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Trentadue is a Salt Lake City attorny who won a $1 million dollar lawsuit aagainst trhe FBI  for torturing his brotherr to death .
He obtained FBI  documents during the trial that show FBI  agents created the Oklahoma City bombing.
He is the subject of a new film coming out in December 2011 called  A NOBLE LIE
I urge you to buy it for your local library.
I will post material here regarding Jesse Trentadue

The Noble Lie Continues – Oklahoma City Bombing Coverup


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The Noble Lie Continues

“A myth or untruth told by the Elite to preserve social harmony and the position of that Elite”

The Intel Hub
By Holland Van den NieuwenhofRed Dirt Report
November 28, 2011

As the writer and producer for the newly-released A Noble Lie, a documentary exposing the official lie behind the Oklahoma City bombing, I was more than interested in a recent Newsweek article that chronicles the undercover activities of John Matthews.

Matthews, disillusioned by the illegal activities and plots of violence within the circle of Right Wing extremists that he ran with, became an FBI informant and reported on their activities for years.  I was intrigued at the prospect of a mainstream account of the FBI’s undercover activities against domestic terror threats in the Nineties and PATCON in particular.

PATCON, short for Patriot Conspiracy, was a very hush-hush (“PATCON will get you killed”) FBI undercover operation directed against Right Wing groups across the nation like the Texas Reserve Militia and the Civilian Military Assistance group, referred to as the CMA.

PATCON-targeted groups were implicated in stealing military hardware from bases and plotting assassinations and bombings.

Revelations about the Oklahoma City bombing by journalists, researchers and whistleblowers, as detailed in A Noble Lie, indicate that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the ATF, were involved in an undercover sting operation that culminated disastrously with the bombing, and the subsequent cover-up.  The Oklahoma City bombing may have had its genesis in PATCON.

Frankly I was surprised that a mainstream rag like Newsweek would investigate PATCON, given the magazine’s past examples of complicity in government cover-ups and subservience to corporate interests.

I was tipped off to the upcoming article by Jesse Trentadue, an attorney from Salt Lake City, Utah and interview subject in our film, whose brother Kenneth Trentadue (warning: graphic photos) was tortured and murdered in federal custody weeks after the Oklahoma City bombing.

It was later determined that Kenneth had been killed in a case of mistaken identity, that the FBI thought he was John Doe Number 2, one of the alleged accomplices to Tim McVeigh, the convicted perpetrator.

“My Life as a White Supremacist,” put out through Newsweek’s online organ, The Daily Beast, was a far cry from a true expose of the FBI’s undercover activities against the Far Right in the Nineties.

While an interesting story of paid undercover operative John Matthews in his adrenaline-fueled escapades with haters and wanna-be terrorists, it neglects to even mention the name of the operation he was working for: PATCON.

Along comes the Sipsey Street Irregulars, a blog edited by Mike Vanderboegh, former editor of the John Doe Times.  Sipsey Street has demonstrated the rising power of independent media, by collaborating with a small number of journalists and blogs to push the ATF’s Gunwalker scandal into the mediaspace and prompting some very harsh Congressional inquiries, and calls for the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Gunwalker is name given by Vanderboegh to the ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, whereby thousands of guns were allowed by ATF agents to be purchased in the U.S. by Mexican drug cartel operatives and taken into Mexico, to be used in the deadly drug wars that have claimed tens of thousands of lives so far.

It is estimated that at least 200 Mexican soldiers and citizens have been killed by Gunwalker weapons, and two American law enforcement officers.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who authorized and Fast and Furious, refused to take responsibility for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry by a Gunwalker weapon.

Previously Holder, as Assistant Attorney General under Janet Reno, had been in charge of the Trentadue Mission, the Justice Department’s attempts to cover up evidence in the murder of Kenneth Trentadue.


In the SSI article written by Vanderboegh, he reveals what was gutted from the original article by Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief at Newsweek.  The leaked original shows that undercover informant John Matthews reported seeing Tim McVeigh with bombing suspect Andreas Strassmeier before the bombing.

