also uses a Special Surveillance Group, known as “the G’s.” These are not special agents, but members of a unit whose sole job is to track suspects. They are trained to look like anything except FBI agents. The G’s may be dressed as joggers, cyclists, pizza-delivery men, mothers pushing strollers or street-repair workers wielding jackhammers. That scruffy guy on a skateboard, that hard-hat repairman up on a telephone pole, the street vendor selling hot dogs - all may be G’s. They look, in other words, like ordinary citizens going about their business.
How much does a round-the-clock surveillance cost? Because FBI agents and G’s are already on the FBI payroll, measuring the actual cost of a particular operation can be complicated. Though there is clearly a cost in manpower assigned to surveillance duties and so unavailable to other investigations.
Still, it is possible to estimate 24/7 surveillance costs by looking at the salaries of FBI agents and the number of hours involved. FBI salaries range widely, depending on grades and years of service. But a typical mid-range special agent earns roughly $64,000 a year, which translates into $1,230 a week. On a round-the-clock surveillance with 24 agents, that adds up to $29,500 a week in agent time - or almost $128,000 a month. Add in three rental cars, used in rotation to avoid notice, and it comes to roughly $30,700 a week. A major surveillance like this might last weeks or even months.
More experienced agents can earn around $120,000 a year, so the totals could be a lot higher. As a result, it is not surprising that round-the-clock surveillances are not routine. Statistics show why. The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center, for example, maintains a “watch list” of alleged terrorist suspects. In 2011, the database had 420,000 names, according to a New York Times story, including some 8,000 Americans. About 16,000 people, including 500 Americans, were prohibited from flying. That list has been widely criticized for errors. But obviously - given the numbers - the FBI could not watch all the people on the database. And, thankfully, it doesn’t.
Surveillance is a double-edged tool. Catching terrorists is vital to protect the country. But we also want to live in a society where liberty and security are balanced, and the government does not follow people around without good reason. From that perspective, the high cost and difficulty of maintaining a continuous surveillance on a suspect may not be entirely bad in a democracy.–

Society »
May 18, 2011


Directed at Critics of the FBI

By Ivan Greenberg (first published on Ivan Greenberg’s blog 5/16/2011)

J. Edgar Hoover’s conception of free speech did not include criticism of the FBI. Public expressions that challenged the supremacy of political policing should be monitored and, if possible, sabotaged. The “free press” was not free enough to question the validity of the government’s domestic intelligence system. A chief example of intolerance of press criticism is the FBI’s relationship to the Nation magazine. The magazine’s FBI file totals about 2,000 pages with the largest portion covering the late 1950s when the FBI believed it faced growing opposition to its spying practices. The Nation directly challenged FBI power when it devoted the Oct. 18, 1958, issue to a single article on the FBI by Fred J. Cook. The FBI viewed the article as “vicious” and “destructive” and began to track Cook interviewing his friends and family and opening his mail. Hoover wrote in a memo, “I think we should discreetly get a line on this man and his background and associations for current article just didn’t ‘bloom’ – it is planned literary garbage barrage against FBI by a dedicated [Alger] Hiss apologist.” The FBI also identified Nation editor Carey McWilliams as someone “long publicly identified with the activities of a number of subversive organizations.”

The Bureau investigated Nation contributors and leaked negative information about the magazine to members of Congress and friendly press sources to undermine its reputation. In 1959, the bureau produced a 180-page monograph, “Smear Campaign Against the FBI,” which focused exclusively on the magazine. The FBI feared the view that it should be restricted to investigations of criminal conduct and FBI critics run “the risk of being considered an enemy of the nation.” The FBI argued, “Cook’s article represents a manifesto for intensified attacks against the Bureau which can be expected in the future.” Only Communists (and their allies) wanted to limit FBI power. “The strategy of the smear campaign is now transparently revealed. With the FBI discredited and disposed of, communists and other subversive operatives would be able to flourish with relative impunity.”

Another FBI critic, historian Henry Steele Commager, often wrote for the popular press with negative views of the Red Scare. His FBI file (457 pages) covers more than 20 years. In 1947, the FBI opened an investigation after Commager’s article to Harper’s magazine (“Who is Loyal in the U.S.?”) attacked emerging McCarthyism. Commager’s defense of liberalism and criticism of the Director led top officials, such as assistant director William C. Sullivan, to view him as “a too vocal, bombastic and misinformed liberal or ‘fellow traveler.’” The FBI questioned his loyalty after an article for the Nation was distributed by the Communist Party to attract members. When Commager argued in the New York Times that the CP had a constitutional right to exist, the FBI noted that he “was making Communistic addresses and remarks which appeared to be harmful and not to the best interests of the Government of the United States.” In another article, Commager denounced loyalty tests (“Where Government May Not Trespass”) prompting the Bureau to compare him to the National Lawyers Guild. They continued to condemn him for how others used his work: Commager “has long been considered a ‘darling’ of the Communist Party.” The Bureau expressed anti-intellectual sentiments: “Commager’s article illustrates that the real danger to needed Governmental authority is from the pseudo-intellectual realm.” By the early 1960s, the FBI had placed Commager on its “Not to Contact” list because “he has been a long-time critic of the FBI.”

