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Who's the latest RAT I've had to deal with.... CONOR WASHINGTON, "special investigative agent for the Office of the Inspector General of the good old "trustworthy" Social "Security" Administration! 

I am a Social Security Disability Compensation recipient and last October I had my monthly check STOLEN and cashed by FORGERY before I even got it! Assininely incredible as it is, the dumb ass "PERP" who did it NOT ONLY forged my name in a style of signature NOT mine, he also included either HIS OWN or another's Social Security Number below it.... but it OBVIOUSLY was NOT MINE! After dealing with the staff of the local SSA office in DC---- which I will NAME in another   "WHO'S A RAT"  listing of this episode---- I contacted the SSA's Inspector-General Office. Mr. WASHINGTON was sent out to meet me at the legal clinic of a local charity organization---- whose staff is ALSO "infiltraitored" by RATS... aka "PERPS"... and which I will NAME in yet ANOTHER "WHO'S A RAT" listing of this episode.... and there he informed me that prior to meeting he "ALRATTY"  had obtained information of WHO the RAT ("PERP") is and WHERE he cashed the check! Furthermore he informed me that the funds had been deposited in a commercial account with .... WELLSFARGO... the VERY SAME bank I use!!
He then proceeded to make a VERY ODD statement.... that even though he would attempt to subpoena the banking records of the transaction from the Corporation, he could NOT (DESPITE the VERIFIABLE CULPABILITY of the CRIMINAL suspected, assure me that there "would be a conviction OR even a trial"!! I asked him HOW that could be IF as he claimed he HAD the evidence of the RAT'S identity in his possession, and he declined to explain.... letting it go at the CONSPIRATORIALLY suspicious comment that "these things don't always work out the way they're supposed to"!! I then told him IF THAT was the case then I would contact not only the appropriate Congressional representatives here in DC BUT ALSO the current Chief Executive's Office.... WHO as we should all know is NOT favorably inclined to the "operations" of the SSA as it is! He merely smiled a RATTY type of sly grin while glancing at the legal aid RAT I will subsequently name. 

Well fellow "RATCATCHERS", it's NOW been going on SIX MONTHS since Mr. WASHINGTON (ALLEGEDLY) initiated his "investigation" and it has gone NOWHERE..... despite numerous email messages to him he has either NOT responded to most of them OR he has claimed he is "STILL waiting" for the documents and has NOTHING to add! He will NOT even confirm that a subpoena HAS indeed been issued!! At one point in my "communications" with him when I actually got to speak with him by phone and requested him to find out WHY I had NOT yet received the Treasury Department's file claim for lost and/or stolen checks and he told me he "would look into it". He NEVER came back with an answer AND.... as it turns out from a recent discovery in a phone call to BOTH the Treasury's Fiscal Service Bureau which initiates and tracks such investigations, and the SSA "Customer Service" department itself, the SSA's investigative office to which Mr. WASHINGTON belongs NEVER transmitted the "non-receipt of payment" code to the Fiscal Service for me to be sent the claim packet as I was consistently being promised I would soon get by the staff (of RATS) of the local SSA office here in DC!! So I recently sent Mr. Washington a LONG detailed email message explaining what the PRIME delay has been and THIS is what he deigns to reply to me with.... "The [SSA'S] Office of the Inspector General is no longer 'active' in this case and matters will rest with the SSA for an 'ADMINISTRATIVE' [NOT CRIMINAL] action to be taken as 'deemed appropriate'"!

I can only reply to THIS COVERTLY SUSPICIOUS conduct of Mr. Washington with a shoutout of recognition as I FINALLY tear up his "special (RAT) agent contact card with SSA IG badge: 

CONOR WASHINGTON............................


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