Strassmeier was a German citizen and “former” intelligence officer who made the tour of the White Supremacist movement in the early Nineties and then settled down in a separatist community in Eastern Oklahoma called Elohim City.

Tim McVeigh is known to have made several phone calls and visits to Elohim City, despite FBI protests to the contrary.  And Strassmeier was living with several members of the Aryan Republican Army, also implicated in the bombing, but their roles ignored by the FBI.

Leaked FBI teletypes obtained by Jesse Trentadue show that Andy Strassmeier was acting as an undercover informant for the government under the cloak of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was providing information on extremist groups to the FBI.  So it is very curious that Newsweek chose to cut out all references to McVeigh, Strassmeier and PATCON.

Tina Brown’s Newsweek also excised the portion of the article detailing the harrowing journey of Jesse Trentadue in his quest to find out the truth of his brother’s murder, which led to startling revelations about the OKC bombing.

The Justice Department certainly did not want Newsweek to expose its readership to the court-proven cover-up that was perpetrated in the torture and murder of an innocent man, and the flood of documents pertaining to the bombing, that Trentadue continues to expose through Freedom of Information Act battles with the FBI and CIA.

Jesse is currently suing the FBI over the videotapes on or around the stricken Murrah building that would show exactly who perpetrated the deed, and how it was done.  The FBI claims that they cannot find these tapes, the most important pieces of evidence in the OKC bombing.

The fact that a mainstream media machine like Newsweek still feels it is necessary to bow to the wishes of the Justice Department over its true role in the OKC bombing demonstrates why the independent media is so relevant today.

A Noble Lie is the first full-length documentary examining the Oklahoma City bombing in the light of new and suppressed evidence that shows the official story to be a lie, from top to bottom.  Released the same week as the censored Newsweek story broke, in an uncanny sense of timing and relevance that has defined its making, the film highlights the exact information that Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown deemed too sensitive for our eyes.

A Noble Lie demonstrates that McVeigh, Strassmeier and other suspects were operating under the careful eye of the FBI and ATF, and that Strassmeier was seen by a witness in the doomed Murrah Federal Building with bomb materiel. The film shows the exact documents relating to Strassmeier’s infiltration of the Texas Reserve Militia, and reported to the FBI by John Matthews, that were cut from the original Newsweek article.

From the beginning of the making of this film, we have been committed to presenting the real history of the bombing, to ask the questions that need to be asked for the sake of the victims, and for the sake of freedom in this country.

The ongoing Gunwalker scandal demonstrates the capacity of the Justice Department to tolerate outrageous crimes in order to pursue a political end.  Operation Fast and Furious has already killed more people than the Oklahoma City bombing, and is receiving front page headlines across America.  Did Operation PATCON kill 168 people in Oklahoma City, including nineteen children?

Holland Van den Nieuwenhof is a native Oklahoman and writer and producer for A Noble Lie.


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Why Eric Holder covered up the 1995 Trentadue murder
By Coach Collins, on December 23rd, 2011
by Doug Book,  staff writer

From documents obtained by Jesse Trentadue, it’s clear that Clinton Administration Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and his DOJ team had conspired to squelch any investigation into the August, 1995 murder of Trentadue’s brother Kenneth. (1)

But the obvious question is WHY? And why kill Kenneth Trentadue at all? He was no more than a face in the crowd, hardly distinguished or distinguishable from tens of millions of others throughout the United States. What would move the Deputy Attorney General to animate resources of the United States Justice Department to make certain there would be no hearing, no investigation, no grand jury indictment, not the least question raised about his death?

Four months prior to Kenneth Trentadue’s murder the Oklahoma City bombing had taken place. Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were found guilty of the 168 deaths which occurred that day and McVeigh was eventually executed while Nichols was sentenced to life without parole.