New York Post columnist and editor James Wechsler challenged Hoover’s leadership and defended FBI critics. Wechsler began his career working for liberal-Left publications: the Nation during the late 1930s; and the newspaper PM during the early 1940s. While at PM, the FBI placed him on its “custodial detention” list and Hoover described him (and his wife, Nancy) as “radicals and leftists of the most dangerous type.” At the Post during the 1950s and 1960s, Wechsler criticized the FBI in three key areas. He viewed the infiltration of the CP as counterproductive. He criticized the Bureau’s failure to protect black civil rights workers in the South. In this regard, he proposed stripping the FBI of its jurisdiction for civil rights. Lastly, Wechsler wrote against FBI surveillance of student activism at the University of California, Berkeley. Wechsler’s FBI file grew to about 530 pages with critical notes about his journalism. One memo indicates: “His hostility to Mr. Hoover and the FBI actually renders a negative service to the cause that Wechsler supports.”

In 1962, a Post article featured historian Howard Zinn, who had authored a report critical of the FBI’s civil rights enforcement in Albany, Georgia. A memo in Zinn’s FBI file says his views were “slanted and biased” but “expected from an individual of Zinn’s background.” The FBI identified Zinn as a former Communist. In response to the Post article, Hoover directed agents to discredit Zinn by spreading information about his CP associations and sympathy for Cuba. “Suggest our friends on Georgia papers be alerted.” An FBI official also wrote: “Zinn should not be dignified by contact by this Bureau.” After an article appeared in the Boston Globe in 1964 again quoting Zinn, FBI officials noted: “This is the second time the “Boston Globe” has published distorted articles concerning the FBI… the Crime Records Division [should] attempt to set the record straight through other friendly news sources in the Boston area.” Hoover approved this recommendation with a short note -- “yes and promptly.”

The FBI demonized media criticism even in the form of satire. The Director called Washington Post columnist Art Buchwald a “sick comic” and directed agents to monitor his writing. As an example of Buchwald’s satire, in 1964 he suggested that President Johnson was unable to fire Hoover as director because the lawman actually did not exist. “What happened was that in 1925 the Reader’s Digest was printing an article on the newly formed Federal Bureau of Investigation and as they do with many pieces they signed it with a nom de plume,” Buchwald wrote. “They got the word Hoover from the vacuum cleaner – to give the idea of a clean-up. Edgar was the name of one of the publisher’s nephews, and J. stood for jail.” An interview with Buchwald in Playboy magazine elicited a long FBI memo about the writer’s subversive Cold War humor. “Buchwald has previously come to the Bureau’s attention in connection with his writings,” the FBI noted.

"Spoke of FBI informers in the Communist Party and the possibility that ‘someday soon J. Edgar Hoover will be elected Chairman of the American Communist Party.’ Buchwald also commented that ‘you’re allowed to make fun of the FBI because they have such a good sense of humor.’ ‘They never get upset when you make fun of them. You may get a call from two FBI Agents the morning after the column appears, at 3 o’clock in the morning, but it always is a friendly call. It is the one organization in Washington that doesn’t mind being laughed at.’

"This particular issue contains no other references to the Bureau or the Director and the entire issue is the typical trash which has characterized Playboy since it inception."

In a separate file, the FBI monitored Playboy for carrying on “a campaign of snide innuendoes against the FBI and at times was outright critical of the Bureau and the Director."

The FBI infiltrated writer’s organizations (American Newspaper Guild, Radio Writers Guild, and American Authors League) and focused surveillance on a broad segment of allegedly “anti-American” book authors: E. B. White, Sinclair Lewis, John Steinbeck, Upton Sinclair, Carl Sandburg, Theodore Dreiser, John Dos Passos, Pearl S. Buck, Dorothy Parker, H. L. Mencken, Edmund Wilson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Norman Mailer, Irving Howe, Betty Freidan, and Studs Terkel. The FBI developed informants in the publishing world. The best known case involves Henry Holt and Company. As scholar Claire Culleton notes, for several decades Hoover reviewed manuscripts and the firm sought “his explicit approval on authors and his advanced sanction on works and topics under consideration by the press.” Once the FBI approved a book for production, it obtained advanced copies of page proofs and played a central role in designing Holt’s advertising and marketing campaigns.

Three books critical of the FBI prompted efforts at suppression. In the case of Max Lowenthal’s The Federal Bureau of Investigation (1950), Hoover obtained an advance copy and tried to plant anti-Lowenthal editorials in newspapers. In an effort at censorship, agents tried to discourage booksellers from stocking the work. In order to counter the book’s impact, the FBI distributed a reprint of a Reader’s Digest article, “Why I No Longer Fear the FBI,” by ACLU leader Morris Ernst, who doubled as an FBI informer. Hoover also obtained an advance copy of Fred Cook’s The FBI Nobody Knows (1964) and helped delay publication for several years. Cook’s book built on his Nation article and the FBI believed the negative depiction of Hoover’s relationship to others in government posed a challenge to its organizational integrity. The FBI told its agents:

"Cook claims that official Washington is intimidated by Mr. Hoover, citing a situation in which the publisher of the New York Post had found that ‘some of the most distinguished figures in the Hill simply will not be quoted on the subject of Hoover.’ In addition, Cook, through quotes from unnamed liberal Congressman who express fear of Mr. Hoover, attempts to make Mr. Hoover responsible for an atmosphere of conformity. It can be said that the unnamed Congressman seem to be feeble carriers of the liberal tradition if they are afraid to express their views."

