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The RAT that exacerbated the Social "Security" Administration situation that I am STILL dealing with after SIX MONTHS was a b---h named "McCOY" at the 2100 M Street NW office here in DC.

When I didn't get my October 2016 SSD check by the seventh of that month, I went to the SSA office to find out what was going on. The agent that called me up to the counter, McCOY, checked her SSA computer system record and told me "Yes you DID get it and it was cashed TODAY!" I told her NO WAY because I didn't get it, which is WHY I had come! I then demanded proof of cashing it and she showed me a transcanned copy of it with my name FORGED on it in a style of signature NOT mine and below it the ASSININE-minded criminal had written either HIS or another's Social "Security" Number---- but it WASN'T mine!!

I don't put my Number on my checks anyway, though maybe I should start, and WHO would be so stupid as to sign with a Number that DIDN'T belong to the person whose identity they were forging??!! UNLESS they KNEW they WEREN'T going to get caught ANYWAY! So I asked Ms. McCoy for a copy of it and she started some little "black ops/psy ops" game with me.

FIRST she says she has to cross out the SSN (AFTER already having shown it to me!) because it was considered "privileged" information I was not allowed to have; THEN after doing THAT she tells me I can't have it because it's against "protocol"! So's I tells her I need it to check and see IF it was cashed at the bank I use, WellsFargo, and if so, which branch. She then tells me that "according to [her] records" it was cashed at a "check-cashing store" here in DC. Well, as it turns out, when I ended up meeting the first time with the RAT I've mentioned in my previous post, Conor Washington, who of course at that time I didn't know yet was a RAT, he told me he already had the information about the case and it WASN'T cashed at a "check-cashing store" but SURE ENOUGH at a WellsFarago bank AND deposited in a commercial account in that bank!! So the SSA b---h had LIED to cover-up for the PERP!

When I went back in early December to find out why I had not yet received the Treasury Department fiscal claim forms I was supposed to have received already after McCoy told me she had entered the report of the theft and forgery in the SSA system, I found out she had entered it under "identity theft" rather than "FRAUD". She was making it seem AS IF the SSN used, which was the KEY CLUE to the fact that I hadn't cashed it and the identity of WHO did, was mine!! So I requested that she show me the options of complaint entries and she insisted THAT was the only one given resembling the nature of my complaint. When I insisted to view what else there was OR speak with a supervisor----- THAT's the KEY word dudes, ALWAYS resort to the "supervisor" for overcoming obstacles---- she let me see the screen and I pointed out to her the correct entry of "e8551 FRAUD"!! She then played "dumb" with a surprised attititude of "Oh, is THAT the one?!" After she entered it, I made sure to get the print-out receipt. ALWAYS GET RECEIPTS KIDS! Gotta have them records!!

Ironically, when I went back AGAIN at the end of the year to find out WHY I had STILL NOT received the claim forms since I had waited a month after her second submittal, I found out to my joy that Ms. McCoy had been "transferred out". Or at least THAT's what they told me. I HOPE she was FIRED because.........

SSA agent McCOY ....................................................

YOU are a RAT!!!

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