Were the Department of Justice–and principally the FBI—to have had its way, these events would have put an end to the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

But the wrongful death lawsuit which eventually yielded proof of Eric Holder’s role in the DOJ cover up of his brother’s death and years of Freedom of Information Act requests which wrenched documents from a tenacious and unwilling Department of Justice have finally led Jesse Trentadue to an unimaginable tale of government corruption, conspiracy and intrigue. (2)

And it all centers around the Oklahoma City bombing and the roles played by the FBI and Department of Justice in allowing it to go forward. McVeigh and Nichols had NOT acted alone as the federal government has insisted for 16 years. The pair had the help of a group of serial bank robbers and nazi-racists calling itself the Aryan Republican Army.  And that group, along with countless other dangerous, neo Nazi organizations in the US had been infiltrated by informants reporting to the FBI.

Tragically for Kenneth Trentadue, he dramatically resembled a member of that group, right down to the dragon tattoo on his left forearm. And Jesse Trentadue is convinced his brother was killed that night in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center because he had been mistaken for that man, Richard Lee Guthrie. In fact, Guthrie was ALSO found hanged in a Kentucky, county jail cell in 1996, apparently another case of “government assisted suicide!” (3) 

And why did all of this have to be covered up at the highest levels of the United States government?  Because a number of former members of the ARA might have possessed far too much information about the Oklahoma City bombing and the role of FBI informants in its execution.

 In short, the FBI KNEW of the plan to blow up a federal building. It’s informants had stood by and watched the criminal ARA acquisition of funds used for the project.  And now a young man had been killed in his jail cell, joining the hundreds of dead and injured in the Murrah building blast.

And prior Department of Justice knowledge of the events and plans leading up to this disaster could NOT be revealed to the American public.

Call it an FBI sting gone horribly wrong, dress it up any way you want, the fact remains law enforcement officials and bureaus of the federal government knew of this deadly scheme and did nothing to stop its execution! No amount of spin would set the Clinton Administration free of blame for such a deadly, inexcusable blunder.

 So it had to be buried, right along with the victims of the explosion itself. And right along with Kenneth Trentadue, no doubt dead because he had been beaten in order to extract information about how much he knew–information known only to the man he so tragically resembled.

And the Clinton hired gun in charge of making sure none of this saw the light of day by covering up the fragile lynchpin of the Trentadue murder was Eric Holder.

Please make use of the links provided below. They make for some extraordinary reading. The first “related posts” link provides Part 1 of the Trentadue/Holder story.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


To read more use these links:

(1)     http://www.corbettreport.com/cache/holder.pdf

(2)     http://dissentradio.com/tf/COMPLAINT_CIA.pdf

(3)        http://intelwire.egoplex.com/trentadueindex.html

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see link for full story
Department of Justice and FBI Set To Collapse Over Operation PATCON
Saturday, April 21, 2012 2:07

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see link for full story

By Philip L. Watson

As the congressional investigation and lawsuit seeking release of Fast and Furious documents come full circle, there was one man that foreshadowed the gun running scandal.

The Good

Jesse C. Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney, has had his eye on Attorney General Eric Holder since the mid 1990’s and has several ongoing lawsuits against the federal government under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Before Eric Holder was confirmed by the Senate as Attorney General in 2009, Trentadue sent a strongly worded letter with supporting documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The letter and supporting documents shed light on the questionable actions and decision making of Holder behind closed doors and cites his experience with Holder’s inappropriate behavior as a disqualifier. “No one could be less suitable to uphold the principles of justice in America than Eric Holder,” Trentadue wrote.

Mr. Trentadue previously won a lawsuit against the federal government for intentional infliction of emotional harm after then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder was placed in charge of DOJ’s internal investigation and public relations surrounding the death of Trentadue’s brother. This was about the same time Holder was on a crusade to “brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

The Fast

Trentadue’s new discovery under FOIA is a heavily redacted FBI manual used for positioning confidential informants in places like the mainstream press, as well as in the offices of judges and congressional representatives. The document may be viewed here.