The FBI tried to suppress Peter Matthiessen’s In the Spirit of Crazy Horse (1983), which offers a sympathetic history of the American Indian Movement (AIM). The book focuses on the FBI’s role in the flawed prosecution of AIM leader Leonard Peltier, which Matthiessen compares to the Sacco and Vanzetti case of the 1920s. Matthiessen hoped his book “might become an organizing tool in his [Peltier] fight for justice,” while the FBI sought to limit the book’s circulation. Within a year of publication, an FBI special agent cited in the book filed a $25 million libel suit against Matthiessen and his publisher, Viking Press. Although the FBI lost the case after eight years of litigation, the lawsuit substantially delayed paperback and foreign editions. In the Peltier case, two FBI agents had been killed in the line of duty and the Bureau’s pursuit of justice included legal misconduct.

For Further Reading:

FBI monograph, “Smear Campaign Against the FBI: The Nation,”1959.

Fred J, Cook, Maverick: Fifty Years of Investigative Reporting.

Richard Lingeman, “The Files’ Tale: Redbaited by the FBI,” The Nation, Jan. 11, 2010.

W. C. Sullivan to A.H. Belmont, Feb 19, 1955. Nation FBI file

D.M. Ladd to Director, “Henry Steele Commager,” June 29, 1949. Commager FBI file

W. C. Sullivan to A.H. Belmont, Jan. 29, 1957, Commager FBI file

A. H. Belmont to L.V. Baordman, “Henry Steel Commager, Central Research Matter,” Nov. 35, 1957. Commager FBI file

M. A. Jones to Mr. Nease, “Request for Information Regarding Porfessor Henry Commager,” June 13, 1958. Commager FBI file.

M. A. Jones to Mr. Deloach, “Henry Steel Commager,” Nov. 15, 1963. Commager FBI file.

FBI Liasion [name redacted] to White House, July 10, 1967. Commager FBI file.

Department of State report, “Henry Steel Commager,” Oct. 19, 1968. Commager FBI file.

SAC Boston to Director, “Henry Steel Sommager,” Nov. 21, 1976. Commager FBI file.

Murray Polner, “James Wechsler: The Editor Who Dared Challenge J. Edgar Hoover,” Jan. 5, 2004, http://hnn.us/articles/2869.html.

FBI monograph, “The FBI in Our Open Society,” June 1969. http://www.governmentattic.org/docs/FBI_In_Our_Open_Society_1953.pdf.

M. A. Jones to Mr. DeLoach, “Howard Zinn,” Nov. 27, 1962. Zinn FBI file.

A. Rosen to Mr. Belmont, “Racial Situation Albany, Georgia,” Nov. 15, 1962. Zinn FBI file.

A. Rosen to Mr. Belmont, “Howard Zinn,” Jan. 8, 1964. Zinn FBI file.

David Carty, “Art Buchwald Couldn’t Make This Man Laugh,” CBSNews.com, June 25, 2008, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/06/25/national/main4207013.shtml.

M. A. Jones to Mr. DeLoach, “’Playboy’ Magazine, April,1965,” March 3, 1965. Buchwald FBI file.

Hugh Hefner- Playboy Magazine FBI files, http://www.paperlessarchives.com/playboy.html.

Herbert Mitgang, Dangerous Dossiers: Exposing the Secret War Against America’s Greatest Authors (New York: Ballantine Books, 1988).

Natalie Robbins, Alien Ink: The FBI’s War on Freedom of Expression (New Brunswick: Rutgers University, 1982).

“FBI Tracked ‘Working” Man Studs Terkel,” NY City News Service, Nov. 15, 2009.

John Rodden, “Wanted: Irving Howe FBI No. 727437B,” Dissent (Fall 2002).

Claire A. Culleton, “Extorting Henry Holt & Co.: J. Edgar Hoover and the Publishing Industry,” in Culleton, ed., Modernism on File (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).

Stephen J. Whitefield, “Civil Liberties and the Culture of the Cold War, 1945-1965,” in Raymond Arsenault,ed., Crucible of Liberty: 200 Years of the Bill of Rights (New York: New Press, 1991).

Peter Matthiessen, In The Spirit of Crazy Horse (New York: Viking, 1991).

Ivan Greenberg is a former adjunct instructor in the City University of New York college system and the author of The Dangers of Dissent: The FBI and Civil Liberties since 1965.
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March 30 2015
Former CIA agent Candice DeLong will present a lecture titled “My Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the F.B.I.” at 7 p.m. in the Plaster Student Union Theater. DeLong has been called a real-life “Clarice Starling” and a female “Donnie Brasco.” She was on the front lines of some of the F.B.I.’s most gripping and memorable cases, including being chosen as one of three agents to carry out the manhunt for the Unabomer in Lincoln, Montana. This event is free and open to the public.
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Phylicia Rashad to play lesbian FBI agent in new CBS pilot

Feb 26, 2015 4:47 PM

Phylicia Rashad has joined For Justice, a CBS drama pilot in which she’ll play a lesbian FBI agent, potentially shattering the Claire Huxtable image that has recently been as much of a curse as a gift. Variety reports Rashad will play Georgina Howe, the head of the FBI’s Civil Rights Division and a “savvy Washington player” experienced in DC’s bare-knuckle brawling after a career spent overcoming discrimination based on her race and sexual orientation. Selma’s Ava DuVernay will direct the pilot from a script Law & Order alum Rene Balcer adapted from James Patterson’s novel The Thomas Berryman Number. Rashad booked a role last month in Creed
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Breaking News: Priyanka Chopra to star in ABC studio's Quantico!
Bollywood Life-34 minutes ago
A report by an international website reveals that Priyanka has signed an ABC drama named Quantico and she will be playing an FBI trainee officer, named Alex ...
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2 stories

See link for full story



Local FBI Agents Take WJZ Inside The Plot Of ‘CSI: Cyber’
March 2, 2015 5:18 PM

— Cyber crimes. Hackers are hitting everyone from Fortune 500 companies to your home computer. It’s now the plot of the newest CSI show.

out from local FBI agents what it takes to get the job done.

When you think of FBI agents, you think of action packed investigations, knocking down doors to catch the bad guy. But their job is so much more than that.

The dangers of your personal information getting into the wrong hands in cyber space is real.

“Hackers are hitting the United States pretty hard these days,” said Daniel Gray, FBI Cyber Task Force.

WJZ spent the day with Baltimore’s FBI cyber experts, who hunt down hackers all over the world.

“We go where the investigation takes us. Sometimes it’s in the states, sometimes it’s overseas,” said Gray.

The youngest is just 15 years old. Recently, they tracked down a 17-year-old sitting at his computer in his bedroom in Australia.

It’s such a hot topic, cyber crime is the focus of the latest CSI franchise. CSI: Cyber stars recent Oscar winner Patricia Arquette, premiering Wednesday night on WJZ.

“I think probably what you will see a lot of, you’ll see a lot of breaking in doors and the things that people normally see in Hollywood,” said Gray.

Gray tells WJZ his cyber division is less glitz and glamor and 80 percent paperwork and waiting for search warrants.

Washington: “Just because it’s cyber doesn’t mean it can’t get dangerous.”

Gray: “It’s probably one of the most dangerous things that we as an organization do is when we go into a unknown environment with guns drawn trying to do a search warrant or trying to do an arrest.”

There is no true timeline on how


Apr 3, 2014 - 31 posts - ‎3 authors
Understanding how taxpayer funded FBI agents control the FBI Brand while controlling the corporate owned/run media.Because of the ...
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Couple of reads

March 4 2015

Inside Oregon’s FBI cyber squad
CBS airs new CSI: CYBER show

— The newest CSI franchise, CSI: CYBER, is a drama inspired by the inner workings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Cyber Division and stars Oscar Award winner Patricia Arquette.

But the reality of cybercrime law enforcement looks a little different. KOIN 6 News recently sat down with FBI Supervisory Special Agent George Chamberlin, who is in charge of the Portland FBI Cyber Squad and the FBI Cyber Crime Task Force in Oregon, to talk about that reality.
KOIN 6 News reporter Brent Weisberg speaking with FBI Supervisory Special Agent George Chamberlin (KOIN).KOIN 6 News reporter Brent Weisberg speaking with FBI Supervisory Special Agent George Chamberlin (KOIN).

Chamberlin says cybercrime is the use of the Internet or computer systems to commit a crime.

“It’s a vector to commit traditional crime, but using computers to do so,” Chamberlin says.

A top priority of the FBI is to identify and prevent acts of cyber-terrorism. Officials say cyber-terrorism is the use of electronic systems to conducts attacks or to inspire fear through the defacement of websites, spreading threats online, and even the collapse of critical services or infrastructure.

This is not going stop.” – FBI Agent George Chamberlin on cyber attacks.

Chamberlin says Oregon faces cyber threats in two ways. The first threat posed to the state includes threats to corporations and government agencies. The people who target these entities are technically savvy and can be bankrolled by terrorist groups


Donald Sachtleben, Ex-FBI Agent, Arrested On Child Pornography ...
May 15, 2012 - Donald Sachtleben was an FBI agent for 25 years, with a record that includes such high-profile investigations as the Oklahoma City bombing, ...


Google title if FBI agents change link


NSA surveillance played little role in foiling terror plots, experts say ...
http://www.theguardian.com › US News › NSA
Jun 12, 2013 - Further scepticism has been expressed by David Davis, a former British ... Headley was also subject to a plethora of more conventionally ... had been an informant working for the Drug Enforcement Administration ... There are suggestions that he might have then worked in some capacity for the FBI or CIA.

1993 1st World Trade Center bombing created by FBI informant Amed Salem see

1995 Oklahoma City bombing created by FBI informant Timothy McVeigh see

Omargh Ireland bombing created with C4 explosives provided by Boston FBI SAC James Greenleaf to Whitey Bulger who gave it to IRA.
see http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/how-the-ira-set-up-an-arms-deal-with-boston-gangster-james-whitey-bulger-29090605.html
Mumbai India Terrorist attack organized by FBI informant David Headley see http://norcaltruth.org/2010/10/18/david-headley-american-terrorist-or-fbi-informant-or-both/

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A read with a view


How to Parent Like an FBI Agent


March 5 2015

No, you won't need any bugging devices

Ever feel like parenting would be a lot easier if you just had a full-time security team at your beck and call? And maybe an inter


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Three .


Amid reports of abuse, Ga. Aquarium trainer disappears


March 5 2015

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 19: The exterior of the Georgia Aquarium is seen Saturday more

(WXIA) -- A trainer the Georgia Aquarium had hoped to hire from Spain, has not been heard from since Tuesday. Jose Luis Barbero went missing hours after a new video was released accusing him of abusing dolphins.

. The aquarium called the first "extremely questionable" and "crudely edited."

The Georgia Aquarium released a statement on the investigation in Barbero Friday afternoon:

Our search for truth into the allegations against Jose Luis Barbero continues. Until our investigation is complete, we will not make any decisions regarding his employment, so at this time, Mr. Barbero remains in Spain.