The document gains some relevancy to the Fast and Furious investigation in section 16 and 17. Below are some excerpts that may be the most relevant:

17.3 Otherwise Illegal Activity (OIA)

A) When a UCE provides goods and service (reasonably unavailable to the subject except as provided by the United States government) that facilitate a felony, or its equivalent under federal, state, or local law, it is a sensitive circumstance. In these sensitive circumstances additional authorization by an Assistant Director is required after review by the Criminal Undercover Operations Review Committee (CUORC)

B) (U/FOUO) Participation in otherwise illegal activity that involves a significant risk of violence or physical injury requires authorization by the Director, Deputy Director, or designated Executive Assistant Director after review by the CUORC.

(U/FOUO) OIA by an FBY employee in an undercover operation (UCO) relating to a threat to the national security or foreign intelligence collection must conform to the AGG-Dom and the FBI’s National Security Undercover Operations Policy Implementation Guide (NSUCOPG). The Department of Justice (DOJ) National Security Division (NSD) is the approving component for OIA that requires approval beyond that authorized for SAF approval described in DIOG subsection 17.5, below. However, as authorized by the Assistant Attorney General for NSD, officials in other DOJ components may approve OIA in such investigations.

17.5 An SAC may authorize the following OIA for an FBI employee when consistent with other requirements of this section, the AGG-Dom, the AGG-UCO, and other FBI policy unless otherwise indicated. Except for subsections A, B, and E below, the following OIA activities require CDC review prior to SAC approval, unless otherwise indicated:

C) (U/FOUO) The controlled purchase, receipt, delivery, or sale of drugs, stolen property, or other contraband;

Paragraph three: (U/FOUO) An SAC may not authorize a violation of export control laws or laws that concern the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction during an investigation relating to a threat to the national security of foreign intelligence collection.

The above information leads to some obvious questions that need to be answered:

Since the DOJ is recognized as the authorizing authority for all “otherwise illegal activity” (OIA) for the FBI, wouldn’t the ATF be mandated to seek the same approval as in 17.3 B?

And since the ATF usually handles the investigations into gun issues, wouldn’t the violation of “export control laws” in 17.5 be a serious OIA concern in relation to firearms?


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see link for full story

Are FBI Informants Working Inside America’s Churches?

Jesse Trentadue’s ongoing effort to obtain information from the FBI continued this week when he filed a motion Wednesday aimed at convincing a federal judge in Utah to allow him access to information about the FBI’s “Sensitive Informant Program.  The move was made one month after the Salt Lake City attorney filed his first motion — the details of which appeared in a post Jan. 30 — seeking, among other things, to learn whether the FBI has informants working inside American churches.

Click to download motion (PDF).

Why is Trentadue seeking the information?  Because he believes it will lead him closer to the truth about the 1995 death of his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, under suspicious circumstances while in custody at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.

Below, I share the fascinating details of his most-recent motion (PDF).  Beginning with the “Background” which begins on page one of the document, the details contained in the document appear below, minus the footnotes contained in the actual document:

The FBI devotes a considerable portion of the Memorandum that it submitted in opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion to arguing that this is a typical Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) case involving the adequacy of the FBI’s search for responsive documents and/or the applicability of the exemptions claimed by the FBI for not releasing the documents/records.  But this is not a typical FOIA case. Neither is it an isolated or stand alone case. This case, as the FBI well knows, is the latest front in Plaintiff’s long war with the Bureau to discover and uncover the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing and a related matter: the murder of his brother, Kenneth Michael Trentadue.

The first battle in this almost decade long FOIA war was fought before this very Court in Trentadue v. FBI, which revealed that persons other that Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier had participated in the Bombing. That first battle, and the documents/records that Plaintiff obtained as a result, also disclosed: (1) the existence of the FBI’s I-Drive and S-Drive computer systems wherein evidence related to the Bombing was kept hidden so as not to be subject to a FOIA request and/or not made part of the FBI’s official Bombing case file; (2) the CIA’s involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombing; (3) “Patriot Conspiracy” or “PATCON” that was a decade or more long FBI undercover operation designed to infiltrate and monitor or perhaps even incite various right-wing organizations; and (4) the existence of a surveillance camera videotape taken on the morning of April 19, 1995, which according to federal government documents purportedly shows not only the destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah Building, but also the persons who carried out that attack.  That first FOIA battle also disclosed the existence of the FBI’s “Sensitive Informant Program,” which is at the heart of this current FOIA discovery dispute.

The Sensitive Informant Program is the FBI’s disturbing practice of using private citizens as spies on the staffs of members of Congress and perhaps even federal judges, in the national media, within other federal agencies, on defense teams in high profile federal and/or state criminal prosecutions, inside state and local law enforcement agencies and even among the clergy of organized religions. The Sensitive Informant Program is designed to and does result in the circumvention of the protections guaranteed to American citizens by the Bill of Rights and the Separation of Powers Doctrine.


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Jesse Trentadue







The Trump administration gave up on federal oversight of police agencies — just as it was starting to work






Detroit police commander suspected of driving while intoxicated

Dejanay Booth, Detroit Free PressPublished 5:33 p.m. ET Jan. 26, 2019 | Updated 4:4









The illegal CIA operation that brought us 9/11


written by Robert Scheer / Truthdig January 27, 2019


Was it conspiracy or idiocy that led to the failure of U.S. intelligence 












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Kenneth Strange | Former FBI Special Agent



NYPD cop who shot himself in the head has died





California opens some police misconduct records to public view








Editorial: California can’t afford to pass up police reform

Chronicle Editorial Board Aug. 14, 2018 Updated: Aug. 14, 2018 5:45 p.m.






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St. Louis officer killed in apparent Russian roulette shooting

Another officer is charged after apparently pointing a revolver loaded with a single round at 24-year-old Katlyn Alix's chest and pulling the trigger.





Detective in NYPD's Crime Stoppers unit pleads guilty to bank fraud





JAN 25, 2019 | 5:45 PM 







How a California  police officer protected neo-Nazis and targeted their victims

Court hearings reveal investigator in stabbings of leftwing protesters pursued criminal cases against anti-fascists but advocated no charges for armed white supremacists


The testimony of a California police officer leading the inquiry into a series of stabbings at a neo-Nazi rally indicated that he targeted leftwing activists and victims rather than focusing his investigation on armed white supremacists.

The officer, Donovan Ayres, 12-year-veteran of the California highway patrol, admitted he pursued information on the political affiliations and online activity of leftwing activists and victims. He testified Tuesday as a key witness in the state’s ongoing case against three anti-fascist activists charged with assault and “rioting” during a bra



From: Denton, David <dentond@iecc.edu>

Sent: Friday, January 18, 2019 4:52 PM

To: Ed Tatro

Subject: Updated JFK Conference Information - April 4th - 8th - Olney Central College





One of our many, excellent speakers that will be presenting at our conference entitled “Political Assassinations of the 1960s,” is Lisa Pease, who is an outstanding JFK and RFK assassination researcher. Lisa has just released an important, ground-breaking book on the RFK assassination, “A Lie too Big to Fail.” She will be one of our keynote speakers at our banquet Saturday night, and will be giving presentations on Friday and Saturday, as well.


Our conference will be held in an academic setting at Olney Central College in Olney, Illinois and features an outstanding array of authors, researchers, historians, and college professors. Please consider joining us! For more information about the conference, including information about registration, travel, and lodging please visit our website;https://www.jfkhistorical.com/.


David Denton 

Olney Central College 

JFK Historical Group


Ernest Withers: Undercover Agent for FBI or Forced to be a Spy?



Ernest Withers: Undercover Agent for FBI or Forced to be a Spy?






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O.C. sheriff’s deputy used excessive force when he shot man, stomped on his head, jury rules



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Disgraced NYPD lieutenant reveals what he says was special treatment for Trump and other VIPs looking to get gun permits







Brooklyn real estate agent allegedly brokered gun permits known as 'a de Blasio special' in corrupt NYPD License Division




JAN 24, 2019 | 6

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