We are committed to making decisions based on factual information and very thorough analysis. We have a zero tolerance policy against the mistreatment of animals and continue to investigate every aspect of this matter. We appreciate your patience and support as we sort through this difficult situation.

According to 11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom, the aquarium last had contact with Barbero on Monday. His current status remains as a contractor and not a full-time employee. But the aquarium would not say whether he was paid for any services during the investigation.

The aquarium says it has hired a former FBI agent to travel to Spain and investigate the matter independently.



Dog Killing FBI Agent Gets a “Slap on the Wrist” VIDEO
Sunday, July 12th, 2009 at 8:40 am

Lovett Leslie Ledger indicted for shooting dead of neighbor's dogThere are times when I’m not sure why I ever actually expect more from our justice system. Last February, a Waco, TX FBI agent, a sniper and member of the FBI SWAT team, Lovett Leslie Ledger, Jr. shot and killed a neighbor’s little 3-lb chihuahua named Sassy, with a pellet rifle and although indicted for felony animal cruelty the only ones who paid for this crime were the dog with its life and the family who lost their tiny little furry family member.

Cyndi Mitchell, who lives across the street from FBI agent, Lovett Leslie Ledger, told authorities that she witnessed Ledger shoot the dog in front of her house with a pellet rifle on Feb. 29.

Mitchell has said that her dogs were barking and she went to the door and saw Sassy walking on Estes Road in front of her house.

The dog lurched to one side upon being shot, then rolled into a yard where she died, she has said.

“I’ve never heard a noise like that from an animal,” Mitchell said, describing it as “a screaming sound.”

As neighbors gathered around the fallen dog, Ledger took the pellet gun, turned and walked inside his house with one of his children.

Initially when confronted by authorities about the crime, Ledger lied but changed his story when witnesses came forward.

He was later indicted by a grand jury for cruelty to animals, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in a state jail and a $10,000 fine.

Pleading no contest, Judge Matt Johnson in 54th District Court sentenced Ledger to two years deferred probation and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service. Not only that, if he completes the term of probation, the conviction will be expunged from his record.

FBI spokesman Erik Vasys said Wednesday the agency will determine whether Ledger faces any sanctions, which could range from suspension to dismissal, after an internal inquiry is completed. Initially it was reported that if convicted of the felony, that would mostly likely be the end of his career, with Ledger getting deferred adjudication probation, the FBI will probably just let him get away with it too. After all, if the justice system doesn’t care, why should they. It was “just a dog” after all!

Yet another injustice from our justice system! Sure, shoot and kill a 3-lb dog for no reason…. who care…. just a dog!Off-duty



FBI agent fatally shoots dog that was attacking his Schnauzer

r December 29, 2014

An FBI agent who was walking his dog shot and killed another dog that attacked his Schnauzer, in front of the woman and child walking it.

When the two dogs — and their walkers — encountered each other on Friday on opposite sides of a narrow
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Why do you think taxpayers dime is used to fund the FBI office of

2 stories


Q&A with Heath White, FBI agent and disability advocate

FBI Special Agent Heath White holds a photo of his daughter Paisley, who more

FBI agents tend to be tight-lipped. That's why FBI Special Agent Howard "Heath" White, of Shreveport, is unusual, not only for how vocal he is but also for the reason he bec


Soldier who lost hand wins discrimination case against FBI
http://www.jsonline.com › News › Milwaukee County
Aug 7, 2013 - Justin Slaby, a former Army Ranger whose hand was blown off in a training accident ... Justin Slaby will be first FBI agent with prosthetic limb ... on Wednesday found that the FBI discriminated against Oak Creek native Justin ...
Army veteran who lost hand takes battle with FBI to court
http://www.jsonline.com › News › Crime
Jul 27, 2013 - Justin Slaby was ready to be an FBI agent even though he lost a ... which claims he was discriminated against because he is disabled. ... use his prosthetic to deploy his weapon, resulting in potential risk to himself and others.
Disabled veteran's discrimination lawsuit rankles FBI, spurs ...
Jul 27, 2013 - The U.S. Army veteran whose hand had been blown off by a grenade ... an FBI special agent and reported for training at Quantico, prosthetic hand and all. ... of having to argue against a man they describe in court filings as “a ...
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Time magazine just ran this story.

They are part of the dumbing us down FBI Press Corps

2 stories. With one about FBI agent Edward Rodgers
Having sex with his 3 daughters starting when they
Were 2 years old.

Edward Rodgers was head of the FBI Child Abuse Program.



How to Parent Like an FBI Agent
TIME‎ - March 5 2015
FBI agents are trained to de-escalate conflicts by giving subjects a choice, which helps them ...


TVWeekend - And Still More About Child Abuse - NYTimes.com
Mar 18, 1994 - The father, Edward J. Rodgers Jr., refused to appear in court. He was a former F.B.I. agent who had become a Colorado authority on child ...
Headwaters Production - Press Files
THE DENVER POST Friday May 18, 1990. EDWARD RODGERS, the ex-FBI agent who lost a $2.3 million judgment in Denver district court this week, must have ...
Headwaters Production - Denver Post Article
... enforcement official Edward Rodgers were awarded $2.319,400 yesterday, ... Rodgers, 72, who became a child abuse expert after retiring from the FBI and ...
FBI WATCH Making Cruelty visible - LDS Freedom Forum
Jan 30, 2013 - Material posted here will deal with crimes committed by FBI agents. ...... Very special FBI agent Edward Rodgers thought having sex with his ...
FBI WATCH 114 days left to shut down the FBI - Page 9
Aug 5, 2014
Jun 16, 2013
More results from http://www.ldsfreedomforum.com
Pedophiles and Sex offenders working at the FBI and local police ...
Feb 19, 2013 - 25 posts - ‎1 author
Witness sees FBI Director J Edgar Hoover , her husband and Roy Cohn(aide ... Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child ...
Is the FBI Catching Terrorists, or Coaching Them? - Truthdig
Aug 22, 2011 - A new investigation by Mother Jones reveals that the FBI has ... Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child Abuse at the FBI.
Witness who charged FBI agent with pedophilia found murdered ...
Apr 26, 2009 - Edward Rodgers was in charge of investigating cases of Child Abuse at the FBI THE DENVER POST - Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire
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Blue by day
White by night

Klu Klux Klan Sr
Training Klu Klux Klan Jr

Couple of reads



Opelousas PD getting special training from FBI in civil rights
March 9, 2015, 8:02 pm

The Opelousas Police Department is getting special training from the FBI in civil rights.

Donald Bostic, Supervisory Senior Resident Agent with the FBI, is conducting the training with the officers.

He said the program ensures that officers are knowledgeable with the public and use force that is only both reasonable and necessary.

Opelousas Sergeant Investigator , Crystal Leblanc, said attending these classes helps to make her better at her job.

“Sometimes whenever you get involved in something, physical recourse doesn’t have to happen. I mean if you can talk yourself out of a situation that’s even better. With the training that’ll help some of those situations,” said Leblanc.

Opelousas Police Chief, Donald Thompson, said this is just one of many training courses to come for his officers.


On the Whiteness of the Police - Annalee Newitz
One day he signs up to take the Civil Service Examination . .... groups in police departments "Blue by Day, White by Night," as if to imply that the blue uniform has ...
Blue by Day, White by Night: Organized White ... - Google Books


Blue by Day, White by Night: Organized White Supremacist Groups in Law Enforcement Agencies. Front Cover. Michael Novick, People Against Racist Terror ...


Ex-Agent Accuses FBI Of Retaliation Over Race Suit : NPR


http://www.npr.org › News › US › Law
May 13, 2009 - Donald Rochon was 37 years old when he filed his landmark discrimination suit against the FBI. Rochon, who is black, was a young agent in ...
Jul 5, 1988 - ... a campaign of ''retribution'' against a black agent, Donald Rochon, whose case has prompted a national debate over racism in the bureau.
The Spy Who Went Into the Cold : Former LAPD Spy Donald ...
Aug 24, 1988 - Donald Rochon took a $7000 pay cut when he left the Los Angeles Police ... Donald Rochon Is Now Point Man in the Battle Over Bias in the FBI.
Fbi Settlement In Racial-bias Suit Worth $1 Million - Philly.com
Aug 10, 1990 - The Justice Department's settlement of the racial harassment suit brought by former FBI Agent Donald Rochon will total more than $1 million ...
The FBI's Racial Discrimination Problem... | Mother Jones
May 14, 2009 - Donald Rochon is back in the news. The former FBI agent settled an historic discrimination case against the bureau in 1990. Rochon, who is ...
Donald Rochon, Appellant v. Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General of ...
Feb 28, 2006 - In 1981 Donald Rochon began working as a Special Agent in the Omaha office of the FBI, where he became the target of a campaign of racial ...
Accused Fbi Agent Fights Bias Charges - Chicago Tribune
Apr 10, 1988 - Thomas Dillon is an FBI agent under fire from within, and the ... sexual assault and death against fellow FBI agent Donald Rochon, who is black ...
FBI Sued By Former Agent For Racism - The Judiciary Report
May 15, 2009 - I have maintained for well over a year that the FBI headed by neo-Nazi, Robert ... Donald Rochon was 37 years old when he filed his landmark ...
Apr 13, 1989 - *fn1" Plaintiffs Donald Rochon, a black Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI") agent, and Susan Rochon, his wife, maintain that they have been ...
The FBI: A Comprehensive Reference Guide
Athan G. Theoharis - 1999 - ‎BUSINESS & ECONOMICS
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation Web Site , February ... Donald Rochon's landmark case alleged harassment by fellow agents at the ...

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The Ballsy FBI Agent From ‘The Americans’ Guns Down John Heilemann
Mar 11, 2015 2:31 PM EDT
In real life, Noah Emmerich was a mild-mannered carpet cleaner. On our set, he pulls the trigger.
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couple of reads



(Neb.)-Retired FBI Special Agent To Speak At CSC

By: Tena Cook Posted at: 03/14/2015 03:43 PM
(Chadron)-Retired FBI Special Agent, Ron Rawalt will be discussing the investigation of the 1999 Scottsbluff murder of Adam Gomez on March 26 at 6 p.m. in the Chadron State College Student Center.

Rawalt is a 1971 graduate of CSC and a North Platte native who joined the FBI Lab Firearms Unit in 1972. He was promoted to special agent in 1976 and was assigned to the Los Angeles Field Division. In 1979, he transferred to the FBI Lab, Mineralogy Unit and became one of the FBI’s leading authorities on forensic mineralogy. While a student at CSC, Rawalt cut his eyeteeth in soils by helping with the excavation of the Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Site northwest of Crawford.


Former FBI whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst Tells ... - YouTube
Video for Frederic whitehurst youtube10:57
Apr 1, 2010 - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
Alex talks with Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and served as a Supervisory ...
Frederic Whitehurst Interviewed on FBI Crime Lab ... - YouTube
Video for Frederic whitehurst youtube3:19
Feb 26, 2013 - Uploaded by National Whistleblower Center
FBI Whistleblower Frederic Whitehurst discusses the FBI Crime Lab Scandal. April 1997 ...
Former FBI Whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst Tells ... - YouTube
Video for Frederic whitehurst youtube10:56
Apr 1, 2010 - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
Alex talks with Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and served as a Supervisory ...
Frederic Whitehurst interview April 15 1997 - YouTube
Video for Frederic whitehurst youtube6:41
Feb 26, 2013 - Uploaded by National Whistleblower Center
Frederic Whitehurst discusses the FBI crime lab scandal National Whistleblower Center.
The Alex Jones Show with Frederic Whitehurst 3-31 ... - YouTube
Video for Frederic whitehurst youtube6:41
Apr 3, 2010 - Uploaded by aeiouandxyz
Alex talks with Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and served as a Supervisory ...
Frederic Whitehurst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Frederic Whitehurst was a Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory from 1986 to 1998, where he went public as a ...
Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab - The Corbett Report
Apr 25, 2012 - Interview 502 – Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab ... RSS Feed Follow Me on Twitter Connect on Google Plus Connect on YouTube.
National Whistleblowers Center - Dr. Frederic Whitehurst
America's first successful FBI whistleblower, Dr. Whitehurst, forced the president to execute an Executive Order ensuring whistleblower protection of all FBI ...
Frederic Whitehurst, More Whistleblowers Donate How-To Guide to ...
Sep 11, 2011 - Frederic Whitehurst and other famous U.S. whistleblowers are ...... to Efficient Pickup's website and YouTube channel, Mulvehill mumbles ...
Former FBI Whistleblower Dr. Frederic Whitehurst Tells All on The ...
Apr 1, 2010 - Alex talks with Frederic Whitehurst, who joined the FBI in 1982 and ... 10:57 - The Alex Jones Channel / YouTube, Thursday, April 1st, 2010.
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2 stories


When FBI linguist James Fitzgerald set out to solve the case of the Unabomber — who had killed several people and injured many more by using homemade bombs — he decided to publish the Unabomber’s “manifesto” to see if anyone might recognize the writing style.

Several people, including the bomber’s brother and sister-in-law, did — and called in. “Soon, Ted Kaczynski was in handcuffs.”


CIA MK-Ultra Mind Control, Brainwashing and ... - Unabombers.com
MK-Ultra and Mind Control tools used in the FBI's Unabomber Cover-up exposed! Unabom was the first in a series of bogus terrorist cases supporting ...
Part I: CIA, FBI, and the cover-up of the Unabomber | ELECTRIC ...
Jul 27, 2014 - The Unabomber Theodore Kaczynsky (1978-1995) A considerable amount of credible evidence suggest that Theodore Kaczynsky participated ...
The FBI's Cover Up Of The Facts In The Unabomber Case -- 9-11
Mar 27, 2008 - "Understanding Unabom provides in depth insight into the activities of the FBI and CIA before September 11th 2001. Activities that included the ...
Ted and the CIA, Part 1 - David Kaczynski - Blogs - Times Union
Dec 19, 2010 - Was my brother, Ted Kaczynski (AKA “the Unabomber”), a sort of .... Flight 800 by a missle over Long Island and the ensuing cover-up by FBI

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Tim Blake Nelson Joins CBS Pilot 'For Justice'; Cara Buono In NBC's ...
Deadline.com-2 hours ago
... The Thomas Berryman Number, For Justice centers on Special Agent Natalia “Nat” Chappel (Rose), a cool, laser-focused, tough as nails FBI agent who works ...
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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Joins CBS Pilot 'Limitless'
Deadline.com-2 hours ago
Mastrantonio will play Nasreen 'Naz' Awad, a former prosecutor who joined the FBI in her mid-30s and serves as the Special Agent in Charge of the division that ...
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2 stories


Eagle Scout lauded at Buffalo ceremony

on March 21, 2015 -

St. Martin de Porres Boy

One of Justin’s memorable scouting duties was to open an FBI covention with the Pledge of Allegiance.

FBI Agent Arrested For Driving Without Pants and Allegedly Trying to ...
Dec 11, 2012 - Some law enforcement officers like to unwind from a tough week on the job with a nice drink. Apparently one Buffalo, N.Y. FBI agent prefers to ...
Buffalo FBI Agent Arrested | Video | wgrz.com
Buffalo FBI Agent Arrested. Special Agent working in Buffalo charged with exposing himself to a fellow motorist on the Thruway.
FBI agent arrested, charged with exposing himself in public - Wikinews
Dec 11, 2012 - A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent working for the field office in Buffalo, New York (NY) has been arrested and charged with ...
FBI agent John A. Yervelli arrested for public lewdness (driving ...
Jan 2, 2013 - A Special Agent working in the Buffalo office of the FBI is due in Eden Town Court later this month, after being arrested by New York State ...

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Chris Hedges

Journalism as Subversion
Posted on Mar 22, 2015

By Chris Hedges

A farmer looks skyward as he sits amid his storm-damaged wheat crop in the Indian state of Rajasthan last week. (AP / Deepak Sharma)

The assault of global capitalism is not only an economic and political assault. It is a cultural and historical assault. Global capitalism seeks to erase our stories and our histories. Its systems of mass communication, which peddle a fake intimacy with manufactured celebrities and a false sense of belonging within a mercenary consumer culture, shut out our voices, hopes and dreams. Salacious gossip about the elites and entertainers, lurid tales of violence and inane trivia replace in national discourse the actual and the real. The goal is a vast historical amnesia.

The traditions, rituals and struggles of the poor and workingmen and workingwomen are replaced with the vapid homogenization of mass culture. Life’s complexities are reduced to simplistic stereotypes. Common experiences center around what we have been fed by television and mass media. We become atomized and alienated. Solidarity and empathy are crushed. The cult of the self becomes paramount. And once the cult of the self is supreme we
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3 stories



C.I.A. Officers and F.B.I. Agents, Meet Your New Partner: The Analyst
John E. McLaughlin, a former deputy director and acting director of the C.I.A., at a news conference in 2004. “The role of the analyst who puts all the pieces together has become more critical, because there are just more pieces,” he said.

March 26, 2015

Call it the revenge of the nerds, Washington-style. The gun-toting F.B.I. agent and the swashbuckling C.I.A. undercover officer are being increasingly called upon to share their clout, their budgets and even their Hollywood glamour with the humble, desk-bound intelligence analyst.

As the two agencies confront an evolving terrorist threat, cyberattacks and other challenges, both are reorganizing in ways intended to empower analysts. That involves the delicate job of meshing the very different cultures of the streetwise agent and the brainy analyst, who reads secret dispatches, pores over intercepted communications, absorbs news media accounts and digests it all.

The biggest challenge remains at the F.B.I., a traditional law enforcement organization that has struggled since the 2001 terrorist attacks to remake itself as an intelligence agency that can prevent attacks and not just investigate crimes. A report on the F.B.I.’s progress, released on Wednesday, concluded that despite great strides, the bureau needs to step up the role of analysts and the respect and resources they get.

While bureau officials have long extolled the importance of intelligence analysts, the report, by the F.B.I. 9/11 Review Commission, found that the bureau “still does not sufficiently recognize them as a professionalized work force with distinct requirements for investment in training and education.” The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, acknowledged the problem and said that empowering analysts was one of his main goals.

At the C.I.A., where analysts have had a central role since its founding, they long worked largely apart from the “operators,” who work in the field overseas recruiting agents. This month, John O. Brennan, the C.I.A. director, announced that analysts and operators would be combined in 10 new “mission centers,” following the model of the


Search Results

Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin ...
Jan 19, 2015 - Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King's Assassination. Circuit Court of Shelby County, Tennessee ...
Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. - Wikipedia, the free ...
The King family and others believe that the assassination was carried out by a ..... the CIA, the US Army, the Memphis Police Department, and organized crime in murder ... The tomb of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King, located on the ...
‎James Earl Ray - ‎Loyd Jowers - ‎Model 760 - ‎Robert F. Kennedy's speech
US Gov't Found Guilty In Conspiracy To Assassinate MLK | News One
newsone.com › Nation
Jan 20, 2014 - Martin Luther King Jr. stands with other civil rights leaders on the balcony ... Those who are responsible for the assassination were not held to ...
MLK ASSASSINATED BY US GOVT: King Family civil trial verdict ...
http://www.washingtonsblog.com › Business / Economics
Jan 19, 2014 - Martin Luther King assassinated by US Govt: King Family civil trial verdict .... This included the Director of the CIA's admission to Congress that ...
How the Government Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.
Apr 3, 2013 - Martin Luther King at Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial in 1968. ... a staging ground to orchestrate MLK's assassination underneath the rooming .... by Marrell McCollough of the MPD, who later went on to work for the CIA.
The Conspiracy to Kill Martin Luther King | Feature | Chicago Reader
The unusual circumstances surrounding the assassination then began to .... agencies revealed that the CIA had been illegally involved in assassinations ...



FBI Worker Sentenced For Having Child Porn

Aug 27, 2010 2:42 pm US/Eastern - ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) ? Federal prosecutors say an FBI employee has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for possessing child pornography. Sixty-five-year-old Samuel Kaplan of Gainesville was sentenced on Friday. He pleaded guilty in June to possessing child pornography...


Former Scout leader, FBI agent indicted on child sex charges

Published: 01:00 a.m., Saturday, February 4, 2006 - NEW HAVEN (AP) - A retired FBI agent was indicted Friday on federal child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader. William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested Friday. The federal grand jury indictment accuses Hutton of enticing a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

"It's obviously devastating. He was an FBI agent in this district and was reputed in this district," defense attorney Hugh Keefe said. "The people who worked with him in the U.S. attorney's office and FBI respected him."...


FBI agents arrested for pedophilia- no child left untouched

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:48 am - The questions raised by this post are troubling. With so many FBI agents getting arrested for pedophilia why are they allowed to investigate child abuse cases. The following news story is especially troubling because it deals with a child who was found dead after he filed pedophile charges against a FBI agent. No mention of how the child died:

Prosecutors move to dismiss charges against former Scout leader

January 3, 2007 - NEW HAVEN, Conn. --Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a retired FBI agent who was indicted on child sex charges dating back more than a decade when he was a Boy Scout leader, in response to the death of his accuser.

William Hutton, 63, of Killingworth, was arrested in February on charges he enticed a member of his Scout troop to Maine for the purpose of sexual activity in 1994 and 1995.

Prosecutor John A. Danaher III moved to dismiss the indictment on Dec. 19, and Judge Mark R. Kravitz granted the motion three days later, federal court records show...


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